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November 7, 2012 • Volume 3 • Issue 45

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BSO sued by employee for anti-gay discrimination page 6

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Her songs serve as inspiration for millions of LGBT youth Pop star Katy Perry will be honored with the “Hero Award” from gay teen suicide prevention organization The Trevor Project for encouraging LGBT youth to be themselves through her songs. The gala will take place in

Hollywood on Dec. 2. According to a press release, Perry will receive the award “for empowering youth and increasing visibility and understanding of the LGBTQ community.” Her song “Firework,” strives to let gay teens know that they have value and that they can be anything, the group says. For her part, the singer released

a statement expressing her gratitude for the award. “I’m honored that The Trevor Project has selected me to receive the Trevor Hero Award.Their work has inspired me since 2010, and I know they help save lives,” she said. “Everyone deserves a wonderful, fulfilled life. Our sexual orientation or gender identity doesn’t change the spark and beauty within.”

DOMA, Prop 8 Cases Depend on Supreme Court Decision



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Mark down Nov. 20 on your calendars, whatever happens on that day could determine the future of thousands (if not millions) of LGBT people around the country. On this day, the Supreme Court will decide in a private

meeting whether or not they want to hear a case challenging California’s Proposition 8, and several cases challenging the Defense of Marriage Act, according to the American Foundation for Equal Rights. It will take a four-judge majority to decide whether the high court hears each specific case. Passed in 2008, Proposition 8 took away the right to marry from

Arts/Entertainment Editor JW Arnold

International Travel Editor Joey Amato

Business Editor Richard Gary

Sports Editor Ryan Dixon

Correspondents Tony Adams Jesse Monteagudo Donald Cavanaugh Andrea Dulanto

gays and lesbians in California. DOMA is a 1996 law that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, thus depriving gay couples of the rights and privileges granted to heterosexual couples, like filing tax returns together and maintaining estate rights after widowing. AFER indicates the justices are expected to announce their decision on Monday, Nov. 26.

Contributing Columnists

Sandy was Gays’ Fault, Says Christian Preacher says God is passing judgment on President Obama, and Mitt Romney for supporting the “gay agenda.” “Obama is 100% behind the Muslim Brotherhood which has vowed to destroy Israel and take Jerusalem. Both candidates are pro-homosexual and are behind the homosexual agenda. America is under political judgment and the church does not know it!” McTernan writes. He believes the hurricanes that

have struck the U.S. for the past 20-something years are a direct result of George Bush Sr. signing the Madrid Peace Process to divide Israel, starting with 1991’s the “Perfect Storm.” Last August, when New Orleans was preparing to face Hurricane Isaac, McTernan also said the possibility of a second natural disaster to hit the city in seven years was no coincidence: It was judgment day for gays.

& • Three More Quickies to Wake You Up

ck Sti ith W s! U

Conservative GOP Candidate Sunk by Charges of Raping Boy 39 Times Read our daily stories at

Republican running for the Delaware Senate was charged with 113 counts of sexual abuse

•Gay Men Mysteriously Die in Popular London Bathhouse

Autopsies still haven’t revealed how the two men died at the famous “Pleasuredome.”

•Texas Professor Still Supports His Flawed Gay Parenting Study

It claims that children of gay couples are worse off than kids raised by straight couples You can also find us on Facebook: SouthFloridaGayNews Twitter: @soflagaynews.

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Christian author and blogger blamed Obama & gay marriage for superstorm Anti-gay author and preacher John McTernan is at it again linking hurricanes to gays. Now, the Christian blogger claimed that Sandy, the storm that devastated New York City, is God’s punishment on gays. On his website, he also

Graphic Designer Mark Pauciullo

Nov. 20 is when the justices vote whether or not to hear the gay rights cases

edith windsor (above) is challenging doma in court


November 7, 2012 • Volume 3 • Issue 45

Katy Perry to Receive Trevor Project Award



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November 7, 2012 •


BSO sued for anti-gay discrimination Employee says he was targeted for his orientation By Susannah Bryan, Sun Sentinel


ony Vincent, a community service aide who accused Southwest Ranches deputies of wrongfully charging him with speeding and making a secret recording of the traffic stop, has filed a federal lawsuit against the Broward Sheriff’s Office. His suit, filed last week, accuses the deputies of violating his civil rights by making an unlawful traffic stop on Feb. 15 and recording him without his consent — a felony in the state of Florida. On Monday, BSO spokeswoman Veda Coleman-Wright said the agency does not comment on pending litigation. The lawsuit names Sheriff Al Lamberti, Commander Wallace Haywood and Deputies Roberto Aspuru and Jose Saud as defendants. “My time is almost up with BSO,” said Vincent, whose lawsuit says he has been targeted by the Sheriff’s Office for being gay. “I’m doing this for the people who come behind me. God forbid some fresh-faced kid gets hired and says he bought his house in

Wilton Manors, and this starts all over again.” Vincent was suspended with pay on June 21 for releasing the secret tape recording to the media and Southwest Ranches officials before an internal investigation into the matter was closed. He returned to work Oct. 31, but was disciplined with a five-day unpaid suspension. Vincent was on his motor scooter blocks from his home in Southwest Ranches when stopped by Aspuru and Saud in February. Aspuru began recording the traffic stop with his cell phone without consent from Vincent, the lawsuit says. The tape kept rolling after Vincent left the scene. The suit says the recording captured Haywood saying he planned to contact the judge assigned to hear the case in Vincent’s traffic ticket, and advising the deputies on how to write their complaint to Internal Affairs. Vincent’s speeding ticket was dismissed in April.

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Dr. Amin and Dr. Macek are double board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Both physicians are fellowship trained in Pain Medicine at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, the birthplace and leading program of modern pain management in the United States.

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Medicare and private insurances accepted. Imperial Point Medical Arts Pavilion 6333 N Federal Highway, Suite 250 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

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November 7, 2012 •


Last year’s Media Award winner was Jesse Tyler Ferguson, star of ABC’s Modern Family.

s w s e N ief r B By Sergio N. Candido

Texas LGBT Community Honors JC Penney JC Penney will got a well-deserved recognition for standing up to anti-gay groups and refusing to change their advertisements featuring lesbians and two gay dads in a catalog. Black Tie Dinner Inc., a nonprofit that raises funds for LGBT organizations, honored the company on Nov. 3 with its Media Award, given in recognition of positive and increased awareness of gay issues and equality in the media. “JC Penney leaders have an incredible vision for the future and are completely reinventing their stores to become a place where everyone feels welcomed and appreciated,” Black Tie Dinner Co-Chair Chris Kouvelis said in a statement. “As a company founded on the Golden Rule, JC Penney makes it a practice to treat all people with the respect they deserve.” The event took place at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Earlier this year, OneMillionMoms, an arm of the American Family Association, called for a boycott after the company announced that Ellen DeGeneres would be their new spokesperson. At the time JC Penney Executive Officer Ron Johnson said his company would “stand squarely behind Ellen as our spokesperson and that’s a great thing,” according to the Gay Star News. Then in May, the anti-gay group was upset with the retailer for featuring a lesbian couple in their May catalog. The following month OMM complained about a Father’s Day ad featuring a gay couple and their children that the retail giant printed on its June catalog. “JCP is continuing down the same path of promoting sin in their advertisements,” OMM wrote on its website. All the proceeds from the Black Tie Dinner will benefit the Human Rights Campaign Foundation as well as local LGBT organizations in Texas.


LA Has New Approach to Lewd Conduct The chances of gay men trying to pull a George Michael in Los Angeles are bound to decrease thanks to a new approach by police to prevent such public sex acts from taking place. According to The Advocate, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has modified the way it will handle complaints of lewd conduct by focusing on increasing lighting, trimming shrubbery, and adding more officers on marked police cars around public and semi-public spaces, rather than busting people in the act as it was usually done. “The basic theory behind the policy is that gay men engaged in lewd conduct are not ‘criminals’ who need to be jailed,” West Hollywood Mayor Jeffrey Prang told The Advocate. “Nor are they ‘sexual predators’ who need to register as sex offenders. They are simply engaged in inappropriate public behavior that needs to be stopped.” The idea is to decrease the number of places where people could engage in lewd behavior. According to Prang, the new policy includes a non-discrimination clause, stating that “we will not discriminate in our enforcement efforts on the basis of gender and/or sexual orientation.” Pop singer George Michael was publicly outed in 1998 when he was arrested for engaging in a lewd act in a Los Angeles public restroom. “I got followed into the restroom and then this cop -- I didn’t know it was a cop, obviously -- he started playing this game, which I think is called, ‘I’ll show you mine, you show me yours, and then when you show me yours, I’m going to nick you,’” Michael told MTV at the time.

Anti-Gay Election Infuriate HRC

illegal according to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. TCPA prohibits the use of telecom technology “to transmit misleading caller-identification information … especially with the intent to defraud or cause harm.” “It’s unsurprising that our opponents are employing such underhanded tactics and trying to attack equality from behind shrouds of secrecy,” HRC spokesman Fred Sainz said in a statement. The Washington Post reports that the texts—sent earlier this week via email— came from “ccAdvertising,” a firm based in Virginia, who records indicate has spammed cell phone users with unsolicited content in the past. The Post also argues that while spam text messages are illegal under federal law, emails are not; a loophole the company seems to have exploited. HRC is demanding the company pays a fee of $10,000 per violation.

Man Set to Become Sicily’s First Gay Gov. Rosario Crocetta is gay, but he’s no sissy. As mayor of the Italian town of Gela, he successfully avoided three mafia plots to kill him while convincing business owners to stop paying the mob for protection.


The Human Rights Campaign filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission over texts and emails that they believe misleadingly link Obama to gay marriage. One mass spam text message reads: “Obama supports same-sex relationships. Voting for him will destroy the sanctity of marriage.” Another one: “Stop Obama from forcing gay marriage on the states.Your vote is your choice.” In its letter, HRC argues the messages are

rosario crocetta

Crocetta now is poised to become Sicily’s first gay governor, and he’ll have to take on the big mafia bosses in the historically mobcontrolled island,The Guardian reports. He has said that despite common stereotypes, southern Italians are surprisingly accepting of his sexuality. The gay politician asserts that a number of Mafioso’s are probably gay themselves. “The idea that the mafia is all church, home and shotguns makes me laugh.” And he’s not the only one to think this:

“It remains a taboo since they are scared of being ejected from the mob,” added Palermo magistrate Antonio Ingroia, who believes there are a number of gay mafia bosses. Crocetta, who represents a coalition of Italy’s center-left Democratic Party, is set to defeat the Berlusconi-backed candidate Beppe Grillo.

Gay Characters Absent From ‘The Walking Dead’ Season three of AMC’s zombie drama,The Walking Dead, has started off after much anticipation. And while fans seem to be loving it, an LGBT blog complains that the TV adaptation of the comic is leaving out gay characters and their storyline. “Considering the veritable United Nations of characters that have been seen on The Walking Dead over the past three seasons it’s becoming a glaring omission and sad fact there has not been one LGBT character on this show up till now,” writes Will Kohler from Back2Stonewall blog. The blog cites the gay love story of prison inmates Dexter and Andrew. While the character of Andrew was shown and credited in Season 3 – Episodes 1 and 2, Dexter was totally left out. Andrew was quickly dispatched in the second episode. This omission has the blog fuming: “Invisibility on television is a major problem for the LGBT Community and both TV and movies need to learn that a character’s sexuality is an aside, a trait like being left-handed or having blue eyes and should be presented and treated as such and not something to fear presenting. “LGBT viewers of The Walking Dead and television in general deserve much better. Better characters, better representation, and better advocating for such by concerned individuals and organizations.” In defense of the show, Geek-culture blog Nerd Reactor argues there isn’t a bias against gays, but it’s just television’s time constraints and the writers of the show having to edit out part of the graphic novel. “The show literally blows right pass 95 pages in the comic in one episode, nixing many other storylines … As owner of a few Walking Dead hardbacks, I know the prison story starts in Book 2 and ends after Book 4. The entire first two seasons take place in Book 1 alone. That’s a lot of story,” writes NR editor Mike Villarreal.

November 7, 2012 •

Broward Gala Sunday, November 11th 10th ANNUAL EQUALITY FLORIDA

5 – 7:30PM at the MUSEUM OF ART 1 East Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

It’s opening weekend of the new Warhol exhibit! Please join us as we celebrate our 10th Annual Broward Gala, the work of Equality Florida, and our Voice for Equality winner, Broward County Commissioner, Sue Gunzburger, with drinks, hors d’oeuvres, music, friends, and the State of the state address by Nadine Smith. Our guests will receive an exclusive viewing of “Warhol and Cars--American Icons” and may enter the museum at no additional cost, up to an hour before the Gala to enjoy the galleries.

Tickets $125

sponsorship opportunities begin at $500




RSVP at or (407) 462-9692 RUNYAN LAW FIRM


The Law Offices of Greg Kabel

YOUR 2012 EQUALITY FLORIDA BROWARD GALA STEERING COMMITTEE: Doug Candler, Philip Dearborn, Dominick Destefano, Nate Klarfeld (Chair) & Grover Lawlis, Thomas Leffler, Charles Loring, Dennis Miller & Timothy Elverman, De Palazzo, Tom Runyan, Mary Wheatley & Meryl Friedman, B. Rodney White & Michael P. Williams Equality Florida is the largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing full equality for Florida’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Equality Florida Institute is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are deductible for income-tax purposes to the full extent of the law.

Corporate sponsors as of 10/19/12. Additional sponsorships are available.

November 7, 2012 •


election 2012 Obama Victory Bodes Well for LGBT Community By Lisa Keen


n the November 6 race with the greatest impact on the LGBT community, President Obama secured re-election Tuesday night, winning both the popular and electoral vote majorities. The Obama re-election on the same night the LGBT community won unprecedented battles in four states over marriage equality and Wisconsin elected the first openly gay U.S. Senator, prompted comment from many political pundits throughout the night. “This country is really changing,” remarked CNN commentator Paul Begala. “We’ve just elected our first openly lesbian senator, Tammy Baldwin…. We re-elected a president who endorsed gay marriage. Nineteen years ago, I was working for Bill Clinton…and we thought it was progress to pass ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’” The results on LGBT issues Tuesday night, he said, “might be one of the most wonderful things about tonight.” The Obama victory was especially sweet for many LGBT people given the Republican ticket’s staunch opposition to equal rights for gays in marriage, the military, and nearly every other arena, contrasting with President Obama’s support. “As the first president to sign a pro-LGBT bill, the first president to speak out in support of the freedom to marry, and the president who made open service in our armed forces for gays and lesbians possible, LGBT Americans have won a major victory tonight,” said Jerame Davis, head of the National Stonewall Democrats. Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin, calling President Obama the “most pro-equality president ever” said, “There is no doubt that we will continue to see tremendous progress toward full equality like we’ve made during his first four years.” “While some pundits predicted the President’s support for marriage equality would hinder his campaign,” added Griffin, in a statement released Tuesday night, “we know the opposite is true. President Obama’s historic and heartfelt declaration that all loving and committed couples should be able


to marry further rallied millions of voters and sparked conversations that advanced marriage campaigns around the country. His reelection after expressing support for marriage equality is further proof that the momentum is on the side of marriage for all families.” Log Cabin Republicans did not issue a statement Tuesday night. In his victory speech in Chicago after midnight, President Obama said that most Americans hope the country is a place that provides good education, a strong economy, and, among other things, a country that “isn’t weakened by inequality.” He also paid homage to the “diversity” of Americans. Obama said he does not believe the country is as divided as pundits suggest, and that it doesn’t matter who you are, including whether you are “gay or straight,” “you can make it here in America, if you’re willing to try.” The apparently heavy turnout of Democrats for Obama seemed to have paid off for LGBT candidates and ballot measures, with pro-same-sex marriage ballot measures passing in Maine, Maryland, and Washington, and the unprecedented defeat of a proposed ban on same-sex marriage in Minnesota. Obama’s victory in Wisconsin also apparently helped propel U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin to an historic win as the first openly gay person elected to the U.S. Senate. While Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney did not make same-sex marriage a prominent issue in his campaign, he and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan made indirect attacks against President Obama over his support for marriage equality in particular. Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, in a conference call sponsored by the National Journal with right-wing activist Ralph Reed’s “Faith and Freedom Coalition” on Sunday, said President Obama was taking the country down a path that “compromises those values, those Judeo-Christian values, Western civilization values that made us

such a great and exceptional nation in the first place.” A Romney campaign robo-call in Virginia also attacked President Obama on religious values. And another robo-call, released last Thursday, warned “President Obama used his health care plan to declare war on religion, forcing religious institutions to go against their faith.” Early returns suggested that heavily gay sections of key states, including Ohio, may have played a role in Obama’s eventual win in the electoral college. At deadline, Obama was leading in both the popular vote and electoral vote. And early exit poll results published by the New York Times, indicated that 76 percent of voters who identified as gay voted for Obama –a percentage that matches most previous election data historically. The popular vote, at deadline, stood at 56.1 million for President Obama and 54.7 million for Romney. The electoral vote was 303 for President Obama and 206 for

Romney. (To win, a candidate needs 270 electoral votes, regardless of the popular vote outcome nationally.)

president brack obama

November 7, 2012 •

election 2012

A Swampy Selection Florida can boast gaining some LGBT supporters, and losing some opponents By Jason Parsley


GBT candidates and LGBT-friendly candidates fared better than expected in South Florida.

