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Yachtsman of the Year Steve Stroub

November 2009



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Magazine of The San Francisco Yacht Club December 2010 Volume 16 • Issue 11


OFFICERS & DIRECTORS Commodore Vice Commodore Rear Commodore Secretary Treasurer Port Captain Directors:

Raymond Lynch Robert Heller Robert Griswold Bill Melbostad Suzie Moore Jay Hooker Steve Fentress Tad Lacey Ed Lynch John Rittenhouse Paul Rosenlund S/C Kyle Elliott

AUXILIARY OFFICERS & DIRECTORS President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Directors:

Alisa Bekins Lisa Rosenlund Mimi Blakeslee Melissa Tulp Kari Cusack Ginny DeMaria Lori Fromm Lee Johnson Cindie O’Donnell Ginna Milan Laura Rousseau Jane Young Helen Reilly - Ex-Officio Kim Lynch - Honorary

General Manager Dennis Conneally Asst. General Manager Evelyne Swinscoe-Byer


P/P Mimi Cornelius

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Ross Tibbits

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Vince Mattera

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Joan Linn Bekins Mike North Bill Reilly Marily Rimmer P/P Sally Secor Barbara Raeuber Thomas P/P Jane Watts


Nick Bates, Laurence Bekins, Forrest Gay, Jay Hooker, Jennifer Hull, Jack Kennedy, Ed Lynch, Peter Lyons, Chef Reny Madrid, Mike McMullen, Angie Lackey Olsen, Bill Stark, Ron Steinau, Jeffery Stein, Serge Zavarin

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Cover photo: Steve Stroub's Tiburon gets a good start in this year's Big Boat Series. Cover photo by Peter Lyons of

Who’s happier? The incoming or the outgoing? 2 • DECEMBER 2010 THE BULLETIN •

From the Commodore Raymond Lynch, Commodore /


ell, as this final column goes to press we are right in the middle of a lot of changes here at The SFYC. The biggest obviously is the changing of the guard. Let me be the first to officially congratulate the incoming Commodore, Robert Heller. With his outgoing personality and great organizational skills, Bob will seamlessly transition his new Board and lead them through a great 2011. Your Board of Directors will include the following three new faces: Dan Buckstaff, Angie Lackey-Olson, and Bill Stark – all great additions. Lastly the entire SFYC membership is very thankful for the countless hours of dedication and service by outgoing Board members Steve Fentress, John Rittenhouse, and Jr. Staff Commodore Kyle Elliott. Commodores and Boards come and go, but the spirit and vibrancy of our entire membership must never wane. We must stay true to our Corinthian charter and outgoing personality as a club. In that endeavor, I feel most secure as we look forward to where we are going. I feel secure in believing that The SFYC membership has a strong passion for expanding our horizons, casting new nets, and stepping into bigger arenas. There is an awakening of enthusiasm across the sailing world for ageless fleet, team, and match racing.

Your Club is moving quickly to expand in all these opportunities. In an earlier column I used a song by Bob Seeger, “In Your Time”, wherein he challenges all to open your hearts, set a bolder course…. Lead. On a personal front, while most are familiar with my dark side (power boating), I intend to jump back into as much sailing and racing as possible in 2011. Kim and I, along with our youngest, Cassidy, on the foredeck, intend to put up a serious effort in the 2011 Club Series and YRA. For many years, our weekends always started with a good Friday night race at Corinthian. We intend to renew our spirits and hope to renew interrupted relationships with many friends as well. Come join us! One cannot make it through as Commodore without a huge supporting cast. The Committees, Club Board, and the entire SFYC staff all have to be pulling in the same direction. No support is more needed than one’s own family though, and to this I say a final thank you to my children and most of all to Kim. Without her strong backing, support, and guidance, my year would have been like a weathervane – blowing in the wind! We both look forward to walking into our home away from home, maybe not getting a table on a busy Friday night, maybe having to remind Ray or Phil what our favorite wine is…sounds like fun! We wish each and everyone a very happy holiday season! Thank you all for a great experience. Ray

Scott, Delaney, Kim, Kaitlyn, Cassidy and Ray Lynch


2010 San Francisco Yacht Club Yachtsman of the Year STEVE STROUB


he Declaration of Trust for the Emmet L. Rixford Trophy, states that the status of “Yachtsman of the Year”, is awarded to a SFYC member “exemplifying distinctive and superior characteristics of Corinthian yachting and outstanding service to and on behalf of The San Francisco Yacht Club.” The great honor of being named The SFYC 2010 Yachtsman of the Year has been bestowed upon Stephen F. Stroub. For the past twenty plus years, Steve has unselfishly given his time and professional expertise on a continuous basis to building projects both big and small around The SFYC. Along the way, his very gentle and approachable manner has smoothed many an awkward moment. The Club is always the better for Steve’s efforts. His Corinthian spirit has surfaced time and time again throughout the past twenty years, when he has always dropped what he was doing, sometimes even if in the middle of a race, to assist a fellow sailor in need; often sacrificing his own wellbeing and exposing himself to dangers. Lastly, Steve has been a contributing member of the Race Council through his direct participation, and the loaning of his nautical assets to any who ask at the slightest need. Steve grew up a “water boy” in New Jersey, developing a love of the water from his dad. Although not a racer, Frank Stroub was an avid sailor. The Stroub family homeport at the Nyack

“His Corinthian spirit has surfaced time and time again throughout the past twenty years, when he has always dropped what he was doing, sometimes even if in the middle of a race, to assist a fellow sailor in need…”


