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Taking Life’s Lessons

In Stride

Moms Know How to Take Life In Stride In our May issue of Fieldstone, we’re happy to be celebrating mothers – the women who, either by encouragement or example, teach us how to take life’s lessons in stride. Between attending to her infant’s every need and being hustled out of the freshman dorms, a mother experiences thousands of highs and lows. Yet, while they proudly look on during the days of first steps and trophy presentations, it’s the tough times of scraped knees and teenage heartache that really give a mom time to shine. Love it or loathe it, one thing that goes hand-in-hand with having or being a mom is the dissemination of motherly advice. In honor of that timeless tradition, you’ll see some of our favorite mom sayings on the inside back cover of this issue. Moms, feel free to incorporate anything you like into your own advice arsenal. After all, why should the next generation be deprived of hearing these words of wisdom over and over and over again? Now here’s a little advice from us: it’s nice to support those who support us. And in this case, we mean the hard-working local businesses that advertise in Fieldstone. Their support helps make us successful, and we hope you’ll help us return the favor by supporting them, too. It would make your mom so proud. And as if they had nothing else to do, there are a number of mothers among our writers, photographers and story developers, who somehow find the time to give back to the Fieldstone Farms community by contributing their time and talents to our magazine. To them, and all our other non-mother contributors, we extend our deepest thanks once more. Do you have an idea for something you’d like to see in Fieldstone? We’d be glad to hear it. Please send your comments or suggestions to suzanne@ And don’t forget to check us out online at You can also “Like” us on Facebook to stay up-todate on any information or events that arise between issues. SPECIAL NOTE: We are now accepting your photos for a special Father’s Day spread in our upcoming June issue of Fieldstone. We’d love to have photos of children with their father to represent all the different neighborhoods in Fieldstone Farms, so send yours in with your first names and the name of your neighborhood. Photos can be e-mailed to suzanne@

On the Cover


Like mother, like daughter – and granddaughter. Three generations of women – Vicki Hall, Emily Goodman and Hallie Smith – train for the Run Like a Mother® Race on Mother’s Day 2012 at The Park at Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin.

Suzanne and her two sons visiting Disney World during Christmas 2011.

About the Publisher Suzanne Gallent is a native of Chattanooga and a graduate of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. After an 18-year career as an account executive and project manager for a number of Nashville’s foremost marketing, advertising and public relations firms, she left it all behind to pursue her most challenging and rewarding job yet, full-time motherhood. She has lived happily ever after in Fieldstone Farms for seven years with her husband, Chip, and her two sons.

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Publisher Suzanne Gallent

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May 2012


Focus on Fieldstone Runner & Grandmother Vicki Hall – The Parks

photo by Christi Kline

A Mother’s Powerful Example

by Ashley De Peri

Fast approaching is the day on which we celebrate one of the most important people in our lives: Mother’s Day. Some show their appreciation to the matriarchs in their family with a breakfast in bed or presents, but one Fieldstone Farms family will be showing their appreciation for mom by running a 5K. As mentioned in the following article, Nashville is participating in the area’s inaugural Run Like a Mother® Race. The mission behind this non-profit endeavor is “to fuel a woman’s journey toward health and wellness.” As if encouraging fitness isn’t enough, the race is also supporting literacy across the state by donating all proceeds to Books From Birth of Middle Tennessee, which provides books to needy families in Davidson, Sumner and Williamson counties. One of the “cover girls” featured on the front of this issue is Vicki Hall, 55. She’s running this race with her daughter, Emily Goodman – 33, and her granddaughter, Hallie Smith –13. Vicki moved to Fieldstone Farms (The Parks) seven years ago after a dissolved marriage in order to be closer to her daughter, Emily, and her grandchildren who were already living in Fieldstone Farms. Four years ago, she and Emily began a simplified walk-to-running program to train for the Country Music Half Marathon, and since then, she’s run many 5K’s and 11 half-marathons. Vicki says, “Emily and I got the whole


family running, including my oldest child, Spencer, his wife, MaryAnne, my youngest, Tyler, and his wife, Carrie. I even have six grandchildren now and all of them are active runners in the making!” Wanting to get a job in a place she already loved, and realizing that’s not really an easy task these days, Vicki was thrilled when she was hired at Fleet Feet. She says, “Fleet Feet is truly more than a destination. It’s a gathering place for our community of runners, and I get to be a mentor in our “No Boundaries Couch to 5k” program, where I guide new runners from their first run to the completion of their first race. It’s so inspiring!” All three of them, Vicki, Emily and Hallie, have run in several races before and are very active in general. Hallie is on the track team at her school, and Emily is training to run in the Country Music Half Marathon with Vicki’s daughter-in-law later this month. This will be the second time the three of them have competed in a race together. They often train for these events together, and Vicki is pleased to set such a good example for her daughter and granddaughter. “It’s so much fun for me to do something with all of my girls, three generations,” she says. “It makes me proud of them for running and participating in a healthy lifestyle.”

But this race is special to them for other reasons as well. Another reason why our three cover ladies love to participate in 5Ks is because the charitable causes allow them to give back to the community in an active way. Vicki is especially supportive of the Books from Birth cause, as her own children have benefited from it in the past. And since Run Like a Mother® is a race geared specifically toward mothers and women in general, it’s just recently become something that binds their family together even more closely. As far as Vicki is concerned, this race being held on Mother’s Day is not only a way to bring mothers and children together, but it’s also great encouragement for everyone to stay fit. “I love passing this energetic ritual down to my girls,” Vicki said. “If one wants to be a powerful woman, a strong woman – running is one of those things where you can show others that you can do it.” Whether the participants are experienced runners or novices just discovering the sport, one thing is sure to bring all of them together – having a fantastic mom to run for.

It’s Time to Run Like a Mother

by: Christi Kline - Clarendon

It’s here! It’s time for all the ladies to show ‘em what you’ve got. Come join me on Mother’s Day – Sunday, May 13 – for our area’s Inaugural Run Like A Mother® Race, taking place at The Park at Harlinsdale Farm, 239 Franklin Road, across from the Factory in downtown Franklin. This is the start of a new tradition, where, one day a year, children and husbands take pride in standing on the sidelines to cheer on their mothers and wives during a 5K race. A true celebration of the strength of women, the race starts at 8:30 a.m. and actually invites ALL women to participate, whether you’re a mother/wife or not. Feel free to run, walk or cartwheel your way across the finish line. What’s more, there’s also a pre-race for children, girls and boys aged 11 and younger, beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Ashley De Peri is a junior on the newspaper staff at Franklin High School. She hopes to someday be an author, and enjoys reading, watching the TV show, “Doctor Who,” and geeking out over Sherlock Holmes in her spare time. She is definitely not a runner, but is thoroughly impressed by everyone who is.

The fun is extended beyond the finish line with a postrace party for the whole family to enjoy, including food and refreshments, activities for the kids, and cool products and services from our sponsors. Not into the 5K, but still want to be involved? Join the party by volunteering. Have a local business that wants to contribute? You can get involved and receive some welldeserved recognition in the process. For volunteering and sponsorship contributions, contact me, Christi Kline, at For more information about Run Like a Mother® and to register, visit: I look forward to seeing you all there!

Christi is mom to two fantastic kiddos and wife to a wonderful husband. She’s looking forward to sharing her newfound love of running with others.

