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Life in the Land of COVID-19

While You Were Gone...

By Scott Frager

Exit the pandemic pause with a fresh mindset and center By Cary Tosello


IBI’s new section on business resources



By Patty Heath and David Garber

Big Fun In The Lonestar State Shenaniganz brings fun to Texas

12 SHORTS • Apple’s Print Budii keeps people connected • Rab’s Country Lanes brings some humor to its daily Facebook show • IBMHF’s Virtual Vault shares its treasures • One last nod to host Bob Allison, Perry Daniels, and Juanita Weber • Uncle Buck’s in Vancouver taps Intercard for its cashless technology


Abbey Road In The Age of Physical Distancing 24

Maintaining our humanity during the COVID-19 pandemic By Ben Jones

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May 2020


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It’s said “Third time’s a charm.” When penning my long-abandoned column, however, the fourth time may be the boon. First try dealt with this damned coronavirus and the hell it has reigned upon us. I wanted to say it’s going to be all right. I wanted a positive spin. Then, I crumpled that up and tossed it out because I didn’t feel genuine. Take two’s angle was all about the new normal and what our businesses are going to look like in the future. I was planning to pontificate about PPEs, every-other-lane usage and how things needed to be done to ensure our guests and employees are safe and healthy. The more I wrote, the more I realized I wasn’t writing my personal truth. This version kept company with the first take in the trash bin. Take three was dedicated to ripping the big banks which promised to help the little guys with their SBA loans. Just like before, during the last recession, they drowned small entrepreneurs with paperwork and then when it came to closing the deal, they let everything fester. Theorists write banks conspire to cater to the needs of their largest customers or those with huge loan balances so they won’t have their own write-offs. As the banks earn 5% for their PPP loan efforts, they may as well focus on the big loans. Small loans take just as much time and effort for a lower return. I was going to share the nastygram email I sent to my business rep at Bank of America letting her know an online bank, PayPal, came through with completed funding for my PPP loan in a speedy eight days while Bank of America can’t even get the link right for me to upload documents after a full 30 days of suffering. That message felt genuine all right, but I worried I would sound like a jerk while so many



May 2020

are still suffering through this process. Bye, bye third try! So, dear friends, I bring you to my take four. It’s as genuine and real as anything I have ever written. I hope it is read with the same spirit in which it is given. I’ve seen so many things these past few years as I’ve dipped my toes into my new career role as city beat cop. I am confident our bowling stories will end the same way so many personal and business stories end on the streets: Some will survive; some of will not. Some will smile; others will cry. Survivors will be troubled with mixed feelings of gratitude and guilt. Why did I survive when my friends did not? Those left behind will feel angry and bitter as they ask why they failed when the others survived? After all, there was nothing anyone of us did to earn that fate. Everyone will fondly remember the way it “used to be.” We will all reminisce about the early 2000s and the years of seemingly impossible growth and successes. We all knew it couldn’t go on forever. We could just never predict when or how the growth would end. We will all mourn the businesses lost within bowling and across all trades and services. At Berkshire Hathaway’s May 2020 annual shareholder meeting, Warren Buffett stated, “America’s tailwind is not exhausted.” I can’t state, for certain, on which side of the grand balance sheet my business will lie when Covid has faded away. However, I am positive bowling’s tailwind is not exhausted. Wishing everyone love and luck in the bowling industry and beyond. Please send me an email, letting me know your story. Frager@BowlingIndustry.com.

– SCOTT FRAGER, PUBLISHER AND EDITOR frager@bowlingindustry.com


AMUSEMENT RECOVERY WEBSITE A collection of leaders in the bowling/FEC entertainment industry have come together in the interest of helping operators endure the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown and to help create a plan for post-virus success. Amusement Recovery is a website combining informational resources to help small businesses. “We want to help the amazing operators in this industry,” commented Armando Lanti, president of Creative Works. “The contributors who created the website are working together to continually add new, timely content to the website. We want to share new information with business owners as quickly as possible, which is crucial because of how fast the pandemic situation is evolving.” Here are many of the companies and organizations who have contributed to this website: AAMA, Amusement Products, Betson, CenterEdge Software, Concepts Performance Management, Creative Works, Delta Strike, Embed, FEG Group, Hologate, Laser Blast, Laserforce, Mini Melts, Party Center Software, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Player Once Amusement Group, QubicaAMF, Redemption Plus, Shaffer Distributing Company, Sureshot Redemption, and TrainerTainment. Visit amusementrecovery.com to start learning today. www.AmusementRecovery.com

BEGIN THE PLAN TO REOPEN The BPAA has a plan to help center owners to look ahead to reopening. The BPAA Bowling University sent an email worth repeating. “Do You Have a Plan to Train Your Team? You have a second chance to make a first impression! Now is the time to build a training plan for the future and get your team on the same page.” The BPAA has a list of courses available now. With time on your hands, it seems the perfect moment to bone up on some good practices that will ensure a smooth transition back to work. Contact the BPAA at Education@bpaa.com. Here are a few of the topics: COVID-19 Prevention; Active Shooter Preparedness; Incident Response & Reporting; Telephone Etiquette; Bowling Center Safety 1, 2, 3; Social Media Awareness; Navigating & Reducing Customer Complaints; CPR Basics for Everyone. www.bpaa.com

FEC SLACK CHANNEL TO FOSTER SUPPORT A Slack channel has been created for use by owners, operators, and other key players in the FEC industry to share knowledge, best practices, and ideas during and after the COVID-19 crisis. It has grown to include nearly 200 participants around the world since its creation at the beginning of the pandemic. Thereʼs a channel featuring industry news and events, a channel for FEC professionals to become introduced to each other, a channel for specific needs and requests, and, a robust channel specific to COVID-19. Founding member Christine Buhr, former owner and president of Shakers Fun Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, shared, “Thereʼs a clear need for this new way for all of us to stay in touch with each other, share a variety of ideas, and, candidly, sometimes commiserate a bit about many of the issues weʼre all struggling with now and working hard to address.” In order to join, an interested participant only needs to provide their name, business name, a little background on the business, and a brief statement about the help theyʼre seeking. Visit: fecinternational.org to request to participate. www.fecinternational.org 8


May 2020

In addition to hands-on support from our QubicaAMF staff, we have created special resources and are sharing valuable content to help centers navigate this challenging time. We encourage you to use these resources often and engage to #SupportBowling. Dedicated Support section of our website:


Guides and Quick Reference Sheets to provide best practices and techniques to keep your facility clean.

