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SouthFields Village Farmers Market presents


EXPO2013 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Saturday November 16

Hands-on workshops Key note speakers Shop early for the holidays Blazin’ birthday party & magic show Indoor farmers’ market & chef challenge Makeover madness Spirit Tree Gallery Home, health & wellness Gift cards that let you give twice ... and so much more!

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ABOUT US ISSN 1923-855X Caledon Spectrum magazine is the property of PRAS Publishing, a subsidiary of Product Research And Supply Inc. We offer a wide array of branding and identity services including but not limited to: marketing, public relations, graphic design, technical writing, publishing, event creation and social media identity development. For past issues and more information visit: ‘Like’ us on Facebook:

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In this issue


Editor’s soap box................................................................................................4 It’s not on my GPS! Where is it?.................................................................5 SouthFields EXPO speaker’s series.............................................................8 Lori Cook, born & raised here.......................................................................9 Zumba morning wake-up with Ivonne Ibarra........................................ 11 Spirit Tree Gallery........................................................................................... 12 EXPOect artists at work.............................................................................. 15

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EXPOse your Hattitude................................................................................. 21 EXPO key note speakers series.................................................................23 Gift cards that work twice as hard.........................................................26 EXPO exhibitor list......................................................................................... 30

Services throughout Caledon! Visit us in Bolton, Alton, Caledon Village and Valleywood. Check out our website for specific dates and hours of our locations.

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page 3 . volume 4, issue iii . SPECIAL EDITION . CALEDONSPECTRUM

editor’s soap box

Check out this magazine anti-launch party


15070 Airport Rd., Caledon 905.584.9973



Custom Arrangements

Proud sponsor of the 2013 SouthFields Village EXPO. Visit the show for your chance to win a Glen Echo 7 to 8 ft.

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree.

These days I don’t watch much television and I never watch soap operas. But I remember watching Y&R when Nick and Phyllis decided to launch their magazine. All their efforts were focused on doing things like creating their office space and throwing a huge magazine launch party. In my case, I published fifteen issues of Caledon Spectrum from the corner of my couch, in the wee hours of the morning. There was no need for a big and beautiful office space because I could never get everybody in the same room all at once. There was no launch party either; unless that’s what you call moving into a new home the day the first issue came out. It was wild and crazy but not exactly fun. But fifteen issues later I’m finally ready to throw that party. In doing so I retreat to the best advice anybody ever gave me, care of my mother: “the key to a successful party is the food and the guest list. Nobody ever remembers anything else.” So what I’ve done here is developed one heck of a magazine anti-launch party and now I am thrilled to announce that SouthFields Village Farmers’ Market cordially invites you to attend the SouthFields Village EXPO. Taking place on Saturday, November 16th, 2013, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at SouthFields Village Public School (110 Learmont Ave., just north of Mayfield Rd., off Kennedy Rd., in Caledon), the show will be exactly like taking an interactive stroll through the pages of Caledon Spectrum. I never quite came out and said it but each issue was comprised of specific departments and features. My intent was to make sure that there was something of interest for everybody and that’s what I’ve done with this EXPO, as well. So far, we have fourteen confirmed food vendors and a chef challenge, making it a proper food event in its own right. But that is just the beginning. In total we have about one hundred confirmed participants, including exhibitors, artists, entertainers and speakers.

CALEDONSPECTRUM . SPECIAL EDITION . volume 4, issue iii . page 4

Over the past 15 issues it has been my privilege to work with hundreds of people and sharing the stories that serve to highlight what Caledon is all about. The people I’ve met and places I’ve gone to are such fun that I’ve always felt a little guilty for not bringing along a video camera. But on November 16th, 2013, SouthFields Village Public School will be transformed into a behind the scenes look at what makes Caledon Spectrum such a joy ride. Aside from the exhibitor show floor, full of small businesses, community groups and service providers we also have: Ivonne’s Zumba Morning Warm-up Live Mannequins with Hattitude Blazin’ Birthday Party & Magic Show Mini-arcade with ATM Treehouse Pottery Workshop Spirit Tree Art Gallery Space EXPO Speakers’ Series Makeover Madness SouthFields Village Farmers’ Market Live Painting Show with Mark Grice

Attendance is free and parking is free and you could win yourself a Christmas tree. How’s that for a show jingle? Now on another note: a quarterly print publication has its limitations. Life doesn’t just happen every three months. So, as a personal favour from you to me, take a minute and go for a virtual stroll over to in order to subscribe to get email updates from the page, log in to Facebook and hit ‘like’ on the page at or follow @CaledonSpectrum on Twitter. Finally, let me take this opportunity to wish you and yours all the best for the coming holiday season and in the new year. This is our winter issue, after all. Warm regards,

Yevgenia Casale

, B.Tech

Editor, Caledon Spectrum Market Manager, S. V. Farmers Market Chief Idea Realization Expert, PRAS Publishing

southfields village expo: saturday, november

16th, 2013, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

It’s not on my GPS! Where is it? SouthFields Village Public School, 110 Learmont Ave., Caledon, ON. L7C 3R1. If you can’t find us on your GPS, don’t despair! SouthFields, also known as “Strawberry Fields” is still a work in progress. Our oldest homes are still less than four years old. Simply find your way to Mayfield Road and Kennedy Road and head north on Kennedy. Turn right on lucky street number seven (that’s Dougall Avenue) and hang a right on Learmont Avenue. If you get to the little roundabout follow it all the way around because you’ve gone too far. It’s just that easy.



SouthFields Village EXPO

page 5 . volume 4, issue iii . SPECIAL EDITION . CALEDONSPECTRUM

CALEDONSPECTRUM . SPECIAL EDITION . volume 4, issue iii . page 6

SouthFields EXPO speakers’ series when




10:00 to 10:40

Big Lake

Zumba morning warm-up with Ivonne

10:30 to 11:10

Pond A

Renee Jadek, Renee J Fitness

Dealing with lower back pain through exercise

11:00 to 11:40

Pond B

Dr. Richard Schmidt, Dentistry at 8 Nelson

Zero downtime to straight teeth for adults

11:20 to 11:40

Big Lake

Dignitary introduction and chef challenge

12:15 to 1:00

Big Lake

Magic show by Steve the Magician

11:50 to 12:30

Pond A

Dr. David Kirkham, Chelt. Veterinary Centre

Avoid common causes of pet emergencies

12:20 to 1:00

Pond B

Sarah Dashkevich, 3d Interior Design

How to make your house a home

12:50 to 1:30

Pond A

Gino Piscelli, Region of Peel

Creating beautiful, lower maintenance gardens

1:20 to 2:00

Pond B

Keith Thoy, #10 Moving & Storage

Moving seniors with care and compassion

1:50 to 2:30

Pond A

Colin Haley, Caledon Tile Bath & Kitchen

Kitchen and bath reno project tool kit

2:20 to 3:00

Pond B

Candace Raymond, Banja Solutions

Keys to a healthy social media work/life balance

2:50 to 3:30

Pond A

Lisa Scale, Bella Photography

Photography tips from a pro

3:20 to 4:00

Pond B

Dianne Walters, Paranormal Research Society

Interview with a ghost hunter


Because they are experts in their fields and really good at what they do! Space is available on first come, first serve basis.

