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I began to feel guilty that I had scrapbooks full of Caleb and none of my younger son. I committed to scrapping Zach’s first year and then I would pack up my supplies. But then, something happened. I truly believe God used scrapbooking to start healing my heart. As I would scrap pictures I couldn’t help but notice that my boys were smiling. In spite of SMA, my boys were living a great life! Instead of focusing on what we couldn’t do, I began using each layout as a way to count my blessings. Since Caleb’s diagnosis in 2009, I have filled five-six scrapbooks a year! Tragedy struck my family again in 2013, when my husband, Dave was killed in the line of duty as a New York State Trooper. Once again, I turned to scrapbooking for therapy. I also felt I had a new mission. My boys were five and six when their daddy died, and I needed to record just what an awesome father they had. I know they will forget many things, so I want to make sure that one day they can look back through the scrapbooks and hopefully remember Daddy.

What is your scrap space like? I have two general areas where I scrap. I dedicated a large closet in my basement to house my crafting supplies. I have a nook next to the closet where I keep a table up and this is my dedicated craft space. I also keep a small table in my bedroom, with a basket of supplies. That way if my boys are asleep and I don’t want to be in the basement, I can easily scrap.

What are your best organizational tips? Organization is one of those things that I find is never complete. I think as my style and interests change, the way I want my supplies stored changes as well. I have purged supplies that I was not using or just no longer loved. I didn't have regrets after selling most of it and now shop and store things based on how I personally use supplies and plan projects.

How do you describe your style? Over the years my style has morphed into a more linear, clean style. I tend to think less is more. I also really love using striped or polka dot paper to incorporate lots of color.

Do you have a set budget for scrapbooking? I do not have a monthly budget. When my husband was alive, he really indulged me when it came to my scrapbooking -– it was

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CREATE: Issue 15, July 2015  

Scrapbook pages, cards, embellishments and more featuring Scrapbook Generation's exclusive sketches. Featured manufacturers: Bazzill and We...

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