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SCHEDULED: 4:00 p.m. at 440 Turk Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 COMMISSIONERS PRESENT: Rev. Amos C. Brown, Chair Matthew Schwartz, Commissioner Ahsha Safai, Commissioner, arr: 4:06pm Dorothy Smith, Commissioner Micah Allen, Commissioner Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt, Commissioner Item 1:


Meeting called to order President Rev. Amos Brown called meeting to order at 4:02pm

Item 2:

Approval of Agenda


Commissioner Allen moved to approve agenda Commissioner Hunnicutt seconded motion Vote: All approved

Item 3:

Public Comments on items not on the agenda Bishop Lee, representative of the Shiloh Life Changing Foundation informed the Board that the center was burned down and 23 single male AfricanAmericans have been displaced. He requested that he be added to the Agenda. Linda Richardson, Bayview Hunters Point native, Missonary Barbara Washington, Deacon William Mitchel, Elder Dawayne, , Sister Shirlene Henderson, Duvua Winnie Allen, Shiloh and, Andrew King all spoke in support of the Shiloh Life Changing Foundation. President Amos Brown requests the secretary speak on the appropriate action to address the Shiloh Men’s Center. Secretary Alvarez, stated that the City and County of San Francisco has to declare it an emergency that there is no alternative housing available. Judy Aspen, resident of 345 Arguello, stated that she has concerns related to bugs in the building and would like to know how she can get this resolved Resident of 491 31st Ave., stated that their location has not had a resident council meeting for six years. Further, the cameras in her building do not work and cause more criminal activity. Lastly, she highlights Denise Kimble and Dorothy Raimey’s efforts to get the election moving forward. ~1~

Robert Pits residents, Frank, Jimmy Fung Amy, Shun Hao, Charles Sr., Nicole Jackson, and Vera Seymore all spoke on to retain Marshall Johnson as an employee at Robert Pits. Reed Condit, resident of 666 Ellis, expressed his satisfaction with the installation of Wireless Internet. He requested that the Housing Authority conduct a survey on how effective the wireless installations have been because he hasn’t been getting a good connection. Avis Williams, Bayview Hunters Point, requested that the Commissioners investigate the dust in the air and what can be done to lower the amount of dust. Tessy Esther, President of Hunter’s View resident council and CEO of Mothers Against Crime, expressed concerns over Urban Strategies. Specifically, what is Urban Strategies doing with the money it is getting and what services are being provided? Cassandra Bennett, resident of Westside Courts, presented a petittion on behalf of the eligibility worker, Don Jones, to remain employed with the Authority because has been very supportive of the residents. Judy Aspen, resident of 345 Arguello, stated that she was concerned with the money that is being provided to tenant associations and how they are being audited. Item 4:

Secretary’s Report Secretary Alvarez reported all information is contained in the report. Secretary Alvarez stepped out to speak with the Shiloh Organization.

Item 5:

Tenant Representative Report 1. Citywide Council Senior Disabled Dorothy Raimey, President stated that the Housing Authority has not been monitoring the Senior elections as the CFR requires. Further, Denise Kimble traditionally assists with translations of documents for CCSD. Ms . Raimey further commented Ms. Martin did not inform her of meeting she held at 666 Ellis. Ms. Raimey requested that Ms. Kimble be reinstated to assist seniors and disabled. President Brown asked Roger Crawford whose responsibility it is to monitor the elections. Roger Crawford, Special Assistance to the Director, referred to Tim Larsen for an answer. Tim Larsen, General Counsel of the Authority, stated that the Authority monitors the funds that are spent through each resident counsel. The Authority has acknowledged this in a letter sent to all resident councils. Further, the Authority will monitor the election but a third party must be present to sanction the elections. President Brown asked who is responsible for establishing the third party. Mr. Larsen responded that the Authority may assist in finding a third party for the elections. Commissioner Brown requested that the issue with resident councils conform to the HUD guidelines. ~2~

Commissioner Safai asked if these issues have been on-going? Commissioner Brown responded yes, these are long-time issues. 2. Public Housing Tenant Association (PHTA) Neola Gans, PHTA treasurer, stated that the PHTA has now completed their full board. Ms. Elizabeth Jones was elected to the office of First Vice President’s, and Fala Satelli was elected to the Non-Voting seat. At the end of September, the PHTA met with Potrero Annex to discuss their status in the PHTA. The PHTA leadership voted to reinstate the board as PHTA members. Ms. Gans provided further comment and re-iterated the need for assistance from the Authority.

Item 6:

Regular Business A. Consent Items  Minutes o Minutes of regular Board meeting held on October 13, 2011


Commissioner Hunnicutt moved to accept minutes of August 25, 2011 Commissioner Safai seconded the motion Vote: All approved

B. Action Items 1. [Report-Results of Independent Audit for the Fiscal Year Ending 2010.] Presented by: Brian Nemeroff, CPA, Berman Hopkins Wright & LaHam, CPA’s and Associates, LLP Brian Nemeroff explained that the audit packet that was provided to the Commissioners. Commissioner Schwartz asked for an explanation of the difference between Unqualified, Qualified and Adverse findings. Mr. Nemeroff explained the Adverse is the worst score Qualified is in the middle and Unqualified is the best corrective measures need to be put in place. Commissioner Brown recommended that staff resolve these matters. Commissioner Hunnicutt asked what the best results would be? Mr. Nemeroff responded that unqualified would be the best result.

Public Comment:

Judy Aspen suggested that the Authority use a computer that scans checks and takes the money directly out of the residents bank account. 2. [Resolution Authorizing the Executive Director to enter into a memorandum of Understanding with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission for High Voltage Power Pole services for FY 2011/2012 through 2012/2013 in an amount not to exceed $150.000.] Presented by: Barbara Smith, Administrator, Development and

Modernization Department ~3~

James Mark, Sr. Project manager for Modernization explains there are 5 developments where voltage is increasing. This MOU replaces an existing contract with the SFPUC. Public Comment: none Motion:

Commissioner Hunnicutt moved to approve Commissioner Allen seconded the motion Vote: All approved 3. [Report: HUD Corrective Action Plans for the Housing Choice Voucher Program.] Presented By: Pamela Palpallatoc and Nicole McCray, Management Analyst and Acting director of the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Formerly “Section 8”) Pamela Palpallatoc provided updates on the Corrective Action Plans. Ms. Palpallatoc highlighted Yoshiko Kennedy, Allyn Hayes, Shawna Freeman and Lily Dong who were recognized by the Veterans Association for outstanding service. Commissioner Schwartz asked for an update on the back log. Mr. Alvarez stated that the Authority is attempting to meet the requirements of the required recertifications of a current month because, provided the staffing, we are unable to catch up on the backlog files in addition to catching up on the backlog. Commissioner Schwartz stated that Mr. Alvarez’ answer sounds correct. Mr. Alvarez provided an example for the backlog and further stated that HUD understands the difficulty that the Authority is facing. The SEMAP score will be submitted for the last fiscal year and we are expecting to receive a standard performing rate for the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Public comment: None

Item 7:

Commissioners Comments Commissioner Micah Allen invited the public to the Bayview YMCA Community Healthy Day 10/29/11 9-3 Commissioner Ahsha Safai requested the secretary to report on the conditions of air quality and the money Urban Strategy is receiving what services are being provided and how they are using their money. Commissioner Dorothy Smith Commented on the monitored air quality .

Item 8:

Closed Session No closed session

Item 9:

Adjournment by consensus 19:32



102711 minutes  

minutes for 10/27/11

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