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JAN 9, 2014- JAN 15, 2014

China tighten grip on Disputed Sea


Permit needed to fish in South China Sea


WINTER WOE. A man gets a chance to use his cross country skis on a snow-covered street in University City, Philadelphia, USA, on Jan. 5, 2014, as sub-zero temperatures blanket a large part of America stretching from Montana to Alabama.

Deadly deep freeze grips US


EW YORK – Millions of people across the United States on Monday made last-minute preparations for an unusually bitter Arctic blast that could send temperatures plummeting to their coldest in 20 years. The northeastern United States and parts of Canada have endured heavy snow and deadly sub-zero conditions since the start of the year, but the deep freeze is now moving through the midwestern

United States and threatening usually balmy areas further south like Tennessee and Alabama. The wind chill from the rare “polar vortex” could make it feel as cold as -60 Fahrenheit (-51 Celsius) in places, weather forecasters say, prompting authorities in several towns and cities to issue warnings that people should stay indoors and stock up on food. Exposed skin could suffer frostbite in as little as five minutes in

such conditions, experts warn. The National Weather Service described the weather as “lifethreatening.” “The coldest temperatures in almost two decades will spread into the northern and central US today behind an Arctic cold front,” it said. “Combined with gusty winds, these temperature (Cont. on Page 3)

TPS petition to Obama far short of 100k signatures goal


AS VEGAS—An online petition asking the US Department of Homeland Security to grant the Philippines Temporary Protective Status (TPS) is in danger of failing to garner enough signatures by Feb. 1, 2014, the deadline for the petition to be able to have the needed number of signatures.

With just 25 days left, the petition posted on the “We the People” website has gathered only 20 signatures, well short of the 100,000 necessary for the White House to respond. The online petition was launched from San Francisco, and the initial signatures came from mostly California-based Filipino-Americans.

The petition states: “We respectfully request Pres. Obama to direct the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to designate the Philippines as a country for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), pursuant to 8 U.S.C §1254a, as a way to meaningfully (Cont. on Page 15)

EIJING—In a broadening campaign to enforce its territorial claims, China says it’s beefing up its police powers in the disputed South China Sea, presumably including waters known in Manila as West Philippine Sea, and requiring foreign fishermen to ask Beijing’s permission to operate within most of the vast, strategic waterway. The move, which took effect this month, comes on the heels of the late November announcement of a new air defense zone requiring foreign planes to notify Beijing of flights over a huge swath of the East China Sea, where China is locked in a bitter territorial dispute with Japan. The steps are prompting concerns that President Xi Jinping’s push to assert China’s role as a regional power could spark a confrontation with neighbors. “These sort of assertions of sovereignty, or territorial claims, will continue. Xi believes he can’t afford to be seen as soft,” said Joseph Cheng, a politics expert at City University of Hong Kong China. The affected waters account for 2 million of the South China Sea’s 3.5 million square kilometers, a sweeping area encompassing island groups claimed by Vietnam, the Philippines and others—and in some cases occupied by their armed forces. The islands sit amid the world’s busiest commercial sea lanes, along with rich

fishing grounds and potential oil and gas deposits. The Philippines refers to parts of the South China Sea within its 327-km exclusive economic zone (EEZ) as the West Philippine Sea and Vietnam calls the waters within its own exclusive economic zone the East Sea. Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) spokesman Raul Hernandez said on Wednesday that the country’s diplomats were seeking more information on the new South China Sea rules. “We are verifying the news with our embassies in Beijing and Hanoi,” Hernandez said. There was no immediate response from Vietnam. Philippine and Chinese coast guard ships faced off for more than two months in 2012 at Panatag Shoal (Scarborough Shoal), a rich fishing ground off Zambales province within Manila’s EEZ. Bad weather forced Manila to call back its ships, leaving Beijing to seize the shoal, which the Chinese had since cordoned off. In January last year, the Philippines took the dispute to the United Nations for arbitration. China refused to take part in the arbitration, but the DFA said the process was going on just the same and a ruling could be expected even without China’s participation. (Cont. on Page 15)

SC, House on collision course

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USD to PHP Rate $1.00 = P44.69 as of Jan. 8, 2013

PAGE 2 Jan. 9, 2014 - Jan. 15, 2014

The San Francisco Post

The San Francisco Post

NATIONAL US deported 369,000 immigrants in 2013

NEW YORK — The US government deported about 369,000 immigrants, including a number of Filipinos, during fiscal year 2013, according to new statistics from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released last month, showing a 10 percent drop from the previous year — the first since President Barack Obama took office in 2008. Nearly 60 percent (216,810) of the total deported immigrants, the year-end report (http:// showed, had been previously convicted of a crime. Of this number, ICE apprehended and deported 110,115 individuals with a crime conviction from within the country and another 106,695 at the border while attempting to un-

lawfully enter or re-enter the United States. ICE officials described these figures as “meeting one or more immigration enforcement priorities” that the Obama administration announced two years ago, stating that his administration would no longer devote federal resources to deporting immigrants with “low priority cases,” including those without a criminal record and not a threat to national security. “The 2013 numbers make clear that we are enforcing our nation’s laws in a smart and effective way, meeting our enforcement priorities by focusing on convicted criminals while also continuing to secure our nation’s borders,” John Sandweg, ICE acting director, said in a news release.

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But the new removal figures provoked Filipino-American groups and other advocates for immigrant rights, saying that the numbers are misleading and that they don’t add up on Obama’s promise to stop unnecessary deportations, while Congress remains deadlocked on comprehensive immigration reform that will give millions of undocumented immigrants a path to legalization. While it is true that the Obama administration deported criminals, advocates say, the report

also revealed that it ousted 151,834 individuals without a criminal conviction. Most of these immigrants only had immigration violations such as overstaying their visas, which is considered to be a civil offense, and those who are ignoring deportation orders. “The government would claim that they have achieved its enforcement goal, and that they only look for criminals. That’s all rhetoric,” said Emelyn Tapaoan, a FilAm in NY.

(Cont. on page 1... DEADLY DEEP)

free coffee, hot chocolate and hand warmers. Fans were allowed to bring blankets and sleeping bags. Freezing rain is forecast to hit the south and east, affecting the New England region, New York and Washington, with the extreme weather expected to continue into the early part of the week in many places. “The heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures have combined to create hazardous conditions in many areas of the state,” said Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. “Residents should heed advisories and stay off the roads if at all possible.” Illinois Governor Pat Quinn described the storm as “one for the record books, and we want to make sure everyone stays safe and warm until it passes.” The Weather Channel said the country should be prepared for an imminent “blast of brutally cold air” that would buffet some states until Tuesday. Deaths blamed on the frigid weather include a worker crushed by a 100-foot (30-meter) pile of salt being prepared to treat roads in the Philadelphia area on Friday, and a 71-year-old woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease who froze to death after getting lost in New York state.

will result in life-threatening wind-chill values as low as 60 degrees (Fahrenheit) below zero. Also, heavy snow will develop from the eastern Plains to the Great Lakes today, with up to a foot of accumulation possible.” Authorities warning people that they could face issues like cars that won’t start and flooded roads that quickly ice over caused by water pipes that freeze and burst. Thousands of flights out of major airports like Chicago O’Hare International and New York’s John F. Kennedy were delayed or canceled Sunday due to weather-related problems. At O’Hare, one of the country’s busiest airports, officials said that more than 1,300 flights were canceled. The states of Minnesota and North Dakota were expected to experience the worst weather. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton announced that schools will be closed Monday “to protect all our children from the dangerously cold temperatures.” In Wisconsin, Sunday’s National Football League playoff showdown between the Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers at the open-air Lambeau Field in Wisconsin was one of the coldest NFL games in history. The Packers helped fans battle the big freeze by handing out

Jet crashes at Aspen, Colorado, killing 1 A small plane crashed while trying to land at the Aspen, Colorado, airport Sunday, killing the co-pilot and injuring two others aboard, said Alex Burchetta with the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office. Witnesses described a fiery scene as the plane flipped over and became engulfed in flames. Photos showed the plane upside down on the tarmac, its fuselage charred. The pilot of the twin-engine jet earlier reported high winds during a previous attempt to land, according to a recording of the air traffic control radio transmission obtained by CNN through Flightaware, a flight-tracking website. “Missed approach, N115WF. 33 knots of tail wind,” the pilot is heard saying a few minutes before the crash.

