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APRIL 7 - MAY 4, 2011

A Publication of the South Florida Jewish Community / Distributed in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Let My People Go The Fight for Freedom







Waterways Shopping Center 3565 NE 207 St., Aventura, FL 33180

Phone 305-933-2888

Food of all Nations D.B.A.

Fax: 305-933-2876

STORE HOURS Sunday – Wednesday: 8am – 9pm • Thursday: 8:00am – 11:30pm at Friday: 7:30am to two hours before Shabbat Saturday: 9:00pm -11:30pm


Whole Chicken

Chicken Breasts




Family Pack NO LIMIT


W/coupon only, Min. purchase of $100, Max. 2 pp. Expires 4/12/11

London Broil $

5.99 Lb.


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Brisket 5.99 Lb.

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Couscous or Falafel Mix Fa





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Bartenura Selection


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Cake Mix



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Recanti Red or White


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Minute Roast $

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7.70 Ea.


1 Lb. Osem

(OU / CHK / Beit Yosef)

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or Manischewitz/Negev


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Chicken Legs






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Potato Starch All Variety


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Teal Lake

Sarah’s Tent is the best Afikoman you will find this Passover...


When the holidays are coming we think about the me off work we are going to have. We think about some gi s we need to buy, we even think about Aunt Helen whom we will have to see at the family dinner though we managed to avoid all year long... Oh yes that family dinner, so much joy, so many people and oh so much food! We can’t help you with aunt Helen, But with the food, well... We are Jewish so we can help you with everything around the food ! As Jewish we have to take history into considera on. In town there are many kosher markets, from small grocery stores to a few big ones. The small ones might be great if you are on your way to a mee ng and need a sandwich right now. The sign is next to you, like a gas sta on store. But we are talking Passover.... Big shopping - Big place. So with all the respect to the small kosher places, we have to narrow our search to the main experts at this holiday. Experts we say? Around Aventura there are three large kosher supermarkets: One new, one old and... Sarah’s Tent. “Expert” in anything and “new” are two words

that can’t go together. When we buy we want to know - how was it last year? Was it good? Were we happy? Did my family tell me I’m a great cook even when they ate the nine salads I bought and placed in a nice china next to the one I made.... Passover is one holiday I’m not le ng any new people try their things on me.. No way I’m shopping in a store that wasn’t there last Passover. I’ll s ck to the professionals! So... we are le with one old place and one Sarah’s Tent... Let’s see what we care about when we shop ll we drop: Variety - the number one, most important point is that we don’t want to go to ten different places. Let’s start and finish everything in one loca on. If we had two stores that looked the same we would have to count the brands and items but... Sarah’s Tent is the largest kosher store in Florida and we know size ma ers... we know the best is where the variety is. Convenience - The shopping will take us more me than we want to admit... at least let’s not

spend endless me on finding parking... No stairs, no going around roads with my toosmall over-packed shopping cart! I want a direct and easy access to my car from the store’s exit door! Price - Yes... no going around this one... Meat and Wine, two great ways to check prices. A er going between so many items all I have to say about that is: Go to the “Bartenura Moscato” blue bo le and all the “Meat in a bag” deals at Sarah’s Tent - and you will understand what I’m talking about!

You just can’t beat that! The best prices and deals this holiday are at Sarah’s Tent. Bo om line, going back to Aunt Helen... We know where to shop so she would think we cooked it all. We know where to shop without losing our mind looking for parking or sacrificing our holiday being someone’s test drive for the first year.

One shop, one stop, all in... The taste, the selecƟon, the convenience, and the best price.

Sarah’s Tent.


Passover Shopping Sarah’s Tent came First Place!














>> Jewish Thought TIGER MOM AT THE SEDER








>> Homemaking PESACH RECIPES



e hope you enjoy our Pesach issue. We hope that you will see some important improvements, suggestions from you, our readers, that make The South Florida Jewish Home even better. After the Passover break, we will be including in our publication a list of community simchas—births, birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, engagements and anniversaries. We will start off by wishing a mazel tov to our friends, Jeff & Lesli Rosenblatt on the bar mitzvah of their son, Evan, and Marc & Robin Agronin on their son, Max’s, bar mitzvah. Please email us at so we can continue making this our community’s magazine. It is, of course, very appropriate that in our Passover issue we should demand “Let My People Go” just as Moses did over 3,000 years ago to the leader of the world’s super power. Jonathan Pollard has been imprisoned way too long, and in a most corrupt and un-American way, without ever having his day in court. It hearkens back to the Rosenberg executions less than 60 years ago, when Jews did not have the power or temerity to stand up to anti-Semitism following the murder of six million of their brethren. Today, when we are not so weak, and not so timid, we should demand that our President release Jonathan Pollard immediately. And, if Israel really wants to demonstrate that it has grown up as a country, Israel should demand the immediate return of Gilad Shalit and the other Israeli captives that the world is happy to forget about. First, there was the Jenin Massacre that wasn’t and now the Goldstone Report take back. Of course, the headlines calling for the destruction of Israel cover the front pages of newspapers worldwide when the propaganda first hits. And, of course, the retractions that soon follow are buried on page 16 in fine print months after the controversies have waned. That is our plight as Jews. We are the light unto the nations. No army is more concerned with the loss of life than Israel. No army does more to protect civilians that surround enemy terrorists than does Israel. Yet, every chance they get, any opportunity that arises, to criticize Israel, the nations of the world are eager to get in line and condemn us at the United Nations. That is our lot in life. That is our gift from God. And, it should not deter us or slow us down or make us digress from our mission. We should march on.












>> Kosher Dining Guide

47 42

Chag Sameyach! We will see you again, in May!

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Dovid Gutman



Naftali Halpern

Chana Billet Sarit Lasry Sarki Galbut Roy Seransky AD SALES REPRESENTATIVE

Aliza Nugiel Danny Kay Shlomo Kay DESIGN & PRODUCTION

Rabbi Edward Davis Rabbi Perry Tirschwell Rabbi Dov Silver Jeffrey (Yitz) Stern Alan Veingrad Esty Hebel Laure Faye Keith Wasserstrom



historic ag football season! Featured in the attached photograph are the Hebrew Academy Lady Warriors Varsity Flag Football Team members, standing from left to right are: Athletic Director Craig Mankoff, Head Coach Robyn Malek, Manager Orly Slomianski, Rachel Kahn, Chaya Balkany, Julia Ohana, Stephanie Sussman, Ruth Bibas-Simon, Ariel Hopes, Gabi Frohlich, Grace Stone, Rebecca Friedman, and Assistant Coach Daiana Leimdorfer. Kneeling are: Captains Miriam Mond, Shoshie Mond, and Penina Cohen For more details about these games and the Hebrew Academy Lady Warrior Varsity Flag Football Team please contact Coach Robyn Malek at (305) 532-6421 ext. 110 or rmalek@ or Athletic Director Craig Mankoff at (305) 532-6421 ext 112 or

With three games still remaining, it has already been a recordsetting year for the Hebrew Academy Lady Warrior Varsity Flag Football team, with three district wins, all shutouts, for the best start to a season in school history. Playing in District 24, one of the most competitive in Florida, the Lady Warriors have taken on a number of large, Class 6A public schools, and have already recorded wins over Broward public school giants South Broward and Hallandale. After heading to Los Angeles to participate in the YULA Flag Football Tournament and Shabbaton from April 7 to April 10, the Lady Warriors will have two ďŹ nal regular season games, on the road in Boca Raton and Miramar, to complete the season. Congratulations to Coach Robyn Malek and the Lady Warriors on a great and

Holyland Judaica



2 Convenient Locations



The Design-Build Company Ron Barr, President 5011 South State Road 7, Suite 107, Davie, Florida 33314

c. 954 274 9438 p. 954 418 2277 architecture • construction management • planning • interiors


Hebrew Academy Lady Warriors Varsity Flag Football Team Has a Winning Season




PESACH SPECIALS 5650 STIRLING RD. HOLLYWOOD, FL 33021 PH: 954-963-1313 | FAX: 954-963-8118 GLATT KOSHER




RASKIN'S GEFILTE FISH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .





NATURAL & KOSHER SHREDDED CHEESE 8OZ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


2for1 ELITE REGULAR AND BITTERSWEET CHOCOLATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10for10 KLIYAT GAT SUNFLOWER SEEDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Buy 10 get 1 FREE HEALTHY TEMPTATIONS YOGURT







4 GLICKS 6OZ POTATO CHIPS . . . . . . . . . . .99 .39 GEFEN FROZEN GARLIC CUBES . . . . . . 2

ELITE INSTANT COFFEE 7OZ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


BE'ER MAYIM PLAIN SELTZER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


GLICKS 48 VEG. OIL . . . . . . . . . . . . OZ


1.29 .59 5.5OZ . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3




2for5 .19















5.99 3.99


ALL CERES JUICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..........................................

2.99 1.99 .79





GABRIEL MOSCATO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CHOOSE 7 CLASSIC CANTINA GABRIELLE



8.99 Bottle / 99.99 Case 5.99 Bottle / 66.99 Case 8.99 Bottle / 99.99 Case 7.99 Bottle / 81.99 Case 3.99 4.99 41.99

ALL RASHI VARIETIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FARBRENGEN 750 ML


SELECTION OF FRENCH HIGH END RESERVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


5.99/lb 5.99/lb 7.99/lb 7.99/lb 12.99/lb 10.49/lb 8.99/lb 2.29/lb 3.99/lb

SILVER TIP ROAST (FACTORY SEALED) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WHOLE BRISKET (FACTORY SEALED) MINUTE ROAST (FACTORY SEALED)



FRENCH CUT ROAST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


6.99 9.99 2.99

AMERICAN CHOICE BONELESS RIB EYE ROAST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AMERICAN CHOICE MINUTE ROAST












East Side Meeting with Paul Hirschson A group of 40 East side Jewish residents gathered at the home of Eli and Sharon Bartov for a Jewish Federation of Broward County parlor meeting featuring guest speaker Paul Hirschson, Israeli Deputy Consul General, who spoke about the dramatically changing Middle East situation. His presentation was titled, “Middle East Update – What is Happening in the Arab World? What Does Our Future Hold?”   Alan Tinter, a Federation leader from the East side, opened the event by presenting an overview about the vitally important work the Federation does for our local Jewish community, Israel and the Jewish community worldwide. Following Mr. Hirschson’s remarks, guests asked numerous questions about the many challenges facing Israel and the US vis a vis the shifting landscape of events in the Middle East. The Jewish Federation is holding several East side events for that Jewish community to become aware of all that Federation is doing to enrich and save lives. For more information about the Jewish Federation and East side activities, please contact Kathy Rosen – 954-252-6922 or

Alan Tinter, Eli Bartov, Paul Hirschson, Sharon Bartov, Rebecca Tinter


At Brauser Maimonides Academy we are committed to giving each child a personalized education; one that best meets their individual needs and allows them to grow academically, socially and emotionally. Educating the whole child is the cornerstone of our philosophy. General Studies to cultivate the intellect; Judaic Studies to nurture the neshama; and middot to refine and build character. A warm and nurturing environment, filled with excitement and ruach furnishes the backdrop for high level learning and thinking. The best way to understand a BMA education is to experience it yourself. Come and spend some time with us and be transported to a place where the children are the stars. Joey G. Photography

Call Risa Kahane in our Admissions OfÀce for more information or to schedule a tour of our classrooms and campus.

(954) 989-6886 • Winner of the 2009 U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon Award All of our programs are AISF/SACS and CITA accredited.


Infusing children with a love of learning and providing the tools for personal growth.



12 color

13 Moving to Bigger Location

Caring Teachers B

Mon v Thurs 9-3 Fri 9-1

Creative Approaches to Learning

EMT on Premises

Aftercare until 5:00

Newly Redone Classrooms

Credentialed Staff

Early Drop

Off 8:00

Individual Attention


Outdoor Playground

Ohel Torah Preschool Register for the 2011-2012 School Year! 1

4 Year Olds

Low Income Families Can Receive Up To 60% Off Tuition With The School Readiness Scholarship! VPK CERTIFIED Shiffy C a l Meisels, l n o w a bDirector o u t s u m m e r cConveniently a m p ! A g e s 2Located - 5 305 494 0088 in North Miami Beach Ages 2-5

Mechina Hosts Gedolei Yisroel Yeshiva Bais Moshe Chaim and the Mechina of South Florida had the honor of hosting two gedolei Yisroel, this week, HaRav Dovid Feinstein, Rosh Yeshiva of Mesivta Tiferes Yerushalayim of the Lower East Side, and HaRav Reuven Feinstein, Rosh Yeshiva of Mesivta Tiferes Yerushalayim of Staten Island. The Roshei Yeshivos came to Miami Beach for a family simcha. Rav Reuven gave over divrei brocha, inspiring the talmidim in inyanei tefilla, giving over a pesak from his father, Rav Moshe Feinstein. The bochurim had an opportunity to give shalom and speak with the Roshei Yeshivos individually. The Roshei Yeshivos showed great interest and were truly inspired with the Yeshiva, Mechina and the bochurim.


Proven Learning Techniques



Chocolates to live by.™

456 41st Street Miami Beach, FL 33140

(305) 532-4949

Fresh. Unique. Distinctive. Kosher Dairy – Parve – Cholov Yisroel

Kosher For Passover Shipping & Delivery Available

Chocolate Drinks • Coffee • Gelato

Chocolates that make your Pesach. Open Saturda y Nights

2 Free Truffles With coupon. Limit one per customer per visit. Expires 4/30/11.

$5 Off

your purchase of $30 or more. Not valid with any other offer. Limit one per customer per visit. Expires 4/30/11.


