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whole family are also welcomed but not required.

The way it works:

Choose your own adventure!

1. You or your group lets us know how many children you would like to sponsor or if you would like to sponsor a family

In the same way that angels are working in different ways, so you can be part of showing God’s care in a way that fits you best. You can do one, all, or any combination of the following activities: Sponsor a child. Sponsor a family. Sponsor by yourself. Sponsor with your friends/family. Sponsor with a group. Shop for a gift. Shop on behalf of others who aren’t able to shop. Deliver a gift to the family/child(ren). Deliver gifts on behalf of others who aren’t able to deliver. Make a care package for your sponsored family. Make a care package for a family someone else is sponsoring. Help greet visitors throughout Christmas (Light of the World, Christmas eve) as some of our sponsored children and families may join us. Pray for the sponsored children and families specifically (we can give you names) or generally.

2. We will give you information on the child/family (gift suggestions from the caregiver, names and address) 3. You purchase and wrap the gift(s)—around $30 per child (it’s important you stay near this so that all kids get presents of same value) 4. When a whole family is being sponsored, you and any who are sponsoring the family with you are welcomed to make a care package for the whole family 5. You (and any who are sponsoring children in the same family) facilitate delivering the gift(s)* to the family on the prisoner’s behalf before Dec 24th (gifts are labeled from the imprisoned parent, gift packages can be labelled as coming from you). *We are happy to help with facilitating delivery if you are not able. You can also choose to sponsor a “remote” child/family who does not live nearby and mail the gifts* 6. If you are comfortable and it seems appropriate, you are encouraged to invite the caregiver and children to any of our Christmas gatherings (Light of the World, Christmas eve). LOTW printed invitation available at church entrances. Digital invitation available on SGC Light of the World webpage.

For more information or to sign up to sponsor a child or family: • Email Victoria Shipmaker • Visit SGC page with more details • Visit Prison Fellowship website: 20


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