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‘N Sync’s Lance Bass Proposes to Boyfriend


The pop star came out in an interview with People magazine in 2006

Soon after making an appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards with his former ‘N Sync crew, the ex-boy band member announced he’s engaged to his boyfriend. “He said YES!! Love this man,” Bass wrote on Instagram on Sep. 1 with a photo showing off an engagement ring on the finger of his new fiancé Michael Turchin.

The two started dating in December 2011, and Bass popped the question in New Orleans. The day before Bass posted the photo on Instagram, Turchin expressed his happiness about the engagement on Twitter. “Happiest guy in the world,” he tweeted. Bass came out in 2006, while dating Amazing Race winner Reichen Lehmkuhl. Before

that, the 34-year-old actor and singer had dated actress Danielle Fishel. “The thing is, I’m not ashamed – that’s the one thing I want to say. I don’t think it’s wrong, I’m not devastated going through this,” he told People magazine when he came out. “I’m more liberated and happy than I’ve been my whole life. I’m just happy.”

Republican: Gays Should be Like Alexander

Online Producer • Dennis Jozefowicz


“Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) married a Bactrian woman. Alexander may have engaged in homosexual activity, but he married a woman,” he wrote in a blog post. The problem is, Sharer is omitting history. Alexander had a lifelong male lover, with his friend, commander, and

bodyguard Hephastion until Hephastion’s death. Sharer also cited the philosopher Aristotle, who is also said to have had sexual relationships with other men. “Sex between a man and a woman produces babies – society needs babies – babies need both moms and dads,” he wrote.

Lebanon Could Decriminalize Homosexuality

& 2

“Because of 534 – the penal law that is used against any unnatural sex – these statements show to the world that being gay is not unnatural so 534 can’t be implemented in this case,” Bertho Makso, the owner of Lebtour, an LGBT gay guide in Lebanon, told GSN. Makso added that the next step is to work to change 534 to decriminalize homosexuality,

however, chances of that happening at the moment are slim as the conflict with neighboring Syria currently takes center stage. Psychologists made the announcement on Aug. 28. During the event, Makso recounts speakers said they would give testimony during a trial regarding the naturalist view of homosexuality if needed.

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Current law defines gay sex as “unnatural,” something which could now be repealed

Lebanon has had a major breakthrough among the Arab nations: psychiatrists and psychologists in the country have stated homosexuality is “natural.” According to Gay Star News, these new statements could help the LGBT community in the country repeal a law that makes gay sex illegal, precisely because the law defines gay sex as an “unnatural” sexual act.

Graphic Specialist • Mark Pauciullo

Brian McNaught • Dana Rudolph • David Webb Ric Reily •Wayne Besen • Victoria Michaels

Sharer argues that gays should strive to be like the Greek conqueror

A Republican politician, who is mounting an effort to stop New Mexico from issuing marriage licenses to gays, said that gays should be more like Alexander the Great. Making the argument that marriage has been between a man and a woman even before the rise of the Judeo-Christian tradition, N.M. Sen. Bill Sharer explained:

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Three More Quickies to Wake You Up

Cover South Florida Gay News is published weekly. The opinions expressed in columns, stories, and letters to the editor do not represent the opinions of SFGN, or the Publisher. You should not presume the sexual orientation of individuals based on their names or pictorial representations. Furthermore the word “gay” in SFGN should be interpreted to be inclusive of the entire LGBT community. All of the material/columns that appears in print and online, including articles used in conjunction with the AP, is protected under federal copyright and intellectual property laws, and is jealously guarded by the newspaper. Nothing published may be reprinted in whole or part without getting written consent from the Publisher, at his law office, at SFGN, as a private corporation, reserves the right to enforce its own standards regarding the suitability of advertising copy, illustrations and photographs. Copyright©2013 South Florida Gay, Inc.

10-Year-Old Proposes ‘Rainbow Pride Bridge’ in Key West The project would connect Sunset Pier with land just west of Duval Street.

Legally Married Gay Couples Can File Joint Tax Returns The government is issuing the regulations to allow gay couples to file joint federal tax returns. Artist Who Painted Putin in Women’s Underwear Flees Russia

Konstantin Altunin left for France and was planning to request asylum there.

// 9.4.2013 // //

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news international

Lesbian Swimmer Diana Nyad Completes Cuba to Florida Trip Matt Sloane, Jason Hanna, and Dana Ford, CNN “Find a way.” That’s the mantra Diana Nyad said she had this year. And that’s exactly what she did. On Sept. 2, Nyad became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a protective cage, willing her way to a Key West beach just before 2 p.m. ET, nearly 53 hours after jumping into the ocean in Havana for her fifth try in 35 years. Shortly after conquering the Straits of Florida, the 64-year-old endurance swimmer sat down with CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. “It’s all authentic. It’s a great story. You have a dream 35 years ago — doesn’t come to fruition, but you move on with life. But it’s somewhere back there. Then you turn 60, and your mom just dies, and you’re looking for something. And the dream comes waking out of your imagination,” Nyad said. The swim wasn’t easy. “With all the experience I have, especially in this ocean, I never knew I would suffer the way I did,” she said. “For 49 hours the wind just blew like heck, and it was rough.” At one point, she was vomiting because she

Diana Nyad Photo courtesy of Diana Nyad’s Facebook

had so much salt water in her system and was shivering. She sang lullabies to help her relax. “It was really rough that first day, Saturday, after the start and I just said: ‘Forget about the surface up. Get your hands in somehow, and with your left hand, say, push Cuba back, and push Florida towards you,’” Nyad said. Through it all, she held her mantra close: “You don’t like it. It’s not doing well. Find a way.” Read the full story, here:


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News Briefs

Sergio N. Candido

+Russian Politician Proposes Gay Blood Donation Ban, Conversion Therapy

Despite an international outcry over its “homosexual propaganda” law, things for the LGBT community in Russia aren’t getting any better, in fact, they might get worse. According to The Moscow Times, one of the city’s candidates for mayor, State Duma deputy Mikhail Degtyarev is proposing as part of his platform a national ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men. “We will suggest amendments to the law on donors that reintroduce homosexuality to the list

of contraindications for blood donations in Health Ministry instructions,” Degtyarev told RT, adding that 65 percent of HIV-positive individuals were men (he did not provide a source for this statistic). Degtyarev also said that Russia’s lower house is working on an initiative to offer gays free consultations with psychologists and psychotherapists to help them “return to normal life and become heterosexuals, as are 95 to 99 percent of our citizens.” At least not all candidates for the post are

homophobic. Moscow mayoral candidate Alexei Navalny, said that if elected he would allow LGBT rallies in the city. “The constitution says that everyone can [demonstrate], and the mayor of Moscow cannot ... forbid this,” he told Reuters. “I will adhere to the constitution ... If everyone is clothed and marches in an orderly way with their slogans, I do not care at all what their sexual orientation is, where they are going and what they are saying.”

Manning Considered Gender Transition Long + Before Announcement

It came as a shock to many when the Army private formerly known as Bradley Manning revealed, just a day after he was sentenced to 35 years in prison, that her name was “Chelsea” and that she wanted to start transitioning. Some speculated that Manning was doing this to have it easier in prison, to avoid getting killed. Others didn’t think of Manning as part of the transgender community. However, new evidence reveals that Manning was struggling with his gender identity even before the Wikileaks incident blew off. The Huffington Post said they acquired an email from Manning sent to a leading “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” researcher asking for advice on military service for transgender people. The email, sent to researcher Nathaniel Frank on April 28, 2010, came with the subject line “Questions.” “I’m doing a little research, and I have a few questions regarding Transgender people and the U.S. Military,” Manning wrote. “What laws / policies bar service members from seeking name changes, birth certificate changes, and hormone replacement therapy, etc? … What changes would be required for these policies to feasibly allow a soldier to transition in the military?” The email, which was never presented during Manning’s trial, came four days after Manning sent the non-commissioned officer in charge of discipline in her Army intelligence unit an email titled “My problem,” with the image of herself in a woman’s wig and makeup attached that has made it around the world. This email did come out during the trial.


// 9.4.2013 // //

on her own terms,” Rainey Reitman, cofounder of the Bradley Manning Support Network, said. During his stint in the armed forces, Manning had told some friends in her unit that she identified as a gay male.

Walmart Gives Health Benefits to Partners of Gay + Workers

Russian State Duma deputy Mikhail Degtyarev Photo courtesy of Degtyarev info

An Army psychologist was also in the process of removing Manning from the army after she was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Manning’s lawyer David Coombs told the “Today” show that they decided to keep Manning’s true gender hidden to avoid the soflagaynews //

announcement of a gender transition from overshadowing the case. “It’s really unfortunate that she was in the process of coming to terms with it, and doing self-exploration before she was arrested, which meant that she didn’t really have the opportunity to come out


Retail giant Wal-Mart is joining the list of private companies offering benefits to samesex couples. According to The Los Angeles Times, the company plans to start offering health coverage next year to domestic partners of full-time employees. “Since we operate in all 50 states, we thought it was important to develop a single definition so we can ensure consistency for all our associates across the country,” spokesman Randy Hargrove told the Times. The big-box retailer said the 2014 health insurance package comes with a new vision plan, including eye exams, glasses and contacts. In order to be eligible, partners “live together in an ongoing, exclusive, committed relationship similar to marriage” with a same- or opposite-sex spouse or unmarried partner and “have been together at least 12 months and intend to continue sharing a household indefinitely,” Hargrove said. Hargrove added that more than half of the company’s 1.3 million U.S. associates are already covered by the retailer’s health insurance plan. Wal-Mart also said that 2014 would see the lowest medical premium increases in years, between 3 percent and 10 percent from last year.

