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2021 2021

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Be Ready. Ready. Be

lakes break free from their cover, break free As As thethe lakes break free from their icyicy cover, youyou cancan break free again, too. Escape to the wide-open North Dakota outdoors. again, too. Escape to the wide-open North Dakota outdoors. season is heating world-class fishing, well TheThe season is heating up up forfor world-class fishing, as as well as as thethe spring season northbound migratory light geese. Visit spring season on on northbound migratory light geese. Visit us us online to plan your outdoor getaway. online to plan your outdoor getaway. N tDo t uorui rs ims .mc .oc mo m ND


Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 5

Weed flats, gradual weedy breaks, and sluggish paths to deep water can all equal loads of crappies or bluegills during certain times of the fishing season. But now one of the things that can collect a ton of fish are some of the steepest breaks in the lake. Especially the steepest breaks that connect late winter panfish spots directly to the spawning grounds they will be using to feed the minute the ice melts and then of course actual spawning once the water temps gain some ground. Right now, when I’m heading out onto the ice in search of big quantities of late ice panfish I’m looking for the perfect combination of deep water late winter haunts and steep breaks adjacent to the areas where they will be spawning in 45-60 days from now! So to give a generic example--a shallow soft bottom spawning bay 1-6’ deep, cattails along the edge of the bay, some old/newly forming weeds on the bottom that sits next to 25-45’ of water (or an obvious area where the crappies and bluegills spawn every Spring). The break (drop-off) that connects the two environments should roughly be plunging from the shallow shoulder of around 6-7 ft. down to the lake basin at about a 45º angle—give or take. The steeper the angle, the more confined/condensed the school(s) of fish will be. And that folks is what creates a good competitive bite and solid fishing action—competition among the fish themselves. The fish are easy to locate as well. Since the break is on the steep side, I like a transducer on my Vexilar to have no more than a 12º beam-- 9 is my favorite. That way you’re not reading the whole break at once which reduces “blind spots” and the fish will pop at ya much better. Pick a depth and walk along the break and check for fish about every 15’ by shooting through the ice using the old water on the ice trick. The schools will be tight so if you don’t check often enough you can easily walk right over a nice school of crappies or bluegills. Once some fish are located, try to figure out the tolerance and size of the school by walking and checking around the initial found fish in a circle pattern. Use the original fish you found as the center pivot point. This will tell you how big the school is and exactly where the center of the school is. Time to drill a few holes. Page 6 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021

Start by drilling holes just outside the perimeter of the school of fish—but around the schooling area. Drill the last few holes on top of the fish in the center of the school. The perimeter holes will be used as the school starts to possibly disperse due to noise and fishing activity. The perimeter holes can also tell you which way the fish are moving by taking note of where the first and last fish are being caught. This is where it’s handy to have 2-3 people with you. If you are alone, set up a few locators (electronics with “fish alarms”) in the vacant holes—use them as electronic tipups. Set the alarm, wait for a beep, fish the hole. It’s that simple. It’s one reason to keep your “outdated” fishing sonar systems. We really don’t need to get into presentation. I leave the minnows at home and use tiny ice jigs tipped with waxies or plastics. The fish are feeding and are usually not picky. Just keep it simple and small. Heavily schooled crappies or bluegills into the late ice period are typically aggressive due to the nutrients the newly formed eggs need.


Minnesota Fishing Guide Service Captain Josh Hagemeister 320-291-0708 218-732-9919 www.minnesotaguideservice.com www.minnesotaicefishhouserental.com www.mycampfish.com

Photos Courtesy of: Captain Josh Hagemeister


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NELSON Hunting new property is a challenge that most turkey hunters enjoy. Once you’ve taken a few birds in the same places, the hunt becomes more about doing it differently, and taking on a tom in unfamiliar territory is no small task. After all, you’re hunting him in his own backyard, a place he knows every square inch of. He can feed in open fields on the backside of a ridge, peeking over occasionally to check his backside, staying tantalizingly out of range from any direction. So it was this past spring on a hunt with a few friends east of the Mississippi River in my favorite neighboring state. I had been taking the gracious landowner out each morning on the far side of the property to try and get him a bird, while a few friends, Matt Addington and Aaron Winchell, were cornering the portion closest to the truck. Lucky from the start I guess. Over the course of the morning, through a few loose texts and piecing together the details of the hunt while standing over a fine Wisconsin gobbler, I was able to understand just how crucial the digital map component of the hunt really was. The birds I was on flew down, wing-to-wing, with some vocal hens that made it all but impossible to woo. Try as I may, I’d only get the occasional over-the-shoulder gobble as jealous jennies led their boys elsewhere. Texts started rolling in with some mapping screenshots, as the near side of the farm was awash with turkeys. This part of Wisconsin is blessed with beautiful hills, broad timber, and open agland, all amongst some challenging, rolling topography that makes a first-timer’s approach on birds a bit challenging. In some respects, it can hide you while moving, but without knowing the “roll,” it’s also easy to stumble over a rise and spook the whole flock. “Birds here” the message read, with an OnX Turkey Icon planted 80 yards off a wood-edge in the open field just down the lane from where Matt and Aaron were approaching. The boys were using a GPS and mapping app that lived on their smart phones to better keep track of the birds and their relation to them. They were tempted to use wooded cover to sneak around on the birds and call them back to the edge, but simple map contours prevented what would have been an open-woods blunder. Instead, they stayed 20 ‘ below the birds, and 100% out of sight as they snuck below them into the wooded ravine for another peek. Living vicariously through a friend’s turkey hunt was all I could do at this point, as we were out of spots and birds, and our approach to the truck could hurt their hunt. Eventually, their flock of hens, a few jakes, and two toms made their way to the north and east, staying out in the open and just off the field edge as they peered down into the woods where all the mouth-calls were coming from. Once more, dipping down below the birds, Matt and Aaron used contours and the mapping distance feature to sneak out of sight, and northeast of the birds to cut them off. They were heading to a narrowing field corner, making the approach inevitable if they could remain unseen. Page 8 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021

Not long after they messaged about the 2nd move, I heard the glorious “boom” I have heard many times while hunting with friends and family. Most times it is louder than you anticipate, and even when you’re ready for it, the adrenaline is real though your gun barrel isn’t the one getting hot. The landowner and I climbed the open field and made our way down to two happy hunters that had never stepped foot on the property before. It’s a case-study in how effective remote scouting through mapping apps can be, both prior to the hunt and during. My first introduction to them was for means of a digital plat map, and while they’re great for understanding ownership boundaries, their capabilities go far beyond simple property lines. Not only were Matt and Aaron able to convey their location to me for safety and hunting quality reasons, but they were able to use several key features to eventually take this tom. Aerial photos used to be the gold standard in scouting, but never had they been used real-time, in the field, to interpret cover, locations, and how best to move through them. The same could be said for contours. Those brown topographic elevation lines are helpful to gain a general understanding of the landscape, but to use them in detail to stay out of sight from wary gobblers is a whole other advantage altogether.


