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April 30, 2014 // vol. 5 // issue 18

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Last week’s hottest items couldn’t wait to be printed... Compiled by John McDonald

Tennessee Gay Marriages Invalid – Again


Just one month after a federal district judge declared that Tennessee must recognize the legal marriages of three same-sex couples, an appeals court, placed a hold on that decision, legally invalidating the marriages. Tennessee attorney general Robert Cooper asked the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals to stay a March decision from U.S. District Judge Aleta Trauger, which ruled that the state’s constitutional ban on recognizing or performing

same-sex marriages violated the rights guaranteed to the three plaintiff couples by the U.S. Constitution. In its decision issued Friday, the Sixth Circuit granted that stay, citing the possibility that Cooper might prevail on appeal and taking into account the “possibility of irreparable harm for the state of Tennessee and the fact that the laws around same-sex marriage are ‘unsettled.’”

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Betty White Doesn’t Get Homophobes In an interview with Larry King, Hollywood icon Betty White said she just doesn’t understand homophobes. “I don’t care whom you sleep with,” she said. “Its ‘what kind of human being are you?’ I don’t understand

[why people are antigay], it’s such a personal private business and it’s none of mine.” White, 92, earned her spot in gay hearts with her portrayal of naïve Rose in the television sitcom, “The Golden Girls.”

Idaho Denies Lesbian Couple Burial Rights The Idaho State Veterans Cemetery has turned down a request from a lesbian couple to be buried together, citing the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. Madelynn Taylor, 74, served in the U.S. Navy for six years and is a lifelong resident of Idaho. She wants her ashes and that of her deceased

spouse, Jean Mixner, to be buried together in her hometown cemetery in Boise. The couple were legally married in California. Mixner passed away in 2012. The Idaho Division of Veterans Services, however, has rejected her application.


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Cover Not So Proud! Pride South Florida Co-Chair Marc Hansen Resigns... Again. PSF Board spells out “Love World Pride” in sign language.

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Uganda Going After Gay Friendly NGOs John McDonald

Uganda is at it again. The east African country, which criminalized homosexuality earlier this year, is now seeking to tighten rules of conduct for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating inside its boundaries. Ugandan government officials are drafting a new law that would bar foreign NGOs from promoting homosexuality. “There are some NGOs who have come here to undermine us, to promote very bad behavior like homosexuality. As a responsible government we need to check that. They will not be able to do that when we pass this law,” Uganda’s junior internal affairs minister James Baba told Reuters. If found guilty of homosexual relations, under current law, Ugandans could face a sentence of life in prison. The new proposal would force NGOs operating in the country to reveal their funding sources, accounting procedures and budgets. It would also prohibit NGOs from engaging in political commentary, said Baba. “It is for Ugandans to say whether Museveni should rule or should not rule,” Baba told Reuters. “As a foreign NGO, what stake do you have in our politics?”

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Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has been in power since 1986. He is up for reelection in 2016 and many political observers feel his recent crackdown on gays is a direct result of influences from conservative American evangelical missionaries. Dr. Frank Mugisha, a leading gay rights activist in Uganda, responded, via Twitter, that the new proposal is an attempt to silence NGOs.

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assachussetts Governor Deval Patrick

Mass. Governor Signs Anti-Bully Bill The Governor of Massachussetts, Deval Patrick, signed a bill designed to build on the state’s 2010 anti-bullying law by strengthening protections for LGBT students and students with disabilities. Massachusetts lawmakers approved the bill which creates new reporting measures for schools and recognizes certain populations as more vulnerable to bullying. Patrick, a Democrat and former U.S. Attorney in the Civil Rights Division under President Bill Clinton, signed the bill last Thursday at the Statehouse. The 2010 law was designed to crack


apan’s First Lady Shows Her Pride

Japan’s first lady surprised many people in the Land of the Rising Sun by taking part in Tokyo’s annual gay pride parade. Akie Abe, 51, the wife of conservative Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, stood on a float Sunday amid a sea of thousands participating in the LGBT themed event. The parade traversed through Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya district with Abe, wearing a white suit and standing next to a female impersonator, waving at outlookers. She said she was particularly drawn to participate through her work related to HIV. Abe joined a commission set up by UNAIDS and the Lancet medical journal last year, according to Agence France Presse. “I want to help build a society where anyone can conduct happy, enriched lives without facing discrimination,” Abe wrote on her Facebook page before embarking on her parade march. Akie Abe is known to take more liberal stances than her politically conservative husband. In addition to her support for LGBT rights, she openly fights for gender equality, and is described as being a more modern, and cheery. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe did not attend the pride parade, spending the day with victims of the 2011 tsunami instead. Japan, as a nation, does not allow same-sex marriages or adoptions by LGBT people. Japan also does not have any national anti-discrimination laws, although some municipalities have adopted local protections. From the Associated Press


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down on bullying and cyberbullying and require schools to establish antibullying programs. The new law creates a data collection and reporting mechanism designed to help educators, administrators and legislators identify trends and respond to them. Schools would be required to report bullying data annually to education officials. The statistics would be passed on to the attorney general and lawmakers. The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network applauded the new Massachusetts law, issuing the following statement:


OP Activists Push Party on Gay Marriage

As bans against gay marriage crumble and public opinion on the issue shifts rapidly, some Republicans are pushing the party to drop its opposition to same-sex unions, part of a broader campaign to get the GOP to appeal to younger voters by de-emphasizing social issues. This month, the Nevada Republican party dropped statements on marriage from its party platform, making it the second state party in the nation to do so after Indiana’s GOP quietly jettisoned its plank in 2012. A gay-rights group last week launched a $1 million campaign to get the national party to remove from its platform a definition of marriage as between a man and a woman, while a group of major Republican donors is pushing for the GOP to become more supportive of gay rights across the board. “There are people with sincerely held beliefs on both sides of the marriage issue, and that seems to be where the party is heading,” said Jeff Cook-McCormac, an adviser to the American Unity Fund, which has been financed by wealthy donors such as hedge-fund billionaire Paul Singer to push the GOP to back gay rights. “The Republican Party in Nevada is doing something that I think we’re going to see a lot more of, which is appealing to the things that unite Republican voters across the country — bread and butter issues.” But social conservatives warn that if the GOP abandons its core moral principles, it may also lose loyal voters. “It is very much a mistake for the GOP to step away from marriage. The rank-and-file Republicans, mainstream Republicans, very much believe marriage is between a man and a woman,” said Chris Plante, spokesman for the National Organization for Marriage. From the Associated Press soflagaynews //

“As the 17th state to pass inclusive antibullying legislation, Massachusetts is sending an impactful message to its LGBT youth,” said Dr. Eliza Byard, GLSEN’s Executive Director. “LGBT students in Massachusetts can feel confident their educators are committed to providing them with the safe and inclusive school environments they deserve. GLSEN looks forward to the day when every student in every school in the country can feel just as supported.” The signing in Massachusetts comes just two weeks after Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton signed a similar anti-bullying measure into law. From the Associated Press


odie Foster Gets Married

Famously private celebrity Jodie Foster is now a famously married woman. The 51-year-old Oscar winner wed girlfriend Alexandra Hedison, 44, a Los Angeles photographer last week, Foster’s publicist confirmed to the Associated Press. Jennifer Allen offered no other details. It’s the first marriage for Foster, who came out publicly in a rambling, heartfelt speech at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards, where she accepted lifetime achievement honors. After saying she planned to make a big announcement that would make her publicist nervous, Foster jokingly revealed that she was single. “I hope that you’re not disappointed that there won’t be a big coming-out speech tonight,” she said, “because I already did my coming-out about a thousand years ago back in the Stone Age.” She said celebrities are now expected to reveal they’re gay “with a press conference, a fragrance and a prime-time reality show,” but her approach had been more personal. Foster acknowledged longtime partner Cydney Bernard, with whom she has two sons – Charlie, 14 and Kit, 11. The couple ended their longtime relationship in 2008. While Foster never hid the relationship, she kept her sexuality private until the Globes speech. Hedison, who was previously linked to Ellen DeGeneres, is also an actress with television credits including “Nash Bridges” and “The L Word.” Foster has won two Academy Awards for Best Actress, her first came in 1988 for playing a rape victim in “The Accused.” She won her second Oscar in 1991 as FBI trainee Clarice Starling in “Silence of the Lambs.” From the Associated Press


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RC Announces Southern Strategy

The Human Rights Campaign unveiled its Project One America initiative last week, a comprehensive campaign to dramatically expand LGBT equality in the South through permanent campaigns in Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi. This effort carries a three year budget of $8.5 million and a staff of 20, the largest coordinated LGBT campaign to hit Dixie. “Right now, this country is deeply divided into two Americas—one where LGBT equality is nearly a reality and the other where LGBT people lack the most fundamental measures of equal citizenship. Project One America is an unparalleled effort to close that gap, and it opens up a bold, new chapter in the LGBT civil rights movement of this generation. In this grand struggle for equality, we can’t write off anyone, anywhere,” said HRC President and Arkansas native Chad Griffin. Project One America is the first campaign of its kind to work exclusively on LGBT equality in Mississippi —where no nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people at the state or local level in employment, housing or public accommodations and where the state’s constitution expressly prohibits marriage equality. “Equality for LGBT people is a fundamental principal of equal protection under the law,” said Derrick Johnson, president of the Mississippi NAACP. “We must join hands in working to bring economic opportunity and liberty to all of our communities if we are to move forward as a state and as a nation.” Griffin plans to visit Mississippi in early May as part of a three-state tour of press and public events to kick off Project One America. From the Associated Press

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by John McDonald

anning Granted Name Change

Bradley Edward Manning is now officially Chelsea Elizabeth Manning. A Kansas judge granted the name change request to the U.S. Army private who is currently serving a 35-year prison sentence in Fort Leavenworth for leaking classified documents. In a statement, Manning said the name change, while meaningful personally, “can also raise awareness of the fact that we (transgender) people exist everywhere in America today and we must jump through hurdles every day just for being who we are.” Manning, 26, was convicted last summer of violations of the Espionage Act for a massive document dump to the website WikiLeaks.


