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INDIANA SOCCER September 1, 2012 Authored by: Steve Franklin Director of Coaching Education

Kid’s Corner Kicks Official eNews Letter of Indiana Soccer Youth Players

The purpose of this eNews Letter is to provide you with monthly tips on training; fitness; recruiting; cool videos; news about you (which you pass along to me) and other interesting tidbits. I hope you enjoy it.

From DOCE Office: A few months back I received an email from one of our Indiana Soccer member’s parents stating that they had an idea for one of my upcoming eNews Magazines. I produce four eNews Magazines: Heads Up (all members); Ripples (parents); Kids Corner Kicks (youth players); and What’s Up DOC? (club Directors of Coaching). Often I solicit ideas for upcoming articles – such as training tips; great results; cool photos; things kids are doing; etc. One day I received the following email: Steve, My wife and I saw one of you recent emails requesting stories or bios. I wonder if you might allow us to tell our daughter's story... Not only is she an excellent student and loving daughter, but she also plays soccer for the Indiana Invaders, and has also started her own business (with her mother's and my help). She has played for the Invaders for several years, and their U12 team will be moving up to the ISL level next season. Last year during one of her classes at school, her teacher asked what kind of business she would like to start, and what she would call it. This question sparked her interest, and she now designs and sells soccer socks through her business "Super Silly Sports, Inc.". She is also in the process of designing several soccer balls, and other soccer accessories that will be available for sale through her business. Currently, she has about 10 sock designs available as well as three soccer balls. Her interest in the world of business has caused her mother and me to support her business idea, and I wonder if you might be willing to tell her story... Is this something you might allow us to do? Al Kreske Super Silly Sports By Girls for Girls

Heck yeah I thought it was a good idea. How often do we have our youth players doing projects or assignments like this? Quite a bit I imagine, but rarely do they share their stories. So I emailed a handful of questions to find out more about Lauren’s project. This is how it went: Steve Franklin, DOE Indiana Soccer: What it’s like playing for the Invaders U-12 team? Lauren Kresky: “Being a part of the Indiana Invaders is an exciting experience and a great opportunity. I enjoy the challenges that come with playing on the team and it's fun to travel around Indiana. I love my coach, he's fantastic. I learn different techniques and moves from him at every practice. I will be on the U13 team starting in the fall so our team will be playing in ISL. I am looking forward to this as well as having some new teammates.”

SF: How did the process with the teacher get started – (i.e. do they always do a class business project?). LK: The idea for my business came while writing an essay for class. We were preparing for the ISTEP tests and

my teacher asked us to write about a business we would like to have and why. My essay was about the designs I would have and what the name of my company would be. SF: Why the name "Super Silly Sports, Inc."? LK: Initially the name I came up with was Super Silly Soccer Socks. After talking to my parents and really

thinking about all I could do, I realized that I didn't want to limit my designs to just the sport of soccer. We thought about different names and finally decided that Super Silly Sports was the best one. SF: How difficult is it to be a student; a soccer player; and a business operator/designer ALL at the same time? LK: At times, it's challenging to juggle school, soccer, and having my own business. I am learning that each one

takes a lot of time and commitment. I am definitely getting a good lesson in time management. SF: What advice would you give other young soccer players who may have similar dreams? LK: My advice to any young person that has a dream is to not give up on it. It has taken me over two years to

get my business this far. It's not always easy but it's taught me perseverance and the importance in believing in myself. SF: How have your parents supported your efforts (I put this question in to let other parents learn how great it is that you support her efforts without being too pushy). LK: My parents have been very supportive of me and my business from the beginning. For one, starting a

business takes money so they have helped me with the financial part. They also offer a lot of encouragement. We set up at tournaments together and have a lot of fun. SF: What do your teammates/peers think of her business? LK: My teammates are great supporters. They wear my socks to practice and tell others about my socks.

SF: Did you get that “A” from the teacher you had the project for? LK: Sure did!

