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2 • Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Welcome to the 2011-12 School Year! Highlight Tuesday, September 6 on your calendar. This is the first day of the 2011-12 school year. The first day of the new school year is a memorable day often recorded by parents and grandparents on cameras and video. While the first day of school is certainly an exciting day for students who will attend school for the first time, it is an exciting day for all students. We believe that Sequim is an unparalled place to live and to learn. We feel our district is big enough to serve and yet small enough to care. The natural beauty of our area is unmatched and coupled with our desire to afford each student a caring and personalized school experience; every child can have a great school year. Our theme last year was ‘Every Child, Every Moment, Every Day’. Our chosen theme this year is ‘It Counts’. “It Counts’ means that every new learning experience is important, that we believe in our students, and we will stick with our students

until they are successful. Last year we initiated a new after school program, Opportunity to Excel. This program will continue this school year. I would encourage all of our students and parents to take advantage of this program. This program supports our belief that all students can achieve when provided the right opportunity. In this edition of Kids Today, you will find parent guidelines, important dates, contact information, school supply lists, and a calendar of school days for 2011-12. We trust you will find this information helpful as you prepare for the coming school year. While September 6th is the first day of school for our students, it is not the first day for staff. We have been busy preparing over the summer to insure that the first day of school is a great day and that the 2011-12 school year will be a banner year. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, September 6. Welcome to the 2011-12 school year!

Bill Bentley Superintendent of Sequim Schools


4 • Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sequim School District Parent Guide and Calendar 2011/2012 Sequim School District website

Board of Directors… Current Board members... • John Bridge, Board President, Director District #3, Term Expires: November 2011 • Virginia O’Neil, Board Vice President, Director District #2, Term Expires: November 2013 • Sarah Bedinger, Director, District #1, Term Expires: November 2011 • Walter Johnson, Director At Large, Term Expires: November 2011 • Bev Horan, Director At Large, Term Expires: November 2013 If you have any questions, please visit our website at or phone the Administration Office, 582-3260.

Board Meetings... Regular Meetings are held the first and third Monday of each month, as noted in the following calendar pages. Only one meeting is usually scheduled in July. Meetings are normally held in the Board Room, Room #4, in the Performing Arts Building (Old High School Building), beginning at 7:00 p.m. Community members are invited to attend Board meetings in order to be more involved in their school district. All formal action and decision making occurs at public meetings. At the beginning of each meeting, time is set aside for questions and comments from the public. The public is also welcome to speak on agenda items. Agendas are available at the Administration Office and through the Sequim School District website at, the Thursday prior to the meeting. Copies of the meeting minutes are also available for review on the District website or at the Administration Office.

School Schedules… For the 2011-2012 school year, school begins one (1) hour later on Mondays to allow for staff training.

District Administration Office School Year Schedule: Mon.-Fri. 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Summer Schedule: Mon. - Fri. 7:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. June 25, 2012 - Aug. 18, 2012

Helen Haller Elementary School, Middle School and High School Grades 1 - 12: 8:15 a.m.-2:45 p.m. Kindergarten: 8:15-10:56 a.m. and 12:13-2:45 pm Office Hours: • Helen Haller Elementary: 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. • Middle School: 7:45 a.m.-3:15 p.m. • High School: 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

• Greywolf Elementary School Office Hours: 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Grades 1 - 5: 8:35 a.m.-3:05 p.m. • Kindergarten: 8:35 a.m.-11:16 a.m. or 12:33 p.m.-3:05 p.m.

Sequim Community School Office Hours: 7:45 a.m.-4:00 p.m. • Preschool: 8:15-10:56 a.m. and 12:13-2:45 pm • Alternative School: 8:15 a.m.-2:45 p.m. • OPA (Home School Support): 8:15 a.m.-2:45 p.m. (Mon.-Th)

Food Service The Sequim School District recognizes the School Food Service Program as an integral part of the school day. Sequim Schools offer an approved lunch and breakfast program. This program provides for nutritious, balanced hot meals daily at all levels. The meals are nutritionally balanced with lunch meeting one-third the recommended daily nutrition requirement. Free and reduced-price meals are available to students whose families meet certain federal income requirements. Check with your local school for income guidelines and application forms. Information on the application form is confidential and will only be used to determine eligibility for school district food service programs. Breakfast and lunch prices are as follows: Student Meal Breakfast Lunch Grades K-5 $1.20 $2.10 Grades 6-8 $1.30 $2.25 Grades 9-12 $1.40 $2.30 Adult Meal $2.25 $3.50 Reduced Priced Meals Student Meal Breakfast Lunch Lunch Grades K-3 All Others 0.00 0.00 .40 Milk $.50 $.50

Transportation Services… Transportation is provided for students who reside more than one mile from school and for all students grades K-5 under one mile. One bus run will be operated in the AM and one in the PM with a mid-day Kindergarten run. Schedules will be posted on the district website, at the schools, and printed in the local newspaper in advance of school beginning. The first week schedules and bus stops may be adjusted slightly as bus routes are fine tuned with respect to times and students rider numbers. General Guidelines - If your student rides a school bus, parents are asked to review general bus rules with their students. Those rules and regulations are distributed the first week of school by your bus driver. Children Walking to School - Parents plan a Safe Route to School with your child. Caution

them to choose intersections for crossing that are regulated by stop-and-go signals, traffic signs, or intersections that are designated with school crossing signs with good visibility in good directions.

Immunizations Policy 3413 Vaccines required for school attendance 2011-12 school year. Kindergarten-Grade 3, Ages 4-9: Varicella -2 doses given on or after the 1st birthday. Parent reported history of disease not acceptable; DTaP/DTP/Tap/Td – 4 or 5 doses provided the last dose is given on or after the 4th birthday; Polio – 4 doses if all given before the 4th birthday, or 3 doses provided the last dose is given on or after the 4th birthday; MMR – 2 doses, 1 dose given on or after the 1st birthday and the 2nd dose at least one month later; HEP B - 3 doses. Grade 4-6 Ages 10-12: Varicella - 1 dose given on or after the 1st birthday, parent reported history of disease is acceptable. DTaP/DTP/Tap/Td—4 or 5 doses provided the last dose is given on or after the 4th birthday. After the 7th birthday, children should receive Td or Tdap; One dose of Tdap is required for students in 6th to 10th grades. Polio – 3 or 4 doses provided the last dose is given on or after the 4th birthday; MMR – 2 doses , 1 dose given on or after the 1st birthday and the 2nd dose at least one month later; HEP B - 3 doses. A 2-dose series separated by at least 4 months of adult formulation Recombivax HB is licensed for children aged 11-15 years. Grades 7-12 Ages 13-18: All requirements same as for Grades 4-6 EXCEPT one dose of Tdap is required for students in 6th-10th grades. Varicella is recommended, but not required. Immunizations are available at low or no cost at the Clallam County Health Department. Call 417-2274 for days and times. Each year Sequim School District is required by RCW 28A.210.080 to make information available to parents of students grades 6-12 regarding Meningococcal Disease and its vaccine, and the Human Papillomavirus Disease and its virus. Information regarding both of these diseases may be found at the district website under Health Services and at the following websites: Washington State Department of Health Immunization Program: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Meningococcal vaccine Information: Disease Information: Fact Sheets: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Education Center division/generic.jsp?id=75689 Meningococcal Questions & Answers: mening_tear.pdf

National Meningitis Association Parent & Teacher Awareness Program: parent-teacher-awareness/ American Social Health Association: American Cancer Society: If you do not have internet access, please contact the Clallam County Health Department at (360) 417-2274.

