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Parish Profile St. Francis in the Fields

A Welcome to Our New Rector Thank you for considering St. Francis in the Fields as a place to call your home. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you. We come together in our beloved church home to worship, explore and grow in our faith, exult in music, and serve those in need. Our church is a praying church with a congregation of giving and loving hearts. We have challenges ahead, and we seek a leader who can walk closely with us, but who will also lead us, teach us, inspire us, and minister to us so that we will be prepared to meet those challenges. We feel an openness and excitement about whom God has chosen for our next chapter. After all, a church, no matter how large, is a family. And members of a close family come to rely on one another. Thank you for taking the time to read this document. We hope it helps paint a picture of St. Francis. We are sure you have as many questions as we do. In God’s love, we look forward to it all.

Tim Root, Chair, Search Committee Steve Brown, Congregation Melissa Calabrese, Congregation Caroline Eager, Congregation

Raleigh Langley, Staff Kate Marquardt, Youth Katie Booker, Vestry Bob Burdette, Vestry

6710 Wolf Pen Branch Rd, Harrods Creek, KY 40027 (502) 228-1176

A Welcome from Our Youth Group Welcome! The youth here at St. Francis are so excited for you to be here. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for you, our church, and our youth group. Our vibrant youth group consists of teenagers who are eager to learn the word of God and who desire a deep relationship with Him. Not only do we seek to learn about His love, we seek to live and love with Him. As teenagers, we are living through an important time of spiritual growth. We would love to have a Rector who will be able to guide and lead us alongside our amazing Youth Minister Raleigh Langley and Associate Youth Minister Libby Garfield. Along with leadership and guidance, we seek a Rector who is approachable and engaged with our group; one who we know we could talk to for guidance. We would love the new Rector to be involved in youth activities, especially in our missions to David, Kentucky and the Dominican Republic. We are looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you! Blessings,  Kate Marquardt and the Youth of St. Francis

Annual Mission-Driven Car Show benefitting missions to David, Kentucky and the Dominican Republic.

About Us St. Francis in the Fields, established in 1946, is a low-church Episcopal parish.  We follow Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  We believe that the Holy Scriptures are the revealed word of God, and we uphold the Creeds and traditions of the Church.    In worship, we seek transformation into a new life in Christ.  We embrace the holiness and majesty of God through the Word, the liturgy and with extraordinary sacred music, and in pastoral care, all to the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.    We have a long history of mission work, vibrant children’s and youth programs, and many other outreach ministries, educational offerings and fellowship opportunities.    Though we are the largest parish in the Diocese of Kentucky, we are grateful to have also aligned with the Diocese of Central Florida via a DEPO relationship, originally proposed by the Bishop of Kentucky. Our parishioners celebrate our unity in Christ.  St. Francis extends hospitality to all, welcoming all to find a spiritual home here to be ministered to with love and grace.

Blessings and Challenges Blessings St. Francis is blessed in many ways. We have a beautiful church on a serene 12-acre campus that was modeled in the design elements of the famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. It provides an idyllic setting to be still and hear God’s call. The church building provides comprehensive worship, meeting, fellowship, teaching, entertaining and administrative spaces. Our campus includes a Rectory (a four-bedroom home for our Rector and family), a Vicarage (where our youth meet regularly), the Bishop’s Study and memorial garden with a lovely sculpture. We are further blessed by our close and loving congregation. In our interim period while we prepare for our new Rector, we have been strengthened by the strong leadership of Rev. Simon Barnes, Interim Rector, who has listened to us and guided us during this period. He has implemented numerous positive changes to prepare us for our new leadership. We are also blessed with the pastoral and liturgical strengths of Bishop Russell Jacobus, who is serving as our Associate Rector. We have a heart for outreach. From our 20+ year support of the David School in the Appalachian Mountains to a 20-year history serving in the Dominican Republic to numerous local outreach programs, our parishioners are dedicated to these ministries. Our Christian Education offerings are numerous, from small groups to large-scale lectures. We would like to build and expand our programs.

