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May 17, 2010 • VOLUME 1 • ISSUE 17

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May 17 , 2010 •

What’s New?

SFGN Announces Staff Changes, Promotions


ublisher Norm Kent has announced a series of staff changes at South Florida Gay News. com, designed, he said, “to streamline operations and reward the success of numerous persons for their effective management techniques.” Features Editor Joey Amato, who came to the paper

after having started his own public relations agency, has been promoted to the title of Managing Editor, while political columnist and Graphic Designer Jarrett Terrill has moved into a new full time role as the paper’s News Editor. A well known local activist, Terrill has been a contributing columnist and writer to a number of local gay publications. A. Sebastian Fortino, who had been an online columnist for Edge Publications, has now become the Features and Lifestyles Editor. On the sales end, Cliff Dunn, formerly the Internet Marketing Manager, has been named Vice President for Sales. Dunn, once a local talk show radio host, came to SFGN from the monthly Beachfront News, where he had been employed as their editor.

Joey Amato

Jarrett Terrill

John Fugate and Brian Swinford

Cliff Dunn

SFGN has also announced that Dennis Josefowicz, who had previously hosted, has accepted the role of Internet Website Manager, replacing Tommy Forcella, who resigned to go into independent website and consulting. “We will miss Tommy’s expertise, but Dennis brings enthusiasm and energy to his new tasks,” stated Pierro Guidugli, SFGN’s CEO. John Fugate, a display sales representative, has also assumed the duty of Distribution Manager, supervising the delivery of SFGN to close to 400 locations in three counties, including 7-11 stores.

May 17 , 2010 • Volume 1 • Issue 17

Editorial Offices 2520 N. Dixie Highway • Wilton Manors, FL 33305 Phone: 954-530-4970 FAX: 954-530-7943

Norm Kent Publisher and Editor in Chief Piero Guidugli

Chief Executive Officer Vice President, Sales. . . . . . . Cliff Dunn Creative Director. . . . . . . . . George Dauphin Online Website Director. . . . Dennis Jozefowicz

Editorial Managing Editor . . . . . . . . . Joey Amato

News Editor. . . . . . . . . . . . . Jarrett Terrill

Lifestyle & Features Editor. . A. Sebastian Fortino Arts/Entertainment Editor . . Mary Damiano SFGNites Editor. . . . . . . . . . JW Arnold Health/HIV Editor. . . . . . . . Paul Gallotta Business Editor . . . . . . . . . . Richard Gary Senior Feature Correspondent. . . . . . . . . . . Jesse Monteagudo Correspondent. . . . . . . . . . . Steve Fritz Contributing Columnists. . . Tony  Adams, Wayne Besen, AJ Cross, Deb Price, Brian McNaught, Patricia Nell Warren

Sales Display Marketing Associates. Joyce Bluestein John Fugate Brian Swinford Jay Shadden Classified Advertising. . . . . . Mike Trottier 954-928-1862 National Sales Representative. . . . . . . . Rivendell Media Distribution Manager. . . . . . John Fugate Delivery Services. . . . . . . . . Charles Braun Printing and Publication . . . Miami Offset South Florida Gay is published weekly on Mondays. Our paper is a member of the Associated Press. The views and opinions expressed within this publication, in bylined columns, stories, and letters to the editor are those of the writers expressing them. They do not represent the opinions of South Florida Gay, Inc., or the Publisher. They are included to promote free speech and diversity of thought. You should not presume the sexual orientation of individuals based on their names or pictorial representations in SFGN, and it would be careless to do so. For the sake of readable newswriting, the word “gay” in SFGN should, when relevant, be interpreted to be inclusive of the entire gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community. All of the material that appears in SFGN, both online at www., and in our print edition, including articles used in conjunction with our contract with the Associated Press and our columnists, is protected under federal copyright and intellectual property laws, and is jealously guarded by the newspaper. Thus, nothing published may be reprinted in whole or part without getting written consent from the Publisher of SFGN, at his law office, Kent & Cormican, P.A., 110 Southeast 6th Street, Suite 1970, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301. SFGN, as a private corporation, reserves the right to enforce its own standards regarding the suitability of advertising copy, illustrations and photographs. Copyright©2010 South Florida Gay, Inc.

Associated Press

May 17 , 2010 •

Human Trafficking A New Concern in the Broward LGBT Community

Adriane Reesey

By Jarrett Terrill


n organizational meeting of the Broward Human Trafficking Coalition (BHTC) met on Tuesday morning. The coalition is a new entity in South Florida, which aims to combat human trafficking in the county by bringing together various persons from federal and local agencies. These officials will work with volunteers and advocates who may have a vested interest in protecting the rights of human trafficking victims and curbing the practice of human trafficking in South Florida. Adriane Reesey, of the Broward Sheriff’s Office is heading up the BHTC along with

help from various organizations such as Women In Distress, The FBI, Calvary Chapel, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, various college students and many others. According to Reesey, Human Trafficking is an issue that needs to be explored with our full attention both as residents of Broward County and as members of the LGBT community. “Broward County,” she says “is a likely place to find Human Trafficking if one knows what they’re looking for because we have a sea port, a thriving immigrant community and a rate of homelessness that is above the national average.” Reesey goes on to explain that within that homeless population, upwards of 40% of the youths identify as LGBTQ. This is a national average, so gays and lesbians in other major cities should take note as well. “These LGBT youths are vulnerable to become victims of Human Trafficking right here in the USA,” Reesey explained. There are plenty of opportunities for interested persons to get involved in the BHTC right now. Whether members of key organizations or just interested volunteers, the BHTC encourages new attendees to come to their monthly meetings and get familiar with the issue of Human Trafficking. SFGN will be covering new developments in the BHTC over the next few weeks, but to learn more now, you can visit http://



May 17 , 2010 •

Selling Sex

Turning Porn into Profit

By Norm Kent


t the age of 26, Brent Everett and his body are on their way to becoming a million dollar a year enterprise. With the aid of his producer/husband, Steve Pena, 32, the young entrepreneur has gone from making porn to running a cottage industry which includes everything from the sale of his own movies to his used underwear. You know, I have been a pretty good lawyer for a number of years, but I can’t sell my used briefs for $89.95 a pop on my website. “We have sold 30 pair of my worn underwear, personally signed, in the last month,” Everett says. Not bad; $2700 for dirty underwear. But most of the time Everett makes his money taking off his clothes, and showing off his rock hard body, throbbing manhood, incredible tongue, and juicy lips. He has been doing it for 8 years now, since he was 18, and that makes him a seasoned veteran in an industry that usually eats up and spits out its young. “I started doing this for kicks. My boyfriend was dying to become a porn star and asked me to do a film with him, and I was just trying to make him happy,” Everett explained to SFGN, “but the response was amazing and it jump-started my own career.” It is a tenure that has had Everett working with the porn industry’s top studios, such as Falcon, Chi Chi LaRue, and more, but “somewhere a bell rang and I said why am I making so much money for these other people, why not make it for myself?” The Canadian native, born in Saskatchewan, started his own production company in 2005. Within a year, in 2006, he released his own movie, “Wantin’ More.” Blessed with a

lean and muscular body, which he maintains er, fluffer, agent and promoter, Steve Pena. “So wait,” I ask, “if you are filming Brent jealously, Everett’s videos took off. Two years in a row he won a Cybersocket award for best while he is doing it with some other guy, this webcam. This year he has been nominated for doesn’t bother you a little bit?” “It took a year to get used to; to build up the ‘Grabbies.’ He has appeared in gay clubs from Moscow to Amsterdam to Vancouver. my trust” admits Pena, “but now I make sure Inside sources say he is probably the top vote Brent is giving it his all. I mean, who better getter of the recently concluded ‘Flesh­jack than me to know if he is really devoted to Boys Contest,’ making him a potential cover the scenes? And at the end of the day, I know model for the nation’s most popular sex toy, a Brent is coming home to my bed. But yes, it is self-lubricating masturbation sleeve. Why, it’s a bit weird to be behind the camera encouraging your husband to have more enthusiastic a Miss America contest for your penis! This past week he was in South Florida sex with another model.” One of the things filming ‘Little Big League 4,’ a dark sex com- that might comfort Pena is that he is the maredy produced by Channel 1 Releasing, a keting manager for Brent, and he porn series telling the stories of twinks in has expanded the company to include a seheat. But does it really matter what the story line of a porn shoot is? Says Howard Andrew, of FabScout, a premiere booking agency for rock hard young men who perform without their clothes on, “Brent is hot right now, very hot, probably one of the top five or ten porn stars in the nation, maybe the world.” is a limited liability company, owned and operated by Everett and his husband, Pena. The site is run by two full time web designers, their assistants, and now a programmer. They sell videos, films, t shirts, underwear, as noted, and feature Brent in live cam action, all for modest fees. Have a credit card? There is no part of Brent’s body you can’t see in hot, sweaty, Brent Everett and husband Steve Pena action, most of the scenes filmed at their wedding in San Diego, CA by his own husband, the produc-

ries of models they own the exclusive rights to. They make money off that too. Pena, himself personable and attractive, is a graduate of Texas A & M, who hails from Corpus Christi, Texas. He served in the U.S. Navy for 9 years, completing pharmacy school in Bethesda. The couple met at a party 4 years ago in San Diego while Pena was stationed at Camp Pendleton. “We came so close to not meeting,” Pena recalls, “It was actually a gay military party, and I was working, helping promoting the party, hundreds of people were there, and I saw Brent, thought he was stunning, lost him, and I searched for hours looking for him, not finding him, going nuts that I did not see him. Then just as the party was ending, as he was leaving, we ran into each other, and began dating immediately.” Married in October of 2008, Brent and Steve own a home in San Diego. Since the business takes them to so many locales for filming, they get to travel on someone else’s dime. South Florida is a favorite spot, and they spent last week filming in South Florida, with Brent doing unannounced and surprise special appearances at the Boardwalk and Johnny’s Bar. On both nights, the strip clubs rocked with screaming and enthusiastic fans. “Oh my god,” you could hear some young kids gasp, “it’s Brent Everett!” A male Madonna. Who knows, maybe acting is next. During the interview, at a local Chinese restaurant, producer David Goldyn of the Rising Action Theater approached to say hello. “You’re gorgeous,” Goldyn says to the instantly approachable Brent. The outgoing, smiling reply is “oh, yeah, what is your type?” The somewhat overweight Goldyn responds humorously, “Are you kidding? Breathing is my type.” Introducing the couple to Goldyn, we mentioned Brent’s trade. “I produced Making Porn” in my theater,” Goldyn said, “maybe you can do it for me.” He can- for a profit, percentage, and cut of the gate. For Brent Everett and Steve Pena, porn is no hobby. It is very much a for profit business. And guess what? Both their parents are entirely supportive and proud. At their wedding ceremony, they each showed up with family members and friends, celebrating their love and success. Just another typical gay couple, right? Brent added “I am proud of my success; that I have worked hard, and maintained a goal, that it is not all about my body. It has taken some brains.” Yes, he definitely works hard, plays hard, and stays hard, doesn’t he?


May 17 , 2010 •

Lea P. Krauss

Out and Proud Legal Eagle By Mary Damiano

a job she held for three years. She switched to civil litigation and worked for a large firm for a while, but felt it was not a here are two explagood fit. She decided to strike nations for why Lea out on her own, and set up P. Krauss became her own private practice. a lawyer. Her experience at the “My father always liked State Attorney’s office has to say that I have a big been invaluable. mouth and I should get “As a former prospaid for it,” says Krauss. ecutor, I know the inner “I like to say that I had workings of the office, a calling, a sense of justhe procedures, the untice, a sense of right spoken policies, and I from wrong and always would hope that all of enjoyed playing devil’s my experience helps advocate.” me be a better deKrauss is a criminal fense attorney,” defense attorney with her Krauss says. “I own practice in downwould not trade town Fort Lauderdale. She my years there for has represented clients anything.” ranging in age from 12 While a prosecutor, Krauss to 88, and specializes Lea Krauss trained with drug recognition in a variety of felony and misdemeanor cases, including DUI, experts, the highest level of training a police domestic violence, drug crimes, assault and offer can get, in administering scientific field battery, juvenile law, theft, probation and pa- sobriety tests. This training, combined with role violations, driver’s license suspensions, the coursework she’s done in DUI detection and litigation, gives Krauss an edge over othand weapons charges. “I’ve always enjoyed criminal law, from er attorneys and aids her in defending clients studies as far back as high school, but fo- charged with DUI. In addition to her practice, Krauss is cocused on studies in psychology and criminology in college,” says Krauss. “The psy- chair of the Gay & Lesbian Lawyers Netchology background is great, especially for work, a social network in which gay, lesbian jury selection, as well as in everyday life for and gay friendly lawyers can develop their practices through friendships, referral reunderstanding people.” Growing up, the Long Island native came lationships and professional development. to South Florida several times a year on The group is also involved in outreach, working with Lambda United, a legal club family trips, and fell in love with the area. “I always knew and felt that Florida was at Nova University, on panel discussions home,” says Krauss. “It’s the cliché—the and seminars called Out in Practice. The New York Jew coming to Boca, Fort Lauder- discussions involve concerns unique to dale or Miami for vacation. Every time I had GLBT students, such as whether or not beto leave, I would say to myself, one day, I ing out at a law firm can hurt a young lawwill live here. It feels like paradise. I literally yer’s career or chances of getting a job. “I think that a lot of employers are aware am living my dream.” Krauss earned her law degree from the that there is a benefit to having a gay or lesUniversity of Miami and never left Florida. bian attorney, in that there is an untapped Her parents moved to South Florida a year market of potential client that perhaps a later. She became a prosecutor for at the straight attorney couldn’t get into,” says State Attorney’s office in Broward County, Krauss. “My hope is that those employers

Arts Editor


open their eyes not just to the economic benefit of having a gay or lesbian attorney but that they understand that attorney is no different than any other.” Krauss shares office space with her partner of seven years, Laura Rhoades, president of RadMed Associates, Inc., a national medical supply, management and consulting company. “I love sharing space with my partner, and I think the reason it works is that she’s not an attorney,” says Krauss. “We’re both so busy, like ships that pass in the night, that sharing an office gives us the opportunity to actually see each other, have a cup of coffee and have lunch here in the office. She gives me balance. She helps me with a reality check when I get stressed out. I wouldn’t want to have an office with anyone else.”

As a lawyer, Krauss’s favorite time of year is the holidays “I get my fair share of thank you notes and cards from clients that continue to update me on how they’re doing,” says Krauss. “So much of what I see is dark, and that’s a very light time of year. I like to see the cards and the photos people send me after they’ve cleaned themselves up and gotten themselves out of the system. That is very gratifying and makes me feel really good about what I do.”


The office of attorney Lea P. Krauss, Esq., P.A., is located at 600 S. Andrews Ave., Suite 406, Fort Lauderdale. She can be reached 24 hours a day at 954-288-7447. For more information, visit

Local News

Ketcham Replaces Adler at SunServe By Joey Amato

of Client Services at the Tampa AIDS Network and Executive Director of the Bay Area unServe, Broward’s primary LGBT so- AIDS Consortium in Tampa. “I am looking cial service care provider, would like forward to working with Sunserve’s experienced and passionate staff and to announce that Mark Adler Board to improve the lives of is stepping down as its Execuour clients,” Ketcham said. tive Director to pursue other In addition, Ketcham curopportunities. “We are thankrently serves as Chair of the ful for Mark Adler’s dedicated Fort Lauderdale Chamber of service to SunServe since our Commerce’s Gay & Lesbian inception,” said Andy ZalBusiness Exchange (GLBX). man, SunServe’s Board Chair. Recognizing that the en“We are excited to announce tire LGBT community has that Mark Ketcham is joining Mark Ketcham the right to quality care, Sunour team immediately as the Interim Executive Director. Ketcham’s di- Serve’s mission is to provide critical life verse experience in community leadership assistance and professional mental health and in the non-profit arena makes him a services with an emphasis on economicalgreat fit for our organization and the people ly disadvantaged, marginalized youth, and senior adults in the greater South Florida we serve.” Ketcham has previously served as Director metropolitan area.