MIAMI BEACH 6960 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33141 305-861-1771 PINE CREST 12661 S. Dixie Hwy. Miami, FL 33156 305-238-0026



shared decisions will be helping women and girls in Nearly 175 women of all ages celebrated as the coming year,” said White. the Jewish Women’s Foundation of South Palm “JWF’s hands-on, independent philanthropists Beach County’s chairs Ann Kelman and Marlene select and support programs that address their most Silver announced JWF’s 2011 grant awards. A topassionate concerns tal of $135,000 was in our own comgranted to projects munity and around that benefit women the world,” added and girls in the loSinger. “It’s remarkcal community, in ably satisfying to see Israel and in Central the impact we have Russia. Founded by together.” Roxane Frechie LipThe grants (listed ton in 2003, JWF below) were awarded has allocated a total in three focus areas: of nearly $250,000 abuse prevention, over the past five Rose Singer, event co-chair; Marlene Silver, JWF Co-chair; Naomi Wolf, featured speaker; Linda Melcer, Oppenheimer, JWF sponsor; Cindy White, event years. educational opportuco-chair; Ann Kelman, JWF Co-chair Chaired by Rose nities, and health and welfare. Trustees of Singer and Cindy the Jewish Women’s Foundation serve as equal partWhite, the annual Granting Wishes Reception on ners in selecting grant recipients, deciding together March 7 at the elegant Boca Rio Country Club also how to direct their combined resources.   featured best-selling author Naomi Wolf on “The The Jewish Women’s Foundation is generously Beauty Myth.” sponsored by Oppenheimer. “We’re excited to announce JWF’s new grant reFor more information about the JWF and becomcipients, and share how our combined dollars and

ing a trustee, contact 561-852-3188 or maureenm@ The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County serves the Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Highland Beach areas, raising and allocating millions of dollars each year to meet vital needs locally, in Israel and more than 70 countries worldwide. The Jewish Women’s Foundation is an initiative of the Federation’s Jewish Community Foundation.

Barbara Lewin, Jenny Lewin, Margaret Kotler, Phyllis Lyons

Jewish Federation of Broward County Brings Back Men’s Nite Out With Bobby Bowden Davie, FL – To the joy of college football fans throughout the county, the Jewish Federation of Broward County Business & Professions Division hosted its Men’s Nite Out event after a very brief hiatus, and to great success. On March 22, legendary college football coach Bobby Bowden entertained the crowd at Signature Grand with stories and anecdotes about coaching kids, the importance of discipline and motivation, and his formula for winning. “It is wonderful to present an icon like Bobby Bowden as the featured speaker at our Men’s Nite Out event,” said Eric B. Stillman, President and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Broward County. “He is known across the country, even internationally, but right here in Florida, Bobby Bowden is a living legend. He was funny, charming and a true leader.” Bowden gained fame as the coach of the Florida State University Seminoles

and is the second winningest coach in the history of major college football. Bowden’s stellar stats include guiding FSU to more than 300 victories, two national championships, 12 Atlantic Coast Conference titles, and finishing in the top five in the country in 14 straight seasons. He led the Seminoles to Bowl Games in 28 consecutive seasons during his 34 year tenure, a truly remarkable feat! Men’s Nite Out was co-chaired by Salo Sredni and Howard Talenfeld with 250 people in attendance. More than $500,000 dollars was contributed by the attendees to support the efforts of the Jewish Federation of Broward County. The evening also featured the touching stories of three people who have been personally and positively impacted by the programs that Federation helps fund. The Federation lends a helping hand to programs that save and improve the lives of Jews in Broward County, in Israel and around the world.

Eric B. Stillman, president and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Broward County; Salo Sredni, Men’s Nite Out Co-Chair; Laura Goldblum, Federation Campagin Chair; Bobby Bowden; Karen Zemel, Federation Board Chair; Howard Talenfeld, Men’s Nite Out Co-Chair


Local Jewish Women’s Fdn. Awards $135,000 to Nine Projects as Naomi Wolf Headlines




Celebrate Passover with Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center Of the many Jewish holidays, Passover, or Pesach in Hebrew, is among the most commonly observed. This festival of freedom commemorates the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt after an era of slavery. Passover, which begins on the 15th day of the Jewish month of Nissan, lasts eight days. It is observed by avoiding all leavened grain products and retelling the story of the Exodus during a seder, the Jewish ritual feast, on the first and second nights of the holiday. Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, under the leadership of Chairman of the Board William Landa, President Laurence Herrup, Rabbi Jonathan Berkun, Cantor David Muchnick, and Executive Vice President, Dr. Amir Baron, will be hosting seders for the community for the first two nights of Passover, as well as services throughout the holiday. The two annual seders will welcome over 250 members of the community to ATJC on Monday, April 18th and Tuesday, April 19th at 6:00pm. The

festive evenings will include engaging, participatory, musical seders led by Rabbi Jonathan Berkun and Cantor David Muchnick, a fully-catered dinner including matzo ball soup and delicious Passover favorites, a CD of Passover music, a children’s play area, child-friendly meal options, and toys and treats for adults and children. Rabbi Jonathan Berkun encourages the community to attend, saying, “Everyone should experience our Passover seder at Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center. It is an engaging way to learn about the history of the Jewish people and pay tribute to the plight of our ancestors in the company of good friends and family.” ATJC is also participating in a food collection for Jewish Community Services Community Kosher Food bank through April 8. Items marked “kosher for Passover” can be dropped off at ATJC to help those in the North Miami community prepare for Passover:

canned fruit, canned vegetables, grape juice, mayonnaise, tuna, peanut butter, jam, oil and gefilte fish. The 8:30am Passover services will take place on April 18th, April 19th, April 20th, April 21st, April 25th and April 26th. For more information or to RSVP, please contact ATJC at 305-937-1880 or, or visit Seder prices: ATJC Members - $90/person/night or $165/person for both nights. $35/child under age 13 per night. Non-members: $100/person/night or $185/person for both nights. $38/child under age 13 per night. Complimentary valet parking will be available. Advanced is registration required for the seders. About ATJC: Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center is a vibrant and diverse conservative congregation in the heart of Aventura and home to Tauber Academy.  This exciting multi-cultural and multi-generational community was recently recognized as one of the “top Ten Jewish Neighborhoods” in the United States.  Under the spiritual guidance of Rabbi Jonathan Berkun and Cantor David Muchnick, ATJC provides a stimulating environment for long standing members as well as newcomers to the area.  Encompassing spiritual, social, educational, and cultural programming for all ages, ATJC is the center for Jewish life in Aventura. Friday Night Live services (6:30pm) and Shabbat services (9:00am – 12:00pm) are free and community members are encouraged to attend.

Race to Nowhere at ATJC Aventura, FL: A concerned mother turned filmmaker aims her camera at the high-stakes, high-pressure culture that has invaded our schools and our children’s lives, creating unhealthy, disengaged, unprepared and stressed-out youth. Featuring the heartbreaking stories of young people in all types of communities who have been pushed to the brink, educators who are burned out and worried that students aren’t developing the skills they need, and parents who are trying to do what’s best for their kids, Race to Nowhere points to the silent epidemic in our schools: cheating has become commonplace; students are disengaged; stress-related illness and depression are rampant; and many young people arrive at college and the workplace unprepared and uninspired.   Vicki Abeles, first-time filmmaker, was inspired to make Race to Nowhere out of concern for her children. A mother of three and former Wall Street attorney, Abeles awakened to this crisis as her 12-year old daughter was being treated for stress-related illness. She saw personally how the pressures were overwhelming not only to her own kids, but to students everywhere – in every kind of school environment and community. “As a mother, I experienced the stress firsthand and realized that no one was talking about it,” says Vicki Abeles.

“I saw kids who were anxious, depressed, physically ill, checking out, abusing drugs and, worst case, attempting suicide. I felt compelled to speak out about this crisis by making a film and giving voice to the students, teachers, and parents. I wanted to expose a deeper truth about our education system. We are graduating a generation of robo-students, unable to think and work independently, creatively and collaboratively.” School reform has become an urgent national issue and 2010 is the year of the education film. Race to Nowhere is the only film that shows what is actually happening to our kids as a result of current policies and practices obsessed with testing, performance and competition rather than meaningful teaching and learning. Race to Nowhere finally gives voice to those on the front lines who are most affected by education policies - the students and teachers themselves. Race to Nowhere is the only film to spotlight the intersection of health and education.  The film empowers everyone to get involved and take ownership of what’s happening in our schools and communities. Race to Nowhere is a call to action to challenge current assumptions on how to best prepare the youth of America to become healthy, bright, contributing and leading citi-

zens. After seeing the film, your views on education and childhood will forever be changed. Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center is hosting a community-wide screening of Race to Nowhere on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 7:00pm. Following the screening, a panel discussion will take place including Vicki Abeles, Director of Race to Nowhere along with other notable guests from a wide variety of disciplines. To purchase tickets for Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center’s April 13th screening, visit Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door. Doors open at 6:30pm. This film is rated PG-13. Race to Nowhere Media Contact: Josh Baran 917-797-1799, (925) 310-4242,,


Keller Williams Realty SW 2000 NW 150TH Avenue, Suite 2000 Pembroke Pines, FL 33028 954-803-8521

Mother’s Day? Passover? Happy Tuesday? Whatever your message, owers traditionally say it best. Now you can repeat that message over and over again, for as long as a year! Introducing Heinau Flowers – natural owers that will still look beautiful a year from now. Really. How do we do this? Heinau Flowers are cut fresh at the farm, then carefully and naturally preserved. There’s nothing plastic or dried out or artiďŹ cial here – the petals are as soft and supple as the day they were born. Please take a moment to visit, where you’ll ďŹ nd great designs

5C/@/<B3324@3A6<3AA ´4=@$;=<B6A´

to meet any of your needs, present or future. Or feel free to call our Midtown Miami studio for a no-obligation consultation about how best to make exactly the statement youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re after.

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3544 North Miami Avenue | Miami, Florida 33127 | sales@heinauďŹ&#x201A; | T (786) 594 0437 | F (305) 675 8389




SUDDEN SURGE IN HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR ASSISTANCE REQUESTS At Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service Requires Urgent Response Concerned that aging local Holocaust survivors in need might not be aware of available community support, Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service (JFS) staff spoke briefly about the agency’s services at two recent survivor events. What they didn’t anticipate was experiencing a sudden surge in new requests for services adding to an already rising caseload. But over the past six weeks when 22 needy survivors suddenly came to the agency for much needed help, JFS and generous supporters sprang into action, finding – in 24 hours – the necessary resources to sustain services to these additional clients through the end of the JFS fiscal year in August 2011. These additional clients bring the total caseload at the agency to 160 – a 49.5% increase over prior years. “Boca Raton and Delray Beach are home to half of Palm Beach County’s 5,000 Holocaust survivors,” said Danielle N. Hartman, JFS President and CEO. “Our caseload has been steadily increasing as our current survivors age and their needs increase, with many outliving their resources and sometimes their children as well. After priding themselves on their independence for so many years, by the time they ask for help, the situation is often urgent.” With funds from the Claims Conference (, the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County and an individual donor, JFS has been providing Holocaust survivors with services to enable them to remain in their homes. Hartman said this is critical, “In addition to insecurities caused by leaving their familiar space, when survivors enter assisted living facilities or nursing homes, certain sights, smells and sounds can trigger flashbacks that are traumatic to the survivor.”

Survivors receive home health assistance with activities of daily living such as meal preparation, bathing, transportation and medication management, as well as home care to maintain their living environment. Some funds are also kept available for JFS to distribute in emergencies. “With such sudden surge in survivor requests for help, we found ourselves without sufficient resources to handle the increased immediate need,” said Laurence I. Blair, JFS Chair. Needing $41,000 to help the new clients just through August, Blair and Hartman quickly brought in Ron Gallatin, JFS Vice Chair, Strategic Planning, who is also founder, Chairman and CEO of Hands on Tzedakah (HOT) (, a local charity that has all of its operating expenses paid for by Ron and his wife Meryl, and which funds the direct expenses of life sustaining and life enhancing projects locally and in Israel. Gallatin saw a way to leverage HOT’s donors’ funds by having HOT become the catalyst for a community wide solution. HOT offered a matching grant conditioned on RRJFS raising one-third of the needed amount from private donors, and one-third from the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County. Within a day, the C&J Viner Family Foundation stepped forward with a $20K commitment, the Federation agreed to allocate $20K, and HOT matched those gifts to bring the total to $60,000. These additional funds beyond the $41K will allow JFS to continue to add a few more clients this year without instituting a waiting list. Now, JFS is preparing to help these survivors after August, along with others they believe are unaware of available help, or hesitant to ask for it. “The immediate response to our outreach at only

two events is a strong indication that there are many Holocaust survivors among us who need our help but are not being reached,” said Blair. “It’s heartrending to think of our survivors in need, and we’re treating with the urgency it demands.” “In January, JFS added another part-time case manager, doubling our Holocaust assistance staff to meet what we know will continue to be a rising need,” said Hartman. “We’re also hoping to receive some additional funds the Claims Conference has just acquired from the German government, we’re increasing next year’s request to the Federation, and we are actively appealing to individual donors and family foundations to help. Eleanor Silverstein has just committed $13,000, and other contributions are forthcoming.” “We’re reaching out to the entire community for help,” said Blair. “Each of us has a sacred responsibility to our Holocaust survivors to help them live in security, comfort and dignity. It is truly up to us.”

