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440 Turk Street San Francisco, California

A Regular meeting of the Housing Authority Commission of the city and County of San Francisco met at 440 Turk Street, San Francisco, California, on Thursday, May 12, 2011, at 4:00 p.m.


Roll Call Present at Roll Call


___x___ Rev. Amos Brown ___x___ Mirian Saez ___x___ Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt ___x__ Ahsha Safai ___x___ Matthew Schwartz ___x___ Dorothy Smith ___x___ Micah Allen

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

A quorum was present. 2.

Tenant representative report a. Public Housing Tenant Association (“PHTA�) Ms. Neola Gans reported that the PHTA election will be held on June 8th at the Bernal Dwelling community room.


Public comment on agenda items Ms. Jacklynn Flin, Executive Director of the Philip Randolph Institute in San Francisco, provided inputs to the SFHA for running summer programs for public housing youths. Mr. James Bryant, the Regional Director of the Philip Randolph Institute in San Francisco, applauds the Housing Authority on its efforts on moving forward and continuing to instill the importance of education in the population of public housing.


Unfinished business There was no unfinished business.


New business A) Consent agenda There was no consent agenda

B) Action items 1. [Discussion Regarding the Process of the Evaluation of the San Francisco Housing Authority Summer Activities Program RFP Responses] Presented by Roger Crawford, Special Assistant to the Executive Director. Commissioner Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt requested that both staff and an Ad hoc committee would first evaluate the programs separately and then afterward would come together to make the full presentation to the full Board. Vice President Mirian Saez commented that Park and Rec. should be involved in the evaluation process. President Rev. Amos Brown emphasized the importance of ensuring that the summer programs are quality academic programs. 2. [Consideration to Revive the San Francisco Housing Authority Scholarship Fund] Consideration and Approval. Presented by Linda Martin, Ombudsman, Office of the Ombudsman and Communications.

Commissioner Matthew Schwartz asked if there are net assets left in the SFHA Corporation. Virgilio Chua answered that the SFHA Corporation only has unrestricted net assets of $5,100, so the scholarship fund would have to be fundraised. Commissioner Micah Allen asked if the amount of scholarships and the amount each scholarship awards are specified. Mr. Tim Larsen addressed Commissioner Matthew Schwartz’s concern that soliciting vendors might have a negative impact on the SFHA’s appearance. Motion for Approval: Commissioner Micah Allen Second: Commissioner Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt Vote: All approved 3. [Consideration to Accept Ownership of the Alice Griffith Opportunity Center Building at the Alice Griffith Family Development.] Consideration and Approval. Presented by Linda Martin, Ombudsman, Office of the Ombudsman and Communications. Vice President Mirian Saez asked for more information regarding the SFHA’s giftreceiving policy and the budget on maintaining the building. Motion for Approval: Vice President Mirian Saez Second: Commissioner Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt Vote: All approved

4. [Resolution Approving the First Amendment to the Rosa Parks Two Option Agreement to Extend the Option Period for Two Years] Consideration and Approval. Presented by Barbara Smith, HD/MOD Administrator. Commissioner Ahsha Safai asked if the Rosa Parks Two partnership would have the option to purchase the land. Motion for Approval: Commissioner Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt Second: Commissioner Micah Allen Vote: All approved 6.

Public comment on items not on the agenda Mr. Lynn Daniels, resident of 102 South Park, requested that information regarding whether or not only senior citizens or disabled could move into studios be sent him. Uzuri Green, Vice President of the Tenants Association of Potrero Terrace and the Junior Community Builder at Potrero Hill, expressed her concern for the Potrero Hill residents. When residents are locked out of their own apartment, they are not let back into their home after business hours of the office unless they live in senior housing.


Commissioner’s comments and reports Commissioner Ahsha Safai commended Mr. Henry Alvarez and staff on coming up with the resolution of redirecting some staff to address the problem of lack of staffing and support for some of the programs at Bernal Dwellings.


Closed session No decisions were made.



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