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news palm beach

Bigotry Slowly Fading Away, Major U.S. City Falling Into Line Boca Raton and Palm Beach County commissions to make far-reaching decisions Jacob Long On Sept. 10, the Boca Raton city council will determine whether or not to afford domestic partner benefits, as well as whether to include its non-discrimination clause to include “gender identity or expression and sexual orientation.” All this according to the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council’s (PBCHRC) founder and president and founder Rand Hoch, who’d been fighting the city specifically since Sept. 2012 about these very issues. PBCHRC celebrated its 25th year in July, and is a constant voice of advocacy for LGBT people in the northernmost county of South Florida. The ordeal got close to the courts in February when the city refused to cooperate with FOI requests. City officials became notorious when they refused to consider LGBT equality under the proposed ordinances by comparing LGBT people to dogs. “That doesn’t mean our work in Boca Raton is done,” Hoch told SFGN. “After they pass all that stuff on Sept. 10, if an LGBT employee has a problem, there’s only an

internal solution. Ultimately, it’ll be decided by someone who works for the city. That’s a big problem because the people running the commission are homophobes. They took a year to get this voted on.” People working in Palm Beach County can file complaints if they feel they’re discriminated against. That recourse doesn’t work for Boca Raton residents because, in 2012, Boca opted out of the county’s equal rights ordinance. Boca’s consideration comes on the heels of a decision by another Palm Beach County city, Town of Palm Beach, to allow for domestic partner benefits. In July, Hoch showed up at a Boca workshop and explained why it’s important to take action now so people can enroll their partners in October’s open enrollment. Delaying the decision would potentially keep many people from being able to apply. “So far, no one from the public has spoken against [it at all].” “People understand that what’s happened in the

Boca Raton Mayor Susan Whelchel (left) and Deputy Mayor Susan Haynie Submitted Photos

past has been discriminatory, and they understand that the time to correct that is now.” Coincidentally, Palm Beach County is also voting on an LGBT-related measure on Sept.

soflagaynews //

10 — this one focused on same-sex tax equity. “We may have a lot of news on Sept. 10 up here in PBC,” Hoch concluded. SFGN will follow the issue and keep you updated.

SouthFloridaGayNews // // 9.4.13 //


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Texas High Court to +Consider Gay Divorces

(AP) The Texas Supreme Court says it will consider whether the state has jurisdiction over same-sex divorces and the constitutionality of the state’s law banning same-sex marriage. The court will hold oral arguments on Nov. 5 for two cases presented by Dallas and Austin same sex-couples who married legally in Massachusetts. Texas voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional ban on gay marriage in 2005. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said in a brief that the state would benefit from the court’s ruling on the issue and declaring the ban on same-sex marriage does not violate the U.S Constitution. In one of the cases, a woman wanting to divorce her wife argues that Texas’ family code allows for same-sex divorce and the

U.S. Constitution requires courts in Texas to grant her a divorce. The state intervened because, Abbot said in a brief, the Texas’ family code prohibits the state and its agencies from giving effect to any public record or judicial proceeding that creates, recognizes or validates marriage of persons of the same sex. By definition, Abbot continues, the divorce petitioner was asking the court to give effect to her samesex marriage. The other case, involving two men, also asks the court whether Texas family code is consistent with the U.S. Constitution and whether the section of the Texas’ family code that prohibits same-sex marriage can be interpreted to ban samesex divorce as well. One of the men wanting to be divorced argued in a court brief that it’s increasingly likely that more and more same-sex couples will file for divorce in Texas, and he said it’s important for a state Supreme Court to rule on the issue.

“Over 28 percent of the U.S. population lives in a jurisdiction where same-sex marriage is permitted. Texas is one of the fastest growing states – attracting thousands of migrants each year, including couples from those states that permit same-sex marriage,” he said in the brief.

Teen Flogs Older Bro with Belt to ‘Beat the + Gay Away’

A mother in North Carolina has been charged with misdemeanor child abuse after allegedly telling her 12-year-old son to hit her 15-year-old son with a belt to “beat the gay away.” As WNEM reports, on Aug. 24 police arrived at a residence in the Columbus County District after a 15-year-old called to accused his mother of telling his younger brother to beat him for being gay. Police say there was a large abrasion on the 15-year-old’s back. According to the report, Gowan made her older son strip down to his underwear and her younger son proceeded to beat him with a belt. For her part, Gowan said her son was intoxicated when he reported the incident to police. She added that while she doesn’t agree with the “gay lifestyle,” Pat Robertson she would never beat her son. Photo courtesy of CNN “I couldn’t hurt my child,” she said. church since I found out. I’m going somewhere The mother admitted to have beaten her son in the past to stop him from visiting else until I sort this out.” Initially Robertson’s response showed a gay man. Police are still evaluating if the mother a fundamental ignorance in how HIV should be charged with a hate crime. She is is transmitted. He then went into a homophobic rant, outrageous even by his expected in court on Oct. 9. own standards. “I used to think it was transmitted by Robertson: Gay Men Spread AIDS With ‘Special Rings’ saliva and other things, now they say it During his 700 Club television broadcast, may be sexual contact.” the 83 year old while addressing the concerns of a viewer televangelist and 1988 GOP presidential worried about unknowingly driving an hopeful said, continuing “You know what elderly man with AIDS to church, host Pat they do in San Francisco, some in the gay Robertson told co-host Terry Meeuwsen community there they want to get people so that gay men cut themselves with special if they got the stuff they’ll have a ring, you rings when shaking hands with the intent of shake hands, and the ring’s got a little thing spreading HIV. where you cut your finger [...] Really. It’s that Although these remarks were seen kind of vicious stuff, which would be the during the live broadcast and edited out by equivalent of murder.” Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network This is far from the first or even most in the episode they posted online, Right Wing audacious claim the Christian media mogul Watch obtained and posted the video clip. has made against the LGBT population. Robertson’s comments were in response As reported in Time, in September 2011, to a viewer who wrote in to ask: “My Sunday two days after the attack on the World School class was asked to give transportation Trade Center, he and guest Jerry Falwell for a man from a nursing home to Sunday credited the incident to divine retribution services because ’His elderly father could not for abortionists, the ACLU and gays and drive anymore.’ I drove him 20 plus times lesbians secularizing America. over several months. I found out 2 weeks ago Ten years later, Robertson claimed that he is dying of AIDS. I think those driving him abortion was a conspiracy invented by should have been told his diagnosis in a private lesbians to put themselves on an equal way. A few people in church knew; I did not. I playing field with straight women. In May feel deceived – what if we had had an accident? of 2013, when discussing hate crimes, Did someone have a moral obligation to tell Robertson compared gays to rapists, the drivers the truth? I haven’t been back to murderers and thieves.



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news local Gay-Straight Alliance Thrives in Unlikely Place The Southwest Coast of Florida isn’t known for gay anything, but at Florida Gulf Coast University gay rights quietly march forward Kalhan Rosenblatt

“Tolerance,” is Jackie Reale’s least favorite word. The Florida Gulf Coast University senior is on a mission to change the way people think of the word, she says, is often confused with acceptance. “When I see it on cars, I think, ‘that’s not co-exist,’” Reale said. “It’s the worst word in the world. People shouldn’t be tolerated, they should be accepted.” Reale and senior Robbie Lloyd are the co-presidents of the FGCU Gay-Straight Alliance, one of the largest registered student originations on the campus. The GSA conducts meetings for up to 150 LGBT and allied students throughout the school semesters. Together, Reale and Lloyd are on a mission to educate people to move beyond tolerance to learn acceptance. Acceptance is something FGCU does well. The university offers safe zone training, domestic partner benefits for employees, unisex bathrooms, and the booming GSA. FGCU is nestled in Fort Myers, Fla., which was recently made famous for it’s men’s basketball team’s history-making run in the NCAA. While sports continue to be a hot topic at the school, equality remains a priority for the campus of nearly 15,000 students. The Safe Zone program is an educational session, provided for free to students and faculty to promote LGBT acceptance at FGCU. Over the course of a day, an educational workshop is provided and ends with faculty members being able to provide classrooms and offices deemed a “safe zone” to students who may be struggling with gender identity or other issues. The university also has a domestic partner health insurance stipend for employees who are part of same-sex couples. Despite the university’s strides in acceptance, the Fort Myers-Naples area has been slower in the way of same-sex equality. In a poll conducted in Dec. 2012 by the Naples Daily News, 924 of 1584 people voted that gay marriage should not be legal in the state of Florida. “I feel like generations play a role in this,” said Tiana Cruz, an allied member of the FGCU GSA. “I think the younger generation is very open and accepting to (LGBT students).” The members of FGCU’s GSA can feel the tension when they leave campus with their same-sex partners.


