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August 24, 2011 • Volume 2 • Issue 33

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Hello everyone, The only constant in life is change. This week we introduce SFGN in a new format. We are transitioning to a Stitch and Trim style, which means all the pages are stapled together. You no longer have to worry about pages flying away or falling out of the paper. In addition, the size of our paper has been modestly adjusted, with a trimmer, neater margin. It won’t affect ad sizes or copy, but should give the paper a more sophisticated look. One thing won’t ever change: credible content, cutting commentary, up to date news, and a contemporary style. Let us know what you think.

ut & Equal Workplace Advocates, the nation’s only nonprofit organization focused exclusively on ending workplace discrimination for LGBT employees, and Brian McNaught, the world’s leading corporate diversity consultant dealing with LGBT issues in the workplace, have joined together to host a webinar entitled “Taking Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equality from Theory to Reality.” Brian, an SFGN columnist, is also on the Board of Directors of the Stonewall Library. His webinar will be held Sept. 7 and 14. Go to for more info. The National Gay Pilots Association Education Fund awarded $22,000 in scholarships this week to five students pursing careers as professional pilots. Since its inception in 1996, NGPA-EF has awarded $139,000 in scholarships to 46 students. And most of you have probably never heard of them. Brian McNaught This year, for the first time, the NGPA Education Fund awarded an endowed scholarship of $7,000 to one student, in memory of David M. Charlebois, an NGPA member who lost his life while serving as First Officer on American Airlines Flight #77 which was hijacked by Al-Qaeda and crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Amongst the NGPA-EF scholarship winners is Michelle Yates, pursuing an Airline Transport Pilot rating at a flight school in Florida Christina Santiago, a well-known LGBT advocate and the manager of programming for Howard Brown Health Center’s Lesbian Community Care Project, was amongst those who perished Aug. 13 when strong winds toppled a concert stage at the Indiana State Fair, killing five. Santiago’s partner, Alisha Marie Brennon, survived, but with severe neck and head injuries. Christina Santiago In The Life Media, the organization that pioneered LGBT visibility on television, has announced it will honor Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post writer Jonathan Capehart and ABSOLUT Vodka at In The Life Media’s 20th Anniversary Red Carpet Season Premiere on Sept. 26 in New York City. Speaking of the White House, I head to Washington, D.C., on Monday, to join in as part of the defense team representing activist DADT protestor Dan Choi, charged with disobeying directives of the Park Service by chaining himself to the White House fence last October. The bench trial starts Monday. Wish me luck. No, wait- wish him luck. On a more local note, Laurie Whittaker and Sidelines have unfortunately entered into a legal battle with Martin Kildea over their respective shares in the popular Wilton Drive bar. Whittaker’s counsel, James Pedley, has already filed a motion to dismiss and motion for summary judgment, claiming that as a convicted felon, Kildea never had, and was never entitled to an ownership interest. It’s business as usual though for Whittaker and Sidelines, sending three softball teams to the gay World Series next week in Chicago. Robert Kohl, already on probation for fraud charges, walked into a bank last week and claimed to a teller he needed money “because his daughter was being kidnapped.” Uh, yeah. What was he thinking? What he needs is an attorney for bank fraud and robbery. No bond hold.


By Karl Hampe

August 24, 2011 • Volume 2 • Issue 33

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August 24, 2011 •

Local News

Finders Keepers Thrift Let your old stuff do great stuff

By Brian Swinford


ou can’t often walk into a store selling previously owned merchandise and…feel as if you’re in a chic boutique. Finders Keepers Thrift, however, is not merely a “thrift store,” here shoppers get to luxuriate in a clean, well-kept space as they look for bargains…not pick through dusty findings. Their storefront at 864-B East Oakland Park Boulevard was just opened by two local teachers who have a love for the great bargains you can find “thrifting.” Therefore they specialize in finding whether through donation of gently used goods or sourcing items for resale only the best inventory. In fact, Finders Keepers’ management took six months to build a collection of quality goods. You won’t find musty-scented clothing or chipped wine glasses here everything is hand-selected to make this shop feel more like a consignment boutique on Los Olas Boulevard. The store comfortably packed with potential treasures opened on August 15

and has been doing very well, a sign lots of shoppers are going secondhand in these tough times. It’s convenient location makes it a perfect destination for donations of items. Your newfound extra closet space, and the satisfaction of recycling your unwanted goods is also tax deductible as Finders Keepers contributes funds to a worthy charitable foundation, Fund for H.O.P.E., Inc. an organization dedicated to helping children with autism. Also, in the tradition of small, “mom-andpop-style” businesses, the owners actually bargain! In fact they love when customers and weekend browsers alike haggle over price tags. How low can you go? is not just for mambo lines or used car lots anymore! With great deals on clothing, shoes, tons of handbags, accessories, household items, art work, knick-knacks, and much, much more you might start to head here before the mall. Call 954.568.4743 or visit to donate or find treasures of your own.

August 24, 2011 •


U.S. Has New ‘Gayest’ Place: Ptown Wilton Manors comes in second

By Lisa Keen

Keen News Service


submitted photo

here is a new gayest place in the United States at least when it comes to number of same-sex couples: Provincetown, Massachusetts. And a new gayest state: the District of Columbia. The costal resort town in Massachusetts has long been a gay favorite, both for summer vacations and yearround living. Provincetown has now usurped Palm Springs, California, as the jurisdiction with the most samesex couples per 1,000 households. Analysis by the Williams Institute of Census data from the 2010 survey, released Thursday for Massachusetts and four other states, reveals that Provincetown reported 163 same-sex couples per 1,000 households. The Williams Institute is a think tank affiliated with UCLA that specializes in policy research related to sexual orientation. It has analyzed data being released from the Census Bureau on a state by state basis. As of August 18, the Census Bureau has released data on 46 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. Wilton Manors, Florida, with 140 samesex couples per 1,000 households, places second among cities and towns reported thus far, in terms of same-sex couple density. Wilton Manors is a city within Broward County, just west of the Lauderdale beach, between Miami and Boca Raton. Prior to the release of data August 18, Palm Springs, California, had the highest reported 115.

Counting the District of Columbia as a state, instead of a city, the home of the nation’s capital has the most dense population of same-sex couple households 19.3 per 1,000. Counting only bonafide states, Vermont is on top with 10.9, followed by Massachusetts with 10.2, and California with 9.98.

Here’s a closer look at Florida: Florida had 65,601 same-sex couple households in 2010, a 60 percent leap since the 2000 Census and 8.8 per 1,000 households. Fifty-three percent of the same-sex couples were female and 18 percent were raising children. After Wilton Manors, Oakland Park had the highest density, at 56.04 per

Texas 19th among the 46 states and territories reported thus far. Sixtyone percent of the same-sex couple households were female and 19 percent were raising children. Dallas had the highest density within the state, with 15.01 same-sex couple households per 1,000. Second was Galveston, with 14.66, Austin with 14.42, and Pflugerville with 13.44. Washington, D.C. recorded 5,146 same-sex couple households in 2010, a 40 percent increase over the number in 2000 and 19.3 per 1,000 households overall. The Congressionally controlled city, which longs to become a state, has by far the lowest ratio of female couples to male couples. Only 28 percent of D.C.’s same-sex couple households were female. (No other state has under 52 percent, which is what New York recorded; the average is 63 per1,000 households. Third was Miami Shores at 48.86, followed by Fort Lauderdale with cent.) D.C. also has the smallest percentage raising children 10 percent. The average 35.8 and Key West with 34.34. The Census Bureau has state specific percentage of same-sex couples raising childata to report on only five states now: Mis- dren is about 22 percent. The Logan Circle sissippi, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode neighborhood between P and S streets and Island, and Tennessee. That data should 11th to 14th streets has the highest density in be released August 25th, but is unlikely to the city: 81.64 same-sex couples per 1,000 change the profiles of the top tier of states households. That is followed by the better in terms of same-sex couple households.             known gay neighborhood of Dupont Circle, Here’s a closer look Texas, Washington with 75.89. Iowa recorded 6,540 same-sex couples, a D.C. Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, South Carolina, New Jersey, Maryland, Louisiana, 77 percent jump over 2000, or about 5.35 per 1,000. Seventy-one percent were female and and Arkansas: Texas recorded 67,413 same-sex couples 21 percent were raising children. Iowa City or 7.56 per 1,000 households overall and a had the greatest density, 13.18 per 1,000. 57 percent jump over 2000. That ranked continued on page 26


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August 24, 2011 •

Making sense of the census

Number of Same-Sex Households Soars in South Florida By David Fleshler and Dana Williams Sun Sentinel


he number of gay and lesbian households reported in South Florida increased sharply over the past 10 years, not only in such well-known communities as Wilton Manors but also in the family-oriented suburbs of western Broward and Palm Beach counties. Broward County led the state with 9,125 same-sex households or 1.3 percent of its households, according to statistics released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau. Palm Beach County ranked fourth, behind Miami-Dade and Orange counties, with 4,706 households, or .9 percent. Search the database to see the number of same-sex households in each community. “Florida has become a more accepting place for LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] families over the last 10 years,” said Brian Winfield, spokesman for Equality Florida, a gay civil rights organization. “There are 12 or 13 Florida cities or counties that offer domestic partner protection, and that means 6.7 million people — or about one in three Floridians — live in communities that recognize domestic partners. Clearly Florida has become a more welcoming place.” Statewide the number rose 60 percent, an increase that may be less dramatic than it appears, since experts say it likely reflects a greater willingness to report sexual orientation, rather than a vast influx. This interpretation is borne out by statistics from other states, which also show double-digit increases from the 2000 Census. While Wilton Manors, Oakland Park and Fort Lauderdale remain at the top in Broward, the data shows that gay and lesbian households are not concentrated in a few cities. For example, the 944 reported in the suburban communities of Pembroke Pines, Plantation and Sunrise far exceed the 758 same-sex households in Wilton Manors, a smaller city considered the gay capital of Florida. Of Florida’s households, 52 percent consist of male couples, and 48 percent female couples. Josh Winston, 33, moved to Fort Lauderdale from Washington, D.C., with his

partner Mike in 2003 after vacationing here. “There’s an established community for us, and that was a big draw,” he said.“We’ve seen the greater Fort Lauderdale area grow in the number of establishments that cater to the gay community and you also see a lot of crossover between the straight community and the gay community.We’re very happy here.” In Palm Beach County, the numbers increased across the board, with some of the largest increases reported in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter and Royal Palm Beach. Lake Worth reported the highest percentage, with 250 households or 1.9 percent (not counting the tiny town of Manalapan, where five same-sex couples represent 2.6 percent of all households). “I knew it!” about Lake Worth, said Penny Johnson, co-owner of a lesbian bar on Dixie Highway called The Bar. Although she and her partner Julie live in nearby, more affordable West Palm Beach, they enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of Lake Worth. “We can walk down the street hand in hand,” said Johnson. “In the College Park neighborhood, if you walk down the street, eight of 10 people are same-sex couples.” The increased number of same-sex couples in such suburban communities ties in with the large percentage of these households that have children. In Broward County, 28 percent of female same-sex households and 9 percent of male ones reported children in the house. In Palm Beach County, it was 23 percent of female households and 15 percent of male ones. The Census Bureau issued a statement cautioning the statistics may contain a small

August 24, 2011 •

number of errors due to a data processing decision to reclassify the category of samesex spouse to unmarried partner.The bureau plans to issue a clarification later this year. At the state level, Florida does not have a particularly gay-friendly reputation, especially

compared with New York,Vermont and other states that have legalized gay marriage. But individual cities, counties and school districts have provided benefits for domestic partners, added sexual orientation to antidiscrimination ordinances and taken other steps to be more welcoming. “We’ve been doing what we can in South Florida to distinguish ourselves from what’s been going on in Tallahassee,” said Tony Plakas, chief executive officer of Compass Inc., a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy group in Lake Worth. Nationwide, conservative states like Florida have had the highest increases in same-sex couples, said researcher Gary J. Gates with the Williams Institute, a think tank associated with the UCLA Law School. In Florida, that reflects both an increase in gays moving from more liberal states and an increased willingness among gays to step out of the closet and be counted. “The magnitude of the increase suggests there has been a shift in social acceptance among same-sex couples in Florida,” Gates said. Jeff Kunerth contributed to this report.

