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Hale & Hearty Soups Introduction

Hale & Hearty Soups was founded in the summer of 1995, some time before the soup craze began in NYC. The first store was located at 64th Street and Lexington Avenue. They chose a name that would convey what they are all about. Hale & Hearty is a phrase from Shakespeare that means "healthy and well nourished". Hale and Hearty is committed to making soups of the highest quality, full of fresh ingredients that are hearty enough to be a meal. All their soups are made from scratch. “As our menu has evolved, we have always retained our single-minded focus on using only the highest quality, freshest ingredients to ensure we offer our customers the most delicious and flavorful foods”. –Hale & Hearty Hale & Hearty has developed a reputation for offering a range of outstanding soups with the highest quality ingredients and we believed we could convey that by making over their take-out menu, napkins and doing a web Ad. We decided to choose Hale and Hearty as our midterm project because we wanted to give Hale and Hearty a minimalistic feel and to do so, we used some similar colors of their color schemes but slightly different, we decided that simple is better. For this project I Sarai Garcia will be the production manager and Juan Corzo will be the designer.

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