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How to  sign  up:    

1. Go to   2. Click  on  ‘I’m  a  Student’.    


3. Enter the  Group  Code  provided  by  the  teacher.   4. Fill  in  the  Username  and  Password.   5. You  could  skip  the  email  address.  It  is  optional.   6. Type  in  your  first  and  last  names.   7. Click  Sign  up.        


How to  join  more  groups.     1. Go  to  your  Edmodo  home  page.   2. Click  on  Join    

3. Type  the  code  teacher  gave  you  to  join  a  new  group.   Click  on  Join.    

How to  turn  in  Assignments  via  Edmodo    

1. Check for  assignments  from  your  teacher.   2. Click  Turn-­‐in  to  turn  in  your  completed   assignment.    


3. Click  inside  the  box.      


4. Type  a  response.  Attach  completed  documents  or   links.      


4. Your home  page  should  show  that  it  is  turned  in.   5. It  will  say  ‘Graded’  when  the  teacher  has  graded  it.    



Edmodo Tutorial  
Edmodo Tutorial  

How to sign-up. How to join more groups. How to turn in assignments.