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Magnificent coast and mountain scenery

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Pont du Gard— World Heritage site 300 days of glorious sunshine every year

Summer 2013

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Hello there! Thank you for booking your holiday rental through South France Holiday Villas. I bet you can’t wait to get away! We’re a small team with a big commitment

newsletter as we’ve outlined a few of our services which might be of interest to you.

TravelBuddy is a great way to ensure peace of mind while you are away, and our

to ensuring that your holiday surpasses

Executive Package Service takes the-

your expectations. We have personally

hard work out of organising how to enjoy

viewed your holiday home to ensure that

yourself. Don’t forget, if you have any questions,

Juliana Forte

either before you leave home or whilst you


0044 1252 856464.

are on holiday, feel free to contact us on Meanwhile, start getting into the mood for your big trip south towards sun, sea, sand, culture, history, wine and fab food.

what we say on our website is accurate and


in nearly every case, have met the owner or their housekeeper. You can be sure that by choosing us, you’ve made the right choice.


TravelBuddy - A new service for all our clients TravelBuddy is a great little friend to have beside you while you’re on holiday. Tapping into TravelBuddy allows you to have all the experience and knowledge of SFHV’s combined 50+ years of living in the Languedoc at your fingertips. Phone or text us and we will be on hand to offer good, practical advice if you encounter any sort of problem. This could encompass anything from arranging a doctor’s appointment to demystifying the paperwork after a minor traffic offence. Let’s take a worst case scenario: Horror of horrors, your wallet with all your creditcards has been stolen! Naturally, you will contact your bank and

Horror of horrors, your wallet with all your creditcards has been stolen! possibly even your travel insurance company. But where do you go to register the loss with the local police? And are you confident that you will be able to understand them when you get there? Register with SFHV’s TravelBuddy and we would contact your local gendarmerie ahead of your arrival, speak with any officials by phone as necessary and generally try and take the trauma out of an unfortunate experience. It always helps to have a friend. TravelBuddy is not formal travel insurance (we strongly recommend you take this out independently) but it is an insurance against the unpredictable. For peace of mind, particularly when it comes to dealing with French language issues, TravelBuddy is the answer. TravelBuddy costs just £65 for 7 days, or £100 for 14 days. Phone us on 0044 1252 856464 or email us on for further information.

The Executive Package Service Have you ever gone on holiday, arrived at your destination and then thought, `Now what?’. Choosing how to spend your precious time away and then having to organise trips and venues when really, you just want to relax by the pool and get into the swing of Mediterranean living, can be exhausting. That’s why SFHV has come up with The Executive Package Service. Through our excellent network of contacts in the Languedoc area, we can organise your holiday for you. Here are just some of the activities we can arrange: 

Meeting you from the airport in a luxury airconditioned peoplecarrier. 

A Meet-and-Greet service for when you arrive at your holiday home.

Your shopping ready and waiting for you on arrival. A visit to an Englishspeaking Domaine to discover how they make their wines and enjoy a tasting. 

 

A round of golf.

A gourmet walking tour of Sète or Montpellier to experience the culinary delights of the Midi.

Luxury car service available for shopping/wine tours/restaurant visits etc.

A spa day plus lunch at a gorgeous Garrigae resort.

To dip into the Executive Package, just phone us on 0044 1252 856464 or email us and

And finally…… An all-important safety reminder You are responsible at all times for the safety of your children, especially with regard to swimming pool safety. Even if the pool area is fenced or alarmed, accidents can and do happen. There is never a safe alternative to watching them all the time. Sadly, it takes a very short time for a child to drown. It is a fact that pool accidents occur more frequently: 

During arrival and departure when parents are busy unpacking /packing and the children are hot and overexcited.

If more than one family is holidaying together – during BBQs, for example. The adults may assume someone else is watching the children so it is easy for a child to slip away unnoticed.

Statistics show that drownings have actually increased since the imposing of pool safety regulations because parents rely on the alarms and gates and are therefore less vigilant. So please, think Safety First! Information courtesy of ROSPA. To read the full article, please click here: adviceandinformation/watersafety/child-holidayswimming-pool-safety.aspx.

Emergency numbers: SAMU (Ambulance) - 15 Police

- 17

Pompiers (Fire)

- 18

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