Chuck & Sheri Gordon Owners

May 2012


Happy Mother’s Day!

photo by Wiff Harmer


May 2012


Captured By Raisins

by Izzy Bohn - Northridge

In my last article, I wrote that George the peacock was in The Reserve on the side of Fieldstone behind Publix. Where is he now?!? Martha Heroux, who lives on Wendron Court in The Reserve, says George visited her a lot because he enjoyed her company. “He would sit on the porch with me every day,” says Martha. She knew Heidi Triggs wanted him back, so she lured him into her house with raisins! She then called Mrs. Triggs and Williamson County Animal Control helped them cage him. Since George was always wandering, Triggs relocated him to a farm on the Natchez Trace in Nashville. The farm is home to many other peacocks, so it is a great environment for George. Although many of us are sad to see him go, Triggs reports that George is happy and healthy in his new home.

Izzy Bohn is a fifth grader at Walnut Grove Elementary School. She lives on Carphilly Circle, enjoys writing, and playing the guitar. Photo by: Martha Heroux

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Three Generations and Three Continents

by Susan Shifay Cheung - Dalton Park

I wanted to write a love letter to my mother and my children in honor of Mother’s Day. My reflections span three generations on three different continents. When I look at Marcus and Lauren, I’m overwhelmed by maternal love and pride; surely some of the strongest feelings that exist in our societies. Whatever I’ve achieved, my greatest success has been the role of mother to my spiritually-beautiful children. I’m of the opinion if you need an honest answer, you ask a child. I can count on mine to tell me if my breath smells of garlic, my hair has grey in it, or my shirt is on inside out! So, straight from the oracles of truthfulness, I asked my kids whether they thought it was hard to be a mom. They answered, “Yes.” And, what does a mom do? According to my two, a mom make lunches, tucks her kids into bed, looks after them when sick, cooks, takes her kids to places and helps them with homework. Oh, and gives them plenty of hugs, especially after they’ve been cranky with them! What my kids don’t see are the things that keep me up at night–how to pay the bills, concerns about their wellbeing and safety, and plans for their future. Until I became a mom, I didn’t fully appreciate the depth of hardship my mother went through to give me the choices I have today. My parents were born in Guangzhou, China and lived in Hong Kong, where they faced many hardships, before they immigrated to England in the mid-1960s; my father first and my mother two years later. They arrived, after several weeks on a ship, with no money and little education, but bundles of hope to start a new life. Working all hours and making the most of every opportunity they were given, despite racism and prejudice, they saved enough to start their own restaurant and went on to raise five children, of whom I’m the oldest. My childhood was spent helping in the family business. It was drummed into me to do well at school, though I resented it at the time.

After Marcus was born, I had one of those light-bulb moments; I now understood why my mother instilled in me the mantra: “To know who you are, you need to know where you come from.” One day, I’ll be the matriarch and tell my children and, hopefully, grandchildren about their ancestry, and I realized I didn’t know enough. I felt an urgent need to write down my oral history. I quizzed my mother on her youth in China and her early married life in England; stories she hadn’t shared before. I wrote them down and videotaped her and my father cooking and sharing their stories; the good times and the bad. Hopefully, through my example, my American children will carry forward a strong sense of their Chinese heritage and values (the respect for family and hard work), along with an open-minded attitude, and my British sense of humor! Ultimately, I want them to know they have my love, support and guidance, whatever they face on their life’s journey. I can literally say I ended up in Fieldstone Farms subdivision because of Chinese Diaspora. But, isn’t that the story of the United States? We all come from somewhere else. From everything I’ve read and seen Franklin has grown immensely with people coming in from other parts of the country and the world. No matter my journey here, this has become my home. Proudly, I can say I’m a citizen of the world, who chooses to live and raise her children in Franklin, TN. As a family, we’re part of the community. I love popping into the neighborhood Publix and having conversations with people I know or have come to recognize. The next time you see me there, be sure to say hi.

Looking back, that discipline paid off; I set a new precedent by being the first in my family to go to college and, subsequently, to forge my own path with my education.

For your Mother’s Day, consider sharing your family stories and writing them down. Why don’t you record your mother cooking or doing some activity that you can share with the next generation?

Love, marriage and ambition brought me to the United States. I’m a pioneer here, just as my mother had been in England. I’m living and learning new cultural norms, just as she did. I feel the huge responsibility of raising my children without extended family support, just as my mother did.

May 2012

Susan Shifay Cheung has turned her hand to many forms of writing in her various roles as corporate trainer, management consultant, journalist and freelance writer. You can contact her at


The Fieldstone View


My 1-year-old daughter, Faryn, who is attached at my hip. I never leave the house without her by my side and wouldn’t have it any other way!

with Maria Dinoia - Wheaton Hall

– Mindy Carpenter

What’s the one thing you never leave the house without?

My smile! Oh okay, my sunglasses. – Connie Mann

I never leave the house without my phone. I always want to be able to text while driving. Just kidding! iPhone and sunglasses. If I had to choose just one, I’d have to go with the iPhone. I’m that addicted. My poor eyes would just have to suffer!

– Len Dinoia

Maria Dinoia is a freelance writer who currently writes for Country Weekly magazine and whose word eloquence has appeared in dozens of newspapers, magazines and websites. She happily resides in Fieldstone Farms with her hard-working husband and three adoring children.

– Amy Bowman

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The “Future of Fitness” is Here Former Fieldstone Farms residents, Chris and Linda Taylor, are pleased to bring a new fitness concept to the community – Koko FitClub. Even if you think you’ve tried everything to win the battle of the bulge, this married couple says the fitness concept they’re bringing to Fieldstone Farms is like none you’ve ever seen before. In fact, The Los Angeles Times dubbed it “the future of fitness,” and it’s already earned a devoted following around the country.

Owned and operated by TLC Fitness Group, LLC, which is wholly owned by the Taylors, the new Fieldstone Farms Koko FitClub is part of a fast-growing community of Koko FitClubs opening across the United States. Started in 2008 and based in Boston, MA, there are now Koko FitClubs in 26 states. TLC Fitness Group also owns Koko FitClubs located in Belle Meade and Brentwood, and anticipates opening two more in the Nashville market in 2012. Driving the growth of this innovative fitness concept is its one-of-a-kind mix of technological efficiency and completely personalized guidance, providing members with results they used to only see from personal trainers. The difference? With Koko’s proprietary Smartraining System (automated personal training), Koko members realize those “personal training” results through a series of progressive 30-minute workouts. Koko also provides automated results tracking via a personalized website for each Koko member. Chris says, “What Koko members around the country are achieving through Smartraining is amazing. Many come from personal trainers to save money, or have left their old gym because they were bored and not seeing positive changes in their bodies or their health. Once they find Koko, results typically exceed their expectations and they are hooked! Personally, I’ve seen a 40% strength gain since I began my Koko journey. Others who join the program have seen strength gains of up to 100%.” Linda adds, “Even former ‘gym haters’ have fun at Koko FitClub. Every workout is new and engaging, and members stay motivated by pounds and inches lost, and strength gained, allowing them to know for certain that they’re always getting the best workout for them. And better yet, they don’t have to think about it or plan it. The Smartraining system does all the thinking.” Dale Taylor, general manager and Chris’ brother, added, “We have been very pleased with the Franklin and Fieldstone Farms community. The people here are great and the enthusiasm for Koko has been very positive. We have a great staff on hand who know how to use the Smartraining system to help almost anyone reach their personal fitness goals.”