New and expanding library of Marketing and Operational Resources.

Industry resources spec++ific to COVID-19 including BPAA, IAAPA and SBA. Beyond the Frame Facebook Group:


A new platform to #SupportBowling by sharing posts, support content, marketing tips & materials; answering customer questions; and allowing you to engage with fellow members of the bowling industry and the QubicaAMF family. Full Access to our Exclusive BES Xtras Blog Content

Send an email to BESXtras@gubciaamf.com to get access!

We have opened access to our BES Xtras Blog to all centers for a limited time. Designed for BES X customers, this marketing blog serves as our ongoing effort to help customers grow their business. New content is being created weekly and includes

tons of relevant marketing tips and programs to help center s through these coming months-and reopening. Webinar Series


Hosted by QubicaAMF experts, each webinar will focus on a different topic, include special panel guests and offer Q&A

sessions to help answer your most challenging questions. In addition, past webinar s are recorded and available for viewing

on the Support section of our website and on our Customer Portal. Customer Portal


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Working together we will get through this challenging time-in good health and good business.



EMBED ANNOUNCES ITS COVID-19 RELIEF ACT Embed, a leading cashless business management system for the amusement, entertainment, and leisure industries, announced its COVID-19 Relief Act. They have decided to give away their award-winning innovation, the Mobile Wallet, free for one year to everyone. No app is required. The virtual game card sits in the mobile wallet so a company can offer customers a contactless payment and FEC experience. Embed has been busy working closely with their partners and customers profiling strategies to plan for reopening day. The companyʼs web channels have been opened up and their conversations and working sessions are now available to the industry via the EmbedLIVE series. EmbedLIVE

IAAPA URGES CHANGES TO PPP IAAPA, together with 20 associations, has written to Congress urging changes to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) so that it can better help meet the needs of small businesses affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Hal McEvoy, president and CEO of IAAPA, said that the PPP is one way Congress can help preserve thousands of jobs and provide critical assistance to the needs of the attractions industry. Click here for specifics on their requests: https://www.iaapa.org/news/iaapapress-room/iaapa-asks-congress-amend-current-paycheck-protectionprogram-ppp-behalf www.iaapa.org

SBA LOAN INFORMATION In response to the coronavirus pandemic, small business owners in all 50 U.S. states, including Washington D.C. and territories, are eligible to apply for Economic Injury Disaster Loan advance of up to $10,000, plus a variety of other debt relief programs. Learn more at www.sba.gov. www.sba.gov

GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES FOR OPENING UP While the country has been grappling with state lockdowns and company closures, it will now have to face how to begin reopening. The White House has just released guidelines to help coordinate efforts to get local economies back up and running. In the three-part planʼs “Phase One,” it is suggested that those who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 should continue to shelter in place. It also says that large venues like arcades and FECs “can operate under moderate physical distancing protocols.” Visit www.whitehouse.gov/openingamerica to get full details. www.whitehouse.gov 10


May 2020






EXETER BOWLING LANES Rob Ficara is owner of Exeter Bowling Lanes and Shooters Pub in Exeter, NH. The two companies have been very close to him for 34 years, partially due to the fact that his home adjoins his business. Ficara told Alex LaCasse, of seacoastonline.com, “I’ve been here 34 years, so when I say our customers are our company, I mean it, because they’re actually coming into my house.” Ficara has taken advantage of the mandated shutdown due to COVID-19 to do some needed renovations. He keeps the community updated on the progress via weekly video Facebook posts. His to-do list includes stripping out the carpet inside the pub and putting a concrete stain on the floor, installing a ceiling fan and adding more seating. He has repainted the center’s birthday party room and refinished the waiting area. While keeping a full staff was not possible, many employees have stayed to work for free. “I can’t pay them, so I have a lot of pizza and beer to buy for people.”

PBA BOWLING ACTION AT HOME Presented by Bill Vint at PBA Media Relations: PBA competition may be suspended at the moment, but you can still enjoy the spirit of competition in the comfort of your living room by playing one of the most popular mobile device games in the world – PBA Bowling Challenge for mobile devices—or the new PBA Pro Bowling game for consoles and mobile devices. Concrete Software’s PBA Bowling challenge for mobile devices can be downloaded at no cost at Google Play or the App Store. Millions of users currently enjoy the challenges of bowling in a variety of tournaments, making equipment choices and competing in a wide range of venues.

RAB’S COUNTRY LANES Centers might be shut down, but bowling always finds a way. Besides mobile device games, proprietor Frank Wilkinson and manger Naz Laursen are offering an hour-long daily show – Live from Rab’s – at Rab’s Country Lanes, Staten Island, NY. The show can be seen on Facebook by becoming Facebook friends with either Wilkinson or Laursen. With New Yorker attitude and genuine charm, Wilkinson and Laursen take on COVID-19 and try to bring some humor to a very serious situation. If you don’t know Frank Wilkinson, you should, and this is a great introduction.

PEOPLEWATCHING A Sweet Send Off at Bay Tek

Bay Tek Entertainment is one of 13 companies that comprise The Village, a group of companies revolving around manufacturing, innovation, and community service. Todd Louthain has happily been at Bay Tek Entertainment for 21 years. Recently, he accepted a position as director of sales for COEX, a manufacturer of quality 3D printer filament. “This is bittersweet,” said Louthain. “I love Bay Tek and the amusement industry, but I’m very excited about this new journey with COEX and how I can help a Village company. “He will be greatly missed, but we are happy that he’s only going across the street to one of our sister companies,” said Larry Treankler, owner of Bay Tek and chairman of The Village. Matthew Deith Todd Louthain Picking up the baton is Matthew Deith, who will take Louthain’s place at Bay Tek. 12


May 2020


We promise to do all we can to ensure we are providing you with the support and service you need through this challenging time.


