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ome as you are and expand your thinking and your perspective. At UHS, integrity doesn’t just mean honesty and character—we consider it honoring the wholeness of each individual. We intentionally make time and space for students to think about who they are, their place in the world, and how they can contribute in ways that hold significance for them. The Human Development Department at UHS, a fully recognized academic department, is part of every UHS student’s experience for 100 minutes a week, throughout all four years of high school. The curriculum is designed to support the cognitive, social, and emotional development of each student by creating opportunities for experiential learning. By the time they leave University, students have a strong understanding of themselves, how they learn, and how they can create meaningful lives.

Facts That Matter Number of years students take classes in Human Development: 4 Human Development areas of focus: • Learning and Metacognition • Cultural competency

• Mind and body wellness

• Community Engagement • College counseling

UHS Council on Honor and Integrity: A student-led group charged with promoting integrity at the school. Every student agrees to adhere to the UHS Honor Pledge at the start of each year.

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