Snow and Ice/Emergency Delays or School Closures... Announcements regarding school delays, closures and/or changes from normal schedules will be broadcast beginning at 6:30 a.m. over radio stations KONP (AM 1450) , KIRO (AM 710), KOMO (AM 1000), KIRO TV Channel 7 Seattle, and KING-TV. For your convenience School Closure information may also be accessed on the Internet through the Sequim School District web site at www.sequim. If there is no announcement, schools will be open. Phones will be manned in the district central office during these unusual situations beginning at 6:30 a.m., an announcement will be placed on the answering machine and an announcement will be put up on the district website. When on the district website, please remember to click the “refresh” button, so you are seeing the most up-todate information. Please do not phone the radio stations; call the school district. The lines most likely will be busy, but keep trying. Announcements will be made every half hour on the local radio. Please advise your children to listen to the radio in case there are any changes made, if you leave your home before they do. Be sure you listen to announcements for Sequim School District and check the District website

School Improvement Plans Policy 2005 Each school in the district completes an individual School Improvement Plan for the current school year. Copies may be obtained from each individual school or on our website at www.sequim.

Academic Performance Scores Student performance scores are available upon request from all school offices or may be viewed via a link on the Sequim School District #323 website at At the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction website, you will find a report card for each school, demographics, student academic performance, and staff characteristics.

Pet Policy 2029 Only ADA service animals are allowed on school campus. Any exceptions must be approved by the principal of the appropriate school. No animals will be transported in school vehicles.

KIDS TODAY FALL 2011 Notification of Drug Free Policy to Parent & Student Policy 2121/3241 You are hereby notified that it is a violation of the policy of the Sequim School District for any student to unlawfully manufacture, distribute, dispense, possess or use on or in the school premises, or at school sponsored or approved activities any narcotic drug, hallucinogenic drug, amphetamine, barbiturate, marijuana, any other controlled substance or alcohol. Procedure 3241P-Corrective Actions and Punishment pamphlet is distributed to each student at the beginning of each school year outlining school discipline procedures. Please review. A student who violates the terms of the school district’s drug-free policy will be disciplined in accordance with the provisions of local, state and federal law and board policy. Discipline may include expulsion and referral for prosecution, and the requirement that an appropriate rehabilitation program be completed.

HIV/AIDS Education Policy 2126 A school nurse coordinates the district HIV/ AIDS Education program. Washington State law mandates yearly HIV/AIDS education for grades 5-12. The law also requires the school district to provide parents an opportunity to preview materials to be presented to students at a parent meeting 30 days before classes are taught. Parents who wish to excuse their children from class must attend the parent class and complete an excuse form.

High School Graduation Requirements Policy 2410 Sequim High School Students need to obtain 22 credits accumulated grades 9-12 in order to graduate. Beginning with the Class of 2008, new state minimum graduation requirements were implemented. The Washington State Board of Education has established two non-credit graduation requirements: Each student shall complete a culminating project for graduation, and have an Educational Plan for what they expect to do the year following graduation. In addition, all students are required to pass the High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE).

Compulsory Attendance Policy 3121 Parents of any child eight years of age and under eighteen years of age shall have the responsibility to educate their child (RCW 28A.205). The student may be enrolled in public, private, or approved Home School programs as provided in RCW 28A.225.010.

Illness When your child returns to school after an illness, a note must accompany him/her when they return to excuse the child’s absence.

Emergency Contact Information PLEASE... Notify your child’s school immediately of a change of address, telephone number, employer or emergency number. Students are not allowed to be dismissed to their homes due to illness unless the parent or another adult is present.

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Open Enrollment Policy 3130, 3140, 3141 The Sequim School Board supports open enrollment and complies with State laws and district policy. The district honors requests of a parent or guardian for his or her child to transfer to another school (upon approval) or district. Parents are required to file a request for release of attendance by completing a district form obtained at the district office or on the district website.

Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Policies 3207/6590 The District is committed to a safe and civil educational environment for all students, employees, volunteers and patrons, free from harassment of all types, and intimidation or bullying. An incident which you feel is harassment, intimidation and/ or bullying should be reported to the supervisor or building administrator or the superintendent. An Incident Reporting form can be found on our website. Sequim School District Prohibits Sexual Harassment. Sexual Harassment is a form of discrimination prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Sexual Harassment is any unwanted attention of a sexual nature. Incidents of sexual harassment should be reported to Randy Hill, Title IX Officer, Sequim High School, 360-582-3609.

Discipline/Exceptional Misconduct Policy 3241 The District will use a progressive disciplinary policy, relying on lesser forms of disciplinary action becoming more severe with repeated violations, except for those items which have been identified as exceptional misconduct, which will be subject to more serious disciplinary action due to the seriousness of the offense as defined in Policy and Procedure 3241, Corrective Actions or Punishment. All students receive a copy of this publication at the beginning of each school year.

Releasing Student Records Information/ “directory information” Policy 3231 Certain information is defined by the federal Family Rights and Privacy Act as “directory information.” The law states we may disclose “directory information” about your child unless you request, in writing, that such information not be released. Directory information is defined as the student’s name, photograph, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, dates of attendance, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, diplomas and awards received, and the most recent previous school attended. In most cases, requests for this type of information come from the news media for pictures to accompany feature stories. We will not release any “directory information” for commercial purposes or for other purposes not required by law or not related to school business. Occasionally, photographs may be taken of students for use in the news media or in District produced publications. If you do not want your child to appear in a photograph, videotape, film or slide, please let your child’s school know in writing. In accordance with RCW 28A.225.330, we are authorized to forward student records to schools in a another district to which a student has transferred a

or to colleges or educational institutions to which a student is applying.

Medication at School Policy 3416 Please contact the school nurse/secretary regarding dispensing of medication at school. Under normal circumstances, prescribed medication should be dispensed before and/or after school hours under supervision of the parent or guardian. If a student must receive prescribed oral medication during school hours, the medication must be dispensed by an authorized staff member. The parent must complete a medication authorization form obtained from the school nurse. This form must be accompanied by authorization and written directions from a licensed health professional within the scope of his/her prescriptive authority. Medication must be kept in the nurse’s office in the original prescription bottle as received from the pharmacy and labeled for the individual student. Under no circumstances will an unidentified substance be given to any child.

Waiver or Reduction of Fees Policy 3520 Arrangements shall be made for the waiver or reduction of fees for students whose families, by reason of their low income, would have difficulty paying the full fee for various school activities. The USDA Child Nutrition Program guidelines shall be used to determine qualification for waiver of fees. Assistance will be considered by the Sequim School District without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, or disability.

