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Seoul Foreign School Magazine, Spring 2021

High School Language & Literature students enjoying the warm weather.



Inspire Citizens and SFS: The Mission in Action How our partnership with Inspire Citizens helps our students live the mission of Seoul Foreign School.



VoiceLab Take a group of inquisitive students, give them recording equipment, and send them out in the world - what will they learn? Academic Quiz Team Trivia can be more than just esoteric knowledge. Look at the successes of the AQT!

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From the Head of School Dear SFS Community, As the summer draws near, we wrap up a school year that was unlike any other we have experienced before except, perhaps, the previous year! Change has become a constant, with each week presenting challenges to our community. Through it all, we have adapted, learned, and grown from these experiences. I am grateful to our entire community including our teachers, who have shown resilience in these trying times. In June, alumnus Ken Jennings ‘92 will speak to our graduating seniors. As a student, Ken absorbed facts, famously reading the encyclopedia for fun on rainy days. Ken is an excellent example of what can happen when you pursue your passions: you can find success in what you love most. In this issue of The Banner, we explore some of our programmatic offerings that aim to inspire our students’ interests: VoiceLab, Academic Quiz Team, and our partnership with Inspire Citizens. In the spirit of Ken Jennings, I hope these articles motivate you and your family to engage in something that interests you. As we shift our focus to the coming months, the warmer weather and longer days bring optimism and positivity. Soon, the class of 2021 will leave us and start their new adventures beyond our hilltop campus, carrying with them the ideals of our Christ-Like Attitudes. With all we’ve been through in the past year, I think that hope might be the most often invoked of those ideals. However, with the possibility of freedom of movement and the opportunity to reunite with friends and family, I would like to believe that the months ahead will bring joy as well. Enjoy the summer, and God bless, Colm Flanagan Head of School


The BANNER | From the Head of School

THE BANNER Seoul Foreign School Magazine, Spring 2021 Team Published by: Seoul Foreign School External Relations Team Assistant Head of School - External Relations: Dawn M. Stark Editor: Liz Allen Designer: Juhie Suh Collaborators: Maura Brookes, Yoojin Um, Eric De Haan, Angie Won Photographers: Juhie Suh, Philip Hart, David Tung Address Seoul Foreign School 39 Yeonhui-ro 22-gil Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu Seoul, South Korea, 03723 Unless otherwise noted, articles may be reprinted without permission - as long as they are not edited or revised - with appropriate credit given to “The Banner, the magazine for Seoul Foreign School.” *All efforts have been made to check details and consistency. Please contact us with any questions. Cover: The Kindergarten students have planned out a garden and are planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables. This was a part of their Sharing the Planet Unit of Inquiry where they have been considering the impact humans have on other living things. Photography: Juhie Suh

From the Board Chair Dear SFS Community, COVID-19 has been again the constant key element in our first semester: it has dictated when the kids could be in school, which activity they were allowed to do and when they had to leave the school on a moment's notice. We adults have had to adjust to the four people rule, which has meant we could meet with few friends at one time and made our Holiday Season from Christmas to Lunar New Year strictly a close family affair. There is optimism that the warmer temperatures and the delivery of an anti-COVID-19 vaccine will bring much needed relief from restrictions. I am looking forward to that time, but I am mindful that we still need to follow government rules and still be patient as we are not in the clear yet. Thinking about all the sacrifices and pain this pandemic has brought on us, I cannot but think first and foremost at our staff and teachers that for the past year have done a Herculean job, switching within few days from a “normal” teaching environment to one where changes in delivery medium and content could happen on a daily basis. I commend them for being so resilient, together with our students, and for being accommodating of all these demands. I pray that summer vacation will bring some respite and relaxation to all. Through the first semester, SFS Governance worked with administration to ensure that the school navigated safely through this challenging year. We worked mostly on the physical and financial safety of the school, alongside prioritizing having students on campus as much as possible, in particular the younger grades. Putting the well-being of our students first, in a safe and Collage created by PreK 4 students in the Elementary School, inspired by a print by Andy Warhol

risk-controlled environment, positioned SFS once again at the forefront of the Seoul international school landscape and I am proud of our administration and our Governance members that believed in this model and supported it wholeheartedly. We are now focused on the next steps for the school which includes WASC, IB, and Fieldwork accreditation. We are starting to build the foundation for the development of the Strategic Plan in the next five-year cycle. You may have already participated in a survey with Triangle Associates; these surveys will be summarized and presented to SFS Governance to help us understand where our community wants to see SFS 5-10 years from now. This information will form the basis for the Strategic Plan, which will be the path forward for our school. It is one of the beauties of being a truly international, independent school: all of us together contribute to shaping the future and excellence of the school, and assuring its existence for another century to come. As I look back at the academic year, I feel a sense of relief that the school has done well and performed beyond expectations. However, I also feel a bit weary and tired thinking about how much the world has suffered from this pandemic. May the coming summer break bring some much needed rest and relaxation to us all. Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. -Matthew 11:28 Sincerely, Dr. Silvia Ratto Kim Chair of the Board of Governors

SPRING 2021 | From the Board Chair


Aaron Moniz from Inspire Citizens helping launch the Global Youth Media Conference with the Middle School VoiceLab students in April 2021.

INSPIRE CITIZENS and SFS: the Mission in Action

by Aaron Moniz


he core components of the SFS mission statement are the guiding principles for everything we do as a school. “Seoul Foreign School, Centered in Christ, inspires a passion for learning, pursues academic and creative excellence and is dedicated to the service of others.” This statement weaves together many different conceptual threads, the fundamental building blocks that our faculty foster in our students every day. With the help of Inspire Citizens, that work has become actionable and measurable, facilitating SFS students to live the mission and carry it with them well beyond their time on campus. Inspire Citizens is an educational consulting organization focused on “working with committed partners to reimagine schools as thriving community centers of transformational learning.” Co-founded by Aaron Moniz and Steve Sostak, the work of Inspire Citizens focuses on transformative learning and impact in schools. The Inspire Citizens and Seoul Foreign School partnership began in 2017 with the Middle Years Programme


(MYP) curriculum design, which included the creation of VoiceLab. Further information about VoiceLab is available in an in-depth piece included in this issue. Community action projects in support of Water for South Sudan with activist in residence, Salva Dut, were also included in this initial collaboration. Significant initiatives from this partnership have driven transformative schoolwide work, including bringing aspects of the mission statement into operational functionality. In other words: this initiative has helped ensure everything we do as a school reflects our core values as a school. The Christ-Like Attitudes, alongside a passion for learning, combined with academic and creative excellence and a dedication to the service of others have become systemic approaches that are exemplified and evidenced by students, teachers, and community partners. The aim is to change the view of the SFS Mission from four distinct statements to an integrated process that develops from the center outward as represented in the SFS Mission in Action graphic.

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Opposite: Grade 5 students in the Elementary School are diligently working on their IB PYP exhibition project, an in-depth and collaborative project that completes their time in the Primary Years Program. At the project launch, our PYP Coordinator Michael Lucchesi and Aaron Moniz from Inspire Citizens encouraged students to choose a subject that they feel passionate about and one that can help make the world a better place.