Republican leaning district. Another loss for Republicans included State Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff, who was characterized as anti-gay by Equality Florida “This was a watershed moment for the and Democrat activists. state of Florida and the country,” said Nadine “For Ellyn to literally turn her back Smith, executive director of Equality Florida. on the issues so important to the LGBT “This was an affirmation that America has community when she has a gay son is sided with the cause of equality. We saw it really unforgiveable,” said Michael Rajner, in the election of Tammy Baldwin and the democrat activist. “That race was a close election of Joe Saunders in the most hotly one. Ellyn ran a really negative campaign. It contested house race in Florida.” was just disgusting.” Both Baldwin and Saunders are openly Smith said another anti-gay legislator gay. Baldwin (D-WI) will become the first that lost was one-term congressman David openly gay U.S. Senator Rivera from U.S. while Saunders joins House District 26 in David Richardson, who Miami. ran unopposed, as the “The defeat first two openly gay of notorious Florida representatives homophobes Ellyn in the House. and David Rivera were “This is a huge an exclamation point breakthrough and at the end of stunning the conversation in night of victories,” Tallahassee will never Smith said. “Even be the same,” Smith Ronda Storms, best noted. known as the woman But for South Florida who banned gay it’s not all about pride in Hillsborough who won, but more County was soundly importantly about defeated in her race who lost. Most notable as property appraiser. florida state senator, ellyn bogdanoff is Tea Party favorite It’s just been an Republican Allen West incredible night of who lost to Democrat Patrick Murphy. pro-equality victories.” From the start of Murphy’s campaign, Democrats also claimed an important he wasn’t shy about his support of the victory in the State Senate by picking up LGBT community. West on the other hand enough seats to overcome republicans’ has always been at odds with the LGBT supermajority, giving them the opportunity community. West’s original district included to potentially block future legislation they some of Wilton Manors. But after the re- oppose. districting that took place earlier this year, “We now have the ability to actually do West’s newly redrawn territory tilted far to something in the Senate,” Rajner said. the left, leaving him vulnerable. Realizing Another notable race included Scott his trouble, he switched districts. Murphy Herman, an openly gay Republican running followed him and was expected to lose in the for State House District 94, who lost to

November 7, 2012 •

Democrat Perry Thurston in a landslide. “The community has spoken as to the representation they wish to have in

Tallahassee. I congratulate Representative Thurston on his win and I do hope he can actually give that effective voice, stronger action and real representation for our district that is so gravely needed as he and the Sun Sentinel implied his seat at the table would have as the incoming minority leader,” Herman said. And finally the Broward Sheriff’s race seemed to fracture the LGBT community with attacks and accusations flying back and forth. Some fervently supported Republican Al Lamberti while others enthusiastically supported Democrat Scott Israel. In the end Lamberti lost to Israel. “I’m really surprised that Scott Israel pulled out a win over Lamberti,” Rajner said. “[Lamberti] really did enjoy a lot of support from the gay community.”



November 7, 2012 •

election 2012 Out the Government!

Below is a national list of openly LGBT candidates, as endorsed by the Victory Fund. South candidates by their victory or defeat and by the percentage of votes they received, regardless of on the bottom for FL-specific results.

By Gideon Grudo



Last Name

First Name







State House of Representatives

District 113





State House of Representatives

District 120






County Commission

Brevard County, District 3


43.87% Opponen




State House of Representatives

District 49




County Commission

Hillsborough County, District 6




Gay rights supporters celebrate victory in all four states




ome won and some lost, but all of the LGBT candidates that put up a fight for the Nov. election proved something — it can be done.

Out of the lot of 141 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (yes, the whole gang was represented) aspiring politicans, 98 won their seats. Pespective? That’s

— don’t laugh — 69 percent. Without further adieu, here’s a sampling of who won, and who lost. For a PDF of the whole list, visit www.

The Battle for Gay Marriage

Washington In February of this year Washington State signed a bill into law legalizing gay marriage. Opponents though gathered enough signatures to place Referendum 74 on the ballot.

52%-48% 49%-45%




County Commission

Orange County, District 4






Florida Keys Mosquito Control, Board of Commissioners

Florida Keys, District 3


50.71% Opponen




State House of Representatives

District 94

West. It

53%-47% 55%-39%

States where gay marriage is not legal, but no constitional amendment has passed banning it.

States where gay marriage will be voted on Tuesday.

Florida Voters amended the state constitution in 2008 to ban gay marriage. It passed with 62 percent of the vote. National Polls on Gay Marriage Six different national polls taken this year have shown more than 50 percent of Americans now believe gays and lesbians should have the right to wed.

November 7, 2012 •



52%-48% 52%-43%

States where gay marriage is now legal.



52%-48% 51%-44%

States where there is a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.


FL Of the four states voting only Minnesota voted on a consti-X Ros-Lehti tutional gay marriage. This is27the XsecU.S. House of Representatives District Ileana Ros-Lehtinen banning 60.15% House th FL amendment ond time voters have rejected such an amendment. In 2006 Garcia U.S. House of Representatives District 26 Garcia Joe Minnesota Arizona FL also rejected one but two years later passed Xa similar 53.76% opponen amendment banned gay marriage. Murphy i U.S. House of Representatives District 18 50.39% X FL MurphythatPatrick

top number represents those who voted in favor of marriage equality % The while the bottom number represents the last poll taken before the vote. It appears that many late deciders, decided against marriage equality.


Maine In 2009 gay marriage was signed into law. Opponents successfully put it on the ballot that year and the voters overturned it with 53% of the vote. This year voters repealed it with 53%.

Maryland In February of this year Maryland signed a bill into law leaglizing gay marriage. Opponents though gathered enough signatures to place referendum Question 6 on the ballot. 9

election 2012 A Night to Remember Forever

Relive the most politically significant night ever for LGBT By Gideon Grudo


bama won. Three states legalized marriage. One state didn’t ban it. This LGBT candidates won. That LGBT candidate won. Tuesday, Nov. 6 was a night full of big moments, some of defeat and some of victory. Here’s a play-by-play from our continuous reporting. The following stories have not been altered. Experience them as freshly as they were read the first time around…

The 9 p.m. Update 1. Gay candidate Joe Saunders elected to Florida State House of Representatives for district 49. 2. Lesbians Keisha Waites and Karla Drenner win re-election to Georgia State House of Representatives 3. Gay candidate Brandon Marcus elected to North Carolina State House of Representatives 4. Gay candidate Stephen Skinner elected to West Virginia State House of Representatives 5. Gay candidate Brian Sims elected to Pennsylvania State House of Representatives 6. Florida Senator Bill Nelson won reelection.

The 10 p.m. Update 1. Openly gay Susan Wilson loses race for North Carolina State House District 115. 2. Openly gay candidate Andy Staton loses race for Delaware State Senate District 6. 3. Openly gay candidate Marie Mayor loses race for Delaware State House District 20. 4. Openly gay candidate Ross Bulla loses race North Carolina State Senate District 44 5. Openly gay candidate Mike Colona elected to Missouri State House of Representatives District 67. Ran unopposed.

The 11 p.m. Update


he night is barely over but already this has become a history making election night for the LGBT community. Some media outlets have reported that Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin will become the first openly gay U.S. Senator and replacing Baldwin in the House of Representatives is Mark Pocan, another openly gay candidate.


“It’s been a and non other than Bill Clinton. great night so far,” said Denis Dison, ViceCicilline has said that his biggest priority President of Communications of the Gay & in Congress is helping the creation of jobs in Lesbian Victory Fund and Institute. “We’re his state. He also supports small businesses, celebrating a humongous win with Tammy seniors, Medicare, and bringing all the Baldwin and for the first time in history an remaining the troops in the Middle East openly gay candidate has followed another back home, according. He’s also pushing to openly gay candidate in the House with legalize gay marriage in the state. Mark Pocan.” Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney, another While all of the ballots gay Clinton protege, will have yet to be counted likely take New York’s on the gay marriage newly redrawn 18th questions in Maine, Congressional District. Maryland and Minnesota “I’d like to congratulate right now marriage my opponent for his victory equality is winning in all tonight and wish him the three states. best of luck in the general Executive Director of election. The Hudson Valley Marriage Equality U.S.A., can’t afford two more years Brian Silva, warns though of this Tea Party Congress. it’s too early to celebrate. One term was one too many “Everything is very for Nan Hayworth,” said close,” he said. “Right now opponent Richard Becker in we have no predications. his concession to Maloney, We always knew it would the Daily Voice reported. be a long tough fight.” During the Clinton u.s. senator bill nelson But not all of the Administration, Maloney news has been good served as senior adviser to Dison noted. In Delaware both openly gay the former president, who campaigned on candidates, Andy Staton and Marie Mayor behalf of his ex-staffer. lost their races. In Ohio’s Wood County, gay Republican Tim Brown is projected to win in the race for the 3rd House District seat, according to the Gay candidates come out on top, 1 a.m. Three more LGBT candidates are set to Toledo Blade. According to his website, he will work “ win their elections in their respective states. to improve public schools, job training, and Democrat David Cicilline, the former higher education by advocating for students gay mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, has won reelection as congressman for the instead of burdensome mandates and newly redrawn 1st district, according to The bureaucracy from Columbus.” He also wants Advocate. He faced Republican challenger to lower taxes on small businesses. Brendan Doherty, a retired colonel from the Rhode Island State Police. Maine, Maryland Say ‘Yes’ to Gay Marriage, “We’re thrilled that David will return to 1:45 a.m. Capitol Hill, where his voice will be vital in a Marriage equality has been projected to growing caucus of openly LGBT lawmakers,” pass in both Maine and Maryland making Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the those two states the first ever in the U.S. to Victory Fund, which helped Cicilline’s approve gay marriage at the ballot box. campaign, said in a statement. “We can’t undervalue or underestimate The mayor of Providence for eight years, what this does for the marriage equality Cicilline was elected to the U.S. House in movement as a whole,” said Executive 2010. He was backed by LGBT organizations

Director of Marriage Equality U.S.A. Brian Silva. As of 1:30 a.m. approval of gay marriage was leading in Maryland 51.5 percent to 48.5 percent and in Maine it was leading 53 percent to 47 percent. “We have a president who supports marriage equality. We have a national party that supports marriage equality,” Silva said. “Its here. There’s no going back. It’s going to continue to move forward.” Maine and Maryland now join Iowa, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York and the District of Columbia in legalizing gay marriage. But as noted above this is the first time gay marriage has been won at the ballot box. The other states either achieved it through court decisions or the legislature. Voters in 30 states have passed state constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. “This was a watershed movement for the country,” said Nadine Smith, executive director of Equality Florida. “This was an affirmation that America has sided with the cause of equality.”

Homophobes Michele Bachmann and Allen West Fight for Life, 2:30 a.m. In a surprising turn of events two notoriously anti-gay legislators Allen West (R-Fla.) and Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) are fighting for their political lives as the night wears on. Bachmann is leading her opponent Jim Graves by 720 votes while Democrat Patrick Murphy leads West by just 2,381 votes out of 317,537 cast. “I really hope Patrick pulls that one out, that one is personal for me,” said Democrat activist Michael Rajner. With 97 percent precincts reporting NBC has called the race for Murphy. “We won! I am humbled by the outpouring of support from the voters of the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches,” said Murphy via Facebook. “I pledge to be a representative who will work across the aisle, listen to all points of views, and work to end the divisiveness in Congress. Our country faces many challenges, and by working together we will continue to move our country forward.” Here are just a few things West has said in the past that’s enraged democrats and the LGBT community:

On Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Continued on next page

November 7, 2012 •

election 2012 Continued from previous page 1. “When you take the military and you tell it they must conform to the individual’s behavior, then it’s just a matter of time before you break down the military.” 2. “Unless I’m Michael Jackson, I can’t change my color. But people can change behavior.” 3. “It is not the mission of the U.S. military to regulate or try to get into the patrol of sexual behaviors. When we try to accommodate all different behaviors -- what happens to standards and morals and the discipline of the U.S. Army?”

On Gay Marriage

4. “We must hold sacred the privilege of the institution of marriage ... to promote the promulgation of our society. Because we cannot allow the destruction of the American family ... And why is that important? Because if you break down the American family, that leads to government dependency, which leads to the growth of government, which leads and results in greater government spending.” 5. “The term ‘gay marriage’ is an oxymoron. Because marriage is a union and a bond between a man and a woman to do one thing: the furtherance of society by procreation, through creating new life.”

On Congresswoman Wasserman Shultz


6. “You are the most vile, unprofessional, and despicable member of the U.S. House of Representatives. If you have something to say to me, stop being a coward and say it to my face, otherwise, shut the heck up.”

Washington Close to Becoming Ninth State to Legalize Gay Marriage On the heels of Maine and Maryland passing marriage equality it appears Washington now will become the ninth state to legalize gay marriage. As of 2:30 a.m. gay marriage was leading 51.79 percent to 48.21 percent. “History was made tonight,” said Brian Silva, Executive Director of Marriage Equality U.S.A. “I think tonight what we do is celebrate the hundreds of organizations and thousands of volunteers that achieved these wins.” In Minnesota voters are deciding whether or not to approve a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. As of 2:30 the ‘No’ vote was leading with 52.7 percent to 47.3 percent. But a ‘No’ vote doesn’t mean gay marriage will become legal in the state. It just means there won’t be a constitutional ban, banning it.

Gay Marriage Votes Mark ‘Watershed’ Moment By Lisa Keen


ven the most jaded political pundits A similar measure in Washington State, were stunned by the four stunning Referendum 74, was winning there at victories for marriage equality on deadline, endorsing passage of a bill by the the ballot Tuesday. legislature for marriage equality. Fifty-two In an unprecedented vote, Minnesota percent of the vote was Yes, 48 percent No. became the first state to reject a proposed And in perhaps the most astonishing state constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality victory of the night, same-sex marriage. Maine became the first voters in Minnesota became the first to state to approve a pro-active measure to reject a state constitutional ban on sameallow same-sex marriage. And voters in Washington State and Maryland became the first to approve bills passed in their respective legislatures to provide for marriage equality. And to top it off, the one Iowa justice targeted by anti-gay marriage activists hoping to unseat him during his routine retention vote, held onto his seat. Fox News commentator Juan Williams called the four votes a “watershed moment” for the marriage equality movement in the United States. Prior to Tuesday, voters in 32 states have passed bans on same-sex marriage. The votes add Maryland, Maine, and Washington to the list of six states and the District of Columbia that allow same-sex marriage. With 61 percent of the voted in Maine counted as of deadline, 54 percent of voters said Yes on Question 1, which approves a statute allowing same-sex couples to marry. The law will go into effect 30 days after the freedom to marry national campaign director marc solomon governor proclaims the results of the election. With 93 percent of the vote counted in Maryland, Question 6 to ratify the sex marriage. With 81 percent of the vote legislature’s passage of a marriage equality counted, 51 percent voted against Proposed bill had won 52 percent of the vote, against Amendment 1, 48 percent for. 48 percent votes against it. Undoubtedly, Referring to the vote in Maine, which a key factor behind the win in Maryland was reported first, Freedom to Marry was the aggressive effort by the NAACP to National Campaign Director Marc Solomon convince the state’s large African American said it was “hard to overstate the national population to back the measure. significance of this vote.” Solomon praised

November 7, 2012 •

Mainers United for Marriage Campaign for its meticulous, three-year-long effort to pass the measure, calling it an “extraordinary effort.” “For years, our opponents have argued that we could not win a majority vote at the ballot. Today, Maine voters proved them wrong, standing up for the Golden Rule and for freedom for all Mainers,” said Solomon. The four marriage victories come just two weeks before the U.S. Supreme Court justices consider in private conference whether to take up one or more of several cases testing both a same-sex marriage ban in California and the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which bans federal recognition of same-sex marriages approved by any state. Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin praised Iowa voters for retaining Justice David Wiggins, who voted with a unanimous state supreme court in 2009 to say the state constitution required that samesex couples be treated the same as heterosexual couples in the issuance of marriage licenses. Three other state supreme court justices, who were up for routine retention votes in 2010, were ousted by voters. But this year, said Griffin, “Iowans have made a strong statement for judicial independence and refused to let politics get in the way of judges doing their duty to uphold the law.” According to the Des Moines Register after midnight, with 83 percent of the vote counted, the proretention vote for Wiggins was 54 percent. Openly gay Maryland State Delegate Heather Mizeur, head of the effort to support for Question 6, praised the community for “crossing party lines, age, race, and faith to stand up for a cause greater than ourselves: the belief that Maryland can and will live up to its full, strong, vibrant potential.”


election 2012 opinion

Caffeine & Candidates Reporting on an unforgettable election is unforgettable

This Isn’t Supposed to Mean Anything to Me A straight man’s reflection on the November votes

