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2018 Middle School Grade 8 Chiang Mai Trip



Annual Report AN N UAL REP O R T 2 018-2 0 19


Our new high school building. Photo by Joonhwan Yoon.


from the Head of School Dear SFS Community, It is with great appreciation that we share this Annual Report which documents the generous support provided to our school during the 2018-2019 school year. Since 1912, SFS has made a difference in the lives of generations of students.

Colm Flanagan Head of School

It was a wonderful year for Seoul Foreign School. We opened with a ceremony celebrating our new high school building. Designed by Ennead New York, this school is state-of-the-art and reflects a truly 21st century education. There are features within our high school that are not seen in many a university campus. We believe the right surroundings and support have helped deliver the excellent IB results and the university acceptances achieved by students past and present. Our students all follow very different paths and each well adjusted, academically successful and confident young adult is a testament to the Seoul Foreign School journey. Since 1912 we have inspired excellence and built character within the community of Seoul. We share with you the form this takes academically and through our Sports and Arts departments. It was an amazing year all round. Our students have been a credit to our school in so many ways. Our community is what makes the school special. If we can answer any questions about this last year or plans for the future, please get in touch. God Bless, Colm Flanagan, Head of School


A NN UA L R EP O R T 2 0 18- 2 0 19

Opening ceremony of our new high school building.

Income and Expenses 2018-2019 Revenue


(Currency: KRW in thousands)

Net Tuition* and Fees**

89.1% (52,128,745) Donations***

0.05% (30,302) Investment and Other****

10.8% (6,334,048) Total

100% (58,493,095)



(1,989,456) Plant Operations


(3,380,892) Other Programs*****


(508,007) Instructional


(5,183,576) Supporting Staff Salaries and Benefits



Depreciation expenses from SY 2018-2019 more than doubled as a result of construction of the new high school.

Clif Wilcox Assistant Head of School - Operations and CFO

Construction costs for the aforementioned, plus ordinary capital, contributed to a net deficit cash flow in SY 2019 of KRW 7.2 billion. This was slightly offset by a capital contribution of KRW 338 million.

*Net of Financial Aid **Fees including Transportation, Capital, Registration, Application, etc. ***Unrestricted Annual Giving ****Auxiliary Services, Instructional Revenue, Interest Income, etc. *****Summer Program, Transportation Expenses, Spirit Shop, etc.

(Currency: KRW in thousands) General & Administrative

uition revenue from School Year(SY) 20182019 school year increased by 5.0% mainly due to an increase in enrollment. Total contributions in the 2019 school year decreased by 54% to KRW 370 million.




Faculty Salaries and Benefits


(34,570,599) Total


(56,485,005) Net from Operations 2,008,090 Cash Flow

(Currency: KRW in thousands)

Net Cash Flow from Operations Ordinary Capital Expenses Construction Capital Expenses

6,597,296 (2,644,574) (11,452,983)

Cash Flow Before Fundraising Capital Fundraising Net Cash Deficit for the Year

(7,500,261) 337,971 (7,162,290)

AN N UAL REP O R T 2 018- 2 0 19


Building for the Future Appreciation Event. Photo by Seunghyun Lee.



he 2018-2019 school year marks the 10th year of the Annual Fund and it is such a significant encouragement to witness the continued and growing support from our community. Our community participation this year surpassed any other year on record and we thank each and every one of our donors for your generosity.

Dawn M. Stark Assistant Head of School - External Relations

Support from our donors helps drive our SFS vision and mission forward. It enhances academic, experimental and extracurricular activities for our students, spurs facility upgrades and enables professional development opportunities for our faculty. A total monetary donation of KRW 372 million was raised over the year with gifts towards the Annual Fund, Building for the Future Fund, Endowment Fund, Temporarily Restricted Funds. Additionally, a total of KRW 135 million was received as Gifts in Kind to support various academic programs at the school.