By designing curricula and creating learning opportunities for students with the Mission in Action as a framework, SFS has identified that students understand local and global issues, creatively innovate and design solutions, collaborate on projects of significance, and take action. An inspirational testament to this work is that although a global pandemic significantly impacted the lives of all of our community members, dedication to the SFS mission, and to creating academically inclined global citizens continued to forge ahead. Overcoming adversity and committing to the British School Core Values, IB Learner Profile, and Christ-Like Attitudes remained a central focus; that tenacity defines the character of the SFS community. As Inspire Citizens and Seoul Foreign School continue to work together, the partnership aims to position SFS as leaders in Service Learning and Global Citizenship education in the AsiaPacific region, and aspires to position SFS as a center for teaching

and learning excellence. By sharing our approaches as a means of “dedicating ourselves to the service of others” with students, teachers, and local and global communities, SFS is setting the standard to which other schools will aspire. Inspire Citizens and Seoul Foreign School look forward to continued collaboration. The partnership has grown so strong that Aaron Moniz, Co-Founder, Director, and Lead Facilitator of Inspire Citizens, has relocated to Seoul and has an office on the SFS campus, embedding him in the work of the school on a regular basis. We hope to welcome Steve back to Seoul after COVID-19 restrictions have eased. This partnership, along with a shared commitment to creating students with empathy, academic and creative capacity, and the hearts and minds necessary to serve and take action to improve our communities will continue to drive us forward. 19 12

SPRING 2021 | Feature


VoiceLab started in the 2018-2019 school year for Grade 8 students as a joint effort between SFS teachers Steven Church, Bryan Coogan, and Mathew Gibault.


Opposite: Questionnaire cards developed by the Out of the Blocks team, designed to get beyond polite conversation and to the heart of someone’s story.


he word “lab” might make you think of a stark white room with glassware holding mysterious bubbling substances, petri dishes, and racks of protective eyewear. But this lab, housed on the SFS campus in the heart of the Middle School, is a completely different kind of space. Equipped for study, experiential learning, and student experimentation: this is VoiceLab. VoiceLab started in the 2018-2019 school year for Grade 8 students as a joint effort between SFS teachers Steven Church, Bryan Coogan, and Mathew Gibault. They set out to give kids new opportunities to experiment with digital storytelling and design, employing web media, video editing, and sound engineering. The key to VoiceLab is that everything is generated by students: story concepts, video and audio recordings, graphics and animation. This content is edited together to create podcasts, videos, webpages and more. “We always like to put it back on the students, put them at the forefront,” explains Bryan. VoiceLab got started as a collaboration with Inspire Citizens (IC), an independent educational consulting organization


SFS has engaged for several projects involving curriculum and mission work, as discussed earlier in this issue. This longstanding partnership, along with in-house teacher expertise and enthusiasm, has generated several impactful initiatives. VoiceLab is one of the many outcomes of the partnership, with students not only learning new technical skills but also being challenged to step outside of the comfort zone of the SFS campus, and out into the community. Building bridges and telling authentic stories is all about inspiring students to be more compassionate, and to be more accepting of others. This is central to the work of IC: “How is this going to make [each student] a better person?” A key component of the growth of VoiceLab was a conference attended by Bryan and Steven, along with a handful of Grade 7 students, at the International School of Beijing in 2018. The sessions at the ISB Journalism Conference, “Community Media for Change,” were hosted and run by teachers and students, as directed by Inspire Citizens. Those meetings were a catalyst for the program at SFS. “The kids catapulted us, they taught us a lot,” Steven explained. Buoyed by the experience in Beijing, Bryan, Steven and Mathew decided to bring the program to SFS and

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Opposite: Middle School VoiceLab students working on their project on campus

make it specific to students here. “We ordered some gear, and then we had two different donations from parents specifically for media,” says Bryan. The generosity of SFS families was integral to making VoiceLab a reality. “That’s how we were able to get the equipment.” After a year of developing the program at SFS, VoiceLab expanded both locally and globally. The Global Youth Media Conference was hosted at SFS in 2019. Students and teachers from schools in Dubai, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and more came to SFS; in all, more than 100 attendees converged in Seoul for two days of sessions. “We had professionals from the field come in,” Steven explains. Podcasters Aaron Henkin and Wendel Patrick, hosts of “Out of The Blocks” based in Baltimore, Maryland, were keynote speakers. Their podcast is an immersive experience, creating soundscapes and narratives highlighting individual people, stories, and locations. Inspired by this model, SFS students worked with Henkin and Partick, collaborating with Inspire Citizens, to create “Into the Gu,” a series exploring the districts or “gu” around SFS. This series included interviews with local people, asking them questions

based on cards developed by the Out of the Blocks team, designed to get beyond polite conversation and to the heart of someone’s story. Questions include, “What did you want to be when you were a kid?” and “What do you want to be remembered as?” All of these pieces are available on the VoiceLab website, and were featured by Out of the Blocks on their podcast. How does a program based on “getting out there” and developing relationships cope in a pandemic? “COVID-19 has taken its toll,” says Steven. “We just can’t do what we used to do.” But the team is optimistic. “The passion and the fun is still there,” continues Steven. “The next chapter of VoiceLab will be great. Out of misery, positives are waiting on the other side - these kids have their own stories to tell about COVID-19, they’ve been silenced for too long. Once the masks are gone, we will hear them.” VoiceLab content is best experienced first hand. Scan this QR code to visit the VoiceLab website - voicelab.seoulforeign. org - and browse student projects. 19 12

SPRING 2021 | Feature


ACADEMIC QUIZ TEAM by SFS student William Kim ’23

The AQT A Team - Mathilde, Kate, Claire, and Alex

Opposite: On-site AQT Tournaments from 2019. All current tournaments and scrimmages happen via Zoom.


eoul Foreign School strives to "inspire a passion for learning" and "pursue academic and creative excellence," in accordance with our mission statement. To further provide students with a holistic educational experience, SFS has established its own Academic Quiz Team (AQT). AQT trains to compete in quiz competitions, in which two teams compete head-to-head to accumulate the most points by answering rapid-fire questions on a wide variety of subjects— ranging from science, history, and literature to pop culture and sports. Rather than being a test of direct memorization and recall, the students must synthesize clues provided in a question to quickly, but accurately, arrive at an answer. These competitions' distinctive feature is the use of a buzzer system. Players can "buzz in" at any moment, even allowing them to interrupt the reading of a question, answer, and earn additional points. Similarly, the usage of a pyramid structure of questions that awards quicker response times and a deeper knowledge of a topic with additional points gives incentive for players to compete at a rapid and competitive speed. Their inclusion adds a layer of strategy, increasing the suspense and anticipation of what might otherwise be a tedious endeavor. Since being an expert in all areas of knowledge may be difficult, AQT allows students to choose one main topic (literature, history, science) they will specialize in along with a few sub-topics, enabling them to concentrate their studies and keep them compatible with their interests. Michael Harvey, former SFS


faculty member and the founder of our school's Academic Quiz Team, explains, "AQT will allow you to study what you want to study...realize how great that is." Building on knowledge gathered in school, students are able to dive deeper into any subject of their choosing, providing a unique opportunity for students to pursue their interests in a fun and high-stakes game-like setting. As Kate Choi—the co-captain of the high school program—puts forth, "Quiz is one of the most, if not the most, entertaining ways to gain knowledge." The Academic Quiz Team also allows every student to engage in a meaningful way. Alex Kil, another pillar of the "A" team, recollects, "Whenever I joined sports teams, I, and many other players, would simply be 'bench-warming' and not play in actual games. Of course, any passion I had for the game would quickly dissipate after just a few practices." Instead, on the verge of giving up, he turned to AQT where he found a place for himself: with its system of constant exposure, every student, regardless of skill, is constantly engaged and participating in scrimmage matches during practices. Even outside of pure content, AQT also helps students develop a wide range of universally applicable skills. As with any team activity, each player has the responsibility to perform at their best and to not disappoint the rest of the team. Philip Hart, DP/MYP Spanish teacher and the High School team's coach, describes that "many beginner players often don't answer as many questions as they can in fear of getting it wrong." However, as students become

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Opposite : Middle School students Alex Kil (Grade 8), Na Yoon ChaRyu (Grade 7), Christian Lee (Grade 7), and Nathaniel Yoo (Grade 6), attended the NAQT Middle School National Championship Tournament held virtually from Chicago. The team played in eight rounds from 10:00 pm to 7:30 pm starting Saturday night, making both SFS and NAQT history as the first MS team in all of Asia to ever make it to the playoffs. The team went on to play on Sunday night as well, finishing in 37th place overall out of 112 teams. Personal achievements include captain Alex Kil placing 45th and Nathaniel Yoo placing 101st out of 588 students.