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We hope 10% off your next order allows you to let out a small sigh of relief. Use code: SMALLSIGH Offer valid until 8/31/2020.



WATCH ‘THIS IS MILWAUKEE’ https://vimeo.com/187752181?ref=em-share

This will warm the cockles of your heart, a jump back to a simpler, happier time, tucked away in a corner of today. This 30-second spot features Koz’s Mini Bowl in Milwaukee, WI. Nothing else to say. Open a Schlitz, sit back, and enjoy!

ONE FILM’S LOSS IS ANOTHER’S OPPORTUNITY IBI has followed Phoenix, Oregon, an indie film, shot in Klamath Falls, OR, since its first press release. Produced by Joma Films, after doing the film festival circuit, it was slated to open at selected theaters across the country on March 20. Kurt Liedtke of The Herald and News, continues the story. “By the release date, however, crowd restriction orders had shut down theaters and the film industry as a whole, and in an effort to salvage the film’s release, Joma Films turned online. Tickets to see the film through a one-time link at a cost of $6.50 garnered what under normal circumstances would be considered a massive flop in box office revenue, but the coronavirus shutdown is anything buy normal.” According to Box Office Mojo, Phoenix, Oregon’s domestic box office of $3,842 for its opening weekend outpaced all other film releases, making it the current No. 1 movie in America, based on ticket sales. The film is a funny and bittersweet comedy about two friends who seize an unlikely opportunity to reinvent their lives and restore an old bowling alley and serve “the world’s greatest pizza.”

LET’S GO TO THE MUSEUM Launched last year by IBMHF, Virtual Vault offers bowling enthusiasts a stroll through vintage bowling fashion, antique bowling toys, historical photos, collectibles and beer steins. Free online accessibility to the rich history of bowling can offer a much-needed break from the tumult surrounding our lives. “The Bowling Virtual Vault provides access to great memorabilia, and visitors also will learn about the greatest players, teams, moments, and so much more about bowling’s history,” said Mike Aulby, president/chairman of the IBMHOF Board of Trustees. “It is a fun and engaging look at bowling for even the most casual fans of the sport.” “Many museums are headed in this direction by sharing their collections on online databases, and we are proud to be part of this movement, said Kari Smith, curator and IMBHOF program manager. Visit Bowling Virtual Vault at www.bowlingheritage.com. 14


May 2020

NATIONAL BOWLING TOURNAMENTS RESCHEDULED The USBC announced that the Open Championships and the Women’s Championships will be moved to September and include formats to allow for increased social distancing. The move to September will give bowlers more time to focus on their personal lives and consider their options for competing later in the year. The Open Championships at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno will start Sept. 12 and run until Nov. 21. The Women’s Championships at the South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas will begin Sept. 19 and run through Oct. 18. The tournaments will feature a shorter daily squad schedule, without early-morning or late-night squads. Teams that choose not to compete in 2020 may request to have their payment used for the 2021 tournament, or they may submit a request for a refund.

JUNIOR GOLD & TEAM USA CANCELLED No sooner had the Open and Women’s Championships been moved to the fall, then the International Bowling Campus announced the cancellation of the Junior Gold Championships and the suspension of the Team USA program. “All of us at IBC Youth understand and share in the disappointment, as July is our time to celebrate youth bowling with the families, coaches, and volunteers,” said Gary Brown, IBC Youth managing director, in a release. “But this summer is the time the focus is on the safety and welfare of our bowling families.”

Center Sale Classic Lanes, a 32-lane center in Buffalo, NY, was sold by Brian Borowski, a long-time proprietor of several bowling centers and the current BPAA secretary, to Jeffery Haber. Marcel Fournier of The Hansell Group, a nationwide company of commercial real estate brokers specializing in bowling and family entertainment centers, served as the broker in the transaction.


Stepping up to the challenge Apple Industries Apple Industries’ Print Budii instant photo labs are more than a party fun stop. In today’s isolation, Apple realizes that keeping in touch is more important than ever. The company has begun to donate its Print Budii to New York area healthcare facilities as residents and patients continue to be sequestered from their families as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The units allow families to instantaneously print photos with personalized messages directly inside nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and hospitals for distribution to residents/patients by the staff, free of charge. Apple CEO Allen Weisberg shared that Apple’s staff have been greatly affected by stories of people hospitalized with the virus and being completely quarantined from families and the outside world. Interest was beginning to grow for how these photo labs could be of benefit. “We decided, rather than move forward with a sale, that we would cover all of the costs of the unit and offer the families unlimited prints for free for the foreseeable future,” said Weisberg. For info on this program, contact info@printbudii.com or visit www.appleindustries.com.

Striking Up Support Nebraska bowling proprietor Steve Sempeck came up with an idea to support bowling while looking to the end of the quarantine. At Family Bowl and Social, one of Sempeck’s centers in Beatrice, they have started a drawing where by just signing up, you can win a round of bowling once the center reopens. “We want to really amp up and throw as big of a party as we can when the social gathering restrictions end,” says Sempeck. 16


May 2020

Companies use their technology and creativity to help their customers. In this new universe of social distancing, quarantines, and closures, companies are thinking outside the box to support their customers through this rocky time. Embed, a worldwide leader of cashless business management systems, has launched a range of initiatives to weather the storm with their partners and customers. Embed’s teams have blogs and content written to educate and inspire. Visit www.embedcard.com to see the list of topics. “This is far from business as usual, but Embed’s elights are on. We’re working hard to get through this, together. And, together, we will.” QubicaAMF has a range of support options available to help operators prepare for when restrictions are lifted. They have rallied their experts and resources to assist clients. In addition to their “hands-on” support from their remote staff, they have created a special section of the website support page to share up-to-date resources and information including guides and quick reference sheets to provide best practices and techniques to keep facilities clean, disinfected, and maintain the longevity of equipment. HOWND® is a foot traffic generation platform that helps local brick and mortar businesses attract new and returning customers through multi-channel digital distribution of promotional offers. Stepping up to the new normal, it has announced some immediate changes designed to help its merchants during the impact of COVID-19. Hownd is permanently eliminating monthly subscription fees on its platform. In addition, Hownd is working closely with its merchants to create and distribute “Buy Now, Visit Later Support Vouchers.” There has already been a great response to this, generating new revenue, and the city of Tempe has formed a private-public partnership with Hownd to help move the program forward. Also, Hownd has temporarily doubled the standard service range around each merchant’s location to 10 miles. This broadens the opportunity for more immediate revenue. Visit www.hownd.com/BraveTheStorm or supportvoucher@hownd.com.