ollins One of TIME’s Most Influential People

Photo: Wikipedia

Jason Collins, the first openly gay player in the National Basketball Association, was selected by Time Magazine for its “100 Most Influential” list. Collins’ profile was written by Chelsea Clinton, who remarked, “I met Jason Collins when we were freshmen at Stanford. Not surprisingly, the first thing I noticed was his height. The second thing I noticed was his kindness off the court — and his fierceness on it.” Collins, 35, has been a reliable contributor off the bench this season for the Brooklyn Nets, who are currently battling the Toronto Raptors in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.


ep C Drug Smashing Records

Photo: TIME

In its first quarter 2014 financial results, Gilead Sciences, Inc. announced its new hepatitis C drug, Solvadi, generated nearly $2.3 billion in sales. The announcement stunned market analysts and company officials. Gilead, a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Foster City, Calif., claims Solvadi is a breakthrough treatment for a liver disease that inflicts 130 million people globally, including three million Americans. Insurers, lawmakers and patients, however, are critical of the acquisition price of $84,000 or $1,000 per daily pill for 12 weeks. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the sale of Solvadi last December and the European Union followed in January.


amiano to Direct Theater Awards Contest

Mary Damiano, SFGN’s award-winning arts and entertainment writer, has been named managing director of the Carbonell Awards. For nearly 40 years, the Carbonell Awards have honored the best in live professional regional theater. The awards are named in honor of master sculptor Manuel Carbonell, an internationally acclaimed artist from Cuba, who at 92 years of age continues to apply his craft, talent and skills. Damiano, a Broward County freelance journalist, has covered the theater scene extensively for 15 years. Her articles have appeared in the Sun-Sentinel, New Times, BroadwayWorld. com,, She Magazine and, of course, SFGN. For more information, visit


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Photo: Gilead


news local Corporations Step Up for LGBT Rights in Florida Christiana Lilly

Eighteen major corporations — including Marriot, Wells Fargo, Disney and WinnDixie — are taking a stand in the fight for LGBT equality in the corporate sector in Florida. Providing protection in the form of anti-discrimination laws for LGBT employees, they’re the newest amongst major corporations nationwide who’ve taken public action in the fight for LGBT equality in the workplace. Currently, state law criminalizes workplace discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, genetic information and age, with no protections for the LGBT community. But if the members of the Florida Businesses for a Competitive Workplace have their way, that will change. “To be able to retract and retain talent, it’s important that we have an inclusive workplace,” said Jason Altmire, Florida Blue’s senior vice president for public policy and community engagement. “We get the best people when we have an inclusive workplace, and people that are the most comfortable are going to be the most productive.”

Florida Blue is the Florida leg of insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield and has 11,500 employees throughout the Sunshine State. Altmire also sits on the Equality Means Business board for Equality Florida. According to Equality Florida, 84 percent of the country’s largest companies have some sort of protection for LGBT employees. Both the Florida House and the Senate have drafted a Florida Competitive Workforce Act. Should it make it onto the agenda and be passed, the law would take effect July 1. The bill adds sexual orientation and gender identity/expression as “impermissible grounds for discrimination.” Sponsors of the bill include State Senator Joe Abruzzo, and State Representatives Holly Rascein and Joe Saunders — all Democrats. Grocery store chain Winn-Dixie has also signed on in support of the proposed bill. Based in Jacksonville, they have 63,000 employees and maintain more than 480 stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. “Diversity and inclusion in our company is something we truly believe in, not only because it is the right thing to do, but because

it’s important to the growth of our people and business,” said Brian Wright, WinnDixie’s vice president of communications and community. “We will become a great company only when we take advantage of the creativity that comes from multiple perspectives.” Wells Fargo, which has more than 9,000 banks across the country and has 264,000 team members, even has a human rights statement posted on its website and supports the bill. “We see this as an employment issue; a qualified candidate should have the right to seek employment and be employed. And as a very large employer, we want our team members to reflect the diverse population of the state,” said David Guzman, Wells Fargo regional president for the Greater Tampa Bay area. Support for the LGBT community in the workplace is growing. According to the Human Rights Campaign, 21 states and the District of Columbia have laws prohibiting workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation; 17 states and the District of Columbia also include gender identity under their workplace protection laws.

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Pride South Florida Co-Chair Resigns... Again

This is the second time this month Marc Hansen has quit Jason Parsley

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For the second time in a month the controversial, often polarizing co-chair of Pride South Florida, Marc Hansen, has resigned from his position. Last month the PSF board erupted in chaos after secretary Christopher Bailey accused Hansen of acting unethically by secretly recording PSF’s board meetings without their consent. Bailey demanded an investigation and a disciplinary hearing to address the situation. He further accused Hansen of being a bully, and he’s not first board member to do so. “These are just once again false claims made by Marc Hansen to be a bully. Any time someone challenges him on his behavior he tries to completely twist what has been said,” Bailey wrote in an email. “I call on the board of directors to remove him from both the executive board and as a board member.” Before an internal disciplinary hearing could take place, though, Hansen abruptly resigned via email, citing Bailey as the cause. “At this time, consider this my formal resignation…,” Hansen wrote. “This is not for Christopher, but because of him.” It’s unclear what subsequently transpired between Hansen and the other board members. What is known, though, is that days later he was still sending emails as co-chair of PSF. Hansen has since resigned again for reasons that are unclear. On Monday CoChair Rockey Bowell emailed SFGN saying, “as of today Marc Hansen is no longer a Co Chair with Pride South Florida. We received his resignation letter today.” According to current and former board members Hansen’s quarrelsome behavior long predates this latest incident with Bailey. In fact SFGN found one person from 2007 that still vividly remembers his time with the embattled co-chair. “It was always his way or the highway,” said Joe Halley, who now lives in Baltimore. “He would throw out his title as president and disvalue other board members’ opinions.” Halley served with Hansen on the board of the Wilton Manors annual June Pride festival in 2007. And even then, Hansen wasn’t opposed to trying to throw his weight around. “He’d strong arm people and get into arguments,” Halley said. “He pushes and pushes. He’s conniving. He’s the last person I’d ever want to work with again.” Still, despite harsh critique from Halley, that was seven years ago. Has Hansen changed?


Not according to several board members that have served with him over the last two years. One such person is Roger Handevidt who said that he, along with several others, including Associate Publisher of HotSpots Scott Holland, resigned last year after having a falling out with Hansen. Handevidt said that while they served together Hansen acted like a bully, routinely throwing temper tantrums and has a “my way or the highway” attitude. “I resigned because I was fed up with his way of doing things like not listening to the people he had,” Handevidt said. Current advisory board member John Fugate echoes those sentiments. “We’ve lost a lot of good community leaders in our organization due to Marc Hansen,” he said. “He’s reached a point where he does more harm than good. It’s time for him to leave.” But Fugate isn’t convinced Hansen’s latest resignation is genuine. “Every time it gets close to Marc getting punished or removed he finds a way to weasel out of it,” Fugate said. “Board members will quit and then he’ll recruit new board members that are on his side.” Handevidt, though, did praise Hansen — sort of. “There are a lot of good things Marc has done. He puts a lot of time into it to make it work. I never questioned that he’s not trying to do it,” he said. Despite the nice words he conceded that, “Everything Marc’s been involved with people have gotten disgusted and left. He has to micromanage and be in control of everything.” SFGN was not able to speak with Hansen by deadline. SFGN also reached out to the current board of Pride South Florida asking for comments from those who wished to express support for Hansen or defend him. None responded.

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It’s So Miami

New campaign explores Miami’s vast cultural heritage through eyes of locals Anthony Lanni Last year Miami had a record breaking number of overnight guests with an estimated 14.2 million visitors. And the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau wants to keep future guests in the city longer and encourage them to penetrate the city deeper. “More nights in the destination fuels economic impact and further promotes job growth in the hospitality sector,” William Talbert III, president and CEO of the GMCVB, said in a statement. “We want to encourage future visitors to extend their stay and visit our local, heritage-rich neighborhoods.” And so they’ve launched a unique campaign to do just that. “It’s So Miami: People & Places” aims to promote Miami by using the people that know it best — residents and locals. “We want to promote the rich, cultural heritage of Miami’s neighborhoods to our visitors while encouraging local tourism,” said Carole Ann Taylor, chair of the GMCVB heritage committee. “And what better way to do this than through the eyes of local insiders?” The campaign seeks to engage and encourage Miami residents to rediscover their roots, seeking out the city’s hidden gems through exploration of Miami’s rich culturally diverse neighborhoods. The campaign will feature an online contest on the GMCVB Facebook page and on the campaign’s official website ( The website asks residents to create an “insider’s guide” to the city with at least three must-do or three must-see tips in their favorite neighborhoods. “The new campaign gives Miami residents the opportunity to rediscover their city while allowing potential visitors to learn about the cultural diversity of our destination and arm them with information that will enrich their

experience while visiting Miami and The Beaches,” Taylor added. A grand prize of a $1,000 will be awarded to the best and most unique local recommendation, as well as 90 $50 gift cards will be given out for selected neighborhood tips. Out-of-towners will be able to read about the Miami experience by those who know the city best, being equipped with vast knowledge of the city’s history and landscape via the campaign’s online content, community newspapers and a social media component that will allow locals to vote on their favorite spots in Greater Miami. The first series of virtual content will feature various heritage neighborhoods such as Little Havana, Little Haiti and Coconut Grove with informative videos for users to capture the city’s essence. Visit for more information.




