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Magazine of The San Francisco Yacht Club June 2011 Volume 17 • Issue 5 OFFICERS & DIRECTORS Commodore Vice Commodore Rear Commodore Secretary Treasurer Port Captain Directors:

Robert Heller W. Robert Griswold Thomas C. Lacey Paul S. Rosenlund Suzie Moore Jay Hooker Daniel C. Buckstaff Edward Lynch William Melbostad Angie Lackey Olson William Stark Jr. S/C Raymond Lynch

AUXILIARY OFFICERS & DIRECTORS President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Directors:

Lisa Harris Melissa Tulp Mimi Blakeslee Lori Fromm Molly Brilliant Ginny De Maria Tina Setzer Ginna Milan Sue Milliron Marily Rimmer Vicki Silverman Jane Young Alisa Bekins - Ex-Officio Emily Heller - Honorary

General Manager Dennis Conneally Asst. General Manager Evelyne Swinscoe-Byer


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Ads/Calendar Editor

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Race Editor

Ross Tibbits

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Vince Mattera

Bulletin Committee

Joan Linn Bekins Mike North Marily Rimmer P/P Sally Secor Barbara Raeuber Thomas P/P Jane Watts


Laurence Bekins, Jerry Eaton, Forrest Gay, Al Haussener, Chef Reny Madrid, Steve Mason and Ginger SoudersMason, Anne McCormick, Angie Lackey Olson Ashley Perrin, Paul Rosenlund, Bill Stark, Jeff Zarwell


David Dibble, Jeffery Stein, S/C John Swain, Serge Zavarin, Joan Bekins

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Christopher and Amelia had fun with the Easter Bunny at the Auxiliary Easter Party

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The San Francisco Yacht Club


On the Horizon Crossing Wakes in South Georgia Island

Cover photo: Victory and her crew are ready for action! Cover photo by S/C John Swain

A “flock of Optis” at rest in the SFYC Harbor 2 • JUNE 2011 THE BULLETIN •

From the Commodore Bob Heller, Commodore /


ow – what a way to it came to mass collisions involving dozens of boats. Eventually, kick off the summer the judges sorted it all out and dozens of 720 degree penalty season! turns later, the kids managed to finish their races. It started with the perfect The next three days brought much stronger breezes and Easter celebration in late April posed a true challenge to the best young sailors from around the put on by the ladies of the country. Our SFYC team did exceedingly well, placing 10th in Auxiliary under the able the top 50 finishers. I would not be at all surprised if some of leadership of Lisa Harris and these young racers would be standing on the Olympic podium in her Co-Chairs Mimi Blakeslee 2020 or be the skippers of America’s Cups to come! It was a and Molly Brilliant. Hundreds true pleasure and honor for me to participate in the final awards of excited children scrambled ceremony. for the eggs that the Easter We are also grateful to Bub and Emma Kovacs, the bunny had deposited on our lawn. We all thank the bunny for Executive Directors of the U.S. Optimist Dinghy Association his visit! (USODA) for their gracious thank you posting on their website, But that was not all. The very which states: “A huge thank-you next weekend The Club was again goes out to our host club - The San brimming with activity for the Francisco Yacht Club. Great Job! No Opening Day festivities. Evon one will ever forget sailing on San Rieden and her Event Committee Francisco Bay with the wind shooting put on a wonderful party and through the Golden Gate Bridge!” Shana Lynch arranged for two That was also a true tribute to the bands to perform at the Opening hundreds of volunteers from our Club Day Dinner Dance. A superb and the USODA whose tireless efforts dinner was prepared by Executive made this event possible. Dan Chef Reny Madrid and Dining Buckstaff and Jim Barton led our Room Manager Mul Hadisuryo Youth Committee in organizing the orchestrated it all under the overall entire event with the cooperation of guidance of General Manager Angie Lackey Olson, Bill Dennis Conneally. Both the Melbostad and Suzie Moore as well Commodore Heller and the Easter Bunny enjoyed the kitchen and the dining room staff as all the other volunteers on and off SFYC Easter Buffet performed another miracle. It all the water. However, nobody worked went down with plenty of libations harder than Forrest Gay, our amazing prepared by our excellent bar team under the leadership of Phil and ever resourceful Youth Sailing Director, as well as his Atchison. assistant Stephanie. We thank them all! Our members barely had a chance to recover from the We also would like to thank our new neighbor in town, strenuous night (how did the staff do it?) before putting in a full Woodlands Market, which generously donated all the food and day under brilliant sunshine at the Opening Day celebrations. drinks to feed the participants during this event. The next time The harbor was packed and two bands battled on the deck with you are shopping for groceries, please let them know how much Big Ten Fight Songs against Classics from the seventies. The we appreciate their support for our Youth Sailors. BBQ was plentiful and everyone had a great time! But, if you thought that this was the end of it all, you would But that only was the beginning of the one of the biggest be mistaken. The very next day was Mother’s Day and our race weeks that The Club has ever experienced. We had the amazing staff sprang back into action and pulled off another honor to host the 2011 Opti National Team Trials for the entire miracle by serving two sold-out seatings for Mother’s Day following week, with 172 spirited young sailors vying for the brunch and a full dinner. I will never understand where the staff honor to be nominated to represent the U.S. in the international found the energy and enthusiasm to pull this off. competition, the Worlds, to be held beginning December 28, I think we all owe all these volunteers and the entire staff a 2011 in New Zealand. With that many boats at the starting big round of applause! line, this was the largest regatta in memory. The kids were All these events made us proud to be members of the best enthusiastic, but somewhat light breezes with strong tides on yacht club there is – The San Francisco Yacht Club! Berkeley’s Olympic Circle presented unique challenges to the Commodore Bob young sailors from around the country. At one windward mark,


The Bowline Keeping The SFYC membership tied to what’s happening around The Club

Notice from the SFYC Board of Directors We encourage all SFYC Members with questions or those who want to volunteer to contact the relevant committee chairperson. Finance Committee: House Committee: Harbor Committee: Facilities Planning Committee: Race Council: Race Development Committee: Sailing Development Committee: Youth Sailing Committee: Cruise Committee: Membership Committee: Entertainment Committee: Historical Committee: Bulletin Committee:

Susan Moore Paul Rosenlund Edward Lynch Robert Griswold Angie Lackey Olson William Melbostad Raymond Lynch Daniel Buckstaff William Stark Thomas Lacey Evon Rieden Kenneth Frost Mimi Cornelius

415 789-5690 415 435-7719 415 381-7018 707 939- 9491 415 388- 3829 415 435- 6862 415 435-9435 415 272-2714 650 949-1523 415 435-3016 415 435-3466 415 479-6965 415 435-0918

Find A Member On The SFYC Website The SFYC website is being updated. The new “Find A Member” feature will now be able to include a photo with each member’s listing. Please send your photo to the SFYC Webmaster, Russ Coggeshall, at


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Master Mariners Wooden Boat Show Sunday, June 19th 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Corinthian Yacht Club Main Street Tiburon

Admission $10 Children under 12 free

Supports the Preservation of Classic Sailing Vessels, Seamanship and Nautical Education A rare opportunity to view and board San Francisco Bay’s classic sailing yachts, meet the skippers and learn their history.