Public Disclosure Policy 4040 Pursuant to Chapter 42.17 RCW, parents and other members of the public have the right to inspect and copy public records retained by the District, unless the records are exempt from public disclosure under state law. Notification of Rights Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Policy 3231 The family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords parents and students over 18 years of age (“eligible students”) certain rights with respect to the student’s education records. They are: 1) The right to inspect and review the student’s education records within 45 days of the day the School receives a request for access. Parents of eligible students should submit to the School principal [or appropriate school official] a written request that identifies the record(s) they wish to inspect. The School official will make arrangements for access and notify the parent or eligible student of the time and place where the records may be inspected. 2) The right to request the amendment of the student’s education records that the parent or eligible student believes are inaccurate or misleading. Parents or eligible students may ask the School to amend a record that they believe is inaccurate or misleading. They should write the School principal [or appropriate official], clearly identifying the part of the record they want changed, and specify why it is inaccurate or misleading. If the School decides not to amend the record as requested by the parent or eligible student, the School will notify the parent or eligible student of the decision and advise them of their right to a hearing regarding the request for amendment. Additional information regarding the

hearing procedures will be provided to the parent or eligible student when notified of the right to a hearing. 3) The right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student’s education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. One exception, which permits disclosure without consent, is disclosure to school officials with legitimate educational interests. A school official is a person employed by the School as an administrator, supervisor, instructor, or support staff member (including health or medical staff and law enforcement unit personnel); a person serving on the School Board; a person or company with whom the School has contracted to perform a special task (such as an attorney, auditor, medical consultant, or therapist); or a parent or student serving on an official committee, such as a disciplinary or grievance committee, or assisting another school official in performing his or her tasks. A school official has a legitimate educational interest if the official needs to review an education record in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibility. Upon request, the School may disclose education records without consent to officials of another school district in which a student seeks or intends to enroll. [NOTE: FERPA requires a school district to make a reasonable attempt to notify the parent or eligible student of the records request unless it states in its annual notification that it intends to forward records on request.] 4) The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the School to comply with the requirements of FERPA. The name and address of the Office that administers FERPA are: Family Policy Compliance Office; U.S. Department of Education; 400 Maryland Avenue, SW; Washington, DC 20202-4605.

Display and Availability of Public Information for Non-School-Sponsored Activities Policy 4060 The district desires to be of assistance in making information of educational or recreational nature available to students and parents. As a result, the board authorizes the staff to display and make available such materials from nonprofit at a designated area in each school. Approval is given by the building’s principal if the material is perceived as appropriate for families, and the service or event would be of interest to families. Please note that the Sequim School District does not sponsor, endorse or guarantee the organization or activity in the materials distributed. Parents and guardians must review the information and decide if it is appropriate for their family. The distribution of materials is provided as a community service.

Gun Free Zone/Dangerous Weapons Policy 4210 It is a violation of district policy and state law for any person to carry a firearm or dangerous weapon on school premises, school-provided transportation, or areas of other facilities being used exclusively for school activities. “Gun-Free Zone” signs are posted in all school facilities, and all violations of this policy and RCW 9.41.280 are reported annually to the Superintendent of Public Instruction.


6 • Wednesday, August 31, 2011 Complaints and Grievances Concerning Staff and Programs Policy 4220 The board desires that the district be informed of the criticisms and complaints that parents, guardians, or community members may have regarding its staff, programs, and operations. At the same time, the board has confidence in its staff and programs and shall act to protect them from unwarranted criticism or disruptive interference. Concerns received by the board or a board member are referred to the superintendent for investigation and action. Forms to begin the process may be obtained at school building offices, or on our website.

No Tobacco Policy 4251 Smoking or any other use of tobacco products shall be prohibited on school district property. This shall include all district buildings, grounds, and district-owned vehicles.

Notification Regarding Asbestos Re-Inspection in Sequim School District The District complies with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). Compliance results and information are on file in the Maintenance and Operations office. Feel free to contact the Maintenance and Facilities Department at 582-3275

Budget Policy 6000 Each year in August, the Sequim School District Board of Directors adopts a budget detailing how

the district will spend its monies for the next fiscal year. Before the budget is adopted, a public hearing is held. Visit the District website at www.sequim. for a current copy of the budget.

Pesticide Policy 6895 The district complies with the requirements of law regarding pesticide notification, posting and record keeping. Parents, please notify the District in writing if you would like to be notified of any District pesticide use at your child’s school building.

District Contact Information … Sequim School District No. 323 . 1-360-582-3260 Administration Office 503 N. Sequim Avenue Sequim, Washington 98382 ........ FAX 683-6303 Superintendent Bill Bentley ............................................. 582-3260 Secretary .......................................Marilyn Walsh Director of Instruction Vince Riccobene .................................... 582-3269 Director of Technology Patra Boots .............................................. 582-3200 Director of Special Services Shelley Langston..................................... 582-3433 Secretary Colleen Robinson Business Manager Brian Lewis............. 582-3266 Facilities Coordination/District Support Valorie Thornock..................................... 582-3260 Fiscal Assistant Ruth Judd ..................... 582-3265 Food Service

Laurie Campen, Supervisor .................... 582-3432 Maintenance and Operations John McAndie, Supervisor...................... 582-3275 Secretary…Kristi Toth ........................... 582-3276 Personnel/Payroll Sonja Brown ............ 582-3267 Personnel Specialist Karen Sande ......... 582-3261 Web Services/ Volunteer Coordinator/ Community Liaison Patsene Dashiell ... 582-3264 Transportation Jeff Gossage, Supervisor . 582-3274 Speech Language Pathologists... .......... 582-3433 Terilee Allsop-Howat (Ages Birth to Six, Middle & High School) Jennifer Jurgensen, GWE........................ 582-3300 Jamie Croft, HHE.................................... 582-3200 Physical Therapists Cherry Bibler, HHE ................................ 582-3200 Eric Wade, SHS....................................... 582-3600 Occupational Therapists Darcie Clawson (Ages Birth to Six, HHE) ................................................................. 582-3427 Jada Jack, MS.......................................... 582-3500 Assistive Technology Specialist ................................................... Jacque Schaafsma School Psychologists Catharine Bento-Foxlee (Ages Birth to Six) ................................................................. 582-3404 David Updike, HS ................................... 582-3600 Dennis McCarthy MS ............................ 582-3500 Cheryl McAliley GWE ........................... 582-3300

Helen Haller Elementary School ........582-3200 350 W. Fir Street Sequim, WA 98382 FAX .......................................................681-8543 Principal ............................................. Patra Boots Counselor ........................................Matt Duchow

Greywolf Elementary School ............... 582-3300 171 Carlsborg Rd., Sequim, WA 98382 FAX ...................................................... 582-9555 Principal ........................................ Donna Hudson Counselor ................................... Cheryl McAliley

Principal Alternative School/OPA. ... Randy Hill Building Supervisor ................. Shelley Langston Olympic Peninsula Academy ...............582-3403 First Teacher ..........................................582-3428