Belfountain inn

Restaurant & Catering


Belfountain inn

The fusion of fine dining in a come-as-you-are atmosphere. Come experience our new menu by Executive Chef Thorntin Macdonald & and Chef Nic Reynolds!

792 Forks of the Credit Road, Belfountain CALEDONSPECTRUM . SPECIAL EDITION . volume 4, issue iii . page 8


introducing our mc for the day

Lori Cook, born & raised here SouthFields Village EXPO Black Pearl level sponsor Lori Cook was born and raised in Snelgrove (now partially Brampton and partially Caledon). After her divorce she thought she’d clear her head with a fresh start and a move up to Orangeville. But it didn’t take her long to figure out that her heart belonged in Caledon. The Cook family farm was exactly where SouthFields Village is today. They are amongst the families who chose to embrace the development known as Strawberry Fields (SouthFields Village) and now own homes within the community. But when Lori was growing up and attended elementary school at Herb Campbell and high school at Mayfield Secondary this was all just farmland. Volunteerism and community involvement is pretty much engrained in the Cook family’s DNA. “My dad is my hero,” says Lori of Don Cook, Chief at the Snelgrove fire hall. Since her move back into the community this is where Lori has been focusing her marketing dollars and volunteer time. But rather than spending those dollars on flyers she’s been helping pay for things like the SouthFields Village Easter Egg Hunt, which saw an estimated 300 plus people come out, generating a car load of non-perishable food donations and; the SouthFields Village Farmers’ Market, which contributed significantly to the health and vibrancy of the community. According to Farmers’ Markets Ontario “the economic impact of your [SouthFields Village] farmers’ market on your community is $84,000!” Lori’s key strengths are self-discipline, attention to detail and her creative flare. While most of us take time to settle in to a new home, Lori’s own space was perfectly organized, manicured and even painted from top to bottom by the end of her first week in. Prior to plunging into real estate Lori enjoyed fourteen successful years as the Financial Services Manager at Acura 2000. There she learned how much she enjoyed walking people through their major purchases and helping them form sound financial decisions. As a Realtor® Lori has truly come into her own. She loves to navigate her clients through all of the various steps that are involved in the purchase and sale of their homes. “I’m used to working with large purchases so I have a calming effect on clients and help keep things in perspective,” says Lori.

When we were looking for sponsors to help pay for the biggest community event that Snelgrove, SouthFields or Mayfield West (a rose by any other name and all) has seen to date, Lori didn’t bat an eyelash at helping us make sure that we could afford to put it on. “I love SouthFields and am usually pretty visible whether it be walking, running or riding my bike in the neighbourhood. In what little spare time I have I love to read, cook, stay active and most of all baseball! I love to play and go watch games, as well,” laughs Lori, adding, “I love my two cats, Patrick and Simon.” We do have to note that Lori is not the only SouthFields Village business owner who has been a long-standing supporter of Caledon Spectrum’s community building efforts. This year alone Jeff Borg, Rana Bassi Singh and Bruce Bell all pitched in alongside Lori Cook and PRAS Publishing to cover the costs associated with these events. Nor should the onus be on any single business owner to bear that brunt because when a community plays together it is stronger in times of adversity. That’s something we’ve been saying from the very beginning. .CS

Ladies & gentlemen, your Master of Ceremonies for SouthFields Village Expo 2013, Ms. Lori Cook!

page 9 . volume 4, issue iii . SPECIAL EDITION . CALEDONSPECTRUM

CALEDONSPECTRUM . SPECIAL EDITION . volume 4, issue iii . page 10

Zumba morning wake-up Hey everybody, let’s Zumba with Ivonne! Zumba is an aerobic dance fitness program created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez. Its choreography incorporates squats, lunges, hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo and martial arts. Since its introduction in the 1990’s it has seen exponential growth in popularity and for good reason. It’s all kinds of fun! According statistics published on on 10 March, 2012, approximately 14 million people take weekly Zumba classes in over 140,000 locations across more than 150 countries. Join Valleywood’s Ivonne Ibarra at SouthFields Village EXPO for a Zumba morning wake-up, at 10 a.m., in the Big Pond. Ivonne teaches classes on Monday and Wednesday nights at Margaret Dunn Valleywood Branch of the Caledon Public Library. We’ve had the chance to take part on more than one occasion and have always been impressed with her ability to teach both beginners and seasoned participants all in one room. Leave your inhibitions at the door because everybody else will be too busy dancing to pass judgement on anybody else. Vamos a bailar!. .CS

Performance Physiotherapy

Wellness 11670 Hurontario St. Unit 1. Brampton, ON (at Mayfield and Hwy. 10)

◉ 289.632.1700 ◉ ◉

With Ivonne* Conveniently located just north of Hwy 10 & Mayfield

Margaret Dunn, Valleywood Library Community Room 20 Snelcrest Dr.,


Mondays 8:30 p.m. Wednesdays 8:00 p.m.


phone: (905) 843-1677 (647) 268-9312 email: page 11 . volume 4, issue iii . SPECIAL EDITION . CALEDONSPECTRUM

Join Merle Harstone and friends as they host the artists reception in the Spirit Tree Gallery, open all day long.

Award Winning Cider Now Available at the LCBO

Spirit Tree Gallery

Wood-fired Oven Bakery Pizza & Light Meals

1137 Boston Mills Rd, Caledon 905-838-2530

Proud sponsors of the SouthFields Village EXPO Chef Challenge.

Producers of hormone & antibiotic-free beef. Grown in Caledon.

merle harstone and friends

Merle Harstone has been a professional artist for the past ten years. In 2005, Merle and her husband Richard, established Silvercreek Studios: a coming together of abstract art by Merle and home renovation by Richard. Merle’s current work explores “healing moments,” including pastorals featuring horizontal striations and circles that represent community and communion. As is characteristic of many artists in the hills of Caledon, Merle enjoys celebrating and showcasing the work of other artists. Each fall Merle joins the Caledon Hills Studio Tour to open her doors to visitors. Join Merle and Mary Morganelli for an artists’ reception in the EXPO’s Spirit Tree Gallery as they showcase their own work and that of Arlene Peters, Cory Trepanier, Lyn Westfall, Marty Rothstein, Lenny Dykstra and Cheryl Carruthers.

walls, owners Nicole Judge and Thomas Wilson routinely showcase the work of local artists. Spirit Tree Estate Cidery has generously agreed to sponsor the EXPO with apple cider, made from apples grown on their land and pressed on their premises. Enjoy a cup, sample refreshments (provided by Gourmandissimo Catering and Fine Foods, Mary Morganelli, Richard Harstone and Alan Wadley) and meet some of the artists. The EXPO Spirit Tree Gallery will be open all day and will also be a convenient place to pick up your tickets for the Claude Church Concert Series. Special guests Don Ablett and Brent Cooper, of Ablett and Cooper, are part of the Concert Series. They will be on hand for part of the day to entertain visitors with their soothing guitar and vocals, helping set the stage for a warm welcome.

spirit tree gallery reception

14386 Creditview Rd., Cheltenham


The Gallery space is named for the beautiful apple cidery, store and bistro that sits on Boston Mills Rd. Spirit Tree’s wood burning oven yields delectable artisan breads and on Friday nights it is also used to bake thin crust perfection also known as pizzas. There, on its inner

CALEDONSPECTRUM . SPECIAL EDITION . volume 4, issue iii . page 12

Don Ablett and Brent Cooper will be on hand to promote their newest album, Changing Landscapes, and the Claude Church Concert Series.

