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Season’s Greetings 2009

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Season’s Greetings 2009

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What the holidays mean to me...

Editors Note: Greywolf Elementary 3rd grade teachers requested we print their essays as originally written by the students.

EEssays s ssays from Greywolf Elementary School

Sherii B Sh Burke’s k Class Cl We go to my grandma’s house and eat turkey and steak it tastes like a hot sunny day, and makes my mouth water. I like when we open our presents and we say “we want more!” I like to spend time with my family and my aunt and uncle from Boise. My family is important to me at Christmas and always.

Christmas is aalways special to me. On Christmas Eve our whole familyy goes to our grandmas house. We open presents, cake, and spend time with the family. We presents eat cak also play football, baseball, and kickball. At night I dream about a good Christmas tomorrow. In the morning we open our stockings and presents from Santa. At 10:30 we go to church to learn about Jesus and how he was born. Christmas means spending time with our family which is the most important.

Blake Wiker

Isaac Haley Christmas is a special holiday! I am the second one up and I feel the breezy air when Santa comes in and out our window, the carolers are singing at other houses, bells ringing, and my little brother screaming at me! I look outside the Season is changing into snow. We go to my grandma’s house and play, open presents and stockings. “Being with my family” that is what Christmas means to me.

Emily Bates

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Christmas means waking up on Christmas morning and eating breakfast and playing in the snow and opened presents. Next we go to my grandma’s house and drink eggnog, while we open presents. I really like Christmas.

Caitlin Matson Christmas mean to me Joy Happiness and Fun. In the morning every body get up and my mom makes pancakes. Then we eat, then we all go to the Christmas tree and we

gather around it. We start to open all the presents and then we play with all of our stuff that we got. But, before we do that first we clean up the paper! We have a lot of fun. Most of all I love it when my family all gets together and haves fun.

Kiara Jaylen Point Holidays mean making chocolate chip cookies and leaving them out for Santa to eat and giving some to the deer to eat. We open presents and see other people from our family and have a big feast.

Rigo Langston Christmas means Santa is coming to town. Don’t be sad and rod I’m telling you why or you will only get rocks! Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, He’s the season to be jolly.

Dimitri Cawyer

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Season’s Greetings 2009

Sequim Gazette On Christmas day our family goes to the living room and we have a prayer. I love being surrounded by people who love me. On Christmas eve we w sing Christmas carols at other houses. I love my family. people’s hous

Tommy Hall Tomm We get up we look in our stocking then we go and get my Mom and Dad, Then we open presents! Our family goes to my grandma house to go eat breakfast, then we open more ea presents together we play with our toys for the rest of the Day and watch TV. I love Christmas.

Bailey Cauffman Christmas is when Jesus was born every Christmas my sister wakes up, then my brother, my mom, and me. We eat breakfast together but usually we cant ever take a bite because were so exited! Then we open our presents. Then we look at the dish that we put Santa’s cookie and milk on and we see a letter we read it then we see cookie crumbs from Santa on the dish it’s very fun to be with my family and open presents with them Christmas means family to me.

Kyle Gott I love Christmas! I love throwing snow balls at my brothers, sister and Dad. I usually miss but when I hit it hurts! I love the presents and the togetherness. I love Christmas!

Thomas Hughes I am warm and snug when I wake up I hear my sister say hurray present’s! Opening my present’s and having fun, being happy and being loved. This is what Christmas mean’s to me!

Riley Haller The holidays mean joy the holidays mean great food the holidays mean toys the holidays mean good mood. That is what the holidays mean to me.

Ryan Begley

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Christmas means cinnamon rolls for breakfast smelling so good and my family being together. Christmas means a Christmas tree, ornaments, all the presents and the day God was born. Christmas is so awesome!

Cassie McDonald The smell of a Christmas tree in the air, sweet baked cookies where my Mom and Dad laughing. Opening presents, and my Mom and Dad, sister and me feeling good. That’s what Christmas means to me.

Joy Smith I love the holidays because I get to spend it with my family. I like playing out in the snow with my little sister, my big brother, my step mom and my dad, Christmas is just so special to me, with me and my family opening presents on Christmas day.

Akira Connary My family means love and hope. My family means sharing hugs and laughs. My family means sharing games and toys. My family means my brother my sister my mom and dad. My family means love to me.

Luisa Onofre My favorite thing for the Holidays is eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast in the morning. Opening presents and setting up the Christmas tree. Except for me and my sister has a vacuum up all the pine needles. All this Christmas stuff is making me wanna open presents. Sometimes we go for a visit to our grandmas house. That’s what the holidays mean to me.

Makenna O’Dell Christmas means Fresh Baked cookies, and crisp Fresh air, riding bikes, and the Family sitting down together eating dinner. But most of all I like Christmas because I can spend time with my family my mom dad uncle grandpa grandma and cousins.

Bryce Wescott Christmas is the best holiday because it is celebrating Jesus’ Birth, and welcoming him to the world. We celebrate it the best way we always do. Love, Believe in Jesus, and Believing in Santa. This is what Christmas means to me and everyone I know.

Brenton Dryke Christmas means getting up early in the morning, opening all of our presents, and eating cookies with milk. We pull pranks on each other and go out to play in the snow. We stay up late and we have a staring contest and a milk drinking contest. At the end of the day we make more cookies and eat some and there’s always left overs, then we go to sleep.

A.J. Tisdale The holidays are very fun to me because I wake up to the smell of pancakes covered in maple syrup whip cream and red, green, and gold sprinkles! Then we open presents. We get ready for lunch and go to my grandma’s house where

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 • 3 we have chicken, beef and ham to eat, a long with about 50 deserts! The holidays mean love to me!

Erin Gordon Every Christmas my family and I have a big Feast!. Christmas means a lot to me. It means Joy, happiness, grace, Jesus resurrection, Love and family. Christmas is a stuffed day that I love.

Gabi Simonson

Pat Neal-Quinet’s Class Ho, Ho, Ho, I hear Santa Claus, do you? I sleep on my chair and I wake up and see Santa putting the presents near our tree, and fi lling our socks. When I wake up I open my gifts. I love them all! I get presents big and small. Now, I drink hot cocoa and go outside to play with snow. Next, I sneak up on my dad and steal his snow balls. My sister, Mom and Dad help me make a snowman. Every time I make a snowman, poof! It falls. Finally, I eat snow, and stuff my face. I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Katelyn Simmons This is one of my favorite memories of Christmos. Last Christmos I went to Disneyland. My dad and I went on this huge ride. Then, we went to the hotel and watched TV. After that we went to this giant mall and I bought some hats and some shirts. I hope you have a good Christmas this year!

Cameron Ryan Merry Christmas to all and all a good night! Do you like to open presents on Chistmas day or maybe bake santa cookies on Christmas Eve? Because I know I do! Last year my brother and I were trying to make a snowman but we tried and tried but we couldn’t because there was barely enough snow! I hope Santa makes it snow, snow, snow for a winter wonder land! Hope you have a good Christmas even if it doesn’t snow!

Mary Ewing Jingle all the way! My favorite Christmas memory happened last year. We went to school and at about 11:00 am it was so snowy we had a snow day! After we got home my sister and me played in the snow. Then we had hot chocolate while we watched a movie. Christmas is nearly here! Have a great holiday!

Katie Potter I know my house at Christmas, sound of music, thumping, and someone walking on the roof. I know my house at Christmas smells of candles, Christmas tree, and cookies. I know my house at Christmas, sights of snow on my dog, Christmas tree and computer music. I know my house at Christmas!

Hunter Pomeroy “Ho! Ho! Ho!” DId yo hear that sound? Can it be? It is... Santa! When Santa comes I get excited. It is so hard to get to see him on Christmas eve, but I try to anyway. Now, it’s time to have wonderful dreams. Before I know it it is Christmas morning. Here are some of the sight’s that I see:

4 • Wednesday, December 23, 2009 snow out of the window, living room cookies have been eaten up by Santa, under my Christmas tree I find presents, every present is an exciting surprise. I hope Santa leaves you many exciting surprises!

Emmanuel Gomez Just picture this! Last year my sister and her friend and two boys came over. We played and the we went out side. We had snow ball fights. It was fun! I got hit right in the face, it hurt! I started to cry so I went in. After I got warm I went on the deck and shouted “Come in and eat with me.” So we did. The other thing I like about Christmas is that I hope you have a good Christmas too!

Season’s Greetings 2009 with the big red bows plus making the green wreath with two Christmas colors of red and green is a very special Christmas tradition. Do you know why red and green are Christmas colors? I do but thats another story!

Morgana Fergusson Here are just a few of my many Christmas memories: creamy marshmallow, colored snow, sweet hot cocoa, I know, I know, my Christmas tree glowing in the night, my fire burning brightly all night tonight. Now, I look out myy window, you know what I see? Santa and his reindeer fl ying yin in ing with glee!

Keysa Tate

Nadia Martin “Ho, Ho, Ho, Thump, Thump, Thump, Ho, Ho, Ho,” it’s Santa Claus! I like Santa Claus because he gives us presents. I like what he gives me. It is always AMAZING! I have a family tradition which is that my family goes to church and sing and celebrate Jesus’ birth then we go home and we read The Night Before Christmas. After that, we go to bed. Finally, we wake up our parents. Hope you have a great Christmas! Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho and to all a Good Night.

Kenny Joy Do you hear what I hear? It’s Santa’s reindeer! When it’s Christmas I can actually hear the prancing of each reindeer hooves on my roof top! When I think about Christmas I go wild! One time I did see Santa’s sled and his reindeer in my front yard. Then, I looked up on my roof and I said, “Hi Santa!” He said to me, “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to all!” This actually happened! Lastly, when I was eight years old I saw him going across Wal-Mart and he said, “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merryy CChristmas to All!” I hope you have a very merry h is ist st Christmas, too! o!