Sequim Middle School ..........................582-3500 301 W. Hendrickson Rd. Sequim, WA 98382 FAX .......................................................582-9486 Principal ............................................. Brian Jones Assistant Principal ...........................Scott Harker Counselors...Dennis McCarthy and Cathy Shea Sequim High School ..............................582-3600 601 N. Sequim Avenue, Sequim, WA 98382 FAX .......................................................681-8688 Principal ..................................... Shawn Langston Assistant Principal ............................Mark Willis Athletic Director......... Dave Ditlefsen 582-3602 Attendance Office ... Kayana Harrison 582-3608 Counselor Colleen Harker and Rik Napora FAX .......................................................582-9881 District Administrator/Dean of Students ........... .............................................................. Randy Hill Vocational Director ............................. Stu Marcy Sequim Community School ..................582-3400 220 W. Alder Street, Sequim, WA 98382 FAX .......................................................582-9229

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2011-2012 Sequim School District Bus Routes NOTE: BUS ROUTE AND TIME CHANGES! Students K-12 will ride same bus; there is only one (1) bus in AM and PM. AM Greywolf Elementary Notice! Greywolf students will need to transfer to a shuttle bus in the stadium parking lot. Please remember, if a bus passes waiting students, it may be not be their bus. Morning Kindergarten students will ride regular route bus to school; Midday Kindergarten bus home. Afternoon Kindergarten students will ride a midday Kindergarten bus to school and a regular route bus home. Also, keep in mind that pick up times are approximated, and the buses will run as close to their designated times as possible. The Transportation Department recommends all students who will be riding school buses be picked up at their stops the first day of school. This will enable the bus driver and student to know which bus stop they will get off at in the afternoon. Exact times and pickup points cannot be determined until exact enrollment and passenger loads are fixed. It is recommended that students, who plan to ride buses, be at their stops well ahead of the time shown (5 min.). For the first day, new students will be picked up at all stops along routes, except for Hwy. 101 East and West routes. The following are routes, not necessarily bus stops. Times should be estimated for stops between the points for which time is shown. Students will be advised after two or three days where the permanent bus stop will be. Every effort will be made to space stops approximately one-half mile apart, thus requiring a quarter-mile walk along routes. Exceptions will be made only on a case-by case basis because of student safety, handicapping conditions, etc. Students will ride the same route bus A.M and P.M. unless otherwise noted. ALL STUDENTS living on 101 West or East must catch the bus at their designated stop. DO NOT CROSS THE HIGHWAY and catch the bus at a later time. There will be mid-day Kindergarten Bus Runs. Parents of Kindergarten students may view these bus routes at the elementary school. Bus drivers will not drop Kindergarten students at stops unless a parent or other designated adult is there to meet the child. The child will be brought back to the school. PARENTS: For younger elementary students on regular bus runs please have someone at stop to meet the students, particularly on Hwy. 101 East and West. Questions: Transportation Department, Jeff Gossage, Supervisor, 582-3274 or 582-3273.

IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER: Bambi: Hwy 101 W. of Carlsborg, Blue Mtn., S. Barr Rd., Pierson Rd., Kirk Rd., Parrish Rd. 259513 Hwy 101 6:54; Blue Mtn. & Gellor 7:09; Gellor & McCrorie 7:12; Blue Mtn. & Emery 7:18; Hwy 101 & Fern 7:23; 234 S. Barr Rd. 7:26; 258870 Hwy. 101 7:31; 251 Kirk Rd. 7:36.

Bear: W. Silberhorn, Riverside, Secor, River Rd. Narrow Way 7:04; 500 River Rd. 7:05; Alice Park 7:16; Glendale 7:17; Turnstone 7:19; Rondale 7:20; Cul de Sac 7:21; 200 Riverside 7:23; 240 Riverside 7:24; Dungeness Meadows 7:26; Wallace & Secor 7:28; Avellana 7:32; 672 River 7:35. Bullwinkle: Spath Rd., Martha Lane, N. Barr Rd., W. Side Carlsborg Rd. Boyce & Spencer 7:00; Joslin 7:04; 500 W. Runnion 7:07; 752 Spath 7:15; Spath & Camelot 7:19; Kitchen Dick & Martha Lane 7:20; N. Barr & Loafer 7:23; N. Barr & Harmony 7:24; 818 N. Barr, at corner 7:28; N. Barr & Franson/ Howe 7:30; Carlsborg & Cook Rd. 7:37; 721 Carlsborg Rd.(R) (Old Carlsborg Store) 7:39; 171 Carlsborg, Greywolf School (bus entrance area) 7:41 Brown Rabbit: East Sequim Bay, West Sequim Bay, Washington Harbor, Port Williams. 504 East Sequim Bay 7:00; East Sequim Bay Rd. & Heron Hill 7:02; East Sequim Bay Rd. & Panorama 7:08; East Sequim Bay Rd. & Hardwick 7:12; West Sequim Bay & Mariners View 7:21; West Sequim Bay & Liberty 7:26; 421 Washington Harbor 7:30; Pt. Williams & Holland 7:35; Brown Rd. & Pt. Williams 7:38; 983 Seq. Dung. Way 7:40.

S. Solmar 7:16; Madera & Madera Pl. 7:17; El Camino & Serena Pl. 7:20; N. Solmar & McDonald 7:23; Vautier & Shelley 7:28.

Jiminy Cricket: Gilbert, Gupster & Mill Rd, E. Runnion, Heath, Grandview, Old Olympic Hwy. to Mantle Rd., Elizabeth, Cottonwood, House. Idlewood & Gupster 7:13; 143 Gupster 7:15; Mill & Yenta 7:16; Mary John & Runnion 7:18; Runnion & Heath 7:20; Heath & Fergy 7:22; Windmill 7:23; Donaper 7:24; 6992 Old Oly Hwy 7:25; Turtle Marchbanks & Old Olympic Coyote Hwy. 7:26; S. End McComb Bambi Rd. 7:27; Mantle & Old OlymPink Panther pic Hwy 7:37; Elizabeth 7:38; Motor Goat Cottonwood 7:41; House Rd. Jiminy Cricket 7:43.

Bus Routes


Huckleberry Hound Bear Lion Elk Bullwinkle Woodstock Road Runner Thumper Brown Rabbit Minnie Mouse Pluto Mr. Magoo

GREYWOLF BUS ORDER Turtle Coyote Bambi Pink Panther Motor Goat Jiminy Cricket Huckleberry Hound Bear Lion Elk Bullwinkle Mr. Magoo

Coyote: Kitchen Dick Rd. N. of Woodcock, Mains Farm, W & E. Anderson, Mtn. View, Lotzgesell, N. Side Cays Rd. 2304 Kitchen Dick 7:08; Buckhorn 7:10; Nisbet & Lotzgesell 7:12; 2165 Cays Rd. 7:16; 277 W. Nelson 7:17; W. Nelson & Cline 7:18; Cline & W. Anderson 7:19; W. Anderson & Cays 7:20; McLaughlin & W. Thornton 7:21; Clark & E. Anderson 7:23; 140 Mtn. View 7:25; Quail Meadows 7:31; 36 Lamar 7:33; Hogback & Cays 7:35; 451 Cays 7:38; 132 Cays 7:39.

