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our brand guidelines we are unique

introduction we are fruit and vegetables This corporate identity provides guidelines that support the use and consistent uniqueness of our corporate identity. By following this specific guidelines for internal and external communication we will create a recognizable, strong, consistent and clear communication style. Our secret is our special corporate culture. A company that is wellknown in the market and well-known to its customers. We will destinguish ourself by the products we deliver; “We deliver the highest quality products for a fair price!� We focus on the import of smaller fruit and vegetables and take care of the entire process of purchasing at the grower to transport to the customer. In doing so, we focus on the time consuming, small products.

identity we are simple “We make sure that good products are being delivered on the right time, in which quality and continuity are the most important for supplier and client.” - our mission “to connect suppliers and clients from all over the world with a supply chain as short as possible by taking over time-consuming activities for both parties.” - our Vision

rebranding we are looking forward In the spring of 2013, Smets Food Trading was founded by Peter Smets. In the few years that follow the company has grew to a big company. Later, in 2016, he used the same logo in a different color for his company RPfreshline together with Rene Kraaijeveld. Now in the autumn of 2017 we created new logos for both companies, these we will use from the beginning of 2018. So we can look towards the future...


FROM 2013


FROM 2018

how it’s made we are round Our new logo is round, round, round and round. It’s made of 3 thin circles with the same brand colors, and 1 thicker circle in a different brand color. Combining these 4 circles with a leaf and a stalk. Combining these things make a brand new logo, that looks like a fruit. You could see an apple, orange, tomato or what fruit you can imagine. That’s the secret behind our logo.






logo we are visible Logo The logo can be used in combination with the wordmark. The logo will always be used in front of the wordmark. The logo can also be used seperate from the wordmark. Then it will be displayed in the brandcolors of the company. Wordmark The Smets Food Trading & RPfreshline script is the primary asset for our brand. This lettertype is the preferred logotype to represent our brand. So the colors of the logo are depending on the background color. This is why the logo is always readable on every background, even if it is a picture as background.

old versus new we are innovating Old logo Reasons why the logo is not working: - The current lettertype is outdate, it future-proof. That’s why we want a new style.



- The mark doesn’t represent a fruit and vegetables agency. We want a new logo that represent our company. - The logo is not recognizable for people as a fruit and vegetables agency. We want a logo that’s recognizable for people for the next few years. - The current logo had to change, because we want a complete new style. This is also because we’ve moved to a new office and warehouse. So a complete new style for a company that is growing.

New logo Reasons why the logo works: - A lettertype that speaks for a generation: Playful but still modern and simple. The modern generation wants modern logo’s, that’s why we changed it to a future-proof new brandmark. - A mark that represent fruit in every kind you can imagine. You can see an apple, orange or any other fruit in those 4 circles. - The new brand mark will be recognizable on it’s shape. The 4 circles will be recognizable as an fruit-icon. And people associate it in the future with the company Smets Food Trading or RPfreshline. - The new style is important for the future. A modern company that is growing, needs a modern logo that’s future-proof.

logo variations we are different

clearspace we are space The minimum amount of space which should be left around the logo is illustrated below. This clearspace is as high as the leaf above of the logo. Always leave a clearspace as high as the borders shown below. The logo must be surrounded by space that is clear of graphic or typographic elements.

slogan we are clear Clear, simple and effective. Our slogan: �We are supply and demand.� This slogan will be shown in 2 colors, these are the colors like we use in the logo. This will be a combination of white and beige. To create a stable, modern slogan. The slogan can be used in combination with the logo. So next to eachother there will be the logo and the slogan in the same colors. The slogan can also be used as a seperate expression.

strawberry red

apricot orange

lettuce green

berries antracite

coconut Brown


colors we are nice Smets Food Trading colors Red and antracite. Two colors that radiate an modern, strong and warm feeling. RP Freshline colors Yellow and brown. Two colors that radiate an outstanding, glorious and intelligent feeling.

Accent colors Green and beige are two colors that will be used as accents. So if there’s something that needs a different color, then this will be in green or beige. Green and beige are two colors that radiate future-looking, hopefull and growing feeling.

letters and words we are talking Standard text


Verdana Regular

Text on expressions

PANAMA panama light


Logo text


Santelia Script Bold DMO

We work a lot with text. All of our texts are build on three strong fonts: Verdana, Panama and SantElia. To ensure readability throughout the entire style, we use the font Verdana. A normal font that has a good readability, is modern and simple. We will use the fonts Panama light and Panama bold in many communication expressions, we will combine these two fonts like shown above in the titel of this page. How we talk is as important as what we talk about. All of our communications - from social media posts to printed pieces - should use the following tone words as a guide. Confident. Personal. Passionate. Uplifting.

icons we are more

Mobiele telefoon


vaste telefoon


Icons for information about our company, like the adress or phone-numbres. But there are also icons for our social media. They can be used in different branding colors as shown in this document.





We made a variety of fruits and vegetable icons to use as decoration. This fruits and vegetables icons won’t come in other colors then shown: in white outlines.


google plus

Smets Food Trading


accents we are accents Next to our logo we will use a different accent on the background of communication expressions. We will use a variety of circles. There is one pattern that will be used as base, where we can use 1 circle or 20 circles. Sometimes we will put the logo in one of the circles, so we can use it as an advertisement. The variety of circles in combination with our logo will be recognized by people.

Left for SFT and Right for RPF.

absolutely not we are disallowed It’s not allowed to use the logo in colors that are different to the guidelines. It’s also not allowed to use the logo in 1 single color, it should always be an combination of 2 colors, regarding to the guidelines. The logo is always round with the leaf and steal on top! It’s not allowed to use it in different shapes like a square or rectangle. It’s not allowed to use the logo on a different background. The background is always a color that fits within the guidelines. The only thing that’s allowed is the logo on a picture of fruits or vegetables.


We are unique - Smets Food Trading BV and RPfreshline BV guidelines.


We are unique - Smets Food Trading BV and RPfreshline BV guidelines.