Boat Club on the Hudson River, the Long Island Sound and the Chesapeake was the family playground. Weekends were spent on the family’s 45’ yawl, Mistral. Young Steve learned to sail in the shore boat, an 8’ Dwyer Dow called Pops. When the family moved to Toms River, New Jersey, young Steve advanced to racing on M Scows, E Scows, and Penguins at the Beachwood Yacht Club on the shore of Barnicut Bay. When Steve was twenty, he bought his first boat, a Watkins 27. Shortly after his first acquisition, Steve came to San Francisco to assist his older sister Linda, who had relocated to San Francisco. Steve offered to put a new roof on her house and one job led to another through her friends. In 1983, Steve formed Stroub Construction in Sausalito and was eventually joined by his younger brother Bob. Together the brothers took on many, beautiful projects throughout the Bay Area. After the death of Frank, Steve’s mother, Alice, completed the family with her move to the West. Alice has a home in Sonoma and is still a big part of Steve’s life. It didn’t take long for Steve to migrate over to The SFYC. He joined The Club in 1985. Steve soon was the constant crew on George Peck’s J24 and any other boat he could jump on. By 1999, the urge to skipper his own boat again led him to purchase the J105 that he named Tiburon. While Steve’s first several endeavors gave him a great view

of the rest of the 105 fleet, he steadily climbed through the very competitive group. He has been a constant top five finisher in the sixty boat fleet in his last three years of competition. In 2006, Steve and his crew raced Miami Race Week, Key West Race Week, and Charleston Race Week, before bringing the boat back to San Francisco. Once back on the Bay, the Tiburon crew was a constant force, winning the Vallejo Race, the Great Pumpkin Race, and several others. In 2008 Steve decided he wanted to step up his game to a bigger boat. In mid 2008 he purchased and took delivery of the Santa Cruz 37, which he also named Tiburon. The boat had serious hull problems and was shipped back to Florida for repairs. In January of 2009, the owner of Santa Cruz Yachts gave Steve his own Santa Cruz 37, which Steve accepted one week before Key West Race Week. Needless to say, Steve

again had a good view of the fleet. The boat was then shipped back to San Francisco, where Steve is again climbing through the ranks and is a force to be reckoned with and a terror on the Bay. Not content to just stay in the Bay, Steve has sailed the Coastal Cup and the Spinnaker Cup, where he had an encounter with what was first thought to be another rock (more on the link to rocks later). Off the coast at Ano Nuevo Island they hit a whale doing twenty plus knots. Then, after a knockdown/roundup, complete disaster, with Steve’s determination they kept sailing to finish the race! Steve has always been known as an aggressive sailor. What else would account for the fact he has hit Little Alcatraz (twice), the Lyford Cove Rock (twice) and the small rock off the Knox bell (twice). One time, in order to assist a crewmember who had a hard time remembering which tack they were on,

Steve had “Port” and “Starboard” stenciled on the boom; where it still is today. In addition to boats, dogs have always been a big part of Steve’s life. Some friends say that in order to remember sailing terms, he has always named them after boat parts and sails. His current dog is “Mizzen”. His prior dog was “Jib”. He has been surrounded by “Tiller”, “Genoa”, “Boomer,” “Cappy”, and “No. 2 Jib”. Because Steve has a reputation for leaving these dogs unattended for long periods of time, the dogs have developed quite a knack for chewing through lines. Through all of this, Steve’s warm and quiet demeanor has made him a friend to many. For all that Steve Stroub is, we are proud to bestow upon him the title of “The San Francisco Yachtsman Sailor of the Year”. By Commodore Ray Lynch


The Bowline Keeping The SFYC membership tied to what’s happening around The Club

“The Spirit of the SFYC” Photo Contest will end December 10, 2010 FIRST PRIZES ARE: Adult Division: $100 SFYC Gift Certificate Kids 16 and Younger Division: Waypoint Pizza Gift Certificate Lisa Harris, 2005 and 2011 SFYC Auxiliary President proudly displays the new Auxiliary silk scarf. Lisa and Kim Lynch worked with designers Marilyn and Cecy Jones of J & J Designs to create the beautifully designed scarf that comes in two color schemes. One has a black border around the red and gold SFYC seal. The other has a royal blue border around the powder blue and gold SFYC seal. These limited edition scarves are available at The SFYC Ship’s Store for $125.

All 8”X 10” photo entries should be sent or delivered to: The SFYC Bulletin C/O The San Francisco Yacht Club 98 Beach Road Belvedere, CA 94920 Winners will be announced in the January/February Bulletin


Ship’s Store Sale 20% OFF all items

Now Through Christmas

Please note that The Club will be closed from Saturday, January 1st through Tuesday, January 11th The Club will re-open for regular business on Wednesday, January 12th This will allow for a thorough cleaning and some repair to The Club facilities. Thank you for your patience.

SFYC Old Timers Rendezvous udge Dave Hagen of Reno, Nick Bates of Duxbury Massachusetts, Dr. Maury Smith, now living in Texas, and Dr. Dirk Noyes of Salt Lake City, the Cal 40 Numse II crew that raced from Los Angeles to Tahiti for The SFYC in 1970, gathered for a reunion for the first time in forty years at Lake Tahoe in late October to reminisce and rekindle memories from long ago. Former members Wink Smith and Jim McQuinness were also crew on this 3600 mile race, at the time the longest race in the world.



Around The Club

Hard Aground


ne of the things I’ve always found of interest in a club such as ours is the number of people who are willing to volunteer their time for the benefit of the general membership. Throughout our active student body there’s not only a wealth of specific knowledge and good will, but also a strong willingness to magnanimously offer up the most precious of gifts – their personal time. While my college career involved schools such as Princeton, Harvard and Stanford, I subscribed to the theory of a great philosopher of my time, Groucho Marks, who once stated, “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member". I thought clubs were elitist and exclusionary. Adding to that thought was the fact that it was difficult enough to trick an intelligent, beautiful woman into thinking that I was someone who wouldn’t spawn a cloven hoofed creature as her offspring; yet alone try and convince a group of august pillars of the local society that I would be an appropriate addition to their bonfires and clam backs. I tricked my wife into marrying me by plying her with adult beverages and surrounding myself with extreme personalities who exhibited profound anti-social characteristics. I thereby appeared normal by comparison… What would be the chance of getting two thousand titans of the community, who happen to share an encompassing love of salt water, to be similarly deluded? Whatever mistake(s) led to my entrance into The SFYC membership, it/they allowed our family to be embraced by its programs and members. We entered our children in the Youth Program when they grew to an appropriate age and that’s where I became schooled on what it meant to be a member of The SFYC. Adults, some even without children, were all over the place making sure the next generation would be firmly grounded by being competent while afloat. The El Toro ruled supreme and adults would show up with food, clothes, cars, trailers and boats to join caravans around the Bay, down the coast, along the interstate and across the country to participate in regattas from San Diego to Seattle and San Francisco to Miami. The involved adults all became great friends. It turned out that this friendship development was not singular to our little group. This behavior pattern had been going on for decades. Children, whose parents, and indeed some grandparents, had gone through The Club’s Youth Program, were joining new transplants from Chicago and Indiana to round out The SFYC. The more the merrier. The Race Committee carries another cast of believers that

