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Wedding Planner 2010


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Wedding Planner 2010


Year-Long Wedding Checklist By Kathy Scott Your wedding is about six months to a year away. Do you know what to do and when to do it? Here is a timeline that specifies the approximate time tasks should be completed. Use this list as a guide.

Six to 12 Months ❑ Contact a Wedding Coordinator. ❑ Prepare for your new life by kicking bad habits and getting healthy (Hynoplace). ❑ Decide on what kind of wedding. Less formal weddings are usually held in the morning or early afternoon. Late afternoon and evening weddings are traditionally more formal. ❑ Decide on the time of day. Are you prepared to feed your guests dinner or do you want a simple ceremony with cake and punch only? The time of day that you choose will dictate the food choices. ❑ Choose a location (The Cutting Garden). Remember to take into consideration what the weather could be like on your wedding day, and choose a location with indoor and outdoor options. ❑ Pick a date. Do this as soon as possible so that your bridal party and faraway family can begin making arrangements for motels and scheduling time away from their jobs. ❑ Set a budget. This is so important. Discuss it carefully between the two of you and your respective families. ❑ Select the bridal party. It is important to do this as soon as possible so these special people can set aside time to fulfill their duties and roles in your wedding. ❑ Choose your colors. Your flowers, attire, linens and cake will reflect your choice. Since you have to shop for these items fairly far in advance, it’s important that you are rock-solid on your color decision. ❑ Choose and order the bridal gown, bridesmaids’ gowns and accessories (Black Diamond Bridal). ❑ Start planning the honeymoon. Discuss this with the groom and let him make some of the major choices. ❑ Begin your bridal registry. Visit your favorite stores and choose items that you will need to start your life together (Necessities & Temptations). ❑ Select the caterer (Cameron’s Café & Custom Catering), photographer (Natural Light), florist (Avant Garde), wines (Damiana’s Best Cellars), and musicians. Keep their phone numbers handy. ❑ Start planning the reception. Secure a hall, hotel or whatever suits you for your reception area (Sunland Golf & Country Club). ❑ Start your premarital counseling. Some churches require this for a marriage. ❑ Choose and order the wedding rings. Decide if rings will have custom engravings (Peninsula Awards and Trophies).

Three Months ❑ Complete the guest list. ❑ Place an order for Invitations. ❑ Order wedding recepting decorations. (Extravaganza!). ❑ Plan to have both mothers select their dresses. The mother of the groom will often wait for the mother of the bride to select her dress. ❑ Finalize the reception. (SunLand Golf & Country Club). If you are going to rent anything, do it now. ❑ Make reservations for the honeymoon. Remember to tell them you will be newlyweds. You’ll be surprised how many perks you will get. ❑ Confirm the dates and times with the florist (Avant Garde), caterer (Cameron’s Café & Custom Catering), photographer (Natural Light), musicians and location (The Cutting Garden). ❑ Discuss transportation to and from the wedding and reception sites. ❑ Order the wedding cake (Raindrop Desserts). ❑ Choose and order the tuxes (The Toggery). ❑ Schedule the bridesmaids’ dress fittings. This would also be a good time to choose and dye the shoes if necessary (Black Diamond Bridal).

Two Months ❑ Choose items for engraving such as rings, metal toasting flutes, cake servers and wedding party thank-you gifts (Peninsula Awards & Trophies). ❑ Mail the invitations. ❑ Get the marriage license. ❑ Finalize the honeymoon plans.

One Month ❑ Reserve accommodations for the guests. ❑ Record gifts received and send thank-you notes. Many couples think that they have to wait to send those thank-you notes. Get them done as soon as the gifts begin to arrive. ❑ Plan the rehearsal and dinner. This is the responsibility of the groom and his family but all should work together on this. ❑ Purchase gifts for the bridal party. Brides often buy earrings or necklaces that the bridesmaids can wear to the wedding. Popular choices for the groomsmen are money clips, keychains or ball caps (Necessities & Temptations). ❑ Schedule the final fittings for bride and bridesmaids (Black Diamond Bridal). ❑ Schedule appointments at beauty salons for attendants, if needed (Hair Trix). ❑ Taste and order wine selections for reception (Damiana’s Best Cellars). ❑ Hold the bridal shower (Stella & Dot). ❑ Purchase a guest book and decide where it will go.

Two Weeks ❑ Finalize the wedding day transportation. ❑ Arrange to have names changed on driver’s license, social security card, etc.

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You shouldn’t have to fit into a set menu. We will create a completely personalized menu for you!

One Week ❑ Start packing for the honeymoon. Be sure to choose clothing that you won’t need during this very busy week. ❑ Finalize the number of guests with the caterer if not already done (Cameron’s Café & Custom Catering). ❑ Plan seating arrangements for the guests. ❑ Have a beautician practice fixing your hair. You may also want to practice your make-up or make an appointment at a department store to have it done for you (Hair Trix). ❑ Make sure that wedding rings are picked up and fit. ❑ Dress to be steamed and prepared for your big day.

Relax and enjoy your big day!