FilAm appointed Utah attorney general WASHINGTON —Filipino-American Sean Reyes has been sworn in as state attorney general of Utah, becoming the first AsianAmerican to hold a statewide post in that state. Reyes, 42, is the son of immigrants with Filipino and Spanish roots. Married with six children, he was raised in Southern California and received his law degree from UC Berkeley in 1997. At his swearing in, Reyes vowed “to restore public trust” in an office devastated by scandal, and “create a culture change” through internal, external and policy changes.” Utah Governor Gary Herbert, who appointed Reyes to the post after his pre-

decessor resigned, said, “Reyes’ rise opens a new chapter for the state and the attorney general’s office, which persevere in the face of adversity. He has the right background and, most importantly, he has the right demeanor to take on what I consider a new beginning for the attorney general’s office.” Ed Navarra, national chairman of National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) congratulated Reyes. “As Filipino-Americans, we are elated that one of our own has gained the distinction and honor of serving as Utah’s top law enforcement officer,” Navarra said. “We wish him well as he

undertakes a challenging responsibility, one that requires leadership and legal skills, high professional standards and strong commitment to public service.” Before taking over as attorney general, Reyes served as general counsel for a Utah media and technology company, eTAGz. He also served as a small claims judge, a partner with venture capital firm Accelerate Ventures, and a member of the boards of many nonprofit institutions, including one conducting education against fraud. He was also involved with a National Commission established by former President George W. Bush to advise him on Hispanic-American issues.

PAGE 3 Jan. 9, 2014 - Jan. 15, 2014

Apart from his professional duties, Reyes devotes his time to community outreach programs. In 2008, Reyes was the first person to be awarded the title “Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year” by the American Bar Association. Reyes ran for Attorney General of Utah in 2012 against John Swallow. He lost the primary election with a margin of 69 to 32 percent. Swallow resigned last December. The GOP State Central Committee then selected Reyes as one of three candidates on Dec. 14. Reyes, who will serve out the remaining two years of Swallow’s term, will have to run for election in November this year.


PAGE 4 Jan. 9, 2014 - Jan. 15, 2014

The San Francisco Post

The fall of a Titan


Gov’t must help ease poor’s burden


lready saddled by a sharp increase in the prices of basic goods and services, Filipinos will now have to face additional financial burdens mandated by the governTHE NUCLEUS OF ment starting JanuTHE MATTER ary 1 this year. Most By working Filipinos will Val Abelgas find their paychecks reduced by a few hundred pesos starting this month because the Social Security System (SSS) and the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), two government-owned corporations that were established by law to promote the people’s welfare, increased their premiums effective January 1, 2014. Labor groups have opposed the increases for two years now because such increases would impose heavy burdens on the already suffering people, but the government just would not listen. Malacanang was fast in defending the increases, saying these were “reasonable and affordable.” “The increase in SSS and PhilHealth contributions is a product of thorough study and consultation,” Coloma said in Pilipino over government radio. “It was properly calculated to ensure that it will not be a heavy burden and instead be affordable to the concerned sector,” according to Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr.,

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who as a militant student leader in the University of the Philippines marched on the streets to oppose any kind of price increase. Coloma said labor groups were consulted, but why are the Kilusang Mayo Uno, the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines and other workers’ groups holding almost daily protests against the premium hikes? Workers and lawmakers are questioning the lack of public consultations on the increases. Members’ contributions to the SSS will increase by 0.6 percent starting this month, from 10.4 percent to 11 percent. Employed PhilHealth members, on the other hand, will have to pay monthly contributions of P200 from P175, to be shared equally with their employers. Selfemployed PhilHealth members, or individually paying members, will also be required to pay P200 from P150. These increases may be affordable for people like President Aquino and Coloma, but for millions of working Filipinos who can hardly put enough food on the table for their family, much less pay their bills and cope with ever-increasing fares, rents and other basic needs, even the “reasonable and affordable” SSS and PhilHealth premium increases would be pushing them deeper into the throes of poverty. To top it all, Pag-IBIG Fund is planning on increasing members’ contributions, too! Coloma must have overlooked the fact that the new year brings with it sharp increases in the prices of gasoline, petroleum and electricity, which we all know would be passed on by users to consumers through higher prices in basic goods and services. On top of these increases, the government also plans to allow rate increases in the Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and impose a 12-percent VAT on toll rates. Bus, jeepney and taxi fares would definitely rise as transport owners pass on the price increases in gasoline and toll rates to consumers. Rice and vegetable prices have already increased following the devastation of rice and vegetable farms by the series of typhoons that hit the country last year. Prices of other consumer goods will also increase with the gas price spikes. Retired Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Ocar Cruz chided the Aquino administration for the premium hikes, saying it only proves that the President does not know what poverty is. “The president who does not know poverty cannot feel, will not have the sense of concern for poor because he was born rich,” he said. All these premium and price increases will put pressure on the country’s middle class and reduce their spending power, which would certainly slow down the economy. And yet, the government is not doing much to lessen the burden of the Filipino consumer. Instead, Malacanang has defended the SSS and PhilHealth premium increases, backed Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla’s stand justifying the Energy Regulatory Commission’s decision to allow Meralco to hike its power rates, allowed LRT and MRT to raise their fares, and decided to impose a 12-percent VAT on toll rates. And all along, we thought the Aquino administration was focused on reducing poverty by the end of his term. At the rate we’re going, the “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” slogan could become “maraming corrupt, marami ring mahirap.” (

fter halfcentury of political life, erstwhile Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile stepped down from the PERRY SCOPE pinnacle of By power in June Perry Diaz 2013, a role that he had performed with calculated planning and precise execution. His adroit balancing act during the impeachment trial of then-Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona was the epitome of his political career. Enrile began his public life as then-Senate President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ personal lawyer in 1964. When Marcos was elected President in 1965, he appointed Enrile – who had become part of his inner circle – in various capacities: Undersecretary/Acting Secretary of Finance, Acting Insurance Commissioner, Commissioner of the Bureau of Customs, Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, Secretary of the Department of National Defense. In 1971, he resigned as National Defense Secretary, after serving for only a year, to run for a Senate seat. He lost in his first electoral try. Marcos re-appointed him as National Defense Secretary in 1972. On September 21, 1972, Enrile survived an alleged assassination by communist insurgents as he was riding in his car. Marcos declared martial law citing the ambush attack on Enrile. In 1973, Enrile became Minister of Defense under a modified parliamentary system, one of the most -- if not the most -- powerful positions under the Marcos martial rule. As one of the 12 architects of martial law, Marcos presented Enrile and the others with a gold Rolex watch each. Hence, they came to be known as the “Rolex 12.” Enrile’s role was crucial because as it turned out the ambush on him was a fake. It was stage-managed to give Marcos a justifica-

tion to declare martial law. The turning point in Enrile’s relationship with Marcos came in the early 1980s when Marcos changed the chain of command in the armed forces. Enrile was no longer in the loop! The new chain of command was from Marcos, as the Commander-in-Chief, straight to the Chief of Staff, Gen. Fabian Ver, who was a cousin of Marcos. Enrile swallowed his pride and stayed on as a powerless Defense Secretary. After Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. was assassinated on August 21, 1983, Enrile made his move: he secretly aligned himself with the Reform the Armed Forces Movement (RAM), which was headed then by his Aide-de-Camp Lt. Col. Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan. In February 1986, Enrile with support from RAM and the “Cagayan 300,” a shadowy militia – or private army -- purportedly organized by Enrile, launched a coup d’état against Marcos. It was also rumored that Enrile got the support of the CIA (Source: “The Gold Warrior” by Sterling Seagrave) However, the day before the launching of the coup d’état, Ver discovered the plot and alerted Marcos. Marcos ordered the arrest of Enrile and then-Armed Forces Vice Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Fidel V. Ramos who was also a cousin of Marcos and also one of the “Rolex 12.” Enrile, Ramos, and their supporters barricaded themselves at Fort Aguinaldo. When word went out that a revolt was in progress, the people rallied around them, which sparked a popular citizens’ revolt that came to be known as the People Power Revolution. Enrile and Ramos were acknowledged as heroes of the revolution. But fate wasn’t so kind to Enrile. For the second time, the presidency eluded him. Ninoy’s widow, Cory Aquino, was swept to the top by the masa. Enrile settled for the same post that he held under Marcos, Secretary of Defense. But he didn’t stay too long. He was forced to resign in November 1986 after a few months on the job. Cory probably thought that if Enrile rebelled against Marcos, he could do the same to her. Ramos took over the Defense post. (

Binay incident forgotten?


lmost three weeks af- By: Atty. Crispin Lozano ter the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that three security guards of the Das- dent of Dasmarinas Village. marinas Village in Makati She said the guards took a were taken into custody by the leave apparently out of fear for Makati police after they re- retribution from the powerful fused Makati Mayor Jejomar Binays. Not even the owner Edwin Binay access to a gate of the security agency could in the exclusive subdivision, come to their defense apparently there is now complete silence for fear that it could affect their other businesses in the city. from the country’s officials. Either the Philippine offiExcept for Senators Alan Cayetano and Koko Pimentel cials respected too much the and Anakbayan party-list Rep. father of the Makati mayor, Walden Bello in the first week Vice President Jejomar Binay of the revelation, we have not or we’ll have to presume that heard much from the country’s they agree with the Binays supposed public servants on that the guards needed to show the shameless incident. No, “some respect” or “a little not even from the Liberal courtesy” as stated by the Vice Party politicians, who seem President, the mayor’s sister, to be on a reputation-banging Senator Nancy Binay,” and the binge against opposition lead- Binays’ spokesman. We agree with their assessers lately. Now that nobody seems to be ment that as mayor of the city, on their side, the three guards the guards needed to show have taken leaves of absence, him “a little courtesy,” in fact, according to former Economic they should have shown him Planning Secretary Solita Col- all the respect and courtesy las Monsod, a longtime resi- that Mayor Binay deserved. But showing respect and courtesy need not The San Fancisco Post mean bending 1290 B Street, Suite 203 Hayward CA 94541 the rules of the Ph: (510) 885-8827 Fax: (510) 538-7115 Email: homeowners, including one that says that the gate shall not be used for exit after 10 p.m. to ensure FREE EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION FORM the safety of the residents. The guards Name: _________________________________________________ would be right Email (required): ____________________________________________ to call him “Sir” or “Mr. Mayor” Other Email Add: __________________________________________ since Philippine public servants __________________________________________ want to be addressed “the