May 17 , 2010 •

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May 17 , 2010 •

Supreme Court to Decide if Gay Rights Trump Privacy Rights Justices Ponder Constitutional Protections for Petition Signers By Cliff Dunn


n April 28, the U.S. Supreme Court took up the question of whether the Constitution offers protection to persons who fear harassment because they signed a referendum petition. Voters in Washington State, who object to the disclosure of their signatures on petitions that challenge a gay-rights law, are arguing, in the words of their attorney, that “the First Amendment protects citizens from intimidation resulting from compelled disclosure of their identity.” Those same voters who oppose gay rights protections may have been surprised that some of the strongest questions challenging their case came from the conservative lion of the High Court, Justice Antonin Scalia. Said Scalia: “The fact is that running a democracy takes a certain amount of civic courage. And the First Amendment does not protect you from criticism or even nasty phone calls.” Adding to the sense of surrealism, Scalia joined liberal Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor as the primary inquisitors of attorney James Bopp Jr., who represents the Washington State voters who opposed that state’s domestic partners law but are now battling to maintain their privacy. The State of Washington was represented by its Attorney General, Robert McKenna, who said the state had a legitimate interest ensuring that the petition process is open to the public. Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. and Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. saved their toughest questions for McKenna. Alito inquired if the state could also force a petition-signer to state his or her ethnicity or religion. “I would like to know how far you want to go,” Alito asked. McKenna answered that he didn’t think the state would have legitimate interests in either instance. Wilton Manors-based attorney George Castrataro, whose practice often deals with Constitutional matters, thinks the High Court has some tough navigating to do. “There is a difficult balance between

McKenna, representing Washington State and the gay rights groups wanting access to the names, said the interest was different and compared the disclosure requirements to having to register with a political party or revealing whether you have donated to a political campaign. Bopp, the attorney for the petitioners, said Washington State has a right to the information for the purpose of validating the petitions. But he argued that the public shouldn’t have access to it, and said the only reason people would want the information was to intimidate petition signers. Scalia, who is known for his urbane wit and humor, drew laughter from the gallery, saying “Oh, this is such a touchy-feely, oh, so sensitive.” He continued: “You know, you can’t run a democracy this way, with everybody being afraid of having his political positions known.” But Bopp shot back. “I’m sorry, Justice Scalia, but the campaign manager of this initiative had his family sleep in his living room because of the threats.” “Well, that’s bad,” Scalia answered. “The threats should be moved against vigorously, but just because there can be criminal activity doesn’t mean that you have to eliminate a procedure that is otherwise perfectly reasonable.”

future application of the public disclosure logic could result in harm if not carefully evaluated,” he reasoned. Over the objections of Justice John Paul Stevens, the Supreme Court agreed that the injunction should remain in place while the justices consider the case, John Doe v. Reed. Hanging over this case is California’s Proposition George Castrataro Justice Antonin Scalia 8. In that state, individuals protecting the public’s right to information who donated to the referendum to overturn while also protecting individual privacy in the state Supreme Court decision that lepolitical speech and the political process,” galized same-sex marriages said they were harassed, threatened, and experienced ecoCastrataro said. “In this case there is an added challenge nomic hardships as a result. Chief Justice Roberts wanted to know as to the need to verify and ensure the acwhether “having your name revealed on a curacy of the referendum,” he added. The case arose out of a Washington State petition of this sort might have a chilling law passed in 2009 that allows gay couples effect on whether you sign it.” and individuals older than 65 to register as domestic partners. Known as the “everything but marriage” act, its opponents sought its repeal and gathered enough signatures to put a repeal marriage would eventually “behe Senate Judiciary Comreferendum on the ballot; the law was upcome an unremarkable thread mittee Thurs­day morning held by voters in November. of our social fabric” and that recommended the nomination During an often acrimonious repeal camthose opposing it now will of pro-gay law professor Goodpaign, groups supporting the law requested eventually be viewed as a “narwin Liu to the 9th Circuit U.S. the names of signatories to the petition unrow and ultimately temporary Court of Appeals by a vote of der the state’s public records laws. majority.” 12 to 7. Those who signed the petition persuaded Republican John Cornyn said Liu’s opposition to California’s a federal court to forbid the disclosure of he was opposing Liu’s nominaProposition 8, banning same-sex names, saying it violated their constitutionmarriage, came up prominently Prof. Goodwin Liu tion because Liu is “committed al rights to engage in anonymous political during his confirmation hearing in April to the life of an advocate” and “would use his speech. They also said the requirement and will likely come up on the floor of the perch to advance his policy views.” would open them to harassment. President Obama nominated Liu, a proSenate as well. Liu tried to position himself Does privacy trump civil rights? Says as having played the role of a “neutral” legal fessor of law at the University of California Castrataro: “I believe that the political proBerkeley School of Law, in February and scholar during the initiative campaign. cess should be reasonably open to review Although he did not discuss his personal his confirmation hearing has been delayed and verification. I do not believe however views on Proposition 8 during the hearing, twice due to Republican opposition. that openness and verification in the politiIf confirmed, he would take a seat on in one of many essays he has published in cal process should be extended so far as to various newspapers and publications, he the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, publish voter decisions.” wrote “there is no question that [Propo- which covers California and eight other Indeed, the future use of such a precesition 8] targets a historically vulnerable western states. The American Bar Associadent has Castrataro and other legal experts group and eliminates a very important tion gave him a “unanimously well-qualiconcerned. right.” He also predicted that same-sex fied” rating. “While the case may favor LGBT rights,

Liu Clears Senate Committee



May 17 , 2010 • Mariela Castro

IDAHO: Even in Cuba By A. Sebastian Fortino


n May 17 IDAHO, International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, will be celebrated around the world. According to the website,, the event launched in 2004 by French academic Louis-Georges Tin will be recognized with events, discussions, showings of LGBT-themed films, and a “Great Global Kiss-In.” The kiss-in has already attracted 36 cities around the world. Some American cities with scheduled kiss-ins are Atlanta, Portland, and St. Louis. In Latin America, Colombia and Peru have also signed on. At the kiss-in attendees are encouraged to gather around a famous monument in their respective countries, carrying flags, and dressed in a manner representing their country. Participants should tape the event, then upload it at the Global Kiss-In page. Although it is not listed on the website Havana, Cuba is hosting a “Day Against Homophobia” summit, May 11-18. Venezuela also announced a similar series of events around the same time as the Cuban summit. CENESEX, the National Center for Sexual Education, helmed by Raul Castro’s daughter Mariela is sponsoring the event. The cultural

summit represents acceptance and change in a country that would not even allow the showing of a Cuban gay-themed film, “Fresa y chocolate” at Cuban theaters when it came out in 1994. “Milk” will also be shown, to close the weeklong event. Sean Penn has even been invited by Mariela Castro to discuss and debate the film’s themes. Penn, who is currently in Haiti doing relief work, has not yet responded to the invitation. It will not be the first time Penn has been in the communist country. In 2008 he met with Raul Castro, who was not yet named president of the island nation, in Havana and controversial president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez. This was part of an investigative report for The Nation and The Huffington Post. His move to meet with both men drew controversy back home in the United States against Penn, whose political leanings are frequently met with mixed reviews. In a press conference held by Mariela Castro, she said that the country was going to enter debates on same-sex civil unions and move forward with allowing gays to adopt. Now, when will our “democratic nation” grant us these same rights on a national, federal level?


May 17 , 2010 •

Transformed in Exile

Father John McNeill ton, was captured at the Battle of the Bulge, imprisoned in a Nazi POW camp, and received the Purple Heart, will place a wreath in a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery as an outstanding member of the American Veterans for Equal Rights (AVER) when that organization celebrates it’s 20th anniversary. The event is part of the annual Washington DC gay pride weekend where Father McNeill will also be honored at the headquarters of the Human Rights Campaign (HCR) at a fund-raiser for the completion of Brendan Fay’s documentary about his life entitled “Uncommon Jesuit.” Lest he be given any time to rest in Father John J. McNeill (seated) and Charlie Chiarelli the course of that weekend, the Catholic LGBT organization Dignity will host a book-signing By Tony Adams featuring Father McNeill, the founder of Digt is said that in South Florida you’ll find nity New York, who has written five books an ex-priest in every gay bar. Each has that constitute the definitive and authoritahis own sad story of disappointment tive voice of Catholic theology that compaswith his church, but there is one Roman sionately and intelligently dismantles the hoCatholic priest who, at the age of 85 is not mophobia of the bishops, cardinals and popes among them, and who has never stopped who would prefer him silent. There must have been something in the speaking and writing about the unconditional love of his God for gay people. In Holly- holy water of the Catholic churches of Syrawood, close to the Seminole casino, lives that cuse, New York that produced not only the priest, Father John J. McNeill, with Charlie maverick Father McNeill but also those stellar renegade anti-war priests, the Berrigan Chiarelli, his devoted lover of 45 years. On June 11th, Father McNeill, a veteran brothers. John, born into a traditional Irish who served under General George S. Pat- clan, lost his mother at the age of four. His father then married his mother’s sister, acFor more about Father McNeill: cording to custom, so that he and his siblings would be cared for. His stepmother/aunt, sadFor more information about AVER: dled with the obligation of raising her sister’s For more information about Dignity: large family in a sexless marriage was bitter, and provided John with his first taste of the


unreasonable authority that would mark the hierarchy’s treatment of his ministry to gay Catholics. “My stepmother wanted me to become a car mechanic. She did not like the fact that I loved to read. Every night she would inspect me for books that I might have taken out of the library. She insisted I apply to a trade school, but when the school saw the list of what I was reading, they refused to accept me, saying that their school was better suited to illiterates.” There was thankfully another mitigating Irish tradition that kept John from becoming a mechanic, the need for each family to produce at least one priest or nun. His stepmother had been unsuccessful at recruiting any of his older brothers, but John, having returned from his military experience and having realized he was gay, jumped at the possibility, thinking that it would offer him an appropriate life. He took a vow of chastity to which he remained faithful for 14 years. “I was in graduate school in Europe when I began to act out sexually and compulsively. I found myself at the point of suicide because of this. I was miserable and desperate. One night, I was about to throw myself into the Loire River, when a message came over me— maybe it was Jesus or the Holy Spirit—saying ‘Hang on. This doesn’t make sense to you now, but it will. This is preparation for your ministry’. When I returned to the states, I became a teacher and began to study homosexuality. I read an article by a fellow Jesuit

who condemned homosexuality as a serious illness and said that homosexuals are guilty of spreading that illness to their partners. I began to write the opposite. I also decided that I was going to find myself a lover.” In the course of the years to follow, Father McNeill built a landmark ministry to gay Catholics with the remarkable support of the superior of his order, Pedro Arupe, until a certain cardinal by the name of Ratzinger who is now Pope Benedict XVI engineered the deposition of Father Arupe and demanded that Father O’Neill be silenced and that his gay ministry be driven from the Catholic Church. In 1988, when Father McNeill refused, he was expelled from the Jesuits. Today, Father McNeill writes a magnificent blog ( that offers encouragement and hope for Catholics who fear that their church will always hate them. He feels that the Catholic Church is on the verge of another council that will be led by the laity who will transform the church, bringing it where the hierarchy is afraid to go. His message is informed by the highest level of scholarship and provides a strong antidote to the nonsense spewed by anti-gay Christian leaders. In his recent and fifth book about gay sexuality, Sex As God Intended: A Reflection On Human Sexuality As Play, Father McNeill shows us how the patriarchy of the Roman Catholic Church has gotten sex all twisted up with work, when really, God intends it to be play. He is also convinced that this sad patriarchy is in its final days, and that the revolutionary progress being made by the gay community will usher in a reborn and rectified Christianity restoring the feminine/masculine dialectic that is now sorely missing. When I asked Father McNeill if he has ever felt himself to be outside the Catholic Church, his answer was simply “Never.”

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May 17 , 2010 •

This Week In Health By Jarrett Terrill May 19th Shocking Hepatitis Statistics One in every 12 people worldwide is living with either Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C. Broward County Health Department is sponsoring a Hepatitis Awareness Month Grand Rounds educational session on May 19, at the Broward County Health Department’s Administrative Center Auditorium. The guest presenter at this event—Am I Number 12?, will be Richard S. Phillips, M.D., Director of Hepatology, Division of Gastroenterology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. This event is free of charge but seating is limited. Interested persons should call 954.467.4700 ext 5726 to register. BCHD Administrative Center Auditorium 780 SW 24th Street, Fort Lauderdale May 25th HIV/AIDS 101 Training For the general public or professionals who require certification Tuesday, May 25th, 2010, Broward County Health Department will be offering a four-hour training class on the basics and fundamentals of HIV/AIDS. Participants will receive information covering the latest HIV medications, research and comprehensive HIV prevention. The class also provides information on national, regional and local statistics and discussions on evidence-based interventions. Cost is $20.00 for those seeking certification and FREE for general participants on a limited seating, first come/first serve basis. May 25, 2010 – 8:30AM to 12:30PM Fort Lauderdale Health Center • 2421 SW 6th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, 33315 2nd Floor • Registration – 954.467.4700 ext 5812 Call to register no later than noon on Friday.

A worldwide research study is now underway to test an investigational treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD, also known as smoker’s cough, chronic bronchitis, or emphysema. You may be eligible to participate in this study if you: • Are 40 years of age or older • Have a diagnosis of COPD • Are a current smoker or were a smoker in the past In addition to receiving studyrelated physical exams and laboratory services at no charge, participants will receive study medication and will be monitored by a medical team, including the study physician.

Ask your doctor if this study is right for you. For information and to schedule an appointment, contact Verne Appleby, R.N. at The Medical Offices of


May 17 , 2010 •

FIT4LIFE to Kickoff Resident Challenge Program to Provide Fitness Training and Support Charities By Joey Amato


he staff at FIT4LIFE (F4L), South Florida’s premiere gym and spa management service and programming provider, announced the kickoff of The Challenge… 4 Community, 4 Business, 4 Life. The Challenge, which begins June 4, will help local residents get in shape while raising money for the Children’s Diagnostic Center, ShareA-Pet and Stonewall Library and Archives. There is no fee to participate in the F4L Challenge, only the pledge to raise money through sponsorships during the event. All money raised by participants goes directly to the local charities. Broward County Mayor, Ken Keechl, believes The Challenge will provide participants a two-fold benefit. “The Challenge is a great way to get people more involved with their physical fitness, while at the same time helping three very important community organizations. What a great idea,” said Keechl.

The Challenge consists of five teams of 10 members and a F4L personal trainer. The trainer will be responsible to meet with each team member and discuss their individual fitness and personal goals. At that point, a plan will be developed which will highlight the physical activities and needs required to achieve those goals. CEO of Merchant Process Solutions and participant, Yamilet Ramirez-Morgan eagerly awaits the Challenge. “I’ve always said I’m going to get in shape, but getting started and sticking to the program has been the hard part., states Ramirez-Morgan. “Now I have three reasons to not only get started, but stick to a program. I have a trainer, team leader and a team working with me! I get to do something not just for myself, but for my community and have people supporting me along the way.” The Challenge results will be posted on and Facebook so that participants, as well as friends and family can track their progress.


