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February 1, 2012 • Volume 3 • Issue 5



Legal quirk gives gays ‘get out of jail free’ card pages 12, 13

Plus: Gay Marriage Returns to Spotlight INSIDE THIS ISSUE



Aqua’s Awards



“Silence is Death” Highlights HIV Rates in Blacks



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2012 XBIZ Awards



Fitness Guy: In Search of the Six-Pack

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February 1, 2012 • Volume 3 • Issue 5

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Log Cabin Republicans Line Up With Romney, But TWO Blasts Mitt

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MFI also backs “ex-gay” organizations such as Exodus International and promotes the use of therapy as a supposed cure for homosexuality. Maddow encouraged the mainstream media to push these questions at upcoming debates, claiming the campaign has refused to reply to her: “If anybody has the chance to ask Mitt Romney a question on this — I never do, they never return my calls — you might just say, ‘Hey, your family foundation has been funding the promotion of pray-away-the-gay organizations, do you believe that homosexuality can be cured through therapy or praying?’”

veteran of Desert Storm and Desert Shield. The Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce has announced its first “State of Our Community’ luncheon to be held Feb. 9 at the Hilton Miami/ Downtown hotel. submitted photo


FGN columnist Wayne Besen, the director of Truth Wins Out, appeared on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show last week, revealing that Mitt Romney’s family foundation has been funding the Massachusetts Family Institute, which The Advocate has reported paid for a public awareness campaign that paints trans people as sexual predators.

Norm Kent Publisher

cities this week.

Pier Angelo Guidugli

A great time at Isles Casino last week, and we are happy to say they are renewing their marketing with SFGN.

Business has been brisk lately, and we are happy to welcome new customers, especially when they fix cars as suFour mayors will speak: Carlos perbly as Anthony’s Auto Body, which Gimenez (Miami-Dade County); has an appointment this week with Tomás Regalado of Miami; Jim the SFGN van. Oops! Gay owned and Cason of Coral Gables; and Matti operated, they take justifiable pride in Herrera Bower of Miami Beach. their work, while fixing all makes and Also giving reports: C.J. Ortuño, exmodels. Anthony accepts all insurances ecutive director of SAVE Dade; and and they can work with you regardStratton Pollitzer, deputy director Paul Hyman ing your deductible. Check them out of Equality Florida. online at Farewell and good luck to Paul Hyman, Executive As our coverage of South Florida and Palm Beach Director of The Pride Center at Equality Park, who expands, we are happy to offer up for your enterannounced this week that’s leaving the Center after tainment The Cottage, Restaurant and Nightclub, seven years, effective March 9. Hyman has accepted featuring a Sunday Tea Dance that has become very a position as the new Executive Director of the popular, like packed, packed, packed all the time, with Stonewall Community Foundation in New York City. live jazz soothing the day. They are located in Lake The Pride Center’s new executive director will be Worth on Lucerne Avenue. Robert Boo, who served as the Center’s director of development for five years and is currently a board Do you love a Sunday crepe? The Crepeteria, at member. He will start the position in early March. 953 East Oakland Park Blvd in Fort Lauderdale is a home for the most mouth-watering, sweet and “My partner Bill will remain in Fort Lauderdale for savory ones you can find locally, enhanced with a period of time to allow for a careful transition,” Artisan chocolates and freshly brewed coffees. Hyman said. “We will commute on weekends and are excited about our new adventures.”

The Manor opens new bar

Allen West and Scott Herman Meanwhile, several members of the Broward Log Cabin Republican Club of Florida attended the Romney Rally on Sunday night at the Emma Lou Olson Civic Center, in Pompano Beach, including gay state house candidate Scott Herman and A. Jay Eddy. Herman moved to Wilton Manors from North Carolina two years, ago, where he had also held a public office, asserting that he was the first openly gay Republican to hold office in North Carolina history. He is a


By Karl Hampe

Congratulations are also in order to former SFGN employee Greg Bistolfi on his new gig as Travelhost’s new Art Director. Bistolfi worked with SFGN last year, first designing ads and then as Art Director of SFGN’s national quarterly magazine The Mirror that debuted last month. We wish him luck in his job. All over town, people are asking about getting more copies of our new content-driven quarterly, The Mirror. If you want them to distribute, please contact our offices, come by, and pick them up. They are being shipped to gay communities in fourteen different

I also wanted to mention the grand opening of Taps and Tapas at The Manor Entertainment Complex in Wilton Manors. It will take place Feb. 10 at 8 p.m. The new addition will be a light hearted fun Pub that serves 24 draft beers, along with a spectrum of more than 100 craft bottled beers. It will also feature a full bar that hosts a variety of 30 tequila’s. Some of the special nights include Tacos and Tequila night on Wednesdays, featuring free beef tacos all day long with the purchase of a specialty margarita. On Thursdays it’s 90s burgers and beer night featuring $2 angus sliders.

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February 1, 2012 •

Local News

Open Bar, Open Minds

Patricia Ireland, among honorees

By Gideon Grudo


he executive director of the Aqua Foundation for Women was talking to a very involved local activist when it hit her — the foundation needs to do a better job honoring its leaders. Being the director of Aqua, an organization serving the LBT community in South Florida through scholarships, mentorships and grants, Robin Schwartz was in a position to do something. And that’s how the Aqua Ally Awards were born. The event takes place Feb. 10 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Coral Gables. Emceeing will be the chief meteorologist of CBS4 News, David Bernard. At the bar, a Bacardi mixologist will be serving up concoctions to help guests take down the hors d’oeuvers that will be floating around, all on the 15th floor. “We want to thank those who stand with us,” Schwartz said, adding that the event will also help to “broaden [Aqua’s] reach,” and exposing them to straight women, men, and others. While Aqua’s events are open to everyone, it focuses on serving women. Schwartz explained that the funds from the ceremony — whose tickets are $75 and up — will be used to “transform” and “build” the community, which are two of Aqua’s major goals, the last being “leading.” “At the end of the day, it’s a fundraiser for the work that we do,” she said, adding that, “especially in the women’s community, there are very few occasions to socialize outside of a bar or someone’s home.” The honorees include Howard Simon, the executive director of Florida’s ACLU chapter,

Scherley Busch

South Florida women’s group hosts first ever award ceremony

and Patricia Ireland, former president of the National Organization for Women. “We chose Patricia because of her leadership of women across the board for many years,” Schwartz said. “Howard was instrumental in overturning the adoption ban.” Ireland, now an activist and labor lawyer in South Florida, said she’s both excited to get recognition in her home town and see that efforts are being made to expand the support for the communities. She said that while the LGBT community has come “light years” procuring equality in venues ranging from public accommodation to housing and credit, work still needs to be done on the legal aspects of personal lives and what that means emotionally, socially and legally. “It’s also just as much an issue to the little girl in the third grade who wants to play soccer instead of dolls, and for the boy who wants to be a figure skater instead of a hockey player.”

Want to go? When: Friday, Feb. 10, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Where: 15th floor of Bacardi Building, 2701 Le Jeune Road, Coral Gables How much: Members ($150 annually): $75 Non-members: $85 At the door: $95 Website: Parking is free

February 1, 2012 •




for me

Patient model. Pill shown is not actual size.

INDICATION ® COMPLERA COMPLERA® (emtricitabine 200 mg/rilp virine 25 ( mg/tenof mtricitabine vir disoprox 200 mg/rl lp fuma virine ate 300 mg) is a prescription HIV medicine 300 that mg) contains is a prescr3 medicines, ption HIV EMTRIVA edicine th® ® ™ (em and (emtricitabine), EDURANT™ (rilpivirine), icit VIREAD bine), EDURANT (tenofovir rilpivir disop oxil ne fumarate) , and V RE combined in one pill. COMPLERA is used com asn ad complete in one pi lsing COMPLERA e-tablet is regimen used astoatreat om HIV-1 infection in adults (age 18 andHIV-1 older)infec who ion have in neve adultstaken (age HIV 18 and medic older) neswho before. ha

COMPLERA does not cure HIV and COMPLERA has not been does shown not to c re prevent HIV and passing has not HIVb to others. It is important to always to practice other safer It i sex important use latex to always o polyurethane practice condoms to lower the chance of sexual condoms c ntact to with lowe any thebody chance fluids, of sexu and to l conta never re-use or share needles. Do not stopr taking use o COMPLERA share needles. unless Do not directed stop taking by yourC healthcare provider. See your heahealthcare thca e provider prov der regularly. See

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION IMPORTA Contact your healthcare provider Contact right away yourif you hea get thcare th provider following side i ht away effects if or conditions while taking COMPLERA: or c • Nausea, vomiting, unusual muscle • Na pain, s and/or a, vom weakness. ting, unus al These muscle may be ai signs of a buildup of acid in the blood signs(lactic of a bui acidosis), dup of acid which in isthea serious blood ( medical condition • Light-colored stools, dark-colored • Light-co ur ne, and/or ored iftoo your s, dark-colored skin or the whites urine,ofand/o your eyes turn yellow. These may be signs eyesoftur serious yel ow. liverhese problems may be (hepatotoxicity), signs of serio with liver enlargement (hepatomegaly), with ver andenl fat in rgement the liver(hepatomeg (steatosis) • If you have HIV-1 and hepatitis B•virus f yo (HBV), have your HIV- liver and disease hepatit smay B irus s ddenly (HBV get worse if you stop taking COMPLERA get w Do rsenot if stop ou stop taking tak COMPLERA ng C MPLERA. without Do n first talking to your healthcare provider fi st talking Your healthcare to your he provider lthcare will rov monit der. Your your condition COMPLERA may affect the way other COMPLERA medicines maywork, affect and theother way medicin other meds may cine affect how COMPLERA works, andaffect may cause how COMPLERA serious side works, effects an

Do not take COMPLERA if you are Do taking not take he follow COMPL ng RA medicines: if you a • other HIV medicines (COMPLERA provides • ther HIV a complete medicin treatment s (COMPLERA for HIV pr infection.) vides a co fov dis oxil u ar te • the anti-seizure medicines carbamazepine • the ant -seizure (Ca batrol me®, Equ icinestroc®, bamazepi Tegretol®, e EMT ® ® ® Tegretol-XR Tegretol-XR , Teril®, Epitol®), oxcarbazepine (Trileptal Teril®,), phenobarbita pitol®) oxcarbazep (Luminal ne (Tri ), of r d s (Dilantin prox l fum®, Dilantin-125 rate) ® ® phenytoin , henytoin Phenytek(D ) gle tab et egi en o re t ® • the anti-tuberculosis medicines rifabutin • the anti-tuberculo (Myc butin), irifampin med ci (Rifater es rifabu , tak n H V ®me ici es ef ® e. ® ® ® ® Rifamate , Rimactane , Rifadin ) Rifamate and ifapentine Rimactane (Priftin ,) proton tpump cer ainpump stomacnh or b tor intestinal medic ne problems, or cert toapreve pass inhibitor ng H V medicine •fora proton including esomeprazole includ ®ng), esomeprazole (Nexium®®,), lansop azole (Prevacid latex o poly rethane (Nexium®, Vimovo ® ® omeprazole (Prilosec omeprazo e (Pri os ®), )rabeprazole pantoprazole sodium ), pantoprazole sodium (Protonix (Aciphex ) dy fluids and to never • more directed • more dexamethasone than 1 ose of the steroid medicine han 1 dose f theorstero d xamethaso d medic ne unless by your sodium la ly phosphate • St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) • St. ® • other medicines that contain tenofovi • other (VIREAD medici®, es TRUVADA that con®, ain ATRIPLA tenofov ) ® • other medicines that contain emtrici • other abine med or lamivudine cines that contain (EMTRIVA emt®, icitabine Combiviror , ® ® ® ® Epivir Epi ir ) or Epivir-HBV Epzicom , Triziv the fol owing s de eff , cts • rilpivirine (Edurant™) •ess adefovir The (HEPSERA e may be ®) )In which is s r ous addition, also tell your healthcare In addition pr vider also if y utell take: yo • an antacid medicine that contains aluminum, an antacid magnesium medicine that hydroxide, containsora calcium uminum

s i eTake w antacids tes y ur carbonate. at least 2carbonate hours before Take or at antacids least 4 at hours lea after t 2 hours you ro l ms (hepat take COMPLERA i ehistamine-2 (stea sis)blocker medicine, including ® •a • a histamine-2 famotidine blocker (Pepcid medici ), cimetidine e, includin r(Tagamet d sease ®m), nizatidine s dde y(Axid®), or ranitidine ® (Tagamethydrochl ), nizatidine ride (Zantac Axid®) ®o). ranitidine Take theseh ing COM LERleast w t12 hours ut before or medic nes at med at cines least 4athours least after 12 hours you take before COMPLERA or t leas rov der medicines ill moni o clarithromycin ® ® •are • the antib the antibiotic (Biaxin otic ),medicines ery hromy clarit in (E-Mycin romycin , Eryc (Biax®, ® ® ® Ery-Tab®, PCE®, Pediazole®, IlosoneEry Tab®troleandomycin ), and PCE®, Pediazole (TAO , Ilo) ® •an an antifungal by mouth,•including an antifungal fluconazole medic (Difl ne byucan mout ), ,itinc aconazole uding fl other me medicine icines may

® ® (Sporanox ), ketoconazole (Nizoral®(Sporanox ), posaconazol ), ke oc (Noxafi nazole l®), voriconazole N zoral ) posaconazo (Vfend®) de effects. ® • methadone (Dolophine )

This list of medicines is not complete. This Discuss l st of medic with your nes shealthcare not comp prov ete. Discuss der all prescription and nonprescription medi prescripti ines, nvitamins, and o or prescript herbal suppleme on medicinets you ,vt are taking or plan to take.


January 25, 2012 •

COMPLERA is a prescription medicine used as a complete single-tablet regimen to treat HIV-1 in adults who have never taken HIV medicines before. COMPLERA does not cure HIV or AIDS or help prevent passing HIV to others.

New COMPLERA A complete HIV treatment in only 1 pill a day. Ask your healthcare provider if it’s the one for you.