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew and the Daughters of the King are a strong presence in our parish, supporting all aspects of ministry. Both the DOK and the Brotherhood live out their vows of prayer and service. These dedicated men and women support the church, the clergy, the congregation and various outreach groups in a myriad of ways and set a powerful example of Christ's love to others.

Blessings and Challenges Finally, St. Francis has an energized and active body of youth who love and seek the Lord. The youth group of St. Francis consists of approximately 70 teenagers in grades 712 and seeks to learn about and grow closer to God through the many fellowship and community building opportunities that we offer.

Challenges Our demographics indicate an aging congregation and declining attendance. This is not out of line with the Church in general, but is of concern as the largest Episcopal parish in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Our challenges include growing our congregation in a community that offers other more  contemporary  non-denominational  services attracting young families. We have  also  experienced a decline in total pledging in the last few years, however, non-pledged income (plate) has increased considerably and overall finances remain strong.

The Rector We Seek... We are seeking a Rector who has a deep-rooted faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and believes in the authority of scripture. We look for one with a clear vision and mission for our church and who will support and empower lay ministries. Because we have been in a time of transition for several years, we need someone with strong leadership skills who can oversee the needs the parish including programs, ministries, staff, and finances. Preaching is of utmost importance to our members. We hope for a preacher with the ability to make the Gospel relevant to our daily lives. While St. Francis is largely conservative in our beliefs, it is absolutely imperative that we have a Rector who cares for all despite any theological differences and accepts all parishioners as beloved children of God.

Pastoral care is an integral aspect of our community and we seek a Rector who is dedicated to both providing care and delegating care to associates and lay volunteers. We wish to expand our membership of young adults and families and seek a Rector who is comfortable interacting with this age group---one who will develop a strategy to reach out to young families while continuing to support our excellent youth program. .

The Rector We Seek Must... Be a follower of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior Be an outstanding, compelling biblical preacher and teacher who inspires and educates us Be a spiritual leader enthusiastically dedicated to helping us grow and meet our goals  Have a heart for those in need and participate in the care of those with pastoral needs Mentor, guide, and support our staff, yet be comfortable empowering others to exercise their gifts  Support lay ministries throughout the church  Be welcoming to all and encourage us to make our church a welcoming place for everyone   Support our outreach and help us develop strategies to sustain our involvement with our many partner organizations Promote and model generous stewardship  Encourage all to grow in Christ and love one another

Who is St. Francis? Our people St. Francis is a warm, welcoming community of believers who experience the grace of God through the teaching of Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit. We are blessed by the many opportunities we have to receive God’s love through Christian fellowship. We welcome all looking to find a spiritual home here and to be ministered to with love and grace. With God’s help, we endeavor to treat all whom God has created with respect, dignity and kindness, and to support one another on our shared spiritual journey.

Who is St. Francis? Our Worship St. Francis is a liturgical low church with spirit-filled services marked by rich tradition, strong biblical preaching and sacred music. The Holy Eucharist is the focus of our worship every Sunday; we offer traditional Rite I and Rite II services each week from the Book of Common Prayer. We also celebrate casual communion services on Saturday evenings with contemporary music. Our parishioners are involved in several important lay ministries to support our worship services as acolytes, lectors, litanists, chalice bearers, ushers, greeters, and Altar Guild members.

Our Music The music ministry at St. Francis is a vital component of our worship tradition and offerings. We continue the centuries-long tradition of glorifying God through choral and instrumental music. St. Francis has unusually rich resources to offer a traditionallyapproached, classically-based repertoire, which includes an adult choir, a junior choir, and a children’s “angel” choir under the talented leadership of Dr. James Rightmyer. In addition to enhancing our regular worship services, the music program at St. Francis also offers regular Choral Evensong services and supports community choral and orchestral concerts.