To learn more about JFS Holocaust survivor assistance, or about how to contribute, call 561-852-3333. Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service (JFS) offers help, hope and humanity through a comprehensive range of programs and services which support people of all ages and beliefs. With locations in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, JFS programs and services include food and financial assistance, senior services, counseling and mental health services and many volunteer opportunities. Funding is provided by private and corporate support, grants, special events and individuals who reach thousands in need each year. For more information, contact 561-852-3333 or visit

Brauser Maimonides Academy Hosts the CAJE Language Arts Fair Over 150 Elementary and Middle Schools students from local Jewish Days Schools came together at Brauser Maimonides Academy on March 30th to showcase literature. The students performed skits and plays from a wide variety of writings by known authors, as well as student written work. From Temple Beth Emet and Temple Kol Ami’s mysteries, “The Egypt Game” and “The Puzzling World of Winston Breen” to Hebrew Academy of Margate’s presentation of “The Washington Bunny,” David Posnack Hebrew Day School’s “Flight to Freedom” and BMA’s reenactment of the “Island of the Blue Dolphins” and “Huckleberry Finn,” everyone’s attention was completely focused on each other’s performances. The schools also participated in a Literary Arts Museum, visually depicting excerpts and scenes from the books they had read. During the break, refreshments were served and the students had the opportunity to mingle and visit the museum and further explore the works of their peers. When interviewed by members of the BMA Jour-

nalism Committee, everyone agreed that preparing for the Literary Fair was a lot of hard work, but well worth it and they would like to participate in an intra-school event again. In addition to the creativity and hard work put forth by each school, the middot exhibited by the students as they cheered each other on was wonderful to see. BMA would like to thank the Central Agency for Jewish Education (CAJE) for giving them this tremendous opportunity, and the participating school’s staff and faculty who helped make it happen. Brauser Maimonides Academy is a Modern Orthodox Jewish Day School, educating children 18 months through 8th grade, located in Holly-

wood. For more information, contact Risa Kahane at 954-989-6886 or



Head of School: “Florida’s First Jewish IB World School”

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FL – The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Organization has named The Samuel Scheck Hillel Community Day School | The Ben Lipson Hillel Community High School an International Baccalaureate® (IB) World School. Hillel proudly embraces this news in its 40th anniversary year. “As Florida’s first Jewish IB World School, Hillel is proud to serve as a model for our community,” said Rabbi Pinchos Hecht, Hillel’s Head of School. “This is an exciting accomplishment, demonstrating Hillel’s 21st century educational program, 18 months through college prep.” After an intense multi-year application and review process, Hillel is proud to wear the IB World School name and to offer the Middle Years Programme to Grades 6-10. IB is a curriculum and approach that helps students develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to live, learn and work in our rapidly globalizing world. “At Hillel, we’re preparing students to become global citizens rooted in Jewish identity; IB speaks directly to this mission,” Rabbi Hecht said. IB describes its mission in a way that reflects Hillel’s own vision and values: “At our heart we are mo-

tivated by a mission to create a better world through education.” IB promotes intercultural understanding and respect as an essential part of life in the 21st century. Buzz recently has surrounded Hillel’s rigorous academics, expansive extracurricular program, traditional Judaics and vibrant community. This year’s complete renovation of Early Childhood Education facilities, newly constructed Global

Learning Lab and other enhancements have led the way for more in 2011-2012. In addition to being an IB World School, Hillel applies the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project to its Lower School and offers a Reggio-Emilia-inspired Early Childhood Education program.

“This success is the result of the dedication, talent and commitment shared by our Hillel students, faculty and parents,” said Hillel Principal Nick Hinrichsen. Along with Hinrichsen, the IB process was led by Immediate Past Head of School Dr. Adam Holden and IB Coordinator JoHannah Eklund. “There is no better time to be a Hillel family,” Rabbi Hecht shared. “We have exciting additions in store for throughout next year. And that’s certainly being heard loud and clear with new families touring campus everyday.” From early childhood through Grade 12, Hillel cultivates and inspires students’ interests and talents to prepare them for college admission. By engaging students in meaningful religious and cultural experiences, Hillel strives to deepen commitment to Judaism, the Jewish people and Israel. For information, visit

“Shabbat Fair” at Hillel Day School of Boca Raton On Friday, April 1, students of grades 1-5 at Hillel Day School of Boca Raton participated in a fun filled and educational day dedicated entirely to learning about Shabbat. During the day-long “Shabbat Fair,” students went from station to station where they learned of the various customs and laws of Shabbat, while creating beautiful projects to take home in their Shabbat Fair bags. The beauty of preparing for and anticipating Shabbat was palpable as students were immersed in this creative, hands on learning experience. The program culminated with an Oneg Shabbat and the singing of songs in honor of Shabbat. Parents were invited to attend and see for themselves the wonderful Shabbat spirit that the children get Students at Hillel Day School of Boca Raton’s Shabbat Fair create Havdallah besamim pots, one of the many projects at the Fair. every Friday.

INFELD BARR C.P.A.’s P.A. wishes you a happy Passover. We focus on the needs of individuals and small businesses. Our business philosophy is simple: “To provide sound advice that reflects both current and future needs.” Our work is guided by three principles:

• Know who we want to serve and be the best at meeting the client’s needs. • Give each client personal attention. • Help each client to see beyond current needs with an eye toward quality of life.

Tel. 954 616 1389 Fax 954 616 1395 Email: 5011 S. State Road 7, Suite 107 / Davie, FL 33314


Hillel Named IB World School




South Broward Friendship Circle by Reuven Arazi It was a magical evening celebrating the opening of the South Broward Friendship Circle, a phenomenal social service program that teams up local teenage volunteers with children and teenagers with special needs. Mr Andre â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Hawkâ&#x20AC;? Dawson, the only baseball player inducted in the 2010 Class of Baseball Players in the Baseball Hall of Fame, in Cooperstown, NY, shrine to Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s favorite Pastime,  joined child prodigy Ethan Bortnick, â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Child of the Decadeâ&#x20AC;? at Chabad of South Browardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 30th Annual Dinner  this past Sunday at Chabad of South Broward Headquarters in Hallandale Beach, Florida. The Dinner was held at the Max and Eve Rubenstein Main Sanctuary. Mr Dawson, a Hall of Famer on and off the ďŹ eld, received The Humanitarian of the Year Award, for his vast array of communal involvement, as Ethan Bortnick received The Child of the Decade Award, as a tribute to the millions of dollars he has raised for Hospitals and other charities around the world. Ethan was appointed as the inaugural Chairman of the South Broward Friendship Circle. Also honored at the gala evening was Endi Tennenhaus, who received the Eishes Chayil - Woman of Valor Award. Rebbitzen Tennenhaus is the Co-Director of Chabad of Northeast Hollywood and Dania, Co-Director

eloquently spoke and delivered a beautiful Dvar Torah, representing the Seminary student body. Chabad of South Broward are recognized leaders in Jewish education, social services and outreach. It is headed by Rabbi and Mrs Raphael and Goldie Tennenhaus. For all Dinner Pictures and Program Information, please log on to For more information and to volunteer for the South Broward Friendship Circle, please log on to

once again with Project PRIDE, Chabadâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s very successful Drug Prevention and Education Program. Mr Jeff Rubenstein, son of Mr and Mrs Max and Eve Rubenstein, was honored with reciting Hamotzie on the Ceremonial Challah. Hundreds of guests participated in the 30th Annual Dinner, including many community leaders, Mayor Joy Cooper of Hallandale Beach, Chaplain Rick Braswell, Mr Alan Berkowitz and Mr Michael Calderon of the Broward County Sheriffâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ofďŹ ce, and Shluchim from all over South Broward. Chabad of South Browardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Chief Consultant Rabbi Abba Perelmuter, Shliach of Shul by the Shore In Long Beach California,  helped coordinate the Dinner, and was presented with a birthday cake, along with Chaya Aydel Seminary student Moussia Azoulay from France. Seminary student Riva Goldwasser, from Pittsburgh,




6DP¡V%DNLQJ&RPSDQ\ 6:WK$YHQXH6XLWH'DYLH)/ 2  ) VDPVEDNLQJFR#DROFRP 6WDU.6XSHUYLVLRQ0DVKJLDFK7PLGL of Camp Gan Israel of South Broward, and Director of the Chai Tots Preschool. Parent of the Year Suzanne Friedman was honored for her dedication to the growth of the Hallandale Hebrew Club and its afďŹ liates, the Bar and Bat Mitzvah Clubs, and the Mothers and Daughters and Fathers and Sons Programs. Broward County Sheriff al Lamberti, addressed the Dinner Guests, expressing his commitment to partner




On Sunday, March 27th, Yachad members went to B’nei Akiva’s Bayit in Hollywood for a fun-filled event. First, everyone played a game of pass the package, and as each layer was opened, they had to answer a question about Israel, including, favorite place to visit, favorite song, and favorite food. There was Israeli music playing the whole time. Then after everyone had a chance to talk about what they loved about Israel, the Yachad members, along with the B’nei Akiva counselors, made pita bread, outside on an open fire. It was amazing to make your own pita and then watch it cook just like they do it in Israel. The pita was eaten with chumus and everyone LOVED it! Everyone there had a great time and yachad thanks B’nei Akiva for opening up their bayit – home to us, to be b’yachad with them. To find out more about Yachad, please contact Tzippi Rosen 561-364-1416 or Esther Anton 305-761-0608.

Hebrew Academy Builds a Poet Tree for National Poetry Month Ohana and Ellen Averbook, writing specialist Tammy Goldring, elementary assistant to the Principal Laurie Mitrani, and the English Department of teachers from the infant and toddler program through Grade 12. Just what is a Poet Tree? It is a tree covered in the favorite poems of the students, parents and staff members at the Hebrew Academy. The idea behind this installation art project was to encourage children and their parents to enjoy the sheer pleasure of reading poetry together, identify one poem that speaks to them specifically, and then share it with their peers in this public forum for all to enjoy. Trees symbolize growth and education is a form of growth. Symbolically, early childhood education forms the foundation, or roots, of one’s education so the favorite poems of early childhood students and teachers are being added to the roots of the Poet Tree; elementary education provides a solid base of learning, therefore elementary student poems are being placed on the tree trunk; middle schoolers branch out during their early teen years, thus their poems will be placed on the branches of the tree; and the favorite poems of the high school students will be the leaves and blossoms of the tree representing the fruits of their educational labor before flying away to college. Parents have also been encouraged to participate in this project adding poems decorated as items that might nourish a tree such as rain drops or rays of sunshine. Students began applying their favorite poems fashioned as pieces of bark, leaves, flowers, fruits and more to the tree today and will continue to apply their poems Hebrew Academy second grade student Shai Toledano applies his favorite poem, Edgar to the tree throughout the day tomorrow Allen Poe’s “The Raven”, to the Poet Tree. and Friday as well.

What better way to kick off National Poetry Month than with a three-dimensional Poet Tree? Hebrew Academy art teacher Lindsey Melnick and her art students constructed this glorious installation art piece in collaboration with English Department Chairs Jenny

A Day of “Trust and Faith” The 7th grade girls of Sha’rei Bina recently completed ‘Trust and Faith’, written by Rabbi Shemuel Houminer, and were rewarded with a delightful Siyum on Wednesday, March 23rd. Before the program began, a Perek of Tehilim was recited on behalf of the victims of the recent bombing in Israel. Sha’arei Bina is very conscientious and always marks good days and sad days regarding occurrences that happen in Israel. The incident in Itamar was one such example of a tremendously sad occasion. In preparation for this special event, the Siyum, pairs of girls cooperated in writing a summary about one of the book’s topics covered during the school year. A number of the topics were the source for songs with which the girls were familiar, such as ‘Shir La’Maalot’ and ‘Baruch Hagever’, and some of our musically talented students played the guitar in between readings of paragraphs from the book. Many of the girls’ mothers were also in attendance, and everyone enjoyed an inspiring and educational evening of music, singing and delicious refreshments.

The Power of Just One Word Monday, March 7 was a very special evening for Sha’arei Bina. A beautiful event was hosted by the Highland Lakes Shul, marking Sha’arei Bina’s first annual ‘Mother/Daughter Beracha Party’. Those in attendance had the pleasure of listening to a presentation given by Mrs. Toby Ash, explaining the power of saying ‘Amen’ after a Beracha. When someone properly recites a Beracha before eating, drinking, or performing a Mitzvah, it is truly significant in the sense that we have the ability to raise objects in our physical world to a spiritual level. “When another responds with an ‘Amen’ after hearing the Beracha, it enhances, so to speak, the power of the blessing that was made” said Mrs. Sprung Mechanechet of the school. The Sha’arei Bina girls and their mothers all got to participate by completing a total of 100 Berachos on various foods and drinks, each followed by a chorus of ‘Amen’. The event was even more special, as all of the Berachos made were in the merit of a Refuah Shelaima for one of the students, Chaya Gavriella bat Nitza. At the end of the evening each girl received the ‘Amen’ book, along with a key chain listing all of the Berachos, and a mother/daughter picture. An educational and enjoyable was had by all. For further information regarding Sha’arei Bina at, (305)956-3755.