Happy Holidays from The SFYC Bulletin Committee! Mimi, Evelyne, Ross, Joan, Mike, Bill, Marily, Sally, Barbara and Jane

donate their time as if it comes with a free pass into heaven. And indeed it should when you look at what The Bay in general, and the PRO’s specifically, put these volunteers through every weekend. I can’t tell you how often we’ve been coming home from a lunch aboard the family PT boat only to have stalwarts like Brian Moore, Jerry Eaton, and a host of other ladies and gentlemen who you’d otherwise think normal humans, come crashing by on a mission to “Move that windward mark 25 feet to the North…and step on it!!” Another SFYC member who stands out by giving his time without expecting anything in return is Mickey McClure. He is an intelligent, responsible and general all around good guy. He worked for years with Marie Winton on The Club grounds beautification projects. The last few years he has kept Marie’s flower boxes on the deck in bloom. Mickey was also one of the co-chairmen for two SFYC Nautical Day events. On several occasions he has volunteered to help out at the Auxiliary Family Christmas Party by organizing children’s games and purchasing the items for the event. In Outstanding SFYC volunteer Mickey 2009 Mickey put in many volunteer McClure hours hanging Christmas lights on Club members’ boats for the Light the Night Party. The Bulletin editor has mentioned that not only is Mickey one of the magazine’s best proofers, but he is also always agreeable to jump in to help with any job. Thanks Mickey, Brian, Jerry. And thanks to all the rest of the volunteering SFYC family. Well done. Happy Holidays to all. And remember, “Ask not what your club can do for you, but what you can do for your club”. Best wishes, Jack Kennedy. PS. One last thing….please be careful when traveling through Dallas in the fall months. Editor’s Note: This Hard Aground column was written and submitted before our dear friend Mickey McClure died of cancer on November 12, 2010. The Bulletin Committee members and many, many Club members and staff loved Mickey and will miss him very much.

The next SFYC Bulletin will be the combined January/February issue. It will be published February 1, 2011. The Bulletin submission deadline is January 10, 2011.


2010 Race Recognition Night


riday, November 12, dozens of Club members gathered to celebrate our fellow racers as they received trophies and other acknowledgements. Suzie Moore and Angie Lackey presided over the ceremony which was held in the Dining Room. Thank you Commodore Lynch for making this possible. Everyone enjoyed being able to see and hear recipients throughout the evening. Club Series Spinnaker Fleet: Steve Brilliant, Andy Vare, Michael Brilliant, Charles Froeb, Will Baylis, Steve Stroub and Hank Easom

Club Series Winners: Glenn Isaacson and Will Baylis

Nancy Rumsey, Jerry Rumsey, Cissy Kirrane, and Barney Barnett celebrate with their Bird Boat trophies.

JR crew extraordinaire: Brian Moore, Bill Melbostad, Steve Fentress

Baldwin Cup racers: Dan Buckstaff, Will Baylis, and Scott Easom

Michelle Liddicoat-Mourani receiving the Race Committee MVP Award and her husband Paul


Steve Mason with Cruiser Award winners Alice and Jon Shinn


(more than 10 days) David Carrel Larry Drew Jerry Eaton

Angie Olson Ian Ratnage Erich Ringewald Tom Roberts

Alison Russell Anne Scully Jeff Zarwell

Silver Fleet (5 to 10 days)

Greg Arkus Kim Bishop Shawn Davies Roxanne Fairbairn Michelle Farabaugh Mark Gathings Anne Hendry

Jay Hooker Earl Johnson Bryan Kemnitzer Tina Lundh Katie Maxim Bob McDermott Melissa Mooney Madeline Morey

Alan Olson EJ Rowland Loretta Sheridan Vicki Sodaro Lynn Spiller Ed Thomson Oliver Wiggett

Bronze Fleet (less than 5 days)

Ben Ballard Dianna Blodgett Mike Brilliant Alexander Butti Laura Collins Matt Cromar Danielle Dabbah Lynn Davis Camille Dibble David Dibble Mark Dowdy Zarko Draganic Steve Enzensperger Chris Farkas Steve Fentress Mimi Blakeslee Fentress Rhim Fleishman Janine Fujioka Bill Gage Forrest Gay Bob Griswold Randi Hale

Brent Harrill Amy Leenhouts Harrill Barton Hoey Glenn Isaacson Don Jesberg Matt Jones Cissy Kirrane Danielle Lawson Jeff Lawson Deana Maggard Michael Malaga Jason Manning Karen Mason Steve Mason Anne Mc Cormack Hal Mc Cormack John Mc Cory Frances Melbostad Bill Melbostad Bill Moore Bryan Moore Paul Mourani

Greg Owen Lawson Owen Mel Owen Christine Pastalka Mark Pearce Robin Reynolds Leslie Richter Berkeley Riley Tristan Ruhland George Rygg John Sanford John Scarborough Bartz Schneider Don Schumacher Sally Secor Courtney Smith Mindy Spence Todd Stein John Swain Ross Tibbits Linda Tripp Julia Yost


