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Sergio N. Candido

‘Glee’ Actress Comes Out as Lesbian Charice Pempengco said she hasn’t seen her mother since her announcement Filipino singer and Glee actress Charice Pempengco is making headlines after coming out as lesbian. Pempengco, who’s currently a judge on the X Factor Philippines and played Sunshine Corazon in the 2010-2011 seasons of Glee, confirmed the rumors on her home country’s entertainment television show The Buzz.

“Yes, I’m a lesbian,” she announced on June 2. “Now I feel free. I can go out of the house without fear and certain that I’m not stepping on anybody’s toe.” Pempengco was reportedly very emotional during the television interview, revealing that a lot of conservative Catholic people in her home

country may not understand or accept her sexuality, including her mother and grandmother. “I left our home because that’s what I had to do for now,” she said, adding that she didn’t see neither one of them for her birthday last month. The Filipino megastar also posted a video on YouTube thanking fans for their support.

Rep. Pushes ‘License to Bully’ Gay Military liberties of the Armed Forces. Currently, under the federal law the Pentagon is required to accommodate religious “beliefs.” If approved, the amendment would add protections for religious “speech and actions.” Army veteran and OutServeSLDN Executive Director Allyson Robinson argues that this would restrict commanders’ ability to take actions against religious


expressions “that actually harm good order and discipline.” “This amendment ... would create a license to bully, harass, and discriminate against service members based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any number of other characteristics,” Robinson said in a statement. The Senate will begin debating its own version of the bill later this month.

UK Gay Men Account for 80% of Syphilis Cases

& 2

A total of 10,754 men who have sex with other men were diagnosed with the bacteria, commonly known as “the clap.” Bringing the number of infected people up to 58 percent since the last study in 2009. “These data show too many people are continuing to have unsafe sex, put themselves at risk of STIs and the serious

Web Editor • Sergio N. Candido

consequences associated with infection, including infertility,” said Dr. Gwenda Hughes, PHE head of Sexually Transmitted Infection surveillance, as quoted by the Gay Star News. MSM also make up 17 percent of Chlamydia cases, 11 percent of genital herpes diagnoses and 9 percent of all the genital warts diagnosed.

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The numbers the result of increased testing and rise in unprotected sex

Newly released results on the number of people affected by sexually transmitted diseases in England put gay men at the top of the list. According to governmental agency Public Health England, gay and bisexual men make up 79 percent of all syphilis cases in England and they’ve seen a 37 percent rise in gonorrhea.

Editor-in-Chief • Gideon Grudo

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The 19 percent support for the resolution reportedly was the lowest ever

The House Armed Services Committee adopted an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that critics argue would make it harder for military commanders to punish religiously motivated harassment. The Congress committee passed the measure on June 5. Republican Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana proposed the amendment, arguing it would protect the religious



Three More Quickies to Wake You Up Judge Lets Lake County Student Start GSA, At Least Until End of Year Central Florida student Bayli Silberstein will have her Gay-Straight Alliance, for now

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Delaware Senate Approves Gender Identity Bill The legislation adds gender identity to the existing list of protected nondiscrimination categories German Court Grants Gay Unions Marriage Tax Breaks Gay couples in civil unions will receive the same tax benefits as straight married couples

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Associated Press Florida Press Association National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association

news national Retired Navy SEAL, Florida Resident “My selection of American Comes Out As Transgender Institute to study massage CAREER EDUCATION

therapy is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I’m where I was meant to be!”*

Sergio N. Candido

– Randy Munoz (Tito) Massage Therapy Graduate, 2012 *Graduate testimonials may differ from your experience.

Call for information about career training in: u Massage Therapy u Medical Assisting u Skin Care u Cosmetology

Former Navy SEAL and a member of the team that hunted down and killed Osama Bin Laden Kristin Beck Photo courtesy of Kristin Beck

Before coming out as trans, Beck was A former Navy SEAL and a member of the team that hunted down and killed Osama Bin Laden, deployed 13 times and became such an elite warrior that she was chosen to be part of has revealed that she’s a transgender woman. In her newly released memoir “Warrior “Team 6,” the group of Navy SEALS that Princess,” Kristin Beck, formerly known as killed Bin Laden inside his compound in “Chris” during her stint with the military, Pakistan. She retired in 2011. Beck is the first Navy SEAL to come out as writes about her transition after serving in transgender, according to the Transgender the military for two decades. “Chris really wanted to be a girl and Law Center. The Advocate writes that even though felt that she was a girl and consolidated “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed, a set of that identity very early on in childhood,” SFGN_half_page_ad_YG_SFGN_half_page_ad 6/3/13 2:35 PM Page 1 Anne Speckhard, who co-author of Beck’s regulations still impede transgender people from serving openly in the military. biography, told ABC News.

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5000C Coconut Creek Pkwy, Margate, FL 33063


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News Briefs

Sergio N. Candido

+Miami Beach Commission Passes Tax Equity Policy for Domestic Partners Gay City of Miami Beach employees in domestic partnerships no longer will pay thousands of dollars in extra taxes for their partner’s health insurance coverage. On June 5, the city passed a new tax equity policy for its employees that will reimburse them for this increase in their taxes.

Unlike married heterosexual couples, the benefits for gay couples in domestic partnerships (the closest to gay marriage in Florida), including family health insurance coverage, was treated as income and is taxed as such. “We are grateful to the City of Miami Beach, which has always been on the

forefront of equal rights, and with this policy they have once again set the standard for Florida,” Stratton Pollitzer, deputy director of Equality Florida, said in a statement. The LGBT rights organization is calling the measure the “strongest and most comprehensive of its kind in the U.S.”


“I tried my hardest to get into the industry,” he said during his audition tape for the reality show regarding his singing career. “But it’s so hard. With all the people that download music illegally and everything like that people aren’t giving out record contracts anymore. So I just took a break from it, went to college, got a degree. Now I just wanna figure out what’s next.” In 2007, former “American Idol” contestant Olivia Mojica also tried her hand at porn, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

Citizen Task Force Tackles Anti-Gay Criminals in NYC

The recent spike in anti-gay crimes in New York City has driven a group of real-life superheroes to patrol the streets of Greenwich Village looking for homophobic criminals. They are called The New York Initiative. The group of eight uses code names, bullet proof vests, and employ varied levels of martial arts to stop crime. Several anti-gay attacks have made headlines in recent months in the Big Apple. One attack in May claimed the life of Mark Carson, a 32-year-old gay man who was shot in the head as he walked back to this home with a companion. The incident drew protests by LGBT community members in the Greenwich Village area. This is why The New York Initiative decided to step in, said Chris Pollack, a martial arts instructor who uses the code name “Dark Guardian” and is the group’s leader. They will increase their presence in Greenwich Village to prevent future hate crimes. “Violence on its own is wrong, and it’s even worse when a specific group is being targeted,” Pollack told DNAinfo. “We care about everyone, from every walk of life, and we want to keep everybody safe. Our focus now is the Village.” The Initiative Collective has 11 branches nationally, according to its website. “We calm down situations,” he said. “If there are a bunch of people banded together, [aggressive people] are less likely to become violent.” The New York Initiative will offer a selfdefense workshop in the East Village’s Tompkins Square Park on Sunday, July 7, at 4 p.m.


// 6.12.2013 // //

Six other locations in Florida already passed similar policies, including Hallandale Beach, West Palm Beach, the Town of Bay Harbor Islands, the Orange County Tax Collector’s Office and the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser’s Office.

Guatemalan President Otto + Pérez Molina Says No to Gay Marriage

Miami Beach Photo courtesy of Lonny Paul

Nathaniel Marshall, + ‘American Idol’ Contestant, Does Gay Porn Flick

After a failed attempt at a singing career, ‘American Idol’ Season 8 contestant Nathaniel Marshall has made his debut in a different sector of the entertainment industry — gay porn. Marshall starred in the porn film “Men soflagaynews //

Caught on Video 2,” which premiered on June 2, according to TMZ. During his stint at the television singing competition, Marshall reached the top 36 before being booted off the show. He then went on to join “The Gay Real World,” an online spin-off of the popular MTV reality series. But in this version it was a group of allmale gay men living together in a house.


While Latin American countries like Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico are making strides toward reaching equality for the LGBT community, Guatemala’s president said he won’t back an international treaty supporting the cause. Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina insisted his country is against gay marriage and abortion, and he refused to sign a treaty proposed by the Organization of American States. The treaty was discussed on June 4. “Guatemala’s rejection of abortion and gay marriage will be made clear,” Molina said on June 3, as reported by La Hora. Molina’s statement follows protests by Catholic and Evangelical groups in Guatemala, who said they got a hold of the draft treaty and found out the two issues will be a part of it. Cerón de Verónica, organizer of the “Yes to life” campaign, made sure the protests continued as the OAS General Assembly took place, according to Prensa Libre. For his part, the Guatemalan leader added that an OAS treaty is not binding and does not require amending national laws.

