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SGA Vol. 3 • No. 2


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The Sixth Annual “Lord of The Wings” event

SGA Vol. 3 • No. 2

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1/21 COFFEE TALKS Photography: Lauren Alsina | Article: Eric Trombetti

COFFEE TALKS The Student Government Association

out and more active with the students.�

warmed up a cold morning with Coffee

The event, which began in January,

Talks. Over a free cup of coffee, students

attracted several students. The February

and SGA leaders discussed changes the

event covered Senate and Agencies. In

students would like to see on campus.

the future, agendas will include Bureaus,

Justin Ravelo, director of the FSU Street Team, said, “We want to get SGA

Union Board, and campus recreational activities.

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1/25 STUDENT SENATE RETREAT Photography: Julia Crabtree | Article: Joyce Philippe | Editor: Eric Trombetti

STUDENT SENATE RETREAT The 67th Student Senate focused on

that into ‘We,’” Scott said. “We want to

team-building activities and creating an

work together to create a legislation that

agenda for the upcoming semester at its

makes a positive, sustainable change at

annual retreat.

Florida State.”

The leaders divided their day into two

Student Senate President Andrew

parts. First, the senators completed the

Forst viewed the legislative branch’s

FSU Reservation’s high-challenge course,

outing as a time to form camaraderie

a variety of activities that encouraged

among senators.

communications, trust, leadership, and

“A big part of senate is the art of

civility. Second, they participated in a

debate, so we’re not always going to have

workshop that Senate Pro Tempore

the same opinions.” Forst said. “Through

Derrick Scott facilitated.

the retreat, we want to educate senators

“For this year’s Senate, we are looking

so they will be able remain engaged on

forward to building a mentality that is

campus, and act as a resource to the

no longer based on ‘Me,’ and turning

student body.”

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1/26 HLSU AFFILIATE TEA Photography: Lauren Alsina

SGA Today Photo Journal / 13

1/27 QUEERING HISTORY MUSIC Photography: Lauren Alsina

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1/31 LUNAR BANQUET Photography: Lauren Alsina | Article: Eric Trombetti

LUNAR BANQUET The Asian American Student Union

cultures celebrate the New Year through

Lunar New Year celebration attracted nearly

performances by organizations that

400 people to performances by students

included the Chinese Language and Culture

and organizations.

Association, Korean American Student

Katrina Pitt, director of the Asian American Student Union, said the Lunar

Association, and Vietnamese Student Association.

Banquet event “is a celebration of the Lunar

Pitt said she hoped the event would

New Year, which is celebrated in many Asian

help people to be open to new experiences.

countries. During this event, we showcase

“The Lunar New Year is the most celebrated

student performers from all around campus

holiday in many Asian countries,” Pitt said.

as they play traditional pieces or perform

“We hope that those who attended were

a modern take on traditions.”

able to learn some of our traditions and will

Guests learned how various Asian

continue to celebrate with us in the future.”

2/9 LORD OF THE WINGS Photography: Lauren Alsina | Article: Eric Trombetti

SGA Today Photo Journal / 21

LORD OF THE WINGS Students brought their healthy

ever had.” Yakes said that the event pulled

appetites to the 6th annual Lord of the

in 750 attendees last year, and he hoped

Wings, hosted by the Inter-Residence Hall

to hit 1,000 by the end of the night.

Council. The wing event promoted local

Students got a sample of wings from

businesses, much like a taste of Tallahassee,

each vendor and then voted on which

to show students the many dining options

ones they liked the best by the end of

that exist off campus. Businesses such as

the night. IRHC also provided students

Hobbit, Prime Time, Buffalo Wild Wings,

with vegetarian options for those who did

Logans Millers, Cancuns, Madison Social,

not want to have wings. Jonas Baptiste,

and more offered students free wings.

a volunteer for the event, said, “It’s really

Erik Yakes, associate director of the

cool that all of these organizations and

Inter-Residence Hall council, said: “We’ve

businesses have joined to eat some good

got music and wings for the students to

wings.” Students said that any event with

come and enjoy. We have eight vendors

free wings is a reason to come out for a

here tonight, which is more than we have

good time.

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SGA Today Photo Journal Vol. 3 No. 2  

Coffee Talks, Student Senate Retreat, HLSU Affiliate Tea, Queering History Music, Lunar Banquet, Lord of the Wings

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