Lion: W. Washington St., E. Silberhorn, 7th Ave., Prairie, Honeycomb, Priest, Hendrickson. 3rd & Prairie 7:11; Prairie & Summer Breeze 7:13; Honeycomb & Deseret 7:16; Priest Rd. 7:18; Hendrickson & Applegate 7:22; Kaiser & W. Washington 7:26; River Rd. & Silberhorn 7:29; Silber Lane 7:30; Summerset 7:32; Valleyview 7:33; Daisy Lane 7:36; McCurdy & 7th 7:37; 7th & Hemlock 7:39. Minnie Mouse: Diamond Pt & Chicken Coop Rd. Diamond Pt Rd. 6:57; Eagle Creek & Sunshine 6:58; Del Ray & Sunshine 6:59; Rhododendron & Diamond Pt. 7:01; West & Diamond Pt. 7:04; Lupine & Aster 7:06; Aero & Sunshine 7:08; Sunshine & Madrona 7:10; 220 Fleming 7:11; 93 Madrona 7:13; 11 Fleming 7:15; Critter Country 7:16; 643 Diamond Pt. Rd. 7:18; Craig & Chicken Coop 7:26; Chicken Coop Hollow 7:34; 92 Chicken

Coop 7:36.

Elk: E. side Carlsborg Rd., Macleay & Wheeler Rd., Dungeness Estates, Vista View, Koeppe, Woodcock, Fasola Rd. Jennifer Ct. 7:20; 1700 Carlsborg Rd. 7:24; 375 Macleay 7:27; Penny Lane 7:28; Dung. Estates 7:30; Vista View 7:35; Koeppe 7:36; Woodcock & Buttercup 7:37; Fasola Rd. 7:48

Motor Goat: Hooker Rd., Olson Rd., Fish Hatchery, Lost Mtn., Taylor Cut-Off. Mariposa & Hooker 6:55; Pike Place 7:00; Hooker & Olson Rd. 7:03; 312 Olson Rd. 7:05; 3293 Lost Mtn. 7:12; 3787 Lost Mtn. 7:13; 4892 Lost Mtn 7:15; Lost Meadow Lane 7:17; Corner of Lost Mtn & Taylor Cutoff 7:27; 880 Fish Hatchery 7:29; Horse Tail 7:32; Wildwood & Taylor Cutoff 734; Stellar Ridge 7:37; Charles Roberts 7:38; Alaska Way 7:40.

Huckleberry Hound: Dryke Rd., Solmar, Pinnell, Vautier. Dryke & Woodridge 7:14; 290

Mr. Magoo: South Rhodefer Rd. Cuddle & Crayons 7:35; Elk Creek Apartments 7:40.

Pink Panther: Old Olympic Hwy., Gehrke Rd., Finn Hall, Gunn Rd, Kendall, Wright, Hendrickson. Old Olympic & Country Ln. 7:05, Agnew Grocery 7:16; 1745 OOH 7:18; 81 Wild Current 7:20; Finn Hall & Matson 7:26; Vogt & Finn Hall; 7:27; 3652 Old Olympic 7:30; Creekside & OOH 7:32; Airport 7:35; 6332/6334 OOH 7:37, Kendall & Stone 7:40, 472 Wright Rd. 7:45, Hendrickson & Oak Ct. 7:47. Pluto: Hwy 101, Gardiner Beach, Old Blyn Hwy. Seq. Bay Lodge 7:00; Hwy 101 & Louella 7:01; Hwy 101 & 273054 7:06: Guiles Rd. 7:09; 480 Diamond Pt. Rd. 7:11; 1740 Gardiner Beach Rd. 7:13; Rondelay & Gardiner Beach Rd 7:18; Gardiner Beach Rd. & Old Gardiner Rd. 7:20; 410 Old Gardiner Rd. 7:23; Hwy 101 & Knapp Rd. 7:26; Old Blyn Hwy. & Thompson Rd. 7:30; Tribal Center 7:32; School House Point 7:37; Boggs Lane 7:40; Hammond & Still 7:42; Brown & Alder 7:45. Roadrunner: Evans Rd, Serpentine, Jamestown, Woodcock, Towne Rd, Three Crabs, Sequim Dungeness Way. Evans & Marian 7:00; Pond Lane 7:02; Coon & Serpentine 7:08; Serpentine & Allan 7:11; 1390 Jamestown 7:13; Jamestown & Seahawk 7:15; 5175 Woodcock 7:20; Woodcock & Aldrich 7:21; 1051 Towne Rd 7:23; Towne Rd & Jacob Lane 7:24; 2804 Towne Rd. 7:26; Palmer & Sequim Dung. Way 7:30; Golden Sands 7:33; Brigadoon 7:40; Woodland Heights & Sequim Dungeness Way 7:42, Old Olympic & Crownview 7:47. Thumper: Palo Alto, East Happy Valley to 3rd Ave., Sequim Ave. & Prairie-Sunnyside Apartments. Lone Tree & Palo Alto 7:15; Paradise 7:22; Marshall 7:25; 95 Happy Valley 7:27; 1602 Happy Valley 7:32; Lakeview & Happy Valley 7:35; Doe Run 7:37; Happy Valley & 3rd Ave. 7:40; Stephens & 3rd Ave. 7:41; 3rd & Prairie E. Side 7:45; Sunnyside Apts 7:46. Turtle: Shore Rd., Heuhslein, Lewis, Hwy 101, Sherburne., Atterberry., Cassidy. 432 Shore Rd. 6:54; 845 Shore 6:56; Spring & Heuhslein 6:58; Breeze Way 7:04; 771 Lewis Rd. 7:05; 191 Lewis 7:07; Sieberts Creek Dip 7:09; Hwy 101 & Olympic Christian School 7:10; Atterberry & Sherburne 7:15; 451 Atterberry 7:17; Autumn & Barnes 7:21; Autumn & Eldridge 7:23; 1332 Atterberry 7:27; Frost & Atterberry 7:29; 250613 Hwy. 101 E. 7:33. Woodstock: Sunland, Emerald Heights, Reservoir, McFarland, Sporseen, Happy Valley Rd. West. Taylor & Sunland 7:00; Greenway 7:02; San Juan & Hurricane 7:05; Holland & Medsker 7:08; Medsker & Sunrise View 7:10; Medsker & Emerald 7:11; Seq. Dungeness Way & Ioka 7:12; Emerald Heights 7:19; Alpine Loop 7:30; 3rd & Reservoir 7:31; 411 Reservoir 7:32; 2306 S. 7th 7:33; Barbara & Annabelle 7:36; Ferndale & Sporseen 7:40; Wagner & River Rd. 7:45.


8 • Wednesday, August 31, 2011

GREYWOLF ELEMENTARY Kindergarten Supply List • 1 sturdy backpack • 1 ream of computer paper (white) • 1 set of watercolors with paintbrush • 1 small box of color crayons • 1 set of colored pencils • 1 glue stick • 1 box of tissue We will be sharing these school supplies as a class, so please do not put your child’s name on them or purchase designer/specialized items. Thank you!