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Gay Days Goes West

Popular event coming to Arizona for first time John McDonald

Gay Days, the popular brand known for its annual festivities in Orlando, is making a pioneering move out to the desert Southwest. Gay Days Arizona, May 8-12, offers gay men and women a chance to see sunny Arizona in posh accommodations in an inclusive environment. The Arizona Grand Resort and Spa, inside Stone Mountain Park and Preserve, is the host site for five full days of activities for all tastes. “There’s a lot happening out here,” said Ian Joseph, event planner, who expects 10,000 attendees for this initial entry of the Gay Days brand into Arizona. Events are still being added, Joseph said, with entertainment selections to be determined. For now, Gay Days Arizona is proud to announce Bud Light has come aboard as presenting sponsor with energy drink website a platinum sponsor. “We’re excited,” Joseph said. “We just added a women’s white ‘bleach out’ party and are expecting more great activities to come.” Arizona, a maverick state of sorts, produced one of the conservative movement’s greatest heroes in U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater. It is known for its dry air, dangerous border with Mexico and, of course, the Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The Arizona Grand Resort and Spa is located just six miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in the state capital and Arizona’s largest city. In addition to the customary pool parties and spinning DJs, Joseph’s company has a wide array of parties and activities planned from a 36-hole golf tournament to a Mad Hatter style Mother’s Day brunch. The resort boasts a seven acre water park, a great place to cool off as temperatures regularly exceed 100 degrees


// 4.30.2014 // //

even in late spring. Joseph admitted there were “some risks” involved in launching this event in a traditionally conservative climate, but noted Phoenix is a rising destination for gay travelers. “There is a strong local gay community here,” Joseph said. Glenn Gullickson is part of that strong community. Managing editor at Echo Magazine, an LGBT publication covering Arizona for more than 25 years, Gullickson said there are ‘mucho’ things to do for gay travelers visiting Arizona. “Phoenix is very welcoming,” Gullickson said. “There are a lot of gay bars in central Phoenix and downtown has an active arts and cultural scene.” For day trippers or those looking to break away from Phoenix for a few days, Sedona and Jerome rank high on Gullickson’s list of hot spots. “I am very fond of Sedona and the Red Rock country,” he said. “It’s very mystical there and Jerome has quite a following as well. It’s an old ghost town, built on the side of a mountain that has been taken over by artists.” Politically, Arizona leans right and has been slow to embrace LGBT rights and protections despite Goldwater’s legacy of “live and let live.” The state senate recently passed a bill that Gullickson said will allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT people on the basis of religion. The bill, SB 1062, passed the senate on a party-line vote with 17 Republicans voting in favor and 13 Democrats voting no. The bill, however, generated a massive amount of negative press with companies such as Apple and Verizon even urging Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to veto the bill. In the end Brewer buckled under the pressure

soflagaynews //


and vetoed the bill. Gullickson had worried that if she had not vetoed the bill it could have resulted in a “gay boycott” of Arizona. This recent flap is somewhat surprising given Arizona’s tolerance for gay Republicans. Jim Kolbe served from 1985 to 2007 in the U.S. House of Representatives, becoming the second openly gay Republican congressman ever when he revealed his sexual orientation in 1996. Likewise, Paul Babeu won re-election in 2012 as sheriff of Pinal County after voters found out he is a gay man. For Joseph, however, Gay Days Arizona is all about putting politics aside and relaxing in a luxurious environment. The Arizona Grand Resort and Spa, a former Hilton property, and the state’s only AAA Four Diamond and M&C Gold Key Award winning, all-suite resort is the perfect setting. Gay Days Orlando began in 1991 as a single designated day where participants were encouraged to wear red clothing in a show of pride. The brand has grown to be a major production, eagerly anticipated in Orlando and, more recently Las Vegas, where more than 30,000 people attended the 2012 event. Arizona is new ground and Gay Days organizers are hoping to strike gold with several different levels of passes and access. This isn’t the first time Gay Days has headed west. In 2012 they launched Gays Days Las Vegas. This year’s Vegas event will be held Sept. 2-8, while Gays Days’ signature event will be held in Orlando June 3-9. Visit for more information.

news local

Trans Orgs Blast Fort Lauderdale for Anti-Trans Ordinance Jason Parsley

rather than the sex they were assigned at birth.” Equality Florida questioned the constitutionality of the line item. “We hope the City of Fort Lauderdale will take this opportunity to eliminate these archaic clothing provisions that appear on their face to be unconstitutional,” said Stratton Pollitzer, deputy director for Equality Florida. SFGN reached out to Dean Trantalis, Fort Lauderdale’s openly gay city commissioner, for comment on this, but haven’t heard back.

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What does public indecency have to do with cross-dressing? Nothing according to prominent transgender rights organizations. So why then is it a part of Fort Lauderdale’s public indecency ordinance? A throwback to the 80s perhaps? “The clothing provision is a vestige of decades-old laws against cross-dressing that were ruled unconstitutional decades ago,” said Harper Jean Tobin, director of policy for National Center for Transgender Equality. “Fort Lauderdale should take this opportunity to wipe it off the books and ensure it can never be used to justify discriminatory policing or prosecutions.” The line item in question reads: “Wears the clothing of the opposite sex with the intent thereby to facilitate the commission of a crime or offense” and is found under “Sec. 16-75: Public Indecency.” The public indecency ordinance was recently thrust into the spotlight because lawmakers are trying to add a provision to it regulating the disposal of urine and feces. This change, along with others, appear to be aimed at the homeless said Nathan Pim, a volunteer with Food Not Bombs, a homeless rights organization. The cross-dressing item has been on the books for years with Pim saying that it has been brought to the city’s attention in the past and has always fallen on deaf ears. “The city isn’t really interested about talking about these different issues,” Pim said. “[This cross-dressing item] has probably been on the books since the 70s. I couldn’t really get [the city commissioners] to respond to that. I thought it was really absurd. Matt Wood, a staff attorney for the Transgender Law Center said called it “unusual” for such language to be included in a law targeting public urination. And further called it dangerous. “Wearing clothing of any gender is not a criminal act. The language in the ordinance is dangerous because it could be read as conflating wearing clothing of the ‘opposite sex’ with criminal intent,” Wood said. “Most concerning is that the ordinance could be used to criminalize people simply for being transgender, that is just for wearing clothing that corresponds with their gender identity

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opinion publisher’s editorial

Hate Speech Pays a Price Norm Kent

Most of my legal career has been spent defending the first amendment, and the rights of citizens to express themselves in many ways and forms. It’s better being here than in Saudi Arabia. They recently declared atheism, or any “theism” not supportive of Islam to be blasphemy. In Saudi Arabia, that’s a capital crime. You could be hung. In America, what Donald Sterling said is not a crime. We can only hang him out to dry, and we most certainly should. A businessman purportedly worth over a billion dollars, it says something that every major sponsor from Nike to Airlines Company has cut off the owner of the LA Clippers financially. He understands money. Now he is about to learn money can’t pay for everything. Still, this is not just about money. It’s about ethics, morality, and whom we want as players in the game. Fortunately, the NBA, like other major sports, is a voluntary association and the good of the whole is greater than the


// 4.30.2014 // //

needs of one. The NBA can do without the Donald Sterlings of the world. To join the exclusive club of owners, you give up certain rights. You can’t do or say things that impact the best interests of the game or the community. Like going to work for an employer, you are expected to project an image consistent with the good of the company. If you fail to do so, you can be fined, suspended, or terminated from that exclusive club. In February 1993, Marge Schott, the owner of the Cincinnati Reds, was suspended for one year and fined $25,000 after a series of racist and insensitive comments. In 1996, she was suspended for life after stating her support for Adolf Hitler. She sold the team in 1999. That is the fate that awaits Mr. Sterling. There is no exit strategy outside of excommunication. Nor should there be. This dude deserves no breaks. In America, you get to say what you want, but you have to be willing to pay the price. You

soflagaynews //


os Angeles Clippers Head Coach and Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations Doc Rivers issued a statement today on behalf of the organization.

have the right to be a bigot, and publish racist remarks or even homophobic comments. But we have a right to out you for making them. As to Mr. Sterling, and I use the term Mister loosely, we should. Ironic, this was the most successful year ever for the hapless Clippers. Adam Silver only became NBA commissioner on February 1 of this year. He was called upon to make a historic decision and rose to the occasion, banning Sterling for life. He authorized Sterling’s banishment, but it was one evoked by the racist’s own words. He will now ask the league to force the sale of the team. They have that authority under


their constitution. They just need a threequarter majority vote. The things that Sterling said about blacks we have often heard said of gays. They are things we know people think but can’t believe when we hear them said. Still, we should never be surprised, because ultimately, we know discrimination still infects America. Donald Sterling is just another insect so exposed. What we do to most insects we should do to him. Swat him good, and thanks to Adam Silver and the NBA, we have. The league and the institution is bigger than one man.

column bil of rights

Meet Rick Weiland

South Dakota’s Senate candidate is a quirky, campy, LGBT ally Bil Browning When you think of South Dakota, progressive politics and champions for LGBT equality are probably not the first things that pop to mind. Rick Weiland, the Democrat candidate for Senate, is out to change your mind. Why should you care? For a straight man, Weiland is the queerest candidate in a bunch of stodgy conservative sourpusses and he’s not afraid to tell anyone about his liberal plan to change the country. Weiland is tapped into what makes the LGBT community such a potent political force — the ability to be a little campy while fighting for justice for all people. While Weiland is more than happy to talk about LGBT rights, he has zeroed in on the role of big money in politics and the damage it’s doing to our government — a common refrain now from progressive politicians. Weiland, however, does it with such campy style that even the cynical find themselves falling under his spell. “Politicians today have to raise millions of dollars to get elected or reelected. Where do they go to get that money? Small dollar donors have to be a part of it but it is really hard to raise nine million dollars — let alone the billion dollars that is now required to be elected president — nine dollars at a time,” he says. “The easiest way to raise nine million dollars is from big money special interests. Where is the big money? It is at the ideological extremes — on the right and the left. If the donor base is at the political extreme, that is where the politicians are going to go because that is how they get reelected.” South Dakota only has 311 incorporated towns and Weiland has stopped in each one over the past few months to talk to the locals, get their campaign support, and chat about the problems facing Washington. He serves pie at each campaign stop and never stops exhorting listeners to belly up to the counter for a slice. Once the candidate had visited every town, he did what every quirky politician would do. He rewrote the lyrics to Johnny Cash’s hit song, “I’ve Been Everywhere,” and recorded a video of himself singing it on stage with a band while photos from his travels to each town flash across the screen. In the days of selfies and parody videos, Weiland has found his groove. Weiland’s outspoken advocacy for LGBT rights also helps him stand out from the pack. He thinks transgender people should be allowed to serve in the military, supports marriage equality, and, would co-sponsor a bill to provide employment, housing, and