Totals Raised Across the Year (Currency: KRW in thousands)

Building for the Future Fund

90.91% (337,971) Temp. Restricted

0.43% (1,583) Endowment

0.52% (1,919) Annual Fund

8.15% (30,302)

TOTAL gifts-in-kind received


KRW 135 million

2018-2019 Annual Donor List

100% (371,776) THE HERITAGE CLUB (Donated $100,000 or more) In honor of Soonja Lee

THE MILLENNIUM CLUB (Donated $10,000 - $49,999) Insung ’19 and Hyunsung ’22 Bang The Haelyung Hwang Family Rayoung (Madeline) Lee ’21

RED AND BLACK CLUB (Donated $5,000 - $9,999) 4

A N N UA L R EP O R T 2 0 18- 2 0 19

Rana ’91, Dana ’93 and Anna ’96 Cho P.L.C. ’15* and J.L.C. ’19 Edward Y., Henry C., and Emily S. Chung

Elizabeth ’22 and Katherine ’25 Chung Colm and Sinead Flanagan IBK Yeonhui Branch Celine Jin and Anna Kim Caleb ’18 and Caden ’21 Jang Jamie ’20 and Jay ’21 Jones The Kahng Family Alessandra ’17 and Anastasia ’20 Kim Claire ’21 and Chloe ’25 Kim Sebi Kim ’27 Ashley ’21 and Kate ’22 Koo Joonmo Koo ’22 Jeena ’21 and Jeean ’25 Lee Lauren M. ’18, Ethan C. ’21 and Erin G. ’22 Lee Lynn ’21, Winston ’23 and June Lee Eunseo Lim ’21 In Honor of Kevin and Ellen O’Donnell The Rathbun Family – John & Joyce, John Mark ’75, Joel ’78*, James ’80 and Joanna ’84* The Rudolph Family – Harry, Linda and George ’07 Peter Shim ’88, Jane Kim, Teri Shim ’23 and Alexander Shim ’26 Soojin ’23 and Soobin ’27 Shin Clare ’23 and Sydney ’25 Sohn Teo ’20 and Temin ’22 Sohn The Striffler Family – John, Tara and Piper ’29 Evan ’10, Ryan ’12 and Ethan ’19 Yi Michelle, Alissa and Alex ’29 Yoon

THE CREST CLUB (Donated $1,000 - $4,999)

Anonymous Seungho Chae, Ahyeon Jung, Ian ’26 and Ethan ’30 Chae SooJin Cho Young Min Choe Minsoo Choi and June Kang Peter Choi, Nina Kim and Kate ’23 The Feitosa Family James and Sarah (Hubbard) ’71 Gunberg Ian Wonwoo Kim Jee-Hee Kim Jayhee Lee ’26 Jack and Edie ’77 Moon Katherine ’18 and Justin Oh Peter ’77 and Janet Pin Scott Schrader and Yunah Kim Michael Stern ’78 KeeHyun Sung Jessica ’15, Michael ’18 and Stephanie Woo

CENTENNIAL CLUB (Donated $100 - $999)

Anonymous Katherine Baird The Beaty Family Elizabeth Boughey The Busbee Family Andrew Callaghan, Rebecca, Edyn and Calla Mayo Hanna Choi The Church Family The Creech Family Kang Hoe Do Young Woo Cho The Doherty Family – Jeff, Marieke, Mathilde ’21 and Hugo ’26 Lydia Forster Andy Freeman The Gilmores – Kelly, Tu Anh, Autumn, Kaden and Cash Jee Hye Ha Caroline Hahn Janet Hahm Brian and Lisa Hall Sophie and Ryan Hammerberg The Holcomb Family

James Hopkins Byeong Guk Jeon Celine Jin Jehane Johnson Matthew Johnson Anna Kim Chris Eensoo Kim Crystal Kim Dae Woon Kim Dohyun Kim Doyeon Daisy Kim HakSoo Kim and KyunCha Ju Yerin Amy Kim Yoo Soo Kim Jade Kipa Mike and New Chaiwut Knox Sammy Taeyoung Kwon Jae Eun Lah Andy and Joanna Lee Chang Hee Lee Eun Joo Lee Hugh Heung Sang Lee Jeehae Helen Lee Jina Lee The McNair Family Mariana Miroui Young Sik Moon Michael O’Donnell ’70 Byung Sil Park Margaret Park The Prest Family Paul ’04 and Hannah Rader Jan-Mark Seewald Jany Shim Justin and Shannon Smith Grace Song In Jin and Deborah Song The Stuart Family Yuki and Haruka Sugita Juhie Suh ’92