To All Members of The San Francisco Yacht Club Please join us for The

Old Timers’ Party Saturday, June 25

Cocktails 6.00 p.m. Dinner 7.00 p.m. Honoring our Members of Long Standing Listen to their stories and reminisce with them Enjoy an evening with Members who have contributed so much to make the oldest Club west of the Mississippi what it is today Dinner & Hors d’oeuvres $30.00 per person inclusive Casual Attire Entertainment: Brian Ramsey & Friends: Saloon Songs of San Francisco


House Committee

photo by S/C John Swain

Paul Rosenlund, House Committee Chair

On the House


pring is in full swing and we had a great Opening Day, with the Dick Bright Band and many members inaugurating our newly-renovated deck and setting what we hope is a great example for many celebrations to come. Thank you to our wonderful staff! Other business rolls on and your House Committee has been busy with the Boating Safety Seminar (with thanks to Marc Kasanin and the Tiburon Fire Department) and the Speaker Series (with thanks to Leslie Ruhland and the speakers). We also have been dealing with more mundane issues, such as rules. Two new rules have been developed by the House Committee and approved by your Board of Directors. The first deals with photography at The Club. Many members enjoy using their cameras to memorialize special friends and events, but more than

a few other members have commented that they would like to be sure that cameras and video equipment do not overwhelm our otherwise peaceful and private club. With that in mind, your Club has adopted a rule (1) requiring members and guests to be discreet and respect the peace and privacy of others when using photo or video equipment at The Club and (2) allowing The Club to designate an official photographer for events or activities. The rule also limits photography, filming, videotaping or similar activity for commercial purposes. The second rule deals with the handling of private events at The Club and is intended to clarify the distinction between member events and member-sponsored events, as well as to guide the arrangement and conduct of parties and other private events at The Club. Most features of this rule were already in place as operational policies that had evolved over many


years, and they needed to be recorded for purposes of consistency and transparency. A few items are new, such as a requirement that (1) the member sponsoring an event must assure that all invitees are given proper instructions for parking and (2) in some cases there may be requirements for security, valet parking, off-site parking and shuttles, or other measures, at the sponsoring member’s or host’s expense. These parking rules were needed to address issues raised by a few of our neighbors and by the City of Belvedere. They are intended to help keep our parking available for members, maintain good relations with our neighbors, and comply with ever-increasing requirements from City Hall. The full text of the revised House Rules and Regulations is available in the office and is also posted in the Membersonly section of The Club’s website. That’s all for now. Enjoy the Bay and the waters beyond!

Race News

SFYC Gets Techie!


art of good race management is effective and expedient communications between the signal boat and support boats. While the VHF radio is a great tool, there are newer technologies that can make course set-up faster and more accurate. Additionally these new technologies can provide more safety to those on board. Recently, the Race Council decided to step up its level of performance by taking advantage of these new technologies. While Golden Retriever and Martin had GPS chart-plotters on board, Victory did not. All three had VHF radios, but were not able to automatically transmit their location to Victory, nor was Victory able to transmit its location to either support boat. We recently added a GPS chartplotter to Victory and upgraded the VHF radios aboard all three boats to include both DSC and AIS. What does this mean? With the addition of DSC (Digital Selective Calling) all three boats are now able to send automatic distress signals that

include their position. Hopefully this is a function we'll never need, but in an emergency definitely nice to have. However the day-to-day benefit of DSC is now each boat will have accurate position information of the other two boats, updated every thirty-seconds. In the past, if Victory had to move, the support boats would have to drive back to Victory's new position and re-ping that location with their GPS. This is now automatic. In the case of a full course reset due to changing conditions, this can save 10-20 minutes in resetting the course and that equates to more

racing time for competitors. The second feature is AIS or Automated Information System. You'll be hearing a lot more about this in the future, as it has benefits for all boaters. Essentially all commercial vessels are required to have an AIS transponder aboard their vessel. With an AIS receiver on board our RC boats, we cannot only SEE that vessel on our chart-plotters, but also be able to identify that vessel by name, its course, destination and call sign. While this is not as target inclusive as radar, it does provide more information on transponding vessels than radar ever has. The huge benefit here is on those foggy days crossing the shipping channel on the way to or from the Circle, all of our support boats will be able to not only “see”, but also communicate with commercial traffic that could pose a danger to either our RC boats or our competitors. Best of all these technologies were able to be installed on all three boats for less than the cost of one radar unit! Jeff Zarwell

Racing Wrap-Up OYRA RESULTS Ocean Racing is off to a good start for SFYC racers this year. The Lightship Race was held on April 23. Mark Dowdy aboard Eclipse took top honors in the PHRO2 division. The Duxship Race was on May 7 and Mark once again got the bullet in PHRO2. Richard von Ehrenkrook and crew on Can o’ Whoopass took second in PHRO2. And Trig Liljestrand on Ragtime won the PHRO1 division. YRA SEASON OPENER- THE GREAT VALLEJO RACE There was a terrific party at the Vallejo Yacht Club, despite the lack of much wind during the first half of the race. The highpressure system that brought us temperatures in the 80’s also brought light winds competing from the north and the west. Only 20% or so of the fleet finished on Saturday. Sunday’s race back had better breeze for the 14-mile return trip. Congratulations go out to these hearty SFYC racers.

Saturday Finisher: Sportboat 1 2nd place Trig Liljestrand Ragtime Sunday PHRF1 2nd place Mary Coleman Astra 3rd place Bartz Schnieder Expeditious We want to hear from you! If you are participating in regattas outside of the San Francisco Bay area, we want to know about it. Please send the information below to Angie Lackey Olson at for inclusion in future publications. Name(s): Type of Boat: Name of boat (Optional) Regatta: Place: Other info (Optional): JUNE 2011 THE BULLETIN • • 7

Race News Angie Lackey Olson / Anne McCormack

The Anniversary Cup: April 23, 2011


hile Aeolus was pretty quiet on the morning of the second Club Series regatta, he did produce some nice gentle breezes of 5 to 7 knots from the south west, which enabled PRO Anne Scully to set a 9.4 nm, crossBay course from Knox to Blackaller, Little Harding, back to Blackaller to finish near Knox. A total of 23 boats competed with 12 in the Non-Spinnaker Division and 11 in the Spinnaker Division, an improvement on the 16 which took part in the first of the Club Series a month earlier. With all boats finishing the first race around 2:00 p.m. and the wind shifting a bit north, PRO Scully called for a short (4.1 nm) second race to Yellow Bluff, Little Harding, Yellow Bluff and Finish which gave all the sailors a very pleasant day out even though there were a few grumbles about missing some Little League action.