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news local

Making History

Miami Beach passes strongest tax equity ordinance in the U.S. Christiana Lilly

Thomas Barker, left, and his partner Rob Rosenwald, who works for the city of Miami Beach, worked to have the the city adopt a tax equity benefit ordinance so domestic partners would not be taxed unfairly. Photo courtesy of Rob Rosenwald

The city of Miami Beach made history when the commission unanimously passed the strongest tax equity benefit ordinance in the country last week. Under the new legislation, employees who have domestic partners on their health insurance will no longer be subjected to having their benefits be taxed as income, drawing out more than $1,000 a year from their paycheck. This includes both gay and straight couples. “A $1,000 impact can be a huge impact when people are struggling to make their mortgage payment, their car payment, put


// 6.12.2013 // //

food on the table and pay their expenses. To me, regardless of the dollar amount, it’s the message that it sends. It sends a message that somehow being in a domestic partner relationship is less than being in a married relationship because you weren’t receiving the same net benefit,” said Commissioner Michael Gongora, who sponsored the legislation. The issue was brought forward by Thomas Barker about a year ago. As then-vice chair of the city’s LGBT Business Enhancement Committee (Barker is now the chair), he read about universities soflagaynews //

and corporations passing equal tax benefit ordinances to ensure that their employees with domestic partners weren’t being double taxed for not being married. That got him and his partner, Rob Rosenwald, the Miami Beach senior assistant city attorney, curious. “We looked at Rob’s paycheck and looked to see what was being actually taxed and realized that it was absolutely unfair,” Barker said when they discovered more than $3,000 was being taxed out of Rosenwald’s paycheck. “It’s not such a significant amount over a 12-month period that’s shocking. For me, it’s


more of the fact that it is an obvious form of discrimination when we have to pay more to be in a relationship.” Barker brought the item up to the committee and with research found that 19 other employees were also experiencing the same inequity. The issue was brought forward to the Miami Beach City Commission, sponsored by the city’s first openly gay elected official, Commissioner Michael Gongora, and over the next year Equality Florida drafted the ordinance with the city, including Rosenwald. On June 4, the commission unanimously passed the ordinance. “I’m pleased to be able to work for a city as progressive as Miami Beach,” said Rosenwald, who previously worked for the ACLU doing gay rights litigation. “Being able to devote such a large part of my day to making sure that our city is the leader in the state as far as progressive legislation of all types, including LGBT, is incredibly meaningful to me and makes my job much more fulfilling.” Also, it is helping the city toward a larger goal: Being the first city in Florida to get a 100 percent rating on the Human Rights Campaign’s municipal equity index. The campaign ranks cities according to different standards met for its LGBT residents, and the tax equity benefits ordinance puts it one step closer, Rosenwald said. Currently, the city is not eligible for a rating, Paul Guequierre of the HRC said. Cities included are the 50 capitals, 50 most populous cities, and 75 cities with a high proportion of same-sex couples. However, the HRC is always looking to expand, Guequierre said. “Of all of the things that we have done as a committee, this has probably been the most impactful and probably the most historical in the sense of that this is the strongest policy in the country right now and it will be the model for other municipalities to follow when they are looking to build or create their own equal tax benefits ordinance,” Barker said.

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news local

Elderly, Gay, Minority

SAGE report speaks on behalf of LGBT elders of color Jesse Monteagudo

The Office of Minority Health (OMH), created in 1986, “is dedicated to improving the health of racial and ethnic minority populations through the development of health policies and programs that will help eliminate health disparities.” It lobbied Congress to make the month of April National Minority Health Month to raise awareness about health disparities that continue to affect racial and ethnic minorities. The national chapter of SAGE — Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders – observed National Minority Health Month 2013 by releasing Health Equity and LGBT Elders of Color, a new report that examines the health disparities faced by LGBT older people of color, offering policy solutions to address those challenges. “LGBT elders of color are historically marginalized on multiple fronts and their needs are often under addressed in the mainstream aging field and in the popular LGBT rights movement,” SAGE Executive Director Michael Adams said. “This groundbreaking report sheds light on the health disparities of LGBT elders of color and how to address them.” According to the 2010 U.S. Census, there are more than 40 million adults aged 65 and older in the U.S., a population that will more than double over the next 40 years. By 2050, minorities will comprise more than 40 percent of this population, and the number of LGBT elders will more than double in size. “Unfortunately, too often LGBT people of color, across the age spectrum, are rendered invisible in the media and in government discussions on aging, health, and other pressing political issues,” said Robert Espinoza, SAGE Senior Director of Policy and Communications and co-author of the report. “One reason is that nonprofits leading these conversations rarely acknowledge the realities and policy barriers facing these communities. Yet common sense tells us that if LGBT people are everywhere, and we all age, then it makes sense that a notable percentage of older people of color are also LGBT.” According to the report, “challenges facing LGBT elders of color intensify as they age into the long-term care system,


// 6.12.2013 // //

where they often find environments that are unwelcome.” Finally, the report explores 10 policy areas where health and wellness can be improved for LGBT older people of color.


Include specific provisions for LGBT elders in the Older Americans Act (OAA)


Ensure that community services and supports in the Older Americans Act (OAA) are offered in a culturally and linguistically competent manner.


Increase federal funding for organizations and programmatic interventions targeting LGBT elders of color.


Ensure that implementation of the Affordable Care Act engages LGBT elders of color as advocates. . .

5 Strengthen Social Security and increase access for LGBT elders and elders of color who experience diminished economic security in their retirement years. . .


Improve data collection on sexual orientation and gender identity to better identify an address health disparities among LGBT elders of color.


Decrease elder abuse among more vulnerable and socially isolated elders by strengthening outreach and community supports to LGBT elders of color.


Increase federal funding for safe and affordable senior housing . . .

9 Strengthen the federal response to HIV and aging” and soflagaynews //

SAGE Senior Director of Policy and Communications Robert Espinoza Photo courtesy of SAGE


Eliminate discriminatory exclusions of medically necessary transition-related care from federally-funded health programs impacting LGBT older people of color.” According to Espinoza, “all of these recommendations were identified for their feasibility in being adopted in the next few years. The recommendations related to the Older Americans Act can be a part of the Act’s reauthorization, which is currently being discussed and might be resolved in the next 12 to 18 months.” The SAGE Policy Report, Espinoza said, was co-authored by Allison Auldridge, formerly of SAGE. “SAGE has long recognized that in order to move policy discussions in D.C., we need to develop original analysis and policy recommendations that explore different


aspects of LGBT aging. Because of the successes we have seen through our work in the Diverse Elders Coalition (DEC), we saw an opportunity to shine the spotlight on the policy barriers facing elders who live at the intersections of the LGBT experiences, and as people of color.” Since the Policy Report was issued on April 17, Espinoza said “we have seen a great deal of interest. We heard many positive things from leaders in various federal agencies, including the Administration on Aging, as well as from leading nonprofits, such as many of the aging organizations that are part of the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations, a consortium of more than 65 national aging groups that lead aging policy in D.C.” Health Equity and LGBT Elders of Color is currently available free of charge. To download the Report online, visit

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news international

Russian Anti-Gay Bill Passes, Protesters Detained

Broward Health Imperial Point celebrates

Men’s Health Day Saturday, June 15, 2013 • 9am–1pm Broward Health Imperial Point 6401 N Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale

Associated Press

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A gay protest in Russia. Photo courtesy of Peter Gray

MOSCOW — A bill that stigmatizes Russia’s gay community and bans the distribution of information about homosexuality to children was overwhelmingly approved by the lower house of parliament Tuesday. More than two dozen protesters were attacked by anti-gay activists and then detained by police, hours before the State Duma approved the Kremlin-backed legislation in a 436-0 vote. The bill banning “propaganda of

nontraditional sexual relations” still needs to be passed by the appointed upper house and signed into law by President Vladimir Putin, but neither step is in doubt. The measure is part of an effort to promote traditional Russian values as opposed to Western liberalism, which the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church see as corrupting Russian youth and contributing to the protests against Putin’s rule.

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opinion dixon diaries

My HIV Diary The magnetic cost of PrEP

An HIV Medication, Truvada Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Beall

Ryan Dixon (a.k.a former porn star Kameron Scott) has started taking HIV medication. He’s keeping a diary of his experience. Being in my mid-20’s isn’t easy, add HIV on top of that and we have one hell of a complicated life. I’m making the best out of the hand life has dealt me and the decisions I’ve made along the way. Writing helps free my mind. Hopefully these words will help you understand the plight of others like myself, and inspire you to live each and every day in the moment.

Week 40

(May 31 to June 6) My first week in Atlanta has been a whirlwind, to say the least. Work has been slow, but steady, and I’m finally starting to settle in, I think. I have a doctor’s appointment back in Florida on Saturday, June 8, so I’ll be sure to update everyone with my numbers and my future in the study next week. I’m only going back so I can make sure I have one more month of medication. It’s going to be a long overnight drive on Friday. Speaking of medication, this week’s diary has been a long time coming. I moved to Atlanta for the opportunity at a new path in my life – a path that was well needed. I’d grown stagnant in Fort Lauderdale and I was craving for a change. The friends I had made in the last year in Atlanta gave me the chance to do something else with my life. There’s also Dylan. I would hope that me covering different leather events, people would know the type of relationship I would want to have. Dylan can give me that. Now, I didn’t run away to go chasing after some guy, but it did help me decide if I really wanted to take a chance on Atlanta. So far, it’s paying off. Dylan and I are exploring the possibility of being in what we like to call a “magnetic” relationship, meaning he’s HIV negative and


// 6.12.2013 // //

soflagaynews //


as you know I’m HIV positive. Positive and negative – just like a magnet. Dylan made the decision to start taking Truvada last week as a Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), something that I was completely against people doing. I feel so selfish for thinking that these healthy people were taking medication out of the hands of HIV and AIDS patients that need the medication more urgently, in my opinion. That all changed last week. Dylan and I always use protection, whether it be condoms or gloves, during sex and heavy play. He happened to put a finger in me without a glove and there was a little blood when he removed it. He had been thinking about starting PrEP so this incident was sort of a defining factor. Much like what I’m doing with this diary and writing about my experiences with taking HIV medication,. Dylan has started to write about his thoughts and feelings while starting PrEP. It’s an eye opening experience for both of us, I think. I still don’t really know how I feel about it deep down. I told him I support him doing everything necessary to protect himself, but I still can’t help thinking about people I know who are living with the virus and could use the pills he’s taking now every day. Can I really be upset pills aren’t in the hands of people who need them to live when someone is taking them to ensure their never in that position? Talk about the ultimate catch 22. An open and honest line of communication has been key for Dylan and I to come to an understanding on the subject, even if it does still bother me. Studies have shown PrEP to be a viable option for those seeking extra protection against HIV infection, but it comes at a cost to all of us. A physical, emotional and economical cost that I think was ignored all in the name of HIV prevention.