Jewel Bell elll Here’s my recipe cipe ci pe for or the best best holiday holililida day season. da seasoo First, set up the Christmass tree aandd ddec decorate ornaments. ecoo te it with orname ec ent Next, cut snowflakes oout paper tape my ut ooff pa pap p r and nd ta ape p them up all all around aro r home. Then, go to g outside outs ou uts tsid ide with my dadd and id a d bring an briing his his tractor hi tr tr the front yard to put Christmas lights house. ts oon n it and the hou ouuse se After that, have a snowball fight with my dadd an and ride with h him on his snowmobile. Finally, sit on the couch in n front of a warm, crackling, fire with my mom and dad an and drink some creamy, marshmallow, hot chocolate Marry latte cocoa. co Christmas to all and to all a goodd night! n nig igh ig ht ht!

Porter Funston n Jingle, Jangle goes thee litle re rein reindeer. i deee . Do you h have an answer to this? My mind ddoes! stocking has twenty hot oes! My sto t to wheels in it every Christmas. mas. What Whaat I like about Christmas is jumping on ice and falling alllliing in the he water. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good goodd night. nig ight h. ht

Kevin Burnham nha I love the holidays, ol ay especially Christmas Eve! There are so oliday many things too ddoo lilike: snowball fights, putting ornaments on the Christmas tree, sledding, opening presents and so much more. My favortie part would have to be opening presents and snowball fights. Making Christmas wreaths

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to all and to aalllll good ood night. nig t. nigh ni What is your memory that you have in your mind m nd because bec use s I know what mine is. When I was six or seven, eveen, I made a snowman with my dad. We put a hat on my snowman, a scarf and a bunch of other stuff. It was soooo ooo o o cold out side that I had to put socks on my hands. It was as the best Christmas ever. I also names my snowman Eric. The next morning he was all torn up from the wind. I was sad. I hope that does not happend to you! Maybe if I wish hard enough it will snow more that last year and I will be able to keep my new snowman around for a while. Happy Christmas!

Kristina Romero Ho, Ho, Ho! This week I went snow boarding. It was close to Christmas. It was my first time that I went really fast. When we were done, I was awfully cold, so we went home. I felt like I was going 100 miles per hour for half of the run. It was really, really deep snow. The other side was really flat so I went on both sides. After that we decided to warm up by the fire. Finally, we went home. I had a blast snow boarding! What do you like to do during the holidays?

Josey James Tyree What is your favorite holiday memory? Mine is the Christmas where I got my dog, Rusty! He is a skinny, red, short haired dog. I was so surprised to find out that my dad kept Rusty in the guest bedroom until Christmas morning. That was the best surprise ever! I hope Santa surprises you this Christmas. Merry Christmas to all!

Ben Logan Ho!! H Ho Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! My name is Shelby. Last year year I got gott snow down my gloves but that didn’t stop me from having avin fun. After playing for awhile I couldn’t move because I w was so cold I almost started screaming! So I went inside and and nd had some hot cocoa. After that I jumped in the shower I hoped into bed and went fast a sleep. In wer quickly, qu the mo morning I jumped out of bed and woke my mom up and mor or opened my presents because it was Christmas day. I got a lot of stuff and also I made Santa a pillow that said his name... S-A-N-T-A! Merry Christmas to all!

Shelby Wells Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas! My house at Christmas. I know my house at Christmas has sounds of Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas and reindeer. I kow my house at Christmas smells of fresh air, every green trees, and cookies. I know my house

Sequim Gazette at Christmas sights of presents, cookies are gone and the milk is gone. I know my house at Christmas. stma stma st mass

Alexis Janssen Here are re some som ome me off my my fa fav favorite v ite tthings h ng hi ngss to to do do during the holiday: day: da y: making y: y:m making snow w houses, houuse sess, make m my private place to rest in the he snow, bake yummyy sugar he su ar cookie’ coook cook o ie ies es, drink drii hot chocolate, dr decorate oour and ur tree an nd wa watch Christmas hriist stm m movies. The best part myy family and openi opening partt is being with hm n ngg ppresents! ni

Jared d Ba Bates Do yyou ou h hear what I hear? I hear Santa on the roof with his reindeer. Then The h n on Christmas Eve I get to open one gift. I sleep on the couch and nd I hearr SSanta coming down the chimney. I’m so excited andd I ppretend reteen not to see him! I take a re quick peek fall quic qu icck pe eekk and nd tthen h n fa he all fast f asleep asslee until Christmas morning. I hope you have a vvery ery merry Christmas!

Jerica Norton n Merry Christmas to aalllll and and n to allll a good night. Hi, my name is Madison. Have you ever ma made dee snow angels? When I make snow angels I get snow in myy coat co and even in my pants. First, you lay in the snow andd the then he you move your arms. Next, you move your legs side de to to side. Sometimes yo can make eyes, mouth, nose, and you can even make a dress or a hot for your snow angel! Do you like making snow angels? I hope you like your snow angel, after reading my great directions. Now, you should have a great time making your snow angel! Go ahead and make as many as you can! Have a very Merry Christmas!

Madison Green Here’s what I like to do during the holiday. My sister and I always try to make a snow man but it always turns into a snow ball, a very big snow ball! Unless my dad or my grandpa helps us then a snowman well appear. I didn’t mention my mom because shes always busy making hot chocolate for my siter and me after we play in the snow. She is also busy making coffee for my dad and grandpa, so we are all toasty and warm. I hope everyone stays warm over the holidays and also make sure you decorate your tree or Santa won’t come, just joking. You don’t even need a tree if you don’t won’t one. But my family is going to this year. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Bobbi Sparks What’s your favorite part about Christmas? My favorite part about Christmas is putting the ornaments on the tree. The bad part is you have to be very careful. One time my dad dropped one and it shattered with a loud “sshh” it basically shattered my ears. Have a great Christmas and a Ho Ho to you too!

Liam Payne Do you like having fun at Christmas or what? I like it when it snows. There are so many things to do like snow boarding, sledding, snowball fights, making igloo’s and snowmen. I hope it snows this Christmas, do you?

Bryce Vulgamore

Season’s Greetings 2009

Sequim Gazette “Ho, Ho, Ho!” My favorite memory last year was sleeping in my mom’s bed, just because it was going to be Christmas. So I went to sleep and I woke up. quickly I hurried down the hall and there were more then twenty presents! I also know that it is important to give then receive. I hope everyone gets something special over the holidays. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

What Christmas means to me is family. It’s what makes it Christmas. God and Jesus do too. When I get up in the morning I get up and go to my stocking and open it. I hope there’s no cole. Then I wait for my mom and dad to open my presents and watch my family get excited. That’s what Christmas means to me.

Jarrett Allen

Endia Delamare

Bethanie Robbins’ Class I like Christmas because I get a lot of gifts from my cousin. It is really, really fun. Every Christmas we have a party. We stay up really late and we sing. It is really fun and I’m happy my family and friends are together.

Kristina Mingoy Christmas means that when I wake up in the morning I get to open presents. It means that I’m thankful for what I get. Every thing is great. I love spending time with my family and friends. I love to go outside and see all the Christmas lights. Then later on in the day I go to my grandpa’s house and play with my cousins. We eat, then we have some treats. Finally, I go home and go to bed. That is what Christmas means to me.

Lily Williams My favorite time of the year is Christmas because everybody that comes to my Nana’s house gets my presents. When we are done going the presents everybody gives a big hug to everybody that is there. Another thing I love is tearing the wraping paper. But the thing I love the most is all the hugs.

Hope Glasser

Christmas , what a lovely holiday. But not all countries are the same. In England they call Santa Father Christmas. There’s lots of goodies: pumpkin pie, cheese cake, and the dinner is delicious. Green beens, mashed potatoes and sometimes spagetee. Don’t forget the hot cocoa or as I like to call it, hot chocolate. Christmas Rocks!

Luke Lindstrom

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 • 5 perfect tree. After that we go to my Aunt’s house to bake cookies and have a slumber party. In the morning when we wake up we have pancakes with eggs and orange juice or hot coco. Then she drops us off at home and we get to open up presents with the family. You know what though? When they open up their presents my heart grows with happiness. I think Christmas is about spending time with your family. That is What Christmas means to me.

Jenaye Smith When you wake up on Christmas morning, how do you feel? I feel joyful. When you open your presents, how do you feel? I feel I can’t wait to rip open my presents. I love to see people’s faces light up. That is what Christmas means to me.

Joe Dawson Christmas means happiness and joy. Christmas is all about God and his birthday. Christmas is about love. Christmas means lots of presents, Santa, and cookies. It means you have to love your friends parents and your family. It means toys, brothers, sisters, and parents. Christmas is a very good day it’s where you celebrate God’s birthday. That’s what Christmas means to me.

Heidi Mechelle O’Leary

Christmas to me is making cookies for Santa Claus. It is the presents. Christmas is the decorated tree, also the snow, and listening to the Christmas songs, like Jingle Bells. The most important thing to me is seeing my family. That’s what Christmas means to me.

Chris Morgan

My greatest time of year is Christmas because I get to open a lot of presents and have a Christmas dinner with my family. One of the best things about Christmas is that everbody has a good time, but my favorite thing about Christmas is my family.

Alexi Rampp-Taft My favorite holiday is Christmas because we get to open presents. Every year we go into the woods to find the

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Season’s Greetings 2009

6 • Wednesday, December 23, 2009 Christmas to me means opening presents with family and friends. Giving presents to family and friends. Opening stockings seeing what’s inside. Snuggling with friends and family watching a movie that’s what Christmas means to me.

Kylynn Stringer

Christmas to me means putting up the Christmas tree and decorating it. Christmas is hanging stockings on the fireplace and opening one gift on Christmas eve. Playing games with the family and drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows. The most important thing is my family.

Connor Lamb What Christmas means to me is a 2 week vacation from school. And a great time to have some fun with my family. It also means spending a lot of time thinking of people who I’m thank ful for. And that is what Christmas means to me.

Claire Payne Christmas to me is Jesus’ birthday. Having fun and being happy. I like getting presents, but Christmas is not all about presents. It is also about snow and ripping wraping paper and playing with my toys. Christmas is so much fun. My friend and I put hay on top of a trailer and we sing songs on Christmas. The most important thing to me though is Jesus’ birthday.

I wake up and say to my dog “It’s Christmas! Let’s wake up and eat so we can open presents.” So we eat eggs and bacon … mmm. It is delicious and after breakfast we open presents and play with them. Then we go to my grandma’s to play. We all open presents. Then someone opens a present. My heart grins with joy. They smile and say “thank you”. Next we go outside to play. We make snow angels. We play until the day is done and drink hot cocoa. Next we go to sleep. The next day starts all over and we say “we miss Christmas!” To me it means spending time with friends and family.