For the kite-fliers, Doug Holm in Mirthmaker moved from 2nd in the first race to 1st in the second and 1st for the day. Doug will have his name engraved on the Anniversary Cup, one of the oldest trophies in The Club, which was originally won in Yarmouth, England in 1816. The Baylis/Fennell/Froeb combo in Good & Plenty slipped from 1st in the first race to 2nd the second and 2nd overall. Third in both races and combined was the very consistent Hank Easom in Yucca. For the non-spinnaker boats Eben Marsh in Elusive recovered from 5th in the first race to finish 1st in the second and 1st overall. The perpetual trophy for this division is also rather old, coming from a SFYC regatta in 1917. Eben was followed by S/C Kyle Elliott and S/C Bill Smith in Fast Friends which came in 2nd in the first, but slipped to 5th in the second but held on to 2nd place overall. Third was taken by the also consistent Glenn Isaacson in Q who took 3rd in both races. Special mention should be given to S/C Ed Thomson who got a “bullet” in the first race, but had trouble around Yellow Bluff and slipped to 9th in the second and 4th over all.

Eben Marsh looks for room at the mark on Elusive 8 • JUNE 2011 THE BULLETIN •

We also note that Nancy Rogers in Spirit took 3rd in the first race and 8th in the second to come in a respectable 6th overall in what was, very sadly, to be her last race. She passed away while sailing with family members the following day, age 85. Supporting Anne on Victory were driver/sound maker John Sanford; scorer Loretta Sheridan, recorder Anne Hendry and spotter Jeff MacDougall, while Bob McDermott handled the flags. Berkeley Riley and Michael Malaga set the marks and ferried photographer Sergei Zavarin around the course to get some great action shots.

Youngster fast approaching a start

Mirthmaker heads to the leeward mark

The San Francisco Yacht Club vs

St. Francis Yacht Club

QE3 mixes it up with Elusive and Yucca

The First Commodores’ Golf Challenge Monday, June 6, 2011 Marin Country Club in Novato Ladies are Welcome Golf Committee will put teams together. Limited to 72 People The fee is $150 which can be billed to your SFYC Membership account. Includes Tee Prizes, Golf with Cart, Boxed Lunch, Post Golf Reception Registration forms are available for pick up at the SFYC Front Office. Any questions: please contact Tony Guzzardo 415-435-0889

Tiburon and Ariadne battle for rights at Blackhaller. JUNE 2011 THE BULLETIN • • 9

Youth Sailing Forrest Gay, Director /

Opti Team Trials at SFYC

photo by Dave Hein

photo by Dave Hein


he Optis have come and gone. But I am quite confident that the sailors who were here for a week from all over the country will remember the SFYC Team Trials for a long time. While the fleet had a great taste of what the Berkeley Circle can offer up, we also saw some easily manageable conditions for the first two days of the event. There were 172 boats sailing in the event. Each competitor had qualified to be at this regatta over the past year at other competitions. The Team Trials brings out “the cream of the crop”. It is used specifically to determine who will qualify to represent the U.S. at international events this summer. The SFYC had 13 sailors racing in this regatta. And should they choose to, at least 8 of these competitors will qualify for an international regatta this summer and be on Team USA. This year’s SFYC team stepped it up on our home waters. We had a vast improvement in the final standings over our performance in 2010 in Houston. Our head coach Nico Winograd was assisted by Robi Bisi to provide a great coaching team and a very low sailor-to-coach ratio. The visiting sailors enjoyed both the SFYC hospitality and the sailing venue. There were surprisingly few complaints about the one-hour tow to and from the race course. These kids were here to race and most of them showed up a few days early to practice all aspects of the event, from the launching and towing to the current and wind conditions. We had almost 150 volunteers from the SFYC community


photo by Dave Hein

By Forrest Gay

helping to pull this massive event off. Without volunteer help large regattas of this type are simply impossible. Thank you! The SFYC professional staff was “all-hands-on-deck” for this event as well. I heard many compliments throughout the week about the SFYC’s service and general organization. Chef Reny’s breakfast burritos and continuous BBQ were well liked by all. The complimentary keg kept the parents happy in the parking lot as the kids got off the water. The Catering Staff’s setup changes for each aspect of the day did not go unnoticed by the Regatta Management, many of whom were visiting and very impressed. The Harbor Staff controlled the parking lot well and made sure as many members as possible could park in the space not taken up by the 172 boats. The newly opened Belvedere Woodlands Market graciously sponsored and provided all of the lunches for the competitors with great sandwich spreads. In addition, they donated the 4500 bottles of water that the regatta participants consumed. Thank you to everyone who put in countless hours to make this such a great event. The SFYC should be very proud to have been chosen to host this prestigious event and then to have executed it so well. SFYC’s Opti Team finished well at our own event and will surely continue to perform at a high level worldwide. For some cool videos of the regatta check

2011 Summer Sailing Sign-ups Classes for youth aged 7 through 15 years old are available in many different types of boats. Applications are available at SUMMER SAILING 2011 Session 1: June 13-17 Session 2: June 20-July 1 Session 3: July 4-15 Session 4: July 18-29 Session 5: Aug 1-12 2011 Fees (for 2-week sessions) Member half-day: $385 Member full-day: $680 Non-member half-day: $590 Non-member full-day: $1045

photo by Denise Larsen

photo by Louise Gaumond

Kyle Larsen sailing his Laser by the St.FYC

photo by Louise Gaumond

Antoine Screve and Natalie Urban at the High School PCCs

Start of High School PCCs

SFYC YOUTH RACE TEAM RESULTS HIGH SCHOOL PCCS @ LONG BEACH (APRIL 9-10) (22 teams) 5th Branson; 9th Redwood CISA CLINIC RACE @ ABYC (APRIL 17)PERRY (420) #4 @ CORONADO YC (MARCH 12-13) 29er (10 boats) 1st Antoine Screve/crew; 3rd skipper/James Moody C-420 (14 boats) 2nd Molly Carapiet/Kate Gaumond; 12th skipper/Cassidy Lynch; 13th Scott Buckstaff/Kyra Bergsund Laser (6 boats) 6th Domenic Bove Laser Radial (16 boats) 6th Kaitlyn Baab ELVSTROM-ZELLERBACH @ STFYC (APRIL 16-17) Laser 4.7 (9 boats) 1st Lola Bushnell; 3rd Kyle Larsen; 6th Michael Tan; 7th Markus Suorsa Finn (6 boats) 1st Forrest Gay

OPTI HARKEN #2 @ SFYC (APRIL 16-17) Green Fleet (16 boats) 1st Gage McLennan; 2nd Michael Tellini; 5th Buster Baylis; 6th Ezra Acker; 7th William Foox; 8th Ines Lowe; 9th Langston Sholl; 11th Lucie Russell; 12th Chris Hall; 13th Jack Abbott; 14th Caleb Yoslov; 15th Alya Kalra. Championship Fleet (46 boats) 2nd Will Cefali; 3rd Lawson Willard; 4th Alex Moody; 9th Maria Casciani; 10th Lucy Wilmot; 11th Christopher Casciani; 15th Logan Lee; 18th Will Martens; 19th Kristopher Swanson; 21st Teddy Hayden; 22nd Will Dana; 24th Jackson Wagner; 25th Christian Erhnrooth; 26th Sally Wilmot; 27th Sam Barton; 28th Hannah Baylis; 29th Mats Keldsen; 30th Teddy Russell; 31st Remi Lowe; 35th Tommy Young; 40th Coco Dana; 44th Parker Dittmore. HIGH SCHOOL TEAM RACING PCCS @ NEWPORT BEACH (APRIL 23-24) (9 teams) 6th Branson; 9th Redwood


