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SGA Vol. 2 • No. 2


All Agency Advance Girl Chatter LGBTQ+ Resource Center Open House FLI Mentor Reveal 140 Characters or Stress


Insert: Transfer Leadership Institute’s First Meeting





SGA Vol. 2 • No. 2

SGA Today Photo Journal is a publication of Student Publications, an affiliated project of the Student Government Association of Florida State University. SGA Today Photo Journal Vol. 2, No. 2


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Front Photo by Lauren Alsina, Insert Photo by Lauren Alsina, and Back Photo by Lauren Alsina

9/7 ALL AGENCY ADVANCE Photography: Lauren Alsina

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Staff prepare new student leaders with everything they need to know for a successful new year. 6 / SGA Today Photo Journal


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9/9 GIRL CHATTER Photography: Lauren Alsina Article: Khadijah Templier

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10 / SGA Today Photo Journal

GIRL CHATTER In conjunction with the Women’s

and supporters, we need to focus

Student Union’s initiative for Self

on the bringing people up instead

Awareness Month, Associate Director

of dragging them down. Addressing

of Greek Life Michelle Robinson

what our support systems look like as

hosted Girl Chatter. This seminar

well as what tools we use to progress

focused on the loving critiques we all

forward, Girl Chatter was a stimulating

surround ourselves with as we make

conversation starter on negative

decisions in our daily lives. As women

words, gossip and our self-esteem. ​■

9/10 LGBTQ+ RESOURCE CENTER OPEN HOUSE Photography: Lauren Alsina

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14 / SGA Today Photo Journal

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9/15 FRESHMAN LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE MENTOR REVEAL Photography: Lauren Alsina Article: Jazmyn Reed

18 / SGA Today Photo Journal

FLI MENTOR REVEAL Midway through October, the

sea of bright pink-and-green sticky

Freshman Leadership Institute (FLI)

notes attached to foreheads made

held its annual Mentor Reveal session

for an interesting sight. Shrieks of

in the Oglesby Union Courtyard. FLI

excitement rang through the air, and

participants, mentees, and seasoned

students exchanged high fives when

FSU leaders, mentors, from all

they found one another. This event

backgrounds gathered for the big

was the start of something greater

event. The students participated in an

for the FSU community as these

interactive activity asking questions

students began lasting relationships

to determine their identities and

that exemplify what it truly means to

eventually find their matches. The

be a Seminole. ​â–

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9/17 140 CHARACTERS OR STRESS Photography: Lauren Alsina

SGA Today Photo Journal / 21

Black Student Union presents contemporary issues with social media and this generation.

22 / SGA Today Photo Journal

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SGA Today Photo Journal Vol. 2 No. 2  

All Agency Advance, Girl Chatter, LGBTQ+ Resource Center Open House, FLI Mentor Reveal, and 140 Characters or Stress.

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