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By Basil Bobo -

You've come to the conclusion that baths are too relaxing to give up. Good for you. Mobility issues are no reason to stop enjoying the feeling of a warm, soothing bath. Now all you have to do is choose from your options. If you've already decided that the cost and disruption of a walk-in bath are not what you have in mind, then bath lifts are an excellent choice. Let's look at a few different types and how they address your mobility issues. Learn More About Powered Bath Lift An inflatable bathlift, or inflatable bathing cushion, could be the perfect solution. It is lightweight (one excellent choice weighs just 2kg) and relies on an air compressor, so there are no heavy mechanics to deal with and it folds away quickly and easily. It has a seat and backrest, which you place in the bath. Push a button using the waterproof controls, and the cushion inflates. Sit down on the comfortable seat, press another button, and the cushion lowers you into the bath. Lie back and enjoy your soak. When you're ready to get out, press another button and the cushion inflates again, helping you back to a sitting position and raising you back to the top.

No problem. If you need more stability and back support, then you want a sturdy bath lift with a high back rest. These bathlifts are much like chairs, but which have side flaps that secure to the top of your bath tub.

Simply sit on the seat, press a button on the remote, and you're lowered into your bath. Afterwards, another simple button will lift you back up. You can enhance your comfort by using removable, machine-washable padded covers, so you can enjoy a luxurious bathing experience. Look for one that is simple to fit or remove and of course, is lightweight. The last thing you want to do is fiddle with heavy equipment. This is especially helpful if you travel and want to take it with you. Bath lifts with a high back rest are available powered by either an air compressor or batteries. If you're impatient to get into the bath, opt for battery operated. There's no waiting for anything to inflate.

Important! If you do want a battery-operated bathlift, choose one that will only lower you into the bath when there is sufficient battery power to raise you back again. You certainly don't want to find yourself submerged in a bath unable to get out. The Archimedes bathlift provides this important safety feature, so you might want to start your search there. The advantage of choosing a bath lift with an air compressor depends on your mobility issues. If you need other lifting equipment around the house, look for a brand that offers everything you need powered by an air compressor. Then you can use the one air compressor with the equipment you need, saving you some money while still allowing you to live independently.

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