public accommodations protections for LGBT people. When South Dakota’s state legislature considered a bill that would give businesses the right to discriminate against LGBT customers, Weiland did something unusual. While candidates for federal office usually stay out of local and state politics, Weiland couldn’t stand idly by and made a blistering statement denouncing the discriminatory bill and its backers. “It made me so angry I had to say something. I said that legislation was reminiscent of the old Jim Crow laws from the Deep South. It was just a flat out awful bill that would have legalized discrimination,” he said. “The last decade has been revolutionary for LGBT rights and just like many other states, South Dakota has made a lot of progress but more work needs to be done.” Interestingly enough, Weiland’s niece, a senior in high school, went to a community meeting hosted by the proposed bill’s author the same day and gave the legislator enough gruff that it made news. “She didn’t know I’d made a statement and I had no idea she would speak to him about it. I didn’t learn about it until the day after. That’s pretty gutsy for a 17-year-old girl to stand up and take on a state legislator like she did. That’s my family. We’ve given that to our kids. Witnessing my niece do the same thing, shows me that we’re passing it on. It’s who we are. We’re accepting of differences and we want to make things better for everyone.” Donating to Weiland’s campaign can make a dramatic difference. The cost of television advertising in South Dakota is incredibly low and reaches 85 percent of voters. $500 will blanket a campaign ad throughout primetime. You can donate to the campaign at http:// soflagaynews //

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lifestyle gay history This Week in Gay History April 30 – May 6


llen Degeneres comes out on national TV in an episode of ‘The Ellen Show’ April 30,1997 — Airing of ‘The Ellen Show’ Coming Out Episode

“The Ellen Show” coming out episode airs. Character Ellen Morgan comes out in “The Puppy Episode.”

May 1, 1851 — Opening of the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations

May 4, 2010 — President of El Salvador Issued Decree Banning Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

President Mauricio Funes creates a Sexual Diversity Division within the Secretary of Social Inclusion at the same time.

May 5, 1911 — Transgender Civil War Veteran Moved to Soldier and Sailors Home

One of the exhibits at this London show is a statue by John Henry Foley of Albert Cashier is hit by a car that breaks Hermaphroditus. In Greek mythology, his leg in 1910, which leads to a doctor Hermaphroditus is the intersex child of the discovering that Cashier is physically female. gods Aphrodite and Hermes. The physician keeps Cashier’s secret, and on this day moves him to the Soldier and Sailors May 2, 1994 — First Issue of home in Quincy, Illinois. He lived there as a man until he was moved to the Watertown Metro Weekly Published Originally a gay and lesbian magazine in State Hospital for the Insane in 1913. Nurses Washington, D.C., it is now one of the oldest there discovered that he was female-bodied when giving him a bath, after which he was LGBTQ publications in its region. forced to wear a dress.

May 3, 1976 — ‘A Chorus Line’ Won Pulitzer Prize

No cheesy taglines, just results.

May 6, 1868 — The Term ‘Homosexuals’ Written for the First Time

The musical wins for the Drama category. It is directed and choreographed by Michael Károly Mária Kertbeny uses the word Bennett, a gay man. The original Broadway production ran for 6,137 performances, “Homosexualisten” in a letter to Karl Heinrich becoming the longest-running production Ulrichs. He derived it from Greek “homos” in Broadway history until surpassed by Cats (“the same”) and the Latin root “sexualis.” in 1997, and the longest-running Broadway musical originally produced in the US, until surpassed in 2011 by Chicago. All of the information above has been reprinted with permission from Quist, an LGBT mobile history app that can be found on iOS and Android devices. Visit for more information. The app was created by Sarah Prager and launched in July of 2013.


// 4.30.2014 // //

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travel feature

PrideFest Comes to the ‘Island of Enchantment’ Puerto Rico gears up for annual festival and parade Anthony Lanni Discourse between the U.S. and Puerto Rico over the political status of the world’s oldest colony has been a hot topic of conversation in news headlines for years. The U.S. territory, acquired in 1898 at the end of the Spanish-American War, faces another distinct tale of adversity beyond the refuting of its admission as the newest state. Like many other of its Caribbean neighbors, human rights for the LGBT community has been a strenuous uphill battle, unique in it’s own right when contrasted to what’s been experienced in the states. A glaringly visible public opposition in both of Puerto Rico’s major political parties along with the strong influence of the Roman Catholic Church and socially conservative Protestants has hindered the progress of human rights for Puerto Rico’s LGBT community. It was only last year that Puerto Rico’s governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, signed into law a gay rights bill that will prohibit employment discrimination based on gender

identity or sexual orientation. Although strides have remained slow, Puerto Rico has been the most visited tourist destination in the Caribbean among LGBT travelers. The Caribbean Island better known as “Isla del Encanto” (Island of Enchantment) is no stranger to tribulations, and continues to prevail despite historical hardships. As ignorance dissipates and cultural awareness and acceptance strengthens abroad, so does the community as manifested in the celebration of Puerto Rico’s annual Puerto Rico Pride Day. This now annual event began in June of 1991 with a group of friends in San Juan as a picnic, and relied on the support of local bars for food and beverages. That same year, with the support of local community organizations and businesses, an official Puerto Rico Pride foundation, the Puerto Rican Lesbian and Gay Coalition (Coalición Puertorriqueña de Lesbianas y Homosexuales), was formed. That year the community also observed

Showing their true colors: San Juan, Puerto Rico has gay bars, gay beaches and a lively gay pride parade.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Help Poverello STRIKE OUT HUNGER Join hundreds of bowlers and fans at South Florida’s longest continuous fundraising event to benefit the local HIV/AIDS community.

For more information about For 26 years Poverello has provided life-saving food, nutrition and wellness services. Last year alone, food distributed by Poverello’s food pantry amounted to more than 1.5 million meals for nearly 2,500 Broward County residents living with HIV/AIDS. 16

// 4.30.2014 // //

Poverello’s 24th Annual Bowling to Fight Hunger visit our website

soflagaynews // or call

(954) 561-3663 SouthFloridaGayNews


the first public celebration of National Coming Out Day in October. The following year the first Pride parade was organized. “The initial number of people marching for those times was close to two thousand. Twenty-four years later we’re close to fifteen thousand,” said Luis Conti, chair of the media and communications board for Puerto Rico Pride. “For the next year we’re planning to get this celebration to be the best party in the Caribbean for the LGBT community — a whole month of Pride activities and more.” Puerto Rico Pride is celebrated annually on the first Sunday of the month with this

year’s event beginning June 1. This year Pride has been expanded to a whole week ending on June 8. It will take place on the beachfront in the commonwealth’s capital city, San Juan, while the parade and festival will take place in the Condado District, one of the most gay friendly tourist areas of Puerto Rico. This popular oceanfront destination has set the standard for LGBT travelers thanks to its array of fashionable hotels and gay friendly venues. The gay beach is located at the foot of Calle Vendig (Vendig Street), in front of the popular gay owned bar and restaurant Oceano. Pride week will feature beach parties, beauty pageants, and popular local Djs. The mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, and the first openly gay elected politician in Puerto Rico’s history, vice president of the Capital City Council, Pedro Peters Maldonado, will participate in the parade along with activists from thirty human rights organizations. “Everyone is welcome here. Come and join us. This year we’ll rock the beach!” Conti said. The events are free and welcome donations of support. Visit the office Pride’s website at Follow PR Pride on Facebook: Parada De Orgullo LGBTT De Puerto Rico and Twitter and Instagram at: @ orgulloarcoiris

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Full Charge Bookkeeping Services

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outeats Special Advertising Section Bona Celebrates 35 Years of Serving Up Italian Cuisine on Wilton Drive John McDonald

Italian eatery carries on tradition of great food On the eastern edge of Wilton Drive just before the Five Points intersection sits Bona Italian Restaurant, a staple of Italian cuisine in Wilton Manors. In business since 1979, the family-owned eatery has seen many changes along the ‘drive’ through the years, but one constant remains – tasty and affordable food. “This is our passion,” said Bona co-owner Attilio. “There are other ways to make a buck. We don’t do this to make big money. We do this because we love it.” Attilio and his sister, Valerie, co-own and operate Bona and offer sit-down, delivery and take out service to customers. The food is homemade, the pasta is gourmet caliber and the cheese is to die for. “We are very proud of our food,” Attilio said. “Our pizza is hand tossed and the cheese is high quality grade.” Attilio and Valerie took over ownership of Bona four years ago and are grateful for their loyal customer base. It’s not uncommon for people to return to the restaurant and remark how they once worked there as a teenager. “So many things come and go around here, but Bona is a fixture,” Attilio said. With inviting wide curbed windows and its location on the drive, Bona is an excellent place to grab a table and enjoy the view of Wilton Drive. The cuisine, prepared under the direction of longtime chef Serol, is American style Italian with influence from the Campania region of Southern Italy. Some of their more popular dishes include the Fazzoletti, a bite sized gourmet pasta filled with Fontina cheese and prosciutto, presented in carbonara sauce with bits of bacon, onion and green peas. Other not-to-skip dishes include the Chicken Normandy and Shrimp Scampi in a lemon pink sauce. Also don’t forget to ask for the heavenly garlic rolls to accent your dining experience. Bona also offers an extensive beer and wine list and its skilled wait staff is sure to recommend just the right beverage to complement your meal. The Santi Pinot Grigio, a white white from Italy, went wonderfully well with the Fazzoletti. Bona Italian Restaurant is located at 2468 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. Call 954-565-7222 for take-out orders and visit for a menu and more information.


