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Left, Stripes VS Plaid, photo by Nina Mastrangelo; detail of Home wall installation by Cheri Ibes Below, detail of Tartan Masks installation by Dara Doolittle

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Mad about plaid

There’s something plaid-ish going on at Counter Culture Café (930 Baca St., 505-995-1105). When you order your food or coffee, you’re standing on a new, painted installation that is basically an abstraction on the plaid theme. Look around and you’ll see paintings, photographs, and other works by more than 40 artists, all fitting the theme Plaid All Over, which is the name of the exhibit/happening organized by Nina Mastrangelo and Cheri Ibes. The show hangs through April. At least a touch of plaid is the dress code for the opening party and reception at 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 12, at the coffee shop. If you’re woefully plaidless, you can get some at the neighboring shops Boho Clothing & Furnishings and Hyperclash Clothing or at the “plaid shop” at the café during the event. The focus on plaid was Ibes’ idea, and once the women started looking for it with their eyes and camera, it was everywhere. “Cheri created a wall of photographs that we’ve been taking over the last seven months of ordinary people out and about wearing plaid,” Mastrangelo said. “I found a man in a kilt in Trader Joe’s, and the lifeguards at Santa Fe Community College pool all wear plaid kilt-printed towels.” Participating artists, from Mastrangelo’s and Ibes’ contacts in several states as well as via a Facebook request, include both professionals and people who have worked in arts fields but have never exhibited before. “It’s all coming together, but having more than 40 artists and not being a real gallery, it’s been a little like herding kittens, so I’m sure there will be some surprises.” Entertainment for the April 12 event will be provided by bagpiper Peter Hraber, ukulele whiz Grannia Griffith, and poet Christopher J. Johnson as well as Grove of Ba’al (offering “atmospheric folk rock”) and TUFA (“multitextural ambient soundscapes”). Admission is free. For people who can’t make it, there will be a closing party at Counter Culture at 5 p.m. on April 26 with a puppet show and music by Cloacas and Mushi. — Paul Weideman

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Pasatiempo, April 11, 2014  

Pasatiempo, April 11, 2014

Pasatiempo, April 11, 2014  

Pasatiempo, April 11, 2014