// 9.4.2013 // //

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Jackie Reale on left, Robbie Lloyd on right Photo courtesy of Jackie Reale

“(I’ve held my partner’s hand off-campus) but I’ve been really nervous the whole time,” Lloyd said. “I felt like I should have been in the moment and enjoying who I was with but instead I was looking around to see if anyone was staring and wondering if I should let go. I definitely feel more comfortable on campus.” While the city outside FGCU may have its challenges, the students know they have a safe haven within the university that they can use to educate their classmates. “My first year I was living with my boyfriend (in the dorms) with two straight guys,” Sophomore Anthony Dawkins said. “The first night (of GSA) they both came to the meeting because they wanted to learn more. Both of them are still really good friends of mine.” The university has recognized the GSA multiple times for its outstanding service to the school. The group has won the FGCU “Register Student Organization of the Year” award twice and won Best Multicultural Event at FGCU for its Pride Week celebration last year. Reale and Lloyd maintain the biggest goal of the GSA is education and acceptance. As they continue to gain members and hold, they are turning the tide from tolerance to acceptance and love. “Having (the GSA) here is really beneficial for students,” Lloyd said. “I’ve realized what an impact we can make and being the copresident is really awesome because I get to see the things our team and I do make peoples lives better.”


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news national

From Pins to Tweets

How two initiatives aim at increasing awareness of Russia’s LGBT debacle

Jacob Long

One is a petition trying to get American Olympians to wear pride pins in Russia. The other wants to flood your Twitter feed with hashtags showing support for the same cause. Both of them want to create a cohesive concert of activism against Russia’s apparent LGBT inequality. The petition comes from Laurence Hewitt, an Olympics fan who had just had enough of the politicking. Just under 32,000 people have signed Hewitt’s petition as of press time. He wants Olympians to wear pride pins in solidarity against Russia’s laws pertaining to LGBT people. “I’ve got an interest in Russia. My girlfriend is Russian. I’ve been disgusted with these laws, but what made me really angry was when the foreign minister said they were ready to arrest anyone who was ready to break the anti-gay laws,” Hewitt told SFGN. “But my call for action was when a Russian athlete was interviewed and was completely supportive of the laws. In Russia, he said, men are with women and women are with women. That really made me angry.” Hewitt’s petition needs just 4,000 more signatures to hit its target.




“This isn’t about politics — it’s about human rights. By taking a highly-visible stand in support of human rights, Olympic athletes can send a strong message to the Russian government that their current policies of discrimination are not acceptable to the rest of the world,” Hewitt said. “To truly march with pride, the athletes of the world should act with a single voice against this oppression. A voice that Russian citizens, themselves, cannot express.” According to, Hewitt’s petition has, since its inception, been mirrored in other parts of the world from Canada to Germany. “It would be great for the Olympic community to come together and show this symbol of resistance to that type of oppression,” Hewitt said. “We’ve gotta show that the world does not think this can be tolerated. I’ll be satisfied if the athletes do show some kind of response, if the message makes it through to the Olympic team.” On the other side of the spectrum is Anna Aagenes, the executive director of GO! Athletes, with the group’s brand new campaign #Out4Olympics, or #O4O. The sports group, self-described as the

“first national network of LGBT athletes in the United States,” wants LGBT athletes to post photos of themselves and embedded with “#Out4Olympics” on Twitter to show support. “There was a need for younger LGBT athletes to be visible. We keep hearing from people that they thought there was no one else LGBT in athletics,” Aagenes told SFGN. “The campaign is specific to the Olympics, but it really shows the overarching goal of GO!” Eventually, GO! hopes to publish a book with all of these photos in it, a sort of digitalto-print representation of the campaign. “The book is a larger, sort of symbolic part of the campaign,” she said. “We want to show that despite the law and people being divided over what to do in Russia, there are athletes from all over the world who want the athletes in Russia to be supported.” While Aagenes doesn’t know the exact number, she says the campaign has resulted in something tangible that people can use to share their story and its gaining momentum. “The fact that we’re tapping into people who wouldn’t otherwise know about us is really exciting,” she said. How to you do it? Three simple steps, of course:


1. Find your favorite sports photo of yourself; 2. Add the #Out4Olympics logo (using an app like Twibbon); and 3. Submit your #O4O to @GO_Athletes For more information, go to goathletes. org.

Anna Aagenese is the executive director of GO! Athletes. The groups #Out4Olympics campaign aims at getting LGBT athletes to show solidarity on Twitter against Russia’s anti-LGBT laws. Photo courtesy of Jeff Fusco


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7/25/13 2:55 PM


chamber chat

Don’t Miss Out on the Pink Flamingo Awards MDGLCC

Summer is now officially over and we welcome the “shoulder season” where the slow migration of visitors start to come back to our fair city. This year, for the first time the LGBT Visitor Center is kicking off the season by presenting the first annual “Pink Flamingo Awards” to honor 10 people and organizations that have made Miami Beach one of the top 20 places to visit among LGBT tourists, according to The Advocate magazine. The first time luncheon should be a fun and entertaining afternoon celebrating our unique community, we invite you to attend and wear something pink! Our Awards are similar in concept to the People’s Choice Awards because the winners will be voted by an online poll. The awards are sponsored by American Airlines, the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Tourist Board of Curacao and will be held Tuesday, September 17, from noon to 2 p.m. in the Palm Ballroom of the Miami Beach Convention Center. You can join voters from around the world that will determine the winners based on the ballots cast at and everyone is encouraged to vote for his or her favorites. Voting closes on September 5, 2013 and winners will be announced at the luncheon, you can vote once per IP address. A few of the 10 categories are favorite DJ personality, favorite restaurant and hospitality partner of the year. Vote for your favorites! Tickets to the Pink Flamingo Awards luncheon are $60 each which includes lunch, a gift bag and a raffle ticket for the grand prize drawing. To purchase tickets, visit www. or call 305-397-8914. Also in its third month, the SILVER CIRCLE SOCIAL CLUB, a group of 55+ folks “Celebrating Life’s Third Act” meets weekly and is dynamic, organic, and casual rap sessions for people from the South Florida gay (LGBT) population. The lively exploration and discussion of various topics is determined by the group in round-table discussion. Group meets every Monday 3 – 5 pm at the LGBT Visitor Center, 1130 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. Public parking is located behind building. About the LGBT Visitor’s Center:

The MDGLCC opened the country’s first-ever Chamber-sponsored LGBT Visitor Center in October 2010. The Center is open to the public six days a week and has been the venue for special events for the MDGLCC, Miami Dade County Health Department, Yes Institute, Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Miami International Film Festival, Brazilian Film Festival and Miami Beach Gay Pride, just to name a few. For more information, visit the Center at 1130 Washington Avenue, First Floor North, Miami Beach, FL 33139 or click, email, or call (305) 397-8914.

GEORGE CASTRATARO, PA Arthur B. Smith, PA Of Counsel 707 NE 3rd Ave. Suite 300 • Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 954.573.1444 • Fax 954.573.6451 • •

A portion of our practice is in debt relief. As such, we are a debt relief agency. We help people le for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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opinion dixon diaries

My HIV Diary Reconciling



Each week Ryan Dixon shares his story of taking HIV medication. Photo courtesy of Tania Cataldo

Ryan Dixon (a.k.a former porn star Kameron Scott) has started taking HIV medication. He’s keeping a diary of his experience. Being in my mid-20’s isn’t easy, add HIV on top of that and we have one hell of a complicated life. I’m making the best out of the hand life has dealt me and the decisions I’ve made along the way. Writing helps free my mind. Hopefully these words will help you understand the plight of others like myself, and inspire you to live each and every day in the moment.


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(Aug. 16 – Aug. 22) I’m writing this entry in a plane ride back to Florida. I just spent the last week surrounded by my family in Virginia. A week that I thought was never going to happen again. My thoughts and emotions have been scattered and running wild. No cell service and going a half a mile for wi-fi sucked too. I ended up back home because my brother called me and said our dad was in the hospital with slurred speech and a numb arm. The worst situations passed through my mind and I exhausted all my resources to get home. For a brief moment I forgot that my family and I have been at odds for the last four years. I stayed in a hotel and rented a car so I would have some sense of normalcy and freedom while visiting. I had no idea what shape my dad was going to be in or how I was going to be received. It ended up just being a mild scare that was a combination of several blocked arteries and pinched nerves. My dad is fine and will make a full recovery, and there may be a glimmer of hope for our family to recover too. An incident happened that brought a lot of things out in the open for the first time in years. My father was upset because my mother mentioned an issue to my sister-in-law on the phone. He yelled at her saying that she


embarrassed him on the phone and he should never tell my mom things again. When my mom started to cry I had to finally say something. My father isn’t someone you just stand up to in front of the family but I couldn’t just let my thoughts go unsaid. I went in their room and told my dad that his selfishness had to stop. I told him that family is there to help bare burdens. Who is my sister-in-law going to tell? My brother? Well he should know what’s going on. It pisses me off when I find out someone is sick or in trouble months after they’ve recovered. It makes me not feel like I matter. I told him that’s why I don’t call or come around. It took me thinking he was dying to spend money I was saving for a house to come home. I’ve never thought of him as Superman so he can quit acting like he is one. Never thought I’d be taking my own advice. My mother and I walked out of the room and into the dining room where we talked more. She asked why I didn’t send any of my writing. I told her I didn’t think she’d be proud of me getting copies of a gay newspaper. I don’t think they’d be proud to know that I go speak at colleges and national organizations about HIV. I told her I’ve gotten comfortable dealing with things on my own. She asked how my HIV was going and I told her I’m fine. I haven’t always been and it’s been a struggle but I had to do things for myself. She promised I’d never have to again. I learned a valuable lesson these last eight days: emotions make us act irrationally but tragedy can wipe that off the board in a heartbeat. Call or message that person you haven’t spoken to in years. Swallow your pride and say you’re sorry when you know you did nothing wrong. The freedom from that burden is the best feeling in the world.