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soflagaynews //


soflagaynews //

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J.W. Arnold






3 0


M a y

6 ,

2 0 1 4

W W W . S F G N . C O M


atie Postotnik, Steven Grant Douglas and Robby Haltiwanger star in the stage adaptation of the Academy Award-winning film, “Ghost The Musical,” currently playing at the Broward Center.

The supernatural power of love is explored in “Ghost The Musical,” the new Broadway production adapted from the Academy Award-winning film, being presented at Broward Center for a limited two week run through May 11. Presented by Broadway Across America, the show employs special effects never before seen in an on-stage musical, including illusions that continually leave audiences astonished and questioning if what they just saw was real. Tickets are $34.50 – $74.50. For tickets and show times, go to




Enjoy the Tony award-winning Broadway musical “Million Dollar Quartet” though Sunday at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach. The crowd-pleasing show is inspired by the electrifying true story of a famed recording session where Sam Phillips, the “Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” brought together icons Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins for one unforgettable night of music. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the Broadway hit right here in South Florida. For tickets and show times, go to


5/3 SUN

Tedds ART WORKS Gallery, 2422 N. Dixie Hwy. in Wilton Manors, will feature the “ASK, TELL!” project by local artist Ed Stevens. The show is series of multimedia assemblies that depicts soldiers marching in the colors of the gay flag, celebrating the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and recognizing the role of gay service members and veterans in our nation’s armed forces. The opening reception takes place tonight from 7 to 10 p.m. and Stevens will be on hand to discuss his work. For more information, go to


Photo: Joan Marcus

// 4.30.2014 // //


5/4 MON

In celebration of Miami Theatre Center’s world premiere of “Everybody Drinks the Same Water,” the company is hosting Cordoba Miami – a Medieval Street Fair today from 12 noon to 4 p.m. in front of the theater, 9806 NE 2nd Ave. in Miami Shores. The fair will include musicians and performers, vendors and food trucks and is open to the public. The play, set in 13th century Cordoba, Spain, is a provocative murder mystery that runs through June 1. Tickets are $35 for all performances. For more information, go to

soflagaynews //


5/5 TUE

The Blue Door String Quartet opens the South Florida Symphony’s summer music series with “Murder in the Chamber” tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Leiser Opera Center, 221 SW 3rd Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. The inventive program includes “Echoes” by Bernard Hermann, the composer of many Alfred Hitchcock movie themes; Janacek’s String Quartet No. 1, based on Leo Tolstoy’s “The Kreutzer Sonata”; and Smetana’s String Quartet No. 1 in e minor, “From My Life.” Tickets are $30 and include a pre-concert reception at 7 p.m. For tickets, go to




Head down to the Gateway Theater, 1820 E. Sunrise Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale, for a special screening of “Chef,” Jon Favreau’s comedy about a Miami-born chef (Favreau) who tries and fails to open a restaurant in Los Angeles. He returns to Miami to fix up a food truck he names “El Jefe Cubanos” and patches things up with his ex-wife (Sofía Vergara). You’ll recognize a lot of the locations in this fun film. The movie also stars Robert Downey, Jr., Dustin Hoffman and Amy Sedaris. For show times, go to

soflagaynews //

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a&e film

Gay and Lesbian Film Fest Promises Fun and Films J.W. Arnold

The 2014 Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is expected to be the strongest in years, promises organizers. The annual 10-day event, held this year May 2 – 11, will feature 60 feature, documentary and short films, said board chair and interim executive director Mark Gilbert, and the quality of submissions is exceptional. “Our program is the best we’ve offered in a long, long time,” he said. “We can only show the films that are submitted in a given year and it’s apparent filmmakers really want to be a part of our festival.” The Miami festival has long been a popular draw not only among Miami-Dade residents, but also attracting film buffs from throughout the southeastern United States. “As a community, as we get older, we look for places where we can come together in a wonderful environment, meet people and make friends, cultivate relationships….that’s what the festival is about,” Gilbert explained. “Our model is to entertain, educate, inspire and connect people through film.” As usual, parties play a big role in the festivities and this year is no exception. The festival features opening, centerpiece and closing night parties, a “high heel” party following the premiere of “South Beach on Heels” at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden on Friday, and the traditional awards brunch, hosted this year on Mother’s Day at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. Steve Rothaus, LGBT beat reporter for “The Miami Herald” and a producer of the PBS documentary “The Day it Snowed in Miami,” will be presented with the festival’s Angel Award at the opening night gala on Friday, May 2 at the Colony Theater on Lincoln Road in South Beach. “Not only has Steve supported and fought for the rights of our community but he has also been personally and actively involved in one of his other passions, the film industry,” Gilbert explained. Rothaus will be joined during the festival by several filmmakers, actors and industry executives at the screenings, which will be held at multiple venues, including the Colony Theater, Miami Beach Cinematheque, Botanical Gardens and Convention Center, and O Cinema in Miami Shores. Ticket prices range from $7 – 12 and are available, along with the complete festival schedule, at Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights of the 2014 Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival:

“The Way He Looks”

(“Hoje eu Quero Voltar Sozinho”) Daniel Ribiero, Director (Brazil, 2014, Portuguese with English Subtitles, 95 min.) North American Premiere Friday, May 2, 8 p.m., Colony Theater Leonardo is a blind teenager dealing with an overprotective mother while trying to live a more independent life. To the disappointment of his best friend, Giovana, he plans to go on an exchange program abroad. When Gabriel, a cute new student in town, arrives at their classroom, new feelings blossom in Leonardo, making him question his plans.


// 4.30.2014 // //

SFGN: Director Daniel Ribiero presents a beautifully filmed tale about burgeoning young love that conquers the most challenging physical obstacles. This is definitely not the usual, clichéd gay and lesbian film festival “coming out” movie.

“The 10 Year Plan”

J.C. Calciano, Director (USA, 2014, English, 94 min.) Southeast Premiere Saturday, May 3, 5 p.m. Colony Theater Myles, a handsome and successful lawyer, as well as a hopeless romantic, wants nothing more than to find the man of his dreams to share his life. His best friend Brody, a hunky and hot Los Angeles police officer, sleeps with every man he meets in an attempt to avoid feeling unloved. Fearing what will become of themselves when they get older, the two friends make a pact: to become a couple in 10 years if neither one has found true love. SFGN: You’ve seen this movie before. Sure, it probably starred Jennifer Aniston and was about a straight couple, but somehow the jokes are better when you’re watching two hot guys stew over this silly dilemma. And Jack Turner and Michael Adam Hamilton are certainly easy on the eyes, too.

“Burning Blue”

D.M.W. Greer, Director (USA, 2013, English, 96 min.) Florida Premiere Saturday, May 3, 9:30 p.m., Colony Theater Since enlisting in the Navy, moviestar handsome elite aircraft pilots Daniel and William have been the best of friends. A friendship tested following two fatal accidents aboard their aircraft carrier. A government agent is placed aboard the ship to determine what may have been at the root of the mishaps. But his investigation abruptly changes direction when a sailor reports seeing Daniel cavorting with another fighter pilot, the headstrong, muscle-bound Matthew, in a gay club. SFGN: Three words: Gay Top Gun. It’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years since Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer first inspired pubescent wet dreams with their film about hotdog Navy fighter pilots. A remake is rumored to be in the works, but don’t wait for that movie, because this is the right film to rekindle those youthful fantasies.

“To Be Takei”

Jennifer M. Kroot, Director (USA, 2014, English, 90 min.) Florida Premiere Sunday, May 4, 5:45 p.m., O Cinema, Miami Shores Over seven decades, actor and activist George Takei boldly journeyed from a WWII internment camp, to the helm of the starship

soflagaynews //


Enterprise, to the daily news feeds of five million Facebook fans where he and husband, Brad, have become the poster couple for marriage equality. Join George and Brad on this star’s playful and profound trek for life, liberty, and love as Takei proves time and again why his presence in popular culture remains as fresh and necessary as ever. SFGN: Aside from a handful of Star Trek movie sequels, George Takei’s career had been on hold for decades—that is, until he accidentally discovered Facebook. In addition to the wry humor Takei shares with his millions of social media followers, this fascinating documentary provides deep insight into the actor’s personal fight against discrimination.

“Snails in the Rain”

(“Shablulim Bageshem”) Yariv Mozer, Director (Israel, 2013, Hebrew with English Subtitles, 82 min.) Florida Premiere Tuesday, May 6, 9 p.m., O Cinema, Miami Shores In this intelligent and emotional Israeli film set in 1989 Tel Aviv, Boaz is a linguistics student committed to his loving girlfriend, Noa. But soon Boaz is questioning his life when he begins receiving a series of obsessive love letters from another man. They expose the inner world of their author, who is deeply closeted and knows plenty about him, including Boaz’s past attraction to other men. SFGN: Some of the best LGBT films of late are coming out of Israel (“Out in the Dark,” “Eyes Wide Open”). These films, “Snails in the Rain” included, offer complex characters trapped in nuanced relationships shaded by religion, culture and race. Yoav Reuveni is incredibly sexy and offers an especially appealing performance as Boaz, the conflicted protagonist.

