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Dear Parents

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As I write this we are experiencing one of the hottest days of the year which is so nice for most of us, but not for those who are sitting their last public examinations in the Hall. I do hope that the fine weather is set to continue throughout the summer and that all who have worked so hard can enjoy the break. I am grateful for the support from teaching staff, support staff and parents throughout this year. We are all working hard to support our youngsters and I know that the thoughts of many will be with those who come into school in August to collect examination results – let’s hope that the sun shines on them on that day!

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Over the summer holiday there will be a lot of work carried out to improve teaching facilities at the College and details of this are provided elsewhere. The work is being funded from our specialist school capital grant and the money which pupils, parents and others raised during the course of last year. We say goodbye to a number of staff at the end of this term – Miss Bousquet, Mr Carson, Mr Houghton, Miss McHugh and Mr McClean. Best wishes and thanks to them all as they take up posts in other schools and in some cases in other countries. I hope that you all enjoy a restful break over the summer period. Yours sincerely L D Rippon Headteacher

Dates for Diary: n 5th July – Induction Day for Year 6

n 7th & 8th July – Last Night of the Proms n 13th July – Enterprise Day for Year 9

n 21st July – School closes at 12:20pm for Summer Holidays

n 24th August – GCSE Results

n 5th September – School re-opens at 8:40am (years 7-12)

n 6th September – Year 13 return to school at 8:40am

n 17th August – ‘A’ Level results

n 17th August – ‘AS’ Level results

The Newspaper Editing Team John Kelly 10 OW Simon Peers 10 MA Stephen Beard 10 BR Adam Wing 10 WA Andrew Dooley 10 LE Michael Moorcroft 10 OW David Kelly 10CA

Michael McNamee 10 MA Connor McCarthy 9 OW John Hyland 9 KE David Jones 9 RI Andrew Dunbar 9 CA Thomas Bennett 10 MA Terence Whinnet 10 CA

Thomas Lees 10 LE Dominic Barlow 10 LE Welwin Lobo 10 CA Ciaran Irvine 10 MA Sean Buckley 10 BR

In partnership with YOUTH PARTNER

Parklands Excellence in Liverpool

An Interview with Major Alan Goodenough Major Alan Goodenough is an Officer commanding the Duke of Lancaster’s regiment recruitment team and has been in the Army since he was 16 years old and joined as a private. Major Goodenough has worked his way through the ranks of the Army during the last 27 years and was commissioned as an officer in 2000. Q. Why did you choose the Army instead of the Air Force or the Navy? A. I chose the Army because in my view the Army is the most important, if the Infantry wasn’t there to clear the ground for air fields obviously the Air Force wouldn’t be there and the Navy wouldn’t be able to win a war from the sea, so the Army was the one for me because I wanted to be defending the front line. Q. What made you want to join the Army? A. Well, I wanted a new job every 2 years, I wanted a bit of adventure, and I wanted a bit of action with good blokes. Q. What age do you have to be to join the Army? A. You can apply for the Army when you are 15 years and 3 months old and if you are successful in your application you will begin training when you are 16 years and 3 months. You can join until you are 26 years old, however if you wish to be an officer, you may join between the ages of 18 and 26. Adam Wing Y10

Design and Technology Trip to Techniquest A selection of Year 8 pupils went on a trip to Techniquest with Mr Langhorne and Mr Bowers as a reward for those boys who had performed well in DT/ICT. Throughout the day pupils benefited from the use of over 60 “hands on” exhibits in the 4 education zones. They also attended a structures exhibition where pupils took part in a variety of experiments finding out why tension, compression, bending and torsion are all crucial to the design of everyday structures. They also found out what happens when things go wrong! A very successful and beneficial trip for all involved.

Book Fair Every year, the school Learning Resource Centre holds two school book fairs. The November book fair was very successful, with the school gaining £520.00 in commission fees, which the school spent on books for the LRC. The summer book fair holds a “buy one get one free” scheme, as a way of saying thanks to the pupils who supported the last fair. The total for this book fair was over £1300.00! This is a great achievement for the school as it is the largest amount the book fair has raised to date. The school book fair is an excellent way for pupils to improve their literacy skills at home. David Kelly 10CA