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August 24, 2011 •


My Very Gay Straight Cruise


’d only ever done gay cruising before. No, not that kind of cruising I mean the floating around on a big ship kind. My in-laws recently took my spouse, our son, and me, plus my spouse’s two siblings and their spouses and children, on a cruise to Mexico as a way of getting the family together. I wasn’t new to cruises, having done two with my spouse via Olivia, the venerable lesbian travel company, and one with R Family Vacations, which caters to LGBT families and allies. But it struck me that being on a boat of predominantly non-LGBT people would be a significantly different experience than being on one with several thousand queer folk. It’s not as if I live my life in isolation from non-LGBT families, but the thought of being one of the few queer people crammed on a boat with them for a week made me understand how anthropologist Jane Goodall must have felt before going to live among the chimps. I feared the worst when during our first-

I think that as long as there are queer people, there will be a need for queer gatherings— not to ghettoize us, but to celebrate our shared heritage.

day safety drill, the safety officer announced there was even in this day and age a “women and children first” policy for the lifeboats. I’d never heard that aboard any of our previous cruises, where the very suggestion might have gotten the officer thrown overboard by a bunch of burly lesbians. It turned out, however, that other parts of our recent cruise were very gay indeed. The wallpaper lining the corridors to the staterooms had images evocative of the early 20th century the golden age of steamship travel several of which showed two women or two men gazing at each other in a way that, while not explicitly gay, was certainly open to happy interpretation. In the hallway outside our door, two swimsuit-clad women cast glances at each other over martinis. A decorative tile in our cabin bathroom showed a young man in a dapper suit smiling at a similarly attired gentleman. Even if they were only discussing the cut of their jackets, there was something rather gay about it all. And when I went to an onboard exercise class, hoping to burn off some of the endless buffet, the first song the instructor played was a dance mix of Melissa Etheridge’s “I’m the Only One.” More explicit was the nightly LGBT gathering advertised in the schedule of cruise events that the crew slipped under the door of each cabin every day. Yes, even on a non-LGBT-specific cruise, there were still enough of us to throw a party. The party was titled “Friends of Dorothy: GLBT,” referring to an old term indicating gay men, not really the LGBT world at large but it was a start. Then came showtime one evening, when the ship’s resident troupe of singers and dancers performed a “Fiesta Latina.” It was

August 24, 2011 •

courtesy of R Family vacations

By Dana Rudolph

Photo album of past cruises on R Family Vacations Web site.

more Vegas than Latin American, but still a decent musical spectacle. When the female dancers appeared for the finale holding large feather fans in rainbow colors, and the men appeared in sequined, midriff-baring tops, I realized I hadn’t seen anything that gay since the San Francisco Pride Parade (except that then, the feather-carrying performers were drag queens, and arguably better looking). Two nights later, however, the performance a revue of 20th-century rock ‘n roll was even more full of queerness. There were Elton John, Boy George, and Joan Jett covers but the song that garnered the most audience participation was “YMCA,” performed by four of the dancers in full Village People garb. The show then closed with two covers of Queen and their bisexual (or gay, depending on who you ask) lead singer Freddy Mercury: “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions.” Which begs the question with this much queer on a mainstream cruise, is there still a need for LGBT-focused cruises? Or have we reached a post-queer era where such separation is no longer necessary? I think that as long as there are queer

people, there will be a need for queer gatherings not to ghettoize us, but to celebrate our shared heritage. Sometimes these gatherings will subdivide even further into the different components of L, G, B, and T, and that is fine as well. It doesn’t mean we can’t also participate more openly in mainstream culture, nor that mainstream culture can’t celebrate LGBT contributions to it. And the more we raise awareness of those contributions, and the more musicians and other celebrities come out as LGBT, the better we will all be as evidenced by another incident during the cruise. One night at dinner, our waiter, who hailed from the Philippines a largely Catholic country and not the most LGBT friendly of nations was trying to figure out the relationships among our large group of relatives. When he got to my spouse and me, we explained that we were, well, spouses. “Oh,” he said. “Just like Ellen DeGeneres.” With a smile, he then seated us and our son for supper, adding, “As long as you are happy, that’s the most important thing.” I won’t give up my gay cruising, but the mainstream ones, I think, are sailing into favorable winds as well.



Keys LGBT Dive into Late-Summer Fun By Steve Smith


t’s hard to believe that it’s the middle of August and Key West is just as busy as ever. I drove along Duval Street early this week and there were cars parked on either side for block after block. Despite the stock recent economic challenges, our visitors keep on coming. And believe me, there’s plenty going on to keep all of us entertained! Recently, Schooner Wharf Bar hosted its 18th annual Battle of the Bars. The event raises money for the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys and featured “mixologists” from the island’s favorite watering holes. I’m proud to announce that our own Bourbon St. Pub took this year’s first-place trophy. Bourbon St. hosts many fundraising events throughout the year in its outdoor garden bar. At 6 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 27, is BSP’s annual Golden Plunger Awards, which gives locals and visitors an opportunity to vote for their favorite “best and worst” of Key West. Ballots are available from now until the

afternoon of the awards at Aqua, Bobby’s Monkey Bar, Kwest, and 801 Bourbon Bar. On a more serious note, one of Key West’s last “big-shoulder broads” has joined the stars that look down on this small island. Mary Jo Da Silva arrived in our community some 12 years ago and quickly became a fixture at our theaters and piano bars — and was usually the first one on the dance floor at La Te Da’s Sunday Tea Dance. If you had the chance to meet her, you won’t forget her great smile, bright red lipstick, and zest for life. Given three months to live in August 2007, she set out to prove that gloomy diagnosis wrong. Our Mary Jo was at Tea Dance only a week before cancer took her from us. Rest well, Mary Jo, and have fun with the Key West characters up there. We will miss you down here! Speaking of being down here, those of you who dive the Hoyt S.Vandenberg artificial reef can now view an underwater art exhibit on the former Air Force missile tracking ship that was sunk in May 2009.  The

second largest artificial reef in the world, the Vandenberg now displays a dozen images along 200 feet of its starboard side some 93 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. The 20-square-foot images were created by Austrian art photographer Andreas Franke. Have you ever thought about diving for lionfish? For the second year, the Keys’ Reef Environmental Education Foundation partnered with the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to host a Lionfish Derby for divers to capture and remove the invasive species from Keys waters.The popular aquarium fish wreaks havoc on the indigenous species and has become a challenge to contain. On the positive side, the strange-looking fish are a delicious delicacy and REEF has released a cookbook full of recipes. If you’re not experienced with catching this critter, be sure to use caution since lionfish are quite a challenge to handle. Note for upcoming visits: Key West’s Island House, internationally renowned as an all-gay men’s guesthouse, is celebrat-

ing its 35th anniversary by offering all 39 rooms at $13 — the price the guesthouse charged when it opened in 1976 — for the night of June 25, 2012. Island House’s “35 & Fabulous” sweepstakes runs until Sept. 5, so be sure to enter! And while we’re on the subject of upcoming visits, Womenfest kicks off Sept. 6 with a big party at the Southernmost Hotel.  Mark your calendars and join me in Key West! For well over 20 years, Key West has welcomed women for this annual party for lesbians and their friends. During the festival enjoy golfing with palm trees and iguanas, jet skiing, dolphin watching, clothing-optional pool parties, live music including the Deblois Milledge Band from the House of Blues in Los Angeles, and the “Curiously Strong” comedy show starring Gloria Bigelow, Julie Goldman, and Jackie Monahan. Then hit the beach for the 14th Annual Beach Blanket Butch and Beach Blanket Babe contest co-presented by She magazine.

The Manor By Brian Swinford The Manor has a sophisticated yet comfortable ambience, featuring a classic tavern cuisine, an ultra-lounge, nightclub, martini bar and a banquet/meeting facility. This place is so nice you’ll be coming back over and over again. Make sure you become a fan of The Manor on Facebook. They have the sexiest servers around. Enjoy luxury at its finest. Reserve one of The Manors specialty VIP sections for your night out and be pampered by their staff. View the dance floor from your private plush couch behind velvet ropes. The ideal way to spend your night! Great drink specials all week long.


Watermelon Martini at The Manor Fresh muddled watermelon, melon rum and watermelon pucker

August 24, 2011 •

CompassPoints… biweekly column from Compass in Lake Worth

Have Your Parents Come Out Yet? By Matthew McWatters


came out to my parents in my sophomore year of high school. They took the news with indifference, kind of an “oh like we didn’t already know this?” situation. So much for keeping it well-hidden up to that point. As the Youth Program Coordinator of Compass, the Gay and Lesbian Community Center in Lake Worth, I have the unique opportunity to see both sides of the coming out process – the person coming out and the parents who have to come out. That’s right, parents have to come out. When a person comes out to their parents, they are handing their mom and/or dad a piece of news that they may or may not be equipped to handle. This is why some parents react with shock, anger or humor.

As members of the LGBT community, we drop a pretty large chunk of information in our parent’s laps when we come out. It’s actually not unheard of for parents to go through a mourning period of sorts when they find out that their son or daughter is LGBT. They have this idea in their head of who their child will be when they grow up and when they don’t fit that model, they sometimes freak out. Parents tend to have a preconceived notion that their child will grow up, get married to someone of the opposite sex and have children. When this happens, they can question their place in society and even in their religion. When my youth come to me and tell me the fabulous news that they have come out to their parents I am overjoyed.

August 24, 2011 •

I’m even less overjoyed when they tell me they don’t understand why their parents aren’t on board. I patiently tell them that this is something the parents are going to have to come to terms with and eventually they will get on board the gay bus. They may not be organizing the next PFLAG meeting but they will eventually come around and accept their son or daughter’s sexuality. It’s rough. Coming out to your family is a major revelation in your life, and one should stop and consider that their parents are going to be involuntarily joining in on this

journey in which we partake. Parents have their own emotions to work through during the coming out process, and the very people who are coming out may feel shoved to the side as a result, even though the coming out process is a plea for critical emotional support. Children’s Services Council is working with Compass to effect this process and be part of our community. So be patient, and remember that your parents have their own coming out to go through, and you can help them as much as they can help you.


Jesse’s Journal

Pledges Left and Right By Jesse Monteagudo


olitical pledges are a fact of life in today’s polarized climate. The rise of the Tea Party has led to a slew of oaths on the political right, from Grover Norquist’s “no new taxes” pledge to “Cut, Cap and Balance.” In Iowa the Family Leader, a religious right group founded by Bob Vander Plaats to oppose same-sex marriage in that state, drafted “The Marriage Vow: A Declaration of Dependence upon Marriage and Family.” Though criticized for its outrageous claim -- since dropped -that African-American families were better off under slavery, the “Marriage Vow” was signed by Republican presidential contenders Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum. All in all, the vow is a religious right wet dream, in which the signers pledge, among other things: “Personal fidelity to my spouse . . . “Vigorous opposition to any redefinition


of the Institution of Marriage. “Recognition of the overwhelming statistical evidence that married people enjoy better health, better sex, longer lives, [and] greater financial stability. . . . “Humane protection of women and the innocent fruit of conjugal intimacy [children] . . . from human trafficking, sexual slavery, seduction into promiscuity, and all forms of pornography and prostitution, infanticide, [and] abortion . . . . “Rejection of Sharia Islam . . . . “Commitment to downsizing government . . . .” Not to be outdone, the National Organization for Marriage produced its own pledge, signed by GOP hopefuls Bachmann, Santorum, and Mitt Romney. This one pledges support for “a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman,” nomi-

When Michele and Marcus Bachmann take the Pledge, they’re not talking about furniture polish

nate judges and an attorney general “who are committed to restraint and applying the original meaning of the Constitution,” and “establish a presidential commission on religious liberty to investigate and document reports of Americans who have been harassed or threatened for exercising key civil rights to organize, to speak, to donate or to vote for marriage and to propose new protections, if needed.” For years religious conservatives have claimed that they are the “victims” of “intolerant” LGBT activists. This pledge demands that the government take their side. For our part, political progressives have not been as prolific in the pledge department as our conservative opponents. But there are still a few oaths emanating from the left. The progressive “beeryblog” (“Fighting a War on Ignorance”) drafted a cheeky “Progressive Pledge” to confront the Family Leader’s “teabagger pledge.” For this one, progressive candidates are asked to pledge that: “My intimate relationships are none of your goddam business. . . . “I will uphold the US Constitution and its separation of church and state, and I particularly note that it never mentions God, Jesus, or the Book of Leviticus. . . . “What you eat, who you bang, how you spend your money, and how you raise your kids is none of my goddam business . . . . “I will do all I can to shield America’s children from right-wing, . . . shameless scare tactics, base bigotry, animus toward others, and marauding teabaggers who seek to prey on their malleable spirits and fill their little minds with crazy . . . teabaggery. . . .”

