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Welcome Summerbridge is an award-winning, tuition-free, year-round academic enrichment and advocacy program.

Summerbridge Statement of Purpose: For 40 years, Summerbridge has advanced three primary goals: •

preparing ambitious middle school students from under-resourced circumstances to enter and thrive in well-matched high schools, for the purpose of securing admission to, succeeding in, and graduating from college

providing intensive summer teaching fellowships for high school and college students who are passionate about the power of education, and creating meaningful volunteer experiences throughout the academic year for members of the University High School (UHS) and San Francisco communities and

transforming lives through the unique and powerful relationship between the Summerbridge and UHS communities.




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Let us show you our Summerbridge spirit! All photos by UHS alum Artemisia Luk, Class of 2017.

W W W . S U M M E R B R I D G E S F . O R G

Founded at University High School in


1978, Summerbridge is a pioneer


in preparing ambitious middle




resourced circumstances to



school students from under-



Summerbridge Enrichment Is... EX

skills prepared cheer engagement inspire

enter and thrive in college preparatory high schools. Dennis Collins, founding head of


school at UHS, and two pioneering faculty members, Lois Loofbourrow and Mal Singer, envisioned a program that would utilize the resources of UHS to serve the city of San Francisco.

For students, we offer: •

Intensive academic summer camp

Extensive after-school programming

High school placement advising

Since its founding, Summerbridge remains committed to providing tuition-free programming for every student and improving educational outcomes for young people.

W W W . S U M M E R B R I D G E S F . O R G




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Rising Seventh

Rising Eighth

Rising Ninth

First Summer

Second Summer

Third Summer

Rising seventh-graders dive into academic classes that they will continue throughout their three years at Summerbridge, focusing on the humanities, math, and science (in this case pre-algebra and biology); they also enjoy a nutrition-focused co-curricular. Summer days are balanced with a great mix of social and fun time for all students.

This summer, students will tackle new literary challenges, algebra, and chemistry. Eighth-graders take a co-curricular that focuses on high school admissions, and they can enjoy downtime in electives with students from other grades on a variety of topics, ranging from spoken word to volleyball.

Seventh-Grade School Year

In their final Summerbridge summer, rising ninth-graders read powerful classics like Of Mice and Men and take geometry and physics classes. They continue their co-curricular studies with Identity Community Circles, in which students examine who they are and their connections to others. The fun continues with community games, bonding, and special events.

In their second year attending the after-school program, eighth-graders are now focused on high school placement, admission, and selection. They will once again sign up for one-on-one tutoring with UHS students to receive deeply focused support on writing high school admissions essays, mock interviewing, and applying for scholarships.

In the after-school program, seventh-graders participate in enrichment classes with a focus on reading/writing and quantitative skills development. They also begin to prepare for independent school admissions testing and sign up for one-on-one tutoring with UHS student-volunteers to receive support with homework, study strategies, and peer interactions. “[Summerbridge] is the best fit for Jaime and our family. As immigrants with limited language and education, we struggle in our lives every day. We hope our kids have a better life and brighter future...” – Parent of Seventh-Grader

Eighth-Grade School Year

“We were so excited to receive the acceptance letter to an outstanding high school, along with a scholarship award. We could not have done this without the invaluable support of the Summerbridge team— thank you for everything you do.” – Parent of Eighth-Grader

Ready for High School Having spent three summers and two school years at Summerbridge, rising ninth-graders will experience our unique graduation celebration at the end of the summer. They are now ready to embark upon their high school adventures with that special Summerbridge spirit instilled in them! “ Thank you for believing in us enough to be a part of the Summerbridge family and for all of your help. You were and are the hope we needed.” – Parent of Ninth-Grader

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Passionate Teachers Summerbridge has made a commitment to training the next generation of young people who are passionate about the power of education by providing intensive summer teaching fellowships for high school and college students. Our fellows and coaches, who hail from all over the country and represent a myriad of institutions, inspire their students and help them to develop the tools they need to succeed. In addition, instructional coaches (ICs) are experienced professional educators who provide support and mentoring for our teaching fellows (TFs) during our summer program. This support includes training in lesson planning, rubricbuilding, assessment, goal-setting, classroom presentation, and student and parent conferencing. Our teaching fellows and instructional coaches engage in a week of professional development prior to our summer session and are supported by curricula, standards, and evaluation tools provided by The Breakthrough Collaborative national office.

W W W . S U M M E R B R I D G E S F . O R G

Building on Partnerships Summerbridge is at the center of University High School’s public purpose, serving both the San Francisco and UHS communities. The school and the program share a unique and powerful relationship. Since its founding, Summerbridge students have gone on to attend a broad array of highly-regarded college preparatory schools in the Bay Area, making for a richer educational experience for all. Summerbridge graduates attend well-matched high schools in and outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, with many on a path to becoming the first in their family to graduate from college. Over the years, the Summerbridge program spread to numerous







other cities across the US and evolved


into the Breakthrough Collaborative, which now boasts a network of 24 national affiliates. The Breakthrough national office is located in

Oakland, CA, and provides H program standards and UG VE O I T resources including curricula, HR RA T K O evaluation tools, and EA L AB R B OL teaching fellow recruitment C



for its membership.

W W W . S U M M E R B R I D G E S F . O R G





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Teaching Fellow ALUMNI #teacherlife How has your time at Summerbridge affected you personally? What are you “taking away” from your summer here? “Amazing friendships, an extraordinary bonding experience; it has genuinely been some of the hardest and best weeks of my life!” “I feel like I have been able to recognize the person I am and feel comfortable with not only the educator I’ve become, but also the person I’ve become.” “Living in a large city over 3,000 miles from home was a challenge, but I believe I have grown and am looking forward to getting back home with the newfound confidence and identity that this experience has provided me.”

What would you say to a student who is interested in being a teaching fellow at Summerbridge? Why should they work with Summerbridge? “Summerbridge isn’t just about teaching. It’s about the knowledge you will bring back to your own realities. A quote that really summed up my summer is: ‘Work for a cause, NOT applause. Live life to express, NOT impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed. Just make your absence felt.’”

Student ALUMNI

#summerbridgespirit What would you say to a sixth-grader who is interested in Summerbridge? Why should they join? “Summerbridge will let you connect with teachers like never before and prepare you for the next grade.” “I say, ‘Go for it!!’ I loved Summerbridge. It definitely prepares you for high school. It is not only academic, but it is a fun program where you’ll make friends that you’ll never forget.”



“You should totally join Summerbridge. I have never been happier to be here. Summerbridge is tough sometimes, but while you’re learning, you’re having fun too. You will always have a friend there —whether it’s a teacher or a student. Everyone will support you and have your back. Summerbridge has educated me and has been my second home. You’ll just love it here!”


life-long learners



W W W . S U M M E R B R I D G E S F . O R G

SUMMERBRIDGE S AN FRANCISCO San Francisco University High School 3065 Jackson Street San Francisco, CA 94115 (415) 447-3100

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For more information on applying to Summerbridge and to meet our staff, please go to: W W W . S U M M E R B R I D G E S F . O R G

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