-Ryan Dixon

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chamber chat

Biggest Networking Event of the Year Jorge Richa

Marketing & Programming Director, Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Gala honoree, David Bromstad Photo courtesy of DuPont Surfaces


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// 6.12.2013 // //

soflagaynews //

The Miami-Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (MDGLCC) is the largest not-for-profit corporation in the county for gay and lesbian businesses. With close to 700 member businesses, the Chamber’s mission is to promote a unified and thriving, gay and gay-friendly, business and professional community throughout Miami-Dade County. One of our goals is to  create opportunities for networking.  During the past 12 months we have been involved in over 60 networking events, which have ranged in size and formats. From our “Spotlight Mega-Mixers” to our “Featured Speakers Luncheons,” our “Maximize your Membership Benefits” Breakfasts, the “Gay & Lesbian Lawyers Association (GALLA)” Luncheons & Cocktails Receptions or the “Support Our Cultural Arts Members” (SOCAM) events … all are great opportunities for our members to network with each other in an engaging, fun and professional setting. The biggest networking event of the year is our upcoming Gala.  We will honor corporate and individual supporters of the Miami-Dade LGBT community at the 12th Annual Gala and Awards Presentation, “Celebration of the Sun The Yellow Gala,” on Saturday, June 22, at the Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel, 1601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami.  The honorees this year are: Kaufman, Rossin & Co., P.A. (AT&T “Business


of the Year Award”), David Bromstad (SherwinWilliams “Businessperson of the Year Award) and Miami-Dade County Public Schools (Regions Bank “Non-Profit Organization of the Year Award). They have been selected for their long-term commitment to fostering diversity, as well as for their efforts in contributing to the overall well-being and quality of life in South Florida.  This year’s Gala will be presented by Wells Fargo. This annual event, MDGLCC’s principal fundraising effort of the year, helps sustain operations and the ever-increasing demand to expand programming.  The event’s running order is done in such a way to allow guests to mingle and network throughout the entire evening. The evening will start at 6 p.m. with a reception and silent auction, which will be followed by dinner, the awards presentation and an after party in the hotel’s new nightclub ENCORE.  Tickets are $2,000 for tables of 10 or $200 for individual tickets and include reserved seating, grand buffet dinner, open bar with Bacardi brands featuring GREY GOOSE® vodka and Hatuey beer, a VIP gift bag, parking, raffle prize participation and complimentary admission to the after party for dancing and entertainment. For more information on the above mentioned initiatives, our Gala or to become a member of the MDGLCC, please contact us at 305-673-4440, or

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opinion finance Ric Reily

If Gay Marriage Is Legalized The financial impact on married same-sex couples

When SCOTUS delivers rulings in the two gay marriage cases, there is the possibility the Court may simply decide to legalize gay marriage. DOMA prohibits the federal government from recognizing any marriage not of one man and one woman. Prop 13 removes the right for same-sex couples to marry in California. Should the Court decide in favor of federally recognized gay marriage, what is the financial impact to those same-sex couples who are already married? Will there be tax returns to amend; do assets become comingled and available for creditors, bankruptcies, and loan applications; will spouses become responsible for medical expenses, credit card balances and death expenses; will spouses become liable in case of judgments against one? For answers, we can probably best turn


// 6.12.2013 // //

Should the Court decide in favor of federally recognized gay marriage, what is the financial impact to those same-sex couples who are already married? Photo courtesy of Cary Bass

to existing law concerning marriage and the contract implied in that marriage, and

soflagaynews //

estimates done by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Same-sex couples have married, entered civil unions and set up domestic partnerships for many years for the benefits those agreements provided in the states they live in. Some have married for the simple fact of standing up and being counted. Now the very real possibility exists for those marriages to become legal and binding without the participants having given a great deal of thought to the financial ramifications. Married couples have access to all the assets of the family, including unfettered access to retirement accounts. Debts of a spouse transfer to the surviving spouse on death. A major financial win for LGBT would be the ‘death’ tax. Same-sex couples will gain a significant benefit in not being immediately liable to pay taxes on assets left to them by death. Many surviving partners will find their homes no longer at risk on the passing of their spouse. Same-sex spouses would have access to spousal Social Security benefits to choose their own or the deceased spouse’s benefit; a particularly valuable option when the surviving spouse is not the primary earner. When one spouse has significantly higher career earnings this could raise the benefit for the surviving spouse. The CBO estimates these added benefits to cost $350 million a year by 2014. Tax ramifications are more difficult to discern because married couples have the choice of filing either separate or joint returns. By some estimates the federal


government could expect to collect between $400 to $700 million in increased tax receipts, probably closer to $400 million at current rates. The ‘marriage penalty’ can work both ways; when spouses have similar incomes taxes can increase, and same-sex couples can get a ‘marriage bonus’ if one earns significantly more than the other. For LGBT as a group this is mostly a wash, though some same-sex couples will pay higher taxes. CBO estimates Federal Employee Health Benefits Program for federal employees and retirees will cost an additional $80 million delivering many same-sex retirees lower cost health care. Perhaps the greatest new cost for LGBT could be programs that require means testing. Combining the means of the couple will put such benefits out of the reach financially, or outright disqualify many who had access as single persons. Additionally, marriage makes people less susceptible to financial shocks and less likely to qualify for welfare programs. CBO estimates annual savings in 2014 of $100 million in SSI, $300 million in Medicaid and $50 in million Medicare. Those are all new costs for same-sex couples. For the federal government, same-sex marriage is estimated to be a wash with additional tax revenues offsetting additional costs. Though any individual, or same sex couple, could experience a financial shock should the Court rule for legalization of marriage for any two persons, the impact for governments and most couples will be minimal.

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SouthFloridaGayNews // // 6.12.13 //


lifestyle passages

Local Gossip Columnist Dies ‘She’s dead you know!’ SFGN Staff

Jay Lynch (left) commonly known as Mrs. Beasley, passed away this week. Here he is with his publisher Jason Bell (right). Photo courtesy of Pompano Bill




Former gossip and entertainment columnist known as Mrs. Beasely passed away this week from a heart attack. He was 74. His real name was Jay Lynch, but most people knew him as his pseudonym. “For over 30 years Jay Lynch (Mrs. Beasley) was the most widely read entertainment/ gossip columnists in the history of South Florida publishing,” said friend and former boss Brad Casey. “We could not wait for his weekly column that was chock-full of tantalizing tidbits on people and places in our community. The love for his craft and this community knew no boundaries. He lived and reported during the golden era of gay life 18

// 6.12.2013 // //

soflagaynews //


in South Florida. A true legend has passed.” Over the years Lynch wrote for David, HotSpots, and Scoop. Even at the end he wanted to be remembered for his humor. His website announced his death with this headline: “SHE’S DEAD YOU KNOW!!!” The announcement reads: Yes, that’s what Mrs. Beasley wanted us to say to let you know whenever he passed and we are sad to inform you that Mrs. Beasley passed away Monday night. His many friends in New York, Fort Lauderdale, and around the world will remember him fondly forever, singing ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!!!’ as he would have wanted.”

Confident in your smile?

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Dr. David K. Warner, DDS, FAGD Fellow, Academy of General Dentistry

954-565-7666 1946 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 Always Plenty of Free Parking • Located Conveniently on Wilton Drive

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lifestyle marriage

#Marriage For this campaign we partnered with the Facebook page Gay Marriage USA, the largest gay marriage campaign (more than 350,000 likes) on Facebook founded by Murray Lipp. In just a few weeks the Supreme Court will announce two of the most important decisions regarding gay marriage and gay rights when they decide whether or not to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8 in California. Both of the decisions will have a lasting affect on the gay rights movement for decades to come. In advance of the decisions we wanted to celebrate the numerous same-sex couples that have already taken the plunge and gotten married. We called our campaign #Marriage because we believe that marriage is marriage whether it’s two guys, two girls or a guy and a girl. For more photos check out We launched our monthly photo campaigns in February, first celebrating the month of love by featuring couples in our #LoveWins campaign, and in our second we featured ladies who love ladies in #ThisIsWhatALesbianLooksLike in honor of Women’s History Month in March.

Daniel Zavala and Yohandel Ruiz of Miami, married in Washington D.C. on May 1 2012 Diana Giraldo and Melanie Grigsby of South West Florida, married in Washington DC (Jefferson Memorial) on July 22, 2011.

Bart Gladstone and Greg Cheever of Boynton Beach married on May 20, 2012 in Mellville, New York. 20

// 6.12.2013 // //

soflagaynews //


Christine Warren and Connie Warren [longer hair] married August 27, 2007 in Barre, MA at Hartman’s Herb Farm. Greg Hardy and Victor Flores of Fort Lauderdale, married April 26, 2013 in Times Square in New York City.

Marlene Franco and Idilia Gonzalez of Orlando, married on April 27, 2013

Piero Guidugli and Tom Fillmore of Wilton Manors, married in Fort Lauderdale on May 20, 2012.

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lifestyle gala What It Takes to Make a Difference Local businesses, individuals to be honored at MDGLCC Annual Gala Dori Zinn



Daddy/Papa/Papi/Babbo/Papai ? Whatever You Call Him...Treat Him To J.Mark’s For Father’s Day Weekend

Book Your Reservations

Specializing in... - 28 Day Aged Certified Angus Beef Steaks - Wild Caught Seafood - Mouth Watering Burgers

Be sure to check out our


- Cooked to Order Brunch


FORT LAUDERDALE 1245 N. Federal Hwy.