Race News Angie Lackey Olson, 2010 Race Council Chair

Round The Island Race

(driver), Alison Russell and Anne Hendry (scorers), Janine Fujioka (flags) and Serge Zavarin (photographer). All of us hung in there, cold and wet, to the very end. The same can be said for the stalwart crew on our Protector chase boat, Dave by my strategist, S/C John Scarborough, Carrel and Greg Arkus. Also thanks to Michelle Mouriani for to at least go out and set the line. So we went out and set up off of Belvedere Cove gorgeous paper weight trophies. This was a race for the race in a driving rain. We felt particularly participants to be particularly proud of. Of lonely because no boats seemed to be all races to sleep in, this Round the Island approaching for the noon warning. We Race was at the top of the list. threw a party and no one seemed to be Our heroes (all Spinnaker Division) coming. Finally, at what seemed to be the last minute, five boats, all in the spinnaker are as follows: division, showed up and the race was First Place: Can O’Whoopass started on time. Richard von Ehrenkrood Away the five boats went (more than Second Place:Good and Plenty 30 knots blowing off of Harding Rock), Will Baylis heading to Treasure Island (to port), then Third Place: Yucca to Southampton (to port) and then to the Hank Easom finish line at the west end of Raccoon Straight. The race instructions said the Weather permitting (and I truly mean deadline was 4:30 pm. But the last boat that) we look forward to seeing you racers finished well before the time limit. Four boats finished. The one boat did not side- next year at this very historic race. swiped Victory at the finish line. Jay Hooker The crew on Victory was S/C John PRO Scarborough (guru), John Stanford

OCTOBER 24, 2010

Out Like a Lion, Back In Like a Lion


his is a race that goes back more than fifty years; since 1953 to be exact. We have a large plaque on display at The Club as a perpetual trophy. What a difference a year makes. Last year, my article (for the Round The Island Race) was entitled “Out Like a Lion, In Like a Lamb.” Then, we had light westerly winds at the start, but with stronger winds and huge ebb at the finish. This year’s race was truly a horrendous and different event. The weather report was heavy rain and 30 plus knot winds. The report was on the money. Arriving at The Club on the morning of the race I was greeted with huge skepticism from racers having breakfast, who certainly looked like they would like to take the day off. Eighteen boats were scheduled to race, but it did not look like that many crews were hanging around The Club waiting to go out to the starting line. It was decision time. I was persuaded

2010 Race Council Angie Lackey-Olson – Chair Greg Arkus David Carrel Matt Cromar Larry Drew Jerry Eaton Bill Gage Bryan Kemnitzer Tina Lundh Suzie Moore Michelle Liddicoat Mourani Mark Pearce Ian Ratnage Erich Ringewald Tom Roberts Alison Russell Jeff Zarwell Round The Island Race Winners 10 • DECEMBER 2010 THE BULLETIN •

Harbor Ed Lynch, Harbor Chair /

photo by Jeffery Stein


s I write this month’s article I am sitting on our Mooring’s Charter Boat in the British Virgin Islands enduring pounding rain, lightning and thunder and all the good stuff that come along with hurricane Tomas. Great planning! I am happy to report that back at home, planning is something the Harbor Committee has spent a lot of time doing and we are looking forward to kicking off 2011 with year one of our harbor renovation. We will begin with the zero and guest docks. New floats, decking, electrical and rub rail. The entire harbor renovation will take four to five years to complete. When it’s all finished we should be in great shape for years to come. The dry dock project will be completed soon. It ended up being a major project once it was opened up revealing a lot of dry rotted timber. We continue to try and stay ahead of these major repairs but as everybody knows salt water is not your friend. We have awarded several slips to berth renters this year and depending on where you are on the list you have moved up a number of places. I would advise all members who are on the list to verify their position. Many members offered slips have refused or are not ready resulting in a pass. After two passes the member is removed from the list. My rum punch is calling, but before I go I want to personally thank the members who serve on the SFYC Harbor

Committee. Steve Stroub, Hank Easom, Bryan Moore, Bill Melbostad, Charles Froeb, S/C Mitch Wilk, S/C Jim Robinson and Port Captain Jay Hooker. These guys do a great job and I have not only appreciated their support and hard work but friendship as well. When you see one of these guys around The Club, buy them a beer as a hard earned “Thank You”. Remember, an un-aimed arrow never misses. Happy Holidays!

International Cruise: Athens to Istanbul September 2011 RoyAnne Florence is leading this special cruise aboard the Windstar on Saturday, September 17, 2011; embarking in Athens and disembarking in Istanbul. Stops along the way include Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes in Greece, as well as Bodrum and Kusadasi in Turkey. As of November, twenty members of The SFYC have signed up for this exciting trip. RoyAnne is arranging some special surprises for the group. The price of the 7-day cruise has been discounted for SFYC members to $3324 per person for B cabins and $3504 for A cabins. Reservations are being handled by veteran agent Joanne Norman at Casto Travel in Tiburon (, ph 435-9725, FAX 435-9940). A deposit of $750 per person is required. The two ports of Athens and Istanbul afford the chance for a splendid add-on tour. Joanne can help you with all this, as well as airline reservations, but it’s important for her to hear from you soon.

Enhance your dining experience every

Thursday Night at The San Francisco Yacht Club with the



Youth Sailing Forrest Gay, Director /

2011 Summer Sailing Sign-ups

S Pizza arrives on the Waypoint Protector


ummer Sailing Signups begin January 15th. Applications are available online at In 2010 over 300 kids participated in 450 sessions making the SFYC Summer Program one of the largest in the country. It is recommended to sign up for as many sessions as possible if you want to excel at the sport. All sessions are two weeks long except Session 1. Sign up early to guarantee your placement. Session 1: June 13-17 Session 2: June 20-July 1 Session 3: July 4-15 Session 4: July 18-29 Session 5: Aug 1-12