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Wedding Planner 2010


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Keep It Small By Tresa Erickson While some couples go all out and invite everyone they know to their wedding, others opt for a smaller, more intimate affair. Although they can be less costly, small weddings are not always easy to pull off. Whittling the guest list to a select few can be difficult and cause conflict among family members. If you would like to keep your wedding small, you need to be aware of the pitfalls and approach the initial planning with tact. You must decide first just how small you want your wedding to be-10 people, 20 to 40 people, 100 people? The smaller your guest list, the more lightly you will have to tread. There will be people who expect to be invited to your wedding and they will be hurt and angry when they do not receive an invitation. You can accommodate for this by having a large bridal shower or postwedding party and inviting everyone not invited to your wedding to that. With number in hand, you can turn your focus to whom to invite. Depending upon how small your target number is, you may have to make some hard decisions like excluding extended family or children from your guest list. Whatever your decision, be prepared for conflict. No doubt there will be some hurt feelings. There might also be pressure to change your mind and have a larger wedding. Don’t give in. It is your wedding. If you want it to be small, you should have it that way. After you have completed your guest list, make a list of everyone you couldn’t invite and find a way to let them know why they weren’t invited. Send them a note, shoot them an e-mail or give them a call. If you intend to have a large bridal shower, you may be able to wait until then to let everyone know that you will be having a small wedding. When letting others know of your decision, be tactful. Let them know that while you would have liked to invite everyone, you chose not to for personal, financial or other reasons. Reassure them that they are still very much a part of your life and thank them for everything they have done for you. In spite of your best efforts, some people will not understand why they were not invited. They will be hurt, angry and disappointed, so much so that they may refuse to attend your bridal shower or post-wedding party. Try not to let it get to you. Give them time to cool off and focus on making your wedding the best that it can be. Choosing to have a small wedding is easy; implementing the idea, on the other hand, takes work. Be prepared and forge ahead with a smile on your face.

A Permanent Reminder Of The Cherished Day Your wedding day is just months away, and the time has come for you to select a photographer. You have spoken to several in the past weeks, and they all want to know what style of photography you are most interested in. You’re not up on the current trends in wedding photography and could use a brief review. There are two basic approaches to wedding photography: portrait and photojournalistic. In the former, subjects pose for the pictures; in the latter, they don’t; the shots are more candid. Many brides and grooms opt for a combination of the two, often hiring a photographer familiar with both styles or separate photographers for each style. Photojournalism has become quite popular in weddings in recent years. Couples want to see the story of their wedding unfold from what goes on behind the scenes in the dressing rooms to the connections made at the reception. Photographers work to capture all of the little momentsthe flower girls’ mischievous grins as they chase each other in the dressing room, the look on the father’s face when he sees the bride for the first time, the mothers’ intensity as they light the unity candle. In spite of the popularity of photojournalism, portrait wedding photography is not going away any time soon. The majority of couples still want the standard posed portraits. These days, however, many are choosing to have their wedding portraits taken with a high-end fashion approach. A throwback to fashion magazine shoots, in-vogue wedding photography maximizes the glamour of the moment and makes the couple look their best, almost like celebrities, through digital image editing and manipulation. Shots are very artistic and the editing is very skilled. When it comes to the style of your wedding photos, it is your choice. You can stick to formal portraits or go for more candid shots. To ensure you get what you want, select a photographer with care. Interview each of the candidates on your list, find out what their interests are and review their portfolios. If they Photos courtesy of Natural Light Photography seem more familiar with portrait photography and you are interested in having portraits and candid shots, you may want to look for someone else. For the best results, find a photographer who is comfortable with both styles and has some experience with the in-vogue trend if that’s what you’re after. FFeatured d on the h cover off

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Tastes tend to change considerably over the years, and nowhere is this more apparent than in wedding planning. Many brides today are opting for fewer, but more daring floral designs in their weddings. One of the biggest changes in wedding floral design is color. Lighter, more muted shades are now being replaced with brighter, bolder hues. Brides today are not afraid of mixing reds and yellows, oranges and purples, and greens and blues. Along with stronger colors, many wedding floral designs feature herbs, fruits, vegetables and other striking pieces. These help create interest and add dimension. To create even more drama and interest, many brides are varying the contents of their centerpieces. Gone are the identical baskets of flowers on each table. In their place are various kinds of flowers in various sized containers. You might find a large wicker basket of tulips on one table and a slender crystal vase of lilies on another. As for the bouquets, brides are going for a simpler, sleeker look, with many choosing hand-tied or posy bouquets. Small, compact, tasteful bouquets with exquisite flowers and gorgeous accents are ideal. Flowers may be embellished with beads, crystals, faux jewels, feathers or pearls. These may be glued inside petals, strung on wires over petals, threaded onto thin strands of glass within petals or left to dangle. Ribbon has also made a comeback, but instead of being used in bows, it may be wrapped around the flower stems. For brides that choose not to wear a veil, flowers may be the answer. They may use flowers from their bouquet in their hair, attaching them with pins or securing them to barrettes or a headband. These days, brides are being more daring with the flowers for their wedding. Bold is in!