Before taking COMPLERA, tell your healthcare provider if you: • have liver problems, including hepatitis B or C virus infection • have kidney problems • have ever had a mental health problem • have bone problems • are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. It is not known if COMPLERA can harm your unborn child • are breastfeeding; women with HIV should not breast-feed because they can pass HIV through their milk to the baby Contact your healthcare provider right away if you experience any of the following serious or common side effects: Serious side effects associated with COMPLERA: • New or worse kidney problems can happen in some people who take COMPLERA. If you have had kidney problems in the past or take other medicines that can cause kidney problems, your healthcare provider may need to do blood tests to check your kidneys during your treatment with COMPLERA • Depression or mood changes can happen in some people who take COMPLERA. Tell your healthcare provider right away if you have any of the following symptoms: feeling sad or hopeless, feeling anxious or restless, or if you have thoughts of hurting yourself (suicide) or have tried to hurt yourself • Bone problems can happen in some people who take COMPLERA. Bone problems include bone pain, softening or thinning (which may lead to fractures). Your healthcare provider may need to do additional tests to check your bones • Changes in body fat can happen in people taking HIV medicine. These changes may include increased amount of fat in the upper back and neck (“buffalo hump”), breast, and around the main part of your body (trunk). Loss of fat from the legs, arms and face may also happen. The cause and long-term health effect of these conditions are not known • Changes in your immune system (Immune Reconstitution Syndrome) can happen when you start taking HIV medicines. Your immune system may get stronger and begin to fight infections that have been hidden in your body for a long time. Tell your healthcare provider if you start having new symptoms after starting your HIV medicine

January 25, 2012 •

Common side effects associated with COMPLERA: • trouble sleeping (insomnia), abnormal dreams, headache, dizziness, diarrhea,

nausea, rash, tiredness, and depression Other side effects associated with COMPLERA: • vomiting, stomach pain or discomfort, skin discoloration (small spots or freckles),

and pain Tell your healthcare provider if you have any side effect that bothers you or that does not go away. These are not all the possible side effects of COMPLERA. For more information, ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist. Call your healthcare provider for medical advice about side effects. You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit or call 1-800-FDA-1088. Take COMPLERA exactly e as your healthcare provider tells you to take it • Always take COMPLERA with a meal. Taking COMPLERA with a meal is important to

help get the right amount of medicine in your body. A protein drink does not replace a meal • Stay under the care of your healthcare provider during treatment with COMPLERA and see your healthcare provider regularly

Please see Patient Informationn for COMPLERA on the following pages.

Learn more at


FDA-Approved Patient Labeling Patient Information COMPLERA® (kom-PLEH-rah) (emtricitabine, rilpivirine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate) Tablets

COMPLERA may help: • Reduce the amount of HIV in your blood. This is called your “viral load”. • Increase the number of white blood cells called CD4+ (T) cells that help fight off other infections.

Important: Ask your doctor or pharmacist about medicines that should not be taken with COMPLERA. For more information, see the section “What should I tell my healthcare provider before taking COMPLERA?”

Reducing the amount of HIV and increasing the CD4+ (T) cell count may improve your immune system. This may reduce your risk of death or infections that can happen when your immune system is weak (opportunistic infections).

Read this Patient Information before you start taking COMPLERA and each time you get a refill. There may be new information. This information does not take the place of talking to your healthcare provider about your medical condition or treatment. What is the most important information I should know about COMPLERA?

COMPLERA does not cure HIV infections or AIDS. • Always practice safer sex. • Use latex or polyurethane condoms to lower the chance of sexual contact with any body fluids such as semen, vaginal secretions, or blood. • Never re-use or share needles.

Ask your healthcare provider if you have any questions about how to prevent passing COMPLERA can cause serious side effects, including: 1. Build-up of an acid in your blood (lactic acidosis). Lactic acidosis can happen in HIV to other people. some people who take COMPLERA or similar (nucleoside analogs) medicines. Lactic Who should not take COMPLERA? acidosis is a serious medical emergency that can lead to death. • Do not take COMPLERA if your HIV infection has been previously treated with Lactic acidosis can be hard to identify early, because the symptoms could seem like HIV medicines. symptoms of other health problems. Call your healthcare provider right away if you • Do not take COMPLERA if you are taking certain other medicines. For more get any of the following symptoms which could be signs of lactic acidosis: information about medicines that must not be taken with COMPLERA, see “What • feeling very weak or tired should I tell my healthcare provider before taking COMPLERA?” • have unusual (not normal) muscle pain • have trouble breathing What should I tell my healthcare provider before taking COMPLERA? • have stomach pain with Before you take COMPLERA, tell your healthcare provider if you: - nausea (feel sick to your stomach) • have liver problems, including hepatitis B or C virus infection - vomiting • have kidney problems • feel cold, especially in your arms and legs • have ever had a mental health problem • feel dizzy or lightheaded • have bone problems • have a fast or irregular heartbeat • are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. It is not known if COMPLERA can harm your unborn child Pregnancy Registry. There is a pregnancy registry for women who take antiviral medicines during pregnancy. Its purpose is to collect information about the health of you and your baby. Talk to your healthcare provider about how you can take part in this registry. Call your healthcare provider right away if you have any of the following symptoms • are breast-feeding or plan to breast-feed. The Centers for Disease Control and of liver problems: Prevention recommends that mothers with HIV not breastfeed because they can pass • your skin or the white part of your eyes turns yellow (jaundice). the HIV through their milk to the baby. It is not known if COMPLERA can pass through • dark “tea-colored” urine your breast milk and harm your baby. Talk to your healthcare provider about the best • light-colored bowel movements (stools) way to feed your baby. • loss of appetite for several days or longer Tell your healthcare provider about all the medicines you take, including prescription • nausea and nonprescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. • stomach pain 2. Severe liver problems. Severe liver problems can happen in people who take COMPLERA or similar medicines. In some cases these liver problems can lead to death. Your liver may become large (hepatomegaly) and you may develop fat in your liver (steatosis) when you take COMPLERA.

You may be more likely to get lactic acidosis or severe liver problems if you are COMPLERA may affect the way other medicines work, and other medicines may female, very overweight (obese), or have been taking COMPLERA or a similar affect how COMPLERA works, and may cause serious side effects. If you take certain medicines with COMPLERA, the amount of COMPLERA in your body may be too low and medicine containing nucleoside analogs for a long time. it may not work to help control your HIV infection. The HIV virus in your body may become 3. Worsening of Hepatitis B infection. If you also have hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection resistant to COMPLERA or other HIV medicines that are like it. and you stop taking COMPLERA, your HBV infection may become worse (flare-up). A “flare-up” is when your HBV infection suddenly returns in a worse way than before. Do not take COMPLERA if you also take these medicines: COMPLERA is not approved for the treatment of HBV, so you must discuss your HBV • COMPLERA provides a complete treatment for HIV infection. Do not take other HIV medicines with COMPLERA. therapy with your healthcare provider. • the anti-seizure medicines carbamazepine (CARBATROL®, EQUETRO®, TEGRETOL®, • Do not let your COMPLERA run out. Refill your prescription or talk to your healthcare TEGRETOL-XR®, TERIL®, EPITOL®), oxcarbazepine (TRILEPTAL®), phenobarbital provider before your COMPLERA is all gone. (LUMINAL®), phenytoin (DILANTIN®, DILANTIN-125®, PHENYTEK®) • Do not stop taking COMPLERA without first talking to your healthcare provider. ® ® • If you stop taking COMPLERA, your healthcare provider will need to check your health • the anti-tuberculosis medicines rifabutin (MYCOBUTIN ), rifampin (RIFATER , RIFAMATE®, RIMACTANE®, RIFADIN®) and rifapentine (PRIFTIN®) often and do regular blood tests to check your HBV infection. Tell your healthcare provider about any new or unusual symptoms you may have after you stop taking • a proton pump inhibitor medicine for certain stomach or intestinal problems, including esomeprazole (NEXIUM®, VIMOVO®), lansoprazole (PREVACID®), omeprazole COMPLERA. (PRILOSEC®), pantoprazole sodium (PROTONIX®), rabeprazole (ACIPHEX®) • more than 1 dose of the steroid medicine dexamethasone or dexamethasone sodium What is COMPLERA? COMPLERA is a prescription HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) medicine that: phosphate • is used to treat HIV-1 in adults who have never taken HIV medicines before. HIV is the • St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). If you are taking COMPLERA, you should not take: • contains 3 medicines, (rilpivirine, emtricitabine, tenofovir disoproxil fumarate) • other medicines that contain tenofovir (VIREAD®, TRUVADA®, ATRIPLA®) combined in one tablet. EMTRIVA and VIREAD are HIV-1 (human immunodeficiency • other medicines that contain emtricitabine or lamivudine (EMTRIVA®, COMBIVIR®, virus) nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs) and EDURANT is an EPIVIR® or EPIVIR-HBV®, EPZICOM®, TRIZIVIR®) HIV-1 non-nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI). • rilpivirine (EDURANT™) It is not known if COMPLERA is safe and effective in children under the age of 18 years. • adefovir (HEPSERA®)


February 1, 2012 •

Also tell your healthcare provider if you take: The most common side effects of COMPLERA include: • an antacid medicine that contains aluminum, magnesium hydroxide, or calcium • trouble sleeping (insomnia) carbonate. Take antacids at least 2 hours before or at least 4 hours after you take • abnormal dreams COMPLERA. • headache • a histamine-2 blocker medicine, including famotidine (PEPCID®), cimetidine • dizziness (TAGAMET®), nizatidine (AXID®), or ranitidine hydrochloride (ZANTAC®). Take these • diarrhea medicines at least 12 hours before or at least 4 hours after you take COMPLERA. • nausea • the antibiotic medicines clarithromycin (BIAXIN®), erythromycin (E-MYCIN®, ERYC®, • rash ERY-TAB®, PCE®, PEDIAZOLE®, ILOSONE®), and troleandomycin (TAO®) • tiredness • an antifungal medicine by mouth, including fluconazole (DIFLUCAN®), itraconazole (SPORANOX®), ketoconazole (NIZORAL®), posaconazole (NOXAFIL®), voriconazole • depression (VFEND®) Additional common side effects include: • methadone (DOLOPHINE®) • vomiting Ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist if you are not sure if your medicine is • stomach pain or discomfort • skin discoloration (small spots or freckles) one that is listed above. Know the medicines you take. Keep a list of your medicines and show it to your • pain healthcare provider and pharmacist when you get a new medicine. Your healthcare provider and your pharmacist can tell you if you can take these medicines with COMPLERA. Do not start any new medicines while you are taking COMPLERA without first talking with your healthcare provider or pharmacist. You can ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist for a list of medicines that can interact with COMPLERA. How should I take COMPLERA? • Stay under the care of your healthcare provider during treatment with COMPLERA. • Take COMPLERA exactly as your healthcare provider tells you to take it. • Always take COMPLERA with a meal. Taking COMPLERA with a meal is important to help get the right amount of medicine in your body. A protein drink does not replace a meal. • Do not change your dose or stop taking COMPLERA without first talking with your healthcare provider. See your healthcare provider regularly while taking COMPLERA. • If you miss a dose of COMPLERA within 12 hours of the time you usually take it, take your dose of COMPLERA with a meal as soon as possible. Then, take your next dose of COMPLERA at the regularly scheduled time. If you miss a dose of COMPLERA by more than 12 hours of the time you usually take it, wait and then take the next dose of COMPLERA at the regularly scheduled time. • Do not take more than your prescribed dose to make up for a missed dose. • When your COMPLERA supply starts to run low, get more from your healthcare provider or pharmacy. It is very important not to run out of COMPLERA. The amount of virus in your blood may increase if the medicine is stopped for even a short time. • If you take too much COMPLERA, contact your local poison control center or go to the nearest hospital emergency room right away. What are the possible side effects of COMPLERA? COMPLERA may cause the following serious side effects, including: • See “What is the most important information I should know about COMPLERA?” • New or worse kidney problems can happen in some people who take COMPLERA. If you have had kidney problems in the past or take other medicines that can cause kidney problems, your healthcare provider may need to do blood tests to check your kidneys during your treatment with COMPLERA. • Depression or mood changes. Tell your healthcare provider right away if you have any of the following symptoms: - feeling sad or hopeless - feeling anxious or restless - have thoughts of hurting yourself (suicide) or have tried to hurt yourself • Bone problems can happen in some people who take COMPLERA. Bone problems include bone pain, softening or thinning (which may lead to fractures). Your healthcare provider may need to do additional tests to check your bones. • Changes in body fat can happen in people taking HIV medicine. These changes may include increased amount of fat in the upper back and neck (“buffalo hump”), breast, and around the main part of your body (trunk). Loss of fat from the legs, arms and face may also happen. The cause and long term health effect of these conditions are not known. • Changes in your immune system (Immune Reconstitution Syndrome) can happen when you start taking HIV medicines. Your immune system may get stronger and begin to fight infections that have been hidden in your body for a long time. Tell your healthcare provider if you start having new symptoms after starting your HIV medicine.

February 1, 2012 •

Tell your healthcare provider if you have any side effect that bothers you or that does not go away. These are not all the possible side effects of COMPLERA. For more information, ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 (1-800-332-1088). How do I store COMPLERA? • Store COMPLERA at room temperature 77 °F (25 °C). • Keep COMPLERA in its original container and keep the container tightly closed. • Do not use COMPLERA if the seal over the bottle opening is broken or missing. Keep COMPLERA and all other medicines out of reach of children. General information about COMPLERA: Medicines are sometimes prescribed for purposes other than those listed in a Patient Information leaflet. Do not use COMPLERA for a condition for which it was not prescribed. Do not give COMPLERA to other people, even if they have the same symptoms you have. It may harm them. This leaflet summarizes the most important information about COMPLERA. If you would like more information, talk with your healthcare provider. You can ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist for information about COMPLERA that is written for health professionals. For more information, call (1-800-445-3235) or go to What are the ingredients of COMPLERA? Active ingredients: emtricitabine, rilpivirine hydrochloride, and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate Inactive ingredients: pregelatinized starch, lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, povidone, polysorbate 20. The tablet film coating contains polyethylene glycol, hypromellose, lactose monohydrate, triacetin, titanium dioxide, iron oxide red, FD&C Blue #2 aluminum lake, FD&C Yellow #6 aluminum lake. This Patient Information has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Manufactured and distributed by: Gilead Sciences, Inc. Foster City, CA 94404 Issued: August 2011 COMPLERA, the COMPLERA Logo, EMTRIVA, HEPSERA, TRUVADA, VIREAD, GILEAD, and the GILEAD Logo are trademarks of Gilead Sciences, Inc. or its related companies. ATRIPLA is a trademark of Bristol-Myers Squibb & Gilead Sciences, LLC. All other trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners. © 2011 Gilead Sciences, Inc. All rights reserved. 202123-GS-000 02AUG2011 CON11250 11/11


By Michael Anguille


ccording to the Florida Department of Health’s report titled Silence is Death: The Crisis of HIV/ AIDS in Florida’s Black Communities, through 2005, Palm Beach County faced the second highest AIDS infection ratio in blacks in the state. The report stated that 1 in 42 blacks were infected with HIV/AIDS at the time and while blacks made up only 14 percent of the state’s population, they accounted for 51 percent of all AIDS cases in Florida. Fast-forward to 2009 and the making of the documentary “Silence is Death: Unheard Voices.” Commissioned by the county in response to the report, and made on a budget of $5,000, the film was produced by then Statewide Black MSM (Men Who Have Sex With Men) Coordinator for the Florida Department of Health, Lorenzo Robertson, and sought to further explain the statistical phenomena presented in the report. While clearly produced with minimal resources, the film is anything but lacking in substance. To the contrary: it digs deep in to black culture and explains – through its subjects – how the church’s preaching of hate towards homosexuality and lack of attention to HIV/AIDS as a result has played a major role in the disproportionate number of HIV positive gay, black men. All of the gay men featured in the film concede to growing up with the church as a part of their lives, a major common denominator amongst them being a general lack of understanding of their feelings at a young age.