POMPANO BEACH (Copans Rd.) 1490 NE 23rd St.



// 6.12.2013 // //

soflagaynews //

“an individual who embraces diversity in all forms and demonstrates savvy business acumen and leadership skills,” according to their release. The “Non-profit Organization of the Year” award will be presented to MiamiDade County Public Schools for their outreach to the LGBT communities. “The School Board of MiamiDade County adheres to a policy of nondiscrimination in employment and educational programs and activities while affirmatively striving to provide equal opportunity for both teachers and students,” said Adkins. Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho will accept the award on behalf of Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Along with the awards presentation, the MDGLCC Gala will also feature New York street artist Tyler Wallach who will be creating five art pieces during the gala that will be auctioned off after the dinner. The gala will have both a live auction and silent one, with proceeds going to MDGLCC. The silent auction will feature a trip for two to Curacao, an Adam Lambert-autographed Fender guitar, and even IKEA furniture, HGTV Design Star David Bromstad will accept the “Businessper- among other prizes. son of the Year” award at the Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian ChamFor attendees, tickets are $200 a ber of Commerce Gala and Presentation on June 22 in Miami person or $2,000 for a table of 10. Along Photo courtesy of MDGLCC with the presentation and auctions, admission includes a buffet dinner, an Now celebrating its 12th year, the MiamiDade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of open bar, a VIP gift bag and admission to the Commerce (MDGLCC) Annual Gala will after party that includes a performance by drag honor three companies and people on June diva Tiffany Fantasia. Visit for more 22 at the Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel. Each year, MDGLCC honors corporate information on how to purchase tickets. and individual leaders in the community. Among the award recipients is Kaufman, Rossin & Co., P.A., which will be presented with the AT&T “Business of the Year” award. MDGLCC President Steve Adkins said the group’s community involvement was a big Gay & Lesbian What Miami-Dade part of their recognition. Chamber of Commerce’s 12th “Community involvement plays an Annual Gala and Awards Presentation integral role in Kaufman, Rossin & Co.’s culture,” Adkins said in a release last month. When Saturday, June 22, 6 p.m. “You’ll often find members of their firm out in the community volunteering, fundraising or participating in local events.” Where Hilton Miami Downtown David Bromstad will be on hand to accept 1601 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, his “Business Person of the Year” award. FL 33132 Bromstad, who won the first-ever ‘Design $2,000 tables of 10 Star’ on HGTV, owns his own design firm How in Miami. MDGLCC annually recognizes Much $200 individual tickets



Honesty. Respect. Professionalism. Courtesy. It’s how we treat all our customers. And it’s what you can expect from every State Farm® agent, along with personal help with your insurance and financial needs. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.® CALL AN AGENT OR VISIT US ONLINE TODAY.® 1101018.1

State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL

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See it For Yourself

Photos and story by Larry Blackburn

June 2013

Key West, FL

Key West Pride A street fair, pride parade, pool parties, dance parties, sunset sails, comedy, film, pageants and so much more! All set on a tropical island that is legendary for its laid back style and its open and accepting atmosphere.  Events for the week included the family friendly street fair on the legendary Duval Street, while late night clothing-optional parties kept Key West’s steamy reputation alive and well.  The competition was fierce for the Pride titles of Mr., Miss, and Mrs. Pride. All of the fun culminated as the community joined together on Duval Street Sunday afternoon for the lively Key West Pride Parade which featured Gilbert Baker, the creator of the Sea to Sea Rainbow Pride Flag as the community celebrated the 10th year anniversary with a 100-foot section of the famous banner.

Miss Pride contestants at the 801 Cabaret

Rude Girl & Molly G rocked the house at Pearl’s Patio ‘80s Disco party


// 6.12.2013 // //

soflagaynews //


Mr. Pride 2013 Sean Prier and his Court.

Mr. Pride 2013 Sean Prier.

Ms.Pride 2013 Heather Gordon

Miss Pride 2013 Jessica Grabbit of the 801 Cabaret Poolside Disco at Pearl’s Patio soflagaynews //

SouthFloridaGayNews // // 6.12.13 //



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1 4



1 7 ,

2 0 1 3

W W W . S F G N . C O M

J.W. Arnold




It’s one, two, three strikes you’re out at the old ball game. Join SFGN and the Miami Marlins tonight at the shiny new stadium in Little Havana for a baseball game promoting equality in sports. The Marlins will take on the St. Louis Cardinals and proceeds benefit South Florida LGBT and allied youth sports programs. The first pitch is at 7:10 p.m., but all the local movers and shakers will be arriving at 5 p.m. for an exclusive pre-game reception. Whether you’re a Marlins fan or not, everybody will be a winner. Tickets start $20 at

Theater Broward Stage Door Theatre in Coral Springs presents a critically-acclaimed production of Brighton Beach Memoirs, the first of playwright Neil Simon’s unofficial autobiographical trilogy. The protagonist is young Eugene, who lives in 1937 Brooklyn with his parents, older brother Stanley, aunt and female cousins. Simon makes much of Eugene’s burgeoning sexual self-awareness and his father’s efforts to support his huge extended family on his meager salary in this classic comedy. Catch the show on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m. or Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. Tickets are $38 at A dying father must accept his transgendered son in the moving Israeli film, Melting Away, screening Monday at the Ross Jewish Community Center in Boynton Beach. Photo Courtesy of Tel Aviv Doco Ltd.

SAT Music

Classical piano meets the digital age when organist David Dunlap and pianist Wesley Pennington take the stage. The duo will be performing tonight at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 4 p.m. at the Wold Performing Arts Center, 3601 N. Military Tr. in Boca Raton, as part of Lynn University’s Live and Lynn Summer Series. Experience the magic of their flying fingers and dancing feet projected larger-than-life as they perform Brahms and Broadway to Gershwin and Gaga, and bring the classics into the 21st century. Tickets are $35 and can be purchased at the Lynn University box office or


// 6.12.2013 // //


6/15 SUN

South Florida’s LGBT and allies concert band, the critically-acclaimed Pride Wind Ensemble, presents its summer concert, Sea to Shining Sea, tonight at 7 p.m. in the Amaturo Theatre at the Broward Center in Fort Lauderdale. The concert features the musical works of some of America’s best known composers, including Copland, Gershwin and Sousa, along with brilliant multimedia and guest performances that make the group’s concerts an experience for both the eyes and ears. Artistic Director Dan Bassett conducts classics, jazz, rock, western and Broadway favorites. If you’ve never attended a concert, this is a great introduction. Tickets are $25 at soflagaynews //


6/16 MON

The South Florida Symphony’s Blue Door String Quartet — Whitney LaGrange and Benjamin Breen, violin; Amy Kimball, viola; and Arthur Cook, cello — celebrate Pride month tonight at 7 p.m. at the Jacqueline S. Leiser Opera Center, 221 SW 3rd Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. The program includes Copland’s Movement for String Quartet, Reynaldo Hahn’s String Quartet and Ravel’s String Quartet. All three composers maintained close relationships with other men and are believed by some scholars to have been gay. Tickets are $30 at The program will be repeated on Wednesday, June 19 at the Tennessee Williams Theatre in Key West.




Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival has teamed up with Compass Gay and Lesbian Community Center, Palm Beach PFLAG, Palm Beach County Human Rights Council and the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County for a special Pride Month screening of the Israeli film, Melting Away, tonight at 7 p.m. The audience favorite from last season’s film festival, Melting Away is the first major movie from Israel to deal with transgender and LGBT issues. You can catch the screening at the Ross Jewish Community Center, 8500 Jog Rd. in Boynton Beach. Tickets are $5 at the door. For more information, go to

a&e opera

Snakes & Songs

Wilton Manors composer finds his voice in opera J.W. Arnold

Composer, Michael Ross Photo courtesy of Michael Ross

As a teenager in rural upstate New York, Michael Ross liked to compose pop songs with his best friends. Three decades later, he is tackling the most complex of musical art forms, opera. On Saturday night, Arts at St. John’s in Miami Beach, will present a preview of Ross’s latest work, The Head of Medusa, an opera in three acts. “I’ve always been fascinated with her,” explained Ross, an accompanist and singer who performs with Florida Grand Opera, Palm Beach Opera and teaches at Pinecrest School. “The myth is really only a paragraph long. She starts out as the most beautiful woman, turned people to stone and is finally beheaded at the end.” Creating an opera is not an easy task, at least compared to the songs he composed as a kid. He started with a libretto, the lyrics for the arias and recitatives, and then set the poetry to music, a process that took nearly two years. “I had to teach during part of the day, so I would get to (school) early and work on it,” he recalled. He enjoys the process, researching the characters and locations, giving the characters voices and orchestrating the music. His experience and university voice training at the State University of New York in Purchase certainly came in handy. “There are a lot of orchestral musicians who write operas, but they’re not always

completely comfortable working with the voice,” said Ross, 45, whose first major composition was a Requiem mass that he wrote while living in New York City. He and his partner moved to South Florida in 2004. Ross describes himself as a romantic, inspired by the dramatic operas of the Italian masters Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini. He was also inspired by the opera diva Maria Callas, herself of Greek origin, while penning the role of Medusa. The performance will be a “preview,” Ross said, a semi-staged version with some costumes and props, performed in the sanctuary of St. John’s United Methodist Church. It’s a production on a shoestring, the eight principal performers and 10 chorus members are all professional singers who are volunteering their time. And Ross has been hard at work, in addition to composing the opera, he is also doubling as director, producer, stage manager and accompanist. There’s no greater thrill than seeing the hundreds and hundreds of hours come to life on stage. His first opera, based on the story of Anne Frank and premiered in 2011. He’s putting together a demo recording this year to distribute to opera companies across the country, but he’s already received requests to mount productions. After the premiere of Medusa, he’ll also get to work completing his next project, an opera based on the life of Mathew Shepard, the young gay man who was brutally murdered in Wyoming in 1998. He plans to debut that work on Dec. 1, Shepard’s birthday and, coincidentally, World AIDS Day.