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Honrable” anyway, and that would be courtesy and respect. Or maybe they can salute him, as politicians want to be accorded with. But they still have to enforce rules that they were paid and sworn to do. The Makati police, who are obviously used to giving “little courtesies” to errant motorists, businessmen and other law violators in exchange for “little courtesies,” came immediately to the rescue of the beleaguered mayor, who could not waste a few minutes to turn back and use the other gate just a block away, which was the only gate allowed for exits at the time the Binay convoy of four cars demanded to be allowed to pass through. The responding policemen raised the gate bar and let Binay’s party pass, and then disarmed the guards and held them at the police station for four hours. Senator Pimentel demanded an investigation of the incident, and so did some party-list representatives. Senator Cayetano said the mayor should have taken a leave while Bello said Mayor Binay should be required to attend a lecture on appropriate behavior. But all three are now silent over the incident. A fellow mayor, Rex Gatchalian of Valenzuela, had defended Mayor Binay and said mayors should be allowed unlimited access to his area of jurisdiction so he could function well. Well, coming from a fellow political lord, it should not be surprising that he would think that mayors and other political leaders should be given “little courtesies” and allowed to disobey rules and laws.

The San Francisco Post


Pope warns against ‘little monster’ priests VATICAN — Pope Francis has said men studying for the Roman Catholic priesthood should be properly trained or the Church could risk “creating little monsters” more concerned with their careers than serving people. In comments made in November but only published on Friday, Francis also said priests should leave their comfort zone and get out among people on the margins of society, otherwise they may turn into “abstract ideologists.” The Italian Jesuit journal Civilta Cattolica published an exclusive text of the comments, made in a three-hour, closeddoor meeting the Argentinian-born pontiff had in late November with heads of orders of priests from around the world. “Formation (of future priests) is a work of art, not a police action. We must form their hearts. Otherwise we are creating

little monsters. And then these little monsters mould the people of God. This really gives me goose bumps,” he said. Since his election in 2013 as the first non-European pope in 1,300 years, Francis has been prodding priests, nuns, and bishops to think less about their careers in the Church and to listen more to the needs of ordinary Catholics, especially the poor. Taking over an institution reeling from child sex abuse, financial and other scandals and losing members to other religions, Francis has tried to refocus on the basic Christian teachings of compassion, simplicity, and humility. His conversation with the members of the Union of Superiors General is important because they will transmit his wishes directly to priests in their religious orders around the world.

Francis said men should not enter the priesthood to seek a comfortable life or to rise up the clerical career ladder. “The ghost to fight against is the image of religious life understood as an escape or hiding place in face of an ‘external’ difficult and complex world,” he told them. He made a brief, indirect reference to the sexual abuse crisis, saying a man who has been asked to leave one seminary should not be admitted to another easily. Francis said priests had to have “real contact with the poor” and other marginalized members of society. “This is really very important to me: the need to become acquainted with reality by experience, to spend time walking on the periphery in order really to become acquainted with the reality and life-experiences of people,” he told them.

Fighting between Iraqi troops, al-Qaida kills 34 BAGHDAD — The Iraqi military tried released by Iraq’s Defense Ministry fought al-Qaida militants around the to dislodge al-Qaida militants in Sunni- showing al-Qaida hideouts being bom- provincial capital of Ramadi on Sunday, dominated Anbar province Sunday, un- barded. It showed men gathered around two Anbar government officials told The leashing Associated Press by telephone. They airstrikes said 22 soldiers and 12 civilians were and bekilled, along with an unknown numsieging the ber of militants, and 58 people were regional wounded. The officials spoke on concapital in dition of anonymity because they were fighting not authorized to brief reporters. that killed Clans inside the city of Fallujah have at least 34 started to form brigades, they said, people, ofand some of the factions who fought ficials said. the Americans following the U.S.-led A series invasion a decade ago say they do not of bombs want the Iraqi army to enter the city. in Shiite There was no fighting inside the city neighboron Sunday. hoods of Government troops, backed by Sunni tribesBaghdad, men who oppose al-Qaida, have encircled Falm e a n lujah for several days, and have entered parts while, of Ramadi. On Friday, troops bombarded milikilled at tant positions outside Fallujah with artillery, a least 20 military official said, speaking on condition Gunmen patrol during clashes with Iraqi security forces in Fallujah, 40 of anonymity as he was not authorized to people. The recent miles (65 kilometers) west of Baghdad, Iraq, Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014. release information. gains by The deadliest attack Sunday in Baghdad the insurtook place in the northern Shiite Shaab gents have been a blow to the Shiite-led a vehicle, then running away as the site neighborhood, where two car bombs exgovernment — as sectarian violence has was struck. ploded simultaneously near a restaurant and escalated since the U.S. withdrawal. U.S. A ministry statement said the air force a tea house. Officials say those blasts killed Secretary of State John Kerry said Wash- struck a militants’ hideout overnight, 10 peoington was “very, very concerned” by the identifying them as belonging to the al- ple and fighting but would not send in American Qaida-linked Islamic State in Iraq and the wounded troops. Levant, which the government refers to 26. Video of the airstrikes in Anbar — ap- as “terrorists.” parently taken by aircraft at night — was The army and allied tribesmen also As the violence in the Central African Republic reaches unprecedented levels, aid organizations say the number of internally displaced people Reality. serious in a fight against edges toward a million, further hampering humanitarian ….. Manny. Back To Reality. relief efforts. Davao Mayor Rodrigo ….. The nearly 935,000 displaced Duterte has a very strong While calls for house arpronouncement against rest are made by various people are hiding in bushes smugglers particularly rice political and religious fig- and seeking refuge with host smuggling in his City. He ures for former President families, and churches and declared war and said that now Pampanga Congress- schools have been turned in if these smugglers do not woman Gloria Macapagal to makeshift shelters. More LET’S HAVE COFFEE stop;“ I Will Kill You”. He Arroyo, Senator Jinggoy than half the population of the By said that he is willing to un- Estrada has suggested oth- capital city of Bangui has been Don Augusto Orozco mask whoever is behind a erwise. In an interview, certain David Tan, alleged Jinggoy prefers a petition to be behind large-scale for bail rather than house e welcome with much fun- smuggling activities in var- arrest. He however added fare the year 2014. This is the ious ports of the country. that it is something for the first month of the year and normally Well at least we know that court of law to determine. this is the time when most of us sit Mayor Duterte means what He also added that there are down and reflect and set our he say. But the unabated no plans of merging or alliNew Years resolution. But smuggling. I guess it is here ance to the group of GMA after all that has been said to stay. Back To Reality. or former President Fidel and done at the end of the ….. V Ramos. Politics really day, we go back to reality. There are indications that has no permanent enemies. Some good and mostly bad. one other demand of Floyd Back To Reality. Again, we are Back To Re- “Money” Mayweather to ….. ality. agree for a fight with Man- Relatives, friends and love ….. ny Pacquiao is to leave in ones of the victims of the Department of Public the stable of Bob Arum or infamous Atimonan, QueWorks and Highways Sec- Top Rank. This is also the zon bloodbath has comretary Rogelio Singson has belief of Pacquiao’s law- plained and shouted no offered to quit his post on yer Jeng Gacal. But I don’t justice. Apparently, a year the allegations that the con- think that will be fair to has passed and still justice struction of bunkhouses Bob Arum. After all, Bob has not prevailed to all the for “Yolanda” victims are was the one who bankrolled victims. Well, just look at proven to be overpriced. He and took the risk of devel- the Maguindanao massacre has insisted that the P14- oping and creating Manny victims. It has been more million construction of the as a fighter. He has always than 4 years and still is temporary shelter was not put his name on the line. pending. What do you exoverpriced and has even But then considering how pect now. Back To Reality. maintained that contractors Manny retains his people, For comments please email have not received any pay- I don’t think he will ever me at don.orozco@sf-post. ments for it. Well, what did leave Top Rank. Also, I com. I tell you. We are Back To don’t see Floyd being dead