more comfortable, they start taking more risks and answering more often. Even if they answer some questions incorrectly, they learn that it's okay to make mistakes and that neither they nor anyone else will be perfect. Claire Haigh, the Grade 9 star of the A Team, admits, "It's easy to get hung up on getting a question wrong. With the support of your teammates and coach, you will learn to pick yourself up and launch yourself at the next question." AQT also encourages the use of critical thinking by requiring players to use inductive reasoning while answering questions. Rather than regurgitating facts that they memorize, competitors must make educated guesses based on the small hints that they are given. Becoming increasingly relevant as students transition into the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP), AQT can give them an upper hand in developing this crucial skill. Similarly, as teams participate in groups of four, players develop strong collaboration and communication skills; not only do they have to discuss and answer certain questions collectively under extreme time pressure, but they must also take one another's strengths and weaknesses into account while supporting each member, leading to a bond amongst the A-Team members. With the tenacity that our school's Academic Quiz Team has displayed, along with the support of their coaches and parents, the Middle and High School A-Teams have recently won first place in the Middle School Asian Championship and second place in


the Asian Winter League Online Tournament, respectively. They have also dominated Korea-based tournaments with both teams consistently bringing strong results. Now, they prepare for the 2021 High School and Middle School National Championship Tournaments, a step closer to becoming some of the best teams globally. Tobias Kim, the Middle School AQT coach, says, “AQT is a fantastic avenue to chase down your passions for competition in an academic setting. The same passion that drives students to succeed in tournaments will ultimately help them succeed in life.” As Mathilde Doherty, the team's captain explains, she joined AQT with no intention of playing until she graduated, having no inkling that she'd one day become the program's captain, a sentiment every one of her teammates shared before they started participating. AQT provides a platform for any and all students to succeed; rather than comparing yourself to our A-Team—who now has years of experience, practice, and awards under their belts—consider that they, like you, once took a risk and joined the team without much prior knowledge. "Just try coming to one of our practices," Kate encourages. "It changed my life. It can change yours as well." 19 William Kim (Grade 10), Student Writer 12

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The Student Ambassadors worked hard this semester to prepare a service project that would meet the needs of the ES community. In order to find out what ES students care about most, they conducted surveys, polls, and interviews to gather responses from over 100 students. They discovered that solving social conflicts at recess was most important, and after weeks of planning, preparing, and training, they were ready to serve as Peer Mediators. The primary responsibility of Peer Mediators is to help students in Pre-K through fifth grade solve conflicts and problems at recess using "S.T.E.P.," a strategy designed to encourage students to say a problem without blaming, think of solutions that are safe and respectful, explore consequences, and pick a solution that has a positive consequence for everyone involved in the problem. In their first 3 weeks on duty, Peer Mediators were visited by 51 students.


The BANNER | School Happenings

Waffles are on the menu for British School Year 7 Design. For this unit on food technology, Tiffany Grant’s class learned how to plan nutritious and balanced meals, how to maintain safe and hygienic kitchen practices, and responsibility for self and for others. The lesson culminated with students planning and creating a yummy waffle breakfast which connected nutrition to learning in Physical Health and Education.

Ken Jennings ‘92 named Alumnus of the Year


en Jennings, class of 1992, has been named Alumnus of the Year. This is the highest honor the School bestows on its graduates, and recognises the recipient's excellence in their chosen field and outstanding service to the community or profession as well as devotion to SFS. Mr. Jennings will speak to the graduating class of 2021 in celebration of commencement in June, and will be added to the Wall of Honor on campus. In 2004, Mr. Jennings won a record 74 games in a row on the American television quiz game show "Jeopardy!' He was also the champion in the "Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time" tournament in 2020. In November, he was named as the first interim host of the show commencing in January 2020. Mr. Jennings is a published author, having written twelve books, including The New York Times bestsellers Brainiac, Maphead, and Because I Said So. His writing has been published in The New York Times, Time magazine, and Smithsonian. He also co-hosts the biweekly podcast "Omnibus".

Mr. Jennings attended Seoul Foreign School from Grade 2-12, spanning the years from 1982-1992. “It’s hard to overstate how my eleven years at SFS shaped me as a person, and continues to loom in my psyche,” says Jennings. He recalls participating in the Brain Bowl, positive influences from his teachers, and memories of reading the encyclopedia during recess on rainy days. Upon learning that he was this year’s recipient, Mr. Jennings remarked, “I couldn't feel more honored by this award, given my fond memories of Seoul Foreign and what I know about the impressive achievements of its alumni.” He continued, “as you can imagine, I spent most of 2020 living in fear that some other SFS graduate would win two "Jeopardy!" tournaments this year, pushing me into second place in the voting.” In the past, Mr. Jennings has offered words of encouragement to students, including members of the Academic Quiz Team. His commencement address is sure to inspire further generations of SFS students to pursue their passions.

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To conclude their time in the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Grade 5 students diligently work for six weeks on a project of personal relevance to them. They each identify a ‘central idea’ and then prepare a written element and creative element. For the written element, they journal about how they researched, planned, and organized their project. The creative element helps students communicate their ideas to an audience, such as the audience at the Grade 5 Exhibition pictured here.

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Ken Jennings ‘92 named Alumnus of the Year


en Jennings, class of 1992, has been named Alumnus of the Year. This is the highest honor the School bestows on its graduates, and recognises the recipient's excellence in their chosen field and outstanding service to the community or profession as well as devotion to SFS. Mr. Jennings will speak to the graduating class of 2021 in celebration of commencement in June, and will be added to the Wall of Honor on campus. In 2004, Mr. Jennings won a record 74 games in a row on the American television quiz game show "Jeopardy!' He was also the champion in the "Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time" tournament in 2020. In November, he was named as the first interim host of the show commencing in January 2020. Mr. Jennings is a published author, having written twelve books, including The New York Times bestsellers Brainiac, Maphead, and Because I Said So. His writing has been published in The New York Times, Time magazine, and Smithsonian. He also co-hosts the biweekly podcast "Omnibus".

Mr. Jennings attended Seoul Foreign School from Grade 2-12, spanning the years from 1982-1992. “It’s hard to overstate how my eleven years at SFS shaped me as a person, and continues to loom in my psyche,” says Jennings. He recalls participating in the Brain Bowl, positive influences from his teachers, and memories of reading the encyclopedia during recess on rainy days. Upon learning that he was this year’s recipient, Mr. Jennings remarked, “I couldn't feel more honored by this award, given my fond memories of Seoul Foreign and what I know about the impressive achievements of its alumni.” He continued, “as you can imagine, I spent most of 2020 living in fear that some other SFS graduate would win two "Jeopardy!" tournaments this year, pushing me into second place in the voting.” In the past, Mr. Jennings has offered words of encouragement to students, including members of the Academic Quiz Team. His commencement address is sure to inspire further generations of SFS students to pursue their passions.

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Tom Alexander named Assistant Head of School - Finance and Operations


n January, Tom Alexander joined the Senior Leadership Team at SFS as Assistant Head of School - Finance and Operations. Tom brings with him 35 years of financial experience, including 17 years in independent schools. Born in India, Tom moved to the US for university. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California State University, Long Beach, and an Executive MBA from Pepperdine University. He has lived and worked in several major metropolitan areas, most recently at Latin School of Chicago. Previously, Tom was at Washington International School in Washington, DC. He also worked as a financial consultant for Independent Educational Services, a nonprofit organization that served independent schools. Tom’s extensive experience in independent schools, combined with Seoul Foreign School’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and excellence made him the ideal candidate for the role. “Tom inspired us with his deep understanding of finance and operations


in the independent and international school setting,” says Colm Flanagan, Head of School. “We are thrilled to be able to recruit someone of Tom’s caliber to Seoul Foreign School.” “I am excited to be back in an international setting,” says Tom. “I am pleased that SFS uses a mission-driven approach to decision making. I am looking forward to working with all constituencies of the school.” Tom believes that relationships are the key to change. “Building trust with the Board of Governors, parents, students, faculty and staff, is imperative,” he says. “These relationships will be an integral part of the continued growth and success of the school.” Tom says he is excited to explore Seoul and get to know the people and culture of the school. “Even through the interview process,” Tom explained, “I could feel the strong sense of community at SFS.” Tom is accompanied by his wife, Anita.