IF YOU G What When Where Cost More Info.

Call to prayer for the Supreme Court to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act Saturday, June 15, 7:30 p.m. St. John’s United Methodist Church, 4760 Pine Tree Dr., Miami Beach Free, $15 donation suggested

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SouthFloridaGayNews // // 6.12.13 //


a&e poetry

The Power of Poetry BLAST Women of West Palm Beach present lesbian poet C.C. Carter Andrea Dulanto

C.C. Carter Photo courtesy of C.C. Carter

On Saturday, June 15 at 7:30 p.m., awardwinning poet C.C. Carter will appear at a Riviera Beach house concert organized by Bi, Lesbian and Straight Together (BLAST) Women of Palm Beach. Carter’s work has earned many honors. She won the fifth annual Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Competition, and also received a 2003 Lambda Literary Award nomination for her first book of poetry, Body Language. Currently, she is an artist with Olivia Travel, appearing on several cruises including the recent Olivia 40th Anniversary Cruise. In a phone interview with SFGN, C.C. Carter described her poetry. “Spirit and sensuality all wrapped in one. I like to think that it comes from a higher power. It [also] embraces body image for women who don’t fit in this perfect little box,” she said. “ Women who are full-sized, women of color, lesbians, and all those intersections that come into play.” In “Strut ,” Carter lead a group of women, the D.I.V.A. Strutters, as they dance in celebration of being full-figured. Yet as a young girl, Carter was often ridiculed in school for how she looked. “I was what they call ‘built,’” she said. “It caused me to withdraw a lot.”


// 6.12.2013 // //

soflagaynews //

She said her grandmother introduced Carter added that readers will also her to “the power of poetry” as a way to find “the erotica that they love.” deal with adversity. Overall, the new book reflects her “She gave me Maya Angelou’s multifaceted sense of identity: “I ‘Phenomenal Woman’… I had to am this whole person that happens say it every morning before I left for to be lesbian.” school and every night after I said my Tickets for C.C. Carter will be sold prayers,” Carter said. “That became on the night of the show, but they are my saving grace.” expected to sell out. BLAST founder, Carter is currently the Assistant Toni Armstrong Jr., advises anyone Principal for the Joshua Johnston Fine interested in tickets to check the BLAST Arts and Design Charter School in Meetup group for availability, and to Chicago, where she teaches students purchase them online. about the “saving grace” of poetry. She asserted that it’s important to “use the arts as a way to encourage [students].” Next month, Carter will publish her latest book of poetry, to prayer for the What Call Body Target. Supreme Court to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act Her first book, Body Language, presented the themes of coming out as a lesbian, body image, When Saturday, June 15, 2013 7:30 p.m. erotica, and femme visibility. Body Target explores questions of Where House Concert in Riviera lesbian visibility within more of a Beach, FL. Exact location is social context. only disclosed to members of “What does a lesbian look like the BLAST Meetup Group as a mother of a young black $10-$30 son in the city with the highest Cost murder rate for young black men? What does a lesbian look like in More Info. the workplace of education?”



a&e dance

Aerial Acrobatics, Anyone?

How pole dancing took Derick Pierson around the world Donald Cavanaugh

SFGN: How many hours a day do you practice? DP: It depends if I’m traveling – teaching or performing at home. If I’m not performing I train almost every day for five to six hours a day. SFGN: Where in the world have you traveled? DP: bI’ve visited about ten different countries. My favorite city was Tokyo — or maybe Montreal. My ex-boyfriend lives in Montreal. Sigh. SFGN: How many awards/competitions have you won? DP: I’ve won about seven major awards, including three-time National Pole Dancing Championship for the U.S., and three-time second place international champion. I also won for best technique in an international performance program.

SFGN: So you’re openly gay? DP: Yes. I am. I’ve been open about it since the end of high school. My sister is lesbian and told me about Compass Youth Group. That was a great experience. SFGN: Do you perform locally? DP: I get booked for a lot of different events. I’ve performed at Mar a Lago, the White Parties, corporate gay and straight events, fundraisers, whatever. I perform at the annual Broward House charity event, Broward Bares It. Anyone interested in learning more about pole dancing and aerial acrobatics can visit Derick’s website at To hire Derick for an event contact Rainbow Circus Productions in Miami.

SFGN : What is the one you’re most proud of? DP: None. I hated them all. I’m my own worst critic and saw every flaw.

Derick Pierson demonstrates a move on the pole that he created and named “The Piercing.” Photo courtesy of Don Curry

He’s a young man on the go — literally as well as figuratively. Derick Pierson recently returned from Singapore, where he came in second place for the third time in the International Pole Championship Competition. Pierson also provides lessons when he travels so there’s not a lot of time for sightseeing but he said he’s happiest when he’s teaching. At 22, Pierson is a native Floridian, born and raised in Palm Beach Gardens and currently living in Jupiter. He attended the William C. Dwyer High School and went on to Palm Beach State College and FAU for pre-med but dropped out to “join the circus,” much to his medical professional parents’ dismay. SFGN caught up with this champion shortly after his return from Asia.

I got fed up with that and decided I didn’t want to deal with doctors any more, and that I wanted to do cheerleading. So I pushed through the pain and headaches I suffered since the accidents and started building strength. Cheerleading was great. When school ended I didn’t know what to do for exercise. I hated the gym. It was boring. Then my best friend, Tara, bought a pole and started doing dancing. At the time I wasn’t old enough. I had to be 18. So my mom didn’t know it but we installed a pole at my house and Tara would teach me what she had learned. I caught on quickly and about 6 months later I found my first formal teacher, Allison Sipes. She taught me the beginning of my career. From pole, I started doing circus stuff, then silk, contortion, the rest.

SFGN: How did you discover pole dancing? DP: I suffered serious spine injuries from two automobile accidents when I was a child. As a result, I stopped being the active kid I had been and I became a chunky teenager.

SFGN: Did you study all the disciplines with one instructor? DP: No. I had a lot of different teachers – between ten and twelve. I can’t think of them all off hand.

SFGH : What do you have your sights on next? DP: In July going to London to compete in the World Pole Sports Championships. That’s like the Olympics of pole dancing. All the national champions will be competing. SFGN: What’s the most difficult thing you’ve done? DP: I don’t think I’ve done it yet. There’ve been things I’ve been nervous about going into but I feel every time I’m done with something that I found extremely difficult something else comes along that is more difficult. I think that’s life. Successful people always find the next thing that’s more difficult and they just keep moving on. SFGN: What’s the life-span of this career? DP: Who knows? I know a Vegas contortionist who is still working in his 50s. Besides, if my body gives out I can fall back on teaching. I love doing that.

soflagaynews //

SouthFloridaGayNews // // 6.12.13 //


a&e festival cover story

Come Out to the Tropics Pride Month Festival celebrates LGBT performing arts J.W. Arnold

Pride Month is traditionally observed with parades and street fairs, but in South Florida, June is also a time to celebrate the performing arts. In its fourth year, Out in the Tropics is a week-long LGBT performing arts festival, June 13 to 20, spotlighting music, dance,

theatre and performance arts. The festival is presented by FundArte, a local non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the diverse cultures of South Florida with an emphasis on the Latino community. Ever Chavez, president and founder of FundArte, feels Out in the Tropics is an

The string quartet Well Strung brings new meaning to the term “boy band.” The handsome and talented foursome will perform as part of the Out in the Tropics festival. Photo courtesy of Scott Henrichsen

important program for his organization, reflecting the diversity of Miami-Dade: “This is where we live, we have two languages,” he said. “This program allows us to explore our individual identities and bring everybody together — Latinos, Gays and Anglos.” Chavez credits Robert Rosenberg, founder of the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and current director of the Coral Gables Art Cinema, with proposing the concept. “It fit our mission and attracted larger crowds each year,” Chavez said. “This is the most diverse festival yet. Our artists are provocative and intelligent. It’s not just going to be about entertainment.” Out in the Tropics opens Thursday, June 13 with an artists’ reception at the Miami Beach LGBT Visitor’s Center, 1130 Washington Ave. On Friday at the Colony Theatre, 1040 Lincoln Rd., the festival will feature performances by the daring Cuban lesbian feminist theatre company El Ciervo Encantado. They will present Cubalandia, a hilarious interactive commentary on current conditions in present-day Cuba. Musician Taylor Mac will follow with his latest work, A 20th Century History of Popular Music Abridged, a visual and musical concert consisting of one song from each decade of the 20th century (plus


// 6.12.2013 // //

soflagaynews //


two encores) presented as “a performance ritual to help the audience let go of the 20th century and move into the 21st.” The hilarious Cuban-American diva of queer comedy, Carmelita Tropicana, presents Post Plastica, on Saturday at the Colony, in collaboration with New York-based CubanAmerican filmmaker Ela Troyano. Part live performance, part video installation, Post Plastica offers “a glimpse into a future in which celebrity culture has pitched a battle between the primacy of virtual and artistic lives; in which revolutionaries keep bees in a secret underground; and in which a half-woman, half-bear scientist has gained the upper hand.” On Sunday afternoon at 4:30 p.m., Miami Beach Cinematheque, 1130 Washington Ave., will host a screening of Enrique Pineda Barnet’s controversial film, Verde Verde, exploring issues of gay male identity and homophobia in modern day Cuba. Later that evening, Well Strung, the allgay male singing string quartet, will put their unique spin on the classics, as well as music by Rihanna, Adele and Lady Gaga at the Colony Theatre at 8 p.m. The concert will also raise funds for the local 2017 OutGames organizing committee. For tickets and more information about individual Out in the Tropics events, go to or call 305-316-6165.