Marlie Griffin

Megan Christmas to me is so cool. Some of my favorite traditions is having a Christmas party. I also like seeing my friends on Holidays. I also like see my best friends. My friends in the world are Connor and Jeni. I’ve known Connor for eight years, and Jeni for eight years too. I also like presents. But, Christmas to me means being with my family and that’s why I love it.

Ty Bourm

I like Christmas because of Jesus, He sacrificed himself for us. I Christmas because I be with my friends and family. Some times I can see my mom. She is very special to me. What Christmas means to me is being with friends and family.

Corinne Foster Christmas is awesome, Christmas is great, Christmas is the coolest, Christmas is the best what is the date the 25 it’s Christmas

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Sequim Gazette what Christmas is to me is joy. What Christmas means to me is glee and family that’s what Christmas is to me.

Tyler Chase Morales Christmas to me is being Santa. The lovely Holy Star and the shiny lights on the Christmas tree. Where the presents are. Christmas to me is the happy family and children’s joy and laughter all around. That’s what Christmas means to me.

Cailen O’Bryant Christmas to me is giving and joy. Once I got a video game, a scooter, and a light saber. I was very thankful for my gifts that I got. Last Christmas I got my mom a hair brush, and my sister a Barbie. They were greatful for their gifts. Joy and giving is what Christmas means to me.

Dylan Ferrin On Christmas Eve we open one present and when it is Christmas time we know Santa has been here. We open our presents. Then we play with what we got. That is what Christmas means to me.

Dominick Gutierrez

Chris Stevens’ Class For Christmas this year I want to celebrate it with a tree and a big party with our Cousins, Grandmas, Grandpas, aunt, uncle, Niece, sisters, and mom. For dinner we are going to have ham, stuffing, pumpkin pie, turkey, mash potatoes, eggnog and cookies.

Kayleigh Campbell

Wishing everyone Joyous Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Hoping you and yours have a warm holiday season

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Sequim Gazette Every Christmas me and mom make santa cookies and he leaves me one or two! Once he came to see me in the morning and gave me a present! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Caleb Demott I get to play with my cousins and family. We make snowflakes out of paper. We have snoball fight with snow forts and hide and seek in the snow. We open presents and get scarves and puzzles from my family.

Liam Byrne What Christmas means to me is family coming for a visit and having fun with them. We celebrate Christmas together and make ginger bread houses and ginger bread men too. We have presents under the tree and gater around the tree to sing songs.

David Millet I like Christmas because I can smell the Christmas air and it smells so good. Celebrating giving and openig presents with my family is what Christmas is really about.

Edwin Allbight This is about Jesus birthday and you can get a lot of love from your mommy, daddy, sister and brother. You get a lot of presents from your mommy and daddy and even santa. But my family celebrates Christmas and celebrates Jesus Birthday.

Ashley Poage

Season’s Greetings 2009 stockings on the wall. Houses glowing with red and green lights. I make ice cream my sister makes slusheys. Writing notes to santa and giving raindeer carrots. I wounder what I got. I get ready for games and fun. Woundering what raindeer look like and how they fl y.

Holidays are abut your family and friends being together and Gods birthday. You can make snow angels, snowmen and have snow ball fights. You can give Santa cookies and you can decorate the house. Lastly you can decorate the tree and hav hot cocoa with your family.

Colin Neal

Jacobb Denny

My favorite holidays Christmas because me and my cousins play around all day long. After that, we sit down and eat our delicious dinner. Next, we open up presents. Finally we thank every one for our presents.

Markell Bark When it is Christmas I like to hang the Christmas ornaments on the tree and my little sister helps me do it. It is a lot fun to do with my family. My brother Cody and I like it when we make gingerbread houses and so does my little sister and my mom and my Dad and my brother and me all drink pumpkin egg nog on Christmas. I love Christmas so much.

Ayla Marshall My 2nd favorite holiday is Christmas because i get presents and sweets. Christmas is when Santa Claus goes down your chimney and gives you lots of presents. Me and Danny open them. Every Christmas I leave milk and cookies for Santa and the next day they’re gone.

Mathew Fowler

I like Christmas because of the smells of hot coco and pine and opening presents with my family. We get to put tinsel, bulbes and a star on the tree. I make snow angels and have snow ball fights with my sister. My family sings songs and wishes for what they want. We hang empty

What the holidays mean to me is family because its about me, my mom and dad, my cousin, my sister and everybody coming together. Our family sharing traditions together is the best!

Wishing You A Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays!

Dr. Richard E. Davies, DDS PS & Staff

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 • 7

Lina Hwang

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When I wake up on Christmas day and smell the sweet smell of Christmas cookies and freshly cut ham I’m soooo excited. I get to see my family and open the gifts from my friends, my cousin give the best gifts of all! The most important thing I do on Christmas Eve is go to my aunt’s house for dinner and presents. Christmas is my favrot holiday because I get to see my family.

Zoë Rivers My favorit holiday is Christ-mas, because I get to spend time with my family and my brothers and sisters share with me (sometimes). What I also like about Christmas is making ginger bread houses. I love Christmas!

Silas Isenberger On Christmas eve it makes me think about spending time with my family. Christmas is also my favorite holiday. I love opening presents, I love reading on Christmas eve, and I like to go sleding. I love Christmas!!!

Hunter Clemons Every Christmas Eve my mom and I spend the night at my grandma’s house and in the morning we open presents

Wishes you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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8 • Wednesday, December 23, 2009 and my baby sister gets lots of presents and after that we go to my other grandma’s house and have dinner there and they always get me what I want. We make cookies and write a letter to santa. It is fun!

Makayla Dunn

Season’s Greetings 2009 What I like about Christmas is that I open presints and take pichers of my family. We have a big dinner with my family then we go out side and have a snowball fight and thats what the holidays mean to me.

Andrew Tucker

Christmas is my favorite holiday because I get to spend time with my cousin, grandma, grandpa, uncles and aunts. We open presents, have pumpkin pie and chocolate dream pie. It’s so yummy! I love Christmas!

Chelsea Nesper

Im going to play in the snow and make a snowman. I will eat trkey with gravy. Sometimes I will have a pillow fights with my brothers, and then gather around the tree. Later we will make ginger bread man cookies with mom and dad.

John Lentzner

Everyone says Christmas is all about presents but I sa No. Christmas is all about being home with your family. It’s not presents, it’s about staying home celebrating Christmas with your family eating dinner together, all sitting around the fire place and telling stories about Christmas Eve. Christmas can be all about your family making stuff. It is all about what our family want to do and what they want to do. It’s about love, care, trust and being together. You can think it’s about presents but I don’t.

Alaina Rae Pratt I love Christmas! On Christmas day, I play and drink hot cocoa. And I get to play in the snow. After I play in the snow I come inside to play monopoly. After that we sit by the fireplace.

Sadie Hall I like Chrimas because you get to see family and it’s not about presents. I also like Chrismas because you can make ginger bread house and have egg nog. I like when it snows cause you can make snow angel and snow ball fight. Don’t be bad cause santa will give you coal but if your good he will no’t.

Alyssa Rothganger

My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get to gether with friends and family. We eat turkey after we go outside and play then we go back in to eat desert then we open presents.

Mason Stollar For Christmas this year I am going to Michigan. I will see my cousins Coby and Celsey. I will be sledding with them on Christmas bay. We will play in the snow.

Tanner Woodin

Shannon Green’s Class The Christmas Holiday is great. I love Christmas because it is fun, you have a great time, and my birthday is two days before. I love spending the time with my family. I help my dad decorate my Christmas tree. One year we went to the Puffin House where I made a ginger bread house. It had gum drops, frosting, ginger bread and more. Merry Christmas!

Dawson Stephens

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Sequim Gazette T’was the night before Christmas when all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. This poem makes everything seem so peaceful to me. A time to be together, a time to give, a time of giving thanks. On Christmas morning before we open our presents we read from the book of Mathew. Then we decide who opens the first present. Thats what the holidays mean to me.

Riley Scott What’s brown, red and black all over? If you say reindeer then you’re right. After we open my present at my house we go to my grandma Lore’s house. We have breakfast and open our presents. After that we go to my grandma Karen’s and we have a yummy Christmas dinner. Then open our presents. Then we go home and play with toys that we got and have a great Christmas together.

Raelynn Opdyke What Christmas means to me is putting up the Christmas tree, decorating it with ornaments and light, making cookies for Santa, blowing up our Santa Clause doll and snowman putting light outside of our house. Presints in gold green and red wrapping waiting for santa to come and waking up and opening gifts and that’s what Christmas mean’s to me.

Halle Ward Do you hear what I hear? Frosty the snowman was a fairytale they say, with a corn cobe pipe and a button nose with two eyes made

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out of coal. I like that song of Christmas. I listen to it every time it is Christmas day. Because it gets me into the Christmas spirit. This mean magic and spending time with my whole family.

Miranda Williams What’s green, red, yellow, and blue if you guessed my Christmas tree you were right. Every year on Christmas we go out to the store and buy a tree. Then we take it home and decorate it with green, red, yellow and blue ornements. Then on Christmas night we leave cookies and milk by the chimmney and hope its not there in the morning. Merry Christmas!

Scott Brauner Twas the night before Christmas, we all go to church. We sing some Christmas songs. Then we go to our house. We invite our grandparents over. Then we open presents! When we are done we wait till Christmas morning to our saprise we find something for me and my sister. It is a wonderful feeling to be with everyone.

Ashley Rosales It’s the night before Christmas and we make lots of goodies for tomorrow. I make some cookies and my mom makes muffins. When we’re done we go to bed. I’m waiting to hear Santa’s sleigh bells but I have no luck. I think in my head “I hope my dad will be hear on Christmas.” I will wish he stays safe in Iraq.