Our Pastoral Care St. Francis is a caring church. We love and prayerfully support our church family through all seasons of life. God has blessed us with a team of clergy and prayer warriors who stand ready to support our parishioners in times of need – or to join them in giving thanks to God for specific joys in their lives. We offer healing prayer in our chapel after communion each Sunday. We also have a trained clergy-led team of faithful and discreet people ready to visit in hospitals and homes, to anoint with oil, to bring communion, or just to offer a prayer, a smile, and a word of encouragement.

Our Pastoral Care Ministries: Lay Eucharistic Visitors Prayer Ministry Hospital Visits Pastoral Care Visits Meal Ministry

Flower Ministry Funeral Coordination Grief Support Ministry Notes of Encouragement Ministry Holding Cross Ministry

Adult Education and Discipleship St. Francis offers a variety of adult education opportunities for parishioners to deepen their spiritual well-being and knowledge of Christ. These include our Tuesday Bible Study, a longstanding and well attended offering started by the Rev. Robert Coon ("Bob") in 1998, a strong men’s Thursday Bible Study, an intimate women’s Thursday Bible Study, The Brotherhood of St. Andrew, who meet on Saturday mornings for a men's breakfast and bible study, The Daughters of the King, who give of their time in prayer and service, and a Mother’s Day Out program. We offer educational programming on Wednesday evenings throughout the school calendar year, such as the Alpha course and Alpha Marriage course, which include family dinners and childcare. We often invite guest speakers to join us for our Wednesday night programming during the Lent and Advent seasons. Each Sunday, we hold a Rector’s Forum and other adult Sunday school offerings during the education hour between worship services.

Youth and children's ministry St. Francis has the largest youth membership in our Diocese, and the parish supports two full-time staff members dedicated to this ministry. Our youth group is open to all young people from sixth through twelfth grades, and offers teaching, prayer, fellowship, worship, service, and social opportunities led by Youth Minister Raleigh Langley and Associate Youth Minister Libby Garfield. Missions, retreats and weekly gatherings allow our youth to learn and become stronger in their faith. Our children’s ministry includes weekly children’s chapel during services for children ages four through fifth grade, weekly Sunday school offerings, and Wednesday night programming, all led by Children’s Minister Jennifer Grady. The children of St. Francis have long enjoyed participation in our annual family Christmas Pageant, First Communion instruction, Easter Egg Hunt, Youth Sunday, Confirmation Sunday, St. Francis Day, Advent Lessons and Carols, and Vacation Bible School.

Outreach St. Francis is committed to serving as the hands and feet of Christ through several longstanding mission ministries, both locally and abroad. Our parish supports annual youth/adult missions to The David School in Eastern Kentucky, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala. We are also active in supporting, through both time and treasure, Aunt Mary’s Storybook Prison Ministry, the Kilgore Samaritan Counselling Center, the Cabbage Patch Settlement House, the Home of the Innocents, the Episcopal Church Home, Louisville Christian Legal Aid, the Louisville Metro Police Department Chaplaincy Program, the Backside Ministry at Churchill Downs, and the Build-A-Bed Ministry.

Vestry and Staff Aspirations for 2019 Ministry 1. Attendance:  Increase average Sunday attendance by 15% to 352 based on current average Sunday attendance of 306. 2.   Programming:   ·      Adult Education:  Have 175 unique individuals participating in Adult Education programing, of which 20% (35) should be younger than 45 years old and 20% (35) should be non-Parish members; ·      Youth:  Increase participation in Youth & Children programming by 25%. 3.   Music:   ·      Include a monthly performance by the Youth Choir during Sunday services. ·      Increase participation in the Junior Choir by 35%. ·      Transition responsibility for the Junior Choir to Campbell Bego.  4.   Service Offerings:   ·      Add Saturday evening contemporary services to service offerings. ·      Continue offering Adult Education during 9:00 hour between 8:00 and 10:00 services Operations 1.     Finance:  Increase pledges to the 2019/2020 Every Member Canvas to $1,350,000.  2.    Staffing:  Retain existing Staff (including Communications Director). Plant 1.     Maintenance:  Improve curb appeal. 2.     Capital Needs:  Purchase AV equipment for Davenport Chapel. Parish Life 1.   Number of Events:  Add one more major event on the Parish grounds. 2.   Pastoral Care:  Make all aspects of Pastoral Care known to all members of the Parish 3.   Communications:  ·       Increase social engagement by 25%. ·       A fully functional and updated website.  Outreach 1.   Expand young adult involvement in Guatemala Mission to include at least 25% who are 45 years old or younger. 2.   Institute a Parish Life Committee. The Work of the Parish is rooted and grounded in fervent prayer