Ryan Dixon

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Vinyl LP’s Making Big Comeback Dennis Jozefowicz *

Remember the days of sitting next to your record player, jamming to a new LP. For me, it was the 70’s and early 80’s, listening to a wide range of music. Handed down to me from my eclectic family, I had everything from Stevie Wonder and The Stones, to The Bee Gee’s and Kiss. And let’s not forget about the beginning of the second British invasion. Am I the only one that stared hypnotically at the spinning disc on a Techniques turntable with the little orange LED light on the side? Well, those days are making a comeback. Big time! According to reports all over the music media spectrum, vinyl LP’s and a turntable are the new “it” thing to have in your home. Turntable sales are up by 50 percent last year, and LP sales are projected to The $19,000+ “Master Innovation” turntable from Clearaudio is on the be up for the fifth year in a row high end of the new trend in the vinyl LP scene. this year at 33 percent. Photo courtesy of Clearaudio Tony Cicalese, owner of ‘We Got The Beats’ here in Oakland with a predominantly college-age audience, Park, weighs in on the vinyl trend. sold roughly 6 percent of their first week “While our physical store has been open sales on vinyl. There’s a resurgence of music for over three years, we hit a turning point in buyers who ‘get it’ and appreciate the album April of this year when we fully participated concept as a full package - music, artwork, in a national event called ‘Record Store Day.’ liner notes, sonic quality... It’s come full This event brought in many new faces eager circle. They’re collecting records like we did to buy vinyl. I started bringing in more vinyl, when we were young. CD’s are passé, what (mostly used collections) and selling it at very their parents listen to; not cool. Vinyl is the low prices, (mostly $1 to $2 each) and this has new Black.” been our busiest summer ever by far. We are Don’t have your old record player anymore? actively considering expanding our space Not looking to get a used bargain at the local to accommodate the demand, and possibly thrift? Don’t worry. Turntables for the home opening a more rock-oriented sister space.” are getting sophisticated as well. Not only New vinyl releases are yet another story. can you get them in many different retro“We definitely stock and sell a lot more designs, they also come designed as modern used than new at this point, but I do try to brushed steel mechanical art that can cost bring in new releases I think would be of over $10,000, or even high-tech versions interest, such as the latest from Daft Punk, that hook up to computers for converting Depeche Mode, and The Pet Shop Boys. music to digital. For an inexpensive option, We recently had a fabulous listening party I found one quickly on Amazon for only $50. when a new Sylvester compilation came But it’s all about playing LP’s in the out on pink vinyl.” home, with its rich, warm audio that can’t Gerri Vidal-Rosa, former director of A&R be matched, or even simulated by perfect, Administration with PolyGram Records, noise-free digital audio. Island Def Jam Music Group, and currently ‘We Got The Beats’, one of the country’s with Bob Rosa Productions in Hollywood, only LGBT-owned dedicated brick and FL, gives her opinion on the aged medium. mortar record stores, is located at 2900 “Surprisingly, it’s the Hipsters, not N Dixie Highway, Suite 201, just north of nostalgic Baby Boomers, who are now 5-Points. Bob Rosa Productions can be collecting vinyl. Groups like Daft Punk, reached at

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FAU Professor Receives Award for LGBT-focused Research Fred Fejes has been named the 2013 recipient of the Roy F. Aarons Award Gideon Grudo

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Looks like Florida Atlantic University is finally having a good day. Fred Fejes, a professor in the Department of Communication at FAU and an LGBT historian and published author, got the Roy F. Aarons Award “for his contributions to education and research on issues affecting the [LGBT] communities.” He couldn’t go to Washington, D.C. on Aug. 10, and so had a friend accept the award for him from the GLBT Interest Group of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. “Fred Fejes is immensely deserving of this important award,” said Rhonda Gibson, head of the interest group and associate professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in a statement. “His landmark essay ‘Invisibility, homophobia and heterosexism: Lesbians, Gays and the Media,’ which was published 20 years ago in Critical Studies in Mass Communication, helped connect the fields of sexuality studies and communication and launch a much Fred Fejes needed area of research. In both his Photo courtesy of Fred Fejes research and teaching, Dr. Fejes has made major contributions to the in them knowing more about the LGBT GLBT and academic communities.” community than the LGBT community. He Fejes told SFGN he was notified by email. thinks this is a fascinating change from “I wasn’t expecting it,” Fejes said. “There what used to be the case in the nineties. was very much a feeling of accomplishment Fejes’ award is named after Roy Aarons there.” To celebrate, Fejes went out to dinner (whom Fejes knew personally), a journalist with friends and reminisced over the years himself. Belonging to the American Society of of research that he did then, and that he still Newspaper Editors (ASNE), the group asked does now. “When I first started doing this in him to conduct a survey of gay journalists the nineties, very few people were doing this in 1989. When Aarons told the ASNE during kind of research. In a sense, I was a pioneer its 1990 national convention that of the 250 to this research.” journalists he surveyed, almost half were Currently, Fejes teaches “Sexuality and the closeted, he chose to end his presentation Media,” “Studies in Gender and Sexuality by outing himself. Four months later he and the Media,” and “AIDS, Media and would found the National Lesbian and Gay Society.” He published “Gay Rights and Moral Journalists Association (which has a South Panic: The Origins of America’s Debate on Florida chapter). Homosexuality” in 2008. Fejes is currently researching the research Fejes said that in the undergraduate of cyber culture and the LGBT community. classes he teaches about the LGBT He looks at LGBT research — anything to do community, many of the students are with the community and its interaction with straight, but taking the classes to learn the Internet — and tries to add to that field about their friends and family, resulting of research. soflagaynews //

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Pain and Poetry

James Barrett Rodehaver’s ‘Strangely Wonderful’ Tale

David-Elijah Nahmod

James Barrett Rodehaver is a 30-year-old man. Yet he looks and sounds far younger, the result of a variety of health issues which have affected his growth patterns. Rodehaver, who identifies as bisexual, continues to fight for life. Life has dealt him many harsh blows, yet he remains an optimist. There have been lights at the end of the tunnel. Rodehaver now lives in Dallas with his husband Randy. He finds great strength and comfort in that relationship, and in the gift of poetry that’s been bestowed upon him. Through the hundreds of poems he’s written, Rodehaver has been able to convey his frustrations, hopes, fears, dreams, sorrows and joys. James Barret Rodehaver, also known as Bear, talks to SFGN about his poetry, his life, and about Strangely Wonderful, his newly published collection of poems. Tell us about yourself. I was a very sick baby and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. At some point during my early childhood, they induced a 3-month coma. I don’t remember why. My childhood was tough. I grew up in a broken home right from the beginning. Our first foster home was very poor, and it was also Pentecostal – that was probably the strangest church experience I ever had as a child. Our second foster home was somewhat nicer and well off. During my entire childhood, I had been misdiagnosed with cerebral palsy, when in fact what I had was mild right hand nerve damage from lack of oxygen at birth. Can you describe the bone disease you live with, what it is, and what it does to you? My bone disease is called CamuratiEngleman Disease. It’s very rare and African in nature, even though I’m Caucasian. It causes me a lot of pain, especially in the winter. I actually lost my right hip to this disease. It has caused malformations in my feet, which three foot surgeries have tried to repair unsuccessfully. I cannot run because of this disease, as my hips do not pivot. I walk with a cane most of the time. In fact, I’ve been known to use walkers and wheelchairs. I take pain medication for it.


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What is your prognosis? Uncertain. Recently a doctor told me that he doesn’t think I have this disease, which was very shocking news. He said that my bones were getting thinner, not thicker, which is what CED does. I will, of course, get a second opinion and ask my primary care physician. Sometimes I think this thing will kill me, but I’m a fighter and I don’t go down easily. How do you deal with his emotionally? I write, I go to my church, Cathedral of Hope, and I pray. Talking to people about it also makes it easier to handle. But the best way I’ve ever dealt with it is to write about it. Where does your nickname Bear come from? Rodehaver: I was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and my mom was a Crimson Tide fan. So I was named after the great college football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant. I’m not much of a sports fan, but I love me some Alabama Crimson Tide. That’s only half the reason. The other reason was that I came out a very sick baby. So sick that when I was born I came out growling like a bear due to some problem with my lungs at the time. The rest is history. What it means to me, and what it always meant to me, is bravery and strength. Strong enough to bear whatever I must, and brave enough to never give up until the job is done. At what age did you realize you were bisexual? Most of my gay friends knew they were gay early in their childhood. For me it was very different. I also suffer from Hypothyroidism, which means that my pituitary glands make no hormones whatsoever. So I have to take them externally. Therefore my teenage years were more than awkward. I didn’t have sex until I was 23, and that was after I got married for the first time, to my high school sweetheart. And I didn’t realize I was bisexual until I was 21. I came out in scattershot pieces to different people at different times. And of course the reaction was: you’re confused. My mom didn’t like it one bit. I had to wait until I was drunk to tell her, but I believe she understands now. I mostly dated women. After my divorce, I tried to explore my sexuality before soflagaynews //