Photos Courtesy of: Joe

l Nelson, Matt Addingt


ey Icon e read, with an OnX Turk . “Birds here” the messag field just down the lane n ope the in dge d-e woo planted 80 yards off a

Distances and real-time measurements are a massive aid to hunters too, as often you can pick out distinct parts of the landscape to measure against and understand whether a bird will be in range. It is why Aaron did not attempt a shot at location #2, and also why they slid to location #3 such that they could. It is difficult to kill flocked up birds. With so many eyes, it’s common to see them stay to the edge of any shotgun’s range. Feeling confident in pulling the trigger makes all the difference in a clean kill, and this hunt had that. More than anything, studying maps real-time makes for a more effective and rewarding hunt. You learn to look for specifics and details that make all the difference. Ranges, elevations, approaches and other details are juxtaposed on top of a host of ownership, air photo, elevation, and piles of land layer information. Even in the most remote areas, you would be challenged to get lost. Should cell service fail, there’s offline modes that allow you to download the information needed. Especially on new territory, or public land you are unfamiliar with, there’s little reason these days to go in blind. Even the most traditional hunters can benefit from a little map study and comparison, and services like OnX make it not only more fun to get after some gobblers, but they also make it surprisingly more effective.


Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 99

Michael Thompson with a chunky bass from Lake Nokomis, Minneapolis, MN

Kayak anglers look for these features to leverage the advantage of fishing from a kayak • Lakes with no power boat launch • Lakes that only allow electric or no motors • Lakes and rivers that get very shallow in spots • Lakes that can be accessed by public roads, but aren’t listed as or don’t have launches Find lakes and water ways that have these features and chances are you may be on to a low pressured fishing spot. Add in the fact that fish are active eaters in the spring and hang on, you may be in for some rod bending action!

Twin Cities, Minnesota Metro Area There are hundreds of thousands of anglers who live in the Minneapolis St. Paul area. That means lots of pressure on local lakes. Fortunately for kayak anglers, many of these lakes either prohibit gas motors or are only accessible by canoes, stand up paddle boards and kayaks. I grew up and live in the Twin Cities and always thought “going up north” was what you needed to do to find good fishing. Getting into kayak fishing changed that. Kayak anglers see expanded opportunities for access to waters the big boat guys can’t get to, or just don’t think are worth the time.

I’ve been fishing from a kayak for over 10 years, during this time I’ve been to more new, very productive fishing spots than any other time in my life. This is due to the fact I can easily get my kayak into tight spots and that fellow kayak anglers have shared spots they’ve discovered. I’ve learned what makes these spots unique and why the fishing can be off the charts!

Kayak fishing for Pike on a beautiful evening at LOW. Photo credit, Todd Kewatt.

P 10age 10 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021


Minneapolis Chain Of Lakes

These lakes are in the heart of Minneapolis. They’re surrounded by homes, walking paths and public gathering spots, they’re a bee hive of human activity. It feels improbable that the fishing could be good… but it is. Gas motors cannot be used on Minneapolis city lakes, that keeps most of the power boat guys off them. Michael Thompson and other metro area kayak anglers take advantage of having these spots right in our backyard. We also fish the Mississippi River north, south and through the Twin Cities. Lake Ann in Chanhassen is another metro area kayak fishing gem. No gas motors allowed, no homes on the lake and there is a narrow, shallow channel that connects to another lake that has no boat launch. And the fishing is excellent! There are many lakes in the metro that are only accessible by kayaks, canoes and stand up paddleboards, many are awesome fishing spots. (See photo top left)

Spirit Lake, Iowa

Waiting for open water is tough in the spring. Many kayak anglers in the north look to lakes south of them that have iced out to get a jump on the season. Joey Vanyo is planning to start his open water season at Spirit Lake in Iowa chasing smallies to prepare for a kayak fishing tournament that takes place in mid-April. He says, “There’s a main lake point they congregate on and the bite can be good. Just have to watch the wind because it’s a bigger lake.”

Lake Of The Woods & Devils Lake

Joey Vanyo

Lake Belva Deer in Keokuk county, IA

By Scott Shrader, President/Founder, Iowa Kayak Anglers. “The lake’s around 260 acres and is chock full of standing timber and laydowns, which is great for kayak fishing. My favorite target species there is Largemouth Bass. It’s known to hold some really good ones. My favorite lures to use there are bladed jig, and topwater frogs and poppers along shoreline.”

Kayak anglers usually stay clear of large bodies of water, but bays, river outlets and back waters can be sheltered from wind and weather and offer great fishing opportunities. Bostic Bay on LOTW is a great example. In the spring the ice melts first in the bays and Northern Pike move in to spawn. Pike fishing is open year round on LOTW so ice out is the perfect time for kayak anglers get on open water and start the season out with some great pike strikes. Many members from the kayak fishing club I belong to make the trip to Bostic Bay to start the open water season. This spring trip idea came from fellow kayak angler Josh Engelmann and it’s been a popular outing since. For years, before we started going to LOTW, we’d start our season on Devils Lake in North Dakota. The bays and flooded back roads presented a way to access water easily with our kayaks that the big boats couldn’t get to. It’s also a great destination for spring fishing from kayaks. MORE

Loren Pribyl with a thick LOTW Pike from 2020 er Scott Shrad


Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 11 11

Bass Lake, Ely MN – Arrowhead Region Of Minnesota This is arguably the most beautiful part of Minnesota, waterfalls, rocky outcroppings to lakes and pine trees. If you’ve never been to this area, put it on your bucket list, it’s spectacular. Kayak angler Allen Donais lives there and said this about his favorite spot, “Bigger lakes are crowded so I use the portability of my kayak to get away from the crowd. I portage into Bass Lake and make it a camping weekend. Spring features cool weather, no bugs and the Northern Pike, Large and Smallmouth Bass fishing is awesome!”

Backwaters Mississippi River, La Crosse WI

Arrowhead Kayak Angler Allen Donnais

Grandpa’s Lake – Anywhere In The Midwest I was invited to fish Lake TED in Minnesota. TED is a made up name, it stands for Totally Epic Day (of fishing). Todd Kewatt grew up near this lake and his Grandpa would hook the boat to the tractor and tow it over farm fields to the lake, back in the day. Today, there is an extremely rustic access to Lake TED that is rutted out mud, down a very steep hill, to a mucky shore. Not a launch a glitter boat guy would want to try. But we can rig up our kayaks on wheel carts and get to the water. I fished Lake TED three times last year. I only saw one other boat (other than my kayak fishing buddies) on the water the whole time I was fishing. We had the lake and fish to ourselves. These spots are all over the Midwest, you just need to find them or ask friends.

By Bob Bahler. “One of my favorite areas to fish out of my kayak is Lake Onalaska on Pool 7 because it offers a little, bit of everything. In the spring, it can be hit or miss depending on spring flooding. If the water is high you can use a kayak to stealthily make your way through flooded timber looking for backwater bays and eddys that bass boats can't get to. If the water drops to a reasonable level you can you use your kayak to get through shallow and/or narrow sloughs, areas a boat can’t get through. I target the Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Dogfish, and Northern Pike. My go to lures in the spring are bladed jigs, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, weightless flukes senkos, and ned rigs.” Get your spring kayak fishing destination list built. Join a kayak fishing club, share your lakes, watch for outings you can join at lakes you’ve never fished. Join the kayak fishing fun in 2021! Join the conversation with the top kayak anglers in Bob Bahler the Midwest! Local kayak fishing clubs host seminars, events, tournaments, and run social media groups where conversations range from tips, tactics and education to friendly banter. You can ask newbie or advanced questions about Join a club near you today! kayak fishing. MN Kayak Fishing Club https://mnkayakfishingassociation.org/ IA Kayak Fishing Club https://www.facebook.com/iowakayakanglers/

Dwayne Kuhns with a Lake TED Largemouth. Photo credit, Todd Kewatt.