Visit for the uncensored Pledge. Meanwhile, Van Jones of the progressive Rebuild the Dream joined forces with leaders of to establish a popular movement that will hopefully challenge the Tea Party. Inspired by Newt Gingrich’s conservative “Contract on America,” they drafted a “Contract for the American Dream” which they hope will be signed by progressive candidates. It lists “ten critical steps to get our economy back on track”: “1. Invest in American’s Infrastructure . . . “2. Create 21st-Century Energy Jobs. . . . “3. Invest in Public Education. . . . “4. Offer Medicine for All. . . . “5. Make Work Pay. . . . “6. Secure Social Security. . . . “7. Return to Fairer Tax Rates. . . . “8. End the Wars and Invest at Home. . . . “9. Tax Wall Street Speculation. . . . “10. Strengthen Democracy. . . .” “We, the American people, promise to defend and advance a simple ideal: liberty and justice,” proclaims the “Contract for the American Dream.” “Every one of us rich, poor or in-between, regardless of skin color or birthplace, no matter their sexual orientation or gender has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Didn’t Thomas Jefferson write that? Though I don’t expect too many politicians to sign this Contract, its goals are worth fighting for. Visit for more information about that pledge.

August 24, 2011 •

Queer Speak

“What’s always pissed me off about ‘Idol’ is wanting to mask that, for that to go unspoken,” Levine groused. “C’mon. You can’t be publicly gay? At this point? On a singing competition? Give me a break. You can’t hide basic components of these people’s lives. The fact that ‘The Voice’ didn’t have any qualms about being completely open about it is a great thing.” - Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5 and judge on NBC’s “The Voice”

Ben Riggot/Courtesy of Cosmopolitan

21st Century Quotes on Being Gay in America

August 24, 2011 •


SFGN BRIEFS By Associated Press

Partner Planning

Gay rights group uninvited to SD event RAPID CITY, S.D. - A South Dakota gay rights group has been told it’s no longer welcome at an event sponsored by a national faith-based ministry. The Rapid City Journal says Black Hills Center for Equality was initially told by a local National Convoy of Hope volunteer it could have an HIV prevention and education booth

Financial protection begins with a plan. Actually, a complimentary consultation.

Saturday at a community event for low-income residents. It would have included the distribution of free condoms. Convoy of Hope officials say the local organizer made a mistake in accepting the application and cited “divergent core values” between the two organizations. Center of Equality spokeswoman Patti Martinson calls the decision unfortunate and disappointing. She says she doesn’t know what Convoy of Hope’s core values are, but says her group is about helping people.

While financial planning is important to everyone, for gay and lesbian partners it can be crucial. Let Morgan Stanley Smith Barney help you develop a plan that works for you now and in the future. • Take advantage of a thorough financial plan • Develop a strategy based on your specific goals

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• Protect your income and assets

Monument to Ronald Reagan on a street of Rapid City, SD

Vice President 2400 E. Commerical Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Bachmann gets heckled at SC stop


South Carolina started with a heckler attacking her stance on gay marriage.

between one man and one woman. A man in the crowd kept shouting a question at the

SPARTANBURG, S.C. -- Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s three-day swing through Bachmann told the crowd of 300 at a stop in Spartanburg that she believes marriage is White House hopeful about whether she was anti-gay marriage, but Bachmann continued her speech emphasizing conservative social values. The Minnesota Republican also took a shot at billionaire Warren Buffett, who called for millionaires to pay more taxes and share the sacrifice to pay for government. Bachmann says Buffett should back up his words by writing a big check to the government. Bachmann came to South Carolina fresh off her win at an Iowa straw poll over the weekend.

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC recommends that investors independently evaluate particular investments and strategies, and encourages investors to seek the advice of a Financial Advisor. The appropriateness of a particular insvestment or startegy will depend on an investor’s individual circumstanes and objectives. © 2010 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC.


Church where PFLAG met removed from Baptist group OWENSBORO, Ky. -- A western Kentucky Baptist organization has removed an Owensboro church that allows a support group for friends and family members of gay people to meet in its building.

August 24, 2011 •

SFGN BRIEFS By Associated Press Members of churches that belong to the Daviess-McLean Baptist Association voted 24224 to approve removal of Journey Fellowship, the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer reported. Journey Fellowship pastor Bob Coons said after Monday’s vote that he had hoped for a different outcome but wasn’t surprised. The Rev. Tommy Webb, pastor of Buck Creek Baptist Church and moderator of the association, said he and most of the voters believed the issue was about family and the definition of family. Coons told the organization’s credentials committee in June that the church’s relationship with Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays was not a sponsorship but an offer to share building space.

Only 9 couples get civil unions in RI so far PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Few Rhode Islanders are seeking civil unions more than a month after the state began offering them to same-sex couples. Only nine couples were joined in a civil union in July, the first month licenses were available. Dawn Euer, a spokeswoman for Marriage Equality Rhode Island, says couples may be skipping civil unions to hold out for true marriage. Her group plans to push gay marriage legislation in the Ocean State again next year. But Rep. Peter Petrarca, the state lawmaker who wrote the civil union bill, says couples may just be trying to figure out if a civil union is right for them. The state’s General Assembly passed legislation authorizing civil unions this year after a gay marriage bill stalled.

Gay Malaysian to defy gov’t with wedding banquet KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – A gay Malaysian pastor who plans to marry his American partner in New York has pledged to throw a wedding banquet in his home country despite stern criticism by Muslim politicians. The Rev. Ouyang Wen submitted photo

Feng told The Associated Press that he hopes more Malaysians will “speak up for The Rev. Ouyang Wen Feng, right, and his American partner, Phineas Newborn III.

gay people.” Several government

leaders and state-linked media in Muslim-majority Malaysia have criticized Ouyang in recent days. Islamic Affairs Minister Jamil Khir Baharom said authorities were concerned that Ouyang was advocating “extremism.” Ouyang said in an email to the AP on Tuesday that he plans to “have a wedding banquet in Kuala Lumpur next year.” He moved to the United States in 1998 to study theology. He was ordained a minister four years ago.

August 24, 2011 •


ACLU Fights Against School Internet Filters By Lisa Keen

Keen News Service


he ACLU filed a federal lawsuit last week against a public school district in Missouri which blocks school computers from access to LGBT supportive organizations, such as Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. In the lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri, the ACLU charges that the school district’s web-filtering violates the First Amendment rights of its students. “It is well-established,” says the ACLU lawsuit, filed last week on August 15, against the public school district in Camdenton, Missouri, “that the First Amendment prohibits public schools from censoring school library resources in a manner that discriminates against disfavored viewpoints.” The ACLU brief cites a 1982 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Board of Ed v. Pico, in which a majority held that the First Amendment puts limits on a local school

board’s authority to remove books from the school libraries. Camdenton public schools, known as Camdenton R-III School District, uses a software on its library computers to block students from accessing obscene or pornographic sites. The school district told a local paper last week that it allows students to access some blocked sites if the students request to do so. The ACLU says that public schools across the country are “often” using an internet filter software by Lightspeed Systems which, the ACLU says blocks websites with LGBTsupportive content. The ACLU says Lightspeed has agreed to modify its software to provide a viewpoint neutral filter that doesn’t block LGBT-supportive sites. The ACLU says five other companies also produce software that filters out LGBT-supportive sites: Blue Coat Systems, M86 Solutions, Fortiguard, Websense, and URL Blacklist. The ACLU lawsuit, PFLAG v. Camdenton, says the Camdenton school district filter

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Some schools block access to LGBT supportive sites but allow access to anti-gay sites

tion.lifestyles’ filter.” Some school districts receiving the letter have claimed, like Camdenton, that the ACLU is mistaken about its filter. In Michigan, for instance, an attorney for the Wayne-Westland Community Schools responded to a demand letter in April, saying that students can access the website for the GayStraight Alliance if they are “properly logged on.” Graphics from ACLU’s “Don’t Filter Me” video But in others, school officials have taken immediblocks student access to PFLAG, the Mat- ate steps to correct the problem. In Adine, thew Shepard Foundation, Campus Pride, Texas, school superintendent Wanda Bamand Dignity USA. The filter does not block berg responded immediately to a demand letter in May, saying “The block on LGBT access to anti-gay websites. A chart on the website iden- sites has been removed.” The federal Children’s Internet Protectifies a number of states, including California, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Ohio, and tion Act, passed in 2000, requires that pubMichigan, in which it is either investigat- lic school receiving certain federal funds ing or sending “demand letters” to school use an Internet filter to block access to webdistricts which are using overly restrictive sites that include obscene or pornographic filters. The letters are part of the ACLU’s na- material. The ACLU says that Camdenton tional “Don’t Filter Me” campaign, launched cannot justify its blocks “were reasonable methods of complying with CIPA….” in February. On August 11, the Federal CommunicaIn the northern California town of Oroville, ACLU sent a demand letter in May tions Commission issued a “Report and Orsaying that it had received complaints from der” that adds to the CIPA language adopted students about a “Lifestyle” filter from the by Congress in 2008 through the Protecting M86 Security company that blocks access to Children in the 21st Century Act, a section LGBT-supportive organizational websites. of the Broadband Data Improvement Act. The letter notes that the ACLU has found The Protecting Children legislation rethat some school districts around the coun- quires that schools receiving these certain try have been blocking LGBT-supportive federal funds educate children about Intersites “without even realizing that the anti- net safety issues, including how to respond to cyberbullying. LGBT filter had been activated.” The National Conference of State LegisThe filter used by Oroville, said the ACLU, had been configured to block access to the latures notes that 25 states also have state GSA Network, Campus Pride, Day of Si- laws requiring Internet filters in public lence, the National Youth Advocacy Coali- schools and libraries. Joshua Block, a staff attorney with the tion, the Safe Schools Coalition, and the ACLU’s National LGBT Project, said many National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. In a demand letter in May to the Avoca students in public schools don’t realize that School District 37 in Wilmette, Illinois, the blocking their access to LGBT-supportive ACLU noted that a Lightspeed system was sites violates their First Amendment rights. “Schools not only have a legal duty to allow blocking sites that provide “education about students access to these sites,” said Block, in a lifestyles gay, lesbian, alternate.” “Your students,” said the letter, “have a press release, “it is also imperative that LGBT First Amendment right to access GSA Net- youth who are experiencing discrimination work, GLSEN, Day of Silence, and similar and bullying be able to access this informamaterials that are blocked by the ‘educa- tion for their own safety.”