O Spirit Tree One day, I met a woman on the road She was frail and she was old She gave a gift to me A seed, a tiny seed she gave to me And told me plant it, you will see It will give all you need O Spirit Tree, see how it grows high now O mystery, the gift she gave to me I eat your fruit, you shelter me now I see O spirit tree, you are a mystery So now, it grows there by the open road A tree with branches knarled and old And leaves that shine like gold And there, beneath the ground you cannot see The twisted roots of that old tree Reach for eternity Songwriters: Ralf Hamm, Markus Staab, Claus Zundel, Rose Moore

taylor’d to impress

Each week during the SouthFields Village Farmers’ Market Chef Jason Taylor of Taylor’d for Taste created inspired recipes based on whatever the vendors brought to market that week. He is more than a chef, he is an artist. His culinary knowledge is mind-boggling and his focus on presentation is impressive. Join Chef Taylor in the Spirit Gallery as he lends his considerable talents at the artist’s reception. .CS

Above (top left to bottom right): work by Merle Harstone, Arlene Peters and Mary Morganelli. Below: SouthFields EXPO Chef Challenge Judge Chef Taylor served as resident chef all summer during the SouthFields Village Farmers’ Market. Join him in the Spirit Tree Gallery to sample his culinary masterpieces during the artists’ reception, running all day.

4Cats Arts Studio


Art is good!



We are a professional art studio for artists ages 2 to 15.



Field Trips


12 parr blvd, unit 2 • bolton, on • (905) 857-6912 •

page 13 . volume 4, issue iii . SPECIAL EDITION . CALEDONSPECTRUM

CALEDONSPECTRUM . SPECIAL EDITION . volume 4, issue iii . page 14

EXPOect artists at work

live painting and silent auction by mark grice

Mark Grice is many things but above all he is a storyteller. His greatest love is to study the world around him and them feed it back to us. He does this through acting, horsemanship and painting. Though trained as a commercial artist, Mark happily saddled up as a full time rancher and horse trainer. But when his horse business took him to World Championship competitions across the continent, along with numerous awards and honours in the horse industry, the cows moved out.

pottery spinning workshop with wendy mitchell-burke

Back in 2012 Wendy Mitchell-Burke of Treehouse Pottery was widely acclaimed as one of the highlights of the SouthFields Village Community Day. All day long people were able to drop in and try their hands at the pottery wheel. If you were one of the over 1,000 people who attended that event you’ll remember how popular it was. Afterwards, Wendy brought the pieces back to her treehouse to be fired and glazed. Some people were happy to take their work home unglazed and that was cool, too. Those who took advantage of the full gamut got to see that her studio really is in a treehouse. Normally you’d have to book a class to get this hands on mentorship but Wendy is kindly donating her efforts and material for our one-day drop-in workshop. The tree house pottery wheel will be spinning all day long and we’re thrilled beyond words to welcome Wendy back to SouthFields for our EXPO.

Despite his travels and equestrian pursuits he couldn’t escape the draw of graphic arts, often picking up a paint brush for commissioned work for fellow equestrians. Sometimes it was lettering on vehicles and trailers at horse events and sometimes it was creating portraits of horses and their owners. Along the way Grice also wrote and performed “cowboy poetry.” Eventually his creative pursuits led him to the opening of a studio space within the historic Alton Mill Creative Arts Centre. There, he offers regular adult acrylic painting classes, parties, workshops and demonstrations. In the last few years Grice has also started lending his talents to charitable events such as the Inglewood General Store’s Annual Fashion Event for Bethell Hospice and now the SouthFields Village EXPO. Grice arrives with a blank canvass and a photograph. It usually takes he between two and four hours to complete a work of art that is ready for silent auction. Mark Grice has generously agreed to allow us to auction off a painting that he will create at the EXPO. Watch him paint and bid for a chance to win the finished work. Proceeds from the auction will go toward supporting local art, music and sport programmes. Caledon Spectrum believes that every child with a will to participate should be given the opportunity to do so. But art supplies, musical instruments, sports registrations and uniform fees all cost money and sometimes that’s money that not every family can afford to spend. By bidding on the art not only are you getting a chance to enjoy looking at it every time you see it on your wall, you’ll know that you helped make sure that every kid gets a fair shot at their personal best. .CS

There’s something really special about walking past a piece, at home, that has a memory attached to it. Let your inner artist have a field day at SouthFields Village EXPO. Try a hands-on workshop, interact with professional local artists and musicians and consider decorating your home with a one-of-a-kind original work. page 15 . volume 4, issue iii . SPECIAL EDITION . CALEDONSPECTRUM

you are cordially invited to attend the

Blazin’ birthday party toy drive

When your life is far from normal, getting what you think everybody else is getting can make a world of difference. In a previous issue of Caledon Spectrum we told you about Blaze’s Birthday Brigade and the Herb Campbell Candy Cane Tree

by Freyda Tartak What do you remember most about growing up? Some of my happiest memories have to do with the special treatment I got on my birthdays. I didn’t always get a party. I didn’t even always get a cake. I didn’t care. But I do remember getting unlimited access to the rides at the amusement park or being allowed not to finish everything on my plate: funny little luxuries. Around holiday time I remember carefully unwrapping ornaments for our New Year’s tree. Invariably there would be one or two that didn’t survive the release from storage. I remember worrying about getting in trouble for not being careful enough, ending up with fragments of glass and feeling the relief at realizing that my parents were more concerned that I didn’t hurt myself than that we lost precious family heirlooms. In Russia we didn’t know about Christmas but we did know that it was a time to share presents, put up decorations, feast and spend time with family. The point is that we all celebrate differently and it isn’t about materialistic possessions. At the same time, I never felt that anything was missing. We weren’t rich, far from it. But I always felt that I had enough because the home I came from was happy. Frankly my parents didn’t even have a place of their own because apartments there were government issued and you had to be on a waiting list or have somebody leave one to you in their will. We had to alternate between one set of grand parents and another. But when we were together there was always love and laughter all around me. Sadly, even in our community we have kids growing up under much different circumstances. Some find themselves living at Family Transition Place as their mothers try to pick up the pieces after leaving an abusive relationship. Others are part of the child services system. For them it isn’t that they particularly need the presents. What they need is to know what it feels like to be just like everybody else.

tradition. This year, the SouthFields Village Public School Council is also putting up a Candy Cane Tree. Students are invited to pick a candy cane off the tree. Attached to it is a tag that reads the age and gender of a child in need from within Caledon, Brampton and Orangeville. The kids then take home their tag and bring back a present purchased for the child described on their tag. come bearing gifts

Those initiatives inspired us to throw the EXPO Blazin’ Birthday Party and you are cordially invited. We’ve got cake, games, crafts, and even a magician. All you have to do is come and, though you don’t have to, it is customary at such gatherings to bring a new (unwrapped) present. Your gift will let a child that is less fortunate than those in your family feel just as special. Help spread kindness.