By Ryan Dixon


hen the idea for an all-nighter was first presented, I was right on board. I hadn’t been awake all night since college. But unlike cramming for a mid term exam at LSU, I was doing my best to watch history unfold on TV and online. The night started off with me being very anxious, I really didn’t have a lot of faith in President Obama securing his re-election. So many states were going to Romney; I thought the race was all but lost. Not only was this my first election from a journalistic standpoint, but I also voted for the first time this year. The outcome of the election has made me feel that the hour I spent in line was completely worth it — because of what I saw that night. Marriage equality has been voted down over 30 times, yet that night three measures that legalized gay marriage passed and the one to ban it fell. The latter was the most nerve racking. It was nearly 7 a.m. on Wednesday before the official word of the failed attempt came out of Minnesota. I think I killed the refresh button on my web browser because I hit it every five minutes to see the update in the numbers. During election night, the SFGN editorial staff had the amazing idea to compile a list of every openly gay LGBT person running for public office that was endorsed by the Victory Fund. The list wasn’t just Senate and House races, it was city counsels, circuit judges and


By Gideon Grudo

mosquito board races. When the first poll closed at 7 p.m. on election night, we went straight to work looking up results and updating the list live online for people to keep up with the local and national “gay race.” Doing that plus trying to keep up with updates for and keeping tabs on the presidential race made that night the most taxing night I’ve ever had as a writer. Given the chance, I’d do it all over again. Nothing is more exciting than having your nose to the grind as news breaks. Anderson Cooper would say something, I would double check it or yell at someone else, then we’d add it into our growing lists of results to keep the gay community in the know as far as their vote went. Close to 70 percent of our list won their seat, an unprecedented number in this new gay rights movement. Drinking that fourth cup of coffee to push myself through weak eyes to make sure my community was informed when it arose was a truly rewarding experience. History was made. History that may never happen again. History that has the chance to dramatically alter the current course of our nation. No matter your age, sex or sexual orientation, after that your life — and my life — will never be the same again.


hen I’m introduced these days, it usually goes like this: “This is Gideon. He’s the managing editor at South Florida Gay News. And/But he’s not gay.” Maybe the friend feels I have to be absolved, my association justified. I used to identify the same way to sources. I don’t anymore. It’s hypocritical. Equality is equality, in all senses. But when the news team spent an allnighter covering an election gay-centrically, I figured I’d be a bit out of place, a bit unequal. After all, people in four states wouldn’t be deciding whether my kind deserved less rights, but rather if their kind deserved less rights. Nothing would change for me. I get all the lawful rights and privileges I want. Why should I care, other than about the magnitude of the stories I’d be writing? Every time an anchor raised his or her voice in the live coverage we kept on all night, the editor-in-chief would turn to look, the sports editor would stop typing. It may sound insane, but these people — these gay people — were listening intently to whether (four of) the United States of America would treat them as equals, or treat them as before, as second class citizens. Many other states haven’t even begun the decision process. It reminds me of the novels I was forced to read in high school, the ones about America’s oppression of the blacks: Some obsolete caste system that should be absurd to the teenage reader. And here it was (and is), in full flesh, its heart beating in front of me. When the first slews of LGBT candidates began announcing victories and the marriage ballots began leaning in favorable

directions, the nail hit the wall — this is my world, and these are my peers. My future children and grandchildren will live by the codes and morals and laws and allowances and prohibitions that my generation is mapping out today. These votes are progression. These votes are moral development. These votes are the fruit of the Enlightenment, and will hopefully bring with them a distancing from the ancient ideas we once worshipped — and that some of us still do. Not to be confused, I did not take this job out of some life-long dedication to the cause. Hell, I didn’t know what LGBT stood for until I started freelancing for SFGN when I was in college — and that only because I needed money. But this is where I fell. And seeing what I saw throughout that night makes the work hours a little less apparent, my desk chair a bit more comfortable. It was a bright moment, though shadows tend to appear when the sun rises. Around 2 a.m., my sports editor linked me to a collection of tweets from people in the deciding marriage ballot states: A brunette named Jennifer Terek tweeted, “I feel like crying. Babies will be killed, the gays will disgrace marriage, everyone will be poor and homeless but will have free healthcare.” A teenager named Hance, who’s lighting a cigarette in his picture and attends junior high, according to his profile, tweeted, “All u faggots in maryland can fucking die.” The story listed 40 tweets like this. I know there were more. Yeah. There’s work to be done. That night was a stepping stone, not a destination. And I’m okay with the fact that it’s my job to record this journey. This forward momentum.

November 7, 2012 •



AQUA Men Party Canceled

Joe McCallion

By Ryan Dixon


hen the Aqua Foundation For Women’s Executive Director, Robin Schwartz, created Aqua Men, she did so in order to encourage more involvement between men and women in the gay community. Over the decade, AFW has produced the AQUA Girl party that welcomes thousands of lesbian, bisexual and transgender women to Miami Beach for a week-long celebration featuring nightclub events, film, and comedy. According to the Aqua Girl website, all proceeds benefit AFW, which funds LBT organizations in South Florida, and has awarded over $369,000 in grants and scholarships. “Sometimes because our name has ‘women’ in it, men may automatically think there is no place for them at Aqua; but there is,” stated Schwartz. “Aqua is fortunate to have many great guys support us, but I would like to see more men do so.” SFGN has learned that the AQUA Men party that was to take place at the Shore Club in Miami Beach has been canceled due to what Schwartz describes as an inappropriate sound level for the event.

“After being assured the sound was good, we found out the sound level at the Shore Club is not appropriate for this event. My contact had assured me it was and only on Friday (Nov. 2) did I find out it could be an issue,” Schwartz said. Schwartz went on to say that she and the DJ for the event, DJ Pride, visited the venue Sunday Nov. 4 and the sound was “way too low”. She added that the Shore Club is not willing to add speakers or do anything different in sound because the club is dealing with issues with a nearby hotel, The Satai. Schwartz wanted to stress that the Shore Club has been great to Aqua. “They are only trying to protect their business but without their cooperation to correct the sound we cannot move forward,” she said. Schwartz said that AFW is aiming to hold the AQUA Men event in early 2013. “The goal to bring men and women together is still high on our list. This speed bump will not stop us from moving forward.”

Businessman and Community Activist Passes The Florida Gold Coast members and friends of the Broward Log Cabin Republican Club are mourning the loss today of the club’s Honorary-Lifetime member, Joe McCallion. Joe McCallion was a very generous man when it came to helping out in the community. He was known as a long-time registered Republican and a compassionate fiscal conservative who was a social moderate that had no problem taking the heat because of his political beliefs. In 1991 he became one of the original founders of the Broward Log Cabin Club when he and a band of activists attended the first Log Cabin Federation convention held in Tampa Florida. Joe had no problem reaching into his pocket when the need arose and the cry for support echoed throughout the community. Joe was known for vigorously voicing his opinions. When attacked by some

socially conservative activists because of his egalitarian positions Joe never refrained from making a poignant response. Yet, few people knew what Joe endured while serving as a young man under the military’s anti-gay policies. He strongly supported those who came out and were subsequently demoralized because DADT and the hard-line prejudice against gays in the military. An active participant in the movement for equality of rights, he served as an early board member of Florida ’s Gold Coast Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Veterans of American. He and Jim hosted a number of fundraisers at the old 825 club on Sunrise Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale. Joe McCallion and his long-time companion Jim Rafferty, a business partner and spouse, both resided in the Village of Lazy Lake and, for a number of years, attended and supported the MCC Sunshine Cathedral. Joe and Jim were recently married in their mother state of Massachusetts. Jim was by his side when he passed. -courtesy of the Log Cabin Republican Club


Left. Right. Left. Right. Gay. Lake Worth Gay Vets Organize to March in Veteran’s Day Parade


alm Beach County’s BLAST (Bi, Lesbian and Straight Together) is calling all gay veterans to join them for the Lake Worth Veteran’s Day Parade on Saturday, Nov. 10 at 1 p.m. Lineup will take place on Federal between 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue. The parade steps off at 2 p.m. and will be followed by a reception at 3:30 at the Cultural Plaza. The parade title, “One Hundred Years of Heroes,” is in honor of the city’s 100th anniversary in 2013. According to the Lake Worth Sun (www.lakeworthsun.blogspot. com), a local blog, the city commission has allocated $8,000 to support the parade after three previous years without city underwriting. An LGBT contingent is being coordinated by BLAST and the local Veteran’s Administration (VA) according to BLAST

November 7, 2012 •

Photo Courtesey of the National Guard

By Donald Cavanaugh organizer Toni Armstrong, Jr. “We’re calling all LGBT veterans as well as friends and families of veterans to join us to celebrate ‘One Hundred Years of Heroes,’” said Armstrong. “Everyone is encouraged to participate, even if you aren’t military.” Veterans from all branches of the Armed Services are welcome, including Coast Guard and National Guard, according to Armstrong, who invites interested parties to contact her (toniajr@ to get on a master list of LGBT veterans. “With the overturn of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, LGBT military

veterans can finally march openly in parades to honor their service,” said Armstrong. “And you’re invited to participate.” LGBT veterans and supporters wishing to march should line up with the BLAST contingent on Federal, as noted above, between 3rd and 4th Avenues. Two red Miatas with BLAST signs are the demarcation point for GBT men in front of and LBT women behind the cars. “We salute all women veterans and civilian women who served,” said Armstrong “It’s free to participate,” she added. “People should bring flags, handmade signs, military gear, if possible, and the usual water, sunglasses, hats, etc.” For more information about the parade or LGBT veterans and the VA, contact Mary Chase at



Chamber of Commerce takes part in Colombian trade mission By Jesse Monteagudo


he Greater Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (GFLGLGC) made history in September when it took part in the very first, U.S. Government-backed, LGBT Trade Mission to Bogotá, Colombia. GFLGLCC President and CEO Keith Blackburn represented the Chamber at the Sept. 11-15 mission, led by the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). “The delegation included 12 representatives from the LGBT business community, corporate partners, and nonprofit leaders from the US, Canada, Brazil and Argentina,” Blackburn says. “I was the only representative from Florida and the GFLGLCC.” Blackburn and the other delegates also took part in the first-ever LGBT Summit of the Americas, held in conjunction with the Trade Mission. “Being a part of the Trade Mission to Colombia was an incredible experience,” says Blackburn. “Everyone I came into contact with was fully dedicated to the


success of the Trade Mission and the Summit of the Americas. The goals of the Trade Mission were all accomplished and in addition, I made several business contacts with LGBT business owners, which I believe will benefit our members and Greater Fort Lauderdale. Discussions are currently underway to explore business opportunities with our Colombian counterparts.” Among the participants in the Colombia Trade Summit was the Honorable P. Michael McKinley, U.S. Ambassador to Colombia. Ambassador and Mrs. McKinley attended the closing reception, where he met Blackburn and other delegates. “Ambassador McKinley was personally interested in my feedback after the conclusion of the Trade Mission. The U.S. Embassy in Bogotá is the second largest of all U.S. Embassies, with about 4,500 people assigned there. I was very honored that Ambassador McKinley took time to meet with me personally. He also gave the keynote address at the Colombia LGBT Chamber of Commerce launch at the end of the LBGT

Summit of the Americas. Luis Fernando During the Trade Mission Blackburn and Rosas Londoño, Director of the Instituto other North American delegates joined their Distrital de Turismo in Bogotá, Colombia Colombian hosts as well as representatives also spoke during this event. Argentina’s from Argentina and Brazil in the first-ever Ambassador to Colombia, Celso Alejandro LGBT Summit of the Americas. Hosted Jaque, attended the LBGT Summit Photo Courtesey of Keith Blackburn of the Americas as well.” In 2010 a NGLCC-led visit to Argentina helped establish that country’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Last month’s Trade Mission to Bogotá led to the official launch of the Colombia LGBT Chamber of Commerce. According to Blackburn, “the Colombia LGBT Chamber of Commerce grew from the interest of local LGBT business owners in Bogotá and the desire of LBGT rights organizations like Colombia Diversa to expand their engagement. NGLCC cofounders visited Colombia in October 2011 and met with business leaders gflglcc presidnet and ceo keith blackburn (on right) took part trade mission to bogota, colombia in and US embassy representatives in the first u.s. backed lgbt september . in order to begin planning the launch of a Colombia LGBT chamber. Currently a board of directors by the NGLCC-United States, the Summit is in place, which includes Virgilio Barco, “sought to build awareness around the Executive Director of the Social Investment growing LBGT business community and Bank and Co-Founder and President of the strengthen ties between national LGBT Board of Colombia Diversa as well as the co- chambers of commerce throughout North owners of GayHills, Andrés Alberto Vásquez and South America. Programming included Moreno and Felipe Cardenas Gonzalez. a global workplace diversity roundtable for Felipe is serving as the first President of the corporate executives, and a presentation by Colombia LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Google on building your business’s online with the board looks forward to growing a presence which was directed at Colombian strong membership of LGBT businesses and LGBT businesses and Trade Mission corporations committed to diversity and delegates. The final day of the LGBT Summit inclusion throughout Colombia.” of the Americas (Friday, Sept. 14th) included As part of the trade mission, NGLCC- a meeting of chamber leaders, a presentation certified businesses took part in the U.S. on LGBT rights, LGBT travel and tourism, Department of Commerce Commercial fully-inclusive supplier diversity and the Services’ Gold Key program, which organizes official launch of the Colombia LGBT matchmaking meetings during government- Chamber of Commerce.” certified trade missions. According to Blackburn, “the NGLCC Blackburn “met with eight different will continue to work closely with the agencies regarding travel and tourism from Colombian affiliate, as it has with the Colombia to Greater Fort Lauderdale. These Argentine chamber, as they build their meetings were set up with the help and programming and seek to increase trade assistance of the Department of Commerce opportunities between our countries. and the US Embassy in Bogotá. The meetings Representatives from the Latin American gave me the opportunity to sell Greater Fort affiliates will be participating in the NGLCC’s Lauderdale as a great tourism destination. I upcoming 10th Anniversary National Dinner also had the opportunity to meet with local in Washington, DC on November 16th. The real estate professionals and learn about NGLCC looks forward to leading another investments in Colombia, while opening trade mission and is currently researching up avenues to bring Colombian investors to which region holds the most potential for its Broward County.” members.”

November 7, 2012 •


Publisher’s Notes

Reckless Words Shame Dolphin Leaders By Norm Kent


Public service is supposed to be a noble calling, but running for office can bring out the worst in people. In an editorial two weeks ago, this newspaper criticized campaign ads that slighted the incumbent sheriff as ‘homophobic.’ The statement was a blatant lie and we said so. Citing a half dozen affirmative outreaches and overtures to the LGBT community, we congratulated Al Lamberti’s for being LGBT supportive. We said nothing bad about Scott Israel, a good and decent man who won a tough and bitter race last night. We simply wrote a few commendable things about Sheriff Lamberti, a Republican candidate in a Democratic county. The Sun Sentinel picked up on the editorial, and political columnist Anthony Man wrote a weekend feature titled “Gay leader condemns attack on Lamberti,” citing my remarks. Unfortunately, the bitter campaign took a turn for the worse after the article. Attempting to deflect the damage my column had done, Dolphin Democratic leaders Tim Ross and Robert Bernhardt each foolishly tried to turn the tables on me. In fact, Bernhardt went off the chart, writing in the Sun Sentinel that I “personally profit by not being arrested for marijuana possession. The BSO won’t touch you- by order of Al Lamberti- those are the facts.” No, the facts are Bernhardt is that you are a few croutons short of a salad. Imploring their minions to remain supportive of Israel, this irresponsible duo subsequently also went on the Dolphin Democratic club Facebook page to suggest that my editorial should be disregarded because I was being ‘paid off by Sheriff Lamberti.’ I hope the children had their fun, but now it’s my turn. First of all, SFGN, and our magazine, The Mirror, is wrapping up its third

year of publication. Our last issue, our largest ever, was 76 pages, and had about 100 ads. Those are facts. Two political hacks implying that a couple of ads worth a few hundred dollars from the sheriff ‘bought me off’ is legally defamatory, professionally offensive and personally insulting. Sadly, these guys did not just act in their name only. They acted in their capacities as the representatives of the Dolphin Democratic club and the Broward LGBT Democratic News. We have no differences with Scott Israel. As a gay community, we had the fortune to have BOTH candidates for sheriff, Republican and Democratic, reach out to the LGBT community, for support. Twenty years ago they were arresting us. Today they are courting us. We applaud both candidates, the winner and loser. And what do we do? Turn on each other with stupid comments by incompetent leaders who are unworthy of maintaining their posts. To suggest that I gave up my long-standing principles for some cheap profits was outrageous. What I did was stand by a good man who was being tarnished without cause. As a journalist, you learn early on that if you are going to become credible and get credentialed, you maintain independence. You don’t let advertisers control your content. You print facts,

November 7, 2012 •

The Obama Victory T By Publisher Norm Kent

he LGBT community has had a friend in the White House for four years, and that partnership continues. But America did more than re-elect Barack Obama. We insured that progressive social causes would move forward, not backward. By standing with the President, America embraced diversity and breadth, enhancing, rather than infringing rights for all. You see, America has always stood by those seeking human rights, and over a path of years, we have seen the disgrace of discrimination dissolve. That discrimination impacted AfricanAmericans, who were constitutionally treated as three-fifths of a citizen when this

nation was founded. That discrimination denied women universal suffrage. That same discrimination denied gays and lesbians the rights to marry or serve in the military. Slowly, surely, but certainly, and confidently, the march to tomorrow continues. Going forward, women won’t have to debate their rights to abortions, and we won’t have to defend who we love. And Big Bird is safe. We always knew we were on the right side of history, and to deny us fundamental human rights was to be wrong. Salute those who fought before us, and are no longer here, from Harvey Milk to Lt. Matlovich. Fight like hell, never to give up what you have won today.

not fluff. If people want to wipe their ass, they have toilet paper for that. You print the news, good or bad, pleasant or hurtful, with all its warts and wounds. We are media partners with the Sun Sentinel, and we wear the mantle proudly. We are affiliates with the Associated Press, members of the Florida Press Association, and partners with the Society of Professional Journalists. We take those responsibilities seriously and protect them jealously. If you want to suggest otherwise, you do so at your own peril.