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Syrian rebels press fight against al Qaeda BEIRUT—Opposition forces retook towns and churches and freed prisoners from an al Qaeda affiliate in northern Syria on Monday, as the rebellion-within-a-rebellion reshapes the country’s three-year civil war. The infighting involves an array of foreign and local fighters declaring themselves members of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS, against coalitions and bands of other rebels. In Syria, ISIS has entrenched itself in parts of rebel-held territory over the course of the uprising, subjecting civilians and even rebel allies to violent repression, complicating the rebel fight against the Assad regime. In Iraq, fighters from the group seized the city of Fallujah and parts of the city of Ramadi in Anbar province late last week, about five years after Sunni tribes and U.S. forces had helped quell al Qaeda in its Sunni Muslim stronghold in Anbar. As the conflicts involving ISIS in Syria and neighboring Iraq widened over the past week, Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki urged fleeing Anbar residents to stand up against al Qaeda-allied fighters. “We are giving a chance to the people of Fallujah to have a role in cleaning their city” of al Qaeda fighters, said Ali al Musawi, a spokesman for Mr. Maliki, in an interview. Fearing Iraqi government forces might bomb Anbar province’s cities to rout the al Qaeda-allied forces, however, increasing numbers of civilians fled Fallujah on Monday. In Syria and Iraq, fighters from

al Qaeda’s own base—local Sunni Muslims, alienated by the sectarian non-Sunni leadership of their country—are at the heart of the effort to force out al Qaeda, which has sought to make its base in a cross-border swath of territory where Iraq’s and Syria’s governments are weak or have retreated entirely. U.S. officials on Sunday said they were seeking to boost military support—though they emphasized no troops—for Mr. Maliki to help his campaign to push back al Qaeda. Some Sunni tribes in Anbar fought al Qaeda there during the 2003-11 U.S.-led war. They complain the Shiite-led Iraqi government mistreated them in the five years since the al Qaeda in Iraq movement ebbed. “Maliki’s government is trying to use the ISIS card to persecute the Sunnis,” an Anbar tribal leader, Ali Hatem al-Suleiman, said in an interview on Monday. “So we’ll be ready for any contingency, including a confrontation with [Iraqi] government forces.” Mr. Suleiman said Anbar’s Sunni tribes might join the fight against ISIS if the U.S. were to guarantee the tribes’ protection from the Shiite Iraqi government. “We do not trust the government of al-Maliki,” he said. Another Anbar Sunni tribal leader said al Qaeda was a bigger enemy to Sunnis than the Iraqi government.

Nearly a million flee violence in Central African Republic



displaced, and nearly 60% of them are displaced children, according to the latest report from UNHCR, the United Nations’ refugee agency. Since March, violence has gripped the Central African Republic, or CAR. Aboubakar Daoud, 33, has spent the last 15 years of his life as a shopkeeper in the country. He says life was very good, his business was thriving and everyone was living in peace. But all of that is now just a memory.

”The situation is very precarious for Muslims and particularly for Chadians, even for those who got married with the Chadians,” he said. After the predominantly Muslim-backed Seleka militia and other rebel groups from the marginalized northeast seized Bangui, one of the Seleka leaders, Michel Djotodia, overthrew President Francois Bozize, who fled to Cameroon, creating a political power struggle.


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Junjun Binay not affected by Aquino’s ‘no wang wang’ remark MANILA, Philippines — Makati City Mayor Jun-Jun Binay on Wednesday said he didn’t feel that he was being alluded to when President Benigno Aquino III mentioned his “no wang wang” policy at the launch of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s new traffic control system. “It’s a general statement always given by the President,” Binay said during an ambush interview outside the MMDA Command and Control Center in Makati City. The mayor was among those who watched as Aquino gave his speech on the newly inaugurated digital traffic control system. The President discussed the traffic problem, as well as the need for Filipinos to have discipline on the road. “Kasi alam po ninyo, wala pa rin pong lisensya ang sinuman na pairalin ang utak wang-wang, at maghari-harian sa daan,” Aquino said during his speech. “Kahit pa minsan, natutukso tayo—dahil na rin siguro sa

init ng ulo o sa inip sa kalsada—huwag sana natin itong gawing dahilan upang baluktutin ang batas, o lusutan ang sistema,” he added. Binay, along with his sister Senator Nancy Binay, was earlier accused of ordering the arrest of at least three security guards who barred their convoy from passing through a restricted gate at the exclusive Dasmarinas Village in Makati City. “Again what came out in the video…there was no audio. And if at all what came out were from an alleged source. Sila na lang yung naglagay ng dialogue sa nangyari dun,” Binay told media. “So I don’t feel alluded (to by the President). Because again sumusunod po tayo sa kagustuhan ng ating pangulo,” he added. Binay said that as mayor, he is expected to be a role model, especially since Makati has “for many years been a good model for good governance.”

NBI tags DBM official in fake SARO scam

MANILA — The National cate” within the DBM. Bureau of Investigation “Given the involvement (NBI) has tagged Depart- of some of his personnel, ment of Budget and Man- Usec. Relampagos is ineviagement (DBM) Undersec- tably covered by NBI’s onretary Mario Relampagos going probe,” she said in a for possible involvement in the scheme involving the falsification of several Special Allotment Release Orders (SAROs). Relampagos was earlier slapped with a plunder case in connection with the alleged mis- Undersecretary Mario Relampagos use of some P900 million worth of text message. Malampaya funds. “The core factual issues Justice Secretary Leila de are: Does he know about Lima disclosed yesterday the shenanigans of his subthat Relampagos is so far ornidates? Did he tolerate the highest official being the same? Worse, did he investigated by the NBI on benefit from those corrupt the fake SAROs allegedly practices?” De Lima asked. perpetrated by a “syndiPending the investigation,

she said the DBM official’s going on leave “is a matter between him and his superior.” Earlier, the Justice chief said the NBI probe has so far pointed to the involvement of several staff members of Relampagos in the scam, including his secretary, driver and janitor. De Lima declined to name any one of them. Relampagos then is the first official confirmed as among those under investigation over the controversy related to the multi-billion pork barrel fund scam. NBI probers have already verified that the SAROs for two projects in Cagayan and Aklan provinces were falsified and that several DBM personnel were involved. De Lima said NBI agents had found out that the group kept specimen signatures of approving authorities, which they superimposed on unsigned photocopied SAROs.

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SC, House on collision course MANILA -- The House of Representatives and the Supreme Court are on a collision course after 169 lawmakers signed a resolution seeking to defy the order of the high court to include a son of Associate Justice Presbitero Velasco Jr. in the congressional rolls and replace Marinduque Rep. Regina Ongsioco Reyes. Oriental Mindoro Rep. Rey Umali said the “robust support” for his resolution showed that the lawmakers were prepared to stand up to the “bullying” of the Supreme Court. “I believe that our members have had enough of the Supreme Court’s bullying. This time, they have overstepped their jurisdiction. We will defy them and not honor their decision,” Umali said in a phone interview. Fifty-eight percent of the 289 House members have supported House Resolution No. 597 “reiterating adherence to the time-honored principle on the exclusivity of jurisdiction of the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal (HRET) over all contests relating to the election, returns and qualifications of its members to preserve the integrity, dignity and reputation of the House of Representatives and its members.” Umali said it was “about time that these despots get down from their high chair and respect their coequals in government. This is a clear show of force on our part. Please, hu-

wag ninyong ipilit (don’t force it).” Last Dec. 3, Umali gave a privilege speech attacking the high court’s undue interference in election-related issues, specifically the Marinduque election standoff between Representative Reyes, daughter of Marinduque Gov. Carmencita Reyes, and former Rep. Lord Alan Velasco. Velasco has formally requested Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. to eject Reyes after the Supreme Court rejected with finality on Dec. 3 her appeal for the reversal of its ruling on June 25 last year upholding the Commission on Election’s (Comelec) decision disqualifying her. The Comelec canceled Reyes’ certificate of candidacy because of questions about her citizenship and her lack of residency to run for the post. Reyes defeated then Congressman Velasco in last year’s midterm elections by a margin of roughly 3,800 votes, paving the way for her proclamation as representative of Marinduque. House leaders led by Belmonte have stood by Reyes as the rightful House member pending the resolution of Velasco’s protest with the HRET, which they argued had the constitutional mandate to rule on electoral protests filed after a winner had been proclaimed. The HRET is composed of three associate justices of the Supreme Court and nine House members.

Palace won’t stop SSS, PhilHealth premium hikes MANILA — Members of the Social Security System (SSS) and Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) have no choice but to pay higher monthly contributions after Malacañang declared that it has no intention to stop the adjustments. Presidential Communications Operations Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. defended the increases in SSS and PhilHealth premium rates this month, saying such adjustments in the social protection programs are reasonable and affordable. “The increase in SSS and PhilHealth contributions is a product of thorough study and consultation,” Coloma said in Pilipino over government radio. “It was properly calculated to ensure that it will not be a heavy burden and instead be affordable to the concerned sector,” he added. Coloma also justified that the higher premiums would

lead to more significant benefits for the members of SSS and PhilHealth. “It also adhered with the law. There is no plan to stop it,” he emphasized. Some lawmakers and groups have called on the Aquino administration to stop the two government agencies from increasing the premiums. The latest increase comes as the nation struggles to recover from recent calamities. In the case of PhilHealth, Coloma made it clear that the four million poor families covered by the government’s conditional cash transfer program are “sponsored members” of PhilHealth and will not be required to shell out the additional contributions.