To join Koko FitClub, or to schedule a personal consultation and a complimentary Koko Smartraining session, just walk in or call (615) 807-2325. You can find them on the web at, and “Like” their Facebook page at Koko FitClub Franklin. About Koko FitClub Koko FitClub’s independently owned, automated personal training studios are opening across America. Hailed by BusinessWeek as “what the fitness industry needs” and winner of the prestigious Nova7 award for innovation in the fitness industry, it’s a completely unique take on the personal training studio. Instead of human trainers, Koko FitClub features Koko’s patented Smartraining System Technology, developed with assistance from the Founding Director of the M.I.T. Center for Sports Innovation. The personalized, progressive Smartraining programs are simple, efficient and highly engaging with proven results rivaling those of elite personal training at just a fraction of the cost. For additional information visit

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May 2012

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Balancing Work & Life

by Sara Hamill - Belmont

Spring Break came and went and all over my workplace, while I lamented the fact that I did not get out of town, I repeatedly overheard conversations about “needing a vacation from my vacation” or “I’m recovering from my time with my family”. It struck me that only in America do we work as hard at achieving the ideal vacation as we do at work. We set our sights on one or two golden weeks out of a whole year, hanging on them our hopes of mental and emotional recovery and quality family time. But these vacations tend not to live up to our expectations. We spend two or three days detoxing from our constant stress and, just as we start to relax, it’s time to go home. Or we pack the time full of activities. I can’t help but think of Chevy Chase’s character, Clark Griswold, in National Lampoon’s Vacation, proudly showing his family the world’s largest ball of twine. We have all experienced the insanity of a Clark Griswold vacation at some point in our lives. The problem isn’t the vacation itself. It’s our lack of life balance the rest of the time. We tend to exist in a state of constant stress: overworked, overscheduled, and running in a million different directions all week. Our culture has slowly become a 24-hour hamster wheel and being “unavailable” to take time for ourselves is less and less accepted. Recently I watched a video in which Nigel Marsh, author and speaker, talks openly about his struggle with work/life balance: finding a way to live joyfully and appreciatively in the midst of work, everyday chores, and family life without waiting for the one or two vacations a year. He tells a funny story about deciding to quit work after feeling like he had not spent enough time with his family. He needed time away from the long days and pressures. Turns out, he relates, it’s very easy to balance work and family when you don’t have to work! The challenge for him came when the money had run out and it was time to return to the office. Even though he sat down before returning to work and constructed on paper his “ideal” day in which everything was perfectly balanced, he knew that would be difficult. But he also knew he needed to be intentional about approaching his life differently and working pieces of that one “ideal” day into the big picture.

promoting health, we do not necessarily practice what we preach. We work endlessly to complete tasks, only to turn around to more tasks. Marsh points out that if we let our work dictate our life and schedule, if we are waiting for work to graciously step out of our harried lives and present an opportunity for a break, we will be waiting a long time. We must start by providing ourselves our basic needs and boundaries. However, before we can do that, we must actually value ourselves enough to push back against the high expectations of the work place and our culture. That means understanding that there is more to life than work. Begin with taking some quiet time in the morning. Just 15 or 20 minutes of time to sit, reflect, pray, meditate, or read. It will improve your whole day. Make sure to eat regular meals, eat right, and drink water during the day. So many times, I push food aside to get one more thing done, grab something unhealthy because it’s quick, or eat at my desk. In doing this, I am cheating myself of deserved time to take care of what is a basic human need as well as what I need to be most productive in a day. Leave work at work. Try as much as possible not to bring tasks home because then work truly never ends. There is no end to work assignments so we have to learn where and when to draw the line or it will consume us. Turn off the phone after business hours. Even if work emails and calls are not an issue, endless amounts of apps, social media and games can distract us from spending any quality time with the people around us. Research has shown that positive social interaction increases our peace of mind and lowers our stress. Don’t wait until vacation to enjoy life! Value your life for what it is: a rich blend of relationships, emotions, spirituality, personal gifts and talents to be shared, and time to appreciate this amazing world so that we never forget to really live while we are alive.

So how do we achieve balance? At the YMCA, our entire mission revolves around being whole in “mind, body and spirit”. Yet, even those who work in an environment

May 2012

Sara Hamill, a native Nashvillian, has been a Fieldstone Farm resident since 2003. She currently works as Restore Ministries Program Director, coordinating support groups for the Maryland Farms, Christ Church, and Brentwood YMCAs as well as church partners.


Tangled Secrets

Tricks to keeping your hair looking its best. No Maintenance Hair Color for the Graying, Bored or Faded “Have no time to do anything for myself” Mommy… You know who you are, Mommy. You do for others every second of the day, and there is very little time or energy left for you to do for yourself. I hear my clients tell me often that they would like to try a fun, new color or cover their annoying gray, but the fear of not being able to afford or find time for maintenance makes them leery. Being a mom makes it almost impossible to commit to anything regularly scheduled (for ourselves), so the thought of having to find time to get to the salon every four weeks to hide peeking gray or harsh-looking roots is enough to make us anxious. There is a fantastic alternative: Demi-permanent hair color. No, not “Demi & Ashton” Demi- DEMI HAIR COLOR….color that fades evenly, over a period of weeks to months, never leaving a harsh line of regrowth when your ‘silver shafts of wisdom’ start peeking through, or your dishwater blonde starts growing out and clashing with your shiny, sassy red pants. Demi colors are made by most professional color lines, and they will often leave your hair feeling better than it did prior to the treatment. Keep in mind that demi colors do not make your hair lighter; they only deposit color, therefore, they are only going to work for gray coverage, enhancing your natural tone, going darker or blending in old highlights. They can also offer fantastic shine when matched to your existing hair color. These colors can be done three to four times a year rather than monthly if you decide you love it and want to keep it. I see a lot of clients experimenting with bright reds and rich, dark blondes recently, and demi color is a great way to try a new color without making a permanent commitment. If you color over pre-lightened hair with demi, it will last quite a while, but if you decide to go back to your blonde locks, you can do it fairly easily. Demis are also a great way to grow out your permanent hair color and go au naturel. So many women have turned beautifully snow white or have gorgeous silver streaks, but don’t know how to make the transition back to their natural hair color and demi color is a great choice. It is also a fabulous option for the other half who have always wanted to do something wild or totally different…go for it! Many of the popular pastel and carnival colors that you are seeing in the media are versions of demis that can be applied to the entire head, or with foiling techniques to add just a few pops of color here or there. FUN! Now that you are informed, ask your colorist if they offer demi-permanent color and remember that semi-


permanents are made to last 6-8 shampoos, demi-color is made to last 12-16 shampoos, and permanent color is made to remain in the hair shaft for good. All don’t forget, all of these kinds of hair color will last longer when you use a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo. (You should also never shampoo more than twice a week if you have chemically-treated hair to avoid drying, frizz and color fading.) Alison Wolf has 24 years of experience in the beauty industry as a master stylist/colorist, salon owner, hair extension artist, teacher and mentor. She is part of the talented team at TrendZ Salon in Franklin. Alison and her husband, Clint, live in Fieldstone Farms with their two sons.



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The Perfect Pour

Variety is the spice of life, so make some room next to the usual suspects in your cabinets and refrigerators to try something new. Look for these affordable, palate pleasers at your local wine-and-spirits shop. Don’t miss the food pairing suggestions listed with each wine, too! When you think about it, Pinots are like the Goldilocks of wine varietals. They’re not too heavy and not too light. They’re juuuuuust right. Sources tell us that both of these Pinots make excellent house guests.