Page 12 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 12


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k . e h s e a


Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 13

T M o C a i a a t a S I w w


Come stay with us! Rainy Lakes only full service all season LEGENDARY resort!

On beautiful Rainy Lake

International Falls, MN | thunderbirdrainylake.com | Reservations: 1 (800) 351.5133 Local: (218) 286.3151

exploreminnesota.com P age 14 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 14


Wherever your next Minnesota road trip takes you, finding lakes & links is a lock. What else will you find? Well, that’s up to you. If your compass points northwest, this may bean experience you bring to life. The northwest corner of Minnesota feels like outlaw territory. Casinos dot the landscape, and ATV trails snake off into the backcountry along highways, ditches and county roads— the ideal destination for a raucous guys‘ getaway. So two summers ago, I gathered my buddies and we burned northward for a weekend escape.

By Jerard Fagerberg

Lorem ipsum

Photo Credit: Arctic Cat Inc.

7 am to 3 pm

LUB Big Sauk Lake, Sauk Centre, DMN FOO FRIDAY &


SATURDAY G N I H S FI JUNE 11-12, 2021 T EN Sauk Centre, MN NAMLake, URSauk TOBig 2021



7 am to 3 pm

SERV SAUK CEEDN BY TRE 7AM - 3PM A R 2 person teams | Entry $150/ boat Limited to 50 boats C H E THANK YOU TO OUR PLATINUM SPONSORS TRAP TREYA & Catch I Photo I Release Walleye Tournament THANK YOU TO OUR M The



Fri., June 11:


Sat., June 12:


at Sinclair Lewis Park Bandshell

Fishing, 7 am to 3 pm Awards Ceremony, 3:30 pm

1 member of the team MUST be present!

at Sinclair-Lewis Park Bandshellto 50 boats 2 person teams | Entry $150/ boat Limited pen

Catch I Photo I Release Walleye Tournament O to

Payout based on 50 boats:

Fri., June 11: at Sinclair Lewis Park Bandshell

Sat., June 12:

Fishing, 7 am to 3 pm Awards Ceremony, 3:30 pm

at Sinclair Lewis Park Bandshell

Payout based on 50 boats:

O$ p o t icLarge Walleye 200 l Pub

• 1st - 1,100 cash • 2ndexploreminnesota.com - $700 cash Midwesthuntfish.com • 3rd - $500 cash • 4th - $350 cash • 5th - $200 cash • 6th thru 10th - $100 cash $

lic Pub

• 1st - 1,100 cash • 2nd - $700 cash • 3rd - $500 cash 1 member of the team MUST be present! • 4th - $350 cash • 5th - $200 cash $ • 6th enthru 10th - 100 cash $

Contact Josh @ 320-491-3199 or j_rieland21@hotmail.com

Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 15

exploreminnesota.com P 16age 16 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021


Manohmen’s Shooting Star Casino was the first post on the road. Shooting Star is little more than a stucco lodge on the White Earth Reservation, but it’s one of the larger casinos in the region. This no-frills card den is where you can make the trip. We strolled right by the slot machines to the three-card poker tables. Bets last longer there than at the blackjack tables, and a big win can send you sailing the rest of the weekend. That was not our luck. Some in the group busted early. Some hung around and busted late. In either case, the drink carts were busy, and the night ran long. After two nights at Shooting Star, we traded its neon lights for a chance to explore the FourtownGrygla ATV trails. We rolled into Grygla and unloaded our trailer of ATVs (we brought our own, but you can have rentals delivered from the Twin Cities or Brainerd). With 170 miles of trails on the Fourtown-Grygla system alone, it was easy to forget any lost bets. We opened the throttles wide, the snorts of our ATVs battling as we toured the edges of Beltrami Island State Forest. When trails broke into the trees,

we were glancing out the sides of our goggles, hoping to spy some wildlife. But the only bear that afternoon was my hangover from the night before, and I quenched it with two-stroke engine exhaust. The adventure continued toward the U.S.Canada border, with a final stop in Warroad and the Seven Clans Casino. We spent the morning at Warroad Estates Golf Course, only 10 minutes from the hotel, wagering over putts. Lowest score got the best chair at the blackjack table, highest two had to share beds. Of the state’s 3 Seven Clans Casino locations, Warroad is the only one that serves alcohol, so it was the obvious option for our group’s final stop. One last shot at a jackpot. The night started coy with slots, but it wasn’t long before well drinks had us throwing chips together to make the blackjack minimums. On the last night of your trip, there’s not much else to do but go for it. We must’ve sworn it was our last hand a dozen times, just to ante up for the next hand. Every split or double felt like it would be the one that switched our luck, each dealer flop a cresting frontier. We were chasing, we knew it and we loved it.

exploreminnesota.com Midwesthuntfish.com

Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 17

Tap Into Breweries Megan Sugden Photography

The taprooms of Northwest Minnesota make for perfect pit stops on the road north

exploreminnesota.com P 18age 18 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021


Start at Bemidji Brewing, a standby known for their classic styles. In nearby Moorhead, Junkyard Brewing does the exact opposite, with over-the-top candy stouts and bizarre sours dominating the menu. We loaded the trunk with crowlers to share back home.

In the tiny town of Hallock, only 25 miles from Manitoba, Revelation Ale Works sits in the most remote location of any brewery in Minnesota. There, we became part of the select class of travelers to drink their decadent Peanut Butter Stout on site.

ANCHOR INN RESORT A Classic Minnesota Fishing Resort

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Fish the beautiful Bowstring River system which includes Bowstring Lake, Sand Lake, Little Sand Lake and Rice Lake. Website: www.anchorinnresort.com E-mail: vacation@anchorinnresort.com • Phone: 218-659-2718

exploreminnesota.com Midwesthuntfish.com

Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 19 19

Fun-Family-Fishing Vacation Destination

•10 Cabins

Minnesota Road Trip Check out the places mentioned here and plan your next “Guys Weekend” or “Girls Getaway” road trip on ExploreMinnesota.com

Text “Timber” to 72727 to check out our video

•12 Campsites • Sandy Beach • Boat Rentals

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★ Northern Minnesota


Start Here.



Marcell, MN

exploreminnesota.com Page 20 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 20


LOW is best known as the “The Walleye Capital of the World” and it lives up to its reputation. The walleye season extends to mid-April. Large numbers of fish and some monsters are possible. The Rainy River also is famous for it Lake Sturgeon fishery. These fish live to over 100 years old with weights of over 100 lb. Arguably, the river and 4 Mile Bay offer the top sturgeon fishing in the Midwest.


There’s something for everyone at Arnesen’s, whether you are looking for a fishing paradise or a relaxing vacation, we have it all.

Call For Spring Specials


Come experience the new Wigwam under new ownership. Wigwam Resort has been offering fun and excitement since 1917 with world class fishing and breathtaking scenic view just steps from any of our 3 lodging options. Wigwam Resort provides our guests with a knowledgeable, professional and friendly staff to make your stay memorable. We offer guided fishing trips, great food and drink options, and entertainment to make your stay fun and stress free.

arnesens.com | 800-535-7585 info@arnesens.com Midwesthuntfish.com

(800) 448-9260 wigwamresortlow.com

Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 21 21

P age 22 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 22


There is a spring tradition for some anglers that goes back generations. As the warm & welcomed spring sun begins to melt the ice & snow, the Rainy River just east of Baudette, MN begins to show pockets of open water. The open water that begins showing its beautiful hues slowly makes its way to the west and north, eventually ending up in Lake of the Woods. As the ice gives way to open water, thousands of walleyes are making their way to their spawning grounds. With so many fish into the river, fishing can be phenomenal. Yes, it is a timing thing, but if you hit it right, anglers can catch more trophies in a day than they may catch in a lifetime.