August 24, 2011 •

General Gayety

Same Gender Means Some Problems By Leslie Robinson


ou might enter into a samesex relationship thinking you know all the troubles that lie ahead. Discrimination, rejection by family and friends, spending eternity in hell none of that is news. But I’ll bet you never considered the bundle of difficulties caused by being in a relationship with someone who’s a lot like you. Someone with whom you share everything from chromosomes to conditioner. Here’s an example of what I mean: My partner and I have the same name. Her first name is Anne, which is also my middle name. It took me a while to get comfortable saying her name. I felt like I was calling myself, and having attacks of egomania. Opposite-sex couples can experience this trouble too, of course. A woman named Jordan can marry a man named Jordan, or a Jean can connect with a Gene. But the chances of twin names are much increased with gay couplings. We all know a Mike and a Mike, or a Sarah and a Sarah. The other day I heard a lesbian couple referred to as “the Rachels.” Anyone who’s adamant about maintaining individuality might have to rethink this gay thing. I suppose preventive action is a possibility. A lesbian could legally change her name before starting a relationship or pick a name that no other woman is likely to share. Like Augustina. Or Pittsburgh. Or Cementmixer. Then there’s the issue of clothing. Back when I was in a straight relationship, my boyfriend was too tall and too male to borrow my clothes. Now all bets are off. Anne has borrowed everything from bras to hats. She so covets a shirt of mine she whimpers a little when I wear it. I’ll soon know what it means to give someone the shirt off my back. She and I aren’t the same size, nor do we

have identical taste. For these reasons, I know my entire wardrobe won’t go missing. But I can imagine what it must be like for, say, a femme couple with similar proportions where one woman is constantly pilfering and the other can never find what she planned to wear. On a morning when the latter can locate nothing to wear to work but pumps and a nightgown, the fur will fly. I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that sometimes it’s a boon, clothing-wise, to be in a same-sex couple. You can double your wardrobe. But only if you have like builds and taste. I suppose there are women out there who assess a potential partner for kindness, respect and to-die-for pencil skirts. Turning to accessories, our friend Susan recently told Anne and me that she has begun carrying a purse again. The problem is her partner Joyce uses a purse that looks the same. Now each woman can find herself leaving the house with the wrong life. Straight couples don’t have this trouble. On another subject, while anti-gay activists argue that male and female genitalia were meant to go together, they’re ignoring a more compelling biological argument. Two women going through menopause should never live together. Between us, Anne and I have every menopause symptom going. When she’s having a hot flash, I’m too busy obsessing over my weight gain to notice, let alone sympathize. In straight households where the woman is experiencing menopause, it’s the man’s job to be sympathetic when he isn’t driving his girlfriend around in his new Ferrari. Anne and I don’t get sympathy, but we aren’t being cheated on, so I guess it’s a wash. Overall, though, I feel it’s only right for young people to be alerted to the complications inherent in same-sex relationships. If the prospect of hell doesn’t scare twinks, the prospect of sharing hair gel might.

August 24, 2011 •


Kalis-McIntee Funeral & Cremation Center is family owned and operated by Bernie & Marcia McIntee.


ernie, a third generation funeral director, is a proud member of a family that has served in the death care industry since 1906. Being a family owned and operated business certainly has its advantages – we are not controlled by any national chain or corporation. That allows us to provide unique value and service in an industry that has become dominated by mergers and acquistions. We are, simply, very good at what we do. Because we are here on a daily basis, we can provide your family the highest level of personal service, when you need it the most. Give us a call and compare... not just for price, but for the care, compassion and personal service we are known to provide. For more information:

Kalis-McIntee Funeral & Cremation Center • 954-566-7621 2505 North Dixie Highway, Ft. Lauderdale/Wilton Manors, FL email:



August 24, 2011 •

Pop artist talks music industry burnout, finding her gay following and foreshadowing J. Lo’s divorce

O Wynter Time

By Chris Azzopardi

f course Wynter Gordon is named after Diana Ross, at least before the “Dirty Talk” singer changed it so she didn’t have to explain that she wasn’t that Diana. But she still has something in common with the Supremes legend – lots of gay fans. Not only did she just release an EP, With the Music I Die, but Gordon’s also written a handful of songs for other artists, including Mary J. Blige, David Guetta and Jennifer Lopez, whom she wrote a post-breakup song for before the actress’ recent split with Marc Anthony. Currently, Gordon’s continuing work on her full-length debut, which she says is due later this year or early next, depending on the success of the singles – and so far, so good: “Til Death” recently made a Hot Shot Debut on the Billboard Club Play Chart. The ethereal-voiced singer, who lives in New York, caught up with us during tour rehearsals to chat about the divas who influence her, growing up in a homophobic country and how she almost gave up music altogether.

Photo by Brooke Nipar

August 24, 2011 •

When you were younger, you listened to big-voiced icons like Whitney, Mariah and Celine. How did they influence you musically? I love the runs that Celine does and the way she opens up her voice. I always tried to emulate her as a little girl. And then Alanis Morissette, her melodies are so original. When I make music, I try to bring melodies into a song that nobody’s really using or hearing, and that’s what I took from her.

They all have a very distinctive way of moving their hands: Mariah has them in the air, Celine pounds her chest with them and Alanis does something with them that I can’t really explain. What do you do with your hands when you’re performing? I guess I have a very violent stance. I’m super muscular, so my hands are always balled-up in a fist; it looks like I’m going to punch somebody, like I’m angry. (Laughs) But you’re not? No, no. I’m happy. It just looks like I want to hurt someone. I haven’t been able to stop listening to “Still Getting Younger,” one of the songs on your EP. Tell me about the song. That’s my favorite song on the album. “Still Getting Younger” came about at a time in my life when I was feeling really discouraged about the music industry. But then I went to London and I met Nick Littlemore – the producer and co-writer of the song – and just being with him was so freeing. He just told me to forget all the rules and just make music that I love, and the song came about within minutes. I’d never really recorded a song like that. It was such a great experience and brought back my love for the project. Why were you so unhappy with the music industry? It’s not that I wasn’t happy with it, but I had spent a whole summer – the same summer I wrote “Dirty Talk” – in one room, within four walls, and I kept churning out music. I had over 100 songs, but they weren’t getting any play. And I’d been in the music industry for such a long time, and I was like, “I’m kind of over it. I’ve been trying for a long time.” But I got the whole artist experience without actually being famous. I discovered what I continued on page 24



Nightlife by J.W. Arnold

Thursdays Get Bigger on the Beach


orite v a F r u o Y ll A h c t Ca s! Teams @Sideline

College Games Begin

Check out NEW website!

September 1, 2011

ooking to kick off your weekend a little early? Thursdays are a big night on South Beach and they just got a little bigger. Promoter extraordinaire Edison Farrow’s “Simple Life” Thursdays are back at the new Buck 15 Lounge, 437 Lincoln Lane, two blocks east from the former location. Celebrate the return this week with free Rokk vodka from 10 p.m. to midnight. DJ Daisy Deadpetals—a South Florida favorite—is back in the booth for this loungy weekly event. Twist, long a staple of the South Beach scene, inaugurated its new party, “Double Up Thursdays” last week, throwing a new twist into the usual Thursday night lineup. Drinks are 2-4-1 until 2 a.m. and DJ Pride will be providing incredible beats all night long. No matter what night of the week, however, you’re going to find plenty of fun in South Florida. Here’s a look at some of the highlights of the weekend ahead:

Thursday, Aug. 25


ona’s Cocktail Lounge, 502 E. Sunrise Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale, celebrates the life of bartender John “Mary” Lyons. Friends will remember Mary with a hot diggity dog cookout beginning at 4 p.m. and 61 minutes of free drinks at various times throughout the evening.

Chi Chi LaRue at the Boardwalk Saturday, Aug. 27


he Queen of Porn, Miss Chi Chi LaRue, is back in South Florida, but instead of casting calls, she’s spinning live on stage at Boardwalk, 1721 N. Andrews Ave. in Fort Lauderdale, from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. While you’re there, check out the hot Boardwalk dancers and maybe grab a late night bite at Beefcake’s next door. Are you ready to get wet? Discotekka, Miami’s late night dancing mecca, celebrates Water Works 4 with DJ Carlos G. Located at 950 NE 2nd Ave. in downtown Miami, Discotekka is definitely the destination for serious clubbing. Sunday, Aug. 28

Start your Sunday off right with Sundays Fundays brunch at Rosies beginning at 10 a.m. Sip on a $3 Ultimat Bloody Mary, $5 Mimosa or Remembering John Lyons at Mona’s share a $10 Cruzan voo doo bucket. Rosie’s is located at Friday, Aug. 26 2449 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. Wind down your weekend beside the ou’ll find the trailer trash at Smarty pool at the Lords South Beach, 1120 Collins Pants, 2400 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Ave. Tonny Ferro, Chris Aguilar and all weekend long. The “Sordid Lives” Sokkie Stacks are your hosts for the Caweekend kicks off with a “potluck” at 5 p.m. bana Boy Pool Party beginning at 4 p.m. followed by karaoke at 9 p.m. with Don. and DJ Juan E. will be spinning poolside Come back all weekend for more food and until late into the evening. trashy fun. Fort Lauderdale may be “where the boys Monday, Aug. 29 are,” but on Friday nights, Bill’s Filling Station in Wilton Manors is where the bears ome gays dance to a different beat and are! Tonight, Bill’s hosts a bear appreyou’re likely to find them at Scandals ciation party with special guest Alessio Saloon, 3073 NE 6th Ave. in Wilton Manors. Romero. Drinks are 2-4-1 until 9 p.m. or Scandals is South Florida’s country western try a $5 Bill’s Honey Pot, made with Jack bar and on Monday nights you can learn to Daniels honey. dance the cowboy way with free lessons.




August 24, 2011 •

By Brian Swinford

Have an event you want to list? If so send me an email at

*denotes new listing

Theatre Broward County

Kenny Vance and the Planotones

Audiences are invited to get up close and personal in An Evening with Kenny Vance and The Planotones, August 27, as they open up their ‘basement’ rehearsal studio for an intimate evening of song and stories spanning Vance’s illustrious 50-year career and the music that has been its unique soundtrack including “Looking For An Echo,” “Cara Mia,” “She Cried,” “Only In America” and more. Visit

New Times Pairings Vintage 2011

Get ready to sip, sample, and savor culinary delights from the area’s finest restaurants perfectly paired with wines from around the world at New Times’ 4th Annual Food & Wine Pairing event on Sept. 15. General Admission is $45 and $55 at the door. The main event, at 7 p.m., will feature bites from 40 amazing restaurants each complemented with the perfect wine selection, specialty cocktail or craft beer, along with a wide range of live entertainment. Visit

Miami Henry V

Henry V, the final play about the reigning family crown, chronicles King Henry V’s war with France over land and titles. On August 26 come see William Shakespeare’s play Henry V at the New Theatre in Coral Gables. For Cheaper tickets visit or call 305-443-5909

Flickin’ Summer Movies: The Breakfast Club

At the Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center on Aug. 25, there will be a classic movie showing of The Breakfast Club. The Flickin’ Summer movie series returns for a third season as we showcase four classic teen movies followed by an onstage dance party with DJ MR PAUER. At only $10 per ticket, it’s a cool way to spend a hot summer night! Visit

Key West

August: Osage County

In Key West at the Waterfront Playhouse on Dec 20, it’s August in Oklahoma. A father is missing, a mother is in the grip of addiction, a marriage is unraveling and lies are being exposed. You are cordially invited to one bitch of a family reunion. This raucous dark comedy transforms one family gathering into an evening filled with sex, secrets, and really inappropriate behavior. One of the most lauded plays of the decade, August: Osage County is a can’t-miss hilarious and stinging look at the American family. Visit

Community Calendar Broward County *Beach Boot Camp with The Health Colonel

Two readings of writer R. Eston Dunn’s work will be held this coming week. On August 24th:“LipSync,” a melo-comedic play about friendship and therapy. On August 29th:“VOiCES,” a psyho-thriller where a patient eventually turns on his therapist. Both will be held at 8 PM at The Empire Stage in Fort Lauderdale, 1740 N. Flagler Drive.

