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SCHEDULED: 4:00 p.m. at 440 Turk Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 COMMISSIONERS PRESENT: Rev. Amos C. Brown, Chair Mirian Saez, Vice Chair


Matthew Schwartz, Commissioner* Ahsha Safai, Commissioner, arr 4:07 Dorothy Smith, Commissioner Micah Allen, Commissioner, arr 4:26 Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt, Commissioner Item 1:

Meeting called to order President Rev. Amos Brown called meeting to order at 4:04pm

Item 2:

Approval of Agenda


Commissioner Hunnicutt moved to approve agenda Commissioner Smith seconded motion Vote: All approved

Item 3:

Public Comments on items not on the agenda Uzuri Pease (read a letter from a resident) and Monica Ferry requested that Authority employee Romina Oribello be brought back to Potrero Annex. Rita Lark stated that she has been removed from the waitlist at North Beach Three times and requested that her record be updated and new unit offer be made to her. Wade Woods, Sister Stephanie Hughes (resident of Alice Griffith), Deacon Pedro, Pastor Bell, Barbara Washington, Troy Edwards, Kenneth Omar De La Cruz, Pastor Dunson, Minister Sisk, George Colbert, Andrew King, Deacon Anthony Thomas, Uzuri Pease (resident of Potrero), Commentator (Name unknown), and James Smith presented personal stories of their experiences with Shiloh Life Changing Men’s Foundation and requested, individually, that the San Francisco Housing Authority assist the Shiloh Life Changing Men’s Foundation.

Secretary’s Report

Item 4:

Roger Crawford, Special Assistant to the Secretary November 24, 2011 meeting will be Thanksgiving and the December 22, 2011 will be in recess because of the upcoming holiday. Item 5:

Tenant Representative Report 1. Citywide Council Senior Disabled Dorothy Raimey, President of CCSD, announced that on November 14, 2011 Nominations for elections of the Citywide board will take place because terms end in January and elections will take place in January.

2. Public Housing Tenant Association (PHTA) Joyce Armstrong, President of PHTA, stated that the PHTA did not have a report but a statement. PHTA requested that the Executive Director sit down with the PHTA and CCSD in order to resolve all outstanding issues. PHTA stated that they should have the ability to vote on corrections to the minutes as the Board does. Ms. Armstrong read 24 CFR 164.125. Further, Ms. Armstrong stated that the PHTA will go to City Hall, Washington D.C. and invited residents to join to ensure that the Housing Authority complies with their requests.

Item 6:

Regular Business A. Consent Items  Minutes o Minutes of regular Board meeting held on October 27, 2011


Commissioner Saez moved to accept minutes of October 27, 2011 Commissioner Hunnicut seconded the motion Vote: All approved

B. Action Items


Public Comment:

[Resolution Authorizing the Executive Director and the President of the Board of Commissioners to Sign the Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) Certification for Fiscal Year 2010.] Presented by: Nicole McCray-Dickerson, Acting Director, Housing Choice Voucher Program (Formerly “Section 8”) Nicole McCray-Dickerson represented that the SEMAP scores for fiscal year 2010 equal 72% and result in the Authority being a “standard performer.”

Commissioner Saez requested that Ms. McCray-Dickerson take some indicator and explain how those affect the results. Ms. McCray-Dickerson explained that the Housing Choice Voucher Program focused on Rent Reasonableness, Determination of Adjusted Rent, and the database. Commissioner Saez asked what last years score was. Ms. McCray-Dickerson responded that the Housing Choice Voucher Program did not submit last year. Public Comment: Motion:

None Commissioner Saez moved to approve Commissioner Hunnicut seconded the motion Vote: All approved

2. [Resolution Authorizing the Executive Director to enter into a Contract with C.M. Construction for a New Retaining Wall at CAL 1-19(2), 1750 McAllister Housing Development in an Amount not to Exceed $306,057.] Presented by: Francis Eng, Senior Project Manager, Housing Development & Modernization Department Francis Eng, Senior Project Manager from the Housing Development & Modernization explained the project details including how C.M. Construction was elected and that C.M. Construction is an MBE firm. Public Comment: Motion:

None Commissioner* moved to approve Commissioner Hunnicutt seconded the motion Vote: All approved

3. [Resolution Authorizing the Executive Director to Execute an Agreement with Hanover Insurance Company to Provide Automobile Insurance in an Amount not to Exceed $151,367.] Presented by: Tim Larsen, General Counsel, Office of General Counsel Tim Larsen, General Counsel of the Authority, stated that the current policy is set to expire and the proposed policy is less than last year. Public Comment:


Commissioner Allen asked what the insurance covers. Mr. Larsen responded that the coverage is detailed in the report and yes, it covers bodily injury and property damage. Motion:

Commissioner Saez moved to approve Commissioner Hunnicutt Second Vote: All approved

4. [Resolution approving Revision of the Recruitment and Selection Policy.] Presented by: Phyllis Moore-Lewis, Human Resources Manager, Department of Human Resources Phyllis Moore-Lewis, Human Resources Manager, presented the resolution stating that it is the Authority’s on-going commitment to improving of its recruitment and selection program and further to thank staff from the City and County of San Francisco for their assistance with the policy. Commissioner Hunnicutt requested that Ms. Moore-Lewis to detail the most profound changes. Ms. Moore-Lewis identified the purpose statement as the most profound change. Commissioner Allan requested more information on the probationary period. Ms. Moore-Lewis responded that the probationary period will be described as its own separate policy. Commissioner Safai requested that the section on resident hiring be explained. Mr. Alvarez, Executive Director of the Authority, stated that the Authority does not differentiate between a non-resident employee and a resident employee. Commissioner Safai suggested that, if not due to a legal technicality, there should be a provision discussing resident employment and rent payment. Mr. Alvarez responded that the Authority does not require payment of rent in order to be employed. Commissioner Safai referred to the Policy and Mr. Alvarez stated that only the Board can change that policy but that the Authority would like residents to have an equal opportunity to apply..

Public Comment:

Pastor Bell recommended that there be a preference for residents in resident hiring. Commissioner Brown responded that residents may be hired. Commissioner Bell responded that he believes residents should get preference. Mr. Alvarez further stated that where technical skills are required, everyone must be reviewed on a level playing field. However, the Authority also has positions solely dedicated to residents wherein only residents may apply.


Commissioner Hunnicutt moved to approve Commissioner Allan Second Vote: All approved

Item 7:

Commissioners Comments Commissioner Brown thanked the Authority for their attendance at the NAACP gala.


Commissioner Allen moved to approve Commissioner Hunnicutt Second Vote: All approved Commissioner Saez asked that counsel, in the interest of the general public, explain the Closed Session procedure. Mr. Crawford explained that the law distinguishes what may be discussed in Closed Session. Mr. Alvarez further stated that the Authority has provided notice per 54940 in sequence. However, if the Board would like a closed session, they may have one pursuant to the law except as it relates to the Executive Director, wherein a closed session is acceptable at any time. The reason for this is to allow public comment for any of the items noticed. Commissioner Brown stated that litigation negotiations and personnel decisions are not being discussed. However there is one issue that has spoken before the Commissioners on two occasions and Commissioner Brown believes that the issue needs to be vetted. Commissioner Alvarez stated that, according to the Brown Act, may discuss anything on the agenda that is noticed in the timeframe required. However, action on those issues cannot be taken today. Another option is holding a special meeting next week and/or prior to the Thanksgiving recess. Commissioner Brown asks if the Authority can discuss an item without taking action on the item. Mr. Alvarez responds that the Commission may discuss an item but cannot take an action. Commissioner Brown states that Shiloh life changing program should be discussed and would like to know what is precluding the Authority from assisting them. Mr. Alvarez responded that the shelter needs to be approved by HUD. HUD requires that every resident be prescreened for violent behavior, sale and/or manufacture of manufactured narcotic, perpetrator of Domestic Violence, sex offense, etc. Moreover, the city and county would have to alter the zoning of 440 Turk including three working showers, which 440 Turk currently doesn’t have. However, drawings have been prepared and Barbara Smith is working on this. Commissioner Brown stated that he appreciated the work being done by the Authority to remain in compliance with the law. Commissioner Brown asked why the Authority is so slow in this instance and the Authority as well as other agencies expedite other issues, i.e. fixing showers.

Commissioner Hunnicutt recommended that Mr. Alvarez work with the city to get the issues with Shiloh resolved. Commissioner Allen recommended that Shiloh go to the Zoning Commission meetings. Bishop Lee stated that they went to planning and were able to get the zoning changed. Commissioner Saez reminded the Commission and the Director that the transaction is a real estate transaction and would require approval of the Commission in addition to a lease agreement. Further, the Commission will wait for details from the Executive Director before moving forward.

Item 8:

Closed Session No closed session

Item 9:



Commissioner Allen moved to approve Commissioner Hunnicutt Second Vote: All approved Adjournment by Consensus: 17:13


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Approved Minutes_111012  

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