This is the spring run on the Rainy River. It all begins with reports about some open water on the river. News travels fast. Boat access typically begins near the Upper Sault Access (Franz Jevne) which is 28 miles east of Baudette and continues west. After Franz Jevne, the open water progresses west to Birchdale (Nelson Park landing), Frontier landing, Vidas landing (Clementson), Timber Mill Park (east Baudette), Peace Park in Baudette Bay, Bayview public access and finally Wheeler’s Point public access at the mouth of the Rainy River. Depending upon the spring, open water often appears the third week of March, but every year is different. The best way to keep abreast of the open water on the river is to keep connected with Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau’s website and social media. They give daily updates on the progress of the open water, fishing reports, and any other pertinent info. The first anglers to appear are the brave souls who elect to bring up smaller boats that can be pushed across the shore ice and carefully slid into the icy waters. These are the pioneers of the walleye run and obviously “safety first” has to be the mantra here. Most anglers wait for the accesses to be ice free. The county is good about using backhoes to help speed up the natural process of the access ice moving out. There are a handful of fishing techniques that stand out to catch walleyes during the spring walleye run. These techniques are valuable, keep them to yourself! Vertical Jigging Tackle during this time is simple. A good jigging rod, a handful of jigs and either minnows or bright plastics will do the trick. For most, a jig and minnow, preferably emerald shiner, is the go to bait during this cold water period. Brightly colored, glow and gold jigs are a good start. Most of the walleyes will be hungry, but want the bait slow, as they are not in the chasing mode. Don’t worry about using a heavier jig. A light jig can rise up and move too fast in the current. There is also less control. Depending upon the flow of the river, start out with a 3/8 or ½ oz and go from there. Don’t be afraid to go heavier if the water is moving quickly. This heavier jig will slow down your offering, just the way the walleyes want it. Many anglers will vertically jig over the side of the boat, working the bottom foot of the water column. Anchor up and give it 30 minutes in a spot before moving. Many anglers will anchor up on key spots such as a hole, bar, or current seam. Many times, groups of walleyes are on the move and will come to you. Photos by Joe Henry Midwesthuntfish.com

Slip Jigging On occasion, walleyes will want a little “angle to the dangle” meaning, they like it more horizontal. Try working a section of water by slowly using your trolling motor or if strong current, kicker motor slowly upstream. Pull your jig slowly forward and drop it back until it hits bottom. Sometimes, it never makes it to the bottom as the walleyes normally hit it on the drop. Drift back downstream and use a trolling motor to slow drift if necessary and repeat. Pitching Shorelines Some anglers prefer casting and working the shoreline. The key here is a controlled drift, making sure you are not ripping down river too fast. Some years, the current works good for this, other years, the assistance of an electric trolling motor is helpful. Vary your jigging technique until you get dialed in. Cast your offering up stream at about ten o’clock and slowly work the bottom with short little jumps or a slow steady retrieve. Experiment. This kind of fishing does not have to be rocket science. It is just jigging. Get your jig with bait in front of some of these pre-spawn walleyes and they will grab it. In this cold water, especially when casting, many anglers prefer plastic baits on their jigs and do very well. Plastics seem to shine in cold water. If pitching jigs into dirty water or mudlines, plastics can actually out fish live bait. In turbid water, plastics seem to have better “fish calling” qualities than live bait. They are louder, vibrate more and distribute scent.

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Again, bright colored plastics in this stained, sometimes stirred up water is a good choice. It can also be helpful to have some action or vibration on the plastic body, such as ridges, a paddle tail or a twister tail. Trolling Crankbaits Believe it or not, slow trolling a crankbait can also be very effective. Putting your lure in front of many walleyes will get active fish to respond or for more inactive fish, reaction strikes. Don’t fall into the wives tail you cannot troll in cold water, I have seen too many times, it simply isn’t true. Trolling not only puts big fish in the boat, it is a good technique to cover water and figure out where the fish are.

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This time of year, the walleyes are moving upstream in schools. As you decide where to fish, do not overlook shallow water. 3-7’ of water can hold a lot of fish—big fish. If you work a few sections of shallow water with limited results, slide a bit deeper. With naturally stained water and spring runoff, light penetration in the shallow depths is better and fish will see your offering easier vs the deeper depths. The walleye season on Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River is open until April 14th. From March 1 - April 14, there are special spring fishing regulations for Four Mile Bay and the Rainy River. This is a catch and release season only but most anglers aren’t here for filets. They are here to have the chance to catch monster walleyes and potentially, numbers of them. As far as lodging, the hotels and resorts around Baudette are a natural choice. During prime time, if the closest properties on the river or in town are full, there are numerous resorts north of Baudette which typically have openings along with restaurants and bars. To make it easy, there is an entire list of lodging at the Lake of the Woods Tourism website,



The small businesses of Baudette will have most everything you need. Bait shops carry hot jigs, plastics & live bait. Hardware stores, restaurants, coffee shops & souvenir retails are buzzing this time of year. Things are hopping and people are excited.

The spring run of walleyes is a tradition and an exciting time in these parts. It seems appropriate that the kickoff of open water involves some of the largest walleyes in the land stacked up in one beautiful river.


Author Joe Henry with a trophy on the Rainy River


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Otter Tail County Minnesota

A Destination For The Whole Family Sometimes we forget nature is something we as humans are all actually a part of and something that's very much a part of us all. In today's world we're easily lost in the media our smartphones, tablets, and televisions provide. We're lost in the redundancy of our day to day routines only catching glimpses of the natural world through photographs or perhaps some waterway we drive by on our daily commutes. To be truly healthy we all need time to reconnect with the natural world where we can awaken the parts of ourselves that have been sleeping. There's no better place to do this than Otter Tail County, MN. A place where low rolling hills of wild grasses and oaks dominate the landscape. With well over 1,000 lakes nestled within these hills, this is one of the most unique 50 mi. stretches on earth. In fact, this 2,225 sq. mi. area holds more lakes than any other county in the US. Here are just some of the amazing places to visit and awesome things to do in Otter Tail County. At the top of the list stands the enormous hill at Inspiration Peak State Park where one can see for nearly 20 miles across a lake laden landscape below. The views from this vista are exceptionally spectacular when wild prairie flowers paint the countryside and in fall when forest leaves have turned a golden yellow, crimson, and brilliant orange. The climb is kid friendly with a paved trail and railings in the steeper sections. If it's camping your into Glendalough State Park is one of the nicest but least visited parks in the state. It has 2 completely undeveloped lakes to visit and even has secluded canoe in campsites. Great fishing, sandy beaches, and crystal clear water make these lakes true gems. There are 26 campsites in all plus four rustic cabins available to rent. At just $60 a night, these cabins offer a great alternative to tent camping. They are equipped with electricity, screened in porches, and bunks that sleep 6. Boats are available to rent as well. Visit www.dnr.state.mn.us.com for reservations or stop into the office during business hours.

