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e want our students to be inspired by both their teachers and their peers—to think critically, to ask tough questions, and to explore their own interests. Our program is built for students excited to delve into the over 100 courses we offer, then forge their own path. University’s Independent Study Program is a prime example of how students can be the architects of their own education. Each year, over 100 students select a topic they’re passionate about, partner with a faculty advisor to plan a semester of work, and they’re off! And we’ve laid the foundation for their exploration: Our faculty are experts in both their subject area and working closely with adolescents, and our schedule encourages a healthy approach to pace and workload. The possibilities in the classroom are nearly endless (in fact, nearly two-thirds of our courses are electives) and the work we pursue is only possible because of the care that we show each other.

Numbers That Matter

Sample Electives

115 Courses Offered

Industrial Design

80 Electives Offered

Literature of Imprisonment

28 Advanced Placement and Honors classes

Chaos Theory

Average class size: 15 Each class meets 3 times weekly, for a total of 190 minutes 100+ Independent Study projects per year

Modern Middle East Astronomy AP Computer Science Contemporary French Cinema

Sample Independent Study Projects Music Therapy Molecular Gastronomy Artificial Intelligence Filipino Identity in the Bay Area Costume Design American Sign Language

UHS Viewbook 2017.18  
UHS Viewbook 2017.18