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Cruising in Lituya Bay, a little piece of paradise in the PNW

On the Horizon

Cover photo: Victory meets high tech Oracle on The SF Bay

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Cover photo by Ross Tibbits


photo by Wally and Janet Graham

Robert Heller W. Robert Griswold Thomas C. Lacey Paul S. Rosenlund Suzie Moore Jay Hooker Daniel C. Buckstaff Edward Lynch William Melbostad Angie Lackey Olson William Stark Jr. S/C Raymond Lynch

photo by Shana Rohda-Lynch

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The San Francisco Yacht Club

This happy group enjoyed a fantastic gourmet meal at the recent SFYC Wine Dinner

From the Commodore Bob Heller, Commodore /


photo by Sergei Zavarin

t is a pleasure to wish you all a very happy Fourth of July. I hope to see you at the Barbecue and the Independence Cup Trophies presentations. The band will be playing and the weatherman has told me in private that the sun will be shining. So, come out and join your fellow members on the deck! Let me begin by congratulating our participants in the Etchells World Championship Regatta in San Diego. Don Jesberg and his crew Scott Mason and Zarko Draganic finished in fifth place; Craig Healy with Dave Gruver and Keith Stahnke rounded out the top ten. What is even more impressive is that they were first and third, respectively, among the Corinthian racers. Additional SFYC members in the event that had over 80 boats from 10 countries competing were Bill Melbostad, Bryan Moore and Steve Fentress on USA 879; Philippe Kahn with crew Peter Phelan and Eric Doyle on USA 1262; Jeff Wayne and Pete McCormick were sailing with Seamus McHugh on SUI 1187 and Jeff Madrigali sailed with George Andreadis on GRE 1368. Some jokesters have even suggested that, given our enormous participation in this regatta, maybe the next time this event can count as part of our Club Championship Series.

The Express 27’s Elite Keel start What is equally exciting is that our Club has been awarded the Etchells World Championship series for 2017! Having already been awarded the Melges 24 World Championships for 2013, our race development program chaired by Bill Melbostad is certainly hitting its stride and gaining world-wide recognition. Our thanks go out to his committee and to the many volunteers running all our successful sailing programs. Talking about volunteers, on a recent Sunday afternoon I was more than surprised to find Staff Commodore Jim Robinson, Charles Froeb and Bill Melbostad (who was

taking time out from his world championship practice) busy reorganizing the dry storage deck and pushing all the boats by hand into newly organized parking slots. What a show of the great volunteer spirit that pervades our entire Club! Our Junior and High School summer sessions are in full swing and all sessions so far have been totally sold out. This is a great testimony to the fine work done by Forrest Gay. Given Forrest’s great talent and success, I am happy to report that Forrest has been promoted to Director of Sailing, thereby placing all of our Club’s sailing programs under his able stewardship. Our sincere congratulations to Forrest for this well-deserved recognition and thanks for a job well done. We are looking forward to even bigger accomplishments in the years to come! Organizing all these world championships will be no mean task, but maybe it will be easier than keeping all those Junior sailors in line! On the party front, Christina Decker and Cissy Kirrane successfully resurrected the traditional Old Timers Night and we hope that this great party will again become an annual event. Half a dozen Bird Boats were in the harbor for the event and brought back many nostalgic memories! I cannot close this monthly report without thanking our Facilities Planning chairman Bob Griswold and The Club’s “Honorary Architect” S/C John Swain for continuing to shepherd our building program through the regulatory approval process. Not all administrative hurdles have yet been overcome, but after two parking lot studies, an archeological study, a historical study as well as full hearings before the city’s Planning Commission and the Historical Preservation Committee, we are a few steps closer to having our overall building master plan approved. The exact plans and the timing for the Cove House remodel are still a work in progress and we appreciate all member input before we make the final decision. We all hope the badly needed kitchen remodeling can begin soon so that we will have a first class kitchen to serve the fine food that our members have come to expect from Chef Reny Madrid and his talented crew. Talking about Chef Reny – be sure not to miss Bali Night on July 16, when he and Sous Chef Larry Lam will dish up their finest Asian delicacies to the accompaniment of the everenchanting Bali band and dancers arranged for by our Dining Room Manager Mul Hadisuryo. That’s it for today! Fair winds and see you at The Club!

Commodore Bob


The Bowline Keeping the SFYC membership tied to what’s happening around The Club

The Schooners Are Coming


he 2011 Great Schooner Race will take place Saturday, August 27 at The SFYC. These beautiful, and in many cases historic, vessels will begin arriving on Thursday, August 26 and will be available for viewing thru August 28 at the guest docks before and after the race. Celebrating our maritime heritage, this event promises to be bigger and better than ever. The day’s activities at The Club will include some great surprises: a Parade of Sail before the race and a barbecue party afterwards. All members are invited. Bring your family and enjoy the day! Once again we have chartered the eighty-foot staysail schooner Seaward to represent The SFYC in the race. There are a few spots open for SFYC members who would like to sail in the race on board Seaward for a tax deductible donation. For more information contact S/C John Swain at 435-0468.

photo by Jim Rimmer

100 Dock Party


ore than fifty SFYC members recently attended the fourth “100 Dock Party”, a tradition started by a group of “Docksters” in 2007. The “Docksters” wish to ensure The Club’s staff receives ample praise for providing our group a very memorable evening under difficult circumstances. Earlier this year we wrote to General Manager Dennis Conneally and Catering Manager Natalie Watson in order to reserve the Cove House for a BBQ and to request that The Club staff set up the dock area for the pre-dinner cocktail party. The day of the event we arrived in the sun to see the dock items in place and the staff setting the dining tables in the Cove House with fine glassware, linens, candles and sailboat centerpieces. Awnings were in place over the BBQ equipment on the patio. Heaters and extra tables were on the deck under umbrellas. A staffed bar was in place. And then….the rains came. Natalie and Chef Reny immediately appeared to assist the staff, all quickly rain drenched but in good humor, to shut down the BBQ and move the awnings to the bottom of the deck. “The Docksters”, foul weather attired, began to appear and soon were in full sail mode, consuming their “Dock” drinks and snacks from tables also set up quickly by the staff. When the delicious buffet appeared, creatively displayed at the entrance, the crowd (for lack of better words) went wild. They stayed on and on by the warm fireplace, finally disappearing into the rainy night in very good moods. On behalf of all the “100 Docksters”, we thank our wonderful staff for their total support of our unique event. We are all proud to be members of so fine a club. S/C Commodore Ken Jesmore and P/P Carol Jesmore


The next Speakers Series will take place August 24. Watch the Bow Wave for more information.

SAVE THE DATE Saturday, September 10

Second Annual

Country Western Shindig & Chili Cook-Off Be there or be square!

Harbor Ed Lynch, Harbor Chair /

photo by Mimi Cornelius


Three “Huck Finn wannabes” recently enjoyed a great adventure in the SFYC Harbor The Harbor Committee has been working hard, along with the harbor staff, to clean up our harbor. It is much appreciated when members take the time to clean up and maintain their boats as well as the area around the boats. We have a lot of work to do and we are eating away at it one bite at a time. Please be thoughtful of our efforts and pitch in where you can. If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to let us know. Don’t forget you can contact the harbor on channel 68 by hailing SFYC Harbor.

photo by Don Bekins

he sun is finally here and along with it is great sailing and boating on San Francisco Bay. It is great to see the activity at The Club, and in particular, members cleaning, shining and using their boats. The Harbor Committee has been working through the dry dock and has reorganized many of the boats to better suit our limited space. Work on this project has been under the careful guidance of Committee Members Bill Melbostad, Charles Froeb, Jib Martens and Staff Commodore Jim Robinson. This is not an easy project and requires a lot of time. Please thank them if you see them around The Club. The Harbor Committee is also working on a program to install dock boxes at the berths. Additional information on this project will be forthcoming. The general idea is to eliminate as many of the old dock boxes as possible and free up space on the dry dock, allowing for better utilization and movement of boats. Onsite pump-out services are coming to The SFYC. The Harbor Committee will be finalizing details of the program and will be starting services in July. The plan will allow members to sign up for monthly pump-outs without leaving their berth. Members will be billed directly at a cost of $25. Not only does this help our members, it will also reduce our carbon footprint by not having boats make a trip across the bay to pump out. It is a very reasonable price considering fuel prices and time. Our dock rehabilitation project is moving along. The new docks look great and should work well for many years. The Guest and Member Docks are complete and we are working our way down the “0” Docks. We hope to have Phase 1 completed by October 2011. We will also be installing cleats on the finger piers to accommodate spring lines. You asked and you got them.