Auxiliary News Lisa Harris, SFYC Auxiliary President, 2011


here are some people you meet along the way in life who make a certain impression; you know the ones, they are interesting and interested and you just assume they are somehow immortal. They appear timeless and ageless, and are full of adventure, curiosity and energy and often have a wide range of friends spanning multiple generations. The latter of which is probably, in part, responsible for keeping them interesting and interested. You also intrinsically know when you’ve met such a life force. Nancy Rogers was one of those wonderful forces, one warmly to be reckoned with. In 1948 she became one of the earliest female members of our club at a time when male members were de rigueur. She earned the prestigious Yachtswoman of the Year award in 1984 and held the office of Auxiliary President in 1985. In the scheme of things, I was a newish friend and neighbor, but for these last 17 years I watched her comings and goings down the street and on the lagoon, of which there were plenty. One knew there wasn’t any grass growing under those feet, that’s for sure. I was lucky enough to sail with Nancy a Nancy Rogers few times aboard various boats with some of the original Sea Gals on the Auxiliary’s Dreamboat Series. That was where she really gained my respect. You couldn’t help notice how much at ease she was at the helm and on the Bay with her wealth of knowledge about these waters. What really impressed me though was her uncanny ability to correctly, often and audibly predict the erratic winds next move. I could guess that might be why she won so many races. Unwittingly, it is quite remarkable and so befitting that being with her family, at The Club and later on the Bay, was to be where she would ultimately and happily spend her last hours. What could be better? At her memorial, her family and friends lovingly and humorously touched on some of their memories to a crowd of upwards of 400 well-wishers who had clamored in to The Club to pay their respects and say good-bye. At 85, actually at any


Co-Chairs Molly Brilliant and Mimi Blakeslee orchestrated a wonderful SFYC Easter Party for all ages.

age, that is a whole lot of friends at a send-off. Nancy Rogers, a great life force, will be missed. Opening Day found diligent (and productive) Auxiliary members, Lori Fromm, Tina Kleinjan-Setzer, Vicki Silverman and Melissa Tulp selling raffle tickets at rapidfire speed for a chance to win this year’s prize, the StandUp Paddle Board. That was our final day of selling and it was a huge success. We actually exceeded our goal by netting over $5000 these past months. Bravo ladies, job well done! The winner, Roger Freed, is not a member, but supported us when visiting The Club with friends. He apparently really wanted to win and lives locally on the Belvedere Lagoon where he was off to try it out right after he picked it up the prize. Thank you everyone, for all your support. We promise to put all of this to good use here at our Club. Longtime member and past Auxiliary President, Pat Duggan, took a spill a few weeks ago and has been out of commission for a bit. We miss you on Friday nights, Pat. Please hurry up and get well soon, your table and friends are waiting! The Auxiliary is now entering a lull before the storm, as it were… for the summer. We will be gearing up full throttle in August in preparation of our fabulous fundraiser. Save the date of September 15, and prepare to be “jetsetted” away on a visually extravagant trip to faraway lands, courtesy of our marvelous co-chairs, Lori Fromm, Tina Kleinjan-Setzer and Melissa Tulp. Fasten your seat belts ladies! See you soon,

Lisa Harris

Photos by Mimi Blakeslee

Matt and Cathy Frymier and their children enjoyed Easter Brunch

Molly and Mike Brilliant celebrated Easter at The SFYC with their daughter Brooke and Molly’s sister and her family.

Bob Morey enjoyed the Easter festivities with his son, Edward, and his granddaughter

For Girls who like Adventure… Save The Date for

The Annual Auxiliary Fundraiser Thursday, September 15 Benefiting Auxiliary Programs

Travel the World…Enjoy Scrumptious Food, Tantalizing Drinks,To-die-for-Shopping, Culture and Fun …And you don’t even have to pack!! JUNE 2011 THE BULLETIN • • 13

A Point In Time S/C Ken Frost, SFYC Historian

The SFYC 1928 Campaign for New Members


s we prepare for the upcoming “Old Timers’ Night”, it might be fun to review the attached flier that was sent to all current Club members and prospective members in 1928 to explain what a great new club they had in Belvedere. Having rented the Pacific Motor Boat Club from the Belvedere Land Company, Club leaders were anxious to expand the membership and create a cash reserve to support the building of a clubhouse of our own. Imagine, at that time The Club had a way that allowed members to haul out pretty large boats for maintenance, as well as access to a golf course! Now The SFYC enjoys one of the most beautiful yacht club settings in the world and a harbor to match.

The SFYC harbor provides enjoyment for all ages! 14 • JUNE 2011 THE BULLETIN •

Welcome New Members Laurence Bekins, Membership Committee The SFYC welcomes Katie Burke to Regular Membership. Katie was raised in Oregon and spent summers cruising the San Juan Islands. She sailed during her college years at University of Washington and later graduated from Stanford. Katie and her husband, Jim, live in Belvedere. All four of the Burke children attended the SFYC Youth Sailing Program. As a family, they primarily sailed on the Belvedere Lagoon and are members of the Belvedere Sailing Society. Katie is an avid tennis player and is also a member of the Tiburon Peninsula Club. In the last year, as her youngest child went off to college, Katie has taken-up sailing on her own. She has just received her American Sailing Association certificate and looks forward crewing on friends’ boats. Katie’s sponsors are S/C Ray Lynch and S/C Gary Sheppard. The SFYC welcomes Richard Garman to Regular membership. Richard lives in Tiburon with his wife, Johnna, and daughter, Anna, who is twelve. He is a co-owner of the Hunter Mischief, based out of the Corinthian Yacht Club, and is a regular in the Friday Night Races on his own boat and others. Richard says that he loves the family atmosphere at The SFYC and looks forward to introducing Anna to the Youth Sailing Program. Richard is the Managing Partner of FTV Capital, a private equity firm with offices in San Francisco and New York. He is a member of the CYC, Tiburon Peninsula Club, and Lake Mead Golf Club. His sponsors are Bill Nolan and Andrew Kahn. The SFYC welcomes Florencia Palmaz to Regular Membership. Florencia was born in La Plata, Argentina. She is known in local circles for her passion in wine and sailing. Florencia has an impressive racing resume that includes at least eight Rolex Cup regattas and several long-distance ocean events. She has also spent time cruising in the BVI and South America, and recently obtained her OCSC bareboat and skipper certificates to ensure that she was prepared to sail her Cabo Rico 38, Avalon, based in Sausalito. Florencia lives in Napa with her son, Nicholas, who is three years old. She takes an active role in running the family business, Palmaz Vineyards, which is known for its unique “gravity-flow” winemaking process. Joining The SFYC seemed like the natural thing to do after becoming friends with many SFYC members and crewing on Q, Fast Friends, Buddies and other boats. Her sponsors are Desmond Hayes and Richard Hyde.