(305) (305) (305) 785-4307 785-4307 (305)785-4307 785-4307 11032 11032 11032 Biscayne Biscayne Biscayne Blvd. Blvd. Blvd. 11032 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, Miami, Miami, FLFLFL 33161 FL 33161 33161 Miami, 33161

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In addition, each team participant is required to raise money over the four-month period. All money raised by the team members will be divided among all the participating charities. The individual winner will be determined by total body fat percentage/weight loss, or greatest muscle mass/weight increase, as well as the overall amount of money raised by the individual. The winning team and trainer will be determined using the same format. Prizes will be awarded to the top participants in each category. All team members of the F4L Challenge will have access to the company’s trainers and programs like F4L Boot Camps and other fitness services at a significantly discounted rate. Team members can also organize small group sessions and utilize F4L trainers. Principle of F4L and certified trainer and nutritionist, Jon Congdon, believes this

Jon Congdon, Fit4Life Trainer

program will help participants on a personal level and the community as a whole. “The Challenge provides a way for me to not only change the life of an individual by creating a healthier lifestyle, but also gives back to our community creating a healthier community landscape,” said Congdon.


May 17 , 2010 •

Megan Wallent

Transgender Exec Retools Microsoft By Joey Amato


icrosoft is a company that thrives on diversity and nobody exemplifies how diverse the corporation is other than 41 year-old executive Megan Wallent. As the General Manager of the Server and Tools Division of the Redmond, WA – based firm, Wallent supervises a staff of 350 employees. And she is also transgender. Wallent, a Boston native, was always fascinated by technology. “I loved computers and software because it was so immediately fulfilling—you write code, and it either works or doesn’t work. But, as my career has grown, I’ve moved from being a developer to managing a ton of people,” states Wallent. Even at a young age Wallent was surrounded by computers and software. “I got my first software job in 1984 when I was 14. My sister had just opened a bakery,” Wallent states, “and she wasn’t sure how to price her products, so I wrote a program that had a database of her products and their prices. We figured out quickly that she was selling most of her products at less than cost, which was problematic. From that point forward, I was hooked.” During the start of her freshman year at

college, Wallent took a job as a developer at a small software company in Boston. “I worked there for a couple of years, but they went bankrupt, so I moved to another software company called Intersolv, which ended up giving me a fulltime job after I graduated. It was a great opportunity, because I got to pay for school, learn the art of software development, and get a head start on my career.” Wallent, who holds a bachelors degree in computer science, relocated to Seattle and joined Microsoft in 1996 counts Bill Gates as one of her mentors. “Bill is amazing to work with. He can tie data and facts together in a way that is superhuman.” She ran the Internet Explorer team for three years beginning in 1999 and had the opportunity to work side-by-side with Gates. The climate at Microsoft is very supportive for LGBT employees. The company maintains a ranking of 100 on HRC Equality Index. “People always ask me if it’s hard to be successful as an LGBT person. I tell them at Microsoft, if you focus on being awesome, you can do whatever you want.” Despite becoming openly transgender at work, Wallent spent many years hiding. “I had been at Microsoft for 11 years when I came out, and told people that I was going

Megan Wallent

to transition,” Wallent stated. She credits her wife Anh with the helping her through the process. “She told me, ‘if you aren’t ashamed, don’t act like you are.’ I realized that if I was super transparent, then the reaction tends to be much better.” Wallent married Anh in 2005 and two years later expressed the concern about gender issues. “It came close to wrecking us. The thing that was the worst is that I wasn’t honest with her from the start.” Anh is now fully supportive. “She encouraged me to get to the place that I needed to get

to. I can’t imagine doing it without her.” Early this year, Wallent joined the executive board of Out & Equal, the largest and most effective non-profit organization dedicated to achieving workplace equality. “It’s been great to get more involved in national and international workplace equality issues. Letting people bring their “whole selves” to work is key to normalizing society’s view of people.” The couple also supports local charities in Seattle, such as Northwest Harvest, one of the leading food banks in the region.

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Expert european AUTO Repair SERVICE

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automotive service excellence


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more than just a bagel A TASTE OF JUDAISM… ARE YOU CURIOUS? ™ A series of 3 FREE classes in Miami, this May and June. Spanish translation available in some locations.

All are welcome, Jewish or not 212.452.6509 curiousaboutJudaism

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May 17 , 2010 •

SFGN Editorial 5/17/2010 Norm Kent, Publisher

Fighting Against Hate


or years, homeless persons have dent was motivated by hate could enhance a been victims of violence in Florida crime’s punishment. For example, a secondand elsewhere. Last week, Governor degree felony would get bumped to a firstChar­lie Crist signed legislation which in- degree felony - with the maximum prison sures that anyone who targets the homeless sentence enhanced from 15 to 30 years. Hate crimes against LGBT populations for criminal acts will face enhanced penalties under Florida’s hate crimes law. There are not have not diminished in the state of Florida. many things this newspaper would commend Incidents of anti gay violence continue, and now they are finally being documented and Charlie Crist for, but this is one of them. The measure was conceived by Broward prosecuted. Having law enforcement ofSheriff Al Lamberti and sponsored by state ficers who are willing to investigate those Rep. Ari Porth, D-Coral Springs, chairman acts puts good friends in the right places. To his credit, the Sheriff has also vigorously of the Broward Legislative Delegation. supported the prosecution Porth is a dedicated pubof hate crimes against gays lic servant who has used his and lesbians. He has even tenure in the legislature to established a standing Hate advance honorable causes. So Crimes Task Force. too has the Sheriff backed a By publishing a gay newsmeasure that would typically paper weekly, we are in touch be outside the scope of the avwith what is going on in erage law enforcement chief. our country. We share and “Nobody is more vulnerpublish as many stories as able,” Porth said during the S heriff Al Lamberti we can, but we are still limHouse debate. “If the sole reason you beat someone was because they ited in space. However, there is not a week were homeless and sleeping on a bench that goes by without another incident of violence against a gay person somewhere or then that deserves extra protection.” As reported in the Sun-Sentinel, Lamberti someplace simply because of who they are. became focused about the issue because of From north of Seattle to South Florida, sima spate of brutal attacks on the homeless in ply being gay can simply make you someBroward in recent years. The National Coali- one else’s target. Committing a crime of violence against tion for the Homeless has reported that Florida, which is No. 4 in population, consistently any human being is wrong, and justifiably punishable by sanctions our laws mete out ranks No. 1 in attacks on homeless people. Like LGBT populations, homelessness to the culprits. However, if a particular class is often ignored in mainstream communi- of citizens is targeted solely because of who ties that want to close their eyes to very real they are and what they are, whether gay or problems. Looking under bridges of the homeless, Muslim or African American, Rickenbacker Causeway tells us we have those penalties are rightfully enhanced. These things are happening. Now let’s act been blinded by ignorance. To help spur passage of the legislation, and do something about it. The least any government should do for Sheriff Lamberti authorized Commander Richard Wierzbicki to go to Tallahassee to everyone of us is insure that our freedoms work on the measure and lobby legislators. are protected, our safety is guarded and His efforts succeeded, no easy task in a state our identities are secured. Armed with hate legislature ranked 49th by eQuality giving in crime statutes, the duty now falls upon prosprotecting gay and lesbian rights. Maybe they ecutors to effectively use them. Perpetrators did not realize many homeless youths are of- must be brought to justice not only for their ten members of the LGBT community. They acts of criminality, but their penalties ought probably helped us without even knowing it. to be enhanced when it is established their Under the new law, a finding that an inci- wrongful deeds were motivated by hate.

Late-Breaking News

Cubans march against homophobia By Andrea Rodriguez (AP) HAVANA — Hundreds of gay and lesbian activists, some dressed in drag and others sporting multicolored flags representing sexual diversity, marched and danced through the streets of Havana on Saturday along with the daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro as part of a celebration aimed at eliminating homophobia around the world. Some of the marchers played drums and others walked on stilts as they made their way down a wide avenue in the capital’s hip Vedado neighborhood, where they have held a series of debates and workshops ahead of the May 17 celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia, which participants say marks the day in 1990 when the World Health Organization stopped listing homosexuality as a mental illness. “We have made progress, but we need to make more progress,” said Mariela Castro, a campaigner for gay rights on the island and the leader of Cuba’s National Sexual Education Center. She is also the daughter of Cu-

ban President Raul Castro. Cuba has come a long way in accepting homosexuality. In the 1960s, shortly after the revolution, homosexuals were fired from state jobs and many were imprisoned or sent to work camps. Others fled into exile. But that began to change in the 1980s, in large part to the work of Mariela Castro’s center. Recently, the government has even agreed to include sex change operations for transsexuals under its free national health system, another project championed by the center. The workshops and debates held Saturday dealt with issues such as adoption by gay and lesbian couples and whether to legalize gay marriages, a step Mariela Castro has been pushing for years, so far without success. The week of celebrations culminates Monday.


May 17 , 2010 •

Off the Wall

by Piero Guidugli

Karl Marx’s Last Laugh:

Capitalism (1473-2009), An Obituary


he financial world mourns the loss of capitalism. While the death appears to be due to natural causes, sources close to the deceased say the death may have been the result of foul play. Officials claim that since no one really noticed the demise, an investigation is not likely at this time. In lieu of flowers, mandatory “donations” will be made to the US Treasury. The twin brothers of different mothers are now both dead. Communism, on paper a great philosophy and concept, (just like, and similar to, Christianity), crashed because those running the show chose to cater only to a small upper crust of the population. The people became disposable. State bureaucracy, corruption, oppression and centralizing power became the norm. The achievements included free education, pensions and health care. Capitalism, another great concept on pa-

Deb Price

per, has basically done the same thing, dispensing enough crumbs, but with nicer malls, fancier cars, and no health care. Capitalism keeps the people quiet, while feeding its own oligarchy with wealth and undeserved rewards beyond human comprehension. “Greed is God” should replace “In God We Trust” on our currency. It would be a far more honest and truer motto, while still pleasing the Bible Thumpers. When the house of cards came tumbling down it spared no one, except the chosen few. It did not matter if you were gay or straight, black or white, male or female, Republican or Democrat, religious or not, this tsunami cleared the deck.The core of capitalism was supposed to be the free market. In order for free markets to work and prosper they should be left to do what free markets do, without interference.

job discrimination, and recognizing the marriages of same-sex couples. That’s where Get Equal ( comes in. Mixing old-style nonviolent civil disobedience with the organizing and communicating power of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, the Obama White House and the Democratic- group has quickly pulled off a difficult feat: controlled Congress. As Get Equal’s chant getting the news media to focus on the chasm goes: “I am somebody. And I deserve full between Democratic leaders’ promises and the baby steps they’ve taken toward dismantling equality, right here, right now.” anti-gay discrimination. In addition to interIn the process, Get rupting Miller’s hearEqual has shown the ing, Get Equal in recent power of interrupting, weeks has helped gay of pointing out the soldiers chain themunder-acknowledged selves to the White pink elephant in the House fence, heckled Democratic room. President Obama at a “We’ve shown Barack California fundraiser Lt. Dan Choi and Get Equal’s we’ll go wherever he and staged sit-ins at House Speaker Nancy Robin McGehee meet with supporters in DC is,” McGehee said. “In Pelosi’s district and Capitol Hill offices. And, the midterm elections, we’re going to be disMcGehee says, they’re just getting warmed up. ruptive. What we know is to go to who has With November’s high-stakes elections the power.” McGehee, a 36-year-old lesbian mom and fast approaching, she points out that precious time is running out for Democrats to college professor, co-founded Get Equal in make good on such pledges as ending the January with Kip Williams. The duo co-diban on openly gay soldiers, enacting a fed- rected last October’s National Equality March. McGehee traces her activism to her post-coleral ban on anti-gay and anti-transgender

Pardon the Interruption


s House Education and Labor Committee Chairman George Miller opened a recent hearing, an activist interrupted him: “I am here with Get Equal to demand that you no longer delay markup of ENDA.” The activist, Robin McGehee, walked toward Miller carrying felt-tipped markers that symbolized her point: Until the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, gets marked up— that is, shaped into final form—and becomes law, firing workers for being gay or transgender will remain legal in much of the nation. Several equality sidekicks followed McGehee, carrying signs: “GET EQUAL. PASS ENDA.” Miller, neither thrown off nor amused, refused the markers and said, “We’re working on that as expeditiously as we can,” adding that the bill is “complicated,” that he wants “to get it right,” that “we expect to have it before this committee in the very near future.” But McGehee’s group is fed up with “not now, sometime later” promises from the

Ponzi scheme. Granted we are not nearly as smart as we think we are, when we try to breed a better African honey bee, or improve a local eco-system by introducing plants and animals that are not indigenous to the area, unexpected things happen. Bad things happen in fact, speThe virtues and pitfalls of greed and capitalism are, once again, examined in the sequel to the 1987 movie Wall Street. cifically, “..a crunch Above, Michael Douglas stars as Gordon Gekko and Shia LaBeouf as in the credit markets Jacob Moore in 20th Century Fox’s Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps triggered by mounting Capitalism is no different than the animal defaults on a hitherto obscure species of houskingdom. The most fit, ingenious and ca- ing loan known as subprime mortgages,” as depable survive, and those that are not, perish. scribed by Vanity Fair in its article “Wall Street The system constantly balances and re- Lays Another Egg,” in December of 2008. balances itself automatically. Darwinian evolution. On the other hand our version was CAPITALISM (1473-2009), steered and rigged by powerful interests, the an indictment welcome mat for corruption and greed was And so it goes for the free market system. out in plain sight by the front door, millions “Bailing out” banks, then using the money to of deluded people happily crashed the party buy other banks, and feathering their nests, until the facade was exposed as a gigantic continued on page 34 lege flight from Mississippi: Rather than discovering utopia in California, she found a state conflicted over how to treat its gay residents, with the ultimate slap coming in 2008 when voters took away marriage rights for gay couples. The disappointment energized her. “If you don’t stand up and fight, you are saying, ‘You can do more of this to me,’” she says. McGehee was arrested for the first time in March after she helped cuff two soldiers —Dan Choi and Jim Pietrangelo—to the White House fence. “It was like going into battle,” she recalls. “I needed to be right there to deliver a message to Barack. We’d been told hope and change were coming, but he’s not showing the leadership.” Obama disagrees. When he was repeatedly disrupted by Get Equal protesters at a Democratic fundraiser speech last month in Los Angeles, Obama responded to demands for lifting the gay ban by saying he and other Democrats “already hear you. It would make more sense to holler that at the people who oppose it. ... I don’t know why you are hollering.” For McGehee, the answer is simple. And it’s a message Get Equal intends to repeat: Agreeing that anti-gay discrimination is unjust isn’t enough. You have power, so use it to right the wrongs—right now.


