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SAN FRANCISCO MEDICINE April 2012 Volume 85, Number 3



12 An Unpleasant Experience: Psychiatric Perspectives on Pain Eve R. Maremount, MD

4 Membership Matters

15 Pain in the Brain: The Neurological Foundations of Pain Judy Silverman, MD 18 Yoga for Chronic Pain: Understanding the Yogic Tools Used to Aid Chronic Pain Timothy McCall, MD 20 Cannabinoids and Pain: The Medical Application Explained Donald I. Abrams, MD 22 The High-Flying Dilemma: Chronic Pain and Addiction Murtuza Ghadiali, MD, and David Pating, MD

25 “Red Flags” in the ED: Pain Treatment versus the Painful Epidemic of Addiction Keith Loring, MD, and Steve Heilig, MPH

26 Pain in the United States: A Review of Our Country’s Experience with Pain Sean Mackey, MD, PhD 28 Wings to Fly: When Opiates Fail and Volkswagons Sail Dawn Gross, MD, PhD

30 Pain Policy: Five Public Policies That Will Lead to Pain Relief without Prescription Overdoses Celia Vimont

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7 SFMS Advocacy Activities 9 President’s Message Peter J. Curran, MD

11 Editorial Gordon Fung, MD, PhD 32 Hospital News 33 Classified Ad 34 In Memoriam


Health Policy Perspective Contraception: Just What the Doctors Ordered Steve Heilig, MPH

April 2012  

San Francisco Medicine April 2012, Volume 87 Number 3

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