Photo by Serge Zavarin


he San Francisco Yacht Club lost a remarkable member of its community when Nancy Jane Bernheim Rogers died of sudden cardiac arrest on April 24, 2011 while enjoying one of her many loves, sailing on the San Francisco Bay with family and friends. Nancy’s greatest love was her husband of 55 years, Harvey Rogers. Nancy was 85. A third generation Californian, Nancy was born in 1925 and raised in San The day before her death, Francisco, the elder child of Nancy Rogers enjoyed sailing Alma and Jules Bernheim. the Anniversary Cup aboard Nancy’s love of sailing began Spirit with Julia Yost and boat in Belvedere when the family Bob Sellers. partner, spent summers at a Corinthian Island house her parents bought in 1937. She attended Lincoln High School in San Francisco, graduated from Mills College, and earned a teaching credential from UC Berkeley. In 1958 Nancy and Harvey moved into a house they built on the Belvedere Lagoon. Nancy was active in many civic organizations including the Marin Community Foundation, the Marin General Hospital Raccoons volunteer auxiliary, various boating programs where she taught sailing to children and young adults, and the

Belvedere-Tiburon Recreation Department with which she was an active board member for over 25 years. In 2006 Harvey and Nancy were named Belvedere Citizens Emeriti of the Year. Nancy began her long, active connection with the SFYC when she became one of its first women members in 1948. Through the years she was active in the Sea Gals, The Club’s racing program, winning many trophies and accolades. Nancy also raced in San Francisco Bay and PHRF sailing events, including over 40 years of racing the Vallejo Race. In 1984, she was selected San Francisco Yacht Club’s Yachtswoman of the Year. In 1985, Nancy was elected president of the SFYC Auxiliary. Over the years Nancy owned many boats. When a young woman, Nancy’s first boat was a classic 20 foot Clipper and her last was a partnership in an Aileron Express 28, Spirit. Nancy was also an accomplished tennis player, skier, traveler, bridge player and cook. She enjoyed the arts and literature. She is remembered as always being quick to share her warm generosity, good-heartedness, a good laugh and wonderful sense of humor. Nancy is survived by her husband, Harvey, two sons, Steve Rogers and Ken Rogers, granddaughters Kristi and Jenny Rogers, her brother Robert Bernheim, Bob’s wife Susan Bernheim and her niece, Brenda “B.B.” Bernheim. Several hundred friends and family members attended a celebration of Nancy’s life at The San Francisco Yacht Club on May 3. Contributions in her memory may be made to the Mills College Annual Fund, 5000 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland, CA 94613; or to The Cove Foundation for the benefit of the SFYC Junior Sailing Program, 98 Beach Road, Belvedere, CA 94920. JUNE 2011 THE BULLETIN • • 15

Cruising News Bill Stark

East Brother Light Station on the way to Benicia photos by S/C John Swain

SFYC cruisers enjoyed cocktails and camaraderie aboard Destiny

Benicia Yacht Club May 13-15 Thank you Al Haussener for leading a very successful cruise to the Benicia Yacht Club. Here is Al’s report:

BACK FROM BENICIA he SFYC Cruisers had a great weekend in Benicia. S/C John Swain and Pat Montag aboard LYRIC led the way Thursday, May 12, in part to avoid Friday the Thirteenth and in part because they just couldn’t wait any longer. Well, they did a perfect job of arranging the weather and subduing the natives. Our armada braved a flat San Pablo Bay on May 13 with only the “challenge” of the two knot ebb and arrived to a picture perfect Benicia. About half of the eight boat SFYC fleet arrived in time for lunch. S/C Carl and Carol Lewis on Destiny were the early birds, but were closely followed by Harold Kleiderman and Lisa Klairmont on Andiamo, Dick and Lynn Payne on Payne-less and yours truly and Nancy Gale on Josephine. I provided the first entertainment by being over cautious while rafting up to Destiny so that it took me three passes to get close enough to toss a line to Carl. Later, but well in time for cocktails, John and Tracy Rittenhouse and their “best friend” Bella arrived on Resilience. S/C Evan and Joanne Dailey and S/C Ray and Lynn Lent on Jolynn arrived next. Last to arrive, but in fine spirits, were Ann Welch and her friend Cynde with another “best friend” Stacey on Starlight Express. After drinking practice on several boats, we cocktailed on



Destiny then proceeded to dinner at The Union Hotel where we were joined by my son Jim and his date Kate who came by car. There were 18 of us (Dick and Lynn tried Sailor Jack’s). The locals who came for a quiet dinner at the same restaurant our group chose, were challenged to hear each other over our din. The principal dinner topic was sharing notes on the best shops, walks and bars that Benicia had to offer. The magic weather deserted us Saturday, but it was good enough for more walking, shopping and further drinking practice with most of us lunching at Sailor Jack’s. The hard core hit the shops again. But it is rumored that several boaters took naps in preparation for the “BIG One”: cocktails, dinner and dancing at the Benicia Yacht Club. Tony Guzzardo, S/C Mitch Wilk, and Bob Buich arrived at noon on Pepe. When we finally arrived at the BYC for dinner we were treated like visiting royalty, including a welcome speech by their Commodore and a shot of brandy for each of our attending staff commodores. We were also joined by Bill and Barbara Thomas who arrived via asphalt. Those of us who, because the next day departure (or age) left the gathering early, apparently missed some lovely antics. As I understand it Evan won the dancing award! And we do have a couple of other awards, Lisa won a first in shopping and Harold a first in taxi service, Carl and Carol a first in hospitality and Ann a first in endurance. The rain started as we walked back to our boats after the grand affair and it was a wet night. Ann and Cynde left at first light while the weather was tolerable and John and Pat were not far behind. But we all found the southwest wind provided some final entertainment at Carquinez Strait. As John put it, “We travelled more vertically than horizontally” on the return trip. The bumps moderated at Pinole Point and it was a quick run the rest of the way. The last boat, Starlight Express was back in the Marina before two on Sunday afternoon. If you ain’t cruizin, yer loozin! - Al Haussener

Benicia Cruise Chair Al Haussener on duty

Delta Yacht Club July 16-24 We will be going on “Delta Time” for a week-long cruise. Harold Kleiderman and Lisa Klairmont are leading this cruise and planning stops to and from the Delta Yacht Club where we will party from Monday, July 18 to Friday, July 22. This will give cruisers time to enjoy “Delta Time” where things slow down, the sun is warm, and boating, touring, and relaxing are on the agenda each day. The Delta Yacht Club is a family-oriented club located on a 36-acre site on Tule Island on the San Joaquin River. The DYC has wonderful facilities which include great guest docks with water and power, a club house with a bar and dining room, a large kitchen where cruisers can use club equipment to prepare their meals, and a protected patio with several barbecues and umbrella tables at which to dine. In addition, the DYC has a swimming pool, hiking trails, pitch and putt golf course, bathrooms including showers, and a laundry room with washers and dryers. But most of all the DYC has the friendliest members on the Delta. If you have kids or grandkids this would be a perfect summer activity. Please visit the DYC website at So please let Harold and Lisa know if you are planning to attend this fun, relaxing cruise. Harold’s email is

S/C Mitch Wilk, Tony Guzzardo, S/C Carl Lewis, and Bob Buich were ready to enjoy Benicia

Encinal Yacht Club August 19-21 Jib Martens is busy planning our Annual Cruise to the Encinal Yacht Club. Mark your calendars now for this very popular cruise. Look for more information in the next Bulletin and on the cruisers email net. “Because too much fun is never enough.”