HEALTH Doctors Credit Strange Tropical Fruit As New Hope For Obesity: But What Do Clinical Studies Show? Losing weight while doing virtually nothing may sound too good to be true. However, published clinical studies on Garcinia Cambogia & Zen Cleanse show that it is more fact than fiction to achieve rapid weight loss without any changes to your diet or additional exercise. One highly-respected doctor, with a daytime TV show, refers to this powerful supplement as “The Holy Grail of Weight Loss”. Since recently being studied on this popular doctor’s television show, health stores across the U.S. have been struggling to keep Garcinia Cambogia & Zen Cleanse on their shelves. Many U.S. health-food retailers like GNC have been on backorder since December. Although supplies may be scarce, a few online retailers, who stocked up on Garcinia Cambogia before the frenzy hit, still have supplies available to customers. The Garcinia Cambogia & Zen Cleanse craze is not simply driven by big media hype. There is actual clinical data to back up the incredible weight loss claims. Why Is Garcinia Cambogia So Effective? Believe it or not this small, pumpkin-shaped fruit contains no caffeine or harsh chemicals! The active component in Garcinia Cambogia that gives it suchweight loss power is called Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). HCA inhibits the citrate lyase enzyme which is known to be an important catalyst in the metabolic process of converting excess carbohydrates into fat, causing an increase in carbohydrate oxidation. This can result in drastic

weight loss. More simply put, HCA blocks the body’s natural production of fat and suppresses the appetite. So even when your appetite gets the better of you, HCA is still working to block the body’s natural response of producing more fat. Zen Cleanse is the perfect complement to Garcinia Cambogia. Zen Cleanse is an internal cleansing supplement that endeavors to help flush unwanted waste and dangerous toxins out or your system. Some nutritionists and dieticians state that waste in your colon (large intestine) can cause sluggishness, lack of energy, illnesses, and other health problems. Zen Cleanse is a “complete kit” that was developed to help cleanse your colon, as well as “purify” your blood, liver, kidneys, and body. Just so you are aware, this supplement may cause more frequent bowel movements. This is why Garcinia Cambogia & Zen Cleanse has scientists, nutritionists, and dieters buzzing – no working out, no dieting, and instant results. Dr. Julie Chen, a California internist with a fellowship and training in Integrative medicine recommends Garcinia Cambogia for weight management, cholesterol, and issues associated with metabolic syndrome. Dr. Chen says, “What I love about this product is that it is one of the least expensive to use, and it’s been shown in studies to increase weight loss by two to three times the amount people would lose with just diet and exercise alone.”

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Ford bares solar-powered hybrid car NEW YORK – Ford announced plans Thursday for a prototype hybrid car that uses solar energy from a rooftop charger, reducing gas use and avoiding the need for plugging into the electric grid. The US auto giant said its C-MAX Solar Energi concept car with a solar panel roof

draws power from a special solar concentrator lens similar to a magnifying glass. The vehicle, which will be on display at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, is estimated to reduce the annual greenhouse gas emissions a typical car owner would produce by four metric tons. The new system aims to rev up sales of electic and hybrid vehicles without the plug-in requirement of some current models. Ford said the system tracks the sun as it moves from east to west, drawing enough power from the solar rays each day to equal a four-hour battery charge. Ford said this car would deliver an estimated 100 miles (160 kilometers) per gallon (3.8 liters) of gasoline.

“Ford C-MAX Solar Energi Concept shines a new light on electric transportation and renewable energy,’’ said Mike Tinskey, Ford global director of vehicle electrification and infrastructure. “As an innovation leader, we want to further the public dialogue about the art of the possible in moving the world toward a cleaner future.’’ The car is a collaborative project of Ford, C a l i forniabased SunPower Corp. and the G e o rg i a Institute of Technology. Earlier, Ford announced 2013 North American sales of cars and trucks bearing its namesake brand will top 2.4 million, making Ford again the top-selling US brand over Toyota. The automaker says it will sell more than 600,000 passenger cars this year, the most since 2000, with the strongest demand coming from the West and Southeast. Ford says it has seen double-digit sales growth across all segments – cars, trucks and utility vehicles. Growth has been led by demand for the Ford Fiesta small car, Ford Fusion midsize sedan, CMax hybrid and the Ford Escape SUV. November sales to non-fleet customers rose 15 percent through November, compared with 12 percent for the Ford brand overall.

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The San Francisco Post IMMIGRATION Relief available for those who obtained a green card as single but actually married at time of US entry

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f you obtained an immigrant visa as single son or daughter of a Lawful Permanent Resident or a U. S. citizen but you are actually married at the time of your entry to the U. S., you committed a misrepresentation of material fact in obtaining a visa because you did not disclose your marital status at the time of the interview and/or at the time you entered the United States. Even if you are actually single at the time of the interview but you get married the day before

entering the U. S. you still 1992. Mario married By: Atty. Crispin C. Lozano committed a misrepresentaLinda again in 1993 tion. Although you have a and filed an immigrant document which is your green card, your actual visa petition for his wife and daughter. The status is that of a person not in possession of a petition was denied because the USCIS valid visa. An alien not in possession of a valid discovered his prior marriage to Linda in visa is inadmissible and deportable. If you ap- 1988 and he committed a misrepresentaplied for naturalization the USCIS will likely tion of material fact by not disclosing his find it out. Your naturalization application will marriage to Linda in 1988 and the exisbe denied and you will be sent to an Immigra- tence of his daughter. Mario received a tion Judge Notice to Appear to the Immigration Court. for removal What is Mario’s immigration status? proceedings. nswer: Mario committed a fraud or misrepresentation of material fact in u e s - obtaining a visa at the U.S. Embassy. By tion: entering the U.S. without disclosing his Mario was marriage and children is again a misreprepetitioned sentation to the U.S. Immigration Officer. by Jose, his These two acts of misrepresentation made father who Mario inadmissible and deportable. is a Lawful Permanent uestion: What is the relief available to Resident Mario? in 1985. nswer: Mario may request the immiHis father gration court for a waiver of the misbecame a representation. To avail of this waiver MaU.S. citizen rio must have a parent or son or daughter in 1993. who is Lawful Permanent Resident or U.S. Mario got citizen. married to Linda Note: This is not a legal advice. We have in 1988. successfully represented clients who enMario and tered as single but actually married at the Linda have time of entry to obtain a waiver of misrepa child born resentation. in 1989 n a m e d UCCESS STORIES Cindy. In 1991, Ma- 1. On January 6, 2014, we received an rio was in- approval from the Immigration Court for terviewed waiver of misrepresentation for an alien at the U. S. who entered as single but actually married. E m b a s s y, 2. On November 21, 2013, we received an Manila for approval from USCIS for adjustment of an immi- status under SAME SEX MARRIAGE. grant visa. 3. On November 14, 2013, we received an He de- approval of adjustment of status from Imclared that migration Judge for a client who was origihe was sin- nally denied adjustment by USCIS. gle and has 4. On November 4, 2013, we received an no child. approval of waiver of misrepresentation Based on from the Immigration Judge for a client this decla- who entered the U.S. as single but actually ration he married. was given 5. On October 24, 2013, we received an a visa and approval by an Immigration Judge on the entered the review of I-751 Application to Remove U. S. in Condition on Residence that was previ-





ously denied by USCIS. 6. On October 2, 2013, we received an approval of adjustment of status based on SAME SEX MARRIAGE. 7. On August 14, 2013, we received a grant of waiver of misrepresentation from the Los Angeles Immigration Court for an alien who entered the U.S. as single but actually married. 8. On July 11, 2013, we received an approval from the Immigration Court for a waiver of misrepresentation for a green card holder who entered the U.S. as single but actually married at the time of entry. The grant of waiver stopped his removal and allows him to apply for naturalization. 9. On June 3, 2013, we received an approval from USCIS of a petition that continued despite the death of the petitioner under Public law 111-83. 10. On May 8, 2013, we received an approval of adjustment of status for a client who has a problem with entry document but has Sec. 245(i) eligibility. 11. On January 25, 2013, we received an approval from the Immigration Court for an adjustment of status for an alien who originally entered as a Philippine Government Official under A2 visa. 12. On November 30, 2012, we received an approval from Immigration Court of waiver for use of different name upon entry to the U.S. and adjustment of status. 13. On October 25, 2012, we received an approval of green card from the Immigration Court based on Cancellation of Removal of a client under the Violence against Women Act. She originally entered under a FiancĂŠe visa but the marriage did not worked and she ended up filing a self petition. Crispin Caday Lozano is an active member of the State Bar of California, the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the National Association of Consumers Bankruptcy Attorneys. He specializes in immigration law and bankruptcy law. He earned his Juris Doctor at Western State University College of Law in Fullerton, California. He is also a Certified Public Accountant, a Real Estate Broker and a Bachelor of Business Administration Cum Laude graduate. He has offices in San Francisco, Hayward, San Jose, and Cerritos, California. You can contact him at 1-877-456-9266. Email questions to Visit our website at