Clergy & Staff



Interim Rector: The Rev. Simon Barnes

Parish Administrator: Melodie Fridley Administrative Assistant: Emily Fraiser

Associate Interim Rector for Pastoral Care: The Rt. Rev. Russell Jacobus

Associate Youth Minister: Libby Garfield Children's Minister: Jennifer Grady

Associate for Adult Education: The Rev. Robert H. (Bob) Coon, Jr. Minister with Youth: The Rev. W. Raleigh Langley, III

Children's Ministry Assistant: Alison Kemper Parish Accountant: Kelly Stengel Communications Director: Amy Talbott Organist / Choirmaster: James Rightmyer Assistant Organist: Robert Lee Verger: Matt Fenlon Sexton/Handyman: Scott Calvert

Vestry Current Vestry Members: Term Ending 2019: Powell Starks, Senior Warden, John Bush, David Eager, Barbara Tracy, Elise Whitman Term Ending 2020: Bob Burdette, John David Myles, Clerk, Marianne Reutlinger, Tim Root, Junior Warden, Liz Cecil Term Ending 2021: Katie Booker, Thomas Dieruf, John Jennings, Thomas Noland, Jr., Cassandra Zimmerman Appointees: George Vieth, Treasurer; Bill Receveur, Properties Committee

Our Services Sunday 8 A.M. SPOKEN EUCHARIST, RITE 1   This service features readings, prayer and sermon, culminating in Holy Communion, offered in the intimate setting of the Davenport Chapel.  About 50 peope typically attend this service. 9 A.M. CHORAL EUCHARIST, RITE II  This festive service of Holy Communion features organ and choral music. Our congregation loves to sing. The choirs perform anthems and other sacred offerings, and parishioners participate in the other music of the service. The service is held in the main sanctuary. During the sermon, the children process to Chapel for their worship service. The average attendance is about 175 people. This service is more heavily attended by young families. 11:15 A.M. CHORAL EUCHARIST, RITE I  This service is identical to the 9 a.m. and more heavily attended by families without young children. This service averages 100 each Sunday. EVENSONG This service is held monthly.

Saturday 5:00 P.M, CONTEMPORARY SERVICE Our Saturday service is informal, featuring contemporary guitar music. We celebrate Holy Communion. The service is followed by time for conversation and refreshments . Approximately 50 attend this service. .

Our History St. Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church was founded by a small group of neighbors, friends, and relatives gathered at the foot of Harrods Creek just off River Road. They were in search of a place to worship God, and a place to raise their children in a Christian environment. With them a spirit would take root that would lead St. Francis in the Fields through a half-century. Our thirty founders rented a small Baptist church where they attended their first service along with their 31 children on Christmas Eve, 1946. The Rev. Robert Clingman was called to serve as rector. Sunday School classes were held at Walter Bader’s grocery store and adult confirmation classes at the Chick Inn. By 1948 the congregation outgrew the small village chapel. They purchased seven and a half acres on Wolf Pen Branch Road and built a beautiful Georgian sanctuary and rectory. Membership grew to 300 adults and 100 children and a primary day school was started. St. Francis became a center of community activity, holding baby and TB clinics and becoming a place for polling.