When and where necessary, SFGN will protect the LGBT community in situations calling for the same. When and where necessary, we will also criticize it as appropriate, regardless of party affiliation or political label. None of us has a toehold on the truth, but all of us can try to be faithful to facts. No one, ever, will buy this newspaper off. That is a promise, and to say otherwise is a lie. Expect to be called out for it if you do.


The Regulars


By Karl Hampe

November 7, 2012 •

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hen people first meet me - I always get the question, what are you doing working in the field of HIV/AIDS? I am now able to better answer this question after having the opportunity to attend this year’s 25th United States Conference on AIDS (USCA) that took place, at Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas. The reason that I was able to attend USCA is due to the sponsorship of ViiV Healthcare. The National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC) annually hosts UCSA, and this year’s theme was “Ending the HIV/ AIDS Epidemic. It was my first conference that I attended on such a large scale. I was given advice

of us had to share with one another about our experiences in our respective fields of HIV/AIDS. The feeling of being an outcast due to my age and only 3 years of experience quickly went away from the shock of how many questions the other network members asked me about the programs that are funded at Compass, and how we implement them. I could not believe that I was giving other people advice on the work that we are doing! After our table conversation, the group individually introduced themselves and their agencies. I remember feeling a sense of relief when I heard other young professionals speak because it has been my experience as a case management coordinator that I tend to be the youngest in the room at conferences, meetings, and/ or forums. So, it was nice to see that other young professionals are working to make a difference. The feeling of knowing I was supposed to be there really gave me a sense that I was at home and allowed me to be very comfortable interacting with the others just taking it all in. I was pumped and ready for more after that! Over the next 3 days during the seminars, luncheons, and the exhibit hall I met an array of individuals that had come from all areas of the country that ranged from case managers, public health workers, advocates, and people living with HIV/AIDS, to physicians and policymakers. I built a national case management coordinator at compass gay and lesbian support network, exchanged community center, julia murphy information and received knowledge on cutting-edge from different co-workers and peers on tools that focus on bringing the HIV/AIDS what to expect and on the dos and don’ts. epidemic to an end. No one could have prepared me for what I On the morning of my last day at the was going to experience over the 4 days that conference, I digested my experience over I attended USCA. From the moment that I breakfast to figure out what this all meant began my 4-day journey at the USCA, to the for me. I was given the ability to experience networking meeting or to the moment that I where we are as a country on our fight checked out of the hotel I was empowered, against HIV/AIDS, the large amount of work inspired, and personally moved. that is still needed against the battle and how I literally got off my plane, checked into my I can help empower other young people to hotel room, and had to immediately go to the get involved. So, the next time anyone asks networking meeting for ViiV Healthcare’s me what I am doing working in the field of Positive Action Southern Initiative. I walked HIV/AIDS, my response will be I am here to into the conference room not knowing make a difference. Julia Murphy is the Case Management anyone, so I sat at a table with six other Coordinator at Compass Gay and Lesbian individuals and introduced myself. I was astonished how easy the Community Center. She can be reached at conversations flowed and how much each

November 7, 2012 •

MARY’S PLACE Relationships By Mary Bondi


n recent articles we have discussed dating and the importance of learning about ourselves while being single. Since being single and dating can be seen as relationship training, we will now discuss some important aspects of having a loving and healthy relationship. Relationships and marriage take us on journeys. The journey of a relationship continues to unfold the longer we are with someone. Relationships and marriage can educate us on the areas in which we need to grow, change or be enriched. Healthy relationships and marriages are built on solid, genuine commitment that will allow and support each individual’s need to develop and grow as a person. The answers to healthy and happy partnerships are within us and not in what we expect from our mates. In working with couples over the years, there are some essential qualities that are shared among those in order to have lasting, loving and healthy relationships. I have listed

some of these necessary qualities below: 1. A level of maturity and self-knowledge: willingness to admit one’s own issues and seek help for problems in the partnership should they arise. 2. Self-awareness: a sense of strong responsibility for one’s own part in the relationship. Willing to admit one’s own issues is a very desirable trait. 3. Willingness to be supportive and to respect one another. 4. Be open with communication and be willing to listen to each other. Communication is a key ingredient to successful relationships. It does not always come easy at first however; it is well worth the effort. 5. Have a balance between being serious and/or responsible and playfulness in the relationship. 6. Stability and consistency in behavior. Trust is built when actions follow words. 7. Experiences and enjoys both oneness with and separateness from a partner. 8. Invites growth in one’s partner and is not

November 7, 2012 •

intimidated by it. 9. Experiences true intimacy, is not fearful of long-term intimacy (or if the fear does surface- as this threshold of fear of intimacy is very common, they will address it and not run from it or the relationship.) 10. Feels freedom to ask honestly for what is wanted. 11. Does not attempt to change or control one’s partner. 12. Has the ability to make a long-term commitment. 13. Expresses one’s feelings spontaneously. 14. Welcomes closeness, risks vulnerability. 15. Affirms equality and personal power of self and partner.

partner. In closing, when things are difficult in your relationship or marriage, be mature and willing to ask yourself, what can I do to change in me things that might be affecting this relationship? Our strength and endurance in working through difficult times is what builds our character and can lead to nurturing a healthy family relationship. As always I wish you the very best on your journey! In peace and happiness!

This is just a short list of things that can lead to more satisfying relationships. It was comprised from the research I have reviewed and couples I have seen over my twenty years in practice. If you are dating you might want to look for some of these traits in a potential


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Idina Idina Menzel Menzel in Concert in Concert

Star of Wicked,

Star of Wicked, Rent & “Glee”! Rent & “Glee”! Friday, November 30 @ 8pm Friday, Knight Concert Hall

November 30 @ 8pm Knight Concert Hall

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November 29, 2012 FREE DRINK GIVEAWAY

Meet the Staff of 7’11 7-11 & SFGN Bring this Ad to 7-11 7’11 in Wilton Manors to Receive a • Big Gulp • Slurpee • Hot or Iced Coffee

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Guardian Circle

has always been and will continue to be members of our community who have come together to guard and protect those who are most vulnerable within our community. Members of the Guardian Circle know that ninety-one cents of every single dollar contributed goes directly to serving the needs of SunServe clients. Whether it is a youth with self-esteem issues or bullying in school, an uninsured adult with a dual diagnosis needing therapy, or a senior who has become shut off from the larger community because of illness or injury or a senior who needs daycare so his/her partner can continue to work so bills can be paid; SunServe is committed to them all. SunServe and its Guardian circle members have been, are and will be here to guard and protect ALL members of our Community.

$100 $250 $500

Per month can facilitate one of our 7 youth drop in groups for one month Per month allows one client five weeks of Mental Health Services Is two weeks of day care for one of our seniors

Offices and Mental Health Services

2312 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors, FL 33305

Senior Center

1480 SW 9th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

To Join Guardian Circle Call Chad Thilborger or email Chad at

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Breaking Barriers D

FAU’s GSA president comes to U.S. to learn English, becomes LGBT activist

By Regina Kaza

aniela Feriozzi is an activist 14-years-old, but to the rest of her talk about? School?’” for almost 100 students at Venezuelan family, being anything When she’s not volunteering in the Florida Atlantic University. but straight wasn’t even an option. Resource Center at least ten hours a She’s the president of FAU’s “They were going to cure me,” she week, she acts as a voice for incoming gay straight alliance, Lambda United, said laughing. Her parents printed freshmen in her classes. which has more members than ever anti-gay articles for her to read “I feel like they need that before. and took her to a therapist back in confidence,” she said. “At first when “She was extremely energetic, Venezuela. you come here you’re afraid they’re extremely outgoing, and always drew “I didn’t think my dad would ever gonna judge you.” everyone to our table,” former Before she was president, Lambda president Frank Feriozzi would help promote the Gorritz said about promoting club any chance she got. And the club with Feriozzi last even though this year Lambda’s year. “She always knew the roster lists over 98 members — right smile, the right hello.” more than ever before — her But Feriozzi wasn’t always bubbly personality doesn’t reel the outspoken student she is everyone in. today. When she promotes the club When she first moved to by tabling on campus, some Boston, Mass. in the summer students will change their minds of 2009 from Ciudad Bolivar, about talking to her after they Venezuela she shied away notice the Lambda table. from talking in class because “It’s like people want to talk of her accent. to me,” Feriozzi said. “But they “Back in the summer when don’t want to go to the table I started here, I would take a because they think ‘Oh people psychology class and when are going to judge me.’” they talked about sexuality or But she doesn’t focus on all same-sex couples,” Feriozzi of that, but instead inspires said, “I wouldn’t speak — even her members to be LGBT if I was dying inside.” activists. “She’ll make you want She spent her first few to keep going and be hyper,” months in the U.S. getting lost says Josh Murphy, sophomore on subways and spending her communications major. “She’s fau’s gsa president comes to u.s. to learn english, is now lgbt weekends alone in her dorm amazing, ever since she got into activist room. the position she’s had so many “I was still in my mindset of ideas.” being Venezuelan,” she said. “I was accept it,” she said. “He would always She plans to add meetings in still thinking being gay is wrong, I say, ‘You would have to show me that which members can talk about their didn’t come out to my friends.” you can be successful and gay at the struggles, discrimination related or Moving in with her family in Miami same time.’” not. and giving up living on her own wasn’t But now in a regular week, Feriozzi “The meetings now are sometimes any easier. runs Lambda United, volunteers at too formal and we want to start a “I was used to being independent,” the LGBTQA Resource Center six meeting where everyone can let it she said, “and you know I feel like hours a week, and takes five classes out, talk about anything, and not feel I had to ask for permission to go for her psychology and anthropology judged,” she said. everywhere and [my mother] would degrees. Right now, Feriozzi is focusing say yes but it was still hard.” Still living with her mother and on building Lambda up by having At this month’s National Coming younger siblings, this doesn’t leave events all October long and working Out Day at FAU, Feriozzi listened to her with much else to talk about at on fundraising ideas for November. her club members and other students home. “When you listen to these stories,” discuss their struggles of coming “I’m limited when I’m at the dinner she says, “you get connected with out to their friends and families. She table because all I do is this,” she said. people on a different level.” came out to her parents when she was “So I’m like ‘What do you want me to


November 7, 2012 •

s P e C i A l

I s S u E

A Day in Gay South Florida







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, 2011




R 21


November 7, 2012 •

ID Y H oOmL fr



s y New da Ga E S U I S

in ay th D A Sou y Ga lorida F L I A E C S P


Submit your photos to Jason Parsley at with the subject “Gay South Florida.” Please include the time the photo was taken. Complete names, city you live in and a short description of what’s taking place.




Join SFGN on Saturday, Nov.17 in capturing one day in the life of Gay South Floridians.

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Gays Bleed a Lot: Colin Flaherty on “Black on Gay Violence” By Jesse Monteagudo


olin Flaherty is an awardwinning journalist and radio host and a former speech writer for the Chair of the U.S. commission on Civil Rights. His best-known and most controversial book, White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it, details “an epidemic of black mob violence all over the country” against Jews, Asians and other groups. For a new, fourth edition of White Girl Bleed a Lot, Flaherty wrote a chapter on “Black-on-Gay” violence. This chapter also appeared as an article in the conservative blog World Net Daily (www., one that is not known for being gay-friendly. “The editors of World Net Daily are truthfriendly to the extreme,” Flaherty explains. “What is noteworthy to me is to the extent that the gay media have ignored, excused and even condoned this black-mob on gay violence.” Flaherty begins by quoting Black, gay CNN


anchor Don Lemon, who told the New York Times that “Black mob violence against gay people is a perfect storm of three secret worlds: Newspapers do not report the predators, victims do not report the crimes, and being gay is about the worst thing you can be in black culture.” Flaherty points out various examples of Black homophobia, from lopsided votes against same-sex marriage in California and North Carolina to “Black antipathy toward gay people featured in the work of the most popular black hip hop performers.” He then goes on to discuss the “anti-gay violence that plagues the black community,” reporting incidents of Black mob violence in Atlanta, Chicago, Brooklyn, Boston and Washington, DC. “The level of homophobia within the black community is overwhelming, and in a most calculated way, they spin it to blame gays, when they themselves are voting against LGBT rights at best, and attacking gays at worse. Time to confront the elephant in the room and stop being so politically

correct. Black homophobia is celebrated in the black community and no longer does the LGBT community have to stand for it.” Flaherty explains that he writes “about black mob violence. Not crimes committed by individuals.” He adds that “there is no question that black mob-on-gay-violence exists far out of proportion. I do not know why. My book and articles do not explain causes or solutions. I am just the guy sitting by the side of the road and watching it all go by. And not afraid to say what I see.” Even so, Flaherty is highly critical of hip hop music, where he says “violence against gay is an everyday fact of life.” “Hundreds, if not thousands of examples are easy to find on Google. All you have to do is read the lyrics,” he notes. U n f o r t u n a t e l y, victims of black mob violence “are often afraid to talk about it as well. They don’t want people to think they are racial.” As a white man writing about race, Flaherty’s opinions are quite controversial. He does not let that bother him, pointing out the rules that he follows in his book and in his articles: “No generalizations. No stereotypes. But also, no apologies.” “There are only two criticisms you can make,” Flaherty notes. “One, I got the facts wrong, which I do not” and “two, whites and Asians and Eskimos and Amish are also committing these hyper violent and lawless acts around the country - and the press is ignoring it. If that is the case, let me know. I will write that book too. People will be standing in line to publish that. . . I did get a kick out of one person who said my facts were racist.” Flaherty does not write much about gay Blacks, who are often ignored by the media when they deal with the issue of “blacks vs. gays.” He admits that, “after my article appeared, a lot of people pointed out that many of the gay victims of black mob violence are black.” However, if there is a reason behind this, Flaherty does not know

or care: “I don’t do the ‘because.’ That would require mind reading. Or it would require the predators to issue a press release or carry signs that say they hate gay people,” he says. “But isn’t it strange that for all the hundreds of universities that have professors and students of black history and gay studies, that almost none of them write about it? Ten years ago, they could have gotten away with saying ‘this is not true.’ But today, with YouTube and Google, the truth is easy to find; the dots are easy to connect. What is not easy is finding people with the courage to do it.” The response to Flaherty’s book and article, he says, “has been good on a lot of levels. The reaction from black people varies. [Conservative, A f r i c a n -A m e r i c a n writer] Thomas Sowell said he had no idea how bad the problem was until he read White Girl Bleed a Lot. Other black people shrug their shoulders and say ‘yeah, you don’t have to tell me. I live it every day.’ The people who react most negatively to it are white liberals.” As for the LGBT media, the response “has been disheartening. I can only characterize the response as cowardly.” As part of his research, Flaherty sent an email to 350 reporters who are gay or who cover gay issues, asking them of any incidents of black-on-gay violence, and once again the response was “mixed. I probably got 50-60 replies. Most said they did not know anything about that. Others pointed me in the direction of people who might know. Some wished me luck. A few called me names and said I had no right to write about that. And a few others gave me long rambling explanations that explained nothing at all.” Meanwhile, “in the last month, there have been serious episodes of racial violence in Durham, Erie, Wilmington, Chicago, Savannah, and lots of other places. I am getting more information than I can handle.” In other words, “I will do another edition.”