HIGH SCHOOL NORCAL #2 @ ENCINAL YC (OCTOBER 17) Gold Fleet (31 boats) 13th Scott Buckstaff/Corey Lynch (Redwood); 14th Graham Gooding/Peter Schmidt (Redwood) FALL DINGHY @ ST. FRANCIS YC (OCTOBER 23-24) 420 (7 boats) 3rd Jack Barton/Scott Buckstaff; 4th Kyra Bergsund/ Cassidy Lynch; 5th Graham Gooding/Corey Lynch Laser 4.7 (13 boats) 2nd Lola Bushnell; 3rd Kyle Larsen; 4th Will Cefali; 5th Lindsey Baab; 9th Lawson Willard; 10th Michael Tan SF BAY OPTIMIST CHAMPS @ SFYC (OCTOBER 23-24) Championship Fleet (24 boats) 1st Romain Screve; 2nd Kristopher Swanson; 3rd Maria Casciani; 4th Jackson Warner; 5th Alex Moody; 6th Lucy Wilmot; 7th Dylan Meade; 8th Logan Lee; 9th Christopher Casciani; 11th Hannah Baylis; 12th Will Dana; 13th Will Martens; 14th Will Snyder; 15th Sally Wilmot; 16th Remi Lowe; 17th Christian Ehrnrooth; 19th Tommy Young Green Fleet (9 boats) 4th Nicholas Marwell; 5th William Fox; 8th Ines Lowe HIGH SCHOOL NORCAL #3 APPLETON @ SFYC (NOV. 6-7) Gold Fleet (19 boats) 1st James Moody/Sammy Steele (Branson); Reid Bergsund/Peter Schmidt (Redwood); 6th Graham Shelton/Ashley Lin (Redwood); 8th Kate Gaumond/Natalie Urban (Branson); 9th Kennedy Placek/Lea Russell (Branson); 16th Graham Gooding/Corey Lynch (Redwood) Silver Fleet (30 boats) 21st Brent Fagersten/Isabelle Sennet (Branson); 25th Ben Girton/Jayke Chiovoau (Redwood)


Waiting for wind at the Appleton Regatta

Women’s sailing class

Instructor Rob instructs the Women's sailing class.

Interview with William McMullen Jennifer Hull William McMullen, age 13, is the latest SFYC Race Team member to have qualified for the Optimist class U.S. National Sailing Team. He is preparing for the fall qualifier in New Orleans over Thanksgiving where he will compete for a place in the International spring regattas. In a recent interview William answered some questions: Q: You just came back from a National Team practice in New Orleans, can you tell me about it? A: When I first got to the Southern Yacht Club, it was blowing 25 knots with big choppy waves on Lake Pontchartrain. But by the time we got out on the water, the wind had completely died and we still had the waves. On the water, we focused on team racing with four-on-four teams. We also had two fitness days in a row where we ran three miles at 6:00 in the morning. Q: What did you like about it? A: The venue, coaching and competition were great. I was really impressed with the brand new club that was rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina.

A: I’ve been racing for three years. I started racing with the Pumpkin Regatta at Treasure Island sailing Green Fleet in 2007. Q: What do you think your strength is as a sailor? A: I think it’s my perseverance. At team trials in Texas last April, I had a terrible regatta. I didn’t meet my personal goals and fell well short of earning a spot on the National Team. I came back from that regatta more motivated than ever. I turned it all around in July, earning the last remaining spot on the USNT at the National Championships in Virginia. Q: What’s your least favorite thing about sailing? A: Not always doing as well as I expected. I try to look away from my scores and put it into the perspective of how well I’m improving overall. Q: Do you like to sail with your family? A: Yes, we’ve sailed all over the

Caribbean in the U.S., British and Spanish Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, Anguilla and St. Barts. It’s a lot of fun to be in those warm, relaxing conditions. Skippering in occasional squalls can be a lot of fun too. Q: What’s your favorite gear? A: My gill rash guard with the SFYC race team logo. It’s comfortable and it shows that I’m part of the team. My parents like the fact it’s an SPF 50. Q: What advice would you offer a younger sailor? A: If you enjoy it – stick with it. Try your best and you’ll succeed. Q: What do you love about sailing? A: I love the competition and the travel. Travel lets me feel like I’m part of the team and lets me get to know the other kids. And I get to meet sailors from all over the world. A couple of weeks ago I got to sail with the USNT in Puerto Rico, and sailed with the number one sailors from Spain and Puerto Rico. It’s pretty exciting.

William Mc Mullen enjoys the ride!

Q: What’s the one thing you learned that stood out for you? A: I learned how to set up a mark trap in team racing, where you establish rights at a mark to push your competitors away from the course and open a door for your team mates.. Q: Are there any coaches who have inspired you? A: Nico, our head coach for the Opti team. He has a great attitude about competition that motivates me to do as well as I can. Q: How long have you been racing for the SFYC? photo by Mike McMullen


Auxiliary News Alisa Bekins, SFYC Auxiliary President, 2010

photos by Alisa Bekins


appy Holidays! I would like to thank all the Past Auxiliary Presidents who recently attended the Past Presidents’ Afternoon Tea in the Commodores’ Room. It was the perfect rainy afternoon to dust off those fun hats and gather together for a warm cup of tea. Special thanks to Chef SFYC Past and Present Auxiliary Presidents attended the 2010 Auxiliary Reny for making our gathering a fun event to remember Annual Meeting. (seated l-r) Jane Watts, Pat Duggan, Incoming President with his collection of rare tea cups, and his finishing Lisa Harris, Alisa Bekins (standing l-r) Christina Decker, Sally Secor, Ann touch, chocolate petifores in the form of hats! Welch, Cissy Kirrane, Carol Jesmore, Naomi McGinn, Janice Still, Mimi In November, we had the Auxiliary Annual Meeting. Cornelius, Nancy Wells It was a smashing success thanks to the valiant efforts of Co-Chairs Mimi Blakeslee, Ginny DeMaria, and Ginna Milan. Lovely harvest colors could be seen throughout The Club. Chef Reny’s spectacular luncheon menu was a culinary delight. Our holiday boutique made shopping a breeze. Vendors generously donated 5% of their proceeds to the SFYC Auxiliary programs. The highlight of the Annual Meeting is always the announcements of the Marianne Mason Yachtswoman of the Year and the Auxiliary Special Service Award recipients. Suzie Moore and Steve Mason where pleased to present the always-anticipated Marianne Mason Yachtswoman of the Many past Marianne Mason Award winners enjoyed the Auxiliary Annual Meeting. Standing (L-R) Pam Healy, Vicki Sodaro, Sally Secor, Cissy Year Award to Sue Kirrane, Gaby Isaacson, Gay Harris, Gwen Price, Janice Still, and Carol Hoeschler. The Jesmore. Seated (L-R) Sheila Thomson, 2010 recipient Sue Hoeschler, and 2010 Auxiliary Suzie Moore. Special Service Award recipient, Jennifer Hull, the fifth person to receive the award, has devoted her time and energy to better the Youth Sailing Jennifer Hull Sue Hoeschler Program at The SFYC. The shock on her face was beautiful. Congratulations, Jennifer and Sue! Look for a detailed article about our winners in the next Bulletin. The 2011 Auxiliary Board Lastly, Jody McCormack, our featured speaker, gave an amazing invites every Auxiliary member accounting of her race in the Pacific Cup to Hawaii. What a story! Jody to the traditional motivated not only me, but also many other women in the audience to become more knowledgeable about sailing and to get involved in the Board Meeting and Potluck Lunch sport. Thursday, January 20, 2011 In closing, I want to say that it has been a real honor to serve as the 2010 Auxiliary President. I would like to thank the SFYC staff and Entertainment Committee for working so beautifully with the Auxiliary In the Cove House on our many events this year. Thanks to the collaborative effort from all 9:45 a.m. Hospitality involved, our club events have been well attended and a lot of fun for everyone! Special thanks go out to my Auxiliary Board, and the 10:00 a.m. Board Meeting following ladies who are exiting the Board this year: Kari Cusack, Luncheon to Follow Laura Rousseau, Lee Johnson, Cindie O’Donnell, Lisa Rosenlund, Kim Lynch, and P/P Helen Reilly. You served our board with grace RSVP to the Front Office at 435-9133 and style. We are a better club because of you! I’ll see you around The Club, ladies. Best wishes to all of you.