West Palm Beach

Palm Beach Wine Auction Dinner & Live Auction

The Palm Beach Wine Auction Dinner & Live Auction features a five-course wine dinner paired with specially selected wines from all over the world. The live wine auction takes place throughout the dinner and includes wines presented during the evening as well as some of the world’s most renowned and highly rated wines. This elegant evening appeals not only to the wine connoisseur but also to anyone who enjoys world class cuisine. On January 25 Palm Beach Wine Auction will benefit the award-winning education programs at the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts. Visit

All My Sons by Arthur Miller

This morality play about the cost of lying and the price of truth telling, examines a troubled family and a father who placed duty to his family above the lives of others, and now must face the consequences. This play is showing at The Palm Beach DramaWorks Clematis Theater Nov. 12 through Dec. 11. Visit

Sesame Street Live/Elmo’s Super Hero’s Calling all super heroes! Come help Elmo and friends get his super-ness back. In West Palm Beach Elmo and friends will sing, dance, and exercise their way thru important life learning lessons. Come join Sesame Street friends at the Kravis Center on Oct. 15 for a great experience for adults and kids alike. Visit

Thinking of dropping a few pounds…The Health Colonel is here to help you keep in shape. Come to Fort Lauderdale Beach Monday and Wednesday at 7 p.m., and Saturdays at 8 a.m. Individual classes are $15. Every session incorporates three elements – cardio, strength, and flexibility. As you might expect, the man named The Health Colonel knows a thing or two about fitness. “The real issue,” he says, “has nothing to do with food -- or exercise for that matter. It has everything to do with how you think.” Visit

*Cardio Strip & Pole Dancing Class

Every Thursday at The World Fitness Association grab that brass pole and shake that cellulite away. Cardio Strip & Pole Dancing Classes are fun from beginning to end. Wrap your thighs around a stiff pole and sweat those pounds away. The best thing about these classes is that your first one is free. Call 954-564-6743

*Butterfly Gardening Workshop

*Leather Night

The Clubhouse II is a great spot for bi and gay men alike. On Tuesdays, there is “Leather Night,” which Clubhouse II claims is the largest leather party in town. You get four bucks off admission if you’re in leather, and it’s an open bar. Wait, along with Tuesdays and Thursdays, the bar is also complimentary on Fridays and Saturdays. Pay $35 for a six-month membership. For a one-day pass, add $10 to your purchase of a room or locker. Lockers run from $13 to $19. The new Sunday special is $13. Rooms cost $24 and $30 for VIP. Clubhouse II is open 24 hours. Visit

Mack power Lunch

On September 13 the Mack Power lunch will be taking place at the beautiful Seasons 52 in Fort Lauderdale. This lunch is for the Gay & Straight friendly professionals to come together to network, and enjoy a great meal. Advanced registration online will save you a couple of bucks. Visit

West Palm Beach

* Art Nouveau

If you’re looking for this month’s Art Nouveau event it’s at the Lounge on Wed. August 24 at 8 p.m. You’ll be blown away by the work of more than 25 local artists as you mingle in a mood of “retro decadence,” enjoying the feeling of encountering the exotic without straying from your local scene. The event is free. Visit

*YOGA Among the Orchids

It’s time for Yoga Among the Orchids at the American Orchid Society, 16700 AOS Lane, Delray Beach. Relax and replenish the flower inside with an hour of breathing exercises, toning, and yoga poses under a canopy of lush orchids. This is orchid headquarters so pick up a few pointers from the pros in between sun salutations. Classes are Wednesdays at 9 a.m. Cost is $20 and RSVP is suggested. Call 561-404-2011. Visit

Jazz on the Palm

Jazz on the Palm - Downtown West Palm Beach Waterfront - Gather with friends and family to enjoy the diverse vibrant sounds of jazz under the stars every 3rd Friday of month at the new Downtown West Palm Beach waterfront concert series. Free and open to the public. Guests are encouraged to bring blankets and chairs. From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Visit Wpbgo. com/2010/06/jazz-on-the-palm

Sunday on the Waterfront

Sunday on the Waterfront is a free concert series, which takes place the third Sunday of most months in the beautiful downtown West Palm Beach Waterfront area. This familyfriendly event is the perfect way to unwind this weekend with good times and great entertainment for all ages with plenty of free kids’ activities. Guests are welcome to bring blankets and chairs and can bring coolers or purchase tasty treats at the concert. Free parking in all city lots and at city meters. 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. May through October. Visit


This group is a black gay men’s discussion group that is held at the Compass in West Palm Beach. Every Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. this group will be directed toward issues for and about black men. Visit


Paths is a social/discussion group held at Compass in Lake Worth. This men’s group takes place every Monday from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Paths men’s group will be discussing relationships, coming –out, safer sex issues and more. Visit


Yoga with Deborah will change your life. Bring a mat and get ready to stretch the stress away every Tuesday at The GLCC in Palm Beach from 6 to 7 p.m. This yoga experience will uplift and transform your life. $6 Entry Fee. You must bring your own mat. Visit

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WomenFest By Brian Swinford

Calling all the ladies… Women-fest is right around the corner. From Sept 6 to 11 enjoy WomenFest with asizzling dance club scene, and women-only water excursions that range from

Learn how to start your own butterfly garden, how to identify and attract local butterflies. Workshops are held indoors, at Butterfly World’s Grand Plaza, 3600 W Sample Rd. in Pompano Beach. This workshop is free with paid admission. Only two dates left Sept. 10 or Oct. 8. Call 954-977-4434 or email

jet skis to dolphin watching,

Temple Beth Israel Open House

also check out The Deblois Milledge Band at the Smokin Tuna Saloon.

Temple Beth Israel Open House. Come see all they have to offer. Religious Studies Program for Children, a Meet greet with Rabbi Bater. Select your High Holy Day Seats. Join our family. $1254 Family Membership. No building fund. Visit

LGBT Senior Expo

This year’s LGBT Senior Expo will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, October 22 at The Pride Center, 2040 North Dixie Highway in Wilton Manors. The event will provide LGBT Seniors with a comprehensive overview of healthcare services available to benefit the elder LGBT community. The event will feature a Trade Show with various LGBT friendly medical, professional and financial services providers, who are eager to assist our community.

*Stitch Wars Strikes Back

This is a group art exhibition featuring handmade goods inspired by Star Wars. There will be plenty of handmade artwork by Love & A Sandwich, Lana Crooks, and many more. Come to the Bear & Bird Boutique plus Gallery in Lauderhill. Get your Luke Skywalkers and Chewies handmade. Open till Sept. 4. Call 954-748-0181 or visit

August 24, 2011 •

all of which are guaranteed to perk you right up in this paradise setting. While you’re down there Find out why this unique woman has attracted some of music’s finest powerhouses to her band. Milledge is a singer and a songwriter whose soul-filled music defies labels. On Sept 7 don’t miss the 2nd Annual Leslie Loenelli Memorial Women’s Golf Classic. It’s a Best Ball scramble to benefit Womankind, Key West’s local women’s health care provider. Register as an individual, a four member team, or anything in between! It’s going to be a great time for novice and pro golfers alike. Lunch and Beer are included in this Women’s golf classic. Now if I were a lady I would wrap up my time down there with the Va Va Voom at Aqua. This is going to be the party of all parties. This club has the best music and lightshow in Key West.


To Submit Listings Email: Brian at Fax: 954-530-7943. Please include a brief description, address, phone number, date, time and cost. continued from page 19 LIVING BUDDHISM

On the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. Compass in Lake Worth will be holding a discussion group for overcoming obstacles and obtaining happiness. This group is great for getting internal enlightenment. Release your inner stress, and become free. Visit


These meetings take place at Compass, and geared toward recovering alcoholics. Every Tues. and Thurs. at 7 p.m. and on Sat. at 6 p.m. These meetings will help recovering alcoholics cope with the stress of everyday life without the use of alcohol.


*Giraffe Feeding

Come to the Miami Zoo on Mondays to feed Giraffes from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Have the long necked animals eating out of your hands at the zoo’s giraffe-feeding station. This event is great for kids and adults alike. Call 305-251-0400 or visit

*80’s Baby

Come to Badrutts Place every Tuesday and re-visit the days of bad fashion-sense and egos bigger than baggy pants. Happy hour is on Tuesday nights. European tradition and cuisine, with an 80’s twist, meet for a night that’s a bit more tasteful than acid-washed jeans. DJ Lenym plays 80’s favorites and there’s half off drinks from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Ladies drink complimentary cosmos until 10 p.m. Visit

*The Incredible Dog Show

See canines perform Frisbee tricks, dog diving, run through an obstacle course, weave through poles and leap, jump and bark for the audience. Show features professional dog actors that have appeared in movies such as “Water for Elephants” and “Life is Ruff.” The show begins September 28 at Bicentennial Park. Show times are 7:30 p.m. Wednesday through Friday; 3:30 p.m. Saturdays; Noon, 3:30 and 7:30 p.m. Sundays through October 24. Call 1-787-331-0696 or visit

*Stone crab special at Nikki Beach

Seafood and springtime seem to be the perfect match, which is why heading to Nikki Beach every Friday and Saturday between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. may just be a the thing to do this weekend. Jumbo stone crabs are $10 and smaller– sized stone crabs are $5. Mojitos are half off, priced at $7. Visit

Looking for a Few Good Men!

* Food Trucks in the Park

Come to Tropical Park, 7900 SW 40 Street, Miami, every Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. until Sept 27 and enjoy great food served from a mobile stove with the entire family. These trucks have everything you could think of from pulled pork sandwiches to carnival funnel cakes. Call 305-226-8315

*Asian Business Conference & Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief Fundraising Dinner

On September 7 at The Doral Golf Resort And Spa between 4 p.m. - 9 p.m. The conference program will begin with a networking reception, and will be followed by an optional Japan earthquake/tsunami disaster relief fundraiser dinner from 7:15 p.m. to 9 p.m. that will include entertainment, and be emceed by Shannon Hori, the local Miami CBS 4 television news anchor. Conference $20.00 and Fund Raising Dinner $150.00 per person. Call 786-235-8289

Ability Explosion Blast-Off

The Ability is kicking off the 2nd annual Ability Explosion on Oct. 19, a 5-day series of events helping to create awareness and improve the lives of people living with disabilities. The Ability Explosion Blast Off Party will be held in the Banyan Room at the beautiful Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. The festivities will include a performance by acclaimed singer, songwriter and actress, Maryel Epps. Also in attendance will be the Mayor of Miami Beach, Matti Herrera Bower, as well as members of the Miami Beach City Commission. All proceeds will benefit Access Now/Ability Explosion and will be used to help people living with disabilities. Visit

Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida: “Inspiring Through Song” If you or someone you know can say YES to two or more of these... • I know all the characters on Glee by name and I can relate to at least one of them. • I was the star of my high school musical. • I sing in the shower, in the car, and anytime I get the chance. • I have on occasion used my hair brush as a microphone and have fantasized about performing. • I love being part of something bigger than myself and am willing to contribute my talent. • I am ready for my close up. • I love to sing. Then We Want YOU! The Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida is about to begin our second spectacular season and we are looking for men who would like to join our chorus

Miami to Key West Ride

This coming November 18 and 19 will be the Miami-Key West Ride for Charity. Every year, the SMART Ride donates 100 percent of donations to benefiting agencies. Not only that, you decide which agencies receive the funds you’ve raised. Visit

Ability Explosion’s First “Lights Out” Event

On Aug. 24 “Lights Out Miami” is a unique simulation that teaches people what it’s like to experience the tastes, the sounds and the energy of a great restaurant without ever seeing it. Everyone from the guests, to the wait staff, will face their own challenge when discovering how they would adapt to losing their sense of sight in a dynamic environment. Visit

Key West

On August 27 slip on your flip-flops and bring your appetite, because this year the Summer Jam is on the beach, at the Key West Harbour Yacht Club, 6000 Peninsular Ave. Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24 band will be performing everyone’s musical favorites, and an authentic Cuban pig roast/buffet is included with your event ticket come hungry. General admission $40, VIP $60, children $20. Gates open at 5 p.m. Boaters can call to reserve a spot if arriving by water. Presented by Wesley House Family Services. Call 305-809-5030