“My Straight Son”

Miguel Ferrari, Director (Venezuela, 2013, Spanish with English Subtitles, 110 min.) Wednesday, May 7, 8:30 p.m., O Cinema, Miami Shores Diego, a young and successful photographer, lives in the glamorous but shallow and excessive world of fashion. A tragic accident turns his world upside down; his partner Fabrizio is now in a coma. Unexpectedly, and right at this inopportune time, Diego’s estranged son Armando shows up. Now, both of them have to adapt to each other—Armando to the unknown homosexual world of his father and Diego to the closed attitude of his teenage son. SFGN: Gay men who have children as the result of a previous straight relationship may have some issues with this film, but “My Straight Son” also isn’t “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” (the story of a campy drag queen who is confronted with knowledge of the son he fathered), either. The tension between father and son, fueled by the Hispanic blood they share, drives the film.

cont’d on next page

“Tru Love”

Kate Johnson and Shauna MacDonald, Directors (Canada, 2013, English, 87 min.) Southeastern Premiere Friday, May 9, 7 p.m., Colony Theater Tru, 37, is a serial bed-hopping lesbian who cannot commit to a relationship, until she meets Alice, 60, a beautiful widow, in town to visit her daughter, Suzanne, 35, a too-busy corporate lawyer and Tru’s friend. Alice and Tru begin to forge an unlikely friendship...and more. Suzanne, has a deeply conflicted relationship with her mother and a complicated past with Tru, becomes increasingly alarmed at the growing bond between Tru and her mother and tries to sabotage the budding romance, but it backfires, as true love is hard to contain. SFGN: May/September romances are certainly not unique to either the straight or gay communities, but having known several such lesbian couples, I found this film intriguing on several levels. One viewing may not be enough to dissect the complex, interwoven onscreen emotions between these three women.

“Such Good People”

Stewart Wade, Director (USA, 2014, English, 97 min.) World Premiere Friday, May 9, 9:15 p.m., Colony Theater A contemporary screwball comedy about a young gay couple, Michael Urie (“Ugly Betty”) and Randy Harrison (“Queer As Folk”), who discover a secret room filled with cash while house-sitting for wealthy friends who die while out of the country doing missionary work to the children of Bhutan. Our characters want what everyone wants: success, family and a fabulous house in LA. But first they’ve got to work through many issues, including greed, jealousy, real estate, sibling rivalry, greyhounds, labradoodles, porpoises, a million dollars, and the aforementioned orphans of Bhutan. SFGN: According to the religious right, gay couples are hopelessly obsessed with debauchery and sodomy. Not this couple! The plot is silly—and there’s plenty of gay humor—but in the end, these guys fall victim to the same human vices as their straight counterparts.

“Boys” (“Jongens”)

Mischa Kamp, Director (Netherlands, 2014, Dutch with English Subtitles, 78 min.) Southeast Premiere Saturday, May 10, 3 p.m., Miami Beach Convention Center In this beautiful and uplifting gay romance, two teen track stars discover first love. Chiseled Sieger, is a thoughtful 15-year-old who grapples mightily with his emerging gayness. His love interest is the equally handsome, free-spirited and outgoing Marc. The romance between them unfolds with a palpable sense of longing and an aching sequence of heartache as Sieger tries to fight the inevitable. SFGN: Major hot twink alert! If this weren’t a Dutch film, it would definitely qualify as that clichéd, gay and lesbian film festival “coming out” movie we’ve seen over and over. This film is full of the kind of scenes we wish were in the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog, but were just too gay for public consumption. As if that was possible!

“Boys Meets Girl”

Eric Schaeffer, Director (USA, 2014, English, 94 min.) Florida Premiere Sunday, May 11, 7 p.m., Miami Beach Cinematheque “Boy Meets Girl” is a sexy, romantic coming of age comedy about three 20-year-olds living in Kentucky. Robby and Ricky, a gorgeous transgender woman and childhood friend, have never dated. Lamenting the lack of bachelors, Ricky considers dating a girl. In walks Francesca, a beautiful woman waiting for her Marine fiance to return from the war. Ricky and Francesca strike up a friendship, and maybe a little more, which forces Robby to face his true feelings for Ricky. SFGN: I’m not going to pretend to grasp the broad concepts of sexuality held by many in the millennial generation (pansexuality, anyone?), but this film also dwells on the complicated sexual identity of a young transgendered person trying to find love in that liberal Southern bastion, Kentucky. It’s pretty deep stuff, conveniently packaged in a sweet story with a lot of heart. soflagaynews //

SouthFloridaGayNews // // 4.30.2014 //23

a&e television Another Queen Down

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ says farewell to Trinity K. Bonet Michael Cook Trinity K. Bonet was the heart of this year’s roster of divas on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Many times the underdog, Bonet came from behind and ended up doing amazing in a challenge and on the runway. Even so Bonet was recently asked to “sashay away” and sat down with SFGN to chat about her time with the other girls, her decision to go public with her HIV status, and what she really thought of Bianca Del Rio!

favorite parts experience?





Getting in drag and being creative while showcasing the runway work I normally do [was my favorite part]. The worst part was not having my head in the game and letting it psych me out sometimes, and not really standing up for myself.

Your runway presentations were legendary on this season of “Drag Race.” How did it feel to get this far in the competition?

It felt amazing! My first mission was to last longer than the other girls from my city [Atlanta]! It was amazing to get so close, but due to circumstances I could not control, I didn’t make it to the end. [But] it doesn’t matter to me; I was there and I’m a winner anyway.

You were accused of having too many excuses during some of the challenges. In hindsight, what’s your opinion on such critique?

I did have excuses, and I did complain a lot, but I always found reasons to keep trying. When you [put yourself] on a TV show like “Drag Race” you open yourself up to being judged by others and in their eyes you should be picture perfect. It’s who I am as a person and I don’t make any excuses for it.

Disclosing your HIV status was extremely brave. Did you always plan to come forward about your status in such a public manner?

It wasn’t hard for me at all. Production asked me if I had any health issues, and I told them I was positive. I am aware of HIV and how to control, handle and treat it. The world doesn’t understand [HIV]. I’d much rather be HIV positive than go through cancer or have diabetes [or things like that]. HIV isn’t my hang-up. I can live a normal [and full] life without any complications. What were your favorite and least


// 4.30.2014 // //

soflagaynews //


You had a friendship with Bianca Del Rio, which seemed to warm up as the season progressed. What was it like working with such a strong personality?

I’m glad you asked this! Bianca really didn’t do anything to “help” me and we didn’t work together much. Even when we were paired up she didn’t want me. I didn’t want her [either]. I fed her all of my ideas and she liked some and didn’t like others. I told myself I wouldn’t be outdone by the bitch, but still had an appreciation for her.. She’s sweet, humble and [very] cool. Many think she gave me the courage, but that was God given. She just happened to be there. What’s next for Trinity K. Bonet?

I’m focusing on traveling and entertaining. I’m going to as many cities as I can and I would love to interview people. I really just want to get out there and entertain! For more information, please visit: RuPaul’s Drag Race airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. on the Logo Channel or online at

F i n a l

P e r F o r m a n c e s

m a y

1 0 ,

1 5


1 7

A tale of lustful obsession and religious salvation Set in ancient Egypt, this is the story of Thaïs, a seductive courtesan, and Athanaël, the monk who wants to reform her. Thaïs journeys from a life of sin to redemption and Athanaël from chastity to acceptance of the flesh. Will Thaïs find religion and salvation? Or will Athanaël give in to his lustful urges for Thaïs? by Jules massenet

A scintillating end to the Florida Grand Opera Season, set to the exotic score featuring the beautiful orchestral piece the Meditation.

per formances at • 800.741.1010 Photo: Thaïs © Palm Beach Opera

soflagaynews //

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he stage adaptation of the hit film; ‘Ghost: The Musical’ comes to the Broward Center in Fort Lauderdale through May 11

Christiana Lilly

BROWARD COUNTY broward county

* Remembering Pete and Toshi Seeger

May 4 at 2 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Lauderdale, 3970 NW 21st Ave. in Oakland Park. The activist couple are honored in a musical performance. Tickets $20.

* Becoming Dr. Ruth

May 7 to 11 at the Parker Playhouse, 707 NE Eighth St. in Fort Lauderdale. Debra Jo Rupp plays Karola Ruth Siegel in the true story of her surviving the Holocaust and later becoming America’s favorite sex therapist. Tickets $28 to $66.50. Clal 954-462-0222 or visit

Ghost: The Musical

Through May 11 at the Broward Center, 201 SW Fifth Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. Molly’s life is changed forever when her love, Sam, is killed. However, as a ghost he stays to protect her and avenge his death. Tickets $34.50 to $114.50. Call 954-462-0222 or visit

Maria’s Girls Night Out

Through May 25 at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts, 2855 Coral Springs Drive in Coral Springs. An interactive girls night out, Maria and her friends have invited some hot guys for entertainment, when their significant others have other plans. Tickets $39.22 to $49.82. Call 954-344-5990 or visit


// 4.30.2014 // //

PALM BEACH county palm beach

Million Dollar Quartet

April 29 to May 4 at the Kravis Center, 701 Okeechobee Blvd. in West Palm Beach. Head back in time to the infamous recording session that brought together Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins. Tickets $25 and up. Call 561-8327469 or visit


April 30 to May 4 in downtown West Palm Beach. The most highly anticipated musical event of the year, featuring big-name artists including Ellie Goulding, Robin Thicke, Pretty Lights, Goo Goo Dolls, Sublime with Rome, Dropkick Murphys, Alice in Chains, Cake, The Bangles, The Wailers, and more. Tickets $30 to $71. Visit

* Short Cuts 4

May 7 at 8 p.m. at the Lake Worth Playhouse, 713 Lake Ave. in Lake Worth. Nine playwrights present their 10-minute plays. Tickets $20. Call 561-586-6410 or visit

The Trouble With Doug

Through May 11 at the Arts Garage, 180 NE First St. in Delray Beach. Doug suddenly turns into a giant talking slug, and his family and fiancee must learn to live with his new appearance and discover how much they truly care about him. Tickets $30 to $45. Call 561-450-6357 or visit soflagaynews //

Free Friday Concerts

Fridays at 7:30 p.m. at the Delray Beach Center for the Arts, 51 N. Swinton Ave. in Delray Beach. Enjoy live music from the comfort of your picnic blanket or lawn chair every week, for free! Call 561-243-7922 or visit

miami-dade MIAMI DADE county

Everybody Drinks the Same Water

May 3 to June 1 at the Miami Theater Center, 9806 NE Second Ave. in Miami Shores. Three teens of different religious backgrounds come together to solve a murder caused by someone poisoning their water supply in Cordoba, Spain. Tickets $25 to $35. Call 305-751-9550 or visit