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If you were hibernating this winter, you missed all the ink that was printed discussing the “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom” by Amy Chua, who became the famous Tiger Mom in the reviews. She happens to be a very brilliant woman, a Harvard graduate who is a Yale law professor, and her brilliance might be seen, not only in the book that she wrote, but also in the marketing of the book. Her claim to fame, or infamy, depending on your perspective, is what she describes as the Chinese mother, insisting on perfection in her children. I did not read the book, but I have read several reviews and am very intrigued by the entire presentation. What makes it even more relevant to us is the fact that she is married to a Jewish man and has raised her children in Judaism; both daughters celebrated a bat mitzvah at home, and did learn how to chant a haftorah. Insisting on brilliance and insisting on perfection is the critical aspect of the element of parenting in theory, and especially in practice. The book has done extremely well. It ranked #6 in sales on the very first day it was released (oy, only #6, I wonder what her mother would have said!) How harsh and determined and stubborn can a mother be in parenting her children to excel? Only straight A’s were acceptable, not an A minus. Her daughters had to produce or face the irate mother. We will ask the question here as to whether this perspective flies in Judaism. You might want to qualify Ms. Chua as a Chinese/Jewish mother in the fact that she was the one who insisted on perfection for her daughter’s bat mitzvah. Everybody has chimed in. Educators, sociologists, psychologists, clergy, and even a combination of the above, have all discussed whether this Chinese insistence on obedience is the proper method of parenting, be it in China and/or especially in America. Whereas, the Chinese mother might insist on total obedience, the Jewish mother did not. In fact, in Judaism we would state that we expect parents to encourage children to question and to probe, and not to just blindly accept. Is she for real, or was this a marketing gem from a brilliant person? From my podium, I see parents who do a great deal of proper parenting with their children. I also see parents who do not. I am a grandparent at the moment, and my youngest child has turned 20. So, for the first time in decades, I no longer have a teenager around. I have learned a great deal at this stage of my life, and definitely question certain aspects of my own parenting, certain things that I should have done differently. Nevertheless, as a grandparent, I can coach and encourage, but I am really not parenting any longer in the same sense that I parented before. Jewish moms and Chinese moms are both demanding of their children, as all mothers should be. And now, the question comes, and I think quite pertinently, in terms of the Chinese mom at the Seder table. At the Seder, the children are encouraged to participate. In fact, at the very outset of the Seder, we place them in the limelight. At my Seder, considering the number of

children and grandchildren, the Mah Nishtanah section can easily take 45 minutes all by itself, just to allow each of the grandchildren a time to shine, standing on their chair and performing what they have rehearsed with teachers and with parents. At the Seder, we establish a mode of recitation. The entire Seder is in question and answer form. Rav Soloveitchik used to claim that that is an essential aspect of the Seder. If no child is there to ask the questions, then one’s wife should. And, if the man is all alone he would still present the Seder in question and answer form. Ask, my child, ask. Question, question again, and then, after that, question some more. Challenge the teacher. Challenge the parent. Yet the parent/ teacher must realize that each child is different and is to be treated differently by parents and educators. My children range in character and personality from one side of the spectrum to the other. Every child is different and, therefore, has to be treated differently. This is also echoed by the recitation of the Four Sons at the Seder. This is to indicate to us that children could run the spectrum from right wing to left wing, from bad to good, but each child is at the table. No child is expelled. Every child is dealt with on his or her terms. I recently officiated at a wedding where the groom was a student of mine for his bar mitzvah. And he said to me at his wedding that he did not want to do it all. He had convinced his parents that he could not do it. “But you, Rabbi, you pushed me. I did well and I have to thank you for it because you didn’t let me off the hook.” Some children you push and others you don’t. Instead, you might consider rubbing the child’s back. Nevertheless, set the bar above the child’s head. Always make the child work. Make the child strive to do better. I am not insisting on perfection, unless I feel that the child can do it perfectly. I currently have a bar mitzvah boy who is way ahead of his pace to learn his sidrah for bar mitzvah leining, and we will spend the time to perfect it because he is capable of doing it flawlessly. Today, there is inflation in the school system. There is inflation in grades, with children receiving grades higher than they deserve. And, there is inflation in praise, where they are being praised beyond the performance.

I don’t believe that it’s necessary to have inflation, but a strictly honest approach might not encourage the child appropriately. You need to love RABBI EDWARD DAVIS the child and encourage the child at all times. And YOU NEVER GIVE UP. That expression is straight out of Mishlei/Proverbs. That is what King Solomon tells us – in dealing with children, you never give up. And that’s very true. The Tiger Mom probably doesn’t give up either, but, on the other hand, she’s pushing too hard. The Seder table is a wonderful display of education. What we see is not just a sense of “telling the story” of the Haggadah in its truest sense, it is also the transmission of Torah and Jewish identity from one generation to the next. What we need to concern ourselves with is the atmosphere of transmission and the substance of it as well. It needs to be in a loving, warm atmosphere, and yet it’s something that is cherished. I want my children and grandchildren to know that what I am giving them is a gift from God; a gift that my wife and I cherish, and we hope they will cherish as well. I want my child to be proud of this heritage, embrace it and love it, and be not just a source of pride for their family, parents, grandparents, but also to Hashem and to all of Israel.






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Remedies the Pace of Teenage Life Today Being a teenager today means juggling multiple AP courses, a serious commitment to community service, and academic, athletic and artistic extracurriculars, all while texting, watching youtube videos, e-mailing and talking on the cellphone at the same time. Standards are much higher. As college admissions has become insanely competitive, high school courses have become harder. As each successive generation is given a more intensive Jewish education, religious standards have increased as well. This “ratcheting up” is even evident in Color War banners, which are now 3d and multimedium. Is this a good thing? At times I find myself pining for a simpler era when there was less anorexia, substance abuse, and much less pressure. I believe that there is a correlation between the higher standards and the emotional issues with which teenagers today grapple.

We have no choice but to take the bad with the good, the challenges with the benefits. We can’t turn the clock back. We want our children to shine according to the benchmarks of the day. It’s amazing the academic, religious and extracurricular heights that today’s high school students are reaching. They can handle it, but they need our help. I often say that G-d gave teenagers parents for a reason. Being less digital than our children actually gives us the ability and perspective to teach them lessons that are extremely challenging to learn today; Ye shall “unplug”. 160 characters a meaningful conversation does not make. True interpersonal communication and introspective analysis require one to put the phone, ipad, laptop, and remote down. Multitasking isn’t always more productive. When you want to do truly great and creative work, you need to remove all the distrac-

tions and focus on one thing. Think twice before you hit send. It is ridiculously easy to video, post or forward something hurtful or inappropriate. Most things that are thought should be written or said. Not all advice is equal. Perhaps the greatest occupational hazard of the Information Age is not distinguishing between the values of some guy’s blog our Facebook post and the insightful advice of people who know you well. You have much to offer in helping your children, grandchildren and students navigate their whirlwind, fast-paced teenage world. Rabbi Perry Tirschwell is the Head of School of the Weinbaum Yeshiva High School in Boca Raton. He welcomes comments


Camaraderie — The Fifth Son The Passover Seder quite possibly the most observed of all Jewish Practices. Jews with little affiliation to their faith find their way to a Seder. Being with family members in an inAlan “Shlomo” Veingrad formal home setting, the tradition, 4 cups of wine, Passover Customs and rituals make the Seder a positive experience for all in attendance. While the “four sons” present at the Seder differ from each other in their reaction to the Seder, they do have one thing in common – they are all present and accounted for. Even the wicked son is there, although taking a rebellious and perhaps disruptive role but active and interested in being Jewish. We then hope that the wicked son will become wise and all in attendance will become Torah observing Jews. Today, however, we have another son: the fifth son. The son who is absent from the Seder service, the son who has no interest in attending, no interest in Torah, mitzvahs, laws and customs and may not even know about the Exodus from Egypt. This problem presents all Jews, especially parents, with a challenge to prepare before the Seder. The responsibility is to ensure no Jew goes without a seat at a Seder. We should never give up on the fifth

son. We should all make an effort to save our children and bring them to our Seder. The camaraderie found at a Seder is most meaningful. It is a place where Jews with varied observant backgrounds, experiences and interests are able to connect to one another and strive to develop and deepen their growth in Judaism. With this focus we are all sure to have a Seder that will last and enrich one’s life with more meaning and purpose. Now how does the National Football League connect to the Passover Seder? The number one question I get asked most often is what I miss most about playing in the NFL. Having played for two of the premier franchises in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers, my response is always the same: I miss Tuesdays and Sundays. Tuesday is customarily payday and the standard day off around the league to finally get a chance to rest and heal your beaten up body, the soreness, the aches and pains. Also it’s nice getting paid for what you love to do. Sunday is “game day”, the energy, the intensity, the smell in the air and the fierce competition. Most players miss the games and, quite candidly, payday. But the number one thing ALL players miss is the camaraderie. You just can’t get this outside of being on a team. I remember reading an article in the NFL Alumni Yearbook, entitled,“Where Are They Now”, a piece on Joe Klecko, the legendary defensive lineman from the NY Jets Famous Sack Exchange defense. The article discusses that what he misses most from his

days in the NFL is the camaraderie. This camaraderie includes having a group of guys all striving for a common goal, taking care of one another, watching each other’s back on and off the field and being there for each other. It has been hard to find real camaraderie outside of the NFL, however Thank G-d I found it! I found it in community, in the Jewish community. Rabbi Steinsaltz in his book We Jews: Who Are We and What Should We Do? says the Jewish people are a family. I say we are a team that sticks together, helps one another out and finds that fifth son to pass the rich traditions of Judaism on to and leave no Jew without a seat at the Passover Seder. Alan had a seven-year career as an offensive lineman in the NFL, first with the Green Bay Packers and then the Dallas Cowboys, with whom he won a Super Bowl XXVII. Alan presentation style and post-retirement experience in business have made him a much sought after speaker by many organizations whose management  seeks to lead their organizations by exemplifying a culture of personal and professional achievement blended with a higher purpose. Alan has captivated religious audiences around the world, bringing his inspirational messages of transformation, personal excellence, leadership, team play and spiritual connection. Today Alan is the National Marketing Director with CJA and Associates, a nationwide consulting firm specializing in tax elimination strategies and estate planning options for business owners and professionals. For more information, please visit www. For Media Inquiries and bookings; please contact 954 205 6369.


Are We Overprogramming Our Teenagers?



FLORIDA - Quran Burning and a Violent Response Pastor Terry Jones, the controversial Florida pastor who halted plans to burn a Quran on 9/11/2010, oversaw the burning of the Islamic holy book last week after it was found “guilty” during a “trial” at his church. “We had a court process,” said the pastor, who acted as judge. “We tried to set it up as fair as possible, which you can imagine, of course, is very difficult.” If the jury had reached a different conclusion, Jones said he would have issued an apology for his accusations that the Quran promotes violence. After a six-hour trial on Sunday that featured a Christian convert from Islam as a prosecuting attorney and a Dallas imam as a defense lawyer, a jury of 12 church members and volunteers made the judgment.

The punishment — burning the book after it had been soaked in kerosene for an hour — was determined from four choices on the organization’s Facebook page. Several hundred were polled and voted for burning over shredding, drowning and facing a firing squad. Protest over the burning broke out in Afghanistan with scores injured and killed including several U.N. workers beheaded. Meanwhile President Barack Obama said desecration of the Quran “is an act of extreme intolerance and bigotry.” He also extended his deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of those killed in the northern Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif by protesters enraged by the burning. Obama said in a statement that no religion tolerates “the slaughter and beheading of innocent people.”

LOS ALTOS HILLS, CA - Jewish Russian Billionaire Buys Most Expensive Home in US for $100 Million Russian billionaire Yuri Milner 49, has reportedly paid $100 million for a 25,500-square-foot mansion in Silicon Valley, believed to be the most ever paid for a home in the United States. Milner, an investor in Facebook, Groupon and Zynga, has no immediate plans to move into the

home. The mansion, a French-style chateau, is set on 18 acres in hills overlooking San Francisco Bay and features a ballroom, wine cellar, gym, spa and pools inside and outside. The sale price beats the previous high of $95 million paid for an estate in Palm Beach, Fl. in 2008.

ELBARADEI: We’ll fight back if Israel attacks Gaza Former International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei, who has previously announced his intentions to run for the presidency of Egypt, said in an interview that “if Israel attacked Gaza we would declare war against the Zionist regime.” In an interview with an Egyptian newspaper he said: “In case of any future Israeli attack on Gaza - as the next president of Egypt – I

will open the Rafah border crossing and will consider different ways to implement the joint Arab defense agreement.” He also said that “Israel controls Palestinian soil” and that “there has been no tangible breakthrough in reconciliation process because of the imbalance of power in the region - a situation that creates a kind of one way peace.”

WASHINGTON – Facebook Sued For $1 Billion for Not Removing Intifada Page Fast Enough Facebook and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg are being sued for more than $1 billion in damages over a page on the social network which called for a “Third Intifada” against Israel. Although Facebook shut down the page after almost 500,000 fans joined, the lawsuit claims that Facebook was negligent for not responding quickly enough to calls to remove the page. The suit was filed by Larry Klayman who describes himself in the complaint as “an American citizen of

Jewish origin” who is “active in matters concerning the security of Israel and all people.” “While we haven’t been served with a complaint, we believe the case is without merit and we will fight it vigorously,” a Facebook spokesman said. Facebook said the page was initially tolerated because it “began as a call for peaceful protest” but direct calls for violence began appearing and the page was removed for violating Facebook’s policies.

WORLD REPORT YEMEN - Despite Political Turmoil, Jews Refuse to Leave Members of the small Jewish community of Yemen claim that they are not afraid and do not feel compelled to flee the political upheaval wracking their country. Relatives and friends living abroad have expressed concern and have been trying to convince them to leave the country. Jewish organizations in Israel and the United States have also reached out to the community, comprised

of some 250 people, to leave the country. Nevertheless, “They absolutely will not budge,” said the head of a Jewish group trying to persuade the Jews to leave, who requested anonymity. “Even calls from Ye m e n i t e rabbis who once lived there and have left have been unsuccessful.”