Stepping up to the challenge Bay Tek & Face Masks

Don Carter Lanes’ Cookout

Bay Tek, a family-owned and operated business supplying innovative entertainment products and services for bowling centers and FECs, and Coex, a supplier of 3D printer filament or coil binding materials, both located in Wisconsin, have stepped up to supply plastic face shields. With Bay Tek as the plastic supplier, Coex is cooperating with about 1,200 3D-printingvolunteers across the U.S. These face shields are reusable, and they protect the highly coveted N95 masks, allowing them to be worn longer.

It is amazing how Americans come together in a time of crisis. As IBI has pointed out over the years, bowling centers are an integral part of their communities. Stepping up is second nature to what centers do. Don Carter Lanes in Rockford, IL, hosted a cookout, complete with hamburgers, fries, and hot dogs, for all the essential workers and first responders who are still on the job. The event was held March 25, from 3-6 p.m. Jamey Funk, manager of Shooter’s Bar and Grill at Don Carter Lanes, said, “It is one thing to stay at home and think of all the negative. But if you can be out here creating a little bit of positive, it just makes you feel good inside.” The center hopes to offer more free cookouts in the near future.

Please let IBI know what your community center has done to help us through this time. Please email heath@bowlingindustry.com.




May 2020







Bob Allison, a seven-decade radio host, called himself a performer. He started in radio in 1950 at WWJ Detroit and continued working up until two weeks before he died at the age of 87. Bowlers will remember him from television when he hosted Bowling for Dollars, which ran in the 1970s from Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park, MI. Asked what he was going to do in retirement, while being interviewed last year by WWJ, Allison said, “I don’t know. I never worked. I don’t work. I do what I want to do, which is perform.”

Juanita Weber, wife of the late PBA legend Dick Weber and matriarch of the PBA’s most famous family, died at a St. Louis, MO, assisted living center Monday, April 13. She was 89. The story of how she and Dick met as teenagers, of course, included a bowling center. Her father did not approve of her going to a “bowling alley” because “nice girls don’t hang out in bowling alleys.” As her story goes, Dick approached her and said, “Don’t I know you?” And, that was the beginning. They were too young to be married without parental consent but got permission and were married in Indianapolis on Dick’s birthday, December 23, 1948, after he had won some money in the ABC Championships. Juanita also bowled and did win a state title, but her greatest achievements were behind-the-scenes as advisor and manager of one of the most decorated families in bowling history. She leaves behind son Richard (Sue) Weber, Jr.; daughter Paula (Jeff) Darmon; son John (Chris) Weber; son Peter (Renee) Weber; and eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren, plus her sister-in-law Sharon (Jim) Nizzola. No funeral services will be held. The family asks that any memorials be donated to IBMHOF, 621 Six Flags Drive, Arlington, TX 76011.


Perry Daniels, of Carrollton, TX, was involved with the sport of bowling for more than 40 years and held leadership roles with The National Bowling Association and United States Bowling Congress. He died, Tuesday, March 31, after contracting the coronavirus. He was 71. Recently he was inducted into TNBA’s Hall of Fame for his meritorious contributions. Daniels served as president of TNBA from 1992 to 1996. He served on the USBC board starting with the 2005-2006 season and remained a director until terming out after nine years.

INTERCARD INSTALLATION AT UNCLE BUCK’S Intercard has completed installation of its cashless technology at the fun center, Uncle Buck’s FishBowl & Grill, in Vancouver, Canada. It has outfitted four other Bass Pro Shop locations: Altoona, Iowa; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Peoria, Illinois; and Harlingen, Texas. The new fun center, which immerses guests in an underwater experience, will offer a variety of family-friendly video and arcade games, along with bowling. Operating on Intercard’s cashless technology, the arcade features a series of amusement and redemption games, a full-service redemption counter, and a variety of great prizes. Player One Amusement Group supplies the games. 18


May 2020








WHILE YOU WERE GONE... Exit the pandemic pause with a fresh mindset and center By Cary Tosello


he day will soon come when you will re-open your bowling center. By the time you read this, it may have already happened. But if you think that unlocking the doors and turning on the open sign will put you back in business, you are in for a shock. Things have changed from how we conducted business a couple of months ago. Acknowledging and understanding those changes will be key to the rebound of your business. Let’s start with what has changed. How about the new catch phrase called “social distancing?” Will the public expect additional spacing, at least initially, upon your re-opening? For sure! Will we always keep six feet between us? No. But you do want to make the public comfortable when they come back to bowling. So let’s review some steps you should be taking while you are closed, and what to have in place for your re-opening.

STAY VISIBLE Facebook is seeing record numbers of users each day. The worst thing you can do now is to become invisible. Post social content and updates on what you are doing to prepare for your reopening, for example, photos of any maintenance or upgrades you are doing during the down time. This is your opportunity to engage directly with people who respond to your posts, and we are seeing lots of that type of activity on the pages we manage.



May 2020

PROMOTE ENHANCED CLEANING PROCEDURES FOR ALL TOUCH POINTS Cleaning and sanitizing are the new buzz words today. From airlines to grocery stores, every business is making sure to communicate their new sanitation standards. Bowling is no different. But you must go beyond practicing new cleaning procedures and make the public aware of those new standards. Use your website, Facebook page, and email or text vehicles to spread the word. Installing sanitizer stations at your front doors will be well received. Plan on going through lots of soap and paper towels in the restrooms, which means more maintenance for your staff. This would be a good time to install electric hand dryers, as it will save you from buying more paper towels and having to dispose of the used ones.