Their experiences point to early ignorance through no fault of their own. “David,” a subject in the film, reflects on his experience of learning how to identify the feelings he had saying, “The first time I knew I was gay was at 13. I had a discussion with a friend and that’s when he told me the “term” for what I was doing. I’ve always known [I was gay], but just found out that’s what you called it.” “Abdul,” recounts that while he knew he was gay, he was afraid of losing his loved ones and his sense of community by coming out. “I was raised in the church where they said if you were gay you were going to hell,” he says. Indeed, the notion of “hell” is a recurring theme throughout the film and acts as a catalyst for both the men’s struggles with their sexuality and, on the other side, the church’s views of why the topic of homosexuality is handled with such strict ignorance and aversion. Speaking on behalf of the church, Reverend Dr. Isaiah S. Clark – who is not referred to by name in the film, but is associated with at least one church in Riviera Beach according to online business records states, “The soul of a homo-

submitted photo

‘Silence is Death’ Highlights Link Between Churches and Rise in Local African American HIV Rates

sexual…goes to the place of torment, waiting for the second resurrection…into the fire, dying a second death,” he says. When asked about how best to discuss the topic of HIV/AIDS, he states simply that the topic need not be discussed and the problem would be best regulated if people

were to heed the teachings of the bible. These examples demonstrate the interplay in the film between confused subject –– once a child who listened to someone presumably very similar to Clark – and avoidant teacher, with a single point of view and no reason to discuss it more than once. According to Robertson, it is this interplay that helps support the overriding hypothesis that the black church is not doing enough to address the issues of HIV/AIDS or homosexuality. Black, gay and infected with HIV himself, Robertson also makes it a point to make a case for individual responsibility despite the church. “You can’t make sure anyone else is protected, but you can protect yourself,” he says. As for the church, he says the state understands the need to engage churches in reaching out to members of the community regarding both sexuality and HIV/AIDS, and has made some strides in the form of special programs designed to raise awareness. But what the state can do, he admits, is marginalized by budgetary constraints. In lieu of what cannot be provided, he points interested parties to, a Web based campaign designed to help engage blacks, minorities and their churches in further education about HIV/AIDS and gay issues. “Silence is Death: Unheard Voices” opened in 2010 at the Muvico Palace in City Place. It has since been shown to select audiences for educational purposes. The next showing is on Feb. 12 at the Wolfsonian Museum FIU. It is being sponsored by InterFaith OUT in conjunction with SaveDade. org. For ticket information, please call 305-7517283 or visit Tickets are free and include a wine and cheese reception following the show. Limited seating is available and RSVP is required.

February 1, 2012 •

February 1, 2012 •


Activist disturbed by anti-gay Tenn. bills


he father of a gay college student who died after being beaten says he’s disturbed by anti-gay legislation being proposed in Tennessee. Dennis Shepard spoke at a Nashville news conference Wednesday. Shepard’s son, Matt, was 21 when he was beaten 14 years ago in Wyoming, tied to a fence and left in the cold by two men he met in a bar. His death spurred passage of a measure that expanded earlier federal hate crime law to include sexual orientation, among other things. Shepard said a proposal in Tennessee to ban public schools from teaching about gay issues is an example of legislation that could be harmful to gays. The parents of a Middle Tennessee teenager have said constant bullying over being gay led their son to kill himself recently.



ew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he will veto a gay marriage bill if it reaches his desk, but he supports putting the issue on the ballot. Christie says he wants to see a constitutional amendment come up for a vote and encourages Republican lawmakers to support a ballot measure. Democrats hold a majority in the Legislature. The governor’s comments come as a Sen-

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NJ gov wants gay marriage on the ballot

Gov. Chris Christie

ate committee considers a bill to legalize gay marriage and one day after Christie nominated an openly gay black man to the state Supreme Court. Christie, a Catholic, has previously said that he believes marriage is between one man and one woman but he supports civil unions, which the state recognizes.

Judges weigh HIVinfected man’s fight to get job


panel of federal judges appeared skeptical Wednesday of the Atlanta police department’s decision to reject a job application from an HIVinfected man. The 40-year-old man sued the city in 2010, claiming he was denied a police officer job solely because he has the virus. Atlanta attorneys argued there are other officers on the force with HIV, and said the police department does not have a blanket policy disqualifying candidates with the virus. Gay rights groups and police agencies are closely following the case. One of the three judges signaled the lawsuit would likely be sent back to a lower judge to reconsider. “I don’t see how we can avoid a remand in this case,’’ Circuit Judge R. Lanier Anderson said. The judges will issue a ruling later. The man sued under the pseudonym Richard Roe and has requested anonymity because he believes his medical condition could prevent him from other job opportunities. He said in an interview he was a former criminal investigator with the city of Los Angeles who discovered he had HIV in

1997, but that it didn’t hinder his ability to perform his duties. Roe moved to Atlanta to find a better job and joined the city’s taxicab enforcement unit. In January 2006, he decided he wanted to join the police force. He passed a series of tests, but hit a snag when a blood test revealed he had the virus that causes AIDS. The doctor didn’t do any more tests, according to records, and recommended to the city that he have ``no physical contact or involvement with individuals.’’ Atlanta attorneys said the city follows the recommendation of the physicians who examine candidates, and in this case, the doctor advised the department to limit Roe’s interaction with the public. “We’re told that he can’t do the job,’’ said Robert Godfrey, a city attorney. ``We have to assume when a doctor tells us this, he can’t perform the essential duties.’’ Roe’s attorney, Scott Schoettes of gay rights group Lambda Legal, said there was no evidence that Roe posed a threat to the health and safety of others. The city violated the federal Americans with Disabilities Act by not fully vetting his client, Schoettes said. Roe’s advocates said the city’s position perpetuates myths about HIV that have persisted for three decades. Modern medical advances have made the disease a manageable condition that in many cases won’t affect job performance even in the most demanding fields, they said. “I really see an opportunity for the city of Atlanta to make some drastic changes and move forward,’’ Roe said. ``I think that’s what this whole case is about.’’

February 1, 2012 •

Black leaders: No public vote on civil rights


wo of New Jersey’s most influential black leaders are blasting Gov. Chris Christie for wanting to put gay marriage up for a popular vote. Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver and Newark Mayor Cory Booker say civil rights are guaranteed by the constitution and don’t belong at the ballot box. The Republican governor wants gay marriage decided by residents, not legislators. At a news conference Tuesday in Bridgewater, Christie said people would have been happier having a referendum on civil rights than dying in the streets of the South. Oliver says such a referendum in the 1960s would not have brought equal rights to minorities. And Booker says he wouldn’t have had the chance to become a mayor. The governor, who opposes same-sex unions, says he’ll veto a gay marriage bill. Local News

SMART RIDE RAISES OVER $680,000 FOR Six AIDS Organizations in Florida.


he SMART Ride handed out more than $680,000 this year with 100 percent of the funds raised by the participants of this year’s bicycle ride from Miami to Key West. The SMART Ride (Southern Most AIDS/HIV Ride) started in 2003 with just a few hundred individuals riding and crewing from Miami to Key West, today over 600 individuals registered to participate. All of the funds raised by the participants is returned to AIDS Service Organizations throughout Florida. Their motto “Your Money Your Way” allows for each rider to designate portions of their money to their chosen agencies.  Since 2003 more than $3.3 million has been raised and returned to the community. Many of the participants in the event are directly affected by HIV/AIDS by either living with the disease, having lost someone to the disease, or being close to friends and loved ones who are infected. The SMART Ride does more than just raise money says ride founder Glen Weinzimer. It also raises hope, awareness and gives individuals a platform which to reflect, react, grieve or celebrate life. The money from this year’s ride went to: AIDS Help in Key West, Broward House in

Fort Lauderdale, Center for Positive Connections in Miami-Dade, CAP in West Palm Beach, Metropolitan Charities in the Tampa area and Miracle of Love in Orlando. For more information please visit www., to see photos from this year’s event. Registration for SMART Ride 9, scheduled for November 16-17, 2012 will open in mid March.  

PBC Broadens Commercial Nondiscrimination Policy


y a 6-1 vote, the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners amended its Nondiscrimination in Contracting Policy on Tuesday, prohibiting the County from doing business with, or appropriating funds to, public and private organizations which practice discrimination based on “gender identity or expression.” The policy now covers race, color, national origin, religion, ancestry, sex, age, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or disability.  Commissioner Steven Abrams of Boca Raton cast the only “no” vote, stating that the new standards could have a negative impact on the number of businesses bidding on county projects. Abrams, a Republican, expressed concern that the new policy could lead to less competition and higher prices for taxpayers.  “Commissioner Abrams’ concern is unfounded,” said Rand Hoch, a retired judge who serves as President of the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council.  The Council is a local nonprofit organization is dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.  “The Palm Beach County School District’s Commercial Non-Discrimination Policy includes sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression,” said Hoch.  “Commissioner Abrams cannot point to one company that has stopped bidding for work on our schools because of that policy.”  In response to Abrams’ concern that the policy could lead to additional litigation, Hoch replied, “Palm Beach County law already prohibits employment discrimination based on gender identity or expression.  The new policy will not give rise to any new cause of action.”  The Council commended the County Commissioners for taking a proactive stand against discrimination. 

February 1, 2012 •


HIV Positive Criminals: Have Sex, Go to Jail By Mark S. King


his may be the defining HIV issue of our time, and it is a true test of our compassion and understanding of both HIV stigma and the law. Please read this closely. Around the country, and without leadership or guidelines from the Federal government, individual states have taken it upon themselves to draft laws that protect people from those of us with HIV. Whether using bio-terrorism statutes or simple “assault with a deadly weapon,” people with HIV who do not disclose their status to their sexual partners are risking arrest and prosecution. You’re already having a visceral response to this scenario, aren’t you? You may have the vague feeling that anyone who doesn’t disclose their HIV plus status to a partner probably deserves to be punished. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Not only do most people support laws forbidding sex without disclosing an HIV plus status, but even a majority of gay men support such laws, and it is understandable, albeit a misinformed view, as to why. Many of us know someone who was infect-

ed by a partner who didn’t disclose their status, or even lied about it. I have friends who dated someone claiming to be negative, until they found a telltale prescription drug bottle and then discovered they had been infected. Worse yet are the news reports showing some big, scary black man who has been raping white women and infecting them with HIV. How could anyone argue against bringing these liars and malicious infectors to justice? But the sad fact is, most prosecutions under these laws are not being imposed against those who are deliberately malicious or even criminally negligent. They are being imposed using not science, but the same ignorance, stigma, homophobia and racism that has plagued HIV/AIDS throughout the years. And well intentioned people like you and me have bought into it. In Texas, a man is serving more than twenty years for spitting on a cop, despite the impossibility of transmitting HIV. And in the vast majority of cases against people having sex without disclosing, no transmission even occurred. In fact, whether or not there was any real risk of transmission is of little

concern to prosecutors. People on medication with no viral load, for whom transmission is a remote possibility if at all, are being sentenced to jail time for not disclosing even if they used a condom and did not transmit a thing. And the sentences are outrageous: decades of jail time in many cases. Consider the black woman for whom disclosing her HIV status is more than a mere embarrassment; it could mean the collapse of her support network, the loss of a job or even physical danger. She is a compliant patient with no viral load, and insists her sex partner uses a condom. He somehow learns of her HIV status, calls the cops, and she is prosecuted and imprisoned. These are not fantasy scenarios, they are happening with

increasing speed around the country. The effect of these laws on public health is sobering. If those who know their status risk prosecution for not disclosing, and those who don’t get tested at all can have sex without legal consequences, how does that draw people into HIV testing? As activist Sean Strub says, “Take the test and risk arrest.” The laws in some states are written so strictly that it is a legal risk for any HIV positive person to have sex at all. All the prosecutors need is to know you are HIV positive and you had sex with your accuser. If the accuser claims you didn’t disclose, you’re in for an uphill battle convincing a judge otherwise. You’re saddled with the distasteful nature of any positive person actually having sex, and if it was gay sex, well, God help you. Activist Sean Strub has taken this issue up as a personal crusade. I first met Sean two years ago when I produced a video blog with him discussing the issue of HIV criminalization. He took it to the United Nations AIDS Committee last month, and brought along two heartbreaking stories in the testimony of Robert Suttle and Nick Rhoades. Please take three minutes to visit my blog ( and watch the testimony of Robert, who was jailed for six months and will be labeled a sex offender for years — it is emblazoned on his driver’s license in red block letters. And then watch Nick describe how he had protected sex with a partner, and an undetectable viral load, and by not disclosing his status he found himself in solitary confinement for months. Sean’s own testimony about people with HIV being viewed as vectors of disease with less rights but more responsibility to disclose, and you may view this issue quite differently than you do now. Sean has also produced a trailer for a film he is producing, HIV is Not a Crime and I urge you to watch it. Is your record of disclosing your status perfect? Mine isn’t. I have been a compliant patient for many years and have an undetectable viral load. There has been instances in which disclosure felt unsafe, or I was in environments such as public sex clubs in which no one is asking or telling. I don’t believe I deserve to go to jail for those indiscretions. Do you? Mark S. King produces the award winning video blog about life as an HIV positive addict in recovery. He can be reached at


