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Under   general   direction,   the   Budget   Analyst   II   classification   is   responsible   for   providing   technical   assistance in budget preparation and control activities, and performing specialized professional work in  analyzing and estimating future revenue and expenditures.  The Budget Analyst  II classification is a non­union professional classification  which  exercises direct   supervision over technical and clerical staff involved in budget­related activities.  This classification is   distinguished   from   Budget   Analyst   I   in   that   the   Budget   Analyst   II   is   assigned   greater   and/or   more   complex financial responsibilities.

EXAMPLES OF ESSENTIAL DUTIES Following are representative examples of the essential duties and responsibilities associated   with the Budget Analyst II classification.  The incumbent in the classification may be required to  perform other related duties, as assigned by the Budget Manager. Establishes   schedules   and   methods   for   budget   development   in   assigned   areas   of   responsibility.   Implements   Authority   goals,   objectives,   policies   and   procedures   regarding   all   budget   services   and  activities.   Supervises   and   evaluates   the   work   of   budget   analysts   and   related   personnel   involved   in   budget   preparation.  Participates in the employee selection process for positions within the assigned unit; and  makes   recommendations   regarding   the   selection   of   personnel.     Coordinates   the   provision   of   staff  training and development activities.  Recommends and implements progressive disciplinary actions, as   required. Participates in the completion of the Authority 痴 operating budget; compiles data based on statistical  studies of trend analyses; estimates revenue, expenditures and reserves; participates in the forecast of  additional   funds   needed   for   staffing,   equipment,   materials   and   supplies;   and   receives,   interprets,   analyzes and summarizes budget requests. Establishes procedures for budget control, transfers and revisions; and prepares budget forecasting  and   preparation   procedures,   schedules,   forms   and   instructions   for   management   use   in   budget  processes.  Coordinates   the   development   of   operating   and   program   budgets   for   other   divisions   and   programs;   creates, distributes and consolidates all budget packets; and meets with division directors to review   and discuss budget requests. Participates in the budget hearings.  Prepares materials, charts and graphics for budget hearings and  workshops. Prepares financial and budget related reports and analyses.  Performs special studies and analyses as   required.

SAN FRANCISCO HOUSING AUTHORITY CLASSIFICATION  DESCRIPTIONCLASSIFICATIONBUDGET ANALYST IINUMBERDIVISIONFINANCEPAGE2 OF 3 EXAMPLES OF ESSENTIAL DUTIES ­ (CONTINUED) Participates   in   the   maintenance   and   control   of   the   adopted   budget;   reviews   divisional   and   other  assigned budgets; keeps division directors advised of potential budgetary problems; recommends mid­ year adjustments and approaches to balancing budgets; and prepares quarterly reports. Reviews for approval purchase requisitions and personnel request forms. Conducts audits of financial records and procedures; audits accounts, projects, procedures, contracts,   departmental budgets and balance sheet accounts; and recommends corrective action as appropriate. Coordinates computer activities related to the budget with other divisions and with other employees   within the Finance Division. Prepares reports, memoranda, letters and other forms of documentation associated with the duties and  responsibilities of the classification. Attends   departmental   and   agency­wide   meetings,   and   meetings   of   other   operating   divisions   of   the   Authority, as required.  

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS KNOWLEDGE The   incumbent   must   possess   considerable   knowledge   of   the   principles   and   practices   of   public   accounting and auditing; public budgeting procedures and techniques; laws regulating public finance  and fiscal operations; and techniques of statistical analysis. SKILLS The incumbent must possess the ability to coordinate budget preparation and control activities; analyze  and   estimate   future   revenues   and   expenditures;   develop   effective   budget   preparation   procedures,  forms  and  schedules;  read,   understand,  interpret   and  apply  applicable   regulations,   procedures  and  policies; prepare clear and concise reports; perform complex statistical and financial analyses; prepare  and   administer   detailed   budgets;   utilize   PC­based   word   processing,   spreadsheet   and   database   software programs such as WordPerfect 5.1 or 6.0, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Access,   and Borland Paradox; and communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE AND LICENSURE ­ Any combination of training and experience that  would likely provide  the  knowledge  and skills required  to effectively  perform  the  duties  and  responsibilities   associated   with   the   position   is   qualifying.     A   typical   way   to   obtain   such  knowledge and skills would be as follows. Education equivalent to the completion of a Bachelor 痴 degree from an accredited college or university  with major course work in accounting, economics, statistics or a related financial area.  


Three   (3)   years   of   increasingly   responsible   professional   accounting,   budgeting   and   auditing   experience. Sensitivity to and experience working with the ethnically and culturally diverse individuals, communities,   agencies and organizations which comprise the constituency of the San Francisco Housing Authority.


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