John Hyland Y9

History Transition Project

SFX’s History Department has collaborated closely with many of the neighbouring primary schools this year. Chief among them has been the impressive St. Gregory’s, whose Year 6 made a special visit to SFX. Other schools involved have been; St. Andrew’s, Our Lady of the Assumption, St. Paschal Baylon, St. Mary’s, St. Mark’s and Bishop Eton. 2

Teen Idol 2006 After our successful Teen Idol school auditions during March we had ten boys go through to the next round of heats at Parklands CLC. The day was a great success and at the end of it SFX had four boys to go through to the semi-final concert in May. Alastair Frederick (Y11), Adam Kilcourse (Y11), Nathan Carter (Y11) and Daniel Badger (Y10) all made it through. The boys, who were calm, cool and collected, rehearsed all day in the CLC and then waited nervously for their chance to perform in front of a sold out crowd in the evening. After four excellent performances the judges went out to make their decision and Nathan Carter was chosen for the second year running to perform in the grand final at the Philharmonic Hall on Monday 19th June. Nathan gave a fantastic performance and although he did not win, sent his congratulations to Daniel Sharples from Calderstones School who won the competition. Tom Bennett Y10

Interview with Mr Rippon about School Refurbishment Since the last newsletter all external doors have been replaced. The older ones were damaged and broken. The new doors are much more secure, and of course they look a lot better. Several windows have been replaced in the main building but windows are currently only being replaced on a needs basis as it would cost too much to replace all of them. We are getting a new central heating boiler, the old boiler was about 45 years old and had to be cut up in the boiler room over the recent half term holiday and was removed by a crane. The energy efficient new boiler is currently under construction and will be ready for September. Extensive outdoor seating has been provided for pupils and more is on the way, there is also an outdoor area for staff now. Over the summer holiday the library will be refurbished as will the ground floor in the sixth form block which from September will be an ICT suite with new computers. More details of this project can be found in this newsletter. Adam Wing Y10

Spring Competition Winners

Minibus Update

The Parents’ association work with the school raising money for items which are not covered by school funds. Our current aim is to provide the school with a new minibus. We have been working really hard over the last 18 months organising and holding various events which have helped us move towards our target. We are now in the process of looking at suitable vehicles and have recently organised a demonstration of two models on the school grounds where staff could have a proper look at what we are hoping to buy. We hope you can appreciate that finding a suitable vehicle for boys of different ages and sizes and for different activities and distances is not an easy task but we are confident of finding a suitable model. We hope to finalise details and place an order by the end of this year so that the boys can start making use of the vehicle when we come back for the new academic year. We hope our last function of the year ‘Last Night Of The Proms’ will add the final amount to the total needed and might even leave us enough left over for a pair of fluffy dice!! We hope you will continue to support us in our effort. Chairperson, Parents’ Association

Gardener Systems Visit In June, Mr Roberts took a group of students from 8 Barlow to visit Gardener Systems. They looked at how businesses use ICT within their companies. The pupils learnt about how ICT is used in every day life and how it impacts on their lives without them knowing it. They discussed how they used mobile phones to communicate, the Internet for games and how ICT is used in our everyday lives. In addition to this, they also discussed how parents used ICT to perform banking activities and save time by using the Internet. Mr Roberts said “the boys’ behaviour was fabulous and they all really enjoyed the day”. John Hyland Y9.

Congratulations to the following pupils who each won £20.00 worth of Borders vouchers in last term’s newsletter competition: Connor Duffy – Year 8 Philip Williams – Year 8 John Cotton - Year 8 3

Science News

Italy Trip

Year 12 Students attended a very successful A-level Biology field-trip to Ainsdale at the end of June where they investigated sand-dune succession. The weather was beautiful and everyone seemed to enjoy the experience. Students should be continuing with coursework tasks in Biology and Physics over the summer holidays. Year 10 pupils should be finishing coursework. (if this has not already been done). The ‘modular’ part of the GCSE course is finished (except for some re-sits and for those pupils in 10/11J1 who are studying for separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics – these pupils will complete extra modular tests in November and March of next year). Year 9 pupils have been put into sets according to their performance in the end of KS3 SATs. It is very important that parents and pupils realise that since completing the SATs exams back in May, pupils have been following GCSE courses and that any work completed after May is important and should be handed in to teachers for safe-keeping over the summer break.