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Exclusive Post

FilAm teen karateka wants to play for PH team V

ALLEJO, California -- A 14-year-old Filipino-American karateka, who has won five world championships in the last three years, wants to play for the Philippine national team if given the chance. “It would be an honor to represent the land of my birth in an international competition,” said Wilhen Khyll G. Jorge, a Vallejo resident when asked if he would agree to play for the Philippine national team. Jorge, who started training in karate when he was seven years old, also holds the rare distinction of winning state, national and world championships in a single year for the last three years. Jorge has been the reigning California state champion in the 12-14 year category in the last three years. Jorge took interest in karate in 2006 when he noticed that his friends stopped whatever they were doing at 5 p.m. almost every day. When he asked why, his friends said they had to go to their karate lessons. He eventually joined them at a martial arts school in Vallejo. He later joined another martial arts school where he trained for two years, but the highest place he got in local tournaments was second place. Then on 2009, the hard trainin g paid off when he won the division championships for both point sparring and forms at the Gold Cup Circuit. In 2010, he wanted to compete outside the Gold Cup, but was not allowed by the martial school. Jorge and his dad, Allen Jorge, then decided to move to another martial arts school, also in Vallejo, the Seronio Island-Bred Martial Arts under the mentorship of Bobby Seronio Jr., the school owner; Sean VillaCarlos and Allan del Rosario. “I started all over again as a white belt but I didn’t mind it because I knew it was the best for me. The BASKA Belt Finals in 2010 was my first tournament under Team Seronio. I placed third. And then Sigung Bobby brought me to Super Grands 2010 where I fought as a wild card for Point Sparring (underbelt). I placed 8th in the world rankings. After that, I told myself that someday I would also win those world titles that were hanging on the walls

of the DOJO,” Jorge said. Story by Val Abelgas in California and won Training very hard to atfirst place again in the tain his goals, Jorge won continuous sparring (99 his first world championships (point sparring and contin- lbs) at the Pacific Jewels in Vanuous sparring). “I was so happy because the champion- couver, Washington in May 2012, ships were not just for me and family, but most especially and grand champion (continuous to my coach/trainer Bobby Seronio, Jr. who believed in sparring) in the Shark City Nationme,” he said. als in San Jose, California in June He won numerous tournaments in the Bay Area starting 2012. He then won successively in in 2009 and finally won his first national title in April the Quake City Open in Vallejo in 2011 when he placed first in continuous sparring (88 lbs) July 2012, at the Sun City Rumbles in the Golden Gate Internationals in Santa Clara, Califor- in Las Vegas in August 2012, and nia. He also placed fourth in point sparring for 88 lbs. In at the Rising Sun Nationals in Daly the same tournament. City also in August 2012. In a tournament in Vancouver, Washington the next In October 2012, Jorge placed first month, Jorge won two first places in both events at the in point sparring for 12-13 years old Pacific Jewel 2011. He continued his domination in con- at the League World Finals in Reno, tinuous sparring for the 88 lbs category in succeeding Nevada and was declared Best Jumonths – at the Long Beach Internationals in Long Beach, nior Fighter of the Year. He was California in July; at the Sin City Rumbles in Las Vegas, adjudged state champion in point Nevada in August; sparring for 12-13 years old at the at the Rising Sun California State Games in Fairfield, in Daly City in California in November 2012, and August; and at the in December, Jorge won first place Avalanche 2011 in (world champion) in point sparring Layton, Utah also (99 lbs) and second place in continin August. uous sparring (99 lbs) at the Super Jorge also won Grands World Games in Buffalo, either first, third New York. or fourth in the He again continued his dominaPoint Sparring tion in the monthly regional, state categories in all and national tournaments in Unity the above tourna- Championship, Vallejo, CA. (1st ments. Place, Point Sparring and Grand Champion; Bay NaIn December that tionals, Vallejo, CA. (1st Place, Point Sparring(NBL year, Jorge won -99lbs),1st Place, Continuous Sparring(NBL -99lbs), 2nd his first interna- Place, Point Sparring(The League); Proper Challenge, tionals at the Su- Oakland, CA (1st Place, Point Sparring(NBL -99lbs), per Grands XXI in 1st Place, Continuous Sparring(NBL -99lbs), 1st Place, Charleston, South Point Sparring (The League); Golden Gate InternationCarolina, winning als, Santa Clara, CA. (1st Place, Point Sparring(NBL both the continu- -99lbs), 1st Place, Continuous Sparring(NBL -99lbs); ous sparring (88lbs, 11 yearsnd the point sparring (88 lbs, Pacific Jewel Nationals, Vancouver, WA (1st Place, Point 11 years) titles. Sparring(NBL -99lbs); England Open, New Hampshire, The year 2011 proved a great one for Jorge as he won (3rd Place, Point Sparring); Quake City Open, Vallejo, regional, national, state and world championships in 88 CA (1st Place, Point Sparring); Sin City Rumble, Las lbs category that year. The next year, Jorge won again Vegas, NV (1st Place, Point Sparring(NBL -99lbs), 1st regional, national, state and world championships in the Place, Continuous Sparring(NBL -99lbs); Rising Sun Na99 lbs division. tionals, Daly City, CA (1st Place, Point Sparring); StormIn 2012, he won tournaments in monthly tournaments line Nationals, Fairfield, CA (1st Place, Point Sparring); held in Vallejo, Fairfield, South San Francisco, Tracy, all World League Finals Reno, NV (Division Champion 12-

DATUININERS. Lovely Datuin sisters bidding goodbye to the candlestick park as the San Francisco Fortyniners play their last game at the stick. From left is Irene Datuin Gallo, Marife Datuin Sagabaen, Narissa Datuin Laoeng & Rachel Datuin Red.

City of Long Beach residents Mick & Paulene Gamboa together with their five month old baby Mikay visits the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco together with family members Gus Angelo & Gian Adrian of San Jose, California.

Wilhen Khyll G. Jorge 13 yr old ADV); and California State Games-Fresno, CA (State Champion, 12-13 yrs old Advance Division). Last month, Jorge was again declared world champion in point sparring (12-14 years old) and continuous sparring (12-14 years old, 99 lbs) at the Super Grands 2013 in Charleston, South Carolina. Jorge will move up to 121 lbs starting next month when he competes in the Bay Nationals regional tournament of the National Black Belt League in Vancouver, Washington and four more tournaments in Las Vegas, Utah and in the East Coast. Jorge’s father, Allen, is appealing to fellow Filipinos to become a part of Wilhen’s dream of achieving more in the field of karate. “If you want to be part of Khyll’s dream, let’s talk about it on how you can have this opportunity to be part of the dream,” Allen said.

Salubong ng mga Lubong. Wilson and Esther Lubong are joined in by family members and relatives ( Shirley Banez with daughter Sheila and Ken Padilla of Fremont) and Henry & Donna Lubong) as they celebrate New Years eve. Henry is the proponent of the Centennial Ride while absent is jet setter Malou Del Rosario who is at Beverly Hills, California.



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Pacquiao denies fight with Mayweather imminent MANILA -- Philippine boxing legend Manny Pacquiao has dismissed reports that he and American Floyd Mayweather are to hold talks about fighting each other, questioning whether a bout will ever happen. A fight between the former world champion in eight weight divisions and the unbeaten Mayweather has long been desired by boxing fans and Manila newspapers were abuzz with talk over Christmas that a September 2014 date had been set. But Pacquaio, 35, told the website that a deal to settle once and for all who is the best boxer of the two is not imminent. “I have no plan to go to the US to talk to Floyd. That’s not true,” he said. “If it’s a done deal already, how come I do not know anything about it?” The boxer-turned-congressman convincingly beat American Brandon Rios in Macau in November after successive losses to American Tim Bradley and Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez in 2012. The comeback win sparked

renewed speculation of a longawaited Mayweather bout. In late 2009 and early 2010, Pacquiao and Mayweather were considered the world’s top pound-for-pound fighters and record profits were expected from a showdown between them. But a disagreement over prefight blood testing scuttled talks, with Mayweather vowing never to do business with Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum. Arum has set an April 12 fight for Pacquiao, but the boxer told the identity of his opponent has not been finalised. Mayweather, who has won 45 straight professional fights with 26 knockouts, is set for a May 3 fight against a yet-unnamed foe in Las Vegas. Mayweather, 36, taunted Pacquiao over Christmas, suggesting the Filipino was no longer in the same class. “Floyd himself has been telling the whole world he does not want to fight me.... But if he changes his mind, (it’s) okay with me,” Pacquiao told

The San Francisco Post SPORTS Both sixth seeds win NFL wild card games SAN FRANCISCO --Three teams won away games on wild-card weekend, with the San Francisco 49ers capping the victorious road shows with a 23-20 win at frigid Green Bay on Sunday. Phil Dawson’s 33-yard field goal as the game ended lifted the defending NFC champs into the divisional round, where they will play at Carolina. That figures to be much warmer than the nearzero temperatures at Lambeau Field. “It is not that cold,” Niner quarterback Colin Kaepernick said. “It is all mental.” Meanwhile, the Chargers and Saints further proved the old adage for the NFL playoffs: “Just Get In.” San Diego took away the ball four times in a 27-10 win at Cincinnati on Sunday that extended the Bengals’ losing ways

in the postseason to 23 years. The Chargers outscored Cincinnati 20-0 in the second half, handing

the Bengals their first home loss this season. The Chargers next play at AFC top seed Denver next Sunday. On Saturday, NFC sixth seed New Orleans won 26-24 at Philadelphia. The last time both sixth seeds won was in 2010, when the Packers wound up winning the Super Bowl. New Orleans got its first road playoff victory since entering the league in 1967.