February 1, 2012 •

Same-Sex Couples Saved from HIV Disclosure Laws

submitted photo

Cover Story

Legal Quirk Stops Gay Prosecutions

By Norm Kent


lorida is one of at least 32 states nationwide that have criminal statutes specific to HIV, many of which date to the height of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s and 1990s, when fear of spreading the disease was at its peak. As the science and treatment of HIV and AIDS have changed considerably in the ensuing decades, fear of infection has subsided. However, the laws remain on the books, and prosecutors continue to enforce them. But in a stunning turn of events, courts are ruling that the statute cannot be applied to same-sex couples. In Florida, if an HIV positive person knows that he is HIV positive and has been informed that HIV may be transmitted during sexual intercourse, and has sexual intercourse with any other person without disclosing his HIV status, it can be prosecuted. It is a third degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. If you have sex on multiple occasions, and continue to fail to disclose your status, the crime becomes more serious. It can become a first-degree felony. The novel legal twist that has unfolded in the past year however is that courts are ruling that ‘intercourse’ under Florida law, is only defined as sex between a man and a woman. Thus, they are throwing out samesex prosecutions for HIV transmission. One of the more prominent Florida cases, originally covered by SFGN in 2010, involved a gay Olympic equestrian charged with infecting his male partner. Darren Chiacchia was preparing for the Beijing Olympics in March 2008 when his horse tumbled over a jump during a competition. He broke several bones, punctured a lung and sustained a severe brain injury. After undergoing emergency medical treatment, his partner learned he was HIV positive and filed a criminal complaint against him, which led the district attorney to charge Chiacchia with violating the disclosure laws. Meanwhile in Tampa, one appellate circuit found that since intercourse is legally defined as “the penetration of the female sex organ by the male sex organ,” a same sex couple could not be prosecuted. The ruling had an immediate impact on another case in Treasure Island, where the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorneys office threw

out a case against a gay man charged with failing to disclose his HIV-positive status to his partner of four years. When those rulings reached Ocala, Chiacchia’s judge wound up dismissing all the charges against him, citing the legal interpretations of the statute by other jurisdictions. The State Attorney’s office is appealing the ruling. Meanwhile, Chiacchia did an interview after the charges were dropped, saying the case was a fraud from the start, evolving out of nothing more than a “bad breakup.” The resulting publicity, he said, crippled his career. Chiacchia’s partner had sworn out affidavits though, saying, he was never told about the equestrian’s HIV status. Although records from the Center for HIV Law and show that at least 71 people have been arrested under Florida’s HIV law since it was enacted, it appears same-sex prosecu-

February 1, 2012 •

Darren Chiacchia tions are grinding to a halt as appellate courts address the legal issues generated by the ruling the law can only be applied to heterosexual hookups, due to the wording of the statute. While the law defines sexual intercourse as only the penetration of the female sex organ by the male sex organ, however slight, the HIV exposure statute had previously been expanded and applied to sexual intercourse between two men. Apparently, that won’t be the case anymore for a while, at least. The Tampa court had ruled on an appeal from a Manatee County woman convicted of violating the HIV statute while having relations with another woman. “The statue is still valid. But it doesn’t protect everybody,” said Assistant State Attorney Kendall Davidson. Finally, it is an affirmative defense if a sex-

ual partner knows of his sexual partner’s HIV status and consents to engage in sexual conduct with knowledge. Since the issue is disclosure, it is not a defense to prosecution if protection, such as a condom, was used during sex. Neither the intent to transmit HIV nor HIV transmission is required for prosecution. In July 2010 the White House announced a major change in its HIV/AIDS policy, asking that enforcement laws criminalizing HIV infection be abolished. Citing a study published by the American Medical Association in 2008, “criminalizing HIV infection runs counter to scientific evidence about routes of HIV transmission and may undermine the public health goals of promoting HIV screening and treatment.” Last September, Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) introduced the ‘Repeal HIV Discrimination Act,’ calling for the review of all federal and state laws, policies, and regulations regarding the criminal prosecution of individuals for HIV-related offenses. It provides incentives for states to reconsider laws and practices that target people with HIV for consensual sex and conduct that poses no real risk of HIV transmission. While the proposed bill has not been voted on yet, it has won the endorsement of such groups as the Human Rights Campaign, Lambda Legal, and the Center for HIV Law and Policy, amongst others.


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The Most Important Next-Step Is for the Community to Respond! By Steven N. Adkins

(President & CEO, MiamiDade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce) & Jorge Richa (Marketing & Programming Director, Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce)


t’s all about business…it’s all about visibility. The focus of any chamber is to provide products, opportunities, and programming that will showcase its members and their goods and services. As the MiamiDade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (MDGLCC) is a “community” based chamber, our focus is less about supporting a particular governmental entity (i.e. Kendall or Miami Lakes); rather, our focus is to expand the understanding and business prospects for the community that we serve…LGBT owned businesses and those desiring to do business with this market. During the past 3 years, our goal has been to bring awareness to the size and purchasing power of the local LGBT market (recent estimates reveal our Miami-Dade GDP at $8 billion annually). The most important annual event MDGLCC holds to achieve this “market showcase” is our 4th Annual LGBT Explore/EXPO. For this fourth edition we have partnered with Steven Levenberg’s Productions, LLC who will be including its GLBT Travel Expo to this great event. The Fourth Annual LGBT Explore/ EXPO will take place on Sunday, Feb. 12 from Noon to 5 p.m. at the Moore Building located at 191 NE 40th Street (in the Design District) in Miami. It is a FREE event open to the general public where organizations and businesses will showcase their products and services to the community in fun environment which will include music, entertainment, giveaways and a drawing for great prizes including; 2 travel vouchers from Miami to Latin America, one night stay w/breakfast at the Ramada Geneva Lakefront in Geneva NY, two night stay at the Palms Hotel in Kissimmee, three night stay at the Bolongo Bay Resort in St. Thomas, buff Level Membership with “History Miami”, designer Bracelet by JMiro, bowling Party for 8 at Lucky Strike Lanes, dinner Gift Certificates at Perricone’s, Mor-

ton’s Steakhouse, Truluck’s, Escoppazo, Vita by Baoli, China Grill. Expo‘s are a means of bringing market focus to a large group of businesses in one place with an express desire to engage a target demographic group…in this case the LGBT and allied community. As the U.S. marketplace has become increasingly more competitive, companies are always looking for new demographics to which they can expand their reach. For large corporations who have been engaging the LGBT community for years, the next step is to validate the third party buying statistics they have come to rely on. For newbie’s stepping into the market for the first

February 1, 2012 •

time, it is the Chamber’s responsibility to help guide them towards the success they hope will follow. The most important next-step is for the community to respond! If the LGBT community expects business support, we need to be a visible participant in commerce. One great way to do this is to patronize those businesses that show their support for the community… purchasing from a MDGLCC member and telling them why you are supporting them is the best way to ensure continued support from business. Showing up at the Explore/EXPO in mass is another great way to be visible as a community. If companies feel that their contribution in our Community is being met with support, they will expand their investment to other organizations and embrace the equality we so ardently seek.


xhibitions are one of the most effective mediums for establishing and maintaining customer relations. In an increasingly digital age, they are the only media where buyer, seller and product physically come together – a potent force for business. Unlike magazines and direct mail, exhibitions involve a two-way communication process. Visitors can question, challenge, and debate. Exhibitors can give and seek information. Most importantly, business is conducted face to face - the most persuasive form of selling and of building customer relationships. Exhibition visitors are pro-active rather than passive recipients of your sales and marketing messages. They make a conscious decision to attend and set aside valuable time to do so. Many are specifiers and influencers who it might otherwise be impossible to identify. To reserve a booth at the 4th Annual LGBT Explore / EXPO or for inquiries please contact us at 305-673-4440,, or


Off the Wall

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Town Center

By Pier Angelo


usinesses trying to shrug off hard times are waking up to the vast potential of gay and lesbian consumers, including the new and burgeoning market for same-sex weddings and honeymoons as more states and countries allow gay marriage. Industry experts warn that any businesses eyeing the pink dollar, euro, pound or yen need to be welcoming to gays while also avoiding the clichés associated with the community if they want to be taken seriously. That means not just hanging a rainbow flag outside  the store. The last thing  a business  wants is to fall into a situation of just using clichés, because the LGBT market will see right through that immediately. One place, right here in South Florida, that does not heed the call or chooses to ignore it, is Boca Raton Town Center. Back in December my partner and I were strolling thru Boca Town Center and  decided to look for matching rings. We walked first into Mayors and then into Zales, approached the men’s ring display, started looking at them, pointing at them, commenting on the ones we liked. Both places were empty but  the several sales people present in the store kept talking among themselves. They  ignored us and nobody approached us. We  then asked a few questions, but none of them seemed interested and their replies were dismissive and cold. It was very obvious why we were there and what

we were looking for, instead one of the saleswomen actually asked us if we would be interested in buying a bracelet for our wives. We walked out of both places disturbed and annoyed and decided we were going to Fort Lauderdale to find our rings. On the way out we walked by Kay Jewelers and decided to give it a try. As we approached the men’s rings display we were greeted by a wonderful young woman, who introduced herself as Aviva, asked us what our names were and immediately made us feel welcome and comfortable. For the next hour she patiently and warmly pulled out ring after ring, asking questions, giving suggestions, never pushing and always addressing us by our first names. When we told her they were our Christmas gift to each other she almost burst into tears. We ended  up buying two beautiful matching bands. When we left with our purchases she hugged us and sincerely wished us a happy life together. Aviva Zinberg touched our lives and we will always be grateful for that brief exchange when our paths crossed. I guess we don’t think of how many people we brush up against or how they might remember us but it matters what we leave behind with the ones we brush up against and what they leave with us. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. If you are contemplating buying your loved one a piece of jewelry I highly recommend you shop at Kay. And do ask for Aviva.

Letter to the Editor Reader Responds to SFGN’s Investigation “Cops Accused of Entrapping Gay Men”


our expose was great, you should be very proud of it. I have to say – and you may find this controversial, whilst I obviously disagree with wasting any tax funded police time to entrap anyone having sex… WHAT IS IT WITH GAY MEN AND PARKS??????????????????? In London, the nature loving happens on Hampstead Heath, perhaps you remember George Michael ? – Seriously, it’s not like he can’t afford a hotel room, do the smell of trees turn you all on? Because, let’s be honest, outdoor sex  looks far better in aftershave adverts than it is in reality… That said, everyone knows you don’t go to Hampstead Heath at night unless you are a peeping Tom or hoping to shag George Michael. … no police and everyone gets along happily... God Save the Queen(s).  Daniela B. 

Readers Respond to SFGN’s article “Transgender City Manager Ousted” Commissioner Amoroso:


have wanted to write to you since reading the article about Susan Stanton’s termination in the South Florida Gay News. Obviously much time has passed since the article was published. It would be easiest to finally throw it away and


swallow my concerns, since it is too late to have any effect on the situation. However, I believe that sharing my impressions and concerns with you is too important to me as a citizen of Lake Worth. First of all, the article states that the motives for the firing of Ms. Stanton are murky. The article further states that it was not due to her job performance or gender orientation. It implies that City Commissioner Maxwell was the force behind Ms. Stanton’s dismissal from her position simply because of his personal feelings, according to Commissioner McVoy. Commissioner Mulvehill stated in the article that Ms. Stanton helped the city balance a budget with precision despite having to compensate for nearly $10 million in lost revenues from 2008 through the present. In addition, just nine months ago Ms. Stanton received a favorable evaluation from the then city commission. All of this information certainly concerns me about the fairness and professionalism shown to Ms. Stanton. Further, I am convinced that someone whose expertise and contributions to the team responsible for running our city smoothly and effectively was removed for purely political and personal reasons. Another concern, a big one, is your statement about not making public your reasons for voting for Ms. Stanton’s removal because you did not want to

be responsible for her not getting a job in the future. From the information in the article, I do not find enough cause for her to have been terminated without notice. I believe that it is the commissioners responsibility to let citizens in Lake Worth know the reasons for this action. There should be no secrecy; representative government should be transparent. If the reasons for Ms. Stanton’s termination were based on her inability to satisfactorily perform the requirements of her position, It should be public knowledge. By not identifying the reasons for her dismissal, if they were indeed based on her performance, the commission enables Ms. Stanton to move on and present the same shortcomings in a new position. Don’t you and your fellow commissioners have a responsibility to make the reasons a matter of record? In a way, this reminds me of the Catholic Church moving predator priests from parish to parish, giving them the ability to continue offending. Surely, you and your team are better, more responsible than that. Unless, of course, the reasons for her dismissal were purely personal and political. You have said that you want to be a “new kind of politician.” Your published statements and the information in this article have not convinced me that you mean what you say Robert Ranahan, Lake Worth

February 1, 2012 •

McNaught’s Notes

“Get Back Aboard! Damn It!” By Brian McNaught


verything was going great until I flipped the bird. It felt like a joyful morning. I had hugged Fannie, the woman who manages the flowers in the grocery store, and I had led the produce personnel in a round of “Happy Birthday” for Emmanuel, their manager. When I wished him “Happy Martin Luther King Day,” he responded, “And it’s my birthday.” How could I let that pass? Then, as I pulled out of the parking lot, a guy on the sidewalk was yelling at the top of his lungs to someone I couldn’t see, “You faggot!” “Hey,” I yelled in a disapproving voice from the car. “Mind your own business,” he angrily yelled back. “I’m not talking to you.” “I don’t like that word,” I replied in an attempt to have him understand. “I’m a Vietnam vet and I can say anything I want,” he screamed. “Why don’t you come out here and try to make me shut up, faggot.” The light changed. It was time to move on, and I chose to not let it pass. I flipped him the bird. That’s not how I normally end conversations or confrontations, and it bothered me much of the day. Instead of impressing the man on the street that the word “faggot” was unacceptable and hurtful, I made him angrier than I found him. It felt good speaking up to him. It would have eaten at me not to have told him that I hated the word he was yelling in the street. But I felt bad that I hadn’t figured out a less hostile way to end the dispute. Speaking up is really important. We need to do it for ourselves and for everyone else who needs an ally. Letting people know that their words or their behaviors are unacceptable is not just a good thing to do for the health of humankind, but also what we ought to be doing. In Italy today, the populace is celebrating the behavior of the coast guard officer, Captain Gregorio Maria De Falco, who yelled at the cruise ship captain who abandoned his passengers, “Get back aboard! Damn it!” There are even T-shirts being worn now with those words emblazoned. Captain Francesco Schettino is being lambasted by the media for what are considered his inappropriate, unprofessional behaviors. Captain De Falco is being praised as a hero for speaking up. “I am not a hero,” the coast guard captain

replied. “My team and I just did our duty.” I felt I was also doing my duty in confronting the man on the street with his inappropriate behavior. It would have been easier to ignore him as the other drivers did. It would have spared me the anxiety that results from conflict had I convinced myself it was none of my business. It would have been less stressful just to shake my head disapprovingly in disgust. I might have asked myself, “Why make it worse?” But I couldn’t let it pass. I just couldn’t. It hurts my feelings when people don’t speak up for me. I feel enormous disappointment in friends who let things pass because they don’t want to get involved, or feel that it’s none of their business. Fear of conflict is innate. I don’t know anyone who loves to fight, or if I do, I avoid them. But, I’m attracted to people who don’t let abusive behavior pass. They’re my heroes, even though I feel it’s their duty. Had the man on the street yelled the word “nigger” instead of “faggot,” I would have yelled out “Hey” just as strongly. He would have told me that it was none of my business. I would have told him that it was the word he used that I didn’t like. He would have told me that he had the right to say anything he wanted because he was a Vietnam vet, and he would have called me a “faggot.” Then, my inclination would have been to flip the bird as I drove off, but if it happens again, I think I’ll just wave. Sometimes, after you’ve done your best, you have to let go and hope that your show of kindness will do more good than trying to get in the last word, or finger. Brian McNaught was named “the godfather of gay diversity training” by The New York Times. He works with corporate executives globally, is the author of six books, and is featured in seven educational DVDs. He and his spouse Ray Struble divide their year between Ft. Lauderdale and Provincetown. Visit for more information.