Big ebb at Harding Rock JULY 2011 THE BULLETIN • • 5

House Committee Paul Rosenlund, House Committee Chair

On the House July 1, 2011


elcome to summer at The Club. Life is a bit slower, but it’s a great time to bring yourself, friends and family to enjoy some time on the deck before or after you take to the boats. Summer is also a time when we have a fair number of private functions at The Club, which are the focus of this month’s column. As reported last month, the House Committee and Board of Directors have implemented an updated set of rules, policies and pricing structures for private functions at The Club and we hope that those of you who use The Club for private events have had a chance to review them. We also hope that more of you will consider using The Club for your private entertaining activities. The updated House Rules are posted in the MembersOnly section of the website and also are available in the Front Office at The Club. House Rule No. 9 (Private Use of Club Facilities) lays out the general requirements for all private events as well as the factors that distinguish member events from member-sponsored events. Some have asked, however, why are there two sets of prices, why are there fees for rooms or for setting up for events at all, and why can’t my dinner party of fifty just take a seat and order from the Dining Room menu? These are all fair questions and your House Committee and Club staff have answers for them that result from a great deal of homework. Our work included reviewing policies and pricing at other clubs, as well as local restaurants, hotels and catering operations, and consideration of the demands that private events put upon our staff and facilities. The result is that for private member events, there is a nominal event fee that reflects The Club’s incremental cost of putting on an event in that room or location. But, if the food and beverage

charges reach a certain threshold, which varies from room to room depending on capacity and other factors, the event fee is waived. Member-sponsored events incur an event fee plus a facility charge for use of the room. Full particulars are available from Natalie Watson, our Catering Sales Manager. Having looked into the activities of other clubs quite thoroughly, we believe this is the most member-friendly policy that can be found among comparable clubs. The overall considerations and policies that underlie these rules and pricing structures may be found in the deliberations of your House Committee and Board of Directors. The following statement is taken directly from the May 2011 Minutes of the House Committee and Board of Directors meetings: The private function policies in the revised House Rules are consistent with those that have developed over many years, but they have been inconsistently applied, and in some cases have not been fully transparent to the Members. Uniform and transparent policies and prices will result in more fair treatment of all Members, reduced stress on our staff when they are booking and arranging events, and increased efficiencies. Some of the facts and policies underlying these recommendations are the following: Private events cost more to put on than ordinary dining and bar activity, and in some cases they disadvantage regular member activities and revenues. Factors that often increase costs and impact regular usage and revenues include, but are not limited to, staffing requirements for the irregular scheduled events and, demands upon the galley and wait staff causing potential delays to regular diners resulting from the simultaneous service of meals to large groups. Other factors affecting costs include the rearrangement of tables and rooms for each event, parking, security, cleaning, and reduced Member


patronage of dining and bar facilities. Regular dining and bar prices are subsidized by Member dues, and all Members should share equally in supporting facilities and services that are available to all, but it is not appropriate for Members to subsidize other Members’ private events. Members hosting private events that qualify as Member Events should pay prices that fairly reflect The Club’s burdened costs of putting on their event. Prices and policies for these activities are reflected in the “Member Event” information sheet and in the House Rules and Regulations. The “event fees” noted on this sheet are intended to reflect The Club’s actual costs for the event, but are waived if food and beverage charges reach a specified level that reflects full utilization of the facility. Private events that are primarily for the benefit of a business, a reciprocal member, or individuals other than the Member’s immediate family, should also cover The Club’s burdened costs, and in addition should provide a fair margin that will help The Club support its facilities and operations. Prices and policies for these activities are reflected in the “MemberSponsored Event” information sheet and in the House Rules and Regulations. The Club should continue with its policy of only hosting functions sponsored by our Members and by members of qualified reciprocal clubs, and should not solicit or accept bookings from others. We hope this information helps to create a better understanding and appreciation of the internal workings of The Club. Although each member has his or her own individual perspective, we believe these restated policies best represent the consensus of the membership as a whole. Please enjoy your summer at The Club!

Race News Angie Lackey Olson / Anne McCormack



Reports from the Ocean Blue San Francisco to Monterey hat a great way to start the Memorial Day weekend. Erich Ringewald and his committee crew of Loretta Sheridan, Alison Russell, George Brewster, Lynn Spiller, James Feliz, Ron Blue of MPYC, and Anne McCormack sent 44 ocean racers off to Monterey under drizzly conditions. Fastest elapsed time went to Chip Megeath’s RP 45 Criminal Mischief at 8:42:45 and best corrected time/overall winner was Andy Costello on his J/125 Double Trouble. Following are two skipper reports: “We had a great ride...light air leaving the bay and San Francisco area, the winds slowly built to about 20+ knots off Davenport and we had a nice run down to Monterey with large following seas and nice winds. The only mishap we had was when we overran the spinnaker, surfing one Even cooking was fun aboard Eclipse during big wave, and wrapped the chute the Spinnaker Cup around the headstay, which took a few minutes to unwind. While we cleaned up, we sailed without a spinnaker for ten minutes or so...but then we finished second in class to the J/111...lost to them by less than one minute on corrected time (so I know where we could have made up that time!!!)) Fun ride!!” Mark Dowdy Eclipse (4th overall, 2nd in Division C) “After a light rain, the sun came out and it was a perfect day, winds out of the NW 10 to 12 knots. Past Pigeon Pt. the winds started increasing to 20 knots and at sundown we saw 27. After much discussion we decided to stay out, thinking there may be better breeze. As it turned out it was a more typical weather pattern than we expected and the boats that jibed in toward Davenport got a little more breeze a little earlier and edged us out. I’m still asking Skip what the heck is a ‘diurnal push?’ I’m thinking it has something to do with a pregnant cow… ahhh, maybe therein lies the problem.” Steve Stroub Tiburon (13th overall, 6th in Division C). Eclipse on a spinnaker run South photo by Mark Dowdy


Bill Gage as PRO and a large volunteer contingent of Don Schumacher, Loretta Sheridan, Madeline Morey, Shawn Davies, Glenn Isaacson, Kim Bishop, Mark Gathings, Danielle Dabbah, James Feliz, Jay Lawton, Kristian Notto, Jeff Zarwell, Jim Plunkett, Bob Griswold, Angie Lackey, Lynn Spiller, Suzie Moore, Lincoln Collins, Jerry Eaton, Jay Lawton, Oliver Wiggett, Tom Roberts, Vicki Sodaro, Richard Calabrese, Doug McVae, and John Super, orchestrated a great regatta for the 6 fleets totaling 47 boats attending Elite Keel. We welcomed a new fleet, the Open 5.70, to the regatta this year. ETCHELLS 1st Philippe Kahn Pegasus-MotionX 2nd Bill Barton Magic 3rd Michael Laport Ginna Fe EXPRESS 27 1st Tom Jenkins Witchy Woman 2nd Brendan Busch Get Happy 3rd John Rivlan Peaches IOD 1st Paul Manning Xarifa 2nd Mark & Rich Pearce Fjaer 3rd John Lennon Stark Terror J/24 1st Rich Jepsen Rail to Rail 2nd Michael Whitfield TMC Racing 3rd Don Taylor On Belay KNARR 1st Joel Fong Lykken 2nd Chris Kelly Flyer 3rd Tom Reed Sophia OPEN 5.70 1st Tom Baffico The Maker 2nd Marc Finot Frolic 3rd Paul Dorsey Diobolic


Race News

SPRING INVITATIONAL Who thought it would rain on the first weekend in June? But rain it did at the start of the Spring Invitational on Saturday, June 4. Thirty-two boats braved the hostile conditions (wet and light air) to get under way in the Berkeley Circle. Jeff Zarwell and his team (Jay Hooker, Valerie Taylor, Keri Spiller, Madeline Selig-Morey, Anne Scully, Tristan Ruhland, James Felize, Jay Hickman, Michelle Farabaugh, Julie Plunkett, Kim Bishop, Greg Owen, and Ross Tibbits) ran the four fleets through their paces for a total of six races over two days with an “indoor BBQ” at the bar on Saturday night.