SOCIAL DISTANCING Designate queuing areas for each of your departments in the center, for example, the front desk, the bar, food service, or the arcade. People are not going to be comfortable crowding around the front desk to get a lane. Make the transition easier for them by placing floor decals six feet apart to guide them thru proper spacing. (You can buy them here.) Eventually everyone will get back to having less personal space, and then you can relax these procedures. Until then, do your best to make people very comfortable on their first visit back. Consider using odd lanes one day and even the next. Expecting to crowd six on every lane on your first Saturday night back open is not realistic. Will it happen again? Sure. And you will know when that time comes by the reaction of your customers. But to start off, give them some personal space by using every other lane.

HOW ABOUT WHAT HASN’T CHANGED? People still love to bowl! They are out of the habit now, so we need to re-sell them on the fun and social interaction they have when they bowl. And they do miss social interaction. Being housebound for weeks is going to result in some pent up demand for fun. In one sense, it is going to be like making a first impression all over again. And you know what they say about first impressions – better get it right or else! Make sure when you do re-open that you are ready, not just with cleaning procedures, but staffing levels also, as you want to remind them how much fun bowling is by providing great customer service. Once your pandemic pause is over, it will be your chance to reset with new standards at your facility. This is your opportunity to WOW people. Grab it! ❖

Carey Tosello was a former proprietor of 2 high volume bowling centers in Northern California. He is the founder of eBowl.biz & BowlRx.com that provides Digital Marketing services to the bowling industry. He regularly writes on all things digital, and has presented at bowling meetings from coast to coast.



May 2020

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Call or email with an y questions or concerns: concerns: Call any

5524-2343 24-2343 | sales@betson. com || www.betson.com w ww.betson.com (800) sales@betson.com www.betson.com (800) 524-2343 sales@betson.com




May 2020

JULY 2011

JULY 2011


By Joan Taylor


t is clear that the prime directive of the “Shenaniganz Eater-tainment Center” in Rockwall, Texas is “promoting, promoting, promoting.” From poker tournaments to a Facebook page to free weekly “Kidz Meals,” the owner-operator Ripp family leaves no marketing stone unturned to attract and keep customers. “The biggest challenge,” said Parker Coddington, one of three siblings involved in running the business, “is with five of us in a room making decisions, sometimes each feels the strongest about his/her ideas. But we sort it through.” The Shenaniganz facility, which used to be a cable manufacturing building, is run by family matriarch and patriarch Hazel and Dr. Thomas Ripp and their three oldest children – Parker, Keegan and Justin. Sister Caitlin and twins Zach and Gavin are co-owners but not actively involved in the business. The 75,000 sq.-ft. mega-complex offers bowling, black light minigolf, go-kartz and lazer tag (their spellings), rock climbing, billiards, shuffleboard and an arcade, as well as the Z Lounge, Rozie’s Sports Bar and Rozie’s Grill. Coddington says that Shenaniganz came about because the Ripp family was looking for something to do together. “We’ve all enjoyed being competitive with games and bowling and wanted to build an upscale family entertainment center,” Coddington said. “We needed a goodsized building but were limited in location,” he continued. “This building was for sale. After a feasibility study, we moved forward with the help of the Trifecta Management group, and here we are.” Construction began in July 2008, and the grand opening was December 17, 2008. It took the family almost that long to name the new enterprise. "It did take the five of us eight hours to come up with the name,” Coddington said with a laugh. “We wanted a name that sounded like fun, with a little bit of mischief in it. We must have kicked around a million different names.” The family liked “Shenanigans” but found the name was already owned by Nan of “Nan’s Gifts.” So the family changed one letter and called the new business “Shenaniganz.” The IBI

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JULY 2011

Z Lounge, Rozie’s Sports Bar, and Rozie’s Grill (the latter two named for Thomas Ripp’s mother, Rosie) all evolved from the last letter of the center’s new name. That playful “Z” embodies what Shenaniganz is all about. “We can’t take ourselves too seriously, because people come here to have fun,” Coddington said. For instance, the voice prompt for incoming calls says you can get “anything else including dancing panda lessons” if you press “5.” Management will also put an open-play customer on the spot by promising that person and everyone else in the center a $10 game card if he or she can pick up a spare. “We’ll get onto the microphone and say ‘Attention,

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Shenaniganz, everybody here gets a $10 game card if so-and-so on lane such-andsuch picks up his spare,’” Coddington said. “People gather around and start chanting his name. “One time we did this with a guy who left a 7-pin,” he continued. “Well, he barely kissed the pin. It teetered and fell, and the place erupted into madness. There were hugs as he raised his arms in victory.” Bowling generates the most revenue of all the activities. In addition to 16 lanes on the main concourse, eight more are in the Z-Lounge and are available for private parties of up to 250 people. The Z-Lounge is upscale, featuring a martini bar, earth tones and leather furniture. Shenaniganz has hosted corporate holiday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, baby showers, anniversary and adult birthday parties and even a bar mitzvah. “It’s different from a hotel banquet room,” Coddington said, “and features great food with a great atmosphere.” The other 16 lanes host “regular” bowling leagues under direction of

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JULY 2011

league coordinator Randy Harris, a familiar name to bowlers in the Dallas area. The lanes are set off in such a way that other activities do not interfere with the more serious league player. Open bowlers are given the choice of $4.50 per game or $23.99 per hour lane rental in non-primetime. The lane rental is $29.99 per hour Fridays and Saturdays after 6 p.m., and



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$39.99 per hour in the private Z Lounge area. In addition to bowling, customers can watch sports events or music videos on the highdefinition projection screens hung across the pinsetters, all from the comfort of plush laneside couches. While the owners constantly run promotions (see http://www.shenaniganz.com), they study what their customers, whom they call “guests,” want. The family relies on the expertise of General Manager Victor Zanotti and Director of Sales and Marketing Scott Mullen to help them make Shenaniganz the place to be in suburban Dallas. “There’s something for everybody,” Coddington said. “The restaurants have steaks, pizza, chicken and even Kraft macaroni and cheese. Dad can drop the kids off at a birthday party and watch a game at our sports bar. On weekends we run a 21-andolder dance party with a DJ.” “We have amateur poker tournaments every Monday and Tuesday,” Coddington continued. “We keep trying different things. If they don’t work, we tweak them. If it still doesn’t work - we tried open mic night on Thursdays and that failed miserably - we stop and go with something else.”