Annual Auxiliary Potluck Luncheon & Planning Session

Please bring a luncheon-type dish to share!


ER 9


Sunday • December 12 • 2:00 - 4:00 pm

2010 Co-Chairs Laura Rousseau, Jane Young and Lee Johnson

Members and their families only


CELEBRATES CHRISTMAS Saturday, December 18th 6:00 p.m. – Midnight Dinner 7:30 p.m. Dancing to The Dick Brite Orchestra Reservations 435-9133 ext. 10, Members and their guests Co-Chairs Ginny DeMaria & Lisa Rosenlund

Champagne and Hors d’oeuvre Reception Lobster Bisque Soup Beef Tenderlion with Cabernet Sauce Scalloped Potatoes Roasted Seasonal Root Vegetables Wine included with Dinner Coconut Cake with Peppermint Ice Cream $80.00 All prices subject to Club service charge and Marin sales tax


Commodore’s Ball

” h c n y L S S d r e e c a h t n bo a A m o “R




Welcome New Members Laurence Bekins, Membership Committee

Richard “Dick” Collins The SFYC welcomes Dick Collins to Regular Membership. Dick and his wife, Pat, live in Tiburon and have three grown children. Dick loves to get out on the water and is active in the community. He serves on the Tiburon Town Council, and is a member of the Belvedere Tennis Club, Corinthian Yacht Club, and the San Francisco Wine Society. He owns Insatiable, a 32’ Sea Ray Sundancer, which he keeps at the CYC. Dick is a retired attorney, his sponsors are Jay Hooker and Mike Lasky.

Michael Greenberg The SFYC welcomes Michael Greenberg to Regular Membership. Michael is from Indiana and moved to the West Coast to attend college at both USC and UCLA. After college he moved to San Francisco and discovered a passion for sailing after taking a course out of Cass Marina in Sausalito. One might say that Michael is a sailing “addict”. He has owned eight boats here in the Bay Area over the last 40 years and currently owns a J-105 Trickster. He is a member of the South Beach Yacht Club and The Green Hills Golf & Country Club. Michael lives in Atherton with his wife, Donna, and has two grown children. He says that they would love to see their grandchildren participate in the SFYC Youth Program. His sponsors are Myron Eisenzimmer and Michael Radest.

Carey Timbrell The SFYC welcomes Carey Timbrell to Regular Membership. Carey is an avid rower and competed for the U.S. Olympic Team. He has been sailing since the age of five and has four grown children. Carey got involved with The SFYC last year after volunteering for Race Committee and joining many events with friends. He loves dinghies and recounts one of his favorite boats was an O’Day 12. Carey is Managing Director and Head of Private Banking at Credit Suisse. He resides in San Francisco. Carey plans to purchase an Alden rowing shell and to actively sail in the coming year. His sponsors are Amy Grossman and Richard Barker.

The SFYC welcomes six new Junior Members: Remi Lowe Edward Hayden III Will Martens Reid Bergsund Not pictured: Pablo and Javier Vidal


Cruising News Bill Stark

2010 Cruises Our Cruise Outs during 2010 were a great success. The past year can be summarized by many interesting cruises and increased participation by our members. Many thanks to our cruise leaders who worked very hard to “herd the cruising cats”: S/C John Swain and Patricia Montag, Scott and Nancy Harris, Jib Martens, Harold Kleiderman and Lisa Klairmont, Bob Van Blaricom, Herb Potter, Andy and Lori Fromm, Rich and Shawn Wideman, and Dick Payne. I hope I mentioned everyone. Also, a special thank you to Jib Martens for creating the Cruisers Class Photo Treasure Hunt as part of the Leukemia Cup. Thank you for your participation and support.

Crossing Wakes One of the highlights of each month’s Bulletin is the Crossing Wakes column by Steve and Ginger Mason. I continue to be amazed by the number of SFYC cruisers who are leaving wakes all over the world. I would like to thank Steve and Ginger on behalf of the cruising fleet for preparing this very interesting article each month. We all have our dreams of sailing to distant ports and some of our cruisers are living theirs each year.