OUT AND ABOUT AND UNDER THE SFYC BURGEE Every weekend, someone is sailing somewhere under the Burgee. We do our best to keep track of our sailors and their successes. If you see something missing, please drop us a line to for inclusion next time.

EXPRESS 37 1st Kame Richards Golden Moon 2nd Michael Maloney Bullet 3rd Bartz Schneider Expeditious J/105 1st Bruce Stone Arbitrage 2nd Scooter Simmons Blackhawk 3rd Phillip Laby Dogot J/120 1st Steve Madeira Mr. Magoo 2nd Don Payan Dayenu 3rd Barry Lewis Chance

Scooter Simmons and crew aboard MELGES 24 Blackhawk 1st Kristian Notto American Lady 2nd Erwan LeGall Abordage 3rd Dough Wilhelm Wilco

Tim Russell's Wylie Wabbit Weckless WYLIE WABBIT

CYC FRIDAY NIGHT FIRST SERIES SFYC racers are well represented in the Friday night series hosted by the Corinthian Yacht Club. Results from the first series are: J/105 (We cleaned up here taking top honors) 1st Sue Hoeschler Yikes! 2nd Walter Sanford Alchemy 3rd Steve Block Danae PHRF 1 1st Bill Moore Shenanigans 3rd Trig Liljestrand Ragtime PHRF 3 (Another sweep by SFYC) 1st Ron Young Youngster 2nd Laurence Bekins Moxie 3rd Craig Page Wuda Shuda NON-SPIN 1 1st Glenn Isaacson Q 3rd Jib Martens Freedom NON-SPIN 3 1st Jim Robinson Belafonte 3rd Tina Lundh Fjording

Jim and Martha Robinson “enjoyed” themselves while taking 1st in the Non-Spinnaker 3 category aboard Belafonte


Tim Russell (Weckless #11) has been busy in 2011, having won top honors in the Richmond Yacht Club’s Midwinters and the Big Dinghy. Tim’s most recent win involved a trek to Redding for the Whiskeytown Regatta over Memorial Day…he reports: “The weather was not great but we at least had no rain. The sailing however was excellent. Not the typical Whiskeytown race where in the morning it blows from the west and it is windy. Then around one o’clock it shuts down, then blows from the east and gets light. We had six races and that happened only once, in the last race on Saturday. The wind was very shifty where 90-degree shifts were very common, creating lots of opportunities. We managed to get most of them right with our worst score and throw out being a second place. Of course the camping was fun. The Whiskeytown Sailing Club rents a big group campground where everyone camps together. It is very family oriented. My crew were Scott Parker in the middle and John Claude on the wire.”

WBRA FLEETS BIRD Cissy Kirrane Robin 1st Master Mariners, StFYC Woodies Invitational, WBRA #3 David Cobb Widgeon 3rd Master Mariners, StFYC Woodies Invitational, WBRA #3 FOLKBOAT Chris Herrmann Thea 2nd WBRA #3

YRA SPRING #1 Jim Lindsay Topgallant 3rd place race one HDA D Kirk Smith Dream 1st place race one Alerion Bartz Schneider Expeditious 1st place race one, 2nd place race two

STONE CUP Scooter Simmons Blackhawk 1st place J/105 John Wimer Desdemona 2nd place J/120


Eighty-one boats from ten countries participated in the 2011 Etchells Worlds, held in San Diego. Racing was conducted off Pt Loma and Mark & Rich Pearce Fjaer Coronado Island. The San Francisco Yacht Club was well represented 1st StFYC Woodies Invitational, WBRA #3 (The Pearce brothers were off to Marblehead for the IOD in this fierce competition. Worlds June 11-17. More to come in the next issue.) USA 666- Don Jesberg, Zarko Draganic and Scott Mason Ron Young Youngster (5th overall and 1st Corinthian team finish) 2nd WBRA #3 USA 946- Craig Healy, Dave Gruver and Keith Stahnke (10th overall) KNARR USA 897- Bill Melbostad, Bryan Moore and Steve Fentress Chris Perkins Three Boys and a Girl USA 1262- Philippe Kahn with crew Peter Phelan and Eric Doyle 1st StFYC Woodies Invitational SUI 1187- Jeff Wayne and Pete McCormick sailing with Seamus Knud Wibroe Snapps III McHugh 1st WBRA #3 3rd StFYC Woodies Invitational GRE 1368- Jeff Madrigali sailing with George Andreadis IOD


Youth Sailing Forrest Gay, Director /

Molly Robinson Selected For All American Offshore Team olly Robinson and two of her fellow crew members, David Rasmussen and Matt Noble, from the All American Offshore Team, recently took three days away from their carbon fiber STP65 race boat Vanquish to return to the Bay Area and make presentations to The SFYC, Richmond, St. Francis and Encinal Yacht Clubs about their experiences since being selected to the AAOT. The AAOT was formed in 2011 under the guidance of the United States Merchant Marine Academy at King’s Point which also owns the vessel these three serve aboard. Vanquish, which began her life in Australia in 2008 as the MoneyPenny, is presently in Newport, Rhode Island preparing for the Trans Atlantic Race. Earlier this year the sail director at Kings Point decided that Vanquish would be a good platform to offer “the next step” for successful young sailors to be initiated into the rarified atmosphere of Grand Prix, high tech, off-shore racing. Applications were sent to young sailors throughout the United States. This was to be a program envisioned, created, and brought to fruition by folks under the age of 30. After hundreds of competent, qualified individuals responded, 15 were chosen. One of those accepted into the program was SFYC’s own, Molly Robinson. The team has raced in two major races so far; The Around Block Island, where they came in 2nd, and the Annapolis to Newport RI Race, where they came in 7th racing against such notables as the 100 footer’s Rambler and the Leopold of London. Their next major race is across the Atlantic from Newport to The Lizard, off of the coast England. That race begins July 3 and will include Rambler, Leopold, and the 300+ ft Maltese Falcon. Following that race in August, Vanquish will participate in the famous Fastnet. As in all offshore competitive endeavors, running a program such as this is expensive and the young sailors could use some help. If you wish to donate to the team or simply want to follow their adventures, please go to Or Google, All American Offshore Team. The SFYC presentation was a great event (in my unbiased



David Rasmussen, Matt Noble and Molly Robinson and totally objective opinion). But what is really nice is that Molly, David and Matt don’t stand alone. From the group of sailors who all started at The SFYC about the same time have come some pretty darn remarkable individuals that continue to fly the SFYC burgee in venues around the world. Cameron and Michaella McCloskey, the Gutenkunst lads – Morgan and Myles, the Lynch Mob – Delaney, Scott akaRaymundoe, and Cassidy, Derek Meyer, Brent Harrill, Sean Kelly, Jess Andrews, Tommy Pastalka and Claire Dennis – just to name a few. And Jamie in the Accounting Office informed me that The SFYC has 40 junior sailors that are presently enrolled in colleges and universities around the country who are sailing for their schools. A few months ago I overheard a conversation when someone a group at The Club was saying we just didn’t seem to have any young sailors who were competitive anymore. They said they wanted to support our young adult sailors but they couldn’t find anyone worthy. Really? I suggest there might be quite a few. S/C Jim Robinson

A couple of skippers hanging out. Matt Noble of the Vanquish and Steve Stroub of the Tiburon.

Summer sailors love lunch break!