Francis Ford Coppola – Diamond Series Pinot Grigio: $10.99 Grown in the cool climate of Monterey County, ideal conditions for this delicate grape, Coppola’s Pinot Grigio is delightfully refreshing. The grapes are picked in the early morning and fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at cool temperatures, bringing out top notes of apricots and tangerines, followed by flavors of pear, green apple and grapefruit with underlying mineral accents. Food pairings: Light flaky fish, salads

Angeline – Pinot Noir: $12.99 This pinot noir is produced from fruit that abounds with intense fruit and rich aromas. By “cold-soaking” the crushed grapes and fermenting at moderate temperatures, bright fruit flavors are extracted from the grape, without harsh tannins. Displaying a lively garnet color, this selection has aromas of intense fruit, luscious vanilla and spice, and offers fruit flavors of fresh strawberry, cherry, raspberry and ripe plum layered with creamy vanilla, smoke, tea spice and toasty oak. Food pairings: lightly seared tuna, grilled salmon, or pork loin in olive oil and oregano.

And now for something completely different… in honor of our beloved mothers, whom in our eyes will always be as beautiful as any Hollywood starlet, we toast you with this quote from a wise woman who actually played that role: “Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant, unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine.” – Joan Collins

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May 2012






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May 2012

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Around the Neighborhood.. Wednesdays, 9:00 a.m. - Fieldstone 50+ Coffee Club 50 Plus hosts coffee at the Clubhouse every Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. All age groups are welcome. Every other Wednesday, 1:30 - 4:00 p.m. - Fieldstone Bridge Group The group meets every other Wednesday from 1:30 p.m. - 4 p.m. at the Clubhouse. Contact Mike Hartland to participate - 472-8114. May 8th, 1:30 p.m. – Fieldstone Book Club The book club’s next meeting is Tuesday, May 8th. They meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 1:30 pm. Contact Shirley Fette at for more information. Everyone is welcome!

From the 5th Grade Perspective

by Aubri and Gracie - The Parks

Commentary and reviews from two opinionated 5th graders on a mission to share information about the places and things they love, the way it was done before Facebook.

May 9th, 9:00 a.m. - Remodeling Presentation The Fieldstone Farms coffee group cordially invites you to join them at the Fieldstone Clubhouse as Steven Shalibo, a Fieldstone Farms resident and founder of Accessible Home Construction, speaks about remodeling designs and services for the interior and exterior of your home. AHC is a full service construction company specializing in making independence accessible for aging Americans as well as Americans with disabilities. May 12th, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. – Parent’s Night Out The next Fieldstone Farms Parents Night Out will be on May 12th from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. The cost is $10.00 for the first child and $7.00 for each additional. Please contact Patte Grant (615-790-9124) at the Fieldstone Farms Clubhouse to reserve a spot and fill out a registration form. The registration form can also be found on the Fieldstone Farms website: May 15th, 6:00 p.m. - HOA Board Meeting Join us at the Clubhouse for the monthly meeting. May 17th, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. – Tasti D-Lite 5th Grade Walnut Grove Spirit Night Come enjoy a Tasti treat! Walnut Grove will be receiving 15% of the proceeds from the night so come help your school and enjoy something delicious from Tasti D-Lite! May 23rd - Fieldstone Pools Open

What we love most about our moms: Gracie: My mom is funny, kind, caring and loving. She is everything you would want in a mom. She is extremely funny. She always makes jokes to cheer me up when I’m upset, is kind and never screams at me when I do something wrong. She is caring, as well. She’s always there for me, even when she has work. Finally, my mom is loving. She tucks me in every night. My mom is so many things, but most of all she is the best mom anyone could ever have. Thank you for everything you’ve done. I love you, Mom! Luv, Gracie Aubri: My mom is nice and caring. She makes dinner every night for me and my brothers. She lets me have sleepovers. She never yells at me when I do something wrong. She is as good as a mom can get. Actually, she is better than a mom can get. My mom is really understanding. She never gets upset when I mess up. She just tells me how to do it better the next time. My mom would never just yell at me because I accidentally mess up. I love you, Mom! Luv, Aubri

Aubri and Gracie are students at Hunters Bend Elementary, and both live in The Parks.


Kid’s Klassifieds

Do you babysit, mow lawns, wash cars, pet sit, etc. in our neighborhood? Then send in your information and we will post it in our new classified section. 18 and younger only please – Thank you! Need an experienced, reliable babysitter? Call Melissa McElroy - 591-4837. 17-year-old safe, licensed driver. Junior and honor student at Franklin High.

Beginner Guitar Lessons - I am a 14-year-old Fieldstone Farms resident and have been teaching beginner guitar lessons in my home for 2 1/2 years. I am taking a limited number of new students for spring and summer. $10 per half-hour lesson for ages 10-18. Contact Arin at: Need help studying to improve grades, ACT/SAT scores, or standardized test performance? Call Caleb Gaddes - 438-6596 or email 18-year-old senior at Franklin High School. AP student with honors.


ACT Composite Score: 34; SAT Composite Score: 2260 Experienced Tutor in Honors Chemistry I and Finite Math Able to tutor: AP/IB/Honors/Regular Chemistry, AP Calculus, Precalculus, Algebra I and II, Geometry, English, AP Government, AP Macroeconomics, Honors Economics, AP Government.

References available upon request.

Need care for your pet, but don’t want to pay for boarding? Contact Vaughn Hamill at vaughn.hamill@ or 595-7996.

Also available for ACT/SAT practice and strategy sessions designed directly to improve scores.

September-May: Morning and Evening May-August: All day Williamson County School Holidays: All day

Rates: 1-2 visits per day: $10/day; 3-4 visits per day: $12/day. References available upon request. I love kids - so let me be your babysitter!! Call Courtney Cook at 557-6365.

Are you looking for a Red Cross Certified babysitter in your neighborhood? Call Meredith Wilken - 790-6301. 12 years old, American Red Cross certified, reliable 6th grader at Grassland Middle School!

17 years old, American Red Cross trained, 3 years experience, junior honors student.

Welcome new Board Members John Babb and Joe Street John and Joe were elected as the two newest Fieldstone Farms board members at the HOA meeting on April 17. John is a graduate of the University of Memphis and the Director of Store Development at LifeWay Christian Resources. He and his wife, Raquel, have three daughters and have lived in The Parks for 10 years. John is the current FF HOA Vice President and serves as the Social and Recreational Committee Chairman. His focus on the board is to continue to build a strong sense of community by utilizing the clubhouse and encouraging increased volunteerism within the neighborhood.

Joe is a graduate of Iowa State University and President and CEO of T.W. Frierson Contractor, Inc for 15 years. He and his wife, Lynne, have four children and three grandchildren. The Streets have lived in the Wimbledon subdivision for 17 years and Joe has served on the finance and neighborhood watch committees. Joe has spent many hours and been instrumental in the caboose refurbishment at the FF Clubhouse, helping the Girl Scouts bring it back to its original glory.