Another lesser known but beautiful camping destination is Silver Sage Guest Ranch & Campground. With 427 acres of horseback trails and a private lake full of tiger muskies and big bass, there is plenty to do there. The small, isolated campground is nestled deep into steeply forested hills and offers an elevated view of the lake. Below at the swimming beach is a dock and place to launch your boat. Riding horses are available. Prices are very reasonable. Contact the Otto's at (218) 864-8007 for reservations or visit their website at silversagemn.com Some of the best resorts in the country are located in Otter Tail County. One of my favorites is Thumper Pond with its 18 hole golf course and a huge indoor water park the whole family can enjoy. There is even a toddler water park where those really little ones can get used to the water. This resort is not on a lake but there are a multitude of really great ones that are. Most of them have boats for rent and/or dock space for your own. With a little research these lake resorts aren't hard too find. The towns of Fergus Falls, Battle Lake, and Perham have some phenomenal restaurants, bars, and micro breweries. The high volume tourism of the area allows these small communities to host some of the best quality dining experiences in the state! I'd recommend The Rusty Nail in Battle Lake to anyone. Visit one of these great establishments after a long day on the water. Another great destination is the Phelps Mill near the small town of Underwood. This wheat mill was built in 1888 and preserved in its original state by the county as a symbol of rural American life. It is open to the public during summer months. The nearby Phelps General Store is still open and presents itself in mostly the same way it did in the 1800s. These sites offer a rare window into the history of the midwest.

If you want to get in on some of the best fishing in the entire country, Otter Tail County can deliver. I highly recommend obtaining a guide however, as there is so much water to cover! Not all these lakes are created equal and having a guide will greatly increase your chances of success. There are some incredible opportunities for huge panfish, walleye, and muskie in the area and some great full time guides to match whatever species your after.

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Otter Tail County has endless opportunities by way of water. From the recently restored lake sturgeon fishery of the Otter Tail River to the incredible walleye fishing on Otter Tail Lake, bountiful lakes and beaches make this destination both adventurous and affordable for the whole family. With as much water as there is, privacy isn't too hard to find either. If your looking for a great place to take your family this summer and would rather avoid the hassle of expensive airfares, car rentals, and dirty hotels—look no further than Otter Tail County where you are certain to make memories that last a lifetime.

Photos provided by John Rasmussen


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Mighty Mo’ in Central Sodak History, adventure, & recreation are just a few of the incredible attributes to Mighty Mo’s waters The Missouri River is an incredible piece of our great state. The river is 2,341 miles long beginning in Montana and ending in Missouri. South Dakota claims over 1,000 miles of Mighty Mo’s shoreline. This is divided into four lakes/reservoirs: Lake Oahe, Lake Sharpe, Lake Francis Case, and Lewis & Clark Lake. Lake Oahe stretches from Bismarck, ND to our capitol Pierre, SD. Lake Sharpe

begins at Oahe Dam and flows south about 80 miles to Big Bend Dam at Fort Thompson, SD. Lake Francis Case is our gentle giant among the four reservoirs beginning at Big Bend Dam and winding all the way down to Fort Randall Dam. Finally, we have Lewis and Clark Lake the smallest of the four reservoirs heading from Fort Randall dam on down to Gavin’s Point Dam.

By Taryn Reidt Director of Chamberlain-Oacoma Area Chamber of Commerce

P age 28 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 28


C m m i C t w h 3 a n o

a C b o t

The gentle giant of the four reservoirs, Lake Francis Case, is where we will focus. Lake Francis Case has 540 miles of shoreline, has an area of 102,000 acres, and a maximum depth of 140 feet. This area of the Mighty Mo is home to all kinds of recreation and adventure. The Chamberlain – Oacoma areas are host to many fishing tournaments throughout the year including, ice fishing, and walleye tournaments. The National Walleye Tour will be hosted in Chamberlain-Oacoma this upcoming April 29th – 30th. Our area will be expecting one hundred and fifty pro anglers as well as one hundred and fifty co-anglers. This nationally televised event is sure to attract anglers from all over the nation. In addition to our fishing, we are home to the best pheasant hunting in the area! Known as the “Golden Triangle” Chamberlain-Oacoma sits in the heart of South Dakota’s best pheasant hunting habitat. Thunderstik Lodge located on nearly 8,000 acres of prime hunting land has gained notoriety all over the world for their hospitality and expertise.


If you want to make some “reel” memories fishing Lake Francis Case will do the job! Some of the experts in our area such as Allen’s Guide service stated, “The largest walleye he has personally caught was 10.5 lbs.” Mike Allen said, “It is not unusual that Allen’s Guide Service will bring in over 100 walleye in a day.” Gary suggested using one quarter to one half ounce jig with shiner minnows, which can be picked up in Chamberlain or Oacoma. Gary also suggested a four-to-six-pound line using medium to heavy action rods. “Chamberlain-Oacoma is one of the premier areas to catch walleye between Lake Francis Case and the lower part of Lake Sharpe. Not uncommon in the core part of the to catch 75 to 100 plus fish per day. There is not a better place in the country to take your friends and family for a great time. In the early part of the season (March – April) fish can be little more temperamental, but the size is generally bigger. This is the most enjoyed time of the year by our anglers. A person can consistently catch walleye

Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 29 29

using vertical or casting jigs. Regarding tournaments, fisherman, can slow troll lead core which might produce a big one! After spawning season, the action picks up, with much more consistency of 15 to 20 walleye. Bottom bouncers and crawlers are good. Anglers catch their limits daily. We can pull walleye from Lake Francis Case from March until the river freezes up.” -Mike Allen, Allen’s Guide Service Raymond Pickner who runs the Cedar Shore Marina said his favorite time fishing the Mighty Mo was when he pulled in 115 lb. paddlefish! Raymond also suggested in early spring north toward Crow Creek was a great area to pull in walleye. When you head into the Chamberlain and Oacoma area be sure to stop by Allen’s Guide Service and the Marina at Cedar Shore to swap fishing stories or ask any questions you may have. The Chamberlain Oacoma area is a fantastic vacation destination for the avid sportsman as well as families. From our waterslides to our Akta Lakota Museum and Dignity sculpture we also offer shopping, recreational activities like Page 30 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021

Back 2 Bliss paddle board yoga, camping, hunting, fishing, restaurants, and many events throughout the year. Aside from cooking up your catch we have a host of restaurants you can visit. From hearty meals at Main St. Café & Market, delicious steaks at Buzzard’s Bar & Grill, to sizzling fajitas at Mi Pueblo your tastebuds will be satisfied. The Chamberlain-Oacoma area have the most charming downtown stores that will guarantee a wonderful shopping experience. Visit boutiques like 108 Affinity Salon & Spa for clothing, accessories, hair services and spa services. Take a step back in time visiting Al’s Oasis and Old West Trading Post for gifts and antiques. Stop in at the Akta Lakota Museum where they are committed to promoting the knowledge and understanding of the Northern Plains Indian Culture past, present, and future. The Chamberlain-Oacoma area businesses are committed to our visitors and we look forward to having you. Make these two cities on the Mighty Mo your next travel destination. Midwesthuntfish.com

Hosting the NWT Tournament, April 29 - 30


M 605-234-4416 • www.chamberlainsd.com


Text chamberlainsd to 72727 for more information

Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 31

The NWT Walleye Tour season commences April 29-30, 2021 in Chamberlain/Oacoma SD, on Lake Francis Case. The sprawling Missouri River impoundment covers 107 miles and encompasses 102,000 acres.