To find out more about Lauren’s products, simply visit her website at:

Question: Can you define what a Goal Mouth is? Answer: A goalkeeper who never stops talking!!

Below we have links to video highlights of the USA's successful 2012 Olympic campaign for coaches and parents to share with their soccer-playing youngsters, as well as videos that will help them get to know some of the gold medal stars. SIX GAME, SIX VICTORIES THE GOLD MEDAL TRIUMPH. USA 2 JAPAN 1. Central midfielder Carli Lloyd scored both U.S. goals in the final win over Japan that gave the U.S. women their third straight gold medal and their fourth in the five Olympic tournaments since women's soccer became an Olympic sport in 1996. Video highlightsHERE. THE SPECTACULAR SEMIFINAL. USA 4 CANADA 3. In one of the greatest women's soccer games ever, the USA came back from 1-goal deficits three times -- with goals from Megan Rapinoe (twice) and Abby Wambach -- before Alex Morgan headed home the gamewinner during stoppage time of the final overtime period. Video highlightsHERE. QUARTERFINAL CRUISE. USA 2 NEW ZEALAND 0. The Americans dominated New Zealand in a 2-0 win that saw Wambach score in her fourth straight game at these Olympics to provide the first-half lead. Sydney Leroux came off the bench to score the second. (Note the smile on Leroux's face while celebrating her strike.) Video highlightsHERE. GROUP PLAY FINALE. USA 1 NORTH KOREA 0. The USA had already clinched a quarterfinal spot going into its final group-stage game against North Korea. Wambach's goal, superbly set up by Morgan, secured a first-place finish in the group and with the 1-0 win the Americans for the first time finished the first-round of Olympic play with a perfect 3-0-0 record. Video highlightsHERE. RED-HOT RAPINOE. USA 3 COLOMBIA 0. Hope Solo was called on for only one save as Rapinoe, Wambach and Lloyd scored in a 3-0 win over Colombia that clinched a quarterfinal spot for the USA. Rapinoe scored with a long-distance rocket and assisted on Lloyd's goal. Video highlightsHERE. SUPER COMEBACK. USA 4 FRANCE 2. The USA started its Olympic quest against France, touted as among the favorites, and went down 2-0 within 15 minutes. But by halftime it was 2-2, thanks goals by Wambach and Morgan. Lloyd and Morgan, again, struck in the second half of the entertaining opener. Video highlights. HERE. GOLAZOS TOP 5. NBC picked goals by Cristiane (Brazil), Diana Matheson (Canada), Carli Lloyd (USA), Portia Modise (South Africa) and Alex Morgan (USA) as the tournament's top goals. VideoHERE. OFF-THE-FIELD U.S. WOMEN SING MILEY While prepping for their gold hunt the U.S. women had some fun creating a lip-synch video to Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA." VideoHERE.

RAPINOE THE PRIDE OF REDDING Megan Rapinoe returns to her hometown of of Redding in Northern California to offer a glimpse of where she grew up and introduces her family. VideoHERE. MORGAN'S TOUR Alex Morgan shows her childhood home in Diamond Bar in Southern California and offers insight into her youth soccer experience. VideoHERE. JERSEY GIRL Carli Lloyd shows you around her New Jersey home in Delran. VideoHERE. SOLO IN SEATTLE Goalkeeper Hope Solo gives a tour of her Seattle home that includes introductions to her dogs and mousecatching cat. VideoHERE.

Lauren Cheney: Always Indy [Back Home]'s "Back Home" video series continues with more from WNT Midfielder Lauren Cheney in her hometown of Indianapolis. Lauren takes you on a tour of the house where she grew up and also introduces you to her family. Click here to see the video: Lauren Cheney returns to her childhood home in Indianapolis and introduces the family Video