1st Grade Supply List • 24 – Ticonderoga pencils • 1 – set of 8 colored pencils • 1 – set of 8 colored markers • 1 pair of scissors DO NOT LABEL • 2 - Large pink erasers • 2 - Large glue sticks • Unscented Aloe-Free baby wipes • 1 ream of white copy paper • 1 box of Kleenex • Backpack (with your child’s name INSIDE) • earbuds or headphones for personal computer use Optional: 1 multi-colored set of dry erase markers (Expo 2 - low odor) All supplies are shared in the classroom. Please do not send anything extra like mechanical pencils, pencil sharpeners, pencil boxes, or binders.

2nd Grade Supply List


• 4 boxes #2 Ticonderoga pencils • 4 jumbo glue sticks • 1 pair Fiskar brand scissors • Crayons – box of 24 colors • Colored Pencils • 2 wide ruled black/white composition books • 2 Pink Pearl erasers • Backpack • 1 box of facial tissue • 2 black Sharpie brand pens • 1 Pkg. pencil top erasers • 1 ream of white copy paper • earbuds or headphones for personal computer use All supplies are shared in the classroom, please do not label.

3rd Grade Supply List The following is a list of supplies all third

graders will need next year. All items not designated as pooled items should be clearly labeled with your child’s name. Please do not send three-ring binders as they take up too much desk space. Thank you. • 3 wide-ruled Spiral notebooks (40-50 sheets, no dividers) not perforated • 4 gluesticks (solid pack) • Fiskar scissors, pointed • Crayons 24 pack • 1 box of 8-12 colored pencils • 3 Pee-Chee folders (with pockets) • School box, (cigar box size) • 4 Red editing pencils • 4 Erasers – pencil toppers & 2 Pink Pearl • 2 black Flair pens • 2 black Sharpie pens (fine point) • earbuds or headphones for personal computer use The following items will be pooled and used by all students as needed: • 12 yellow #2 pencils, Ticonderoga • 4 glue sticks (solid stick please) • 1 ream of wide-ruled notebook paper • 1 box of Kleenex

4th Grade Supply List • 5 pkgs. #2 Pencils (Dixon Ticonderoga) • 1 box colored pencils- 24 pack • 1 ruler (standard and metric) • 1 glue stick • 1 pair of scissors • 2 packages notebook paper-college ruled • 1 box facial tissue (Kleenex) • 2 ream of copy paper • 4 spiral notebooks-college ruled • earbuds or headphones for personal computer use

5th Grade Supply List • 5 packages #2 pencils (Ticonderoga or Dixon) • 1 box colored pencils • 1 ruler (standard and metric) • 1 package of glue sticks • 1 pair scissors • 4 spiral notebooks (60 pg) • 1 pkg erasers – pencil top • 3 packages notebook paper – college ruled • 1 box facial tissue (Kleenex) • 2 reams typing paper • 5 "3x3" sticky note pad • earbuds or headphones for personal computer use

SEQUIM MIDDLE SCHOOL • Wide-lined loose leaf notebook paper • FOR LANGUAGE ARTS: 1 ½ “ binder with seven dividers • FOR SCIENCE: 1” clear view white binder, ¼” quadrant graph paper • Binder dividers • Plastic pouch for binder • Two 200-page spiral notebooks • Calculator (simple 5-function for 6th, 7th and 8th grade math and scientific or graphing for algebra) • Large book covers • #2 pencils (not mechanical) • Pencil cap erasers • Colored pencils • 2 highlighters, different colors • Hand-held pencil sharpener • Hand-held pencil erasers • Glue sticks • Scissors • Metric ruler • 2 boxes of kleenex (for lst period classroom) • Black or blue ink ball point pens • One package each large & small sticky notes (language arts.) • Flash drive (suggested item) ASB card $12.00 PE uniform $17.00 PE shirt $7.50 PE shorts $10.00 Math 3 prong folders/graph paper pack $3.00 Band shirt $15.00 SMS sweatshirt students only $38.00 Football spirit pack $20.00 Yearbook $15.00 with asb card until January Yearbook $17.00 without asb card until January A limited number of extra yearbooks will be available on a first come first serve basis at the end of the year for $20.00

Class fees: Art I, Art II, or Art III Science/engineering elective class fee

$20.00 per semester $10.00 per semester

Club fees: All club members and ASB council must purchase an ASB card Art Club supplies $15.00 per semester

Athletic fees: $50.00 per sport per middle school athlete ($150.00 max per student-$200.00 max per family if all athletes are middle school students. sms and shs combined-$225.00 max per family. proof of payment at the high school is required to waive play to participate fee) the fee for students who qualify for free or reduced lunches is $35.00 per sport. because some of the costs of running the athletic programs are covered by the middle school asb, all SMS athletes must purchase an asb card in addition to the district's pay to participate fee to be cleared to participate.

HELEN HALLER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Kindergarten Supplies • Backpack • Crayola Crayons (16 pack) • 3 glue sticks • 1 large box of Kleenex (AM Kindergarten only) • 1 container of disinfecting wipes (75 count) (PM Kindergarten only)

First Grade Supplies Parents, please label the items with double **s with your child’s name. Other items will be shared with the class throughout the year. Send all supplies on the first day of school. Your child’s teacher may ask for a few additional items not on the list. Please note some special requests below. • 1 large box Kleenex • 6 Large glue sticks • 2 dozen sharpened #2 pencils (Ticonderoga preferred)

• Small School Supply box approx 8”x5”x2 (Not Marcy or Smith) • 1 SMALL Backpack (NOT for Marcy or Lawson) (NOT ROLLING STYLE), one main compartment. SMALL & SIMPLE. This is very important!! • 1 container of Clorox Wipes (75 count) • Crayola Crayons (Amount to be determined) NOTE: You will receive a letter from your child’s teacher before school starts that will specify the remainder of supplies needed. Please, no toys or small personal pencil sharpeners.

Second Grade Supplies • 24 #2 Ticonderoga brand pencils • 2 Erasers • 6 glue sticks • 3 Wide-Ruled Spiral Notebooks • 1 box of Kleenex

• One 8-pack of colored pencils • 1 pair of scissors* • 1 box of 12 or 24 count crayons* (No more) • 1 Small Pencil Box (Approx 8” x 4 ½”) • 1 gym sack (about 14” x 17” *Names labeled on starred items only! Please, no backpacks. • Gym Sack

Third Grade Supplies • 1 spiral notebook with about 120 pages • 1 Blue 70 page spiral notebook • 1 Red 70 page spiral notebook • 1 Green 70 page spiral notebook • 2 large glue sticks • 10-12 good quality pencils • 1 pink erasers • 1 large box of Kleenex • 1 small pencil box • Notebook paper - 100 sheets, Wide Ruled

• 1 small set (12-24) colored pencils OPTIONAL: Fine tipped markers, Hand Sanitizer, Disinfecting Wipes

Fourth Grade Supplies • 1 packages notebook paper, wide or narrow ruled • 3 dozen number 2 pencils • 1 box of tissues (Kleenex) • 1 box of colored pencils • 1 pair of scissors • 1 standard yellow highlighter • 4 Glue Sticks (NO liquid glue, please.) Additional Items for Mrs. Landoni’s class: 1 old sock or soft cloth for erasing, whiteboard slates, pencil box approx 8-9” for materials, 2 white, clear view binders: one 1 ½ “ and on 1” rings, 1 container of disinfecting wipes, 1 can of inexpensive unscented shave cream to clean desks, 1 spiral notebook