“Chamberlain is a new place for most of the field,” said Bass Pro Shops pro Gary Parsons, who finished 10th in the Angler of the Year standings. “The end of April is usually right after the spawn, and the fishing should be steady. If you go too early in April, it can be hit or miss. At the end of April, it should be really good. Historically, Flicker Shads have been fantastic as well as jigs with plastics and jigs with minnows. Overall, it’s a great piece of tournament water; it’s very diverse.”

Welcome NWT Anglers & Visitors

Page 32 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021


Arrowwood Resort & Conference Center at Cedar Shore welcomes the NWT and all of the anglers and visitors. We are proud to be your host resort for the tournament.

arrowwood logo Arrowwood Resort & Conference Center at Cedar Shore is located on the banks of the beautiful Missouri River. Come join us for a weekend of fun, or just an evening of fine dining.

Arrowwood Resort plays host to tons of fun activities: fishing, boating, swimming, dining on the deck and drinking at the Tiki Bar. We have an indoor pool, Conference Center, Bridges Restaurant & Lounge, game room and a work out room.


Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 33

“I’m always excited, but this schedule is extra special,” said Simms pro John Hoyer, who finished first, second and first at the final three events of the 2019 season “I think Chamberlain is the wildcard this year,” Hoyer offered. “Not a lot of us travel to the Missouri in the spring. Personally, I’m not much of a reservoir fisherman, so it’s a good challenge.”

Experience the Missouri River in South Dakota • Food & Lodging • Ice Fishing • Walleye & Smallmouth Fishing • Golf & Boating • Pheasant Hunting

The Bite is ON Call Today

Platte SD | (605) 337-9777 | plattecreek.com Page 34 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021


CHAMBERLAIN - OACOMA, SOUTH DAKOTA “A Destination for Everyone Along I-90”

• The Backwoods Lounge • Flexible Convention Facilities • Complimentary AmericInn Perk Breakfast • Whirlpool & Fireplace Suites Available • Wireless Internet • Fitness and Business Centers • Indoor Pool and Water Recreation Area

• Proud members of the Wyndham Worldwide family of hotel brands • Super Start Breakfast • Wireless Internet • Indoor Pool & Spa • Pets Welcome

EXIT 265

EXIT 263

• Proud members of the Wyndham Worldwide family of hotel brands • Baymont Breakfast Corner • Wireless Internet

• Indoor Heated Pool • Business Center • Q Corner Cafe Breakfast • Wireless Internet • Pets Welcome • Smoke Free Property

EXIT 260

• Smoke Free Property • Indoor Heated Pool & Spa • Pets Welcome

EXIT 260

• Proud members of the Wyndham Worldwide family of hotel brands • Rise & Dine Complimentary Continental Breakfast • Fitness and Business Centers • Wireless Internet • Indoor Pool & Spa EXIT • Smoke Free Property


Home of World Class Pheasant Hunting & Fishing AmericInn Lodge & Suites

Super 8 Motel

Baymont Inn & Suites

Quality Inn

Howard Johnson Inn & Suites

1981 East King Street 124 Front Street 1100 East Hwy 16 100 West Hwy 16 Chamberlain, SD 57325 Chamberlain, SD 57325 Oacoma, SD 57365 Oacoma, SD 57365 Phone (605) 234-0985 Phone (605) 234-8888 Phone (605) 234-1667 Phone (605) 734-5593 Fax (605) 234-0986 Fax (605) 234-8889 Fax (605) 234-1574 Fax (605) 734-6991 www.americinnchamberlainsd.com www.super8chamberlain.com www.baymontinns.com www.qualityinn.com Midwesthuntfish.com

203 East Hwy 16 Oacoma, SD 57365 Phone (605) 234-4222 Fax (605) 234-6849 www.hojooacoma.com

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Dakota Plains Gallery & Gift Shop 209 N. Main St., Chamberlain, South Dakota

Authentic Native American Gifts

Artwork, Beadwork, Star Quilts, Books, Drums… and more

Preserving the Culture of South Dakota’s Tribes Dakota Indian Foundation 605-234-5472 www.dakotaindianfoundation.org Page 36 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021


NWT Walleye Tour April 29-30, 2021 Chamberlain, SD Lake Francis Case Text chamberlainsd to 72727 for more information

Mi Pueblo

Mexican Restaurant

A Taste with tradition!

Premium Boat Fuel (No Ethanol)

OPEN 6AM April 17th thru May 3rd Sunday & Monday: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM Tuesday - Thursday: 11:00 AM - 9:30 PM Friday & Saturday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Welcome Anglers

118 S. Front St. Chamberlain, SD • 605-234-1518 Midwesthuntfish.com

Fuel for the Fishermen

Your one stop shop for: • Licenses • Live Bait • Liquor/Pop /Beer

201 W King St., Chamberlain, SD (605) 234-6811 Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 37

Experience two of the walleye fishing wonders of the world, Lake Francis Case and Lake Sharpe.

Book Your Trip Today Call: (800) 435-5591 “World Class Smallmouth Bass”

Walleye Fishing Is Good. Limits Taken Daily.

Welcome NWT Tournament Anglers & Visitors

Lodging, Bait, Tackle, Licenses, Fish Cleaning Facilities

Allen’s South Dakota Fishing & Hunting Chamberlain, SD • info@allenshillside.com Page 38 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021

s r e l g n A e Welcom High quality foods, friendly service and great prices Quality Meats | Delectable Deli Fresh Bakery | Beer, Wine & Spirits 100 Paul Gust Rd., Chamberlain, SD (605) 234-5559 chamberlainfoodcenter.com Midwesthuntfish.com

NWT Walleye Tour April 29-30, 2021 Chamberlain, SD Lake Francis Case Text berlainsd am ch to 72727 for more information


Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 39

Prices starting at $4,900

The ultimate hunting blind

Call Today! 800-657-2184 • www.pondtini.com Page 40 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 40



Pierre’s Hunting & Fishing Headquarters


Bait & Tackle Liquor/Beer Pharmacy Deli/Bakery Grocery

Pierre, SD•605-224-8871•lynnsdakotamart.com


Lake Oahe is the first stop along the northern part of the Missouri River in SD. It stretches for 231 miles from Oahe Dam, near Pierre, all the way north to Bismarck, ND. The largest of the four Missouri River reservoirs, Lake Oahe is the "big water." This deep, clear lake - at its maximum depth, Oahe reaches 205 feet, makes for excellent boating and fishing.

Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 41 41

Experience Upper Oahe Fishing


Call Today to book your Missouri River Vacation

Steak House Bait Shop and C-Store Cabins • Motel Campground

BobsResort.com | 605-765-2500 Lake Oahe / Gettysburg, SD

Call Today 605.769.1113


Experience Lake Oahe Fishing



We practice Covid-19 safety on all trips

All Inclusive Packages Available at Brown’s Lodge

• Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern, Salmon • Top of the line equipment • Email me at curtislagan@gmail.com

curtislaganguiding.com • Gettysburg SD Page 42 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 42


Fish Walleye, Pike & Smallies on Lake Oahe • On The Bluffs Overlooking Lake Oahe • Wild Pheasant Hunts • Prairie Chicken & Sharptail Hunts • Summer & Winter Fishing on Whitlock Bay, Lake Oahe • Overnight Accommodations with full service bar, deluxe king or 2 twin bed suites, private bath • Call Now To Reserve Your South Dakota Adventure

Book Your 2021 Pheasant Hunt

All Inclusive Packages Call Today!