November 7, 2012 •


Kevin Cathcart is All About the Future at Lambda Legal By Tony Adams


Photo Courtesey of Tony Adams

rom the 19th floor of 120 Wall Street, level of specialization. Even though I am a the waterfront view of New York lawyer who has always done LGBT advocacy, City is spectacular and never taken I could never do all the things that our for granted by the occupant of the staff does now with their individual areas corner office, Lambda Legal’s Executive of expertise. My job is to provide the best Director Kevin Cathcart. conditions under which our lawyers can do Lambda Legal is the nation’s oldest the great work they do with their specific and largest civil rights group working for skills.” the LGBTQ community. Under Cathcart’s Those specializations now include direction, it has become powerful with making the case for equality in the areas of significant increases in inquiries and impact same-sex relationships, workplace fairness, in 2011. transgender rights, LGBTQ youth, healthcare According to Cathcart who grew up in New fairness, HIV, parents and families, LGBTQ Jersey just 35 miles from his office, there are elderly, Latino outreach and fair courts. two types of people. Cathcart explains Lambda Legal’s process for “There are those who say they can’t wait selecting its cases. to move to New York “Clients are sometimes City, and those who referred to us by lawyers in say they can’t wait to private practice. We also have move out of Jersey. I a very active 800 number was part of the latter with help desks at all five of group. I didn’t even our regional offices. We got dream of becoming more than 7,000 calls last a lawyer, no, I grew year from people looking for up in a working class representation or information world. I didn’t know on a wide range of issues. what a lawyer was. I Lambda never charges for its came of age at a time representation. We do fundwhen civil rights raising. Because Lambda law was a driving Legal has been at work for 39 force, in the late 60s years, we have a huge body of early 70s. I began stored information to help. In thinking about law deciding which cases to take, kevin cathcart in college, because it is important to understand I was interested in that Lambda Legal looks for politics and because that is when I had impact litigation. We like cases in which our come out. Maybe I was in a lucky time slot. involvement can improve the lives of LGBTQ Stonewall had just happened. I had nothing people in America. There are very few cases to lose by coming out. No job or family. I we take that will impact all LGBTQ people, settled in Boston where I was the Executive but I think the Lawrence v. Texas case, in Director of GLAD [Gay & Lesbian Advocates which Lambda defended the two men who & Defenders] for eight years. I got a call from stepped forward to end the sodomy laws a friend who told me about the Lambda job. in the U.S. had national impact with its I thought ‘I could live in NYC for a couple of historic Supreme Court victory that laid the years’ That was 20 years ago.” legal groundwork for so much progress in Cathcart speaks about his 20 years at the communities across the country.” helm of Lambda Legal with obvious delight Some of Lambda’s cases might initially in its accomplishments, its strengths and its appear small but end up with huge impact. future. How does he feel about the length of Cathcart becomes animated when describing his tenure? the Ohio teenage who contacted Lambda “I don’t feel like I’ve had the same job for last year about his tee shirt. 20 years. When I arrived, there were 20 “Maverick Couch was basically just a kid people and two offices, with a budget of who wouldn’t accept the fact that his high $1.5 million. We now have 92 staff people, school had forbidden him from wearing an annual budget of over $13 million, and a tee shirt with the words ‘Jesus is not a five regional offices. We have a docket of 60 homophobe.’ In federal court, the decision cases at any given moment, but we are still was that the high school had to let him wear too small and still have to say no to too much. the shirt, but the impact is wider when you Yes, my job has evolved even though the title consider all the teenagers who heard about hasn’t changed. The biggest difference at this and thought ‘Huh, I could wear a shirt Lambda legal between then and now is the with a message like that.’ I always believe we

November 7, 2012 •

are on the right side of every case we enter, but I never know if we will win. In this case, I was confident, but we did not anticipate how much attention this would get beyond Ohio.” Cathcart admits to a personal appetite for cases dealing with government misconduct. “We added this area of specialization a few years ago. The cases include bar raids and entrapment. We handled an important case in Atlanta and a string of cases in Palm Springs. There is something about government malpractice that gets to me. I mean there are so many real crimes in our community that deserve police attention. Really, let the police go arrest rapists, for example.” For the impressive list (by category and

region) of victories won by Lambda Legal under Cathcart’s leadership, check out When the suggestion is made that Lambda’s strong success will lead to its obsolescence in perhaps a few years, Cathcart laughs and refers to what he calls the “bubble,” those regions where LGBT activism has made recent and great strides and is always in the headlines. “You LGBT media types are in danger of forgetting how much of the country is outside your ‘bubble.’ Get in your car and drive west from Florida. Do you know how many states you will pass through in which you have absolutely no LGBT rights and protections? There is so much work to do.” In the afternoon, the light through his office windows is so strong that Cathcart has to lower the blinds in order to focus. He sees the bright future of LGBTQ rights in the same way and intends to keep Lambda Legal focused and successful for many years to come.



November 7, 2012 •

November 7, 2012 •



Philadelphia: More Than Just A Cracked Bell City boasts an impressive collection of art and museums By Jason Parsley


teak sandwiches and the Liberty Bell may be two of the most well known things to come out of the City of Brotherly Love. But what’s not so well known is the city’s impressive collection of art. Art isn’t just a fixture in Philadelphia, it’s a way of life from the numerous art museums and galleries, and eclectic mosaics of Isaiah Zagar to the more than 3,000 wall murals around the city. In fact, Philly has more wall murals than any other city in America. Needless to say, Philadelphians care about their art so much so that, in order to keep the painting The Gross Clinic, housed in the city, residents raised $68 million to keep it from being sold elsewhere. It is now shared between the Pennsylvania museum of art and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. The newly built Barnes Foundation boasts the world’s largest collection of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and early Modern paintings including 181 Renoirs, 69 Cézannes, 59 Matisses, and 46 Picassos. The 93,000 square foot building features all of the late Albert Barnes’ art holdings laid out exactly the same way as when he was alive. The building also includes a changing exhibition gallery, conservation lab, auditorium, library and gift shop. While the newly built Barnes Foundation structure is certainly impressive, that’s not all Philadelphia has to offer art lovers. Hop over to the Rodin museum and you’ll find the largest collection, outside of Paris, of Rodin’s works. And then there’s the Philadelphia Museum of Art. And those are just the art museums. Philadelphia is home to a whole array of non-art museums including the National Constitution Center (only museum dedicated to the U.S. Constitution), National Liberty Museum, National Museum of American Jewish History, Mutter Museum (displaying medical wonders of the world), The Franklin Institute (One of the nation’s first hands on science museums), the Pennsylvania Hospital (first hospital in the country) and the Rosenbach Museum Library (houses many of the world’s greatest literary treasures).


Where to eat? Rittenhouse Tavern 251 S. 18th Street 215-732-2412 The restaurant is nestled in its namesake neighborhood Rittenhouse Square. Offers contemporary American Fare. The indoor/outdoor is located in the historic Wetherrill Mansion. Try the gem lettuce and herb salad with lemon vinaigrette.

Reading Terminal Market

Market Street between 5th and 6th Streets 215-922-2317 What you won’t find at this market are chains and franchises. Small mom and pop stores and independent shops only. For lunch try an authentic cheesesteak and for dessert visit the Famous 4th Street Cookie Company.

13th Street Gourmet Pizza

209 South 13th street 215-546-4453 Many people just know the tiny restaurant as the pizza joint across from Woody’s. A slice of BBQ chicken pizza never tasted so good after a long night of drinking or dancing. Or be adventurous and try their macaroni and cheese pizza.


401 S. Columbus Blvd. 215-923-2500 For fine dining in a unique setting check out Moshulu, a floating restaurant inside the world’s largest four-masted sailing ship still afloat. Its history dates back to 1904 when it was first launched. Since then the ship has visited the ports of Europe, South America, Australia, America and Africa. Oh yeah the food is pretty good too. Moshulu has earned many “best of” honors and has a AAA Four Diamond rating.

Major LGBT Events in Philly OutFest – October

Philly was one of the first cities to organize an event around National Coming Out Day by creating a block party to showcase the many facets of the LGBT community. The event is usually held the Sunday prior to Columbus Day in October and attracts more than 20,000 people, making it largest NCOD Event in the world.

Equality Forum – May Equality Forum coordinates LGBT History Month, produces documentary films, undertakes highimpact initiatives and presents the largest annual national and international LGBT civil rights summit. Pride Day – June Largest LGBT event in Philly, attracting more than 25,000 people each year. Qfest – July Largest gay and lesbian film festival on the east coast; 3rd largest in the U.S. For ongoing and weekly events check out: For local gay news check out Philadelphia Gay News at

Where to play? Woody’s

202 S 13th St 215-545-1893 Philly’s most historic and iconic gay bar. A visit to Philly would not be complete without a visit to Woody’s. OUT Magazine even named Woody’s one of “The 50 Greatest Gay Bars in the World” in 2007.

Tavern on the Camac

243 South Camac Street 215-545-0900 Features three floors of entertainment including a piano bar, restaurant, and dance floor.


1221 Saint James Street 215-735-5772 For the late night crowd


1220 Locust St 215-546-6660 For the older and laid back crowd

Giovanni’s Bookstore

345 South 12th Street (215) 923-2960 The oldest gay and lesbian bookstore in the country, founded in 1973.

City Tavern

138 South 2nd Street at Walnut Street 215-413-1443 Try City Tavern for something more traditional. And by traditional I mean the staff is dressed in colonial garb and the food items are recipes from the 17th century. Some of the food items include braised rabbit and colonial turkey pop pie.

November 7, 2012 •

Cheesesteak? A visit to Philly wouldn’t be complete without an authentic cheesesteak. Two of the premier places to find one, would be Pat’s or Geno’s, both of which claim to have invented the cheesteak and boast that theirs is the best. But if you’re looking for something off the beaten path check out Mom’s Cheesesteaks, which is just a food cart.

Pat’s King of Steaks 1237 East Passyunk Avenue (215) 468-1546

Geno’s Steaks 1219 South 9th Street (215) 389-0659


Located in a food cart near Independence Hall at 520 Chestnut Street

November 7, 2012 •



Bodytek: Not Just Another Workout By Michael Verdugo & Frankie Watson

Kettlebell Swing


odytek is not just a workout, its science. It’s scientifically proven that interval training is the most effective way to boost your metabolism, burn off that extra fat, and start reaching those goals that you have set for yourself. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is about mixing high intensity bursts of exercise with moderate or light intensity recovery periods. The secret to Bodytek’s training is not just about how many calories you burn per session, but that your body continues to burn calories long after the session is over. This is called Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) which basically means that your body keeps burning calories long after the sweating is done. In fact, researchers have discovered that this EPOC can last as long as 36 hours.

Russian Kettlebells



The kettlebell swing is an exercise that thrusts the legs and lower abdomen forward while swinging the arms up to eye level. This exercise keeps your heart rate up and works out your legs and shoulders. Spread your legs a little more than shoulder width apart and sit into a slight squatting position. Hold the kettlebell between your legs with both hands. Keep your eyes facing forward. Thrust your legs up to a standing position to propel the kettlebell up with your arms straight out at eye level. In a fluid motion, allow the kettlebell to swing back down between your legs as you naturally fall into a slight squat position. Repeat the Kettlebell swing in 3 sets of 20 reps.

Figure Eights

Over the last ten years, the Russian kettlebell has become increasingly popular in fitness throughout the United States. Developed by the Russian military in the 1700’s as a conditioning program, it has since become an accredited sport around the world; providing cardiovascular, flexibility, stamina, and strength training. The kettlebells’ versatility allows you to exercise many muscle groups at once. Naturally, the kettlebell focuses on the legs, lower back and shoulders, which gives you a In a squat position, take one kettlebell and rotate around your legs as your hands meet in solid, well rounded workout. Kettlebells come in many weight classes. between your legs creating the “Figure Eight.” Make sure to hold a solid squat, do not bounce Beginners should start relatively light so that up and down as you rotate the kettlebell around and between your legs. Gently guide the kettlebell from one hand to the other. proper form is developed. The following exercises should be done in high reps of 20 to 25 to maintain a high heart rate. Complete 3 sets of each.



Shoulder Press

With two kettlebells, stand with your legs shoulder width apart keeping a slight bend in your knees. Let the kettlebell rest on your forearm and press up. As you bring the kettlebells back down, make sure to keep your forearms bent at a ninety degree angle. Keep your shoulders active and upper arms parallel to the floor.



2 November 7, 2012 •


One Hand Band

Chad Coarsey, member of FAU’s LGBT community, stands up for students

By Dylan Bouscher

Photo Courtesey of Ryan Murphy

Chad Coarsey is wedging a chunk of clay in Florida Atlantic University’s ceramics workshop — with his only hand. As he pounds it into the warped wooden table, he evens out the clay’s texture and removes any remaining air pockets. The 23 year-old biology major is unleashing a week-long build up of stress on his clay, enjoying a Sunday afternoon crafting a tea cup and a bowl. “It’s a nice way to vent,” Coarsey said. Coarsey was born without his left hand, which he’s been told by doctors is from

chad coarsey, a 23 year-old biology major at florida Atlantic university, is a one-handed chemist and ceramist

neurodegenerative disorder. There is no name for his condition, according to him. Coarsey is also openly gay, and living with his boyfriend Ryan Chadwick. “I’m the housewife, I do his laundry, I cook, I clean, and a taxi service,” Chadwick told SFGN. Chadwick finished moving into Coarsey’s apartment in Boca Raton the day before Coarsey worked on his new tea cups. The couple started dating back in May. “I worked at American Eagle, he came in there, and I was like one of their lead salesmen,” Coarsey said. “We had one pair of skinny jeans left, he just felt like the guy

who would wear a pair of skinny jeans, and they turned out to be 3 sizes too big for him.” Eventually Coarsey helped Chadwick score a job at American Eagle and the two started working together. But the first time Coarsey felt something for another man in a mall, things turned out different. He was attending the Virginia Episcopal School in Lynchburg, Va. after his parents shipped him off there. “I was building all this tension because I couldn’t act on it, because no one else in my town was gay, unless they were really gay,” Coarsey said of his home town, Statesville, N.C. Coarsey’s school took him and his class to the Lynchburg mall. He remembers his first experience. “[He was] this like skinny-toothpickblonde-hair-twink that drove his mom’s minivan, and we fucked in a mall bathroom,” Coarsey said. The Virginia Episcopal School in Lynchburg, Va. was one of the many places Coarsey’s parents would send their son. Others included an isolated farm in Boise, Idaho, the Crooked Creek ranch in Colorado, his grandfather’s house in Cordele, Ga. and the Oakley therapeutic residence school near Park City, Utah. “I was basically conned into going to a therapeutic boarding school,” Coarsey said. “My parents basically sent me there because they knew I was gay, they found my gay porn, I couldn’t come to terms with it.” While Coarsey was in Colorado, he accepted his sexuality and reconciled with his parents. “Going out to Colorado, that experience, brought things home for me,” Coarsey said. “It took me to this neutral place and I felt naturally at home, and peaceful. I thought about all the stuff I did to my parents and ready to admit to them that I had wronged them.” It was at the Oakley school, however, that Coarsey met the teacher who would cultivate his pottery skills. But his creative spark came from within. “My mom’s very creative and resourceful and influential and that’s where I get that from,” Coarsey said. “I made a statue of my nub once...It’s not a knob, it’s not a fist, it’s a nub.” He claims the objective, chemist aspects of his character come from his dad, who is a doctor.

November 7, 2012 •

“I really enjoy biochemistry, I really enjoy how stuff works. Though now I don’t see that much as a career, because I want to see how this political thing works out,” Coarsey said. “I would really like to research neurodegenerative disorders, researching different pathways that haven’t been sought out. I think that’s interesting.” Despite his interest in science, and his growing up a gay man in the Christian church, he remains firm in his beliefs. “What I believe is, there’s no way we can be perfect. We can strive to be perfect,” Coarsey said. “Jesus Christ is more of a metaphor to me. Because I’m a scientist, and I see it more as a metaphor. I relate back to the bible.” His favorite verse from the Bible is Romans 8:38-39 — “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth,

nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” This semester Coarsey is taking a chemistry lab for the fourth time, while being in the Student Government House of Representatives for his first time. The first bill he wrote — about the crosswalks on campus being unsafe for students with disabilities — inspired administrators to attend the House meeting. “It’s that passion to do the right thing, because my core integrity is what I stick to,” Coarsey said. “Hopefully I’m inspiring people to do the right thing and change things that need to be changed.” Back in the ceramics workshop, Coarsey is at the potter’s wheel, shaping the spinning clay. As it twists violently and changes shapes, he uses his nub and presses the clay against his other hand to mold it.