May 17 , 2010 •

Susan Estrich

The Silly Season



’d like to believe it’s the arrival of the court, raise questions about her judgment spring or maybe just the general de- or make her vulnerable to blackmail from encline in civility and common sense emies foreign or domestic. Indeed, she’s been that seems to always be in the air in Wash- criticized for living too careful a life. But if she ington. But it’s hard to avoid the conclusion hadn’t, imagine what they—whoever “they” that the reaction to the nomination of Elena are—would be saying about her. Before my conservative friends jump all Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court has been a study in the sex discrimination that she has over me, let me be clear: I’m not making a partisan point here. Both sides, or at least both spent her career beating back. Enough with the pictures, already. What extremes, are perfectly capable of using whatever mud they can difference does it make if find or manufacture she is photogenic? Is Anto defeat someone thony Kennedy photogethey fear will vote nic? Does Samuel Alito against them. The have style? rea­son conservatives Enough with the innuare throwing the mud endo and the denials of this time is because the hints about her sexthey’re convinced that uality—the suggestion even if Kagan isn’t and then denial that her quite as liberal as stance with a bat and ball some on my side proves something other would hope, she’s than that she likes to hit not as conservative long and hard. as they would prefer. David Souter lived with Elena Kagan Of course she isn’t. his mother. Hello. He was a fine justice. Did we test him on the dance Barack Obama won the election. He is enfloor or look for pictures of him going to the titled to pick judges and justices who agree with him—and with the voters who put him opera? Who knows, and who cares? in office. If folks don’t like that, vote for someIt’s absurd, and it’s insulting. one else next time. But don’t try to pillory a It’s desperate, and it’s hypocritical. Politics is full of closeted individuals, in- smart, decent and honorable woman who cluding Republicans who vote consistently will be serving on this nation’s high court for, against equal rights for people who share God willing, many decades to come. Ultimately, that’s the end game. The mud their sexual orientation, claiming that they’re serving the will of their constituents, not being tossed at Kagan will not cost her confirto mention protecting their seats. Only this mation. I have no doubt that this smart and, year, a prominent Republican California state yes, very careful woman will take her place senator was forced to “come out” after years on the court. The questions are how much of voting against equal rights when he was dirt will she have to clean off herself once she stopped for DUI after spending the evening does, how much will stick however unfairly, and what message does all of this send to in a gay bar. I wish we lived in a world in which public decent people who would like to serve their officials felt free to sleep with whomever they country but lack the thick skin and the perwanted without fear of being judged by the fect past to face this kind of assault. In Kagan’s case, it smacks of sexism. media or their constituents on that basis. But campaigns of innuendo are beneath the But men face it, too. Frankly, either way, it stinks. dignity of us all. I don’t care about Elena Kagan’s private life. That’s why it’s called private. No one has sug- To find out more about Susan Estrich and read features gested that she has ever done anything in her by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, vislife that could compromise her fitness to sit on it the Creators Syndicate website at

May 17 , 2010 •

A. Sebastian Fortino

“The end result is to teach our kids not to discriminate between good and evil. It is more than is to have sex with our kids!! They want to use them as playthings. They want fresh meat! This is what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah. They were abusing chil­­ dren too. A preacher told [be stopped] and if me this once. Is there we don’t stop them any other prea­cher/ what has been previbible scholars here that ously seen as horrors can confirm this?” will become common They included a link place. What we are to an article about sexseeing is a devolution ual misconduct be­tween of culture and human teachers and stu­dents, behavior. People have mostly in reference to become believers of Palm Beach County what is nothing more otion for Free Republic prom candidate and South Florida. than propaganda. Sexual ty orth, Tea Par w ay H JD Ironically, the article liberalism is destroying this country. It is adding the fuel for tyranny in in question, which appears in the Palm the name of diversity and perceived slights.” Beach Post, only has one case of same-sex I realized this was not some ultra liberal, sexual misconduct. Also, one of the schools group. I also quickly realized the web­site does mentioned, and one of the lewdest segments not really stand for a free republic. They of released email, comes from a teacher at a want a minority, conservative Christians, to Christian school in South Florida. The article came two days before the control Washington. What’s “free” about that? My writing, does ostensibly foster our “ho- April 28 case won by PBCHRC, yet the Palm mosexual lobby,” this is something of which Beach Post article makes no reference to it. I am proud. The rest of the comments – rants really, that refer back to Sodom and Gomorrah as if it is historical, not what I consider a literary reference point—are pure gold.

Free Republic: Neither Free, Nor a Republic, Discuss


few weeks ago the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council (PBHRC) celebrated a victory: LGBT discrimination will not be tolerated among what is one of the county’s largest employers. Namely the school board. The article ran on page two in our May 3 issue. The following Mon­day Joe Jervis of contacted SFGN con­tributing columnist Tony Adams. The email title read, “Tell Se­bastian he made Free Republic.” I was told by Tony, “Being singled out by the Freepers is a great honor!” I followed the link, but went back to my work. Not having heard of the site before I thought was a liberal website. Later, when closing open websites, I decided to really check the site’s comments on my article. I was…surprised. “Nice. The gay lobby’s continuing attempts to force more fag teachers down the throats of our kids (if you’ll pardon the pun). Parents living in Palm Beach might want to consider homeschooling if they haven’t already.” And this erudite response, “They won’t

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17 This either indicates the newspaper was unaware of the impending School Board meeting or extending LGBT equality protection is not something they feared. Conservatives however put blinders on when it comes to knowledge not outlined in the Bible. Unsurprisingly, they infer the worst when they are unenlightened. National polls find that most Americans do not think gay and lesbian educators would harm children. To use their words, “I’m confused. If we say equality for everyone—Why do we now have to list each group?” Did they read the article? The Supreme Court ruled in the 1950s that they must be mentioned specifically. Did they notice that in 1996 the Supreme Court once again ruled in favor of specific enumeration? “Technically such language would protect teachers who engage in teacher-student sexual relations. It’s just another way of expressing who they are.” In no way does it say that. If school employees and teachers are interested in sex with students then obviously they are disbarred from a career in education.


May 17 , 2010 •

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May 17 , 2010 •

D’Anne Witkowski

mental rights” Glenn and his band of ministers claim are being violated? The right to punch a homo in the name of God? But hey, the suit’s convoluted argument is good enough for U.S. Rep. Steve King (RIowa), who sent the group a letter giving them props. “As a member of the House Committee that reads, “Nothing in this division shall be construed to prohibit any constitution- on the Judiciary, I worked hard to stop this legislation,” King writes. ally protected speech, ex“Like you, I believe this pressive conduct or activi‘Hate Crimes’ Act is unties (regardless of whether constitutional and marks com­pelled by, or central an unprecedented move to, a system of religious beto regulate and criminallief), including the exercise ize our thoughts.” of religion protected by That’s right. King thinks the first amendment to the the Hate Crimes Act conConstitution of the United stitutes thought control. States and peaceful picketIt doesn’t, of course, but ing or demonstration.” even if it did, everybody Minor detail. Maybe knows that thought conthis is why U.S. Attorney Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) trol can be easily thwarted General Eric Holder has with a helmet made of aluminum foil. called for the lawsuit to be dismissed. King continues, “Not only will this act Still, I can’t help but wonder, if the Hate Crimes Act already safeguards the consti- create a class of people that are ‘more tutional rights of homophobes and only equal than others,’ it will hinder your prohibits violent acts, what are the “funda- ability to preach the gospel and openly

Creep of the Week: Steve King


ome fools from Michigan have filed a federal law suit over last year’s Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which became federal law last year. The group is made up of three Michigan ministers and Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association’s Michigan division and the Mitten State’s No. 1 antigay creep. Their complaint? The Hate Crimes Prevention Act violates their first amendment right to speak out against homosexuality. They allege that the act has the “effect of deterring, inhibiting, and chilling the exercise of fundamental rights by persons ... who publicly oppose homosexual activism, the homosexual lifestyle and the homosexual agenda.” Wow, air tight argument, right? I mean, as long as you ignore the part of the act

LGBT Community Supports Health Care Reform

This is something gay men and lesbians would like to see more of. Over 81% of gays and lesbians feel that it is important to see print advertisements for health care carriers with information specifically intended for them as customers, including same-sex couple imagery and tailored messages. Bob Witeck, CEO of Witeck-Combs Comployer including 51% of LGBT adults. One out of LGBT adults report they are covered munications, noted, “We have long seen evithrough their spouse or partner’s health in- dence of health disparities across the entire LGBT population, particularly among lesbisurance policy. The national survey of 2,918 U.S. adults ages 18 and over was conducted online between April 12 and 19 by Harris Interactive, a global market research and consulting firm. This was in conjunction with Witeck-Combs Communications, Inc., a strategic public relations and marketing communications firm with special expertise in the LGBT market. When asked about factors to consider when choosing among private health care carriers, LGBT adults stated it is important that health insurance carriers offer their own employees access to domestic partner health benefits for same-sex couples. However, only 12% of LGBT adults report that they are “aware” of any health insurance provider that currently markets prodChris Berthelson ucts to the LGBT community specifically.

8 of 10 In Favor of New Law By Joey Amato


n a national survey following President Obama’s signature on the final health care reform legislation, 46% of all Americans expressed support for the plan. That measure of support, however, escalates sharply among gay men and lesbians, 79% of whom say they either strongly support or somewhat support President Obama’s plan for health care reform. When asked about their own health benefits coverage, 85% of all heterosexuals report they are insured, while 77% of LGBT adults also report they have health insurance today. Among gay men and lesbians specifically, 81% state they currently have health insurance coverage although this statistic drops markedly for lesbians, 73% and bisexual adults, 68%. Nearly half of all Americans say their insurance coverage is through their em-

19 teach biblical principles.” Unless folks are preaching the gospel using a tire iron and steel-toe boots and “teaching biblical principles” means beating some fags up outside of a gay club, it’s hard to see what King’s problem is. But logic has never stopped anti-gay folks in the past. When King says the Hate Crimes Act creates “a class of people that are ‘more equal than others,” what he means is that strengthening laws regarding brutality against LGBT folks acknowledges that LGBT folks not only exist but that they are at an increased risk of violence. Not only that, but that they deserve protection from said violence. The Hate Crimes Act doesn’t make hating gays illegal. What it does is tell folks that the United States, at the highest level of government, doesn’t tolerate violence against LGBT people. Apparently that’s not the kind of country King and the plaintiffs he praises want to live in. D’Anne Witkowski has been gay for pay since 2003. She’s a freelance writer and poet (believe it!). When she’s not taking on the creeps of the world she reviews rock and roll shows in Detroit with her twin sister.

ans, bisexual women and transgender adults. These findings appear to underscore the priority that many LGBT Americans give to affordable access to quality health care – and may help explain, in part, why support for national health care reform is unusually deep.” Witeck added that the survey outcomes contain equally important data for health insurance companies and employers too: “LGBT consumers, including same-sex couples and families, are eager for meaningful information, along with relevant products, services and opportunities that speak to them directly, respectfully and consistently. They wonder also why more companies including health carriers seem reticent to reach out to them in more direct and inclusive ways.” Chris Berthelson of Pompano Beach is in favor of the plan. “Give Obama credit. All Americans should have healthcare no matter what. We should provide everyone with a basic need,” he stated. Despite the overwhelming support the reform has received, some South Florida residents are skeptical. John Hitchcock, a loyal SFGN reader, states “I feel even though everyone should have access to healthcare it should not be force fed on anyone. In my opinion it’s going to do more damage than good.”


May 17 , 2010 •


May 17 , 2010 •

Embodying the Spirit of Dance Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre to Perform in Miami page 24

“Dance is bigger than the physical body. When you extend your arm, it doesn’t stop at the end of your fingers, because you’re dancing bigger than that; you’re dancing spirit.” — Judith Jamison, Artistic Director, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre.


May 17 , 2010 •

Nightlife by J.W. Arnold


ho needs a special occasion to party? We may still be weeks away from the Memorial Day weekend and the summer Pride season, but holidays or special events aren’t necessary for South Florida clubs, bars and restaurants to come up with a reason to come out and party. In fact, week in and week out, the busy calendar hardly lets up, thanks to the popular weekly line-up of theme nights, parties and tea dances our local clubs offer.


Wednesday, May 19

verybody’s favorite drag magician cum singer cum comedienne takes the stage tonight at the Alibi.Yes, we’re talking about the multitalented—and often multitasking—Cashetta! She’ll be doing three shows at 7, 8 and 9 p.m. in the swanky Manchester Room. Don’t miss her this week because soon she will take flight for her summer digs in Provincetown.


Thursday, May 20


he controversy in Miami Beach over outdoor drag performances at The Palace, a popular Ocean Drive hangout, may have been resolved, but the girls didn’t give an inch and the shows are still hot, hot, hot. Tonight, take in one of the legendary performances while enjoying a casual $29.99 prix fixe meal. Dinner seating is at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m. Get your RSVP in fast to

Jeff Dunham


Friday, May 21


Here are a few highlights of the week ahead: Monday, May 17


an you carry a tune or twirl a flaming baton? It’s not too late to dig out those old tap shoes or the accordian thats been gathering dust in the closet for all these years. Johnny’s on Broward Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale is holding the second round of open auditions for its “Johnny’s Got Talent” competition tonight. Touted as the first televised gay talent contest— thanks to the Internet—the winner will take home $10,000 in prizes. Auditions begin at 9 p.m. Tuesday, May 18


ho says you can’t find any fun north of the Broward County line? It’s King Me Tuesdays tonight at West Palm Beach’s popular new hangout, iRock, 2650 S. Military Trail. Enjoy $1 drafts until 11 p.m. and $5 well drinks all night long while taking in performances by some of the region’s most popular drag kings.

outh Beach favorite Twist has something for everyone. This evening, DJ Mika spins tribal beats and the hot Gaiety Dancers will be strutting their stuff in the Bungalow Bar. Show up early—we’re talking Happy Hour—and enjoy complimentary barbecue tonight in the garden, too. Twist is at 1057 Washington Ave. Saturday, May 22


ongtime ladies’ hangout New Moon on Wilton Dr. presents live performances on Saturday nights. Tonight, multitalented performer Bev McClellan returns to the stage to offer up a little bit of everything from Johnny Cash to Snow Patrol, as well as her own original compositions.

David Burnham

n Evening With David Burnham Broadway veteran David Burnham (Broadway: Light in the Piazza, Wicked) brings his new show of “Mostly Broadway” to the Miniaci Performing Arts Center for one night only. “Mostly Broadway” will take you on a musical journey showcasing songs from classic and modern Broadway. Including “As Long As You’re Mine” from “Wicked”, “Love To Me” from “The Light In The Piazza”, “Feeling Good” from “Roar of the Greasepaint...”, and “I Have Dreamed” from “The King And I”. VIP tickets include preferred seating, post event cocktail reception, and “Meet and greet” with the artist at the reception. May 22 at the Miniaci Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets start at $40.


Sunday, May 23


undays are all about brunch and tea dances. After your post-brunch food coma, head over to Epic nightclub in The Manor for the Studio 54 Tea Dance at 4 p.m. DJ Lazaro Leon will be in the booth spinning the anthems of the disco era and don’t miss a special performance by recording artist Lime, performing “Your Love” and “Angel Eyes.”

eff Dunham Stand-up comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham has been called “America’s favorite comedian” by He has appeared on numerous television shows, including Star Search, Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central Presents, The Tonight Show and Sonny With a Chance. According to the concert industry publication Pollstar, he is the top-grossing standup act in North America and has sold over four million DVDs of his live performances. May 19 at the Bank Atlantic Center. Tickets start at $45.25.

Jonny Lang

onny Lang Grammy Award-winning guitar virtuoso Jonny Lang returns to the Parker Playhouse as part of his “Live by Request” tour, which allows local fans to log on to Jonny’s web site and request songs for him to perform at the concert. Lang will be playing songs from his eagerly anticipated album Live at the Ryman, which will be released April 20th and pays tribute to the blues as not only an art form unto itself, but as the wellspring for every meaningful and enduring form of music to follow. Lang’s music is a cool blend of blues, rock, zydeco-tinged gospel and jazz. May 23 at the Parker Playhouse. Tickets start at $35.