29350 US Hwy 212 Gettysburg, South Dakota 57442

Please visit our website to view our galleries, find more package details and make reservations.



Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 43 43


ON THE WATER Check Out Our Inventor y! Text HELM to 72727

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Get pre-ap .net ne at helmmari

Aberdeen, SD • 605.225.1250 • www.helmmarine.net

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Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 45

(605) 753-5022

Watertown, SD

Campers • Trailers • Toppers Sales • Service Full line of Enclosed Cargo Trailers



Over 50 years of quality, innovation & performance Hurry In! In Stock 2021 Models Going Fast.

Custom Order Your 2021 Model Today

Watertown, SD | 605-882-4590 | danosmarine.com Page 46 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021


FISH BITTER & WAUBAY Jumbo Perch Trophy Walleye

11 New Extended Stay Suites with Kitchenettes!


• Kitchen w/ refrigerator & Stove • 2 Queen Beds • Bunk Beds • Sleeping for 5-7 People

Fish Cleaning Station


• Newly rebuilt in 2009 • 4 bathrooms • Rent One Level OR Entire Home • Sleeps 5-15 Individuals

Reservations recommended. Walk-ins welcome

Call 605-345-3323 or boomersoutback.com 300 West Highway 12 • Webster, SD Enclosed game cleaning area with dog kennels


Gaming, Dining, Lodging, RV Park Located in the heart of South Dakota Hunting & Fishing

dakotasioux.com • 1.800.658.4717 Watertown, SD • 4 miles west of I-29, Exit 185


Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 • Page 47

South Dakota’s Most Famous Glacial Lakes

Waubay and Bitter Lake Waubay Lake Guide Service Waubay and Bitter Lakes cover 35,000 acres of walleye angling paradise. Flooding in the 90's created what Waubay Lake locals call a walleye factory. Submerged timber, rock piles, old farm implements and flooded farm ground combine to create structure for walleyes to ambush bait fish and key bait presentations alike! We follow the fish throughout their feeding patterns with key presentations to produce limits of healthy eyes from pre-spawn, all the way into the late winter months. Waubay Lake Guide Service offers adrenaline pumping fishing opportunities for trophy Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, and Jumbo Perch! We are not just a weekend/hobby guide service, that is the last thing you want. Cory and his team of guides are on the water every day of the week to ensure our clients are on top of the best bite possible

Make us your

• Licenses • Bait & Tackle • Hunting Supplies • Guns & Ammo • Gas • Deli • Liquor • ATM • Sandwiches made fresh daily! • Chicken • Burgers • Breakfast Items • Pizza • Coldest Beer in Town




HWY. 10, BRITTON, SD • 605-448-2331

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Looking to catch not only numbers but quality walleyes?

CALL TODAY 605-929-3894 LET’S DO IT!

*covid-19 Safety* Boat and all gear sanitized after every outing. Waubay Lake Guide Service is located just 2 hours straight north of Sioux Falls on interstate 29, in Webster, South Dakota. Experience action packed guided fishing for walleyes, smallmouth, northern pike, crappies, bluegill and jumbo perch. Day trips, vacation packages, cooperate outings, and lodging available, plan your summer fishing vacation with W.L.G.S.

Webster, SD | 605-929-3894 | waubaylakeguideservice.com


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By Hornblower's Barge & Grill

Ingredients: • 1 (6 to 8 oz.) walleye fillet • Salt & ground black pepper • Flour, for dredging • 2 T. butter • 1 oz. sliced white mushrooms • 1 oz. diced tomatoes • Garlic Wine Sauce, recipe follows • 6 oz. linguini, cooked • Lemon wedges, for garnish • Garlic Wine Sauce: • 1 T. butter • 4 oz. chopped garlic • 6 cups hot water • 2 oz. clam base (bouillon) • 1/4 cup white wine • 3 T. lemon pepper Directions: Season walleye with salt & black pepper. Coat both sides with flour, tapping off excess. Heat butter in a med. nonstick skillet over med-high heat; cook on one side 2 to 3 min., or until golden. Turn over; cook until fish is opaque & cooked through. Remove to plate; keep warm. Add sliced mushrooms & diced tomatoes to fish pan; cook until mushrooms are golden & any liquid has evaporated. Add some garlic wine sauce; season with salt & pepper, to taste. Serve fish over linguini; top with pan sauce. Garnish with lemon wedge. Garlic Wine Sauce: Melt butter in saucepot over med. heat. Add garlic; saute until just brown, 5 min. Add water, clam base, white wine, & lemon pepper; simmer until reduced, 10 min. Ingredients: • 3/4 pound walleye or similar • 1 small onion diced • 2 T. butter • 4 oz. softened cream cheese • 2 T. lemon juice • 1 T. paprika • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese • 1 cup mayo • 2 T. hot sauce • 1/4 cup chopped green onion • 1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley • 1/2 cup bread crumbs • 1 cup Parmesan cheese Directions: Preheat oven to 350º. Melt butter; add chopped onion & walleye. Cook 5 min. Use spatula to flake fish; stir onion & butter together. Set aside. In large bowl mix cream cheese, mayo & cheese. Add hot sauce, chives, parsley, lemon juice, & paprika. Stir well. Press cream mixture into pie pan/baking dish. Press walleye flakes on top; add cooked onions. By Nellie Top with breadcrumbs, Parmesan, & a sprinkle of paprika. Bake at 350º for 25 min. or until hot & bubbling. Page 50 • Midwest Hunting & Fishing • March - May 2021 50

Ingredients: By Chef • 6 6-8 oz. walleye filets, pin-boned Andy Stewart • 2 T. Fustini's Gremolata olive oil • 1 T. Fustini's Sicilian Lemon balsamic • salt & pepper • 1 lemon thinly sliced • 3 tomatoes, sliced • 1/4 c. Bal. Tomato Sauce • parsley, chopped • mint, chopped • Balsamic Tomato Sauce (recipe follows) • 1 T. Fustin's Garlic olive oil • 1 garlic clove, minced • 1 lg. can peeled tomatoes • 1 T. Fustini's 18 Yr bal. • 1 T. parsley, chopped Directions: Preheat at 400º. Place walleye on baking sheet, skin down. Drizzle Fustini's olive oil & balsamic over fillets; season with salt & pepper. Place a layer of sliced lemons on each fillet; top with a layer of sliced tomatoes. Top with a spoonful of Balsamic Tomato Sauce; place in preheated oven. Bake until fully cooked, 15-20 min. Remove from oven; transfer fillets to serving plates. Garnish with chopped parsley & mint. Serve immediately. Balsamic Tomato Sauce Heat the Fustini's olive oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Add the garlic; sauté for 30 sec. Add tomatoes, balsamic, parsley, salt & pepper. Bring to a simmer. Turn heat to low; continue to simmer stirring occasionally, until sauce thickens, 1-2 hrs. Midwesthuntfish.com

By Scott Leysath

Ingredients: • 4 6 – 8 oz. walleye fillets • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour • 1 tsp. salt • 1/4 tsp. white pepper • 1/2 tsp. garlic powder • 1 T. Italian seasoning • 2 T. butter • 3 T. olive oil • 2 T. freshly squeezed lemon juice • 1/4 cup dry white wine • pinch sugar • 1 T. capers • 3 additional T. butter • 2 green onions, chopped • 1/2 cup tomatoes seeded & diced Directions: Pat fillets dry w/paper towels. Combine flour w/next 4 ingredients. Dust fish w/seasoned flour. Heat 2 T. butter & olive oil in lg. skillet over med. heat. Add fish; brown lightly until just cooked. Transfer to dish/pan, cover; keep warm. Wipe pan out w/PT; return pan to med-hot stove. Add lemon juice, wine, sugar & capers. Bring to boil; reduce liquid to 1 or 2 T. Remove pan from heat; whisk in butter & onions until melted. Stir in tomato; spoon over fish.