First structure, March 1949

In 1953 the Rev. Stephen R. Davenport joined the parish; he would give nearly thirty years of steady and devoted ministry. A strong music program developed under the leadership of Grant Graves. As our church education and community service needs grew, a new education wing and fellowship hall were added in 1954. The day school became St. Francis School with its own grounds in Goshen and later a high school in downtown Louisville.

Our History Through the 1960s and 1970s our parish continued to grow. The children of the founders were now bringing their children to church, where they were joined by other families from residential developments growing up nearby. In 1982, the Rev. Robert T. Jennings was called to lead the church. Under his guidance, St. Francis has expanded its role in worship and Christian education as well as pastoral care and outreach. Our music program has flourished under Dr. James Rightmyer, who joined St. Francis in 1983. By the 1980s, St. Francis became the largest Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Kentucky, with over a thousand members. The church grew so much that in the early 1990s, those attending the 9 a.m. Sunday Service had to meet in Graves Fellowship Hall. Capping off fifty years of growth was our campaign for the new sanctuary, which provided a new space for worship and enlarged and improved our facilities for Christian education, ministry to youth and community outreach. On October 8, 1995, the congregation moved into its current sanctuary. In 2014, The Rev. Robert T. Jennings ("Robin") retired after 32 faithful years and The Rev. John D. Koch, Jr. (Jady) became the fourth rector at St. Francis in the Fields. Jady left St. Francis in 2018, later accepting a call as an Associate Rector at Christ Church in Mt. Pleasant, SC. The Rev. Simon Barnes was duly called as St. Francis’ first Interim Rector and has held that position since June 2018.

Construction of the main hall, now Graves Hall, in 1949

Our Campus In 1945, like so many communities entering a time of peace following World War II, the neighboring families of the Harrods Creek valley sought new beginnings. With the blessing of the Bishop of Kentucky they built the American colonial-style church and rectory which now sit on the higher parts of 12 gently rolling acres. Fifty years later, a larger sanctuary was added having a complimentary design that retained the original façade. The grounds and its trees have matured to reveal the natural views of placid scenery intended by the renowned design principles of Fredrick Law Olmsted. The interior of the cruciform sanctuary is flooded with sunlight through its triple-hung and clerestory windows, casting rays onto the altar and congregants. Each opening picture-frames the Creator’s handiwork of sky and trees. Balancing the visual sense of holy space, the acoustics, whether in quiet or filled with the forte of the Schoenstein organ and masterful choir, compel the visitor to still their heart and worship the Lord.

The Rectory The Rectory, a four bedroom home on our property, sits in a grove of trees overlooking the bowl, the grassy area in front of the church where we have the Blessing of the Pets, VBS outdoor activities, the annual car show, and more. The colonial style home features a main floor living room, den, sunroom, and office plus a spacious eat-in kitchen. Upstairs are four bedrooms. The home has a beautiful terrace with lots of trees and green surrounding the home. Being located in the Rectory puts one close to shopping, groceries, schools, restaurants, and all the ambiance of Harrods Creek, yet located in the middle of the busy suburbs of Louisville. This charming home is available for the new Rector.

About Louisville, Kentucky Our church campus is located in Harrods Creek, a neighborhood nine miles northeast of downtown Louisville. Louisville is located along the Ohio River and has a population of approximately 770,000. Louisville is best known for Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby, beautiful horse country surrounding the city, and its thriving bourbon industry. In addition to numerous dynamic and diverse dining options, our community has a rich cultural scene including a symphony orchestra, ballet, museums and acclaimed theater companies. Some of our large corporate citizens include Yum! Brands (KFC and Taco Bell), Brown-Forman, Humana, and UPS.

Addendum: Financial Summary

Financial Summary

Financial Summary

The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi Lord make me an instrument of your peace Where there is hatred let me sow love Where there is injury, pardon Where there is doubt, faith Where there is despair, hope Where there is darkness, light And where there is sadness, joy O divine master grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console to be understood as to understand To be loved as to love For it is in giving that we receive it is in pardoning that we are pardoned And it's in dying that we are born to eternal life Amen

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