Blazin’ party hosts Join us in the Big Pond for the Blazin’ Birthday Party as we welcome Crave Cakes by Margarida, Caledon Parent-Child Centre, Wee Watch and Steve the Magician (because no birthday party would be complete without cake, games, crafts and a skilled children’s entertainer). We might even get a visit or two from Sparky the Fire Dog. crave cakes by margarida

Margarida Arruda is a sweetheart. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with her all summer as we dragged our kids to soccer practice. Neither one of them really wanted to be there that much but we dragged them out each week anyway. By the end of the season they almost started to enjoy themselves on the field. During the opening day of the SouthFields Village Farmers’ Market Margarida helped us launch the season CALEDONSPECTRUM . SPECIAL EDITION . volume 4, issue iii . page 16

make. Black Pearl level EXPO sponsor Wee Watch ensures child care is designed to respond to the needs of each child in their care. It is based on the simple premise that licenced home day care is the most appropriate form of child care. The home environment, combined with the small number of children, offers the flexibility and personal attention that is needed to ensure each child’s individual development and well-being are put first and foremost. Wee Watch provides a warm, safe and stimulating environment where self-confidence is encouraged and an interest in learning is promoted through play. Whether you’re looking for daycare options or are considering a safe way to open your home as a with her cupcakes. She sold out pretty much in the first hour and I can tell you why in just one little word: yummy! You can tell there’s a lot of heart that goes into those babies. People came to the market just to buy her cupcakes. When it came to celebrating her son’s birthday, Margarida went all out and posted photos of her party setup on Facebook. So it was really a no-brainer as to whom we were going to ask to provide the Blazin’ Treats at this party. Proceeds from the sale of the Blazin’ Party Treats will go toward Family Transition Place, a local shelter for abused women. How sweet is that? But you’ll also be able to pick up regular sized cupcakes, either to bring home once you’re done EXPOloring or to enjoy right there and then with a nice glass of Sheldon Creek’s whole milk, care of the Cheltenham caregiver you’ll want to chat with Sandra Christidis of Wee Watch Vaughan/Caledon. General Store, also down in the Big Pond. caledon parent- child centre (cpcc)

CPCC is a non-profit community organization that provides quality programmes for children, parents and caregivers. The Centre is a hub, offering an important blend of opportunities that strengthen families and assist them in the critical role of raising young children. Services include child development occasions, early identification of developmental concerns, referrals to specialized services and supports, and parenting education. In addition to their primary location at 150 Queen Street South, in Bolton, CPCC also offers a number of satellite programmes throughout the villages of Caledon. wee watch

- licensed child care

Choosing the best care for your child is one of the most difficult decisions a parent has to

baker magic shows

Dufferin-Caledon Magician, Steve Baker has been living a magical life, performing shows to excited audiences across Ontario since 1997. As a seasoned professional actor with both theatre and film credits, his combined magic and acting talents create character driven shows that are polished, interactive and always entertaining. Whether performing on stage or at a child’s party, Steve’s easygoing style and relaxed sense of humour, coupled with a talent for sleight of hand, always make him an audience favourite. Steve is available to perform at corporate functions, fairs, festivals, schools, libraries, and private parties for both kids and adults. Visit his colourful magical characters, including a pirate, a gypsy, a scientist, a con artist, a Victorian gentleman, a detective, a wizard and others at or call 519.923.6579 for more information. .CS

page 17 . volume 4, issue iii . SPECIAL EDITION . CALEDONSPECTRUM

Alex Glazirin and Kim Barker’s Mulberry Moon Farm was a staple favourite all summer long in SouthFields Village this year. They are back again as one of the fourteen food vendors at the EXPO’s farm market and chef challenge.

celebration of food

EXPOloring local growers and producers According to Farmers Markets Ontario (an organization that provides resources and support to the various food markets in this province), based on how well our vendors performed we infused $84,000 into our local economy. That’s a pretty impressive number but it was never about money. Bringing the market to SouthFields was about building community, learning where our food comes from and wanting to buy something that didn’t only look like an apple or a tomato. Food that ripens on the vine has more flavour and nutritional value and that’s what we wanted to be eating more often. But wanting to have it in the neighborhood would never have gotten past the dreaming stage without vendors who were willing to take a chance on an unproven market. Fortunately Albion Hills Farms, Berryview Farm, Garden Products, Hidden Meadows Farm,

CALEDONSPECTRUM . SPECIAL EDITION . volume 4, issue iii . page 18

InspirAsian, T by Daniel, Mrs. V’s Preserves, Mulberry Moon Farm, Pie Guyz, Alvista Farms, Sweet Temptations and a number of guest vendors did take that leap of faith. We are thrilled to announce that Mulberry Moon Farm (organic veggies, preserves and prepared food), Albion Hills Farms, (cured meat and focaccia bread) and the Pie Guyz (curried meat pies) will be amongst the fourteen food vendors at this year’s EXPO. a good food story

Part of the allure of a market is getting to know the “food story” behind the produce that you put on your kitchen table. Take the example of Mulberry Moon Farms. Behind this organic farm, located off Highpoint Side Road in northern Caledon, are Alex Glazirin, age 28, and Kim Barker, age 26. The pair never missed a week and were great at coming up with suggestions for what they could do to make the market stronger both this year and in 2014. As we got into September, Alex and Kim started bringing fresh, home made soup to the market that you could enjoy while browsing or take home for later. For the 2014 season Alex has plans to introduce a bistro style sitting area and expanding their prepared food product offering. Entrepreneurial is an understatement when it comes to Alex Glazirin. “I owned a small bike shop in Toronto and operated an environmentally-friendly lawn care service,” he says, “but I’ve always wanted to farm. My grandparents lived in a small village where they grew and processed all their own food. They were 100% self sufficient and organic without even knowing it. I spent every summer there and learned a lot from them.” Alex and Kim met on a blind date in early 2013 and she was quickly swept away by his enthusiasm and charm. At the time Alex was preparing for his fourth farming season. Before committing to this lifestyle Glazirin had already interned at other farms and WWOOFed for a season in Australia. WWOOFing (world wide opportunities on organic farms) allows people to volunteer for room and board in exchange for their labour. Kim grew up on a hobby farm in southwestern Ontario. She was always fond of the lifestyle but never realized it was possible to farm on a small scale as a career. When she met Alex, she was surprised and delighted to find

out that it was more than just possible. She discovered a whole world of other young people who were paving the way toward making a viable living from organic farming. Around the same time SouthFields Village Farmers’ Market began canvassing for vendors. As soon as Kim got wind of us, she got in touch and booked a stall for Mulberry Moon. It was a match made in heaven. Her application legitimized our efforts and helped ensure that our dream came to fruition. If she had to pick one word to describe herself, Kim would say it is “lucky.” She says, “my most memorable farming experience so far came in the form of a revelation. I was planting a seedling in

the ground. It was a warm spring day and I could feel everything coming alive. I stopped, looked around and thought: ‘This is my job. This is my office!’ Being able to work outside in the country everyday always comes around to shock me with how incredibly lovely and peaceful it is,” says Barker. “Selling the food we grow at the farmers’ market is a very rewarding experience. It feels very natural, like the way people have been sharing food for centuries. I think putting a face to the people who grow your food, and for us, putting a face to those who eat it, really makes agriculture a more personal experience, which it should be,” she concludes. .CS