Christopher Sykes Jenny YuHong Tang Insil Tak Adam, Lauren, Jade ’18 and Ella ’21 Teather Prema Thomas and Elish Pangiraj Yoojin Um Nico, Carolyn and Kaspian Visahan Megan and Nathan Walker Esther Washburn Smith Clif Wilcox and Melissa Villa Hye Sun Woo In honor of Myeongho Yeom The Yap Family Jamie Yeo Judy Yoon


Anonymous (4) Lisa Adams Heather Adkins Danny Ahn ’20 and Annabelle Kang ’20 Young Bo Bae Jung Soo Kim Jo Bigwood Nam Pil Kim Phil Carr Hong Seo Koo Taryn Carr Ryan and Lindsay Kuhl Ja Yong Choi Byung Ju Lee Jong Cheol Choi Jae Hun Lee Deborah Chu Jung Young Lee Byung Sik Chung Seulgee Lee Jacquie and Bryan Coogan Seung Woo Lee Tom and Faith Ford Heather Min Seong Hoon Hong The Munce Family Shirley and Peter Hutchin Seung Min Nam Menya Jefferson Diana Peterson Walsch ’72 Woo Tak Jeon Heather Wirch Jin Hyuk Joo Woo Chul Seol Calvin Kamphuis Sarah Shafer Dong Suk Kang Dong Jin Shin Sang Oh Kang Marion Statton Benjamin and Rachel Kask Chang Geun Yang Chul Hoi Kim Jessica Yang Hannah Kim Joanna Yoo Jinny Kim *Non SFS graduate

AN N UAL REP O R T 2 018-2 0 19


ES Grade 3 and HS Grade 11 collaboration class. Photo by Juhie Suh.

The Academic Year 2018-2019

I Jan-Mark Seewald Assistant Head of School - Academics

am delighted to report on another significant and successful year for academic performance at Seoul Foreign School. The 2018-2019 academic year was the year SFS became a full IB continuum school by being authorised to offer a PYP (Primary Years Programme), MYP (Middle Years Programme) and DP (Diploma Programme). A continuum school offers at least 3 consecutive IB programmes. We also decided to implement the IEYC (International Early Years Curriculum), IPC (International Primary Curriculum) and IMYC (International Middle Years Curriculum) frameworks in the British School, with much preparation work being done at the end of the academic year for a start in August 2019. Having the rigorous educational programs in place across all sections of the school gives SFS a clear educational focus in terms of teaching and learning across the entire school, leading to a more cohesive and integrated experience for students as they move through the school. As in previous years, results from standardized tests and external exams taken by our students throughout 2018-2019 continue to indicate that our students are performing at a high academic level overall. This is demonstrated here by just a few examples: In standardised tests (MAP tests) taken by all students in each grade from Grade 2 to Grade 8 in Math, Reading and Language, SFS students continued to consistently score higher than comparable international schools in the region. In SAT and ACT standardised tests in the high school, our students continue to score significantly above world averages. The average score of students who completed the full IB Diploma in 2019 was 33. This is significantly higher than the world average. As in previous years, SFS students applied to and were accepted at top universities around the world with 112 SFS graduates receiving 381


A N N UA L R EP O R T 2 0 18- 2 0 19

offers or acceptance letters from 153 universities across the globe in the academic year 2018-19. The majority of our 2019 graduates elected to attend US universities, however the number was lower than in the year before (73 students in 2019, 86 in 2018), with the UK seeing an increase (12 students in 2019, 5 in 2018). Canada and Australia were the next most popular. We continue to offer comprehensive academic and pastoral advice and support to all our students wherever they choose to study. When surveyed about their happiness in the university they would be attending this year, 88% of our graduates indicated they were happy to extremely happy (6 or above on a 1-10 scale). Jan-Mark Seewald, Assistant Head of School - Academics

