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In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. – Philippians 1:4-6

Partnership. It’s a word rich with meaning. When we

Partnership definitely speaks the language of team and

think of the word partnership, multiple images come

togetherness. Simply put, partnership says, “We’re

to mind: two people shaking hands, multiple people

better together.” We think the Apostle Paul would

locking arms, multiple pieces of a puzzle uniting

agree. The word that is translated as “partnership” in

and forming a singular picture that couldn’t be seen

verse 5 of Philippians 1 is rich with meaning. The word


is koinonia and it literally describes the fellowship,


association, and communal relationship we experience

beginning in our homes and neighborhoods with the

as “joint participants” in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We

message and ministry of Jesus Christ.

truly are better together.

Together we are one. Together we are better. Together

In October 1908, under a tent in Pilot Point, Texas,

we are Nazarenes. More than a hundred years later, this

Christians from different churches across the country

is what we are still called to do. More than a millennia

and across the world joined together under one

after Paul wrote to the Philippians, our “partnership” in

name to pursue one calling – to live a life of holiness

the Gospel is just as relevant.

and to fulfill the Great Commission. The result of that “partnership” is what we know as the Church of the Nazarene and the world has never been the same since.

As we move forward into God’s desired future for His church in Springfield, we will be better together. We will become Christ-like disciples together. We will make Christ-like disciples together. We will impact Springfield,

Together we have brought healing to the sick, comfort

Missouri, the surrounding areas, and the world,

to the lonely, love to the broken and food to the hungry.

together. We can accomplish so much more together

Together we have taught so that children and teens

than we can isolated and alone.

and adults can have a future, so that prisoners can have hope and so that families can be restored. Together we have loved the poor with compassion, brought justice to bear on behalf of the


oppressed and shared the gospel with the lost.

It is in this spirit of unity and togetherness we invite

Together we are a Christian people who are called

you to listen with open hearts and minds to the vision

to be the Church of Jesus Christ. Together we are a

and dreams that God has placed in our hearts for a

holiness people, called to live like Jesus. Together we

new era of partnership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ in

are a missional people, called to go into all the world,

Springfield, Missouri.



Senior Pastor Springfield Community Church of the Nazarene


Senior Pastor Springfield First Nazarene



The conversation of a potential partnership between

did not lose their caring educational environment. At

Springfield First Nazarene (SFN) and Springfield

the same time, SFN was completing phase one of an

Community Church (SCC) started with an answer to

expansion project that included a brand new 6,000

prayer for both congregations.

square feet Children’s Ministry Center, designed from

In the midst of selling their property, SCC was looking

the very first plans to operate as a daycare. Both

for ways to make sure their daycare employees did not lose their employment and the children in their daycare


church boards agreed that a move to SFN for the daycare was a win-win.

EXPLORING POSSIBILITIES Three important questions drove the process that led us to this place.

1. IS THIS PARTNERSHIP POSSIBLE? This process started with conversations between Pastor Jeremy and Pastor Brandin dreaming about what God wanted to do in Springfield. It was through these conversations that a shared vision and complementary gifts of the leaders were recognized. From this step, both Pastor Jeremy and Pastor Brandin agreed that this partnership was possible.

2. IS THIS PARTNERSHIP FEASIBLE? The next step in the process was to talk with the key leadership of each congregation. These conversations laid out the overall advantages and challenges that could come from the perspective of each congregation. Both boards voted unanimously to give senior leadership the permission to continue to develop a plan for review and approval from the Joplin District Advisory Board, the District Superintendent, and the General Superintendent. After receiving approval from the Joplin District Advisory Board, Rev. Mark Bane (District Superintendent), and Dr. Jerry Porter (General Superintendent), both church boards agreed the partnership was feasible.

3. IS THIS PARTNERSHIP DESIRABLE? The next step was the commissioning of a Partnership Team consisting of staff and individuals from each congregation to determine if the partnership was desirable and provide greater detail about what a partnership between the two churches would look like. The Partnership Team was made up of Pastor Jeremy Henderson, Pastor Kevin Binam, Jerry Morris, Rev. Don Carlson, Kris Carlson, and Tammy Binam of SCC and Pastor Brandin Melton, Chris Menefee, David Fenton, Aaron Dicer, Wilma Gould, and Josh Veach of SFN. The additional changes coming from the sale of SCC’s property led to more conversations about the long-term plans for SCC. The initial idea of becoming one church came from these conversations and each Pastor and church board committed much time in prayer for guidance on exploring this possibility.