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Parent Association


his school year has been unique and challenging in many ways. And we are sure it has been particularly difficult for our parents. We are so grateful for the patience and flexibility displayed as we navigate changing restrictions and health guidelines. With the move to virtual learning and adjusted schedules, the cooperation and support of our parent community has been crucial to students’ learning and the School’s continued success. We’ve greatly missed having the usual buzz of our parent volunteers on campus. Not to be deterred, creative and safe

volunteerism has continued. Thank you to the parents who have continued support of our charity partners like Nanumi and Dongdaewon, and especially those who have supported the School directly through the Annual Fund. Parents helped prepare for our drama performances, such as Holes, Peter Pan Jr., The Heart of Robin Hood, and Magic Theatre, and student activities like Korean Day in the British School. Seoul Foreign School would not be the same without this special part of our community and we thank you!

Parents helping with preparation for Peter Pan Jr. behind the scenes.

SPRING 2021 | School Happenings



The BANNER | Sports

Opposite: SFS Track and Field Team practicing for the Spring season. Photo by Philip Hart

Sports Recap By Paul Rader Director of Sports


hen you enter the Underwood Activity Center Building, it doesn't take long to see that SFS has a legacy of sporting excellence. Banners, plaques, trophy cases, and team photos; even the gym itself speaks to tradition. While it might seem like a no-brainer to document and maintain this history, it is shockingly easy to lose track of one's history. We can take for granted the institutional knowledge or efforts of those that have come before to ensure an unbroken connection to the past. This is true even more so in international schools where the community is inherently transient and things can get lost in the myriad transitions that occur. Fortunately for SFS, we have had a number of coaches and athletic directors through the years who have made it a point to maintain and document our sporting history. Former SFS teacher and athletics director J.P. Rader started to keep diligent records around 1990, and started the statistical record we now call the 'Sports Banquet' booklets. Marian Gillett, Larry Kearney, Jack Moon and Jim Milliken all served as athletic director and carried on the tradition of the team photos, championship banners, and updating the booklets.

For those of us that are on the campus every day, it is a great visual reminder of the expectations of excellence all around us. Also a reminder of those that have come before us, and their investment into the school and the lives of our students. For our alumni who return to campus, it is a reminder of the experience they had with their teammates and their coaches. Connecting with people online, especially during times of COVID-19, has facilitated more online opportunities to engage with one another digitally. At a time when people are physically unable to travel and visit campus, additional online resources are bridging the gap. Hence the perfect timing for the launch of our new SFS High School Crusader Athletics website, This digital communal sports history is allowing us to share our past, present, and future with community members around the world. We hope that this website will become a source of pride and inspiration for our athletes as they strive to become the best they can be. Visit the site for current scores, rosters, and articles, as well as archival team photos, historical records and more of the rich history of SFS! 19 12

SPRING 2021 | Sports


We have six athletes this year who will compete at the collegiate level in soccer, swimming, tennis, and cross country. (From left to right) Flavio Tokunaga, Seawon Park, Emily Park, Ryan Kim, Mya Rollinson and Jay Jones.


The BANNER | Sports

Photo by David Tung APAC Swimming

Photo by Philip Hart SFS Boys Varsity Soccer Team playing in a friendly match with Gyeonggi Suwon International School SPRING 2021 | Sports



The BANNER | Arts

Opposite: Students using special performance masks and shields during the Middle Years Band recording.

The Arts at SFS By John Striffler Director of the Arts


n what has been a time of tremendous uncertainty, we are so proud of the way our Arts students have excelled over the past several months during both virtual and in school instruction. Whether it has been working on Zoom to rehearse for an upcoming play or concert, or having the opportunity to meet, learn from and speak with the amazing artist Kim Hyun Jung, teachers have been working to create meaningful and authentic learning, performing and creative experiences for all of our students across all sections of the school. Some of the biggest changes this year have been to our music performance program. With safety being of utmost importance, we have had to change many of our performances into recordings to share with the community. The students and teachers have truly persevered under extraordinary circumstances to work both on Zoom and in person to create a series of performance opportunities for our students. Students also had to adjust to new safety equipment, using special performance masks and shields to protect themselves and their fellow musicians. Extra supplies such as these are an additional cost, and we are so grateful to our Annual Fund donors for making purchases like this possible so musical practice and performance can continue. Our music performance teachers have proven masterful at creating a program that can flourish in a time of such great change. This spring, our ensembles recorded their performances, which brought joy to the SFS community. Students have also had the

opportunity to submit recordings for virtual solo and ensemble performances and six of our High School students have made the finals of the prestigious AMIS Virtual Solo and Ensemble competition! It is such a pleasure to walk into our PYP music classes and see the creativity of our students on full display. Through movement, singing, dancing, and other techniques students are learning about scales, form, rhythm, pitch, and so many other areas of music all while being able to reflect and communicate with one another. Students in our MYP music program have had the opportunity to learn about different styles of Korean music, nanta drumming, along with studying music literacy, music performance and music through history and culture. Our DP music students have had several recitals, and studied topics ranging from the Western notation of blues, rock and pop, to the elements of music and sub-Saharan African music. Creativity abounds across the campus in our Visual Arts classes! We are so proud of the dynamic ways our Visual Arts teachers have brought wonderful lessons to our students both on Zoom and in person. Students at the elementary level and in Key Stage 1 and 2 worked on topics and skills such as using a variety of materials and art processes, being able to comment on works of art, and that artists are influenced by their environment and also have an effect on their environment. They have created masterful works that have been displayed around their respective sections.

SPRING 2021 | Arts


Opposite: Peter Pan Jr

In MYP and IMYC Visual Arts, students have been honing their artistic skills while looking at where art fits into the world and into their lives. Students explore topics such as visual truth and studies of photography and digital manipulation. Students have also studied kitsch architecture, where they were able to create their own building complexes with a clear purpose and theme. They have also looked at the concept of entrepreneurship and the link between art and product, thinking about ways of transforming their artwork into profitable items. At the DP Visual Arts level, we were so excited to welcome artist Kim Hyun Jung who came and spoke to DP Year 1 students about her work, and how she creates her amazing pieces. Students in DP Visual Arts Year 2 opened their exhibition in April, and the campus was in awe of the culmination of the two years of work. Finally, this May, our second school-wide exhibition opened in the Lyso Center. In the theatre, the show must go on! This semester our theatre director, Edie Moon has been working with students and teachers across the school on several productions. Just like our music teachers, our drama teachers and director have proven adept and running rehearsals and classes both on Zoom and in person. In February, our Middle Years students took part in our first official filming of a show in SFS history, Holes. Under the direction of Mrs. Moon and the technical direction of John Black, our Middle Years students filmed the show scene by scene. After Holes, our Year 5 and 6 students flew off to Neverland in Peter Pan Jr. which 36

was viewed by a limited audience. From Peter Pan to Tinkerbell and from Captain Hook to that sly crocodile, our British School students delighted our student audiences with singing, dancing and a wonderful spirit. Next, our High School drama students took to the stage in a rousing performance of The Heart of Robin Hood. Once again, our limited audience was delighted by the dashing Robin Hood, the sinister Prince John along with sword fighting and strong performances from a true ensemble cast! This spring we look forward to our Year 3 and 4 students performing Magic Theatre and our first ever Grade 4 theatre festival! In our MYP Drama courses, students have studied topics ranging from acting and verbatim theatre to mock auditions and improv. It is wonderful to see the courage and creativity of our students as they explore, collaborate, reflect and journal on various components of theatre. Our DP theatre students delved deep into topics such as devising theatre, theatre of social change and world theatre. Our DP Drama teacher Dr. JL Murdoch does a fantastic job of leading the students on a two year journey that allows the students to explore, reflect, collaborate and perform. Finally, students have the opportunity to explore the world off of the stage in our new High School course, “Theatre: The Backstage Experience.” From lighting and set design to costuming and producing, students in this class have learned so much about what it takes to mount a production beyond just the performers on stage. 19 12

The BANNER | Arts

Opposite: Students using special performance masks and shields.