*Smithsonian Magazine’s 7th Annual Museum Day

The Custom House Museum and the Key West Lighthouse and Keeper’s Quarters Museum will each participate in the seventh annual Museum Day, presented by Smithsonian magazine. Doors will be open free of charge to Smithsonian magazine readers and visitors for an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in history. Museum Day is Sept. 24. Open from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Call 305-294-0012 Join Elle Events for their first cruise on Sept 9-12 on the glorious Norwegian Cruise Lines. They are going from the Bahamas to Norwegian’s private island. This 4 day 3 night cruise will be one that you will not want to miss. For more details please visit events/18368501/


Audition/ Voice Placement Opportunities Saturday August 27th 10:00 AM Monday August 29th 7:00 PM Saturday September 10th 10:00 AM Location: MCC Sunshine Cathedral 1480 SW 9th Avenue Fort Lauderdale, Fl 3315 For additional Information: http://www.gaymenschorusofsouthflorida. org/auditions.htm or call 954 851-2299

Broward Bars 321-Slammer

321 W Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33311. Slammer sex club the best place to cruise for the hottest gay men. Thursday’s is leather night, fri-sat night live dj’s. Monday & tuesday -- $9 entry fee

Clubhouse II

2650 E. Oakland Park Blvd , Fort Lauderdale, Florida (954)5666750. A Private Club for Bi/Gay men. Bear and Cub Thursday $4 Off For Bear & Cub. Tuesday Leather Night - $4. off wear any type of leather

The Club Fort Lauderdale

110 Northwest 5th Avenue,Fort Lauderdale, FL ,(954) 525-3344 Good. Clean. Fun. 1/2 price rooms...Tuesday Nights and 1/2 price Lockers. Thursdays Nights. Always busy

Georgie’s Alibi

* Second Annual Summer Jam

*Elle At Sea

family.We are ready to make music and to make a difference with our music. After a miraculous inaugural season of sold out concerts, standing ovations, and building bridges in our community we are ready to do it all again:

2266 Wilton Drive ,Wilton Manors, FL 33305 ,(954) 5652526. Fort Lauderdale’s Best & Longest Happy Hour. Wednesdays $2 Domestics & $1 Schnapps after 9pm Wednesdays

Atomic Boom

2232 Wilton Drive ,Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 630-3556 Best Sound & Light Show in Broward County. Mondays Porn Bingo with Desiree Dubois. $3 Margaritas, $1 Draft

Bill’s Filling Station

2209 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 567-5978. Large Bar/ Nightclub, Amazing. Drink Specials in Wilton Manors. Wednesday’s After 9pm $10 Miller Lite Beer Bust


1721 North Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311. (954) 463-6969. A Cute Little Hangout in Fort Lauderdale Pool-Room/Game Room on One Side and a Bar-Strip Club on the other. Mondays $3 Well & Dom, after 9pm $3 U-Call-It Shots

Corner Pub Bar

1915 North Andrews Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33311, (954) 564-7335. Redefining What a Bar Should Be. Thursday’s Margarita. Madness $4, Monday’s Underwear Night. 2 for 1 until 9:30 pm

Cubby Hole

823 North Federal Highway ,Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 7289001. The Cubby Hole is one of Fort Lauderdale’s Most Unique and Popular Neighborhood Bar for Men. Underwear Wednesday’s. Boxers n’ Briefs get 2 for 1 on Drinks 9pm till Close

August 24, 2011 •

To Submit Listings Email: Brian at Fax: 954-530-7943. Please include a brief description, address, phone number, date, time and cost. The Depot Cabana Bar & Grill

Rosie’s Bar and Grill

2935 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 537-7076. Voted the “Friendliest” Gay Bar in Fort Lauderdale. Monday’s $1.99 Drinks and $.50 Wings Open to Close

2449 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 567-1320 Wilton Manor’s Best Burger in Town. Try the Fat Elvis. Happy Hour 5pm to 9pm


Scandals Country Western Bar

1116 West Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, (954) 522-5931. Monday Dragon with TP Lords, Daisy D. and DJ Rob Sky No cover, drags/trans drink free 10 p.m. to midnight . Everyone else gets $3 drinks all night!. Finally something fun to do on Monday 18+

Oakland Park, FL 3334, (954) 567-2432. Scandals Gay and Lesbian Country Western. Dance Bar in Wilton Manors. Tuesdays Pool League, and Free Dance Lessons

Matty’s on the Drive

Sidelines Sports Bar

2426 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (954) 564-1799. Matty’s is one of the few bars in Wilton Manors that’s just that –a bar. Wild Wednesday’s $.75 Drinks, 13 Drinks for less than $10. 5pm

2031 Wilton Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305, (954) 563-8001 Sidelines Sports Bar Mona’s Billiards at Sidelines and Billiards is a 502 East Sunrise Boulevard, Fort Lauderunique, friendly, And acdale, FL 33304, (954) 525-6662. The eclectic cepting place to relax with décor and a friendly staff makes. Mona’s a great place to a cold beer, great drinks and Martinis. Happy Hour M-F have fun in Fort Lauderdale. Thursday’s College Boy’s Night 4pm to 2am 8pm Enjoy College Boy’s Choice 2 for 1

Monkey Business

2740 North Andrews Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33311, (954) 514-7819. The Monkey Business Bar is a Small Outdoor Bar Among The Shops Just off Marina Blvd. No Frills But Comfortable and a Great Place to Stop and Meet Good People. Happy Hour 8 am to 9 pm

Naked Grape Wine Bar

2039 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 563-5631 A Casual, Hip, Fun Experience and if You Have a Taste for Deliciously Unique Wines, You Need to Make This Your Next Stop! Happy Hour All Night on Thursday

New Moon

2440 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 563-7660 Your neighborhood Gay and Lesbian bar in the heart of Fort Lauderdale and just minutes from Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Wednesday All the fun, half the price 2-4-1 All Day, All Night

PJ’s Corner Pocket

924 North Flagler Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 533-0257. One of The Most Diverse Bars in Fort Lauderdale. $2 Drinks Every Wednesday, Spades Every Thursday


1508 NE 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 763-8219 South Florida’s Leading Levi, Leather and Uniform Bar/Club. Every night is Bear Night. Bear Happy. Hour Every Thursday. Caged Hunks Sat Night

Miami Score

727 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139,(305)561-5521. Score is located in the heart of South Beach, In the thriving and infamous promenade, Lincoln Road. Bigger Saturday’s Sexy Male Dolls


1057 Washington Ave, Miami Beach , Florida , 33139, (305)538-9478 Never a Cover…Always a Groove. Resident star DJ Mika spins tribal. Every Saturday TWIST is full of the hottest men in Miami. Muscle boy dancers taking it off in the Bungalow Bar.

Club Sugar

2301 SW 32nd Ave, Miami, Florida, 33145,(305)443-7657. All the Sweetness you’ll need in one Club. Every Thursday Drag Wars with TP Lords. $5 House Drinks & $4 Domestic Beers all night


950 NE 2nd Ave, Downtown Miami, Florida 33132,(305)3509084 One of the Best Night Clubs In Miami. Every Saturday The Hottest DJ’s from the Top Performers. Drink Special Every Saturday

Club Space

Smarty Pants

34 NE 11th St ,Miami ,Florida, 33132,(305)350-1956 Space Miami Voted Best U.S Club IDMA 2011. The go-to venue for any nightlife enthusiast in the nation,The club is proudly marching on into its second decade of operation.

The Manor

Key West

3038 North Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306, (954) 561-1724. Great Local Hangout in Fort Lauderdale with Great Drink Specials. Saturday’s Free Breakfast to Order – 8 am 2345 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 626-0082. Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value, Drinks Makes The Manor the One Stop Shop for Good Times. Happy Hour 3pm- 9pm $5 Tapas until 7pm

The Stable

205 East Oakland Park Blvd., Oakland Park, FL 33334, (954) 565-4506 A neighborhood bar with a different theme every night, from drag shows and bingos, to bears and underwears.


801 Bourbon Bar

801 Duval St. , Key West, Florida,(305)294-4737 Cabaret shows upstairs with nightly performances by famed performers Sushi, Kylie, RV Beaumont, Margo, and others. Happy Hour specials daily from 11am - 8pm.


705 Duval St. , Key West, Florida,(305)292-8500 Key West All-Male Strip Club. Daily Happy Hour from 3-8pm, And a piano sing-a-long every Wednesday night.

2829 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, (954) 587-2500. Your Dance Destination Till Dawn. Open Late for You To Devour The Night. Open 7 nights a week till 4 am

Club Aqua

VooDoo Lounge

Pearl’s Patio Bar

(Sunday only), 111 Southwest 2nd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, (954) 522-0733. Voodoo Lounge is in Fort Lauderdale Florida is now Gay on Saturday nights. The club also hosts Noche Latina, an event for South Florida’s Latino community

The Lounge

517 Clematis St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. (561) 655-9747. The most unpretentious South Beach styled lounge in West Palm Beach. Great Drink Deals Tues-Thurs 9pm-3am

Rodeo Restaurant and Bar is brand new

The Cottage

to Fort Lauderdale. Rodeo offers a selec-

522 Lucerne Ave, Lake Worth, Fl, 33414. (561)586-0080 Great Service, Great Food, Full Stocked Bar, Great Professional Tea-Dance every Sunday

tion of the best Southern cuisine around.

Fort Dix

Located on Wilton Drive in Wilton Man-

6205 Georgia Ave, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405 Directions, (561)533-5355. Mostly local crowd looking to mingle and relax. Place rocks with a Fabulous DJ on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday T-Dance.

ors, Rodeo is a dining favorite for lunch and dinner including Southwestern, Tex-

The Mad Hatter

Mex, Barbeque, and Cajun/Creole dining

coming from vineyards and microbrewer-

Rodeo Chef William Stevens

ies from the South. Whether you’re looking for a healthy lunch, a hearty dinner, or an evening of fun at the bar, you’ll find it at the Rodeo.

August 24, 2011 •


West Palm Beach

By Brian Swinford

array of specialty beers and wines, some

525 United Street, Key West, FL(305)293-9805 ext. 156 Pearl’s Patio is a great place to enjoy a drink and relax. Happy Hour – every weekday from 5:00 to 7:00 pm Friday’s are Extended Happy Hour 5pm-9pm 524 Duval St, Key West ,Florida, (305)296-8118 Classic Cocktails, Italian Cuisine ,Live Music. $5 Martini Mondays, Late night dancing in Their Garden Bar Setting.

Rodeo A Southern Restaurant & Bar

– Southern style! The Rodeo Bar serves an

711 Duval St.,Key West, Florida,(305)294-0555 Monday’s Dueling Bartenders. Your Bartender’s sing, shake, and stir their way through happy hour 5:30pm-8:30pm

1532 North Dixie Hwy ,Lake Worth, FL 33460. (561) 547-8860. Cheap drinks, friendly bartenders, and free pool SundayThursday. Stop by and relax at this no-attitude haunt.

Tag Bar

25 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483 954-8013247. Delray Beach’s only Gay Bar. Mon - Sun: 4 p.m. - 2 a.m. Awesome Drink Specials

H.G. Rooster

823 BELVEDERE ROAD, WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA 33405, (561)-832-9119. H.G. Roosters is West Palms oldest gay club. Sunday’s Complimentary BBQ 5pm, Hot Male Dancers 6pm, Karaoke 11pm


couple who raise a 12-year-old. The show is being developed for the 2012 season. We imagine the 12-year-old will be more planned than Hayes as McFarland’s first child on “Will & Grace.” We don’t think the son will be the product of a sperm-bank donation made to earn funds towards a leather jacket. No word on who will play his partner. Although conservatives across the country will not be pleased.

