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Indeed, going green has become a key message in 7

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J œÀ̅ West initiative, the Bukit Panjang Community Club was awarded with the BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS rating early this year. With green building features such as a green wall, photovoltaic system, energy efficient air-conditioning and lighting systems, the Community Club is able to have estimated energy savings of 6000 kWh/year along with estimated water savings of 1000 cubic metres. In addition to being greener shared venues for resident activities, the Community Club is also a physical example of what constitutes a green building, providing for a more relatable sustainability story closer to the hearts of the residents.

COMMUNICATING SUSTAINABILITY During the Leadership Conversations 2017 forum, Dr Teo emphasised the importance of collective effort by a committed government, forward-looking industry partners and an active civic society in order to drive sustainability initiatives forward. As such, the NWCDC published the inaugural Green Living J œÀ̅7iÃÌ-ÕÃÌ>ˆ˜>LˆˆÌÞ,i«œÀÌ­-,®ˆ˜>ÀV… this year to communicate sustainability efforts in the North West District more effectively and inspire more partners to strengthen collaboration in promoting green. A sustainability report is usually produced and published by organisations to give information on their performance in the areas of economic, environmental, social as well as governance, and this is usually done in alignment of one of several

international reporting standards, such as the Global ,i«œÀ̈˜}˜ˆÌˆ>̈Ûi­,®ÃÌ>˜`>À`ÃÕÃi`LÞ 7

° ƂÃ̅ivˆÀÃ̇œv‡ˆÌǎˆ˜`]̅iÀii˜ˆÛˆ˜}J œÀ̅7iÃÌ -ÕÃÌ>ˆ˜>LˆˆÌÞ,i«œÀÌ`iÌ>ˆÃVœ““Õ˜ˆÌÞ}Àii˜ivvœÀÌà in the North West District, summarising the progress œv̅i œÀ̅7iÃÌ

½ÃÀii˜ˆÛˆ˜}J œÀ̅7iÃÌ initiatives since the inception of the 10-Year Eco *>˜vÀœ“Óää™qÓä£È]“i>ÃÕÀiÈÌÈ“«>VÌœ˜̅i community and assesses the North West CDC’s future sustainability plans in the coming years, to stay ontrack with the goals set out in the Eco Plan. Although >Û>ˆ>Liˆ˜«…ÞÈV>…>À`Vœ«ˆiÃ]̅i,i«œÀ̈Ã>Ãœ available in electronic format on NWCDC’s website in support of efforts to go green. Subsequently, NWCDC will publish Sustainability ,i«œÀÌÃ>˜˜Õ>Þ̜LiÌÌiÀ“œ˜ˆÌœÀ̅i}Àii˜ˆ˜ˆÌˆ>̈Ûià undertaken as well as to help the CDC measure the effectiveness of their programmes, many of which would not have been possible without the assistance from like-minded organisations and partners. In fact, an impressive 80 sustainable programmes were rolled out in the North West District in 2016, reaching out to about 745,000 residents and over 8,000 volunteers, with the help of 117 corporate and community partners. This is definitely a big leap in terms of sustainability for the residents.

GREEN LIVING In an effort to get residents onboard more sustainable lifestyles, one of the green programmes undertaken by

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