• 4 pack of 2” X 1 ½” post-it notes Additional Items for Ms D’Labbe’s Class: 4 composition books

Fifth Grade Supplies • 1 box facial tissues • 1 container disinfecting wipes • 3 Spiral Notebooks • 1 Composition Notebook • 1 yellow highlighter • 5 dozen #2 pencils • 1 box of 8 colored pencils • 1 small set colored markers(NO PERMANENT MARKERS PLEASE) • 2 large or 4 small Glue Sticks (no liquid) • 1 set subject dividers (8 tabs) • 3-Ring Binders for ODEN & SURYAN ONLY: • 2, white, clear-view 1” three-ring binders


Wednesday, August 31, 2011 • 9

Technology: IT Counts! WHAT’S NEW IN TECHNOLOGY During the summer, over 300 new computer work stations were deployed throughout the Sequim School District, replacing computers that were over ten years old. Many of the “new� computers were supplied by Computers 4 Kids. Computers 4 Kids is a program that allows schools to purchase for a nominal fee ($16 apiece) computers that have been previously used in other state agencies such as DSHS or WSDOT. Your schools also migrated from the Windows XPŽ operating system and Office XPŽ to Windows 7Ž, Office 2010Ž. This fall, secondary students (grades 6-12) will begin using GaggleŽ, a secure student e-mail application that will allow all students e-mail access to communicate with teachers and school peers. Additionally, GaggleŽ will provide students digital storage space “in the cloud� for easy portability of digital resources from home to school and school to home, as well as “digital drop boxes� for submission of assignments.

All students and parents, K-12, must annually complete a District Internet Use Permission/Agreement form, acknowledging their understanding and agreement to abide by District Technology and Internet Use Guidelines.

SKYWARD FAMILY ACCESS Family Access is a web-based application that provides parents with access to student attendance, grades, assignments, lunch account information, and more. School office staff will distribute family access logins and passwords for the 2011-2012 school year. If passwords become lost or forgotten, parents can request login and password information in person (I.D. is required to ensure confidentiality) at their child’s school office. Staff will not release this information over the phone or by e-mail for security reasons. Secondary students will receive student access logins and passwords.

WIRELESS ACCESS AT SECONDARY SCHOOLS Students at Sequim High and Middle Schools can now utilize their laptop computers through a District wireless connection. This will be possible when the District receives a signed Internet Use Agreement from students and parents for the 2011-2012 school year. This is a secure connection that provides the same internet filtering processes that are employed throughout the school district network.


Call 681-3979 Music and Dance Classes for All Ages

Welcome back to school!

(behind Big 5 on Highway 101)

Kids! You Rock! provides the District’s web page with a feature-rich content management system designed especially for schools. We ask that parents and interested citizens “register� online at to be eligible for available interactive services such as E-alerts and other specific “role� features. The District web site also features direct links to Family Access.

160 Harrison Rd., Ste. 1 Sequim, WA 98382

Our kids smile brighter!



2011–2012 Sequim High School Class Fees 4011 1 4011-180 1050-180 1670-180

Annual (August - December) $55.00 A.S.B. Card $50.00 PE Sweats (Hoodie & Pants) $30.00 Hoodie $18.00 • Pants $15.00 1670-180 PE Uniform (T-shirt & shorts) $20.00 T-shirt $13.00 • Shorts $7.00 1220-180 Campus Permits (when available) $5.00 4021-180 Band Cleaning Fee $20.00 4021-180 Freshman Band Shirts $45.00 2200-180 Auto 1 & 2 Shop (Per Sem) $10.00 2100-180 Farm Fee (Per Sem) $10.00 2200-180 AP Art (1st Sem) $35.00 2200-180 AP Art (2nd Sem) $25.00 2200-180 Crafts (Per Sem) $20.00 2100-180 Floral Design (Per Sem) $30.00 2200-180 Painting I & II (Per Sem) $20.00 2200-180 Drawing & Adv. Drawing (Per Sem) $20.00 2200-180 Ceramics (Per Sem) $20.00 2200-180 Spanish Workbooks $18.00 2100-180 Photography (Per Sem) $20.00 2100-180 Welding/Adv. Welding (Per Sem) $30.00 2100-180 Woods/Adv. Woods (Per Sem) $20.00 2100-180 Engineering Tech (Per Sem) $15.00 2600-180 Biology Notebooks $ 2.50 2600-180 Cooking (Per Sem) see below* $20.00 2600-180 *Plus Food Handlers Permit (1 time) $10.00 Pay to Participate (Sports only) $75.00 Per student per sport $150.00 Max per Student $225.00 Max per family (High School & Middle School) All Fees are subject to change without notice

We Offer On-Site Consultations Stone Patios • Garden Paths Rock Walls • Retaining Walls

Fire pits & much more


Richard E. Davies, DDS, PS General & cosmetic dentistry 321 N. Sequim Ave. Ste. #C, Sequim




CLASSES & SCHEDULES! Recreational Gymnastics Preschool Gymnastics Competitive Teams Birthday Parties Field Trips

Fall Registration is Open Now Classes begin Sept 12 (360) 457-5187 490 South Blake Ave. Sequim • 360-681-2877

3318 E. Acorn Lane, Port Angeles


10 • Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Focus on “Opportunity to Excel” Program Opportunity To Excel, the after-school tutoring program first launched last fall, will be offered again at all schools beginning September 13. The program runs for one hour after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with bus service provided. Eric Danielson, 4th grade teacher at Haller Elementary, notes that OTE has expanded this year at the elementary schools to include third grade, as well as fourth and fifth grades. Danielson says, “OTE has been a really good program. We’ve offered something similar in the past, but being able to provide bus service has widened the base of children who are able to attend. It’s nice to have that time to work with students who need extra help in a smaller group setting.” Jennifer Lopez, 4th grade teacher at Greywolf Elementary, talks enthusiastically about tremendous growth she witnessed in her students who participated in the OTE program last year. Lopez declares, “OTE is a great system of extra support for those kids who need it. The Writing and Science after- school club offerings support those subjects nicely. Math and Reading are the main thrusts of OTE, as those are areas where we see the greatest need.” The cafeteria is the gathering center for the OTE program at Sequim Middle School, where teachers are available to work with

True Professionalism • Proud Heritage Since 1974 • Committed to Excellence Official school of the Performing Company of Pioneer Dance Arts, a non-profit organization

Artistic Choreography • Radiant Dancers • Solid Technique Pre-Ballet Classical Ballet/Pointe • Ballroom • Bartenieff Fundamentals • Brain Dance • C Contemporary ontempporaary JJazz azz

Evans Modern Tap • Tumbling • Pointe to Classical B Ballet

students. Diana Piersoll, 8th grade math instructor, explains that help is available in all subjects. Steven Boots, 8th grade U.S. History instructor, notes that “Middle School is that time when young people are learning to study and become independent learners. Opportunity to Excel provides kids the opportunity to get the outside support and help they may need from teachers in order to be successful.” High school students in need of a nice, quiet and friendly environment for getting homework done will find this at the school library, says English Literature instructor Joe Younger. He explains that OTE rules allow students to talk quietly, but not to play video games; they need to come to do school work. Younger sees students take part in the program for many purposes, whether it is to have a quiet place to do homework, to take advantage of access to computers and printers, to seek one-onone help, or even to tutor other students. During OTE time, Younger has also helped many students with their PowerPoint presentations for History class or senior projects. Community members can become registered volunteers to help with tutoring, Younger adds. For more information about the OTE program or about becoming a volunteer in the Sequim schools, contact your child’s school, or the district office at 582.3260.

