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Asian Health Services Dedicates New Clinic to Long-time SFMS Member Rolland Lowe, MD Asian Health Services received a $1 million donation from Dr. Rolland Lowe and Kathryn Lowe. “My wife, Kathy, and I are happy to make this gift to Asian Health Services,” Dr. Lowe said in a statement. “The gift goes toward the new clinic and will benefit many medically underserved patients in our community.” The Rolland & Kathryn Lowe Medical Center is a 15,000 square foot facility on three floors. It houses twenty exam rooms and serves 10,000 patients annually at full capacity. It features a Geriatric Center of Excellence and a Family Medicine Center. Dr. Rolland Lowe, a longtime member of the San Francisco Medical Society, has long been a leader not only in the community but in the medical profession as well. He was the first Asian-American president of not only the San Francisco Medical Society but of the California Medical Association. At CMA, he spearheaded the founding of the community foundation, which continues to conduct many health-related projects of note. While in medical practice, Dr. Lowe cared for some 20,000 patients in more than four decades of practicing medicine in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Even though some of his patients had no insurance coverage, no one was ever turned away. He helped form the Chinese Community Health Care Association, which grew to include more than 150 practicing physicians to provide culturally sensitive and affordable, even free, care in the San Francisco Chinatown community. He has also been a longtime key supporter of Chinese Hospital, a facility providing quality care for the Chinese and greater Asian communities in San Francisco. The San Francisco Medical Society was proud and honored to participate in the dedication of the Rolland & Kathryn Lowe Medical Center. It is a fitting tribute to visionary leaders who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of our community and medicine.

Update: SF Soda Tax

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A decades-long strategy employed by the tobacco industry was to pay scientific “experts” to cast doubt on the accumulating scientific evidence about the harms of cigarette smoking. That strategy is being used once again by the American Beverage Association, which paid a U.C. Davis nutritionist to write a recent op-ed against soda warning labels. In a response in the Sacramento Bee titled, “Don’t believe industry-paid ‘experts’ on soda and diabetes,” pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Robert Lustig wrote, “It is time for California to tune out beverage industry propaganda and tune in to the hard science showing how sugary beverages contribute to California’s bad health and rising health care costs. It is time for the beverage industry to stop paying off scientists. And it is time that we all learn the truth about the harmful effects of sugary drinks.” The full Viewpoint is available here: http://www.sacbee. com/2014/07/23/6574928/viewpoints-dont-believe-industry. html#storylink=cpy. The California Medical Association and the SFMS have both endorsed Proposition E, the SF Soda Tax, which will be decided on the November 4, 2014, ballot. A parallel move to tax soda in Berkeley will also be voted upon in November, and the eyes of the nation are closely watching the outcome of the Bay Area efforts. For more information, please visit or the dedicated SFMS website.

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