Summer Sailing Program at SFYC

SFYC YOUTH RACE TEAM RESULTS BAYS #1 @ PYSF (MAY 21-22) 29er (3 boats) 2nd Scott Buckstaff and Jack Barton 420 (9 boats) 2nd Kennedy Placek and Lea Russell Opti Championship (19 boats) 1st Sally Wilmot; 2nd Teddy Hayden; 3rd Maria Casciani; 4th Christian Ehrnrooth; 5th Sam Barton; 6th Mats Keldsen; 7th Remi Lowe; 8th Teddy Russell; 9th Alex Moody; 10th Coco Dana; 11th Parker Dittmore; 12th Tommy Young; 17th Sally Wilmot; 18th Ezra Acker; 19th Gage McLennan Opti Green (10 boats) 2nd William Fox; 5th Ines Lowe; 6th Jack Abbott SMYTHE AREA G QUALIFIER @ PYSF (MAY 21-22) (13 boats) 1st Kaitlyn Baab; 3rd Kyle Larsen; 8th Michael Tan OPTI HARKEN #3 @ CABRILLO BEACH YC (MAY 28-29) Championship Fleet (33 boats) 1st Lawson Willard; 4th Christopher Casciani; 7th Jackson Wagner; 9th Lucy Wilmot; 11th Maria Casciani; 13th Will Dana; 15th Dylan Meade; 17th Sally Wilmot; 18th Christian Ehrnrooth; 20th Sam Barton; 23rd Remi Lowe; 24th Tommy Young; 27th Coco Dana Green Fleet (20 boats) 2nd Nicholas Marwell; 4th Ezra Acker; 9th Caleb Yoslov; 10th Ines Lowe; 11th William Fox BAYS #2 AND NORCAL JUNIOR OLYMPICS @ RYC (JUNE 11-12) 29er (3 boats) 2nd Scott Buckstaff and James Moody 420 (9 boats) 1st Skipper and Daniel Ron; 9th Alex Ron and Cassidy Lynch Laser Radial (13 boats) 1st Kyle Larsen; 9th Lawson Willard Opti Championship (23 boats) 1st Sam Barton; 2nd Christian Ehrnrooth; 3rd Will Martens; 4th Teddy Hayden; 5th Dylan Meade; 6th Sally Wilmot; 7th Mats Keldsen; 8th Remi Lowe; 10th Lucy Wilmot; 12th Ezra Acker; 13th Will Dana; 14th Parker Dittmore; 19th Tommy Young; 20th Coco Dana; 23rd Chloe Belgum

Future Youth Sailor Luke Thomas Mourani enjoys keeping up to date with the news at The SFYC


photo by Michelle Liddicoat Mourani


he San Francisco Yacht Club has had a long tradition of youth sailing during the summers in beautiful Belvedere Cove. Much has changed in Belvedere and at The Club over the past few decades and summer sailing is no exception. While the kids continue to come and sail and the weather continues to be beautiful, the boats and structure have evolved. In the last decade SFYC has built one of the finest youth sailing facilities in the country and has gained nationwide recognition with its Opti Race Team. This summer we will have over 325 kids sail with our summer program. The majority of them will sail Optis or the JY trainer (basically an Opti with training wheels). The Opti is the international standard for young sailors to race, but Optis have only been in California for about nine years. It is amazing to look back at the first Optis in California in the early 2000’s and remember the small regattas we had here in the Bay Area and in Los Angeles. Some of the early results show five or six boats total. Less than ten years later The SFYC hosted the most prestigious Opti regatta in the country, the U.S. Team Trials, with nearly 180 boats from all over the country. Later this month an international regatta, the North Americans, will be hosted in Los Angeles. These regattas are a testament to the few clubs like The SFYC which supports high-level Opti teams in California. We currently have a large pipeline of sailors starting with the Summer Program who feed into a race team of about 45 sailors. The top of that race team has qualified over a dozen sailors to the Team Trials Regatta for the past two years. Summer sailing in the sun not only provides a fun summer activity for hundreds of local kids, but also produces the best racers on the West Coast. Come down and see the summer fun and join us for our daily kids’ BBQ, weekdays noon to 1p.m. at the Youth Dock.

Auxiliary News Lisa Harris, SFYC Auxiliary President, 2011


rom time to time I am Here to Eternity”,“Shane” and “Roman Holiday”), Little asked about the Ricky debuted on the “I Love Lucy” show, Playboy magazine Auxiliary, our history and hit newsstands for the first time featuring Marilyn Monroe on what it is we do around The the cover in the all-together, the San Francisco 49ers were in Club. So I thought that while their 4th season at Kezar Stadium with Buck Shaw as Head we are Coach, San Francisco Mayor Elmer relatively Robinson released the first fish into “with devotion, passion and quiet Golden Gate Park’s Spreckels Lake, through the and here at The Club, “responding to tireless energy, these women have a growing interest of women in summer months, I’d yachting and yacht club activities”, enriched the fabric of the history Commodore Frank (Jake) Wosser take this opportunity and his Board of Directors appointed of The San Francisco Yacht Club an ad hoc committee, chaired by Bob to begin addressing Davies, to organize a women’s for close to sixty years.” some of this auxiliary. Bob sent a letter to the wife by speaking to our storied inception and of every member inviting them to a rich past, touching on where we are today. tea, suggesting the following reasons for forming the Auxiliary: It was 1953…Dwight D. Eisenhower was President, the “for the wives…to become better acquainted with each other, New York Yankees had defeated the Brooklyn Dodgers in the to help and advise the Officers…in the various functions of the World Series, unemployment was at 3.0%, the Academy Award Club, to promote interest in activities and sailing…of Juvenile for Best Picture had gone to “The Greatest Show on Earth” members, to get together…in a social way.” Seventy-one with Cecil B. DeMille as producer, (it was up against “From women showed up for that first tea. The plan for the organizing

For Girls who like Adventure… Save The Date for

The Annual Auxiliary Fundraiser Thursday, September 15 Benefiting Auxiliary Programs

Travel the World…Enjoy Scrumptious Food, Tantalizing Drinks,To-die-for-Shopping, Culture and Fun …And you don’t even have to pack!! 12 • JULY 2011 THE BULLETIN •

of an official Standing Committee of The San Francisco Yacht Club was born and Bob welcomed the “Auxiliary women” as Charter Members. Mary Duhme was elected as the first President and she and her Board got right to work. Through the years the Auxiliary has hosted, chaired and organized countless events, parties, luncheons, teas, races, all the while raising funds for Youth Sailing and The Club. From the onset, this group of formidable women have been an active arm of sailing on the Bay. In 1956 President Betty Frost founded the Adams Cup Fund to encourage future interest in women’s competitive sailing. In 1965 a training program was started to give the women the opportunity to further develop their sailing skills, spearheaded by Sally Mathews Legge and Nancy Rogers, amongst others. In 1966 the first Fall Sailing Cruises began, later renamed the Dreamboat Series,which are still in place today. In 1976 the Marianne Mason, Yachtswoman of the Year Award was established and has been awarded every year since. Following the acceptance of women as Regular Club Members in 1980, the Auxiliary made an amendment to their

By-Laws to change the name of the Women’s Auxiliary to The SFYC Auxiliary, thereby offering membership to all women members in addition to all female spouses of members. The word Auxiliary itself means “offering or providing help”; with its first known use in the 15th century, its Latin root is auxiliaris. According to our Mission Statement, the Auxiliary proudly continues “To promote the mission and purpose of The San Francisco Yacht Club by building community through social and educational activities with special emphasis on women and youth.” Undoubtedly, with devotion, passion and tireless energy, these women have enriched the fabric of the history of The San Francisco Yacht Club for close to sixty years. With reverence to our past, an eye to the future, and a lot of gusto, this grand dame, also known as The SFYC Auxiliary, looks forward to ushering in the next sixty. See you soon,

