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August 12, 2010



Presented By: Alicia Sisca, Construction Services Manager Barbara Smith, Housing Development & Modernization Administrator Subject:


BACKGROUND This Resolution authorizes the Executive Director to enter into a contract with the Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC) to provide resident accommodations services for Ping Yuen residents during implementation of extensive modernization improvements to the 234 apartments. The SFHA applied for and received $8.5 million in Capital Fund Recovery Competitive Grants for window and heating system replacements at Ping Yuen, In addition, SFHA is preparing to implement over $2 million in energy conservation measures at the site under the Energy Services Contracting program. Much of this work will be in the apartments and require temporary moving of furniture and personal belongings as well as sealing off areas of rooms while work is carried out. Many of the residents require translation services and/or are frail or elderly. In order to best meet the special needs of Ping Yuen residents, SFHA decided to seek the assistance of a community based organization to provide specialized resident accommodations services. OBJECTIVE The objective of this contract is to provide the Authority with specialized resident assistance services during planned renovations. The task assignments will include: • •

Meet with individual households to inspect units and assess resident readiness for the construction work. Coordinate packing and furniture moving assistance for contractor access to windows and heating system in the apartments ... (in some cases this may entail video surveying of units & belongings for resident security and proper replacement of belongings). Coordinate meetings on construction impact with residents and contractors

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• • • • • •

Host pre-construction meetings with residents to ensure their full understanding of the scope of work (to ensure resident satisfaction) Coordinate scheduling with contractors with daily updated information about unit readiness and completion. Act as the primary communications contact for both residents and the contractor. Process paperwork, 48 Hour Notice and other outreach materials needed to ensure residents are properly informed. Be available to address resident complaints or concerns and assist in providing solutions by collaborating with Contractors and SFHA staff. Provide translation and interpretation services English and Chinese. Other language translations may need to be arranged as needed through SFHA.

PROCUREMENT The Request For Proposals (RFP) process for the action covered by this Resolution meets the procurement standards of 24 CFR 85.36 “Procurement”, HUD Handbook 7460.8 REV 1, “Procurement Handbook for Public Housing Agencies and Indian Housing Authorities”, the San Francisco Housing Authority Procurement Policy Manual, and the State of California and local laws. The Authority issued Solicitation No. 10-620-RFP-031 on June 28, 2010 with an advertisement that refers potential bidders to where the RFP was available for viewing and downloading. The Authority also advertised for bidders and outreached to potential bidders as follows: Newspapers: The Authority publicly advertised its Invitation for Bid advertisement in the following newspapers: • Daily Pacific Builder, (trade publication) •

San Francisco Bay View, (African American community)

Sing Tao, (Asian American Community)

Small Business Exchange, (MBE/WBE and DBE community)

Public Agency Websites: The Authority e-mailed its Invitation for Bid advertisement to the following agencies who placed the advertisement in their website bulletin boards: • City and County of San Francisco (City Purchasing Department), •

U.S. Department of Commerce’s BIDNET (Minority Business Development Agency),

On the closing date for the solicitation, July 15, 2010, the Authority received only one proposal from Chinese Community Development Center. After evaluating the submittal, staff determined that CCDC fits the selection criteria and recommended sole source award of the contract. The advertising was extensive, the proposed cost is reasonable; the services will benefit Ping Yuen residents. Having CCDC under contract will benefit Ping Yuen residents and facilitate

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implementation of the capital improvements. Since the window and heating system work is funded with federal stimulus dollars, construction must be underway as quickly as possible. The work has already been procured and contractors are preparing to start in the next several weeks. Over the past 30 years, CCDC has built strong and positive relationships with the Ping Yuen residents and its resident association, Ping Yuen Resident Improvement Association (PYRIA). CCDC has been working with the Ping Yuen Residents Improvement Association (PYRlA) since 1977. Chinatown Community Development Center’s core mission is to improve the quality of life for San Francisco residents, especially those living in the Chinatown neighborhood. PYRIA was one of the five founding groups that helped to create CCDC, in that way they developed residents’ trust through the years. Following there is a list of some of the projects that CCDC developed in conjunction with the SFHA for over 30 years: • • • • • •