The Partnership Team was chaired by Dr. Larry White, retired pastor and District Superintendent, who is highly respected by both congregations. The following information is the culmination of this collaborative process and is meant to provide the members of each congregation as many details as possible regarding this potential partnership.



HISTORY OF THE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE IN SPRINGFIELD We celebrate the countless lives that have been

than we can separately? Could our total missional

transformed and blessed through the ministry of the

impact be greater if we partner together?” We believe

Church of the Nazarene in Springfield, Missouri over

the answer is “Yes!”

the past eighty-five years. But we also recognize the reality that over the past thirty years the Church of the Nazarene in Springfield has experienced significant decline. Over the last decade alone, the combined worship attendance of the Springfield churches has decreased by 16%. We fully believe that we can do better. For thirty years, Springfield First Nazarene was part of that decline. From 1977 to 2007 Springfield First Nazarene declined by 45%. But due to God’s faithfulness, a renewed vision, a missional approach to ministry, and effective leadership, Springfield First Nazarene has grown by 107% since that time. Springfield First Nazarene is now a growing and thriving church with a clear mission, vision, and values. There is a healthy church culture with a missional mindset along with systems and structures that allow for sustained growth. Springfield Community Church finds itself in a position where they have experienced a difficult six-year period of struggle. However, the last two years brought an increased emphasis on prayer and the Holy Spirit has brought healing and unity to SCC, as well as a renewed passion to do something great for the Kingdom. After a great deal of prayer, they recently made the difficult decision to sell their church property. This decision eliminated all debt and positioned them to dream about new possibilities of missional effectiveness in Springfield. Today, our church leaders are asking ourselves questions like: “Could we do better together? Could we reach the next 2,000 people for Christ quicker together


NOT A TRADITIONAL MERGER Many people may hear what we are describing and respond by saying, “Oh, so you are thinking about a church merger?” Our response to that would be, “No, what we are proposing is much bigger than that.” Traditionally, church mergers have consisted of two struggling churches coming together in a last-ditch effort for survival. This decision is made out of fear of death and driven by survival. We agree that this approach is unhealthy and unsuccessful. What we are proposing is a missional merger. A missional merger is where two local churches at different life-stages leverage their common DNA and complementary differences to generate a stronger regional impact. We call it a Strategic Church Partnership.

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP DEFINED Strategic Church Partnerships are about creating intentional relationships between two local churches for the purpose of maximizing their impact in reaching our culture for Christ. Springfield Community Church of the Nazarene and Springfield First Nazarene desire to strategically partner together as one church in order to maximize our missional impact in Springfield and the greater Springfield area. This means the congregations will come together to create a new church with a unified mission, vision, and values, with a long-term goal to launch new works throughout the Springfield area.

STRENGTHS OF THE PARTNERSHIP This strategic partnership provides the following strengths and positive outcomes for each current congregation and most importantly, the mission field of the Springfield area: • A shared vision with greater mission effectiveness than either current congregation can accomplish alone • A stronger leadership team that maximizes each leader’s strengths • Pooled financial resources that allow for more effective local ministry and missional opportunities such as adding paid youth staff • Critical mass that creates a stronger sense of excitement and energy for worship, ministry and new missional works • An opportunity for greater and more positive reputation of Nazarene churches in the Springfield area • An environment that pushes all involved out of our comfort zones to be fully focused on our mission to reach people for Christ • An opportunity for healing, restoration and unity among current and former local Nazarenes • An effective strategy to transform the greater Springfield area through the planting of new ministry and missional works


The driving question for both congregations comes down to this:


Both congregations have a desire to see a new work

the best thing for each of the current congregations,

on the north side of Springfield as well as center city.

but that the results of this strategic partnership will

Upon completion of the partnership and transition into

provide greater long-term Kingdom impact than either

one church, we will begin the process of exploring and

congregation could accomplish alone, both locally and

developing a plan to launch new works in the following

globally. Our ultimate desire is to be obedient to the

years. This plan will also focus on strengthening our

Great Commission and be agents of hope and change

presence in cities surrounding the Springfield area

to the world.

in which the Church of the Nazarene already has a

Both congregations are desperate to see God move

presence. Our desire would be to work with these

and do something incredible in Springfield. We understand that a 16% decrease over the past ten years breaks the heart of God and means that we have an increasing number of friends, family and neighbors that need a redemptive work done in their life.


existing congregations to help lead them through a renewal process that includes casting vision, establishing mission and values, and infusing the congregation with the financial and human resources needed to have a healthy church DNA conducive to growth.