community announcement national

Stonewalling New York City SFGN Staff

A Stonewall Parade Photo courtesy of Warren Brown

Stonewall National Museum & Archives is going to New York City On June 29 and 30, 2013, SNMA will continues a national tour commemorating its 40th Anniversary. On Saturday at 2 p.m., officials from SNMA will make a special presentation at the historic Stonewall Inn at 53 Christopher Street. That’s where a police raid and ensuing riots in 1969 served to galvanize a movement. The following day on Sunday, SNMA board members, staff, volunteers and supporters will proudly march in the Pride March, which is said to attract an estimated 1.6 million attendees. Participants will gather at 11 a.m. for

the march line-up at 36th Street and Fifth Avenue, and the march begins at noon. The step-off of the parade is at the intersection of Christopher & Greenwich Streets. These two events provide SNMA an opportunity to broaden its reach and strengthen national public awareness of its mission to document, explore and honor the LGBT past, while striving to inform, inspire and engage this and future generations. RSVPs are encouraged to david.jobin@ — it’s how SNMA will prepare enough t-shirts for the event. For questions, please call Stonewall National Museum & Archives Executive Director, David Jobin at 954-763-8565.

Fabulou s Frid ay s Make sure to check SFGN’s Facebook page every Friday. Find and ‘Share’ the Fabulous Fridays post -- you’ll be entered to win fabulous prizes!

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DateBook Theater

By Christiana Lilly,

* Denotes new listing

Broward County From Sea to Shining Sea

June 15 at 7 p.m. at the Broward Center Amaturo Theater, 201 SW Fifth Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. A collection of music from famous American composers, Broadway, rock and more from the South Florida Pride Wind. Tickets $10 to $25. Call 954-4683287 or visit


Through June 16 at Andrews Living Arts, 23 NW Fifth St. in Fort Lauderdale. Watch the Broadway classic come to life at FAT Village’s outdoor stage. Set in the late ‘90s in New York City’s Lower East Side, a modern take on La Boheme with themes of love, fidelity, the quest to become an artist, and the ongoing AIDS crisis. Tickets $19.95 to $29.95. Visit

* Lights! Camera! Action!

June 21 and 22 at 8 p.m. at Sunshine Cathedral, 1480 SW Ninth Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. The Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida will be performing favorite tunes from the movies. Tickets $30. Call 954-851-2299 or visit


// 6.12.2013 // //

*Five So Far

June 21 and 22 at 8 p.m. at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, 201 SW Fifth Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. Actors past and present from Conundrum Stages celebrate five years with performances and memories. Donation $5. Call 954-673-5124 or visit or

The Package Tour

June 22 at 7:30 p.m. at the BB&T Center, One Panther Parkway in Sunrise. The return of old school pop with a concert with New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men. Tickets $29.50 to $93.25. Call 800-7453000 or visit

* Juanes

June 27 at 8 p.m. at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, One Seminole Way in Hollywood. Colombian rocker Juanes will be hitting the stage to perform fan favorites. Tickets $64 to $94. Visit

soflagaynews //

Palm Beach County Miami-Dade Father’s Day Old Time Concert

June 16 at 6 p.m. at the Mizner Park Amphiteater, 327 Plaza Real in Boca Raton. Big band favorites performed on the lawn by music students from across the state. Also, an antique car show. Call 561-297-3854.

The Heartbreaker Tour

Liberate the Artist

June 14 at 7:30 p.m. at the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center, 10950 SW 211 St. in Cutler Bay. A performance by the Stars Dance Company, known for their contemporary dance style and renowned choreography. Tickets $20 to $30. Call 786-573-5300 or visit

June 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the Cruzan Amphitheater, 6017 Sansbury’s Way in West Palm Beach. Heart will be joined by Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience. Tickets $10 to $95. Visit

* War and Rare Earth

Rascal Flatts with the Band Perry


Dancing at Lughnasa

Grizzly Bear

June 8 at 6 p.m. at the Cruzan Amphitheater, 601-7 Sansbury’s Way in West Palm Beach. A night of modern country with two of the biggest names in the genre. Tickets $40.25 to $79.75. Visit May 24 to June 16 at the Don & Ann Brown Theatre, 201 Clematis St. in West Palm Beach. The audience will be taken back to rural Ireland in 1936 where a man tells the story of a summer spent at his aunt’s cottage. Tickets $10 to $55. Call 561-514-4042 or visit


Through June 2 at the Delray Beach Playhouse, 950 Lake Shore Drive in Delray Beach. Greg finds a sweet dog Sylvia and brings her home to his wife, who is not so thrilled to have her in the house. As Greg grows fonder of the pooch, the marriage starts to fall apart. Tickets $30. Call 561-2721282, ext 4 or visit


June 15 at 8 p.m. at Magic City Casino, 450 NW 37th Ave. in Miami. Classic rock giants War and Rare Earth will be performing at the casino’s Stage 305. Tickets $55 to $125. Visit Through June 16 at Biltmore Hotel’s GableStage, 1200 Anastasia Ave. in Coral Gables. When John and his boyfriend decide to take a break, he winds up meeting the girl of his dreams. Tickets $37.50 to $50. Call 305-445-1119 or visit June 18 at 8:30 p.m. at the Fillmore Miami Beach, 1700 Washington Ave. in Miami Beach. The New York indie band will be playing with Majical Cloudz. Tickets $42. Call 800-745-3000 or visit

Summer Shorts 2013

Through July 30 at the Arsht Center, 1300 Biscayne Blvd. in Miami. Back for another round, almost two months worth of nightly shows featuring 90 minutes of theatrical shorts from local actors. Tickets $35 per show. Call 305949-6722 or visit ArshtCenter



Community Calendar By Christiana Lilly,

Broward County * United and Proud

Through June 29, Pride Center, 2040 N. Dixie Highway in Wilton Manors. A members show of art for Pride Month. Artist reception and award presentation June 14 from 7 to 9 p.m. Free. Email or visit

Colors of the Caribbean

June 15 from 4 to 11 p.m. at ArtsPark at Young Circle, Hollywood Boulevard and US-1 in Hollywood. Enjoy a night of Caribbean heritage with music, food, drink, arts and crafts, and children’s activities. Free. Visit

Gun & Knife Show

June 15 to 16 at War Memorial Auditorium, 800 NE Eighth St. in Fort Lauderdale. A draw for gun collectors, hunters and enthusiasts to find hard-tofind items, accessories and more. Tickets $10. Visit

Survivor Support

First and third Wednesdays from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Broward Health Imperial Point Hospital cafeteria, 6401 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale. Find support from counselors and peers who have lost loved ones to suicide. Call the Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention at 954-384-0344 or visit

* Rebuilding Together

June 28 from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Musette Mega Yacht, 540 SE Fifth Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. Cruise through the Intracoastal on a mega yacht with music, dancing, open bar and food to raise money for Rebuilding Together Broward County. Tickets $100. Visit

Palm Beach County * Under the Sea Nights

June 28 from 6 to 10 p.m. at the South Florida Science Museum, 4801 Dreher Trail North in West Palm Beach. Explore the museum’s new Savage Ancient Seas exhibit at night. Admission $11.95. Call 561-832-1988 or visit

* Doris Duke’s Shangri La

Through July 14 at the Norton Museum of Art, 1415 S. Olive Ave. in West Palm Beach. A travel exhibit of Duke’s private collection of architecture, landscapes and art inspired by the Middle East. Tickets $12. Call 561-832-5196 or visit

Antiques Festival

First weekend of the month at the South Florida Fairgrounds, 9067 Southern Blvd. in West Palm Beach. A monthly antiques market. Tickets $7 to $25. Visit

Green Market

Saturdays 9 a.m. to noon at West Palm Beach Waterfront, 101 S. Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach. A relaxing morning of shopping through green

vendors and live entertainment. Contact Katrina Resch 561-822-1520 or

Open Mic Night

Third Thursdays from 7 to 10 p.m. at ActivistArtistA Gallery, 422 W. Industrial Ave. in Boynton Beach. Free. Be moved by spoken word poets. New poets welcome. Call 786-521-1199

Miami-Dade County * Waterway Canoe Adventure

June 15 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Ad Barnes Park, 3401 SW 72nd Ave. in Miami. Start your day on the water canoeing through the Coral Gables Waterway, witnessing nature and historic landmarks at a leisurely pace. Tickets $33. Call 305-365-3018.

The Art of Exotic Dancing: CoreMoves

June 15 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center, 10950 SW 211 St. in Cutler Bay. Everyday women can learn the basics: walking, hip rolls, and floor work. $15 per class. Call 786-573-5300 or visit

Full Charge Bookkeeping Services

* Street Food Festival

June 15 from 6 to 11 p.m. at Magic City Casino, 450 NW 37th Ave. in Miami. Stroll from truck to truck at the casino for dinner. Visit

* Sunset & Moonlight Kayak Adventure

June 23 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at Crandon Park, 6767 Crandon Blvd. in Key Biscayne. Kayak under the moonlight through Bear Cut Preserve to see rays, iguanas and mangroves. Tickets $40. Call 305-365-3018.