SPRING 2021 | Arts



The BANNER | Arts

Opposite: Students using special performance masks and shields.

Spread: IB DP Visual Arts Year 2 Exhibition

SPRING 2021 | Arts


Student Voices

badminton brand sponsor, who donated their products to the program.

International Science Bee Champion

SFS is privileged to serve exceptional students hailing from all corners of the globe. Here’s a small sample of their school accomplishments and experiences, straight from the students themselves! The Banner invites all SFS students to submit their recent achievements and experiences to the editorial team. Please contact for further details.

Badminton Fundraiser for Seodaemun-gu Sports Office for the Differently Abled

Badminton enthusiast Seawon Park (Grade 12) and his friend Eric Waligora (Grade 11) were awarded with letters of appreciation for their commitment to and support of the local community. The two students offered a SWEP badminton program and donated the proceeds to the Seodaemun-gu Sports Office for the Differently Abled which offers various sports programs for the disabled. The first SWEP course was a huge success; it filled up within an hour of registration opening and had a waitlist. Thank you as well to Yonex, the world’s leading 40

3rd place for her design submission in the 2020 Seoul Peaceful Unification Idea Contest. The contest promotes peace between North and South Korea. Madeline’s design plays with the meaning and sound of the circle and the hangul characters to represent the idea that "we want one."

National YoungArts Foundation Finalist

Congratulations to Alex (Dohyeok) Kil (Grade 8) for winning the International Science Bee Championship. The International Science Bee is a sciencethemed, academic quiz competition for students from Elementary School through High School. Consisting of qualifying stages, regional finals, and divisional championships, competing students have a chance to put their science knowledge to the test against other students in their respective age divisions in an engaging quiz tournament setting. Alex finished 2nd place in Asia regional finals, 5th place in the global league, and was invited to the 2019-2020 Science Bee Asian Championships. Alex was the highest scorer from all preliminary rounds and finished the final round as the 1st place Asian Champion.

Seoul Peaceful Unification Idea Contest Winner

Madeline (Rayoung) Lee (Grade 12) won The BANNER | Student Voices

Janice Hur (Grade 10) was named a finalist in the YoungArts' National Arts Competition classical music category. The competition awards the nation's most promising young high school artists. As a finalist, Janice was invited to participate in the National YoungArts Week which was held virtually this year. During that week, she participated in workshops with other artists and mentors, including Debbie Allen, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Marina Lomazof.

Carnegie Hall Summer Gala Concert

Vocal arts students Joonmo Koo (Grade 11) and Yoonsuh (Erin) Lee (Grade 10)

submitted audition videos and were selected to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City this June 2021 as part of the annual American Protege Summer Gala Concert.

World Math Team Championship

Congratulations to the following Middle and High School students who placed third in the 2020 World Math Team Championship: Alex (Dohyeok) Kil (Grade 8), Garvin Kim (Grade 9), Woochan Kim (Grade 9), Yeocheol Yun (Grade 10), Daniel Suh (Grade 10), and Team Captain William Kim (Grade 10).

KIMEA 2020-2021 Composition Competition

runner up with his composition Eternal Legacy.

The Centre pour l’UNESCO Louis François’s International Visual Art Competition

MakeX Spark Online Competition. This competition requires entrants to be skilled in software programming and hardware construction. Danielle's submission was the Dream Clean Tower which is a smart laundry machine system.

FOBISIA Short Story Competition

Chrystal Cho (Grade 5) was awarded a diploma of honour as a winner of The Centre pour l’UNESCO Louis François’s international visual art competition. The theme for 2020 was “The Planet: Today… and Tomorrow?” In her artist statement, Chrystal shared her dreams of a clean planet to live on and the call to action, “Let’s make our planet a better place for our next generation!”

British School students across KS2 and KS3 participated in the international FOBISIA Short Story competition, where they wrote narrative pieces on the theme of "Spark." The three winners who entered the next stage of the competition were Kalina Martin (Year 4), Juwon Lee (Year 5), and Justin Koo (Year 8).

YMCA International School Ski Racing Competition

MakeX Spark Online Competition

KIMEA (Korea International Music Educators Association) hosted its second music composition competition. Fortyfour students from 11 different KIMEA schools entered the contest including three High School composers from SFS. Jonathan Myong (Grade 12) was the overall winner in the High School division with his composition String Quintet No.3 in F major and Arnold Han (Grade 12) was first

Danielle Choi (Grade 7) was named a Young All-Rounder in the 2020 SPRING 2021 | Student Voices

The YMCA 2nd Annual International School Ski Racing Competition was held 41

at Elysian Ski Resort in Gangchon. Over 60 students from 26 international schools in Korea competed for medals in their respective age groups. Seoul Foreign School medalists included Juhan (Aaron) Lim (Grade 4) who placed 2nd in the U10 male category, and Yeojun (Jamie) Lee (Grade 1), Sooa Cho (Grade 1), and Yerin (Amy) Kim who placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd, respectively in the U8 female division.

Yune Chung (Grade 4) finished 2nd place in the cello division of the 18th Sagye Music Competition on March 6th. Yune played “Danse Rustique, op. 20, No.5” by W.H.Squire, a piece she reprised during Elementary School announcements for Arts in Schools Month.

National Ski Champion

Bee Winter League in the JV Division. Nine countries were represented in the competition. This result qualifies Claire to participate in the International History Bee Asia & Oceania Championships and International History Olympiad.


VEX IQ Remote Challenge

Two SFS VEX IQ teams competed in the VEX IQ Remote Challenge. Team 3723B: James Hong (Year 7), Ted Lee (Grade 6), and Cayden Chun (Grade 6) placed 3rd after a six hour tournament marathon among 20 competitors and good luck to 3723A: Sebi Kim (Year 7) and Benjamin Sim (Year 7) who have entered the Encore Online Challenge: VEX World Robotics Championship.

Congratulations to Korean national ski champion, Nayae (Jenna) Lee (Grade 8) who has recently won the 51st Korea Ski Association Competition SG (Super Giant slalom) Women's Middle School 1st Place, the 51st Korea Ski Association Competition GS (Giant slalom) Women's Middle School 2nd Place, the 48th National Students Ski Competition GS (Giant slalom) Women's Middle School 3rd Place, and the 48th National Students Ski Competition SL (Slalom) Women's Middle School 3rd Place.

International Academic Bee League

Asia & Oceania History Bee

18th Sagye Music Competition

Claire Haigh (Grade 9) finished 2nd place in the 2021 Asia & Oceania History 42

The Model UN club participated in BEIMUN XXVIII, a four day virtual conference consisting of debates, speeches, and discussions. Heather Kwon (Grade 9), delegate of Bahrain, was awarded Most Diplomatic Delegate by the Presidents of the General Assembly Committee. Additionally, Grace An (Grade 10), delegate of the Czech Republic, was awarded Most Diplomatic Delegate by the Presidents of the World Health Assembly.