The Army Visit to SFX On Thursday 15th June the army visited Year 9 at SFX. The students were given a chance to partake in a variety of activities such as paint balling, an assault course and holding firearms. The assault course was a variety of simple challenges including monkey bars, rope ladders and seesaws. The course was called “challenging” and a member of staff was recorded to have said that “she would never have tried it”. The paintball activity was enjoyed by most of the year group, except 9A (because when it was their turn the guns ran out of gas). The students had to shoot five paint balls at five different targets. The students were also allowed to handle rifles and sniper rifles. The pupils learned that the rifles were effective up to 1500 yards. It gave the pupils a realistic experience of what the soldiers have to carry day after day. The soldiers also did a march for all the pupils to watch during the morning assembly. The soldiers were fully dressed in their marching uniform. The other soldiers were dressed in camouflage. The soldiers explained to us that any wars are no longer called wars; they must be called conflict. This was due to the “Geneva Convention”.


In May, boys from Years 7, 8 & 9 went on a trip to Italy with the Classics department. The boys started their trip at 4 o’clock in the morning, arriving at the school early for the six hour journey to London. They had to get up so early because they had to be at the airport three hours before take-off. The trip lasted for seven days and the boys toured Rome, Naples & Sorrento visiting the Colosseum in Rome. Mr Slattery led the group with Mr Harrison & Mr Fox helping out. Although the trip was educational the boys still managed to enjoy themselves by going up Mt Vesuvius near the ancient city of Pompeii which was destroyed when Vesuvius erupted in the early first century A.D, visiting the Vatican and the Trevi fountain in Rome as well. The boys enjoyed the trip and hopefully it will continue for years to come. Connor McCarthy 9 OW

Year 10 GCSE Writing Workshop On Friday 12th of May ten pupils from Year Ten took part in a G.C.S.E. Writing Workshop led by Steve Padget an independent consultant. The workshop focused on the planning of successful writing and introduced the pupils to Logo Visual Thinking Techniques. This proved to be an enjoyable and stimulating day for the boys who produced some very exciting writing. Ms. L Triggs Key Stage 4 Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator

Each class in Y9 were given the opportunity to speak to soldiers from the Duke of Lancaster regiment, which was recently formed from three battalions. The students were also given the chance to watch a very informative video about the regiment and what it does. The students were given a variety of leaflets about the army and its career paths. David Jones – Y9

Year 13 Leavers’ Party The Clipper Around the World Yacht Race On Saturday 3rd June SFX held the annual Year 13 Leavers’ party. It was a very successful event with over 160 staff and students in attendance. The event was organised by Ms Finlay, Assistant Director of Sixth Form together with a committee of Year 13 students which involved planning the event and came up with fundraising ideas. One fundraising event held within Sixth Form was a football competition which ran over a number of weeks. The final was played between South Liverpool FC (year 13) and Mersey Reds (year 12) with Mersey Reds winning quite convincingly. The party was held in the school dining hall, which was dramatically changed for the evening with Miss Evans and Ms Finlay making curtains which would not look out of place at the Oscars! The dining hall was decorated with balloons and a fabulous ice sculpture was made of the school crest by ‘Do Me a Favour’ based in Hunts Cross. The evening went extremely well with staff and students attending a champagne reception followed by a 3 course meal. Later in the night they were entertained by the school band ‘Manic Street Teachers’ and a disco with karaoke.

The Art Department is currently involved with St. Julie's and Primary schools in the G10 Network in preparing a presentation to mark the last leg of the Clipper journey. The theme is the Caribbean and Year 8 pupils have been working towards providing a visual backdrop for the event which took place on Tuesday 27th June at St. Julie's. Mr Rippon, Mrs Douglass and Mrs Harris attended the event with a delegation of Year 8 pupils and 2 sixth formers who worked on the display.

Science Primary Links (CSI : SFX) Mr Daniels and Miss Martin have been visiting local primary schools this term as part of primary transition. They have been working with Year 6 groups from Christ the King, St. Paschal Baylon, St. Gregory’s and Holy Family primary schools. The theme of the lessons is forensic science and the children have been using scientific techniques to help solve a 'murder'. They have been using chromatography and pH tests to produce hard evidence to be used in a court of law. The science taster afternoons have been fun for both the staff and pupils involved.

Ms Finlay was delighted the evening was such a success and wanted to thank the numerous people who helped make the night so memorable.