Mikayla Bell It’s Christmas morning and Santa came. There’s so much presents I got on Christmas. There’s a letter on my present and it’s from Santa. Dear Brittney, I hope you liked the presents I got you. Try to make your chimney a

Season’s Greetings 2009 little bigger next Christmas. I couldn’t fit in the chimney so I went through the front door, if tha’s okay with you. Brittney you almost sent on the naughty list so you bette be good for goodness sake. From Santa.

Brittney Rives Do you hear what I hear? Thump thump thumpedy thump thump!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a B.B.Q. at my mom and dads friends. We cook hamburgers and hot dogs. I love being with my family.

Aidan Huff When I wake up I wake up my brother and we look out in the living room. Presents! We wake up our grandma and we go in the living room and I don’t believe it a computer is out there! I opened another present and I got two Tony Hawk shirts, some tech decks, a skater dude, and a lot of other stuff. I love the Christmas joy. Have a happy Christmas.

Tanner Robins

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 • 9

Do you hear whit I hear... I her thump thumd on the roof and then I saw Sant Nik. he was wearing read and wite. He came in throgh the window and put 18 presents under the tree and a candy cane in or hand and fi lled our stalkings. He says “ho ho ho Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. If your not he wont give you presents. so have a good Christmas.

Caitlyn Seimer Do you know what is green and brown? My Christmas tree. We have a Christmas eve party and I play video games! We have my whole family come to my house and have fun. Then we all open one present and that’s it.

Fischer Jensen The sweet smell of the tree in the corner and when we go outside. We drive up the ski resort and ski down the fluffy hill. climbing right back up and going right back down the fluffy slope.

Heidi Schmitt Frosty roof tops which rudolph and santa slip on at night, I make snowman cookies with faces on them. I go in the kitchen to make cocoa. I go in the cupboard and grab marshmellows, I drop them in and I grab a spoon and stir the powder, I grab three cookies and put them on a plate and while everybody is asleep I hear a “Ho Ho Ho” and slipping sound. I open the curtain and santas boot is falling off his foot. I walk up stairs and he drank my cocoa and ate my snowman cookies. Presents are under the tree. It said From: Santa To: Samantha I had been waiting to see him but then I saw his sleigh and the reindeers bells on his harness. Then I hear anther loud “Ho Ho Ho”!!!! !The End!

Samantha Wienecke

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What is blue red and green? the light on our roof. All of the ornaments are on the tree and a big star on top. When I here thump thump! Santa is here. The presents come and I wait until morning so I can see them. - Happy Hlodays!

Anthony Thompson Parrazzo What I like about Christmas is eating with my family. We spend Christmas Eve at grandmas. Then we play games of wrestle. Also we get to eat same dessert. We go to our house. Then we get our three and decorate it we go to bed and we woit for santu to come.

Kaylee Rickel

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10 • Wednesday, December 23, 2009

T’was the night before Christmas when we hang up our tree and listen to music. I put on my decorations on the tree and listen to music. I put on my decorations on the tree and house. We drink hot cocoa until were full. I have a candy cane then go to bed. When I wake up I find presents under the tree. before I open my presents I eat a delicios meal. After that I open my cool presents. I got lots of stuff like a Christmas dress and more. I love the joy of Christmas morning.

Madison Murphy What a holiday means to me. The snow is good for snowball fights. but I like the slushies too. the best presents are fun to play with. I like all the presents I get every year. The best thing I got last year was a stuffed animal dog and a laptop. We decorate the tree with ornaments then we go to bed. In the morning Christmas is done. The end.

Jade M. Webb As I climb into bed I hear the noise of Santa, but I know that if I see him he won’t give me presents. I love looking at my house. The bright lights look so good. Ad I hear the thump of tree falling I put my hands over my ears and shout “look out below”. That is what the holidays mean to me.

Damon Little Do you hear hoof beats on the roof? Cause I do! I think it is santa claus. When santa claus came I crept to the living room, but I didn’t see him. Christmas means a lot to me because, play games, hanging with my family, and biulding snowmen. I love Christmas!

Morgan Drollinger

Season’s Greetings 2009

Do yo know why we have Christmas? Because that was when Jesus was born. Now I am going to tell you what I think about Christmas? I like it when we go to my grandma’s house the night before chrismas. We have a lot of fun becaus we get to open presents.

Tate Gahimer When I whent outside the snow was crunchy. I saw my friend playing outside. His house was decorated with golly old Santa. I wint to his house and we make a snowman. I almost forgot, his dad put dogs in front of a sleigh and chand them up in the front of the sleigh. We go on it and then we sleded like Santa. It is a fun holiday.

Shaun Brown The important thing about Christmas is family. On x-mas eve we walk to the tree line and pick out the perfict tree. We take it home and deckorate it. We also drinc hot coa coa. We make lots of yummy cookies. We also stay up late and watch x-mas movies. My favorite is Roudolf the red nosed reindeer. Then we go to bed. The next morning I out of bed. I tiptoe to my parents room, and there still alseep. I run to my room to get my wollies on. Ir rip my stocking right off the wall and jump outside. I march u the hill with my sled and weeee! I was sleding. I picked up my stocking and ran inside. I met my brothers by the tree. They didn’t ask where I was. Then

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Sequim Gazette

I smiled and opened my presents.

Lauryn Cameron Editors Note: Helen Haller Elementary 3rd grade teachers requested we spell check their essays from the originals written by the students.

Essays from Helen Haller Elementary School

Claire Hallinan’s Class The holidays mean so much to me. During the holiday season I love being around my family! I like to run around with my cousins, seeing people I have not seen in years, and eating until I get sick! This year my family is hosting Thanksgiving. Thirty-fi ve people are coming over. I love my mom’s pumpkin cookies and turkey stuffing. My mom bought two turkeys this year! I love it when my family gets together. I think my family does too! When my family gets together there always happy! On holidays I always get up early, because I am so excited! Seeing my family is fun for me! Hope you have a happy holiday season. I know I will!

Allison Van De Wege The holidays mean to me Christmas trees and ornaments, sparkly wrapping paper and warping gifts. My favorite foods are deviled eggs, pumpkin pie and apple pie too. My presents I want and the presents I have is a dance board and I want a sparkly ball. I feel that the holidays are important my family and me.

Ashante Woods

Sequim Gazette This paragraph shows what the holidays mean to me. Every Christmas I make a ginger bread house with my family. We like to eat it. I help my dad make a Christmas tree and put on ornaments. In my socking last year I got a watch, night vision goggles and a rock polisher. Every holiday we have family diner. Every Christmas we have prime rib. Our family dances together. We put the star on the Christmas tree.

Chris Santa Claus is cool. Because why? Because he can deliver presents all over the world in one night! Cool hu?! Gingerbread houses are cool. Because why? Because they are made of food and you can decorate it!

Dylan E The holidays are special, because I get to do stuff I don’t get to do all the time, like going to California or Seattle. And I don’t get to put a tree up a lot. That’s fun. I also get to travel quite a bit on holidays. I get to go to places like Poulsbo. That’s why the holidays are special.

Kyle Morton The Holidays are so special to me for three reasons. For desserts I sometimes have Jello or pie. Sometimes I have something with the Jello like marshmallow bunnies and whipped cream. Yum! Sometimes we have lemon meringue pie. I love to decorate the Christmas tree with many things. I have my very own ornaments! We put a star or a angel on the top of the Christmas tree. When I wake up on Christmas morning I wake up early like at 5:00 or 4:00. Then I sit next to the decorated Christmas tree with my favorite blanket and stuffed animal then wait till everyone else comes in. Then we open the presents finally! After that I eat breakfast. Maybe we will have waffles or pancakes. I have three reason to be looking forward to the holiday season.

Melody Workman

Season’s Greetings 2009 The holidays are a special time for me and my family for three reasons. Gingerbread houses is a house made of cookies and candy. We glue the candy on with frosting. Also we keep it up till valentines day. Christmas village is a mini Santa’s village. The village has Christmas like buildings. It lights up at night. Sledding is one of my favorite things about the holidays. We sled at night and day. Our backyard is sort of a hill. Once in awhile we crash into the fence. The Christmas season is very fun for me and my relatives it’s fun to look forward to.

Emily Glenn The holidays are special because of the Christmas gifts. I want Pokemon cards and Goosebumps movies. Thanksgiving is special to me because I get to try new foods like Haggis, lemon pie, and pudding and all those good foods. I like November because it is my birthday month Nov 21. I love the holidays.

Robby Streett The holidays are very to me for three reasons. First, I want to talk about my cousins my brother and I playing Hide and Go Seek together. All the cousins play Hide and Go Seek in my Oma and Opa’s backyard. When we eat Spetzile is always the main dish. Oma always makes it fresh with a pot of gravy! After everyone’s food is settled Oma always has Marble Cake with homemade whipping cream. After everyone’s ready to go Oma always has leftovers for people to take home.

Johnnie Young

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 • 11 My favorite holidays is Christmas. On Christmas morning my mom gives me toast with peanut butter and jelly at 12:00 am. Then I eat sandwiches for lunch. I eat dessert like cake and pie. Finally, at night we put up the Christmas tree. We decorate it with candies and presents around it. On Christmas, my brother and I opened our presents that are fantastic. My brother got cars, rockets, animals and plane. I got some clothes, shoes and candy. All in all, I love Christmas.

Nathalie Torres The holidays mean a lot to me like Christmas and Thanksgiving we bake cookies for santa. Sometimes we put out milk. For the Christmas tree we each have a little apple ornament with our names on them. For Thanksgiving we would go to grandmas house but then we moved to different state so now we just have Thanksgiving with our uncle.

Brook I like the Holidays for three reasons. 1. candy taste really good. 2. a Christmas tree with colorful ornaments with a star on top. 3. presents surprises. But Christmas is not about presents or candy Christmas is about when Jesus gave his life for us so we could have eternal life.

Elijah Welch I like the Holidays for three reasons. First, the smell of turkey makes me hungry. We bake it and eat the legs before my Grandpa. During the holiday , sometimes it rain. I splash in the puddles sometimes. Dessert apple pie and apple sauces. That’s what the holidays mean to me.


Christmas is very special because it snows sometimes. Having snow is fun on Christmas day. Thanksgiving is very special because we have turkey. We keep the wishing bone. I like the holidays because of snow and feast.