Lisa Harris

Auxiliary Notes – A History to Remember

I photo by Jeffery Stein

had the privilege of presiding during the Auxiliary's 50th Anniversary, which marked a great benchmark in the group’s illustrious history; 50 years of creating and celebrating community, as well as recognizing and honoring past and present leadership. Staff Commodore Jim Robinson called us a "force!" The entire year was the metaphoric expression of what the Auxiliary does best: creating, celebrating, and sharing community. Our theme was "Creating and Celebrating Community for Fifty Years." I think of the Auxiliary as the "heart” of The Club, bringing all ages together through a shared passion for boating, weaving a MAGNIFICENT tapestry of community through celebration. Elizabeth Merrill, Auxiliary President, 2003

ecoming involved with the Auxiliary has enhanced my SFYC experience in more ways than I can list. When first asked to join the group I had no idea what a terrific experience it would be. But during my seven years on the Auxiliary Board and my continued involvement in Auxiliary and club activities I have developed a deep appreciation for the history of The SFYC, its membership, staff, employees, and its incredibly beautiful environment. During the period that I was on its Board, the Auxiliary contributed significant funds to the building of the Sailing Center, purchased Youth Sailing equipment, funded the entry hall Compass Rose floor inlay and supported Youth Sailing scholarships. But what I will always remember most fondly about my involvement in the SFYC community is the men and women I have met through The Club over the years. While The SFYC is a great place to berth your boat, get a terrific drink from a friendly, cute bartender and enjoy a fabulous dinner created by Chef Reny and his outstanding staff, it is to me first and foremost a place to meet and enjoy the company of good friends. My involvement in Auxiliary programs and projects has led to terrific friendships and wonderful memories.

photo by Joan Bekins


Mimi Cornelius, Auxiliary President, 2006 and 2007


A Point In Time S/C Ken Frost, SFYC Historian

A Brief History

The SFYC of the Cove House 1928 Campaign fter the 1906 earthquake and fire, the City of San for New Members Francisco was, as we all know, devastated and took


several years to rebuild. However, even before the earthquake, a prominent Francisco s weRueben prepareHale, for the upcoming San “Old Timers’ merchant, proposedNight”, that theit City host an “exposition” to celebrate the might be fun to review the attached opening flier of the Panama Canal. The events of 1906 caused other that was sent to all current Club members venues to be considered, but in the end San Francisco and prospective members in 1928 to explain what a was

closed on December 4, 1915. Most of the buildings were constructed in haste and not expected to last. So how does this relate to the Cove House? Many of us have heard of the legend of the origin of this building. Some believe that it was barged from San Francisco to Belvedere Cove. That is not true. However, during the demolition of many of the buildings, a lot of material was available cheap. Most of the lumber from which the building was constructed came from the Fair. The only building in Marin to have been moved intact from the PPIE was the building that housed the Victor Talking Machine, emerging technology of its day! It is now the San Rafael Improvement Club. The real story of the Cove House starts with Dr. Clyde S. Payne, a prominent San Francisco physician. He and his family enjoyed vacationing at the Belvedere Hotel. They escaped the San Francisco fog by coming to the Cove and were active members of the Pacific Motor Boat Club. Clyde, Sr. was its commodore in 1917. In 1916, the family leased the property at 100 Beach Road, and commissioned Clyde, Jr. who had just completed his architecture degree at Penn to design a summer home. It was

awarded the Panama Pacific International Exposition (PPIE). The City worked hard to prove it was once again a vibrant city, capable of hosting such a grand event. To pull it off, much of what is now the Marina District was filled. To do that, it took over 300,000 cubic yards of dirt. The Canal opened in August 1914. The Fair opened on February 20, 1915 and

completed that summer. Originally, the building was dwarfed by the Hotel. Eventually, the property was nearly surrounded by the Club. The architecture may have been inspired by the PPIE, but it is original to Clyde Payne, Jr. After Harry Allen bought the Belvedere Land Company in 1935, Mrs. Payne was able to buy the lot. From 1916 until 1982, the home was enjoyed by four generations of the Payne family. Ms. Dolly Payne Keaton lived there for most of her life. A wonderful interview of Dolly where she describes her life in Belvedere appears in the book, Both Sides of the Track, by James Heig, Shirley Mitchell, and Cathy Debs Epstein published in 1985. 14 • JULY 2011 THE BULLETIN •

SFYC Wine Dinner


he Kosta Browne Winery poured generous glasses of their sought after Pinot Noir and Chardonnay to a SOLD OUT crowd of club members and guests at a recent Wine Dinner organized by the SFYC Wine Committee. The tasting was accompanied by a five-star, four-course meal prepared by our very own Chef Reny and his staff. The picture-perfect scallops with savory plum sauce first course was followed by a beautifully prepared rolled duck with goat cheese, topped with fois gras. After a main course of filet mignon, the meal was finished off with a tasty European cheese plate. While the crowd enjoyed every sip of his fabulous wines, wine maker Dan Kosta entertained the guests with the history and wine making process at Kosta Browne. The Wine Committee works hard to choose special high end wines for the SFYC Wine Dinners. The group’s next event will be the Annual Wine Tasting Extravaganza on July 30. Please see page 20 of this Bulletin for more details. Duck Fois Gras

Holly Hooker, Ed Lynch and Charmaine Mazur were among the group at the Costa Browne Wine Dinner.

The America’s Cup An Update SFYC Speakers Series

July 27

6:30 p.m. in the Cove House Ms. McClellan formerly worked for the Mayor’s office and was involved with the process to select San Francisco as the venue for the AC. She now heads the ACOC, a group comprised of many of San Francisco city leaders charged with the monumental task of fundraising for the event. They are both well versed in how local yacht clubs are and will be involved with the upcoming AC events. Their expertise should make for an enlightening evening.

Please RSVP to The SFYC Front Desk. The event is free for members and their guests.

photos by Paige Brooks


tephanie Martin, Chief Communications Officer of the America’s Cup Event Authority and Kyri McClellan, Executive Director of the San Francisco America’s Cup Organizing Authority will discuss the efforts involved in bringing the America’s Cup to San Francisco. Ms. Martin was one of the first employees with the ACEA, the group charged with the sponsorship and land-side organization of the event in San Francisco and the World Series events here and abroad.


Welcome New Members Laurence Bekins, Membership Committee

The SFYC welcomes Colleen Coyle to Corinthian Membership. Colleen sails and races regularly with Chris Dawson on Veronese. She is originally from Michigan, but now calls Portrero Hill home. Whether crewing in the Friday Night Races, wake boarding behind her ski boat in the Delta, or kite surfing on the city front, Colleen is an enthusiastic participant. Colleen says that she loves the people and culture of The SFYC and looks forward to the many club functions this year. Her sponsors are Chris Dawson and Paul Rosenlund.

The SFYC welcomes Amy Jacobs to Regular Membership. Amy is a seasoned sailor from the East Coast who taught sailing camp as a teen, then took up sailing again while working in New York as an analyst. Her participation in the well-known “Frostbite Regatta” demonstrates that she is well acclimatized for sailing on the Bay. Amy and her husband, Neal, live on Belvedere Lagoon with their three children, Jack (five), Cate (three), and Anna (two). They are members of the Tiburon Peninsula Club and Amy is an active tennis player. Amy and Neal are keen to get the kids involved with the SFYC Youth Program in the next few years. Amy’s sponsors are Matt Frymier and Ross Berger. The SFYC welcomes Sam Hinckley to Regular Membership. Sam has a deep passion for sailing. He learned to sail out of the Inverness Yacht Club, and while in high school, was credited for founding the Cate School sailing program. He raced out of the Balboa Yacht Club during his college years at USC, and continued his sailing on the Bay while at UC Berkeley and San Francisco State. He was commodore of the Inverness Yacht Club in 2002 and chaired the Youth Sailing Program. Sam is active in the International 110 and Flying Scott fleets. He and his wife, Frances, live in Corte Madera, and have two children, Sam (nineteen), and Suzanne (six). Sam is a motion picture sound editor and works for Lucasfilm. The Hinckleys are also members of the Mt. Tam Racquet Club. Sam’s sponsors are Matthew McGowan and Walt Logan. The SFYC welcomes Junior Members John DeRuff, Jack Lamarre, Daniel Rosic, Gus Strotz, and not pictured are Alya Kalra, and Spencer Wirth. All the kids have participated in the SFYC Youth Sailing Program. We look forward to their active participation in The Club!