Wedding Planner 2010

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Green Weddings By Tresa Erickson You just got engaged, and much to your delight, your fiancé has suggested you keep the wedding close to home and make it as green as possible. Like you, he supports many environmental causes and believes everyone should do their part, even when they are getting married. You have already made the first good green decision, keeping the wedding at home. The closer the wedding is to your guests, the shorter of a commute they will have to make and the less fuel they will consume. For guests that are willing, you can set up carpools by hybrid to transport them to and from your wedding to save even more fuel. For guests that are out of town, try finding bus or train routes they can take and encourage them to use those modes of transportation to save fuel. The next step is finding an eco-friendly venue. Obviously, having your wedding outdoors is the easiest way to save energy, but if you’re getting married in the early spring, late fall or winter, that option may not work for you. Eco-friendly venues are out there; you just have to find them. Many hotels and resorts now offer eco-friendly wedding packages. You might also go an alternative route and get married at an organic farm or orchard. If you can’t find an eco-friendly venue, don’t despair. You can go green in many other ways. When shopping for apparel, keep the three Rs-reduce, reuse, recycle-in mind. Buy vintage gowns and tuxedos and turn them into something else afterwards, or rent or borrow gowns and tuxedos. If you must have new apparel, look for pieces you can wear again or shop at eco-friendly suppliers. Many designers now make wedding dresses and other formalwear out of hemp and other sustainable materials. You should use the same principles when shopping for wedding rings. Consider buying vintage or used rings and having a local jeweler turn them into pieces you’ll cherish forever. If you prefer new rings, look for ones made with recycled metals and stones. Tree-free or 100% recycled paper is the way to go with invitations. Of course, if you really want to reduce waste, consider sending electronic invites. Mail tangible invitations to guests who rarely use the computer and electronic invites to those who use their computer for everything. As for the food, flowers and favors, you can definitely make green choices in these areas. Local is the key word here. Find an eco-minded caterer and work with them to create a menu made from foods grown locally. Rent your linens and tableware, or look into biodegradable or recycled disposable options. Donate your leftover food afterwards instead of throwing it out. Select an eco-minded florist to create arrangements using locally grown flowers or make the arrangements yourself using flowers from your own garden or a friend’s. Throw the flowers into the compost bin afterwards. Finally, look for eco-friendly favors that will make your guests more aware of the environment and the importance of making good choices. When selecting decorations for your ceremony and reception, again keep the three Rs in mind. Borrow or rent as many items as you can. Then look for items that you can reuse or recycle. Add bows to the pews and turn them into throw pillows afterwards. Place your wedding cards in various places around the room and recycle them afterwards. Strew flower petals on the tables and toss them into the compost pile afterwards. You can even go green with the music. Skip the band or DJ. Hire an instrumentalist or vocalist instead and ask them to leave all of their electronic equipment at home. Whether acoustic or sung a cappella, the music will be beautiful. Continue your efforts to go green with your wedding gifts. Set up a registry of eco-friendly gifts. If you are combining houses and don’t really need anything, request your guests contribute to one of your favorite environmental causes in lieu of buying you a wedding gift. Contrary to popular belief, going green at your wedding Visit the Toggery soon, where our capable staff doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. You can still have the will show you our full selection of tuxedos. Our wedding of your dreams; you just have to be willing to take in-store tailors do final fittings and fine-tune any needs. We will be pleased to help the time to explore your options. If it seems overwhelming, last-minute you with this very special occasion. consider hiring an eco-minded wedding planner. They will know all of the ins and outs of having a green wedding and have access to people and places that you don’t.

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Wedding Vegetarian Style You are a vegetarian, your beloved is a vegetarian, and many of your friends and family are vegetarians. The matter is settled. You are serving vegetarian foods at your wedding. Not all of your guests will be expecting a vegetarian menu, so it is best to let them know in advance of your decision. You may do this in one of two ways. You may let close family members know and ask them to spread the word, or you may divulge the information on your invitations. You may note that a vegetarian reception will follow and include the vegetarian choices on the response card. This will ensure guests know what to expect and prevent conflict later. As for the foods you serve, you should do your best to provide a mix of the familiar and unfamiliar. When surrounded by foods they know, like breads, pastas, soups and salads, guests might be more willing to try unusual selections like mung bean cakes or spinach and artichoke bruschetta. Should you decide to have the food catered, you may hire a caterer or a restaurant specializing in vegetarian foods. Either way, communication is a must. Meet with individuals involved frequently to discuss the menu and make sure it works for you. Make suggestions and provide recipes. Should you decide to do the food yourself, you will need to start planning right away. Collect some recipes and make out a menu. Then arrange for some helpers to assist you in preparing the food. Do as much as possible before your big day and have your helpers finish whatever remains. This will allow you to enjoy your wedding. Depending upon your preferences, you may want to serve a vegan wedding cake free of eggs, butter and milk, which are made from animal products. If you’re lucky, you will find a bakery with experience in this. If not, you may have to get a recipe and find a baker willing to use it. Serving vegetarian food at your wedding will take some time and effort. It will all be worth it in the end, though, when everyone leaves with a full stomach and a smile on their face.

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