February 1, 2012 •



! e M e b o t s k c u S t I : o t t e l o Rig

d By J.W. Arnol


ong before the residents of Broadway’s Avenue Q sang about how “it sucks to be me,” there was Rigoletto, the lead character of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera of the same name. Given his circumstance in life—he was a deformed hunchback forced to serve as court jester— he was quite fortunate, actually, until “the curse.” The opera’s libretto, based on a story by Victor Hugo, has long been considered one of the most powerful in the genre: While mocking the guests at an opulent ball hosted by the womanizing Duke of Mantua, Rigoletto is cursed by an old man. At first, the buffoon brushes it off, but a tragic course of events are set in motion that will prove the old man’s words true. The noblemen of the court hear rumors that Rigoletto is keeping a mistress at his home and hatch a plot to kidnap her and embarrass him. The lovely girl is actually, Gilda, Rigoletto’s daughter, who has caught the eye of the Duke. The men trick Rigoletto into helping them kidnap Gilda. When he


realizes the deception, he conspires to finally exact his revenge on the Duke. Unlike Broadway, opera doesn’t always close with a happy ending, and Verdi’s masterpiece proves true. Gilda, acknowledging her love for the dashing Count, foils Rigoletto’s plot and is killed. In despair, he cries out, “Malediction” (the curse)! In just under three hours, this seemingly contrived plot flies by in a splendid production by the Florida Grand Opera that opened to thunderous applause Saturday night at Miami’s Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Mark Walter stars as Rigoletto. He deftly handles the challenges of a character role that requires him to master both the challenging arias of Verdi, but also the cumbersome and well crafted and realistic prosthetics by Christopher Diamantides that create the illusion of painful bodily deformities. But, it is soprano Nadine Sierra as Gilda and tenor Michael Fabiano who offer breakout performances. Sierra’s voice lilts through her character’s

most famous arias, “Addio, addio” (“Farewell, farewell”) and “Gaultier Maldé!...Caro nome” (“Dearest name”). At the conclusion of the latter, even conductor Andrew Bsantz was heard stomping on his podium in approval as cries of “Brava!” flooded the Ziff Ballet Opera House. Her cadenza, the highly virtuosic and ornamented solo at the conclusion, demonstrated flawless command of her instrument, even from a supine position on a bench. Talented young tenor Michael Fabiono had both the ladies and many of the men swooning from the first moments he took the stage as the dastardly Duke of Mantua. His handsome face and fit body—yes, he took every opportunity to showcase taut abs (accentuated as they were with just a little makeup)—were accompanied by a powerful voice that soared in his arias. The audience enthusiastically clapped with approval as he sang perhaps one of the most famous male arias, “La donna é mobile,” (“Woman is fickle”), sung by every great tenor from Enrico Caruso to Placido Domingo and

Luciano Pavarotti. Allen Charles Klein created a versatile set for the production, which originated at the Cincinnati Opera, that is quickly transformed from palace to villa and, later, a riverside shack. Jeff Davis’ lighting design at times lends great depth to the scenes and approaches the famed deus ex machina effects as lightning flashes above to the eerily sung “winds” of the chorus. The large cast is clothed in beautiful and historically faithful Renaissance finery thanks to costume coordinator Camilla Haith. Truly, Rigoletto’s curse is the only aspect of this fine production that sucks.

Giuseppe Verdi’s Rigoletto

Florida Grand Opera February 3, 8, 11, 8 p.m., Arsht Center, Miami February 16 and 18, Broward Center, Fort Lauderdale Tickets and more information at

February 1, 2012 •

February 1, 2012 •


By Brian Swinford

Have an event you want to list? If so send me an email at

The Irish Comedy Tour

Theater Broward County

On Saturday Feb. 4 come to the Atlantic Theatre for this hilarious one night event. The past years have been sellout and standing room only and this season should be no exception. Don’t miss three hilarious Irish American comedians as they tear apart as well as validate all of the Irish myths and stereotypes. Visit

The Four Tops & The Temptations

When it comes to Motown legends, it doesn’t get any bigger or any better than multi-platinum selling artists The Four Tops & The Temptations! On Feb. 1 enjoy this awesome concert at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. Hitting the stage with their high energy pop and funk from the 70’s and 80’s, these musical greats perform classic Motown hits from their repertoire. Visit

Willie Nelson & Family

Miami City Ballet presents Giselle (Program III)

Giselle (Coralli and Perrot/Adam) The quintessential 19th-Century romantic ballet will be at the Arsht Center from Feb. 17-19, Giselle tells the story of a young peasant girl who is betrayed by her disguised aristocratic lover, dies of grief and madness, yet comes back from the grave to rescue him from the implacable revenge of the fearsome Wilis. Visit


On Friday March 2 at 8 p.m. come to The Adrienne Arsht Center for Pilobolus. Celebrating Jennifer Kronenberg 40 years of defying gravity, this incomparable dance company has delighted, dazzled and in Giselle amazed audiences across the planet with their Get The Led Out superhuman flexibility and fascinating forms that “The American Led Zeppelin” challenge the limits of the human body. Visit Get the led out at the Parker Playhouse on Feb. 18 with this tribute to Led Zeppelin. From the bombastic to the epic and mystical, “Get The Led Out” has captured the essence of the recorded music of Led Zeppelin and brought it to the big Dead Man’s Cell Phone concert stage. Visit In a quiet cafe a cell phone rings. And rings. The stranger at An Evening with Kate Clinton the next table has had enough. She confronts the owner of Stonewall National Museum & Archives presents legendary the cell phone, but, well...he’s dead. She begins to answer comedian Kate Clinton on March 17 at The Parker Playhouse. his calls and suddenly finds herself enmeshed in his life and Kate Clinton is a faith-based, tax-paying, America-loving politifamily. Unfortunately, the dead guy has quite a number of cal humorist and family entertainer. Visit shady loose ends. This plays opening night is Feb 2 at The Waterfront Playhouse at 8pm. Visit

Key West

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Soweto Gospel Choir

Soweto Gospel Choir’s will be at The Parker Playhouse on Feb. 10 at 8 p.m. with an inimitable performance style has become a worldwide phenomenon since its foundation in 2002. Performing to sell-out crowds in the world’s greatest concert halls, the Choir has played alongside superstars including Bono, Queen, Celine Dion, John Legend, Peter Gabriel, Josh Groban, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder. Visit

submitted photo

Palm Beach County

*denotes new listing

Willie Nelson at The Broward Center

On Tuesday Feb. 7 come see American country music icon Willie Nelson at The Broward Center at 8 p.m. For over 30 years, this “outlaw” singer-songwriter has recorded more than 200 albums and achieved both cult status and mainstream acclaimed. In his career, he blazed a trail through the music business. Visit

Billy Elliot

This musical will be showing at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts Feb. 29- Mar 11. This show is about one boy’s journey to make his dreams come true. The story follows Billy as he stumbles out of the boxing ring and into a ballet class, discovering a surprising passion that inspires his family and his whole community. Visit

The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-inthe-Moon Marigolds

This Pulitzer Prize winning play depicts a mentally unbalanced woman’s far reaching effects on the lives of her two daughters, and a young girl’s struggle to keep her focus and dreams alive. Showings will start Jan. 6-29. Visit

Chris Brubeck’s Triple Play

On Feb 2 at 8 p.m. come enjoy this distinguished jazz musician at the Crest Theater. Triple Play is his acoustic blues/ jazz/folk trio, with vocals that includes guitarist Joel Brown and harmonica virtuoso Peter Madcat Ruth. Chris and Madcat have been playing together since their rock’n roll days together in the band. Call 561-243-7922


The Tony Award winning classic musical featuring Lerner & Lowe’s sweeping romantic score about a mysterious village that rises out of the mist every 100 years for one day. Exquisite costumes and scenery, great dance and memorable tunes such as “Almost Like Being in Love” and “The Heather on the Hill,” bring the Scottish Highlands to life. On Feb. 3-5 come to the Crest Theatre at 8 p.m. for this tony award winning play. Visit

South Florida Symphony Orchestra

The 55-piece orchestra, under the music direction of Sebrina Maria Alfonso, will perform Shostakovich: Festive Overture; Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 2 in B-flat major, featuring pianist Jeffrey Chappell; and Ellen Taafe Zwilich: Symphony No. 5. Come see this 55 piece orchestra set on Mar 11 at 2 p.m. Visit

Miami-Dade *Next to Normal

One family is about to face the music. Next to Normal is the winner of three Tony Awards and the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. It is about one woman’s struggle with manic depression and the toll it takes on her family. This play is truly a remarkable, moving and powerful new musical. Playing now through Feb. 12. Call 305-444-9293x604, or email pr@

Tyler Perry’s The Haves and The Have Not’s

Opening night for this very funny and touching play will be at The Miami Theatre on Feb 2. Tyler Perry presents the funny, but equally poignant play “The Haves and Have Nots”, a play following the life of a wealthy family who have everything. Visit

The B-52s

The World’s Greatest Party Band returns to The Arsht Center on Feb. 12 at 8 p.m. From groundbreaking songs like “Rock Lobster,” and “Dance This Mess Around” to charttopping hits like “Love Shack” and “Deadbeat Club” to their reemergence on the pop scene with their 2008 CD Funplex the B-52s’ unforgettable tunes start a party every time their music begins. Visit

Community Calendar Broward County

*St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival

On Saturday, March 12, Downtown Fort Lauderdale will transform into a sea of green for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival, sponsored by the Downtown Development Authority and the City of Fort Lauderdale. The parade will begin at 2 p.m. along East Las Olas Boulevard and end at Huizenga Plaza. Visit


It’s here! The first annual Taco Cook-off with craft beer and local music, all at beautiful Esplanade Park in Downtown Fort Lauderdale on Thursday, Feb. 23 at 5 p.m. For the pre-sale price of $25, you will receive 6 tickets that can be used for either tacos or craft beer, or both. Brewers such as Cigar City, Magic Hat and others will be showcased. Visit

*Vendor Day in the Park

Under the Riverwalk District Plan, consideration is being given to allowing a small number of varied vendors along the Riverwalk. Rivewalk Trust will host a day in the park for interested vendors on Saturday, Feb. 11 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Not For Profit Organizations will be invited to participate that day and talk about their individual organizations. Email

*Love, Desire, & Relationships: Transform Your Life

Love is the most important thing in our lives. We want to love better, and we can if we stop thinking so much about what others can do for us, and start thinking more about cherishing them. This is the best way to create peace, harmony, and satisfaction in all our relationships with others. $10/ class or $23/series includes vegetarian food after class Feb. 16 - The Meaning of Life: Learning to Cherish Others; Feb 23 - Connecting with Gratitude: The Kindness of Others; March 1 - The Source of Happiness: Benefits of Cherishing Others. Call Elizabeth Jurado at 954-537-9191

* Conquering Anxiety: Life & Death, Self & Others

We suffer a lot from anxiety. Anxiety over our wishes and plans, our successes and failures, reputation, finances, etc is the source of most of our mental pain. We need a fresh perspective that will get us out of our obsession with our own problems of the moment. $10/class or $23/series; Feb 12 - Starting with Joy: Our Precious Human Life; Feb 19 Overcoming Worry: Death Meditation; Feb 26 - Changing Our Focus: Exchanging Self with Others. For more information call Elizabeth Jurado at 954-537-9191

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February 1, 2012 •

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Stage Door: Highlighting the Arts

Pieter M.Van Hattum

By J.W. Arnold

The B-52s

Rock On at the Arsht Center When you think about Miami’s Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, images and sounds of ballet, opera, classical orchestras and Broadway musicals most often come to mind. But, on Sunday, Feb. 12, the John S. and John L. Knight Concert Hall at the center is going to rock to the beat of the B-52s. The sounds of party anthem “Love Shack” will ring through the streets of downtown Miami as the band arrives for its much anticipated 35th anniversary tour. Tickets are $25-45 at For some smoother sounds, four time Tony Award-nominee and Miami native Raul Esparza one night earlier, Saturday, Feb. 11, in the Knight Concert Hall. Esparza, one of Broadways brightest stars, will perform an encore of his critically acclaimed Lincoln Center show, performing some of the greatest songs of the Great White Way and also personal favorites. Tickets are $50-125 at

Read This Letter Writer Tony Adams, a frequent contributor to South Florida Gay News, has penned an intriguing new play, “A Letter from the Bishop,” which delves into the underground world of gay priests in the Roman Catholic Church. Love, sex and relationships behind the white collar are explored as he takes

audiences inside the private walls of the rectory. He will present a free reading of this new play at 7 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 13 at the Stonewall National Museum and Archives, 1300 E. Sunrise Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale. Meanwhile in West Palm Beach… The arts season in West Palm Beach is in full swing at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts. Several performances will appeal to area LGBT audiences: Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, the all male classical ballet company lovingly referred to as the “Trocks,” don drag for some serious dance, Feb. 2, 8 p.m. If you’ve never seen them perform en pointe, don’t miss these guys when they return to South Florida. Tickets start at $20. Music fans also have big weekend with cabaret crooner Michael Feinstein performing “The Sinatra Legacy, Part II,” on Friday, Feb. 3 at 8 p.m., backed up by a 17 piece big band. On Saturday, Feb. 4, Patti LaBelle belts out signature R&B hits (“New Attitude,” “On My Own”) that have made her a true diva. And don’t forget to dig out that leisure suit for the smooth sounds of Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. From The 5th Dimension to their own hits as a duo, they are sure to send you “Up, Up and Away” on Sunday, February 5 at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tickets start at $25-30 at

February 1, 2012 •


To Submit Listings Email: Brian at Fax: 954-530-7943. Please include a brief description, address, phone number, date, time and cost. *Fun with Flowers

Design a flower arrangement under the expert guidance of designer Cindy Rieger. Flowers, container, oasis and foliage will be provided. Please bring clippers or scissors to trim flower stems. RSVP by February 3, 2012 to Kristine Blake, 954-990-9668.