Ingredients: • ½ cup butter, melted • 2/3 cup saltines • ¼ cup grated Parmesan • ½ tsp. dried basil • ½ tsp. dried oregano • ½ tsp. salt • ¼ tsp. garlic powder By Cindy Yonkman • 1 lb. yellow perch fillets Directions: Preheat oven to 350º. Pour butter into a shallow dish. Combine cracker crumbs, Parmesan cheese, basil, oregano, salt, and garlic powder in a separate shallow bowl. Dip perch fillets into melted butter and press into the seasoned cracker crumbs to coat. Arrange coated fillets on a baking sheet. Bake in the preheated oven until the coating is browned and fish flakes easily with a fork, 25 to 30 minutes.

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Our season begins in April and runs through early December. Some of the best walleye action occurs between April and the end of July. November through early December can also produce trophies. Mark 1 Sportfishing is a teaching charter. We want you involved in the experience as much as possible. We have found that if you are learning the process and are involved in the process that our customers are having so much more fun and walk off of our boats with pride.

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Text Mark 1 to 72727 for more information

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s t a t e a fi a

Our goal is to keep our guests having fun while being comfortable out on the water. During the harsher conditions of November and December, our cabins are heated, allowing us to pursue trophy fish when fishing is best late in the season. Last, our trips are family friendly and oriented. Bring the kids along for the trip of a lifetime!

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Captain Mark Cahlik designed the perfect blend of world class fishing and luxurious lodging to meet the demands of the most discriminating professional angler, or the family enjoying recreational fishing on vacation. Lake Erie provides the unparalleled fishing; The Bay’s Edge accommodates with the creature comforts everyone enjoys. The Bay’s Edge lies in the heart of the entertainment hub of Ohio, with Cedar Point Amusement Park, wineries, and the Lake Erie Island hot spots just minutes away. Plan your fishing trip to include a few extra days to see the sights! The Bay’s Edge consists of spacious town homes along the shores of a well-stocked private fishing pond. Guests enjoy the fully furnished kitchens, roomy living areas, and sleeping accommodations for up to 6 people. Each private deck offers the opportunity for outdoor grilling as well as a platform for exciting catch-and-release fishing from our pond. Our visitors also benefit from a location near Lake Erie and its wonderful fishing opportunities as well as our proximity to a host of area attractions.

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A Aberdeen (SD) CVB................................... 45 H CONTENTS Advantage RVs.......................................... 46 Hagen's Fishing Tackle.............................. 55 How to Find Akta Lakota Museum................................. 36 Helm Marine.............................................. 44 LATE ICE PANFISH.......................6 Howard Johnson Inn................................. 35 Allen’s South Dakota Fishing & Mapping Your Way to More Hunting.................................................... 38 L Al’s Oasis................................................... 34 Lynn’s Dakota Mart.................................... 41 TURKEYS THIS SPRING................8 Anchor Inn Resort...................................... 19 M Spring 2021 Top Midwest Kayak Arnesen’s Rocky Point Resort.................... 21 Mi Pueblo.................................................. 37 FISHING SPOTS........................ 10 N Arrowwood at Cedar Shore Place Your Bets on Resort - Oacoma, SD............................... 32 North Central Food.................................... 51 . .................................5 North Dakota Tourism. NORTHWEST MINNESOTA............ 14 B O Bay’s Edge Lodging, Lake Erie, Ohio......... 52 Up Your Odds for Off Shore Tackle Co................................... 24 Black Hills Longrange Rifle....................... 54 Old 16 Trading Post................................... 37 SPRING RAINY RIVER WALLEYES...22 Boat 2 Trailer.................................................3 P Destination For The Whole Family Bob's Steak House.................................... 42 Platte Creek Lodge.................................... 34 OTTER TAIL COUNTY, MINNESOTA. 26 Boomers Outback Hotel............................. 47 Pond Tini................................................... 40 Mighty Mo’ in Browns Hunting Ranch.............................. 43 R C Rapala........................................................ 13 CENTRAL SODAK...................... 28 Chamberlain CVB...................................... 31 S NATIONAL WALLEYE TOUR.......... 32 Chamberlain Food Center......................... 38 Sauk Centre Convention............................ 15 Church Tackle Company........................... 25 Skeeter Boats................................................4 FISH & TIPS RECIPES................. 50 Cliff’s 1 Stop & Outdoor Store................... 46 South Dakota Game, Fish & DESTINATIONS Parks.................................................. 39, 40 Aberdeen, SD........................................ 44 Curtis Lagan Guiding................................ 42 Stengel Oils............................................... 53 Chamberlain/Oacoma, SD.................. 28 D Dakota Indian Foundation......................... 36 T Explore Minnesota Tourism............... 14 Dakota Tackle............................................. 54 The Edge of the Wilderness....................... 20 Glacial Lakes, SD................................. 46 Dakota Sioux Casino................................. 47 Thunderbird Lodge.................................... 14 Lake Erie, OHIO..................................... 52 Dan O's Marine.......................................... 46 Timber Trails Resort................................... 20 Pierre, SD............................................... 41 Upper Oahe, SD.................................... 42 Dave’s Marine...............................................2 V Visit Fairmont............................................ 18 F Visit Grand Rapids..................................... 17 CONTRIBUTORS Explore Minnesota Tourism........1, 14-20, 56 W DRIVE, RAPID CITY, SD 57701Explore MN Tourism-Jerard Fagerberg 531 FOX RUN G Warroad Area COC.................................... 16 Josh Hagemeister John Rasmussen Gibson Duck Blind Covers........................ 53 Waubay Guide Service.............................. 49 Joe Henry Taryn Reidt-Cham. COC Grand River Resort & Casino.................... 43 Wigwam Resort......................................... 21 Joel Nelson Ron Strauss

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Upper Midwest’s Fishing Upper Upper Midwest’s Fishing Fishing Component Headquarters Upper Midwest’s Midwest’s Fishing

Component Component Headquarters Component Headquarters Headquarters 2001 2 EBismarck Bismarck Expy. 2001 2 2001 E E Bismarck Expy. Expy. E Bismarck Expy. Bismarck, DAKOTA DAKOTA Bismarck, Bismarck, ND NDND DAKOTA 22001M-F Bismarck, ND M-F8am 8am - 8pm M-F 8am ---8pm 8pm M-F 8am 8pm TACKLE TACKLE Sat 8am ---5pm 5pm TACKLE Sat Sat8am 8am - 5pm Sat 8am 5pm 701-222-3092 701-222-3092 or 800-880-4665 701-222-3092 800-880-4665 701-222-3092or or 800-880-4665 800-880-4665

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Hagen’s Quality Fishing Tackle Components Hagen 3150 W. Ha Havens • Mit Mitchell, SD 57301 • 800-54 800-541-4586 websitte: www websi www.hagensfish. .hagensfish.ccom • email: hagensfish@sant hagensfish@santel.net

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