Year 9 "Mini Mouse" Project

On Thursday 15th June, several Year 9 pupils from SFX were invited to take part in a project called "Mini Mouse" at the Partnership for Learning Centre in Halewood. The project, organised and run by a company called Set Point, consisted of 4 or 5 pupils from several schools in Liverpool, including Broughton Hall and St. Margaret’s. Each school was accompanied by a Design Technology teacher (in our case, Mr. Bowers), and their "mice" built from materials in school workshops. The event was to encourage increased knowledge in Design Technology and to give the pupils taking part a taste for engineering.

The idea of the event was to compete with fellow schools "mice" in both speed and endurance tests. The speed test was to measure the fastest lap set by a team, whereas the endurance test was to measure how many laps a mouse could do in a set amount of time. All teams used two mice for the events, one for speed, the other for endurance.

Along with the enjoyable event, cohosts Jaguar were kind enough to give the schools a guided tour around a “top secret” manufacturing building, where new models of Jaguar were being built. Many of the pupils were very interested in the manufacturing process and were keen to ask questions (including Mr. Bowers who thinks he knows everything about cars!). Andrew Dunbar & John Hyland

When asked, about their models, almost all of the teams indicated that the circuit was the most difficult part of the assembly of the mice, mainly built of wood and plastic. SFX finished 3rd in both tests, much to the disappointment of Mr. Bowers!

Y6 Induction Day 5th July 2006 It is a huge change for boys to come from a very small primary school to SFX which has an impressive number of thirteen hundred pupils. They may not have any friends and they will have at least ten new teachers instead of one permanent one. The aim of the induction day is to take away their anxiety. Boys will have an assembly with Mr Rippon, Brother Peter and Mrs Fay. They will sing songs with Brother James’ band. Some Year 7 students will attend and speak to the students about their experiences from the previous year.

History Trip This year the History Department, along with 40 boys from Years 7-10, went to Ypres in Belgium on a trip to take a look at the battlefields of France and walk in the trenches the soldiers would have lived in, making the trip a valuable learning experience. They visited battlefields such as The Somme, and took take part in the ‘Last-Post’ ceremony. Miss Durnin explained that the ‘Last-Post’ ceremony was a special Belgium custom which has been held every day since 1920 apart from WW2, to commemorate the losses of WW1. Andrew Dooley of 10 Lewis laid down a wreath on behalf of the school. Miss Durnin would like to thank the boys for their fantastic behaviour and wishes to say they are a credit to the school and themselves, Dominic Barlow Yr 10

After the assembly students will be put in groups, mixed with different students from different schools. They will attend three lessons which could be; History, French, Mathematics, ICT, English, DT, Art, Science or Geography. They will also have the opportunity to speak with sixth formers and they will get a booklet titled “My New School” and another titled “All About Me” which they have to complete.

Their first day here will be their next exciting meeting with us, although Mrs Fay does visit every feeder school. Mr Harrison, Mr Roberts, Ms Cavanagh, Mr Bowers, Miss Martin, Mr Daniels and Mrs Norris have all worked with primary pupils this term. Thomas Bennett, 10 Mayne


Specialist Status Primary Transition Update You may remember The Computer Club for Girls (CC4G) project. This is managed and led by Mr R. Roberts. Sixth Form students have been participating in primary projects and working collaboratively on a weekly basis in feeder and partner schools with Y6 and classroom teachers in an after school community programme. In May, Mr Roberts and some of the Sixth form mentors were invited to take part in a conference at Crewe College (part of the MMU programme) The conference is around ‘Curriculum Continuity’. The focus is how to use CC4G as part of a Transition programme and SFX is perceived to be very proactive in this area. In June, SFX launched a Regional Induction Event to 20 local schools. Very positive feedback was received and future events are planned. Later in the month E – Skills contacted SFX as they are very keen to do a much more detailed case study on SFX to be included in the DfES ESkills National Report. The DfES E-skills team are

coming to meet with a few people involved in the project and to visit St Gregory’s Club on Monday 10th July. Future plans for primary transition include; organising a summer school for girls focusing on the development of key ICT skills including the use of Databases, expanding the project to more of our partner schools, developing stronger links with special school partners and holding more training events. John Kelly and Simon Peers Y10

ICT Academy

Curriculum Development

Planning for the KS5 ICT Academy is well underway for a September 2006 launch. This will enable Option 3 students to follow a vocational work related BTEC Level 2 qualification in ICT in school for 3 days per week and a work based NVQ Level 2 Qualification in ICT off site which will be delivered in conjunction with Speke Training and Education Centre on Speke Boulevard and local employers.

