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SCHEDULED: 4:00 p.m. at 440 Turk Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 COMMISSIONERS PRESENT: Rev. Amos C. Brown, Chair Mirian Saez, Vice Chair Matthew Schwartz, Commissioner Ahsha Safai, Commissioner Dorothy Smith, Commissioner Micah Allen, Commissioner Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt, Commissioner arr: 4:47 Item 1:


Meeting called to order President Rev. Amos Brown called meeting to order at 4:00pm

Item 2:

Approval of Agenda


Commissioner Schwartz: Commissioner Allen: Vote:

Item 3:

Public Comments on items not on the agenda

Motioned to approve agenda Seconded motion All approved

Commenter, Steven Cashman, reported discrepancies in a letter he received from Peter Hadiaras, attorney for CCSD. Commenter Linda Eng, resident at Sunnydale, expressed support for the continuation of the food and clothing pantry run by Romonica Grayson Commenter Romonica Grayson, President of the Sunnydale Resident Advisory Board, commented on the unjust 30 day notice she received because of the services and activities of the tenant advisory board provides to residents of Sunnydale. Commenter, Tyree Vaughn, asked why the Resident Advisory Board received a 30 day notice.

Kesha Jones, resident of Sunnydale, spoke in support of the work Romonica Grayson is doing at Sunnydale. Jasmine, resident of Sunnydale, spoke in support of the work Romonica Grayson is doing at Sunnydale. Paul Currier, resident of JFK, encouraged the SFHA to look into other federal funding opportunities for residents. Further, he commented that the tenant associations elections are out of order. Helani Ting, resident at Park Merced, thanked Commissioners, Executive Director, Roger Crawford, Nicole McCray-Dickerson, Charles Adkhindehor, Lee Rochelle Johnson, Linda Martin-Mason and Rufus Davis for their part in resolving her rent concerns. Commenter, Diva, claims that she hasn’t received anything regarding utility allowances per the Public Comments provided in the last Commission Book. Uzuri Pease, Treasurer of Potrero, spoke in support of the work Romonica Grayson is doing at Sunnydale.. Teresita Pineda, resident of Kennedy Towers, requested that her neighbor be moved due to the neighbors smoke going into her unit. Item 4:

Secretary’s Report Henry A. Alvarez III, Secretary, updated the commission on the status at Sunnydale regarding the Resident Advisory Board. President Brown asked what is preventing Sunnydale from having a tenant association. Henry A. Alvarez, Secretary, stated that the Resident Advisory Board was appointed by the PHTA, which does not have the authority to appoint a resident council. President Brown commented that the elections are required by HUD and the agency has to abide by HUD’s rules and regulations. Secretary Alvarez commended Romonica Grayson for all of her dedication to the community. Further, the Authority has plans to use the space for other objectives. Linda Martin, Ombudsman, provided an overview of the current preference suggestions. Secretary Alvarez added that the Authority is in the confirming a meeting location in the South East Sector. Commissioner Safai requested that the legal process be explained to residents for clarification. Secretary Alvarez responded that all information pertaining to the elections will be provided to the residents.

Commissioner Safai asked if the legal process would be brought to the board prior to implementation. Secretary Alvarez responded that it would be brought to the board by next meeting. Kyle Pederson, Government Affairs Officer, provided an update on recycling efforts within the Housing Authority. Item 5:

Tenant Representative Report 1. Citywide Council Senior Disabled (CCSD) Beverly Saba, President of CCSD, commended Tim Larsen, James Ferry and Bill Ford for addressing concerns at their general meeting. Ms. Saba reported that the ROSS grant was sent to HUD and everyone is waiting for the results. Ms. Saba stated that the Department of Aging and Adult Services will be installing computers at various sites. 2. Public Housing Tenants Association (PHTA) Joyce Armstrong, President of PHTA, voiced concerns pertaining to the 30-day notice given to the Sunnydale advisory board. Ms. Armstrong stated that the advisory board was established due to lack of participation in elections. Ms. Armstrong also stated that the advisory board has been beneficial to the residents. Commissioner Micah Allen inquired about the Sunnydale Property Use agreement. Tim Larsen, General Counsel, responded that the agreement does not involve the Housing Authority.

Item 6:

Regular Business A. Consent Items  Minutes o Minutes of regular Board meeting held on March 22, 2012


Commissioner Saez: Commissioner Hunnicutt: Vote:

Moved to accept minutes of March 22, 2012 Seconded the motion All approved

B. Action Items 1. [Informational Presentation on CDBG Funding Recommendations and HOPE SF Investments.] Presented by: Kyle Pederson Governmental Affairs Officer September Jarrett, Mayor’s Office of Housing, made a presentation to the Board regarding grant recommendations.