The BANNER | Student Voices

High School and Middle School AQT teams participated in the International Academic Bee League, with teams representing Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea. Seoul Foreign School placed 1st in both the High School (Team A) and Middle School (Team C) brackets, followed by 2nd (Team B) and 4th (Team D) in the Middle School brackets. Our High School SFS Team A was made up of Claire Haigh, Faith Chin, Alex Kil, and William Lee. Our Middle School bracket Team B was made up of Na Yoon Cha-Ryu, Christian Lee, Matthew Jung, and Ted Lee.

SFS Team C was Andrew Rhee, Nate Yoo, Sebi Kim, and Cayden Chun. SFS Team D was made up of Royce In, Paul Rhee, Hugo Doherty, and Daniel Hyon.

The 39th Eum Youn Music Competition and 32nd Music Journal Competition

AMIS Student Finalists

Erin Kim's Study of Perspective using Hogwarts Great Hall

Hannah Lim (Year 7) has won top prizes at two music competitions. Hannah won first prize in the Elementary Percussion portion of the 39th Eum Youn Music Competition and first prize in the 5th and 6th Grade Percussion division of the 32nd Music Journal Competition. Congratulations, Hannah! Students from our High School choir, orchestra, and bands submitted virtual performances to the AMIS (Association for Music in International Schools) Virtual Solo and Ensemble Competition. The competition is adjudicated by music educators from all over the world. Six students qualified for finals. Those six students and their respective disciplines are Claire Kim (Grade 12) Cello Solo, Jeamin Yun (Grade 11) Flute Solo, Doh Hyun (Dennis) Kim (Grade 12) Piano Solo, Sooa Lee (Grade 10) Soprano Solo, Janice Hur (Grade 10) Harp Solo, Seungwoo (Arnold) Han (Grade 12) Baritone Solo. These six students will now submit new recordings for the finals and the winners will be announced June 1st. The winning students will be featured on the AMIS website in a virtual recital and be eligible for a music scholarship.

“The Dictionary that wouldn’t Die: The fight of the Korean Language Society.” Joanne will now be invited to represent Korea and compete in the US NHD competition held every summer in Washington, DC.

National History Day, Korea Competition

In art class, Grade 5 students learned how to create one point perspective drawings of a room via Zoom. This piece by Erin Kim (Grade 5) is the fictional Great Hall from the Harry Potter series, and shows the four long house tables where young witches and wizards eat their meals. Projects like this are the result of hard work and dedication in spite of the challenges of virtual learning. Students like Erin have shown resilience and creativity during the pandemic. 19 12

For the second year running, Joanne Lee (Grade 11) won first place in the Individual Performance category in the National History Day, Korea Competition. The SFS History Society team including Joanne Lee, Meichen Chu (Grade 11), Sophia Sohn (Grade 11), Jia Dunsby (Grade 9), and Coach Hutchin, participated in the online tournament. Joanne’s entry was based on the first Korean dictionary and was titled, SPRING 2021 | Student Voices


Seoul Foreign School

GLOBAL CONNECT s f sconne ct .com

SFS Global Connect


FS Global Connect is the new private platform connecting alumni and faculty. The robust tool combines many of the features of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn into a private space for SFS alumni. You can look up and email friends via the directory, post and comment on photos, add to the feed, as well as check out all the events for alumni both in person and online. Young alumni may be particularly interested in the flash mentoring program, which allows alumni to network with others in the SFS alumni community. In fact, 58% of registered users are willing to mentor those in the network. Access SFS Global Connect today at or by scanning the QR code.

Class Notes The Banner always welcomes your Class Notes and submissions. To submit, please reply to emails or send notes to eric.dehaan@


Fred Underwood: I am retiring on March 31 after 30+ years at the National Association of REALTORS®. My 45 year career promoting racial equity in the housing area began with community organizing in Chicago and investigating complaints to enforce fair housing rights. At the REALTORS®, I facilitated the engagement of diversity in the real estate industry and the leadership of the association. Attending Seoul Foreign School from kindergarten to graduation, with its inclusion of students of different races, nationalities and religions, prepared me well for my work in this area.

Fred Underwood


Michael Swedenburg (attended SFS 1970-1974) returned to Seoul for the first time since leaving Korea in 1977. Michael enjoyed sharing Korea, the culture, the food and more with his wife. She had only


Michael Swedenburg visiting SFS.

heard the stories and memories but seeing and experiencing Korea she fell in love with it all. SFS and Seoul, as well as the rest of the country, had changed in so many ways but the people were still lovely. Michael and his wife live near Little Rock, Arkansas where he has been a physical therapist and manager for years.


Rev. Bob Smith, SFS Chaplain 1996-2001 and Alice Smith SFS Grade 2 Teacher 1996-2001, are retired and keep their home in Frankenmuth, Michigan. In 2006 they retired from their work in Indonesia. Since then, they have completed several shortterm mission trips to Indonesia, Peru, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Thailand, Cambodia, and Taiwan. In 2020, Bob served as vacancy pastor at International Lutheran Church in Seoul. Presently, Pastor Bob and Alice are living in Hawaii, where Bob serves as vacancy pastor at Messiah Lutheran Church in Ewa Beach on the island of Oahu. Ever grateful for our time at SFS, Bob and Alice Smith.


Kristina Erny: My family and I will be moving from Kentucky to Shanghai, China to teach at Concordia International School in July 2021. Recent poetry publications are linked at www.kristinaerny. com. My husband's name is Benjamin. Kids are Ephraim (11 years old), Moses (10 years old), and Phyllina (7 years old).

The BANNER | Class Notes


Kristina Erny and family.

Nicolai Nielsen: I attended SFS in 2000-2002 as part of the 2005 class. I recently published my second book Return on Ambition, with Fast Company Press, which helps readers think about their ambitions in a more holistic and deliberate way. The book was an Amazon bestseller in two categories during its launch week. For more information, go to

Nicolai Nielsen published his second book Return on Ambition.


Eunnie Lee recently had a poem published both online and in print by Defunkt Magazine, a literary arts magazine based in Houston, Texas, and is preparing for grad school while knitting, writing, and playing video games in her spare time. 19 12

In Memoriam Clif Wilcox Assistant Head of SchoolOperations and CFO, passed away in December 2020. Clif ’s battle with cancer began in early 2020, and he departed Seoul in the autumn for the US for additional treatment. Clif was a great friend and colleague who brought an impeccable work ethic to SFS for the past three years. He was known by his Senior Leadership teammates to be a consummate professional with a dry sense of humor that would light up the room with laughter. Clif had a tender heart and cared deeply for those less fortunate. He is survived by his wife Melissa, family, and friends.

Mia Sohn, class of 1987, died peacefully at age 52 in Stockholm, Sweden on January 27, 2021 after a courageous battle with cancer. She is survived by her loving husband, two children, and brother Yoo-Taek Sohn.

Sonia A. (Reid) Strawn, (board member from August 2004 to August 2008, and was the Board Chair from April 2005 to the end of her term) passed away on Sunday, January 24, 2021. Sonia served as a missionary for the United Methodist Church in Algeria for three years in the early 1960s and then in Korea for nearly 50 years. She worked closely with Korea’s first woman lawyer, Dr. Lee Tai Young as she advocated for women’s rights and democracy in South Korea. Sonia also taught at Ewha Womans University and the Methodist Theological University in Seoul for many years where her strong faith, courage, compassion and inclusivity made a profound impact on many students who have now become leaders all over the world. Sonia was married to Dwight Strawn on June 5, 1965, with whom she shared 55 meaningful years. Sonia’s family also includes her daughters, Sarah and Lee-Ellen, their spouses Darren and Tim, and her grandchildren Elizabeth, Nicholas, Charlotte, Meena, and Emaline.