May 17 , 2010 •

Chillounge Night Delray One-of-a-Kind Event Will Transform Delray Beach’s Great Lawn By Joey Amato


ointreau Chillounge Night, an upscale outdoor event that transforms a public area into a posh nightclub and lounge for one night only, is coming to downtown Delray Beach for the first time on Friday, May 21 and will benefit Nat King Cole Generation Hope, Inc, an organization created to benefit music programs in schools. Cointreau will once again be the presenting sponsor for this exotic transformation. Since the first Chillounge Night was held in Sarasota in 2008, the popular club-like concept has expanded to additional Florida cities that include Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando and Fort Myers. The last event in Orlando drew over 4,000 attendees and made for a spectacular evening. Delray Beach’s first Cointreau Chillounge Night will be held at The Great Lawn,

the beautiful new park area between Old School Square and NE 2nd Avenue. Hundreds of chic daybeds and other outdoor furnishings will be set up to create a cozy, comfortable setting for an evening of food, drink and entertainment that will be held from 6:30 – 11:30 p.m. Admission to the elegant outdoor area, complete with lights, sound system, and a stage that will be filled with musical entertainment, dance performances, fashion models and more, is $20 per person at the door. Guests must be 21 or older to attend. Advance tickets are on sale now for $15 while a limited number of VIP tickets, which include complimentary food and a full bar in an exclusive VIP section, are available for $75. In addition to the wonderful line-up of live musical entertainment, which includes smooth jazz sounds, there will be a showcase fashion show highlighting the area’s

hottest designer Shy Figaro. At 10 p.m., a fireworks display will be presented and of course, Chillounge Night’s signature Brazilian Samba Parade by Paulo Gualano will cap off the evening. The upscale event is the creation of founder Rainer Scheer, a Sarasota resident and gallery owner. His first Chillounge Night was held Feb. 2, 2008 in downtown Sarasota and attracted 2,500 attendees. That evening’s activities included tango dancers, opera singers, jazz musicians, a fashion show, cigar lounge, lively Brazilian Samba dancers and procession, a line-up that is followed in each city where Chillounge sets up. “We create a beautiful atmosphere and

provide an experience that combines music, fashion, dance and great food, all within an elegant setting that offers a perfect place to have fun, meet people and chill,” said Scheer. For additional information or to purchase tickets, visit


May 17 , 2010 •


Embodying the Spirit of Dance Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre to Perform in Miami By Mary Damiano Arts Editor

[marriage is T so gay] By A. Sebastian Fortino

advised to switch over to a fan page. The three friends really epitomize equality. Out of the trio, only Solomon is gay. s a journalist, we find leads The fan page has already grown to 2,700 where we find them so it should members.The website allows you to purchase come as no surprise that Facethe shirts for $19.95 and donates a portion book brought my attention to the [marriage is so gay] fan page. The tee-shirts were of the funds to organizations supporting marriage equality.The designs are printed on high started by 3 friends in 2008 during a ride quality American Apparel tee shirts. up to Martha’s Vineyard. “We chose American Apparel because “A straight friend saw an equality sticker on the back of a car as we were driving up it is sweatshop free, and American made,” said Solomon. “Since we are promoting civil to a work-sponsored retreat. I told him rights we didn’t want to have any kind of that the HRC lobbies on behalf of gays Kathy Lee Gifford sweatshop scandal asand lesbians,” says Reggie Solomon, of the Yale Office of New Haven and State Affairs. sociated with the shirts.” American Apparel has an equality tee“During the retreat one of my colleagues shirt of their own, Legalize Gay, which are came up with the phrase “marriage is so gay” and we thought it would make a great also available on their website. The three friends all have full time jobs tee shirt.” Since then, they have produced the shirt during the day. The site is updated each with the HRC logo on it. They are available Monday. They are keeping a tally of how for sale at HRC stores and the website. The many people buy the shirt. According to the website so far 9,732 people believe group had a boost when Mike Manning of marriage is so gay. When they reach the the Real World wore the HRC version of 100,000 mark they plan to have an equality the shirt in one episode. party. This is not a labor of love, as much as Initially, the three friends; Solomon, Ben a labor of equality. Berkowitz, and Andy Horowitz decided to let the buzz spread by word of mouth. Then they started a Facebook group, when For more information please visit – and purchase numbers rose to over 40,000 they were from –


he dancing spirit is alive within Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, which will perform at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami this week, the finale of their 20 city tour honoring Judith Jamison’s 20th year as artistic director. Among the dancers are several Miami natives, Amos J. Machanic, Jr., Jamar Roberts and Yusha-Marie Sorzano, who, along with the rest of the company, will perform dramatic new productions, repertory favorites and the Ailey classic, Revelations. The engagement at the Arsht will feature a new production of Hymn, Jamison’s Emmy Award-winning homage to company founder Alvin Ailey, as well as the premiere of Dancing Spirit, Ronald K. Brown’s tribute to Jamison’s profound influence on the world of dance. Dancing Spirit echoes the title of Jamison’s autobiography and is set to music by Duke Ellington, Wynton Marsalis and War. The program also features Uptown, the first piece for the company by Matthew Rushing, an 18-year veteran of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. Set during the Harlem Renaissance, Uptown brings to life the era’s legends and swinging glory, and is set to the vibrant music of Fats Waller, Eubie Blake, Nat “King” Cole and more.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre will perform at the Adrienne Arsht Center May 20-23. For a complete performance schedule, visit For more information about the company, visit

Performances begin Thursday, May 20, with a Best of 20 Years special program highlighting excerpts from 12 of the nearly 100 ballets that Jamison has commissioned or revived in the Ailey repertory during her two decades of leadership. Though the program varies for each performance, Alvin Ailey’s signature masterpiece, Revelations, will be performed at each show. The dance is regarded as a must-see for everyone. Founded by Alvin Ailey in 1958, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s inspiring performances, has been seen in more than 70 countries on six continents. During her 15 years performing with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Ailey created some of his most enduring roles for Jamison, enabling her to break down racial barriers and become internationally acclaimed. “I can’t wait to see South Florida audiences join my extraordinary dancers on this season’s inspiring journey through the past two decades and into the future,” says Jamison. “We know how to fly, we really do.”


May 17 , 2010 •

Miami Gay Men’s Chorus

Concert Miami Beach: A Twinkle in Time Miami Gay Men’s Chorus May 21-23, Fri. and Sat. 8 p.m., Sun. 3 p.m. Tickets $15-30 at

proceed through the decades, they experience the swing rhythms of the ‘40s, the Rat Pack standards of the ‘50s and even the disco anthems of the ‘70s that were heard in nightclubs around the city. The program also includes a salute to Cher and Madonna, a musical tribute to the victims of the AIDS epidemic, and a specially commissioned piece by Lobdell and Fermin Rojas, who also wrote the book for the concert. Allen says the Miami Beach of the past and present are plenty of fun, but it’s the Miami Beach of the future that will be most thought-provoking for audiences. “In the future, she ends up in South Beach. Global warming has occurred and the city is underwater. There she meets a manatee and she embarks on a familiar journey. Miss Twin- flamingo who are married. She is amazed by time by chorus member Sandy Allen, will this, but puzzled why gays still aren’t allowed take audiences through a journey of Charles kleton is first visited by the Angel of Death, By J.W. Arnold in this case, Cher, and later by three ghosts of to get married in her time,” Allen says. Dickens-ian proportions. But, Allen points out, every show must According to Allen, an eight year veteran Miami Beach––past, present and future.” “A Twinkle in Time” have a happy ending, and Miss Twinkleton The chorus provides the musical accomof the chorus and board member, Miss – Chorus Celebrates Miami Beach’s History finally wakes from her self-induced coma, paniment for the journey through Miami Twinkleton becomes distraught: Beach’s history. They celebrate the early days relieved to find her school has been saved “The School for Sensitive Boys has he illustrious character Miss and everyone celebrates by putting on a of the city, which was built by Carl Fischer closed down because there’s no more Twinkleton, headmistress of a in the 1920s and 30s, and through extensive production of “Hello, Dolly.” school for sensitive boys, returns funding for magnet schools,” he explains. And, for the record, Allen emphasizes “We find her lying in bed, (Mozart’s) “Lac- research rediscovered several songs of the to Miami Beach this weekend for a perforhe is no drag queen. While he is 6 feet 2 rymosa” playing in the background, and she period about the city that had been forgotmance with the Miami Gay Men’s Chorus. inches tall and hardly petite, he will don ten and created new arrangements. These proclaims she can’t take it anymore. She’s Entitled, “A Twinkle in Time,” the show, wigs and heels for the fun of the show arrangements by Assistant Conductor and lost her passion and swallows a handful under the baton of Artistic Director AnAccompanist Chris Lobdell will be donated and promises that the efforts of all of the of pills….the only catch is she mistakenly thony Cabrera, will highlight Miami Beach’s took Altoids and instead of overdosing, she to the Miami Beach Public Library for future members of chorus will bring a smile to history from its founding 95 years ago. audiences as they celebrate the history of use by other performing groups. Making a comeback appearance with the 75 goes into a sugar coma.” Miami Beach. As Miss Twinkleton and her escorts He adds, “That’s where the fun begins as member chorus, Miss Twinkleton, played this


O ver 25 Years of Service

1600 So. Federal Highway #801 Pompano Beach, FL 33062 Telephone: 954.946.0916 Fax: 954.782.3909 E-mail:


May 17 , 2010 •

Another Opening, Another Lunch With the Premiere of His 19th Play,There’s No Doubt about Michael McKeever’s Success By Mary Damiano

the American judicial system,” says McKeever. “Now that I’m sitting through the Arts Editor rehearsals, I’m finding that it’s more about redemption, and about coming to terms ichael McKeever meets me with forgiving people who’ve done things for lunch at Rosie’s in Wilton to us, and forgiving ourselves for things that Manors. It’s a scorching May we’ve done to others, all wrapped up in a afternoon, but we still sit outside on the patio, amidst the restaurant’s lush landscap- story about the law.” McKeever calls Unreasonable Doubt his ing and oscillating misting fans. We meet for lunch or dinner or dessert award play, which is how it came to the attention of David Arisco, artistic director every time McKeever opens a new play, at Actors’ Playhouse. McKeever entered the which means we’ve done this about seven play in the theatre’s Pen to Stage competitimes in the last seven years, ever since his tion last year and won one of two top play A Town Like Irving premiered at New spots. (Coincidentally, South Florida playTheatre, and we had a late night interview wright Chris Demos-Brown won the other over apple pie at Denny’s. McKeever is top spot with his play When the Sun Shone South Florida’s most prolific and well-produced playwright—his new play, Unreason- Brighter. That play made its world premiere able Doubt, which made its world premiere at Florida Stage last week, the same night as McKeever’s last Friday at Actors’ Playhouse in Coral Unreasonable Gables, is his 19th play. But in addition to his career as a playwright, McKeever is also Doubt.) This is only a successful graphic artist, set designer and the second actor. In fact, when Unreasonable Doubt world premiere opened at Actors’ Playhouse, McKeever of a dramatic wasn’t in the audience, because he was Playwright Michael McKeever, seated, play at Actors’ on stage at the Caldwell Theatre in Boca surrounded by the cast of his new play Unreasonable Doubt Raton, delivering his laugh-out-loud perfor- Playhouse, and it “I’ve always wanted to live in New York, me advice,” mance playing four characters in Distracted. means McKeever and there’s a very good chance I’ll do it, but McKeever can add another We order our lunch before getting not any time in the very near future,” says says. “I love notch to his down to talking about the show, a Miss McKeever. He then relates a conversation working professional West Texas Wrap and a Coke for me, a Gordon McConnell and Terrell Hardcastle he had with someone regarding the success with them, I belt. The Miami Young Ranch Hand and a coffee for him. in Unreasonable Doubt of playwright Terrell McCraney, a South love seeing native is thrilled The meal is a McKeever regular, but the Florida playwright who now has had a hot the direction the art is going, I love hearcoffee is not—McKeever is the kind of guy that each of his plays have premiered at career in New York. The person wanted to ing the new voices. In the past five years, South Florida theatres, including Palm who looks naked without a cocktail. But it know if McKeever regretted never leaving Beach Dramaworks, Florida Stage, Caldwell plays are being developed and produced is a Wednesday and after lunch he’s got a South Florida and tasting that kind of sucand premiered here, and then going out to matinee and an evening performance at the Theatre and New Theatre. His short plays other parts of the country. South Florida has cess. McKeever’s reply? have been produced at City Theatre, Mad Caldwell. Cocktails are off-limits for today. “You have to define success. I’m supbecome an incubator, and I’m really proud Unreasonable Doubt is about an enraged Cat Theatre, and Naked Stage. porting myself comfortably in a job I love, to be a part of that.” McKeever is proud of his accomplishand grief-stricken father whose young working with people I love, living in a place After more chatting, eating and indulgments here in South Florida, and loves bedaughter has been raped, tortured and I love,” McKeever says. “To me that’s pretty ing in some off-the-record gossip, it’s time ing an integral part of the region’s evolving murdered. He kidnaps the defense attorsuccessful.” for McKeever to hit I-95 and get to the theatre scene. ney who helped set the man responsible Caldwell for the matinee of Distracted. I “What I like, being at this stage in my free, and holds the attorney in a remote, wonder if we might lose him one day, if he’ll Unreasonable Doubt runs through June 6 at rundown cottage, determined to extract his career, is that there’s this new crop of Actors’ Playhouse, 280 Miracle Mile, playwrights—including Marco Ramirez, Terry move on and become someone from South own brand of justice. Coral Gables. For more information, call Florida, but not someone who lives here Lawrence, Chris Demos-Brown—all these “I keep saying it’s a play about the law 305-444-9293 or visit wonderful, talented playwrights, and they ask and plies his art here. and about the role defense lawyers play in Albert Romeau Photography



May 17 , 2010 •

Wolf Cuff By A. Sebastian Fortino


we Schroeder of Wolf Cuff believes art is the combination of craft and creativity. This dedication to craftsmanship is often lost in a landscape dotted with “big box stores.” It makes sense that Uwe comes from a land dominated by castles and cathedrals – not Wal-Marts. The Schlösser und Kathedralen, as he would say in his native Solingen, Germany outside of Cologne, informs his technique. As a boy growing up, he frequented the armory and Roman museums. “Since I was a child, I loved the armory. Of course the leather was restored and maintained but the connection to the past is amazing,” said Schroeder. His grandfather was a blade sharpener, an important trade in Solingen, home of J. A. Henckels. He attributes his interest in making the cuffs, partially at least, to seeing his grandfather at his stone, then polishing the blades on wide leather straps. Wolf Cuff came about when he gave a cuff he really loved to a friend who admired it, this past Christmas. He thought finding a replacement would be easy. However, the alligator cuffs he found were close to $300. Examples from designers like Diesel lacked the personality that the cuff he gave away possessed. So, as any industrious German would do, he made his own. The cuffs are not just beautiful, but the weight and density of them rivals any of the cuffs you can find at malls. “Two separate pieces of leather are cut then joined together. This makes it look like one continuous piece but it’s really two. This gives the cuff its thickness,” he says. “This is

an old, maybe medieval technique, although I learned it with paper, when I was in an elementary school art class.” Each of his cuffs goes through a traditional process of cutting out the raw hide, dyeing, riveting, joining, and polishing. The Wolf Cuff logo is stamped onto the cuff as well. The purpose of the cuffs, historically, is to protect wrists in combat. Uwe is proud that his cuffs serve – to some buyers – a similar purpose. “Bikers buy the cuffs to protect their wrists when they ride,” he added proudly. “But the fashion conscious buy them too, to go with designer tee-shirts and jeans.” Unlike mass-produced leather cuffs Uwe’s designs will not be easily damaged by water or excessive wear. “It’s very easy to cut a piece of leather, and put two snaps on it. My cuffs are not arm bands, Wolf Cuff is a different animal,” he said over a café con leche in Fort Lauderdale. In terms of animals, Uwe prefers to work with cowhide. He seeks out his leather from smaller distributors, and purchases from local vendors as much as possible. Recently he has been experimenting with exotic skins. He showed me alligator, stingray, ostrich, and lizard skins from a dealer in Melbourne, Fl.