November 7, 2012 •





7 - 1 4 ,

W W W . S F G N . C O M

2 0 1 2


Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Daniel

By J.W. Arnold W E E K

Pride Wind Ensemble Plays Music of the Big Screen and Broadway


he South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble, the region’s LGBT band, takes the stage for its annual fall concert on Sunday, Nov. 11 at 7 p.m. at the Amaturo Theatre of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. Under the direction of Artistic Director Dan Bassett, the 60-plus musicians will offer another inventive program, this time a salute to the music of movies and Broadway. In its 26th season, the wind ensemble has also become known for transforming ordinary concerts into artistic experiences with the use of multimedia, performers, dancers and acrobats. Bassett promises no less in this performance. Tickets are $25 and are available at




Pub Celebrates Grand Opening with Cabaret Duo


et ready Wilton Manors because the Village Pub is bringing in one of the most popular acts on the LGBT cabaret circuit to perform at grand opening festivities this weekend. Vocalist Amy Armstrong and pianist Freddy Allen— collectively performing as “Amy & Freddy”—have been wowing audiences for more than 17 years. The Chicago-based musical duo has headlined more than 50 gay cruises, numerous Pride events around the world and taken the stage at virtually every cabaret and club in between. “We’ve done everything from big theaters to bandwagons,” laughs Allen, who was paired up with Armstrong after she performed at an open mic night at Gentry, a former piano bar located on Halstead Street in Chicago. He recalls their meeting, “I had just finished my show and was sitting at the bar when she walked



Broadway Across America Kicks Off cody slaughter as elvis presley in the national tour of million dollar quartet

in and sang a couple of tunes. The owner of the bar hired her right there on the spot and told her I was her new piano player.” Together, they’ve tackled every genre of music from blues and jazz to pop, rock and, of course, showtunes, recording five albums in the process. “Our Fort Lauderdale friends already know us well,” he says. “And they’re going to want the raunch Amy,” noting Armstrong’s quick, biting wit. “She’s funny as hell. She’ll make you laugh one minute and make you cry the next.” Amy & Freddy perform at the Village Pub, 2283 Wilton Dr. in Wilton Manors, Sunday, Nov. 11 at 8:30 p.m. and Monday, Nov. 12 at 9 p.m. Both performances are free. For more information, go to




They Don’t Look a Day Over Four!


t’s true — she’s getting older. Lips, the popular Oakland Park drag cabaret cum restaurant is turning five and to celebrate, is holding a weeklong celebration, Nov. 13-18. In addition to regular events such as Game Night on Tuesday, Dinner with the Divas on Thursday and Sunday night, and the ever popular Sunday Gospel Brunch, the restaurant’s glamorous entertainers will host “Salute to the Women of Country” to benefit Live Free Be Strong on Wednesday, Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. The special dinner and show, hosted by Nicolette and Misty Eyez, will relive the beloved hits of Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Shania Twain, K.D. Lang, Tammy Wynette and the other queens of country music. Proceeds will support programs to end bullying and support LGBT youth. Tickets are $40 and include the show, three-course meal and one complimentary glass of wine or frozen cosmopolitan. VIP packages are also available. Guests are encouraged to wear their boots and best country gear. For more information, go to or cal 954-567-0987.


e among the first to see the beautiful updates to Fort Lauderdale’s Broward Center when Broadway Across America opens its season in the Au Rene Theatre with the Tony Award-winning musical, Million Dollar Quartet. The show, running through Nov. 18, is inspired by the true story of a famed 1956 recording session that brought together musical legends Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins for the first and only time. This greatest jam session of all time includes timeless hits including, “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Fever,” “That’s All Right,” “Sixteen Tons,” “Great Balls of Fire,” “I Walk the Line,” “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On,” “Hound Dog” and more. Tickets start at $29.50 and are available at or by calling 954-462-0222.

vocalist amy armstrong and pianist freddy allen

November 7, 2012 •



Community Shines Bright at Stonewall Stars By Jesse Monteagudo


he spotlight will shine on our community’s best and brightest at the Stonewall National Museum & Archives’s benefit gala, Stonewall Stars: Turning the Tide. This event, cochaired by Fred Brugal and Rob Delehanty, will take place on Saturday, Nov. 17, at 7 p.m., at the Manor Complex, 2345 Wilton Drive. Stonewall’s annual gala benefits its museum programming and library services. This year’s event will also serve as a preview for the new Stonewall exhibit, Stonewall Stars, which will be on display from Nov. 21 to Dec. 31. Last year the Stonewall Exhibit Our Stars: Gifts from Celebrities displayed personal artifacts ranging from Franklin Kameny’s protest signs to Martina Navratilova’s tennis racquet. This year Stonewall Stars will showcase more noteworthy items connected to members of the LGBT community. One of these is a gown by Project Runway designer Chris March, which Meryl Streep wore to the 2010 Academy Awards ceremony. Another one is a film projector that belonged to the late author/activist Vito Russo, who literally wrote the book about film depictions of LGBT people in The Celluloid Closet. Stonewall Stars will also feature a pair of eyeglasses from comedian Kate Clinton and a Purple Heart from the Reverend John McNeill. Both Stonewall Stars: Turning the Tide and the Stonewall Stars exhibit will celebrate champions of marriage equality on both the national and the local level. The gala will honor retiring U.S. Representative Barney Frank (D.-Mass.) and his husband, Jim Ready, for their contributions to marriage equality. (Rep. Frank and Mr. Ready donated one of their wedding invitations to be exhibited at Stonewall Stars.) In addition to accepting his


award, Rep. Frank will take this opportunity to discuss the state of marriage equality and other relevant issues in the post-election cycle. Also appearing at the gala is Logan Voxx, 2011 Out 100 honoree and founder of Positive Young People. David Bernard, CBS4 News’ Chief Meteorologist, will host this event, which features dancing, cocktails and a dinner with salad, one of three entrees,

meryl streep in her gown that chris march created for her for the 2010 oscars

and a “scrumptious” dessert. Finally, a special announcement will be made about Stonewall’s upcoming 40th anniversary. General admission tickets to Stonewall Stars: Turning the Tide are $75. VIP tickets are $150 and include free valet parking and an open bar in the Ivy Room Lounge. Those who donate $500 will have the opportunity to attend a limited-attendance brunch on November 18 with Rep. Frank and Mr. Ready. There will also be a Stonewall Stars PreParty at the Alibi, 2226 Wilton Drive, on Thursday, Nov/ 8, from 6 to 8 p.m. For more information or to purchase tickets visit www. Tickets are also available at the Manor after 4 p.m., from Wednesday to Sunday.

November 7, 2012 •



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November 7, 2012 •



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Not Scared Yet?

What You Missed at Wicked Wilton Photos By JR Davis


alloween saw an annual tradition return to the Drive, as over 20,000 ghosts, ghouls and goblins partied their night away at Wicked Wilton. The event, which took place Halloween night, was presented by The Rainbow Business Coalition, the City of Wilton Manors and benefited the Pride Center at Equality Park. Bummed you missed out? Well, there is always next year, but until then, SFGN has the best pictures from the night that will have you feeling you were right there in the mix.


November 7, 2012 •


Red Honor!

Broward event showcases LGBT honorees By SFGN Staff


roward House, South Florida’s oldest and largest HIV/AIDS community service organization honored several community leaders Wednesday, October 31 during a luncheon at the Hyatt Regecy Pier 66 as part of the annual South Florida Red Ribbon Awards.

This years honorees included: George Castrataro – Community Activist and Attorney; Carol Moran – Business Owner and Community Activist; Susan Renneisen – Vice President Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino; Jasmin Shirley – Vice President of Community Health Services, Broward Health; and Dean Trantalis – Former Ft. Lauderdale Vice Mayor, Community Activist and Attorney. “Broward House is a community treasure that has left a lasting legacy in the countless lives of the thousands touched and impacted by the dedication and commitment of their staff and volunteers.

As a former public health professional, I had the opportunity to work with Broward House and was amazed by the integrity and perseverance rooted in the Broward House culture and mission,” Castrataro said. “Nearly twenty years have passed since my public health days and Broward House continues to grow, serve and inspire each of us. I am humbled and honored to be recognized by this amazing organization!” Director of Development and Public Relations for the Broward House, Terry DeCarlo, said in a prepared statement. “We are very happy to have such a distinguished list of individuals this year. All of these individuals have gone above and beyond in their efforts to secure the lives of those in South Florida living with or at risk for HIV/ AIDS and we are proud to recognize their efforts” Visit for more information.

November 7, 2012 •



LGBT Bound

Schedule of LGBT authors and books at the Miami Book Fair

By Andrea Dultano


f you love to read, then you already know about the eight-day literary festival known as the Miami Book Fair International in Downtown Miami on Nov. 11-18, 2012. You have probably visited the Miami Book Fair website for the updated list of over 350 authors, and you’re anticipating readings by well-known writers such as Tom Wolfe and Junot Diaz. Maybe you’ll don your Women for Obama T-shirt and go hear Bill O’Reilly. Or maybe your 80s pop culture curiosity is peaked with appearances by Andrew McCarthy and Molly Ringwald who have written (non-Brat Pack related) books, and who will also be at the 29th annual Miami Book Fair. But if you’re a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender lover of books, you may also want to attend readings by LGBT authors, or to hear about books with LGBT characters


and themes. The history of our literature has often been silenced because generations of writers couldn’t be out in their work and/or their lives. This year, the strong presence of LGBT authors and books at the Miami Book Fair proves that many of us are no longer silent, and that one of the most renowned literary events supports our right to be heard.

Of course, LGBT writers and books have many voices—so thankfully, the Miami Book Fair offers a diverse selection of genres and subject matters: Avid viewers of the now cancelled The Nate Berkus Show can experience Nate Berkus’ design expertise in-person as he shares his latest book The Things That Matter. Don’t be shy about your sex questions with bisexual feminist Susie Bright. For the past thirty years, she has written about sex and politics, and continues the tradition with Mother/ Daughter Sex Advice, coauthored by her twenty-one-year-old daughter Aretha Bright. Test your Barbra IQ at William J Mann’s reading for Hello, Gorgeous: Becoming Barbra Streisand. Jeanne Cordova’s When We Were Outlaws: A Memoir of Love and Revolution recounts her experience as a lesbian feminist in the 1970s. We can never know enough LGBT history. Rodger Streitmatter, whose book was profiled this past July in SFGN, reads from Outlaw Marriages: The Hidden Histories of Fifteen Extraordinary Same-Sex Couples. He appears with Michael Bronski, a Dartmouth professor, who has written A Queer History of the United States. In a recent Salon interview, Camille Paglia states that gay collectors saved Art Deco. Hear more when she presents her new book Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art From Egypt to Star Wars. Irish writer Emma Donoghue’s website relates that at the age of eight, her first career choice was ballerina, but as she grew taller, she “settled for literature. This way I get to eat more cake.” She reads from Astray.

Comic books and graphic novels are a burgeoning market for LGBT characters. Dan Parent, creator of “Kevin Keller” Archie Comics’ first gay character, and Raina Telgemeier, writer of Drama, a graphic novel featuring gay characters, teach acceptance to younger audiences and their parents.

See below for an expanded schedule of LGBT authors as well as authors with books featuring LGBT characters and themes: • • • • • • •

• • • • •

Nate Berkus, The Things That Matter. 5pm, Sat., Nov. 17, Rm. 8501 Richard Blanco, Looking For The Gulf Motel. 12:30pm, Sat., Nov. 17, Rm. 8303 Adam Braver, Misfit. 11am, Sun., Nov. 18, Rm. 8501 Susie Bright, Big Sex Little Death: A Memoir. 11am, Sun., Nov. 18, Rm. 8502 Aretha Bright, Erotic Literature panel: Mother/Daughter Sex Advice: noon, Sat., Nov. 17, Rm. 8501 T Cooper, Real Man Adventures. 11am, Sun., Nov. 18, Rm. 8502 Jeanne Cordova, When We Were Outlaws: A Memoir of Love and Revolution. 11am, Sun., Nov. 18, Rm. 8502 Emma Donoghue, Astray. 6:30pm, Fri., Nov. 16, Rm. 8502 Ily Goyanes, Girls Who Score: Hot Lesbian Erotica. Sat., Nov. 17, Rm. 8501 Paul Lisicky, Unbuilt Projects. 2pm, Sun., Nov. 18, Rm. 8301 William J Mann Hello, Gorgeous: Becoming Barbra Streisand 11am, Sat., Nov. 17, Rm. 8501 Erin McHugh One Good Deed: 365 Days of Trying To Be Just a Little Bit Better Self-improvement, Noon, Sat., Nov. 17, Rm. 2106 Camille Paglia, Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art From Egypt to Star Wars. 10am, Sat., Nov. 17, Auditorium Dan Parent, Creator of “Kevin Keller” Archie Comics’ first gay character (Archie Comics) 10:30am, Sun., Nov.

• •

18, Centre Gallery Neil S. Plakcy, Dog Helps Those (A Golden Retriever Mystery). 2pm, Sat., Nov. 17, 8502 Rodger Streitmatter, Outlaw Marriages: The Hidden Histories of Fifteen Extraordinary Same-Sex Couples & Michael Bronski, A Queer History of the United States. 11am, Sat., Nov. 17, Rm. 8501 Justin Torres, We the Animals & Nina Revoyr, Wingshooters. 3:30am, Sun., Nov. 18, 8301 Raina Telgemeier, Drama. 2:30pm, Sat., Nov. 17, 1164 Isabel &Ruben Toledo, Roots of Style: Weaving Together Life, Love, and Fashion. 7pm, Sun., Nov.11, Freedom Tower, FREE (reading & exhibit) Luisita Lopez Torregrosa, Before the Rain: A Memoir of Love & Revolution. 1:30pm, Sat., Nov. 17, 8301

If You Go To Miami Book Fair International When: The whole thing: Nov. 11-18, 2012 The street fair: Nov. 16-18 Where: Wolfson Campus of Miami-Dade College in Downtown Miami How Much: “Evenings with…” tickets: $10 (plus $2 handling fee) Street Fair tickets: Free on Friday, November 16 Saturday & Sunday, November 17 & 18: $8 for adults 13-18 and over 62: $5 Free for 12 and under For more complete schedule of authors and ticket information, visit

November 7, 2012 •


Code, Broken Film Premiere to benefit LGBT organizations

Full Charge Bookkeeping Services

By Andrea Dultano


lan Turing is a name you may not know. But Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is one that many would recognize. In the trailer for the drama-documentary, Codebreaker, Wozniak states that Turing “came up with basically everything computers do today.” In the first half of the twentieth-century, this British visionary contributed to the fields of mathematics and computer science. During World War II, he helped to decode Nazi communications, which played a significant part in winning the war. So why has Turing’s name not found a place in history? Because in 1952, Britain still had a statute against homosexuality, and Turing was gay. His arrest and the harrowing ordeal that followed led to his suicide at the age of 41 and the obscurity of his achievements. However, Codebreaker is on its way to increasing visibility and recognition for Turing’s accomplishments. The film has already screened at sold-out events in Washington D.C., New York City and San Francisco. South Florida audiences have a chance to learn about Alan Turing at its own premiere of Codebreaker, 7:30 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012 at AMC Coral Ridge10 in Fort Lauderdale. The Fort Lauderdale premiere will also benefit two LGBT organizations—SunServe and Centerlink. Located in Wilton Manors, SunServe is a South Florida nonprofit offering counseling, support groups, education and outreach to individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or questioning (LGBTQ). CenterLink, an association for LGBT community centers and organizations, provides support for centers in the U.S. as well as in other countries. It has been based in Fort Lauderdale since 1994. Denise Spivak, Director of Membership at CenterLink, discussed the inception of the Codebreaker premieres: “The filmmakers approached CenterLink,” she said. “We thought it was a great

opportunity for communities to learn about Alan Turing, and for LGBT community centers to have the opportunity to partner with the filmmakers and to have the added benefit of using [the premieres] to raise funds.” The subject matter of Codebreaker holds particular relevance for the LGBT community. “Unfortunately, this is a story that we continue to hear all too often,” said Spivak. “People (especially youth) taking their lives because of harassment and bullying due to their sexuality (actual or perceived).” Furthermore, Chad Thilborger, Director for Institutional Advancement at SunServe, explained how Codebreaker connects to their o rga n i z at i o n’s purpose. “SunServe has a highly regarded cultural competency training/education program that trains both clinicians and community members about issues facing the LGBTQ community. This film is another example of how important that work is.” Thilborger added that “SunServe and CenterLink both see the event as a way of raising awareness about a person vital both to LGBT and world history.” For more information, contact Chad Thilborger, 954-764-5150 or CThilborger@

The Stonewall National Museum & Archives proudly presents

Celebrating Champions of Marriage Equality with special guests: Congressman Barney Frank & Jim Ready, Logan Fox, Ted Scouten Hosted by David Bernard, Chief Meteorologist, CBS Miami Saturday, November 17, 2012 The Manor Complex 7p.m.

General admission $35 with complimentary signature cocktails, dancing and entertainment.

VIP admission $150 includes Private reception, Strolling International food stations, salads, desserts and open bar.

Special limited admission $500 has all the above with private brunch with Barney & Jim on Sunday the 18th at 11:30 am.