SPRING 2021 | Memoriam


Letter from Advancement Dear SFS Community, We’re nearing the end of the school year that has tested our resilience. Through it all, our students have learned to adapt and grow, and we are grateful to our community for your continued collaboration and cooperation. This year more than ever, I am grateful for the support of the community members who have dedicated your personal philanthropy to help us achieve our vision. As we try to build a strong culture of philanthropy, it is very important that everyone in the organization supports fundraising and every donor is acknowledged and honored for their support. During the week of May 10th - 14th we had our first Parent Annual Fund Challenge to increase parent participation by receiving 40 gifts and unlocking a $25,000 (USD) challenge gift from three generous parents. The challenge was a huge success with over 80 gifts received and 168% growth of parent participation. To date, we have achieved 100% participation from our School Board and Senior Leadership, 76% from our faculty and staff, 11% from our parents. Together we raised a total of $265,972 (USD) exceeding our 2020-2021 Annual Fund financial goal! The Annual Fund is an important resource for the School. In addition to regular operations, this year the Annual Fund has supported unexpected COVID-19 related technology and safety measures, as well as employee professional development activities. Thanks to donors, our faculty and staff have partaken in workshops on Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures, IB Middle Years Programme Language Acquisition, Diversity and Inclusion, 46

leadership coaching, IBDP counseling, world languages, aquatics, and writing. In addition to the financial support, we’ve also had a generous member in our community who gifted 10,000 masks for the safety and well-being of our entire community. Masks were distributed to all SFS families, faculty and staff and we appreciate the community coming together to support each other at this challenging time. Exciting news in the Advancement office has been the selection of the first recipient for the Jack R. Moon Biology Scholarship. The scholarship committee was incredibly impressed with the students’ passion for Biology, the way they articulated their curiosities, the genuineness of the responses to improve the lives of others and make an impact. Thank you, alumni and SFS community, for your generosity to inspire and support our passionate students. The scholarship recipient will be announced at the High School Awards Ceremony in June. As a reminder, if you have not participated yet, we would like to encourage you to support the Annual Fund, which seeks contributions until June 30th. Thank you for helping SFS build a culture of philanthropy for the benefit of present and future generations! With much appreciation, Yoojin Um Director of Advancement

The BANNER | Advancement

Employees Explore Issues of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice


n order to establish a healthy dialogue and discussion around diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) topics, Seoul Foreign School engaged Darnell Fine, international educator and an experienced facilitator of adult learning, to lead a threeday workshop for faculty and staff this spring. Darnell’s areas of expertise include curriculum & assessment; diversity, equity, inclusion; and culturally responsive teaching. This informative workshop included topics such as key concepts of racism, understanding how racism is not just an individual or structural concept but a culture, how implicit biases and microaggressions formed, and the ways they impact people of color. Exploring these concepts has helped the faculty and staff participants to apply their newfound knowledge and understanding of racism and take action to combat it.

British School Year 5 and 6 Origami paper sculptures decorated on School staircase.

The three-course series was attended by nearly 80 faculty and staff participants, and sparked in-depth conversations about the ways to reinforce DEIJ initiatives to support students and the community. Generous donations to the Annual Fund gave SFS the opportunity to cover the cost of this workshop, allowing employees to attend for free. Gifts to the Annual Fund have a major impact on professional development for teachers, additional equipment and supplies for students, COVID-19 safety equipment and response, as well as filling the gap between tuition and the cost to educate each child. Support the Annual Fund today at giving.

SPRING 2021 | Advancement


2020 - 2021

Donors As of May 17, 2021

Faculty and Staff (F/S), Alumni (A) (USD 1 = KRW 1,191)

Annual Fund THE MILLENNIUM CLUB (Donated $10,000 - $49,999)

Anonymous (3) Laura ’20 and Alice ’25 Chung The Jang Family Jamie ’20 and Jay ’21 Jones The Kwon Family - Oh Hyung, Hee Sun, Bryan H. ’22 and Grace H. ’30 Josephine ’22 and Jeneve ’27 Lee The Striffler Family (F/S)

RED AND BLACK CLUB (Donated $5,000 - $9,999)

Anonymous June Rafael Chon ’23 Colm and Sinead Flanagan (F/S) Caleb ’18 and Caden ’21 Jang The Kahng Family Grace Eunbin ’22 and Joseph Jisub ’25 Kim Daniel Park ’34, Sophia Park, Jae Hong Park and Catherina Yoon (F/S) Parents of Benjamin Tae-young Yoon ’32

THE CREST CLUB (Donated $1,000 - $4,999)

Anonymous Tom and Anita Alexander (F/S) Derek Burney ’80 Na Yoon Cha-Ryu ’26 Frances ’30 and Jerome ’32 Choi Jonathan ’27 and Joanne ’27 Choi Minsoo Choi and June Kang Ella ’24 and Gwyneth ’25 Chun Elizabeth ’22 and Katherine ’25 Chung Siwoo ’24 and Hyunwoo ’28 Chung Jeff, Marieke, Mathilde ’21 and Hugo ’26 Doherty AJ Eernisse ’30 Eroon Printing (Sambo) The Feitosa Family (F/S) James and Sarah (Hubbard) ’71 Gunberg Chloe Han ’25 Jeffrey and Jennifer Holcomb (F/S) Yune Hur ’27 48

The Jarvis Lucchesi family (F/S) Maryclaire Seo Yeon Kelly ’35 Anna Kim (F/S) Dongkyun (Nicholas) Kim ’22 and Seoyun (Natalie) Kim ’24 Eileen Yerin Kim ’31 and Juhie Suh ’92 (F/S) (A) Gee Soo Lauren Kim ’25 Joohun ’22 and Jueun ’25 Kim Nina Kim ’83, Peter Choi and Kate Choi ’23 Noah ’23 and Isaac ’28 Kim Paul Kim (F/S) Sebi Kim ’27 Silvia and Jerome Kim Steven Kim Tabitha ’17, Luke ’21 and Jordan ’23 Kim Christopher J. Koh ’99 (A) Joonmo Koo ’22 Richard Lim ’94 and Lauren Lim ’32 (A) The Lees Chloe Lee ’31 and Yoojin Um (F/S) Lynn ’21 and Winston ’23 Lee Olivia ’31 and Lucy ’33 Lee Yeonjae Lee ’23 Max, Helen, Mathis ’28 and Bryce ’30 Leveson Microsoft Sakhar Nair (F/S) The Niyazee Family Chaewon (Molly) Park ’22 Dean (Chang) Park ’89, Jisoo Shim, Stephanie Park ’22 and Sylvia Park ’24 (A) The Park Family Janie ’32 and Johnnie ’34 Siripan Dongchae (Edward) ’22 and Eunchae (Jessica) ’24 Shin Irene Shin ’24 Family Dawn M. Stark (F/S) The Suh Family Eulho Suh and KyungEn Kim ’90 (A) Yuchen Sun ’33 KeeHyun Sung (A) The Swaine Family The van Mol Family Nathan, Megan, Adam ’32 and Anna ’34 Walker (F/S) Lynne Woo ’28 Ethan Yi ’23

CENTENNIAL CLUB (Donated $100 - $999)

Anonymous (12) Dong-Joon (Andrew) An ’24 and MinSung Kim (F/S) Heather Adkins (F/S) Ethan James Albano ’24 (F/S) The BANNER | Advancement

Liz Allen (F/S) Haegyu Adelyn Auh '32 The Aumann Family Tobby ’24 and Audrey ’24 Bae Insung ’19 and Hyunsung ’22 Bang Melissa J. Brabon (F/S) The Breedlove Family (F/S) Michael, Jiangjiang, Cooper ’28 and Ellia ’33 Busbee/Chen (F/S) Holly Cahall ’76 (A) Makayla Choi (F/S) Andrew Chung ’97*, Soo Youn Nam, Farrah Chung ’29 and Micah Chung (A) Steven and Julia Church (F/S) Soojin Cho (F/S) Jeeyon Choe ’89 (A) Ji Eun Choi ’30 Bryan, Jacquie and Lincoln Coogan (F/S) Harrison ’05 and Kristen ’06 Creech (F/S) (A)