Pray the Michele Bachmann Away

According to Entertainment Weekly Emmy-award winning actor Sean Hayes, perhaps best-known for his depiction of Jack McFarland on “Will & Grace,” will play gay again. Hayes will return to the small screen for an NBC comedy. The show will focus on a gay

Indeed, the campaign trail has been heating up a bit too quickly. The last campaign seemed to last longer than the length of the entire Bush regime, all 12 years of it – when you factor in Bush, Sr.’s tenure. No matter what website you log onto, no matter what publication you pick up, splashed

Foster the People across electronic or hard copy pages, are pictures of Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry – whom is not Katy Perry’s dad – and a host of other conservative hopefuls. Resistance, therefore, is futile. So, you should just get into the swing state of things by supporting your party in whatever fashion you can. Speaking of fashion…you can have fun with your choice of party or mock your political nemeses. Therefore, since LGBTpeople are all doing it anyway, consider this depiction of the saccharine smile of Michele Bachmann enticing you to pray her away. Not, as Marcus Bachmann suggests, pray away the gay. The shirts sell for just under $20 are available at and proceeds will benefit a liberal news blog led by gay rights activist John Aravosis.

submitted photo

Sean Hayes to Play Gay…Again!

submitted photo

Heard it on...

high-end bottled water company isn’t working with the icon, but…vodka is more fun! So, if you love to dance, don’t mind replacing meals with diet pills, then head to and please…don’t vogue for Madge. That’s soooooooo 20 years ago!

Not Gay But…Hot Foster the People is a band led by Mark Foster. Their synth-centric first album, Torches, available on Amazon and iTunes came out in May, and their single “Pumped Up Kicks” with it’s highly hum-able, rolling beat is definitely more of a sleeper in terms of hit songs this summer. However, big things are sure to come for this group of decidedly cute hipsters. In fact there are so many hot, young guys belting out cool tunes you might want to check out as they recently ran a list on the hot guys of indie music whom you’re probably not familiar with. The list might also make you homesick for hipster cafés and bars of Northeast cities…but not the $6 vegan brownie.

Madge & Smirnoff Search for Dancers Madonna and Smirnoff Vodka are searching the world for the most original dancers through an online dance competition. To enter, hopefuls must submit a 60-second dance video to between August 18 and October 10, 2011. Semi-finalists will be flown to one of the selected Nightlife Exchange experiences where they will audition in front of Madonna herself and hundreds of fans. The last dancer dancing will win the chance to join Madonna on her next tour as one of her dancers. We here at SFGN were just a little surprised the contest was launched so quietly with only a press release via email. We’re also surprised a


Controversial Cover: New York Mag’s ‘Prettiest Boy in the World’

August 24, 2011 •


George Schiavone

Promethean’s Zombie Musical is Alive and Kicking


et out your ponchos because Promethean Theatre’s annual summer bloodbath is back with a vengeance. Two years ago, the company-in-residence at Nova Southeastern University staged Cannibal! The Musical, from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, followed up in 2010 by zombie B-movie knock-off Evil Dead:The Musical. This summer, Deborah Sherman’s company presents Song of the Living Dead, A Zombie Musical. Song is many things. It’s silly, raunchy, gross and even more than a little gay. And, like the other shows, if you’re seated in the first two rows, the so-called “splatter zone,” watch out because there’s lots of blood and other simulated bodily fluids and you will be a target. Don’t worry though you will be provided with a plastic sheet for protection. Most importantly, the show is fun. The plot goes something like this: Zombies are running rampant through the city and newly engaged couple George (Christopher A. Kent) and Judith (Lindsey Elizabeth Forgey) must escape if they are to realize their dreams of a blissful life together with a family and picturesque house with requisite white picket fence. They are joined by Peggy (Sharyn Peoples), Judith’s mother, a socially inept medical examiner who would prefer making love with corpses, and Reverend Seabrook

(Noah Levine), whose fire-and-brimstone rantings fail to repel the zombies, but help him to discover his own sexuality. As with most campy parodies, a show like Song can be really good or really bad. Fortunately, Director Margaret Ledford has staged the best possible production. Kent picked up the role in just a matter of days after Matthew William Chizever bowed out due to illness and offers a flawless performance, matched by Peoples’ hapless Peggy and the instantaneous transformation by Levine during the hilarious and definitely unexpected musical number, Gays for Jesus. But, it’s the brilliant performance by newcomer Clay Courtland as evil businessman Harry Hardman that steals the show. Spurned by Judith, he sees the zombie epidemic as the opportunity to finally make her submit to his misogynistic advances. The audience howled during Hardman’s introductory song, “I’m F**king Awesome.” The actors are backed by creative work from sound designer Matt Corey, lighting designer Patrick Tennant and cartoon-like set by Daniel Gelbmann. A clever backlit screen shows old zombie movies before the show and then is used as a key element of the action thanks to a number of original videos and graphics. Musical director Phil Hinton capably leads the small band from backstage and the only improvement could have been to find a way to place the musicians onstage for tighter vocal performances.

“Song of the Living Dead, a Zombie Musical” The Promethean Theatre Thurs. – Sun. through Sept. 10 Black Box Theatre, Nova Southeastern University, Davie. Tickets $25 at or 866-811-4111

August 24, 2011 •




Broward Bares It returned this year to support Broward House, Broward County’s oldest and largest HIV/AIDS community serviceorganization taking care of more than 6,000 people. The event was voted as South Florida’s number 1 benefit of 2010. Twenty-four professional acts featuring more than 125 performers “took it off” throughout the evening. This year it took place at the Paradise Live Theater at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.




Wynter Time continued from page 17

like and what I don’t like through trial and error, because working with Flo Rida on “Sugar,” I got to travel the world with him. I experienced all the things that new artists experience, without anybody even knowing who I was. It was kind of like a shield, because at that point in time, people were telling me how I should dress, what the videos should look like or what my sound should be – and through trial and error, I learned what I’m comfortable with and I wasn’t afraid to show it. Recently, the media was reporting that a song you wrote for Jennifer Lopez, “Starting Over,” for her latest album had something to do with her ex, Marc Anthony. What’s the deal with that? Did you write that knowing they’d split? No! I’m actually surprised. I was as shocked as everybody else, because Marc was on set with her (during The Back-up Plan) when I was there and they were very loving to each other. But at the same time, I had to sit down and talk to her and she explained that marriage is work and you can


love somebody but you still have to work on marriage – living in the same house, seeing that person every day – so I kind of ran with it, but I didn’t realize it would be a testament to the future. What about some of the song lyrics, like when you refer to the guy as a “dog” and a “player”? I kind of made that up. (Laughs) I really had no idea. You were raised in South Jamaica, which is one of the most homophobic places on Earth. Is it homophobic? You know, I left when I was 17, so I didn’t see it. I didn’t really know any gay people on the block. It wasn’t like there was any homophobia around me, and nobody said anything anti-gay, because I don’t think anybody really knew anybody gay.You know, it wasn’t “in” to be out back then. It wasn’t really accepted as it is today. A very close family member just came out to me, and I don’t want to reveal his name because he’s young and he’s still struggling with his choice, but he grew up with me, so I knew before he knew.

With music, how did you figure out you have a gay following? I did a song called “Surveillance” and I got called to a club – Deko Lounge in New Jersey – by the DJ who said, “I want you to come out, we love your music.” I got there and it was a gay club and everybody showed me so much love. How did the song “Putting It Out There (Pride),” the Official Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras ’11, come about? I didn’t even write the song for that. I just put it out because I thought it would be perfect for it. Those words are really strong to me. Sometimes those songs work for everything in your life. And the song was also used as part of the “It Gets Better” campaign the year before. Why did you feel a need to become involved in that? Because of my very close family member, and not really understanding the issues until it’s firsthand in your face. I had to deal with the problems and talk my family member through it – just to be

OK with it and the religion thing, because we grew up very religious. He didn’t think God loved him anymore, and I love him more than I love myself. It just gave a new understanding of what gay people go through. Do you remember the response you got from that song? Nobody personally wrote to me. It was more comments on YouTube and people would say, “I love that song” and “thank you for doing that.” I always feel, because I’ve been asked to speak at a lot of events, it’s better to speak through my music than having me just speak. It makes more of an impact. So many artists have released empowering anthems lately, like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. What do you think of how other artists have used their music as a platform for songs about acceptance and perseverance? The more the merrier. As an artist you have that huge audience, so it’s your responsibility to do something positive with it.

August 24, 2011 •

August 24, 2011 •


New Gayest Place continued from page 4

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Massachusetts had 20,415 same-sex couple households identify on the 2010 Census, a 19 percent increase over the number reported in the 2000 Census. The 2010 count makes for 10.2 same-sex couple households per 1,000 households overall. Sixty-two percent of the same-sex couple households in Massachusetts were female couples, and 19 percent of all same-sex couples in the state were raising children. After Provincetown, Northhampton had the second highest density of same-sex couples in the state, with 45.29 per 1,000 households. Nearby Easthampton ranked third with 27.99 per 1,000, followed by Greenfield Town, 20 miles to the north, with 21.0, and Arlington, northwest of Boston, with 17.52. Michigan had 16,785 same-sex couples reported in 2010, a nine percent increase over 2000 and 5.6 per 1,000 households overall. Sixty-nine percent of the same-sex couples were female and 21 percent were raising children. The city of Pleasant Ridge, outside Detroit, had the highest density, with 59.55 per 1,000. Michigan’s same-sex couple density ranks 41st among the 46 states and territories reported thus far.

Dupont Circle in Washington, DC

South Carolina reported 8,815 same-sex couples, a 16 percent increase over 2000 and 6.4 per 1,000 households overall. Sixty-six percent were female and 25 percent were raising children. The resort town of Myrtle Beach had the highest density in the state, with 11.67 per 1,000 households. New Jersey counted 24,112 same-sex couple households, or 7.5 per 1,000 households overall. That was a 45 percent jump over 2000’s count and ranked New Jersey 32nd among the 46 states and territories reported thus far. Sixty-one percent of the same-sex couples were female and 24 percent were raising children. The coastal town of Ocean Grove had the highest density of same-sex couples in the state, at 45.1 per 1,000. Maryland recorded 16,987 same-sex couples, or 7.88 per 1,000. That was a 51 percent increase over 2000. Sixty-five percent were female, 24 percent were raising children. Cheverly, outside Washington, D.C., had the highest density in the state with 27.95 per 1,000. Louisiana counted 12,153 same-sex couples, a 38 percent increase over 2000, and about 7 per 1,000 households. Sixty-four percent of the same-sex couples were female and 26 percent were raising children. New Orleans had the greatest density in the state, with 13.58 same-sex couples per 1,000 households. Arkansas reported 7,004 same-sex couple households, a 58 percent increase over 2000. Sixty-five percent were female and 27 percent were raising children. Little Rock had the highest density in the state with 9.92 per 1,000.


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Fitness Guy

TRY THIS EXERCISE REAR LATERAL RAISE This is a simple but effective exercise to build the biceps.

Standing with your feet shoulder width apart and your torso straight, hold a

By Peter Jackson, CPT

weight plate on either side at waist level.

Understanding your metabolism and weight loss Q: I love your column and enjoy reading it! I’m a 40 year-old-male who is about 15 pounds overweight. I eat virtually nothing, am constantly on a diet, and keep count of my calories – but nothing happens! Why can’t I drop the fat? – Glenn H. A: Let’s start with three doses of cold, hard reality: 1) Diets don’t work; 2) Counting calories is basically a waste of time and won’t lead to fat loss; and 3) Skipping meals and eating “virtually nothing” is a surefire way NOT to burn fat. To accomplish your goal, you will have to increase your metabolism. Metabolism is the number of calories (energy) your body burns to sustain life. Now, muscle burns more calories than fat does, so people who are muscular (low body fat) and exercise have a higher metabolic rate than people who have far less muscle (high body fat) and don’t exercise. The average woman burns about 10 calories per pound of body weight per day while the average man burns about 11. To simplify a complex subject, there are three components to your daily energy “burn” – known as your Total Energy Expenditure, and understanding this will help to be successful in your weight management. 1) About 10 percent of calories are burned by what is called the thermic effect of eating – quite simply, the act of digesting your food. Far more calories are used to digest proteins than carbs or fats (25 calories for every 100 calories of proteins versus 10 to 15 for every 100 calories of carbs and fats). This is why a nutrition plan with an emphasis on healthy proteins (chicken, fish, lean red meat, cottage cheese, eggs) is recommended; 2) About 30 percent of calories are burned by physical activity and exercise. Adding strength training to build muscle, in addition to a cardio program (walking, running) is essential to increasing one’s metabolism; 3) The majority of calories, about 60 percent, are burned

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Keeping your elbows fixed to your sides, curl the plate up until it reaches your chin.