May 2012


Proud to Be an Ambassador of Peace

by Lauren Souter - Prescott Place

Growing up on the island of Maui has given me an appreciation for the diversity of cultures. When I was four years old, my best friend, Kei, taught me to count in Japanese and introduced me to her Japanese heritage. During the 11 years I lived Hawaii, I had friends that were of Philippine, Hawaiian, Polynesian and other descents. My elementary school alone boasted of having children of 23 different ethnicities. Traveling has always been something I’ve loved. While only in the 3rd grade, I flew to California on my own to visit my older sister. After moving to Tennessee, I went on a mission trip to Mexico during the summer before starting high school. Last summer, I traveled to Peru by myself to assist a missionary family and experience the culture, while furthering my Spanish-speaking skills. I was recently accepted to participate as a delegate with the People to People Ambassador of Peace program in Europe, June 22 – July 11. I believe, as did the founder of the program, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, that if people from different cultures can come together in peace and friendship, so eventually will countries. I am honored to be a part of this rewarding program, and am looking forward to broadening my perspective of the world. President Eisenhower believed the path to peace was paved by shared experiences and understanding. He founded the People to People movement following the close of World War II, because he believed that ordinary citizens of different nations could solve their problems and live harmoniously with one another. In keeping with this belief, I will travel with 50 other People to People student delegates to England, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. We will meet


with a past member of England’s parliament, visit the home of Anne Frank in Amsterdam, walk the beaches of Normandy and stay in the home of a family in Germany. It’s sure to be an exciting, life-changing experience, only enhanced by a tour through a Belgium chocolate factory. I have completed a number of fundraisers to help me in this endeavor. Making and delivering donorsponsored Easter gift bags for the homeless children at the Nashville Rescue Mission and for others fighting illness at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital has not only helped me raise money for my trip, but has also given me an appreciation for those less fortunate than myself. Yet as a trip to Europe is very expensive, I still have more work to do. To that end, I am hosting a yard sale and bake sale on May 19 at a location to be determined. (Check the Fieldstone Magazine Facebook page in midMay for more details.) If you missed Fieldstone’s community yard sale, you’ll be able to find some of the unsold treasures from it at this sale. In addition, I’d also be happy to accept sale donations from others in the community. Any help in my fundraising efforts would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to meeting many of my neighbors at this event. Feel free to contact me regarding donation pick-up, delivery and location of the sale at: Lauren Souter is a junior at Franklin High School. She is a member of the Spanish Honor Society, the Interact club, and has been invited to join the National Honor Society for seniors. She plans to attend the University of Hawaii and major in marine archeology.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Finding interesting activities to keep children happy during the summer break can be a challenge, but two longtime friends and next-door neighbors from the Parks section of Fieldstone Farms have a solution that will satisfy at least the young girls of the neighborhood. Friends since before kindergarten, McKenzie Babb (15) and Martha Higgs (16) started Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Camp in 2008. Not only did they get an idea of what it’s like running a business (budgeting, planning and working toward a goal), but they also found themselves taking on the responsibility of being role models for their young campers. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (GJWHF) Camp, which takes place in the Babb and Higgs families’ backyards, has grown by leaps, skips, twirls and bounds since their first session. From 10 “recruits” at their first gathering, news and positive reviews of the camp spread so much that by the summer of 2011, Martha and McKenzie agreed to add a second week to the schedule in order to accommodate all 53 girls who wanted to be GJWHF campers. The camp has become so popular that its leaders (and their mothers) are frequently asked during the school year about the start date of the next camp session. For the many returning campers, some who haven’t missed a year yet, making sure they’re on the list for the upcoming summer is priority number one. So what exactly is the fun that’s taking place at GJWHF Camp? To begin with, there’s a different theme for each day, so campers might show up in the morning to be greeted with crafts and games centered around themes like Cooking Day, Dancing Diva Day, Movie Star Day or Yucky Day. One particularly popular theme is International Day, where campers are given a passport, which they use to “travel” between various games and activities centered around trying foods, making crafts and learning about cultures from other parts of the world. Another favorite is Water Day, the theme day that ends each camp session, where every game and activity revolves around having fun while getting drenched. Is there any better way to beat the heat of summer?

eagerly offered, “Water-gun wars, the talent show and team mascots.” Those activities, in addition to decorating picture frames to adorn the pictures or other creations they made during camp, are things the girls will remember all year until next summer finally arrives to herald in another session of Girls Just Want to Have Fun Camp. But what McKenzie and Martha enjoy most is the opportunity GJWHF Camp gives them to inspire young girls to use their imagination and be themselves. Being able to have a positive influence on their campers by acting as an older friend and mentor to them is the reason why McKenzie and Martha started the camp in the first place, and from what we can tell, it looks like they’re going to have a few more summers taking in bored girls and turning out happy campers. NOTE: Last year, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Camp began accepting sponsorships, which allowed sponsors advertising space on signs and camp T-shirts, as well as in materials placed in parent goody bags. Those interested in being a 2012 sponsor, or inquiring about possible openings for a 3 – 11-year-old girl to attend GJWHF Camp, please e-mail girlsjustwannhavefuninfo@

When questioned about what they liked best about GJWHF Camp, campers Addison, Bailey and Sydney

May 2012


Home, Sweet Home, for Much Longer

by Steven Shalibo – Summer Haven

Home modification has become a big topic of conversation recently in the home construction industry, but why modify your home? The main benefit in making home modifications is to promote independence. According to a recent AARP housing survey, “83% of older Americans want to stay in their current homes for the rest of their lives.” In 2011, 78 million baby boomers began turning 65, and the conventional ideas of what it meant to hit that “retirement age” became increasingly untrue. When people used to think of accessibility and independence, their first impressions may have included the old, sterile, institutional and bulky grab bars, and cold white tile. Not in today’s market. Manufactures have been aggressively designing products that accommodate all needs of every age group and ability. From redesigning round doorknobs into easier-to-use levers, to barrier-free showers with architectural designs fit for even the highest-end homes, the latest designs, called “universal products,” make modifying any home something to look forward to. Universal products give homeowners an opportunity to plan ahead without sacrificing style and design, even when they aren’t quite ready to make the change. The industry calls this “future proofing,” and incorporates these design ideas when building new homes. Contractors plan for wider doorways and hallways, install blocking around the shower and toilet area so grab bars can be added later, design kitchens with multi- level counter tops and accessible location of appliances, and build larger master baths with plenty of floorspace. All can have a very appealing design effect. When the aging want to stay in the home they have built a life in, modifying can be easily achievable as well. Some of the first things to think about are the current needs of the individual. How can they access the home from the outside, as well as from the inside? One of the most important things to think about when modifying one’s home is the bathroom. Most interior doorways, especially bathroom doorways, cannot accommodate a wheelchair. Bathroom doors should be no smaller than 2’ 8” across, but it’s preferable to have a 36” doorway. There are a lot of older homes that have carpet in the bathroom, which is a tripping hazard. Hard surface flooring is ideal, like tile or vinyl. There are many toilets on the market that are considered “comfort height.” These toilets are higher, making them much easier to get on and off, and the easy addition of grab bars in the toilet area also helps.

flexibility and ease when accessing the shower. Foldup seats can be installed as well. Finally, when looking at different handicap shower systems, it’s important to understand that products are usually labeled as either “ADA” or “Handicap Accessible.” ADA products require a 60” circumference, while Handicap Accessible products may not meet the same ADA guidelines. As owner of Accessible Home Construction (AHC), a full-service construction company specializing in making homes “independence accessible,” I’ve seen how even small changes in an aging person’s home can make a big difference, and our company understands a person’s need for continued independence. AHC is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), a designation that enables us to offer specialized strategies and techniques for designing and building aesthetically enriching living environments. AHC will work with you to address standards, educate you on accessibility remodeling, and offer universal product solutions for the interior and exterior of your home. AHC is also a proud member of the Home Builders of Middle Tennessee (HBAMT) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about making your or your loved one’s home more accessible. Call (615) 618-4465 or visit us online at