Dylann Heritage

12 • Wednesday, December 23, 2009 The Christmas because you give things to people and because sometimes is can be special. You can play with and have fun with your toys or you can buy things with your money. You can have something cool and you can hang ornaments on trees.

Caitlin Lowry I get to spend time with family. Uncles and aunts are very special. I get to help set up two Christmas trees. We decorate ornaments that were made by family. For example after a toilet paper roll is done you put it in some water and unfold it and you will have a diamond and you can color on it you can paint on it and put glitter on it. Desserts and pie are very tasty. I am also really looking forward to Christmas.

Caiton Smith I think about holidays as fun and happy. Presents are really fantastic. I like setting up the Christmas tree. I am putting up ornaments with family. Holidays have brilliant experiences you can ever imagine.

Hunter Perdue Holidays are special to me because of three reasons. Presents because its fun and special to me and you get cool things on Thanksgiving day because you get tons of foods and drinks. On Christmas day you get to hang ornaments on your tree and different pictures. I like holidays because of the food and presents.

Keesawn Whitney Christmas is fun because the tree, and presents, and cookies, and santa, and the lights, and the church we go to to

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Season’s Greetings 2009 get are presents but sometimes we get a lot and sometimes we get a few and in the church there is a bonus house, and face painting, and a room that you get your mom and dads presents. And they can’t go in there and there is a room that we can’t go in because our parents are getting us presents. And I love our Christmas tree because the lights and the star! And that is why I like Christmas and because I get to sleep in. And there is no school but I like school. And on Christmas it is Jesus’ birthday and there is snow so we can play in it, and watch it, and play with our new toys. -

Sincerely, Veronica Preciado I set up my Christmas tree I put on ornaments. And a star on top. When santa claus comes he rides on a slay with a sack of presents on his back. He puts them under your Christmas tree. We bake him cookies to eat. I go to my grandmas house she bakes apple pie. It is very good. I eat it all up. The holidays mean a lot to me.

Sequim Gazette the pilgrims because they tried really hard. And then we eat diner in honor of them. I like the part that you get candy because I like candy. I like that you get to dress up because I think it’s cool.

Jackson Blake “Oh look at that!” We are on a drive on Christmas Eve. Snow is pouring out of the sky. Beautiful Christmas decorations! House to house “look at all the decorations!” Santa decorations, beautiful lights shimmering off and on. We go down town. There are Christmas decorations on stores and restaurants too! At home we put decorations. My family and I put up lights on our roof, lights on our tree and pretty soon there’s a beautiful Christmas place right in our yard! I love to wait until dark and look at the lovely place we have made. We lay in our beds looking out our window into the sky where our tall tree glows in the moonlight. Then we finally fall asleep waiting until morning, where our presents will be found under our Christmas tree with sparkling ornaments on it!

Mariela Luster

Saige Turner Christmas is where you put up your Christmas tree and you put lots of Christmas ornaments on the tree and if you do not celebrate there you will not get presents. And when we eat we like chicken and other stuff my mom cooks this really good stuff and I do that every Christmas.

McKayla Woodward Holidays are celebration that people gather each other. First, Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. On Christmas, I would eat mini donuts for breakfast. A present is a gift from anybody. Pilgrim are people that discovered America. I like

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wow! Look at all the snow on the Christmas trees! Every Christmas Eve my family has a tradition to go to Lazy Jays Tree Farm to get a Christmas tree. Chop! Chop! Down to the ground. Then we tie it to the top of the car. When we get to our house, the tree smells like sweet, sour pine needles. When the Christmas tree is totally in the house, my family and I decorate. I like to put on my favorite small ornament. Afterwards, I like to light some candles and snuggle in a blanket looking at the huge sparkling tree. Only sometimes our cat likes to climb our tree pretending she’s wild. I think she likes to see the silver and gold lights. On Christmas Day the presents are waiting right under the huge glittery tree.


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Andrea Slack’s Class I like Christmas because you get to spend time with your family. A tradition my family and I have is we open one of our presents on the night of Christmas Eve. After we open our presents, we eat chocolate chip cookies. They taste best with milk. Sometimes my brother Adrin will come to visit us from the Navy. Christmas makes me so happy! Going sledding with my family is something we do together every year. We just go sledding in our yard because we have a lot of hills. I like to race my dad down the hill, because I usually win. Christmas always brings my family together.

Julia Cathro Every Christmas my family makes delicious cookies and muffins. The smell of hot muffins fi lls the air as I help my mom cook gingerbread cookie as I hear my family laughing and telling jokes around the table. Our delicious cookies bring happiness to my family.

Jacob Every Christmas my family draws a big paper fireplace because we don’t have a fireplace. My sisters and I argue over what it should look like. Sometimes my mom divides the paper into four parts. It always turns out great because we work hard on it. Usually we go to my grandma and grandpa’s house two days before Christmas. I play with my cousins all day. After that my Grandma gives us matching pajamas. We wear our pajamas on Christmas Eve. Christmas is my favorite time of the year because I get to see my extended family.

Brenden Jack I like the holidays because we stay up until twelve o’clock building snowmen, throwing snowballs, and putting snow

Season’s Greetings 2009 down each others necks. Once I made a snowball that was almost as big as me! Oscar, my little brother, and I like to build huge snowmen. They are very large. One was about the size of Oscar and I put together. Another reason I like the holidays is the nature craft. We dry oranges and lemons for hanging on the Christmas tree. We make little figures out of acorns, foil, pine needles, etc. This year we are also going to do something with tinsel. At Christmas I like to make things like holiday decorations, streamers, and gifts. I like making gifts. They are fun to make, especially since my mom lets me use the sewing machine. I can sew gifts, knit gifts, and craft gifts. Gifts are really fun to make. Another reason I like the holidays is because we get to make cookies. They taste great! I like making cookies for Santa Claus, our neighbors, and to just eat ourselves. It is very fun to twist dough in to candy canes and reindeer and things like that. The holidays are great.

Flora Visiting my grandma’s house is one of my favorite things because grandma and granddad make great tea. Grandma also makes the best turkey because the seasoning is delicious. My family always feels the same on the holidays... happy! This year I will have two Christmases. The first will be at my Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve. I hope that the train that goes around the tree will be there. My second Christmas will be at my Grandma Tally’s house. I’ve only been there once, and I’m happy to see her for the holidays. I’m happy to have two

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 • 13 Christmases this year!

Clay Morgan Every Christmas my family and I read the “Polar Express” out loud. Hiss goes the engine Creek go the wheels. It helps us get the Christmas spirit. I think it is a family tradition. Do You? Every Christmas we eat a delicious feast. All of the cookies and cakes piled on top of the table are as big as a mountain. The sound of music fi lls the air so I feel as if I am at the North Pole. The spoon is warm compared to my cold hands as I eat my mashed potatoes. The hot cocoa warms up my cold wintery mouth. The sweet smell of candy canes fi lls the air as I sort my presents. Our delightful feast brings happiness to our family.

Madeline On Christmas I have a great time because I get to spend time with my family I get to play with my cousins who live far away. We are always laughing and talking in the dining room because there is food in there. There is not enough chairs so we take turns sitting at the table. After Christmas my mom and my dad and my brother and I go to Spokane. I ride with my friend and the boys go with my parents. We all ride to hunting camp. Each family has there own trailer. We set up camp then the boys go hunting. The girls stay at camp and play in the junk yard. We tell each other what it is and what it does. That is why I like Christmas.

Yana Hoesel

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14 • Wednesday, December 23, 2009 Every Christmas we go to Seattle and celebrate Christmas at this big hall. First we decorate with decorations that we brought from home. All my relatives help decorate the hall with Christmas lights then we open presents we eat a snack. Then we open presents. After that we have Christmas cookies. Then we dance around on the floor and then we clean. And go to the house and eat more cookies.

Jasmine Every Christmas we eat a delicious feast. The smell of apples and cinnamon from the baking pies fills the house as we set the table. Once the table is set my mom brings out the food and we pig out. After dinner we ask for apple and pumpkin pie. Apple is my favorite because it is savory. Then we all help clean the table so it takes less time. When everything is clean we go to sleep anxiously waiting for Christmas morning to open our presents.

Sawyer Nute Christmas means a lot to me. My two step sisters and I go with my mom and dad to look at Christmas lights. We always drive around the neighborhoods singing jolly Christmas carols while we look at colorful Christmas lights and huge decorations in the yards. It is so delightful! On Christmas Eve we go to my grandparent’s house. Everybody gets a lot of awesome presents. We take turns in a circle to open presents. Then the grown-ups chat away while we all start playing with our new things. My daddy and grandpa help us open stubborn boxes and put together complicated gadgets.

Season’s Greetings 2009 On Christmas Day we go to my Nani’s house. She has a cute little doggy. We normally have an awesome dinner. My favorite dinner is Nani’s most famous meatballs. My favorite thing to do after dinner is to go get my Nani’s sleeping bag, cuddle up with her on the couch and watch funny Christmas movies. Christmas is my favorite holiday!

Violet O’Dell Christmas is fun because I like to eat turkey. Mom and Dad fry and put oil on the turkey and bake it. Little Sister chooses what to put on the side of the plate of turkey like cranberry, mash potatoes with gravy... Little sister chose cookies but Mom said no. I chose cranberry to put on the side of the turkey. When the table is all set and the turkey is done cooking we sit at the table to eat and tell jokes and laugh.

Sammy Niemeyer On Christmas Day we always watch holiday movies, like Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. When we wake up in the morning, we have pancakes and waffles. Then we open our presents. While my mom and dad are sitting on the couch drinking water and coffee, I get to open my presents. I open the smallest present first. I save the biggest present for last because it will be the most surprising. But also I get Christmas ornaments for next year.

Haley Holden Every holiday we make a gingerbread house. We use white frosting to put the gingerbread pieces together to make the shape of a house. We use little peppermint sticks and ju jube candies to make the door and windows. As we are decorating the gingerbread house, I like to taste the candies.

Sequim Gazette I like spending time with my mom making the house.

Kaitlyn Gigliette My family and I go to a celebration about Jesus. We dress up and I dress up as a shepherd, I use a staff. Everyone dresses up like the people when Jesus born. I also go sledding with my friends. I hit my friend Kenny on accident. After we sled we go and get something to eat. We also go to my cousin house to have a great time. I play the wii with Angel.