James Barrett Rodehaver as a child Photo courtesy of James Rodehaver

actually dating a man. I had two short-term boyfriends before I met my husband online. Many bi people have said they get no support from the larger community. What has your experience been? I haven’t had any people from the LGBT community directly say that they don’t believe in bisexuality, but the feeling is always there that they don’t think you’re for real. I don’t think the bisexual community is as tight-knit as the gay or lesbian communities. I mean we have our own flag, but I’ve never seen it waved at a gay pride parade. There are always going to be subsets of people in any group who don’t agree with what you’re doing or don’t believe in it. You can’t listen to them. You just have to pray that one day God will put them in a position of understanding. We are definitely not confused. We know who we are. What inspires your poetry? Poetry has been my greatest coping mechanism though all the abuse and trials of my childhood. I started writing at age seven and it’s been my saving grace ever since. I write about everything. I try to read all the greats of poetry and learn as much as I can. I


write about the beauty in the mundane, my struggle to feel whole, and what I believe God is doing in and with us. I write about the struggles I have in my faith, and the lack thereof at times. You name it, I’ve written about it. Even the funny, dirty stuff. OK, especially the funny dirty stuff. How much does your bisexuality and your illnesses contribute to you writing? As much as breathing has to do with keeping me alive. Writing about my illness, and my sexuality, helps me deal with who I am and who I want to be. Do I want to be someone who has let the pain own him, or a phoenix who rises up out of the ashes of pain and tragedy to become a symbol of victory? Do I want to tell people that I feel marginalized as a bisexual and hated on both sides, or do I want them to love me, no matter who I am, with my integrity, my kindness, and my heart? No matter what I write about, my writing takes me from victim to victor. And sometimes to Victoria! Strangely Wonderful by James Barrett Rodehaver is now available for purchace at for $19.99

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6 Heart-Warming ‘How-I-Realized-I’m-Gay’ Stories That’ll Make Your Day Better Reddit asks community when they knew they were LGBT Jacob Long

This is [serious]. When the word falls into brackets in a title on a Reddit forum question, you know things are about to get real. And that was exactly the case early morning Sunday, Aug. 18, when Reddit user Innunium asked the news and community website Reddit, known for its Democratic approach to the relevance of information. The headline of the post says it all: “[Serious] Gay/Lesbian Redditors, when did your first know you were a homosexual? How long did it take you to accept your sexuality?” If the designation of gay and lesbian upsets you, worry not. An edit to the title says that, of course, “bisexuals, asexuals, etc.” are invited to answer. Here are the top six user-upvoted (when users give “points” to a comment, it displays further up the page) stories from the thread.

1. From mrskipper69:

I can remember watching Tarzan movies as a kid (early as 3 years old) and being attracted to his muscled arms and chest. I didn’t know anything about sex that young, but I knew I wanted that man to hold me in his arms. I got in trouble at my 5th birthday part [sic] for kissing one of the other boys.

2. From MusicalBMs:

Jesus, super young. Like right about that age 9 or 10 when you start to notice what sex is, and attraction, etc. Then puberty happened shortly after and I remember being at Disneyland and seeing a person with a really neat haircut. For some reason, neat hairlines were really attractive to me and when the person turned around and was a woman, I was really put off by it. That was when I realized I liked men. Had to have been 12? Accepted it by 6th grade, Mom kind of PFLAG-ed it out of me. She monitored my Internet use, found gay sites and wasted no time confronting me after school. It was such a sudden bombardment, I shut down for 3 weeks. I started to find pamphlets left all over the house, on the bed, on the seat in my car, on my desk, on my French Horn... They were all “Confused? How to deal,” “A list of famous gay people,” “How to answer the questions about your sexuality.” I took


// 9.4.2013 // //

each one and read it, and finally had the courage the talk to my mom about it. She said she still loved me, it doesn’t matter and then life resumed.

3. From ChandraCorby:

Oh dear god. It took me forever. I mean, part of me knew by age four but first I didn’t have a name for it, then I thought lesbians wanted to be men and I didn’t want to be a man. And then how I felt was a sin. And then I was too busy to think about it. And then, finally, in a women’s bookstore, my subconscious rose up and slapped me silly and laid out all the evidence that I was indeed a lesbian. I was in my mid-thirties. I’m fifty-three now. I can’t even begin to tell you how my life would have been different if I just could have not spent so much energy hiding from myself and everyone else for so very long.

4. From puckofloxley:

January 1, 2000. Memphis, TN I was a 16 year old conservative Christian that was spending the night at my brand new best friend’s house. He had a queen sized waterbed and no other room to really pass out after the night’s wild and crazy straight edge festivities. If you’ve ever shared a waterbed, you know where this is going. Woke up at 4 AM and we were both in the center of the bed at the bottom of the valley, spooning. I was the big spoon and felt so very good. Suddenly realized I had a boner, and was hornier than i’ve ever been. Realized I was gay right there and thought two defeated words: “Oh shit.” Edit: Realized I didn’t answer the second part. Yeah...about that...So as I said: southern, conservative, Christian. I went to ex-gay therapy pretty much immediately. I’ll tell you about it if you’re curious, but damn if it didn’t just fuck me up mentally for my whole life. After my suicide attempt and some damn good acting I went to college completely numb. Spent the whole freshman year researching everything i could about homosexuality, the Bible, and where the two clashed. A dorm mate’s brother was in seminary and actually writing [sic] a paper on the subject so he gave me a bunch of reading soflagaynews //

Reddit is a news and entertainment website where users submit content in the form of either a link or a text post. The online community is known as the “front page of the Internet.” Photo courtesy of Rubbermaid Products

material that finally convinced me that I was alright and not an abomination (what a shitty thing to tell someone BTW). Finally came to terms with it then...somewhat. [Note: This comment had several more edits made to it — that’s when the person posting adds copy to a post previously published. To read more “edits,” go to the post itself and read them.]

5. From murrrrca:

I finally realized what was going on about 8 months ago (now a 20 year old male), but for years I’ve been checking out guys and watching gay porn. It’s really remarkable how your brain can do so many mental gymnastics to convince yourself that you’re “normal.” I did a lot of research into asexuality -- I think it was easier for me to reject all notions of sexuality than to accept my own. So in May I came out to one of my best friends and it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I knew he had a gay brother so I knew he wouldn’t care, but it didn’t make me any less fearful. I told him, he was like “yeah I assumed so,” and he’s super supportive and great. Three days later I met this cool guy at a kickback (who I would’ve bet was straight -- I have terrible gaydar it’s really inconvenient) and of course I think he is the cutest thing ever but I don’t really have the confidence to pursue it yet. I wanted to figure things out for myself before dragging some other poor soul


into the mix with me. Turns out he was in the same stage of coming out as I was. The next week I had him over and made shrimp tacos with an avocado salsa and it came up and we talked for hours about it and it was so incredibly cathartic to have someone in the same position that I was. About to celebrate two months officially together and if he doesn’t stop being so damn cute all the time he’s gonna make me fall in love with him pretty soon, the bastard. Edit: Taco recipe was in high demand, it’s in the comments! Also, all this positive feedback really means a lot myself and the people in my situation. It’s great to know that there are people out there rooting for us! I’m not sure why they’re all being deleted, but rest assured, I read them all before they were!

6. From That_One_Australian:

Bisexual bloke here. As far back as I can remember I’ve always liked guys & girls, but, I didn’t exactly understand why until later on in my life. And I guess I’m lucky in that I never really had an internal struggle with it, I mean, after kissing a guy for the first time it just kind of clicked into place that “Hey, I like girls... but this also feels right”, so after a brief discussion with my brother I found that the label of bisexual accurately described the way that I felt.

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13|EVEN SFGN Staff


3|EVEN has been open for almost 4 months, but when you walk in, it feels like they’ve been open for 10 years. This quaint addition to the Drive isn’t just another restaurant, they are quenching our thirst for craft beer, great wine, and amazing homemade tapas. If you don’t take notice of the décor when you walk in, you’re missing out on the handcrafted bar stools made of pallets. The bar itself is made out of kitchen cabinets and the light fixtures are made out of wine barrels. Even the food presentation is something; the flatbread is served on slate. Start off with a drink. There are 40 different kinds of beer, with 10 on tap. And both Carol and Nancy – owners of 13|EVEN – will let you try whatever you want, bottle or tap. Employees know they are serving non-traditional beer in hopes palates will be challenged. If a guest wants to try something new in a bottle, owners are happy to oblige. In fact, they encourage it. The same goes for the 40 different kinds of wine. Every single bottle is also sold by the glass. Carol says great wine shouldn’t only be offered by the bottle, and patrons can also taste any of them at their leisure as well. Wine flights are also offered for $15. The Round Pond Cabernet 2010 is one of the more popular choices by guests, and the Concannon Conservancy Crimson and Clover 2010 is a big favorite as well. The restaurant also supports local breweries, serving two from neighbor Funky Buddha: Floridian Hefeweizen and Hop Gun IPA. A couple of Cigar City Brewing options are available as well. Beer flights are available for $6. 13|EVEN also supports other local businesses. Carol says they buy fresh food roughly four times a week, frequently visiting Living Green Fresh Market in Fort Lauderdale for produce.


// 9.4.2013 // //

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But the constant visits sure pay off since you can taste the freshness in each meal. The most popular dish by far is the sautéed skirt steak ($8) – teriyaki marinated and topped with sliced green onions. Another house favorite is the BBQ chicken flatbread pizza ($8), with smoked Gouda, sliced red onions, fresh jalapenos and cilantro. For the heat lovers, delve into this flatbread. For others, it’s just as tasty without the jalapenos. Another favorite is the rigatoni macaroni and cheese ($7), covered in Brie and Gruyere, and topped with toasted panko breadcrumbs. Bacon is optional – and often encouraged – for an extra $1. The two mini Panini options ($6 each) are delicious, so if the decision is difficult, opt for the chicken, mozzarella and spinach. Desserts change every few days, but rotate through bunt cakes and tarts. Don’t be afraid to inquire about any of the dishes or drinks – all employees have tasted everything the restaurant serves in order to be fully educated on the menu. With endless amounts of delicious food, local beers and friendly staff, you can’t stay away from 13|Even for long.