Some of Schroeder’s Creations

Uwe Schroeder

“Yet, I don’t want to be the exotic skin guy, some people might think it’s creepy,” he laughed. “Besides, the process with the cow leather really shows off the workmanship that goes into creating the cuffs.” The other skins are more delicate, and must be mounted to cowhide for durability. In terms of alligator and other exotic skins the public need not worry that these animals were hunted illegally. “In Florida we have an overpopulation of alligators, so licensed hunters are permitted to reduce their numbers,” he assures our readers. “Although some of the skins come from alligator farms though, where they are raised for their meat and the skin is seen as a byproduct.” The supple alligator skin was indeed still tagged. Exotic pelts, such as Ring and Teju lizard, were stamped with a seal from

the Indonesian government. In addition to sturdiness, Wolf Cuff has another advantage in not being mass-produced. There are ten models, such as the Radius, with circular cuts on the overlapping leather, and the Tower, which looks like a chess piece. The Coliseum comes with two antique Roman coins firmly attached to the leather face. When the Gay Rodeo was in town he made a series of Western cuffs. Steer heads, turquoise grommets, sheriff stars and the like are appropriate for any cowboys – or Annie Oakleys – in your life. He can customize as well and add anything you fancy, as long as he can mount it to leather or skin. Wolf Cuff is still in its infancy, but its artistry should take Uwe far. The alligator hunters have even offered him a little adventure. “I have yet to go pick out my alligator,” he chuckled. “This is certainly not something I could do in Germany.” For more information please visit or stop by Uwe’s stand at the Wilton Manors Art Walk, on the third Friday of this month, in front of Georgie’s Alibi.


May 17 , 2010 •

New Website Promises to Connect LGBT Professionals

dot429 Holds Events in Four Cities By Joey Amato


ot429, is a new professional network for the LGBT community and our allies. The company strives to connect professionals online and in person. The organization promises the ability to access some of the most “influential and successful among the LGBT community.” Richard Klein, CEO of dot429 states: “I am excited to share with you that we have launched our website. People from all around the world can now become a part of something that is already making a difference.” The company was founded with the mission to connect LBGT individuals and allies to harness their collective power. “The connections you make online and in person at dot429 will help your career and enrich your life,” states Klein. The site, features articles, a list of upcoming networking events as well as interviews with members and an image gallery. Currently, the company has scheduled events in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.“We’ll be holding bi-monthly brunches in other major cities real soon,” ensures Klein. People are encouraged to register on the site and create a profile. At that time, members will be afforded the chance to connect with movers and shakers in the community as well as RSVP to upcoming events. For more information, go to


May 17 , 2010 •

Heard it on...


“The late-night talk show started off strong but tumbled in the ratings as the season went on and fell below the performance of predecessor MadTV in the Saturday 11 PM hour,” reports Andreeva. “Fox has options for the late-night Saturday slot. It has been actively developing sketch comedies this pilot season and ordered two pilots, one written by and starring Dana Carvey and Spike Feresten, with another, from Jamie Foxx and MadTV creators Fax Bahr and Adam Small. Coincidentally, Fox aired MadTV and Spike Feresten’s talk show in late-night on Saturday before canceling them last spring and launching The Wanda Sykes Show. But the two new sketch shows were not developed specifically for late night. Sources said Fox is also considering them for primetime, possibly on Fridays or Saturdays.”

While strip clubs are lawful in Fort Lauderdale, offering for acts of prostitution is not. Anyway, seems that the Fort Lauderdale Police Department got themselves into a tither this past weekend, sending a couple of undercover opGays Lash Out at eratives into some local Laura Bush for male dance clubs. Late Support At Cozmo’s, on East Former First Lady Laura Oakland Park Boulevard, Bush recently appeared on Laura Bush: supports gay marriage only in her heart a couple of warnings CNN’s Larry King Live to were issued and the police told Chloe, promote her upcoming autobiography entithe company’s mascot and popular year tled “Spoken From The Heart.” On the show, old chimpanzee, he was not old enough Bush confessed that she and her husband to drink. They did, of course, exclude were of different minds on the issue of Banana-Daiquiris. Gay Marriage. Laura Bush posited that she Meanwhile, at Johnny’s on West believed the institution of Gay Marriage was Broward Boulevard, two dancers were inevitable and that she supports equality. actually taken into custody for rubbing an The reaction from gays and lesbians on undercover detective’s thighs just a little Facebook was not exactly one of gratitude. too closely ‘down there.’ The official citaAs soon as the link to the video hit the tion was for offering for prostitution. They social networking site via groups like “Liberwere booked on a $300 bond and released. al Democratic Party” friends of “Joe.My.God Stated proprietor Sean David, “If they (Blogger, Joe Jervis)” and the “Gay & Lesbian did that it was outside company policy. Our Victory Fund,” thousands of gays weighed in dancers know the rules and we follow them on the revelation and the result might not and they can make plenty of money staying have been what Mrs. Bush expected. within the law.” “Unless she’s running for congress,” says All local clubs have strict policies directone commenter, “this is useless informaing the dancers, all independent contractors, tion.” Another says, “I think they had her from offering customers sex for money. all doped up on pills for 8 years.” The thousands of comments go on: “She had 8 [expletive] years to say this when it would Fox reportedly plans count for something – Republican women to DROP Wanda SYKes According to TV editor Nellie Andre- are the worst.” Only occasionally, would a lone facebook eva at Deadline Hollywood, the late-night user dare to defend the former First Lady talk show has tumbled so far in the ratings that the network plans to replace it, perhaps by saying something akin to “at least she’s saying it now, and that’s progress.” with a new sketch comedy show.

Gay Actors Respond to Newsweek Claim By A. Sebastian Fortino

said it was, “infuriating on so many levels.” Urie, who identifies as queer, found the Newsweek writer’s words to be “unconscionable.” ewsweek entertainment writer They point out that straight actors – such Ramin Setoodeh initially stirred up the ire of at least two actors as Tom Hanks in Philadelphia – are never currently in major New York City plays. This criticized in terms of how well they play gay. Setoodeh even went so far as to call Rock was because Setoodeh not only blanketed the concept of gay actors playing straight as Hudson’s classic roles as unbelievable. Paul Hagen, New York City-based gay playimpossible – he named names. wright, radio personality, and editor-in-chief Since then the creator of Glee, Ryan of Metro Source magazine Murphy, has since openly has given the controversy launched a boycott of much thought. Newsweek, until “Sean “I think it’s some sort Hayes and other brave of wish fulfillment by out actors who were society that wants to cruelly singled out in believe that sexuality is this damaging, needlessly fluid.Yet on the same cruel… bigoted piece” token that homosexuality receive an apology from is a choice, which it’s not. Setoodeh. That the NewsMontgomery Clift, who by Why do we suspend the week writer is himself Newsweek’s standards, could not disbelief of Heath Ledger gay is both surprising and portray a straight character, somehow managed to get 4 Oscar playing a gay man in Brokedisconcerting, leading to nominations for best actor back Mountain? Yet saying the expected accusations gay men as a whole should not play straight of his being a self-loathing gay man. men is a ridiculous double standard.” Cheyenne Jackson, in Finian’s Rainbow, and Hagen added that certain actors are meant a guest star on 30 Rock and Michael Urie, of The Tempermentals, and formerly of Ugly Betty for certain parts, but making a blanket statement that all gay people cannot play straight were not pleased. people goes against the very craft of acting. Murphy was right about one thing, “What people can and cannot convincSetoodeh’s words were cruel. The writer ingly portray in acting is about talent, skill, said that Sean Hayes, currently starring appearance, and presence in a role. This has in Promises, Promises was “…the big, pink nothing to do with whom you take to bed.” elephant in the room.” He claimed his Wittily the playwright added, “This is not the interaction with Kristen Chenowith, whom his character falls in love with, is – summarily best publicity for a writer on the staff of a magazine that is for sale.” – non-believable. Setoodeh has come under fire previously, He even goes after out, youthful, Broadin terms of a similar topic. In November way veteran, Jonathon Groff, now on Glee. 2009 he wrote that gay characters on TV Setoodeh claims the actor performs with once promoted acceptance but that “now, scowls and ponders if that is a “substitute they might be hurting it.” for being straight.” His criticism of Groff Urie, who in The Tempermentals plays an in Glee sounds more like the mocking tone Austrian, reminded those in attendance after of a straight, anti-gay writer than one of an his performance that he is not from Vienna. unbiased reviewer. “When [Groff] smiles or giggles, he seems Jackson, who has been out publicly since 2004 more like your average theater queen, a bet- stated that equality should be a part of the theater as it should be a part of every day life. ter romantic match for Kurt than Rachel.” “I hope we can get to the day where the Jackson and Urie were asked after a best actor gets the part,” Jackson said. “End performance of The Tempermentals what they of story.” thought of Setoodeh’s commentary. Jackson


Markus Klinko & Indrani


May 17 , 2010 •

Toni Braxton Finds Her Pulse Soulstress Un-Breaks Hearts with Her First Album in Five Years—and Opens Her Own to the Gays By Chris Azzopardi


oni Braxton’s loving the ladies. Regardless of lesbian rumors that swirled around years ago, the R&B singer who rode a massive wave to superstardom with the ubiquitous mid-’90s ballad “UnBreak My Heart” isn’t ashamed to mack on fly females. Or dish on her dramatic family, which we’ll see more of during her upcoming Bravo reality show. Or tell you that her sultry voice – one of robust power that’s nabbed her numerous Grammys – tinkers with Auto-Tune on her first album in five years, Pulse. Whatever it is, Braxton’s not one to hide it – and in our interview, the singer was very vocal about the gays making her a better woman, the fresh batch of female artists and Ellen DeGeneres being man enough for her.

How conscious were you of your

father was a clergyman. How

gay fans when you made Pulse?

did that shape your feelings on

I love my boys because my boys help me be a better girl. My choreographer and my video director are gay, and they’ve been my best friends since I started in the industry. They tell me, “No, no, no, girl.You don’t walk like that anymore. Girls walk like this.” I’m like, “We do?! What else do we do?” They’re my favorite part of the whole industry.

gay people?

Oh gosh, when I was younger everything was about the Bible. They believed that women shouldn’t wear pants, so I never wore pants until I was 14. I didn’t listen to secular music. It was very old school. But when I got older, I learned things for myself.

my family and how it affects the other family members. It’s going to be a very animated show to say the least. Early in your career there were lesbian rumors that you denied. Remember that?

I do remember that! Now that you’ve gone through a couple of men, have you

How are you raising

changed your mind?

your kids then?

(Laughs) I have a few girl crushes, like, “Mmm, she’s kind of cute” or “Gosh, I love her body.” I have a terrible crush on Ellen (DeGeneres) and everyone around me knows it. She makes me laugh, and she’s girl enough and dude enough at the same time. And I love Salma Hayek.

“Un-Break My Heart.” I guess that’s when we recognized all the support. And it was really wonderful. So when we did “Make My Heart” we had no idea that was the audience that was going to love it most.

There’s one little kid in one of my son’s classes and my son said, “Mommy, he acts like a girl. Will I act like a girl?” I’m like, “It’s not that he acts like a girl; he acts like himself. It’s not something you can become.You’re born a way, and it’s OK because people are born different ways.”

Will that be reflected on Pulse?

Will your Bravo reality show

“Hands Tied” video. Are you

that’s set to air in the fall be

one in real life?

more Being Bobby Brown or

When I was younger I was probably a tease because sex before marriage was a bad thing. I had to let that go, too! (Laughs) Not as much being older, but I can be a tease when I need to be. But I haven’t been practicing because I’m separated.

When did you first know you had a gay following?

You’re such a tease in the

A little bit of my health with the song “Pulse.” I made it, of course, about love. Sometimes Would you call this you think love’s dead and that a comeback? one little heartbeat gives you that I’d call it anything you want spark to go for it again. There’s to call it! I’m just really glad to be back at work again, because I also a song called “Woman” where I’m talking to guys, telling didn’t think I’d ever be. For me, them what women want, and it’s a really great moment. that’s personal with me going through a separation. There’s How do you feel the female “Why Won’t You Love Me,” and I artist pool has changed since think everyone knows the feeling that decade? The industry’s pretty much still of when they’re in a relationship and you’re the one who gives a the same. It’s always about the bottom line, which is unfortunate little more than the other person: “Why won’t you love? I make love and can sometimes take away from the creativity.What’s great is to you, I cook for you, what else the newer artists get to be a little can I do to make you love me?” It’s more of a purging moment. bit more creative. The video for the second single,

You grew up in a strict, reli-

“Make My Heart,” is so gay.

gious household, where your

Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List?

I don’t know. I’ve never done a show like this before. It’s called Braxton Family Values, like Addams Family Values and it’s about myself and my entire family. It’s so much drama because there are so many different opinions. I’m the person in my family who’s most successful and I don’t like to say head butting, but some of my sisters are like, “I wish I had that!” And some of my sisters are like, “I’m fine with my life being this way.” Everyone wants them to be Toni Braxton’s sister, and when I’m hot, they’re hot and when I’m not, they’re not. It’s about how I feel being an artist, being the most successful person in

Now’s the best time to practice.

Exactly! Your Twitter page lists you as a cake-maker. Would you consider opening up a bakery?

I love cooking and baking cakes, but oh god, Ace of Cakes? Not for me! I’m not that good. However, I do like to bake a lot, so I can make a guy – whomever I’m with – very, very happy.


May 17 , 2010 •

Truman’s Mansion By A. Sebastian Fortino


f you have a cool $18 million lying around, love literary and gay history, and are in search of a place in Brooklyn, you might want to direct your attentions to the former Brooklyn Heights mansion of famed auteur Truman Capote. The 11 bedroom, 18 room mansion, with 11 fireplaces built in 1839 is currently on the market.

The interior, exterior, and sumptuous garden recall a country mansion in the Old South, perhaps why Capote was drawn to it. “It’s like living in a country estate in the middle of New York City,” says Karen Heyman of Sotheby’s. It was here that Truman convinced the owner of the home, famed Broadway Art Director Oliver Smith, to rent the garden level apartment to him in 1955. According to Truman he had to get Smith “blitzed” on martinis before he would agree to the deal. It was here underneath cut glass chandeliers that Holly Golightly was born, and the writer’s last great work, “In Cold Blood” was written. This will be the most expensive home sold in Brooklyn if it fetches its asking price. It’s quite a steal if you think about it. Madonna just bought a brownstone on the Upper East Side for $40 million dollars. The websites consulted thus far don’t mention what subway lines it is near, but that it does have 4 parking spaces. Given the difficulty of parking anywhere in New York the $18 million might be worth it for that alone.

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Not Short Sale or REO! Quick closing! New Construction Home, Custom-built in 2007. 25’ foyer entrance. 3,200 Sq Ft. Master Suite with cabana bath on the 1st Floor. 3 Bedrooms upstairs, including Master Suite with terraces, in-suite fireplace. Celebrity walk-in closet, complete with water views! Heated Pool, Spa, Tiki Hut. Spiral staircase to 900 Sq Ft, 360 degree rooftop terrace! 88’ of Waterfrontage!