JERUSALEM - Netanyahu Takes His Message Straight To the People via Youtube Benjamin Netanyahu, who is known to have a rocky relationship with the traditional media in Israel, has taken his message straight to the people using YouTube. He began by fielding questions in a live interview from users from 90 countries, including Arab countries that have no relations with the Jewish state. Benjamin Netanyahu’s appearance on YouTube’s World View Proj-

ect highlighted his complicated relations with the traditional outlets he often considers hostile, and also illustrated his recent embrace of new age media. Netanyahu actively uses Facebook and Twitter to communicate with the public. His staff maintains an active website and constantly communicates with journalists via text messages and emailed press releases.

SOUTH AFRICA - Judge Goldstone Reconsiders His Findings on Israel in Gaza War – Israel Demands Repeal Richard Goldstone, author of the infamous Goldstone Report accusing Israel of war crimes in the Gaza war, said in an op-ed piece published by The Washington Post that new accounts by Israel’s military indicate that it did not deliberately target civilians contrary to his report’s most inflammatory accusation. “We know a lot more today about what happened in the Gaza war,” Goldstone wrote. “If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document.”

Israel’s prime minister demanded a repeal of the report after Israel was vindicated by Richard Goldstone’s acknowledgment that his conclusion appeared to have been wrong. He said the Goldstone Report should be formally nullified. “Everything we said has been proven to be true,” Netanyahu said. “Israel does not purposely target civilians and its investigative institutions are competent, while Hamas intentionally fires at innocent civilians and doesn’t investigate anything.”

Yoram Cohen, a former Shin Bet deputy director nominated for the top job, was commended across the political spectrum for a long successful career tracking suspected Palestinian militants, Lebanese guerrillas and Iranian agents. However controversy erupted soon after with leftists seeing his nomination as a boost to West Bank settlers and rabbis responding with warnings against an-

ti-religious incitement. Cohen, a graduate of a nationalist yeshiva, is the first security chief to wear a kippah. His rival for the promotion, on the other hand, had overseen crackdowns on settlers suspected of anti-Arab sentiments. Amir Oren, analyst for the liberal Haaretz daily, quoted an unnamed settler as saying Cohen would bring “pride to the community.” Oren noted several recent Netanyahu appointments of senior Orthodox aides, including that of national security adviser.

JERUSALEM - Israel Considering Annexing West Bank Settlements According to an Israeli official, if the Palestinians unilaterally seek world recognition for a state, Israel would consider annexing major West Bank settlement blocs. The official said that Israel may respond to a one sided Palestinian action with one-sided acts of its own. These actions may include annexation of settlements,

restricting water supplies beyond agreed-upon amounts, and restricting Palestinian use of Israeli ports for business purposes. With the peace process going nowhere, Palestinian leaders plan on seeking international recognition of a state, with or without an agreement with Israel, at the United Nations in September.

TOKYO - Israel, Iran Work Together in Japan An unlikely partnership has been formed between search teams from Israel and Iran in Kamashi, Japan. The teams are assisting Japan in the search and identification of bodies of tsunami victims. When the team of ZAKA members from Israel met their Iranian counterparts, “We exchanged greetings. We decided that we

have the same mission, no matter what is happening with our governments,” said ZAKA head Yehudah Meshi-Zahav. The 12 members of the ZAKA crew worked alongside the Iranians, and when the teams set up camp, both flew their flags, putting the Israeli and Iranian national symbols side by side.


JERUSALEM – Newly Appointed Security Chief’s Yarmulke Stirs Debate in Israel



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or many of us, the Chanukah and Pesach of our youth is remembered as an idyllic time. It is as though a warm glow envelopes the memories. We recall lighting Chanukah candles with our parents and singing Maoz Tzur together. We are filled with joy as we think of our entire family getting together for Pesach with Zaide sitting at the head of the long table as we plotted with siblings to steal or recapture the afikomen. The details change from family to family, but the enthusiasm and delight are the same. Children seem to have an innate desire for enjoyment, and their love of mitzvos is no exception. When they are young, every bracha can evoke a smile. Every recitation of shema can be exciting. In short, they have a pure simchas hachayim, joy of life. What happens as we get older? Why do so many of us feel like we are on religious autopilot? Where has all the joy gone? Is it lost? Misplaced? Merely hiding? We are all born with a body and a soul. As every parent knows, babies are born knowing how to ensure that their needs are met. Food, their most basic need, is fulfilled when they cry. When they begin to smile, they quickly learn that this quirk of muscular movement elicits attention and love from those who are closest to them. Biology and environment work in sync to help a baby thrive and grow. But what of the soul? The soul doesn’t know how to take care of itself. It needs to find its nourishment from others,

parents first, then teachers, mentors, and Rebbeim. The soul can flourish, or it can whither. It needs to be fed and satiated. The nutrients that will help it grow are Torah and mitzvos. How do we nurture our children’s souls? By living with simchas hachayim, a pure joy for mitzvos that guide our every moment. Paradoxically, our simchas hachayim has very little to do with the flourishing of Jewish life in our community and the ease of living a Jewish life in 21st century America. During the years beginning in the late 1800’s until very recently, it was very difficult to live a Torah life in this country. Many Jews arrived here with little more than the shirts on their backs, and they found the Medina shel Chesed, the land of kindness, to be inhospitable to Judaism. For example, it is only in the last several decades that Orthodox Jews have gained acceptance


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in the workplace. But we’ve paid a price. We’ve woven the positive aspects of American culture into the fabric of our lives. However, we have also been impacted by the negative qualities of this society. And for many of us, the joy of mitzvos has been muted, and Jewish life is no longer a privilege, but a burden. It doesn’t happen overnight, but over time. Our souls can be starved little by little. It’s a cycle. As the source of nutrients dries up, our souls can no longer nourish us, and the light and happiness inherent in mitzvos is diminished. Thankfully, we can reverse the cycle. It is never too late to rejuvenate our souls, or to begin to revitalize the souls of our children. We can start by returning to those happy memories and recreating the same environment for our own children. When Zaide sits at the head of the seder table on Pesach, we can both reconnect to the memories of our youth and give our children the sense of love for Jewish life that our parents gave us. (Of course, parents who grew up in homes where Jewish rituals weren’t practiced can still instill the sweetness and love for Torah in their own families by drawing on the experiences and feelings that led them back to Yiddishkeit.) Creating opportunities to educate our children on the joyfulness of Judaism can be accomplished throughout the year and especially during special holiday retreats and get-togethers. Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Chanukah and Purim become valuable opportunities for connection and inspiration. During these retreats, there should be exultant davening and unconditional acceptance to reach all, especially young men and women whose experience of mitzvohs is overwhelming rather than uplifting. Participants should guide the experience, rather than be forced to follow an order that they have already left behind Singing and dancing during tefillah should be encouraged. More than once, a young person’s moment of inspiration in the midst of davening can affect an entire room. In addition, classes on different aspects of prayer and discussion groups where one can express feelings about his/her resistance to prayer should be provided to all participants. One of Madraigos’ innovative ideas for retreats has been to invite families to join us. During meals, the disenfranchised teens who eat with them discover accepting and tolerant families infused with love and appreciation for Jewish life. The families gain as well. They begin to understand the challenges and issues that have brought these teens to Madraigos. It’s truly an even exchange. Most importantly, the young adults see the potential for happiness in living a Torah life. Unfortunately, our greatest efforts may not be enough to ensure that our children maintain a fulfilling life of Torah and mitzvohs. I am reminded of the famous quote by the Chazon Ish “Ayn kol etzev haolam l’mi shemakir b’or haoros shel haemes,” There is no sadness in the world to one who recognizes the light of truth. There are no guarantees of a happy ending for every teen who loses his or her way. The way back is difficult. But Torah is truly the light. Doors are never closed; there are many, many opportunities to return In a few days, we will celebrate Pesach. But even as the Torah outlines the requisites for the Korban Pesach, Passover sacrifice, we learn of Pesach Shayni. H-shem gives us a second chance. If we can’t bring our korban, the first time, if things didn’t go right and plans went awry, we have a second chance. It is the same with our children. If we discover that their simchas hachayim is waning, we have the chance to help them reconnect. It’s not always easy, and the process may be difficult. But it is always possible. May we all have a chag kasher v’sameyach filled with joy & love. Rabbi Dov Silver is the Founder and Executive Vice President of Madraigos. Madraigos is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that provides a wide array of innovative programs and services for hundreds of teens and young adults who engage in at-risk behaviors. Madraigos has offices in New York and Chicago, and is a resource for communities across the country. For more information, visit



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The Fight FOR Freedom J

onathan Pollard consisted on large portions of fish for more than 20 years until a doctor told him his body contains dangerous levels of mercury. He adopted this debilitating diet to keep kosher – a difficulty in prison. Now his kidneys aren’t functioning well, there is an internal growth in his nose, and while Rabbi Pesach Lerner won’t say what else is wrong, the impression he gives is that this imprisoned Jewish spy needs serious medical relief. But if Rabbi Lerner can’t get Jonathan Pollard a new doctor, he may settle for getting him Presidential clemency. At a White House meeting on March 1st, Rabbi Lerner was just able to slip President Obama an index card he’d prepared and tell him: “It’s about clemency for Jonathan Pollard.” “Thank you, I will read it,” said the President. Rabbi Lerner included his name and contact details on the card. While the rabbi’s phone hasn’t yet buzzed from

A recent photo of Jonathan Pollard

the oval office, he is hopeful President Obama will become convinced, as Rabbi Lerner is, of the need to free Jonathan Pollard. Executive Vice President of the National Council of Young Israel, Rabbi Pesach Lerner joined the quest for Jonathan Pollard about 20 years ago. Young Israel encompasses over 150 branches throughout the country, and back then his job was to visit them. While on the Lower East Side at the Young Israel of Manhattan, he attended a program in which Jonathan Pollard’s sister spoke about the vagaries of her brother’s case. “Things didn’t make sense,” said Rabbi Lerner. He began asking questions, and when he told other respected, and knowledgeable rabbis what he learned about Pollard’s treatment they said to keep asking them. Through years of work and prison visits grew a unique connection. “It turned person al,” said Rabbi Lerner. “We have becontinued on next page



come friends. He is not just a prisoner. He is a Jew, a special person. Jonathan is someone you would love to have as a neighbor; bright, sensitive, humorous, and caring. I can tell by his voice how he’s feeling.” Rabbi Lerner has visited Pollard dozens of times; alone, with Israeli government officials, Israeli chief rabbis, yeshiva heads, and congressmen. His garage is now Pollard’s closet. Jonathan Pollard is only allowed to read a few books each week and can’t store them in prison, so he sends the rest to Rabbi Lerner: “These are books on alternative energy, military history – and Jonathan remembers the footnotes.” What did Pollard do? Provide intelligence to Israel at a time when America had already made an agreement to give it to them, but wasn’t. Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post said that “after the Israeli Air Force blew up the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981, then deputy director of the CIA Admiral Bobby Ray Inman unilaterally decided to stop all intelligence transfers to Israel on Arab and Muslim states not directly bordering Israel. This included Iraq, Iran, Libya, Tunis and Pakistan. Around the same time, the United States began to arm Iraq which was then at war with Iran. The government permitted various companies to build dual usage factories in Iraq and they quickly advanced the development of Iraqi chemical weapons. Pollard, a US intelligence analyst, had access to this information, which – until it was embargoed by Inman, who was opposed to the US/Israel strategic

alliance – was routinely shared with Israel.” What did he deliver to Israel? Wolf Blitzer interviewed Jonathan Pollard before his sentencing and wrote that he gave the Israelis reconnaissance of PLO headquarters in Tunisia, Iraqi and Syrian chemicalwarfare production capabilities, planned PLO ops, and information on soviet arms shipments. “America’s refusal to provide this chemical warfare material directly to Israel had angered Pollard,” said Blitzer. When Pollard approached his Navy superiors he was told: You Jews are too worried about gas. It was a low blow; Pollard’s extended family had been murdered with Nazis gas. According Iraqi Nuclear Reactor after Israeli Attack to Rabbi Lerner,

continued on next page


Pollard’s arrest in 1986

those who are familiar with Pollard and his case say he had a right to be worried that Israel wasn’t getting information for which it had dire need. For breaking the law, Jonathan Pollard has expressed remorse numerous times, in a variety of forums, orally and in writing. These are recorded in over two dozen articles appearing in places like Newsweek, where his attorneys corrected President Clinton’s statement that Pollard was unrepentant, citing support from Elie Wiesel, who after two meetings with the prisoner said Pollard ‘impressed me with his deep feelings of remorse.” Reuters quoted Pollard in 1997: “I am extremely sorry for what happened. I don’t believe that anybody who has experienced what I have experienced over the past 13 years could feel anything but profound sorrow and remorse.” Rabbi Lerner met with Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv and Rav Ahron Leib Steinman in 2007. The gedolim then sent a joint letter to President Bush asking for clemency for Pollard. To those who oppose Pollard’s release on the basis of classified information, the executive VP says, “no one can tell Pesach Lerner, ‘if you only knew’…the people who do know say - enough is enough.” A case in point is former U.S. Secretary of State George Schultz, who in January sent a letter to President Barack Obama: “I am writing to join with many others in urging you to consider that Jonathan Pollard has now paid a huge price for his espionage on behalf of Israel and should be released from prison. I am impressed that the people who are best informed about the classified material he passed to Israel, former CIA Director James Woolsey and former Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Dennis DeConcini, favor his release.” Dozens of former senior U.S. government officials have since written to the president, asking him to release Pollard. So has Israeli Prime Minister Bibi