IN MEMORIAM FRANK HINMAN, JR. MD 1915 – 2011 Frank Hinman Jr. passed away on May 22 in San Francisco. Dr Hinman was a renowned surgeon, genitourinary educator, illustrator and sailor. He was an accomplished artist, having had one of his paintings published in Life Magazine and two cover illustrations chosen for the cover of the Journal of the American Medical Association. He produced over 150 paintings and showed them in two shows. Over his lifetime Dr. Hinman earned many honors, published over 250 articles and many books in his field; he was recognized as a worldwide authority in urology. He was an Honorary Life member of the San Francisco Yacht Club, and a member of St Francis Yacht Club. In 1998, Dr. Hinman was named Yachtsman of the Year by The SFYC. A celebration of his life will be held at the StFYC, date and time to be announced.


Cruising News Bill Stark

Delta Yacht Club-July 16-24 Harold Kleiderman and Lisa Klairmont will lead our week-long cruise to and from the Delta Yacht Club. Mark your calendars now and prepare to relax on Delta Time. Please see the announcement in this Bulletin.

Encinal Yacht Club-August 19-21 Jib Martens is leading this “Fun in the Sun cruise”. Come join your fellow members for sun, warmth, camaraderie and good fun at the annual Encinal Yacht Club cruise on the Alameda

Riviera on August 19-21. Encinal YC is located deep in the Alameda Estuary where the sun always shines and the weather is warm. EYC has great guest docks, a heated pool and a terrific newly remodeled bar. We are planning a stop on Friday night at Jack London Square to have dinner at Yoshi’s. And there are many fun things to do on Saturday, including just relaxing on your boat. The EYC cruise is a relaxing and low stress wind up for your summer and a great cruise for kids. Come by boat or by car, but do come. Please call the SFYC Front Desk to reserve a spot. See you there. “Because too much fun is never enough.”

CRUISE TO THE DELTA WITH THE SFYC Join the Delta cruise and mini-vacation, July 17- 23. Here are the Cruise details: Warm weather, fresh water, great destinations, and FUN. Cruise all or part of the week, or add days at the beginning or end. Sunday, July 17:

Cruise to Pittsburgh Marina. Dinner at one of the nearby restaurants. Details to follow.

July 18 -July 22:

Cruise to Delta Yacht Club’s beautiful facility on the San Joaquin River, just past Tinsley Island. Paella Night: Harold Kleiderman will be trying Chef Reny’s famous paella recipe. Margarita Party: Rich Wideman will be making margaritas, using Phil’s secret recipe. There are games (bocce, pitch/put golf), walking trails, restrooms/showers, ice machines, and power and water on the docks. Explore the Delta by dinghy, or just relax by the large swimming pool. DYC features indoor and outdoor dining, a great community kitchen and lots of barbecues. Reachable by car, from a nearby marina, the DYC is very kid and dog friendly, so bring the whole crew.

Friday, July 22:

Cruise about half way home to Benicia. This is one of the Bay’s favorite destinations. The historic town of Benicia is just a short walk away, with shops, restaurants, the Bay Trail and many points of interest. Depending on the number of boats stopping at Benicia, we will arrange a “docktail” party and group dinner at Sailor Jack’s seafood restaurant on Friday. More details, including costs, will be available soon. For more information, or to sign up for all or part of the cruise, please contact: Lisa Klairmont, 415-686-8659,, or Harold Kleiderman, 415 298-6293,


Crossing Wakes Steve Mason & Ginger Souders-Mason

n May Niel and Nancy Davidson joined the “Selene Rendezvous” in Roche Harbor, San Juan Island aboard their Selene, Three Wishes. This four-day event served as their semi-annual “trip around the flag” and shakedown cruise. While in Roche, they anchored next to Gay and Wyman Harris who were also doing a preparatory shakedown adventure. The Davidsons spent June in the Gulf Islands and Desolation Sounds. Niel wrote that they enjoyed Montague Harbor with its gorgeous sunset, friends and a perfect steak dinner. That was his reward for having the typical boat day: dinghy davits that would not work and, once in the water, a dinghy with a dead battery. But with ingenuity and preplanning (purchasing a battery charger) the day was saved. They then went back to Sidney for the Canada Day parade on July 4th, which reminds them of small town America. Karen and Jerry Eaton spent three weeks in Desolation Sound in June and plan to return in August to buddy-boat with Gay and Wyman Harris in the Broughtons. Jon and Alice Shinn spent the first part of June still in Ipswich, England at a machine shop having shaft problems taken care of. It seems there is a rule about only launching four boats per day so it has been a slow start for the Shinns who are looking forward to returning to Norwegian waters.

photo by Kim Coggan


cyclone season in New Zealand where they had all their rigging inspected and repaired. This season they sailed north of the equator to explore the Marshall Islands. The water was clear to 100 feet or more, making for wonderful diving and snorkeling. Fishing was adequate as a food source. But there is evidence of fishery depletion, not by islanders but by the foreign registered commercial fleets which pay big bucks to the national governments for permits and ignore international laws. Jim did not see any evidence of the money trickling down to aid the common islander. He reported that island health centers are a pitiful sight because the health ministries fail to send supplies of medicine and instruments from the central supply sources to the remote islands. Rampant diseases are lifestyle related: a diet that is overloaded in calories and sugars, leading to obesity, diabetes and related vascular conditions. Tobacco use is generalized. Dental disease is rampant. It is rare to meet someone over age 70. There are no chronic care/rehab facilities, so victims with disabilities must depend on family for support. Can the high rate of births and teenage pregnancy be a lifestyle disease? “You betcha.” Sex is the most common form of recreation for the teenager. Recently Majuro has gotten some negative press related to break-ins of yachts. These small island communities are virtually crime-free because everyone knows everyone else, and there are no secrets. What Jim observed could be called teenage pranks and petty thievery. Alcohol-related incidents do occur. But Kim and Jim have felt safer out in the Pacific, even more so than they do in Mexico, which they love and where they will return. (To say nothing of Los Angeles or San Francisco.) In the Pacific islands there are no guns. Jim concluded his report by saying, “Yet these are wonderful people who have taught me so much. I hear frequently that what is most important is enjoyment in life, not longevity. It may well be that the rampant conditions I see are my problems of perception, not theirs.”

2011 Cruising Calendar Jim Coggan and a South Pacific islander friend.


Jim and Kim Coggan wrote from an even greater distance: “Auspice is an incredible boat, really a racer first of all, but an excellent cruiser for a couple as well. I think about Carl Schumacher every day with admiration and respect. And I continue to feel privileged to have one of his boats. It's been ten years now that we’ve owned her and we are still going strong. Last week I sailed solo from Funafuti to Savu Savu, averaging seven knots for the entire passage, close reaching in 15-25 knots. It was wet and wild, but what great fun!” The Coggans did the usual Coconut Milk Run and spent the