Olympics 2012

With two goals, the US Women's soccer team defeated Japan in yesterday's game, capturing gold—for the third time in a row. One player, Abby Wambach, has been part of it all (in fact, she scored the winning goal against Brazil in the 2004 games). She's been a staple player during all the US Women's soccer team highlights throughout her career, but at 32 years old and with three gold medals, there's one question on every fan's mind: What's next? While Wambach hasn't talked much about retirement (she's even been quoted as saying that she wants to play in the 2015 Women's World Cup), she did open up to us about her post-soccer career plans: She wants to open her own restaurant in Portland. "It will be café-esque with eclectic food," she says. "I'm just a huge connoisseur of food, people and fun and I think [it] would be so cool to own a restaurant that can kind of create that environment for people." And if her recent success is any reflection of her eating habits, she may be on to something. "As an athlete, I need the right kind of food in my system so that my muscles can last throughout a 90-minute game," says Wambach. "Fuel is so important—it plays an important role not only in a professional athlete's life, but in the regular person's life." And there's one fuel that Wambach, regardless of fad diet or popular consensus, will never cut out: Carbs. Rebecca Scritchfield, R.D., a dietitian in Washington, D.C. agrees: "Carbohydrates are gasoline for your body. The more active you are, the more fuel you need," she says. That said, the amount and quality are key, says Scritchfield. The low end (for a lightly active person) is between 150-200 grams a day, while a heavily training athlete like Wambach could easily consume 500 grams a day or more. Wambach focuses on getting her carbs through fruits, vegetables and whole grains. "White bread is so 1985," she says, "I'm a huge fan of Arnold/Brownberry/Oroweat 100% Whole Wheat Bread [Wambach is a spokesperson for the company]. Scritchfield agrees again: "Whole grains are a great source of carbs because they also contain fiber, which helps with digestion," says Scritchfield who recommends brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, bulgur wheat, whole-wheat couscous, and whole-wheat cereal like oatmeal and shredded wheat. Other great carb sources include fruit, beans, starchy vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, peas, carrots, parsnips, and squash. Wambach typically opts for a sandwich with tomatoes, avocado, a protein like turkey or ham and cheese and Siracha hot sauce for a spicy punch of flavor. Not up your alley? Try one of these healthy sandwich recipes. Just be sure to include a protein, says Scritchfield. "That pairing will keep your blood sugar from spiking as high as it would if you just ate carbs alone, because protein takes longer to digest," she says. So, say you eat a banana by itself. You digest it much faster than you would if paired with peanut butter (a protein and fat rich food). At the root of these restaurateur passions, Wambach has a simple goal: To share what she's gained from her balanced, and inclusive, eating philosophy. "If you start eating healthy, you'll feel better, she says. "You'll be more energetic and you'll have the opportunity to have a more successful and fulfilling life."

Since winning Survivor Africa, Ethan Zohn has co-founded Grassroot Soccer, an international organization that uses Africa's most powerful role models, pro soccer players, to educate youth about living a healthy lifestyle. Since its founding GRS has expanded to 18 different countries and graduated; over 330,000 youths. A former pro soccer player himself, Zohn launched Grassroot Soccer UNITED, a US based awareness campaign, by dribbling a soccer ball 550 miles from Boson MA to Washington D.C. In 2010, after surviving a rare form of cancer, Zohn was asked to be a global ambassador for Stand Up To Cancer and the LiveStrong Foundation. Zohn also keeps himself busy as the national spokesman for America Scores and lends his celebrity to multiple charity organizations, Colon Cancer Alliance, Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization (IREO), St. Jude Hospital, and Maccabi USA. Currently, he is the host of Outside Today and Earth Tripping, an eco-friendly travel adventure show. Zohn returned to reality-TV as a contestant on Survivor All- Star, Fear Factor, EcoChallenge, and hosted two soccer television shows, The MSG Soccer Report and F.C Fox. He was featured in the documentary film A Closer Walk along with The Dalai Lama, Bono and Kofi Annan. Ethan is a featured columnist on, which promotes the good that happens around the world each day. He has also starred in campaigns for Nike, Puma and HP, hosted MTV specials and was a sideline reporter for Major League Soccer, USL, MISL and ESPN Radio.

Below is one of the activities from Ethan’s Books:

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