* Party in the Park

PAMM Outdoor Music Series

* Secrets of the La Croix

The Big Show

May 4 from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Greynolds Park, 18500 NE 22nd Ave. in North Miami Beach. Eddie Money headlines this day of music from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, as well as food and drink. Tickets $20 to $85. Visit Through May 18 at Main Street Playhouse, 6766 Main St. in Miami Lakes. Roger La Croix’s Thanksgiving is turning into the worst ever when he can’t watch the big game and his son comes home with shocking news. Tickets $18 to $25. Call 305-58-3737 or visit

Rose and the Rime

Through May 18 at the Arsht Center, 1300 Biscayne Blvd. in Miami. A small town in Michigan has been in a never-ending winter for an entire generation, and young Rose is determined to end the curse of the RIme Witch. Tickets $45. Call 305-949-6722 or visit


* Denotes New Listing

Third Thursdays at the Perez Art Museum Miami, 101 W. Flagler St. in Miami. Come out for live music from DJs and musicians by the bay. Drink specials available. Free with museum admission. Call 305-3753000 or visit Fridays and Saturdays at 9 p.m. at Just the Funny Theater, 3119 Coral Way in Miami. A collection of comedy mixing the likes of improvisation and sketches. Tickets $12. Call 305-693-8669 or visit

NOH8 Photo Campaign in FTL May 3 from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Westin Fort Lauderdale Hotel, 400 Corporate Drive in Fort Lauderdale. Put on your white t-shirt and duct tape for the infamous silent protest, as photographed by Adam Bouska. Cost $40 or $25 per person for couples or a group. Sponsored by RE/MAX Town Centre. RSVP at https://www.


Community Christiana Lilly

broward county


What’s the Deal with PrEP?

April 30 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Pride Center, 2040 N. Dixie Highway in Wilton Manors. Learn more about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and a new pill that can help those without HIV lessen their chances of contracting the disease. Free. Call 954-463-9005 or visit

Wonders of America and More

Through April 30 at the Pride Center, 2040 N. Dixie Highway in Wilton Manors. See the incredible photography by Albert Barg, Jeff Weisberg and Brandon Quarters as they traveled through American national parks capturing landscapes and animals. Call 954-463-9005 or email galleries@

Guy Harvey Talk and Documentary Screening

May 1 at 7:30 p.m. at the Miramar Cultural Center, 2400 Civic Center Place in Miramar. Known for his iconic marine paintings, Harvey will be leading a talk before showing his new documentary, “Whale Shakes of the Yucatan.” Tickets $5. Call 954-6024536 or visit

“Ask, Tell!” Opening Reception

May 3 from 7 to 10 p.m. at Tedd ART WORKS Gallery, 2422 N. Dixie Highway in Wilton Manors. An art project by Ed Stevens, featuring soldiers marching with the gay flag. Runs through May 29. Call 703-2698244 or visit

* BeachBear Weekend

May 7 to 12 throughout Fort Lauderdale. Get your fix of beefy bears with a long weekend of pool parties, food, and clubbing. Tickets $59. Visit

* Red Hot & In Style

May 8 from 8 to 11 p.m. at The Manor, 2345 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. Bachelors and bachelorettes take the stage to auction off unique dates, all to raise money for families living with serious illnesses. Tickets $20 donation. Contact Deliver the Dream at 954-564-3512 or visit

The Movement: Bob Adelman and Civil Rights Era Photography Through May 17 at Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, One Las Olas Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, photography chronicling the movement. Call 954-525-5500 or visit

Henning Haupt, Craig Carlisle and Sylvia Tashis Exhibition

Through May 17 at the Coral Springs Museum of Art, 2855 Coral Springs Drive in Coral Springs. The three artists’ work will be on display, showcasing varying styles of floral art, “big heads,” and installations. Museum admission $6. Visit

Pride Center Flea Market

First Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at The Pride Center, 2040 N. Dixie Highway in Wilton Manors. Scour through arts and crafts from area vendors every month. Call 954-463-9005.

You Take Such Liberties!

Introduction to Modern Buddhism

Mondays 6 to 6:30 p.m. at the Drolma Kadampa Buddhist Center, 140 W. Prospect Road in Fort Lauderdale. Join a guided meditation and instruction with Western Buddhist teacher, Jay Radin. Free. Visit

Man2Man Discussion

Mondays 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Pride Center, 2040 N. Dixie Highway in Wilton Manors. A weekly informal discussion group among gay men of all backgrounds. Contact John Beuscher at 954-202-4469 or email

Gender Bender Youth Group

Mondays from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at SunServe Campus, 1480 SW Ninth Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. A group for LGBT youth 13 to 21 to discuss gender, gender expression, binary systems, friendship, family and whatever else comes up! Free. Visit


Tuesdays in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs and Southwest Ranches. A support group for parents of LGBT youth 13 to 21. Free. Visit for dates and locations.


Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. at the Stonewall Library, 1300 E. Sunrise Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale. Come join us and write your memoir, poem, blog, novel or short story. Free. Email

Survivor Support

First and third Wednesdays from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Broward Health Imperial Point Hospital cafeteria, 6401 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale. Find support from counselors and peers who have lost loved ones to suicide. Call the Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention at 954-384-0344 or visit

Women4Women Support

Wednesdays from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at SunServe, 2312 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. An open meeting and discussion group of all topics brought up by participants. Call 954-764-5150.

POZitive Attitudes

Wednesdays 7 to 9 p.m. at the Pride Center, 2040 N. Dixie Highway in Wilton Manors. A support group for gay and bisexual men who are infected or impacted by HIV/AIDS. Visit

palm beach county PALM BEACH Compass Business Alliance Mixer

April 30 at 6:30 p.m. at the Courtyard Marriott, 1800 Centrepark Drive E. in West Palm Beach. Meet other like-minded business owners and employees at this event with the Pride Business Alliance. Call 561-5339699 or email

* NOH8 Photo Campaign

May 5 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Compass Community Center, 201 N. Dixie Highway in Lake Worth. Put on your white t-shirt and duct tape for the infamous silent protest, as photographed by Adam Bouska. Cost $40 or $24 per person for a group. RSVP to 561533-9699 or

* Sushi & Stroll Summer Walks

May 9 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Morikami Gardens and Museum, 4000 Morikami Park Road in Delray Beach. This summer, enjoy the sunset with Taiko drumming, beautiful scenery, and delicious food. Continues every second Friday through September. Tickets $8. Call 561-495-0233 or visit

Through May 24 at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, 601 Lake Ave. in Lake Worth. A collection of work by Raymond P. Neubert and his subreal paintings. Call 561-471-2901 or visit

To Jane, Love Andy: Warhol’s First Superstar

Through May 25 at the Norton Museum of Art, 1451 S. Olive Ave. in West Palm Beach. The love and friendship between eccentric artist, Andy Warhol, and superstar, Jane Holzer, is chronicled in this art exhibit. Call 561-832-5196 or visit

Adult Acting Class

Tuesdays from 5 to 6 p.m. through June 3 at the Lake Worth Playhouse, 713 Lake Ave. in Lake Worth. A 10week acting class for amateur adults wanting to learn the craft of scene study and monologues. Cost $150. Call 561-586-6410 or email Shonna Rash at shonna@

Curbello, will be speaking. Visit logcabinmiami.

Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival May 2 to 11 throughout Miami and Miami Beach. In its 16th year, the festival will feature 64 films made by directors from 20 different countries, each with its own take on LGBT life around the world. Visit MGLFF. com for tickets and schedule.

* Miami Dade Latin American Republican Club Inaugural Reception

May 2 from 5:30 to 8:30 the Renaissance at the Gables, 2340 SW 32nd Ave. in Miami. Free. Gay Republicans are invited to an evening of music, food, drink, and speeches by Congressman Mario DiazBalart and Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. RSVP by April 30 to 786-310-9374.

* Leela Corman Comic Illustration Workshop

Mondays from 7 to 8 p.m. at Compass GLCC, 201 N. Dixie Highway in Lake Worth. A men’s discussion group about relationships, coming out, safe sex and more. Visit

May 3 from 3 to 5 p.m. at Books & Books, 265 Aragon Ave. in Coral Gables. Leela Corman, author of “Unterzakhn,” talks about her background as an artist and incorporating it into graphic novels to tell a story. Free. Contact Dina Weinstein, 786-246-0644 or visit

Sober Sisters AA Lesbian Group

* Cordoba Miami


Mondays at 7 p.m. at Lambda North, 18 S. J St. in Lake Worth. A support group for recovering alcoholics. Visit

Yoga with Deborah

Tuesdays from 6 to 7 p.m. at Compass GLCC, 201 N. Dixie Highway in Lake Worth. Learn to control your breathing and find peace with this ancient exercise. Must bring your own mat. Class $6. Visit

Yoga Among the Orchids

Wednesdays at 9 a.m. at the American Orchid Society, 16700 AOS Lane in Delray Beach. Practice your yoga in the presence of beautiful, calming orchids. $20 a class. Call 561-404-2011 or visit

Yoga on the Waterfront

Wednesdays at 5:45 p.m. at Lake Pavilion, 101 S. Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach. Take a day out of the week to center yourself on the yoga mat. $10 per class or residents $40 for eight weeks, nonresidents $50 for eight weeks. Call 561-804-4902.


Wednesdays at 7 p.m. at Compass GLCC, 201 N. Dixie Highway in Lake Worth. A discussion group dedicated to gay black men. Call 561-533-9699 or visit

Coming Out Support Group

Thursdays from 6:30 to 8 p.m. a Compass GLCC of the Palm Beaches, 201 N. Dixie Highway in Lake Worth. Get support as you explore your sexual identity and be your true self. Call Forrest at 561-479-8313.