August 19-21 Encinal YC



Cruise Leader Jib Martens

Sept. 16-18

Tomales Bay w/ CCA Bob VanBlaricom Doug Finley

Sept. 17-24

International Cruise

RoyAnne Florence

October 2

Leukemia Cup

Jib Martens

October 7-9

Tinsley/Delta YC

Scott Harris Rich Wideman

Crossing Wakes

Monument, tothe east of Ketchikan. have always wanted to explore the It was early in the season and, as far Inside Passage in depth, at my own as I could tell, we were the only pace, from Puget Sound north. In people there. The weather was March 2008 I bought a 45-foot gorgeous. In May, we explored the Defever twin-engine trawler-style boat area north of Ketchikan, especially in Seattle and spent that season around Wrangell and Petersburg. exploring the waters from Olympia at Here we had our first experience the southern end of Puget Sound to with icebergs and the LeConte Comox and Princess Louisa Inlet in Glacier, the southernmost tidewater B.C. The boat spent the 2008-09 glacier. We crossed the bar at the winter in Ladysmith, just south of entrance to the fjord surrounded by Nanaimo. It was a harsh winter, with up to three feet of snow covering the Janet and Wally Graham displayed the SFYC burgee icebergs. Some were grounded on the bar and some were free-floating boats in the marina. in the beautiful PNW. in the two-three knot current. We In 2009 my wife Janet and I could not go further because ice had packed the eight miles of the explored the area from Campbell River to Ketchikan, Alaska, fjord downstream from the glacier. including Seymour and Belize Inlets, Ocean Falls, Port Hardy, In June we went north toward Juneau. The highlight of that Bella Bella, Prince Rupert, and more. We took a ferryboat from trip was exploring Tracy and Endicott Arms. Both have active Prince Rupert to the Queen Charlotte Islands and explored the tidewater glaciers and lots of ice. We were able to go to the face northern island by rental car. The town of Ocean Falls was of the Dawes Glacier in Endicott Arm, but could only get within fascinating. At one time it was a company town (Crown two miles of the glacier in Tracy Arm due to thick ice. Watching Zellerbach) with 5,000 residents, but now that the pulp mill has the Dawes Glacier calve icebergs and hearing the booming and been closed, there are only 40 people living in the area. The popping sounds were probably the highlights of the entire trip. town still has the abandoned Martin Inn, once the largest hotel We were about 200 yards from the face of the glacier when a north of San Francisco. “shooter” burst through the surface of the water and rose 20 feet Starting in April 2010, we explored Misty Fjords National into the air. A shooter is an iceberg which breaks off the face of the glacier completely underwater and then bursts to the surface. The portion of the iceberg above water was 50 feet long! In July the ice had receded dramatically and we made a round-trip cruise from Juneau to the upper reaches of Glacier Bay. We saw five grizzly bears and a gray wolf facing off and/or eating a dead whale on a beach. We saw a moose swimming in Muir Inlet to escape from a grizzly. In August we traveled into the open Pacific Ocean and went Served from 40 miles northwest of Cape Spencer to Lituya Bay, which is 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM famous for its 1958 tsunami, the biggest ever recorded. A 7.7 All items include Mixed Green Salad, magnitude earthquake caused 90 million tons of rock and ice to With Condiments, Corn on the Cob, and Hearty Sailors Chile fall into the deep water at the head of the bay. The block fell almost vertically and hit the water with sufficient force to create a .00 Dry Rub St. Louis Spare Ribs w/House Made BBQ Sauce...$15 wave of 1,724 feet high! From Lituya Bay we returned to the Brisket of Beef with Texas Style Gravy .................................12.00 Inside Passage and explored the towns of Pelican and Elfin Cove, 1/2 lb Angus Burger..............................................................10.00 then left the boat for the winter in Hoonah which is near the All Beef Hot Dog ....................................................................8.00 mouth of Glacier Bay. Breast of Chicken..................................................................10.00 We returned to the boat in April 2011 and went to Sitka, .00 stopping to see Tenakee Springs and Angoon. Next we ventured Sailors Catch of the Day .......................................................15 south down the west coast of Baranof Island around Cape Ommaney, exploring the various fjords around the island. We DESSERTS returned to Petersburg, where we will keep the boat for the next year. Hot Fudge Sundae ..................................................................5.00 In July we are going to revisit Tracy and Endicott Arms to try Fruit Pie ala Mode ..................................................................5.00 to get into Fords Terror which was not possible last year. These Hagen Daaz Ice Cream Bar ....................................................2.50 two fjords are, for me, even more spectacular than Glacier Bay.


The San Francisco Yacht Club’s

Friday Night BBQ


Wally Graham


The San Francisco Yacht Club’s

Fourth of July BBQ 2011 NOON - 7:00 P.M. MUSIC ON THE DECK Kids $7.95 (10 and under) Adults $18.95

Choice of: Hamburger Hot Dog Grilled Chicken Breast Carne Asada St. Louis Spare Ribs Grilled Fresh Fish of the Day Includes: Texas Chili, Corn on the Cob, Chef’s Eight Selection Salad Bar Dessert Ice Cream Bar All prices subject to Club service charge and Marin sales tax.

Pasta Night Sunday, July 3 • August 7 Enjoy fresh pasta dishes cooked to order in the Member’s Dining Room BUILD YOUR OWN PASTA BAR INCLUDES CHOICES OF: Steak, Chicken, Shrimp, Scallops and Calamari Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Olives, Broccoli, Sundried Tomatoes, Winter Squash and Seasonal Vegetables YOUR CHOICE OF PENNE PASTA OR FETTUCCINI WITH Alfredo Sauce, Pesto Sauce or Marinara Sauce Delicious Garlic Bread and Full Salad Bar with Chef Reny’s famous Assorted Salads ALL YOU CAN EAT: $18.95 Adults $10.95 Kids 10 and under All prices subject to Club service charge and Marin sales tax.

Temptations of Bali

Temptations of Bali

Saturday, July 16

Wine Tasting Party Saturday, July 30 $65.00 per person

Cocktails 6:00 p.m. Dinner 7:30 p.m. Chef Reny’s Exotic Cuisine Food Stations in the Dining Room Pusaka Sunda Band with Dancers $35.00

per person

Taste of Napa & Sonoma An Evening to Explore Many New and Exceptional Wines at the Club Winery Representatives will be on hand to answer questions about their wines… Good Food, Great Wines 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Reservations Requested – Front Office 415 435 9133 ext. 10 No Reserved Tables

Reservations required: Front Office 415 435 9133 ext. 10 All prices subject to Club service charge and Marin sales tax.


Food Stations and Kiosk Tables in the Dining Room and on Main Deck All prices subject to Club service charge and Marin Sales tax.

Participating Wineries Herman Story Robert Mueller Merry Edwards Villa Creek Molly Dooker Ridge Stony Hill JC Cellars Schramsberg Palmaz Picazo Porter Crocker Starr Bialla Ramey DuMol Failla Jamie Kutch

Wine Committee News


November 18, 2011

SCHRAMSBERG VINEYARDS CHAMPAGNE DINNER Cove House 6:00 pm Reception 6:30 pm Dinner

Enhance your dining experience every

Thursday Night at The San Francisco Yacht Club with

NO CORKAGE FEE with dinner

Labor Day BBQ Monday, September 5 12:00 Noon – 7:00 p.m. $18.95 Adults H $7.95 Children 10 and under

Choice of: Rotisserie Chicken Brazilian Style BBQ Tri-Tip Barrel Smoked St. Louis Spare Ribs Pacific Red Snapper Hot Dogs Hamburgers Fresh Corn On The Cobb Texas Chili H Labor Day Salad Bar H Ice Cream Bar w/ Assorted Toppings H Music on Deck 2-6p.m.

All prices subject to Club service charge and Marin sales tax



July 2, 9, 23, 30

Cedar Plank Salmon Dinner for Two served with vegetables and fingerling potatoes $48.95 for two


From the General Manager Dennis Conneally CCM, CCE /

one single stroke. Congratulations to all who participated and we will look forward to yet another competitive rivalry between our two great clubs next year. Mark your calendars for the annual SFYC Wine Tasting Extravaganza scheduled this month for Saturday, July 30. Your wine committee has once again pulled out all the stops and has arranged for twenty vintners to showcase their wines in the member dining room and on the front deck overlooking beautiful Belvedere Cove. There will be flavorful

photo by Ron Steinau


ust recently the SFYC management staff underwent a vital recertification course in CPR as well as AED (automated external defibrillator) training. Several years ago, the Tiburon Fire Department set up a special safety-training program with The Club and supplied us with a state-of-the-art defibrillator unit for our use. That unit is currently located in the lobby next to the fire alarm system and electrical panel for the clubhouse. There is a sign immediately adjacent to the members name board indicating where the unit is. It is available to all members and staff to use in emergency situations. Part of our agreement with the fire department is to maintain the unit, keeping it charged and in working order at all times. In addition, we have an internal policy to always have at least six managers on staff certified at all times in the use of the defibrillator. This training does not preclude members from accessing and using the unit themselves in an emergency situation. I would like to personally thank Jessica Power, our local Fire Prevention Specialist at the Tiburon Fire Protection District, for spearheading the project and conducting our training sessions for the staff. Our local fire fighters have always had a close relationship with The Club and we appreciate all they do to help us maintain a safe and fun environment for our members and guests to enjoy when they visit. Last month, SFYC member Tony Guzzardo and Rear Commodore Tad Lacey put together the first-ever Golf Challenge between SFYC and StFYC at the beautiful Marin Country Club. Although SFYC was outnumbered on the course, that did not stop us from bringing out just the right number of ringers and hired guns for a day of fun and camaraderie. In the end, SFYC prevailed and defeated our friends across the bay by