COVER STORY from page 33 courts for supplying information to a friendly power (normally from two to four years),



Section F: Shocked that most of Pollard’s eight years in prison have been spent in solitary confinement and underground, Section G: Astonished that Defence Secretary Caspar Weinberger, described by one of his Under-Secretaries for Defense as having had ‘an almost visceral dislike of Israel’, should have sent a message to the trial judge, one hour before the sentencing hearing, asking for the stiffest possible sentence commensurate with Pollard’s ‘treasonous’ (sic) behavior, Section H: Noting however that Mr. Weinberger stated recently that he thought it was time that Mr. Pollard should be released; aware that Christian and Jewish organizations throughout the world have pleaded for the harsh sentence of life imprisonment to be commuted and that Judge Steve Williams wrote, in a dissenting opinion to an appellate court finding, that ‘the government’s conduct in this case resulted in a complete miscarriage of justice’,

Attorney Eliot Lauer at a press conference, Rabbi Pesach Lerner is in the background

Netanyahu, and President Shimon Peres, who met for an hour with Obama on April 4th. The pair discussed freedom for both Jonathan Pollard and captured soldier Gilad Schalit. After the meeting, Peres told the Jerusalem Post that Obama had listened. Pollard’s pro-bono council is Eliot Lauer, a Five Towns resident, and Jacques Semmelman, from Teaneck, NJ. These lawyers have been trying to access the file compiled by Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, which contains classified information that was used to bring down Pollard in 1987. This has never been seen by the defense council, which is one of the prime reasons a defense for Pollard still cannot be made. Another reason for Pollard’s destruction was Israel. Caroline Glick, who conducted a 2005 interview with Pollard in prison wrote, “Israel – the State in whose service Pollard risked his life…behaved reprehensibly.” It ran far from Pollard’s intelligence theft. The Israeli embassy ejected him from its doors into the ready hands of the FBI and remained silent as Pollard endured interrogation for the crimes he committed on Israel’s behalf. “After I was arrested, I went through a very difficult time which brought me to the threshold of despair,” said Pollard to Glick. “The FBI investigators who were debriefing me, purposely allowed me to see the statements that the Israelis had made about me. They wanted to bury me. It was the Mossad that was the source of all the disinformation about me and my character.” Back in 1993 the European Parliament issued a formal resolution to commute the life imprisonment of Jonathan Pollard. It is pro-Pollard, strikingly pro-

Israel, and largely quoted here: Section B: “…Noting the [stolen] information dealt with the chemical, biological and nuclear arms buildup in these countries [Iraq, Syria, and other Middle Eastern Nations] and that Pollard considered he had a moral duty to warn Israel of the developing massive threat to its security and to the lives of its people

Donald Rumsfeld said last week in an interview with Channel 10 news in Israel that he is against a pardon for Pollard, freeing spies sends out the wrong message that espionage pays – even, apparently, after 26 years in prison. Who is Rumsfeld concerned may get that message? Not Cuba. Alejandro Alonso was given seven years after he was caught spying for Castro. Not Iran. Mohammed Reza Alavi served two 15 month sentences at the same time for handing them stolen nuclear software. Not Iraq or Jordan. Albert T. Sombolay’s 34 year sentence was reduced to 19 years for espionage and communicating US troop movements to the enemy during the Gulf War. All of these men – and many

Section C: “Whereas Pollard has expressed remorse for his action, Section D: “Whereas Pollard, who was not accused of treason, or of intending to harm the US, pleaded guilty under a plea bargain, and was thus convicted and sentenced, without a full trial, to life imprisonment, despite the Government’s promise not to seek such a penalty. Section E: Noting that the sentence imposed on Pollard was grossly disproportionate to those imposed on others by US

Esther Pollard, Jonathan Pollard’s wife, advocating on his behalf in Yerushalayim

continued on next page



Rabbi Pesach Lener speaking to Rav Elyashiv Shlita about Pollard

more - were tried as enemies of the United States; Pollard never was. Time Magazine reported on The Ten Most Notorious Presidential Pardons: While Clinton didn’t pardon Jonathan Pollard, he did pardon a notorious financier, charged with 51 counts of fraud for pocketing $48 million dollars sans tax, not to mention “running illegal oil deals with Iran during the 1979-1980 hostage crisis.” While Pollard said he broke the law because he “wanted to prevent another holocaust”, Patty Hearst, granddaughter of famed newsman William Randolph Hearst, robbed a San Francisco bank with a machine gun; she was pardoned partially by Jimmy Carter, and fully by President Clinton on his last day in office. Then there were the 14 FALN terrorists of Puerto Rico, who according to Debra Burlingame in the Wall Street Journal, “waged war on America with bombings, arson, kidnappings, prison escapes, threats and intimidation. The most gruesome attack was the 1975 Fraunces Tavern bombing in lower Manhattan. Timed to go off during the lunchhour rush, the explosion… killed four and injured another 60.” But the most ironic pardon is reserved for Caspar Weinberger. A year after throwing the book

at Jonathan Pollard, who spied for a US ally, Weinberger was himself charged with illegally selling U.S. munitions to Iran – to Hezbollah – in the IranContra Affair, for which Weinberger enjoyed pardon under President Bush. By contrast, a clemency for Pollard carries with it at least the possibility of moral victory. As William Northrop wrote in an article called, “The Ghost of the Sealed Rooms”: “When the Iraqi Scuds rained down on Tel Aviv, the poignant and bizarre specter of thousands of men, women and children donning gas masks and retreating to their ‘sealed rooms’ became one of the most enduring images of the Gulf war.” Why was Israel prepared? Because of Pollard’s intelligence. The human result was recorded by a Tel Aviv resident: “Every time we put the baby into her [gas] crib, every time my son pulled on his gas hood, I thought of Pollard. Every time my family went into our sealed room, Jonathan Pollard went with us.” Let’s all hope R to L - Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yonah Metzger, Rabbi Pesach Lerner Executive VP of NCYI & Mr. Shlomo Mostovsky visiting Pollard and pray for his immediate freedom.

A tefilla on Jonathan Pollards behalf

Letter from gedolim to President Bush



OM Kippur, it has been said, has come months early for Richard Goldstone, the South African former judge who reported for the United Nations on the 2008-09 Gaza war between Israel and Hamas. According to Israel and other critics, Goldstone’s 2009 report was always destined to be biased, and those fears were realised when it accused not only Hamas, but also Israel, of committing war crimes. The controversial report has been seized upon ever since to demonise Israel as a malicious aggressor. Now, in a staggering volte-face published in the United States last week, Goldstone effectively has admitted he was wrong. The Jewish Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur is about recognising past wrongs and repenting, but in this sorry case no amount of repenting will repair the damage done. Israelis know the true meaning of terror because they live with it daily. This is the reality that sees metal detectors and guards vigilant against guns and bombs in Jerusalem restaurants or children in the southern town of Sderot scampering for bomb shelters when rockets are fired from Gaza. In just over a decade, more than 1100 Israelis have been killed in acts of terrorism ranging from suicide bombings to shootings, home invasions and rocket attacks. Responding to Palestinian demands, the Israeli military withdrew from Gaza in 2005, leaving the Palestinians in charge of their own domain. But by 2007, Hamas extremists had taken control and the terrorist campaign was accelerated. More than 3000 rockets and mortars were fired into Israel, killing civilians, including children, and injuring hundreds of people. Israel sought a diplomatic resolution, built bomb shelters, installed warning devices and provided rocket-defence training for the residents who remained in vulnerable areas. In December 2008, Hamas responded to condemnation from the UN Secretary General by firing yet more rockets. Israel finally responded with the military action that it has always maintained was justified as an act of self-defence. In the ensuing war, 1400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed. Even when he accepted his mandate from the UN Human Rights Council, Goldstone noted it was a jaundiced brief, focused only on Israeli actions rather than Hamas, too. On this basis, and because of past experience with UN “justice”, Israel refused to cooperate. Nonetheless, Goldstone sought changes and proceeded, but his report paid scant regard to Israel’s casus belli; its right to defend its citizens. Information on the public record that refuted claims Israel had deliberately targeted civilians in Gaza, along with independent evidence suggesting Hamas had stored or fired rockets from mosques and schools, effectively using the Palestinians as human shields, all seemingly was ignored by Goldstone. He was duped by UN prejudices, his report was a sham, and The Australian said so at the time. By allowing that Israel might have intentionally targeted civilians, the report enabled the usual assortment of Israel’s national enemies, traditionally activist NGOs and media critics, to get on their moral high horse, condemn Israel and portray the Hamas terrorists as hapless victims. Yet in his stunning apologia Gold-

Reactions to the

Goldstone Retreat from Around the World

stone now says: “If I had known then what I know now, that report would have been a different document.” He reaffirms Hamas intentionally fired rockets at civilian targets, but retracts the allegations against Israel, saying information now available indicates “civilians were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy”. Tunisia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia sat on the UN council that gave Goldstone his brief, and the body was chaired by Libya just eight years ago. Little wonder then that the United Nations struggles for moral authority or that Israel chooses not to co-operate with such inquiries. Little wonder also that Israel is demanding an apology. But at a time when we have seen anti-Israel rhetoric infecting even Australia’s political debate, the ongoing tragedy for Israel is that the damage is done. Goldstone’s retreat will never receive the publicity of his initial jaundiced report and, as usual, we can expect few mea culpas from those who have used it to unfairly tarnish Israel.

THE TELEGRAPH – U.K. As about-faces go, Judge Richard Goldstone’s recantation of the ferociously anti-Israel UN report that bears his name can only compete with fantasy examples, such as the Pope questioning the existence of God or Marx declaring in a tucked-away letter to Engels that capitalism is actually where it’s at. Writing at the weekend in The Washington Post, the South African jurist announced that he and his “fact-finding mission”, appointed with rank bias by the UN Human Rights Council in 2009 to investigate Operation Cast Lead, was wrong to accuse Israel of deliberately targeting Palestinian civilians in Gaza. The Goldstone Report had found Israel guilty of “deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humilia and terrorise a civilian population.” But that was all wrong, Goldstone admits now Israel has thoroughly investigated more than 400 allegations of military misconduct which, he writes, “indicate that civilians were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy”. Whoops. As for the terrorist organisation that rules Gaza and was treated by Goldstone’s commission as the moral equivalent of the Israel Defense Forces, Hamas has neglected to investigate its own battlefield misconduct and is still launching rockets and mortars into densely populated civilian areas in southern Is-

rael. Only one man seems genuinely surprised by this behavior. Goldstone’s mea culpa should be welcomed for its better-late-than-never candor, but the damage his notorious report has caused Israel on the world stage cannot be exaggerated. For two years, this document has served as a byword for rogue statehood, a cudgel taken up not only by rabid anti-Zionists but by seemingly dispassionate observers of human rights and international law to further Israel’s de-legitimisation

AISH.COM In September 2009, it hit the diplomatic world like a tornado: Richard Goldstone, the respected South African jurist, issued a U.N.-sponsored report condemning Israel for “war crimes” of intentionally targeting civilians in Gaza. “What I know now…” Goldstone wrote last week in the Washington Post, is “that civilians were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy.” Something must have been eating at Goldstone’s conscience. Perhaps it was his growing pariah status, which at one point led members of the South African Jewish community to “disinvite” Goldstone from his own grandson’s bar mitzvah. Or perhaps it is the embarrassment of becoming a folk hero in Gaza, where gift shops sell souvenir keffiyeh headscarves embroidered with the name “Goldstone.” Or perhaps it is his lingering sense of hypocrisy at preaching human rights, when Goldstone – as a South African judge in the Apartheid regime – approved the whipping of blacks and sent dozens of blacks to the gallows. Unfortunately, Goldstone’s Washington Post “teshuva” (act of repentance) is filled with disingenuous claims and even outright lies. Let’s focus on four examples: (1) Goldstone writes: Our report found evidence of potential war crimes and “possibly crimes against humanity” by both Israel and Hamas. Not true. Nowhere did the Goldstone report hold Hamas responsible for the “war crimes,” which include relentless suicide bombings and rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. Instead, nebulous “Palestinian armed groups” are named. (See the Goldstone Report, paragraph 1784, which contrasts “war crimes committed by both the Israeli forces and Palestinian armed groups.” See also paragraphs 108, 1724, 1747.) (2) Goldstone tries to position himself as Israel’s savior, declaring that: The purpose of the Goldstone Report was never to prove a foregone conclusion against Israel. I insisted on changing the original mandate adopted by the Human Rights Council, which was skewed against Israel... I had hoped that our inquiry into all aspects of the Gaza conflict would begin a new era of evenhandedness at the U.N. Human Rights Council, whose history of bias against Israel cannot be doubted. Is it true that Goldstone tried to reverse the U.N.’s endemic bias against Israel? All four of the Goldstone commission members had denounced Israel’s Gaza operation even before beginning their “investigation.” Three members – Goldstone, Hina Jilani and Desmond Travers – had signed a letter stating that “events in Gaza have shocked us to the core,” while continued on page 47