Cruising Trophy for 2010 We are very pleased to report that Jon and Alice Shinn have been honored with the SFYC Cruising Trophy for 2010. Steve Mason presented this award at the Race Recognition Night in November. Jon and Alice began the year when they rejoined their sloop Ariel in Lisbon. They reported wondrous adventures in the coastal towns and the rivers of Spain, Portugal and France. They crossed The Straits of Dover to Eastbourne, UK, where they spent some time, including visits to London. After the UK they stopped at Calais, France and Blankenberge, Belgium enroute to Vlissingen, The Netherlands. From there they proceeded to Denmark, Norway and then south again. Thank you, Jon and Alice for your reports of your great adventures and for carrying our burgee to distant ports. Jon and Alice Shinn

Voyagers Dinner – “Cruise to SFYC” January 29, 2011 On Saturday, January 29th we will celebrate our cruising adventures at our Annual Voyagers Dinner led by S/C John Swain and Patricia Montag. We will share a great dinner in the Cove House and hear about members’ past and future cruises. Reservations may be made at the Front Office. This weekend will also include our “No Cruise-Cruise Out”. The docks at SFYC will be reserved for “Members Only” so that members who keep their boats at other marinas (or just want to moor in front of The Club) can cruise to the best cruising destination on the Bay. In addition to the Voyagers Dinner, we will have a Cruisers’ Breakfast on Sunday morning (January 30th) to continue the fellowship from the night before. Bill and Ann Stark will lead this part of the Cruisers Weekend.

Giants Opening Night April 9, 2011 OK, the Giants did their is the time to do ours. On Saturday, April 9th the Giants play their Opening Night Game at AT&T Park. There will be fireworks and the Giants will begin another run at the World Championship. Last year the cruising fleet sent 50 representatives to this event. This time we would like the rest of The San Francisco Yacht Club to join us. We have over 70 signed up already and by December 10th we will have to commit to purchase our tickets. Cruising by “black top” is certainly an acceptable alternative for this event. Please let us know as soon as possible whether you will be able to join us. Tickets will be priced around $55-60 per seat and appear on your January statement. Our staff is standing by in the Front Office to take your ticket reservations now.

Commodores or International Cruise 2011 RoyAnne Florence is leading our International Cruise in September 2011. At last count we have 20 travelers signed up. Thank you, RoyAnne, for your leadership on this Club project.

Conclusion We look forward to a great cruising year in 2011. We welcome any and all Club members who would like to join us on our cruises. “Because too much fun is never enough.”


Please join us for the

ANNUAL CAPRICORN LUNCH Sunday, December 26th 12 p.m.

Famous Sweet Dungeness Crab Feast The San Francisco Yacht Club’s

! ll b at A cra e e an thu c yo

Fellow Capricorns

Saturday, January 29th

Saturday, February 26th

6 p.m.

6 p.m.



Full Salad Bar with a wide array of Chef’s delicious salads

We’ll keep the tradition of having that birthday party we didn’t have growing up; sharing our good and bad (are there any?) traits; and of course, singing “Happy Birthday” to ourselves. RSVP to the SFYC Front Desk at 435-9133

Get in the spirit… Book a holiday party now while dates are available… Give Natalie a jingle in the Catering Office and enjoy the magic of the season…


Mounds of Fresh Sweet Dungeness Crab with warm San Francisco Sourdough Bread and Hot Drawn Butter Sonoma Berry-Berry Cobbler a la mode $45


No Host Tables

Adults $19.95 children under 12

All prices subject to Club service charge and Marin sales tax.

For reservations, contact the Front Office (415) 435-9133, ext. 10

Wine Tasting Dinner Thursday February 10, 2011

Save the Date Main Dining Room 5.30pm – 8.00pm Join us for a fun casual night of tasting great wines with fellow Members and friends. or 435-9133 ext. 25 20 • DECEMBER 2010 THE BULLETIN •

$45.00 per person All prices subject to Club service charge and Marin sales tax


The SFYC Father-Daughter Dinner Dance February 5 , 2011 th

A great evening and a delicious Dinner for the Fathers and their young Debutantes. Father-Daughter Pictures


d d

A Casual New Year’s Eve Dinner at the Club

Friday, December 31 Served 6 to 10 p.m.

FIRST COURSE Shrimp Cocktail For Reservations, Please Contact the Front Office (415) 435-9133, ext. 10

SECOND COURSE Consommé of Beef with Root Vegetables THIRD COURSE Choice of: Wild Oregon Filet of Salmon – 29.95 Scallop Potatoes, Sautéed Market Vegetables

Super!! Super!! Super Bowl XLV Party February 6, 2011

Tuscan Crusted Rack of Lamb – 32.95 Baked Potato, Sautéed Spinach Prime Rib of Beef – 34.95 Baked Potato, Creamed Spinach Niman Ranch New York Steak – 36.95 Cracked Black Pepper, Baked Potato Sautéed Market Vegetables, Wild Mushroom Brandy Reduction FOURTH COURSE New York Cheese Cake, Raspberry Coulis

Watch your favorite team compete in the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas


Dinner includes one Complimentary glass of Champagne All prices subject to Club service charge and Marin sales tax. Open Seating • Reservations Required Front Office 435 9133 ext. 10 Watch the Ball Drop in Time Square on the Big Screen at 9:00 p.m.


Food and Beverage Reny Madrid, Executive Chef / Chef’s From Hood Philosophy: “Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

Member Dining in the Cove House 12/11 REMINDER

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Kitchen Confidential: Ask the Chef’s crusty crew who dressed up like Brian Wilson at the Commodore’s Ball? Halloween brought out the beast in this waiter. Guess who?

I would like to thank all the employees who worked to make the Commodore’s Ball so successful this year. It was a real team effort. During December, Wednesday’s special dinner-of-the-month will be Carvery Night. Enjoy a succulent Angus prime rib, freshly cut for you by our Carvery Attendant. The buffet also features fresh fish of the day, baked potato, market vegetables, mixed green salad and Chef’s dessert. $21.95 ++ for adults, $12.95 ++ for kids. Come join us on New Years Eve, December 31, for a casual dinner at The Club. Chef’s Top 11 Tips for a Powerful New Year in 2011: 11. The best is yet to come. 10. Frame every so-called disaster with these words: “In five years, will this matter?” 9. You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree. 8. Smile and laugh more. 7. Try to make at least three people smile each day. 6. Drink green tea, plenty of water, eat blueberries, wild Alaskan salmon, broccoli, almonds and walnuts. 5. Dream more while you are awake. 4. Live with the three E’s: Energy, Enthusiasm, and Empathy 3. Sit in silence for at least ten minutes each day. Buy a lock if you have to. 2. Do the right thing. 1. Take a ten to thirty minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile. From all of our staff, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2011. Eat Well. Feel Good. Regards, Reny 22 • DECEMBER 2010 THE BULLETIN •