2011 Cruising Calendar Date


Cruise Leader

July 18-22 Note: July 16-24

Delta YC

Harold Kleiderman

There will be many stops along the way to and from DYC

photos by S/C John Swain

August 19-21 Encinal YC

The group was greeted by a rainbow as they were going under the Carquinez Bridge

Jib Martens

Sept. 16-18

Tomales Bay w/ CCA Bob VanBlaricom Doug Finley

Sept. 17-24

International Cruise

RoyAnne Florence

October 2

Leukemia Cup

Jib Martens

October 7-9

Tinsley/Delta YC

Scott Harris Rich Wideman


Crossing Wakes

Crossing the South Pacific By Jerry Eaton


hat a kick to go aboard my Hallberg-Rassy 43, Blue Heron on the Caribbean side of the Panama Canal. Well, the “my” part isn’t quite accurate since I had sold her a year ago to a retired lawyer in Annapolis, MD. While “Blue” will always be “mine” in my heart, it is nice when someone else can worry about boat maintenance, gear failure, and all the other joys of boat ownership. The new owner, Bob Frantz, and his 21-year old son, Eric, had departed the East Coast in February to begin a fast (14 month) circumnavigation. I would be aboard for the Pacific crossing, including

stops at the Galapagos, Easter Island, Pitcairn Island and part of French Polynesia; 4248 nm to be exact. Most cruisers would consider this a nutty itinerary since anchoring and getting ashore at Easter, and particularly Pitcairn, can be challenging if not impossible as neither has a real harbor. Most cruisers do the “Coconut Milk Run” from the Galapagos to the Marquesas. The Panama Canal transit was a real thrill. We entered the Gatun locks in a raft of three sailboats behind a huge

reefer ship. The boat in the middle “drives” the raft which is no small challenge given the lock turbulence. But all went well and we entered Gatun Lake at nightfall and anchored for the night with a few friendly crocodiles and howler monkeys for company. It took most of the next day to transit the lake and get through the Miraflores Locks. By late afternoon anchored off the Balboa YC (really just a bar and a place to buy expensive fuel) in the Pacific Ocean. Panama City is HUGE. Its skyline of modern skyscrapers goes on for miles. It is now in the league with Singapore and Hong Kong as one of the world’s major trading capitals. After some sightseeing and a brief stop at Las Perlas Islands, we set off across the Pacific. We were about five miles off in 90 meteres of water when the tsunami struck. Well, struck might be a little dramatic since we didn’t feel a thing. The depth gauge did some crazy gyrations, but Blue sailed on. The five day mostly light air transit to San Cristobal, Galapagos, was pretty uneventful. We crossed the equator on March 15 during the mid-watch. Since we were all “Pollywogs” and no “King Neptune” was aboard, we passed around a bottle of rum and declared ourselves “Shellbacks”. It seemed to work. With a pre-arranged “Autografo” (which I guess you get from a


Moviestaro) you can visit three or four of the islands on your own boat. This we did, stopping at San Cristobal, Isabela and Santa Cruz. Once past the tourist-oriented main towns the islands are beautiful, but pretty Third World. We saw Giant Turtles, Blue-footed Boobies, Penguins, Marine Iguanas, Frigate Birds, etc. Once when snorkeling, I looked down and saw a hammerhead shark swim right under me. In San Francisco Bay the sea lions may have taken over Pier 39. But in San Cristobal they have taken over the town. The highlight of the stop at Isabela was the arrival of Claudia Schieff, the reigning Miss Ecuador. Ecuadorians apparently take such things very seriously After about ten days, it was time to push on. After taking on fuel and provisioning as best we could, we motored out into the InterTropical Convergence Zone aka “the Doldrums,” aka “The Horse Latitudes”. This meant about two days of burning diesel with running lights and AIS turned off since there had been reports of pirate activity within 200nm of the islands. With the pirates and the calm behind us we had a speedy twelve day sail to Easter Island with 15-20 knots mostly forward of the beam. Traveling off the beaten path to Easter Island is a real crapshoot. Many cruisers arrive only to discover that no anchorage is tenable and getting ashore is impossible. It looked that way for us when we approached the island at dusk on April 7. The “harbor” at Hanga Roa, the main town, was closed due to high westerly winds and swells. We found a decent lee at Hotuiti on the south side of the island. Decent at least until the wind backed to the South in the middle of the night putting us

meter breaking seas on a lee shore. ☛ inNot2-3good. In short order the snubber had parted and the anchor chain had jumped the roller and sawed through the cap rail at the bow. Two things saved our bacon: the fact that we had rigged a trip line, and Eric’s youthful strength. We manhandled the anchor on deck and “got out of Dodge” in a hurry. After standing off until daybreak, we dropped the hook on the east side at Anakena. Nice and peaceful. In a day or so we got around to Hanga Roa where Blue rolled like a pig, but was in a lee. Getting the eight foot dinghy through the breaking surf and behind the small sea wall was always an adventure. The island itself is well worth

the effort. The highlight is, of course, the Moai, the famous stone statues. They are everywhere. Unknown to most, all 887 of them were purposely toppled by competing tribes. Only 53 have been reerected for modern day tourists. If anchoring at Easter was a bad dream, Pitcairn, 1100 nm to the west was a true nightmare. But we happened to hit a short spell of settled weather and dropped the hook near the small quay wall, right over the bones of HMAV Bounty, for a peaceful three days. That is, peaceful if you don’t mind living on a Tilt-a-Whirl. Sixty-four hardy souls live on Easter. Many are direct descendants of the original Bounty mutineers. You have to

really love the place to live there since there is no airstrip and the supply ship only comes in every 3-4 months. But the people couldn’t have been nicer and more welcoming. We were invited to the dawn ceremony on ANZAC Day when wreaths were laid honoring those Australian and New Zealand soldiers in foreign wars. We got underway just as the weather turned nasty and had a boisterous down wind run 267 miles to Gambier, the southern most islands in French Polynesia. Here we spent four penniless days (no ATM or charge cards). But then the adventure was over for me. I caught the once-a-week flight to Tahiti. Then home to wife and dog. One of whom was starting to miss me.

Crossing Wakes Steve Mason & Ginger Souders-Mason


istant cruising takes planning and lots of good luck to get all the pieces in place at the right time. For two of our cruisers those pieces did not fall into the place as expected. Bob Van Blaircom as of the middle of May was still kicking dirt due to the boat owner’s health issues. Sea Jay, our cruiser, is still in preparatory stages with an unknown departure date. On a more positive note, Myron and Marina Eisenzimmer are in the planning stages for another Baja Haha run starting in September.