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Tues-Thurs 4pm-12am • Fri 4pm-1am • Sat 2pm-1am • Closed Sun & Mon

2163 Wilton Drive • Wilton Manors, FL 33305 954.563.5631 • soflagaynews //

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THREE COURSE DINNER Monday-Wednesday 5 to10 pm Happy Hour will extended to your table till 7 pm Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires 10/31/13.

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ZAGAT Rated “Excellent” • Open Table Diners Choice 2013

4140 N. Federal Highway • Ft Lauderdale 954 568 4443 •

Protecting the lifestyle to which you are accustomed Home · Auto · Marine · Commercial · Life · Umbrella

SAVE A BUNDLE TODAY! On Florida Homeowners Insurance

The lowest average premium in Florida. 53% less than State Farm 40% less than ASI Assurance 31% less than Citizens 29% less than St. Johns

954.564.7772 ∙


3000 N. Federal Hwy., Suite 8 ∙ Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

The above rates show how People’s Trust Insurance’s statewide average rates compare to those of several other insurers. Of course, rates vary according to the location of a home and other factors. Based on average rate for homeowners insurers listed on Florida’s Shop & Compare website ( calculated as of August 1, 2009, for homes with dwelling values of $150,000 without mitigation features and percentage based on actual insured’s statements who switched their policy to People’s Trust Insurance Company and how much they said they saved at the time the policy was initiated. Each insurer’s actual rates will vary according to the unique characteristics of each insured home. Availability and coverage levels of some plan features subject to state laws and underwriting requirements. Coverage exclusions and limitations may apply.

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2 0 1 3

W W W . S F G N . C O M

J.W. Arnold

THUR Music


In celebration of the 500th anniversary of Juan Ponce de Leon’s landing in Florida, Acción Cultural Española, and the Cultural Center of Spain in Miami presents A Tres Bandas, an interactive exhibit that traces the evolution of musical culture in the Americas since 1530. The innovative presentation features interactive touch-screens, photography, music and video, a display of musical instruments from across Latin America and the Caribbean, listening stations and even dance-steps diagrammed on the floor. The exhibit is free and run through Oct. 27 at the Cultural Center of Spain, 1490 Biscayne Blvd. in Miami. For more information, go to




Producer/Director Kim Ehly’s Kutumba Theater Project dishes up some “lesbian pulp fiction” with The Beebo Brinker Chronicles by Kate Moira Ryan and Linda S. Chapman, and based on the books of Ann Bannon. The play follows the sex- and alcohol-fueled lives and loves of Laura, Beth and Beebo as they navigate uncharted territories of desire in pre-Stonewall Greenwich Village. The play opens tonight and runs through Sept. 29. All performances are at the Galleria Studio Theatre (also known as Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre) in the Galleria Mall, Fort Lauderdale. General admission seats are $35 at

SAT Music

9/7 SUN

Arts Garage in Delray Beach is a popular destination for jazz and blues lovers, but tonight, the trendy venue takes on a decidedly urban tone when hip hop recording artist Dutch introduces his brand of street edged, lyric-laced eclectic hip hop, dance and club compositions, backed up by the Arts Garage house collective band, Plaid Blazer. Born in Staten Island, New York, Dutch was always a big fan of all genres of music and turned to hip hop to express his emotions and leaving friends behind after moving to South Florida at age 13. Tickets are $20 at


Monopoly by Cuban photographer Kadir Lopez, a visual commentary on Cuba’s historic role in the economy of the Americas, is on display at the Palm Beach Photographic Center. Photo courtesy of Palm Beach Photographic Center

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9/8 MON

Dynamic young cellist Joshua Roman is no classical music snob. He’s been known to perform in nightclubs, mixing jazz, rock and bluegrass with the classical repertoire, and he’s worked with several rock bands—his cello can be heard on MTV and radio stations nationwide. Roman returns to Miami today to perform with pianist Cory Smythe as part of the Sunday Afternoons of Music series at the University of Miami’s Gusman Concert Hall, 1314 Miller Dr. in Coral Gables. The duo has programmed works by Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Schumann and Beethoven. The concert begins at 4 p.m. Tickets are $35 at SundayMusicals. org. soflagaynews //


9/9 TUE

The Palm Beach Photographic Center, 415 Clematis St. in downtown West Palm Beach, is currently showing two exhibit focused on Cuba. The Conflux of Eternities features the work of talented Cuban photographer Kadir Lopez, while An American Presence in Cuba offers a fascinating glimpse of pre-embargo Cuba with shots of numerous island visitors, from celebrated artists and athletes to U.S. Presidents, as well as movie stars and business tycoons. The center is open daily, Monday through Saturday, at 10 a.m. For more information, go to




I don’t know a self-respecting homosexual who doesn’t enjoy a show tune from time to time. (If you don’t, gladly surrender your gay card!) On Tuesdays, the Village Pub, 2283 Wilton Dr. in Wilton Manors, hosts Show Tune Tuesdays. VJ Galaxy offers videos from all of your favorite Broadway classics, from The Wizard of Oz, Sound of Music and West Side Story to newer shows like Hairspray, Little Shop of Horrors and Grease. You can even make requests in advance and it’s okay to sing along while enjoying drink specials from the bar. For more information, go to

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Community Calendar By Christiana Lilly,

Broward County * Volunteer Meeting

Sept. 5 at 7 p.m. at the Stonewall National Museum & Archives, 1300 E. Sunrise Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale. Learn more about volunteering for the museum’s Collections Committee to gather, preserve, and display historical LGBT items. Email collections@ or call 954-763-8565.

* Epilepsy Community Event

Sept. 5 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Fort Lauderdale Chamber, 512 NE Third Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. Celebrate Epilepsy Awareness with 10 weeks of fre art classes two SUndays a month through November. RSVP to 954-779-1509 or visit

* “Fall and Winter”

Sept. 11 at 7:30 p.m. at the Miramar Cultural Center, 2400 Civic Center Place in Miramar. Filmmaker Matt ANderson traveled across the United States, taking in the global crisis around him. Anderson will join the audience after the film for a question and answer session. Tickets $5. Call 954-602-4500 or visit the

* Between the Covers

Sept. 12 at 7 p.m. at the Pride Center, 2040 N. Dixie Highway in Wilton Manors. A women’s reading group, discussing “The Hours” by Michael Cunningham. Tickets $3. Call Ellen at 954-854-4513.


Tuesdays in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs and Southwest Ranches. A support group for parents of LGBT youth 13 to 21. Free. Visit for dates and locations.

SunServe Youth Group

Tuesdays and Thursdays in Fort Lauderdale, Southwest Ranches, Coral Springs and Hollywood. A support group and night of fun for LGBT youth 13 to 21. Free. Visit for dates and times.

Gender Bender Youth Group

Mondays from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at SunServe Campus, 1480 SW Ninth Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. A group for LGBT youth 13 to 21 to discuss gender, gender expression, binary systems, friendship, family and whatever else comes up! Free. Visit

Survivor Support

First and third Wednesdays from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Broward Health Imperial Point Hospital cafeteria, 6401 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale. Find support from counselors and peers who have lost loved ones to suicide. Call the Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention at 954-384-0344 or visit

Palm Beach County Antiques Festival

FComing Out Support Group Thursdays from 6:30 to 8 p.m. a Compass GLCC of the Palm Beaches, 201 N. Dixie Highway in Lake Worth. Get support as you explore your sexual identity and be your true self. Call Forrest at 561-479-8313.


Third Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Temple Shaarei, 9085 Hagen Ranch Road in Boynton Beach. A support group for friends and family of LGBT youth. Call Carole 561-716-9464 or Joyce 561-292-3273.


Wednesdays at 7 p.m. at Compass GLCC, 201 N. Dixie Highway in Lake Worth. A discussion group dedicated to gay black men. Call 561-533-9699 or visit

Sober Sisters AA Lesbian Group Mondays at 7 p.m. at Lambda North, 18 S. J St. in Lake Worth. A support group for recovering alcoholics. Visit

Miami-Dade County * National Day of Service and Remembrance

Sept. 7 at 8 a.m. at Olinda Park & Jefferson Reaves, Sr. Park, 2101 NW 51st St. in Miami. Help beautify your community with planting, painting, removing litter and more at the park. Toiletries will also be collected for the troops. Email

Zoo Run 5K

Sept. 15 at 7:30 a.m. at Zoo Miami, 12400 SW 152 St. in Miami. Run through the zoo to benefit West Kendall Baptist Hospital and the Zoological Society of Florida. Registration $25. Visit

Constitution Day 2013

Sept. 17 at 5:30 p.m. at Freedom Tower, 600 Biscayne Blvd. in Miami. Judges, elected officials, attorneys, war veterans and other community leaders will read sections of the Constitution. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Email mcasares@ or call 305-933-9970, ext. 102.