2018 Student Population (As of September 1st, 2018)







ES MS HS BS Total American 267 147 267 50 731 51% Korean 70 79 132 45 326 23% European 49 22 51 49 171 12% Asian 37 17 47 31 132 9% Australian 10 8 10 6 34 2% Other 3 3 11 9 26 2% 436 276 518 190 1420 100%







SFS Class of 2019 ACT & SAT Scores ACT Composite Scores SFS Compared to World Mean 35 31.9


SAT Total Scores SFS Compared to World Total Mean 32.4

1500 1400







1083 1068









25 20



SFS Composite Mean Score World Composite Mean Score






SFS Total Mean Score

World Total Mean Score AN N UAL REP O R T 2 018-2 0 19


Class of 2019 - A Bright Future


University of British Columbia (2) University of Toronto


A N N UA L R EP O R T 2 0 18- 19



Barnard College Boston College Boston University (2) Brown University (3) Carnegie Mellon University College of William & Mary Cooper Union Dickinson College DigiPen Institute of Technology Emerson College Emory University (3) Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Fordham University Georgetown University Johns Hopkins University (2) Michigan State University Moorpark College New York University Northeastern University (4) Northwestern University (2) Rhode Island School of Design (2) Rochester Institute of Technology State College of Florida The New School - Parsons University at Buffalo - The State University of New York University of California, Berkeley (4) University of California, Davis University of California, Irvine (4) University of California, San Diego (2) University of California, Santa Barbara University of California, Santa Cruz University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (3) University of Maryland University of Southern California (4) University of Michigan University of Texas, Austin University of Nevada University of Washington University of Notre Dame Utah State University University of Pennsylvania (2) Virginia Tech University of Richmond Wellesley College University of Rochester (2) Wesleyan University University of San Francisco Western Washington University (2)






Class of 2019 with HS community. Photo by Juhie Suh.

ur Class of 2019 has a wonderful future ahead of it - no matter where our graduates decide to study. We understand that there are many different paths each student can take and our aim is to produce well rounded and happy young adults ready to embrace their new lives. We are proud to have an experienced, knowledgeable and well supported counseling team in our high school. Its members work with each individual student assessing their individual academic and personal strengths. Together with students and their parents, counselors ensure the right choices are made and the application process is clear. Jeffrey Holcomb

• Our Class of 2019 comprised 112 graduates

HS Principal

• In total 381 offers or acceptances were received from 153 universities worldwide • 65% of students elected to go to university in the US. This is lower than previous years indicating the breadth of choice available to our students • This year 12 students chose to go to the United Kingdom, making it the second most popular choice for graduates overall We wish our students well and look forward to hearing from them as they become our newest group of alumni! Jeffrey Holcomb, High School Principal


Imperial College London King’s College London (2) London School of Economics and Political Science University College London (3) University of Cambridge University of East Anglia University of Glasgow University of the West of England University of Warwick


Danish Technical University


Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam University of Amsterdam



Hong Kong University of Science and Technology University of Hong Kong



National Defense Medical Center, Taiwan


Auckland University of Technology


AN N UAL REP O R T 2 018 -19


Girls Soccer Team. Photo by Derek Mu ‘22.

A Year in Sports


he Seoul Foreign High School competitive sports program carried on its winning reputation with a total of 13 championships and 7 second place finishes in all competitions during the 2018-2019 school year. Along with these successes we are very proud to share that Boys and Girls Swimming, Girls Soccer, and Boys and Girls Cross Country were all selected for the prestigious APAC Sportsmanship Award. Our sports program continues to help the school fulfill its vision of “Inspiring Excellence, and Building Character since 1912”. This past year was the inaugural Cup/Plate model for KAIAC tournaments. SFS showed its strengths and competitive spirit here. We were the only school in KAIAC to represent at the Cup tournament in every single sport for both boys and girls.