*Somos Core Group: LEAD SOMOS

On Feb. 6, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. come to the Somos Clubhouse located on Wilton Drive for this great community event. Show your Latino Power! Its time to step it up and make the change you want to witness in your community. Get involved with Somos and watch your ideas come alive. Meet new friends, lead your community and decide the events and activities you want. Don’t miss out! Visit

*OUTReach on the Drive

Come on over to the Somos clubhouse located on Wilton Dr. Thursday night February 02 at 9pm and meet the Somos guys, learn about the organization, enjoy a night out on the Drive at the very center of Wilton Manors. For more information visit

*2012 Duck Fest Derby

The Duck Fest Derby presented by JM Family is one of Fort Lauderdale’s signature events as 15,000 rubber ducks make their way to the finish line down the New River to win the Grand Prize of a six night Hawaiian getaway, complete with volcano and surfing experience. Will take place Sat, Feb. 25. at Esplanade Park located at 400 S.W. 2nd Street in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Ducks can be “adopted” for $5 each by visiting

*Piatigorsky Foundation Concert: Katherine Calcamuggio & David Shimoni Hagen Park Community Center in Wilton Manors will be the location of this beautiful concert on Feb. 2,at 7 p.m. Last year, the Foundation presented a tour of 8 concerts in East & Central Florida reaching over 435 people in Orlando, Juno Beach, Lakeland and Mount Dora. For Call Kathleen Le Blanc at 212-971-5309

The Ultimate Jack Daniels Tailgate Party

Join Sidelines Sports Bar for “The Ultimate Jack Daniels Tailgate Party” on Sunday, February 5th at 1:00 PM, then at Sidelines for the Super Bowl which will be televised with sound on all our flat screen TVs. Don’t forget those crazy commercials and the special halftime appearance by Madonna! For more information visit

The 14th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit

The 14th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit is to be held this year at Revolution Live on Feb 19th. Come to the meeting and purchase a pack of tickets to re-sell and earn your own admission for free. Pick up flyers to distribute and get energized to help to make this the best Benefit yet. For more information email

Klezmer and Israeli Music Concert at Temple Bat Yam

The King David String Ensemble will perform a Jewish Klezmer and Israeli music concert on Thursday, Feb. 2 at 7 p.m. at Temple Bat Yam, a reform synagogue in East Fort Lauderdale. The ensemble is comprised of musicians originally from the former Soviet Union who also perform with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. For more information email

Grief Support Group

Grief Support Group led by Heartland Hospice meets every 3rd Tuesday at American Burial & Cremation Center @ Jennings Funeral Home 1801 E. Oakland Park Blvd. from 2-4 pm. Call 954-731-4321. If you need support in your time of loss they invite you to attend.

Eating Disorder Support group

An Eating Disorder Support group is starting Nov. 4. This group will meet Friday evenings from 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. At Sun Serve’s Wilton Manors location at 2123 Wilton Drive, second floor. This is a “drop-in” psycho-educational support group. No registration required, free- however donations are welcome. Call 954-764-5150 for more information

*The Super Sunday Garden Party

This Garden party is to benefit the South Florida Symphony Orchestra. This super-hot event will be taking place at 328 NE 20th St, Wilton Manors, on Sunday, Feb 5 from 2 to 5 p.m. at the beautiful home of Marc Martorana and Don D’Armino. This garden party will have an open bar with Cuban cuisine and live music, raffle, and silent auction. Tickets are $50. RSVP ONLY and limited availability. Call 954-522-8445 or go to

A Survivor Support Group

A Survivor Support Group is being held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at the 211 Community Center, 250 NE 33rd Street, in Oakland Park.The Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention (FISP) is sponsoring this free support group and is open to all family members and friends of those who have died by suicide. Call 954-384-0344 to register. The group meets from 7-8:30 p.m. Visit

SunTrust Sunday Jazz Brunch

First Sunday of every month. An ideal way to relax and enjoy Fort Lauderdale’s scenic Riverwalk. Live, outdoor concert series bringing the area’s best local jazz artists. Listen to the soulful sounds on four different stages. Everyone is welcome to attend, including well-behaved, leashed pets. There is plenty of room to set up chairs, blankets and picnic baskets to experience the fabulous entertainment.

Florida Renaissance Festival

Journey back to the 16th century, Feb. 11 to March 11, as you step through castle gates and into the days of yore. Explore the artisans’ village and view live demonstrations of glassblowing, steel-fighting, archery, and more. Weekends only, plus President’s Day, 2/20 Visit

Young Adult GLBT

A social group open to all LGBT people ages 18-35. This group meets Fridays at the Pride Center in Wilton Manors from 7:15-9 p.m. Meeting starts with a discussion on current events followed by introductions and then a group activity. Visit

Boardwalk Friday Fest

Come out to Hollywood Beach Theatre East of A1A at Johnson St and the ocean. Admission: Free every Friday of every month. Live jazz, blues, pop and everything in between along Hollywood’s signature 2.5 mile Broadwalk. Charming oceanfront cafes and restaurants serve up delicious innovative cuisine while you enjoy the best array of live music and tropical ocean breezes. Visit or call 954-924-2980


Most Toastmasters meetings are comprised of about 20 people who meet weekly for an hour or so. Participants practice and learn skills by filling a meeting role, ranging from giving a prepared speech or an impromptu one to serving as timer, evaluator or grammarian. Toastmasters meet at the GLCC/Pride Center Monday at 7:15 p.m. Call Ted Verdone at 954-599-7916 or email: Tedverdone@comc​

Safe “T”

Safe “T” is a new support group for gender variant adults 18 plus that meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Sunserve’s Wilton Manors location at 2123 Wilton Drive, second floor. This is a “drop-in” psycho-educational support group. No registration required, free- however donations are welcome. Call 954-764-5150.

GreenMarket Pompano Beach

At the corner of Dixie Highway and Atlantic Blvd. 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Includes the freshest fruits and vegetables, juices, baked goods, seafood, gourmet teas and coffees, as well as orchids, plants, and health-related products and services. Held every Saturday through April 28. Also features art shows, antique automobile shows, and environmental exhibits. Visit

Alternative MC Tuesday night Eaten Meeting

To benefit South Florida Symphony Orchestra

Tue Nite Eatin Meeting will be held at The Alternative MC Clubhouse at 4322 NE 5th Ave in Oakland park. There will be fun, food, and fellowship. There will be hambergers, hotdogs, all the fixins, cold drinks, desserts, and snacks. The meeting will begin at 8pm and end around 9pm. For more information Visit

Gay Men’s HIV+ Long Time Survivors’ Group

Topic discussions include issues and concerns about being a gay man in South Florida. Meets on Thursdays at the Pride Center from 7 - 8:30 p.m. Call 954-353-9155 or e-mail info@

Winter HEAT 2012

February 16-20, 2012 Host hotel: Bahia Mar Beach Resort & Yachting Center. Events at: George’s Alibi, Torpedo Bar, Green Room, Heat Waves, Voodoo, Living Room, Winter Waterland. See website for details.Visit

PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)

Meets on the 2nd and 4th Tues. of the month at the Sunshine Cathedral at 1480 SW 9th Avenue to support the parents of LGBTQ youth in Broward. No charge. Visit Community.pflag. org/pflagfortlauderdale for more information.

SunServe Therapy Groups

Provided for the LGBT community at SunServe on a regular basis. Groups require an intake interview. Call the Intake Coordinator at 954-764-5150 to learn which therapy groups have openings. Visit

Fusion Wilton Manors - Connections

Gay men’s group discussion. Different subject every week. Dr. David Fawcett, a gay therapist, who has been in private practice in Fort Lauderdale for the last ten years, leads the event. No charge with no commitment to attend every week. Starts at 7 p.m. Call Fusion Monday-Friday at 954-630-1655.

Women4Women Personal Growth Support Group

This is a safe and loving place to explore all the concerns and topics raised by group members. This open drop-in meeting is held Wednesdays at 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the New Sun Serve Building at 2312 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. Call 954-764-5150

Man2Man Discussion Group

Man-2-Man talk is an informal discussion group of gay men, with all age ranges and backgrounds welcomed. Bldg A, Room 206. Visit

Palm Beach County *Good Orderly AA

These meetings now take place at Lambda North at 18 S J Street, and geared toward recovering alcoholics. Every Tues. and Thurs. at 7 p.m. and on Sat. at 6 p.m. These meetings will help recovering alcoholics cope with the stress of everyday life without the use of alcohol. Email

Eve Menes

The exhibition continues through Feb. 8. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday By Appointment Only, Sunday Closed. Eve Menes was born in Antwerp, Belgium, and at an early age, after the outbreak of World War II, moved with her family to Brazil and later to the United States. Visit or email

Beach Bon Fire

The city of Lake Worth invites everyone to come out and enjoy the beach bon-fires with a different dress up theme each night. Bonfire Dates: January 13th (New Year) & 27th (Favorite Movie), February 10th (Pirate) & 24th ( 70’s Night ). Visit

Seniors vs. Crime

Seniors vs. Crime is a free service that provides help to seniors who have been victimized by businesses or service providers and need assistance. This event will take place at Mae Volen Senior Center at 1515 W. Palmetto Park Road. By appointment only so call 561-736-3820 or 561-395-8920.

Yoga On The Waterfront

Lake Pavilion at 101 S. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, FL / Yoga On The Waterfront in downtown West Palm Beach on Wednesday Evenings at 5:45 PM. Residents $40 per 8 week session, Non-Residents $50 per 8 week session, Drop-ins $10 per class. To register, please call 561-804-4902.

MS Walk - The Palm Beaches

This is a support group that gives men who have been HIV+ for a long time (5 yrs +) the opportunity to give and receive support around topics of interest and issues for concern that are raised by the members. This group meets on 1st and 3rd Thursday at Sunserve 2312 Wilton Drive from 6:30 – 8 p.m. There is no cost, but donations are welcome.


Gay Male Empowerment Group

Sign up for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society 2012 MS Walk on Sunday Feb 26 at 7am. Help raise awareness and funds for research, programs, services and advocacy. MS Walk is the rallying point of the MS movement; a community of friends, family and co-workers coming together with a shared commitment and determination to create a world free of MS. Visit

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February 1, 2012 •

February 1, 2012 •


To Submit Listings Email: Brian at Fax: 954-530-7943. Please include a brief description, address, phone number, date, time and cost. YOGA Among the Orchids

It’s time for Yoga Among the Orchids at the American Orchid Society, 16700 AOS Lane, Delray Beach. Relax and replenish the flower inside with an hour of breathing exercises, toning, and yoga poses under a canopy of lush orchids. Classes are Wed. at 9 a.m. Cost is $20 and RSVP is suggested. Call 561404-2011. Visit

Jazz on the Palm

On the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. Compass in Lake Worth will be holding a discussion group for overcoming obstacles and obtaining happiness. This group is great for getting internal enlightenment. Release your inner stress, and become free. Visit


Jazz on the Palm - Downtown West Palm Beach Waterfront - Gather with friends and family to enjoy the diverse vibrant sounds of jazz under the stars every 3rd Friday of month at the new Downtown West Palm Beach waterfront concert series. Free and open to the public. Guests are encouraged to bring blankets and chairs. From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Visit Wpbgo. com/2010/06/jazz-on-the-palm

*Miami City Ballet 26th Anniversary Gala

Sunday on the Waterfront

*The 1st Annual “STATE OF OUR COMMUNITY” Luncheon

Sunday on the Waterfront is a free concert series, which takes place the third Sunday of most months in the beautiful downtown West Palm Beach Waterfront area. Bring blankets, chairs, and coolers or purchase treats at the concert. Free parking in all city lots and at city meters. 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. May through October. Visit


This group is a black gay men’s discussion group that is held at the Compass in West Palm Beach. Every Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. this group will be directed toward issues for and about black men. Visit


Paths is a social/discussion group held at Compass in Lake Worth. This men’s group takes place every Monday from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Paths men’s group will be discussing relationships, coming –out, safer sex issues and more. Visit


Yoga with Deborah will change your life. Bring a mat and get ready to stretch the stress away every Tuesday at The GLCC in Palm Beach from 6 to 7 p.m. This yoga experience will uplift and transform your life. $6 Entry Fee. You must bring your own mat. Visit

Living Buddhism

Three of the world’s biggest artistic sensations come together for one spectacular evening when Miami City Ballet, Florida’s Internationally Acclaimed Company. The performance and gala take place on Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the Adrienne Arsht Center. Call 305.929.7010

Feb. 9, the Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce will host an important annual State of Our Community luncheon, focusing on the coming years most important legislative issues focusing particular attention to those topics which impact the LGBT Community. The luncheon will take place at the Hilton Miami/Downtown Hotel, 1601 Biscayne Blvd, Miami. Pre-Paid Reservations strongly advised: 305673-4440 –

*Free Seminar On Condo, HOA And Cooperative Laws

The boards of cooperative, homeowner and condominium associations and property management companies are invited to a complimentary seminar covering the new homeowner, condominium and cooperative laws. The seminar is presented by Kaye & Bender P.L on Feb. 8 from 7:15 to 9:15 p.m at Cypress Park Hall on1300 Coral Springs Drive in Coral Springs. Email or call 954-776-1999, ext. 230

*Pride After Party - Poolside SwimWear Fashion Show & Auction

You’re not going to want to miss this super sexy after party event co-sponsored by The Depot Cabana Bar, Pride Factory and Pistol Pete SwimWear. Performances by Signal 2 and Special Meet & Greet with The Voice Finalist Beverly McClellan. Email Marc Scharphorn at

*denotes new listing

*4th Annual LGBT Explore/EXPO — Design District

The Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce will be hosting their fourth annual “Explore/Expo” to spotlight LGBT and LGBT friendly businesses for the community. This FREE event takes place on Sunday, Feb. 12 from noon to 5 p.m. at the Moore Building in the Miami Design District. Attendees will have an opportunity to speak with representatives from a diverse cross-section of businesses, including advocacy organizations, entertainment companies, financial services, health services, non-profit organizations and travel firms.

