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SCHEDULED: 4:00 p.m. at 440 Turk Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 COMMISSIONERS PRESENT: Mirian Saez, Vice Chair Matthew Schwartz, Commissioner Ahsha Safai, Commissioner arr: 4:04pm Dorothy Smith, Commissioner Micah Allen, Commissioner Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt, Commissioner Item 1:


Meeting called to order Vice Chair Mirian Saez called meeting to order at 4:00pm

Item 2:

Approval of Agenda


Commissioner Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt moved to approve agenda Commissioner Allen seconded motion Vote: All approved

Item 3:

Public Comments on items not on the agenda Commenter, Lynn Daniels stated that his number on the waitlist has been changed from 6 when he was assigned to a studio to a number in the thousands for a one bedroom and doesn’t know who and why his bedroom size was changed. Commenter, Ken Johnson, spoke on behalf of another resident, whose name and address was not identified, regarding a flood in the residents unit. Mr. Johnson asked whose responsibility is it to clean the rug and the mold. Commenter, Monica Ferrey of Potrero Hill Terrace thanked the Commissioners for the Hope VI leadership program. Ms. Ferrey along with commenter Uzuri Pease, Potrero Hill resident, invited everyone to the February 6 Community Forum for the safety action group in Potrero Hill organized to help residents understand their rights and responsibilities. Ms. Pease also asked if the Commission and Mr. Alvarez would answer questions at the meeting.

Commenter and applicant, Rita Lark shared that she has been homeless since April and has yet to receive an appointment letter from the SFHA. Commenter, Helani Ting, resident at Park Merced requested a full audit and investigation of Park Merced. Anonymous speaker suggested that communications with the main office need to be improved. Commenter, Margaret Bristow asked what the standard is for CCSD regarding funding. Commenter, Leroy Johnson, President of 666 Ellis, voiced concerns regarding CCSD including recalls and elections. Further, he questioned why CCSD passed bylaws. Mr. Johnson also mentioned that he has been excluded from all events including meetings and voting. Mr. Johnson reports that he has not been able to get the books for CCSD. Commenter, Charles Stanton congratulated Beverly Saba on her election and requested armed guards. Commenter, Patricia Lun- Jones informed the Commission that 5 families are in homeless shelters because there are no available units. She requested that the Commission look into these issues further. Leroy Johnson, Vice President of the 666 Ellis Tenant Association; Item 4:

Secretary’s Report A. Employee Recognition: Leua M. Tagaloa, received a certificate for 30 years of service. B. Employee Retirement: Elizabeth Tam received a certificate for 32 years of service. C. Employee Retirement: Herb Lum, received a certificate for 32 years of service.

Item 5:

Tenant Representative Report 1. Citywide Council Senior Disabled (CCSD) Dorothy Ramey, stated that January 9, 2012 the elections were held for the new board who will take office on February 1, 2012 term ending January 31, 2014. Ms. Ramey announced Beverly Saba, President, Elaine Tam, Vice President, Secretary Position remains vacant, Annette Johnson, Treasurer and Fred Goodall, Srgt. At Arms. Ms. Ramey also announced the new board members as Reggie Darty, Tatiana Givant, Peter Cats and Solomon Watkins. Clementina’s nominations will take place February 3, 2012 and elections will take place March 5, 2012. Ms. Ramey stated she has had complaints of drug dealing in various buildings as well as harassment of tenants from 491 31st Ave. and 2698 California. Ms. Ramey stated that she would be officer at large starting February 1, 2012

Mirian Saez,Vice Chair recognized and congratulated the newly elected board and officers. 2. Public Housing Tenants Association (PHTA) Joyce Armstrong stated that she had been absent from the past few meetings due to the passing of her sister. Ms. Armstrong stated that at the last meeting a request was made to have a discussion with Henry Alvarez where the following topics were discussed. 1. Who the PHTA reports to on issues concerning the Resident Council? The establishment of quarterly meetings with Commissioners and the Executive Director, and 3. Returning the four developments back to PHTA’s list (Westbrook, North Beach, Hunter’s Point A- East and A-West). Ms. Armstrong stated that the Housing Authority requested an audit of the PHTA but needs the financial information from the Housing Authority since the PHTA is funded by the Housing Authority. This request is new to the PHTA because the finance department usually generates it. Ms. Armstrong believes the PHTA needs to focus on the vacant units, how the program of the waiting list is working, the Summer Lunch Program and summer activities for tenants. Item 6:

Regular Business A. Consent Items  Minutes o Minutes of regular Board meeting held on November 10, 2011


Commissioner Hunnicutt moved to accept minutes of November 10, 2011 Commissioner Safai seconded the motion Vote: All approved B. Action Items 1. [Informational Presentation on Resident Councils of the San Francisco Housing Authority.] Presented by: Pamela Palpallatoc, Management Analyst, Office of General Council Pamela Palpallatoc, Management Analyst explained the role of resident councils, the resident council requirements for HUD, the funding of resident councils and the status update on resident councils. Commissioner Mirian Saez inquired whether both organizations are in compliance with their responsibilities and roles. Ms. Palpallatoc responded that the SFHA is working with CCSD and the PHTA to make sure that all of the requirements are met. Commissioner Asha Safai, asked if there was a practice of staff working with PHTA with the budget, and if so, why has it changed? Ms. Palpallatoc responded that staff does intend to assist with the maintenance of the budget

Commissioner Matthew Schwartz, asked if Ms. Palpallatoc could comment on whether there is a dispute between staff and the PHTA in the source of payment for the audit or if it would be resolved. Ms. Palpallatoc responded that it would be resolved. Public Comment: Anonymous speaker #1 inquired if the money that was mentioned is in Ms. Palpallatoc’s presentation is money collected from the laundry machines? Speaker also asked for assistance with descriptions of responsibilities of the Tenant Association president Commissioner Saez mentioned that staff would assist with any questions Anonymous speaker # 2 agreed with speaker #1with lack of communication and that information regarding the PHTA official duties should be made public on the website Commenter, Monica Ferrey, treasurer of Potrero Hill Annex, stated that she has been on the board for over a year and has never seen the bylaws Commenter, Elizabeth Jones, Vice President of the PHTA stated that the PHTA does not know where to go to for guidance on the Code of Federal Regulations. The reason why the Procedures are being reviewed is because there were some questions raised from HUD regarding the election procedures. Commenter, Uzuri Pease, Vice President of the Potrero Terrace Tenant Association, stated that the reason why there are any issues with these elections is because someone lost the election. Ms. Pease also stated that this responsibility should not be the property managers because they have enough responsibilities and will not have time to deal with any issues the PHTA board has. Commenter, Monica Ferrey added that communication needs to be improved and direction established. Ms. Ferrey stated she wasn’t informed about a toy drive that she was to organize until the last minute Commissioner Dr.Veronica Hunnicutt, requested that flow charts be created for the board to see who Tenant Association should approach for questions or guidance. D.J. Brown, President of Valencia Gardens Resident Council thanked Henry Alvarez, Tim Larsen and Linda Martin for their patience and commitment to cleaning up Valencia Gardens. Mr. Brown stated that the CFR’s are set up primarily for developments that are owned and operated by the Housing Authority and creates a challenge for them with the shift towards Hope SF and Hope VI projects. Mr. Brown mentioned that in order for the HopeVI council to meet the CFR’s qualifications he can only utilize the resident participation funds that are in public housing which is approximately half of the residents at Valencia Gardens. The money that is received isn’t enough to fund the events and activities that can help the residents become selfsustaining.