If You Go Premiere Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. Where:

AMC Coral Ridge10 3401 NE 26th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL How Much:

Purchase tickets for $10 at http:// A portion of ticket sales will benefit SunServe and CenterLink

November 7, 2012 •

Funding for Stonewall is provided, in part, by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council of Cultural Affairs benefiting the Museum programming and Library Services at Stonewall National Museum & Archives. Additional funding is provided by the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs

Through our collections, programs and services, Stonewall National Museum & Archives documents, explores and honors the LGBT past while striving to inform, inspire and engage this and the next generation of our community's leaders 39



Flavors of Fort Lauderdale Focuses on Local Tastes

By J.W. Arnold

$10.00 OFF

$20 OFF Facial Treatment Not applicable to Lavish Quickie


One of the festival signature events he recommends is Dine Around Fort Lauderdale, “something you will only see during Flavors of Fort Lauderdale,” he said. Nine of the city’s leading restaurants will offer especially chosen menus with wine pairings on Thursday, Nov. 8. Then, everyone will meet at Off the Hookah in the Himmarshee entertainment district for “Late Night Flavors,” sponsored by the International Special Events Society. The Westin Beach Resort will host the festival kick-off party on Friday, Nov. 9 and Saturday’s main event will be “Flavors After Dark,” at Las Olas Marina. Five of the area’s leading female chefs will be showcases in this gala event beginning at 6 p.m. One familiar face at every event will be Chef Allen Susser, the official “Ambassador of Flavor.” A James Beard Awardwinner, Susser is owner and executive chef of the groundbreaking Chef Allen restaurant in Miami and Burger Bar by Chef Allen at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. He is a spokesman for the Mango Board, culinary ambassador for the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s sustainable seafood initiative, a prodigious cookbook author and past president of the Miami chapter of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association. Hulsmeyer is optimistic about the first Flavors of Fort Lauderdale festival: “We have spent countless hours working together with the City of Fort Lauderdale to make sure we present an event that we can all be proud of – one that attracts visitors to Fort Lauderdale, capitalizes on all of the incredible culinary talent here and one that we can build on year after year. We expect more than 1,000 attendees for Sunday’s Flavors Grand Tasting, which shows there is a hunger in the market for this type of experience,” he said. Tickets for Flavors of Fort Lauderdale events are still available and individually priced. For more information or to purchase tickets, go to Photo courtesy of Flavors of Fort Lauderdale

$5.00 off


lavors of Fort Lauderdale, a new international food festival debuting this week, will offer foodies a taste of the best of Broward. Described by organizers as a “culinary lifestyle event,” the festival kicks off on Thursday, Nov. 8 and runs through Sunday, Nov. 11, and is the culmination of more than two years of planning. The executive producer of the festival, Rob Hulsmeyer of Empire Events, also said Flavors will be very different from South Florida’s largest festival, the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, held each year in February on Miami Beach. “Flavors of Fort Lauderdale is so much more than a ‘food festival.’ First, we’re not bringing in ‘TV celebrity chefs’ to make a big splash and then leave,” he said. “This fourday event series will focus on the destination itself, showcasing more than 20 of South Florida’s most talented local chefs and their fantastic restaurants, which really are stars in their own right.” While both festivals feature a “grand tasting,” Flavors won’t just host a sampling of different foods, even though more than 50 restaurants and gourmet food purveyors have signed up for the event at the Las Olas Marina. Themed pavilions will feature unique activities, live demonstrations and opportunities for interaction with the chefs and local suppliers. The festival will also feature an emphasis on sustainable seafood, thanks to event sponsor Monterey Bay Aquarium, which created Seafood Watch to educate consumers about the seafood they eat. The Allied Kitchen and Bath demonstration kitchen will include several presentations on cooking with sustainable ingredients, too. Hulsmeyer, who found himself stranded in a swamped Manhattan following Hurricane Sandy, was coordinating the final arrangements for the festival last week thanks to a shaky cell phone connection and lots of emails.

November 7, 2012 •

GLBX Business Advantage Referral Group

By Brian Swinford

Have an event you want to list? If so send me an email at

Theater Broward County Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White’s beloved classic, comes to life on stage as part of the Smart Stage Matinee Series on Thursday, November 15 at 10 a.m. The heartwarming children’s book tells the story of a pig named Wilbur and his friendship with a little barn spider named Charlotte. Tickets are $6 for individual seats, $5.50 for groups of 10 or more and $3 lap seats are available for infants 12 months and under. Visit

Nathan Pacheco

The Broward Center for the Performing Arts and PBS-TV WPBT Channel 2 present power pop and classical crossover sensation Nathan Pacheco on Saturday, November 17 at 8 p.m. An exciting PBS sensation who is being called “the voice of a new generation,” Pacheco masterfully bridges the worlds of opera and pop, delighting audiences with classical favorites along with beautiful original compositions. Tickets are $27.50 and $37.50. Visit

Divorce Party the Musical

Still reeling from her divorce, Linda is rescued by her three friends who have come to turn her despair into a weekend of hilarity in Divorce Party The Musical: The Hilarious Journey To Hell…and Back! on stage from Tuesday, Nov. 27 to Friday, Nov.30 at 8 p.m. From the producer who brought you the Off Broadway hit Menopause The Musical, it’s the ultimate Girls’ Night Out. Tickets are $31.50 and $39. Performances continue through December. Visit

Million Dollar Quartet

Bank of America Broadway Across America-Ft. Lauderdale and Florida Theatrical Association in partnership with the Broward Center for the Performing Arts presents Million Dollar Quartet through Sunday, Nov. 18 in the Au-Rene Theater. The Tony Award-winning Broadway musical inspired by the true story of the famed recording session that brought together rock ‘n’ roll icons Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins for the first and only time recreates that legendary night. Visit

It’s A Fabulous LIfe

Will be performed from Nov. 28 through Dec. 2 in the Amaturo Theater at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. An audience favorite that is returning due to popular demand to the Broward Center for a third time, this gay musical borrows the premise of It’s a Wonderful Life to tell the story of Joe, a gay actor cast in Randolph the Rainbow Reindeer, who has a difficult holiday season filled with family tensions and backstage backstabbing that make him wonder if heterosexuals are happier. Wednesday, Nov. 28 to Friday, Nov. 30 at 7:30 p.m.; Saturday, Dec.1 at 3 and 7:30 p.m.; and Sunday, Dec. 2 at 1 and 6 p.m. Tickets are $35. Call 954-462-0222 or visit


Broadway in Miami 2012-13

This season Ziff Ballet Opera House through May 12 will hold the Broadway In Miami spectacle. Experience the return of the world’s greatest musical spectacle - Les Misérables - in its lavish new 25th anniversary production, along with the Miami premieres of Broadway’s biggest fun-filled hits - including the high-stepping Mary Poppins, the outlandishly colorful Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, the awesomely cool Rock of Ages, and - the 2010 Tony Award Winner for Best Musical Memphis, a triumph of explosive dancing and powerhouse songs. Visit

Community Calendar Broward County The Four Noble Truths

We all have certain things that feel to us like true sources of happiness, but which in reality have caused us no end of suffering, time and time again. It is our mind of attachment that continues to deceive us, causing us to relate to these things in mistaken ways, and leading us straight into problems and misfortune. Learn how to break this cycle. $10/class or $30/ series includes vegetarian food after class, members free. Visit

GLBX Business Advantage Referral Group will be held at the chamber offices on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 8 to 9 a.m. The leads group is looking for additional members. If you are interested joining, please contact Ken Stollar at to see if your category is open and to attend as a guest. Visit php?src=gendocs&ref=GLBX_home&category=GLBX

Queer Youth Nights

LGBTQ & allied youth 13-21 are welcome any time after 6 p.m. at the SunServe building on Wilton Drive for a great place to meet new friends, play board games and a Queer Themed Movie at 7 p.m. Email

Latinos Salud’s programs

Multiple programs and groups for bi/gay Latino guys. Latinos Salud’s SOMOS program is for guys 18 to 30. All proceeds will benefit Latinos Salud in our efforts to educate on HIV Prevention and testing. Every Thursday night at 7 p.m. join the Core Group, and help plan alternative activities. Also offers Popular Opinion Leader group for guys ages 25 to 44 and a Life Coaching program for guys ages 18 to 44. Come by Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. for free one-on-one life coaching with certified CRCS coaches. Located at 2330 Wilton Drive. Call 954-533-8681 or visit

Man2Man Discussion

Man2Man Discussion Group meets at the Pride Center on Mondays from 7 until 8:30 p.m. Any subject may be discussed. Members regularly reassemble afterwards for ‘repast’ at The Courtyard, PeterPan Diner. Visit

Meditation After Work

On Mondays from 6-6:30 p.m. there will be Guided meditation w/ western Buddhist teacher Gui Passow. Looking for a way to rest and re-charge before starting your evening? Come in for a free guided meditation to clear your mind at the end of the day. This class is free at Drolma Buddhist Center. Call 954537-9191 or visit

Taste of the Island

Wilton Manors is holding its 7th annual Taste of the Island at historic Richardson Park from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tickets available at Barton Miller Cleaners, Wilton Manors Library, and at Wilton Manors City Hall. Includes a Silent Auction, which will take place in the Richardson’s historical house. Visit

Adventure Bears - Fall 2012 Caribbean Cruise Adventure Bears offers a truly unique travel experience where you can relax/recharge from a stressful job or be social with other like-minded traveler -- all while being pampered on one of the finest cruise lines in the world, Princess Cruise newest ship, the Ruby Princess. Call or email Paul B. Stalbaum at or 954-566-3377

Broward House presents Wanda Sykes, A World AIDS Day Benefit Concert

Sykes will make her only South Florida appearance in 2012-13 in this one-night only engagement during World AID Days weekend on Dec 2, at 8 p.m. at the Broward Center Au Rene Theater as a benefit for Broward House, Broward County’s oldest and largest HIV/AIDS community service organization. Wanda Sykes is considered “one of the funniest stand up comics” by her peers and ranks among Entertainment Weekly’s 25 Funniest People in America. Visit BrowardCenter. org

Pozitive Attitudes

Topic driven Peer lead support group for gay and bisexual men who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Meets every Wednesday 7-9 p.m. at the Pride Center 204 N.Dixie Hwy Room 204.   Refreshments, no charge, open meeting. Queer Youth Friday Nights LGBTQ and allied youth group for people13-21. This Is a drop in group anytime from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. This youth group will be SunServe building on 1480 SW 9th Ave on the second floor. A Safe Space to be yourself! Queer Themed Movie showing at 7 p.m. on Friday nights. This group is a safe hangout to meet new friends, free Wi-Fi to bring your laptop or your iPad, plus board games that you can bring or play the ones that they provide at the group. Visit index.htm

November 7, 2012 •



Have an event you want to list? If so send me an email at Buddhist Meditation Classes

All the happiness there is in the world arises from wishing others to be happy. By abandoning self-centered thoughts and replacing them with the belief that others are important, we will overcome our suffering and find true happiness inside our own hearts. $10/class or $30/series includes vegetarian food after class. Call The Drolma Buddhist Center at 954-537-9191.

Dream Car Classic

*Denotes new listing

Survivor Support

A Survivor Support Group is being held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at the 211 Community Center, 250 NE 33rd Street, in Oakland Park. The Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention (FISP) is sponsoring this free support group and is open to all family members and friends of those who have died by suicide. Call 954-384-0344 to register. Meets from 7-8:30 p.m. Visit

Every Sunday of the month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pre-1980s classic cars, modern classics and custom cars from 1981-2012 will be showcased. $10 car registration from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. (Show Car Entrance: 20th Avenue & Tyler Street). People’s Choice Award - 2 Classes; Top Ten Vehicles Award. Call 954214-2457

Eating Disorder Support

Living Healthy

Sunday Jazz Brunch

Fusion in Wilton Manors will be having a free workshop on healthy choices, and healthy living on Tuesdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. This workshop provides interactive learning, practice and mastery techniques for a healthier and more active life, and positive changes for quality of life. Call 954-630-1655

Life Coaching

Latinos Salud’s Life Coaching program is for Latino gay/bi guys ages 18-44. Come by Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. for free one-on-one life coaching with certified CRCS coaches. Set your goals, and meet action steps to make them come true. 2330 Wilton Drive. Call 954-765-6239. Visit

Sex & Love Anonymous S.L.A.A. believes that sex and love addiction is a progressive illness which cannot be cured but which, like many illnesses, can be arrested. It may take several forms -- including, but not limited to, a compulsive need for sex, extreme dependency on one or many people, or a chronic pre-occupation with romance, intrigue, or fantasy. Meets at The Pride Center at Equality Park in Bldg A, Room 200 Fridays 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Visit


Meets Friday evenings from 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. At Sun Serve’s Wilton Manors location at 2123 Wilton Drive, second floor. A “drop-in” psycho-educational support group. Free. No registration required. Donations welcome. Call 954-764-5150 First Sunday of every month. An ideal way to relax and enjoy Fort Lauderdale’s scenic Riverwalk. Live, outdoor concert series bringing the area’s best local jazz artists. Listen to the soulful sounds on four different stages. Well-behaved, leashed pets welcome. Plenty of room for chairs, blankets and picnic baskets.

Young Adult GLBT

A social group open to all LGBT people ages 18-35. Meets Fridays at the Pride Center in Wilton Manors from 7:15-9 p.m. Meeting starts with a discussion on current events followed by introductions and then a group activity. Visit

Boardwalk Friday Fest

Come out to Hollywood Beach Theatre East of A1A at Johnson St and the ocean. Admission: Free every Friday of every month. Live jazz, blues, pop and everything in between along Hollywood’s signature 2.5 mile boardwalk. Charming oceanfront cafes and restaurants serve up delicious innovative cuisine while you enjoy the best array of live music and tropical ocean breezes. Visit or call 954-924-2980

Most Toastmasters meetings are comprised of about 20 people who meet weekly for an hour or so. Participants practice and learn skills by filling a meeting role, ranging from giving a prepared speech or an impromptu one to serving as timer, evaluator or grammarian. Toastmasters meet at the GLCC/Pride Center Monday at 7:15 p.m. Call Ted Verdone at 954-566-2074 or email: Tedverdone@comc​

Man-2-Man talk is an informal discussion group of gay men, with all age ranges and backgrounds welcomed. Bldg A, Room 206. Visit

Palm Beach County Palm Beach Food & Wine Festival

Tuesday Night Eatin Meeting Tuesday Night Eatin’ Meeting will be held at The Alternative MC Clubhouse at 4322 NE 5th Ave in Oakland Park. Fun, food, and fellowship. There will be hamburgers, hotdogs, all the fixins, cold drinks, desserts, and snacks. Meeting begins at 8 p.m. and ends at 9 p.m. Visit

Gay Male Empowerment

Topic discussions include issues and concerns about being a gay man in South Florida. Meets Thursdays at the Pride Center from 7 - 8:30 p.m. Call 954-353-9155


Meets on the 2nd and 4th Tues. of the month at the Sunshine Cathedral at 1480 SW 9th Avenue to support the parents of LGBTQ youth in Broward. No charge. Visit Community.pflag. org/pflagfortlauderdale

SunServe Therapy Groups

Provided for the LGBT community at SunServe on a regular basis. Call the Intake Coordinator at 954-764-5150 to learn which therapy groups have openings. Groups Include a Gay Men’s HIV+ Long Time Survivors’ Group, a Safe “T” support group for gender variant adults, an Intimate Partner Abuse group and others. Visit

Fusion Wilton Manors - Connections

Gay men’s group discussion. Different subject every week. Dr. David Fawcett, a gay therapist, who has been in private practice in Fort Lauderdale for the last ten years, leads the event. No charge. Starts at 7 p.m. Call 954-630-1655.

Women4Women Support

Man2Man Discussion

A safe and loving place to explore all the concerns and topics raised by group members. This open drop-in meeting is held Wednesdays at 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the New Sun Serve Building at 2312 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. Call 954-764-5150

Foodies have a reason to celebrate as a flood of epicurean talent descends upon the area for the Palm Beach Food & Wine Festival 2012. Award-winning chefs and culinary personalities, authors, winemakers, journalists, and mixologists are creating a culinary event of a magnitude never before seen on the illustrious island and beyond. This sixth anniversary year of the Festival includes an expanded lineup, growing from five nights of culinary delights to nearly a dozen events with both day and evening programming, including a star chef golf tournament and trade-only panel discussion. On Dec7-11 at various locations. Visit

Palm Beaches Marathon & Run Fest

December in Florida and striding through tropics. Now that will impress your friends and family. Palm Beaches Marathon & Run Fest isn’t just a race or a way to keep in shape before the holiday parties and cheer; it’s a vacation onto itself. This event will start and finish on Flagler drive on Nov 20-Dec 2. Visit

Lake Worth Bike Night

The Lake Worth bike night is fun, and it’s for a cause. Join loads of people in downtown Lake Worth every Thursday from 7 p.m.-10 p.m.. The event is free and open to bikers and nonbikers. Visit

Alternative Life Style Show Featured guests contribute to the community. All are welcomed to call in. Many give aways and prizes including a contest for free buffets at  Isle Capri Casino in Pompano. You can also listen by adding W4CYRADIO to SKYPE or call in at  561-623-9429. Up coming spotlights on parties of interest and special events.