$59 5,00 0

Not Short Sale or REO! Quick closing! 100 Feet on the Water, 11’ high Fixed Bridge. 2 minute boat ride to Intracoastal Waterway. 3 Bedroom, 3 full bath. Hardwood floors. Large patio. Beautiful pool. Water view. Lowest-priced house in The Landings. OFFERED BY VINCENT CLANCY 954-993-1745 AND DALIA BACIULYTE 954-600-2373

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Crossword Puzzle

52 R.E.M.’s “The ___ Love” 53 Land of Margaret Cho’s Across ancestors 1 Dick Button’s field 55 A Brit soldier may shoot 8 Virginia Woolf novel it off 15 A soft drink may have one 56 Didst reside 16 More like Albert in 57 After 38-Across, Harmsen’s The Birdcage mother’s motto 17 What drawers do 60 Copland, for example 18 Lost one’s cool 63 Cheapen 19 Rd. for a mail carrier 67 Hans Christian Andersen’s 20 With 38-Across, Harmsen’s naked marcher T-shirt motto 68 Of the seventh planet or a 23 Chemical ending Kinsey 6 24 Queen, to a dealer 69 Removable section of Genre 26 You’ve Got Mail director Nora 70 Caters basely 27 Body passageway 28 Come next Down 30 Part of DOS (abbr.) 1 Hard to come by 31 “Great balls of fire!” 2 “Gay Hitler” actor Chris 32 Short-order sandwich for 3 Changes a suit porkers? 4 Rocky crag 34 Summer zodiac sign 5 Concerns of 35 Boob tubes 6 Area of expertise 38 See 20-Across or 57-Across 7 Edith Head outfits, e.g. 43 Boxing ref’s end to a 8 Hoofing it butt-whipping 9 _The L Word_ episode, e.g. 46 Offend the olfactories 10 Cruise obnoxiously 48 “Put roses on the piano and 11 Canine care org. ___ on the organ” 12 La Femme of espionage 49 Harmsen of this puzzle’s 13 Signed over theme 14 Info for waiters 50 Series ender 21 Gay Talese’s 51 Weapons for Buffy ___ Neighbor’s Wife Social Nyet-working

22 Periods that last 525,600 min. 25 Tap the shoulder of one kneeling in front of you 27 “Where did ___ wrong?” 29 Fairy’s cousin 31 Comics cry 33 Skin designs, for short 34 Bad bottom-line news 35 Sci-fi sky journey 36 Kill, as a bill 37 Mark with a branding iron 39 Circumcise? 40 Tickle pink 41 Took part in an AIDS ride 42 Let one’s guard down 43 Piercing part 44 Faint, with “over” 45 What tail 47 Grease director Randal 49 Dike’s protect it 54 Elroy Jetson stroked him 56 Piece in the parlor 58 Long pants, for short 59 Wang in fashion 60 Ran into 61 ___ Zion church 62 Air quality watchdog org. 64 Stay in bed, or say, perhaps, “You were great in bed!” 65 Egypt and Syr., once 66 Printer’s measures Solution on page 47




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D.C. Teens Charged in Murder of Gay Principal Victim Met Killer in Phone Chat Room By Cliff Dunn


ontgomery County, Maryland police have charged three teenagers with murdering a popular gay Washington, D.C. middle school principal. It was the second such similar killing for the nation’s capital over the last six months. Deontra Gray, Sharif Lau Lancaster and Alante Saunders, all 18 years old, had met Brian Betts on a phone sex chat line just hours before he was killed. Lancaster’s mother, Artura Otey Williams, 46, has been released after being charged with misdemeanors connected to Betts’ stolen credit cards. Officials say that the search for suspects is not over yet. Police say that it’s still an open investigation and that more arrests are possible. Police believe that robbery was the motive. Betts, 42, was found dead in his home

Brian Betts

on April 15 after failing to appear for work. According to The Washington Post: “Montgomery Police Chief J. Thomas Manger said

large and profitable phone line industry. Experts say that, ironically, one appeal of phone chat is safety. As noted by Greg Walker, President of Dynamix Unified Solutions in Fort Lauderdale, “Web sites can be tracked. It’s a lot harder to Suspects in the murder of Brian Betts track phone conversations.” On April 23, Washington, that there was no indication D.C.-based LGBT service organization The the teens had any relationship Center issued a warning through its Gays with Betts before the educator and Lesbians Opposing Violence initiative. arranged a meeting with one The warning said that, “In light of the reor more of them on the phone cent murders of Anthony Perkins and Brian line. Officers said they think Betts, Gays and Lesbians Opposing Violence the trio used the chat line to (GLOV) has reason to believe that gay men who arrange sexual encounters through webfind a target to rob.” The murder occurred in sites, chat rooms, or apps may be being tarthe aftermath of a similar geted for violent crime.” Since 2008 Betts had served as principal crime in which a gay man, Anthony Perkins, was shot at Shaw Middle School. He was described by to death in December 2009 one of his students as “the father I never had, after arranging to meet face- because my real father was always in and out to-face with someone he’d of my life.” The educator became a high-profile advocate for reform in D.C.’s school sysmet on a similar phone chat line. While chat services have mainly migrated tem, and was lauded by the system’s ChancelOnline, the Post reports that there’s still a lor as a person who was “truly amazing.”

Off the Wall continued from page 15

Mon 9-5, Tues 8-4, Wed 9-4 Thur 9-3, Fri 9-2

rather than making more credit available to the public was, well, unexpected. Or was it? I’m very cynical when Big Business, Politicians, Government agencies are involved. When we are governed by a Parliament of Whores there are no surprises. A prostitute might satisfy a sexual urge but don’t expect a kiss. The Treasury has thus far spent over 700 billion (who’s counting) in bailout money, yet there is no accountability, as to exactly who benefited by it, or where and how it was spent. Should we really bail out an auto industry producing lower quality, low mileage, needlessly oversized, higher cost cars that the competition easily beats? What do we accomplish by helping the weaker animal survive a little longer, just to die another day at much higher cost to us all? Why bailout banks and financial institutions who have literally stolen money from our pockets to finance the lavish lifestyles of their own cronies? That’s Socialism, for the rich. Why did we take it sitting down? Have we become just a bunch of brainwashed couch potatoes?

Personally I would love to see them all go down in flames. Bailouts, stimulus packages, spending, printing green bucks might give the economy a lift in the short run. Still, the government will have to borrow lots and lots of money by issuing more treasury obligations. To compete with these loans, (billions are owed to Communist China and our “good friends”, the Saudis), interest rates will surge to entice lenders. When interest rates go up, mortgages rates go up, house sales go down, and borrowing money is more costly. The trillions we are spending will have to be paid back, sooner rather than later, inflation will take off, and no matter what the Tea Baggers do or say, in their racially tinged madness, taxes will skyrocket. Or, we can do as Nero did, and let Rome burn down. Now all the talk is about “reforms” and “overhauls.” Having witnessed our Congress’ work (?) for the last 30 years. I’m sure both Republicans and Democrats will design enough loopholes and backdoors in the “new rules” to allow their benefactors, friends and pimps to continue raping the American peo-

ple, unchecked and unpunished. Then they’ll be going rogue and tour the talk show circuits to promote their new books. This mess started because the government mandated that banks and Fannie, Freddie & Ginnie, make home loans to people who could not afford them. Many let themselves be caught in the delusion and feeding frenzy. Perhaps achieving the American dream is something that is earned, not just given. The time has come to take a stand against concentrated financial power just as Teddy Roosevelt (a Republican no less) took a stand, a century ago, against concentrated industrial power. Unfettered corporate wealth and its influence on politics must be curbed. Oligarchies weaken democracy and distort competition. The current struggle is between powerful banking interests and whatever is left of our shaky democracy. Do we really care or should we continue to play the fiddle? I can already see Charlie Daniels as Nero in the redundant History Channel adaptation.


May 17 , 2010 •


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Rentals Fort Lauderdale FT LAUDERDALE - MIDDLE RIVER AREA LOW MOVE IN /EASY TERMS* 1BD/1BA in 4 unit bldg. All Tile $690/Mo. or $175/Wk*. W/D on premises. 6 or 12 Mo. Lease. 954-527-9225 ------------------------------------------------LAKERIDGE RENTAL HOME 3BD/2BA house in friendly neighborhood blocks from shopping, beach and Wilton Manors nightlife. Well maintained property, tile throughout, totally fenced yard, with ceiling fans and extra laundry/ mud room. (W/D not included). REDUCED $1,250/Mo.F/L/S. References. Call Randy for appt. 954-347-1016 ------------------------------------------------LAKERIDGE - PERFECT 1BR/1BA Newer everything, granite kitchen, icemaker. Steps to Holiday Park. $725/ Mo. F/S. Pets ok. Call 954-448-9811 ------------------------------------------------DROP-DEAD-GORGEOUS Supersized 1BD/1BA, All New!, open granite kit w/island, D/W, 15’x20’ Bdrm, central air, 1 yr. lease $915/Mo. F/S. Middle River Ter. Call 954-448-9811 ------------------------------------------------MIDDLE RIVER TERRACE - MINUTES TO WILTON DRIVE - IMMACULATE EFFICIENCY & 1/1’S With your own PRIVATE backyard or patio, tile floors, large closets, tile floors, newer kit/bath, water/garbage/pest cont incl., cable ready, W/D avail, QUIET all gay complex. No pets. $575-$700/Mo. Will work w/ you on move-in costs. Call 954-592-3772 ------------------------------------------------3 MINUTES TO WILTON DRIVE!! Large bright 1st floor corner 1BD/1BA in small private beautifully landscaped building! Freshly painted, ceramic tile throughout, lots of windows, updated kitchen, extra lrg walk-in closet, laundry on premises, good parking, small pet considered! $750/ month. 954-849-4944 or 954-242-7566.

------------------------------------------------731 NW 1ST AVEOFF OF ANDREWS AVE. Completely Remodeled 1BR/1BA on beautiful street lined with new townhouses. Large fenced yard, very quet, private laudry on premises, parking. $750mo + 1/ mo security. Gino 954-551-3621 ------------------------------------------------WILTON MANORS AREA Large 1BD/1BA in quiet complex. Tile floors throughout, laundry facilities, parking, close to Wilton Drive. $750/Mo. Call 954-815-2550 ------------------------------------------------SLEEPING ROOM Private entrance, private parking, $150/ week + 4WK Sec. No Pets. 954-465-4859 Leave message. ------------------------------------------------MIDDLE RIVER TERRACE 2/2 plus den. Less than 1 mile from Wilton Drive. Recent paint, new flooring, fenced tropical yard, pool. Off-street parking. W/D on premises. $1,200/Mo. Call David, 954-806-8520 ------------------------------------------------MIDDLE RIVER TERRACE 1/1 Minutes to Wilton Drive, 2 miles to the beach. Nicely landscaped fourplex. All tile, central ac, new kit/bath, walk-in closet, french door off kit to priv 20x20 yard w/ privacy fence, laundry on prem, parking, pets ok, $750/Mo. 954-849-4944 ------------------------------------------------EAST FORT LAUDERDALE EFFICIENCY WITH LARGE PRIVATE YARD Full size fridge, walk in closet, laundry on premises, 20 x 20 private fenced yard with table and chairs, parking spot right outside unit, water/electric included. There is no stove in unit $525/ month. Call 954-849-4944 ------------------------------------------------VICTORIA PK 2BR/2BA W/POOL $795/MO Beautiful gated gay complex, private tropical setting, minutes to beaches and Galleria. AC, ceiling fans, skylight, laundry facil, private covered porches. Perfect for roommates. 954-524-5188 ------------------------------------------------VICTORIA PARK CONDO 2BR/1BA fully furnished condo for rent. Central air & heat, pool, tile floors, D/W, balcony, parking space, secured building. No Pets. $950 per month plus electric, F/S. Call 954-565-2714. ------------------------------------------------POINSETTIA HEIGHTS Large 3/2 Duplex Apartment for Rent. Tile floors throughout. Eat in Kitchen, W/D, Guest Bedroom with Private Entrance. $1,100/Mo. + utilities. F/S. Call 954-565-2714. ------------------------------------------------FORT LAUDERDALE EAST OF I-95 Great location 1BD/1BA w/ extra large walk-in closet, french doors lead to private deck and yard, built-in desk looks onto central courtyard, tile floors, smallquiet pets ok, coin laundry, $725/Mo. Call James 305-213-3473 ------------------------------------------------EAST FORT LAUDERDALE 2BD/2BA CONDO Open granite kitchen, patio, cable, water, & pool. 6mo. lease + $1,150/Mo. Call 954-816-1939 ------------------------------------------------FURNISHED 1/1 FORT LAUDERDALE Quiet unit attached to home w/ sperate entrance, central AC, french doors, HW floors, fenced yard, hurricane windows, kitchennette w/ micro, fridge, no stove. $800/Mo. includes electric, cable and internet. Non-smokers, 1 person occupancy. Call 954-707-0264 ------------------------------------------------$700 DOWNTOWN / SAILBOAT BEND Quiet, small complex. 1BD/1BA. Large walk-in closet, fully carpeted (new 2009). Living room, dining area, kitchen, FREE hot water, NEW A/C, LOW electricity bills, assigned parking, **MOVE-IN SPECIAL** $700/Mo. 954-249-0874 or 513-257-1760 ------------------------------------------------WILTON MANORS AREA 1BR/1BA Cottage with Private Fenced Yard in Gay Complex. Ceramic Tile Throughout, New Kitchen, Pet’s OK. F/L/S $895/Mo. Call Frank 954-816-2566

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Rentals Wilton Manors GARAGE APT FOR RENT 1BD/1BA, private entrance, laundry facilities, pool, privacy fence. $650/Mo. Call 954-401-1726 ------------------------------------------------4 BLOCKS TO WILTON DRIVE AND 2 BLOCKS TO THE NEW GLCC 1BD/1BA, tropical sitting area, tile, safe, quiet, W/D on primases, 1 car parking. $750/Mo. F/S. Call 954-934-8360 ------------------------------------------------WILTON MANORS Furnished efficiency near everything. Electricity, utilities, Cable TV, WI-FI included. $595/Mo. Call 954-563-7769 ------------------------------------------------WILTON MANORS - HALF A DUPLEX $1095/Mo. Large 2BD/1BA on NE 16th Street: Central AC! W/D, Kitchen w/ big fridge and DW. Nice backyard. No Pool. No Dogs. Please call Yoshi at 954-854-7711. Thanks! ------------------------------------------------WILTON MANORS NEIGHBORHOOD Efficiency. $550/Mo. Includes all. No Pets. No Smoking. 954-290-6538 1532 NE 3rd Avenue. Call Ron.

------------------------------------------------MANOR GROVE APT. 1BD/1BA w/ large bedroom and living room, totally refurbished, laminated floors, large walk-in closet, new stove & microwave, pool, parking, bus, $750/Mo. Call 414-331-4017 ------------------------------------------------2 AND 1 BEDROOM APTS NEAR SHOPPES OF WILTON MANORS Huge 2 Bedroom ~ 2 Full Baths~2 Large Walk-in Closets~ Over 1,000 sf of Fully Tiled Living Space~Dishwasher~New Cabinets~Onsite Laundry~Gated Private Complex~Gay Friendly~Small Private Yard~$1,000 Per Month~Wilton Manors 1 Bedroom Apt~Tile Throughout~Conveniently Located near Stork’s or GLCC. Starting at $775

Roommates HOLLYWOOD - YOUNGER GAY ROOMMATE WANTED Share a 3BD house with hot tub, full use of house. Close to downtown. $400/Mo. Including Utilities. Sal 954-536-6901 ------------------------------------------------HOLLYWOOD - YOUNGER GAY ROOMMATE WANTED Share a 3BD house with hot tub, full use of house. Close to downtown. $400/Mo. Including Utilities. Sal 954-536-6901 ------------------------------------------------ROOM FOR RENT @ CYPRESS BEND 2/2 Apt in Cypress Bend-Pompano, 45 y/o Latin Professional. No smoking, no drugs, no pets. $450 + Deposit, includes utilities and basic cable. Call JC 954-682-9595 ------------------------------------------------FORT LAUDERDALE/A1A Ocean view. Share luxury accommodations. 2BD/2BA condo. $600/Mo. Includes TV, Utilities, Internet Connection, Pool. LOW MOVE IN. NS/DDF. Call 954-9079564 ------------------------------------------------GM TO SHARE 2BR/1BA HOME OFF COMMERCIAL BLVD Cable, internet, community pool and golf. 4 to 5 miles to Wilton Manors. $500/month. +$300/sec. Call Mark 954-731-1543 ------------------------------------------------GAY ROOMMATE WANTED 2 Bed/2Bath Apt in South Halieah. $450/Mo. covers all expenses. Apt. furnished with DirectTV. 305-805-7081 ------------------------------------------------NORTHWEST MIAMI GARDENS GM to share private home, bedroom available, furnished (optional), full use, includes utilities, washer/dryer, secured parking, pets ok, dep. & ref. req. $400/Mo. Call Mike 786-306-7076 ------------------------------------------------2BD/1BA - PRIVATE COMPLEX - OAKLAND PARK Gay male to share w/same. Your private room has cable and internet. Quiet complex has a clothing optional pool, laundry facilities, BBQ, close to I-95 & Wilton Manor. $550/mo incl.Util. 561-302-5218


May 17 , 2010 • Body Rubs

Classifieds: Call Mike 954-928-1862 Roommates, cont’d WILTON MANORS - 1 MI. FROM ALIBI Share a 3/2 newer home with two professionals, unfurnished room. No smoking, drugs, x-drinking. Must like quiet and be employed. $550/Mo. + $750 Sec. Call 954-540-1811

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SFGN’S Classified SOAPBOx

Beatlemania Now! Coming to Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

One Performance Only – May 21 By Joey Amato


EATLEMANIA NOW!,” formed by the creators of the original Tony award-winning Broadway musical, will bring the ultimate Beatles experience to Seminole Casino Coconut Creek for one show only on May 21. The show recreates more than 30 Beatles classics in an extravaganza that retraces the entire career of one of the greatest bands of all time. The quartet will perform songs including “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “Penny Lane,” and “All You Need is Love” among other hits. As many as 21 guitars are used to reproduce their unique sound. Custom-tailored costumes such as 60’s-style black sheen suits with velvet collars, camel-colored Shea Stadium jackets, Magical Mystery Tour white tuxedos with tails and satin Sgt. Pepper band uniforms including coats, trousers and hats add to the shows authenticity. This multimedia stage musical features nine scenes set against a stunning backdrop of live images and visual montages of actual news clips, documentary reels and nostalgic movie and concert footage that recapture the excitement, mood and psychedelic intensity of the 1960s. Originally conceived and produced by David Krebs and Steve Leber, “BEATLEMANIA” debuted in Broadway theatres in 1977 to critical acclaim. “BEATLEMANIA NOW!” is the only revival tour of the original Broadway production.