A NEW CHURCH WITH A NEW NAME Choosing a new name that reflects a new future is

Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 4:32-35. As a result of this

biblical. Throughout Scripture we have examples of

devotional, Pastor Brandin felt led by the Holy Spirit to

God changing people’s names to reflect their newly

share what had come to his mind:

discovered identity, calling, and purpose. For example, Abram became Abraham; Sarai became Sarah; Jacob became Israel; and Simon became Peter. In essence, we are giving birth to a new church with a new name and deciding what we will call our community of faith

• They were ONE in Him • They were ONE with each other • One heart, one mind, one spirit, one church…. ONE LIFE!

is one of the most important decisions the Partnership Team faced. On Friday evening of the Partnership Team retreat, a lengthy discussion was had regarding potential new names for the new church. The team left Friday evening having narrowed the possibilities down to four, but far from a consensus that provided excitement or assurance that this was God’s name for our new church.

Believing these words spoke exactly to what we were seeking to do and become, in a God-inspired spirit of

Saturday morning opened with worship led by Pastor

unity, the Partnership Team unanimously adopted the

Jeremy Henderson, followed by a devotional by Dr.

recommendation that the new name of our new church

Larry White. Dr. White referenced these scriptures:

be “ONE Life Church.”


OUR MISSION Our mission statement answers the basic question of why our church exists. It provides guidance for programming and priorities as well as offers us a measuring stick for judging the success of everything we do. What is it?

REACH | CONNECT | GROW Why do we exist as a church? The answer is threefold: 1. To reach the world in Jesus’ name. 2. To connect people in loving relationship to God and each other. 3. To help them grow towards spiritual maturity.

As we are dreaming about the church that we want to become – reaching, connecting and growing must be intentional and at the forefront of everything we do. The Partnership Team, by consensus, adopted this Mission Statement for the new church: Reach, Connect, Grow!

OUR VISION As we work to accomplish the mission of the church it

we serve: holy love. In and through the community

is important that we have an idea of the type of church

experienced in our local church, people are connected

we are seeking to become. Our Vision Statement seeks

to Christ, to each other, to a ministry and to the

to paint a picture of the faith community that God is

mission of God, thereby exalting the name of Jesus

shaping us to be. By consensus, the partnership team

Christ and fulfilling His purposes for our lives. (Galatians

adopted the following Vision Statement:

3; Eph. 3; Eph. 4:1-6; Eph. 5; John 13; James 2; 1


John 4:7-21)

We are ONE community marked by inspired worship.


Our people are marked by the inspiration of the Holy

We are ONE community characterized by a commitment

Spirit and His cleansing and empowering presence.

to value the perspectives and life experiences each

As we gather in worship we are connected to the

generation brings to the process of discipleship. We are

presence and leadership of the Holy Spirit through

a community that is growing deeper in the knowledge

participation in prayer, praise, the sacraments and the

and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ by connecting with

proclamation of the Word. As we are connected to

God and each other in the context of Connect Groups

God through worship, believers are transformed into

and Sunday School. We are also growing through

the likeness of Christ and unbelievers are brought to

intentional connections between the generations in the

full salvation in Christ. The end result of our inspired

various settings of our church, enabling all ages to value,

worship is the exaltation of Jesus Christ, and the

respect, love and learn from one another. We believe

reorientation of our lives to God’s kingdom purposes.

intergenerational discipling will grow our church into an

(Acts 2; Rom. 12:1-2)

authentic representation of the Kingdom of God in the


world. (Deut. 4:9; Deut. 6:4-9; 1 Peter 5:5-6; Titus 2:2-4)