SouthFields EXPO Chef Challenge The SouthFields Village EXPO Chef Challenge is a skills and cooking technique competition and exhibition. Competing chefs will square off in three rounds of challenges that assess each chef’s hand skills, prep skills, cooking acumen and overall creativity. The SouthFields Village EXPO Chef Challenge is being generously sponsored by Sheldon Creek Dairy (milk, yoghurt and sour cream), Cheltenham General Store (anti-biotic and hormone free beef) and Garden Foods (pasta sauce).

Juror’s Choice

Lite Consultant Sheila Sheilds; Garden Foods and many more, you can buy a vote for a chance to win anything from a gift certificate for a live seven to eight foot Fraser Fir Christmas tree to a gorgeous gift basket stuffed full of products from locally sourced businesses. You’ll get a double ticket. One you fill out and enter into our raffle and the second you take to the Big Pond and show your appreciation for your favourite chefs. The Popular Choice Competition will be running all day in the Big Pond and Spirit Tree Gallery. Chef Challenge Award recipients, the amount collected and how funds will be disbursed will be announced online at .CS

SouthFields Village Farmers’ Market Resident Chef Jason Taylor of Taylor’d for Taste will be leading a panel of judges as they select one winner for each category: sweet and savoury. The esteemed panel of judges will also include Mayor Marolyn Morrison; Regional Councillor Ward 2, Allan Thompson and Peel District School Board Trustee, Stan Cameron. The winners of the SouthFields Village EXPO Chef Challenge Juror’s Choice Award will be announced at 11:20 a.m. in the Big Pond.

Popular Choice: buy a vote for a chance to win! Sometimes in life it’s okay to buy a vote! Pay what you can or pay what you want. There’s no obligation but proceeds from ‘vote’ sales will go toward supporting music, sports and arts programming in our community. We all know that extracurricular stuff adds up. Caledon Spectrum wants to help do what we can to make sure that money is not the reason why a child might not get a chance to participate in organized sports, dance, visual art, drama or learning how to play a musical instrument. how it works

The amount of votes you get depends on the value of your donation and each vote comes with a chance to win a fantastic door prize (up to $5 equals one vote, up to $10 equals 3 votes, up to $20 equals 8 votes)! Thanks to the generosity of local businesses such as Glen Echo Nurseries Inc.; ChicàBOOM Consignment Furniture, Fashion and Décor; Odd & Errands; Independent Party page 19 . volume 4, issue iii . SPECIAL EDITION . CALEDONSPECTRUM

Qu al i t y F u rn i ture, Ho m e D é cor & L a di e s Fashi on

N O T W H AT YO U E X P EC T ! Yo u ’ l l l o v e i t !

w ww.c hi c ab o o m i nc .co m 183 7 1 Huro ntar i o Stre et ( H wy1 0 ), C al e d o n Vi l l ag e O N L 7K 0X 7 5 1 9 -927- 93 00

CALEDONSPECTRUM . SPECIAL EDITION . volume 4, issue iii . page 20

EXPOse your Hattitude But there’s more to Hattie than being defined by her hereditary illness. She has been making jewellery since as long as she can remember and started selling the pieces to family and friends at age eleven. By fifteen, while looking for a summer job, she discovered the Ontario Government’s Summer Company; a programme that mentors kids through the process of starting a company and provides them with $1,500 in seed money. As a result, Dunstan started up Hattitude Jewellery, turning vintage brooches, earrings a breath of fresh air Hattie got our attention back in 2010. At the time, she and her and other oddities into modern wearable collectables. friends were getting ready for their first Couture Fashion for a more than just good looks Hattie’s success and active involvement in looking for a cure for Cure Found event. Then we started to see Facebook posts showing lovely, unique jewellery. “I love anything vintage for its history. I CF served as inspiration for two more local traditions: Caledonstock love being able to hold something and think about what it was and Mulligans Fore Matthew. The first is a Woodstock-style like when it belonged to somebody else, however many years ago. summer music festival, organized by Hattie’s uncle. The second is a golf tournament put on by SouthFields’ Maramieri family. It’s the closest thing we have to a time machine,” says Dunstan. The Maramieri family are highly recognizable members of the We were struck by her hattitude even as she was nearing 15% lung function. She would get winded from simply bending down community due to their strong support of it. They have attended to pick up her cat so you’d think she would succumb to self-pity virtually every gathering and volunteered to help where they could. When their son Matthew was born in 2012, the family had or that her friends would scatter when things got really tough. Instead, they rallied around her. The girls hoped to raise $3,000 to quickly come to terms with his CF diagnosis. But rather than for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) research. They ended up with $30,000 feeling sorry for themselves they decided to roll up their sleeves and over the next three years they would raise $80,000 for Cystic and do something to help raise money for a cure. Be sure to stop Fibrosis Canada. As well, they inspired thousands of people, by their table at the EXPO to learn more about CF and buy your tickets for the next installment of Mulligans Fore Matthew. .CS including us, to become more aware of the disease. Hattie Dunstan has an infectiously insatiable love of life. That’s why she encapsulates what Caledon Spectrum and SouthFields Village EXPO are all about. So we’ve partnered with her and several other local businesses to bring you our Makeover Madness Central. We’ve got high-end consignment, hair styling, make-up, one of-a-kind jewellery, clothing and more to have you looking and feeling great.

Winter Weddings at Uniquely Beautiful & Oh So Romantic!

Includes: + Specialized winter dinner menu + Wedding bar & wine service with dinner + Complimentary 2 night stay for the happy couple + Special discounts from preferred vendors + First year anniversary overnight stay with full breakfast | 1-800-383-3976 | Caledon, Ontario *Per person, plus tax and gratuities, subject to availability. Valid November 1, 2013 - April 30, 2014.

page 21 . volume 4, issue iii . SPECIAL EDITION . CALEDONSPECTRUM

Broadway Farm’s Market is a proud supporter of Ontario agriculture. We offer locally grown beef, fine cheeses, unique giftware & so much more.Take advantage of our professional services: creative gift basket design, menu planning, catering & custom butchering.