Seminole Casino Coconut Creek is located at 5550 NW 40th Street, in Coconut Creek. For more information call 954-977-6700 or visit


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May 17 , 2010 •


Fighting Homophobia Around the Sports World By Dan Woog


ustin Fashanu is known for several things. In 1981 he became Britain’s first million-pound black soccer player. In 1990 he became the first professional soccer player to come out as gay. And in 1998 he killed himself. In 2010, English soccer is filled with black stars. But Justin Fashanu stands alone as “the gay professional.” Little has changed in 20 years—and prospects look dim for the next 20. International soccer is a tough place, both physically and mentally. In hopes of speeding things along—or at least making the soccer world less homophobic—a group called The Justin Campaign went to work.

“Everybody assumes (soccer players) are full of confidence, but it is not easy on issues like this. Remember, there was a time when even black players did not feel they could talk about race.” – Gordon Taylor

Their goal is to “challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions that exist around gay men in (soccer) and work toward a future where the visibility of gay and bisexual men in professional (soccer) are both accepted and celebrated.” During the past two years they sponsored two tournaments, for players of all sexual orientations. The Justin Campaign hosted an evening talk in Brighton, around the topic of homophobia in soccer. They played a promi-

nent role in the first-ever Pride Festival in Norwich—Fashanu’s hometown. They met with officials of the Football Association, Britain’s governing body. Then, with a website (www. and some committed volunteers, they targeted a day in the middle of the soccer season (and Britain’s LGBT History Month). They hoped clubs, players and fans around the world would unite on Feb. 19, bringing communities together “in opposing hate and intolerance in the world’s favorite sport.” The day kicked off in Norwich. The Justin Campaign’s own soccer team was there, along with Fashanu’s niece and the president of the Norwich club. Two members of Parliament blew whistles to start the matches. Gay activist Justin Fashanu on the cover In Liverpool, the Merseyside of British magazine Gay Times Marauders—a gay club—celebratGordon Taylor, president of the 4,000ed. So did Edinburgh’s gay HotScots. There was a flashmob-style photo op in member Professional Footballers’ Association Manchester, organized by PrideSports and (the British players’ union), responded to Queer Youth Network. Other events took newspaper reports that players feared being ridiculed by opponents—as well as fans—if place in Sussex and Exeter. Internationally, the Justin Campaign they participated in the video. Taylor said: “Everybody assumes (soccer spurred a match in Barcelona (with speeches from local politicians), while in Mexico City players) are full of confidence, but it is not the Tri Gay Mexico team played the semifi- easy on issues like this. Remember, there nal of their city’s gay soccer tournament un- was a time when even black players did not der the “Football vs. Homophobia” banner. feel they could talk about race.” English soccer is “a beacon of diverThe Justin Campaign suggested that professional clubs dis­play the Justin Campaign logo sity with players from many backgrounds, with a message of support on their websites, countries and continents,” Taylor added: “It put the logo on scoreboards during games, is unacceptable for them to be subjected to include the logo and information in match- abusive chanting, be it racist or homophoday programs, and post signs condemning bic whilst they play. I applaud the ongoing the use of homophobic language. But despite work in this area.” Peter Clayton, chair of the FA’s Hotheir efforts, the response from top teams was a pronounced silence. Not one player volun- mophobia in Football advisory group—and teered to appear in a planned video campaign openly gay—placed the blame on agents and clubs. “A player coming forward to apagainst homophobia.

pear in it would feel he might ignite more vitriol,” he said. Closer to home, a similar campaign is gathering steam. Canadian-based “Speaking About Silence: Homophobia in the Sports World” is part of a broader-based International Day Against Homophobia, set for May 17. Its bilingual website (www.homophobie. org) lists a number of activities across the country—but only a few involve athletics. In New Westminster, British Columbia, the Douglas Students’ Union will speak to college sports science classes. Members will also hand out brochures, water bottle stickers and pins to raise awareness of sexuality and athletics. Across the nation in Burlington, Ontario, the Halton Organization for PRIDE and Education has involved local sports figures to attend their International Day festivities. Manitoba’s Civil Service Commission will host a lunch-and-learn session on homophobia—and transphobia. Many of the International Day efforts are non-sport-specific. Gay-Straight Alliances will hand out information, hang posters and conduct seminars. The Alberta Teachers’ Association plans to distribute posters and pamphlets to educators. Edmonton’s’ Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services is screening “Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride.” Information will be displayed on the main floor lobby of the Winnipeg Tax Centre. Individually, all this may not sound like much. But that’s not the point. Knowledge is power. And who knows what Justin Fashanu’s life might have been like if—back in the day—he’d come across just one of those posters, information tables or presentations? Dan Woog is a journalist, educator, soccer coach, gay activist, and author of the “Jocks” series of books on gay male athletes. Visit his website at He can be reached care of this publication or at


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Q Scopes By Jack Fertig

Relax, Virgo! The Sun’s entering Gemini,Venus Cancer, and both are aspecting Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune! Seek ways to build communities and networks to survive the major political storms. Tribalist defenses and polarizing into camps is too tempting. Work instead to build communications, especially where they seem counter-intuitive. ARIES (March 20 – April 19): For the sake of personal and domestic security, be careful with your secrets. Passion (or mere convenience) may suggest sharing a house key, but think very carefully about that! Advice from friends is well-intentioned, but ill-considered. TAURUS (April 20 – May 20): If you can’t resist impulse shopping, at least save the tags and receipts. Friends won’t guard you against temptation. More economical ways to indulge your playful streak can inspire resourcefulness that will support your ambitions. GEMINI (May 21- June 20):The spotlight can feel uncomfortable, but what you’re most afraid of people seeing can become your greatest strength. A little vulnerability and sensitivity to others will prove to your advantage in ways you couldn’t imagine. CANCER (June 21- July 22): Remembering the Golden Rule can determine whether you come off as incredibly shrewd or just plain bitchy. If you can ruthlessly mind your own Ps and Qs and be generous in dealing with the faults of others, you will gain huge respect. LEO (July 23 – August 22): Being incredibly sexy is too easy.Your real challenge is in daring great risks for others. That’s even sexier, but keep your mind and heart focused on the higher ideals and the lower ones will also be well met. VIRGO (August 23 – September 22): Much as you’d like to crack the whip on all those other screwups, you really need to discipline yourself and find opportunities in gently helping them. Remember:

Solution to Crossword Puzzle on page 40

flies, honey, vinegar. Relax, meditate and it will all be easier. LIBRA (September 23 – October 22): It’s only brown-nosing if you don’t mean it. Malicious gossip reflects more on the tellers than the subject. If you can keep your motives and actions truly sincere, you’ll glide ahead without any mud touching you. SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21): Let your friends set you up on a blind date. It won’t work out the way they intend, but instead of true love you could make a very good new friend, perhaps with benefits. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 20): Unanticipated changes at home will prove to your benefit. Give up control and let it play out. If you can’t trust your partner, who can you trust? Logic may obstruct real communication.You might say it better with a cookie or a kiss. CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 19):Your mind needs a challenge, not in coercing agreement, but in the ability to understand other perspectives. With some focus and creativity you can draw out your opponents. Find common ground by looking deeper into your own core values. AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18): Whether erotic inspiration can open your creative energies or sublimation better harnesses them depends largely on the values of your upbringing. Whether adhering to those or rebelling against them serves you better is not a logical question, but answered best in mediation. PISCES (February 19 – March 19):You are exaggerating real problems in your relationship. Talk with a sibling or a very close friend to get some perspective. A parent may be helpful, but looking at your parents and checking for repeating patterns is probably better.

Jack Fertig, a professional astrologer since 1977, is available for personal and business consultations in person in San Francisco, or online everywhere. He can be reached at 415-864-8302, through his website at, and by e-mail at

Florida Together Launches Political Arm Equality Florida Quick to Draw Comparisons By Joey Amato


lorida Together has hired Michael Kenny as its new Executive Director and has contracted with Ted Howard to provide services as Program Director. However, Equality Florida, a similar organization, has been quick to show concerns with the news. “Florida Together has been an instrumental organizing and training resource for Florida’s equality community,” said Florida Together Chairman Georg Ketelhohn. “By adding Michael Kenny and the broad range of experience encompassed by our new board I truly believe we can make historic progress in the quest for equality in Florida.” Among Michael’s many accomplishments, he served on the United Way campaign cabinet, as Director of Cultural Tourism for the Greater Michael Kenny Fort Lauderdale Convention and

different areas of expertise, different skills and resources. But we’re hearing concerns from the community that this group is simply a duplication of what we do.” Pollitzer is concerned Florida Together will do more harm than good towards advancing the fight for equality. “I think everyone agrees that having two separate campaigns during the fight against Amendment 2, the anti-marriage amendment, was a disastrous waste of resources. The biggest concern people are raising is that this could be a repeat of that very bad mistake.” Florida Together Executive Director, Michael Kenny, is confident the move is positive and won’t negate any prior advancements. “Adding political power to the organizing efforts already underway across the state we can make a real difference in the fight for equality and justice for LGBT Floridians,” he states. “Our new board Stratton Pollitzer includes community leaders, business leaders and heavy hitters from across the political spectrum.” Jim Stork, Florida Together board member, and former Mayor of Wilton Manors agrees, “One critical way to move toward policies of equality is to get advocates for equality elected to office.” Equality Florida already has a track record of rallying politicians in Tallahassee. “Our community has presented a strong and unified front. The danger is that when politicians see our community as divided, it gives them a place to hide and an excuse to do nothing,” said Pollitzer. Furthermore, Pollitzer is concerned that Florida Together “has been surrounded by secrecy from the start. Our community has to hold organizations accountable for what they say and do, whether it helps or hurts our cause. The community holds us to that standard every day and I don’t think their mission or unique purpose is clear to anyone.”

Visitors Bureau, as a board member for the Dolphin Democratic Club and as an elected member of the Broward County Democratic Executive Committee. “Michael’s proven leadership, political experience and fundraising and administrative expertise will help Florida Together increase its political and lobbying effectiveness on local, state and federal issues, as it works with its partner organizations to achieve greater successes,” said Ketelhohn. “We are also pleased that Ted Howard will continue doing the organization’s critical work of connecting and empowering its member organizations by organizing statewide and regional conferences, providing capacity building trainings and web resources, and training individuals and organizations to conduct effective public education,” said Ketelhohn. Stratton Pollitzer, Deputy Director of Equality Florida reacted to the announcement: “There are many fantastic organizations in this state that we work with. Our efforts compliment each other,” he states. “We all have different specialties, For more information, visit


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‘Grrls’ Got Game Roller Derby League Skates to Success

By A. Sebastian Fortino


ince 2005, Roller Derby, touted in the 1930s as “sports entertainment” has been making quite a comeback. Many cities throughout North America have roller derby teams. The sport attracts women who enjoy life on the edge. Laura Garro is the Public Relations Director for Fort Lauderdale’s local chapter, Gold Coast Derby Grrls. She takes the contact sport, and its message of “grrl power” seriously. The group, originally known as the Broward County Derby Grrls, was formed in December of 2007. “But, we had so many girls coming from Miami and Palm Beach that we changed our name in October of 2009 to Gold Coast Derby Grrls, said Garro, whose feisty player name is Carnivorous Licks. “I’ve been with the team since the very beginning. We started out with 15 girls, then 30, then we dwindled. It’s a fun sport, but it has a high turnover rate, because of injuries.” Injuries aside, there is a also high turnover due to the commitment that the sport demands. Teammates pay dues and there is no corporate sponsorship to pay for the girls. Currently Gold Coast has 40 skaters, with a B team called the Beachside Bombshells. Additional enthusiasts, in the form of refer-

ees and volunteers are a big part of team life. While that number seems high Garro points out that teams in LA have more than 100 members. On June 6 they are hosting a recruitment event at the Gold Coast Skating Rink, on Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale “The team is pretty gay, but we don’t discriminate,” Garro laughingly told SFGN. “We have four couples on the team, but it’s for any women that want to skate, gay or straight are welcome.” She says teammates are great friends. “We get on each other’s nerves some times, just like sisters. But we’re all good friends because our love for roller derby binds us.” While most sports operate on a limited, roughly three-month season, derby lasts for 11 months, from January to December. So if you become addicted to the sport you won’t have to wait too long to strap on your skates. “We skate about 8-10 home games and about 6 away games. This year we will be attending ECE [East Coast Derby Extravaganza] which is a three-day derby event,” said Garro. “In addition to the ECE we’re also going to Oklahoma City & Panama City to play.” According to the ECE website the sport will draw together 900 women this year, more than 85 leagues, 47 bouts, or matches, and will utilize three rinks over the weekend

of June 25, next month. Roller Derby originates from Leo Seltzer, a former vaudevillian. He owned cinemas and hosted dance marathons in the 1930s. After learning about the new fad of rollerskating he decided to create a Transcontinental Roller Derby. Using a banked, as opposed to flat, rink he invited teams to skate the 3,000 mile equivalent distance from New York to California. Team members had to have at least one member on the rink at all times. Soon after, a journalist approached Seltzer about the derby’s potential to become a contact sport. Rules were devised, with early games broadcast on CBS. A roller derby bout consists of 30 minute sessions, split into game times called a jam. There are eight players at the front of the columns of skaters, who are supposed to block the jammers. The jammers, denoted by a large star on their helmet are supposed to skate through the pack. They get points every time they

legally pass a member of the opposing team. However, the sport is – as stated above – all about grrl power. Players are therefore allowed to block opposing jammers with their hips, shoulders and “the booty.” “The booty,” by the way, is the official name for the derriere as utilized in roller derby. Each Gold Coast Derby Grrl has a profile on their website. They seem to be serious about one thing: fun. Carnivorous Licks has a clever name, and with fellow teammates like Kitten Not Submitten’, Spontaneous Combustya, Juana Puff #420, Kine Lee Killz, and Shreddie Mercury; clearly, they are a likeminded bunch of women…or should I say, grrls. When asked how she would describe the sport to someone she met at a party, interested in joining she did not hesitate to excitedly respond, “Oh, this is a full contact female sport, with probably the greatest group of women you will ever meet.” For more information please visit

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