Paul Rader Director of Sports

We are excited for the 2019-2020 school year as we continue the legacy of success. Well done athletes and coaches! Paul Rader - Director of Sports

2018-2019 Sports Results APAC


Tennis Volleyball Cross Country Basketball


Swimming Cheerleading



Badminton Swimming


A N N UA L R EP O R T 2 0 18- 2 0 19

Boys - 2nd Place

KAIAC - league

KAIAC - tournament

Boys - Champions

Boys - Champions

Girls - 3rd Place

Girls - Champions

Girls - Champions

Boys - 3rd Place

Boys - Champions

Boys Cup - Champions

Girls - 4th Place

Girls - 2nd Place

Girls Cup - 2nd Place

Boys - 7th Place

Boys - 5th Place

Boys - 4th Place

Girls - 5th Place, Sportsmanship Girls - 4th Place Boys Super 12 - 5th Place Boys - 2nd Place Girls Super 12 - 9th Place Girls - 2nd Place (Tie) Boys Super - 4th Place, Sportsmanship See Spring Girls Super - 3rd Place, Sportsmanship See Spring --- ---

Girls - 3rd Place Boys CUP - 3rd Place Girls CUP - 4th Place See Spring See Spring 2nd Place

Boys - 2nd Place

Boys CUP - 3rd Place

Girls - 5th Place, Sportsmanship

Boys - 5th Place

Girls - Champions

Girls CUP - 3rd Place

Boys Super - 9th Place

Boys - Champions


Girls Super - 8th Place

Girls - Champions


See Winter

Boys - Champions

Boys - Champions

See Winter

Girls - Champions

Girls - Champions

HS Musical Anything Goes. Photo by Siwon Lee ‘22.

A Year in Arts


his was my first year as Director of Performing and Visual Arts and what an amazing year it was! We have a fantastic team on board whose members dedicated themselves to making our students the best that they can be whatever they choose to learn. From band to orchestra or from singing games in kindergarten to advanced acting techniques in high school, each student was given the chance to shine. We were able to develop an excellent, dedicated faculty that worked with groups, individuals or entire school sections or grades to produce some outstanding shows including: • Anything Goes - our High School musical • The Syringa Tree - High School play • A Wrinkle In Time - Middle Years play

John Striffler Director of Performing and Visual Arts

• Shakespeare Rocks - British School KS2 musical • Madagascar - Elementary School Grade 4 musical • Shine - British School KS1 Musical As well as these we put on numerous recitals and concerts from A Night of Jazz to the Beginner Band Concert. We showcased every player in school in the best way for them - and audiences of all ages enjoyed seeing our students take to our three stages and other venues. Students performed in APAC, AMIS and KIMEA competitions and festivals, too, both at home and away - including APAC Band in Kobe, Japan and Orchestra in Beijing, China and AMIS Band and Orchestra in Salzburg, Austria. We can’t wait for you to see what’s in store for this year! John Striffler - Director of Performing and Visual Arts

AN N UAL REP O R T 2 018- 2 0 19


ES Field Day. Photo by Juhie Suh.

Thank you to our board, our governance, our faculty and staff, parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends. We appreciate you Being Part of the Seoul Foreign School Community.


inspiring excellence, building character - since 1912

Colm Flanagan Head of School colm.flanagan@seoulforeign.org

Paul Rader Director of Sports paul.rader@seoulforeign.org

Clif Wilcox Assistant Head of School - Operations, CFO clif.wilcox@seoulforeign.org

John Striffler Director of Performing and Visual Arts john.striffler@seoulforeign.org

Jan-Mark Seewald Assistant Head of School - Academics jm.seewald@seoulforeign.org

Madeleine Kim Director of Admissions madeleine.kim@seoulforeign.org

Dawn M. Stark Assistant Head of School - External Relations 12 A NN UA L R EP O R T 2 018- 2 0 19 dawn.stark@seoulforeign.org

Andrew Freeman British School Principal andrew.freeman@seoulforeign.org Damian Prest Elementary School Principal damian.prest@seoulforeign.org Justin Smith Middle School Principal justin.smith@seoulforeign.org Jeffrey Holcomb High School Principal jeffrey.holcomb@seoulforeign.org

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2018-2019 Annual Report  

SFS 2019-2019 Annual Report

2018-2019 Annual Report  

SFS 2019-2019 Annual Report