Broadway Farm’s Market is ready for the holidays. Order your free range locally grown holiday turkey today! Gift cards available. A family owned farm market experience specializing in farm fresh meat & prepared gourmet food. 12506 Heart Lake Rd., Caledon (steps away from SouthFields Village) 905.843.9225 CALEDONSPECTRUM . SPECIAL EDITION . volume 4, issue iii . page 22

expo key note speaker series

Six hours, ten talks addressing lower back pain issues

tips for avoiding pet emergencies

through fitness

over the holidays

Speaker: Renee Jadek, Renee J Fitness Time: 10:30 a.m. to 11:10 a.m. Location: Pond A

Speaker: Dr. David Kirkham, Cheltenham Veterinary Centre Time: 11:50 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Location: Pond A

Renee Jadek often relates that “the most rewarding part of her job to be helping others achieve their health and fitness dreams through a holistic approach to exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.” According to Renee, a certified CHEK exercise coach and personal trainer, most cases of lower back pain are due to muscle imbalance. Jadek specializes in functional strength training; core conditioning; links between nutrition and wellness; weight loss/management and the prevention and correction of musculoskeletal dysfunction. In her experience, posture awareness and simple home exercises are often all it takes to prevent and even cure most of her clients’ lower back issues.

The change in routine, holiday foods and an increase of visitors or time away from home can all pose hazards to our pets. Learn how to mitigate the risks.

how invisible braces work and related case studies

Speaker: Dr. Richard Schmidt, Dentistry at 8 Nelson Time: 11:00 a.m. to 11:40 a.m. Location: Pond B With over 25 years of dental practice experience, Dr. Schmidt is unweaving in his assertion that “though I enjoy all aspects of dentistry my first love continues to be orthodontics.” With the advent of Invisalign, he has found it to be a renewed passion. The system empowers patients to realize what used to be fairly impractical: a wonderful smile without sacrificing convenience and comfort. As a dentist, he was also excited about this tooth alignment system because it allows him to continue addressing the oral health needs of his patients throughout the treatment. In addition to being a Black Pearl level sponsor, Dr. Schmidt is a Premier Invisalign provider, earning that designation based on his level of expertise with the product. Client care, comfort and satisfaction are a top priority at Dentistry at 8 Nelson. To help make the process even less invasive for his clients, Dr. Schmidt’s Itero Scanner eliminates the need for messy impressions. Stop by the Dentistry at 8 Nelson exhibit space in the Big Pond for a complimentary scan and an opportunity to visualize how your smile may be transformed through Invisalign treatment.

Though holidays are typically characterized by joyful energy and gatherings, they can also be a hazardous time for our beloved pets. Decorations, unusual foods and an increase of visitors can pose risks that, left unmitigated can have some unfortunate outcomes. Regular Caledon Spectrum Contributor Dr. David Kirkham (BSc DVM) completed his initial studies in biology (honours) at McMaster University before moving to Guelph to study veterinary medicine (honours) at the Ontario Veterinary College. Dr. Kirkham is a mixed animal practitioner with an additional interest in companion and farm animal exotic medicine and surgery. Since graduation, Dr. Kirkham has completed studies in Basic and Intermediate Ultrasound (University of Guelph) as well as soft tissue surgery (Oquendo Center – Las Vegas). Dr. Kirkham holds accreditations from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in; Brucellosis testing, Tuberculosis testing, Canadian Health Accredited Herd Inspection (CHAH), Equine infectious anemia testing as well as the export of cattle, horses, camelids, poultry and pet birds to the USA. He has seen more than his fair share of unfortunate cases that were entirely avoidable. Join him for an engaging conversation about what you should take into consideration in order to reduce your chances of succumbing to common pitfalls and making sure that your holidays don’t end up including an emergency visit to the veterinarian’s office. Female, 48 year old emergency room nurse. Treatment time: 18 months. page 23 . volume 4, issue iii . SPECIAL EDITION . CALEDONSPECTRUM

designer input on how to make your

moving seniors with care and

house a home


Speaker: Sarah Dashkevich, 3d Interior Design Time: 12:20 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Location: Pond B

Speaker: Keith Thoy Time: 1:20 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Location: Pond B

Decorating their own home to be challenging. No matter how creative you are, when it’s your home sometimes it can be difficult to remain objective enough. Often, the biggest design challenges arise because in the rush to get settled, homeowners compromised too much on the look they really want in favour of temporary practicality. Then when it comes time to decorate we have to find a way to let go and rethink the way we have gotten used to using that space. Join Sara, principal designer at d3 Interiors, as she relays her proven tips and techniques for overcoming the five most common design challenges. Her tips will give your home that designer touch without breaking the bank. Dashkevich has over ten years of experience working at upscale international firms in Toronto. She routinely uses 3D and 4D technology to help her clients visualize their renovations as part of her hands-on consultative approach. infusing lower maintenance into garden design

Speaker: Gino Piscelli, Region of Peel Time: 12:50 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Location: Pond A

Fusion Landscaping is the art of developing lush outdoor spaces that require minimal regular watering. Gino Piscelli obtained his Environmental Landscape Management certification from Seneca College and for the past five years has been working as a Technical Analyst in the Environmental Education section of the Region of Peel. Earlier this fall he led a seminar in the SouthFields Village neighbourhood park on how to build a fusion garden. Participants literally created a complete garden, from scratch, within a couple of hours. Caledon Spectrum was there and we were really impressed by his wealth of knowledge and useful tips. The Region of Peel is committed to raising awareness and education about water efficiency and sustainability. It is using the fusion concept to bring together the beauty of traditional landscape design with modern, eco-friendly innovation. Come learn how to create an affordable garden that conserves water and requires less maintenance. CALEDONSPECTRUM . SPECIAL EDITION . volume 4, issue iii . page 24

For many people the thought of moving brings on a great deal of stress. When it comes to seniors who need to relocate from where they have lived for a significant part of their life, that stress can amplify drastically. “We pride ourselves with having lots of patience and knowing that as we age things like moving to a 
new home become very stressful. We work with Downsizing Divas to ensure as trouble and stress free a move as possible,” says Thoy. Throughout his career Keith Thoy has many years of experience working in detail oriented, precision driven environments. He has a lifelong love and appreciation for fine furniture and antiques. This, together with his compassionate nature give him a unique perspective on the needs of his clients. Though #10 Moving & Storage does not restrict their moving services to seniors, Keith does have a special connection with that segment of their client base due to his own involvement with the complimentary service provider, Downsizing Divas. Join Keith as he discusses some of the key points to consider when trying to ensure a smooth transition for seniors who are downsizing. kitchen and bath renovation planning workshop

Speaker: Danielle Dawn, Caledon Tile Bath & Kitchen Time: 1:50 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Location: Pond A

Kitchen and Bath Designer, Danielle Dawn with General Manager, Colin Haley of Caledon Tile, Bath & Kitchen Centre