We are ONE community characterized by loving


welcome, acceptance and inclusion of men and

We are ONE community that believes God has given

women, boys and girls from all socio-economic

every member of His family a significant gifting to build

backgrounds, ethnicities, age groups and marital

up the church and further His Kingdom mission to

status (divorced | married | single). We believe our

reach the world. We believe the role of our pastors is to

defining characteristic should be the same as the God

help identify, train, and equip God’s people for service


and connect them to a ministry in the local church and

of the former congregations. Doing so will protect buy-

God’s mission in the world. We believe that there is

in from each congregation by letting them know they

no such thing as a “sitting saint;” everyone plays on

will not be losing their voice. We will elect six at-large

God’s team. We believe that a lifestyle of servanthood

members (3 – one-year term, 3 – two-year term) from

is essential for developing in Christ-likeness. (Eph.2:10;

the former Springfield First membership and four at

Eph. 4:10-12; Romans 12:1-8; John 13:12-17)

large members (2 – one-year term, 2 – two-year term)

INCARNATIONAL OUTREACH We are ONE community that is passionate about reaching the least and the lost through creative and incarnational means. We are fishers of men and will follow Christ wherever He leads us in this regard. We believe that our call is to “go and be” the Church in the world, reaching people where they are and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, draw them into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and an experience of His life-transforming grace. (Matthew 25:31-46; Micah 6:8; Luke 4:16-21; Matthew 28:18-20; 2 Cor. 5:16-21)

from the former Springfield Community membership.

THE WEEKLY LIFE-CYCLE OF THE CHURCH The Partnership Team strongly felt the need to offer just ONE service time each Sunday for a sufficient amount of time for us to become ONE church. Sunday School will start at 9 AM with the morning worship service beginning at 10:05. The first and third Sunday nights will be Connect Groups in homes. The second Sunday night will rotate monthly… one month will be a “Be the Church” night and the next month will be a “Fun and Fellowship” night. The fourth Sunday night of each


month will have no planned activities so that families

Upon successful partnership votes from each

evenings will start at 5:45 with a meal. At 6:30 PM, we

congregation, we will follow the outline in the Manual for

will begin our weekly Praise, Testimony, Prayer and

electing a new board. Our desire is to ensure that this

Teaching service, while also having inVISIBLE Youth and

new board consists of strong representation from each

Kids Connection services.

can spend a night just enjoying each other. Wednesday



Brandin Melton | Lead Pastor

Roger Bricker | Youth Pastor

Pastor Brandin’s main responsibilities will be casting and protecting the vision of the church, teaching and coordinating the teaching calendar. He will also be directly responsible for staff positions related to family

Nancy Sims | Children’s Ministry Director Pat Garcia* | College & Career Pastor David Fenton | Worship Pastor OJ Sims | Visitation Pastor

ministry and worship, and the overall leadership of all staff.

Ken Chamberlain* | School of Ministry Director

Jeremy Henderson | Teaching & Connecting Pastor

Kevin Binam* | Outreach Pastor

Pastor Jeremy will work closely with Pastor Brandin in

Dan League* | Senior Adult Pastor

Don Carlson* | Education & Discipleship Pastor

discerning and casting the overall vision and direction of

Lisa Del Rio* | Connect Groups Coordinator

the church. He will be heavily involved in assisting in the


planning and execution of Sunday services, will be on a set preaching rotation, and oversee and teach in adult education environments. He will also be responsible for all ministries and teams related to Connections and Missions as well as visitation.


Josh Veach | Director of Ministry Advancement Donna Gregory | Administrative Assistant Jill Kistler | Administrative Assistant *Denotes volunteer staff members

FINANCIAL HEALTH Immediately upon partnership, all SCC and SFN assets and liabilities will be combined to belong to the new church. This includes the proceeds from the sale of Springfield Community’s property. It is the recommendation of the Partnership Team that $120,000 of the proceeds be used to increase parking and assist with additional cost of adding office space and the remaining funds (approximately $426,000) be designated for future works.



