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Email Etiquette and Safety How should email be used? 1. Email should be used for asking and answering simple questions. 2. Email should be used for providing basic and general information. 3. It should not be used as a social networking medium. Do’s 1. Check email regularly. 2. Read all emails carefully. (Do not skim.) 3. Be polite and positive. 4. Use appropriate language. 5. Remember that emails are not always private. System managers have full access. 6. Keep things short and clear. http:/ / video_id=183114&title=E_mail__amp__The_Inverted_Pyramid 7. Double check before hitting Send: grammar, spelling, and who will receive the email. http:/ / video_id=219682&title=Spell_Check__amp__Proof_Read 8. Be careful when you Reply All. This funny video illustrates what could happen. http:/ / 9. Make a clear subject line. 10. Remember that emails don’t communicate feelings or humor. Don’t’s 1. Do not send emails late at night. 2. Never write mean and unkind things. 3. Never share your password or personal information with anyone. 4. Do not name people when discussing problems. 5. Never pass on chain emails. 6. Do not use slang. (Use appropriate language.) 7. Never use all capital letters. http:/ / video_id=219683&title=Do_Not_Use_All_Caps 8. Avoid fancy background.

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Email Do's and Don't's