The only home winner, Indianapolis staged a sensational comeback against Kansas City to win 45-44 Saturday. The Saints visit top-seeded Seattle, where they lost 34-7 during the season, next Saturday. The Colts go to New England, the AFC’s No. 2 seed, next Saturday night. 49ers 23, Packers 20 At Green Bay, Kaepernick threw for 227 yards and ran for another 98. Kaepernick escaped a blitz on third-and-8 and scrambled for an 11-yard gain to the 27 with 1:13 left. The 49ers (13-4) ran down the clock and the 15-year veteran, in his first season in San Francisco, made the winner. Mason Crosby’s 24-yard field goal tied it at 20 for the Packers (88-1) with 5:06 left. San Francisco has won seven straight. Next up, the NFC South champion Panthers, who beat the 49ers 10-9 on Nov. 10 at San Francisco. “They got us the first time,” All-Pro linebacker NaVorro Bowman said, “we need to get them this time.”

TAX AUDITS Home price hikes in 20 US cities record seven-year highs

by: Alvin C. Maglan, CPA


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s a taxpayer, you can refuse to be interviewed by the IRS if an authorized representative has been appointed unless the taxpayer has been issued an administrative summons. If the taxpayer attends the interview unrepresented, the IRS must suspend the interview at any time, upon request by the taxpayer, to provide an opportunity for the taxpayer to seek representation. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights expanded the IRS’s authority to abate interest arising from an unreasonable delay or error because of managerial acts. Items covered by the expanded authority include delays

arising from agent transfers, loss of records, illnesses, extended training or extended leave. No abatement will occur for administrative decisions made by the IRS. A taxpayer has the right to appeal any examination decision as well as the right not to pay any proposed increase in tax until the appeal is heard. Audit of Individual Tax Returns The audit of the individual tax returns (Form 1040) are generally conducted in one of two ways--by correspondence with the Service Center, or by appearing in person at an IRS Office before an Office Auditor. In general, Office Auditors are interested in seeing documents on the issues listed in the examination letter. It is prudent to bring only the documents necessary to resolve the issues listed in the examination letter and not bring documents relating to other issues. This may prevent the Office Auditor from expanding the scope of the audit. A correspondence audit is an examination conducted by one of

the Service Centers. It usually involve issues that can be resolved either by mail or over the telephone. This type of audit are generally restricted to specific questions or issues involving easily verifiable information like form 1099 income or allowable itemized deductions. The most common correspondence a taxpayer receives from the IRS is the computer generated Notice which indicate a discrepancy between the amounts reported by the taxpayer on the return and the amounts reported on an information return submitted to the IRS. The information return program is designed to detect unreported income and excessive deductions by matching tax returns with information returns filed by payors of income such as dividend, interest income, and recipient of mortgage interest and IRA contributions. The IRS also uses the information to identify persons who did not file a return. Al Maglan is a CPA licensed in California and Nevada. You can contact him @ 510 432 7438. You may e-mail tax questions at or


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KC Concepcion hospitalized Actress KC Concepcion spent the first day of 2014 in the hospital, where she was confined for four days due to pneumonia. Concepcion, who had been busy promoting the action film “Boy Golden: The Arturo Porcuna Story,” took to Instagram on Friday to share photos of her inside her hospital room. One photo shows her with her siblings, Frankie, Miel, and Miguel, whose visit she credited for making her feel better. “Four days at the hospital for pneumonia... Not fun, but another visit

from my [siblings] made it all good.” “Not the perfect way to start the new year, but a great reminder to work hard, though not too hard,” Concepcion said in another photo’s caption. “Let’s take care and really listen to our bodies! Health is beauty!” On Saturday, the actress posted on her Twitter page that although she has recovered from pneumonia, “I am not allowed to work for one whole week.”

Luis Manzano looking for love After his falling out with long-time girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado, has Luis Manzano found a new love? In an interview on radio DZMM on Saturday, the 32-yearold TV host said he spent last year’s holidays without a partner. “A single Christmas and a single New Year,” he said. But the “Minute to Win It” host admitted

that he is looking for love, calling himself a hopeless romantic. He added, however, that he does not intend to rush. “Hopeless romantic naman ako. Pero siyempre, hindi pwede madaliin ‘yan. Kung anong darating, darating,” he said. Manzano, weeks after his breakup, was again romantically linked to ex-girlfriend Angel Locsin. The latter admitted to avoiding Manzano out of respect to parties involved. Asked whether he spent his Christmas with mother and Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos or father Edu Manzano, Luis replied, “Ang Pasko ko ay eksakto.” “I was with my whole family. ‘Yung 24th, kasama ko si mommy. Kumpleto ‘yung buong angkan. Tapos noon sa 25th, kasama ko naman sina daddy at ‘yung dalawang kapatid ko. Isang Noche Buena at isang Christmas dinner. Perfect,” he said.

Vice Ganda refutes tension with Kris Aquino VICE Ganda claims to be unaffected over the deemed ako nagtatanim ng sama ng loob o ng lungkot, (pero) ’pag contest between him and Kris Aquino as their respective hindi ko na talaga kaya, i-si-simba ko ’yun,” he shared. films race to emerge as top box-office draw in the 2013 Vice added that “iyak and samba” is the same advice he Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). gave his bestfriend, Anne Curtis, when she encountered “Walang ganun… sobrang close nga namin ni Kris,” he challenges. said on “Buzz ng Bayan.” Vice is still in a romantic relationship with someone he The “It’s Showtime” host plays lead in “Girl Boy Bakla did not name. Tomboy” while Kris co-produced and stars in “My Little “Masaya (ako),” was all he said. Bossings.” He wants to keep their relationship private for the sake Vice counts Kris among his closest friends in show of his partner’s family. business and that “may relasyon kami ni Kris na maayos, “Ang dami naman ng alegasyon, ang daming lumalana maganda.” bas na pangalan pero wala akong ki-nonfirm, bayaan mo He fondly recalled their exchange na silang mag-isip, at the MMFF Awards night, during bayaan mo na silang which, prior to the awarding of the top magbato ng pangalan plums, Kris playfully told Vice, “Beh, pero wala akong kinotalo ka ni Robin, siya ang mag-be-Best confirm,” he said. Actor …feeling ko (siya ang mananaVice added that “ang lo).” gulo na naman ng buReferring to the incident, Vice said, hay ko, natatakot ako “Kami ba, kung hindi ba kami ganun na magugulo siya at ka-close, (ay) mag-ga-ganunan kami?” ‘yung buhay ng pamiVice has learned so much from his lya niya.” struggles in 2013. He finds their situWithout going into details, the box-ofchallenging and fice star said that “tuwing nagkakamali Kris Aquino and Vice Ganda are good ation “sobrang hirap.” In friends ako, ang pinaka-mahusay at pinakafact, they don’t go out, madaling paraan lang eh tanggapin he said, not even in a mo’yung pagkakamali mo at humingi group. ka ng paumanhin sa tao kung kanino ka man nagkamali, Vice’s partner never fails to make the comedian feel appreciated. Vice read the text message sent by his partkinakailangan man o hindi… “…Kasi ’yung pagkakamali ko, hindi ko naman nagawa ner over the New Year celebration: “Kahit wala na akong ’yung mga pagkakamali na ’yun ng first time, nagawa ko buhok, kahit hindi na ako nakakatakbo, ako pa rin ang na rin dati at lahat naman tayo nakagawa na ng pagkaka- magiging number one supporter mo na tahimik lang “Hindi ko kailangang sabihin sa buong mundo, ang mali na nauulit pa rin natin.” “(Kapag nasasaktan) ako iiyak ko ’yan kasi hindi talaga importante (ay) nasabi ko sayo.”

PAGE 13 Jan. 9, 2014 - Jan. 15, 2014

Jessica Sanchez bares some skin in Boracay For the first time, “American Idol” season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez bared some skin as she enjoyed her vacation in Boracay. Sanchez surprised some of her followers on Instagram when she posted a photo of herself wearing a white bikini. Netizens praised Sanchez, with comments ranging from “beyond beautiful” to “sexy and “hot.” Sanchez finally found some time to explore the country after headlining a New Year’s countdown show at Eastwood in Quezon City last December 31. Before her trip to Boracay, Sanchez traveled to Bataan, which is the native town of her mom. She also went to Subic in Zambales where she saw a dolphin show at the Ocean Adventure.