Our Moral Imperative to Arm Al-Qaeda By: Naftali Halpern


ne of the more challenging topics to write about is war - because, presumably, we are not privy to much of the classified intelligence on which the decision to go to war is based. However, as I observe America’s actions in the Middle East and Libya it is becoming increasingly clear to me that America’s foreign policy is driven more by impulse and knee-jerk reactions to the crisis of the moment, rather than on boots-on-the ground-intelligence. For years we practiced a flawed foreign policy in the Middle East due to our lack of understanding of the culture in the region. Instead of learning our lesson, it seems like once again we are going down a dangerous road. Let’s start with the war in Iraq. When the United States went to war in Iraq, Vice President Dick Cheney declared that we would be greeted with rose petals, after all, he argued, Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator. In a matter of weeks after we liberated Iraq from Saddam Hussein, the Shiites and Sunnis began a sectarian conflict which made the Iraqis miss this brutal tyrant. Seven years and thousands of dead soldiers later—we are still at war in Iraq. The now obvious mistake about the Iraq war—not what the left wing based their objections to the war on—is that when Saddam Hussein was in power, Iraq was controlled by Sunnis and that marginalized Iran which is controlled by Shiites. (Shiites and Sunnis are two sects of Islam that have been battling each other for hundreds of years). By delivering Iraq to the 80% Shiite majority, we essentially gave Ahmadinejad another ally in the region. Granted, America went to war because of a national security interest—the belief that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and the design to use those weapons on American interests. However, even after it became evident that in fact Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction, the Bush administration defended its decision to go to war based on the argument that America had a “moral imperative” to bring freedom to the oppressed Iraqi people. However, this argument has always rung hollow and support

for the war in Iraq consistently waned. In fact, in 2008, thencandidate Barack Obama capitalized on America’s frustration with the Iraq war by arguing that since Hillary Clinton supported the war in Iraq she was not qualified to be the Democratic nominee for President. Yet only a few years later, President Obama is defending his decision to go to war in Libya on the grounds that America has a “moral imperative” to protect the Libyan people from Gaddafi—the same flawed argument that was tried and rejected for the war in Iraq. The only difference is that in Libya there was never even an illusion of a national security interest. As secretary of defense Robert Gates conceded, what is going on in Libya “is not of vital national interest of the United States.” But even more concerning than America repeating the same mistakes it has recently made in Iraq is the prospect of America achieving the same by-product as its actions in Afghanistan yielded in the 1980’s. During the 1980’s, when Russian troops occupied Afghanistan, the US armed and provided military training and logistical support to the Afghani Mujahideen, of which Osama bin Laden was a member. Al Qaeda and the Taliban were born out of the Afghani Mujahideen, and it is often argued that America, ironically, aided in the creation of these radical terrorist groups. Although there may be some truth to those assertions, the fact remains that in the 1980’s, during the height of the Cold War, America was fighting a proxy war with the Soviet Union which ultimately led to the Soviet Union’s demise. It can be argued that arming the Mujahideen was a necessary but bitter pill to swallow in order to ultimately defeat the Russians. But what is the logic in supplying arms to al Qaeda in Libya now? Regarding the Libyan rebels whom America is supporting, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Admiral James Stavridis stated, “We have seen flickers in the intelligence of potential al Qaeda, Hezbollah, we’ve seen different things.” In fact, one of the rebel leaders, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, admitted that he and others that he has recruited have in the past fought against American troops in Iraq. When asked about the possibility that the rebels are potentially members of al Qaeda, Hillary Clinton responded, “We do not have any specific information about specific individuals from any organization who are part of this, but of course we are still getting to know those who are leading the transitional national council.” “Transitional National Council” is a fancy way for saying, “the rebels we support but don’t know.” It is shocking that the United States, with its vast

intelligence capabilities, is aligning itself with a group which the only thing we know about them is that at least some of them are al Qaeda and Hezbollah members. Wouldn’t it have made sense for us to figure out who these people were before we aligned ourselves with them and provided them with weapons (which we are undoubtedly doing)? In Libya we call them “Transitional National Council.” In Egypt we call them “Facebook Revolutionaries.” At the end of the day we don’t know who these people are but have every indication that they are not our friends in any way. When images of civil unrest in Egypt began flashing across our screens, the media was quick to point out that this was not just another “day of Arab rage;” this time it was different. Journalists gushed that the young secular revolutionaries in Tahir Square–in their tight jeans and Abercrombie & Fitch shirts— were driven by American notions of freedom, taught to them by Google, Facebook and Twitter. A common refrain was, “The revolutionaries in Tahir Square would fit right into Greenwich Village or Park Slope.” Perhaps, for the first time in their lives, liberal journalists began to believe that their hip fashion and vanity were actually a virtue which could lift the rusty shackles of hundreds of years of tyranny. The media scoffed at those who had the audacity to suggest that these “young,” “secular,” Facebook revolutionaries in Tahir Square were merely a disguise for the Muslim Brotherhood. Well, what happened in Egypt? In a matter of weeks—not months or years—the militant Muslim Brotherhood has established itself as the dominant political force. Even the New York Times acknowledges, “The young, educated secular activists who initially propelled the non-ideological revolution are no longer the driving political force — at least not at the moment.” As one Egyptian television producer told the Times, “The young people have no control of the revolution anymore. It was evident in the last few weeks when you saw a lot of bearded people taking charge. The youth are gone.” In fact, in a recent Constitutional referendum, more than 77% of Egyptians voted for changes in the Egyptian Constitution which ensure that Sharia law will continue to be the law of the land in Egypt. The referendum was heavily backed and seen as a shrewd political maneuver by the Muslim Brotherhood. So, where are all those Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirt wearers now? Our naïve belief that the Arab world is changing and starting to believe in Western values and Americanized freedom is utter nonsense. So, although in defense of the Libyan engagement the media and proponents like throwing around adjectives such as “freedom,” “youthful,” and “secular,” the truth is that all we know about these people is that at least some of these rebels are al Qaeda. With friends like these, who needs enemies?



1 tab butter 3-4 apples, peeled, cored and sliced 3 eggs 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup matzah meal 1/4 cup sugar dash of salt 1 tea cinn Melt butter in frying pan add apples and cook until soft. Combine eggs, milk, matzah meal,salt and 1 tea of sugar then pour over apples. Continue cooking for 4 more minutes.Combine rest of sugar and cinnamon then sprinkle over apples. Place pan in 400 degree oven for 6-7 min. Serve immediately


1 pound frozen strawberries 1 cup sugar 2 egg whites combine all ingredients and whip in electric mixer about 10 mintes. Should be light and fluffy. Fresh.

2 pounds of ground meat 2 eggs 1/2 cup matzah meal 2 tab potato starch 1 tea garlic powder 1 tea onion powder 1 tea salt 1/2 tea pepper 1 can jellied cranberry sauce 1 cup ketchup 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 tab lemon juice Combine meat,eggs. matzah meal,potato starch, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper then form into balls. In the meantime combine rest of ingredients and cook for 20-25 minutes. Add meatballs and simmer for 1 hour. Serve hot

Laure Faye grew up in Burlington Vermont and now is executive chef for a private family. She travels around the world to advise families on everything from Kitchen staffing to proper etiquette. She has prepared meals for elected officials and hosted banquets for royalty. She is an advocate for local farmers and an avid country music fan.


2 green apples peeled and chopped 1 pound fresh cranberries 1 cup sugar 1 package frozen raspberries, not drained 1/2 cup orange marmalade or apricot jelly 1/2 tea lemon juice Combine all ingreients. Let set at least overnight. Stays 3-4 weeks in fridge, if it lasts that long!


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The Whole Story of Whole Life By: Jeffrey (Yitz) Stern Whole life is an insurance policy that provides lifetime insurance protection with significant guarantees and tax benefits for the policy owner. These guarantees can be viewed as either rates or values. When actuaries design a whole life policy, they begin by determining what rates are going to be guaranteed. Once the guaranteed rates have been set, they are used to determine policy premiums and values. Guaranteed rates and values are based upon conservative assumptions. A mutual life insurance company will then adjust the rates and values to current conditions through the mechanism of a non-guaranteed dividend. Because life insurance is viewed as good for the benefit and welfare of society, significant tax benefits have been given to it that are not found in other financial instruments. The Benefits of Whole Life Insurance • The Protection of an Instant Permanent Estate – Instantly with the payment of the first premium the insurance company sets aside the entire death benefit for your family. Whole life insurance provides a guaranteed death benefit for the entire life of the insured. • Disability Protection – Life insurance is uniquely different from all forms of savings and investment vehicles such as bank accounts, IRAs, 401(k) accounts, mutual funds, and brokerage accounts because it can continue to grow even if you are disabled. Disability usually brings with it the strain of reduced income, increased expenses and dissolution of existing savings and investments. The Waiver of Premium Rider guarantees that if disabled, you will not lose the umbrella of financial protection provided by a whole life insurance policy. The policy will continue to provide death benefit protection, the cash values will continue to grow and dividends will continue to be paid just as they would if you had not been disabled. • Liability protection – In many states the benefits of life insurance are protected from the claims of creditors. If your state provides this legal protection (Florida does) the cash values and death benefit of a whole life policy will be protected from lawsuits that can claim other assets such as bank accounts, mutual funds and brokerage accounts. • Distribution like a will – Life insurance is distributed like a will in that you specify who and how much of the benefit will be distributed to each beneficiary. Unlike a will, however, life insurance has the added benefit of privacy. Wills once probated become public documents. The beneficiary distribution of life insurance is a private, contractual agreement between the policy owner and insurance company that passes outside of a will and thus provides privacy for the beneficiary. • Tax-free death benefit – The death benefits of life insurance policies are free from all • Federal Income taxes. The enormous value of this benefit must not be underestimated, especially in light of constantly growing government expendi-

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“Say WHAT?” A collection of notable quotes “Southwest Airlines said that the hole that ripped through the fuselage of one of their airplanes was not terrorism-related. Thank goodness! It was just maintenance neglect.“ Jay Leno “President Obama is getting criticized from both sides for having no clear exit strategy to get out of Libya. But neither does Gaddafi. So I think it balances out a little bit.” Jay Leno “No one can agree on how to spell Gadhafi’s name. He’s like the Hanukkah of dictators.” Jimmy Kimmel

of Israeli children running from Hamas rocket fire, he fell asleep.

DAMAGE DONE Whatever the case, Goldstone’s backtracking is too little, too late. The Goldstone Report poisoned the good name of the IDF. Back in 2009, the media accepted the legitimacy of Goldstone’s report, no questions asked: “U.N. Inquiry Sees Gaza War Crimes; Israel Chastised” – New York Times (front page) “Israel Committed ‘War Crimes’ in Gaza: UN Probe Chief” – Agence France Presse “UN Report Claims Israel Committed War Crimes” – Belfast Telegraph “Israel Looks to Fend Off Prosecution of War Crimes” – Associated Press “UN Says Israel Should Face War-Crimes Trial Over Gaza” – The Independent (London) A Chasidic story tells of a man who spread malicious lies about the town rabbi. Later, he began to feel remorse. He went to the rabbi and begged forgiveness, saying that he hopes to make amends. The rabbi told the man, “Take a feather pillow, cut it open, and scatter the feathers to the winds. Then report back to me.” The man did as instructed. When he returned, the rabbi said, “Now go and gather all the feathers.” The Goldstone Report has fueled rabid anti-Israel sentiment. Especially in today’s Internet age, when a blood libel is spread throughout the world, it is impossible to get the genie back in the bottle. Yet this is more than just a matter of a sullied reputation. The media coverage of Goldstone’s report had a direct, adverse affect on the possibility of peace. In 2005, Israel took the tangible risk of evacuating Gaza with the assurance that if Palestinians turned

“President Obama announced his re-election campaign, though it’s not really a surprise. He did all the things that make it official: He filed the paperwork, redesigned his website, and printed another fake birth certificate.“ Craig Furgeson

violent, the world would understand Israel’s need to defend itself. Yet when Gaza turned into a lawless enclave of Hamas-led, Iranian-backed rocket barrages, the world did not react to Israel’s response with support and understanding, but rather with accusations of “war crimes.” This sowed mistrust between Israel and the international community, discouraging Israel from future withdrawals – especially when talking about West Bank lands that lie adjacent to Israel’s major population centers. (See Danny Ayalon, Jerusalem Post, October 19, 2009.) Beyond this, Goldstone’s biased report created new obstacles in the global battle against terror. By condemning Israel’s response to these rockets, the U.N. in essence granted immunity to Hamas, setting a dangerous precedent for any democracy trying to defend itself. This year, it may be Israel that’s the target of international kangaroo courts designed to strip it of its right to self-defense. Next year, it may be Washington that is forced to defend its actions in Libya or Iraq – not behind closed White House doors – but at an arraignment at The Hague of U.S. generals and political leaders charged with “war crimes” so serious that even President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize can’t secure a get-out-of-jail-free card. (See Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Huffington Post, October 13, 2009.) Goldstone’s Washington Post article is filled with phrases like “I regret… I had hoped… unfortunately… regrettably… a mistaken enterprise.” Imagine a diplomat who aided and abetted the Nazi destruction of European Jewry. An apology years later would have done nothing to save 6 million Jews. So too, the sake of Goldstone’s tormented soul, we hope that the succor he has provided to radical Islamic groups does not permanently endanger the 6 million Jews in Israel today.