An Invitation to SFYC Members From South Georgia Island

“What a small world! On page 16 of the Bulletin is a picture of Wyman Harris at St. Andrews Bay in South Georgia. I am currently living and working on South Georgia for 15 months and spent my birthday in February in the hut which you can just make out above his baseball cap at the base of the hills! I wish I had known that SFYC members were down on the cruise as I would have given them a tour of our base here in Grytiviken. I probably even had dinner on the NG Explorer when they were here! Please let other members know that they should get in touch if they are coming down on a

photo by Wyman Harris

(Editor’s Note: The May 2011 issue of The SFYC Bulletin included a report of Gay and Wyman Harris’ recent cruise aboard the Lindblad/National Geographic Explorer to South Georgia Island, an island lying on the Scotia Arc in the South Atlantic Ocean, about 1,300 Km East-South of the Falkland Islands. The Bulletin recently received the following email from Ashley Perrin, a SFYC member since 1998, who receives the digital version of The Bulletin, in response to that article.)

cruise between October and December this year as I will be on station.” Regards Ashley Perrin Email:


The San Francisco Yacht Club’s

Fourth of July BBQ 2011 NOON - 7:00 P.M. MUSIC ON THE DECK

Pasta Night Sunday, June 5 • Sunday, July 3 Enjoy fresh pasta dishes cooked to order in the Member’s Dining Room

Kids $7.95 (10 and under) Adults $18.95

Choice of: Hamburger Hot Dog Grilled Chicken Breast Carne Asada St. Louis Spare Ribs Grilled Fresh Fish of the Day Includes: Texas Chili, Corn on the Cob, Chef’s Eight Selection Salad Bar Dessert Ice Cream Bar All prices subject to Club service charge and Marin sales tax.

BUILD YOUR OWN PASTA BAR INCLUDES CHOICES OF: Steak, Chicken, Shrimp, Scallops and Calamari Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Olives, Broccoli, Sundried Tomatoes, Winter Squash and Seasonal Vegetables YOUR CHOICE OF PENNE PASTA OR FETTUCCINI WITH Alfredo Sauce, Pesto Sauce or Marinara Sauce Delicious Garlic Bread and Full Salad Bar with Chef Reny’s famous Assorted Salads ALL YOU CAN EAT: $18.95 Adults $10.95 Kids 10 and under All prices subject to Club service charge and Marin sales tax.

All Members invited to honor Old Timers!

Winemaker Dinner featuring

KOSTA BROWNE WINERY Elegant 4-course dinner with highly rated and collectable wines

Limited to 50 seats

June 4, 2011 6:00 p.m. Reception • 6:30 p.m. Dinner Cove House $115.00 per person RESERVATIONS REQUIRED Please contact the Front Office (415) 435-9133, ext. 10 All prices subject to Club service charge and Marin sales tax – Cancellation policy in effect


OLD TIMERS’ PARTY Saturday, June 25

COCKTAILS 6:00 p.m. DINNER 7:00 p.m. ENTERTAINMENT Brian Ramsey & Friends Saloon Songs of San Francisco CASUAL ATTIRE

Price $30.00 Inclusive of Club service charge and Marin sales tax.

Temptations of Bali

Temptations of Bali

Saturday, July 16

Wine Tasting Party Saturday, July 30 $65.00 per person

Taste of Napa & Sonoma

Cocktails 6:00 p.m.

Participating Wineries

An Evening to Explore Many New and Exceptional Wines at the Club

Dinner 7:30 p.m. Chef Reny’s Exotic Cuisine

Herman Story Robert Mueller Merry Edwards Villa Creek Molly Dooker Ridge Stony Hill JC Cellars Schramsberg Palmaz Picazo Porter Crocker Starr Bialla Ramey DuMol Failla Jamie Kutch

Winery Representatives will be on hand to answer questions about their wines…

Food Stations in the Dining Room

Good Food, Great Wines

$35.00 per person

6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Reservations Requested – Front Office 415 435 9133 ext. 10 No Reserved Tables

Reservations required: Front Office 415 435 9133 ext. 10

Food Stations and Kiosk Tables in the Dining Room and on Main Deck

All prices subject to Club service charge and Marin sales tax. All prices subject to Club service charge and Marin Sales tax.

The San Francisco Yacht Club’s

Friday Night BBQ Served from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM All items include Salad Bar, With Condiments, Corn on the Cob, and Hearty Sailors Chile



June 4, 11, 18

Angus Burger ........................................................................10.00 All Beef Hot Dog ....................................................................8.00 Carne Asada.........................................................................10.00 Grilled Breast of Chicken......................................................10.00 Grilled Fresh Fish of the Day................................................14.00 Caribbean Skirt Steak............................................................13.00

Rack of Lamb for Two

DESSERTS Hot Fudge Sundae ..................................................................5.00 Fruit Pie ala Mode ..................................................................5 All Prices are Cash Prices and include Service and Tax


served with soup or classic Caesar salad, summer vegetables and twice baked potatoes $48.95 for two


From the General Manager Dennis Conneally CCM, CCE /


hroughout this month’s Bulletin you will see pictures and articles about the recently completed 2011 Optimist U.S. National Team Trials that took place at The SFYC in May. This event was truly a monumental undertaking for The Club; using all available facilities and resources, including docks, hoists, launch ramps, parking lot, boats, meeting rooms, the Dining Room, club staff, and member volunteers. It also required cooperation from much of the local community. A special thank you goes to our newest resident merchant, Woodlands Market, who helped underwrite most of the food for the regatta and to the Belvedere Police Department, Belvedere Land Company and the TPC who helped with our excess parking needs. Our neighboring yacht clubs, Sausalito, Corinthian, and St. Francis, helped with support boats and much more. Hosting events like this regatta really define who we are as a club; a group of dedicated volunteers who promote the sport of sailing to our members, the community and the world. Young SFYC sailor Romain Screve was the best finisher of The Club’s participants and qualified for the 2011 US National Opti Team. Congratulations go out to Regatta Co-Chairs, Jim Barton and Dan Buckstaff, to Junior Director Forrest Gay and the countless SFYC men and women who volunteered their time and energy to make this a world class event. A general status update after the first four months of 2011 puts The Club in a healthy and busy position as we enter the summer months. Cover counts are up significantly from last year in the Dining Room, for private parties, and for all of social events. The net result is having a positive impact on club financial statements as well. In the months of January and February the crab feeds were