Miami Spice

Through Sept. 30 at participating restaurants. The Miami culinary world is on fire with more than 170 restaurants opening its doors for two months of delicious dishes, coinciding with many cities’ restaurant weeks. Meals $19 to $39. Visit

Key West * Womenfest

Sept. 3 to 8 in Key West. Five days of fun outdoor activities, nightlife, karaoke, contests, yoga, painting and more. Visit

Gay Key West Trolley Tours

Saturdays at 4 p.m. meeting at 628 Duval St. See the gay side of Key West on this trolley tour. Tickets $25. Call 800-535-7797 or visit

Tea Dance: A Key West Tradition

Sundays at 4 p.m. at La Te Da Hotel, 1125 Duval St. An early evening dance in the Key West tradition. Call 305-296-6706 or visit

Visit 60

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Classifieds accommodations

REAL ESTATE RUMFORD MAINE A UNIQUE CAMP SITE (or whatever). A retired 180 ft communication tower and a 12x24 support structure on 2.5.acres with a deeded ROW through a dense woods. Area known for skiing, snow mobile and ATV clubs and trails. for pictures. $40k. (251)867-8134

PERFECT VACATION RENTALS! Spring & Summer specials from $69/night and $395/week.Award Winning Gay Hotel. Beautiful Studio, 1 & 2 BR Self Catering Apts. with Full Kitchen.Clothing optional heated pool, laundry, private parking. Central to Wilton Manors &HauloverBeach.Incl.Wi-Fi utilities, cable, tel. Gay Owned & Operated. Pets Welcome. Celebrating 15 YearsCall Joe or Jack at (954) 927-0090 or visit *Four Week+ Relocation Discounts Offered* LOOKING FOR LODGIING NEAR SUNLIFE STADIUM? Completely furnished luxury 1/ BD/1BA Condo. Easy access to public transportation and major express ways. Shopping and dining are in walking distance. Gated Community and private parking. Reasonably priced @$375 a week or $1,500 a month plus $400 processing and move in fees. Call 305-793-8650.

air conditioning HONEST, RELIABLE AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING SERVICES Gay owned and operated company, Eiland Air, Inc. 24 hour service. Reasonable prices. Licensed & Insured #CAC1817222 Call Mike 786-247-6022


GAY APARTMENT RESORT/HOTEL FULFILL YOUR RETIREMENT DREAM With this rare opportunity to enter the lucrative Fort Lauderdale Gay Accommodations Market. Owners retiring and offering the award winning Liberty Apartment Suites in Dania Beach, with 11 beautifully furnished Apartments with full kitchens. Established 15 successful years with high repeat and referral guests. Currently operated as selfcatering, limited service, extended stay hotel phenomenal potential for growth and expansion. Turn-key business, All Inclusive. Offered at $895,000. Qualified Buyers Only - Brokers Protected - For info, contact: Joe Van Eron-(954) 383-5548 or

VW Golf Rabbit 2006 For Sale, VW Golf Rabbit 06 well serviced, well-keptand in great shape with only 57,500 mileage. Registered until, 12/14. Ready to be picked up and driven home! Sporty , smart and nice looking car. Great on gas!!! Please call: 954.770.2795, miami.

STATE-OF-THE-ART-DENTISTRY General & Cosmetic Dentistry Sedation Dentistry

cleaning services HOME AND COMMERCIAL CLEANING Residential and Commercial cleaning. Experienced with references and provide free estimates. Call (305)-896-7494 or (214)-356-0684


PERSONAL COMPUTER TUTOR! Basic computer skills* Emailing pics /docs, scanning* Microsoft office programs*Excel, Word, Outlook and Powerpoint* Virus Removal* PC speed optimization* Secured Wireless home network setup* Wireless printer installation* PC purchasing consultant. Call (954) 980-0383 or email

counseling/psychotherapy TERRY DAVIS, LCSW, LLC #SW1079 Supportive male therapist, specializes in LGBT issues, HIV/AIDS,addictions, etc. Affordable, sliding scale. Eves/weekend.* (954) 731-5505

employment ACCOUNT MANAGERS ,BOOK KEEPERS AND SALES REPRESENTATIVES Work your own flexible schedule! Pays $1500 to $2000 monthly plus benefits. Must be computer literate, have 2-3 hours access to the internet weekly . We are looking for efficient and dedicated people who are at least 21 years of age. contact us for more details .If you are interested and need more information send your resumes to HANDYMAN NEEDED!! Part time handyman needed to with building projects. Painting, Tile work, Electrical, Construction. Wages based on experience. Call 954-892-0494. GENERAL MANAGER FOR MICHELE’S RESTAURANT Must have knowledge of both FOH and BOH, Food Costing , service standards, wine and alcohol laws.etc. Looking for someone with FULL RESTAURANT EXPERIENCE. Please submit resume to immediate opening. BROWARD HOUSE Case Manager for MEGA program working with 18 – 30 year old MSM (men who have sex with men) at risk for substance abuse and HIV. Candidate with have a Bachelors degree and provide testing and case management services addressing health care, social supports, and other life areas. Individual must also have the ability to facilitate groups specific to target population. Forward resumes to THE NEW SIDELINES SPORTS BAR IS HIRING for all bar/nightclub positions. Please send your resume to AL@SidelinesSports. com no later than midnight Monday, August 5th, 2013. Interviews will be scheduled the following week with all selected applicants. Please no phone calls or walk-ins!!

CLEAN IT RIGHT The best cleaning for your buck. 1BD $50, 2BD $60, 3BD $70. Excellent rates & references. 10 years in business. Serving Broward, North Miami Dade & S. Palm Beach. Call Manny 954-560-4443

HATE WINDOWS 8?We can bring back the look and feel of windows. Same day service. Call 954-986-1316



cars for sale

COMPLETE COMPUTER REPAIR FREE ESTIMATES - no extra charge for in-home. FREE Computer tune-up with any service. Replacement of laptop screen & key board. Viruses, spyware, data recovery, lockouts & more. SAME DAY SERVICE - LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE Call Ernesto: 754-234-5598

MOVIE POSTERS WANTED Private collector buying vintage movie posters, lobby cards, film stills, photography and other old entertainment memorabilia. Call for a free appraisal to find out what your stuff is worth! All calls confidential. Ralph (800) 392-4050 email:


business opportunities

To place an ad call 954.530.4970 or visit


employment ENTRY LEVEL SALES EXECUTIVE Full time Sales, Client Services, Direct Marketing, Lead Generation, Telemarketing & Email Services. Microsoft Word & Excel experience. Competitive Salary plus Commission, Medical/Dental, 401k & Profit Sharing . Email Resume: SALES POSITIONS Sales position open at high end antiques gallery in WPB. Knowledge of antiques, sales experience required. Reply: EXPERIENCED COOKS AND SERVERS To work breakfast , lunch and dinner. To apply in person at Angels Café , 2287 Wilton drive, Wilton Manors , FL 33305 or email resume to


soflagaynews //

garage sales GARAGE SALE!!! August 3rd, 8am to 2pm. The address is 2408 NE 11th Ave, Wilton Manors. Garage behind the house and Funeral Home. House goods , Exercise equipment and some really good stuff!!!!

SouthFloridaGayNews // // 9.4.13 //


seeking employment PERSONAL ASSISTANT & MALE COMPANION SEEKING a part-time job as a personal assistant & male companion in Broward County. Will take you to doctors appointments. Help you w/ your grocery shopping. Refill or pick up medications. Will drive you to do all your errands & assist w/ daily household chores. Great driving record, honest, professional, reliable, trustworthy, & always willing to help and assist. If you have any further questions please call 954-5481798 or email Thank you. EXPERIENCED , LICENSED BARTENDER I am available for parties, weddings, private events and more. Available evenings and weekends. Call 410-299-6874 for more info.

fashion consulting

home care


HEART TO HEART HOMEMAKER AND COMPANION If you or your loved one are elderly, or temporary or chronic disabled, we can help you with home chores (cooking, light-house cleaning, laundry) and bring companion for home or where you need to go. We will work with you to find the Plan that fits your needs. (954)2264660. Right in the heart of Wilton Manors. COMPANION,HOME CARE,SENIOR SERVICES. Make life a little easier for you or your loved one. 53 yr old experienced caregiver available. Light Cleaning, cooking and laundry included. Also shopping, appointments, gardening and organizing Im friendly, engaging and compassionate. Hourly or afternoon/ evening/late night shifts available. Bonded insured, college educated and references. Call for more info, Robert 954-707-0264.

STEVEN JAY’S LOVING WAYS PET CARE! I care for your pet in my home. One client at a time if requested. Multiple pets and all pets welcome! I have a very clean home and low rates! Call Steven Jay , 954 -565-1996

Dog Walking: $10.00 starting at Pet Sitting: $40.00 In House Pet Sitting: $45.00 Training: $10.00 starting per visit Pet Taxi (FTL Area): $20.00

human resources

WE GOT YOU COVERED! Advocates for student needs. Specializing in helping foster student and others transition into responsible, independent Adults. We are here to help find resources and outlets for stable and healthy adult lives. Call 786793-8650 for more information.