“President Obama escalated the war in Afghanistan, he sent the Navy in to shoot at pirates in the Indian Ocean, and now he’s attacking Libya. It’s like he took the Nobel Peace Prize as an insult.” Jimmy Kimmel “President Obama’s approval ratings are so low now, Kenyans are accusing him of being born in the United States.” Jay Leno

“If Moammar Gadhafi goes into exile, there are only three places that would tolerate a raving madman like that: Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Fox News.” Jay Leno

“Dennis Kucinich wants to impeach President Obama over Libya. There’s a very good case against impeachment. It’s called ‘Joe Biden.’” Jay Leno

“A reporter in Florida claimed he was locked in a closet by Joe Biden’s staff to keep him from talking to people at an event. It wouldn’t have been so bad if Biden hadn’t been locked in there too for the same reason.” Jimmy Fallon

“President Obama is cutting his trip to Latin America short by a few hours because of the situation in Libya. So to everyone who said Obama didn’t care about Libya, you’re wrong. He cares three hours worth.” Jimmy Fallon


the fourth, Christine Chinkin, had already gone on public record labeling Israeli actions in Gaza a “war crime.” At the time, Chinkin’s preordained conclusion did not bother Goldstone; he was “satisfied that she’s got a completely open mind.” (3) Goldstone’s Washington Post article deceives with the contention that the crimes allegedly committed by Hamas were intentional goes without saying – its rockets were purposefully and indiscriminately aimed at civilian targets. In truth, the Goldstone report whitewashed the years of Hamas rocket-fire against Israeli towns. The first time the word “Hamas” appears regarding rocket attacks (outside the footnotes) is all the way down on page 453. There, Hamas is credited – not with inflicting 10,000 rocket attacks – but rather with allegedly calling on other armed groups to stop firing rockets “in the interests of the Palestinian people.” With no sense of irony, the report then glowingly describes Hamas as employing “cultural resistance,” eschewing rocket attacks in favor of “cultural initiatives and public relations.” (4) Goldstone tries to cover up for his failings with the excuse that our fact-finding mission had no evidence on which to draw any other reasonable conclusion. Really? It was common knowledge that the IDF took the extraordinary precautions of sending millions of warning leaflets and Arabic-language phone calls, and YouTube videos showed the IDF aborting missile strikes to prevent civilian casualties. But Goldstone seemed to have missed all that. According to one Israeli resident of Sderot who was flown to testify before the committee at U.N. headquarters in Geneva, while Goldstone was viewing video footage





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Parenting 1. TEACH YOUR CHILD ABOUT FRIENDSHIP AND BEING A FRIEND - Satisfying the very human desire for acceptance and companionship is fraught with complexities and requires an intricate set of skills… it is no small wonder that some children (and adults too!) find it challenging. The more self aware your child is, the more he or she can make conscious steps towards social success. Take the time to point out the qualities of a good friend, such a loyalty, acceptance and consideration. Discuss behaviors that undermine friendships, like gossiping, exclusion and being judgmental. Help your child understand that his or her attitude and even appearance sends positive or negative messages to others. Ask your child: Do you smile and greet others at school? What does your body language tell people? Do you make eye contact with others… or the floor? Do you respect opinions and talents and abilities that are different than yours? Do you admit mistakes and apologize for them?


Mrs. Hebel’s


8. GO ONE ON ONE - Being part of a group is a wonderful feeling, but real personal bonds are formed by spending quality time alone with a friend. Equally true, children who feel left out of a crowd, will find it easier to “divide and conquer,” making friends one at a time. Set up play dates, have sleepovers, invite a friend along on a fun outing, or do them all.

2. ENCOURAGE HEALTHY FRIENDSHIPS - Real friends boost self-esteem. Playmates that belittle your child or are hot and cold can undermine your child’s sense of self. Just as you can teach your child how to be a good friend, you can also teach a child what type of friend to look for. 3. EXPECT UPS AND DOWNS - Children can be moody and that can interfere with friendships. When fights happen, help your child deal with the hurt and encourage him or her to calm down and then think of practical, productive solutions to the problem. It is critical to validate your child’s feelings first and then to help your child see the problem from the friend’s point of view. Your child’s problem solving skills will vastly improve if you seize these opportunities, and the flare ups will diminish as they do. 4. PUSH HAPPINESS, NOT POPULARITY - Your child is a unique individual – not a mini you! You may have wanted to be in the “in” crowd when you were young, but your child may not. Be careful not to push him or her to join a certain group of friends, or take part in certain activities just because you like them. Let your child find a group of friends that will make him or her comfortable and happy. And a small group is fine too – as long as your child is happy with it.

7. STEP IN – BUT ONLY WHEN NEEDED - With support and advice from you, your child can resolve most problems with friends alone. In fact, that is the ideal… you don’t want your child still depending on you 20 years from now! At times, though, a parent must step in. If you think your child is being bullied or taken advantage of in a way that he or she cannot cope with and that will undermine his or her self esteem, put a stop to it – fast. Try to do it in the least confrontational way possible so that a positive outcome will result.

9. PAVE THE WAY - Get your child involved in activities that open opportunity for friendship. If your child is satisfied with school and neighborhood friends that’s great. If things are not working out well there, a more structured and limited group size may be a better fit. A sports or dance class, group art lessons or local chessed groups are all great ways to meet other kids with common interests. 5. ENCOURAGE SELF CONFIDENCE - Teach your child that sometimes friends can disagree, or have different interests, opinions, or tastes in clothing, music, and hobbies. Encouraging your child to seek his or her own path will foster the confidence to say “no” when wanted or needed. Confidence earns the respect and admiration of others. Individuality will not endanger your child’s social standing; it will enhance it! 6. KNOW THE “DO”S AND “DON’T”S. - It is important to strike a balance between individuality and fitting in. If your child is having difficulty socially, bring a ball (or the like) to school that everyone will want to share, get the latest gadget or practice the games that the other children are playing until your child can play well. With cautious sensitivity, discourage actions that will label your child “different” or “dorky” – at least in a social setting. The more appealing your child seems to the other children, the more his chances of overcoming the hurdles.

10. ENROLL IN A SOCIAL SKILLS GROUP. - Social skills groups are becoming more and more popular as a wonderful way to boost a child’s social awareness and self-confidence. Groups are available in many schools or privately. Social skills need to be learned no less so than math or reading – if it doesn’t come naturally to your child there is no shame in getting help just as you would in other areas. Mrs. Estee Hebel, MsED, is the General Studies Principal of Shalom Torah Academy, a preschool through eighth grade day school, in Morganville, NJ. Mrs. Hebel has over 15 years of experience in education and educational leadership. She is also a dynamic teacher trainer who has taught a graduate course in educational research. She presents innovative hands-on training workshops on a wide assortment of teaching methods, classroom management, motivational techniques and strategies for encouraging self-directed and higher-level learning. To learn more about her workshops or to schedule one, you can contact her at 732-536-0911x12 or


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Void if sold, purchased or transferred, and where prohibited. Must be presented prior to completion of initial tax interview and may not be combined with any other offer or discount. Valid only for tax prep fees for an original income tax return. New client only. A new client is a person who did not use God’s Tax services for the preparation of any prior year tax return. Expires 4/30/2011 13086849F106

SeďŹ rat HaOmer Calendar 5771 / 2011 Â&#x201D;Â&#x;¨Â&#x2019;ÂŚ§¨Â?Â&#x153;Â&#x203A;Â&#x201D;ÂĄÂ&#x201C;Â&#x2122;Â&#x203A;Â?Â&#x201D;Â&#x;ÂŚÂ&#x203A;Â?Â&#x192;Â&#x201C;Â&#x201C;ŠÂ?Â&#x2122;Â&#x201D;§Â? §Â?Â&#x201D;ÂĄÂ&#x201C;Š§Â&#x2DC;ÂŁÂ Â&#x203A;ÂĄÂ&#x201D;Â&#x;Â&#x201D;ÂĽÂ&#x201D;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2DC;ŠÂ&#x201D;ÂĽÂ?Â?

Ba-ruch ah-tah Adonai Eh-lo-hay-nu meh-lech ha-o-lam ah-sher ki-de-sha-nu be-mits-vo-tav ve-tsi-va-nu al se-ďŹ r-at ha-o-mer Hayom yom echad la-omer

Tues. Eve., April 19

Hayom shnay yamim la-omer

Wed. Eve., April 20

Hayom shloshah yamim la-omer

Thur. Eve., April 21

Hayom arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah yamim la-omer

Fri. Eve., April 22

Hayom chamishah yamim la-omer

Sat. Eve., April 23

Hayom shishah yamim la-omer

Sun. Eve., April 24

Hayom shivâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah yamim shehaym shavuah echad la-omer

Mon. Eve., April 25

Hayom shmonah yamim shehaym shavuah echad veyom echad la-omer

Tues. Eve., April 26

Hayom tishâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah yamim shehaym shavuah echad ushnay yamim la-omer

Wed. Eve., April 27

Hayom asarah yamim shehaym shavuah echad ushloshah yamim la-omer

Thur. Eve., April 28

Hayom ahad asar yom shehaym shavuah echad ve-arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah yamim la-omer

Fri. Eve., April 29

Hayom shnaym asar yom shehaym shavuah echad vechamishah yamim la-omer

Sat. Eve., April 30


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Hayom shloshah asar yom shehaym shavuah echad veshishah yamim la-omer

Sun. Eve., May 1

Hayom arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah asar yom shehaym shnay shavuot la-omer

Mon. Eve., May 2

Hayom chamishah asar yom shehaym shnay shavuot veyom echad la-omer

Tues. Eve., May 3


Hayom shishah asar yom shehaym shnay shavuot ushnay yamim la-omer

Wed. Eve., May 4

Hayom shivâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah asar yom shehaym shnay shavuot ushloshah yamim la-omer

Thur. Eve., May 5


Hayom shmonah asar yom shehaym shnay shavuot ve-arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah yamim la-omer

Fri. Eve., May 6

Hayom tishâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah asar yom shehaym shnay shavuot vechamishah yamim la-omer

Sat. Eve., May 7

Hayom esrim yom shehaym shnay shavuot veshishah yamim la-omer

Sun. Eve., May 8

Hayom echad vâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;esrim yom shehaym shloshah shavuot la-omer

Mon. Eve., May 9

Hayom shnayim vâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;esrim yom shehaym shloshah shavuot veyom echad la-omer

Freeda / Maxi Health / Landau / Navitco

Tues. Eve., May 10

Hayom shloshah vâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;esrim yom shehaym shloshah shavuot ushnay yamim la-omer

Wed. Eve., May 11

Hayom arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah vâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;esrim yom shehaym shloshah shavuot ushloshah yamim la-omer

Thur. Eve., May 12

Hayom chamishah vâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;esrim yom shehaym shloshah shavuot ve-arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah yamim la-omer

Fri. Eve., May 13

Hayom shishah vâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;esrim yom shehaym shloshah shavuot echamishah yamim la-omer

Sat. Eve., May 14

Hayom shivâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah vâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;esrim yom shehaym shloshah shavuot veshishah yamim la-omer

Sun. Eve., May 15

Hayom shmonah vâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;esrim yom shehaym arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah shavuot la-omer

Mon. Eve., May 16

Hayom tishâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah vâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;esrim yom shehaym arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah shavuot veyom echad la-omer

Tues. Eve., May 17

Hayom shloshim yom shehaym arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah shavuot ushnay yamim la-omer

Wed. Eve., May 18

Hayom echad ushloshim yom shehaym arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah shavuot ushloshah yamim la-omer

Thur. Eve., May 19

Hayom shnayim ushloshim yom shehaym arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah shavuot ve-arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah yamim la-omer

Fri. Eve., May 20

Hayom shloshah ushloshim yom shehaym arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah shavuot vechamishah yamim la-omer

Sat. Eve., May 21

Hayom arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah ushloshim yom shehaym arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah shavuot veshishah yamim la-omer

Sun. Eve., May 22

Hayom chamishah ushloshim yom shehaym chamishah shavuot la-omer

Mon. Eve., May 23

Hayom shishah ushloshim yom shehaym chamishah shavuot veyom echad la-omer

Tues. Eve., May 24

Hayom shivâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah ushloshim yom shehaym chamishah shavuot ushnay yamim la-omer

Wed. Eve., May 25

Hayom shmonah ushloshim yom shehaym chamishah shavuot ushloshah yamim la-omer

Thur. Eve., May 26

Hayom tishâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah ushloshim yom shehaym chamishah shavuot ve-arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah yamim la-omer

Fri. Eve., May 27

Hayom arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;im yom shehaym chamishah shavuot vechamishah yamim la-omer

Sat. Eve., May 28

Hayom echad v-arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;im yom shehaym chamishah shavuot veshishah yamim la-omer

Sun. Eve., May 29

Hayom shnayim v-arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;im yom shehaym shishah shavuot la-omer

Mon. Eve., May 30

Hayom shloshah v-arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;im yom shehaym shishah shavuot veyom echad la-omer

Tues. Eve., May 31

Hayom arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah v-arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;im yom shehaym shishah shavuot ushnay yamim la-omer

Wed. Eve., June 1

Hayom chamishah v-arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;im yom shehaym shishah shavuot ushloshah yamim la-omer

Thur. Eve., June 2

Hayom shishah v-arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;im yom shehaym shishah shavuot ve-arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah yamim la-omer

Fri. Eve., June 3

Hayom shivâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah v-arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;im yom shehaym shishah shavuot vechamishah yamim la-omer

Sat. Eve., June 4

Hayom shmonah v-arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;im yom shehaym shishah shavuot veshishah yamim la-omer

Sun. Eve., June 5

Hayom tishâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah v-arbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;im yom shehaym shivâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ah shavuot la-omer

Mon. Eve., June 6

Dr. Dong Hua, A.P., D.Acu, MD (China) is an expert in internal and external diseases, systems and organs disorders, specializing in pain management, orthopedic disorders and other illnesses. Rabbi Dr. Botton, A.P, D.Acu, Ph.D. works with children and adults and specializes in herbology and acupuncture for internal medicine for acute and chronic illness, pain, fertility issues, insomnia and stress.

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