Jayden ’30 and Aaliyah Grace ’33 Cruz Eric and Jillian DeHaan (F/S) Eva and Gerard Dekker Nathan and Julie Doelling (F/S) Rob and Lauren Elliott (F/S) Michael Farrant and Tsira Gabelia (F/S) Kai, Jade and Chris Friesen (F/S) The Gibault Family (F/S) Kelly, Tu Anh, Autumn ’24, Kaden ’26 and Cash ’27 Gilmore (F/S) The Greenhalgh Family (F/S) Grace and Young Han Hahm (F/S) Caroline Hahn (F/S) Ryan, Sophie, Will ’32, Flo ’34 and Alfie Hammerberg (F/S) The Han/Chi Family (F/S) James Hopkins (F/S) Grand Canyon University Brian and Lisa Hall (A) Philip and Kathe Hart (F/S) Andrea ’21 and Lydia ’27 Hanson Choong Pyo Hong (F/S) Sarah Hong ’31 Byeong Guk Jeon (F/S) Daniel Jeong ’32 Eugene ’28 and Ah In ’32 Jeong Eric Johng Waligora ’22 John Johnson ’69 (A) Eun Kyung Amy Joung Jamie ’09 and Jonathan ’11 Jun (F/S) Ahyeon Jung (F/S) Siwoo ’31 and Jiwoo ’31 Jung Doyeon Daisy Kim (F/S) Hannah Kim (F/S)

Heejin Kim Gregory ’03 (A) Jamie Kim (F/S) Jean Kim (F/S) Kyubin Kim ’27 Lian Kim ’31 Lukas Kim ’24 Rebecca Kim ’21 Ryan Kim ’28 Michael and New Knox (F/S) Soora Koh (F/S) The Koscina Family Michael Kosh (F/S) The Kwak Family Tanya LeClair (F/S) Andy and Joannna Lee (F/S) Arin Lee ’30 Ayden ’30 and Mariann ’32 Lee Dante Yongsun Lee ’30 Hyunjoo Grace ’24 and Hyuna Rebekah ’27 Lee Nathan ’22 and Kyoungmin ’25 Lee The Lee-Seo family Marcus Li ’26 and Leo Malik ’31 (F/S) Aaron Lim ’29 Zuzana Matusova (F/S) Mayo and Callaghan Family (F/S) Piotr, Marta, Jonasz ’27 and Aurelia ’31 Mazowiecka-Kocyk (F/S) Elizabeth McGarroch-Slack (F/S) Marina Miroiu (F/S) Mary Misch (A) Kelly ’25 and Lorelei ’28 Mizell The Munce Family (F/S) Katherine ’19, Jonathan ’21 and Xander ’24 Myong Aiswarya ’16 and Abhishek ’22 Nagasubramony Nolan ’22, Dylan ’24 and Brae ’30 Oh Megumi Ono ’29 Jeffrey W. O’Neill ’73 (A) Injoon (Alex) Park ’26 Suho Park ’28 Jiayun Ping ’32 Roman Pinkston ’25 The Prest Family (F/S) Susan Pope Chandler ’90 (A) The Raine Family (A) Nancy Rothwell Award 2020 Ina Ryang ’24 The Shim Family Peter Shim ’88, Jane Kim, Teri ’23 and Alexander ’26 Shim (A) Hyesoon Shin (F/S) Shannon and Justin Smith (F/S)

Angela, Shin, Emery ’29 and Calvin ’31 Son (F/S) Grace Song (F/S) Ellie ’28 & Issac ’31 Suh Tianyu (Owen) Sun ’22 Andrey Ten ’17 Prema Thomas and Elish Pangiraj (F/S) Carmen Thorpe ’34 Kelly Yuan Tian (F/S) Alexander ’34 and Vivian ’34 Vincent Ryan, Lauren, Meredith ’27 and Joel ’29 Walker (F/S) Matt, Dee Dee, Lily ’24 and Olivia ’26 Wasmund Mike and Yana Welch Walter and Julie Won Jessica ’15, Michael ’18 and Stephanie ’25 Woo (F/S) Ryan Ying-Chie Wu ’25 The Yap Family (F/S) Paula Yoo ’87 (A) Catherine Yoon ’28 Judy Yoon (F/S) Michael Yoon ’30 Phillip Yoon ’27 Teresa Yoon ’22


Anonymous (8) Young Bo Bae (F/S) Maura Brookes (F/S) Kalei Brumbsickle (F/S) Lychelle Bruski (F/S) Taryn and Phillip Carr (F/S) Junhee Cho (F/S) Hana Choi (F/S) Jayong Choi (F/S) Youngwoo Choi (F/S) Kelly (Riemer) Cusick ’81 (A) Emily Daniels (F/S) Xin Ding (F/S) Kang Hoe Do (F/S) Yves Donval (F/S) Jee Hye Ha (F/S) In honor of Sebastian Hart ’27 and Hamish Carr ’27 Andreas, Sierra ’21 and Tobias ’24 Heinrich and Michelle Randall Amy Hicks (F/S) Seung Hoon Hong (F/S) Chris Horan and Julie Ly (F/S) Seungwoo Arnold Han ’21 Elizabeth ’27 and Madeline ’30 Hwang Michelle Hwang (F/S) Shirley and Peter Hutchin (F/S) SPRING 2021 | Advancement

Nobuko Inada (F/S) Woo Tak Jeon (F/S) Rafael Jimenez (F/S) Sungwoo Jo ’28 Jinhyuck Joo (F/S) Byung Sik Jung (F/S) Cho Long Jung (F/S) Jiyoung Jung (F/S) Calvin Kamphuis (F/S) Dong Suk Kang (F/S) Sang Oh Kang (F/S) Yoon Kang (F/S) Benjamin and Rachel Kask (F/S) Yong Jin Kee (F/S) Lucien F. Keller ’62 (A) Catherine Kim (F/S) Chul Hoi Kim (F/S) Crystal Kim (F/S) Esther Kim (F/S) Esther J. Kim (F/S) Hyung Gil Kim (F/S) Jinny Kim (F/S) Ji Yeon Kim (F/S) Joon Kim ’14 (A) Nam Pil Kim (F/S) Yerin Amy Kim ’32, Yhu-Bin Lee and Seong Dong Kim (F/S) Haydn and Sarah Kneeshaw (F/S) Eunha Ko (F/S) Dongwook Koh (F/S) Haejin Koh (F/S) Hong Seo Koo (F/S) Kian Bergen ’26 and Nuri Arian ’28 Krumscheid Nami Kwon (F/S) SeongEun Kye (F/S) Allison Labutin ’22 JaeEun Lah (F/S) Caroline Law (F/S) Byung Joo Lee (F/S) Choong Hwan Lee (F/S) Eunjoo Lee (F/S) Gabriel Lee ’34 Hugh Heungsang Lee (F/S) Jae Hun Lee (F/S) Jee Hae Helen Lee (F/S) Jinju Lee (F/S) Jung Yong Lee (F/S) Kyoung Jae Lee (F/S) Moonjin Lee (F/S) Seulgee Lee (F/S) Seung Jae Lee (F/S) Seung Woo Lee (F/S) Yerin ’28 and Yena ’32 Lee 49

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In their final year of MYP, Grade 10 students complete their IB Personal Project. This capstone project focuses on an area of each student’s personal interest and provides them the opportunity to consolidate their learning and develop important skills they’ll need in both further education and life beyond the classroom. The Personal Project exhibition, pictured here, allows students to share their work with classmates, teachers, and the community.

SPRING 2021 | Advancement


In their IPC unit 'A Day in the Life', British School Year 1 learned about homes around the world - including those made of mud. They collaboratively built a woodland community for the magical JuJu people who live in our woods. The children used their creativity to describe the buildings they had created, what they could be used for, and who might use them.

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