Kris Aquino stays Kapamilya KRIS Aquino has renewed her contract She also acknowledged Vidanes “for bewith ABS-CBN. ing an inspiring boss who has not only my Kris took to her official Instagram ac- respect, but my love”; Endrinal “for the count @krisaquino214 on Monday night patience to work out all the details & have to announce her latest career move, finally a deal where we are all winners”; her close dousing rumors of friend Boy Abunda “for a network transfer. his unwavering faith”; In her latest post on and her “Kris TV” famthe photo-sharing ily “because I couldn’t site, where she postimagine a show of mine ed the ABS-CBN w/o you because we’ve logo, she related that learned to love each other her manager, Deo unconditionally.” Endrinal “continued But most importantly, talks w/ our ABS Kris expressed her utbosses during the most gratitude to “all the Christmas break & it KAPAMILYA viewers, is w/ much joy that I thank you for watching share w/ you that we me, enjoying me & makhave RENEWED my ing me part of your daily ABSCBN contract.” viewing. Because of your Kris pointed out Kris Aquino with his sons Josh and Bimby support I get to continue that she has been on vacation in London right now. a job I love & I am also with the network for able to provide well for “18 years & like any Kuya & Bimb… From other family we’ve had our ups & downs and my heart, MARAMING SALAMAT KAsometimes unavoidable “tampuhan”- but we re- PAMILYA!!!” main FAMILY…” The Queen of All Media also clarified that The 42-year-old actress-TV host and one of she has “never met w/ any GMA officials the country’s top endorsers thanked her “ABS but I am grateful to them for the generous CBN bosses, Sir Gabby (Lopez III), Ma’am coverage they gave ‘My Little Bossings,’ Charo (Santos), and tita Cory (Vidanes) for the primarily because of their longstanding trust, value & importance they have given me.” partnership w/ Vic Sotto & the ‘Eat Bu“What I have become as a host, entertainer laga’ family,” although she admitted hav& producer came about because in 1996 FMG ing “met w/ MVP (Manny Pangilinan) in who was then president of ABS CBN told October & again Dec 23” last year. me, ‘Come back home,’” Kris added.


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Aries March 20 - April 18 A close friend or love partner you haven’t seen for a while could finally make arrangements to see you, Aries. You therefore could spend much of the day in a great mood, looking forward to the encounter ahead. Taurus April 19 - May 19 The house might seem rather empty today, Taurus, as most of the other members of your household are probably out and about. This is, however, a good time for you to take care of some projects of your own that you’ve been putting off. Gemini May 20 - June 19 You’re apt to be in a very joyous mood today, Gemini, and it’s going to show on your face. This isn’t going to go unnoticed by the people you meet. Cancer June 20 - July 21 A goal that you may have been working toward for a long time might still seem very distant right now, Cancer. Therefore, today you could actually find yourself giving up on it. This doesn’t imply that what you want will never happen.Leo July 22 - August 21 A member of your household may be having troubles, Leo, and therefore you might consider staying home from work in order to help them get through it all. Nonetheless, you have career responsibilities that you need to fulfill. Virgo August 22 - September 21 An important career concern could require considerable effort on your part today in order to enable you to advance whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, Virgo. At some point during the day, you may be plagued by doubts as to your ability to do this.

Libra September 22 - October 21 A trip that you wanted to take may have to be postponed, Libra, probably for financial reasons. You’ll want to make the journey in the company of someone who’s financially strapped right now. Scorpio October 22 - November 20 The need to complete an important task could have you mustering a far higher level of self-control than you’re used to, Scorpio. Perseverance and determination could dominate your mood, and therefore you could accomplish wonders. Sagittarius November 21 - December 20 A business or romantic partner could be in a rather schizoid mood today, Sagittarius. You’ll probably spend a lot of time together, and during the course of the day your friend could jump between enthusiasm and gloom. Capricorn December 21 - January 18 Generally, you tend to be rather ingenious where work is concerned, Capricorn, but today you may feel that the fountain of innovation has totally dried up. No matter how hard you try, you probably won’t be able to muster any new ideas whatsoever. Aquarius January 19 - February 17 A crisis of values may confront you today, Aquarius. Someone you care about might need you to do something for them that you don’t feel comfortable doing, and this could put you in a tough spot. Pisces February 18 - March 19 Today you might feel a little gloomy without knowing why, Pisces, and you could spend a lot of time trying to find a reason. There probably isn’t any concrete reason. It’s likely that you’re simply responding to low biorhythms.

PAGE 15 Jan. 9, 2014 - Jan. 15, 2014

The San Francisco Post (Cont. from page 1..CHINA TIGHTEN) The UN arbitration tribunal, however, has no power to enforce its decisions. New rules The United States says it doesn’t take sides in the sovereignty dispute but insists on the right to freedom of navigation in the area. The new rules demand that foreign vessels seek permission to fish or survey within waters administered by Hainan, China’s southernmost island province, which looks out over the South China Sea. Authorities in the provincial city of Sansha, on an island far south of Hainan, held a joint drill on Jan. 1 involving 14 ships and 190 personnel from various border patrol and law enforcement agencies. “Rampant infringement by foreign fishing vessels” was among the activities targeted in the practice scenarios, law enforcement official Wang Shizhen was quoted as saying by the official China News Service. Passed by Hainan’s provincial legislature in late No-

vember, the new rules say only that permission must be obtained from unnamed “relevant departments” under China’s Cabinet. Chinese law allows for the confiscation of catches and fishing equipment and fines of up to $83,000 for violators. While it would be nearly impossible to enforce the rule over such a vast area, the requirement seems to emphasize China’s determination to compel foreign nations to take its sovereignty claims seriously. Beijing has moved systematically to put teeth behind its island claims, setting up the Sansha city administration in 2012 to administer the scattered, lightly populated region of island groups and reefs. China has also combined its civilian maritime agencies into a single coast guard to increase effectiveness, and even has cracked down on activity in the area by foreign maritime archeologists. Farther north, China’s announcement of its air defense zone drew opposition from Japan, South Korea and Australia, all US treaty partners.

(Cont. from page 1...TPS PETITION)

land Security Rand Beers. A Washingon, D.C.-based non-profit was the first to bring up the issue of the TPS and its need for the Philippines. The Migrant Heritage Commission first reached out to the Obama government through a letter on Nov. 11, nine days after the super storm hit the Philippines. The letter asked the DHS to allow Filipinos to temporarily stay and work in the US so they can continue supporting their families and lovedones affected by the calamity. In response, DHS Director Alejandro Mayorkas said, “As the US government makes its decision to grant TPS to Filipinos there are already immigration relief measures in place for the Philippines.” These include: • Change or extension of status. • Extensions of certain grants of parole and expedited processing of advance parole requests. • Expedited adjudication of employment authorization where appropriate. • Assistance to lawful permanent residents who are stranded overseas, without immigration or travel documentation. • Expedited processing of immigrant petitions for immediate relatives of US citizens. The Dec. 16 letter ended with Mayorkas assuring the community that the DHS is committed to assisting populations in need all over the world. “Our demand for TPS designation of the Philippines is far from over,” said Arnedo Valera, co-director of Migrant Heritage Commission. “This campaign, which has now evolved into a national movement, is calling all FilipinoAmerican national and local organizations and their network organizations from different nationalities, all over the US to intensify our campaign for TPS for the Philippines.”

augment current humanitarian efforts of the United States to assist citizens of the Philippines affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan. “Under this section, a country may be designated for TPS if it has been impacted by a natural disaster that has “result[ed] in a substantial, but temporary, disruption of living conditions” such that the country is “unable, temporarily, to handle adequately the return” of its nationals currently in the United States. 8 U.S.C §1254a(b)(1)(B) (i) &(ii).” The “We the People” petition is in addition to direct appeals to the Obama administration for immediate immigration relief for Filipinos in the United States in the wake of the devastation caused by Supertyphoon Haiyan/ Yolanda. A TPS designation, among others, will provide a “hold” on Filipinos under deportation proceedings, allowing them to work and assist family members back home. Similar designations were granted to Central American countries during emergencies, including El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. The appeal for TPS designation has received some bipartisan support from the US Congress and President Benigno S. Aquino III has formally asked the Department of Homeland Security for the designation. According to Rodel Rodis, a San Franciscobased attorney, and one of the leaders of the petition campaign, at least eight senators, including Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York, has endorsed the proposal. Church leaders have also spoken positively about the plan and several Filipino-American organizations across the US have lobbied for its approval. On Dec. 13, Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose L. Cuisa handed a note verbale to the State Department requesting the TPS designation. The letter was addressed to Acting Secretary of Home-

PAGE 16 Jan. 9, 2014 - Jan. 15, 2014

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