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The End of Theocracy

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Gene Tempelmeyer

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"Massacre of the Innocents" by Leon Cogniet

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Carrying with them all they possess in the world, a small refugee family trudges across the dusty mideastern frontier. Home is no longer safe. Preserving their child’s safety is worth abandoning all that is friendly and familiar. A ruthless ruler has come to power in their nation and is trying persuade the people that his government is a true theocracy. (Theocracy is government by God.) The religious establishment is divided by this ruler’s ambitions. On the one hand, he has a sketchy past with many moral indiscretions in his personal history making him unpalatable to much of the religious population. On the other hand, he has donated a great amount of money to build a magnificent place of worship. This has bought him a measure of religious credibility. He is desperate for his people to accept him as their Messiah. Desperate enough to kill every young boy in Bethlehem to protect his position. The Bible’s history of Israel as a nation begins with true theocracy. While there were human leaders, the nation was governed by divine law. When the nation faced a crisis, God gave a temporary leader 3

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