Public comment: Commenter, Diva, stated that the previous speaker was in violation of the Sunshine Ordinance, Brown Act and the California public records act because members of the public do not have access to the information that was brought to the board. Commenter, Paul Currier, requested an audit of how money is being spent. Commissioner Safai requested that the Mayor’s Office of Housing communicate with the Board prior to the final recommendations being sent to the Mayor’s Office so that they the Board will be informed and have input on the process. Further, Commissioner Safai requested specifics on the groups receiving funding and the services that they provide. Commissioner Safai requested information on what the YMCA is doing in Hunters View with the $250,000. Ms. Jarrett responded that services such as family support relationship building, needs assessment covering education and vocational support, and continuing work with Urban Strategies. Commissioner Safai requested that the YMCA and Urban Strategies come occasionally to the meetings to provide updates. Commissioner Safai suggested that there be a seat on the Citizens Advisory Committee for a resident or representative of the Public Housing. Commissioner Saez requested comments on the expected outcomes of the $ 3540,000 grants to Sunnydale and the audit requirements. Ms. Jarrett responded that grantees are only reimbursed after expenses are provided and reviewed by program and fiscal staff. President Brown asked how many agencies are involved (community based organizations). Ms. Jarrett responded that there is a network of 22 active organizations in Bayview. Commissioner Hunnicutt asked what the Bridge corporation is doing with the $250,000 in terms of community building activities. Ms. Jarrett responded that it entails social events including gardening, block parties, nutrition and healthy living programs, exercise and a young men’s group. Commissioner Hunnicutt asked what precipitated the need for all of these activities. Ms. Jarrett responded that outreach efforts to residents resulted in the request for those needs listed above.

Commenter, Chris Jackson, former executive director of the Visitation Valley Community Center, stated that services go everywhere except public housing residents. Further there has been no plan to reach out to public housing or African-American residents. 2. [Informational Presentation by Office of Economic & Workforce Development on Workforce Strategies and Investments Pertaining to SFHA Sites and Residents.] Presented by Kyle Pederson, Governmental Affairs Officer, Executive Office Steve Currie, Office of Economic and Workforce Development, provided the Board with an overview of their offices’ work with the Housing Authority. Commissioner Hunnicutt asked how OEWD tracks that Housing Authority residents are benefiting from the services being offered. Mr. Currie responded that this cannot be tracked. Commissioner Safai suggested that future reports specify assistance to Housing Authority residents throughout San Francisco. Joseph Bryant, liaison of OEWD, explained City-Build and how it is operated. President Brown asked whether there are barriers preventing Housing Authority residents from being assisted. Mr. Bryant provided examples of some barriers. 3. [Authorization to create weekend work in partnership with CCSF DPW.] Presented by Kyle Pederson, Governmental Affairs Officer, Executive Office Kyle Pederson, Government Affairs Officer, presented an overview of the MOU being proposed between the SFHA and DPW. Commissioner Safai asked whether the six residents would be employees of the Housing Authority or DPW, and what union would they be represented by. Secretary Alvarez responded that they will be employees of DPW and will be represented by local 261 laborers. Commissioner Safai asked what would happen to the jobs after the 2-year period. Mr. Pederson was encouraged that this may lead to full-time work. Commissioner Safai asked how the 1.8 million dollars in the contract was calculated. Mr. Pederson provided the budget.

Commissioner Allen asked if 2 years would be enough time to resolve the trash and dumping issue. Mr. Pederson explained that this grants the opportunity to evaluate the success of the program and, if successful, the program can be re-visited. Commissioner Saez asked if money had been allocated for this program in this fiscal year. The Secretary responded that resources have been allocated. Commissioner Safai asked if this investment will save money. Mr. Pederson responded that saving money is the goal. Commissioner Safai asked who would provide the training. DPW representative responded that the training would be provided through the union. Commissioner Hunnicutt expressed hope for success of program. Commissioner Allen requested that Inness avenue be looked into. Commissioner Smith asked how the residents would be selected for employment. Mr. Pederson responded that the Housing Authority would provide broad outreach strategies. Commissioner Safai requested a gender balanced staff. Commissioner Schwartz stated that there is a discrepancy in the calculation of the 1.8 million dollars. Mr. Pederson responded that the Housing Authority would look into this and provide an update to the Commission. Public Comments Commenter, Uzuri Pease, requested that one resident be hired from each development.


Commissioner Safai: Commissioner Hunnicutt: Vote:

Moved to adopt the resolution Seconded the motion All approved

4. [Resolution for two (2) two-year contracts with (1) K2A Architecture + Interiors and (2) Tectonics Architects/Planners/Engineers to provide architectural services for an amount not to exceed $50,000 each in CFP 2011 and $100,000 each for next year CFP 2012.] Presented by James Mark, Senior Project Manager, Housing Development & Modernization Department Motion:

Commissioner Saez:

Moved to adopt the resolution

Commissioner Hunnicutt: Vote:

Seconded the motion All approved

5. [Pursue and Apply for Funding Opportunities for Sunnydale and Potrero HOPE SF Revitalization Projects with the Development Teams and City Partners.] Presented by Barbara T. Smith, Housing Development & Modernization Administrator Commissioner Schwartz recused himself. Commissioner Saez asked what would be the process if we do not get awarded. This will help relieve some of the city budget resources that are going to the applications Public Comment Romonica Grayson requested that when grants are awarded that they be monitored. Uzuri Pease, commented on the benefits Potrero residents have received due to the grants awarded. Motion:

Item 7:

Commissioner Saez: Commissioner Hunnicutt: Vote:

Moved to adopt the resolution Seconded the motion All approved

Commissioners Comments Commissioner Safai requested that staff look into what other communities are doing with regard to second hand smoke. Moreover, Commissioner Safai requested an update on the individual’s situation who had spoken earlier. Commissioner Schwartz requested an update on TARs report and progress on collections and payment agreements. Commissioner Safai requested that HSA be invited to a future Board Meeting to inform the Board of how the 22 million allocated to the Office of Economic and Workforce Development is being used for public assistance and what percentage is being used on Housing Authority residents. Commissioner Allan reported on the conference he attended in Washington D.C.

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Closed Session None

Item 9:

Adjournment by consensus 6:46

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