Photo by Joan Bekins

The San Francisco Yacht Club’s

Pasta Night February 6, 2011 Enjoy fresh pasta dishes cooked to order in the Member’s Dining Room BUILD YOUR OWN PASTA BAR INCLUDES CHOICES OF: Steak, Chicken, Shrimp, Scallops and Calamari Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Olives, Broccoli, Sundried Tomatoes, Winter Squash and Seasonal Vegetables YOUR CHOICE OF PENNE PASTA OR FETTUCCINI WITH Alfredo Sauce, Pesto Sauce or Marinara Sauce Delicious Garlic Bread and Full Salad Bar with Chef Reny’s famous Assorted Salads ALL YOU CAN EAT: $18.95++ Adults $10.95++ Kids 10 and under

From the General Manager Dennis Conneally CCM, CCE / SPECIAL ACCOLADES: As we bring the year 2010 to a final close this month, I want to personally thank Commodore Ray Lynch and his Board of ten very dedicated directors (all of whom are tireless volunteers of The Club) for their wisdom, guidance, and governance throughout the year. 2010 was a tougher than usual year for us and brought with it many unforeseen challenges. Through the Board’s vision of emphasizing “VALUE” during these economic times, The Club was able to keep member participation very high through the year by understanding the need to provide more services to the members as opposed to less, as well as providing family friendly parties, dining room specials and themed club events. A special shout-out goes to Entertainment Chair Delaney Lynch, Auxiliary President Alisa Bekins, and Club Events Coordinator Natalie Watson for bringing to The Club all the fun and laughter we experienced throughout the year. Another huge shout-out goes out to Race Council Chair Angie Lackey-Olson and the 429 member volunteer days of onthe-water race management for another great sailing season. Our hats are off to Harbor Committee Chair and Director Ed Lynch for all the work that he and his committee accomplished in the harbor; to House Committee Chair and Director Paul Rosenlund for keeping the house in order;

and to Treasurer Suzie Moore for keeping The Club on the straight and narrow and more importantly, in the black! We all look forward to working closely with incoming Commodore Bob Heller and his full line-up of committee chairs and volunteers for 2011. CLUB CLOSURE: During the month of January, The Club will be closed January 1st through January 11th for our annual club maintenance. We will re-open to the membership on Wednesday, January 12th for Chef Reny’s popular Bar Bites and Blue Plate dinner specials. During our closure this year, the staff will conduct the annual year-end inventory of FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) as well as a thorough deep cleaning of The Club facilities. It is a necessary task that is undertaken each year in order to keep the facilities in tip-top shape. The largest project we usually undertake is the sanding and sealing of the wooden floors throughout The Club which requires a full week of very messy and dusty work. In addition to the floor restoration, we anticipate building a new liquor and wine storage room, employee break room and expanding the attic storage in the existing space located behind the bar. The House Committee has approved a design that takes full advantage of all the unused space in that area which will provide us with much needed storage. EMPLOYEE HOLIDAY FUND: On behalf of the entire Club Staff, I want to thank all members who contributed to this year’s Employee Holiday Fund. The fund was set up several years ago as a

vehicle for the members to give special thanks to all the employees for their hard work in serving the membership so well throughout the year. It is purely a voluntary contribution, 100% of which is distributed back to the staff on a fair and equitable basis. There are over fifty staff members on The Club payroll, many of whom work behind the scenes and are seldom seen by the general membership. Your $25 contribution allows The Club to offer a holiday bonus to all staff based on the amount of time they worked in 2010 and for their many years of service to the membership. From the galley staff and the dock maintenance crew, to the front office staff and the housekeeping crew, all employees share in the generosity of your contributions. Thank you again for your support of this year’s Employee Holiday Fund. At the writing of this article, The Club just received word of the passing of longtime member Lloyd “Mickey” McClure. Amongst many other contributions to The Club over the years, Mickey was most recently known as The Club’s expert horticulturalist. Mickey faithfully maintained all of the seasonal potted plants and colorful florals that decorate our dining deck and club grounds year round. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his children Molly and Michael and the entire McClure family. May 2011 bring you and your family health, wealth, and happiness in ways you have never seen before. From all of us to all of you – Merry Christmas! I look forward to seeing you around The Club!






Bar Menu

Ship’s Store Sale Now Through Christmas 20% Off All Items

5 Flag Officers’ Holiday Buffet Children’s Santa Party


Club Closed



Club Closed





SFYC Cruise In

Club Closed Club Closed

Member Dining Cove House

No Corkage 30




25 Bar Menu



No Corkage 20


Auxiliary Pot Luck Luncheon

No Corkage 27

Club Closed

Breakfast: Sat 0830-1130; Sun 0830-1400





Christmas Day Club Closed


No Corkage 13

Club Closed

Christmas Dinner Dance

New 31 Year’s Eve Dinner


Club Reopens for business Grand


Club Closed

Lobster Dinner for Two $48.95++

Lobster Dinner for Two $48.95++




28 Crab Feast#1 29 Voyager Dinner SFYC Cruise In


New Year’s Day


18 Bar Menu

Open for Lunch Club Closes at 3:00 p.m.


Club Closed For Cleaning and Maintenance




Happy New Year!


Club Closed


No Corkage No Corkage 16

Dinner for Two $48.95++

28 Bar Menu



10 Chateaubriand 11

No Corkage 23 Christmas Eve 24



Members’ Annual Meeting - All Day


Club Closed For Cleaning and Maintenance



21 Bar Menu




9 Light The Night

January 2011



Member Dining Bar Area 14 Bar Menu 15

No Corkage 2

Club Closed





Club Closed

Club Closed


7 Bar Menu


Club Closed

Club Closed

Capricorn Lunch

Speaker Series JFK Book


Club Closed


Lunch: Thur-Sun 1130-1500

Dinner: Wed-Sun 1730-2100 (Fri 2200)

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