GM Dennis Conneally, Al Haussener, and Chef Reny were all smiles on the SFYC deck during Reny’s cooking demonstration. food pairings arranged by Chef Reny and his crew to match the many wines that will be represented. This event is always a sell-out and I encourage you to make reservations now. You may contact the Front Office or see the ad on page 20 of this issue of The Bulletin for more information. Wrapping up with a quick staff report: Chef Reny Madrid and Bar Manager Phil Atchison recently conducted a “Bonding Exercise” with the kitchen and bar staffs at AT&T Park to watch the Giants beat the Washington Nationals in the longest game of the season. The all-out support from the SFYC cheering section helped the Giants maintain their first place dominance


Kerry Calhoun

in the National League West. After 13 innings of intense baseball, you will be happy to know that the bar staff and galley crew got along remarkably well (with no rivalry incidents) and everyone returned home as much closer friends and with many great stories to tell. The next time you see Chef Reny, ask him if he really stayed to see the very last out. Also, we said goodbye this month to Kerry Calhoun, our Front Office supervisor, who is taking a position that is more closely aligned with her college studies. Kerry was with us for the past two years and was one of our outstanding employees of the quarter last year. We will miss her and we wish her all the best in her new career. Don’t forget to stop in on Saturdays for Sautéed Sand Dabs with Dennis from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm in the bar. This fun complimentary treat runs through Labor Day. I look forward to seeing you around The Club!

SFYC Wins First Commodores’ Golf Challenge


he first Saint Francis Yacht Club versus The San Francisco Yacht Club, Commodores’ Golf Challenge was won by The SFYC at the Marin Country Club, Monday, June 6. Players consisted of the following Club members and their guests: Tony Guzzardo, Bert Damner, Larry Drew, Garry Gast, Ray Acio, Bob Black, Brook Anderson, Pat Guzzardo, Janice Still, Diane Toly, Vince Baxter, Rick Kucz, Scott Patton, Eric Schou, Christine Billingham, Bob Billingham, S/C Randy Ferguson, and Keith Miller. Thanks to the organizers and participants who helped the SFYC team win the first challenge.

Food and Beverage Reny Madrid, Executive Chef / Chef’s From The Hood Philosophy: “ Success is waking up in the morning, whoever you are, wherever you are, however old or young, and bounding out of bed because there’s something out there that you love to do, that you believe in, that you’re good at – something that’s bigger than you are, and you can hardly wait to get at it again today.”

I would like to thank all the members that showed up to watch my first cooking class on the deck recently. It was a lot of fun and very tiring. I hope to do it again. Watch out for another “Yappy Hour.” It will take place in August or September. I will have to buy a new dog because Commodore Heller took my other dog last year and it got all torn up. (Of course it was a toy dog.) On Monday, June 6th, there was a “togetherness employee night”. Waiters, bartenders and galley crew went to a Giants game. Amir, Phil, Charlie and Galley crew Tutti were nonstop talking from the 1st inning to 13th inning. It was nice to see them all talking and laughing. It was team bonding at its best. “Togetherness Employee Night” at a recent Giants game. Come join us for the 4th of July BBQ. We will be serving all your favorites!

photo by Ron Steinau

Kitchen Confidential: Ask Pia (our aspiring baker who is currently attending my alma mater, the California Culinary Academy) how many hours a night does she get to sleep since she started going to school? Proud father Chef Reny and Pia

photo by Ron Steinau

-Whit Hobbs

Cooking class attendees were all smiles as Chef Reny and Sous Chef Larry Lam demonstrated spring roll making techniques.

SUMMER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER A good time to gather with friends and family Create an event and lasting memories

Contact Natalie in the Catering Office And let the fun begin catering@sfyc or 415-9133 x25


Reny JULY 2011 THE BULLETIN • • 23




July 2011 Wednesday



CYC Friday 1 Night Races

Happy 4th of July! July 4th BBQ 4 3 Pasta Night (no regular Independence Cup: a-la-carte menu) Knox: Club Series


Prince of Wales Qualifier: Circle

Club Closed

17 Finn Norcal: Richardson


18 Club Closed

Easom Founders24 & Melges 24 Regatta: Circle 505 Regatta 31 Southampton

25 Club Closed



Monday Club Closed

Pasta Night 7 (no a-la-carte menu) Bays #4 Youth Regatta: Richardson


Club Closed

South Beach

Summer Keelboat: Circle

Club Closed

21 Melges Race Week






Club Closed



3:30-9 p.m. 3 Beef Sliders & Mini Tacos $1 each


CYC Friday 8 Night Races

Club Closed


3:30-9 p.m. 10 Beef Sliders & Mini Tacos $1 each


CYC Friday 5 4 Night Races No Corkage Friday Night BBQ

with Dinner

Yo u t h S a i l i n g P r o g r a m : S e s s i o n 5


No Corkage with Dinner


Chateaubriand 6 for Two $48.95 Bays #4 Youth

South Beach Yacht Club

CYC Friday 12 Night Races Friday Night BBQ

Mitchell & Ross Chateaubriand13 Dinner for Two $48.95

Summer Keelboat: Circle CYC Friday Chateaubriand 20 18 19 Night Races Dinner for Two No Corkage $48.95 Friday Night BBQ with Dinner Melges Race Week Melges Race Week

Yo u t h S a i l i n g P r o g r a m : S e s s i o n 5

Club Closed


3:30-9 p.m. 17 Beef Sliders & Mini Tacos $1 each


3:30-9 p.m. 24 Beef Sliders & Mini Tacos $1ea. Speaker Series 6:30 p.m. Cove House

Club Closed

29 Club Closed


August 2011

Club Closed


3:30-9 p.m. 6 Beef Sliders & Mini Tacos $1 each


Cedar Plank Salmon for Two $48.95

Cedar Salmon 9 for Two $48.95 Hart Nunes No Corkage Club Closed Friday Night BBQ Regatta: Raccoon with Dinner Prince of Wales Yo u t h S a i l i n g P r o g r a m : S e s s i o n 3 Qualifier: Circle 3:30-9 p.m. 13 12 14 CYC Friday 15 Temptations 16 Club Closed Beef Sliders & Night Races No Corkage of Bali Night Mini Tacos with Dinner Friday Night BBQ $1 each Finn Norcal: Yo u t h S a i l i n g P r o g r a m : S e s s i o n 3 Richardson CYC Friday Cedar Plank 23 3:30-9 p.m. 20 19 22 No Corkage 21 Night Races Salmon for Two Beef Sliders & with Dinner Friday Night BBQ $48.95 Mini Tacos $1 ea. Club Closed Easom Founders Yo u t h S a i l i n g P r o g r a m : S e s s i o n 4 & Melges 24 C r u i s e O u t – D e l t a Ya c h t C l u b Regatta: Circle CYC Friday 29 505 Regatta 30 3:30-9 p.m. 27 26 28 Night Races Southampton Mini Tacos $1 ea. No Corkage Friday Night BBQ Salmon for Two Speaker Series: Club Closed with Dinner America’s Cup Sausalito Yacht Club Cruise In Yo u t h S a i l i n g P r o g r a m : S e s s i o n 4 Wine Tasting


Cruise Out

Friday Night BBQ


30 Club Closed

Breakfast: Sat 0830-1130; Sun 0830-1400

3:30-9 p.m. 31 Beef Sliders & Mini Tacos $1 ea.

25 No Corkage with Dinner

26 Chateaubriand 27

C r u i s e O u t – E n c i n a l Ya c h t C l u b

CYC Friday Night Races

Dinner for Two $48.95 Great SF Schooner Friday Night BBQ Race: Bay

HAPPY HOUR Wednesday-Sunday 3.30-5.30pm $3 Beer on Tap • $4 Well Drinks • $5 Selected Wine Specials

Lunch: Thur-Sun 1130-1500

Dinner: Wed-Sun 1730-2100 (Fri 2200)

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