Alberto Tinoco I love Christmas because we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus before we open the presents. After we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus we sing Christmas carols sometimes. Also, we sometimes take pictures of my family and the presents. I have to wear my elf hat.

Amanda Sutherland The smell of hot chocolate fills the air as I watch Sponge Bob in my room. I know my mom is cooking when the smell of steak comes under my door I get so excited I sometimes hit the door. Every Christmas my family eats a delicious feast. All of the steaks piled on the table are big as a mountain. As we eat, I hear my family laughing and telling jokes around the table. This wonderful feast brings happiness to my family.

Jason Hall To me the holidays mean decorations, gifts and the love we share. We usually decorate our house right before Christmas. When I see the Christmas box I get excited but I also know it’s going to be a lot of work. On Christmas day when all the presents are ready there I can’t wait to open them but my parents say “not till we eat breakfast”. After breakfast we when everyone is ready I dash out of the dining room right into the living room. It’s fi lled with presents! I

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almost started to open one but my parents say “not yet” I say “why?” My mom says “let me go get my camera”. I always say “hurry up” to get it going. I always open my presents first. When I first see my family the first time they come in, I get lots of hugs and kisses. I even get my cheeks pinched and once in a while I get a present to put under the tree.

Season’s Greetings 2009

tree all lit up, we sit next to the tree and open our presents. My family becomes really excited as we quickly tear off the wrapping paper. Paper fl ies everywhere. We just can’t wait to see what we got. My family is very thankful for Christmas.

Raymond Lam

Jazen Bartee Christmas is a special time for me because I get presents. We also get candy canes from my mom, but I have to earn them. I can earn a candy cane by taking out the garbage or helping my brother with his chores. I love Christmas because it makes my family happy. We all give presents to each other. We spend a lot of time picking out the best present in the world for each person; it makes me happy to give my brothers presents they really like.

Kyler Rollness

Sammy Niemeyer Being with my family on Christmas Eve is important, because we eat dinner together. I help my family make yummy chocolate chip cookies. We stack about twenty four chocolate chip cookies on the table and watch the movie Snow Buddies on T.V. In the evening with the Christmas

makes deviled eggs and sometimes fruit salad. It is delicious. We have small bags made by ma grandparents for everyone. Each bag has our baby picture on it except for my dads. His has his initials on it. My mom and dad fi ll them up with treats. My dad fi lls up my mom’s and my mom fi ll up my dad’s and that’s our family tradition.

Mckenna Kelbel Every Christmas my family eats a fantastic feast. The smell of hot soup fi lls the house as my brother and I sit at the table waiting for our food. Sitting on the table is a big tender turkey. As we eat I hear total silence. The feast always makes our family happy. After dinner we open our presents. We laugh while our dad takes pictures of us and our presents. We usually get presents like play dough, board games and crayons. After we open all our presents we play with our new toys all day. I like Christmas as my favorite holiday because we are always get along.

David Buckley Holidays are special because we get to eat turkey. I love turkey because it is tan and tender and juicy. I love to eat turkey with cranberries. The holidays are good to me because we don’t have to go to school. School is hard work and the holidays give us a break. I get to sleep in during the holidays and that is better than hard work.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 • 15

Every Christmas my sister Kaite goes and gets her best friend Beacka, and we get our rubber sleds out. But before we jump on our sleds... we build a ramp out of snow. Then we go sledding in the middle of the loop. When we are done playing we go inside for a while. First we take off our boots and coats. Then we drink hot chocolate to get warm. After we are done drinking hot chocolate we go back outside. I had a lot more fun then last time.

Gabby Paulson Holidays are about family. Every year my whole family comes to my house to spend Christmas with us. My mom

Wishing you peace, love and happiness.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Thank you for your support throughout the years. From all of us at CLARK LAND OFFICE


Happy Holidays From

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16 • Wednesday, December 23, 2009 I really like to wake up my parents on Christmas so I can open my presents. I shove them till they crawl out of bed. I run down to the awesome presents. When my parents give me the eve of the GO to open the presents I tear it open so quickly I see the present in about four seconds. I’m always so exited about what I get. Later in the morning we started playing the wii. It was very fun. After a while I got really good. I really like the wii because you actually move.


Season’s Greetings 2009 Ann Riggs’ Class

would fix it. When she fixed it, I was so happy.

It was Christmas morning when I woke up. I rushed over to the presents. It looked like there were a million presents. My mom said, “Don’t open any presents till your sisters wake up. “ After my sisters woke up, my mom gave me a present that looked big, flat, and square. I tore open the wrapping paper and it was a trampoline! My mom told me to go look outside. I ran outside and there was a BMX bike! After I was done opening presents, I rode my BMX into the woods. There were big hills. I rode my BMX speedy fast and did a tail whip. After I was done riding on my BMX bike, I got on my trampoline and started bouncing very high. I did a 360 back fl ip! That Christmas was the best yet.

I go to my grandma’s on Christmas every year. I sit down with my whole family and we talk back and forth. My grandma gets up and down a lot because she’s fixing dinner. While I watch TV upstairs and my older sister helps cook dinner, my mom and dad go and buy presents. Then I play with my dogs outside in the freezing cold weather. My mom and dad get back. After they wrap my presents, we open the presents. We open presents by the youngest to oldest, except when my sister tricks me. I hand out my dad’s presents. I open the biggest presents first because I don’t know what’s inside. Then I go to my dad’s house and open presents. I go to my mom’s house. Then I go back to my house.

Adam Bugge

from the

Su Sunny Farms Family

Every Christmas my family has hot cocoa coa for Christmas! We celebrate hot cocoaa because of the true meaning of Christmas. s. We started it last Christmas. Every year my family gets a special mug. The mug I got was the Christmas mug. My brother got a John ohn Deere mug. Mom and Dad got plain mugs ugs with marshmallows. We do a cheer by the Christmas tree. We scream, “Hurray for the he hot cocoa!” The mugs go “cling-cling. “ Merry ry Christmas.

Hannah Eichacker

261461 HWY. 101 WEST • SEQUIM (360) 683-8003

Sequim Gazette

Christmas is my favorite holiday. When you open presents you don’t know what’s inside, so you want to shake it to see what might be inside. One time I shook my present andd it broke. I was sad. My glass tea set broke. Then my mom and I looked inside the box that the tea set was in. My mom said she

ShaRae Loushin

Kyle y Black My favorite holiday is Christmas. We get M to go g over to my grandparents’ house to see all of my m aunts and uncles that have come to visit. vis Usually it’s my aunt Kelsie, aunt Cary and an Jason. Sometimes Aunt Stacey and Uncle Roy even come to visit. That is if we’re lucky. e One of o our favorite things to do together is to go sledding on the biggest and steepest hill we sl can find. One time I stuck one foot out of my sled. It I stopped the sled sooo fast I did a front fl ip!!! W When I tried to stand I fell down. I was too dizzy couldn’t see because of the snow packed down dizzy and coul on my face. Another one of our favorite things to do is to An watch a movie and a eat goodies. But we always make the goodies first so that we can eat them while we watch. (Our favorite favorit things to eat together are Almond Roca, fudge, hot cocoa.) Every year before Christmas my fudge, and h brother and I make plans of how we will beat Jason and Uncle Roy in a snowball fight or how we will make a bigger snow man or snow fort than them. But sometimes

We wish you all the joys of the holiday season as you celebrate with family and friends.

119 N. Sequim Ave. Sequim 683-6338 In business since 1967.

Sequim Gazette when they all leave it seems like Christmass will never come again.

Kelly Meyer My favorite holiday is Christmas. Its timee the temperature dropped down to be reallyy cold out side. Santa is a great man becausee he has nice reindeer. (The reindeer do not kick Santa off his sleigh.) His reindeer should be eating too because if they don’t, they would die and all their powers will go back to Santa. Santa would have to find new reindeer and give them new powers. Santa may eat cookies, maybe not.. My mom gives carrots to the reindeer and the reindeer ate the carrots. (Did you know that at Santa’s reindeer and the sleigh have lights?) ?) Santa has a cool sleigh. Santa is always sitting ing in the front and the presents are in the back. k. Some presents are big and some presents are small. all. Once I got a poetry book. It was called, “The Bill Martin, Jr. Big Book of Poetry”. Santa gave it to me in a presentt box. b My M brothers and I get presents. I get more presents than my brothers. I got 22 presents and my brothers got 15 presents. Christmas is going to be my favorite holiday for the rest of my life. P.S. My favorite holiday is Christmas. So that’s the time when Santa comes. Santa comes from 1,000 miles from the South Pole.

Brandon Benson At my cousin’s house we always have food at Christmas time. At Christmas I eat crab. I dip the crab in the butter and eat it. It’s very tasty. It’s very loud in the house. People are eating and talking. We eat dumplings. They have meat or beans in them. I got to make cookies with my cousin. When we were done making them, I ate one. My cousin ate most of them. There were ten cookies left. My uncle put the cookies up on the refrigerator so he will not eat them all. He was a cookie monster. He could not stop eating the cookies. I think I had the best Christmas ever.

Amanda He On one Christmas morning my brother screamed as loud as he could. I woke up. I said, “why did you scream?” “There are so many presents.” I said, “Wow! There are a lot!” I was surprised. My mom woke up and said, “what is the matter?” she said “I’m so surprised.” She got my dad. He was surprised too. My sister woke up. She was crazy when she saw all the presents. I was happy and every body was happy too.