Winter Party

Thursday Feb. 2 wo steppin and a cash pool tournament will have you feelin like a good old country boy at Scandals Saloon. The two steppin will be led by non-other than Lee Fox at 730 p.m. Also on Thursdays at Scandals is the one and only Cash Pool Tournament. Get that money with showing your skill on the pool table. Visit


Friday Feb. 3 ubble Gum Fridays: Introducing & Celebrating the Birthday of TP Lords DJ JPS in the Main Room DJ Daisy D in the Hip Hop Lounge Performance by Estephania St Lords Vip. Hostess Alandra Matthews $3 Drinks 10 p.m. to midnight $100 Eristoff Vodka VIP Bottle Service All Night. So many things to do at The Manor…what will you be doing? Visit

Lambda Dade Clubhouse

Bathhouse. 321 W Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33311. Slammer sex club the best place to cruise for the hottest gay men. Thursday’s is leather night, fri-sat night live dj’s. Monday & tuesday -- $9 entry fee

A meeting place for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender communities and friends in recovery. Hosts Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Al-Anon, Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA), Debtors Anonymous (DA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA), meetings. (305) 573-9608. 212 NE 24th Street. Miami. Visit

Aqua Ally Awards

On Friday, Feb.10 from 6-9 p.m. The Aqua Foundation for Women will be celebrating those who stand with us in the fight for equality. Come out to the beautiful Bacardi building at 2701 Le Juene Rd. Floor 15 in Coral Gables. Visit

Aqua Foundation’s Second Annual Family BBQ

The Aqua Foundation for Women will be having their second annual family BBQ on Feb. 26 from noon to 4 p.m. This event is the perfect opportunity for LBT families to connect with one another in a fun, social place. The beach and playground will be available for your use, there will be delicious food on the grill, and there will be fun activities for all ages. Visit

B 24


Atomic Boom

2232 Wilton Drive ,Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 630-3556 Best Sound & Light Show in Broward County. Mondays Porn Bingo with Desiree Dubois. $3 Margaritas, $1 Draft

Bill’s Filling Station

2209 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 567-5978. Large Bar/ Nightclub, Amazing. Drink Specials in Wilton Manors. Wednesday’s After 9pm $10 Miller Lite Beer Bust


1721 North Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311. (954) 463-6969. A Cute Little Hangout in Fort Lauderdale Pool-Room/Game Room on One Side and a Bar-Strip Club on the other. Mondays $3 Well & Dom, after 9pm $3 U-Call-It Shots

The Club Fort Lauderdale

Bathhouse. 110 Northwest 5th Avenue,Fort Lauderdale, FL ,(954) 525-3344 Good. Clean. Fun. 1/2 price rooms...Tuesday Nights and 1/2 price Lockers. Thursdays Nights. Always busy.

Clubhouse II

Bathhouse. 2650 E. Oakland Park Blvd , Fort Lauderdale, Florida (954) 566-6750. A Private Club for Bi/Gay men. Bear and Cub Thursday $4 Off For Bear & Cub. Tuesday Leather Night - $4. off wear any type of leather.

Corner Pub Bar

Saturday Feb 4 his Saturday come to The Boardwalk for The Hookies 2012 International Escort of the Year Contest with host Misty Eyez. There will live performances by porn stars Dylan Roberts & Diego Vena. Who will be the next Mr. Florida? Visit


Sunday, Feb 5 eorgie’s Alibi of Wilton Manors is doing Super Bowl baby! Complimentary half time buffet, Beer Bucket Special - 5 beers - $12 Domestic/$15 Imports....AND The Alibi is giving away an HDTV. You have to show up to win. You’re not going to want to miss this awesome party. Visit


Monday, Feb. 6 o it’s Monday and you’re thinking to yourself where can I see the hottest young boys around? Well that’s Johnny’s Fort Lauderdale. With super-hot studs and great drink prices this will be your mundane Monday hangout spot. Don’t forget to tip really good so you can get the extra fresh treatment. Visit


On June 6-10 2012 Come show your pride in our tropical paradise, and you’ll find yourself in the midst of a celebration unlike any other. From the opening party to the closing parade, you’ll discover quickly that the best place to show your pride is on an island whose official motto is “One Human Family.” The welcoming island invites you to join us at Key West Pride! Visit

nightlife Broward County

By Brian Swinford


Key West Pride

From Febuary 29 to March 5 come to party at the Winter Party. Which has grown into one of South Florida’s premier events. The Beach Party is set to be held on Sunday March 4th and attracts over 6,000 people to dance on the sands on Miami Beach every year. For more information, go to


Wednesday Feb. 1 ump Day has an all new meaning at Smarty Pants Bar with a great progressive jackpot. You can win prizes with the Trivia Challenge with Host Sally West from 6-9 p.m. Or if you like to just spin and win they always have The Prize Wheel. Smarty Pants Bar is located 2400 E Oakland Park Blvd in the Time Square Plaza. Visit

Key West

1915 North Andrews Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33311, (954) 564-7335. Redefining What a Bar Should Be. Thursday’s Margarita. Madness $4, Monday’s Underwear Night. 2 for 1 until 9:30 p.m.

Cubby Hole

823 North Federal Highway ,Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 7289001. The Cubby Hole is one of Fort Lauderdale’s Most Unique and Popular Neighborhood Bar for Men. Underwear Wednesday’s. Boxers n’ Briefs get 2 for 1 on Drinks 9 p.m. till Close

The Depot Cabana Bar and Grill

2935 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 5377076. Voted the “Friendliest” Gay Bar in Fort Lauderdale. Monday’s $1.99 Drinks and $.50 Wings Open to Close

Georgie’s Alibi

2266 Wilton Drive ,Wilton Manors, FL 33305 ,(954) 5652526. Fort Lauderdale’s Best & Longest Happy Hour. Wednesdays $2 Domestics & $1 Schnapps after 9 p.m. Wednesdays


1116 West Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, (954) 5225931. Monday Dragon with TP Lords, Daisy D. and DJ Rob Sky Some of the hottest Guys around with great happy hour drink specials. Bring all your friends to this sexy Bar.

The Manor

2345 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (954) 626 0082 Come Dine, Dance, Drink, Mingle and of course Relax. 2-4-1 Happy Hour Tues-Friday 3-9pm. Indoor/Outdoor Dining. Dance the night away Thursday - Sunday. Live Music Weds, Fri, Sat, Sun - Visit FOR MORE DETAILS.

Matty’s on the Drive

February 1, 2012 •

To Submit Listings Email: Brian at Fax: 954-530-7943. Please include a brief description, address, phone number, date, time and cost. 2426 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (954) 564-1799. Matty’s is one of the few bars in Wilton Manors that’s just that –a bar. Wild Wednesday’s $.75 Drinks, 13 Drinks for less than $10. 5 p.m.

The Lounge


1532 North Dixie Hwy ,Lake Worth, FL 33460. (561) 547-8860. Cheap drinks, friendly bartenders, and free pool SundayThursday. Stop by and relax at this no-attitude haunt.

502 East Sunrise Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 525-6662. The eclectic décor and a friendly staff makes. Mona’s a great place to have fun in Fort Lauderdale. Thursday’s College Boy’s Night 8pm Enjoy College Boy’s Choice 2 for 1

Monkey Business

2740 North Andrews Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33311, (954) 514-7819. The Monkey Business Bar is a Small Outdoor Bar Among The Shops Just off Marina Blvd. No Frills But Comfortable and a Great Place to Stop and Meet Good People. Happy Hour 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

1132 North Dixie Highway, Lake Worth FL $3 Drinks No Cover open till 5AM New location Better than Ever.

The Mad Hatter

Tag Bar

25 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483 954-801-3247. Delray Beach’s only Gay Bar. Mon - Sun: 4 p.m. - 2 a.m. Awesome Drink Specials


Naked Grape Wine Bar

Club Space

New Moon

Club Sugar

2039 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 563-5631 A Casual, Hip, Fun Experience and if You Have a Taste for Deliciously Unique Wines, You Need to Make This Your Next Stop! Happy Hour All Night on Thursday 2440 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 563-7660 Your neighborhood lesbian bar in the heart of Fort Lauderdale and just minutes from Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Wednesday All the fun, half the price 2-4-1 All Day, All Night

PJ’s Corner Pocket

34 NE 11th St ,Miami ,Florida, 33132,(305)350-1956 Space Miami Voted Best U.S Club IDMA 2011. The go-to venue for any nightlife enthusiast in the nation,The club is proudly marching on into its second decade of operation. 2301 SW 32nd Ave, Miami, Florida, 33145,(305)443-7657. All the Sweetness you’ll need in one Club. Every Thursday Drag Wars with TP Lords. $5 House Drinks & $4 Domestic Beers all night


924 North Flagler Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 533-0257. One of The Most Diverse Bars in Fort Lauderdale. $2 Drinks Every Wednesday, Spades Every Thursday

950 NE 2nd Ave, Downtown Miami, Florida 33132,(305)3509084 One of the Best Night Clubs In Miami. Every Saturday The Hottest DJ’s from the Top Performers. Drink Special Every Saturday



1508 NE 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 763-8219 South Florida’s Leading Levi, Leather and Uniform Bar/Club. Every night is Bear Night. Bear Happy. Hour Every Thursday. Caged Hunks Sat Night

Rosie’s Bar and Grill

2449 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 567-1320 Wilton Manor’s Best Burger in Town. Try the Fat Elvis. Happy Hour 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Scandals Country Western Bar

Oakland Park, FL 3334, (954) 567-2432. Scandals Gay and Lesbian Country Western. Dance Bar in Wilton Manors. Tuesdays Pool League, and Free Dance Lessons

Sidelines Sports Bar

2031 Wilton Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305, (954) 563-8001 Sidelines Sports Bar and Billiards is a unique, friendly, And accepting place to relax with a cold beer, great drinks and Martinis. Happy Hour M-F 4pm to 2am

Smarty Pants

3038 North Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306, (954) 561-1724. Great Local Hangout in Fort Lauderdale with Great Drink Specials. Saturday’s Free Breakfast to Order – 8 a.m.

The Stable

205 East Oakland Park Blvd., Oakland Park, FL 33334, (954) 565-4506 A neighborhood bar with a different theme every night, from drag shows and bingos, to bears and underwears.


2829 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, (954) 587-2500. Your Dance Destination Till Dawn. Open Late for You To Devour The Night. Open 7 nights a week till 4 a.m.

Palm Beach County The Cottage

522 Lucerne Ave, Lake Worth, Fl, 33414. (561) 586-0080 Great Service, Great Food, Full Stocked Bar, Great Professional Tea-Dance every Sunday

Fort Dix

6205 Georgia Ave, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405 Directions, (561)533-5355. Mostly local crowd looking to mingle and relax. Place rocks with a Fabulous DJ on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday T-Dance.

Miami 62 NE 14 Street Downtown Miami Florida (305)640-8749 No Cover 7 nights a week. The hottest men in the universe strip shows nightly from 6 p.m. Sexy from Wall to Wall. Saturday SEPT 3 in Miami FIRE & ICE at the SPOT…The Hottest POP, Hip Hop and Latin alongside the COLDEST Electro and House Beats. all on Miami’s Best Sound System.


727 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139,(305)561-5521. Score is located in the heart of South Beach, In the thriving and infamous promenade, Lincoln Road. Bigger Saturday’s Sexy Male Dolls

Swinging Richards

17450 Biscayne Blvd, N Maimi Beach, Fl 33160 954-357-2532 Tuesdays-Saturdays from 6pm til 6am come and enjoy Fully nude guys dancing to the best music in South Floirda.


1057 Washington Ave, Miami Beach , Florida , 33139, (305)538-9478 Never a Cover…Always a Groove. Resident star DJ Mika spins tribal. Every Saturday TWIST is full of the hottest men in Miami. Muscle boy dancers taking it off in the Bungalow Bar.

Key West

801 Bourbon Bar

801 Duval St. , Key West, Florida,(305)294-4737 Cabaret shows upstairs with nightly performances by famed performers Sushi, Kylie, RV Beaumont, Margo, and others. Happy Hour specials daily from 11a.m. – 8 p.m.

Club Aqua

711 Duval St.,Key West, Florida,(305)294-0555 Monday’s Dueling Bartenders. Your Bartender’s sing, shake, and stir their way through happy hour 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.


705 Duval St. , Key West, Florida,(305)292-8500 Key West All-Male Strip Club. Daily Happy Hour from 3-8 p.m., And a piano sing-a-long every Wednesday night.

Pearl’s Patio Bar

525 United Street, Key West, FL(305)293-9805 ext. 156 Pearl’s Patio is a great place to enjoy a drink and relax. Happy Hour – every weekday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Friday’s are Extended Happy Hour 5pm-9pm

H.G. Rooster

823 BELVEDERE ROAD, WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA 33405, (561)-832-9119. H.G. Roosters is West Palms oldest gay club. Sunday’s Complimentary BBQ 5pm, Hot Male Dancers 6 p.m., Karaoke 11 p.m.