No matter what your

No matter what your client’s situation, client’s situation, we’ve got a mortgage we’ve got a mortgage for that. for that. Call Thomas Hall Call 615-525-7805 Call 615-525-7805 at 615-525-7805 orinwalk in any orto walk any any help with of your mortgage needs Fifth Third Banking Centertoday. Fifth Third Banking Center location today. today. location

Thomas Hall

For realtor/builder use only. Subject to credit review and approval. Fifth Third Mortgage is 615-525-7805 the trade If money permits, installing a step-in or barrier-free name used by Fifth Third Mortgage Company and Fifth Third Mortgage – MI, LLC. shower is ideal. In most cases, the existing tub can be Fifth Third is a For registered service mark of Fifth Third Bancorp. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender. realtor/builder use only. Subject to credit review and approval. Fifth Third Mortgage is the trade name used by Fifth Third Mortgage Company and Fifth Third Mortgage – MI, LLC. removed and one of the shower systems can be installed Fifth Third is a registered service mark of Fifth Third Bancorp. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender. in the same space. This gives the homeowner more


Spring Tips from Your Friends at Lee Company When it comes to heating and air conditioning, your comfort is Lee Company’s primary concern. Our technicians are specially trained to keep your equipment running efficiently and safely. When the time comes for replacement, we can recommend equipment that is precisely fitted to your needs. We recently experienced the hottest March on record and many of your neighbors have already had repairs and a few replacements of their A/C units. We’re in for a long, hot summer so are you and your A/C prepared? On average, your A/C is responsible for more than 50% of your electric bill. Here are a few tips to keep your unit running as efficiently as possible. Keep your filters changed. Use only pleated filters that catch three to four more times the airborne particles than a non-pleated filter catches. Trim spring foliage from around your outdoor unit. These units need at least 12 inches of clearance to be able to “breathe” properly. Hose off your A/C condenser coils. These coils need to be clean so they can circulate air through the outdoor condenser.

And most importantly, make sure to have regular maintenance on your A/C unit. The energy savings is usually more than the cost of the agreement! Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. The smell of burgers and hot dogs will soon be filling the air. We want to thank everyone that came to the Lee Company/Fieldstone Farms customer appreciation cookout at the end of last summer. We are going to host another FREE cookout with hot dogs and ice-cold beverages to kick off the opening of the pools again this year. Our own DJ Jamie will be playing your favorite tunes; there will be games for the kids to play, as well as drawings for free prizes. Be looking for more information from the HOA soon on the date and time!

May 2012


“Don’t Pop My Bubble”

by Claudia Hansen, D.Ph. - The Parks

In the three years of being a Montessori mom, I have heard my share of funny comments, riddles and songs from my children. Never did I imagine that these little phrases they’re learning at school are not only shaping them into responsible, independent adults but are also teaching them the 50 states, the planets of our solar-system, the alphabet and numbers, etc. The Montessori approach to learning is one of selfdirection, non-competitive cooperative activities and encourages the child to become a confident problemsolver. Each classroom is filled with numerous learning activities that the children can choose independently during their “work time.” Students learn by observing others, asking for guidance from their fellow classmates and by trial and error. Teachers serve as their guides. In the primary classes (2 ½ to 5 years), these learning activities include “life lessons” such as learning to tie their shoes , set the table, cut an apple or wash & dry dishes. The children also learn to use their “watching hands” when observing a classmate, putting their work up when done and when it’s time to go outside for “play time”, you must take turns being the line leader. Both of my children have absolutely loved being students at MSF. They have made so many friends, learned how to communicate, interact better with each other at home and have made huge progress in their own areas of weakness. My shy little girl has turned into somewhat of a social butterfly with numerous friends, play-dates and birthday parties lined up each week. My very outgoing and hands-on little man has learned to not “pop somebody’s bubble” and respect his classmates’ personal space. The other day he told me “Mommy, it’s only ok to pop someone’s bubble when you want to give somebody a hug, and I love hugging the girls at school!” The Montessori School of Franklin has been like family to us and I have been very fortunate to find such a great school for my children. Right now we are looking forward to the construction of our school’s new natural playground and then summer camp of course ……. Hope to see you there! Claudia Hansen, D.Ph., is originally from Krefeld, Germany and moved to Fieldstone 12 years ago to take a job at the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. She has two children who both have attended MSF since 2009. In their free-time, the family loves going to Pinkerton Park, walking the Fieldstone trails, and swimming at the clubhouse.


Meet Nettie, the New Tennis Pro Nettie Musick is Fieldstone Farms new tennis pro. She has lived in Fieldstone Farms (Cannonade) since 1999 and has taught tennis in Nashville for over 25 years. Nettie started playing as a junior in the Tri-Cities area. She attended the University of Tennessee where she played her first two years. She graduated college at Belmont, studying music and becoming an All American in singles and doubles. After college, Nettie combined her two passions of music and tennis. Her songs have been performed by the likes of Kenny Chesney and John Michael Montgomery. Her song, “When I Close My Eyes”, recorded by Chesney, reached #1 on the Country Music charts. Nettie is certified to teach tennis by the Professional Tennis Registry. She is known for working with ladies teams (NALTA and USTA) and juniors, and has introduced hundreds of new players to learning the game of tennis. Nettie uses the Quick Start program for teaching kids 10 & under. This program uses a smaller court and larger, slower balls to making tennis easier to learn. For adults, Nettie uses Cardio Tennis and is offering a wide range of tennis programs for Fieldstone Farms members. If you are interested in playing tennis and want to reserve a court, simply sign into the Fieldstone Farms website ( and go to the Tennis Program tab under Stay Connected to reserve your tennis court time and preference. For all your tennis instruction needs and/or questions, contact Nettie at or 615-429-2972.


by Brian Bachochin - Tenberry Wells

School’s out! Summer’s here and the time is right for.... well, swimming, summer camp, family vacations, slumber parties and in general, carefree living for the next few months or so (for the kids anyway.) I used to live for summertime. Truth be told, I was never really a great student as a kid, and so the thought of a 90-day “homework-release program” suited me just fine. I was free - and not only from book reports and algebra tests, but also from the other pressures that often follow us throughout so much of our growing years. Like a lot of young people, I was not only anything but a straight A student, but I was also never the star athlete, never first chair in band, never class president. I did, however, make the dean’s list once (ok, not the good one.) And, like so many kids trying to find their place, what I lacked in scholastic or athletic ability, I certainly did not lack in the desire to find a way to become popular... to be considered special. For young people, there is such a danger in the temptation to compromise character in the pursuit of popularity.