Abel Lelle Every Christmas my family opens presents. One Christmas my family was opening presents. My brother and I opened one present together because the little note on it said that it was for my brother and me. When we opened it it was two remote control helicopters that come in the same package. One of the helicopters was a blue army helicopter. I got a big bug that had really big yellow bug eyes. I shot my brother’s helicopter down. I always won. My next present was something that was really fun to play with. My sister got a Barbie set. Both of my brothers and I got a little present. A little tiny note on the present said

Season’s Greetings 2009 “From Grandma” so m my brothers and I ripped it open. It DVD. It was “Monster’s Inc.” After that was a DVD I opened my last present. It was a little tiny remote ccontrol tank. It was really tiny. We watched the movie. It was exciting but watch the same time it was weird. That’s at th my family and I open presents on why m Christmas. Chris

Liam Peers Li FFor Christmas I do lots of traditions. Our first tradition is that we bake a lot during the holidays. We bake all kinds dur cookies. We bake brownies, pie, and of co For our next tradition is that Jello. “Mmmm.” “Mm every year we buy a real Christmas tree from the same place which is another tradition. we enjoy hot apple cider and pick out Anyway w and then we left. When we get home our tree an we start decorating decoratin the tree with bows, bells and little balls. After we are done don with that, we decorated the fake tree that we have. It’s a lot bigger then the real tree and it will hold glass ornaments and heavy balls with our names on them. The fake tree is the one that has presents under it and the real one we plant in our yard every year. Our next tradition is on Christmas Eve we watch as many Christmas movies as possible to get the Christmas spirit. The kind of movies we watch are like “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” or “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer,” and “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.” Our next traditions is that on Christmas Eve we have a delectable dinner with sparkling cider, rolls, Jello, cookies, and turkey or salmon. Our next tradition is that right before we go to bed we make the room where the presents are going to be in spotless, like we vacuum it and pick up everything. Our next tradition is that on Christmas day after everybody wakes up, we open presents from youngest to oldest. So my sister goes first to open a present then me, my mom and my dad. Then for my pets whoever gave the present gets to open it for them. Then after an hour or so of playing with our toys, our final tradition is that after we open presents we go to my grandma’s house for a while. Then we go to my grandpa and nana’s house for a feast and to open presents from my relatives from Seattle. Then we go home. That’s how I spend my holidays.

Sean Weber One Christmas Eve my sister Hannah, my brothers Bryan, Beau, Cody and I went in the hot tub. Snowflakes were zooming around like a swarm of bumble bees. We would all make a snowball. Then put it in the water for a couple seconds so it’ll turn icy. Then we would pack it down. After turning it icy and packing it down it was pretty hard. Every time I make one it froze my hands and the felt like they were going to fall off. We threw the snowballs at icicles hanging off the gutter. To me the icicles looked like dong bear claws. We tried to knock the icicles off the gutter so we could eat them. But first we took off the part of the icicles that was attached to the gutter because it might have something gross on it. Then we’d just sit, enjoy the icicles and have a great time. That was my favorite Christmas memory so far.

Alyssa Lowe-Little

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 • 17 My favorite holiday is Christmas. I open presents and the kids pass out presents. The oldest people open presents first until the youngest person. Sometimes my younger cousin can’t wait that long. I open the biggest ones first and the littlest ones last. That’s the best Christmas ever.

Matthew Dahll My best Christmas was when I was in first grade in 2007. On Christmas we always make a gingerbread house. Listen closely so you will know how to make a gingerbread house. 1) Go to Wal-Mart and go to the cracker section and look for honey graham crackers 2) Go to the candy store and buy a king size gumdrop pack and a pack of Skittles. P.S. and peppermint swirls 3) Get some white icing at Costco 4) and get scissors 5) Get the graham crackers and stack three on each side. Tip: to make the graham crackers stick together 6) And you have a box 7) And for the roof put two or four graham crackers in a tent shape and stick them together 8) And you have a house shape 9) Get the scissors and turn over the house and cut a door shape from the front of the house and you have a door shape 10) And now we will make the gingerbread man. Cut our a figure of a graham cracker man 11) Get out a gum drop 12) And pop three tiny circles out and put frosting on the back of them 13) Put two dots almost to his head for the eyes 14) And put the last gumdrop in the middle of his head and you have eyes and a nose 15) On the side of the house make whatever pattern you want and when you are done with the sides put candy over the frosting 16) And sprinkle Skittles all over the top of the roof 17) And get the peppermint swirl and sick it right above the door... and you’re done. And that is how you make a gingerbread house my way.

Dominic Sagers I see my auntie on the porch talking to my mom and I’m tasting snowflakes in the air. I ran inside from the porch smelling the turkey from outside the wind. When my Moma was getting dressed I touched the cake before dinner. After my moma was done, she took the turkey out. She put it on the table. Then she told me to get everybody to come in the house for dinner. The sound of my moma’s voice makes me smile. Papa tells a story by the fire. Mom and I sit with Papa and listen to him. He told the story about “Frosty the Snow Man” in a different version of the real story which was better. After Papa was done Moma said to me “You tell a story.” My story was about Santa and his elves. Well, I guess you can say it’s a song and a good jolly one, too.

Ashlyne LeRitz My grandparents always pick the best Christmas tree. It’s so glittery with all of the twinkling lights. And it’s big. In fact, it’s a tall as a giraffe! The bright star touches the tippy top of the three story house. I have no idea how they get all of the ornaments on the tree. The bottom of the tree is fi led with big and little presents for my 13 cousins. It’s a nice family tradition tree. On Christmas Eve I lay in bed thinking about why my grandparents pick such a big tree. I didn’t want to ask my grandparents because I wanted to figure out what I thought. But my head was empty. It was a mystery to me. On Christmas morning, I went to see the big Christmas tree. I was still wondering why my grandparents picked such a big tree. About 5 hours later

Season’s Greetings 2009

18 • Wednesday, December 23, 2009 the bottom of the big Christmas tree was almost bare. I looked at my big family, then I looked a the big tree. Then I had a brainstorm. Maybe the big Christmas tree stand for my big family. I’ve decided that’s what I think. I just love the Christmas tradition tree.

Ana Eyre

it. It was 5:30 and I had to wait until I got to open my giant present. Finally I opened it. It was a big board and soccer balls. When you hit the handle it launches the balls. Then I had to go to bed. When I got up I played with it all day. What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Caden Robert

I have lots of fun on Christmas Eve. Every December first we put up a calendar with a beaded candy cane. Each day my brother, Nicholas, and I move it one more space forward. We also make some paper chains. We hang them up in our rooms. We agree if we take off a ring in the morning or at night. Once it is Christmas Eve we bake cookies and get eggnog. I put them on Santa’s plate and pour the eggnog in his cup. Then I wait and smell the delicious fudge cookies and eggnog. Secretly I take one cookie and go in to my room and eat it. Then I go out with no evidence on my face. I help my mom with the Christmas village we do every year. When we are done we go to my grandma’s house and look at her Christmas village. We all have a big feast and wait until the next morning.

Isabella Fazio

I will always remember our Christmas celebration of 2007. When it was the first time I had Christmas with my uncle. It was fun because we watched 3 movies that were so hilarious. While they were watching the movies, my mom and I were making cookies. They were hard to make. It was the best Christmas I ever had!

Rudy Franco

Quinn Danielson My favorite holiday is Christmas!!! I can remember last year in 2008 my mom put the Christmas tree up the day before Halloween. It was funny. I can remember what kind of tree I got last year. I got a giant tree last year. I get up to put the ornaments on the tree. I get to put Christmas stickers on the living room closet mirror at my Grandma’s house. I got to put up the Christmas lights on the tree. We put a Santa with a sleigh tablecloth on the kitchen table. Every year I put a present pouch to put mail in. We put it on the living room closet mirror. We put Christmas pillows on the beds and couches. The most important thing about Christmas is Santa. I wish you a Merry Christmas. Ho Ho Ho.

Tate Kinney I w i l l a l ways re member our Christmas celebration of 2007. When I woke up I saw a giant present. It sounded like a bag of marbles and a board. It was really hard. I was a little present next to

Every year my grandma and grandpa come over to open presents and celebrate Christmas with us. First we wait until grandma and grandpa come over. We show them around the house. Then we open presents. My grandma and grandpa get me really cool things. My brothers and my sister get me cool toys, too. But my Mom and Dad get me the best toys. After opening presents we have some lunch. We have pizza then we watch some movies like “Ratatouii”, Caddy shack”, and “Cats and Dogs”. Then we have a little snack like cookies. Then sometimes my brothers play games with me. My brothers are bigger brothers. They are really, really good. Then we have dinner. Some of my favorite foods that we have are artichokes and potatoes. Then we have pie for dessert. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Ethan Mair Every Christmas I go to my grandma’s with my cousin. We always eat dinner. After dinner, we open presents. We all got what we wanted. But we all mostly got stuffed animals every time, which I loved. After a long, long time we all have cake and ice cream that is really really.... good! But then we have to leave I always want to stay and visit... But we have to go home which is really, really sad.

Lillyan Paulson Every Christmas I go to my Grandma’s house. I unwrap most my presents. Then I go to my house to open the rest of my Christmas presents. I feel happy to eat my gingerbread house. When we are done we unwrap our Christmas stocking and I say, “Thank you Mom and Dad for the wonderful presents.” My brother and I wrestle and tell jokes after unwrapping Christmas presents. I think that it was the best Christmas yet.

Sequim Gazette

Christmas is my favorite Holiday. I don’t like Christmas because of the presents or toys and gifts. It’s because of spending time with family and friends. Last year we went to my uncle’s house. We had eggnog and watch “Elf” and “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”. We played “Hoth Battle in Empire Strikes Back in the snow”. Christmas is awesome. I got to bake cookies and make a cake for my aunt’s birthday which is on Christmas Day. At 6:00, I put out milk and cookies for “Santa” and light a candle. I went to bed. In the morning, I walked out of my room and down the stairs. I was surprised the candle was not lit. There was a letter. It said, “Dear Max, The blue and red present was Chloe’s and the red and green presents were mine.” There was a huge present. It was wrapped in red, green and blue wrapping paper. We thought it was Chloe’s, but we had to search for a tag that told if it was mine or Chloe’s present. Then we finally found out whose it was. It was mine. I opened the last present. It was a quad. Chloe’s mouth was as low as her shoulders. I broke it’s wheel on the first day. We all laughed. It was the end of Christmas. I did not want it to end but it had to. I felt like Christmas will never come back next year.