Bernhard Peter Sawatzki, founder of Caledon Tile, a business that has been serving the community for over 25 years says, “My best business decision ever was that I sold my business to Colin Haley!” Colin has been with Caledon Tile for over 22 years, starting his career as a truck driver and working his way up to the role of General Manager before taking over the business in 2009. As Sawatzki puts it, “Colin has an exceptional personal quality! He is a gentleman 
and a very good person. A person of trust and reliability!” That sentiment is reflected in the company’s Better Business Bureau A+ rating. This Black Pearl level EXPO sponsor has a full-time kitchen and bathroom designer on staff (Danielle Dawn) and boasts an impressive 5,000 sq. ft. showroom that’s open six days a week, conveniently located to SouthFields Village. Colin is proud to present Danielle as an expert on navigating clients through their home renovation requirements. Dawn has over fifteen years of design experience and, like Colin, worked her way to her current position in the company “from the ground up.” She takes a hands-on approach to project management and has working experience all the way from the showroom to the factory to the job site, even cutting wood and doing installations. “We have a good feel for clientele and can design a kitchen to any budget, using a wide array of materials,” says Danielle. That dedication to quality and commitment to relationship building is why the company has so many long-term employees and enjoys such deep roots in the community. In addition to specializing in kitchens and baths Caledon Tile Bath & Kitchen are a proud supporter of Big Brothers, Big Sisters and other local community initiatives such as the SouthFields Village EXPO. Join them in an interactive foray into the world of planning for a your dream reno. keys to a healthy social media work/life balance

Speaker: Candace Raymond, Banja Solutions Time: 2:20 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Location: Pond B By now you must have heard that, when integrated properly, social media has the potential to expand awareness of your business. In today’s business environment having a website and a social media presence is a must. But if information technology is not your field of expertise those marketing must-haves can seem daunting enough to be put off indefinitely. But with a little bit of know-how you too can easily enjoy your own slice of the social media marketing pie. In business since 2006, Banja Solutions specializes in designing and building marketing tools for non-technically savvy sole proprietors and medium sized businesses. Banja designs and builds marketing platforms that encompass website and social media, developing easy to manage interfaces that take the stress out of your need to expand your online advertising and promotional activity. Join Candace as she discusses how her company successfully integrates online marketing tools with her clients’ existing infrastructures and establishes best practices that exceed industry standards.

perfect photos despite fast moving objects and poor lighting

Speaker: Lisa Scale, Bella Photography Time: 2:50 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Location: Pond A “Photography is about relationships. It is about who we are today, at this very moment. It is a way to capture our accomplishments. It is our history. Each image holds it’s own special magic. One look at a photograph and the memories come flooding back,” says Scale. But when it comes to holiday photos the desire to capture those moments can often be frustrated by a flurry of activity that often seems to conspire against us. Fast moving children and pets, poor lighting, trying to get everybody to fit in the same shot and other typical woes all make it difficult (but not impossible) to encapsulate some of our most precious moments. Lisa A. Scale, owner and principal photographer at Bella Photography, has over 25 years of professional experience. She is a graduate of the Creative Photography Program at Humber College, has also taught there and is currently serving on its Advisory Committee. Scale has received numerous awards and much recognition for her work, including: 2012 Deputy Minister of Defence Award of Excellence, Canadian Forces Professional Photographer of the Year, Central Ontario’s Top Overall Photographer of the Year, Central Ontario’s Portrait Photographer of the Year (twice), Central Ontario’s Commercial Photographer of the Year, Central Ontario’s Best Child Portrait, Central Ontario’s Best Black & White photograph, and The Tibor Horvath Award for Image Excellence. Join Lisa A. Scale as she offers some invaluable tips on how to make the most out of those camera unfriendly situations. interview with a ghost hunter

Speaker: Dianne Walters, Paranormal Research Society Time: 3:20 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Location: Pond B Not everything should be chalked up as paranormal. A proper investigation into ghostly activity has to start off by ruling out stray EMF energy, thermal spikes, water/sewer drainage issues, air currents, and other things that can are explainable via scientific means. What’s left may be paranormal. With a medium and psychic on hand, Paranormal Research Society is able to discern the intent of an unexpected presence. Join PRS as they present an overview of the methods and tools used in their investigations. Topics include: types of hauntings, tools of the trade; orbs, light anomalies, matrix and shadow people; EVP and disembodied voices, EMF and temperature fluctuations, ghost photography and the dangers involved in ghost hunting .CS

a generous payment alternative:

Gifts cards that work twice as hard by Yevgenia Casale Gift cards are a convenient way to tell somebody you care about: “Go treat yourself!” But did you know that they can also be a way to support families in our community? This fall SouthFields Village Public School Council started working with Fundscrip to augment its pizza lunch programme. Now the school earns a 10% cash rebate on every purchase from Pizza Pizza. This term alone we generated an additional $800 just for doing what we were going to do anyway. It’s money that will be used to subsidize the purchase of teaching tools, art supplies, musical instruments, technological devices and ensuring that school clubs, sports and field trips are things that every child can participate in. You may be surprised to learn how easy it is for anybody to earn cash rebates for our school simply by purchasing what you buy all the time. Every month you spend hundreds of dollars on food, gas, clothing, pharmaceuticals, movies, restaurants, electronics, home renovations, department stores, and so on. Let that money also support families in our community. For a list of participating retailers visit:

How it works

Available payment methods Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): FREE. Activate by sending a completed application form and void cheque to FundScrip.

Interac Online: Earnings reduced by $0.85 per transaction for those with accounts at RBC Royal Bank; BMO Bank of Montreal, ScotiaBank and TD Toronto Dominion. Credit Card: Earnings are reduced by 1.99%. Online Banking Bill Payment: FREE. Pay for your orders as you would pay any other bill. There are no fees or deductions to earnings for using this payment. Please note that it can take at least three (3) business days for FundScrip to receive payment.

The more the merrier We encourage everyone to invite their family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors to participate in our FundScrip gift card fundraiser as well. For more information visit or email

All you have to do is pay for your purchases using gift cards, Bulk orders over $500 bought at face value from FundScrip. A percentage of every gift card purchased is contributed to our school’s fundraising efforts. If you’d like to order more than $500 worth of gift cards. You Instead of paying with cash, credit or a debit card, use a gift card can choose the Xpresspost or Xpresspost with signature options that’s connected to our account. It costs you nothing extra but you instead of Direct Ship 73. just earned money for our school.

Buy the bountiful gift cards Visit the FundScrip website at, click on the “Sign Up” button located on the top right hand corner and fill in the required information. Once you have completed the sign up process find the confirmation email in your inbox and click on the link to complete your registration. Be sure to enter the code GUJADR in the “Invitation Code” box. Now you are ready to login go on and place orders!

Conveniently shipped directly to you You can order your gift cards online, any time, and have them shipped to your home address for $0.73 (includes taxes). You pay this $0.73 when you checkout your order. There is a four (4) gift card limit in each order and a $500 maximum value of the cards. Orders are processed four (4) days a week (Monday through Thursday) at 9:15 am ET once payment has been confirmed.