Assisting PYRIA in attaining its own Laundromat on-site (with assistance from the Presbyterian Church and a grant from CDBG). Obtained San Francisco Conservation Corp's service to rebuild North Ping Yuen Playground in 2004. Worked with San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners to reconstruct Middle Ping Yuen's Community Garden to enable residents to have their own individual garden plot to grow vegetables and flowers for their enjoyment and healthy eating. Coordinated with PYRIA board and residents on implementing the Ping Yuen Mural on Stockton Street, painted by Darryl Mar in 1999, depicting the vibrant Chinatown community of San Francisco. Obtained funding to set up Ping Yuen Computer Center and implemented computer training, job and college preparation for youth, tutoring programs and recreation activities for youth (critical with an increase in youth residents at Ping Yuen). Provided technical assistance to the PYRIA board in areas of board development, leadership training, and outreach to residents, serving as a liaison with the San Francisco Housing Authority, translation services, program development, grant writing, tenant assistance programs, and the monitoring of building repairs and remodeling projects.

BUDGET CONSIDERATIONS Funding for this planned contract is available from 2009 Capital Fund Program. The service term for two-year contract will be for the Authority’s fiscal years 2009 and 2010. RESIDENT EMPLOYMENT CCDC agrees to, when possible, actively recruit, hire and train residents of public housing for position vacancies or other employment opportunities within its organization. CCDC is currently actively recruiting bilingual qualified candidates at Ping Yuen Public Housing as well as other public housing properties in surrounding neighborhoods such as North Beach. MBE/WBE STATUS CCDC is not a MBE/WBE entity but is committed to making every good faith effort to utilize

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minorities, women, or persons with disabilities as key personnel on this project and outreach to and utilize such firms in this project when appropriate. DEPARTMENT’S REQUESTED ACTION Staff recommends approval of this Resolution. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S RECOMMENDATION I concur with the requested action

RESOLUTION NO._______________ DATE ADOPTED: _______________ RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR TO ENTER INTO A TWO-YEAR CONTRACT WITH CHINATOWN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CENTER TO PROVIDE RESIDENT ACCOMMODATIONS SERVICES DURING REHABILITATION OF PING YUEN IN AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $99,000 WHEREAS, the San Francisco Housing Authority (Authority) is preparing to implement $10.5 million in energy conservation related capital improvements at the Ping Yuen public housing site in Chinatown; and WHEREAS, many of the 234 Ping Yuen households require translation services and/or are frail or elderly; and WHEREAS, the Authority desires to enter into a contract for specialized resident accommodations services to coordinate between contractors and residents, and to facilitate implementation of the construction work; and WHEREAS, the procurement process for this contract meets the procurement standards of 24 CFR 85.36 “Procurement”, HUD Handbook 7460.8 REV 2 “Procurement Handbook for Public Housing Agencies and Indian Housing Authorities”, the San Francisco Housing Authority Procurement Policy Manual that has been reviewed and approved by HUD, and State of California and local laws; and WHEREAS, following a Request For Proposals process that was posted on ebidboard and advertised on both public agency websites and in community based newspapers, the Chinatown Community Development Center, a well qualified community based organization, submitted a responsive and reasonably priced proposal; and WHEREAS, funding is available within the FY 2009 Capital Fund Program budget; and NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COMMISSION OF THE HOUSING AUTHORITY OF THE CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO THAT: 1. The Executive Director is authorized to enter into a two-year contract with Chinatown Community Development Center to provide resident accommodations services during rehabilitation of Ping Yuen in an amount not to exceed $99,000. 2. This Resolution shall take effect immediately. APPROVED AS TO FORM AND LEGALITY: REVIEWED BY:

_________________________________ TIM LARSEN, Acting General Counsel

HENRY A. ALVAREZ III, Executive Director



CDC Contract- Ping Yuen