Curriculum changes have been implemented to expand and enhance ICT provision at KS3, 4 and 5 to include; 2 hours per week provision for most of KS3, all KS4 students to study GCSE ICT and the introduction of A level Computing and BTEC/NVQ ICT as part of the ICT Academy programme. The Maths department has implemented a fast-track GCSE in Y10 for Set 1 in September 2006 enabling them to study AS in Y11. A pilot of Online Literacy and Numeracy Tests was undertaken with Y11 (these have an equivalency of half a GCSE each at level 2). The results were excellent with in excess of 85% pass rate. The English and Maths Departments have already started to prepare Y10 for the qualification with online practice materials. These new curriculum changes give pupils a chance to expand their learning and a chance to gain more qualifications for higher education or the world of work.

Miss Lindop will be available on GCSE results day to discuss applications for the ICT Academy with students who wish to enrol. Interviews for the Academy will be held on Friday 25th August in Boulevard Business Centre in Speke. John Kelly and Simon Peers Y10

Dominic Barlow, John Kelly and Simon Peers Y10

Author Visit Mr Roberts and Mr Evans arranged for Mr Stephen Doyle (a leading Educational Author for ICT resources) to visit school to meet with the pupils and observe lessons on 28th June. John Kelly and Simon Peers Y10 7

Specialist Status Parklands Presentation On Friday 9th June Denise Barrett-Baxendale from Parklands CLC came into school to present students from Y10 and Y9 with equipment funded by the CLC including; 1 IBM laptop, 1 Apple Mac laptop, in excess of £1,000.00 worth of software, 4 dictaphones and a digital camera. She expressed how impressed she was with the professionalism of the editing team and has offered further funding to subsidise printing for the next academic year, extra resources and any work based visits that will enrich this initiative. The editing team would like to thank Denise again for her continued and generous support for our project. John Kelly and Simon Peers Y10

UKMT Mathematics Challenges 2005-06 Interview with Mr Evans Starting on the 12th of June, ICT provision in the De La Mennais Building is to be dramatically changed and expanded according to Mr Evans. In an interview he told the newsletter exactly what will be done. “Basically the Art room, 6G and 6H will be transformed into new IT rooms. In addition, 6IT and 6MM will have their layout completely changed and all rooms will be equipped with new computer suites and new technology/equipment. As well as this, IT3 is to be changed into a Maths ICT room and IT2 will be changed into a bookable ICTAC room which will be usable for all other departments”. He also spoke of the need for the renovations. “These renovations are needed desperately. Technology moves so quickly that we keep updating our equipment every 3 years to keep up with the changes and demands of the ICT curriculum. As we are a Maths and Computing college, we need to ensure we are at the forefront of new technologies and developments”. Dominic Barlow Yr 10 8

Last November Year 10 pupils entered the Senior Maths Challenge. Three pupils (David Prayle, Sarah Nolan and Mark Johnson) gained a silver award and three others a bronze award. This is an improvement on last academic year when two silver and two bronze awards were won. In February, 85 Year 9 and 10 boys entered the Intermediate Maths Challenge. Thirteen boys achieved silver awards and 24 bronze awards. Neil Kennedy and Scott Stamper of Year 9 won certificates for the best marks in the school. Last year 33 boys won awards so again this is an improvement on last year. In April, 97 Year 7 and 8 boys entered the Junior Maths Challenge; 6 boys achieved gold awards, 17 achieved silver awards and 31 bronze awards. That is an improvement on last year in each category. Matthew Handley and Rory Back of Year 8 won certificates for the best marks in the school. The full list of prize winners is displayed on the notice boards on the Maths corridor. Well done to everyone who took part. Last year one pupil achieved so highly that he qualified for the next round. Let’s hope that a few more of us qualify next year. Mr Hope

Student Voice The Presentation of the ‘Good Citizen Award’ to Denzel Kadzviti (Y13) This is an annual award and it is supported by Liverpool John Moores University. Denzel Kadzviti was presented with the award at a Roscoe Lecture in mid-May which took place at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. The award was presented by Lech Walesa, former Polish President and founder of Solidarity. The award was presented to Denzel in recognition of his work for the Liverpool School’s Parliament and Alder Hey hospital, as well as the community service which he had completed whilst undertaking The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Adam Wing Y10