CALEDONSPECTRUM . SPECIAL EDITION . volume 4, issue iii . page 26

Special promotions Periodically, FundScrip issues promotions to the benefit of both the groups that are using them and those who are supporting them. The following promotions are available for the month of November:

WaySpa: 13% rebate to the school (up from 10%) plus the purchaser is entered in to a draw for a $250 gift card.



Sears: 5% rebate to the school (up from 3%) plus the purchaser is entered in to a draw for a Samsung 22” Full HD LED TV.

Jeff vs Board Average

Average SOLD Price in Meadowvale Village in 2012 = $692,628

CARA (Bon Appétit): 5% rebate to the school (up from 3%) plus the purchaser is entered in to a draw for $200 in bon appétit gift cards. The above promotions are valid from November 1st to November 28th, 2013. .CS


Average Sales to Ask Ratio Average Days on Market

Stunning 2 bedroom corner penthouse “Prada model” renaissance building. Upgraded!! Breathtaking views of downtown Brampton, 660 square foot terrace, 2 walkouts, upgraded kitchen with granite counters, top of line stainless steel appliances, custom paint, crown moulding throughout, formal dining area, living room with home theatre, floor to ceiling windows. Offered at $544,000



98% 22

99.62% 19

Average Sale to Ask Ratio 99.62% - 98% = 1.62% MORE Average SOLD Price $692,628 x 1.62% = $11,220.57 MORE Jeff gets you more for Your Home! Call today to find out how I can sell your house for more money in less time! *IMS Incorporated 2012 and Toronto Real Estate Board 2012 Sales Data.

Enjoy a special Lunch with Santa, Christmas trees, gift baskets, fresh free range turkeys, award winning wines and great bakery foods, right from the farm, all season long! Fresh pressed cider and great holiday cheer, too.

All at Downey’s Farm!

13682 Heartlake Road Caledon (905) 838-2990

All you have to do is List or Buy your home with Jeff (closings must be within the calendar year 2013) to be automatically entered in the DRAW for a FREE VACATION! The draw will be held in January 2014 at a Client Appreciation Event. GREAT ODDS! Approximately 1 in 50 chance of winning!* Just one of the many great reasons to call Jeff Borg for all your Real Estate needs. * For further details call Jeff Borg.


Proud members of your community...

page 27 . volume 4, issue iii . SPECIAL EDITION . CALEDONSPECTRUM

Celebrate the blessed Christmas Season with us at

Mayfield United Church 12496 Dixie Road, Caledon. 905.843.1035 (1 km. north of Mayfield Rd.)

“The Heart of Christmas” by Pepper Choplin December 15: Cantata, 7 p.m. Christmas Eve, December 24 Family Service, 4:30 p.m. Candlelight & Communion Service, 8:30 p.m. Regular Services Sundays, 10:15 a.m. (children’s program provided)

CALEDONSPECTRUM . SPECIAL EDITION . volume 4, issue iii . page 28

page 29 . volume 4, issue iii . SPECIAL EDITION . CALEDONSPECTRUM

EXPO exhibitor list Confirmed participants at time of printing. May grow by show time. See for most current listing. artists and entertainers

health and wellness

service for individuals

Baker Magic Shows Caledon Hills Studio Tour Claude Church Concert Series Deborah Armstrong Mark Grice Mary Morganelli Wendy Mitchell-Burke

Dentistry at 8 Nelson* Healthy Smile Dental Hygiene Clinic Renee J Fitness Retire-At-Home Services Zumba with Ivonne

Bruce Bell, RE/Max Lori Cook, Taylor Made Real Estate Rana Singh Bassi, RBC Mortgage Services Dianne Bandhan, Sunlife Insurance

home and decor

sport clubs

d3 Interiors* Budget Blinds Caledon Tile* Freshly Painted

All Star Sports

landscaping supplies

black pearl

beauty and fashion

Adelphie Natural Skin Care Andrea Bunkiewicz: Arbonne ChicàBOOM Consignment & Decor Décor Rememdium Hattitude Jewellery Kamal’s House of Beauty Makeup & Lash Artistry by Amanda Colabufalo Miambiance Beauty Spa & Salon R & K Fashion Boutique Seacret WhimWorks Jewellery food market

Albion Hills Farm Belfountain Inn Cheltenham General Store Crave Cakes by Margarida Crepes Etc. Edible Elegance Jason Taylor, Taylor’d For Taste Mulberry Moon The Pie Guyz Pizza Bay Riverdale Farm & Forest Soup Girl Steeped Tea Uncle Jack’s Meal Pies Yummy Tummy (all gluten-free) gifts

All Deco’d Out Odds & Errands Pampered Chef: Julianna Di Nardo PartyLite Scentsy Shabana Bhutta

Salisbury Garden Supplies


Platinum RV special thanks to our show sponsors:

#10 Moving & Storage* Downsizing Divas

Caledon Tile Dentistry at 8 Nelson Lori Cook, Taylor Made Real Estate Wee Watch

non-profits and services


Caledon Fire & Emergency Services Caledon Meals on Wheels Caledon OPP Caledon Parent Child Centre Home James Lyme Disease Awareness Mayfield United Church Mulligans Fore Matthew Town of Caledon Parks & Recreation

Garden Foods Mayfield United Church Town of Caledon Parks & Recreation

parent and child

Advanced Amusements Mark Grice Treehouse Pottery Cheltenham General Store Spirit Tree Estate Cidery Sheldon Creek Dairy ChicàBOOM Consignment & Decor Glen Echo Nurseries Inc. Sheila Sheilds, PartyLite

moving and storage

Birth Experience Inc. Donna Merrick, crocheted baby items Eco Living Madeline Ann Hair Accessories Wioletta Falcone, RESPs Wee Watch pet care

Bark Avenue Spa Cheltenham Veterinary Centre Global Pet Foods photographers

Bella Photography* Emily Krebec Photography services for business

Banja Solutions Breanne Merrick

CALEDONSPECTRUM . SPECIAL EDITION . volume 4, issue iii . page 30

gold fish

Bruce Bell, RE/MAX Rana Singh Bassi, RBC Mortgage Specialist Sheila Sheilds, Party Lite Consultant in kind donors

Limited space is still available. Contact 905.846.4852 or send a note through for details on being an exhibitor at this event or to pre-book for future opportunities. *Part of the EXPO Speakers’ Series

Kitchen and Bathroom Designer Danielle Dawn

Visit Our Newly Renovated


12 Fisherman Drive Units 6 & 7 Brampton, ON



page 31 . volume 4, issue iii . SPECIAL EDITION . CALEDONSPECTRUM

“I am proud to call this place my home! As a Black Pearl level sponsor of the SouthFields Village EXPO, I am excited to support such an amazing event in our community.�

Lori Cook Sales Representative Office: 416.876.7355 Cell: 416.803.7944 Web:

Tailor Made Real Estate Inc., Brokerage

Professional Real Estate Services Tailor Made for Your Personal Needs

Caledon Spectrum Special Edition  
Caledon Spectrum Special Edition  

SouthFields Village EXPO Event Programme