Balance Sheet | December 2013

Balance Sheet | December 2013

ASSETS Operating Account Money Market - Reserves

ASSETS $15,176.40 $102,018.45

Online Giving


Building Fund


Petty Cash Undeposited Funds

Operating Account


Empire Savings


Relocation Savings Account




$106.12 $2,917.63

Fixed Assets - Property




LIABILITIES & EQUITY Liabilities Office Concepts (printer)


Current Building Lease



Total Liabilities




Short-term liabilities


Long-term: O’Bannon Note


Total Liabilities


Total Equity




Income/Expense Summary | 04/01/2013 – 12/31/2013

Equity Total Equity




TOTAL INCOME: $198,319.83 LOCAL MINISTRY $22,183.19 - 11%

Income/Expense Summary | 04/01/2013 – 12/31/2013

MISSIONS & DENOMINATION $26,543.05 - 13%



LOCAL MINISTRY $42,858.15 - 17%

STAFF SALARY & BENEFITS $54,537.87 - 28% FACILITIES $95,177.61 - 48%

FACILITIES $50,472.76 - 21% STAFF SALARY & BENEFITS $111,726.77 - 45%



What is the proposed timeline and steps for the partnership? Town hall meetings will be held at each church for members to ask additional questions about the partnership. The SCC meeting will be held on February 16 and the SFN meeting will be held on February 23. Each congregation will vote on the partnership on March 2. Upon a favorable two-thirds vote of each congregation, the first ONE Life Church service would be held on April 6.

What will happen to each congregation’s pastor and staff? Each Pastor and staff member will continue to be on staff at the new church.

How will members from each congregation become ONE in regard to ministry opportunities and leadership, as well as have opportunity to give voice to suggestions that will provide added value to ONE Life’s overall ministry effectiveness?
 Ensuring that anyone who wants to serve in ministry has the opportunity to discover their unique gifting and place of ministry will be a top priority from day one of the partnership. As stated in our vision, everyone plays on God’s team. Within that framework, and continuing in the spirit of partnership, we will establish a ministry structure that emphasizes a relational and team oriented paradigm of leadership. (Ex. NMI President, Vice President, and Council working together; Youth Pastor, NYI President and Council working together.) We believe this model will allow those with specifics areas of giftedness to operate within their strengths while also providing an opportunity for others to give voice to ministry leadership and objectives. We also believe this will provide a healthy accountability for all involved, as well as a stronger sense of “connectedness” to others in the ONE Life body.

How will the board be structured once the partnership has happened? Upon successful partnership votes from each congregation, we will follow the outline in the Manual for electing a new board. Our desire is to ensure that this new board consists of strong representation from each of the former congregations. Doing so will protect buy-in from each congregation by letting them know they will not be losing their voice. Upon district approval, we will elect six at-large members (3 – one-year term, 3 – two-year term) from the former Springfield First membership and four at large members (2 – one-year term, 2 – two-year term) from the former Springfield Community membership. The Partnership Team will serve as the nominating committee.


How will we model and promote unity throughout the new congregation? It is clear from Scripture that the body of Christ is called to be ONE church. Ephesians 4 teaches us, “There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.” The bible is equally clear that we should strive for harmony and fight against division (1 Corinthians 1:10). Therefore, it is the responsibility of all of us to model this “oneness” and to handle disagreements in a biblical manner (Matthew 18:15-17).

What will the worship services be like? Upon implementation of the partnership, ONE Life Church will have ONE service that keeps Christ central and connects us to the presence and leadership of the Holy Spirit through participation in prayer, praise, participation in the sacraments and proclamation of the word. From a musical standpoint, both congregations have a very similar “blended” approach that gives expression to the best of both past and current praise and worship music. Moving forward, ONE Life Church will continue with such an approach and when a second service is needed, both services will be identical in “style.”

Are the leaders committed to seeing the long-term vision through? Yes. Pastor Brandin and Pastor Jeremy believe that God is bringing us together for the sake of reaching the greater Springfield area. Our families are well connected in the area and we see ourselves serving here for a very long time.

What process will be in place to ensure effective ministry team collaboration and a healthy staff culture results from this partnership? Dr. Larry White, serving as the Partnership Team Leader, will continue to play a vital role in facilitating this transition to ensure a healthy staff culture. He will conduct monthly reviews with each pastor and key staff members for the first three months and then every three months until the one-year anniversary of the partnership. The purpose of these reviews will be to make sure any potential areas of conflict or frustration can be dealt with proactively and in a healthy manner.


See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. ISAIAH 43:19

Better Together  
Better Together