Dependable • Reliable Service Delivered with Love and Respect



Call George Alvan


For an Appointment 8110 West Broward Blvd Plantation, FL 33324

MEN’S WEARHOUSE handyman DEREK’S HANDYMAN SERVICE Cabinet shop for all your Custom Made Cabinetry, Countertops and Cabinet Re-facing. MUST SEE OUR WORK! JUST ASK OUR CLIENTS! ALL Electrical to code, any/all plumbing work, drywall finish work/repair, crown/baseboard pro-install, int./ ext. painting, demo work. Pressure washing, DÉCOR TILE Install, complete home up-dates. Also, PGT Windows (Wholesale) and Frameless Shower Enclosures. For large jobs, 4 man crew available. WE HANDLE IT ALL!!! Instant call back direct service response. No job is ever too small. Excellent references. Derek 954-825-5589 or email: HUSBAND FOR RENT! Is he procrastinating home repairs? He says he will do it tomorrow?? After the football game?? We fit right in - In the house or the yard, small or big jobs: Tiles, Dry walls, paint, Plumbing, Roof leaks, broken furniture, Irrigation, Fences & more. It doesn’t cost to hassle us to see the work- so why wait? Neat, clean work for reasonable price Haim, 954-275-0952, Sidnalll@

home improvement THINGS YOU NEED TO ACCOMPLISH? Minds at ease, A+ handyman service. Prompt, Reliable & Honest. Call Keldon Keller 954-551-3127 TOP NOTCH CONTRACTING Knows all and does all!! Many years experience and easy on the eyes! Remodeling, Trimming, Ground molding, Drywall, Painting, Landscaping, Roofing , Tile work, Electrical, Windows, Doors and more. Very reasonable rates and free estimates. Call Shawn 954-549-8243


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IRRIGATION SYSTEM REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE 19 years experience, excellent work, referrals upon request. Call Roberto 954383-8980

licensed massage

EXP. MATURE MALE WPB MASSEUR Incalls only, private studio setting by Belvedere/ SR7 in quiet area.Highly skilled, intuitive theraputic bodywork by friendly LMT. Affordable rates but cash only. Early to late, 7 days. Call (561) 254-8065 for appt. or walk-in OK. RELIEVE STRESS & TENSION WITH MAGIC HANDS PRO MASSAGE (FL: MA51008)

Lic# 11000106488

RECESSION RELIEF $40 per 90 MIN - Out calls higher. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Specialty Back, Lower Body & Feet. Couples Discounts. Seniors Welcome. Delray Beach. 16 years experience. MA18563 Dennis (561) 502-2628 AFFORDABLE AWESOME MASSAGE BY JIM Offering Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and LomiLomi Massage for Men; in a very comfortable, relaxed and Private Massage Studio, NOW conveniently located in Wilton Manors on NE 26th Street, with plenty of free parking. Same Day appointments are welcome; please call Jim, 954-600-5843 email: or visit my website for testimonials, rates and more. GREAT OPENING SPECIAL NOW AVAILABLE! Licensed and Certified MM22293 WPB/ LAKE WORTH MASSEUR Strong, caring perceptive therapist for your body in need. Full time therapist for over 15 years! Easy and relaxed home studio for your comfort and healing.Convenient and affordable, flexible hours, in and out calls. MA64031, Alan 954-279-9935

WILTON MANORS MASSAGE Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports. $59 Swedish Hour. call or Text Chris Tunkus 954-258-8779 1322 NE 4th Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL

THE BRITISH POUND John Maroussas LMT Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point, Swedish, Salt or Sugar Scrubs. Private Studio w/ Shower. Wilton Manors Location near Bill’s Lic#MA51123 954-999-2240

REIKI MASSAGE BY JONATHAN Relieves stress and all other negative energy. You will feel great! One visit will convince you. For more information or to schedule and appt. Call Jonathan 954-549-8243 soflagaynews //

piano for sale LOVELY FAMILY STEINWAY & SONS GRAND PIANO Walnut color with Piano bench incl. Lived with same family since 1960. It taught their two daughters and now has taught the grandson how to play. Its parents are 75 and 89 years old and are moving to a small apartment and cannot bring it with them.It needs a new home with an owner who will love it and enjoy its marvelous sound . Last tuned in June 2013. Appraised at $20K , will sell for $ 12K. Email

painting services PAINTING - INTERIOR & EXTERIOR Residential & Commercial. Drywall & stucco repair. 20+ years experience in Broward. Lic & ins. CC#92-6690-PU-X. Great references. Call Bob for a free estimate 954-465-1041


pool services POOL SERVICE Mention this ad and receive your first month

FREE! some restrictions apply

Serving Broward Since 1999

Call for a free estimate: 954-367-7007 Web: Email:

plumber BUTLER PLUMBING, INC.Residential & Commercial, Licensed & Insured, Palm Beach 561-613-338, Broward 954 -999-3315, Miami-Dade 786-999-2152 24/7 -365 days,,“ Just tell your friends the BUTLER did it”

property management

rent/lease wilton manors

AFFORDABLE-READY TO MOVE IN $695 to $795 Ready to move in 1BD/1BA. Large units, tile floors, walk in closet, newly renovated kitchen and bath, new appl., private paved patio with tropical landscaping, off street parking, Free laundry onsite. Smoke Free unit. No Smoking. No pets. Call 754-366-7563

rent/lease ft. lauderdale LARGE TOWNHOME WITH POOL, EAST FORT LAUDERDALE Beautiful 2BR/2BA townhome in quiet 5-plex.Large eat-in kitchen with center island, central a/c, ceiling fans, Washer/dryer in unit, dishwasher, sparkling pool and more. All in tropical paradise within 5 minutes of the Atlantic Ocean & 1-95 & 8 minutes to Wilton Drive. Master bedroom has walk-in closet and sliding glass doors to private balcony. Great neighbors and neighborhood .Small pet ok.$1,250 /mo. Check out photos & complete descriptions at or call Rick at 954-253-1929

condo for sale MANOR GROVE CONDOS Two bedrooms with two baths ,condo for sale.1180 sq ft located in a nice and quiet community. Beautiful pool with clubhouse and friendly neighbors. $145k. Call Louisa for more information 561-654-8708

real estate for sale DAYTONA BEACH Gay rental complex for sale 2br home + 5 detached rental units beach side. Owner financing real estate, trade or cash down. $420k

rent/lease furnished

PERFECT RELOCATION RENTALS!! From 325/ week & 1200/month. Gay Owned & Operated Apartment Hotel. Beautiful Studio, 1 & 2 BR Apts. With Full Kitchens.Turn-key, fully furnished & equipped, clothing optional pool, laundry, parking. Central to Wilton Manors & Haulover Beach. Incl. Wi-Fi, utilities, cable, tel. Pets Welcome. Call Joe or Jack at(954) 927-0090 or visit www.

rent/lease west palm beach

PB COUNTY-LAKE PARK 2/1 CONDO 2nd Floor Corner - Next to Kelsey Park across from Intracoastal Great Locations. $750 per month - 1 year Lease • No Pets • No Smoking • 1st & Security Call 561-310-0615

rent/lease wilton manors

LARGE 2BR/1 BA Beautiful wood floors, private yard, single family home with canvas covered parking, amazing bonus room, washer/ dryer. Quiet neighborhood walking distance to Wilton Drive/restaurants, clubs, etc. Background check/credit check required. Available NOW!!! $1,650month Please call Terri Wright with Sea Island Realty, Inc 954-401-4918

AFFORDABLE-READY TO MOVE IN NEWLY REMODELED, Wilton Manors, ready to move-in 1BD/1BA for $695.00, in newly renovated. Our largest unit. Walk in closet, renovated kitchen and bath, new appl., new tile floors, off-street parking. Smoke free. No pets. $695.00. Call 754-366-7563

LAKERIDGE FURN. GARDEN STUDIO Central to beach/downtown/Wilton Drive.Clean newly ren. 1 rm and bath. Lg. private fenced courtyard. private entry with parking,laundry onsite, water and electric included. $765/mo. 1st and security with lease. Avail March 1st call 941-548-7989 MIDDLE RIVER TERRACE 1/1 efficency $675/ mo. Or $165/week, 6 mos or 1 year lease. Large 3BD house $1,250, carport, office, and all tile. Pay your first month’s rent with an approved application and you’re in. Water & electric included* Call for details. 954-527-9225 HUGE 2/2 POOL DUPLEX - POMPANO BEACH Updated, Lushly Landscaped, East of Fed Hwy 1 Mile to Beach, D/R, Sep. Laundry W/D, Fab Lrg Pool, New Central AC, Tile Floors, Small Dog or Cat ok. $1390, Available 2/1/13 Call Tim: 754-235-2911 1BD APARTMENT UPSTAIRS 1142 NE 4th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale $700/Mo. Yearly Call 954-764-0212 or 954-581-2573 QOAKLAND PARK For rent, 2/1 single family home. Open carport, laundry room, driveway parking, across from H.S., Ne 6th ave. Avail Sept 1ST . $ 1600/mo F/L/S , For more info call 954848-1098 or 973-617-7255 email: mgchawla@ 2BA/ 2BA MIDDLE RIVER TERRACE Tile floors, marble and tile baths, stainless and granite kitchen. Open living/dining/kitchen floor plan. Parking for 2 cars. Private Courtyards. Pet Friendly. $ 1350/MO F/S Call Camelot Property Management for showing instructions. 954-5864880

rent/lease pompano beach

PALM AIRE Affordable and ready to move in. Beautiful 1 bedroom King Apt. 1.5 bath, new flooring and freshly painted walls. Can be furnished or unfurnished. A great place to live!! Call Myron 201-214-3992.

roommates LAUDERLAKES ROOMATE WANTED Share a 2/2 on lake w/ hot tub, private bath, W/D , dishwasher ,central a/c and cable. $ 400/mo includes utilities & internet. Looking for a mature professional. 1st & security deposit. Background check req. Call Gary 954-803-0885 MALE ROOMMATE WANTED Male roommate wanted for 2/1/13. Beautiful WPB 2BD/2BA apt to share $650/Mo. Water, Elect, Waste Mgt included. Deposit + 1st. mo. Required. Call 561316-7236 soflagaynews //

SouthFloridaGayNews // // 9.4.13 //


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Fall Arts Guide (supplement excluded)

09/04/13 V4i36  

Fall Arts Guide (supplement excluded)