Green Market

Saturdays 9 a.m. to noon at West Palm Beach Waterfront, 101 S. Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach. A relaxing morning of shopping through green vendors and live entertainment. Contact Katrina Resch 561822-1520 or MIAMI miami-dade county

* Miami Log Cabin Republican Meeting

April 30 at 7:15 p.m. at Casa Larios, 7705 W. Flagler St. in Miami. GOP Congressional candidate, Carlos

soflagaynews //

May 4 from noon to 6 p.m. at Northeast Second Avenue and 96th to 100th Streets in Miami Shores. For the opening of “Everybody Drinks the Same Water,” a medieval Cordoba street fair comes to life with jugglers, flamenco, belly dancers, artists, contortionists and more. Call 305-751-9550 or visit

Rainbow Circle

Mondays from 6 to 8 p.m. at the University of Miami Flipse Building #302, 5665 Ponce de Leon Drive in Coral Gables. An open discussion about coming out, relationships, peer pressure, bullying, depression and more. Free. Visit

HIV Support Group

Wednesdays from 7 to 9 p.m. at South Beach AIDS Project, 1234 Washington Ave. Ste. 200 in Miami Beach. A support group for those who are HIV positive. Free. Call 305-535-4733, ext. 301 or email support@

Modern Buddhist Meditation

Mondays and Tuesdays at the Drolma Kadampa Buddhist Center, 1273 Coral Way in Miami. Find inner peace with instruction on meditation with Buddhist monk, Gen Kelsang Nurbu. Cost $10 and $5 per class. Call 786-529-7137.

Book Study

Wednesdays from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Drolma Kadampa Buddhist Center, 1273 Coral Way in Miami. Buddhist monk, Gen Kelsang Nurbu, will lead classes on learning the foundations of Buddhism. Call 786-529-7137.

Prayers For World Peace

Sundays from 10 a.m. to noon at he Drolma Kadampa Buddhist Center, 1273 Coral Way in Miami. Buddhist teacher, Todd Ellenberg will lead prayers and meditation. Cost $10. Call 786-529-7137.

Community Yoga Series

Third Wednesdays at 6:15 p.m. at jugofresh Wynwood Walls, 222 NW 26th St. in Miami. Yoga instructor Dawn B. Feinberg leads a monthly yoga class in the middle of Miami’s art district. Mats are available, but yogis are encouraged to bring their own. Free. Call 786-472-2552.

* Denotes New Listing

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COMPANION FOR ELDERLY GENTLEMAN WANTED - In-home care. Patient suffers from mild dementia. Position is part time to start. Exceptional working environment and conditions. Must have clean background check, mature, good natured and in good health need apply. Submit resume with cover letter, including references and pay requirements to: P.O. Box 2213, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33303

To place an ad call 954.530.4970 or visit attorneys



LICENSED CHRISTIAN COUNSELOR Dr. Saul Thermidor, FACCT # LCCP 0365011212 Licensed Christian Psychologist provides Christian counseling on LGBT, anger, violence & personal issues. I speak English, French and Creole. Call 305-407-9397 day, evening & weekends!


NUTRITIONIST FULL-TIME: Poverello is seeking a full-time nutritionist to provide nutrition education and counseling to individuals living with HIV/AIDS. For more information go to: http://www. Fax resume to (954) 566-7868, ATTN: Nutritionist.

flood/fire STATE-OF-THE-ART-DENTISTRY General & Cosmetic Dentistry Sedation Dentistry

business consulting

Treating Drug and Alcohol Addiction for 38 years, since 1976


• Facilities in

cleaning services NINA’S CLEANING SERVICE Upscale and professional. Privately owned. Pet friendly. 12+ years experience. Excellent references available. Call Nina 954-707-0095 CLEAN IT RIGHT! The best cleaning for your buck. 1BD $50, 2BD $60, 3BD $70. Excellent rates & references. 10 years in business. Serving Broward, North Miami Dade & S. Palm Beach. Call Manny 954-560-4443


COMPLETE COMPUTER REPAIR FREE ESTIMATES - No extra charge for in-home. FREE Computer tune-up with any service. Replacement of laptop screen & key board. Viruses, spyware, data recovery, lockouts & more. SAME DAY SERVICE - LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE Call Ernesto: 754-234-5598 HATE WINDOWS 8? We can bring back the look and feel of windows. Same day service. Call 954-986-1316


// 4.30.2014 // //

Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, and Ft. Lauderdale • GLBTQ Outpatient Tracts • Transportation Provided


design/graphics I CAN DESIGN IT ALL! FROM T-SHIRTS, TO ADS, TO LOGOS... CHEAP PRINTING! 1000 biz cards from $25. View davidgrafx.wordpress. com or email for info.

furniture repair AAA FURNITURE HOSPITAL We specialize in gluing and clamping of “broken and loose” tables, chairs and occasional pieces. Other services include repair of cigarette burns, perfume stains, dog bites, water damage,recliner and sofa bed repairs. Free estimates 954-493-5221

models/casting $$$ MODELS NEEDED $$$ Wrestling Company in South Florida is seeking athletic models for planned video shoots in our new facility. Wrestling and/or performing experience is helpful but not necessary. Good pay. Contact us at for more information! soflagaynews //


home improvement

licensed massage INCREDIBLY AWESOME BODYWORK in WPB! Incalls @ private studio, 15 min. due west of PBIA. Intuitive, experienced LMT offers affordable rates 7 days, early to late. ASK ABOUT WEEKLY SPECIALS! Calls only, 561254-8065 for the very best massage experience you can get, HANDS DOWN! LIC #MA51008

pool services

POOL SERVICE Mention this ad and receive your first month



piano lessons


BEAUTIFUL WILTON MANORS CONDO 2/2 completely renovated corner unit. Lots of amenities and centrally located. Sale $145K, negotiable. Pool, laundry, bike path, clubhouse and BBQ. Call 561-654-8708 for more details.

some restrictions apply

INTERIOR PAINTING No job too small! We offer great competitive rates. Call Gregg @ 617-306-5694 or Tom @ 352-322-7139. We are reliable and honest with references!

WANT TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE PIANO? Learn from an experienced teacher. All levels and ages welcome. Learn to play classical, popular, jazz, or show tunes. Visit or call 954-826-9555 for more information.

real estate for sale

Serving Broward Since 1999

Call for a free estimate: 954-367-7007 Web: Email:

property management Professional


L.L.C. The smallest things make the biggest difference.

HOME WATCH Property Management Peace of mind while you are away

Peter D. Petrucci Licensed - Bonded - Insured

Andrzej Obszanski

Highly Trained and Experienced Since 1987


"I personally watch over your home"


licensed massage Dependable Reliable Ser vice Delivered with Love and Respect

psychic readings

Psychic Gallery

• Does he love me? • Is he being faithful? • Am I heading in the right direction?

rent/lease fort lauderdale TWO STORY VILLA – OAKLAND PARK Use as 2/2 or 3/2, Kitchen, Living Room, TV room, Balcony, Sundeck, over 1500 sq. ft. W/D included and pets are ok. 4001 NE 14th Ave $1,800/mo Call 954-485-9440 MIDDLE RIVER TERRACE 1/1 $750/month, all tile, eat-in kitchen, W/D. May be able to help with move in costs, call for details. 954-527-9225

rent/lease wilton manors LARGE 2BR/1 BA Beautiful wood floors, private yard, single family home with canvas covered parking, amazing bonus room, washer/ dryer. Quiet neighborhood walking distance to Wilton Drive/restaurants, clubs, etc. Background check/credit check required. Available NOW!!! $1,650month Please call Terri Wright with Sea Island Realty, Inc. at 954-401-4918

All readings confidential. Where others have failed, I have succeeded!



2530 N. Federal Hwy. Fort Lauderdale, FL Established over 20 years

RECESSION RELIEF $50 per 90 MIN - Out calls higher. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Specialty Back, Lower Body & Feet. Couples Discounts. Seniors Welcome. Delray Beach. 16 years experience. MA18563 Dennis 561-502-2628 AFFORDABLE AWESOME MASSAGE BY JIM Offering Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and LomiLomi Massage for Men; in a very comfortable, relaxed and Private Massage Studio, NOW conveniently located in Wilton Manors on NE 26th Street, with plenty of free parking. Same Day appointments are welcome; please call Jim, 954-600-5843 email: or visit my website for testimonials, rates and more. GREAT OPENING SPECIAL NOW AVAILABLE! Licensed and Certified MM22293

furnished housing

LIC # 11000106488

**PERFECT RELOCATION RENTALS** *4 WEEK+ SPECIAL FROM $395/WEEK* Award Winning Gay Apartment Hotel. All the comforts of home. Beautifully Furnished & Full Equipped Studio, 1 & 2 BR Apts. with Full Kitchens. All Men, Clothing optional heated pool, laundry, private parking. Dania Beach location Central to Haulover Nude Beach & Wilton Manors. Incl. Wi-Fi, utilities, cable, tel. Gay Owned & Operated. Longer term Monthly rates available for 3 months+ Stays. Pets Always Welcome. Celebrating Our 17th Year Call Joe or Jack at (954) 927-0090 or visit

soflagaynews //

SouthFloridaGayNews // // 4.30.2014 //29

roommates ROOM FOR RENT IN WILTON MANORS Wilton Manors 3 Bedroom pool house room for rent to Gay Professional Male. Must be dog friendly. $650 per month, includes all utilities and full access. Call 954-268-6547 or Email: GAY, MATURE MAN AND 3 CATS LOOKING FOR ROOMMATE to share a three BR duplex with myself & another roommate. Private room with shared bath. Full use of house & all utilities included. Clean, friendly atmosphere. Washer/ Dryer on premise. NO SMOKERS or party animals, otherwise all are welcome. Credit and background check. Located on the north side of Wilton Manors, minutes from Wilton Drive. The room is furnished, but unfurnished is possible. $525/month (deposit required but can be done in installments) Available immediately. Call Richard Sedlak at 954-296-5633 or email at


// 4.30.2014 // //

spiritual DIVINE MERCY CHAPEL - A Special place to grow spiritually! 2749 NE 10TH Ave., Wilton Manors FL, 33334. 954-567-1930,

soflagaynews //


soflagaynews //

SouthFloridaGayNews // // 4.30.2014 // 31

// //

soflagaynews //


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Not So Proud

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