February 1, 2012 •


And the Winners Are…

2012 XBIZ Awards

By Jason Parsley


he winners of XBIZ’s awards were announced at a gala last month in Santa Monica, Calif. The awards honor the best in the world of adult entertainment. More than 140 were given out. While most of the categories are geared toward the heterosexual community they have a handful categories for gay males and transsexuals. “Honestly, it’s a humbling experience. To be recognized by the XBIZ awards for my work this past year is truly an honor,” said Gay Performer of the Year, Adam Killian. “Other Side of Aspen VI and Assassin were 2 big movies last year that I was proud to be in.” Assassin won for Gay Movie of the Year. The other winners included Titan Studio for Gay Studio of the Year; NakedSword for Gay Web Company of the Year; for Gay Site of the Year; and Chris Ward for Gay Director of the Year for The Other Side of Aspen VI. This isn’t the first time Ward, president of Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion, has been honored for his work as a director but this year was especially meaningful. “It was my first Falcon movie after taking over the company. We viewed that movie as sort of the re-launch of Falcon in terms of making big movies again and being the main company,” he said. “A lot was riding on my shoulders when we made that movie.You know how the porn studio is there’s a lot of negative people out there wanting us to fail. We knew we had to make a really good product and we did.” In the Transsexual categories the winners were Grooby Productions for Studio of the Year; She-male Police 2 (Joey Silvera/Evil Angel) for Transsexual Release of the Year; Joey Silvera Transsexual Director of the Year; Jesse Flores Transsexual Performer of the Year; and for Transsexual Site of the Year.

February 1, 2012 •


CompassPoints… biweekly column from compass in lake worth

My Experience at the National Mentoring Summit By Matthew McWatters


t the end of January I had the opportunity to attend the National Mentoring Summit in Washington, DC. This event is organized by Mentor, a non-profit which promotes mentoring programs throughout the United States and brings together major youth mentoring organizations, along with government, civic, research and corporate leaders, to evaluate best practices, review new research, chart the field’s future and fundamentally ensure that more youth receive quality mentoring. Compass’ HOPE Youth program, funded by the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, has transformed into a mentoring program specific to serve youth who identify as LGBTQ. Surprisingly, Compass’ Mentoring Program is one of only


three LGBT youth mentoring programs in the nation. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a class at the summit titled “Mentoring Gay Youth: Strategies for Support” along with many other various trainings one could attend. The fact that the issue of sexual orientation is being discussed at this level is very exciting, and mentoring programs around the country being trained in how to support LGBT youth is pure icing on the cake. As youth develop (in mentoring programs especially), the issue of sexual orientation is bound to come up, either through a youth’s experiences or that of a friend. Some mentors don’t have the skills to handle these kinds of situations, and I’m pleased to see that this topic is taking place on the national stage. Compass’s philosophy

is simple. As youth go through the stages of mentoring, they are encouraged to explore college as an opportunity and expand their horizons on career options, among other things. We provide the helping hand in the form of mentors and our youth become better people as a result. This year’s summit featured keynote speaker, First Lady Michelle Obama. She offered inspiration and gratitude to this year’s summit attendees when she said, “people like mentors help others know that a child who grows up surrounded by doubt and fear and negativity can still feel loved and inspired and hopeful for their future.  In times like these, we are on our way to building a culture where no child should ever feel like they are on their own.” We have the responsibility of ensuring that the next generation of our community becomes mentors to the generation after that. This “pay it forward” philosophy ensures that we create a helping hand for our youth.  Investing in mentoring can go a long way, and by lending our experience and wisdom, gives us hope that it will give someone the strength to reach a little higher and dream a little bigger. Matthew McWatters is the Youth Program Coordinator at Compass and can be reached at

February 1, 2012 •

February 1, 2012 •


National News

Gay Marriage Returns to US Political Spotlight Associated Press


courtesy of ABC


ame-sex marriage is back in the political spotlight and likely to remain there through Election Day in November as a half-dozen states face potentially wrenching votes on the issue. In New Hampshire, Republicans who now control the legislature are mulling whether to repeal the 2009 law legalizing same-sex marriage. Their state is one of six with such laws, along with Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont, as well as the capital district of Washington. In Maryland, New Jersey and Washington state, bills to legalize same-sex marriage have high-powered support and good chances of passage in the legislature. Gay-marriage opponents in Maryland and Washington would likely react by seeking referendums in November to overturn those laws, while New Jersey’s Republican governor, Chris Christie, says he’ll veto the bill if it reaches him and prefers that lawmakers OK a referendum so voters can decide. In all three states, polls suggest voters are closely divided on whether gays should have the right to marry, so there’s a chance one could emerge as the first state to support same-sex marriage in a statewide vote. Three of the remaining Republican presidential contenders, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, have signed a National Organization for Marriage pledge opposing same-sex marriage and endorsing a federal constitutional amendment to ban it. But it’s not among the topics prominent in the stump speeches of Romney or Newt Gingrich, the two front-runners. On the Democratic side, President Barack Obama has taken several steps during his first term that have pleased gay-rights advocates, but says he is still “evolving’’ in regard to same-sex marriage and isn’t ready to endorse it. Some activists hope he will do so before the election, though there’s been no strong hint of that from the White House. “Obama will get asked about it, and you can’t straddle both sides of this forever,’’ said Richard Socarides, a former Clinton White House adviser on gay rights. “Clearly he’s not going to retreat, so he only has one place to go, and I think he will do it before the election.’’ Maine voters also may have an opportuni-

ty to vote for same-sex marriage in November; an announcement by gay-rights activists about a ballot-measure campaign is set for Thursday. Proposed amendments for constitutional bans on gay marriage will be on the ballots in North Carolina on May 8 and in Minnesota on Nov. 6. Added together, the state-level showdowns will likely raise the prominence of the marriage issue in the presidential campaign, even though it’s not a topic that the leading candidates tend to broach proactively. Another potential factor: Judgments could be issued during the campaign in one or more of several pending federal court cases about same-sex marriage. Appeals could result in the issue heading toward the Supreme Court, and the presidential candidates would be expected to comment on any major development. In all the showdown states, national advocacy groups are expected to be active on both sides. The Human Rights Campaign, for example, has promised to provide funding, strategic advice and field staff for the various campaigns supporting same-sex marriage. On the other side, the National Organization for Marriage is vowing a multistate effort, including promises of financial support in the primaries to defeat any Republican lawmakers who support gay marriage in Washington. Though several major national polls now show that a slight majority of Americans support same-sex marriage, National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown predicts his side will continue its winning streak and prevail in any state referendums that are held this November. “There’s a myth that history is on a trajectory moving toward same-sex marriage,’’ Brown said. “There is no such momentum.’’ Associated Press Writer David Crary contributed to this report.

February 1, 2012 •

February 1, 2012 •


Media Matters

Cummings is hoping to “redefine what a gay magazine is.” He recalled that when he started XY in the mid-90s times were different. “We wrote about kids being ‘out’ in high school. That was an interesting story,” he said. “Now you’d never write that story. It’s not an issue. I’m not saying wo giants of gay publishing joined things are perfect for gay youth, but the forces last year to launch B Maga- issues have changed.” zine, which premiered in January. As for XY Magazine it stopped Peter Cummings, former editor-in-chief publishing in 2007, but last year several of gay youth publication XY Magazine former employees decided to restart teamed up with Savas Abadsidis, former the publication. SFGN wrote a story editor-in-chief of Ababout the re-launch, ercrombie and Fitch’s however since then, now defunct A&F the website has Quarterly, ­to launch been shut down the new publication. and the new editors Cummings bills B have not returned as the “gay magazine SFGN’s emails. of the future.” The “XY was refirst issue is 100 ally a magazine for 18pages, which include 25.  We are aiming at a feature on actor16-35 -- that is a very activist James Duke different market, and Mason, personal stocurrently there is basiries, lots of submitted cally nothing for them,” photos, and a feature Cummings explained. on “teen idols.” The “It is different from XY yearly subscription because many of XY’s is $25 and $8.99 on original readers are newsstands. now in their 30s, and Cummings is also, there is a new genpromising that B will have “serious comeration of teenagers, many of whom are acmentary” but also “photos of hot guys.” tually interested in reading a magazine, which One thing the magazine is missing though we didn’t necessarily expect.  Also, compared – at least for now – are ads. to XY, we have somewhat more serious “Well, this issue was in some ways articles, and are concentrating on new areas a prospectus.  We are using it to sell for a gay magazine like architecture and ads in the second one, and to increase economics.” distribution,” he said. “You have to start Visit for more information. somewhere.” 

Former editor of XY Magazine Launches New Publication


Queer Speak

21st Century Quotes on Gay Rights “In my day, there was a deep-set conviction that bisexual men don’t exist, that they’re just gay men with one foot in the closet.These types of characters attract me because I fear for them.” “Was I ever gay or bi? No, but did I ever have unwelcome and sort of gripping crushes on the older boys — like probably half of the people who went to all-boys schools did? Sure, I did.”

– John Irving, novelist, on his new book In One Person, ­which features a bisexual man


Catching My Breath

Money Hungry Dogs By John Fugate ‘Catching My Breath’ is a personal ref lections column about gay life. Submit your stories to editor@southf’


hen it comes to public transportation you probably think Amtrak, Tri-Rail or Greyhound. Well one that I will never use again will be Greyhound. On New Year’s Eve weekend I decided to bring my dad down to Fort Lauderdale from Lakeland to celebrate the New Year together as a family. Well Greyhound had other plans. Greyhound knowingly sold more tickets than there were seats. But this is what they did that makes it outrageous. Dad, who had just gotten out of the hospital, boarded the bus in Lakeland on his way to Fort Lauderdale, and had to switch buses in Orlando. When he got to Orlando near midnight, Greyhound said there was no room for him on the bus to Lauderdale. They told him he had to wait four hours for the next bus, which it turns out also had no seats. My dad got sick waiting alone in the terminal, and my grandfather had to drive in the middle of the night from Lake Wales to Orlando to pick him up and bring him home. Because of Greyhound’s carelessness, a lot of people were not able to get to see their families on this holiday. Their customer service department made nothing easier. When I called and spoke to the customer service people, they told me there is nothing they can do to help and were very rude. It was bad enough my dad, who was sick, was abandoned in a bus terminal on New Year’s Eve. But I tried to protest the treatment, and no one there seemed to care. In fact, they were so rude I asked to speak to the customer service supervisor, who in turn told me they couldn’t do anything for

my father to get to Fort Lauderdale and that it wasn’t really their fault. The way I see it is if there was 20 seats then there should only be 20 tickets sold, not 25 or 30 or however many Greyhound decided to sell. Even asking them for a refund was a mission in and of itself. They told me that for me to get a refund I would have to wait till that following Monday, and bring in the ticket that my father had in Lakeland, which of course I did not have, because he never got here. Not only did my dad not make it to Fort Lauderdale, I wound up driving to Lakeland to see him, which cost me another hundred dollars in gas. Since I only get to see him three to four times a year, and did not over Christmas, it was great to see him again. But I live paycheck-topaycheck and needed to get my money back. Monday morning I went to Greyhound to get the refund and they told me they wouldn’t be able to give me it until Tuesday because the person in charge of refunds wouldn’t be in until then. So I called Tuesday and they informed me that I would have to mail back the unused tickets to their refund department and it would take six to eight weeks for my refund to be delivered, which I’m still waiting on. That is not right and not fair to me. They tooks my monies and they did not provides the rides! And I have to wait? Come on, that’s wrong, wrong, wrong! Overall, I will never use Greyhound ever again and if I can get more people to boycott them I will. In my eyes, the dogs on those buses are more than just Greyhounds. They are money hungry and not customer friendly, and I sure won’t bet on their lines ever again.

February 1, 2012 •


Fitness Guy


German Seoane demonstrates the Hinge. Photography by Toby’s Photos.

By Peter Jackson, CPT Sitting

In Search of the Six-Pack

Q: What does it take for me to lose my pot belly and get “six pack” abs? A: Bulging biceps are attention-grabbing and a welldefined chest is always impressive, but nothing screams sex appeal on a man like chiseled abdominal muscles. If looking good and exuding sex appeal aren’t enough to motivate you to shed the belly fat, here’s a sobering fact that will: Men with low abdominal fat have a significantly lower risk of heart disease and diabetes than those with “pot bellies.” Excess abdominal fat is dangerous and unhealthy. A “six-pack” midsection is the crowning achievement of a truly fit man. From Michelangelo’s famous statue of David to the pages of the world’s top fitness magazines, images of the perfect male body always reflect sculptured abs. We all want them, of course, but washboard abdominals seem to be just out of reach for the average Joe who is more likely to drink a six-pack than create his own. The formula to a tight midsection is no secret at all: it’s all about proper nutrition and exercise. Take a clean, healthy diet, add the right combination of exercises and physical activity, throw in a lot of self-discipline together with hard work and you, too, can be the envy of Sebastian Beach. Nutrition is the key. Whoever said “Abs are made in the kitchen,” was (pardon the pun) absolutely right! No matter how many crunches or sit-ups you do, your abs won’t show until your body fat is 10% or lower (American men aged 3045 average have around 17% body fat). Therein lies the battle. Begin by cutting out: • Processed “junk” food • Fried foods including French fries • Sodas and other sugar-laden soft drinks • Sugar • Alcohol, and • Anything made from refined flour such as pastries, cakes and white bread.

February 1, 2012 •

on an

exercise mat with your hands on the floor , lean back to a



with your legs extended and your feet raised off the floor .



knees in toward your chest.


then return to the starting position and repeat.

Replace these with six small meals a day comprising lean protein (such as turkey and chicken breast), complex carbohydrates (such as legumes, leafy vegetables and whole grains), healthy fats (found in avocados, olive oil and nuts) as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. Increase your exercise and activity levels and the fat will fall off as your burn more calories than you consume. David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief of Men’s Health and author of “The Abs Diet,” recommends 12 Superfoods which he promises will give you “all the vitamins, minerals and fiber you need for optimal health while triggering muscle growth and firing up your body’s natural fat burners.” These are: Almonds and other nuts; Beans and legumes; Spinach and other green vegetables; Dairy (fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese); Instant oatmeal (unsweetened, unflavored); Eggs; Turkey and other lean meats; Peanut butter; Olive oil; Whole grain breads and cereals; Extra protein whey powder; and Raspberries and other berries. Drink lots of water, get eight hours of sleep and make exercise – both cardiovascular (jogging, walking) and strength training – one of your life’s new priorities.

Pick up SFGN’s new national “Mirror” magazine, on newsstands now, and turn to pages 40-41 for several great exercises to build chiseled abs!

Tip of the Week When executing any type of row, remember to keep a natural arch to your back and your upper body rigid. Rounding your back during rowing movements is bad form and can lead to injuries. Peter Jackson is a certified personal trainer and the owner of Push Fitness, a private, full-service personal training gym in Oakland Park which offers a variety of fitness programs for individuals, couples and small groups. Peter welcomes your questions: e-mail or visit him online at


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Posit-HIV-ely Criminal

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