PFLAG is a monthly support, coming out and rap groups for families of & for Gay, Lesbian, Bi, and Transgender people. Meeting in Palm Beach County is at 6:30 on the third Wednesday of the month. Call or email Carol at 561-716-9464 Pflag@

November 7, 2012 •

New Alternatives

Social group with regular outings and social mixers for LGBTQ ages 18 to 30. This meeting will take place at The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Palm Beach County. Email or Visit

Sober Sisters AA

Support group is dedicated for lesbians who are recovering from alcoholism. Meeting happens every Monday at 7 p.m. at Lambda North Clubhouse. Visit

PBC Gender Support

All ages support group dedicated for transgender individuals. This meeting happens the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:30 p.m. These meeting will take place at The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Palm Beach County. Visit

Good Orderly AA

These meetings now take place at Lambda North at 18 S. J Street, and geared toward recovering alcoholics. Every Tues. and Thurs. at 7 p.m. and on Sat. at 5:30 p.m. These meetings will help recovering alcoholics cope with the stress of everyday life without the use of alcohol. Email

Seniors vs. Crime

Seniors vs. Crime is a free service that provides help to seniors who have been victimized by businesses or service providers and need assistance. This event will take place at Mae Volen Senior Center at 1515 W. Palmetto Park Road. By appointment only so call 561-736-3820 or 561-395-8920.

Yoga On The Waterfront

Lake Pavilion at 101 S. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, FL / Yoga On The Waterfront in downtown West Palm Beach on Wednesday Evenings at 5:45 p.m. Residents $40 per 8 week session, Non-Residents $50 per 8 week session, Drop-ins $10 per class. To register, please call 561-804-4902.

YOGA Among the Orchids

It’s time for Yoga Among the Orchids at the American Orchid Society, 16700 AOS Lane, Delray Beach. Relax and replenish the flower inside with an hour of breathing exercises, toning, and yoga poses under a canopy of lush orchids. Classes are Wed. at 9 a.m. Cost is $20 and RSVP is suggested. Call 561-4042011. Visit

Jazz on the Palm

Jazz on the Palm - Downtown West Palm Beach Waterfront - Gather with friends and family to enjoy the diverse vibrant sounds of jazz under the stars every 3rd Friday of month at the new Downtown West Palm Beach waterfront concert series. Free and open to the public. Guests are encouraged to bring blankets and chairs. From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Visit Wpbgo. com/2010/06/jazz-on-the-palm


This group is a black gay men’s discussion group that is held at the Compass in West Palm Beach. Every Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. this group will be directed toward issues for and about black men. Visit


Paths is a social/discussion group held at Compass in Lake Worth. This men’s group takes place every Monday from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Paths men’s group will be discussing relationships, coming out, safer sex issues and more. Visit


Yoga with Deborah will change your life. Bring a mat and get ready to stretch the stress away every Tuesday at The GLCC in Palm Beach from 6 to 7 p.m. This yoga experience will uplift and transform your life. $6 Entry Fee. You must bring your own mat. Visit

Living Buddhism

On the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. Compass in Lake Worth will be holding a discussion group for overcoming obstacles and obtaining happiness. This group is great for getting internal enlightenment. Release your inner stress, and become free. Visit

2232 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 630-3556 Best Sound & Light Show in Broward County. Mondays “porn bingo” with Desiree Dubois. $3 Margaritas, $1 Draft

Bill’s Filling Station

2209 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 567-5978. Large bar/ nightclub, amazing drink specials in Wilton Manors! Wednesday’s after 9 p.m. $10 Miller Lite Beer Bust


1721 N. Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311. (954) 463-6969. A Cute Little Hangout in Fort Lauderdale.


Pool-room/game room on one side and a bar/strip club on the other. Mondays $3 Well & Dom, after 9 p.m. $3 U-Call-It Shots

Drag Queens at Sea

The Club Fort Lauderdale

Join and CRUISE on Dec 1, with the largest gathering of Drag Stars ever! Join nearly 40 stars along with Celebrity Hostess Michelle Visage for an incredible 8 day cruise with cocktail parties, drag performances, comedy shows, Q&A panels and so much more. Visit events/148246971907863/.

Ransom Mondays

Need an excuse to keep partying well after the weekend is over? The Monday-night party at the recently renovated Collins Park lounge. This amazing party will take place at Mokai in Miami Beach. The party, hosted by Mark Lehmkuhl, sort of takes now-defunct Bella Rose’s Black Sunday murder mystery theme but gives it a Patty Hearst twist. Every week, some prominent nightlife fixture gets held for ransom, and the only way it gets returned is if you party your ass off. Only $20 to attend. Visit

Rainbow Circle

Rainbow Circle is a peer-led LGBTQ support & discussion group. Topics covered often include coming out, relationships, bullying, peer pressure, drugs & alcohol, depression and selfesteem. You pick and develop discussion topics and are able to express your thoughts and feelings without fear in a safe and supportive environment. This group will take place every Monday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the University of Miami, Flipse Building #302. Visit

Sex Talk

Sex Talk: Peer Health Educators are young LGBTQ adults who learn how to talk to other young adults about sex, sexuality and HIV/STD prevention. You’ll conduct outreach events, record video messages, participate in a series of performances and organize special events with a purpose. This event takes place the second and fourth Thursday every month at Pridelines Headquarters located at 9526 NE 2nd Ave #104 In Miami Shores from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Visit

Lambda Dade Clubhouse

A meeting place for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender communities and friends in recovery. Hosts Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Al-Anon, Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA), Debtors Anonymous (DA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA), meetings. (305) 573-9608. 212 NE 24th Street. Miami. Visit

nightlife Broward County 321-Slammer

Bathhouse. 321 W Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33311. Slammer sex club the best place to cruise for the hottest gay men. Thursday’s is leather night, Friday and Saturday night live DJs. Monday & Tuesday -- $9 entry fee

November 7, 2012 •

Atomic Boom

Bathhouse. 110 NW 5th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL, (954) 5253344 Good. Clean. Fun. 1/2 price rooms...Tuesday Nights and 1/2 price Lockers. Thursdays Nights. Always busy.

Clubhouse II

Bathhouse. 2650 E. Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (954) 566-6750. A Private Club for Bi/Gay men. “Bear and Friends” Thursday $5 Off a room 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Tuesday Leather Night - $5 off for those in full leather gear.

Corner Pub Bar

1915 N. Andrews Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33311, (954) 564-7335. Redefining what a bar should be. Thursday’s margarita madness $4, Monday’s “Underwear Night. 2 for 1” until 9:30 p.m.

Cubby Hole

823 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 728-9001. The Cubby Hole is one of Fort Lauderdale’s most unique and popular Neighborhood bar for men. Underwear Wednesday’s. “Boxers n’ Briefs” get 2 for 1 drinks 9 p.m. to close

The Depot Cabana Bar and Grill

2935 N. Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 537-7076. Voted the “Friendliest” Gay Bar in Fort Lauderdale. Monday’s $1.99 Drinks and $.50 wings open to close

Dudes Bar

3270 NE 33rd St Fort Lauderdale FL 954-568-7777. Sexy hot men starting to shake the booty daily from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. On Sundays enjoy karaoke with Peter Petrucci. Great drink specials every Monday with $1 well drinks from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Georgie’s Alibi

2266 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 565-2526. Fort Lauderdale’s best & longest happy hour. Wednesdays $2 Domestics & $1 Schnapps after 9 p.m.


1116 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, (954) 522-5931. Monday Dragon with TP Lords, Daisy D. and DJ Rob Sky Some of the hottest guys around with great happy hour drink specials. Bring all your friends to this sexy Bar.

The Manor

2345 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (954) 626 0082 - Come Dine, Dance, Drink, Mingle and of course Relax. 2 for 1 happy hour Tues-Friday 3 to 9 p.m. Indoor/Outdoor Dining. Dance the night away Thursday through Sunday. Live music Wed., Fri., Sat., Sun. Visit

Matty’s on the Drive

2426 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (954) 564-1799. Matty’s is one of the few bars in Wilton Manors that’s just that –a bar. Wild Wednesday’s $.75 Drinks, 13 Drinks for less than $10. 5 p.m.


Fort Dix

6205 Georgia Ave, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405 Directions, (561) 533-5355. Mostly local crowd looking to mingle and relax. Place rocks with a Fabulous DJ on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday T-Dance.

H.G. Rooster

Have an event you want to list? If so send me an email at Mona’s

502 E. Sunrise Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 5256662. The eclectic décor and a friendly staff makes. Mona’s a great place to have fun in Fort Lauderdale. Thursday’s College Boy’s Night 8 p.m. Enjoy College Boy’s Choice 2 for 1

Monkey Business

2740 North Andrews Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33311. (954) 5147819. The Monkey Business Bar is a Small Outdoor Bar Among The Shops Just off Marina Blvd. No Frills But Comfortable and a Great Place to Stop and Meet Good People. Happy Hour 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Naked Grape Wine Bar

2039 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305. (954) 563-5631. A Casual, Hip, Fun Experience and if You Have a Taste for Deliciously Unique Wines, You Need to Make This Your Next Stop! Happy Hour All Night on Thursday

New Moon

2440 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 563-7660. Your neighborhood lesbian bar in the heart of Fort Lauderdale and just minutes from Fort. Lauderdale Beach. Wednesday All the fun, half the price 2-4-1 All Day, All Night

PJ’s Corner Pocket

924 North Flagler Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 533-0257. One of The Most Diverse Bars in Fort Lauderdale. $2 Drinks Every Wednesday, Spades Every Thursday


1508 NE 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 763-8219. South Florida’s Leading Levi, Leather and Uniform Bar/Club. Every night is Bear Night. Bear Happy. Hour Every Thursday. Caged Hunks Sat Night

*Denotes new listing

Rosie’s Bar and Grill

2449 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 567-1320. Wilton Manor’s Best Burger in Town. Try the Fat Elvis. Happy Hour 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

823 BELVEDERE ROAD, WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA 33405, (561)-832-9119. H.G. Roosters is West Palms oldest gay club. Sunday’s Complimentary BBQ 5 p.m., Hot Male Dancers 6 p.m., Karaoke 11 p.m.

Mara (Thurs-Sat)

1132 North Dixie Highway, Lake Worth FL $3 Drinks. No Cover. Open till 5 a.m. Ladies night on Thursdays and Karaoke on Fridays.

Scandals Country Western Bar

Oakland Park, FL 3334, (954) 567-2432. Scandals Gay and Lesbian Country Western. Dance Bar in Wilton Manors. Tuesdays Pool League, and Free Dance Lessons

Sidelines Sports Bar

2031 Wilton Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305, (954) 563-8001. Sidelines Sports Bar and Billiards is a unique, friendly, and accepting place to relax with a cold beer, great drinks and Martinis. Happy Hour M-F 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Smarty Pants

3038 North Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306, (954) 561-1724. Great Local Hangout in Fort Lauderdale with Great Drink Specials. Saturday’s Free Breakfast to Order – 8 a.m.

The Stable

205 East Oakland Park Blvd., Oakland Park, FL 33334, (954) 565-4506 A neighborhood bar with a different theme every night, from drag shows and bingos, to bears and underwear.

The Mad Hatter

1532 North Dixie Hwy ,Lake Worth, FL 33460. (561) 547-8860. Cheap drinks, friendly bartenders, and free pool Sunday-Thursday. Stop by and relax at this no-attitude haunt.

The Bar Lake Worth

2211 North Dixie Highway Lake Worth. (561) 370-3954 Men and women share this mostly-locals space as a calm and friendly watering hole. The bar often features live music which can be a nice break from thumping bass.

Miami-Dade Club Space

34 NE 11th St ,Miami ,Florida, 33132,(305) 350-1956 Space Miami Voted Best U.S Club IDMA 2011. The go-to venue for any nightlife enthusiast in the nation, the club is proudly marching on into its second decade of operation.

Club Sugar

2301 SW 32nd Ave, Miami, Florida, 33145, (305) 443-7657. All the sweetness you’ll need in one club. Every Thursday “drag wars” with TP Lords. $5 house drinks & $4 Domestic beers all night.


950 NE 2nd Ave, Downtown Miami, Florida 33132,(305) 3509084. One of the best night clubs In Miami. Every Saturday the hottest DJ’s from the top performers. Drink Special Every Saturday


Miami 62 NE 14 Street Downtown Miami Florida (305) 640-8749. Open Wed. through Sun. The hottest men in the universe strip shows nightly from 6 p.m. sexy from wall to wall. Free entrance. Free parking. Free VIP rooms. Featuring the Hottest Male Dancers and The Best VIP ROOMS and always $5 Drinks. Full Lineup at ed at

Tag Bar

25 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483 954-801-3247. Delray Beach’s only gay bar. Mon - Sun: 4 p.m. - 2 a.m. Awesome Drink Specials.


2829 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, (954) 587-2500. Your Dance Destination Till Dawn. Open Late for You To Devour The Night. Open 7 nights a week till 4 a.m.

Palm Beach County The Cottage (Tea-Dance Sundays)

522 Lucerne Ave, Lake Worth, Fl, 33414. (561) 586-0080 Great Service, Great Food, Full Stocked Bar, Great Professional Tea-Dance every Sunday

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44 South Florida Gay News

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November 7, 2012 •

727 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139. (305) 561-5521. Score is located in the heart of South Beach in the thriving and infamous promenade, Lincoln Road. Bigger Saturday’s sexy male dolls.

Swinging Richards

17450 Biscayne Blvd, N Miami Beach, Fl 33160 954-357-2532 Tuesdays-Saturdays from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Come and enjoy fully nude guys dancing to the best music in South Florida.


1057 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, Fl, 33139. (305) 538-9478. Never a Cover…Always a Groove. Resident star DJ Mika spins tribal. Every Saturday TWIST is full of the hottest men in Miami. Muscle boy dancers taking it off in the Bungalow Bar.

Key West 801 Bar

801 Duval St., Key West, Florida,(305) 294-4737. Cabaret shows upstairs with nightly performances by famed performers Sushi, Kylie, RV Beaumont, Margo, and others. Happy hour specials daily from 11 a.m.- 8 p.m.

The Bourbon St. Pub

724 Duval St. (305) 296-1992. Key West’s premier video bar with LIVE DJ’S nightly. A taste of N’Awlins in the heart of Old Town – Enjoy Key West’s hottest music videos on the large screen while the boys entertain on the bar. No Cover.

La Te Da

1125 Duval St. 305-296-6706 Fun Gay-Friendly atmosphere. Cabaret entertainment during season including Randy Roberts and Chris Peterson. Enjoy great live music Tuesday thru Sunday with Lenore Troia. Cover charge may apply. Great outside bar if you just want to enjoy a cocktail and chat while people watching on Duval Street.

Club Aqua

711 Duval St.,Key West, Florida,(305) 294-0555. Monday’s Dueling Bartenders. Your Bartender’s sing, shake, and stir their way through happy hour 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Pearl’s Patio Bar

525 United Street, Key West, FL(305) 293-9805 ext. 156. Pearl’s Patio is a great place to enjoy a drink and relax. Happy Hour – every weekday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Friday’s are Extended Happy Hour 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.

AQUA Men Party Canceled By Ryan Dixon When the Aqua Foundation For Women’s Executive Director, Robin Schwartz, created Aqua Men, she did so in order to encourage more involvement between men and women in the gay community. Over the decade, AFW has produced the AQUA Girl party that welcomes thousands of lesbian, bisexual and transgender women to Miami Beach for a week-long celebration featuring nightclub events, film, and comedy. According to the Aqua Girl website, all proceeds benefit AFW, which funds LBT organizations in South Florida, and has awarded over $369,000 in grants and scholarships. “Sometimes because our name has ‘women’ in it, men may automatically think there is no place for them at Aqua; but there is,” stated Schwartz. “Aqua is fortunate to have many great guys support us, but I would like to see more men do so.” SFGN has learned that the AQUA Men party that was to take place at the Shore Club in Miami Beach has been canceled due to what Schwartz describes as an inappropriate sound level for the event. “After being assured the sound was good, we found out the sound level at the Shore Club is not appropriate for this event. My

contact had assured me it was and only on Friday (Nov. 2) did I find out it could be an issue,” Schwartz said. Schwartz went on to say that she and the DJ for the event, DJ Pride, visited the venue Sunday Nov. 4 and the sound was “way too low”. She added that the Shore Club is not willing to add speakers or do anything different in sound because the club is dealing with issues with a nearby hotel, The Satai. Schwartz wanted to stress that the Shore Club has been great to Aqua. “They are only trying to protect their business but without their cooperation to correct the sound we cannot move forward,” she said. Schwartz said that AFW is aiming to hold the AQUA Men event in early 2013. “The goal to bring men and women together is still high on our list. This speed bump will not stop us from moving forward.”

Iconic Key West Bar Shuts Down By Jason Parsley


west, an iconic bar located in the heart of downtown Key West and known for their young strippers, closed down over the summer. “We decided to expand the liquor store into the space where the bar was. It was purely an economical decision on our part. We now have a large liquor/ convenience store and have purchased the restaurant next door and have opened “Havana-Key West,” explained owner Tim Henshaw. “This decision did not come easy but as I look back it was the best thing that could have happened to us here.” The bar opened in 2001 and was located at 705 Duval Street.

November 7, 2012 •







800-764-0700 • Groups (10+) Call 954-626-7814

Featuring timeless hits including “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Fever,” “That’s All Right,” “Sixteen Tons,” “Great Balls of Fire,” “I Walk the Line,” “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On,” “Who Do You Love,” “Matchbox,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Hound Dog” and More!

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November 7, 2012 •

November 7, 2012 •


11/07/12 V3I45  

A night of Firsts

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