Max Dealy Erickson Zuspan Every year I celebrate Christmas. I buy an ornament and a pair of pajamas. I always make a list to Santa Claus when he comes. I always make cookies for Santa Claus and carrots for the reindeer before Christmas. I watch the same movies every year. To count down the days until Christmas, we use a house with chocolates. Before I look at the presents that Santa and my parents gave me, I have to see if Santa and his reindeer ate the snacks. Then I look at my list. My family always puts up the Christmas tree early. When we decorate we put saints in a circle around the Christmas tree. Jesus goes in the middle. Before Christmas I read every Christmas book in my house. Then I get a Christmas book to read to my dog. On Christmas I go to restaurant. Those are my traditions.

Tre Indelicato

Tami Wall’s Class On Christmas I love to go sledding. My family sometimes goes to Lake Cushman around Christmas time. We make big jumps out of snow and go off them. My cousin Jake helps me go snowboarding a little bit too. But then I get cold so I go inside and have some hot cocoa. Then I get new clothes because my other clothes are soaked from the snow. Then I go sit on a comfy sofa next to the beautiful tall tree.

Dalton Brown Ow! That little turkey nipped at me. First, I like turkeys because they always chase me around. Second, I love to feed turkeys because I like watching them eat their meal. Also I think turkeys are super, totally, extra awesome creatures. I wish I had a turkey but not one that pecks a lot. I extremely love eating turkey. Yum! I have not seen turkeys that often though.

Joey Oliver When I wake up in the morning on Christmas day there are presents under the Christmas tree! One at a time we take a present from the tree and we open one at a time. Then we open all of them. We go outside and have a snow ball fight. One Christmas I got a laser fighting game. I may get a PSP. I hope!

Shae Everett Zentz Youch! My cousin and I fell off our red sled and on the frosty ice. But it was so funny. Ha, Ha, Ha! First my cousin, Sydnee and I got our red sled. Then we put our red sled on the cold ice. Next we took turns pulling each other. Sometimes we ride our blue bikes on the frosty ice. But we had to be careful not to slip! The most fun part of the day is going down the hill. Weee! After sledding we drink hot chocolate and maybe put some marshmallows Mmmmmm!

Jasmine Itti Last year I decorated the tree with green flowers. The cookies were white and the tree was all green. It was cool and I put buttons on a snowman and a snowdog. I put lights all around my house and I put lights upstairs. I decorated a little tree upstairs. It was cute. The tree was big.

Britney Bergmen

Season’s Greetings 2009

Sequim Gazette I want this Christmas tree mom! I just love Christmas trees. Absolutely, with decorations too. I like touching Christmas trees with the decorations too. Decorating on trees is awesome. You can put popcorn on it and lights and holiday balls and Santa that hangs on the tree. I enjoy Christmas trees a lot. I will have a great Christmas day and a huge tree!

Damien Cundif At my house on the day before Christmas we open one gift. When opening them I like finding red greenish toys and clothes. I love to open presents. I mostly find toys. I also find clothes that were red and blue. I love presents. Last year I almost had 30 gifts that were games toys and clothes. I love Christmas day. Last year one of my gift was skinny and orange shirt.

Baley Gorr My mom spends time with us. She lets us eat candy canes and cookies even ginger bread men. We make snow men and snow angels. I like to cuddle my family. I like to cuddle on the coach and I like to help make all kinds of Christmas treats. My mom and my sisters and me make Christmas goodies and give them to my family. When it snows out we take our dog’s out and play with them. Last year I buried my papa except for his head when he got out he was freezing. I love Christmas!

Hailey Salinas Sanders I really enjoy it when it snows. Nothing reminds me more of Christmas than when it snows. Every year, when are family comes to are house, I am always excited. First, we have to get ready for the family to come it is hard. I just can’t wait for Christmas. My mom and I make lots of decorations and cookies like, ginger bread cookies, candy cane reindeer, peanut brittle, and home made holiday tree

ornaments. My dad puts up Christmas lights. Our whole family works together to put up the tree and the Christmas ornaments. Finally Christmas is here Yay! I am so excited for Christmas. Our family comes to our house for Christmas. We have a lot of family. We eat lots of food on Christmas Eve like ham, turkey, chicken, salad, green beans, cookies, cakes, Jellos, and pies. After dinner we talk and then we get to open presents. While I open presents I like to look out the window and watch it snow. I really love Christmas and I am really happy that we get to celebrate it. I hope this Christmas will be better than ever. But I’m not worried because we always have a great Christmas every single year. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 • 19 My mom and my brother and I drive up to grandma’s house. We eat lots of food for Christmas Eve! (I like mash potatoes) We also watch football on cable. Yea! The Seahawks won! I get at least five presents every year! (I got a pool once for summer time) And on that holiday night we might bring are dog to Wal*Mart and buy him a green doggy stocking. Its going to have lots of dog toys. I want to have another good Christmas. I also hope you do too. Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

Haylee Klink

Elizabeth Sweet Before we eat are wonderful dinner my cousin and I have to make up some dance moves and a song so we can show it at dinner. Then I ask my mom if I can spend the night. She says “yes” we steal her brothers glass and watch movies. We sneak to the to get the rest of the cookies then we change and run outside and play in the white snow. Later in the morning we go to the store and buy ice cream and buy more toys.

Elena Najera “Hey mom! I love you. When is Christmas dinner going to be ready?” “I don’t know sweetie.” “ok.” I love sitting down with my family and eat a great dinner. And in the morning, what I eat is pancakes that look like snowflakes. And in the morning we might go outside and play in the snow. And after dinner, we will eat a nice dessert. Every year for dessert we always have something different. And every year I get to decorate the tree. I get to put purple and green and blue and gold and silver and red decorations and angels and stuff I made in school. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We wish you and yours a joyous Christmas season and thank you for the opportunity to serve you. We’re there for you, every step of the way, for all your needs – Homes, Land or Investments.

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Season’s Greetings 2009

20 • Wednesday, December 23, 2009 Out of all the stockings mine is the biggest in all the family. The smallest is my pet’s stocking. The shape of our stockings are all different. My mom’s stocking is a brown teddy bear. Mine is a picture of Santa. And my pet’s stocking is a brown paw print. In side the stockings are gifts. All sorts of presents. Christmas is a fun pleasure.

Dylan Jensen Our family goes to the kitchen and cooks yummy snicker doodles. After that we all sit around the fire place on Christmas Eve. Mmm! Is that ginger bread I smell? After that we all have a great time!

Calina Marie Ersland Every year my sister and I open one present on Christmas Eve. Then we have snow ball fights. At night we sleep by the fake Christmas tree with lots of ornaments. We also put a list of stuff we want. When dawn comes we open presents one by one. Then we go to my grandma’s house to eat delicious dinner. After dinner we open more presents. We all have small green stockings too.

Jeni Alencastre Ohhhh! Look at those lights. They are so lovely on Christmas night. I admire the colors red and green. I love Christmas because we get gifts like a pink scooter, a red Christmas shirt, a pair of jeans, a shirt and toys. That is my favorite part of Christmas because we get to play with the toys like a doll, a toy car and a stuffed bear. I love Christmas!

Caitlyn McDonald

soccer ball that I like that’s light gray and dark red. Other special gifts were a baseball bat and a baseball ball. I wonder what kind of present I might get this year?

Sequim Gazette not that far.

Judah Vickery My favorite part of Christmas is decorating the tree. What is your favorite part of Christmas? Putting the lights on is fun too but there are lots of things that you can enjoy. You don’t have to have one favorite part of Christmas. You can have two or three. It doesn’t matter . My grandma Lilith comes to my house at Christmas and so does Chanel, my big sister. Who comes to your house on Christmas?

Obed Lopez Hey I wanted to put that up, but its ok! I just like Christmas Eve. I especially like it when we put lights on the Christmas tree. I admire how the Christmas tree lights blink in the night, and when the train moves in the night. My mom and I put on sixty bulbs on the Christmas tree. It looks beautiful! I like it when my mom puts on the candles because it smells good and it looks beautiful.

David Calderon Castro Rip! Rip! That present is so cool! First get wrapping paper folded and taped to each side. Then put on a big red bow. Then on Christmas you open huge presents. Here is how. First you tear off the big red bow! Then tear the wrapping paper off. Then go up to your room with your favorite huge presents. Then wear, watch or play with them!

Faith Langdon My favorite part of the holidays is opening presents on Christmas morning. I quietly watch t.v. until mom and dad get up. When everyone gets up I eat breakfast. We sit in front of the tree and everyone opens presents at the same time. Santa fills my stocking with candy and stuff. My pets get pet toys. I love Christmas time.

Nick Mays

Zac Baermann On Christmas day I go to my grandma’s house. I love seeing my relatives. My Cousins, Aunt and Uncles. So, we play a bit. Then we go to her other house and have some food. Then we open our presents. When it’s night, we go home.

Mom cooks a turkey and macaroni and cheese. What is special for me about Christmas? I play games all day long. I talk to grandma & grandpa on the phone. They live in Utah!

Brady Dove

Nick Kingsley Oh my! I can’t wait until I open a present! At least one! I like to open presents so I could see what’s inside. I really love gifts because I usually get big toys and clothes! Last year I got a jacket that says south pole. It’s light blue. I also got a

Oh yeah I love Christmas!! It’s my best holiday. Snowballs are fun. I always make sure my super white snowball is ultra good. I try to aim very perfectly. I throw hard but

I enjoy Holidays because in the evening you can sit down with your family and have a great dinner. I think holidays are great.

Kili Jeanmarie

Candlelight Christmas Service December 24th

7:00 pm.

Featuring Kelbi, Every Child’s Guardian Angel. She will be telling “The Christmas Story.” Come join us for an evening of Christmas with Kelbi, Every Child’s Guardian Angel. She performs “The Story of Christ”. This evening will warm your heart. Families will enjoy an old fashioned Christmas. Through music and song. Kelbi’s Christmas Angel narrates a traditional Christmas story. This fully produced stage show features a realistic living room set, lighting and special effects. An Old Fashion Christmas is Kelbi’s way of giving back to the community and warming the hearts of children everywhere - starting with her own neighborhood. She believes that we should all “Keep kindness in our hearts.” Children will be able to come up and greet Kelbi and receive an autograph picture and a small gift from the angel herself. 847 N. Sequim Avenue • 683-4135

205-Seasons Greetings 2009  
205-Seasons Greetings 2009  

Season’s Greetings 2009 Wednesday, December 23, 2009 • 1 Sequim Gazette