An Interview with Denzel Kadzviti On the 17th of May I was delighted to find out that I had been nominated for a citizenship award by the school. I was nominated for the award by SFX for work I had done with school and for the community including, helping out at an elderly person’s home, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the Liverpool School’s Parliament. At the presentation ceremony which was at the Metropolitan Cathedral, I was accompanied by Mr Rippon, Ms Finlay, Brother Peter, Mrs Fay and my parents who were all very proud of what I had achieved. They were all proud because I had only joined SFX 4 years earlier. During this time the staff and pupils at SFX helped me to settle in and cope with the transition from my old school in Zimbabwe to school life at SFX. Before I was presented with the award, Mr Rippon spoke of my achievements. The award was then presented by the former Polish President Lech Walesa, who was attending the ceremony and also giving a Roscoe Lecture. In his lecture he spoke of integrity and respect. So I would just like to leave a few words for those who are left in SFX as this is my last year. I have only been in this school for a very short time but thanks to the atmosphere I have settled well and made to feel I belong. I would wish for this atmosphere to continue to be present. You, the students are who make SFX what it is so I would like to encourage you to carry on where I have left off, making the most of every opportunity you are presented with, doing good work in the community, participating in all aspects of school life and being successful in and enjoying whatever you participate/partake in. Never forget, you are the people who make SFX what it is. Denzel Kadsviti Interview by Sean Buckley and Ciaran Irvine Y10

School’s Parliament Over the past year, the Liverpool School’s Parliament met once again with representatives from SFX. They were: David Kelly, Adam Wing (Both Y10), Cameron Patterson (Y9), Michael Scotland (Y8) and VI Form representatives, Denzel Kadzviti, Kayleigh Keane, Amy Hope (All Year 13) and Chloe McDonough (Y12). The parliament is given £50,000 each year to spend on projects it feels strongly about. There are representatives who attend from Liverpool City Council, Fair Trade, Merseyside Police and other guest speakers who give us a brief insight into themselves and their organisation. Every school across Liverpool is invited to bring representatives and by a vote, certain members are given ministerial responsibilities such as Prime Minister, and ministers from other key areas in government. Meetings are every few months and are held in Liverpool Town Hall. Look out for further updates in next term’s newsletter. 9

Student Voice Healthy Eating As you may be aware, SFX has been constantly trying to improve the choices of food available in the school dining hall as part of the Liverpool Healthy Schools initiative. The Year and School Councils have debated suggestions raised by their fellow pupils and the following changes have occurred: • We now have three no chip days • Turkey Twizzlers are no longer on the school menu! • A greater variety of vegetables and better vegetarian options are now available • A pasta bar is open every day • A weekly roast dinner is available • Choices of hot or cold meals are available daily • The salad bar has been extended and includes rice pasta & potato salads as well as green salads • A greater variety of sandwiches including different breads, wraps and more fillings are now available • A live yogurt bar is now offered • A reward system for making healthy choices has been implemented • Free water is available for everyone • Lo-salt is available at the tills The next area to be improved is the ‘sweet and dessert’ selection. We would welcome your comments and your suggestions, which will be passed on to SFX’s Healthy Schools Co-ordinator, Mrs Smith. We have been successful in renewing our Healthy Schools Award Status for the next 3 years (thanks to Mrs Smith for lots of hard work). The award was presented on Friday July 7th. David Kelly 10 CA

Fundraising Year Eight – RNLI Lifeboats Update SFX College is now in its 4th year of major fundraising and involvement with the RNLI. The amount collected since we started is fantastic. In 2002/3 our fundraising stood at £1,034.00 The 2003/4 year group increased the total to £1,560.00 and this year’s current Year 9 have managed to boost our total up to £2,000.00 this is amazing!

was awarded the title of “Major Supporter of the Year” (1318 award) which was presented by the Duke of Kent in London.

Since our involvement, the RNLI has visited school to personally thank us for our support and generosity on many occasions. This is greatly appreciated and in 2004 we were presented with a limited edition award which consisted of a model lifeboat and a very special certificate. Last year SFX

Mr Golden and Mrs Smith would like to thank pupils and parents for all donations made in the past, and hope you will continue to help supporting the RNLI in the future.


We are looking forward to continuing to support the RNLI, and have every confidence in next year’s students.