Lower the plate slowly and repeat. Ed Johnson demonstrates the Plate Bicep Curl. by what is called your basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is simply energy used to breathe, eat and maintain bodily functions. Controlled to some extent by genetics and environmental factors, the rate at which your metabolism runs can be influenced heavily by your diet and level of physical activity and exercise. Dieting (calorie restriction) without exercising is one of the most common mistakes people make. When you lose weight by dieting, muscle tissue accounts for about 20 percent of what is lost. Consequently, dieting without exercising to maintain or build muscle actually slows your metabolism and can lead to weight gain in the long term.

TIP OF THE WEEK Green tea: A powerful antioxidant Research continues to support the powerful role of green tea extract in weight loss, with one study noting that green tea was preferentially shown to target fat in the belly. The International Sports Sciences Association reports green tea is “perhaps the most potent antioxidant known to man” in its ability to prevent such conditions as lung cancer due to smoking, skin damage and skin cancer due to radiation, antiviral activities and many other maladies. Green tea is also credited with lowering cholesterol levels in the blood. Green tea supplements, taken on an empty stomach, are believed to be more effective than drinking green tea alone. Peter Jackson is a certified personal trainer and the owner of Push Fitness, a private, full-service training gym in Oakland Park which offers personal training, TRX Suspension Training and spinning for individuals, couples and small groups. Peter welcomes your questions: e-mail peter@PushFitnessFTL. com or visit him online at or ­


Crossword Puzzle

68 Traffic cop’s tool 69 See 1-Across

Family Feud Across 1 With 69-Across, one side of an alleged feud 5 Fruit that hangs out at a vinyard 10 Hit boxers 14 Carpet layer’s calculation 15 Dent in an orange 16 Duchamp’s staircase descender 17 Robin Williams TV role of old 18 Cheri once of SNL 19 ___ Three Lives 20 Top targets in Tottenham 21 With 56-Across, act that is the subject of the feud 23 Some forensic evidence 24 Turner of channels 25 Range of the Rockies 26 Will Truman’s Grace 28 Snatches 32 Blemish, slangily 33 Your, to Proust 35 Columbus coll. 36 Four-posters for foreplay, for some 37 The other side of the feud 40 Guy under Hoover 42 The Crimson Tide’s st. 43 Sinking ship’s call 44 Common Mkt. 45 Initial gay bar activity 47 Apres-ski treat at Aspen 51 Alcohol for Lucy’s pal? 53 George Michael’s john 55 Pirate’s potable 56 See 21-Across 60 La Dolce ___ 61 Dutch painter Frans 62 Band members blow them 63 Hacker’s cry 64 Part of, as a plot 65 Say “nothin’,” say 66 Split 67 Mostel of The Producers


Down 1 L, as in family? 2 Noel Coward’s ___ the World in Eighty Days 3 For skin 4 Chatters on and on 5 Fairy story figure 6 Like Finding Nemo 7 State with certainty 8 Hair curler 9 A Streetcar Named Desire director Kazan 10 Rudely sarcastic 11 Edward Albee’s Seascape prize 12 Deep throat tissue 13 Colony inhabitants 22 “___ De-Lovely” 24 Moderate pace 27 ___ Cowgirls Get the Blues 29 Caesar or Antony 30 “Just ___ thought” 31 Baby bloomers 34 Corset part 36 Kiss from Kahlo 37 James Buchanan, notably 38 Giant quarterback Manning 39 Nuts 40 “Wow!” 41 Marsh gas 45 Allen-wrench shape 46 Baum’s good witch 48 Ukraine peninsula 49 Orientation revelation 50 Bearse of Married ... with Children 52 Simple kind of question 54 Brian of figure skating 57 She played gay in Silkwood 58 “Hi” to Lorca 59 Wanting water 60 St. named for Queen Elizabeth I See solution on page 31

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this month in gay history 1888 - on this date the American actor, writer and member of the Algonquin Roundtable MONTY WOOLLEY was born (d. 1963). His most famous role is that of the cranky radio wag forced to stay immobile because of a seemingly-injured hip in 1942’s The Man Who Came to Dinner, which he had performed onstage before taking it to Hollywood. In the film, he caricatured Alexander Woollcott, the theater critic, radio and press celebrity of the 1930s and 1940s.

Monty Woolley, Bette Davis, and Ann Sheridan in The Man Who Came to Dinner

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REAL ESTATE Auction 24 Beautiful Home Sites in Mountain Blue Saturday, August 27th, 11:00AM Jackson County, NC 10% BP NCL # 1787 (800)241-7591 (800)289-7512 -------------------------------------------------WATERFRONT CONDO LIQUIDATION! SW Florida Coast! Brand new, upscale 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,675sf condo. Only $179,900! (Similar unit sold for $399,900) Prime downtown location on the water! Call now (877)888-7571, x28 -------------------------------------------------North Carolina Mountain Lakefront lots. New gated waterfront community. Dockable lots with up to 300’ of shoreline, Low insurance, Low property tax. Call Now (800)709-5253 -------------------------------------------------KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY- Ted Adcock, Realtor Cell: 954-609-4393 -------------------------------------------------NC mountain property must go. 4.5 acres with outstanding views and privacy. $25,000 OBO, great for home or cabin. (828)394-9298. Ask for Richard -------------------------------------------------DEVELOPER FORCED LIQUIDATION Smoky Mountain TN. Lake Condos & Lots Priced @ Foreclosure/Short sale! Up to 100% Financing/5% interest. 2Acre Lake Lot w/dock, $19,900 (866)434-8969ext100 ------------------------------------------------Two Bedroom Middle River Homes Condo. Two bedroom, two bath condo in pet friendly building with wash/ dryer in unit. Close to Wilton Manors. First and second floor units available March 1. $975 f/l/s. Jimmy Cunningham licensed Real Estate Agent Castelli RE Services 954-303-7380. -------------------------------------------------LUSH 2 BEDROOM HOME FOR SALE Oasis close to restaurants & highway Private & landscaped yard for relaxing Hardwood flooring in living room Call Ana Salazar @ Keyes 954-593-3089 -------------------------------------------------620 NE 7th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 For Sale: 250,000. 3 Bedrooms 2.5 Bath. Call John Castelli at (954) 563-9889 -------------------------------------------------THE SHAPIRO GROUP INC. Residential Property Management LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER. www.shapiroproperty. com 954-434-0175 -------------------------------------------------3321 NE 37TH ST Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA 33308 Listing # F1113917: 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms. Price: $825,000 call Jason Johnson Office Phone: (954) 563-9889 ------------------------------------------------HOLLYWOOD OCEAN FRONT CONDO FOR SALE ON PENTHOUSE LEVEL 2 Bed/2 Bath, Newly renovated. Only Motivated Buyers. 2,200 sqft. $570,000. Call 954-328-7412 Ronnie ------------------------------------------------DISCREET PRIVATE SECURE. FT LAUDERDALE BEACH CONDO $169,900. Building & Unit totally renovated. Ocean views from Bedroom Balcony Living Room. Intracostal Apartment elegant. Bob McGlynn Exit Realty. 954-478-6321 -------------------------------------------------GAY ANDREWS AVENUE Large 1/1, all utilities incl, granite, d/w, private fenced tropical yard, all tile, vaulted ceiling, adt security. $750. Call 772-626-1345

-------------------------------------------------1 YEAR FREE LOT RENT - PRIMARILY GAY PARK Fort Lauderdale/Lauder Lakes. New Manufactured Home. Hurricane Ready 1,600sf 2BR/2BA 32’ Party Deck overlooks huge Lake. Wood Cabinets & Granite Tops, Slate & Marble floors. Immaculate. Real Show Place! Pics @ www. Cost $205K+, Sell $129,900, Call 954-817-6233 -------------------------------------------------3/3 Single family home 1949 old Florida charm. New kitchen and appliances, d/w, disposal, washer/dryer, central air. W/S inc in rent. Near Dixie & Oakland. $1500 mo. F/L/S 954-254-5220 -------------------------------------------------Cute 3/1 house near Wilton Manors 3/1 (tub/shower) w LARGE FENCED yard, laundry rm, & patio. Ceiling fans, central AC. Walk to Wilton Drive. 1200/mn + 1200 sec dep. Call 954-649-7601 -------------------------------------------------2836 NE 23RD ST, Fort Lauderdale, FL $1,095,000.00. A free service of Larry Revier 2810 East Oakland Park Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL MLS # F1130335 • 3733 square feet. 5.00 bedroom(s), 5 bath(s)

Rent/Lease West Hollywood 2/2 Large Unique Duplex, Small office in unit, open kitchen w/ dishwasher, W/D, wood deck patio + privacy fence all around, we are extremely pet friendly, call Rita 954-549-9228 -------------------------------------------------2/2 WILTON MANORS. Quiet area, w/pool, laundry, small pets accepted. First and 1 month deposit. Call Astrid: 954-806-7607. -------------------------------------------------1/1 Wilton Manors. Freshly painted, 1/1 in quiet community w/pool Laundry facilities on premises,Close to everything. $775/Mo. Call 954 566 4423 -------------------------------------------------Lakeridge Cottage. Nice quite studio w/ private sun deck, Minutes from beach & Wilton Manors, downtown. Includes All. $700/Mo. Weekly or Monthly. Call Jeff 954-593-6833 -------------------------------------------------Middle River Terrace. Completely remodeled 2 bedroom/1 bathroom apartments! Central A/C and Washer/Dryer in premises. Close to I-95, Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Airport and the Gay Life..... Property is on a nice quiet street! $875/month rent. $600 security deposit required. Call Steve at 561-305-2333 -------------------------------------------------1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Small Kitchen, Living Room, New Flooring, Private Driveway, Non-smoking, Drugfree, Water/Garbage/Lawn service included, Small pets accepted, $750/ Month+Deposit, Call (954) 319-7080

Roommates Victoria Park Large Townhouse Lge. Pvt. Bedroom w/full use of home Key West Style Street with view. References with happy stable life. $625 plus 1/2 utilities. or 954.709.0505

-------------------------------------------------FTL-Coral Ridge Pool Home Male to share remodeled 4BD/4BA home w/2 males. Unfurn, W/D, chef’s kitchen, wi-fi, lg pvt backyard w/dive-in pool,1.5 mi to beach. $800/mo. 954-609-9405.

Schools & Instruction Heat & Air JOBS - Ready to work? 3 week accelerated program. Hands on environment. Nationwide certifications and Local Job Placement Assistance! (877)994-9904 -------------------------------------------------ALLIED HEALTH career training-Attend college 100% online. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call (800)481-9409 -------------------------------------------------Heat & Air JOBS - Ready to work? 3 week accelerated program. Hands on environment. Nationwide certifications and Local Job Placement Assistance! (877)994-9904 -------------------------------------------------Medical Management Careers start here-Get connected online. Attend college on your own time. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call (800)481-9409

Misc. SAWMILLS from only $3997- MAKE MONEY & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill- Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: (800)578-1363 Ext.300N -------------------------------------------------DIRECTV Summer Special! 1Year FREE Showtime! 3 mos FREE HBO/Starz/Cinemax! NFL SUNDAY TICKET Free - Choice Ultimate/Premier-Pkgs from $29.99/mo. Call by 9/12! (800)363-3755 -------------------------------------------------ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Accounting, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call (888)2033179 -------------------------------------------------DISH NETWORK lowest nationwide price $19.99 a month. FREE HBO/ Cinemax/ Starz/ Showtime FREE Blockbuster FREE HD-DVR and install. Next day install (800)908-2955. Restrictions apply call for details. -------------------------------------------------AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Housing available CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (866)314-3769.



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