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JULY 2011

One promotion that enjoyed great success in 2009 and 2010 was Shenaniganz’ “12 days of Christmas.” Members of the center’s VIP e-mail club were eligible to enjoy different promotions each day, starting December 13th. On that day, they received e-mail messages that read, “On the first day of Christmas, Shenaniganz gave to me … free loaded cheese fries.” The following days’ e-mails offered premiums such as a free game of bowling or a game of lazer tag. “We knew it worked because people would call in asking for their e-mail announcements,” Coddington said. “This added value to their being members of the VIP e-mail club.” In bad weather there can be up to a two hour wait for bowling and a one hour wait for laser tag, but Coddington said that waiting can be a good thing. “People can play in the arcade, order a drink, or enjoy one of the other games such as miniature golf.” The owners are always looking to upgrade and update what is already there.

They recently added a mechanical bull to the activities mix. Menus also undergo continual review and adjustment at the F&B outlets. “People don’t want to come and keep seeing the same stuff,” Coddington said. “And because 35-40% of our revenue is from food and drink, we look to change it up often by adding new items to the menu. The same goes for what our guests enjoy doing, such as karaoke and trivia games, which have both been very successful.” Looking to Shenaniganz’ future, the Ripp family feels there is always room for improvement. They want their guests to enjoy a five-star experience with a “touchy- feely” warmth for customers. “We want to just keep the standard high,” Coddington said. And that’s no shenanigans! ❖

Joan Taylor is a multi-award winning bowling writer based in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.



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We’re working hard to support the industry during these difficult times. We can’t wait until we’re ready to get back to a state of play, but until that happens we’ll continue to do our best to support our partners and customers with ideas and resources to get through this, because at the end of the day we’re all connected.

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By Ben Jones o back all the way to 1969. Imagine that the picture above is the photograph representing what physical distancing (aka social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic) looked like on The Beatles album Abbey Road. The image doesn’t look the same as the iconic album cover photo that is indelibly burned into our common mind, but moreover, it doesn’t feel the same; it’s not the same. And neither is the world right now, but physical distancing is what we can all do to contribute to a societal need. Feelings aside, it is an act we must do as a collective part of humanity. Physical distancing is working world-wide and the COVID-19 curve is flattening. By using protective measures, we are slowing the rate of coronavirus spread. Maybe not everyone is distancing themselves — or doing this happily — but each of us doing our part is necessary. We also must stay in touch and not lose two of the most important human elements – social interaction and touching others. Here are few easy ways to maintain our human connections in a COVID-19 acceptable way: Continued on page 40...



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THOUGHTFUL MANAGEMENT ...continued from page 36

KINDNESS + COMPASSION = EMPATHY STAY CONNECTED AND IN TUNE With a hyper-focus on staying connected to those you already touch regularly, now is also a great time to extend your reach to your second-tier contacts — those whose connection may have fallen off or loosened over time. This might also include distant family and relatives. Even in the best of situations and environments, many of us struggle with confidence issues and are unsure how to initiate forming a business relationship. One way we can forge new relationships is to reach out as a listener and be the helper, as Mr. Rogers so astutely told us. Remember: extending an offer to connect must be initiated with respect and care. This will open doors and enable a discussion that has the potential to lead to a lasting relationship.

These three qualities must be genuine and surface organically. As you reach out, you may not know the exact situation of the person you are touching. They might have been laid off, they may be sick, or something else unknown might be happening in their life. Don’t assume the worst or the best about a person; be cautious and bring your compassion when making new or renewed connections.

COMMITMENT TO LEARN Learning is a great way to connect. Looking for interesting content using novel ways to learn, discover, and experience is one of the few benefits of our forced physical distancing. In this unique moment, finding meaning in our lives and purpose in our businesses is important, and these new avenues of learning may provide just the panacea to our isolation.

PHYSICAL DISTANCING Doing this for yourself? Doing it for others? Either way, it accomplishes the same result. The goal of physical distancing is to protect others (arguably the most fragile members of our society) from falling ill. It’s something we are doing for the stranger, the friend, and the family. By physically distancing, we are protecting our community. 40


May 2020

If we all work together, the actions we take can motivate others and be an inspiration for those we lead. Physical distancing and what Abbey Road might look like today if The Beatles re-shot the iconic album cover from 1969. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/physical-distancing-abbey-road-todayben-jones-icae ❖

Ben Jones is an industry enthusiast. He shares his perspectives each month through Boomer Blog and invites your feedback. He may be reached at boomerblog2@gmail.com.


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BMi Merchandise wants bowling centers and FECs to know that BMi can help them every step of the way to re-open after this unprecedented shutdown. They will offer virtual expert merchandising or in-person field merchandising services; assistance in reviewing or conducting an inventory to access merchandise mix; and recommendations for refreshing product with new, fun trends. Centers are encouraged to contact their account manager for support and guidance for readying their centers for a busy summer season ahead. BMi has the newest movie merchandise, hottest licenses, and newest trends in stock, and it’s all ready to ship! Call (800) 272-6375.


Bowlers to Veterans Link (BVL), a highly-ranked 501c3 charity, which addresses the emotional and physical needs of veterans and active-duty military, is donating a $100,000 grant to the Department of Veterans Affairs to support two new programs—Compassionate Contact Corps and Teleyoga therapy. These funds allow veterans to keep a virtual personal connection during the COVID-19 pandemic with programs that focus on essential, ongoing physical therapy and mental health needs such as depression and suicide prevention. Through every crisis, BVL will always be there for those who serve. If you’re interested in more information or would like to donate, please visit BVL.org.