Savvy Social Security Planning

June 18 and 25 at 6:30 p.m. at Brockway Memorial Library, 10021 NE Second Ave. in Miami Shores. Baby boomers are invited to learn more about how Social Security works and planning your finances for the future. Free. RSVP to 305-751-8855 or info@

Key West

Gay Key West Trolley Tours

Saturdays at 4 p.m. meeting at 628 Duval St. See the gay side of Key West on this trolley tour. Tickets $25. Call 800-535-7797 or visit

Hot Naked Sundays

Sundays from noon to 4 p.m. at Island House, 1129 Fleming St. in Key West. A pre-tea pool party. Call 305-294-6284 or visit

Tea Dance: A Key West Tradition Sundays at 4 p.m. at La Te Da Hotel, 1125 Duval St. An early evening dance in the Key West tradition. Call 305-296-6706 or visit

Jazz in the Gardens

Sundays 5 to 7:30 p.m. at the Gardens Hotel, 526 Angela St. in Key West. Wind down from the crazy weekend with a few hours of soothing jazz. Call 305-294-2661.

Visit soflagaynews //

SouthFloridaGayNews // // 6.12.13 //



DateBook Nightlife

By Christiana Lilly,

Broward County Angel’s Cafe

2287 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. Enjoy happy hour on Thursdays from 6 to 9 p.m. with $3 wines and beers, free snacks, raffles, and music by DJ Sol. 2-4-1 Sunday dinner special Valet parking in rear. Call 954-900-5217.


1721 N. Andrews Ave. in Wilton Manors. Share drinks over a game of pool or check out the bar and strip club. Call 954-463-6969.


2266 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. Best and longest happy hour; Wednesdays $2 domestics and$1 Schnapps after 9 p.m.


1116 W. Broward Blvd in Fort Lauderdale. Some of the hottest guys around with drink specials to make it even sweeter. Call 954-522-5931.

The Manor

2345 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. Indoor and outdoor dining followed by hitting the dance floor. Live music Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Call 954-626-0082.


2426 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. For a chill night, hit up the bar with great prices. All 954-564-1799.

Sidelines Sports Bar

2031 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. Relax with a cold beer for some friendly competition on the pool table. Call 954-563-8001 or visit

Naked Grape Wine Bar & Tapas

2163 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. A casual, hip bar to try out all sort of wines. Happy Hour all night on Thursdays. Call 954-563-5631.

New Moon

2440 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. The area’s favorite lesbian bar with Wednesdays half-priced drinks. Call 954-563-7660.

Palm Beach County The Cottage

522 Lucerne Ave. in Lake Worth. Tea Dance Sundays with great service, food and drinks. Call 561-5860080.

Fort Dix

6205 Georgia Ave. in West Palm Beach. A great place to mingle and relax with DJs on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Call 561-533-5355.

H.G. Rooster

823 Belvedere Road in West Palm Beach. The city’s oldest gay club, with hot male dancer, free BBQ and karaoke. Cal 561-832-9119.

* The Palm Lounge

131 E. Palmetto Park Road in Boca Raton. Tuesday country night, Wednesday karaoke, singers or tribute artists on the weekends. Call 561-672-7561 or visit

The Mad Hatter

1532 N. Dixie Highway in Lake Worth. Cheap drinks, friendly bartenders and free pool from Sunday to Thursday. Call 561-547-8860.

The Bar Lake Worth

2211 N. Dixie Highway in Lake Worth. A friendly watering hole with live bands. Call 561-370-3954.

Miami-Dade County Club Space

34 NE 11th St. in Miami. Known for crazy all-nighters to electronic dance music and hip hop. Call 305-3501956.

Club Sugar

2301 SW 32nd Ave. in Miami. Drag Wars on Thursdays, $5 house drinks and $4 domestics. Call 305-443-7657.


950 NE Second Ave. in Miami. Come on Saturday nights for some of the best DJs around. Call 305- 3509084.

Eros Lounge

8201 Biscayne Blvd. in Miami. NYC house music on Thursdays. Call 305-754-3444.


727 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. Located in the heart of South Beach on the famous Lincoln Road strip. Call 305-561-5521.

Swinging Richards

17450 Biscayne Blvd. in North Miami Beach. Fully nude men dancing to the best music in South Florida. Call 954-357-5521.


1057 Washington Ave. in Miami Beach. Awesome music, muscle boy dancers and never a cover. Call 305- 538-9478.

Key West

Point5 Cocktail Club

915 Duval St. in Key West. Happy Hour every day from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. with $5 premium cocktails and gourmet pizzas. Call 305-296-0669 or visit 915Duval. com.

The Bourbon St. Pub

724 Duval St. in Key West. Get a taste of New Orleans with the best video bar with live DJs every night. Call 305-296-1992.

Visit 36

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Classifieds accommodations

REAL ESTATE RUMFORD MAINE A UNIQUE CAMP SITE (or whatever). A retired 180 ft communication tower and a 12x24 support structure on 2.5.acres with a deeded ROW through a dense woods. Area known for skiing, snow mobile and ATV clubs and trails. for pictures. $40k. (251)867-8134

AFFORDABLE DAILY ,WEEKLY & EXTENDED STAYS. CELEBRATING 15 YEARS, GAY OWNED AND OPERATED. 1998-2013 Seven year Pink Award Winning Gay Hotel, offering spacious Self catering apartmentswith kitchens. Located just south of the Airport and Port Everglades in Dania Beach. Minutes to Nude and Gay beaches, Wilton manors , Fort Lauderdale attractions & night life. Includes WiFi, VOIP Telephone, BBQ ,parking and laundry. Clothing Optional Heated Pools and Sun Decks. (954)- 927-0090.Or visit LOOKING FOR LODGIING NEAR SUNLIFE STADIUM? Completely furnished luxury 1/ BD/1BA Condo. Easy access to public transportation and major express ways. Shopping and dining are in walking distance. Gated Community and private parking. Reasonably priced @$375 a week or $1,500 a month plus $400 processing and move in fees. Call 305-793-8650.

accounting/tax service

RNB ASSOCIATES Income Tax/ Accounting/ Book Keeping for Individuals ,Small Business or Corporate. Very reasonable rates, fast and efficient service. 35+ years experience to help you save money! Registered with the IRS. Email info or meet. Visa/MC accepted. Call (248) 8942600 (FL based) or email info@RNBassociates. com for faster response. Mention SFGN AD for a 5% discount.

air conditioning HONEST, RELIABLE AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING SERVICES Gay owned and operated company, Eiland Air, Inc. 24 hour service. Reasonable prices. Licensed & Insured #CAC1817222 Call Mike 786-247-6022


MOVIE POSTERS WANTED Private collector buying vintage movie posters, lobby cards, film stills, photography and other old entertainment memorabilia. Call for a free appraisal to find out what your stuff is worth! All calls confidential. Ralph (800) 392-4050 email:



ENTRY LEVEL SALES EXECUTIVE Full time Sales, Client Services, Direct Marketing, Lead Generation, Telemarketing & Email Services. Microsoft Word & Excel experience. Competitive Salary plus Commission, Medical/ Dental, 401k & Profit Sharing . Email Resume: aleen@ MEDICAL ASSISTANT –FULL TIME Natura Dermatology and Cosmetics is seeking a personable, and well educated medical Assistant. Experience is preferred yet not required. Email resumes to bobby@

EXPERIENCED GROOMER? Looking for a P/T experienced groomer with good scissoring skills to work on all breeds of dogs & cats. Only serious candidates apply. References will be verified. No drama!! 954-530-7216 SALES POSITIONS Sales position open at high end antiques gallery in WPB. Knowledge of antiques, sales experience required. Reply:

cleaning services

JOB OPPURTUNITY Care Resource is now seeking for a Prevention Risk Reduction Counselor. Visit career-opportunities/ for more info Contact: Aida Petrlak @ 305.576.1234 ext 272 Send Resume to

To place an ad call 954.530.4970 or visit home improvement THINGS YOU NEED TO ACCOMPLISH? Minds at ease, A+ handyman service. Prompt, Reliable & Honest. Call Keldon Keller 954-551-3127 TOP NOTCH CONTRACTING Knows all and does all!! Many years experience and easy on the eyes! Remodeling, Trimming, Ground molding, Drywall, Painting, Landscaping, Roofing , Tile work, Electrical, Windows, Doors and more. Very reasonable rates and free estimates. Call Shawn 954-549-8243

insurance GARUNTEED ISSUED LIFE INSURANCE HIV/ Aids accepted. NO health questions. NO medical exams. Simplified Issue Life. Leave tax free money for your partner. Free end of life planning. All Health & Life lines. Affordable “A” rated insurance cos. Miller Insurance Co. 561-221-2072

landscaping IRRIGATION SYSTEM REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE 19 years experience, excellent work, referrals upon request. Call Roberto 954383-8980

HEAVENLY HOUSE CLEANER Upscale service that’s out of this world. Trustwort hy & reliable. 10 years exp, references, not an agency, pet friendly, call Nina 954-601-6141 CLEAN IT RIGHT The best cleaning for your buck. 1BD $50, 2BD $60, 3BD $70. Excellent rates & references. 10 years in business. Serving Broward, North Miami Dade & S. Palm Beach. Call Manny 954-560-4443

computers COMPLETE COMPUTER REPAIR FREE ESTIMATES - no extra charge for in-home. FREE Computer tune-up with any service. Replacement of laptop screen & key board. Viruses, spyware, data recovery, lockouts & more. SAME DAY SERVICE - LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE Call Ernesto: 754-234-5598 HATE WINDOWS 8?We can bring back the look and feel of windows. Same day service. Call 954-986-1316 PERSONAL COMPUTER TUTOR! Basic computer skills* Emailing pics /docs, scanning* Microsoft office programs*Excel, Word, Outlook and Powerpoint* Virus Removal* PC speed optimization* Secured Wireless home network setup* Wireless printer installation* PC purchasing consultant. Call (954) 980-0383 or email

counseling/psychotherapy TERRY DAVIS, LCSW, LLC #SW1079 Supportive male therapist, specializes in LGBT issues, HIV/AIDS,addictions, etc. Affordable, sliding scale. Eves/weekend.* (954) 731-5505

home care COMPANION,HOME CARE,SENIOR SERVICES. Make life a little easier for you or your loved one. 53 yr old experienced caregiver available. Light Cleaning, cooking and laundry included. Also shopping, appointments, gardening and organizing. Im friendly, engaging and compassionate. Hourly or afternoon/evening/ late night shifts available. Bonded insured, College educated and references. Call for more info, Robert 954-707-0264.