Come in for our

Blizzard of the Month Deal! BUY ONE, GET ONE

HALF PRICE! CChildren - Youth/Adult - Adult/Senior S

Dairy Queen Brazier 172 Bell Meadow ow Ln Ln., Sequim Sequim, WA | 360 360.683.3693 683 3693 Shuttle servicing the Sequim Public School District bus stop.

720 W. Washington St. Sequim



Wednesday, August 31, 2011 • 11

Sequim School District N0. 323 2011-2012 Calendar CLASSES BEGIN: Sept. 6, 2011 CLASSES END: June 15, 2012 HOLIDAY AND VACATION DATES LABOR DAY - September 5 VETERANS DAY (observed) - November 11 THANKSGIVING - November 24 & 25 WINTER VACATION - December 22-January 2 NEW YEARS DAY - January 1 MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY - January 16 PRESIDENT’S DAY - February 20 SPRING VACATION - April 2-6 MEMORIAL DAY (observed) - May 28

MS & HS GRADING PERIODS (Q) - 180 DAYS 1st Quarter Ends - November 7 (45 days) 2nd Quarter Ends - January 27 (47 days) 3rd Quarter Ends - April 10 (43 days) 4th Quarter Ends - June 15 (45 days)

ELEMENTARY GRADING PERIODS (T) - 180 DAYS 1st Trimester Ends - December 1 (60 days) 2nd Trimester Ends - March 12 (60 days) 3rd Trimester Ends - June 15 (60 days) Sequim High School Graduation - June 8, 2012 Q - QUARTER ENDS V- VACATION ER - EARLY RELEASE NS - NO SCHOOL S - START OF SCHOOL T - TRIMESTER ENDS H - HOLIDAY

PROFESSIONAL DAYS (Certificated Staff) Bldg TRI (B-TRI) August 29 Distr. TRI (D-TRI) August 30, 31, & January 30 *1/2 day Bldg TRI still to be scheduled by Bldg Admin. *SNOW MAKE UP DAY - March 30, April 20, May 25

Changes to this calendar are pending. Updated calendar will appear on the district website.

Back to school dates to remember Greywolf Elementary Open House, 4 – 6 p.m. (meet teacher, drop off supplies) Helen Haller Elementary Open House, 4 – 6 p.m. (meet teacher, drop off supplies) Sequim Middle School WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) for incoming 6th graders, 7:50 a.m. – noon. Sequim High School Band Camp Freshmen from 12:30–4 p.m., all others 1–4 p.m. at the band room Sequim High School Link Crew Freshmen Orientation 8 a.m. – noon at the gym Sept. 2 Sequim High School Band Camp 9 a.m. – noon at the band room Sequim High School Varsity Football - First Home Game vs. Forks at 7 p.m. Sept. 6 First Day of School! Start time 8:15 a.m. for Sequim High School, Helen Haller Elementary and Sequim Middle School, 8:35 a.m. for Greywolf Elementary, and 9 a.m. for Sequim Community High School and Olympic Peninsula Academy (OPA) at the Sequim Community School. Sequim Middle School first practice for Football, Girls Volleyball and Cross Country at 3 p.m. Sept. 7 Sequim Middle School Band Rental Night 3 – 6 p.m. School Board Meeting at 7 p.m. Sept. 10 Husky Band Day for Sequim High School Band Students

Aug. 31 Sept. 1

Sept. 13 Opportunity to Excel after-school tutoring programs begins at all schools Developmental Preschool begins at Sequim Community School at 8:15 a.m. morning program and 12:15 p.m. afternoon program Sept. 14 Sequim Middle School Back To School Night, 6:30 – 8:10 p.m. Sequim High School Commitment to Graduation (Freshmen & Parents) at 6 p.m. in the auditorium Sept. 15 First Teacher Traffic Safety Event 10 a.m. – noon, Room 4W, Sequim Community School Sept. 19 School Board Meeting at 7 p.m. Sept. 23 – Dungeness River Festival Education Day for 3rd through 5th graders Sequim High School Link Crew Tailgate Party for Freshmen (before the football game) Sequim High School Pep Dance in the cafeteria (after the football game) Sept. 26 Sequim High School Senior Parent Night at 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria Oct. 3 Sequim High School Open House, 6 - 8 p.m. in the cafeteria

For further information about school events, policy, forms, calendars, and much more, check the school district website at


12 • Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cuddles & Crayons Daycare & Preschool OPEN HOUSE: ICE CREAM SOCIAL & BBQ FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 3PM-6PM • PERFORMANCE BY AMANDA BACON Please call for observation: Regan Larsen • Days 683-9572 •

191 West Sequim Bay Road, Sequim • Monday - Friday 7 am - 6 pm • • Classes begin Sept 2, 2011 (runs in line with the Sequim School District) • Register year-round for waiting list • Preschool runs September thru May


• 4 certified teachers (some have up to 10 years experience). • 3 teacher’s aides • 1 cook • 1 on-site director

CLASSES INCLUDE (2-12 years) years):

• Preschool 2, 3 or 5 days per week • Kindergarten Enrichment 5 days • Before & after school care (including homework helpers) • All-day childcare • 6 Classrooms • 2-acre fenced outside play.

BONUS: • All USDA approved, well-balanced, kid-friendly meals provided at no additional cost (NO PACKING LUNCHES). • Flexible scheduling • School will grow with your child 2 years - 12 years. • Your child will come to feel this is their 2nd home. • Bus service to/from school


Many studies have proven that children learn best through play and discovery with a wide variety of learning experiences. The “WHOLE CHILD CONCEPT.” We will provide a “HANDS-ON APPROACH” in our curriculum. Math, Science, Early Literacy, Social Studies, Art, Music, Physical Development, Dramatic Arts and, of course, play.

It’s never too early to start planning!

SUMMER CAMP 2012 Sponsored by

Cuddles & Crayons THE FUN IS ENDLESS!

Sequim Art Museum • Jamestown Tribe • Carrie Blake Park Dungeness Spit • Planting Spaghetti Marine Science Center • 911-Beam • Rock Wall Dream Park • Railroad Bridge Park • The Buzz Art in the Park • Lavender Weekend • Sequim Library Summer Program Hollywood Beach • Arts in Action • Graysmarsh Farm Homemade Ice Cream • Dungeness Creamery ... And so much more!

Watch for our 2012 Summer Camp Events (360) 683-9572 • 191 W. Sequim Bay Rd.



Kids Today, Sept. 2011  

Kids Today, Sept. 2011

Kids Today, Sept. 2011  

Kids Today, Sept. 2011