With social distancing being the new norm in America, eBowl.biz wants to make sure your customers are comfortable as soon as they step back in your center. To help you prepare for that day, eBowl.biz has produced a line of floor decals to guide your customers through proper queuing. They can be used at the front counter, bar service window, snack bar, or anywhere customers line up for service. They are also bowling appropriate and fun!!! To use, simply peel and place on the floor with 6-foot spacing. At $69.95 per 5-pack, they are a real bargain! All orders include FREE shipping to U.S.A. destinations. Call (541) 549-0999 or visit www.eBowl.biz to order.


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INVERSE was launched in Spain in 1990 and today is known for its high-quality products with innovative materials and original design. The company lives by and for sports, and from the beginning, INVERSE has made clothing with fabrics and patterns specific to each sport—cycling, running, triathlon, swimming, skiing, and most recently bowling. The company offers design, pattern manufacturing, printing, and tailoring departments, which are coordinated and supervised by a rigorous quality control department. Their polo shirts, jackets, and other accessories are becoming increasingly sought after. See the variety of INVERSE products at www.inverseteams.com. 46

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I AM BVL BVL Donates $100,000 to Support New VA Therapy Programs During COVID-19 Pandemic

BVL BVL is donating a $100,000 grant grant tto o the Department of of V Veterans eterans A Affairs ffairs tto o support tw two o ne new w pr programs ograms – Compassionate C ontact Corps therapy. Compassionate Contact Corps and Tele-yoga Teele-yoga therapy. allow vveterans eterans tto o kkeep eep a virtual personal These funds allow connection during the C OVID-19 pandemic with pr connection COVID-19 programs ograms that address address essential ongoing physical physical ther therapy apy and mental health health needs such as depr depression ession and suicide prevention. prevention. BVL BVL began in 1942 when bowlers bowlers across across America America rraised aised funds to to pur purchase chase planes tto o bring w wounded ounded servic servicemen emen and w women omen home. Our ccommitment ommitment ttoday oday is as str strong ong as eever, ver, standing up for for our active-duty active-duty militaryy and veterans an veterans who no now w serv servee on a diff different erent fr front ont line as first rresponders esponders and emergency emergency medical medical staff staff..

We will always be here for those who serve.



With COVID-19 forcing state governments nationwide to enact shelter-at-home ordinances, Omega Carpet is one of countless industries that has had to take sales and design to home offices. However, our manufacturing facilities are currently fully operational, and we are all doing our part in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in all areas. Because these are uncertain and unprecedented times, Omega Carpet is attempting to keep the industry connected and the lines of communication open via phone and email. Over the years, centers have utilized the exceptional talents and experience of Omega Pattern Works Carpet to develop and produce some of the industry’s most notable flooring products. We are proud to say that many companies offering printed carpets turn to us for assistance with styling and design. For those choosing to use this time to invest in your future, we hope you turn to Omega Carpets to help with all your flooring needs. We are in this together and will come out stronger and better than ever! We look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact: Kristin Messick at (800) 554-7007; her cell (620) 200-5405; or go to omegapatternworks.com.


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With its extreme durability, Twister pins have a much longer life than conventional wood pins. Since they don’t compact or compress like wood, there is no need to “rest” or rotate Twister pins or worry about moisture content. Twister pins won’t need to be replaced as often, and additional rotation sets won’t need to be purchased, meaning big savings on your bottom line! Since its shape hardly changes while in play, the flight of Twister pins remains true, even after thousands and thousands of lines of use. Meaning: consistent score-ability and the same pin action from day one! To find out more about Twister and where to find your local distributor, please visit: www.twisterpins.com.


In the effort to keep bowling on people’s minds and to help re-enforce the public effort to combat the COVID-19 disease, US Design Lab LLC has developed a special bowling oriented logo with simple, one word reminders on what all of us can do to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Gary Smith shared, “We have set up a store where people can purchase t-shirts and other accessory items to help communicate the effort and to help keep bowling ‘top of mind.’ During this campaign, which will run until we all get through this, we will contribute $2 for each t-shirt and $1 for each accessory item sold to The Bowlers To Veterans Link (BVL).” Here is a link to the store: https://teespring.com/stores/us-design-lab “Let’s all help our vets, our industry, and put a smile on our faces. We are in this together.”



Kegel had announced a partnership with Bowling Buddies, a manufacturer of a patented, single-use bowling shoe cover. The Bowling Buddies shoe cover has a sole with slide and grip material, allowing customers to wear their own shoes instead of wearing rental shoes. Kegel will take on the sales and distribution of this disposable shoe cover which has already made a name for itself at centers across the country. Kegel has acquired all the inventory which will be available for immediate sale to centers on www.kegel.net/bowling-buddies. Chris Chartrand, Kegel CEO, noted that amid the growing concern over sanitation due to COVID-19, one concern is the use of shared items like rental shoes and bowling balls. He said, “Bowling centers should not risk losing a single customer over the discomfort of using these items, and we feel it’s important that they give customers this new option.”

Western Bowling Proprietors Insurance (WBPI) is the only bowling center insurance program offering limited communicable disease coverage. The sad fact is, nearly every center in the country has an insurance policy that does not help them while they are closed by the government in order to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the community. Our policies do not cover this exact scenario, however, WBPI does offer a limited communicable disease coverage that would pay for your loss of income and cleaning costs should your facility be closed by the public health authority due to contamination by a customer or employee with COVID-19. As businesses begin to reopen, proprietors worry about being re-closed if someone with COVID-19 visits and contaminates the center. Please call or email us to learn more about this coverage and see if your center qualifies through Western Bowling Proprietors Insurance. (800) 200-9998 or WBPIprogram.com.


Redemption Plus is offering a revenue share program through its new Boredom Buster Box concept. These boxes are available for consumer purchase and come filled with toys in varying themes. 10% of all purchases go to support Ronald McDonald House Charities. If you would like to partner with Redemption Plus on promoting Boredom Buster Boxes to your customer base, Redemption Plus will offer free shipping to your customers through the use of a unique coupon code. Based on the number of coupons redeemed, you will then receive a revenue-share back to your business. Some bowling centers are including a $10 game card in the boxes to be used after lockdown measures are lifted. Visit: https://boredombustertoys.com or contact Ann Krull at akrull@redeptionplus.com.