2. [Consideration and appropriate action regarding the Revised Tenant Accounts Receivable Write-Off Policy.] Presented by: Virgilio Chua, Finance Manager, Finance Department Commissioner Matthew Schwartz suggested that the Commission be provided with the cumulative amount of write-offs that the SFHA has submitted over the last several years. Mr. Schwartz believes that adopting the policy is necessary but the amount of the write-offs and the impact in the budgets are becoming disturbing. Commissioner Schwartz also mentioned that there are houses noted in various stages of the legal process with the housing authority. How many households have accounts receivable that are not in any form of legal process with the Housing Authority. Mr. Schwartz asked if there were any other households with accounts receivable. Mr. Chua responded none. Commissioner Saez asked what action was taken by the board to start writing off existing accounts Mr. Alvarez responded that in 2008/2009 there was a period of about 18 months where there was no enforcement action for nonpayment of rent because there were some elemental issues. Commissioner Schwartz asked if the auditors expressed an opinion on this resolution. Mr. Chua replied that the methodology used was derived from the auditor’s recommendations. Public Comment: None Motion:

Commissioner Hunnicutt moved to approve Commissioner Safai seconded the motion Vote: All approved Commissioner Saez recognized District 10 Supervisor Malian Cohen Supervisor Cohen expressed her support for the constituents of Potrero Hill and the safety issues that have been raised. Supervisor Cohen invited the public to a redistricting task force meeting being held on Saturday, January 21, 2012 at 10:00am at the Mission Bay Conference Center at 1010 Mission Street and another meeting on Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 6:00pm at City College of San Francisco. Supervisor Cohen reiterated the importance of the redistricting task force to the SFHA because residents of Potrero will be affected. 3. [Consideration and authorization regarding the Write-Off of Vacated and Uncollectible Tenant Accounts Receivable (TARs) in the Amount of $4,443,171 for the Fiscal Year Ended September 30, 2011.] Presented By:

Virgilio Chua, Finance Manager, Finance Department

Commissioner Saez asked for clarification of the amount of money distributed between the vacated and the active tenants. Mr. Chua responded that the vacated units and accounts that are 4 years old is $1,040,475, which represents the accounts based on the status of their aging. Commissioner Saez was encouraged that there would be separate books that will maintain a leger of those accounts that are still collectable. Commissioner Safai requested updates on the status of accounts receivable and where they were distributed throughout the SFHA. Commissioner Safai requested an update on those households that are delinquent on rent, the amount of money per development owed and updates on rent enforcement activities. Commissioner Veronica Hunnicutt suggested that a projection be provided representing what the write-off for the next few years might be. Public comment: Motion:

None Commissioner Schwartz moved to approve Commissioner Hunnicutt seconded the motion Vote: All approved 4. [Report-Results of Operation for the Fiscal Year Ended September 30, 2011.] Presented by: Virgilio Chua, Finance Manager, Finance Department Commissioner Schwartz stated that the budget showed a projected deficit and the actual deficit came in below the budgeted. Commissioner Schwartz inquired why the vacancy loss was so far from the budgeted amount. Mr. Chua expressed that the SFHA had fewer units leased than expected Commissioner Schwartz noted that the tenant expenses were doubled and asked what is included in the category of tenant expenses. Mr. Chua responded that the authority spent over $400,000 on summer programming. Commissioner Schwartz commented on the bad debt expenses and asked if they were connected to the write off? Mr. Chua responded that the effect on the income statement is not a $4.4 m write-off expense because it was already provided for in accounts through the year. Commissioner Hunnicutt asked how the deficit can be balanced? Mr. Alvarez responded that the SFHA was very close to balancing.


Commissioner Hunnicutt moved to approve Commissioner Safai seconded the motion Vote: All approved

Item 7:

Commissioners Comments Commissioner Schwartz commented that he had the opportunity to visit HUD head Quarters and talk about the future of funding for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing. Commissioner Schwartz stated that there is no prospect in the next few years of avoiding significant additional reductions in the deficit. Automatic cuts are imminent across the board. Commissioner Schwartz stated that the authority cannot continue to operate business as housing authority’s have over the past 45 years. The Authority needs to look into mixed financing solutions. Commissioner Hunnicutt shared that she went to a wonderful toy drive and was happy to see a past student of hers who is now a San Francisco Police Sergeant.

Item 8:

Closed Session

Item 9:

Adjournment by consensus 18:15

Minutes 011212  

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