ongoing series of Winemaker Dinners. This heavily allocated and hard to find wine will be a special treat for those in attendance. Thanks to Wine Committee Member Charles Froeb and his personal contacts with the co-owners Dan Kosta and Michael Brown (winemaker) for arranging such an impressive lineup of Commodore Bob Heller and Opti Regatta Co-Chair Jim wines. Barton congratulate SFYC Youth Sailor Romain Screve Recently The significantly up over last year. Numbers Club’s bar staff teamed up with Chef were also up for the St. Patrick’s Day Reny Madrid and the galley crew to Party, the 1040 Party, Easter Brunch and create the new Sunday morning “Build Mother’s Day. As a result of some long your own Bloody Mary Bar”. This awaited sunshine, the Opening Day BBQ offering has taken on a life of its own. It and Opening Day Dinner Dance topped is often possible to see contests among last year by a large margin. What does the SFYC members as they try to create this mean? Well two or three events do the ultimate Bloody Mary. It should be not make a trend, but judging by our noted that for some, it takes two or three Dining Room covers and participation in trips to the Bloody Mary bar to reach our club events, I am happy to report perfection. But they do seem to manage what appears to be a clear turn-around in to get it right every time. All members member participation. This is certainly can also join the SFYC “mixocologist welcome news for everyone. We look team” of Phil, Rey, Amir, Lou and our forward to that trend continuing newest addition Kelly for happy hour throughout the year. from 3:30–5:30 p.m. Wednesdays through On the House Committee front, we Sundays. have been receiving great feedback in the Thanks to all and I look forward to Dining Room regarding the many changes seeing you around The Club! in our monthly menus and the variety of daily specials offered in the Bar. You can find the monthly Dining Room menus posted on The Club’s website Last month’s Food & Beverage article in the Bulletin, written by our incredibly knowledgeable Bar and Wine Manager Phil Atchison, was very informative about food and wine parings. This month the Wine Committee has selected Kosta Browne as SFYC’s ultimate “Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar” the featured wine in our


Food and Beverage Reny Madrid, Executive Chef / Chef’s From Hood Philosophy: “The highest reward for your work is not what you get for it, but what you become by it.”

Photo by Jeffery Stein

-John C Maxwell

Kitchen Confidential: I would like to thank all of the SFYC employees who worked the first week of May during the Opti Regattaespecially my galley crew who worked day and night with me. Everything went very smoothly during the week. There were 172 kids and their happy families that needed feeding. Some of the out-oftowners didn’t even know what a SFYC Breakfast Burrito was… And one of them was from Texas! I told her that I wanted to go to The Big Texan Restaurant in Amarillo, Texas to eat the 72 oz. free steak! General Manager Dennis Conneally’s Special of the Month will be Rack of Lamb for two for $48.95++. The entree comes with soup or Classic Caesar Salad, summer vegetables and twice-baked potatoes. Join us here at The SFYC for Father’s Day Brunch and BBQ dinner specials. Treat your dad like royalty. He deserves it! Happy Father’s Day and have a great summer!

SUMMER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER A good time to gather with friends and family Create an event and lasting memories

Contact Natalie in the Catering Office And let the fun begin catering@sfyc or 415-9133 x25

Wine Committee News


Regards, Photo by Mimi Blakeslee


November 18, 2011

SCHRAMSBERG VINEYARDS CHAMPAGNE DINNER Cove House 6:00 pm Reception 6:30 pm Dinner

Chef Reny meets the Easter Bunny Lee Otterson was “all smiles” after enjoying a special wild duck dinner prepared especially for his family and friends in the Commodores’ Room by Chef Reny. Photo by Joan Bekins





June 2011

Club Closed 6 Golf Challenge SFYC v St.FYC : Spring International: Marin Country Club Circle Pasta Night 5 (no regular a-la-carte menu)


Club Closed

Ballena Bay

CYC Wooden Boat Show Father’s Day




3:30-9 p.m. 8 Beef Sliders & Mini Tacos $1 each

No Corkage with Dinner


3:30-9 p.m. 15 Beef Sliders & Mini Tacos $1 each



Friday Night BBQ

Farallones Race

CYC Friday 3 Night Races

Rack of Lamb 4 2 for Two $48.95 No Corkage Spring International: Friday Night BBQ with Dinner Circle Winemaker Dinner: Kosta Brown Winery CYC Friday 10 Rack of Lamb11 9 Night Races for Two $48.95 Ballena Bay Yacht Club Cruise In

16 CYC Friday 17 Night Races No Corkage with Dinner Friday Night BBQ


Club Closed

3:30-9 p.m. 22 Beef Sliders & Mini Tacos $1 ea. Speaker Series

25 23 CYC Friday 24 Old Timers’ Night: Night Races No Corkage Main Dining Room with Dinner Friday Night BBQ WBRA:Knox

Yo u t h S a i l i n g P r o g r a m : S e s s i o n 2



Club Closed


Rack of Lamb for Two $48.95

Yo u t h S a i l i n g P r o g r a m : S e s s i o n 1

20 Club Closed


Club Closed

Club Closed


3:30-9 p.m. 1 Beef Sliders & Mini Tacos $1 each

HAPPY HOUR Wednesday-Sunday 3.30-5.30pm $3 Beer on Tap • $4 Well Drinks • $5 Selected Wine Specials


Club Closed

3:30-9 p.m. 29 Beef Sliders & Mini Tacos $1 each

30 No Corkage with Dinner

Yo u t h S a i l i n g P r o g r a m : S e s s i o n 2




July 2011 Wednesday



CYC Friday 1 Night Races

Happy 4th of July! July 4th BBQ 4 3 Pasta Night (no regular Independence Cup: a-la-carte menu) Knox: Club Series


Prince of Wales Qualifier: Circle

Club Closed

17 Finn Norcal: Richardson Easom Founders24 & Melges 24 Regatta: Circle 505 Regatta 31 Southampton Sausalito


18 Club Closed

25 Club Closed

3:30-9 p.m. 6 Beef Sliders & Mini Tacos $1 each

Lunch: Thur-Sun 1130-1500



Cedar Plank Salmon for Two $48.95

Cedar Salmon 9 for Two $48.95 Hart Nunes No Corkage Club Closed Friday Night BBQ Regatta: Raccoon with Dinner Prince of Wales Yo u t h S a i l i n g P r o g r a m : S e s s i o n 3 Qualifier: Circle 3:30-9 p.m. 13 12 14 CYC Friday 15 Temptations 16 Club Closed Beef Sliders & Night Races No Corkage of Bali Night Mini Tacos with Dinner Friday Night BBQ $1 each Finn Norcal: Yo u t h S a i l i n g P r o g r a m : S e s s i o n 3 Richardson CYC Friday Cedar Plank 23 3:30-9 p.m. 20 19 22 No Corkage 21 Night Races Salmon for Two Beef Sliders & with Dinner Friday Night BBQ $48.95 Mini Tacos Club Closed Easom Founders Yo u t h S a i l i n g$1 P reach ogram: Session 4 & Melges 24 C r u i s e O u t – D e l t a Ya c h t C l u b Regatta: Circle 3:30-9 p.m. 27 CYC Friday 29 505 Regatta 30 26 28 Night Races Southampton Beef Sliders & No Corkage Mini Tacos $1 ea. Friday Night BBQ Salmon for Two Club Closed with Dinner Speaker Series Sausalito Yacht Club Cruise In Yo u t h S a i l i n g P r o g r a m : S e s s i o n 4 Wine Tasting

Breakfast: Sat 0830-1130; Sun 0830-1400


Friday Night BBQ


CYC Friday 8 Night Races

Dinner: Wed-Sun 1730-2100 (Fri 2200)

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