Throughout the years, technicians and mechanics have relied on ZOT Pinsetter Parts as a valuable resource for problem-solving products and solutions. Founded in 1964, ZOT is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of unique electronic and mechanical parts and assemblies for centers that are equipped with 82-30, 82-70, 82-90, A, A2, and Jetback pinsetters—products that are frequently the preferred choice of technicians worldwide. ZOT has recently expanded its parts offering to include a line of unique Pinnacle and Dynamic parts. These parts stand alone as solid, proven performers. Check ZOT’s new website at www.zotbowlingparts.com or call toll free (877) 236-8505. ZOT Bowling Parts, Get Right to the Good Parts!


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Astro Carpets wants to assure our valued customers that our manufacturing facilities are currently fully operational, while also doing our part in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in all areas possible. During this time, our sales and customer service representatives, as well as designers, will work from home offices and continue to be available by both phone and email. For those who are choosing to use this time to invest in your future, we hope you turn to Astro Carpets to help with your renovation or new build flooring needs. This too shall pass, and together we will come out stronger and better than ever! Contact: Stefanie Mantooth at (800) 542-4189 x 836 or visit astrocarpetmills.com.


Steltronic has created the perfect, compact table. With all of the extra room needed in the settee area, room for eight bowling balls, and the included tabletop for food and beverages, this compact table is perfectly sized and priced. It is 40 inches tall, with a 24-inch round table top. Adding the optional Steltronic keypad for controlling two lanes from one tabletop, room for the pizza and drinks, bowlers will appreciate the design and comfort. For more information: (800) 942-5939 or info@steltronicscoring.com. ”CELEBRATING OUR 40TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY AS YOUR BOWLING CENTER MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS SINCE 1980.”



While some centers may be powered down, QubicaAMF’s bowling community is still connected! This new Facebook group, Beyond the Frame, is dedicated to supporting local bowling centers by providing a platform to share support content, outside-the-bowl marketing tips, and engage with customers. Once connected, members get access to the following: FREE marketing resources from QubicaAMF experts with over 40 years of practical bowling center operation and marketing experience; industry updates and resources; success stories around the entire entertainment industry; and a platform to engage with other centers and share best practices. Join for FREE by visiting: www.facebook.com/groups/QubicaAMFbeyondtheframe/

Kegel has released its new, advanced house ball and multipurpose cleaner, Micro Striker, for shipping in May. Micro Striker comes in a tablet form which mixes up fresh into a cleaning solution. It contains active chlorine for powerful cleaning performance. The tablets are sold in 50-packs and each tablet can be used to make a 24-ounce bottle. In addition, the bottle includes a special, continuous mist sprayer for each application. Micro Striker tablets can also be used in other containers and spraying devices, including electrostatic sprayers. A starter kit, including two bottles and 50 tablets is available. For info: www.kegel.net.


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CENTERS FOR SALE ILLINOIS: 24-lane, recently remodeled center w/ new parking lot. 40,000 s/f on 1.67 acres. Qubica scoring and POS system. Strong leagues w/ 900+ bowlers, also pool leagues. Sports bar & grill, pro shop, video gaming, & banquet hall w/ lots of room to convert. Owner retiring. Call (847) 613-5020 for price & info. NEBRASKA: 32-lane center, land & building. Features Brunswick A2 pinsetters, Brunswick Pro Anvilane lanes, Brunswick 2000 ball returns. Also, large lounge seating to 250; party room seating up to 80; game room, café with established catering service. Center caters in-house and to other locations year-round. For more information, call (308) 383-7702 or email Bev at dmehring@accusa.net.

EQUIPMENT WANTED LANE MACHINES WANTED. We will purchase your KEGEL-built machine, any age or condition. Call (608) 764-1464.

EDUCATION & TRAINING PRO SHOP TRAINING. Classes always forming. Jayhawk Bowling Supply (800) 255-6436 or jayhawkbowling.com.

SERVICES AVAILABLE Drill Bit Sharpening and Measuring Ball Repair. Jayhawk Bowling Supply. (800) 255-6436 or jayhawkbowling.com.

LOCKER KEYS FAST! All Keys done by code # Locks and Master Keys E-mail: huff@inreach.com TOLL FREE


AMF and some BRUNSWICK PC board repair/exchange. 6-month warranty, fast turnaround. Call or write: WB8YJF Service 5586 Babbitt Road, New Albany, Ohio 43054 Toll Free: 888-902-BOWL (2695) Ph./Fax: (614) 855-3022 (Jon) E-mail: wb8yjf@sbcglobal.net Visit us on the WEB! http://home.earthlink.net/~wb8yjf/



May 2020





Danny & Daryl Tucker Tucker Bowling Equipment Co. 609 N.E. 3rd St. Tulia, Texas 79088 Call (806) 995-4018 Fax (806) 995-4767

Bowling Parts, Inc. P.O. Box 801 Tulia, Texas 79088 Call (806) 995-3635 Email - daryl@tuckerbowling.com


PROPRIETORS WITH AMF 82-70 S.S. & M.P. MACHINES Save $$ on P.C. Boards Exchange & Repair!

MIKE BARRETT Call for Price List

Tel: (714) 871-7843 • Fax: (714) 522-0576



(818) 789-2695


May 2020




In a time not of our making, it is nice to fall back on warm and fuzzy. Who better to put a smile on our faces than Charlie Brown and the gang. Let’s all hope that Snoopy’s exuberance shown here is what we can all experience... soon. We’re all in this together.




noopy is our every man, our every bowler. Can you relate? He will not be denied. He steps forth and meets the line. Everything else is the ritual; the determination; the focus; the execution; the anticipation; the fear; and then... the moment. What could be better than a strike and a happy dance?


- Patty Heath



May 2020

Spread the Word that you are Keeping it Clean! Reassure your customers that your bowling center is a safe place for fun and entertainment.


Confidently Clean Tee & Downloadable Posters


Hand Sanitizer Wipes Do-It All Germicidal Wipes Medaphene Plus Disinfecting Spray INDIANA FLORIDA TEXAS WASHINGTON NEVADA 260.484.2695 www.classicproducts.com CLA90985



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