(albeit, not surprisingly,) the Lord stood with them in that place, and rewarded their commitment by delivering them. It’s been said that integrity is best expressed by being the same person when nobody’s watching as you are when everybody’s watching. That’s a pretty good definition, but it can still be hard to live out. The good news is that God is always watching - He can’t take His eyes off of you, and He wants to help you walk in integrity. In many respects times may have changed, but the God Who stood with these young men of old has not - and He’ll stand with you... today! Have a great summer! Brian Bachochin is Pastor of Calvary Chapel Franklin, which meets Sunday mornings at 10:00am at the Fieldstone Club. Brian, his wife Julie and their daughter Nina have lived in Fieldstone Farms since 2007. You can follow Brian on twitter @brianbachochin, and listen to his verse-by-verse Bible studies on Calvary’s website:

Thankfully those years eventually pass into memory, and in time we become comfortable in our own skins. But still, I have to say that I really don’t envy kids today. As often as any time in history (if not more), young people have a desire to find and to be that which is authentic and real. By contrast, and so similar to our own experience (if not much more), they are pounded with peer-pressure to conform.  What can a young man or woman do to survive with their integrity intact? In the Old Testament book of Daniel (chapter 3), we meet three young men who were teenagers when they were carried off as captives to a foreign land called Babylon.  God had blessed them with health and wisdom, and consequently they were offered places of prominence as servants of that nation’s king. However, in time, circumstances (and the king’s heart) changed and these three friends found themselves in a situation that tested what they were truly made of. They were literally confronted with an ultimatum to get with the program (conform)... or die by being thrown into a fiery furnace. Talk about a “peer-pressure-cooker!”

located in The Factory at Franklin, Call 599-2200

Open Mon - Sat 10-9, Sun 1-6

Check out our website for classes and events

May 2012

With this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior purchases. Offer expires 5/31/12

summer clay camp

$10 off

birthday package

$10 off

Now, considering their circumstances, why not give in - and fit in? After all, who would know? And besides, “What happens in Babylon stays in Babylon,” right? But “fitting in” meant casting off their character and, most importantly, denying the Lord Who had been faithful to them in so many ways.  While they clearly saw the high cost of non-conformity, they also recognized the much higher cost of compromise, and so they refused to give in... and were thrown into the furnace. But amazingly

With this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior purchases. Offer expires 5/31/12


Lawn Tips for May

Anyone living or working in Williamson County automatically qualifies for membership with TTCU.

by Jack Sayles - Clayborne

Most of us spend about an hour a week cutting our grass but knowing what height to cut it is an important way to keep your lawn growing healthy and strong. I like to cut my grass at about three inches but my wife likes it shorter. What I’ve found is that the shorter the grass is, the shorter the roots and the more water it requires to keep it green. By the end of July when it gets really dry and then in August when it is especially hot, the roots are not deep enough to pull needed water from the ground. The grass starts to die and the weeds move in and take over the yard. By the way, if you haven’t put out any pre-emergence weed killer by now, don’t bother. The best way to kill weeds now is a spray that attaches to your hose and mixes the chemical and water as you cover your lawn. Doing this every six weeks or so as you see weeds in your grass will go a long way to setting you up for beautiful lawn this fall. Also, don’t fertilize your grass this late in the season. Fertilizing now may cause a chemical burn to your lawn.

If you like to grow veggies, here are some tips to give them an extra boost. A couple of tablespoons of Epsom salts per plant once a month really helps them pull the minerals from the ground. I’ve been using it on grape vines for years and it consistently has given me stronger and better producing plants. Another unusual additive is egg shells. The calcium in the shells is a mineral that the plants need as much as we do; just crush them up and work them into the dirt. And if you are having a hard time getting your tomatoes and squash to produce fruit, rub the flowers together. Especially with tomatoes, this is usually all it takes to get your crop going.

Home Equity Lines of Credit beginning at 4.25% APR* † And we pay closing costs . *Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is current as of 4/01/2012 and subject to credit approval. Rate is variable and subject to change quarterly. †Open a new HELOC between April 1, 2012 and May 31, 2012, draw at least $15,000, and maintain a loan balance of at least $15,000 for a minimum of 6 months and TTCU will pay the closing costs. Maximum loan amount $50,000.

Cool Springs Branch 1809 Mallory Lane (next to Ethan Allen) (615) 780-7800

Quick Tip: Alternate the direction in which you cut your grass; side to side, then front to back and then on the diagonal. It will help keep your lawn healthy. Got questions? Email me at Jack currently works as a 6th grade Math teacher in MNPS and vine dresser at Arrington Vineyards. For 25 years, Jack worked in the landscape industry doing design and maintenance. He currently lives with his family in Fieldstone Farms.



The Mind-Muscle Connection

when I started training seriously about 30 years ago. This approach was further enhanced when I started practicing Yoga and learned about a concept called “playing the edge”.

Several years ago I was working out at a local gym. Since there were no available benches, I asked a fellow if I could “work in with him” and share the bench he was using. Fortunately he was agreed so I brought a set of dumbbells over and started doing my first set of chest presses.

When you are “playing the edge”, you move with extreme awareness, pushing into the edge of sensation without ever crossing over into pain. You are still working hard enough to create a positive adaptation while minimizing the potential for negative consequences. With Yoga it is also critical to be deeply focused on how your breath flows with each movement which is another important form of internal feedback.

by Scott Fishkind - Clarendon

I was just about to finish my set when he suddenly started hovering over me and yelling “COME ON, GIVE ME TWO MORE REPS, YOU CAN DO IT!” While I knew he was trying to be helpful, I found this to be more of a distraction than a help. In spite of his good intentions, what he was trying to provide was external motivation. While this may work for some folks, I much prefer to approach exercise with an “intrinsic” mindset which is based on the concept of the “mind-muscle” (aka “mind-body”) connection. Rather than just being concerned with moving a given resistance from “Point A” to “Point B” for so many reps, the mind-muscle approach focuses on how each rep feels as you move through the range of motion and on each contraction as you consciously squeeze the muscle. You are also aware of your breathing such as exhaling on the lifting phase of the movement (which is called the positive or concentric phase) and inhaling on the lowering phase (which is called the negative or eccentric phase). Another critical factor is being laser focused on performing each repetition with proper form (aka “biomechanics”). All of the factors mentioned above can help one be aware of the internal feedback their body is sending them. This valuable information helps one really tunein to what is most appropriate during a given exercise session rather than being limited by a pre-determined loading and repetition plan. You may still go into an exercise session with certain goals that you would ideally want to accomplish, but it is tempered and modified according to the internal feedback your body is sending you (which I’ll discuss more later in this article). As a side note, a great tool for learning to feel the different muscle contractions is elastic resistance. Besides being an extremely effective training tool they are also an effective way to help develop the “mind-muscle” connection. You really have to focus on each contraction since you can’t get sloppy and use momentum. (More detail about the benefits of elastics in a future article.)

There are many variables that can affect performance on a given day and the human body is always in a state of change. It is important to learn to listen to one’s energy levels in the present moment which may in turn lead to an intuitive adjustment in one’s training plans. For example, a low energy day may mean actually reducing one’s loads, sets and reps rather than attempting to out-do what you did during the previous training session. Sometimes it may mean completely abandoning the planned workout for the day in favor of taking a day of active or even passive recovery. On other days your energy may be higher than usual so you may find you can actually push harder than you initially thought. In this situation you would be doing a disservice to yourself to set a pre-determined limitation on yourself. Renowned College Strength and Conditioning Coach Robert Dos Remedios said it best, “You’ll never get that day back!” So the key is to learn to listen to the signals your body is sending you and make the necessary adjustments. I have found that it is often easier for someone to be willing to push harder on a high energy day rather than backing down on a lower energy day. Folks tend to feel guilty when they aren’t going all out and feel that they are missing out on an opportunity to continue making improvements. However knowing when to back down can actually lead to better long-term results (and less risk of injury) because you are listening to the messages your body is sending you, which in the long-run will actually help you make greater progress! Try to implement the mind-muscle connection during your next training session and you will experience your training in a whole new way!