soflagaynews //

SouthFloridaGayNews // // 6.12.13 //


BEST MASSAGE & BODYWORK IN SOUTH FLORIDA READ MY REVIEWS AT WWW.SCHEDULENOW.INFO KEITH ANGEL, LMT (954) 816-7260 MA62951 MM27048 WILTON MANORS MASSAGE Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports. $59 Swedish Hour. call or Text Chris Tunkus 954-258-8779 1322 NE 4th Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL AFFORDABLE AWESOME MASSAGE BY JIM Offering Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Lomi Lomi Massage for Men; in a very comfortable, relaxed and Private Massage Studio, Conveniently located with plenty of parking. Same Day appointments are welcome; please call Jim Libonati 954-600-5843,,Visit my website for details, rates, testimonials and more: www. Licensed and Certified MM22293 STAY TUNED FOR ALL NEW, LARGER, MORE ACCOMODATING STUDIO COMING TO WILTON MANORS May 1, 2013.


property management

STEVEN JAY’S LOVING PET CARE! I care for your pet in my home. One client at a time if requested. Multiple pets and all pets welcome! I have a very clean home and low rates! Call Steven Jay , 954 -565-1996

Dog Walking: $10.00 starting at Pet Sitting: $40.00 In House Pet Sitting: $45.00 Training: $10.00 starting per visit Pet Taxi (FTL Area): $20.00 Dependable • Reliable Service Delivered with Love and Respect


Angler Landscape, Inc. Residential and Commercial Lawn and Landscape

painting services LEENYX HOME IMPROVEMENT Interior and Exterior Painting, Popcorn Removal, Baseboard/ Crown Molding Install. Residental and Commerical. No job is too small!! We service all of broward with great competitive prices! Visa/Mastercard accepted. Call 954-696-6840 or email,

Lic# 11000106488

plumber (954) 448-6394 Install Grass - Mulch - Rock - Hedges - Trees - Lighting Weekly and Monthly Service

licensed massage

BUTLER PLUMBING, INC.Residential & Commercial, Licensed & Insured, Palm Beach 561-613-338, Broward 954 -999-3315, Miami-Dade 786-999-2152 24/7 -365 days,, www.“ Just tell your friends the BUTLER did it”

pool services

EXP. MATURE MALE WPB MASSEUR In-calls only, private studio setting by Belvedere/SR7 in quiet area. Highly skilled, intuitive theraputic bodywork by friendly LMT. Affordable rates but cash only. Early to late, 7 days. Call (561) 2548065 for appt. or walk-in OK. RELIEVE STRESS & TENSION WITH MAGICAL HANDS PRO MASSAGE (FL: MA51008)

psychic services CHRISTIAN PSYCHIC READER AND ADVISOR BY SHAWN Reunite you with loved ones or family. Will guide you for success. Tell past, present and destiny to come. For further information call Shawn at 954-549-8243

rent/lease furnished

THE BRITISH POUND John Maroussas LMT Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point, Swedish, Salt or Sugar Scrubs. Private Studio w/ Shower. Wilton Manors Location near Bill’s Lic#MA51123 954-999-2240

PERFECT RELOCATION RENTALS 3 TO 6 MONTHSFrom 325/week & 1300/month. Gay owned and operated hotel resort with beautiful studio, 1 & 2BRself catering turnkey, fully furnished & apartments with full kitchens. Clothing optional pool! Central to Wilton Manors & Haulover nude beach in historic Dania Beach . Pets welcome. Includes ,utilities, parking , cable, wifi , internet/telephone . Call Joe & Jack at 954927-0090 or visit

RECESSION RELIEF $40 per 90 MIN - Out calls higher. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Specialty Back, Lower Body & Feet. Couples Discounts. Seniors Welcome. Delray Beach. 16 years experience. MA18563 Dennis (561) 502-2628


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real estate for sale MIAMI WATERFRONT LOCATION, KeystoneNew Stunning Renovation. Boca Style 3274 sq ft, 2 story, Open design Cherry wood kitchen. granite counter,stainless steel appliances. 10 ft ceilings, 4br/2ba +26 ft bonus room,dining room,den large lot and 40 ft long pool. Best Buy $895K, 305-433-1775,631-433,0690

rent/lease hollywood hills

2 ROOMS FOR RENT 1BD/1BA new carpet, kitchenette, $1,200/Mo. will reduce to $775 for experienced handyman. Also 1BD $700/Mo. will reduce to $400 for experienced handyman. No pets allowed. Preferably young and strong male. Contact John 954-549-8243 for more info.

real estate services

rent/lease wilton manors

LARGE 2BR/1 BA Beautiful wood floors, private yard, single family home with canvas covered parking, amazing bonus room, washer/ dryer. Quiet neighborhood walking distance to Wilton Drive/restaurants, clubs, etc. Background check/credit check required. Available NOW!!! $1,650month Please call Terri Wright with Sea Island Realty, Inc 954-401-4918

Need a Job?

AFFORDABLE-READY TO MOVE IN NEWLY REMODELED, Wilton Manors, ready to move-in 1BD/1BA for $695.00, in newly renovated. Our largest unit. Walk in closet, renovated kitchen and bath, new appl., new tile floors, off-street parking. Smoke free. No pets. $695.00. Call 754-3667563

g n i r i si h sociates!

rent/lease ft. lauderdale


LARGE TOWNHOME WITH POOL, EAST FORT LAUDERDALE Beautiful 2BR/2BA townhome in quiet 5-plex.Large eat-in kitchen, central a/c, ceiling fans, Washer/dryer in unit, dishwasher, sparkling pool and more. All in tropical paradise within 5 minutes of the Atlantic Ocean & 1-95 & 8 minutes to Wilton Drive. Master bedroom has walk-in closet and sliding glass doors to private balcony. Great neighbors and neighborhood. Small pet ok. $1,225/mo. Check out photos & complete descriptions at or call Rick at 954-253-1929

roommates WILTON STATION LUXURY CONDO Share 2/2 with loft, private bath, parking, pool, gym and Jacuzzi. Utilities included. Looking for mature professional, background check required. $875 a month ,call 516-655-3216 LAUDERLAKES ROOMATE WANTED Share a 2/2 on lake w/ hot tub, private bath, W/D , dishwasher ,central a/c and cable. $ 400/mo includes utilities & internet. Looking for a mature professional. 1st & security deposit. Background check req. Call Gary 954-803-0885 MALE ROOMMATE WANTED Male roommate wanted for 2/1/13. Beautiful WPB 2BD/2BA apt to share $650/Mo. Water, Elect, Waste Mgt included. Deposit + 1st. mo. Required. Call 561316-7236 FREE RENT –LARGE 2BR APARTMENT Have your own BR with private bath and shower. Needed, experienced strong mature male caretaker, capable of assisting wheelchair bound gay 55 year old male with spinal cord damage. Smoker. Located State Rd between Oakland and Sunrise blvd . 15 minutes to Wilton Manors. Call Joe at 954-740-2155.

LAKERIDGE FURN. GARDEN STUDIO Central to beach/downtown/Wilton Drive.Clean newly ren. 1 rm and bath. Lg. private fenced courtyard. private entry with parking,laundry onsite, water and electric included. $765/mo. 1st and security with lease. Avail March 1st call 941-548-7989 MIDDLE RIVER TERRACE 1/1 efficency $675/ mo. Or $165/week, 6 mos or 1 year lease. Large 3BD house $1,250, carport, office, and all tile. Pay your first month’s rent with an approved application and you’re in. Water & electric included* Call for details. 954-527-9225 HUGE 2/2 POOL DUPLEX - POMPANO BEACH Updated, Lushly Landscaped, East of Fed Hwy 1 Mile to Beach, D/R, Sep. Laundry W/D, Fab Lrg Pool, New Central AC, Tile Floors, Small Dog or Cat ok. $1390, Available 2/1/13 Call Tim: 754-235-2911 1BD APARTMENT UPSTAIRS 1142 NE 4th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale $700/Mo. Yearly Call 954-764-0212 or 954-581-2573 $700 DOWNTOWN/ SAILBOAT BEND Quiet, small complex. 1 BD/ 1BA. Large walk-in closet , like new carpet. Living room ,dining area, kitchen. FREE hot water, NEW A/C, LOW electric bills. Assigned parking. ** MOVE –IN SPECIAL** $ 700/Mo. 954-566-6251

rent/lease west palm beach

PB COUNTY-LAKE PARK 2/1 CONDO 2nd Floor Corner - Next to Kelsey Park across from Intracoastal Great Locations. $750 per month - 1 year Lease • No Pets • No Smoking • 1st & Security Call 561-310-0615


a sales

Contact Jason Parsley at Florida’s Largest LGBT News Publication 2520 N. Dixie Highway, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 954-530-4970

Let’s Be


If you need legal help, We can help.

The Law Offices of Norman Kent & Russell Cormican 954.763.1900 the criminal defense law center of south florida soflagaynews //

SouthFloridaGayNews // // 6.12.13 //


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