Thomas Bennett, Year 10

Sport An Interview with Mr. Harrison about Year 8 Football. Who were the teams you played and what were the scores? We played Cardinal Heenan in the final and the score was 1-1 but S.F.X retained the title as they were the previous Year 7 holders. The final was the Liverpool Schools Year 8 Cup, and the final was played at Walton Soccer Centre. Although it’s obvious that the whole team performed well who would you say played the best and outshone the rest of the team? All of my players are the best so you’re not getting one particular person. They are all picked to a formula of skill, ability and character. If they don’t show all of those things they don’t get a game.

If you got the chance to re-play the tournament would you do anything differently and why? (Very long pause)……….No. If you could manage any team at all in the world who would it be, and not the SFX Year 8 team ? Togo … (laughs) By Andrew Dooley and Terrance Whinnett Y10

Did you make any tactical changes during the final game that were changed from the one’s you used to get there? It was quite a tactical battle on the whole because the opposition played five in midfield. Then they would bring five good players on in midfield as subs which obviously gets you thinking. We didn’t make a lot of tactical changes in that game so then we went to three at the back. We did this so that we could match three midfield. We picked the side to win and we were winning 1-0 then we hit the post at 1-0. If we had gone 2-0 up we would have won but no complaint for 1-1. Did you use interchangeable formations to contend with different styles of team and if so, why? Yes we do normally do that but not necessarily in that final. We either play 3, 2 or 1 upfront depending on the team but we always play 4 at the back. Saying that, if we’re winning 5 or 6 nil we might think about changing it.

Mr Brophy’s Sport News

Athletics City Champs Results

Paul Pearson and Christopher Scott (Y12) were selected for Merseyside U18’s and went on to win the National County Title which was played at Anfield in May. They beat Bedfordshire 3-2. Paul Rawlings also represented Liverpool U15’s and won the English Schools Trophy which was played at Anfield on the same day. In addition to this, the First 11’s were finalists in Schools and Colleges, reaching round 5 of the national competitions for U18’s. Our younger pupils also performed well this year, Y8 won the Liverpool Cup and Y7 were semi-finalists in the Liverpool Cup.

Y7 Y8 Y9 Y10

A Biathalon is planned on Monday 17th July in the format of a swim/run for the British Heart Foundation and Sport Relief.

Michael Hartley – High Jump Matthew McGiveron – Discus Nathan Smith – Discus Steven Irwin – Hurdles Paul Rawlings – 300m

Merseyside Catholic School’s Champs Division 1 – 8 Schools Y7

Y8 Y9 Y10

Michael Hartley – High Jump Jamie Williams – 200m Patrick Finnin – 1500m (Pride of Place – Y7 1st) Craig Jones – Long Jump Nathan Smith – Discus Ben Brown – 1500m Tom Croft – 1500m


End of Year Announcements Year 7 – Miss Staunton This year, Year 7 have raised almost £2,000.00 for their charity. The year group have enjoyed plenty of sporting events which were organised by Mr Long and Mr Platt including an inter form football competition and a swimming gala. I hope you all have a lovely summer.

Year 8 – Mrs Smith Money has been raised for the RNLI successfully as well as money being raised for a young boy in the 3rd World, “Sony”. We had thought Sony had been “lost” in the dreadful Tsunami but were all delighted to hear that he has been found safe and well. Boys will be continuing to sell equipment to raise at least £14.00 a month we need for Sony. Have a nice summer boys.

Year 9 – Miss Crickett Best wishes to those taking exams and those awaiting results. This year has been a very successful one in everything we took on, especially our strong fundraising for our Year 9 charity. We look forward to welcoming you back starting again next year as Year 10.

Year 10 – Mrs Cain On the 26th of June 2006 10 Lewis took part in employability interviews organised by Compact. The rest of the year group will take part in these interviews next year. The reason for the interviews is to give the boys experience in the real world of work and the procedures necessary to find a job. I look forward to seeing the boys next year, healthy and well.

Year 11 – Mr Pedder GCSE exams are almost complete and the school is confident with the progress the boys are making. I would like to personally wish the best of luck to the students awaiting their results. Results will be received August 24th 2006. Good luck in your future gentlemen, it has been a pleasure. Thomas Bennett, 10 Mayne

SFXtra July 2006  

The July 2006 edition of SFXtra, the newsletter for St Francis Xavier's College, Liverpool.

SFXtra July 2006  

The July 2006 edition of SFXtra, the newsletter for St Francis Xavier's College, Liverpool.