I was first exposed to the idea of the “mind-muscle” connection through various bodybuilding publications

May 2012

Fieldstone Farms Resident Scott Fishkind is a Certified Personal Trainer (ACE) and Certified IMPACT instructor (NESTA) specializing in Fitness Boot Camp Classes and In-Home personal Training. He may be reached at 615804-9396, email:, or


Stars On Guitars

Capturing Music City’s Spirit Through the Art of Mosaics

Reprinted with permission from Country Entertainment USA, by Karen Trotter Elley

At first glance, Stars On Guitars are strikingly beautiful works of art designed to enliven a wall space or lure the eye in a studio or foyer; but on closer examination, these musically themed masterpieces are much more. Each guitar is a labor of love for artist Josephine Getz as she strives to capture the spirit of Music City and the essence of each performer in her custom creations of mosaic memories. For instance, her Johnny Cash memorial guitar, with its sparkling ebony exterior and silver accents, highlights meaningful moments in the illustrious career of the Man in Black, including Folsom Prison Blues, and Ring of Fire.

mixed in colored tiles, pins, trinkets, belt buckles and interesting things she found on the Internet or at garage sales, choosing items that matched the theme of each guitar—and the concept of “Stars On Guitars” was born. “When we’d completed a couple of the guitars,” she says, “we bought a booth space at the October Pumpkin Fest in Franklin, just to see what kind of reaction we’d get.” People went crazy over her creations. In order to promote her idea of using the guitars as fundraisers, Josephine created and gave away guitars to several stars, including Tim McGraw/Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman. “We’re hoping to get the stars involved, have them sign the guitar and let fans bid on it or for the opportunity to have one designed to their specifications and have the participating artist of their choice sign it.” Her vision is to personalize guitars to tell a story—not just for country music stars— but for anyone who wants to give a truly exceptional gift, a one-ofa-kind piece of art with special meaning. She is donating a portion of the proceeds from each guitar sale to the Bill Walter III Melanoma Research Fund in honor of her son’s deceased father.

To make these works of art even more desirable, each one comes with a framed poem written especially for the recipient by Josephine’s husband, Gordon.

As Josephine says, “It’s a way to give something unique to someone you love—a star in your life— and make a difference at the same time.”

It all started in 2001 when Josephine broke a piece of her grandmother’s prize china and discovered another way to display the treasured heirloom by gluing the pieces to the frame of a mirror. “Josephine liked the results so much that we started collecting old china at garage sales, antique shops, wherever we could find it,” Gordon explains. “She started with mirrors and picture frames, and then we started building things, like a grandfather clock. Josephine covered them all in mosaics.” The Getz family was living in Florida at the time, and Josephine won several awards at various festivals and juried events. In June of 2011, the family moved to Fieldstone Farms where Josephine was inspired by the excitement surrounding Nashville and the music industry. After experimenting with a couple of guitars, she found her designs really sparkled when she used glass tiles. She


To make these works of art even more desirable, each one comes with a framed poem written especially for the recipient by Josephine’s husband, Gordon. To see photos of Stars on Guitars as well as one of Gordon’s poems, go to their website For more information, please call 386-316-3123 or email gojo33@ Josephine began creating mosaic guitars using cut glass and other unique china pieces found at garage sales and antique stores to craft each individual’s story for which the guitar is made. Personal pictures and information are also supplied and added to the guitar resulting in a unique gift that will last forever.

Help Me, Rhonda!!!

Dear Rhonda,

Dear Rhonda,

- Swim Fan

An Advice Column for Fieldstone Farms

I need wardrobe help! Every time I go out of my house, including to Publix, I feel like a mess compared to the way others are dressed. Since having kids, my wardrobe has not really been a priority. Now that they are in school, I have spent more time in my closet and am, quite frankly, a bit frightened. Any advice?

- Trapped in 2002 Dear Trapped in 2002, Ah yes, the perpetual dilemma of womanhood.

Dear Swim Fan, May 23rd kicks off the Summer Season at the Clubhouse Pool. Be sure to bring your key fob with you. For more information, visit Happy Swimming!

Who hasn’t stood in front of a closet full of clothes and thought “I have nothing to wear.”? I would start with a closet purge. Any article that is ratty or dingy, throw out. Anything you haven’t worn in a year (that is gently used), donate or sell at consignment. Next get yourself some basics: a pair of black pants, a great fitting pair of jeans, a black dress, a white cotton shirt, a handful of tees, a pair of black heels and a pair of sneakers. If you’re looking to expand on what you’ve got, or add some pizazz to your closet, your answer is fashion accessories. Target sells some fun pieces for cheap! Next this season’s big trend is color. Add splashes of cobalt, coral, tangerine, hot pink and lime or kelly green where you can. Your trip to the grocery store shouldn’t be weighing so heavy on your mind. Throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Maybe some mascara if you’re operating on little sleep.  Happy Shopping!

When does the clubhouse pool open?

Dear Rhonda,

Several friends of mine are allowing their young kids to read The Hunger Games series. Am I crazy for thinking this is not appropriate?

- Living in Crazy Town Dear Living in Crazy Town, You can’t control how other people parent. You need to do what feels right for your family. That said, if your child expresses interest in reading the series, start with celebrating the fact that he/she is interested in reading a book! The intended age for the series is 12-17, but because of the popularity of the series, it is reaching a much broader audience. Many reviews have suggested that the rating system is highly out of whack. Having read the series and seen the movie, I agree. If you deem the series inappropriate for your kids, talk to them about when you’ll consider it, “not this year” or “we’ll discuss this when you get to middle school”. Consider asking your child’s teacher how they feel about the series. The fact is, there are adult themes in the books. Heck the premise is hunting people. You need to decide if that is something your child is ready to process and if you’re ready to discuss it with them. Parenting, never a dull moment! Best of luck.

Got a question? Contact Rhonda at

May 2012


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photos by Tami McLean

2012 Easter Egg Hunt Fieldstone Farms Clubhouse


Because I’m the Mom.. . That’s Why Generations’ old expressions, creative sayings and practical advice collected from the memories of adults, who only had to hear their mother say these things once before correcting their poor behavior and becoming a model child. (Yeah, right.)

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.

It’s not about finding the right person; it’s about becoming the right person.

Make sure you’re wearing clean underwear in case you’re in an accident.

If you keep making that face, it’s going to stick that way.

If Jimmy jumped off a bridge, would you do that, too?

Why do you hate broccoli? It always speaks highly of you.

Is that how you’d eat if you were dining with the queen?

Even if you’re nervous, walk in like you own the place and everyone else will act accordingly.

I don’t know why they get to go. I guess their mothers just don’t love them as much.

Let a smile be your umbrella.

Just wait until your father gets home.

It’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is a poor man.

Can’t never could.

Clean up this room. It looks like a pigsty.

Take your dirty plate to the kitchen. This isn’t the Waffle House.

We’ll miss you, but I’m sure Mrs. Williams would love to be your new mother.

May 2012

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Fieldstone Magazine - May 2012  

Fieldstone Magazine - May 2012